The Last Hurrah

The 2020 presidential election, which will probably be Trump versus Warren, is shaping up to be the final act of Baby Boomer America. Both are of the generation that has come to symbolize the culture of those born after the Second World War. Trump was born in 1946, while Warren was born in 1949. That means both came of age with the Beatles and the Stones. Both were in college when the hippies and anti-war protesters were taking over the college campus. They are children of the 1960’s.

It has been argued many times that the Baby Boom generation is more than just the people who were teenagers and young adults in the late 60’s. According to demographers, the Boomers include people who were in college when Ronald Reagan was president. That’s fine, as far as demographics, but when people think Boomers, they think in cultural terms. The generation that grew up on the Beatles is what they have in mind, not the generation that grew up on Lynyrd Skynyrd.

That really is the important thing to keep in mind whenever discussing generational politics in America. For the Boomers, the 60’s were a vastly different time from the 70’s, in terms of the culture and outlook. The 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, in contrast, are not wildly different culturally. It’s like how the 50’s and early 60’s are really the same culture. The cultural revolution that stated in the 1960’s really did change the country, so by the 70’s it was a totally different experience for young people.

Of course, the Democratic side of the battle has yet to be decided, but the signs are all pointing to Warren winning the nomination. The polls say Creepy Uncle Joe is the favorite, but observation says otherwise. At some point in the fall, he will be found wandering in his bathrobe, demanding to talk to President Nixon. At that point it will be time to take his campaign keys away and pack him off to the home. His support will then flow to Warren, the next demographically pleasing option for them.

There’s also the fact that Warren is quietly drawing huge crowd to her speeches, which is always a sign the voters are at least considering a candidate. The feminist white women in the party think it is there turn to have a candidate. More important, they think they were robbed in 2016. Warren is not just a less corrupt and less repulsive version of Hillary Clinton. She captures the seething rage of that demographic. Hell hath no fury like a scorned, menopausal feminist clutching her dream catcher.

The 2020 presidential campaign will be two sides of the 60’s Boomer culture, facing off against one another in one final battle. The male side, represented by Donald Trump, is nostalgic for an America that no longer exists. Trump sees himself as this generation’s Ronald Reagan. Instead of morning in American, though, it is dusk in America. His tenure is a cargo cult of sorts. He and his supporters seem to think if they carry on like it is 1985, it will suddenly become 1985. Trump is pure nostalgia.

Warren is the feminine side of this battle. Unlike Trump, she is not pining for a return to Reagan’s America. She is all of the liberal Boomers in the 80’s and 90’s, who talked about the terribleness of Reaganism, while enjoying the benefits. Just as Boomer feminists talked like Betty Friedan, but lived like June Cleaver, this side of the Boomer political culture publicly hated Reagan and the 80’s economic boom, but privately benefited from it. The conscience of the 60’s was always forgiving.

Then there is the more personal aspect of it. In terms of popular culture, Trump really is the quintessential Baby Boomer male. He made a lot of money, but will never have much to show for his time. Everything about Trump is wrapped up Trump the person, the selfish, boorish oaf living for the moment. When the wife got too old, he traded her in for a new one. When he hit middle-age, he bought a sports car and started dating young women. His story will be one of endless self-indulgence.

Warren, for her part, is the other side of that coin. She is the scorned ex-wife, who got the house and filled it up with trinkets from the various self-actualizing fads she got into after the divorce. In between glasses of chardonnay, she will spend hours telling you about how awful her ex-husband was during the divorce. She is the woman, who rejected the lifestyle of her mother, but at some point, when it was too late, realized her mother was right all along. That is the real source of her bitterness.

The 2020 campaign promises to be Trump running around the country telling his fans about all the winning, while Warren runs around wagging her boney finger at them, telling them about how she has been wronged. It will be the cad versus the nag, largely a fight among white people about how best to go into that dark night. On the one side will be Trump nostalgic for a lost America. On the other will be Warren, haunted by an America that never was. Two characters from a soon to be forgotten past.

Neither side will have much to say about what comes after them, because they are from a generation that thought they would live forever and never grow old. The people who swore they would never trust anyone over thirty, now can’t spare a second to consider the future of those under 30. It’s going to be two perpetual adolescents throwing one final tantrum, demanding the rest of us indulge them one more time. It is the last hurrah for a generation that will buried, not praised, by those who follow.

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324 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah

  1. I loathe Warren, but here’s a clue for all the guys out there trying to figure out her crazy behavior. It has nothing to do with menopause. Warren biologically is well past menopause, which means she’s just a typical crazy liberal. Men have their own version of menopause and mid-life crisis which can lead to some pretty wild and crazy behavior, yet no one describes any of the male candidates as “Hell hath no fury like a hair receding, , dwindling testosterone male liberal trying desperately to still be sexually relevant”. Take the stereotypical sexism out and focus on the fact that Warren is just plain bat shit crazy and representative of the new liberal world view. Also, stop with the ageism us vs. them mentality. When we’re young we think anyone much past 35 is over the hill, has one foot in the grave, and can’t possibly remember what it was like to be our age. Guess what? Older people do care about the Gen Zs and Millenials, because we worry about whether or not all of you will have the opportunities that we did. You are our children, grand-children, co-workers, and in some cases, our bosses. Choose your candidate based upon whose policies will give you the best chance of achieving your dreams, not any of the typical stereotype stuff hyped by the media.

  2. I voted for Trump because he said all the right things about wars, open borders, government regulation and the other hot buttons that have concerned me for years. I have to admit I was blinded by Hillary Hatred. Having lived in AR during Sick Willy’s rein, I knew the depths of greed and depravity that motivated them. Trump has demonstrated that his commitment to his promises is a mile wide and an inch deep. Like many that voted for him, I have no plans on voting for the traitors in the GOP who have conserved absolutely nothing since the days of Ike.
    It’s very sad to see the rot and decay that both parties have wrought. Interest rate depression has destroyed the retirement hopes for anyone who’s denied themselves immediate gratification and not spent every penny on indulgences. Soon Social Security and our 401K’s will crash and I won’t be surprised to see America return to the days of the depression that my grandparents used to warn about. Greed and contempt for our Constitution have destroyed America and it won’t make any difference who wins in 2020 because the ship of state will sink on the shoals of deceit, greed and depravity.

  3. One thing, Z . . . many of those feminists’ mothers were not right. They were the dissatisfied housewives who incessantly told their daughters to have a career and not get married. Have children? Perish the thought. These women were convinced that they had missed out while all those stewardesses were flying to exotic places and having all the fun. That just knew that taking a job would immediately turn one into Connie Stevens on “Hawaiian Eye”. Goaded on by Betty Friedan, they urged a generation of women into a cold, childless, unhappy void.

  4. I think you are optimistic. I think the Boomer’s can run out the clock longer than 2020 on elections. Using the standard definition of 1946-1964 for the cohort, the youngest of them are just 55. Now that mid-seventies is considered reasonable for running for POTUS the 55 year old boomers have another 20 years to run.

    In 2036:
    Sarah Palin, a class of 1964 late Boomer, would only be as old as Trump is now.
    Kamala Harris was born in 1964. A late Boomer’s LARPing as an Xer.
    Anthony Weiner, aslo born in 1964, could have been rehab’d by then, and take a shot.

    Susan Rice, John E. Sununu, and on an on. The thing about the Boom is it’s large. There are a lot of them.

  5. I like the buried line. We could also say buried not mourned.

    You’re wrong about Trump, he’s of far more substance. That he isn’t doing all the things you like (you’re not President however) as fast as the crowd here would like is the low time preference of the right.

    Mind you should we get an actual dictator you’ll be quite horrified that he’s gone too far…I can hear the gasps already.

  6. Well, at least it won’t be the last hurrah for Amerika itself, that already happened when Obama was elected, We are already in third world territory now,

  7. “”Trump the person, the selfish, boorish oaf “”

    Donald Trump,, famous TV personality, billionaire , President of the United States.

    Z- man , begging for shekels on the internet.

    Swear to God you’re going to de-cloak as some Glenn Beck ” Never Trumper Loon ”

    Of course we want to go back to 1985. Will this current president take us there ? He can’t . He’s too nice of a guy . Maybe it’s just not time.

    We need a president willing to do to his enemies what left has been doing to their enemies for all these years. Will white’s rise up and save themselves ?

    And if they do will it be in time ? Tune in next week. Same Bat Time , same Bat Channel.

  8. I’d like to see who Pres.Trumps next supreme court nominee Will be. No way Ginsburg stays vertical four more years. When they finally haul her carcass to the glue factory, the weeping and wailing will be cosmic. I wouldn’t miss that for anything.

  9. One thing Warren did was recognize early on that the deck was stacked against whites in higher ed and used the system against itself to help her.

    All the while alt-whites are still sniveling like good cucks and RINOs how Warren cheated. Those idiots miss the point, they couldn’t see right in front of them that the system had declared war on them and like the good little wage slaves that they are, they condemn one of the few that played the system and won.

    When instead they should be copying her and gaming the system. But no, it’s just whining from them.

    Sure Warren is a utter chameleon and cheat. But she’s far more perceptive than our own thought leaders who still can’t realize they are in a fight and have already been kicked into the corner like so much trash.

  10. All this back and forth “Boomers are the worst!” “No, they aren’t!”

    It’s been a long series of dominos that have been falling since before the ink was dry on the Constitution. The events of the Boomer years are just the consequences playing out.

    The contention between the North and South. Abraham Lincoln figuring that 750k dead Americans was a perfectly reasonable cost to pay to ensure that no state considered secession for more than 100 years. Teddy Roosevelt — yeah, there was a big one — a hardcore progressive despite being a Republican. He set the tone and paved the way for all the progressive amendments, the federal reserve and Woodrow Wilson, who was even worse. WW 1. Versailles. Then Roosevelt: New Deal, Social Security. WW 2. Korea, Civil Rights Act, Vietnam, Great Society, Medicare/Medicaid Dept.s of Energy and Education … and we haven’t even gotten to the stuff the Boomer’s did, yet.

    It is said that the ruin of every nation is built into its founding.

  11. Ugh, the ever twisting rubics cube of nonsensical political thought. Here’s the deal Trump wins 2020 in a massive landslide and if , 12 months later the traitors and seditioners are not in jail all hell breaks loose. Warren doesn’t posses the mental or emotional capacity to run a local little league.

  12. I still think that Bloomberg is waiting in the wings for the right moment. He would be real trouble for Trump.

  13. Trump v. Warren is going to feel like living through all the Gen Xer’s parents’ divorce in ’86

  14. You’re assessment of the dynamic isn’t far off, but I don’t think Lizzy will win the nomination, because of two words, that you never ever hear mentioned. Super delegates. The Democrat primary is rigged from day one, and if the establishment wants Biden then it gets Biden.

  15. Brilliant. And for the second presidential election in a row if every one of the candidates were in the street in front of my house, drenched in gasoline and nicely alight I might call the fire department. Maybe.

  16. Thomas DiLorenzo: A Pew Research Center survey finds that the six “least religious” states are New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut, in that order. The six “most religious” states are Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and South Carolina. It’s interesting that the American ruling class elite comes primarily from the former group, and that the elites relentlessly smear and denigrate the latter — the epicenter of Hitlary’s “deplorables.”

    Many here and at other blogs want to blame one generation or another. That is just stupid. The fight against evil has been going on a long time. The culture of the south was much different than the “dirty hippies” or the “God Damn F’ing Yankees” to boomers and every other generation so far. Especially the people of the Appalachian mountains often feel like a people surrounded by evil morons.

    We are ready to leave this evil union.

  17. “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”
    Mark 3:25

    “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
    -George Santayana

    “If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong.”
    ― Terry Pratchett.

    If you don’t have a solid foundation from the past. A plan of action for today and a vison of the future, you got nothin’.

    • Those who do learn from history are doomed to sit buy while people who didn’t learn anything repeat it.

      We’ll till they aren’t and after all we are an ideology or two away from a revolution.

