Civic Anti-Racism

In modern America, there are two things that are on display simultaneously in the realm of public debate. One is the celebration of the fact that white people and the interests of white people are in sharp decline. The other is a growing fear of white people. It is a strange combination at first glance, as this should be a time for the coalition of the ascendant to celebrate their looming hegemony. Instead, they endlessly talk about themselves, but in the context of a prophesized white backlash.

The root of this is the strange obsession with racism that has become a religion of its own over the last two decades. The anointing of Obama as the completion of the Second Founding, the event that was supposed to wash the stains of slavery, segregation and racism from America, instead ushered in an era of race panic. The Left is in a near frenzy over racism, which they now see everywhere. It is an obsession to the point where even the so-called Right is infected by it.

The recent outbreak of hysteria over white supremacists allegedly plotting a violent revolution is a good starting point. This post at Reason Magazine, after the El Paso shooting, is a good example. The libertarians used to take a pass on the race issue, preferring instead to obsess over weed and sexual deviance. They avoided it because preaching about free association regarding race would get them in trouble. Today, they are right there with Left hooting about white supremacy.

Now, libertarianism was always just a Progressive heresy, but it attracted a lot of conservatives. Operations like Reason had to pretend to be on the Right. That’s no longer the case, as actual conservatives have abandoned libertarianism for dissident politics. Perhaps they now feel free to let their guard down. The Koch Brothers have abandoned the GOP and are now backing left-wing candidates, so maybe this is part of their scheme. Still, the turn to berserk anti-racism is notable.

The so-called conservatives are not being left out of the panic. Right-wing goblin Ben Shapiro has been all over the white supremacy scare. He is working his tiny little fingers raw explaining why his grift has nothing in common with those really bad people to his Right. As is always the case with this guy, he takes the latest Progressive bogeyman and assigns it to his competition on the Right, so his motives always suspect. Even so, it feeds into the general hysteria over race.

Confidence men like Shapiro may not be the best examples, but it is clear that unhinged anti-racism is becoming a conservative principle. A rising star among conservatives is a guy calling himself Joshua Tait, a doctoral candidate at North Carolina, who is fashioning himself as a historian of conservatism. He turns up all over posting articles about various aspects of conservative intellectual history. Of course, he is an enthusiastic anti-racist and obsessed with those bad people to his Right.

That’s the remarkable thing about his writing. It is infected with a weird obsession about race that used to be cringe inducing when done on the Left. This piece reads like a panic attack over Amy Wax noticing the realities of immigration at the National Conservatism conference. This piece reads like a sobbing apology for the fact that people on the Right used to hold sensible opinions about race. The fact they have been proved correct over the last few generations goes unnoticed.

Now, to most readers, Joshua Tait is an unknown, but he is being groomed to be the next generation of so-called conservative intellectuals. Like we see with the more pedestrian stuff from Ben Shapiro, the so-called smart conservatives will be every bit as hysterical about race. The religion of anti-racism will be a core conservative value. Put another way, a rhetorical trick to rally the tribes of the Democrat coalition is quickly being turned into the organizing ethos of the new political class.

An interesting aspect of this new civic religion of anti-racism is it is mostly built on the assumption that whites, at any minute, will go bonkers and start attacking black bodies, while erecting old statues. The anti-racism of Joshua Tait is not rooted in something practical like greed, as in the case of Ben Shapiro. It’s not the product of cowardice, as you see with the Reason Magazine crowd. It’s a genuine sense that whites are a ticking time bomb that have to be monitored.

In this sense, the new anti-racism is like the old communist obsession with opponents of the revolution. With commies, the opponents of the revolution did not have to exist, but they must be made to exist. That is, if they could not find real counter-revolutionaries, they invented them. Something similar is going on with the anti-racists. They can’t find actual white supremacists, at least not in quantity, so they hunt for signs of it, like an evil spirit lurking on the fringes. The price of anti-racism is eternal vigilance.

It is tempting to think that this all about rallying the tribes of the Left, but it is probably the symptom of a different problem. What’s happening is white people are disengaging from the ruling Left. The old game of Team Blue fighting Team Red, where whites cheered for Team Red, is falling part. The cheering section of Team Red is shrinking. The over-the-top anti-racism is an effort to draw those disaffected fans of Team Red back into the game in order to maintain the old dynamic.

The problem, of course, is that Team Red has been designed to keep as little space between themselves and Team Blue as possible. They are children that can never be out of sight of their mother. As Team Blue races shrieking into the darkness of multicultural fanaticism, Team Red is racing after them. The old political arrangements, animated by hyper-anti-racism is a civic religion of the ruling class that is based on a hatred of sixty percent of the people over whom they rule.

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249 thoughts on “Civic Anti-Racism

  1. ” It’s not the product of cowardice, as you see with the Reason Magazine crowd. It’s a genuine sense that whites are a ticking time bomb that have to be monitored.”

    It’s a genuine sense that whites are a ticking time bomb that have to be neutralized.

    – There, fixed it for ya.

  2. “they endlessly talk about themselves, but in the context of a prophesized white backlash.”

    Creating a boogeyman sets the stage for later justifying “doing what needs to be done to eliminate the threat”

  3. Race and culture aren’t the paramount issues. Homicidal elites in pursuit of their neo-feudal paradise have always been the core problem. They created many of these problems we have been burdened with. I don’t blame minorities for doing what comes natural to them, when it was the elites who created the conditions and cultural rot for them to thrive.

  4. They hate not that we are white. They hate that we know their true agenda and wish to detach ourselves from their wicked system.

    Their biggest threat are the thinkers who have perfected the art of organized violence in the past.

  5. I am perceiving that when we man up and give it back sternly and without apology …it suddenly seems to deflate the latest Leftist Grand Offensive.
    Remember #metoo? It seems so long ago…like global warming but without the legs.

    We cannot and should not ignore their fear of us – nor toss that card away. Let them fear us. It improves manners and clears heads.

    Yes they adapt and try again but they just fail again.

    We answer 1619 with 1350 and …lets see.

    Z is correct but they keep moving frenetically from one panic to the next getting ever less traction and failing faster and faster.

  6. Thanks for the heads-up on this neo-doucebag grifter Tait. His twitter lists him as a “columnist” for a thing called “Arc Digital,” also new to me. Today’s featured Arc Digital article (I won’t link to it, but anyone interested can easily find it) is titled “In Defense of Antifa.” While Tait is not the author, you’re known on the internet by the company you keep, and this is all anyone needs to know about Tait and his self-espoused “conservatism.” If he’s a good boy and plays his cards right, I’m sure he could be the next Kevin Williamson.

  7. I don’t think the 1920-1937 Soviet “counter-revolutionary” accusation is quite correct. What non-woke white people are is “wreckers”. Eventually, after the failure of every five-year plan, whenever New Soviet Man failed to appear, the answer was always hidden “wreckers”.

    But for wreckers, Wakanda would be the real face of Africa. But for wreckers, LSAT scores of blacks would be higher than those of whites. And so on.

    “Wrecking” actually became a crime in the USSR, and a very serious crime it was. As Wiki has it, “As applied in practice, “wrecking” and “sabotage” referred to any action which negatively affected the economy, including failing to meet unrealistic economic targets, allegedly causing poor morale among subordinates (e.g. by complaining about conditions of work), lack of effort, or other incompetence. Thus, it referred to economic or industrial sabotage in the very broadest sense. The definition of sabotage was interpreted dialectically and indirectly, so any form of non-compliance with Party directives could have been considered a ‘sabotage'”

    In this sense, “noticing” is a form of wrecking. And, beware – “wreckers” were shot when discovered.

  8. Yes, all of this. Open borders are both a symptom of this dying civic religion and a final rearguard attempt by anti-racism’s panicked high priests to prevent the blade they wanted to plunge into that 60 percent from being dragged across their bleating throats.

    • Correct, They want to conflate our anti-corruption movement with the specter of ‘white racism.’ But it’s not going to work.

  9. enlightening essay. For a fact, all 3 Ikons of Libertarianism are Jews: (((Rand))), (((v. Mises))), (((Rothbard))). So it’s not ultimately surprising that today’s Libtards – Jews and shabbatz goyim – are coming out anti-White.

  10. People who dabble in “white privilige” have a genocidal hatred of us. I don’t mean that hyperbolically and I don’t imagine they currently envision cattle cars, although it is hard to know what goes on in insane minds. My point is that ‘white privilige’ expresses a resentment and hatred that can never be appeased, for which no concession would settle the matter, because it is founded in myth, in superstition, in weird voodoo fears in the minds of those who claim ‘white privilge’ exists. When I hear it I feel and think much stronger terms than used here but I didn’t want to make in uncivil just for the sake of it. But anyone who uses the words “white privilige” is saying they are your enemy.

    • They believe racism is the original sin of Whiteness, only Whites can be racist, and the poorest, most downtrodden White has privilege – while non-White millionaires do not. Hence, only the genociding all Whites will cleanse the earth of racism.

      We are being tee’d up by the tribe, radicalizing their brown pets ever more each day until our masters – who remind us daily of their unprecedented purity and moral superiority – decide it’s go time. These blood sacrifices to their ancient demonic deities often cohencides with the charming jewish holiday of Purim. Purim celebrates a genocide of Persians facilitated by a false flag. They feed their children cookies which are effigies of human body parts called “Hammantaschen”.

      Jews are just a more moral people. Deal with it racist.

  11. The increasing concern about the putative racism of the right reminds me of the political version of homeopathy.

    In homeopathy, a mineral will be diluted million of times, to the point where it no longer exists in the solution given to the patient but homeopathist will claim this has actually intensified the effects of the no longer detectable mineral.

    Now that America has passed several amendments outlawing slavery and has promulgated uncountable numbers of laws favoring blacks over white, there are increasingly insane and vicious claims that the right harbors racism and if it gets power it will reintroduce thus and such – think of the killer, Ted Kennedy’s. infamous speech against Bork.

    The new racism is as legit as homeopathy and the men you mention are just snake oil salesmen.

    • The big fear on the other side is that we actually will just walk away and not give a f*** any more. They can do the old “Hey, you, come back here! I’m talking to you!”, and then throw a hissy fit.