  18. I think Darren Beattie was correct when he wrote that boomers are, on the hand, holding back the Blue wave (deluge), but, on the other hand, are also holding back a transformation in the Right’s thinking that could actually yield positive results (a transformation from pseudo-Right to actual Right, one might say).

    I’m going to risk being annoying, and repeat my effort comments, buried above (since the comments are becoming so numerous that I’ll bet few are able to read them all):

    The Leftist/Hippy anti-consumerism and thoroughgoing anti-capitalism of the 60’s were dropped, and much greater hedonism and “freedom” were retained. One term for it is “bourgeois bohemians.” They were made compatible with liberalism, with serving the ends of the liberal elite, in other words. The “60’s generation” were, quite peacefully, neutralized by liberalism, as other institutions and movements, like the Catholic Church and Francoism, were.

    Hopefully, younger generations will, to at least some substantial degree, clear their heads in response to ever greater suffering from economic decline, lawlessness, and anti-white policies. On the other hand, I’m reminded of the protagonist in Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ saying something like “mankind can grow accustomed to anything, the swine.” We’ll see.

    I think it’s been a step-by-step decline throughout the 20th century, and earlier. I agree with Kojeve who wrote, building on Hegel, to the effect that “since the French Revolution, it’s simply been a matter of mopping up.” I’m not WN 1.0*, but I think, in a real sense, WWII was the last great “mopping up.”

    *I agree with the German Conservative Revolution thinkers who advocated an Eastern orientation/alliance for Germany, against the liberal Anglo-Saxon West, who were, and are, the greatest threat to Western Civ. as a whole. I think the German views of the Slavs, and episodes like Generalplan Ost and German treatment of the Poles and Ukrainians, were ridiculous and disgusting. I think the “Holocaust” more or less happened and was absurd (and we’re still paying the price for it). I agree with Pierre Drieu La Rochelle’s criticism that Germany was too wrapped-up in narrow German nationalism, rather than rejuvenating Europe as a whole. I agree with Anthony Ludovici’s warning/criticism, on visiting Germany in the later 1930’s and meeting with higher level leaders, of detecting a dangerous pig-headed arrogance (he used a much nicer term) among many German leaders.

  19. Doesn’t Warren have some shady backstory re house-flipping/real estate speculation prior to the recession?

    • It’ll be tough for Blormph to hit her on shady real estate dealings. Warren is a phony, but not just a phony. She’s the type who honestly believes her own BS about caring about the poor and downtrodden little people while she lies her way to power and privilege. Our local low-rent Rush Limbaugh (Howie Carr) has a lot of knowledge about her. When I can tolerate normiecon content it’s worth listening to him.

  20. All the worrying over the next election when, in our hearts, we know we are not voting our way out of this. Trump needs to win, for the entertainment value, for the gnashing of liberal teeth, for the stupid tweets, for helping get the main stream media even more firmly into the trash heap, but mostly for this. If Trump loses, the Left will need a new scapegoat, and it is us. Our posting and search histories will be published, “for the greater good”, and then the marching orders will be to take us out, one and two at a time. Anything said in favor of whites, or against anyone else, will be labeled as “white supremacy”. Nazis can be summarily taken out and shot, dont’cha know. Decades of frustration will be taken out on you and me, partly because Trump couldn’t be touched. Personally, I would like another four years before the darkness falls on us, to get our affairs in better order.

    • “we know we are not voting our way out of this”

      It seems clear there is no political solution — two separate polities have developed, and they are not at all compatible.

  21. Though Boomers have been making themselves felt as an indispensable voting block ever since the late 1970s, they reached the halls of power in the mid 1990s. You can pinpoint the time they collectively took the helm, with an overnight 15-20 year drop in the median age of cabinet ministers: 1993 for the US, 1997 for Britain and France, 1998 for Germany.

    The changing of the guard was quite brutal, and left an immediate imprint on policy-making across the west. Any last vestige of a sense of duty to country that the previous generation might have retained out of habit, was gone. So was the understanding that the pace of social change had to be gradual lest it lead to dislocation. Politics also became markedly more mercantile, and more of a naked exercise in ego fondling. Boomers are dreamers, and jump at every occasion to make history. Make sure you pad your speeches with enough “It is tiiiime…”, “The world deserves…”, “Enough with…” and call everything you want a “struggle” that needs “tackling”.

    Boomers are also the reason the economy was, until recently, the be-all and end-all of government policy, even as immigration and demographics have been causing problems out in the open since the 1990s. For a generation who witnessed the end of rapid growth in their formative political years, everything is first and foremost economic. Bring back the prosperity of their childhood, they contend, and the attendant social problems will sort themselves out. Their political consciousness is crystallized around the panacea of material progress. Cue Trump bragging about Black Employment numbers.

    Peak Boomers-in-Charge was probably, symbolically speaking, the summer of 2005 with the “Make Poverty History” buncombe at the Gleneagles Summit, and the ensuing media infatuation. Ya Boyz were all there for the party: Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Dubbya, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Sachs, World Bank boffins, charts in hand, assorted UN clowns and your favorite Jewish NGOs. Do-Gooders Incorporated came out strong with the panhandling. Boomers everywhere were nursing a semi at the thought of saving the world all over again. Bob Geldof came out to sing to them. Many a Fix Africa cookout was had that summer – boomers were pushing 60, so it would double as a retirement party. Development Economics, that most pointless party game that seeks to explain wealth disparities between countries without entertaining any racial hypotheses – think ballistics without gravity – was so hip for a while that it spawned best-selling writers.

    The John Lennon generation, which naively and enthusiastically bumbled its way from one world-changing cause to the next, leaving only a trail of destruction in its wake, will be missed by exactly no one. Not their children, not their grandchildren, certainly not the diversity pets they brought in by the boatload in a fit of CareBearism and whose ingratitude they actively encouraged. It’s amazing how much rubble you can pile up when you’re determined to make the world a better place and have the numbers to make it happen.

  22. zman, not having a family, is cut off from most of American life. Trump will tie Warren to the college cheating scandal, via her fake indian story. Middle and upper middle class parents take that shit seriously. He will dismantle her a lot easier than he did hillary. But y’all keep building your pretend army of revolutionary geezers and soy boys.

  23. If the Ds nominate a dishonest bitch who told a whopping ‘flight from white’ lie about being Native American then you know America has really ‘jumped the shark’.

    • Or maybe, like a good golfer, she saw the course as it was, and instead of trying to move the sand traps and greens, played the course as it was set up. I can hate Warren for a lot of things, but what if we all outright cheated the system with fake check marks on a sheet of paper? Maybe she’s instructing us on how to do it. In her shoes I would have done the same, and if I knew my test scores were marginal, checking a couple extra boxes is a no brainer. You have to hate the system enough to abuse it. Didn’t Saul Alinsky teach us anything? Even recent immigrants know to play this little Candy Land board game to get what they want.

      • Your post reminds me of a Law & Order episode, “Refuge,” from season 9 in which ADA Abbie Carmichael (Angie Harmon) expresses admiration for Russian mobsters who come to America and in no time at all game the system and make piles of cash doing so.

      • Warren may be nuts but she is miles ahead of your typical DR who still plays by the rules. Warren was smart enough to realize the game is rigged against whites and badly. She figured out she had nothing to lose checking a few boxes. She probably knew Harvard didn’t have the cajones to run a DNA test on her claims, After all that would be racist.

        Until the DR types get a lot more mentally flexible like Warren we’re gonna keep on losing.

        BTW it’s become increasing apparent that playing by the rules is a suicide pact for whites. Because no matter how good they play the game it only takes one complaint from some freak to destroy that man’s career. It happens all the time in the military. It’s also getting that way among the cops. Shoot a POC and you can kiss your career good bye.

    • No, she took advantage of a system that is openly rigged against whites. The very fact that most whites are too stupid to see the system is rigged against them doesn’t mean she’s dishonest, she’s not.

      Whites need to pull their collective heads out of their asses and realize that the system is hostile to them and need to find ways of using the system to their advantage like Warren did.

      We aren’t living in 1985 anymore.

  24. Warren is another ugly Democratic Party hag that should have been booted for lying about her non-existent Indian bona-fides. I can’t imagine many men of another minority group voting for her; she to reminds most men of that mother in law from hell or at best an intolerable scolding school marm. Also, there platform is pretty ‘hate Trump’ and free stuff for everyone including those who should not be here.

  25. We currently see our politics through the prism of a failing system (Soviet Union 1988) yet a system that’s still functioning for most people. People always cling to what works, even when it’s failing. In time, we’ll be viewing our politics from a failed system (Soviet Union 1991) with failed economy, and it will radicalize and galvanize everything and everyone.

    You’ll see civil servants in places like Chicago and NJ protesting sweeping pension cuts as they reorganize, and that’ll just be the beginning. So called solid companies on the brink, hundreds of failing companies being swept away. It’s going to be crazy.

  26. Zman, this is your most literary post yet, filled with sharp, witty observations about the personalities of our time, but also about the character of an age. I believe you have written here the précis for a winning political novel. Your title suggests you did so consciously. But if not, I would encourage you to do so. The valedictory political contest of the regrettable Boomer generation deserves a clear-eyed, unsentimental chronicler. And you’re one guy who could do it justice.

    • Did you see Obama coming? The media could promote for president a one-legged Congolese dwarf tranny with aids and still persuade millions of gullible Americans that this is the right thing to do.

  27. Good point on the Skynyrd Boomers versus the Beatles Boomers. The Boomers get a really bad rap that only half of them deserve. The rot goes back to their parents and grandparents who cheered while Wilson and FDR destroyed the country. No surprise that at least half that post-WWII generation were scum – more than half the previous one was worse.

    • Drake,

      Add to the damage of Wilson and FDR the terrible legislation of the 60s when almost all of us could not vote. Hell I could not even drive for most of that decade. (52)

  28. Hell hath no fury like a scorned, menopausal feminist clutching her dream catcher.

    That’s one of the most frightening things you’ve ever written.

  29. Having grown up on the Beatles and Stones I had to hold my nose voting for the first time. It was for Ford after Nixon was shot down in flames. It was obvious back then that the Government had gone way beyond the enumerated powers limit of the Constitution. The battle for guys like me was to limit our pre tax exposure as much as possible. Sports cars had been neutered motorcycle technology was not as advanced as it needed to be. Martinis were creeping up around the five dollar mark. The marketing propaganda around Corona beer became the stuff of legends. It’s horrible but everyone out and about back then could be seen drinking one on Cinco de Mayo. The eighties proved to be great for the semiconductor and computer industry. Good for me. Progressive liberal socialist feminist Yankee thinking took bigger and bigger bites out of what little morality and culture was left. Some how some of us survived. We have been elevated to dissident right status. The final destination for the realist thinkers of the Boomer generation. Some of the culture is worth saving. Some isn’t. After all this time I still can’t get no satisfaction. It’s OK to be White.

  30. Incidentally, I am willing to bet good money that this election will be one of the most violent in recent history. There is a very good chance that America will be treated to “diverse” practices of voter intimidation, ballot stuffing, and outright ballot theft aided by guns and explosives.

  31. Long time lurker, first time commentator.

    Z-man, you are the absolute tits. Someday, if our infrastructure isn’t turned to dust by the gentle ministration of the brown-ness that surrounds us (look at my pic – I know whereof I speak), you will be celebrated as an avataar of Mencken. Eerily appropriate considering that you live in Baltimore.

    Someday, I’d like to shake your hand, buy you dinner, and a martini (or six).

    Thank you for everything.

    • There are boomers like myself who were Buchananites and even Perot followers in the day who saw the future and did not like it. Boomers are like all other generations. There are good ones and bad ones.
      We have been in a trend within the West since the enlightenment toward suicidal eglatarianism. Lincoln’s war, World War 1’s destruction of our European order followed by the short man with the funny mustache in Germany and our welcoming of our greatest allies and our favorite middle eastern tribe into the American elite after World War 2 done tremendous damage to the Christian ethos in the United States.
      After all we gotta get rid of Christian public prayers because they offend other groups including some of the new elite. And that Hayes code? It sure hinders Hollywood from making money on bare women’s breasts showed in the heartland and now on HBO.
      It’s been a gradual decline until recently. Now culturally we are crashing.
      Not entirely boomers fault though nor any one generations fault.

      • Incomplete diagnosis is affluenza complicated by severe parasitic influence.

        The Americans are intrinsically susceptible to manipulation by Jews, Gujaratis, Negs, and all other untermenschen and never more so when their bellies are full, their grog strong, and upcummies from moral preening epic and euphoric.

        White America could kick us all out in the course of one evening. Instead, they’d rather watch sportball niggers fucking their daughters on

      • Sometimes you’ve got to wonder whether we’ve come programmed with a self-destruct button: the two world wars seem to demonstrate that perhaps we cannot handle too much beauty or accomplishment or peace.

  32. All true but Trump also had 4 children, all legitimate and successful.
    Most Boomers limited it at 2, if that and spoiled or ignored them.

    • Trump has 5 children. Maybe you’re forgetting about his American ex-wife’s daughter, Tiffany. Plus Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Barron. Trump is smart, tall, handsome, and industrious so I’m glad he passed his genes on to more than 2 kids.

      • Ouch.

        It is a sad truth that the right is not doing much better at reproducing than the “cat ladies” we mock.

  33. I have a steak dinner bet with a friend that Trump will lose 2020 to any democrat, even though I hope Trump will win.

    Trump beat Crooked, a historically poor candidate, by 70,000 votes across 3 states that she failed to campaign in. Hillary won the popular vote by 2-3%, completely line with national polls (it was the state polls, not the national polls, that were off — I have to keep telling Trump supporters this over and over again). Hillary’s supporters were not enthusiastic about her, and she spent her time in states like Texas thinking it would be a blowout. The Deep State didn’t rig the election because they were complacent and assumed that Trump the Clown would lose in a major way.

    Well, now demographics are even worse for Republicans than in 2016. Florida, a state Trump won by < 0.5%, now allows (Democrat) felons to vote. The Deep State won't let the election go unrigged, and the Democrat nominee will not forget to campaign in the states that carried Trump the election. Trump's base is demotivated due to NoWall, Unlimited Immigration, endless social media censorship, failure to destroy the Deep State or lock up Hillary, Jivanka in control, etc. National polls show a generic democrat beating Trump by 9%, and the top 5 Democrats are all crushing Trump as well. The 2018 elections were a huge victory for Democrats.

    Even worse, many Trump supporters have the same kind of glib we're-going-to-easily-win attitude that Hillary supporters had in 2016.

    I think it will be a blowout in favor of Democrats. I really hope I'm wrong because what comes next in terms of liberal retribution on Deplorables will make everything so far seem like a cakewalk.

    • The answer to that is turnout. Blacks won’t vote Trump but won’t turn out for a bitter cat lady. Same with Latinos.

      Warren knows thus which is why she has to go all anti White and pick Stacey Abrams or Al Sharpton as her running mate. Already Black Dems are demanding all White men be registered with the DOJ and wear ankle monitors.

      That stuff increases Black turnout but also increases Trumps White male share and turnout. I can see Trump winning or losing.

      It’s a dead certainty that most White women hate their men for being well, White i.e. Beta and will vote for the angry Wine auntie.

      • Warren will do no worse than Hillary with blacks, but she will have higher turnout with white liberals than Hillary.

      • “Already Black Dems are demanding all White men be registered with the DOJ and wear ankle monitors.”

        Whiskey, wtf? Lay off the drink and sober up. Such ridiculous fear mongering does this group little good.

      • Whiskey, I see this election as the real awakening of white consciousness. I believe we will see bloc voting by whites. Regardless of how much they preen and pose, on a gut level, whites – including blue-state libs but excluding the most cucked – will vote in near unison for Trumpstein. The ratcheting up of anti-white hysteria and its ownership by mystery-meat, black and brown untermenshen will subconsciously or otherwise force whites to circle the wagons and vote for the only familiar and safe face to be found.

    • I wish that I could find some way to improve upon your comment, but all I can do is heartily agree; Well and truly said, sir!

    • Yeah, I think dems who did not care for Hillary but felt sure that she would win in 2016 ended up staying home and not voting. They’ll not repeat that mistake in 2020. Also, we saw many close races in the 2018 elections, virtually all of which went to the Democrat after the “process” was allowed to, uh, do its thing. Which is, cheating. They’re also going to be allowing all kinds of illegal-alien voting, which is part of the reason we see hordes of illegal migrants coming to the U.S. in higher numbers than ever. That in addition to the felons. The young people have been thoroughly indoctrinated by our schools and media so they’ll vote heavily for the left. Trump is aware of the election fraud issues but the issues have not been remedied as far as I can tell. On the right, I know of many accelerationists who intend to vote for the craziest democrats they can, all the way down the ballot. Having said all that, I do hope Trump wins in 2020 because the additional 4 years of democrats’ crazy behavior will allow for the eyes of more whites to be opened. Hope he’s got the electoral college nailed down.

  34. Punching right unnecessarily again. For all Trump’s faults, he is making big changes that no one else in our history has even contemplated, let alone accomplished. The biggest of these is knocking China off it’s game for world economic domination. He hasn’t started any new wars, no small thing that. The Wall is getting built, albeit too slow, but better than nothing. He has thoroughly kicked the ass of the MSM. No one wants to admit it, but ObamaCare is all but dead.

    • Obamacare? Healthcare policies are the kind of thing we could debate in a white country. Those kinds of issues have no relevance anymore.
      Severely restricting immigration (e.g. building the wall) is the only thing that Trump talked about/could have done that might have given us a chance.

      • Well, even if Trump were just finishing up the wall coast to coast, how long would it take the next liberal president to knock it down? Or just punch big holes in it?

        • Italy just got rid of Salvini and are champing at the bit to re-start massive importing of Africans and Middle-Easterners. The centrist party has got it so there may not be another vote until 2023. That’s enough time to completely flood Italy with incompatible, useless people. It feels like an omen of things to come wherever nationalists or populists have been rising. I wonder if Orban will be able to hang in there in Hungary.

          • You are flat wrong. Actually Salvini’s party forced the prime minister and his government to resign. New elections will be held in about a month and Salvini will be Italy’s next prime minister. Where are you getting your “news”?

          • Oh, sorry! I got the news second-hand and didn’t have a chance to look it up for myself, yet. Sorry for the fail, everyone. But it’s great to hear what you say about Salvini — I hope it comes true! Thanks for correcting me, Epaminondas.

      • The wall is being built. Perhaps more slowly than we’d want, but within the confines Trump finds himself in. Those that say nothing is happening are misinformed at best. I reside on the border. The Border patrol (rank and file) talk about the progress regularly. If Trump fails re-election, the wall stops, and probably regresses since much is going up against objections from environmental groups. If Trump is re-elected, the wall will be finished.

        • The value of the Wall is its expression of Will. As long as Trump needs to run for office and needs handy symbolism, the wall’s greatest value is in its as-yet unfinished state. Once he wins 2020, he’ll finish it in short order.

    • I think punching right refers to people to your Own right, not just the right in general. People like Shapiro are supposedly on the right and you can punch away.

      • Shapiro threw the first 10 punches or so – it’s self-defense. Fair game. Few creatures on the nominal Right punch Right more.

  35. This is exactly what’s going to happen. Warren will likely win, and she’ll be a one termer too. Back to back one termers as the country tries to shake off the boomers the way a wet dog shakes off water. The Trump presidency is sort of like children of the 80’s spending a three day weekend with daddy and his new mistress. We will soon be carted back to bitter, Jazzercising mommy with her expanding Lladro collection in the breakfront. All of this happening, not with the boomers in their prime, but aging and decaying, as the country decays around them. Whatever comes after them will be smoldering ruins. If feels like the last days of Pompeii.

  36. Still can’t get past the image of Warren as the spitting image of the WCTU’ers that I used to run across during my college years (I lived across an alley from the national headquarters) All of them had that “weaned on a pickle” scolding look that seems to be Warren’s natural and constant style. They hated us for the end of term penchant for picking the lock on the fire escape and pitching a couple of cases of beer bottles onto their roof. Just can’t see that hectoring image selling in a general election.

  37. Bleh, it doesn’t really matter who gets which nomination or even who wins the election, the 2020 outcome will be precisely the same as every other election: the Jews will get what they want, which is our further degradation and erasure, and the White agenda will be either stonewalled and ground to a dead halt, or else actually reversed to stab Whites in the belly, yet again. It doesn’t change.

    Long term, the only realistic solution is partition and separation. One hopes it can be done peacefully, but Americans tend to do everything the hard way, so, probably civil war. Ugh, it’ll be horrid, but it beats extinction, which is the only other thing on the menu.

  38. The ’55 to ’65 Boomers are only in their 50s and early 60s. If this thing does get turned around while it still can be… it will be the younger Boomer leading the way. Not Xers or Millennials.

    • Older Xer ’68. Cannot confirm. No one I know offline born before the early 70’s is willing to take a step to the right of “National Conservatism.” Knew some old school WN 1.0’s, mostly bikers, back in the 80’s-90’s but none who made the transition to WN 2.0. I avoided them in my CivNat days.

    • I’m a 1960 Boomer, born of the Silent Generation, not the Greatest. Grew up with the Beatles and Lynyrd Skynyrd. “I am not a crook” and “tear down this wall.” I agree that the late Boomers have a chance to turn things around. I see the older Gen-Xers as our allies.

      • We late Boomers never lost sleep over being drafted, in any case. That’s no small divide within the “Boomer” demographic.

  39. Trump vs. Warren & Harris. The ostracism of white males must continue apace. One of the functions of Biden and Bernie, for the Left, is to remind people how awful white men can be.

    Perhaps one reason the future prosecutions are being slow-rolled. Pick up white guys Comey, Brenner, Clapper, and McCabe soon, but put off Hillary, Lynch, Powers until later, if at all. No need to energize the middle age wine ladies before the election.

  40. Z cosmically understates Trump’s significance in this piece, but he makes one important point that most people don’t fully grasp: in the 60s everything changed dramatically, and for the worse. In fact, I would argue that American changed more from 1962 to 1969 than it has from 1969 to 2019.

    • Our nation and culture has fallen apart every few decades. The difference, this time around (since the mid ‘70s), is that we didn’t effectively put together the next iteration of our culture. We have been fighting the 1969 battles for 50 years now.

    • But the 1960s didn’t come out of nowhere, they were the fruition of the seeds planted post WWII. Whenever you look for predecessors to the things that happened in the 60s, the trail always leads back to the war. The 1960s were just when the patient began showing symptoms, the actual cancer was contracted in the 1940s. I’m gonna guess that when the history books are finally written, WWII will be correctly identified as the event that ended Western Civilization.

      • Absolutely correct, Bruno. Each thing comes from what came before. One can draw the thread all the way back through the centuries. Which is why the “erasing of history/reinterpreting the history” of the Left is so cruel. It strips people of any real understanding of who they are and how they got there.

        • I’d say: go back even farther, gentlemen.
          Around the Industrial Revolution (1880s) is when the Communists started organizing, Marx and the Frankfurt School were getting up into fourth gear, and gaining followers.

          Then again, one could also argue that this started with Lincoln, as the first example of gubmit overreach.

          I guess we’re all in agreement, however, that it’s a problem that’ll be coming to a head sooner rather than later.

          • The Industrial Revolution is arguably the point of decline, as laid out in the Unibomber’s manifesto.

      • I agree with this completely, but I would add WWI as the start of the apocalyptic struggle that ended with WWII, in which the West sealed it’s own fate.
        The only consolation is that Byzantium continued for 1000 years after the fall of the Western Empire. Remnants of Western Civ. can, and probably will, continue on in some form after the most productive segments of the West collapse.