  12. An important element of leftist self-identity is for the leftist to see himself as the gallant underdog rebel fighting hidden and awesome power. Even when they sit atop all the commanding heights of the culture and control all the most powerful ordnance, leftists never view themselves as overlords. Eternal victims, always frustrated in their deepest desires, they persist in believing they are Han Solo — sexy, daring, witty and resourceful — pulling off the upset with Devil-May-care insouciance.

    With that self-image comes the creation of the boogie-man, the institutional power trampling over innocent bodies, soullessly destroying the humble and capable of the worst forms of evil.

    There is no David without Goliath.

  13. For what its worth, the Zman’s site was blocked on the wifi in a Washington State Taco Time restaurant. They won’t be selling me any more stuff.

    Worked fine on cell carrier.

    • That is why I buy books from Barnes and Noble, support Vox Day and use Infogalactic. We need to stop supporting organizations that hate us.

  14. Anyone who thinks racism is bad is a Leftist, and it is always and everywhere the fate of moderate Leftists to get a bullet in the head from immoderate Leftists.

    Racism is essential to long-term survival because if you don’t think there’s anything special in your DNA, why bother having children?

  15. thzman said: “The problem, of course, is that Team Red has been designed to keep as little space between themselves and Team Blue as possible. They are children that can never be out of sight of their mother. As Team Blue races shrieking into the darkness of multicultural fanaticism, Team Red is racing after them. The old political arrangements, animated by hyper-anti-racism is a civic religion of the ruling class that is based on a hatred of sixty percent of the people over whom they rule.”

    Obviously, there is no united right wing front against the liberal/leftist despotic state.
    It runs from Concervative inc. too the mouth breathing cosplay fake nazis and everthing in between. No one can agree on anything. No one has fashioned a firm, coherent sufficiently inspirational ideological foundation that would resonate with huge numbers of White Americans. We have nothing to draw millions of White Americans togather and bind them in confessions of faith, commitment and sacrifice. It’s the vision thing, and we don’t have it. Vladimir Lenin used to rant against “Chauvinism” ( his term for nationalism and racial exclusivism. ) Plus no borders etc. Thomas Paine used to talk about “Universal basic income.” This stuff has been around for a couple of centuries. First came the French Revolution then Napoleon, Socialism/Communism, American Progressivism. On down the line. Conservatism was never designed to fight and destroy the left. Conservatism only works if the nation is mostly Conservative. Having said all that, I’ll remind you one more time what Nicolás Gómez Dávila said about politics.
    ” A man knows he is truly mature, when he realizes that politics won’t save him.”

    • In other words, there is no competition for consumerism, the White man’s current religion.

  16. Having read my Soviet history, I know what comes next: The Left do their very best to start an actual shooting war, the Great Patriotic War for the Fatherland. The guy who suggested that Stalin basically staged WW2 was right on the money. I can’t speak to his evidence, being neither a military professional nor a Sovietologist, but the overall thesis fits both Stalin’s character, and the arc of the Great Terror, exactly. (Since I assume the Chinese have the entire US internet bugged, listen up: Y’all are seriously backing the wrong horse. Trump will give you everything you want, without having to fire a shot. President Elizabeth Warren will nuke you).

    • “Then tell me, O Critias, how will a man choose the ruler that shall rule over him? Will he not choose a man who has first established order in himself, knowing that any decision that has its spring from anger or pride or vanity can be multiplied a thousand fold in its effects upon the citizens?”

      “MRS. ANTROBUS: What, George? What have you lost?

      ANTROBUS: The most important thing of all: The desire to begin again, to start building.”

      SABINA: Mrs. Antrobus, I didn’t make this war. I didn’t ask for it. And, in my opinion, after anybody’s gone through what we’ve gone through, they have a right to grab what they can find. You’re a very nice man, Mr. Antrobus, but you’d have got on better in the world if you’d realized that dog-eat-dog was the rule in the beginning and always will be. And most of all now. Oh, the world’s an awful place, and you know it is. I used to think something could be done about it; but I know better now. I hate it. I hate it.”

      ANTROBUS: Oh, I’ve never forgotten that living is struggle. I know that every good and excellent thing in the world stands moment by moment on the razor-edge of danger and must be fought for —whether it’s a field, or a home, or a country. All I ask is the chance to build new worlds and God has always given us that. And has given us voices to guide us; and the memory of our mistakes to warn us. Maggie, you and I will remember in peacetime all the resolves that were so clear to us in the days of war.

      SABINA: Oh, oh, oh! Six o’clock and the master’s not home yet.
      Pray God nothing serious has happened to him crossing the Hudson.
      But I’m not surprised. The whole world’s at sixes and sevens, and why the house hasn’t fallen down about our ears long ago is a miracle to me.

      This is where you come in. We have to go on for ages and ages yet. You go home. The end of this play isn’t written yet. Mr. and Mrs. Antrobus! Their heads are full of plans and they’re as confident as the first day they began, —and they told me to tell you: Good night.”

    • Zman’s pointed out the Cloud People despise the Dirt People (90% of the pepulation) and view us as exotic zoo animals. I think that they regard us as livestock. We only exist to serve them and will be discarded when we are no longer of any use.

  17. (((Joshua Tait)))

    “…the new anti-racism is like the old communist obsession with opponents of the revolution.”

    That’s insightful Z. Although Stalin is fingered as the gulag’s inventor, he merely added additional enslavement franchises. Lenin and Trotsky were terrified to the point of paranoia with regard to a counterrevolution. The enslavement/incarceration and extrajudicial executions of those suspected of disloyalty to the new (((order))) became the rule.

    A decree issued by the Council of Peoples’ Commissars on November 22, 1917, dissolved all courts: “Soviet judges henceforth were to be guided by “the revolutionary conscience and the revolutionary sense of legality”: they were not bound to observe any “formal” rules of evidence. Thus, in effect, Soviet Russia became a lawless country in which feelings and “conscience” rather than laws determined guilt. It remained such until 1922 when the Soviet state received its first Criminal Code. Until then (and in many respects also after then) individual Soviet citizens could be imprisoned by simple administrative procedures. Fundamental here appears the Trotskyist- Leninist principle that every person, who somehow and for whatever reason had fallen out favor or came to be viewed unfavorably by the authorities, could be, by the simplest order, declared deprived of all rights, including the right to life, and placed outside the law.”(1)

    That the same tribe that enslaved and murdered 10s of millions of Christian Russians, has 100 years later, captured our commanding heights and drools for another bloodbath, should surprise no one with pattern recognition skills combined with a modicum of skepticism with regard to the fairy tail of the official historical narrative.

    The ritual typically commences with a blood sacrifice of the goy leader. “Passover Cards” sold in NYC circa 1910 depict the Czar as “caparot” or sacrificial chicken held by a knife wielding rabbi. JFK was our caparot. Jackie O had barely stopped collecting skull fragments off the trunk lid, before the (((SDS/Weather Underground))) attempted to party like it was 1917 in the 60’s cultural revolutionary aftermath, planning to murder 20M Whites in desert slave camps, but the coke machine of the US needed to be rocked back and forth a few times before it crashed. Bout there!

    That’s why they are in a panic about us. They know they got it coming. Like a shark that must swim or suffocate, they can’t help it. Destruction of everything and everyone non-jewish is what they have done for thousands of years and their religious books demand it.

    1. Richard Pipes, “Lenin’s Gulag”, International Journal of Political Science and Development. Vol. 2(6), pp. 140-146, June 2014

    • Ayn Rand’s best, most genuine and human book IMO was the first, “We the Living,” about living in Russia during that time. Unlike her later stuff where the characters are mainly vehicles for philosophy, she gets a more authentic, visceral “clown world” feeling across in this one – a society turned upside down with tradition and daily life subject to inversion at the malicious whims of degenerates. The fact that her own tribe was running that shitshow doesn’t figure in, FWIW, but a good read nonetheless.

      • Hey Exile,

        I’ve read excerpts of WtL, and agree that it captures the brutality and grinding dehumanization of the early USSR. My paleoon grandfather was obsessed with Rand – Atlas Shrugged in particular. Had he lived a few decades longer I wonder if the scales would have fallen from his eyes.

        Here’s a WTF moment for ya:

        “….reportedly he (Alan Greenspan) is a staunch atheist, but that did not stop him taking an oath on the Talmud (held by his aged mum) to become chairman of Nixon’s Council of Economic Advisors, while his prophetess Ayn Rand beamed away in the front row.”

          • My grandfather would bring up Ayn Rand nearly every time we visited. One of his prized possessions was a very brief typed/signed letter from jewess Rosenbaum. Yawn.

            He wasn’t a bad person….def. intelligent, and able to converse on a wide variety of topics with depth and ease, but with a reckless irresponsibility that left my born into wealth grandmother, impoverished at death.

            Rothbard seems the most genuine/talented of the libertarian theorists, but looking back across the post-WW2 decades from the ruins from 2019, the libertarian project appears as a fire break to shunt Cold War autistes away from more radical and racial politics – ie the John Birch Society. TPTB may have decided that until Celler’s 1965 White Dispossession Act worked its magic, it was best to shunt less easily-propagandized Whites into an ideological quarantine that simulated ethnonationalism, if only at the most micro of levels, but in actuality provided none of the legal, financial, or societal benefits/protections.

            The ADL was surveilling Ron Paul since at 1987. .

            If only Whites were as skilled at identifying their enemies.

    • They lesson of the Soviet Union is that none of us actually has rights. There are no “human rights,” only the broader sentiment of the population and its elites. Once that sentiment changes, these “rights” change too. The right to privacy isn’t in the constitution, but it was written in using legal ease. It even allows you to abort your child. The right to bear arms was the sentiment of a long dead population that feared kings. To more and more people, guns are mean, and so is speech, so those rights will start disappearing.

      I believe in God, but don’t tell me that God gave us or promised us rights, as Ted Cruz loved to say on the campaign trail, with eyes glistening with moisture. If the Gospel tells us anything, it tells us that this place is an unfair sh*thole full of suffering, there’s a Nero around every corner, but don’t worry about it, it’s temporary, you’ll kick the bucket soon.

      The modern day Christian, with AC and appliances, doesn’t want to hear that. Rights are a very human concept. We always will be subjects of the whim of the day. Freedom usually comes when a fed up society rebells. It’s usually lost only a generation or two later.

      • Soviet apologists at the time claimed that the citizens of the Soviet Union had “economic rights” – the right to a job, housing, education and medical care. They thought economic rights were superior to Western political liberties. Of course, if you surrender your liberty, what are going to do when the State denies you a job, housing, education or medical care?

        Aldous Huxley observed in the preface to the second edition of Brave New World, published in 1946, that as political and economic freedoms declined, sexual freedom increased and along with offering security, people would love their servitude.

        In today’s West, championing the poor and oppressed is the greatest excuse for the massive expansion of government power ever devised.

        • @Ris_Eruwaedhiel The Soviet Constitution was chiral to ours – positive rights vs. negative, ie. what the government could do to the citizens, vs. a list of limiting principles. Obama, the “Constitutional Law professor” bemoaned this “problem” as any African dictator would. The “right to a job” codified in the Soviet Constitution must be evaluated in this light, and is more accurately expressed as “We will force you to do the work at the point of our guns.”

          I feel cheated by my 8 years of living under a sub-Saharan Marxist dictatorial regime in that we weren’t at least treated to the 1970’s street pimp meets Louis XIV pageantry of a proper ghettofabulous African toilet. NO ONE will ever top the CAR’s Jean-Bédel Bokassa. I dare anyone to try.

    • Did you confirm this Joshua Tait’s tribal membership, or are you conjecturing. I assumed it was the case by the way he thinks and writes, but I was unable to find confirmation. Just wondering…

      • Conjecture. Morphology and ideology are a match, but he’s more subtle than Ben Shapiro. He has the same odd facial features of the two Brooklyn Hassidim behind the false front (((“Reagan Battalion”))). Hundreds of years of Odessa incest/inbreeding + worshipping satan + plotting the destructing of the earth will do that.

  18. I’ve often heard the comparison made between the late Roman Empire and the current state of the US, but I recently read a memoir written by a young man in the 1920’s who would go on to play a prominent role in world events. In that memoir he descries the “Hapsburg policy of de-Germanization” of Austria, the “conglomerate spectacle of heterogeneous races” in the capital city, and the resulting “incarnation of mongrel depravity.”

    Substituting “white” for “German” makes this a pretty good description of what I see in the US today, so perhaps the Dual Monarchy is a better analogy for a ruling class who hate the people over whom they rule. That said, the role that this fellow played in later events has tended to taint his earlier observations…

    • The reason it was called the dual monarchy was becuase it was two systems with one ruler and a couple unified bureaucracies. In Austria, you had multi-culti chaos. The young man you mentioned used to stay warm by listen to the Austrian parliament debate. Parliament was open to the public and cheaper than the opera. Czech nationalists used to filibuster for hours by reading Czech poetry in their native tongue. There were no rules on a unified language and Czech were just one ethnic group. Democracy had ground to a halt.

      The empire is far from that chaos. Every year, Democrats take more seats and will likely have majorities in both houses within the decade. Dont expect them to let the filibuster survive much longer. The cloud people are salivating at the chance to form a new generational majority like in the 30s to “fix” America.

      • Your prediction of “a new generational majority” bringing stability to the US (of course I realize you don’t welcome what it would bring) seems to be based on the assumption that the white people who hate us will continue to rule over us.
        This may hold true for a while, but I suspect that in the not too distant future the non-white people in that coalition will grow impatient and in power, and the chaos will come. The dirt people will not be players in the chaos. Rather, it will pit the cloud people against the coalition of the ascendant, i.e., the brown and black hoards now teaming in our cities and towns.
        Your vision of the future is less bleak than mine, so I will hope to be wrong.

  19. …whites, at any minute, will go bonkers and start attacking black bodies, while erecting old statues.

    I love it when you talk sexy.

    If we’re not a ticking time bomb, we should be.

    • Erecting statues representing long dead people is a big deal, because it appropriates Communist/socialist totems. Statues are a lefty thing, and how dare we appropriate it, never mind we did so before the fact.

    • For such a black pill watering hole this blog, and the comments, really have their funny moments lol

  20. One of the best things about Russia, Russia, Russia dying out is it’s been replaced by Race, Race, Race, and now it looks like White Supremacy, White Supremacy, White Supremacy is joining the non-stop narrative coming from the left. A lot of Whiteys who earnestly point out that they’re not racist, don’t see color, etc, are going to decide, “F it, my non-racism doesn’t matter, I’m done with this crap.”

    • One can hope. But they’re doubling down. There’s something wrong with the boomercon psyche which simply forces them to constantly repeat “I am not a racist” like a mantra.

      • In a boomer’s mind, it’s always Mississippi Burning. They were born to correct the world on this issue. This era shows the finishing touches on their work, before they check out.

      • Most minds aren’t changing but the upcoming generation is being cooked in a stew of racial identity. Audacious Epigone had an article about the right leaning views of generation Z that seems to have been memory holed.

        I don’t think there’s any way the left can keep pushing racial identity for their side and it not affect our side as well.

        The boomers bought into color blindness at a time when the US was least colorful, and black identity politics was largely irrelevant. The kids raised on pacific heritage month, and Hispanic heritage month are in a completely different paradigm.

  21. The only thing the Obama presidency proved is that even the talented tenth lack juice and are worthless to society. If you are black in America, you have four options: 1) entertainment (rap) or sportsball; 2) affirmative action lawyer, doctor or academic; 3) business owner slinging pizza or hair care products; 4) cattle in the ghetto grazing on gibs until it’s time to die. If America chooses Kamala after their experience with Barry, they deserve to get their democracy good and hard just as Mencken prescribed.

  22. It’s all about the internet. Without the internet it’s so much harder to compare notes. You can’t go on a website and type “Is Ben Shapiro a fraud?” You have to go to a bar, where someone has possibly heard Ben Shapiro, and says “that guy is a two bit huckster” as he sips his Coors Light. I never needed to type that. but many people do, and once they start reading a few blogs, the grift is up, at least for them.

    This is why they’re so obsessed with controlling the social media tools, and also why ISPs will eventually be pressured to do the same until we all need VPNs.

    Not only is the internet bad for pundits and politicians, it’s also bad for the Phd candidates who serve them. What do you mean that you also have access to some text that was previously in a basement of a research library? The internet is Gutenberg all over again, and the modern day book burnings (electron burnings) are just beginning.

        • Arguments assume a rational mind. Try telling some random black woman that her kids will likely never be as smart as whites or Asians but will excel at any sport involving a ball, and see where that goes. She may instinctively know that but mass brainwashing says “life should be fair. Equality!” As a 42 year old Tom Brady continues to assume the cracker role on the sports plantation.

        • People give you power in a political and cultural struggle for soft power. Arguments win people. This is a very asymmetric struggle. If you push for “hard power,”, you get Epsteined or tank-manned. Slow and steady.

          • Arguments are for people to find each other in the crowd. Few people are really persuaded by an argument, they just contain the seeds of sentiment towards that argument to begin with. Indoctrination is costly, but if the sentiment isn’t there, it will fail as long as people argue the opposite point. This is what they try to stop, not the argument itself but the attention of the people on the arguer.

      • always archive important writings on your own computer.
        Things disappear from the internet all the time.

    • Agreed, but books were expensive to print and hard to distribute. All the “subversive” literature one can digest in a life time will easily fit on a flash drive. Let’s see them eradicate that.

      • Exactly. And to think the internet is only 25 years old (for public consumption). Flash drives too. It will mean that regimes will just dispense with persuasion all together and say “because we say so and we have power.” It will be refreshing in a way.

        • Yep. We’ll have plenty of fresh air to breath in the “reeducation camps”. They might even make a new ventilation hole to the back of your head.

  23. The panic over the chimera of white supremacy is just another symptom of Progressive anxiety about the impending loss of control over the wheels of government. A parasite cannot support itself independently. It needs a host. The best host is the sad sack that is held captive by the jackboot of government. Ipso facto, Progressives must control government in order to survive. Imaginary racism is simply the boogeyman de jour.

    • To some degree the inner circle apparatchiks fear losing control because power and wealth, but there’s also a heartfelt, if false, fear among many Progs that Whites are a real evil and danger. This is the religion of Holocaustianity/Anti-Racism some of us have mentioned here. Most non-Whites are also motivated by good old fashioned revenge for grievances manufactured by the myth-making industry Holocaustianity required to get rolling.

  24. I see nothing in this issue which cannot be solved rather quickly, simply by building infinity more Holocaust Museums. If we just had a Holocaust Shrine in every single goyim’s home, think of how advanced we’d be!

    Plus, we should begin the rapid and extensive building of Slabery Museums as well. In the spirit of American efficiency and inventiveness, we can simply combine these two new gods into one: the Slaveocaust. All White people, everywhere and for all time, are guilty of Slaveocaust, and so we should have shrines at every interstate rest stop: when you pull off the freeway, you’ll always see a McDonald’s, a KFC, and a Slaveocaust Museum.

    Problem solved.

    • And when you buy something, an extra dollar can be added to the bill, for the slavocaust program. A shit-test, duly recorded and reported, to insure and log one’s level of mental compliance.

  25. Did anybody read the comments section of the Reason article to which the Z-man linked?

    If not, please read the third comment, posted by Diane Reynolds (Paul). The post was made on August 7, 2019, at 5:34 PM.

    • I read it, I don’t see anything interesting though. It’s just a guy claiming that Molyneux didn’t break the progressive heresy, or at least we shouldn’t hang him until there’s proof he’s a heretic.

      Which just means the commenter still subscribes to the moral authority of the left, and their definition of heresy.

  26. Recognizing the hypocritical diatribe peddled by the conservative pussies is a good thing. The “I’m taking the high road this is not who we are” bullshit should not be tolerated by the Red Team but there is a faction that does. That gentlemen is all we need to know about them. Next thing you know not being able to joke about objectifying pretty women will be looked down upon. Uh oh! It already is.