      • Astute comment! I increasingly see the 1960s (which I tend to date from 1964 until 1973, although other time frames are possible) as the delayed reaction to the traumas of World Wars I and II. The “Greatest Generation,” not the Boomers, were in charge at that point and were making decisions designed to prevent another Third Reich and Imperial Japan, and to ward off the Communists. Those policies led to a pointless and counterproductive war in Vietnam, and the denial of race realism in order to tout democracy as the ideological answer to communism. As Z-man says, it’s playing out in a probable contest between two early Boomers who were marinated in that ideology.

        And these are probably the Good Old Days!

      • For America I draw the line back to the Civil War. That’s where the Jeffersonian, agrarian, yeoman landholder lost out to the Hamiltonian industrialists and financiers. Within a generation of the northern industrialists and bankers winning their war came The Federal Reserve, the income tax, women’s suffrage, Prohibition, and the progressive vision for public education. And of course the debacle of WW1 – another big win for industrialists.

        Not hard to connect the dots from the aftermath of the Civil War, straight through to the 1960s, straight through to today. Going even further back, it was the Anti-Federalists who saw so many of these lurking dangers in the Constitution. Now we’re just rearranging the deck chairs, but those Anti-Federalists saw just about every iceberg on the horizon.

        • The agrarian, yeoman but not really Jeffersonian landholders in the South lost out first to the slaveocracy. The wealthy, slaveholding elite was terrible for for ordinary white Southerners. (I say this with no intent to exonerate Lincoln or the aggression on the part of the Union against the Confederate states).

          I don’t think that the Anti-Federalists or anyone else could have foreseen a majority non-White America or the all-around insanity that we live in today. At the time, various European powers were a constant threat to the existence of the U.S. as any kind of an independent nation. The Articles of Confederation system was a failure and the Anti-Federalists didn’t have an answer.

      • The war itself didn’t terribly damage the US, but postwar affluence and complacency stripped away the nation’s cultural defenses and allowed the lunacy of the 60s to be enacted. But it was in the 60s that America experienced a purposeful attack from AWRs who were intent on its destruction. The Port Huron Statement, enunciated by SDS in 1962, is to America what the Communist Manifesto was to Europe.

    • The only significance Trump has comes from the “Flight 93 election” base, not Trump the man. He’s the tip of our iceberg, riding on our backs. He’s not leading us anywhere because we’re too smart to follow him to Zion-Mart.

      Talking trash on Twitter doesn’t make him significant. Republicans have been rudely and openly calling the media fakes since the 90’s – the difference now is that we’re echoing the sentiment and fed up to here with the whole shitshow. Give the public the credit and let Trump fan his own Jimmy.

      • Trump’s brazen renunciation of political correctness and dabbling his toes in race realism and diversity denial is totally revolutionary, or perhaps, better still, counterrevolutionary. In doing so he is boring a tunnel for white people to pass through and enter a better place. The importance of this act cannot be overstated.

        As for his attacks on the media, name another president who discredited the fourth estate remotely as much. There’s simply no comparison.

  41. At least I can understand Warren and her platform, and although Trump is inarticulate I think I understand what he stands for as well. Much as I dismiss their self-absorption and misguided ideologies, at least the Boomer politicians seem to HAVE an ideology; i.e. they tend to nail their colors to the mast. So with the understanding that the 2020 circus is entertaining sideshow as the tent poles are folding, most of us older than 50 can make sense of their appeals to mainstream constituencies, stupid as they are. Boomer politics is downstream from the culture of their peers … the worldview of Crosby, Stills & Nash writ large.

    Fast forward to 2024 and beyond and look at the next crop of power players, born in the 70s and 80s. And this ties in with your post from yesterday … this next generation of power players have zero guiding principles – they’ll hedge on making a statement that the sky is blue in order not to offend purple-sky enthusiasts. Gay rights yesterday, trans rights today, pedophilia tomorrow – their politics isn’t downstream of anything, it’s just a river polluted with perversion, envy, and worn-out Marxism. And the worldview of Taylor Swift? Can anyone make sense of that?

    • The worldview of Taylor Swift? The poor thing is on the cusp of “used to be hot”, and that’s about it. Brain development seemed to end at about age 15.

    • She got fat and abandoned by too many of her boyfriends. As those 2 numbers rise, the probability that a woman goes feminist approaches 1.

  42. What if the next election comes down to the age old issue of the economy. Boomers and their 401Ks and jobs. Electing a blowhard and now a scold? Who knows, may not even be her.

  43. “Hell hath no fury like a scorned, menopausal feminist clutching her dream catcher.”

    Brilliant, I’m totally stealing that.

      • You know, even though it’s meant to be humorous (and I laugh at it as well), I feel like speaking up and saying that I’m uncomfortable with ceding love of cats, or animals generally, to the Left. Certainly in the long-run, the Left is the anti-animal party, as they’re happy to see psychopathic brown hordes, who couldn’t care less about animals or the environment, overrun the earth.

        Drieu La Rochelle, Armin Mohler, and Alain de Benoist are just a few of the men of the Right (Benoist now argues that he is beyond Left vs. Right, but the point still stands) of which I’m aware who have/had empathy and love for cats. Zman is also a cat owner. I’m another one of these hard Right types who strongly empathizes with cats (and all other animals). I’ve sacrificed a great deal of my time and money caring for all of the stray and feral cats who have crossed my path, to the best of my ability.

        Here’s Alain de Benoist:

        “From Montaigne and Du Bellay to Julien Green and Jacques Laurent, through La Fontaine and Perrault (the Puss in Boots), Chateaubriand, Théophile Gautier (My Private Menagerie), Hippolyte Taine, Mérimée, Barbey d’Aurevilly, Baudelaire, George Sand, Sainte-Beuve, Anatole France, Jules Verne, Pierre Loti, Colette, Cocteau, Jean Giono, Drieu La Rochelle, Albert Camus, Marcel Aymé (The Tales of the Perched Cat), Paul Morand, Jouhandeau, Faulkner, Hemingway, René Char, there is no end to counting the writers who not only dedicated a veritable cult to cats, but also celebrated them in their work.”

        • Good on you for that, Prussian. As something of a regular here I am nevertheless very fond of cats, as is my wife. Two cats share our dwelling.

          I hate that “cat lady” term. All kinds of people appreciate cats.

          • But ” cat lady” is so perfectly descriptive of the type. Everyone knows not all cat lovers are like that. Just don’t NAWALT, NAJALT, NABALT, know’m sayin’?

  44. Nicely done, Sir. As much as you are dead on right about the boomers whistling past the graveyard, I fear the electorate will vault right past Gen X and install a millennial in 2024, the earliest of said generation being eligible for the office already. And that? That will have you nostalgic for 2019.

  45. If it’s Trump vs. Warren, Trump has a good shot at winning. Clinton lost not primarily because she was a psychopathic murderous kleptocrat – her husband is and he would have won the 2016 race by a large margin even as the devil we know all too well.

    The difference is charm. Like Hillary, Lizzie Ten Cats is sour as curdled buttermilk, and no sweet cream of policy wonkery or pathetic granny-LARP’ing can make her palatable.

    Strong wahmens of her generation seem cursed with the Evil Tongue. I worked with a lot of these gals when I was younger and they were not yet bowed under the strain of head-butting the glass ceiling while balancing the Atlas-sized chip on their shoulder. Two generations on, the psychological osteoporosis is bending their composure like Sherman’s neckties.

    Say what you will about the Reagans and Bushes but Nancy and Barbara weren’t like this. Despite collectively giving birth to more world-destroying hellspawn than Tiamat and Shub-Niggurath combined, they could both make people smile.

    First gen-feminism has a lot to answer for – including grandmothering the generations who now greet the extremely online every day with “What we need to do about…” listicles in their Yahoo and Pocket feeds.

    And also including 4 more years of Cheetoh the Fraud unless someone on the Dem side goes rogue and does what Bernie should have in 2016. Here’s lookin’ at you, Surfin’ USA-first anti-Khazar milkies.

    • Okay, I accept your invitation and will say this about the Reagans and the Bushies:

      Nancy had cankles and Babs was a battle-axe.

      In Nancy’s defense:

      (1) she was slim and was always a dress size of 2 or 4;

      (2) she saw to it that the Bushies were never invited to a private, couples-only WH dinner with the Reagans; and

      (3) Babs seethed over 1 and 2

  46. This may be the last election where the candidates say anything that we can recognise.

    A story was titled “TTCB”.
    The world was falling apart, and everything was the fault of TTCB…
    Those Twentieth Century Bastards!

  47. The Reagan era is a bit of a misnomer.

    There was a lot of talk but little action. After all, he 80s gave birth to the political correctness reign of terror we now live with daily, just for one example. The “conservatives” did nothing about the far-left’s takeover of the machinery of the state, either.

    By the time Reagan was in office it was too late. Academia was lost, and the far-left had completely taken over the bureaucratic organs of the state.

    Even Reagan’s prosperity was a chimera. Those who point to tax cuts and deregulation paper over the fact that gov’t spending exploded, too, and borrowing went through the roof (and not just on the military). Meanwhile, the post-WWII decline in manufacturing continued apace, as it does now, and the middle class continued to get smaller, except for the gov’t sector (consisting largely of far-left graduates of academia). They did quite well by contrast.

    So we have a nostalgia for an 80s world which was just a happy illusion for those nostalgic for the 50s world. Meanwhile, the Democrats and their young supporters want a perverted Soviet-style totalitarian nanny state, fed by bankrupt zombie corporations, a bastard child of Japan Inc. and the USSR.

    Both choices are losing propositions. The West can afford neither in financial terms, and in cultural terms it means civil war.

      • The Booby hears you. Problem is, the police and army will take whichever side has the money. It’s always been that way. Don’t believe the Booby? Read this.

        The only path to victory is bankrupting the state, USSR style. Only when the police lose their pensions, or when the state can no longer pay the cops and the military will they be willing to fight for their consciences.

        We need to be as creative as possible at finding ways to stop feeding the parasites.

        • Wealthy liberal individuals or corporations will buy the loyalty of the police. We’ll have to fight them one way or the other.

          • Out here there’s just the Sheriff, and he’s an elected redneck Republican.

            Apropos of nothing, out of the blue yesterday one of the guys I have do work around the ranch, who I didn’t consider particularly politically aware, started wondering about what to do when 3,000 hungry city people head our way.

            I reminded him that there are a lot of choke points in the hills.

        • Agree with starving the beast. Disagree with the assessment of the police and military to a certain extent. After New Jersey passed their gun registration and high cap magazine ban, there was massive noncompliance and the cops basically told the legislature they had no desire to get shot enforcing their bullshit law.

          I hang out with some military guys in the combat arms and they joke about the firepower they privately own. I doubt they will go door to door to confiscate guns. POGs on the other hand are a different story.

      • It won’t. There is no single ideology with enough adherents and scope for a Continent sized nation

        This is OK though, a smaller nation well run for the benefit of its people even if smaller and poorer is superior to a bigger nation

        This will hurt a great deal but a nation with so many ethnic groups. so many political groups, so many religions or lack of them for that matter and radically different ideas on what the State should do ranging from “almost nothing” to people like me “European Right” to big government types can’t work together and shouldn’t share a nation

        None of these groups has the power or the stones for that matter to conquer all the others so by necessity it will have to fall apart once Fed Gov can’t hold on.

        We’ll be anywhere from 5 to 100 separate nations just like Europe and the natural process of mass die backs , ethnic cleansing and pogrom will leave workably homogeneous mixes

        This will take some time so the best thing anyone can do is accept this and prepare for it. It may happen in our lifetime, may not. It doesn’t matter

        barring a miracle it will happen.

    • As we get further from the Reagan era, he’ll be seen as the President that hitched the country to the bond market in 1983, and got this whole debt ball rolling. He was a Potemkin conservative. His politics were indistinguishable from McCain. We forget about all of this. So, in a way, Trump is more like him than people realize. But please don’t tell this to the boomer-cons, who mindlessly listen to Sean Hannity and post on Breitbart.