  27. The kosher sandwich of Overton-window politics managed by the (((uniquely moral and just))) is starting to fail. Just as every political system rests on its perceived legitimacy, any world-view rests on “word to world-fit,” how accurately the rhetoric lines up with the results, so to speak. It’s a testament to the power of propadanda and rhetoric that a world view that publicly roots for White genocide has enjoyed the support of so many Whites for this long.

    Michael Anton recently lamented and TDS has noted serially of late that the kosher-certified versions of both Red and Blue politics are losing ground along White, male, young and straight demographic lines.

    As Mike Enoch said in observing this, our hatey-hate-sites are the only place a young straight White man hears he’s not a piece of sh*t. When we’re not black-pilling, he’ll probably even hear he’s a natural, organic part of the world’s greatest culture of wisdom, achievement, prosperity and beauty, and he’ll learn that’s why they have to hate on us – that since their quest for equality can’t raise dindus to Olympus, they have to drag us down to Detroit.

    It sounds stale and Shapiro-posty, but reality really is on our side. They still need the cooperation of the people whose destruction they’re now overtly demanding. The most important thing we can do now is keep talking, especially to those people in the next generations who haven’t been fully “programmed.” While we’re building parallel communities and institutions, we need to keep the ideological pressure on. Deplatforming is our biggest immediate priority for those operating “inside the wires” of the Empire’s increasingly glitchy matrix.

  28. Being endlessly told that being white is the ultimate mortal sin has very little shelf life with white normals, who are the vast majority report. On the other hand, large swaths of non whites salivate over the prospect of white folks getting their just desserts. The anti white demagogues are doubling and tripling down as I type this, however. Me doubts that we are going to get a critical mass of self hating whites to throw in the towel and take their collective forty lashes immediately before they are strung up. In other words the recoil of this idiotic race baiting is going to be epic for the history books.

    p.s., Steer clear of college educated, white suburban women. Most are not on your side if you happen to be light skinned, non self hating male.

  29. There aren’t any tenable solutions to the crisis; Whites are attacked even when apathetic and do nothing; the myriad of “civil rights” acts and affirmative action, the election of Obama, all have merely stoked the race-furnace. It’s my belief that the underlying hatred that whites have for “others” simply isn’t there … we’re too dang busy trying to make a living, raise families, and enjoy friendships without the annoyance of having to hate this or that brown tribe. But the double-edged sword of the race-hustle is that whites are waking up to their demographic winter, and the self-fulfilling prophecy of bigotry is taking its toll.

    But maybe there is one tenable solution – so-called “white flight,” but with more extreme measures than simply moving to suburbia. We need to purposefully segregate – period, long break. And as we segregate, we may need to unplug from our multi-culti corporate careers (the ones replete with “awareness” training). We need to cede territory – the coasts and Mexican borderlands are lost folks; let’s be realistic about our Balkanization and act accordingly We also must resolve ourselves to the fact that the wheels WILL come off as we segregate and unplug … and we must be patient enough (and armed well enough) through the unraveling. Much as I’m not a Randian I think part of Ayn’s thesis was correct – we have to stop killing ourselves in keeping the bad guys’ trains running. Let their train derail. And while we shouldn’t follow Rand’s dream to “immenantize the eschaton,” we could certainly do a lot more to reinvigorate enlightenment culture and community in our counties and carved-out enclaves.

    • Too many Whites are too comfortable. When the full weight of woke diversity makes their lives more miserable than ostracism, we will see how fast views can change.

    • So much hate has be ginned up against us, there is no way we’re getting out of this mess without lots of violence at some point. Anyone who thinks we’re gonna get our own homeland peaceably when the rulers of this country and the business class hate our guts and working to eradicate us is just bullshitting themselves.

      Whites should use this time to prepare themselves for what is coming down the line.

      BTW the only way we can “stop killing ourselves” is to withdraw from society as much as we can, which isn’t a bad thing since playing by the rules will destroy whites.

      • You won’t get a homeland peaceably because at the basis of everything lies the fact that Whites are keeping this whole shitshow alive and running. Wherever Whites run to, the undertow will follow in one way or another. Parasite to host.

        • We go to places they don’t care to go & let them keep the urban hellholes and coastal favelas. Slowly separate by passively resisting, “failing” to enforce laws we don’t like, keep sending them taxes/dindugeld. The more of us that withdraw, the fewer competent motivated enforcers they have left. If Afghanis can resist the full force of the US military for 20 years, we can outwit, evade and passively resist the Empire while it catabolically collapses. Slow and steady.

          • I’d like to think that as well, but I’m not as optimistic as you, Exile—but I agree you outclass me in thinking. What I’ve seen happening is that as separation occurs and one side does better than the other, the side with the power (guess who) begins to change the rules such that things even out. Eventually, I see a slave class developing. Resistance seems futile if one wishes to live a somewhat better lifestyle than the parasites feeding off of you. Hell, in many ways, we are already there.

          • Our own European history shows plenty of examples where this strategy worked by default or design. Greece went through several “dark ages” betwen dominant cultures, Minoan, Mycenean and otherwise. The Roman decline and nascent feudalism of the Dark Ages was a long “Balkanization” of self-sustaining polities from the catabolically-collapsing Roman Empire. Fast-forward to the 1990’s where the tiny and comparatively militarily and financially insignficant Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries were left to their relative independence by Russia because Russians simply stopped wanting to rule and exploit them badly enough. This latest example is the one which gives me the most hope for this strategy over time.

  30. Anyone else read Michael Anton’s (the guy who wrote the 2016 election was Flight 93) review of the Bronzed Age Pervert? What I find really interesting was this paragraph:

    “And I have more bad news for my fellow conservatives: the talented kids who’ve found this book aren’t listening to us. It doesn’t matter whether they aren’t listening because they found the book, or they found the book because they aren’t listening. The fact remains that all our earnest explanations of the true meaning of equality, how it comports with nature, how it can answer their dissatisfactions, and how it’s been corrupted—none of that has made a dent.”

    I had no idea the book was that popular. With this anti-white male movement accelerating, one would imagine BAP gets more popular — and here’s the thing — won’t sons of even the liberal elite resent being viewed as an arch villain?

    • Great social upheavals are often the result of two high inertia currents moving against one another in different cultural spaces. Read the accounts of the aristocracy leading up to the French Revolution and it is clear most were totally unaware of what was going on with their subjects. At the same time, the Jacobins only had an external understanding of their aristocracy. They were closed off from it, so they could only guess about what was happening inside.

      I’ve written about this phenomenon somewhere.

      I think we are entering such a time in current year America. The people reading Conservative Inc are unaware we exist. The Left knows we exist, but they layer onto us their various hobgoblins and bogeymen. We invest a fair bit of time examining the two faces of the ruling class, but we are outsiders, left to guess at their true motives.

      • On a related note, I think the ruling class would have a hard time containing a social upheaval. If, for example, Austria decided that they are not only not taking any new immigrants, they are deporting most of the ones they have already, what happens next? I think what happens is that people in other countries start thinking — “wait, we can actually do that?” The dam could break.

      • Alas, we understand far more about the AWR state than the AWRs understand about us because the very air we breath is suffused with AWR, while the AWRs can safely ignore those of us in the ghetto. They live in a bubble in which we also are trapped.

      • The FBI doesn’t know you exist? You’re kidding, right? At least half of the commenters in here are gen-u-ine fedpoasters. How many social upheavals have they ruthlessly suppressed since the end of WWII?

        • Perhaps, but we have been regaled of late with confirmed stories of the FBI and local authorities receiving literally dozens of reports on wacko mass shooters before the fact and doing nothing to intervene/prevent. That’s just a very small number of persons needing attending to.

          There are thousands and thousands of commentators here and in other blogs. So the powers that be will automatically become efficient and round us all up in a week or two? I doubt it.

          • Downvote me now, but the first big roundups will not be people posting to blogs, but instead known gun owners. TPTB can get along much better if they arrest the gun owners first. Where the two groups (gun owning blog commenters) intersect is the real sweet spot. Use blog posts as evidence to take away the guns. As if they will need actual evidence; they can just make it up as they go. Blog posters will also be targeted later on, but that will be part of the mopping up process.

  31. Reading the Founding Fathers, they make it quite clear that America only works as a White and Christian nation. So how the hell does the Left get away with claiming their “nation of immigrants, blank slate” narrative is the real America? They have taken our mythos, rotted it out from the inside, and are trying to pass the skinsuit off as the real thing.

    When more Whites are willing to acknowledge what they implicitly know, can we use the Flag, Founding Fathers, and Constitution as rallying points?

    • @TLS:

      “So how the does the Left get away with…?”

      The short answer is: Jews.

      It’s unfortunate to have to be so blunt, but reality is what it is, and mosquitoes don’t stop biting you and spreading malaria, just because you say you like them.

      The awful, unpleasant truth is that the short answer is nearly always: Because Jews.

      • 99 Year Blues said: “The short answer is: Jews.”
        The bottom line answer is that liberal democracy is a perfict breeding ground for radical politics. And Conservatism isn’t capable of defending Civilization against the left. As soon as they poped the corke on the French Revolution, the handwriting was on the wall.

    • Constitution—as originally written and plainly read—perhaps. But such is dangerous, as many have pointed out. The present Constitution is written not in the original plain English you see in the National Library, but in thousands of cleaver “interpretations” made by a handful of cleaver men serving their own proclivities, not the Founders’ intent—which throughout the centuries have rendered this document too often to little more than a tool of oppression, rather than freedom.

      • Hence the overriding importance of demographics. Constitutions literally MEAN nothing; they have to be interpreted. What is the character of the men interpreting it? If White, alright. But, Jews….

    • Z’s covered a lot of ground on this in the past – check out posts and podcasts on democracy, equality, the Civil War and Enlightenment values. The Founders are a mixed bag – Jefferson’s particularly problematic because his “all men are created equal” and “separation of church and state” ideas are mis-used to provide a moral foundation for “nation of immigrants, blank slate.” Check out Pat Buchanan’s “Republic – Not an Empire” for the reality of what Jefferson practiced, not preached.

      “Republic” also covers the most problematic President for Our Thing, Lincoln, whose Gettysberg Address and destruction of the American Republic in the Civil War largely rendered the Constitition irrelevant and ushered in modern Imperial America (look for references to the “Second Founding” here and elsewhere).

      Pat’s overall point is that Progressive social reformers, foreign and domestic, misled the people and re-wrote history, turning Jefferson and Lincoln’s wartime rhetoric into actual policies, which neither man ever intended if you look at how they lived and believed rather than taking their words out of context.

      Most here would say we need new moral and governing foundations that reflect the more “based” understanding of what we implicitly know. Buchanan himself would probably agree at this point. Z’s position in a nutshell has been that we need to get our heads right as to the reality of our biology first, then our culture, then the politics will follow. The result of that might end up looking like pre-Civil War republican America in some ways, but it would probably be very different in some as well.

      • Even if we get the biology and demographics right, attempting to start anew with the original constitution will, eventually, get us right back to where we are. Some things need to be made quite explicit. I’ve been re-reading Covington’s books and although a lot is quite dated (his uprising and violent ‘persuasion’ methods rely on a world without personal cellphones filming everyone as well as ubiquitous govt and corporate surveillance), I really believe his idea for a Ministry of Culture for a new ethnostate is urgently needed, at least for the first 2 generations or so until memory of multikult ‘murrica dies out.

        • Starship Troopers made the same point. One mandatory class in high school called moral history and philosophy was essentially a course in why the system was right and practical while other systems failed. Officers in the military were expected to learn that same material at a higher level and truly believe it. Otherwise they did not recieve a commission.

          • Believe it or not, Starship Troopers was required summer reading prior to new cadets arriving to Beast Barracks. i can only imagine the reading material required by the new poz’d Sup and Commandant.

  32. There is a book by Vladimir Lenin, called The State and Revolution, where he claimed that the role of the State under Socialism keeps growing monotonically until the State completely disappears. We the physics students were joking that mathematically this means that the role of the State is always negative until it becomes zero.

    I see a funny parallel with the antiracism. The struggle against racism only escalates until… racism disappears?

    • My guess on Lenin is he may have been influenced by de Maistre on this point. The process where service to the sovereign becomes habit to the point where it no longer requires coercion was something de Maistre discussed. The rituals and customs have to be structured and defended by the sovereign in order to create the conditions in which this habit of mind becomes natural.

      Perhaps Lenin had that in mind, when imagining the state becoming an all-consuming sense of reality, where it is no longer noticed. It’s presence is the existence of the truly socialized man.

      Just a hunch. I’m not well read on Lenin.

      • That’s how I understood it – once the total state has produced ideal citizens, the mechanisms for control are no longer needed. Everyone has learned to love Big Brother and it’s self-regulating.

    • Antiracism is a theorcratic crusade, a negative identity. Just as you can’t prove a negative, it’s never possible to prove racism has disappeared. Once you relax, it’s there again, like Tolkien’s idea of Morgorth, Sauron and the persistence of evil, which he somewhat lifted from Christian eschatology about the world before the Second Coming. Evil will always be with us.

      To anti-racists, racism will always be with us. The founding myth of the modern anti-racist faith is the Holocaust. Without constant social control, Jews are convinced that Whites will spontaneously revert to Holocausting non-Whites. They’ve leveraged this into other minority communities to create subordinate and supporting mythologies around slavery and colonialism. They can never rest in the struggle to keep Jews and their subordinate non-White wards safe from the evil of Whiteness. Our evil is always there, so they must always fight us.

      “Holocaustianity” has no Ragnarok or Armageddon. It’s a non-White boot on the White neck, forever. Unless and until Jews and other non-Whites renounce the anti-faith of anti-racism, we have to be anti-them.

      • “It’s a non-White boot on the White neck, forever.”
        This dovetails nicely with Zman’s remarks about reparations; there is no amount that will settle accounts. Reparations are merely one of the holy sacraments. They aren’t there to be repaid or reconciled but to be devoutly observed for all time.

        • An oddly Catholic element (altho I suppose WASP Episcopalianism counts as well): rather than the Lutheran notion of Christ’s full, final sacrifice, the sacrifice is reenacted over and over in the Mass.

  33. I am sure the left believed after the anointing of Obama, only Dems would hold the monarchy. The Trump surprise was a shock to their system and set off the panic. Guess they thought we were dead, and the sudden gasp of breath skeered them.

    • I also believed the anointing of BO signaled the utter disappearance of white men from the White House. Just goes to show how nothing about the future is as certain as it seems. We would all do well to take that lesson to heart when bleating about the alleged “certainty” of white genocide and the death of the West.

      • It’s not certain, but the more we tell ourselves how unlikely it is, the more certain it becomes.

        • There’s a world of difference between certainty and unlikelihood. It is foolish to be an ostrich about the dangers confronting us, but it may be even worse to swan dive into a slough of despond.

      • “No fate but what we make.” I knew there was a reason I liked those two Terminator movies. It is a shame they never explored that universe further.

  34. Thanks to the commentators on this blog I have 2 rhetorical killshots when I encounter this hogwash in real life.

    1. If America really is an idea and there are no racial differences, then why has America never been established elsewhere?

    2. Whites may not see color, but is that favor being returned?

      • What wee Benny and Guy Benson and the rest of the mass-immigration cucks never acknowledge is that we don’t screen for ideology and never have when it comes to immigration. They know this. That’s what galls me.

    • As I believe CH used to say, If America is merely an idea, then let’s just write the f!cking idea down on a piece of paper and fax it to Mexico, India, China, and Africa. If they like the idea so much, then they can just copy it over there, and not have to bother themselves coming here.

      If America is a “proposition nation,” then I want to hear what, exactly and explicitly, the proposition is — phrased in very stark, precise, Austinite terms.

    • If sub-Saharan Africa would only mimeograph the US Constitution and put it into place, it would overnight become Valhalla, Xanadu and the Garden of Eden, all rolled into one delightfully vibrant mass.

    • Derb recorded a podcast a while back where he recalled all the countries that adopted the US constitution–in whole or in part–that oddly enough never became “little USAs.” I wish I had saved it. Maybe Z can ask Derb to re-post it?

      • I don’t know what Derb said but in fact the ONLY country to adopt the US Constitution is Liberia (as part of their America fetish — capital, Monroeville). Despite the Founders fetish (“Muh Constitution!”) it’s a nice first try but a flawed document that the Brits and other had the opportunity to vastly improve on. We couldn’t even impose it on Japan, Germany or Iraq, which you notice have UK style parliamentary systems (as does Israel — my guide is if Israel has it, I want it here). That’s why their Prime Ministers can get things the fuck done. (If they want to, I mean).

        • There were many other whole/in part adopters. (St. John Derbyshire of the blessed Podcast help me!) But even then, if the language isn’t magic, and the dirt isn’t magic. . . What then?

  35. This post at Reason Magazine,

    As soon as I read this, a clown horn went off in my head. Thanks.

    • All Reason has ever really been concerned with is libertinism, Madonna’s latest high jinks always being breathlessly celebrated. Like Madonna, the preoccupation with tearing down sexual boundaries in every way imaginable long ago became tedious and is now starting to sag.

  36. Libertarianism is just liberalism stripped of compassion (feigned or genuine). Identical social policy (or more accurately, lack thereof), divergent economics.

    In its Current Year variant, there is no support for freedom of association or expression. The only right it defends is property, and unless you follow the Woke Path, you’re never going to have or keep much of that.

    Ayn Rand was right about this much – a wholly materialist mindset leads to rule by Attilas, but she never had any real spiritual vision with which to oppose this.

    Whitaker Chambers was prescient in precisely this criticism of Rand. He also foretold that by making common cause with the conservatives of his time, he’d left the winning side for the losers. Now both the conservaties and the rump paleo wing of libertarians that still cling to classical liberalism are Last Men.

    • That’s why you saw screeching over a couple of stories at Insty the past couple of days. First, how dare a community not want a housing development that was going to cater to conservative Jews (hats, beards, huge families), that would swamp the school system and inevitably lead to them controlling the community? Second, only a communist would say that a corporation shouldn’t care only about shareholder value. They are just as bad as Marxists.

    • I think of libertarianism as the tranny of politics. It started out as a right wing ideology, and over the years has received a series of gender reassignment surgeries to become a left wing ideology.

      Unfortunately, it’s wound up looking like most victims of those kind of transformations usually do.

      • Libertarianism was developed and promoted by frustrated White conservatives in a country (at that time) still overwhelmingly controlled by Whites. However, it never recognized the concept of race realism, and therefore it was doomed to failure. I met and interacted with one of the founders a couple of decades ago before he died. Great fellow.

        When you hear of an active promotion of Libertarianism concepts, you immediately know you are dealing with folks who are working from a failed model of human understanding. Why spend time developing a more detailed understanding of Libertarianism. Move on.

      • There was some kinda slick magazine in the 70s-80s, not Reason, that promoted a kinda Unity Government of libertarians and Chomsky types (a sort of libertarian “third way”), that had an article on “Political Crossdressing”, meaning the clever way libertards could present their conservative ideas in liberal garb, depending on the audience. Like, “No war!” (because war is the health of the State), no unions! (because their leaders are unhip and racist), etc,. Kinda like “Democrats are the real racists” today.

    • Just here to say Exile’s comments always deliver interesting material. Zman has an excellent comment section.

  37. Or are you saying that the Right is disengaging into apathy or action, Zman. Too many black pills for a Tuesday.

  38. “An interesting aspect of this new civic religion of anti-racism is it is mostly built on the assumption that whites, at any minute, will go bonkers and start attacking black bodies, while erecting old statues.”

    Doesn’t this assumption prove, at least on a deeper level, that they understand what they’re doing. The whole poking the bear thing etcetera.

    • I agree they are feeling their oats and want to provoke a backlash by the unstable so that they can say- “See I told you “

      • Worse than “I told you so”. They want a incident to impel the Government to take action through force. No different that the repeated call to action wrt gun “control” every time a wacko commits mass murder in a venue.

      • If they do provoke a white chimp out, they may regret it. If more than 3% of white males decide to go kinetic at the same time, TPTB and the MSM are dead meat along with the police.

    • Sure, but the ideal outcome is to provoke frustrated young white men into counterproductive individual action while scaring the white women into compliance.