      • JR, only half right. There were few times before Reagan that the budget was balanced—I believe last was under Eisenhower for a few years. But Reagan did trade excessive spending on social prog’s to buy Dem acquiescence to military buildup and tax cuts. The result was two fold: USSR collapse, some balanced budgets under Clinton. That doesn’t absolve the Rep’s. The government is full of spending sociopaths and here we are today—party denomination not withstanding. The debt ball got really started rolling as a percent of GDP under Bush II in the guise of off budget military spending for the endless war on terror. Obama prevented a formal budget for most all of his tenure and doubled the national debt while ostensibly presiding over reducing the war on terror. It is no use having a “memory” if it’s faulty.

    • Regan’s legacy is two Bushes, almost two Clinton’s, and the we are who we have been waiting for. Sad.

    • People knew things weren’t “right” under Reagan.

      Reagan’s being an actor was our introduction to “outsider” show people breaking into the DC business and many thought that alone was some kind of weird milestone. People who lived through the depression suspected we were on borrowed time, even as the middle class boats began to rise in the tide. A massive Star Wars spending spree financed towns in suburban California, the Bay Area, Orange County, Orem, Colorado and 128. The first major bubble to pop was the Savings and Loan scandal which is but a dim memory today.

      Immigration was already out of control and people were living on the street in numbers no one had seen since the depression. All of this was relatively new and primarily limited to the coasts, but people were quite aware of the cognitive dissonance. It was debt-fueled prosperity that allowed people to strike an uneasy bargain in accepting the “new normal”. Bits of this duality are captured in song lyrics of the time.

      When GHWB took office, the global cabal’s looting of the interior began in earnest, essentially wiping out the working middle class. Entire industries were sent to the scrap heap in Mitt Romney garage sale deals.

      Meanwhile, the awesome power of the government keeps growing with menacing speed. It’s become the 800 lb gorilla that is sicced on anyone who gets in the way.

      Is Trump trying to juice the economy/ placate some DS elements with his Space spending? It’s a tool available to him, afterall. So far, Wall Street has to settle for Warren. Tucker thinks independent voters may be taken with her stale “2 Income Trap” although, thanks to the protracted culture war, families no longer even have 2 income-earners, irrespective of their income(s). I’d say Wall Street will happily pony up for a “2 % Wealth Tax” — this is a bargain if it buys time. It merely reduces the growth of their wealth from 7% down to 5% for a short while.

  48. When I hear Warren or Hillary give angry speeches, I have such a viscerally negative reaction that I wonder if it is instinctual. In some sense it may be a disadvantage for me because if they were conveying important information, like explaining a new kind of cryptography, but doing it in that tone of voice, I just couldn’t listen.

    What are examples of female politicians expressing righteous anger that don’t sound like hectoring bitches? Was Margaret Thatcher able to solve this problem? Sarah Palin never put me off, but I may have been mesmerized by her appearance.

    • Warren visually looks and acts like a raving lunatic. Not to be crossed by mortal man(kind).

      While Trump is the same visual, it doesn’t seem as negative as when a woman does it.

      Wow, I sound… well… Ya, I know.

      • Shortly after Trump got elected – there was a university that staged a “play” where they had a female actor play the Trump part – and a male actor play the Hillary part.

        If I remember correctly – they essentially re-did one of the debates between Hillary and Trump , right down to the positions on the stage and mannerisms. And this was in front of a self admitted “liberal” audience.

        Again, going from memory here: but if I recall correctly the result was that the audience overwhelmingly went for and supported what the female “Trump” character was saying and proposing. And downright objected to much of what the male “Hillary” character was proposing.

        Proving pretty conclusively that they Hillary supporters were completely biased towards just electing a woman – no matter what spewed from her mouth.

        Last time I checked they were very careful to never repeat this experiment.

      • Matriarchies have to form a cartel over the supply of women or else they lose their power very quickly. This is the real purpose of public schools and universities and why the only law written specifically against children is Truancy. And now you know why there is so much more scholarship money for women than for men even though men are vastly more productive with greater potential for benefiting the state.

    • Women are incapable of conveying verbal passion without shrieking or coming off as hysterical; they cannot be leaders except by fraud or royal decree and it will always be so. Even if over something as simple as the sound of their voice. This was starkly evident most recently in Marianne Williamson’s interviews.

      Nor can they clap as loudly as men (way more important than most people imagine) or participate in a crowd the way men can. This is why Liberals prefer finger snapping to applause. Listen to audio recordings of a concert and the “yee-haws” and other energetic sounds of encouragements are always men.

      When women cheered the Beatles or Elvis it was a seething mass of fainting and screeching. Turrible sounds.

      Even in Star Wars, when they needed a rebel yell, it was Harrison Ford who delivered it.

      • Women usually have higher pitched voices. Black men tend to have deep voices and often do tv commercial voice overs because it’s more pleasant to the ear.

        • And yet Africans do not give impassioned speeches as well as Europeans still, so there is more to it than that.

          The best black speakers are mulattos (Martin Luther King/Obama).

          And I can’t think of a single black woman who can or who has ever given a powerful speech.

          There was a black lady from the Navy who came to our class at university to speak. She was a politician shortly thereafter and resigned for corruption shortly thereafter that. I think Trump gave her a job.

    • Thatcher sounds like a confident woman who knows she is winning a debate. Elizarry and their ilk are whiners.

    • Public speaking forces a cruel dichotomy on women. I have noticed this particularly with female trial lawyers. They either tend to exaggerated coquettishness or bitchiness. Unfortunately, older and uglier women are forced by circumstances to rely solely on the latter, and they often double down hard. Most unpleasant.

  49. Little gems.
    “At some point in the fall, he will be found wandering in his bathrobe, demanding to talk to President Nixon. At that point it will be time to take his campaign keys away and pack him off to the home.”
    “Hell hath no fury like a scorned, menopausal feminist clutching her dream catcher.”
    But I’m pretty sure she’s post-menopausal. That ship sailed a while back, not that the author should be well versed on the finer points.

  50. Sure, the generation that grew up on the Beatles was different than the generation that grew up on Lynyrd Skynrd, but, as far as cultural impact is concerned, it is hard to put Lynryd Skynrd in the same universe with the Beatles.

    In fact, as for cultural impact, it is hard to put Ronnie Van Zandt’s group in the same league as Paul McCartney & Wings. According to Billboard, Wings had 14 top 10 hit singles between 1971 and 1980, whereas the boys who luved the guvnah, had just 1 (Sweet Home Alabama).

    • Lynyrd Skynyrd were fantastic, and represented real, working class America.
      The Beatles were 4 british twits who made music that sounds ridiculous today.
      Lynyrd Skynyrd still sounds relevant, and gutsy.

    • Maybe back in the day that imbalance meant something, but in the 21st century karaoke scene you can always count on hearing an enthusiastic crowd reaction to Sweet Home Alabama, while most of the Beatles and Wings disks collect dust from the lack of requests.

    • The Beatles, Harley Davidsons, RVs, marijuana, cable TV, LBFMs as third wives — Boomer vectors for the mind-virus. Paul mcCommie and his immigrant buttbuddies will be as culturally relevant in a decade as Father Coughlin or Georgia O’Keefe are now. We do not like, want, or tolerate your dege-ge-generation.

  51. The nag versus the cad. Funny! I’m definitely and laughing instead of crying mode. I look terrible with red swollen eyes

  52. These are the good ol’ days, boys. After this – or until the nation falls… it’s going to be any one of a dozen axe grinding vibrants, or some sexually disturbed pervert, or cucked soyboys or crazed cunned stunts vying for the presidency.

    I like Trump. In the last election he stormed in, kicked Bill in the balls, bitch-slapped Hillary, honked Chelsea, crapped in their fish tank and then wiped his arse on their drapes. Sorry Z, but Ronnie was a gentleman. Trump is a brawler and he was the right guy for the job at the time. Or maybe the best guy available.

    He’s going to do the same to Warren, if it comes down to it. Smile and take the win!

  53. Not only will this be the last Boomer election, it may be the last hurrah for suburban white women – and, ironically, with them all whites. For the moment, The only thing holding back full-on anti-white rhetoric and policies is the importance of the winey white women vote in the Democratic Party. Their booze-shaky finger is keeping the dark dyke from bursting.

    As Boomer whites die off, the white women vote will become less important to the Dems. And just as the Dems discarded white working class voters, they’ll happily jettison (or ignore) suburban white women, whom they don’t like anyway. Once the Dems don’t need to pander to suburban white women, they can fully drop the mask and stop pretending that they believe that there’s such a thing as Goodwhites and Badwhites. All whites are equally bad, equally guilty and equally punishable in their minds.

    Everything will change after Trump and Warren.

    • The war bride white women of the burbs will be in a fix. Tossed into the evil white heap along with their male tax slaves will make for some awkward yoga classes.

      The thing with most white women is that they are already irrelevant. Like some redundant middle managers when McKinsey shows up.

      The ‘I’m with her’ types have already done their damage. It is now just working its way through the system.

      The only question I have is whether they will be good war brides and return to their men to embrace what remains of the culture and tradition or will they quadruple down to screech feminism 5.0 as the new peasant class within the dusky fringe that will be Our Democracy?

      Based on what I am seeing among post-wall feminist indoctrinated strong independent women who have failed to stick the landing after their party years I’d go with the latter.

      In the new world order, victimhood, however low on the totem, still carries more status than being white. They will continue to choose accordingly.

      • Place not your faith in Beckys, young Chads. Today’s Becky is tomorrow’s Karen. The flowers of Europa need rescuing from bearded Saracens. Answer the call.

      • Feminism was invented and readily accepted by women precisely at the moment they became the least valuable they had ever been. The world doesn’t need more people and white countries don’t need more high IQ soldiers for mass conscript armies anymore.

        Every concept the state/media insists on over and over again is the opposite of reality or else you’d already believe it and there would be no need for the repetition.

      • “The thing with most white women is that they are already irrelevant.”

        Well, they enjoy white women being around for the darkies to impregnate.

    • The younger adult females I see are either going low-key and doing the marriage-family thing while keeping their heads down, or going full tattoo-piercing-colored hair-smoking-ranting-nuts. The old school feminazi appears to be leaving the building.

      • I have noticed that as well. Not a ton of middle ground with younger white women. They either go for a traditional lifestyle or go full board SJW. I think a lot of young white women have noticed that it’s not much fun being a single 40-year-old woman with no kids. They also seemed to have noticed that a job just isn’t that important.

        I’ve also noticed for years that upper middle class young white women consider dating black guys as a sign of being low class, since it’s generally low-class white women who date black guys. Interesting dynamic.

        • My usual comment when I see one of those weird hair colored pierced and tattoo’ed nuts is to say:

          ” Look – there’s another one that voted herself off the planet”.

    • “Everything will change after Trump and Warren.”

      And that is a good thing. Every White woman we persuade to the cause is worth several converts. Think about her influence in the home and in the local community and social structure.

      • They’ll start to move to our side when the media moves against them – and it will. For perfectly understandable reasons, women are biologically driven to not mess with whatever tribe they belong to. Once the media makes it clear that white women aren’t a part of their tribe, white women will start to look for a new tribe.

        • Women are also moved to seek security. When they are ostracized and find themselves in the cross hairs—perpetrators, rather than victims, they will support all sorts of “solutions” they now consider extreme. More importantly, they will pester their men to grow a pair (not ovaries as our soon to be ex-Senator said in a prior speech) and get out there and do what they were biologically equipped to do.

          When safe, women like lap dogs, when threatened no dog is too big or too mean. I have both. But there is only one that accompanies the wife on nightly walks. Guess which one.

  54. Those who say that political division – and even political violence – was worse in the 60s, and that we eventually returned to normal with the Great Cooling of the 70s and the neo-50s prosperous placidity of the 80s miss the point. The Establishment elders of the 60s achieved that cooling through a simple strategy – they gave the leftist revolutionaries literally everything they were asking for – from creating a huge welfare state to throwing South Vietnam to the wolves to letting them murder the unwanted results of their one-night stands – in exchange for a promise of a return to quiet. Now, of course, that’s not possible, because we know two things that we didn’t know then: 1) getting everything they wanted didn’t satisfy the left’s hunger, but whetted it; the list of demands will never reach an end, and 2) what they’re openly demanding this time is the eradication of the white race and the Christian religion – as Sam Hyde noted, these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.