      • … scaring the white women into compliance.

        Wait, what? But women go absolutely silly for violent maniacs!

        Pussywise, it’s better to be billed as a psychokiller than as a dweeb living in your mommy’s basement.

        • There’s a weird see-saw dynamic to this, part I think breaks down with how each wahmen is individually wired. Some are bad-boy chasers, some are the virtue-signalling do-goody enforcers, the ones who write posts telling everyone “3 things we have to do…” What Z calls Yankee scolds with lemons in their purse. Some girls end up on stripper poles, some end up doxxing their friends b/c social justice. Daddy issues of varying polarity figure in both, IMO

          • Daddy issues of varying polarity figure in both, IMO

            Perhaps, although I’ve not noted much difference myself. Or maybe all girls have daddy issues, I don’t know.

            Being attracted to bad boys is the racism of the pussy: nobody likes to admit it, most try to hide it, but it’s hardwired into the brain by evolutionary psychology. You can virtue signal your love for emotionally competent, socially responsible, male feminists, but most of the time, it’s just sour grapes.

            When I was a dashing young blade, I lived with a friend who was 5’5, thirty pounds overweight and with a ridiculous milky mustache to camouflage his duckface mouth, no steady income. But when he got a few drinks inside him, he’d provoke a fight with Godzilla. (A penchant that landed me in an Icelandic jail once.) And I’ve legitimately had a girl in our (utterly trashy, cleaned twice a year) living room, waiting for him to finish fucking another girl, so she could get a stab. Nice girl too, a clean ten, totally small-town tradcon, devout Christian.

          • Felix…..women are still hardwired for 10,000 years ago. With estrogen and progesterone surging in huge waves, the hard wiring is programmed for an approximate 30 years short live-fast lifespan so women are mesmerized by the strong tough guy. She is compelled to breed, little thought involved that is easily overridden, to create a strong child with a good immune system. Relationship or talking to the guy doesn’t even come into the picture, especially if alcohol is involved. Ha! 5 minutes after, she’s yammering, bonding and wanting a relationship. But she’s chosen piss-poorly.

            Works both ways. How many times has a guy woken up, looked at last nights conquest, the booze has worn off, and he quietly slips out of bed and through the front door….quietly and with a quickness.

            Yep….5 years for Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry.

          • Oh, I agree 100%.

            But just as women should be cognizant of men’s tendency to slip out the morning after, men should also be aware of how women are wired. You’ll never have a happy marriage if you don’t take Mother Nature into account.

            Yep….5 years for Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry.

            I’ll give them ten, because royals are not entirely right in the head. Even when they marry commoners, they marry for political reasons.

            The younger prince here in Denmark dragged a mystery meat gold digger home from Hong Kong, five years his senior. She took the kids, a royal alimony and a title of countess, went on to marry a bad boy fourteen years younger than her, partying like animals all over Copenhagen, embarrassing the shit out of her royal ex-cuck. She divorced that one after 8 years.

            Damn fool. Why couldn’t he have married Madeleine? She was born to it, she knows how dynastic marriages work.

          • There is something to be said of marriage by alliance.
            Western civ women have been gaslighted into believing they can do it all, be a man and be better than a man. Until we face and acknowledge our biological realities and limitations, the number of literally crazy box wine drinking cat wamyn will grow exponentially. They may hate you, yet they hate me, too!

          • There is something to be said of marriage by alliance.

            I said as much to a Scottish-Desi girl who was to be married to a cousin or something. She was keeping her internet use a secret from her family and planning on eloping, the works. She had already rejected two suitors – her parents weren’t total monsters – but she either married the next guy they found her or she’d be disowned.

            So I tell her that the modern, Western way of picking partners isn’t terribly hot either, and that perhaps letting older and wiser heads decided her spouse wasn’t such a bad idea.

            Of course, it’s about the freedom to make your own mistakes, something so natural to us that we tend to forget how important it really is. Pretty weird experience, getting lectured on personal freedom by a Desi.

            As for the royals, I am in favor of morganatic marriages, bigamistic left-hand marriages without inheritance rights to titles. Danish kings were some of the last in the West to practice them (1850-ish) – worked like a charm, if you didn’t flaunt your second wife in public. People understood that for a king, being married was part of the job.

            King Frederik VII with his morganatic wife, Louise Rasmussen.

            They may hate you, yet they hate me, too!

            Yes, I can imagine. Misery wants company.

          • Maybe daddy issues, but almost certainly “where do I fit in” issues. If the Hallmark Channel chick flicks are some sort of barometer, then the fairy tale, as it now exists, is as follows. Successful self-made wealthy upper class urban woman with her own business is single and unfulfilled. Meets a rural single guy with a big ranch and horses going his own way (the horse and women bit is a whole ‘nother thing). Wins him over, they get in a big fight and they go their own ways, and they make up later to live happily ever after. The big fight seems to be the critical element, to establish boundaries she sets for him within his independence, sealed at the moment they make up. She asked for too much, he rebelled, she backed off just a bit, he gave in, all is good. The tension of her having won and tamed him, but he still has a small remnant of his own self, and the happily ever after stems from that.

            Another critical element is that it is all about her. She might have a business, extended family relationships, maybe even a baddie ex and some kids somewhere, friends from her old home, the new mate, his friends, the new neighborhood, and so on, but they are all props, put in place to serve her. It’s all about her. She now has a place in life, surrounded by all these human props. For the movie scriptwriters, it’s plug-and-play.

          • That explains why you rarely see a cute non-comic relief Japanese or Chinese woman in those shows as the sidekick to the white girl. They know who their competition is.

            Can confirm this in my own life. My boomercon mother and my liberal feminist sister both freaked over the mere concept of me even dating an Asian girl. They both used the word “submissive” as if it was some kind of slur.

          • My boomercon mother and my liberal feminist sister both freaked over the mere concept of me even dating an Asian girl.

            Western women all feel like cows: big, fat and about as graceful as Stephen Hawking falling down a flight of stairs. No wonder they hate Asian women.

          • “Western women all feel like cows: big, fat and about as graceful as Stephen Hawking falling down a flight of stairs.”

            Not all of us. Some of us older ones are still sleek and practice the art of being a female as it was meant to be.

          • This was years before I took the red pill on sex and race unfortunately.

            To any younger men and boys reading this. Save yourself years of frustration. Never take romantic advice from a woman. Also watch how your mother treats your father. If she is disrespectful to him, do not take advice from your father either. Use them as a model of what to avoid and find a man who is respected by his woman and take his advice.

          • Can confirm. Lost a lot of good years trying to do what they said I should, didn’t listen to Dad b/c I thought he didn’t know about “modern” wahmens. Turns out I was the one who didn’t know about them. I’ll make up for lost time, but man, what I coulda-shoulda…

          • “I didn’t marry you because you were perfect. I didn’t even marry you because I loved you. I married you because you gave me a promise. That promise made up for your faults. And the promise I gave you made up for mine. Two imperfect people got married and it was the promise that made the marriage. And when our children were growing up, it wasn’t a house that protected them; and it wasn’t our love that protected them–it was that promise.”
            ― Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth

          • Never take romantic advice from a woman.

            If a woman gives you dating advice, ask her how many girls she has seduced.

          • Sorry, Last Stand, but in this I side with your mother and sister. First, any miscegenation is just plain wrong. It divides your loyalties, hijacks your genetic inheritance, and leaves you with children who are neither fish nor fowl. Second, Asian women are not submissive. I’ve lived in Asia and while they may be outwardly quieter and appear apolitical, in private they rule the roost. They are pragmatic to the core and utterly unsentimental. They will be sure to get pregnant as quickly as possible to bind you to them, but your children will be raised by her – her family, her culture, her values. I am the first to admit White women need a massive reality check and need to honor and value White men and their natural attributes, but please be patient – there must be some decent ones left out there.

          • I’ve lived in Asia and while they may be outwardly quieter and appear apolitical, in private they rule the roost.

            Sounds like healthy and proper gender roles to me: I don’t care how the roost is ruled, as long as dinner is served on time.

            Don’t get me wrong: I have no issues with the 5-10% of womanhood who are better suited to a career than raising kids (I’m looking at you, Mx Coulter!) but the Asian model is the natural default.

          • “I’ll be scalded and tarred if a man can’t get a little welcome when he comes home. Well, Maggie, you old gunny-sack, how’s the broken down old weather hen?—Sabina, old fishbait, old skunkpot.—And the children,—how’ve the little smellers been?”
            ― Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth

          • Woof! You pushed up a memory of a family across the street. Damn!…never tangle with a Guamanian woman…assuming the same for Filipino women, too. That woman could yell and shriek like a banshee at her big tall Irish husband, then she’d take a fry pan to him screaming the whole time until one of the neighbors would call the police. Then he’d get drunk and morose. Hm…cultural traits we’re not supposed to notice.

          • Sounds like Camp Pendleton, Oceanside CA – what is it about burly ass jarheads who can fearlessly march into a hail of gunfire cucking to angry fug wahmens on the home front? If I were some of those grunts I’ve seen in Springer Show domestic bliss, I would pray to be deployed.

          • This was not argument in favor of miscegenation or a rant about white women being terrible. I just pointing out that both of the feminists in my immediate family recoiled like vampires from a cross at the thought of competition that was slim and demure. They immediately went on the attack, ironically making the competition sound more enticing. Both would also deny any racism and in the case of my liberal sister, would actively encourage me to date a black woman.

            I have made this point before and I will repeat it. White men and white women need each other if we want a future with white children.

          • Last,

            Ha. I pointed out the lack of Asian best buddy in Nice White Lady (NWL) movies/shows to my daughter and wife just the other night. They didn’t appreciate it.

            Thankfully, I may have ruined NWL movies for my daughter a year or two ago. She asked it if I wanted to watch a movie with her and my wife. I looked at the movie cover picture and said, “Na, it’s a Nice White Lady movie. They have identical plots and thus very boring.”

            After getting over the shock of hearing the phrase Nice White Lady, she said that there was no way I could know what the movie was about. I hadn’t even heard of it. So I described every NWL movie plot:

            Young women between 25 and 30 (maybe as old as 35 but likely not) moves to a town, probably set in the South in the 1960s. She’s either married or quickly meets a handsome man.

            NWL is fairly well off and lives around other well-off whites on the nice side of town. She gets to know the women in her neighborhood (the men are generally in the background). Some are nice (one of whom she befriends), but there’s always a couple of bitchy white women who run the cultural show. (The bitchy white women are pretty, i.e. the cool girls from high school, though NWL is, of course, pretty as well, even prettier because she doesn’t flaunt it.)

            NWL gets to know some poor people, maybe they’re the household help or work nearby or NWL had to go the other side town for something. These poor people are always black. (White women don’t care about Hispanics or Asians and look down on poor whites so need to bring them into the show.) Naturally, NWL views these blacks as just people and treats them kindly, even though they mention that most whites don’t and she might want to be careful.

            NWL continues to get to know the poor blacks, learning that they are wonderful, caring, extremely competent people who just want to get ahead. Usually one of their kids is very bright but has no opportunity, something NWL wants to change. The other whites start to notice NWL getting to know the blacks. The bitchy white women start talking and making some trouble for NWL – and the blacks. (A fair number of the other white women are on NWL’s side, but they lack her courage and don’t say anything.)

            NWL refuses to back down. Some of the white men cause problems for blacks, who try to avoid violence but can’t help getting into a fight or some sort of trouble. Naturally, the police side with the whites.

            At this point, some type of accident or natural disaster puts some little white kid or maybe even the whole town in peril. Despite being horribly mistreated, either the smart black kid seen earlier in the move save the little boy or the whole black community saves the town by working with the whites.

            The vast majority of whites then realize that NWL had been right all along and celebrate her for helping them see the truth. The blacks community also celebrates and revers NWL for helping them overcome the wholly unjustified prejudice of whites (though not her, of course). Everybody loves and respects NWL. Except, of course, those bitchy white women (and their husbands), who simply refuse to stop being hate filled. But no worries because the Goodwhites and blacks have teamed up against them.

            Everyone lives happily ever after in a town without hate, all because of NWL. The end.

            My daughter watched the movie. I asked her if I was right. She didn’t say anything . . . because I was right.

            Now, I’m not as good with NWL shows because I don’t watch them, but I do know that they never have a good-looking Asian woman as the sidekick. It’s always a black lady. That proves that NWL is a Goodwhite but with no competition, just what white women want.

          • Pretty solid take, seen that flick before x100. Extreme narcissism and attention-whoring is common to both bad-boy-girls and goody-girls.

        • True which is why they back open borders and welcome “refugees”. They get to virtue signal and get masculinity with an edge.

    • Exactly, M S. They know we have every reason to be pissed. If the tables were turned, if whites were slowly, demographically taking over a POC nation, and at the same time attempting to subjugate POC, the whites would be expelled or slaughtered.

    • It’s been observed that there is a fear among any number of Jews that inside of every goy there is a cossack screaming to get out and savage God’s chosen.

  39. This guy is a walking talking ‘Democrats R the Real Racists!’ kid playing at being a ‘historian’.

    “Here’s Jackie Robinson with Nelson Rockefeller in 1966.”

    “Immigration based on cultural difference (and racist stereotypes) was tried and rejected in the 20th century and efforts to revive it today point to fault lines in the trumpy right.”

    “The black Republican consultancy firm Wright-McNeill & Associates refused to work with Ron Paul in the 1970s because he offered so little in issue terms to engage with black voters they considered him potentially racist.”

  40. I asked James Allsup, a successful young dissident youtuber who infiltrated the WA state GOP and then was kicked out for heresy, if young Republicans believe the race-blindness that they affirm. “Few of them believe it. They just know they have to say it.”

    We’re right and they know it.

    • This is why I think that there will be no more young conservative intellectuals, only actors who play them on tv for a dwindling audience of older people.

    • Yes.

      I have been involved in the Conservative Party youth politics in Canada. Why? I suppose I am just there to pass the time and gain political skills, and get some kind of look into the belly of the beast (it’s ugly).

      Anyways, the youth delegates are about 60% white men, 20% white women. IF you get the white men comfortable, almost EVERY single one will glean at knowing just “a little more” than the official party line… it’s so easy to tell.

      So you have at least 50% of the youth delegation, “a little more” woke than most. It’s kind of depressing though because of course Jews are at the top, and they set the agenda.

      But, there is hope. Many young white men are “a little more” woke than you realize. I don’t even need to talk these guys at all; i understand them and they understand me.

      The only question is whether or not these people will ever break through to higher levels in the party.

    • Anton is trying to reinforce his shrinking pocket of really real conservative hold-outs by attacking in both directions.

      It may be time to redirect fire from the Vichycon cucks to cucks like Anton who have convinced themselves they are a resistance.

      In “Are the Kids Al(t) Right?” he admits that the really real conservatives have failed to reach dissident young peope with the message about “the true meaning of equality.”


      • Anton is a pretty smart guy. I suspect he reviewed that book because 1.) he views it as important, and 2.) he’s deliberately publicizing it.

        It’s not entirely clear to me whether he’s trying to shore up mainstream conservatism, or he’s trying to help usher in its successor. He leaves the impression that he’s more than a little familiar with dissident right politics.

        • You may be right. At the outset he does clearly feign ignorance about the Alt Right to give himself rhetorical cover.

          But the intellectual space he is presently occupying in public needs to be liquidated. We’ll see which way he jumps when that happens.

      • This is the article I refer to in one of my comments on this post. I put Anton around where Ace of Spades is – not quite a gatekeeper, or he’d never admit they’re losing. Maybe redeemable. The race pill awaits them. Both will likely cling to muh equality so long as they’re bread keeps being buttered.

        • Much as I like a lot of stuff AoSHQ does — especially their peripheral things, like the art postings and library stuff — it’s basically a Chosenite dominated site, so tread with caution.

          And keep checking under your bed, to see if They’ve placed a pod there. Don’t fall asleep!

          • Been there, left that – in 2015ish when Ace was NeverTrump along w/most commenters. I just commented at CounterCurrents this am on how Based Ace is still walking on Chosen eggshells even after recovering from NeverTrump.

      • “the true meaning of equality.”

        Easily stated: “Equality does not exist. Equal men are not free, and free men are not equal.” But perhaps not easily understood for the young and inexperienced.

      • The review of Bronze Age Mindset is not very bad at all (if only he knew who BAP really is, he he he!) but what the Hell kind of opening is this?
        “Around a year ago, the editors of this august journal asked me to contribute a piece on the “alt-right.” I hesitated, for a number of reasons…Second, in looking into this a little, I found plenty of books about the alt-right but none by the alt-right.” That suggests someone seriously out of touch with reality. Not in the sense of being nutz, but so academically cloistered that he literally couldn’t see dozens of books published by “outlaw” publishers like Counter-Currents or Arktos, but did “see” second hand hit jobs published by “respectable” publishers like Beacon or Oxford.

  41. Two men who resisted Antifa got 15 years in prison in NYC. Team Red is dead. All hail the USSA.

    • Sentencing has not happened yet, so we’ll see, but given the pattern, they should put their affair in order.

    • I want this man horse whipped at once! Craven behaviours will not be tolerated!!! 🙂

      Let me assure you Carl that we are very much alive and well. In case you missed it, the last election was lost to a deplorable basket of racists haters. They’re getting worse too – why, just the other day the Orange Bad Man told Israel that they should not allow a couple of black and brown senators into their country and within minutes, Israeli racists made it so!

      This is nothing new and we shouldn’t panic. 20 years ago any coloured baboon could shake Whitey down by snapping his fingers, playing the race card… and Whitey would fall over himself to hand over cash and prizes and sob about how much he loves blacks. (Or browns or whatever non-white was running the scam).

      What you’re seeing out there is panic. We are talking pant-chatting, corn spackled, urine soaked fear and loathing. The race card isn’t working like it used to anymore. Guys like Z talk about race realism and people crowd in to listen to him and others. Lefty isn’t smart enough to win a debate with your average dissident, and the dissident doesn’t care if you call him names and he no longer backs down. Topics like immigration are talked about by the president despite attempts by the media and tech corporations to squelch it.

      Lefty is going to get the odd win here and there… until the shooting starts. Take the wins, learn from the losses, and stay positive. Lefty IS going to get that fight he’s jonesing for, and he IS going to lose it. The screaming is coming from those who are beginning to realize it. The America Obama sought to make is not going to happen.

      When WE fundamentally change America there is a very good chance men like Obama will go back to shining shoes, and women of The Squad will be pushing mops and scrubbing terlets – as they would in any functional self respecting civilized country.

      This inversion of power and morality is strictly temporary.

      • Check out the front page, above-the-fold story on USA Today — “The Nation’s News”. After El Paso – Facing fears. (Am traveling and find stacks of these rags in the lobby.). They’re doing their part to fan fears and division, to paint whites as evil and minorities as hunkered down in terror. I know here in America’s heartland where I am now, and in rural Southern Virginia where I’ve been for a year, there is little evidence of the situation they paint.

        • I think this comment explains the rabid hysteria of the attacks. It’s the old “crying wolf” problem. When the world you live in doesn’t reflect the media’s reporting of it, people tune it out. That means they have to scream louder and more frequently. In the short run, it can get the herd to turn, but in the long run the herd returns to normal course.

          It’s like the Baltimore hysteria of a few weeks ago. Trump pointed out an obvious fact: Baltimore in a rat infested murder pit of despair. The media couldn’t sustain the attack because Trump was so obviously correct, and many of the citizens interviewed were happy to confirm it. And PBS, apparently.

          At some point, the believers need to see evidence that theirs is the one true faith. Otherwise, they’ll move on despite the preacher working himself into more and more of a lather each week.

          This “racism!” thing is going to burn itself out just like #metoo has done. People rightly saw the latter as a shortcut to destroy people they don’t like, regardless of the evidence.

          “Racism!” is heading down the same path. It doesn’t fit anyone’s reality.

    • “NYC” that explains the problem right there. Enemy territory demands guerilla tactics instead of open confrontation. Neutral territory or areas where the local authorities are sympathetic to our side require open resistance to Antifa.