    Trump and Warren represent the last shreds of the belief that a return to quiet normal is possible – that they can repeat what their elders did, and that it will work, even in the face of evidence that the peace it brought was a temporary illusion. I doubt that trick will or can work more than once, though.

    • “The Establishment elders of the 60s…”

      These were the so-called “Greatest Generation”…Kennedy, Earl Warren, LBJ, Everett Dirkson, Hubert Humphrey…I could go on. Not a Boomer in the bunch. And these assholes died without ever apologizing, nor did they ever recognize the enormous damage they inflicted on Western Civ. Doddering old fools like Bill Moyer are slipping into senility without a clue of their destructive influence.

      • It’s true that the Greatest generation never gets the blame it deserves, but the Boomer’s took the ball and ran with it faster and harder than anyone could have dreamed. In fact, you still have the ball and won’t put the damned thing down.

        • Did I mention William F. Buckley? That shithead held onto the ball after I reached 60. And the fucker kept the ball right up till he died. He may still be clutching it in his boney fingers.

    • Agreed. Comparing a 50% white country to 90% white country doesn’t make sense. People who try to use historic analogies without taking demographics into account are missing the whole point.

      It’s like saying a high school that was a basketball powerhouse when it was 90% black will remain a basketball powerhouse even though it’s 90% Asian now just because the name of the school is the same.

    • The Leftist/Hippy anti-consumerism and thoroughgoing anti-capitalism of the 60’s were dropped, and much greater hedonism and “freedom” were retained. One term for it is “bourgeois bohemians.” They were made compatible with liberalism, with serving the ends of the liberal elite, in other words. The “60’s generation” were, quite peacefully, neutralized by liberalism, as other institutions and movements, like the Catholic Church and Francoism, were.

    • You’re highlighting one of the tap roots of all of the problems that get talked about here.

      It can all be summarized with ” you have everything you want ”

      The simple truth of life is YOU CANNOT.

      Your ability to want is endless – your ability to actually obtain what you want THRU YOUR OWN EFFORT – is very severely constrained by the bounds of reality.

      There’s one word in your comment that highlights the core of the issue and why the left has run completely amok : GAVE.

      “gave the leftist revolutionaries literally everything they were asking for”

      “getting everything they wanted didn’t satisfy their hunger”

      “creating a huge welfare state”

      “list of demands will never reach an end”

      No shit. When you GIVE people things – they simply never have to pay for what they want.

      I want a fancy job. I want a hot girlfriend. I want a big house. I want to fly an airplane. I want a sex change operation. I want equality between the races. I want. I want. I want.

      Now go try and actually DO any of those things BY YOURSELF. I guarantee you that your ship of self will break itself up on the rocks before achieving even a small portion of your wants. Give the average person a hammer and a saw and tell him to go build that grand house that he wants, and then hand him a welder and some metal working tools and tell him to go build that fancy car he wants.

      Or – tell the average tranny wannabe that they’re going to have to pay for their own surgery .

      Or – tell the average believer in equality between the sexes – or between the races : “make it so”.

      I absolutely guarantee you that they will NEVER “get” what they want. And they will break themselves trying to achieve it.

      Which is my way of saying: Much of what people “want” is simply impossible to achieve. The masses used to understand this much better in previous ages – because there was no expectation of magic happening and suddenly making their delusional wishes come true.

      Life hammered those beliefs right out of you.

      All of those people demanding things back in the 60s should have been told to phuck off – with a vengeance. But the crop of people running things in the 60s – were a good 30 years beyond the age when the full weight of the Federal government was brought to bear on making delusional leftist dreams come true.

      And the 30s were a number of decades past the point where the Federal government was tweaked and molded towards making those delusional dreams AND grab for power – come true.

      Point here is: the delusion didn’t begin with the 60s.

      And you can’t feed the bears.


  55. Say what you will of the boomers, their successor generations are turning out to be even worse.

    Take a look around.

    • Possibly because your generation was so afraid of being called racist that you flung open the doors to the Turd World and robbed us of our future?

      • You really are an example of the anti boomer. Blame and cry and never look inward, and by the way, wrong. Nobody recoils in fear more than those younger than Boomers at the racist charge.

      • Hey MemeWarVet, That wasn’t me, pal. What’s with the whiners here? Blame the boomers. Blame the Jews. Blame the browns. Blame the blacks. Do something other than bellyache. Nut up or shut up.

        • >>>Do something other than bellyache. Nut up or shut up<<<

          You mean the things that I can’t discuss publicly because they’d render me unemployable? Those things?

        • The Pollyanna deflection is tired. Generations with crashing lifestyle expectations don’t need or want to hear lectures about “cowboy up” and “muh bootstraps” from guys who made their bones before shit got real. I’m an X’er and I remember expecting raises every year. Practically everyone I grew up with had normal families, stay-at-home or part time moms. Having your kid even see a shrink, much less be on meds or pregnant, was a 1 in 20 cautionary tale.

          Suggesting we should ignore Jews and Blacks b/c “whining” is straight-outta-Townhall civ-nat stuff.

          Grow a thicker skin, Y’s and Zoomers have a legit beef with Boomers & Xers. Be part of the solution, don’t Boomer-post past the problem.

          • I’m an X, and we’ve been living in the ruins of what the Boomers and their parents wrought.
            The greatest generation had an excuse, as they experienced the Depression and WWII, they knew real hardship and just wanted to relax after the war.
            The Boomers, on the other hand, are history’s greatest brats, and created, and continue to fuel, a rolling disaster that is the third worldization of the U.S.
            As someone born in 69′, and possessing excellent recall, i lived through the end of a veritable Golden Age.
            When I was born, the country was nearly 90% white, and a supermajority of counties has a white population that was 99% or more.
            All of that is gone. My children, 10 and 6, are a minority in their age group, and can look forward to being openly discriminated against according to federal and state laws.
            Did you see that they’re removing the portraits of distinguished scientists at research universities because they’re too white ?
            A small example of the horror that awaits us all.
            To have watched this society consciously deconstruct itself in the span of 50 years, and I was aware it was happening as early as the late 80’s, has been been disturbing and surreal.
            A storm front approaches, and we could have avoided it all.

          • Bingo! Nailed it. Gen-X had to fight like dirty dogs for the table scraps of what was left of the “grabbing the brass ring” culture. We had to be more brutal at every step to make it. It’s amazing watching boomers reinvent their past, somehow turning themselves into modern day David Copperfields, making it all by themselves. As if the entire country wasn’t primed from the day they were born to give them a boost, from cheap college (and better) to buying pre-bubble real estate, to an ever expanding consumer culture.

            By the time Gen X came along, everything was chewed meat. And these people made partner without every even knowing how to flip a Pdf. F them!

          • Y’s & Zoomers have it much worse. X’ers were screwed more by the culture and ideology we were fed rather than existential stuff. I’ve never found it very hard to keep steady work. A lot of the younger people I know that do what they should still can’t find decent employers. The job market in urban CA is full of bosses who are grifters, gropers, and lame-asses of all stripes, mostly mystery meats who bought businesses with family money or shit they stole from US aid etc, minority preference contracts etc…

          • In fairness, how could average Boomer people stop the progressive agenda moving forward? I mean, we don’t stop our current leaders from doing anything and they do all kinds of terrible things: endless wars, predatory finance, open borders, endless hordes of migrants, etc. Why do people think plain Boomer folks could have stopped the powerful from doing what they want? By voting? Ha. We see now what that’s all about — pure manipulation by the overclass allowing little people to think they’re determining their future by voting. It’s democracy! What a sick joke. In the future, people will wonder why the hell we didn’t stop this nightmare from unfolding, just as we wonder the same about Boomers not stopping the events that brought us to our current dystopia. Blaming Boomers is useless; focus on the elite who make the decisions. Now, just as then, the media and schools play a big role in conditioning the public mindset to be in favor of policies that hurt traditional white western culture. It’s hard to counter as dissidents are destroyed publicly by the media and the brainwashed public is unable to see the danger in the detrimental policies until it’s too late and the damage is done.

          • You make way too much sense with your calls to reason. If you really wanted to believe an a all powerful cabal of Jewish rulers, you might believe they are using this anti boomer thing as another diversion.
            Now i don’t believe it but you can buy it if you reason like some do.
            This is how we lose.

          • Ursula. Becoming a fan. Now if mad scientists could mix your nuance with Vizzini’s fire, Exile’s encyclopedic knowledge, Ostei’s dry punctualness and Lineman’s humanity… (rubbing hands together feverishly) we could create a Master Race of commentors… muah ha ha…

          • How would we have avoided it all, Dave? Really? Had you been of age then—without knowledge of today’s events—how would you have reacted? Who would you have voted into office to change such a process as we now know has unfolded upon us. Would you have been so “woke” in the 60’s and 70’s when Boomers reached the age of consent? I doubt it.

            This is the problem with most all—but not every—complaint lodged against those mythical demon Boomers—that one judges in hindsight that which could not be foretold at the time when Boomers grew up and were imbued with their value systems.

            For example, the concepts of HBD were discredited/extinguished from polite discussion by the late 50’s, early 60’s. All such knowledge literally to be rediscovered—and still painfully distributed to this day. My teachers, from the first I can remember espoused blank slatism and the concept of universal equality among people. Where was the knowledge that told us a majority non-white population was a death knell to our current prosperity and 1st world society. It was there, but repressed to be sure, and unavailable to most all.

            Similarly, wrt economic decisions we were told that our prosperity was endless—“a rising tide lifts all boats”. Bullshit. But how were we to know better? I was raised by a single mother. My father was an immigrant with an eight grade education. I was in University working on a Ph.D. Everywhere I looked, all was well. Folks were progressing as to the great lie. But who knew it was a lie?

            I have a thick enough skin, no need to grow more. But I refuse to accept blame/responsibility for that which I knew nothing about and therefore could do nothing to avoid.

          • Here’s my problem with the people who say things like ” how could we have known”.

            Why didn’t you know?

            I started noticing that much of what I had been led to believe was utter horseshit in my late teens and early 20’s – which occurred in the early 80s. It probably took me until my 30s to wash most of the crap that had been foisted upon my brain out of it.

            Maybe I had the benefit of studying WW2 since I was a pre-teen and watching the Vietnam War on TV – in an age when they would still show actual combat on the TV news and show people actually dying. That made an impression on me. So when the war mongers started peddling their bullshit I knew from my own personal education – which included copious reading from those who had actually been there….. that the war mongers were completely full of shit.

            Maybe I also benefitted from never having any religious indoctrination as a child. I learned from looking around at the world and taking basic values and applying them. As I saw somebody recently explain: ” I learned all I needed to know of the world and God by looking at nature – as God’s creation – Nature will teach you all you need to know IF YOU PAY ATTENTION”

            This person was making the comment in response to a discussion about all the legitimizing of tranny and other “alternative” lifestyles that seems to be in vogue these days. His viewpoint is (and mine as well) – that nature itself thoroughly refutes all of that crap – with a hammer.

            My wife – and others – have often told me over the years “you don’t listen to anybody – you just yes them to death – and go do whatever the hell you want to do”.

            Yeah well – you’re right. And you know why? Because most of what I have been told in my life simply doesn’t stand up under the weight of hard scrutiny. So I’ve learned to just ignore much of what I hear – and figure shit out for myself. When I’ve gotten things wrong – I have paid for it – in all of the different ways that a man can pay for his mistakes.

            So you see – this is why I ask: WHY DIDN’T YOU KNOW?

            WTF have you been doing with your life that has led you so far astray? Why is it that we have such a large portion of the population that is seemingly willing to believe any and all manner of bullshit that is shoveled in their direction?