      Case in point, my area is conservative. Nobody wants Drag Queen story hour. However their ideas about freedom of speech would allow it anyway. This is an environment where the Proud Boys could throw a spanner in the works and while residents might not openly approve, they would be secretly thankful.

    • It is simply unintelligent to fight back in this way. All you do is paint a target on your back and make it easy for the jackboot to crush you. Know your enemy. Fight back smarter, not harder. Simple/secret/solo/spontaneous.

      • Especially in ‘enemy territory’ as noted as well. I learned this lesson the hardest way possible and had it not been for my background and some divine providence I’d be locked up right along side those poor bastards.

        I took a racial stand against a brown skinned racist in the DC area. Instead of being a man and putting his money where his loud mouth was, he ran to the cops. I think most readers here know the rest of this story by now. Confront these racist a-holes at your own peril, because the jackboot came down on me hard, and literally dragged out of my bed at the point of a fully automatic M4 rifle.

        Now I simply avoid which goes SO against my nature to take a stand but I can’t afford another f-ck up the cost would be lengthy and harsh in this dystopia. My advice to those who haven’t yet amassed a profile in a database or a record of any sort is to simply use these same mechanisms offensively. HR depts, police, lawfare, etc. These are all the tools of defenseless women which is mostly what the left is, even the ones w/ male sex organs. There are few actual ‘men’ among them, but a vast legion of (nu)males.

        • Good advice. The Pozzed have institutional support & we’re the Others. I’m still putting together a recommended reading list for this stuff, but in general, all of us should be reading up on how to protect your privacy, maintain online anonymity and detect and avoid surveillance. We’re in the age where your pozzed cousin can dox you for shiposting xyr over Thanksgiving dinner, so better to know it and not need it…

    • Let’s be clear: Gavin McInnes (whatever you may think of him) gave a speech at the Manhattan Republican Club. This speech was preemptively protested by groups who are so highly assimilated that they oppose the First Amendment. /s There was a bit of a fracas. Only the PBs were prosecuted. Just like every other time guys defend themselves (or even defend Normies) against assault.

  42. The Left is in a near frenzy over racism, which they now see everywhere.

    Almost like a televangelist seeing closeted gays everywhere…

  43. If only whites lived up to the terror we inspire. Instead, we’re slouching towards South Africa.

      • On some level, exactly. I liken the racist hysterics with the other leftist tentacle: feminism.

        The evil patriarchy, toxic masculinity, rapey mcrape culture, and all the rest.

        What the feminist shrikes really fear is a man who knows his own value and then asserts that value into the marketplace.

        Envy, covetousness, and fear of natural hierarchies drives the brown hoards and their miserable goodwhite collaborators into fits whenever a white person stakes a claim to white group identity or any other positive aspect of white group history, culture, or characteristics.

        So the fever dreams of oppression burn. Feminism has gone from ‘toxic masculinity’ to ‘all masculinity is toxic’, from ‘rape culture’ to ‘all men are (potential) rapists’. While their identity war has gone from ‘white privilege’ to ‘white nationalists’ to ‘white supremest’.

        But their desire for monsters is undermined by reality. Feminists hate masculinity but biology always wins.

        A man who knows his value, understands why women do what they do, and gives zero f’s about those pear-shaped problem-glasses harpies at the women’s march can write his own ticket.

        And there are women lining up for a man who ‘just gets it’. IOW, a patriarchal masculine chad.

        Whites, particularly men, need to embrace the same approach. Its a massive identity war shit-test.

        Becoming a sensitive new age man who defers to the feminine imperative at every turn to cleanse the sin of toxic masculinity is just a pack mule waiting in line at the glue factory.

        Same goes for goodwhites.

        So yeah. At the very least be unapologetic, refuse to enter their frame, and live your whiteness as you see fit.

        Otherwise whites are destined to become the grasseaters.

        Call me misogynist. Call me racist. Same same.

        Those people are sad and weak. At the same time, they are yearning for strong men to lead them out of the darkness.

        Thats they key. Some are beyond help but a great many can be led out. If men just stand up straight and stop being such pussies.

        • I’ve lost my confidence in my ability to read the cultural currents. I used to think that most guys knew that alot of what was being said was utter BS. That it was just impolite to counter signal blank slate racial constructs. Now i wonder. Do they really believe that differences in performance between groups is due to systemic bias/racism? I also grew up reading history. western nations firebombed cities, settlers plunged into the vast north american wilderness and carved settlements far from friends and surrounded by a savage foe. Ballsy and ruthless. I guess i always assumed that our people would get on their hind legs when the nonsense really started to cut into their skin. I really wish i had some good polling. Of 100 typical white men how many would attribute the poor performance of blacks in school to a talent disparity, cultural factors, what precisely. What would happen if 100k white men started to call bs on all the global homo and speak forthrightly, if diplomatically about race realism and defend masculine virtues. If 10k started to open carry and signal their serious intent. Surely the whites that settled SA or america were up against greater odds than modern whites are facing. We call ourselves dissidents, but lets face it, google and FB are not exactly stalin and the NKVD. How resilient is clown world to challenge? How many of us in prison or dead would it take to brink this facade down?

          • Surely the whites that settled SA or america were up against greater odds than modern whites are facing.

            Not so sure. They faced different odds and it was dangerous – but they were not facing their own fellow whites under a pretty much complete police state. They did not have the police state against them with the surveillance and un-personing power it has available. Not much wilderness left to run to. In situations closer to the current one (e.g., former USSR) they had to “wait it out” – survive as best they can until it collapses of its own incompetence which is inevitable (the collapse is inevitable; the survival is not).

          • In addition to the absence of the modern totalitarian (not merely authoritarian!) state, one critical advantage the Pioneers and Voortrekkers enjoyed was a powerful, intact Christian patriarchal culture. Hard to see how they could have done it without brotherhood and their womenfolk beside them in a natural relationship. That kind of culture can’t just be willed back into existence.

          • Most people are do-ers, not thinkers. They don’t put as much thought into their belief systems and absorb it by osmosis. Preserving culture has a kind of salvific effect on these people, as they absorb “right views” from the people around them without thinking critically about it.

            This is probably why, in a Christian culture, the Christians are seen as mostly idiots while the critical thinking atheists are the smarter ones… most people are idiots and when most people are Christian… it’s just set theory.

            But now, in a post-christian world, the idiots resemble christianity less and attend drag queen story hour because it’s there in a respectable institution, so why not?

            No thinking necessary.

          • What if the Left’s *analysis* of the situation is correct, they just have the *causes* wrong.

            My argument stems from the ‘iron law of oligarchy’ and systems theory.

            (1) White people created the West.
            (2) The ‘rules’ of the West reflect what works for Whites.
            (3) In a ‘White system’, Whites would naturally perform better than non-Whites who don’t share ‘White’ capabilities.
            (4) Therefore a ‘White system’ would always be ‘White supremacist’.

            That, stripped of all the moralizing and hysteria is the basic analysis of the Left regarding ‘White supremacy’ and I think that analysis is correct.

            The Left thinks this problem is ‘whiteness’, but it’s not. It’s simply that a system created by one ‘race’ only rarely and intermittently going to be conducive to the advancement of another race *and it wouldn’t matter what race created the system*.

            Africa is full of various potentates who run things the African Way. It sucks, but some Africans can compete in the African System and thrive, but no sane White person could (See ‘Heart of Darkness’).

          • Exactly. It follows that things like outlawing armed robbery, cracking down on murderers and shutting down Camden-style open-air drug markets are quite literally “criminalizing black life”.

            The problem arises when the deluded, stupid or status-striving white racial defectors feign through their glib support of philoPOCsick policies indifference to the Kurtzian hell that awaits their children.

          • There’s a difference between moral and physical courage. It’s been pointed out before that dissident politics attracts a certain type of person that, socially and in other ways, could be described as having a certain degree of hard bark. Maybe they are natural frontiersman, maybe not.

            But the fact is that most normies, including men, don’t have the ZFG constitution to just go around telling people the time of day, hell or high water.

            Some people will need to see and be shown that the zeitgeist is changing, that going along with the anti-white chorus line is going to result in socially uncomfortable situations. They need to see that when it comes to certain topics, one must choose sides. And there are wrong choices.

          • How would or could the first wave of martyrs be used to further the goal? Just asking honestly because where I’m at, and this is not new, a stance in opposition, as I understand is suggested, would be near 100% mortality or captured and nullified for the duration of the game. Just brainstorming an idea for a new board game the whole family can enjoy. You know, Dad, the boys and cousins, uncles and what not. When we’re not working for the Man don’t you know.

      • Bob said: ” Be the white they’re afraid you are.”
        Be the future you want to happen.

        • “The recent outbreak of hysteria over white supremacists allegedly plotting a violent revolution is a good starting point.”

          Maybe they’ve been reading the info some of us post about how vulnerable the blue hives are, and how pissed we are becoming, and they’re starting to think we might mean it?

          The time may well come for us to “be the future we want to happen” in that regard.

    • The left-liberal elites (i.e. all of today’s liberal elites) are just playing it safe, upping the leftist indoctrination to help keep the white cattle from getting spooked by their impending movement into a favela/South Africa existence, and ensuring that if some small number of them do get truly resistant, there is a coalition of lunatics sufficiently powerful to put the prison/madhouse breakout attempt down. What’s worrisome to me is that the “white scare” will get out of the elite class’ hands, and extrajudical attacks on whites will massively escalate. Of course, whites have been made so demented in mind and so broken in soul that I honestly wonder whether even a full-scale Rawanda style attempt on us would trigger a mass revolt that truly threatens the liberal elite class and their system. Since breaking out of Throne and Altar Europe approximately 2 centuries ago, liberalism has evolved and spread, advancing from victory to victory. Obliterating the West via globalism is the next step, and today’s left-liberalism is the contrived justification for it, and once again liberalism is in a position to emerge victorious.

      • Globalist ideology is insane because, taken to the project’s end, it will necessarily involve the die off of probably 99 percent of the world’s people, sooner than later. But the globalists may envision themselves riding it all out comfortably behind their fenced-in desert redoubt.

        More likely, most simply aren’t aware they’re cheerleading their own demise.

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