            It’s a universally occurring thread that runs thru the lives of EVERY single person I have ever encountered that was living in la-la land – and that thread is that they were sheltered in some form or fashion. Whether it was rich kid who was never going to be subjected to the vagaries of the job market , or a union or government worker who led the same form of sheltered experience in the job market, or a woman who was able to lead a sheltered life behind a man – or a welfare recipient of whatever form that could take, or the person was a grifter of some form who resorted to a constant stream of scams and lies – to sustain their (inevitably) left wing aligned lifestyle.

            I think some people reach a point in their lives where they could travel down the road of pursuing that sheltering – the rest of the world be damned. Whereas others pursue a different life – and deal with the hardships that entails, because they simply refuse to entertain the idea of being a grifter or person who “takes” rather than is an actual productive , moral person.

            The takers don’t need to know – and they often simply don’t want to know.

            The people who refuse to take that path – MUST “know” – or they will suffer from the ignorance that entails. So they learn – often at great cost.

            So you see – I have no sympathy at all for the “how the hell were we supposed to know ” argument.

            You should have known. You CHOSE not to know. Knowing was entirely within your power to do – and somehow, somewhere – you chose the path of not knowing – and (probably most importantly) – you KEPT GOING once you got on the path.

            “Societal pressure” – is no excuse.

          • Yah! That’s right. Lets just divide up into waring generational camps and start cutting each others f** k throats. Ya see? this is why we can never have anything nice.

          • I’ll grant that you’re clever and well-read, but always with the scolding: “Grow…” “Be…” “Don’t…” I sense the Warren is strong in this one. Ignore him we must.

          • Questioning people who tell those who disagree with them “(d)o something other than bellyache. Nut up or shut up…” is necessary. In-fighting turns sour and self-destructive when people personalize a group criticism like this.

            Don’t cry out as you strike someone. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.

            The only thing we “must” do is die. For my part, I leave it up to the readers – judge me on the context and the merits. I’m not the one trying to asset social position or control here. Get over the fact that I called you out for big leaguing the other day – or don’t.

          • You guys busy building Honkeytopia should have wised up long ago that the boomers are the whitest population cohort that will ever be seen again. But rather than look for some convertible palefaces in the bunch, you’ve utterly written off a big chunk of population. By the way, a population ever more worried about the futures of their palefaced kids and grandkids.

            Poor marketing.

          • People don’t really change their minds when they reach a certain age. Time and energy is better spent on the young. Boomer Grandpa on his Harley, raising his mulatto granddaughter and ranting about the Constitution is a lost cause. His mind is ossified.

            We all bleed red, white and blue! MLK was a Republican who supported the 2A, don’t you know!

          • Thinking in stupid stereotypes like that will go nowhere with sane, persuadable people. And the founders of Honkeytopia need all the sane people they can get

      • The numbers speak for themselves. Millennials vote pro-immigration.
        “Hillary Clinton won the youth vote (55 percent) while Donald Trump only garnered the support of 37 percent of the millennial electorate. Comparatively, in 2012, young adults voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by 60 percent to 37 percent.”
        Conversely, “Trump’s success among the boomers is what gave him the White House.”

        • “The numbers speak for themselves. Millennials vote pro-immigration.”

          Younger people being more inclined to vote Democrat than older people may be partially explained by the younger people being less white than the older people. It may not be enough to explain the difference entirely. But the voting patterns of younger whites should be compared to voting patterns of older whites to really compare the generations ideologically.

          • What animates the younger crowd is getting free stuff. They want a life of leisure, on the government, and wouldn’t mind occasional toilet paper shortages if they got that. At least they’ll kill off the Republican Party. Maybe that’s why they exist.

        • How does that break down racially? We know white men are to the right generally, it’s just there aren’t as many in the younger generations.

      • Odd that a theme often commented upon here is that the electoral process and the government that it produces is not under the control of the populous and that the two parties are really “one” party under control of an increasingly alien global elite. But when it comes to pointing out governmental policy failures and assigning blame, the Boomers are always the go to cause of all present day ills. Seems a logical contradiction.

    • The boomers will get the blame because they inherited Mayberry, but left Flint Michigan to their grandchildren. Whether that’s fair or not it’s what people will see.

      • It’s not only fair, it’s the truth, and what they left will be worse than Flint. Flint will be where people flee to to get away from the catastrophe awaiting us in 25 years.

      • Flint is 60% black. Nobody gives a sh*t about Flint. Boomers didn’t cause the orc hoard that destroyed Flint. Ditto Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, any number of other orc-infested cities. Those “people” aren’t looking at the right things.

      • There are subsets of boomers, and it was a subset that hosed Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland and other places.

    • 50,000 plus Boomers died in Virtnam fighting for the “Greatest Generation’s” Deep State. A lot of we Boomers saw the light 50 years ago. Still waiting on Generations Autistic to get a clue.

      And WTF is wrong with consumption? Millennials can sit in Mom’s basement fapping away to pics of Taylor Swft all day. I worked hard, enjoyed women, and bought high performance cars, motorcycles, airplanes/, guns, etc. I lived life. I don’t ask for forgiveness from prior or subsequent generations for anything. I opposed the Deep State/Leviathan at every turn. Hippies and Yuppies have always sucked. I loved the Stones and the Beatles were for pussies.

      From what I’ve seen of skinny-Jean pointy-headed Millennials the Brown Horde will have an easy time crushing these White Cucks in the coming decades. Good luck, boys.

      • You are the problem Carl B. Your self regard is a microcosm of your entire generation.
        You’ve gorged yourself on the meat, and left nothing but a carcass for later generations.
        What’s worse, your proud of yourself for doing it.

        • If you wait for others to “hold you in high regard” you will be waiting a long time. Life is hard. Many of your contemporaries will die young. Grow up.

          • Carl B., On the way to your assigned camp, may the made-in-China Harley Davidson boxcar you get put on by the vibrants (amnestied by your God Reagan) be drafty and not have a pisspot.
            4500 boomers die every day: I say we can do better.

        • Again Dave, you are misinformed or allowing your personal experience to mislead you. You treat the economy as a fixed pie and complain that the Boomer generation took an unfair share. There was a series of articles a year or so ago in the Atlantic (I know, The Atlantic, but this article was sport on) which broke down the current wealth of the nation and who had it.

          Basically, the upper 10% of the population has 80% of the wealth of the country. That’s wrong, or rather bad policy for society, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. The point is, who the hell do you think forms the rest of the 90% of the country. A lot of Boomers—the majority of that generation, that’s who. And they are probably no better off than you. And of course, those bastards in the top 10% are Boomers as well. 😉

          Further, Bloomberg (not a Trump fan) has estimated that in the next decade or so, the largest transfer of wealth to ever occur will come from the dying Boomers to their heirs—$67T (IIRC last estimate). My heirs are millennials, with one on the cusp with gen Z. Since I am not instructing my executors to burn my wealth in a bonfire, my unfair share of the pie becomes my children’s unfair share of the pie—minus of course, whatever taxes the government assesses upon their unfair wealth—which becomes your unfair share of the wealth. 😉

      • Here we go with the Vietnam claptrap! I feel like I’m 10 walking into the family room with a bunch of boomers talking about how bad it was. Which then veered into waiting in line for gas in ’73. I’m so sick of the Vietnam card. And then what? The boomers used Vietnam as a license to do whatever the hell they wanted for the rest of their lives, with no regard for anything but themselves. And now they tinker with a hot rod in the garage hating millennials. Yet another project that they created and abandoned half way through.

        People like you are as dated at a EST seminar.

        • JR. I don’t hate millennials. No one I know hates millennials. My children are millennials. The problem is that some folks posting here seem to hate Boomers and blame them for all sorts of problems which they have experienced in life. That is painting with too broad a brush, is not accurate, and it gets one nowhere wrt solutions to the present situation.

          • I think it’s more or less just schadenfreude. A lot of people grew up with their parents waxing poetic about how great the 60’s were and how they were involved in civil rights marches. There’s a lot of nostalgia for that era so it’s satisfying to point out that it brought us to this point.

            The criticism is more aimed at the types that reminisce about the “positive” changes they were involved in. I know plenty of people told them at the time they were headed the wrong direction.

            Other generations followed suit but they don’t seem to have the same hobby horses. Gen Xers reminisce about 80’s video games, not 80’s social changes, though they occurred as well.

          • It does make sense though, as boomers were the parents of millennials and raised them to be nutless, permanent children.

        • Yes, and anyway the thinking of the 60’s was inevitable due to a long line of egalitarian ideas. The entire chain that led up to it has to be battled.

          The worst thing about the 60’s is simply that even if we win the ideological fight we are still stuck with a demographics change that can’t be undone.

          • Can’t be undone, or won’t? I favor apartheid rather than genocide, but recent history has given us Turks vs. Armenians, Holodomor, Endlosung, Cultural Revolution, Khmer Rouge, Hutu vs. Tutsi etc. Man has a dogged capacity to radically alter demographics when motivated to do so.

          • Yes, and anyway the thinking of the 60’s was inevitable due to a long line of egalitarian ideas.

            It wasn’t so much inevitable as (((inevitable))).

    • The one saving grace of Millenials is that as their generation came on line, there wasn’t much left for them to destroy.

      • You ain’t seen destroyin’ yet. If you think things are wrecked now, wait for a few years and these times will look like a golden age.

    • Perhaps we could avoid another “Boomers are just the worst” vs. “Bite me, Junior” derail by prefacing generational bashing with a pleasant, “Present company excluded. ”

      Egads. Y’all do you and far be it for me to discourage conversation… but Lord, the deja vous is dizzying.

    • Hopefully, younger generations will, to at least some substantial degree, clear their heads in response to ever greater suffering from economic decline, lawlessness, and anti-white policies. On the other hand, I’m reminded of the protagonist in Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ saying something like “mankind can grow accustomed to anything, the swine.” We’ll see.

      I think it’s been a step-by-step decline throughout the 20th century, and earlier. I agree with Kojeve who wrote, building on Hegel, to the effect that “since the French Revolution, it’s simply been a matter of mopping up.” I’m not WN 1.0*, but I think, in a real sense, WWII was the last great “mopping up.”

      *I agree with the German Conservative Revolution thinkers who advocated an Eastern orientation/alliance for Germany, against the liberal Anglo-Saxon West, who were, and are, the greatest threat to Western Civ. as a whole. I think the German views of the Slavs, and episodes like Generalplan Ost and German treatment of the Poles and Ukrainians, were ridiculous and disgusting. I think the “Holocaust” more or less happened and was absurd (and we’re still paying the price for it). I agree with Pierre Drieu La Rochelle’s criticism that Germany was too wrapped-up in narrow German nationalism, rather than rejuvenating Europe as a whole. I agree with Anthony Ludovici’s warning/criticism, on visiting Germany in the later 1930’s and meeting with higher level leaders, of detecting a dangerous pig-headed arrogance (he used a much nicer term) among many German leaders.

  56. I have maintained for decades that our grandchildren would hate our guts long after we are dead. I stand by that. Those who are prescient will look back on the sixties with complete horror.

    • Seems we paint with a broad brush, and perhaps that is the way things will be interpreted by future historians. However, this Boomer has in his Boomer circles rarely seen such antics as the 60’s are know for from his fellow Boomers. While the hippies were frolicking, I and most of my friends were out working and progressing toward life pursuits not much different than previous generations aspired to.

      And for the most part, we succeeded. Admittedly in an environment of prosperity and expansion not previously available, and certainly not now available to other generations. But is that our fault? We seem to rail against (rightfully) the pernicious concept of “White Privilege” while conjuring up the equally pernicious concept of “Boomer Privilege”.

      • It was not the Boomers that voted in the 1965 Congress. The Silents won WW2 and betrayed the country.

      • Spot on. I am a late Boomer raised by a father who was a child during WW1 and a mother who was a teen during WW2. The 60s for me was not about drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll; it was about spaceflight and the moon landings. My peers and I were striving to be worthy to participate in the glories that science and technology would bring. Our hard work brought comfort without much risk, but it did not deliver flying cars. The only privilege we ended up with was that of being transformed into economic widgets denominated as consumers. We didn’t cause the tsunami, we just tried to surf the wave and escape drowning.

    • As Zman alludes, the 60s didn’t really get into high gear until the 70s. The early 60s may or may not have been our civilizational high point, but for certain, post-JFK assassination preceded permanent cultural downfall. But the 60s didn’t spring up in a vacuum.

      One early influence on Boomers (on the East Coast anyway) was older counter culture types during the 50s who were camp counsellors. Pete Seeger springs to mind, but there were tons of them – some even older. Many a suburban Boomer met their first commie pinko at summer camp. Freedom riders and other assorted activists had kids for weeks at a time during impressionable years.

      Leftism then wasn’t today’s extreme version, but still, it was a type of softening up for SJWism. Kids still carved knives and had shooting competitions at camp, which would be unheard of today. But my impression is many got their first exposure to an early version of SJW guilt and “privilege-consciousness” throughout the 50s.

  57. “a fight among white people about how best to go into that dark night”

    Z your expressions, your observational powers are impressive, I hope this blog survives the purge

    • I agree Zman you can turn a phrase that sums up our predicament better than any. Our current situation is still a bummer

    • 100% this. I was going to post the same thing but you beat me to it. Some other Nuggets of Wisdom from this same great piece.

      “Hell hath no fury like a scorned, menopausal feminist clutching her dream catcher.” (top kek)

      “Just as Boomer feminists talked like Betty Friedan, but lived like June Cleaver,” (wisdom)

      That is a profound summation of sh!tlib lefty white wahmen. It is really easy to virtue signal when there is zero cost to you. That is why the darkest part of my id greatly welcomes the Siege of Rohan (2024). I want to see the look on their faces when the dark orc horde crests the hill and number in the millions with the look of murder in their eyes towards their white lefty enablers. They don’t need you anymore and you were too dim-witted to understand you’ve been the walking dead for a few election cycles now.

      I want to see when they are told, like white males have been for a while now- ‘shut up, sit down, and get to the back of the line’. Then their tiny speck called a brain will slowly glimmer an understanding that they sowed their own ruination. Woe the the man that welcomes the back open armed after so many decades of betrayal. If you offer them refuge, you offer it based on 18th century mores & norms. I.E. “You are not bright enough to have the same rights and freedoms as men which has been known for millenia”. Back in the kitchen, back with the (white) children, don’t talk so much…

      • White women, not blacks or Latinos, are the greatest beneficiaries of affirmative action and most government programs. There’s no reason most of them, with their useless college degrees, should even be employable as anything other than nannies, waitresses or strippers. At some level they must know this and that’s why they keep voting with the orcs and for more orcs to be allowed in too. Not interacting with many wineboxers myself it’s hard for me know how much they are aware of the fact that the people they are allied with regard them as the main competition for the gibs of the corporate/welfare system. That white HR bitch or government worker isn’t doing anything useful after all so why pay her when there are many vibrants who could be just as useless? I also wonder how many realize that most vibrants, particularly those who just arrived, are patriarchal as hell and will turn most of them into concubines. Then again, women’s romance novels make clear that this is a sex fantasy come true for most of them.

    • I liked “At some point in the fall, he will be found wandering in his bathrobe, demanding to talk to President Nixon.”

      • Also, “this election will be a referendum on trump”—well said, well said. Some people think it’s no longer demographically possible for trump to win Florida, is that true?

        • Puerto Rican inflow from hurricanes and decades of massive corruption. Operation Bootstrap was foisted on them like the Great Society here in the mainland. Both miserable failures.

  58. If the nominee is Elizabeth Warren, my hope is that a major part of her campaign will be about scolding White America about our privilege, implicit bias, how we need to be more welcoming to immigrants and refugees, and all the rest of it. Wake up calls are what we need.

    • I guarantee you she will run as the person who wrote the book, The Two Income Trap. And she will win. Trump, for all his stupidity, has known Warren was his big problem all along. That’s why he went after her two years ago.

      • Hillary did not properly articulate the Democrat “free shit for everyone” thing. Warren will not make that mistake.

      • Yes, Warren will win against Trump. She’ll catch just enough of the white workingman’s vote that Trump won’t have to rely on the electoral college to win. This is doubly true if the economy tanks. If Warren had a plausible chance to erase student debt and reform the (((banking system))), then hell I may vote for her.

        • I haven’t did this myself since I think I already know the answer, but check out Lizzy’s voting record on those late night spending bills that the government runs on now. That is were all the mischief takes place, and if Lizzy votes for those, then she’s nothing but a big fraud, but we already know she’s a big fraud.

      • No way. Just like 1992, issue #1 is “It’s the economy, stupid”. And Trump wins on that issue hands down. His China policy is reinvigorating the American middle class. The ONLY way the Dems can hope to overcome that will be by massive media brainwashing and massive vote fraud. If not, Trump wins again.

        • I grinds my gears, like it has for years, that the #1 issue isn’t still “It’s the immigration, stupid.” You can kiss the economy goodbye with a permanent Democratic majority. But I suppose that ship has sailed, anyway. The media did their job.

        • The J-Left will be going all in this time around, taking absolutely no chances, to ensure a win. White people must be crushed at all costs. To wit:

          — they are 100 percent all in on Internet censorship, which will get far worse, and 100 percent on media lockstep messaging. If you think the shrieking about fake “white supremacy” is deafening now, just remember, these amps go to eleven.

          — they will be 100 percent all in on the most egregious vote fraud in history. Entire airplane hangars stuffed with “uncounted” Democrat votes will be discovered in the mountains of Pakistan. Every child in Indonesia will be voting Democrat.

          — watch and see: the Jews will literally crash the stock market ( a thing they can easily do) and burn the economy down next September, if they think they need to. This whole “it’s the economy, stupid” thing is an illusion.

          For the J-Left, the rallying cry is, “It’s the evil White people, stupid.”

          Come the Dem 2020 landslide in what will be the greatest political fraud in history, functionally indistinguishable from a military coup, if Whites do not riot en masse, then their passivity will show they have deserved their fate, which is extinction.

          • In Georgia and Florida, the Dems used the “uncounted Democrat vote in Indonesia” trick, the pro-Trump GOP in those states simply stopped counting votes in Democrat districts. That successfully stopped the trick.

          • Do we really have farmers bitching about tariffs? It’s not enough that they get every subsidy in the world, but they can’t endure even a slight hardship that will help the rest of us survive?

          • Tarrifs wont be an issue this year for agriculture. The Chi-coms say they wont buy the 25% of our soybean crop…. well, the bean harvest is going to be down 30-50% this year, so it wont make a bit of difference. The media are allies of the Chi-coms, and are spreading their BS. Dont fall for it.

      • President Trump’s greatest enemy has been 2016 Candidate Trump. Talk about not draining the swamp! Good grief.

      • I like your blog. Just discovered it.
        If memory serves me correctly she and Bernie both don’t think that taxing income is ENOUGH, so they support a WEALTH tax.

        Wouldn’t taxing people’s pensions and assets scare enough people into not voting for her?

        • A few, but less than one would think. Pro……I’ve never, ever seen so many people feel the civilisational decline tension, stick their heads in the sand and expose their rumps to the carrion birds. Just got done today yapping at another woman telling her I much prefer to see and know the spanner is coming down on me and see who is wielding it. Said that twice in the last 2 days, and in return got stressed deer-in-the-headlights eyes wide closed eyeballs, and don’t push any further or my eyeballs will be scratched out. They won’t wake up until civil war….if then.

          • Indeed, two of my neighbors feel the tension but won’t specifically address it. Indications are they haven’t the vaguest idea about what to do except “vote harder.”

            Meanwhile, out in the “marketplace of ideas,” effective plans are illegal and can’t be discussed. Thus, the Blightwing’s “do nothing else you”ll be squashed” crowd is granted a de facto win. Not that it matters, for the Blighter’s grifting “leadership” never intended to win.

          • LOL.

            Re: “vote harder”.

            Try convincing the average American that “voting” is the be all and end all to determining the course of their life and the country – and they’ll just start fighting with you and yelling and screaming.

            Right wingers have been complaining about how the Democrats stuffing the ballot boxes for like forever. They’ve also been complaining about the quality of candidates forever.

            I used to tell right wingers that I knew: “Look – if you think the system is rigged against you – THEN STOP VOTING. If nobody votes – and the candidate that ‘wins’ is revealed as having been elected by something like 5% of the population – theny maybe people will pull their heads out of their asses and realize that the system is rigged. At the very least you’d be able to tell whichever a-hole got put into office under an election with that minimal amount of participation – to go screw themselves when they tried to institute any of their agenda. They’d be totally illegitimate right from the get go.”

            The amount of people who could even comprehend what I was proposing – was probably in the low single digit % range. The rest pretty much just made the “vote harder” argument, or would resort to the argument I constantly hear out of lefties’ mouths: ” We need to elect better candidates”

        • no people are stupid, and our elite class has worked really hard to ensure there aren’t many average people left who are afraid of a wealth tax, anyway. You might as well be talking about taxing trips to the moon.

      • Trump needs to flood his adverts with the fake Indian-thing. Long somber commercials akin to “Fake Indian Crying” spot you mentioned the other day and which are still vivid in X Gen minds.

        Down and dirty ads. Juxtaposed impoverished Rez shots with her living the Martha’s Vineyard lifestyle. Americans don’t interact with the Indigenous peoples so have an unrealistic high opinion of them. Minorities despise whites putting on ethnic airs.

        Leave Warren with Wino aunties and new age broads. You won’t strip them off Warren anyway. Like Cronos, they’re heartless enough to devour their own children.

    • All you need to know about Elizabeth Warren, is that she WILL speak to your manager, and WILL have you fired.

      As Clinton was the poster child for the entitled shrewish careerist, so is Warren a walking stereotype of the vinegary college town spinster taking her existential misery out on everyone by being a general nuisance.

      Scott Adams remarked in September 2016 that whenever Clinton would gripe about Trump, it reminded men everywhere of a cantankerous divorcee. Likewise, a Karen effect is to be expected with Warren, which will likely hasten white men’s exodus from the Democratic camp, already in progress.

      • Every time Basic Husband sees that vinegary old hag pointing her Carrie Nation finger, he erupts. Our house has a permanent black cloud of expletives that hangs in the air. I hate her, but he despises her. Most guys won’t vote for her, unless the guy is young, hanging out with pussyhat women and trolling for nookie. Then weak-pussyman can virtue-signal his vote and hope to get lucky.

      • Any white man that hasn’t already left the Democratic camp well before now – is somebody you don’t want anywhere near you.

        If they didn’t evacuate the ship somewhere back during the Obama era – they’re irredeemably compromised and mentally infected.

        They may well get thrown overboard by the incoming females and POC , but they should be left drifting and not picked up when you spot them out there floating on their raft and blowing each other to stay alive.

        No good will come of “inviting” them to join the right wing. They’ve already demonstrated that no amount of abuse will ever beat any sense into their heads.

        • On the other hand, the later converts are often the most committed.

          I take your point, Calsdad, but I wouldn’t be as uncharitably disposed towards working-class whites who still haven’t made the switch.
          Keep in mind that in some households, party affiliation is a matter of family tradition.
          Additionally, the partisan duopoly has left working-class whites between a rock and a hard place. From their vantage point, it’s a choice between a party that wants them dead, but might be amenable to their economic grievances, and one that doesn’t outright demonizes them, but is crawling with Ayn Rand fetishists.

          The revisiting of priorities in the minds of voters, symptomatic of the larger shift from the primacy of economic self-interest to that of demographic and racial self-interest, can be frustratingly slow, I know.

  59. Or perhaps not. Audacious Epigone has a poll this morning showing that Biden’s support will flow to Sanders. So 2020 might be the communist vs. the capitalist.

    • Blacks will never vote for Sanders. Right now, Creepy Uncle Joe has the black vote. It really has no where to go right now. Unless Blue Waffle or Gay Spartacus can figure out how to capture that vote, blacks will reluctantly end up in in the Warren camp. The second most important constituency in the party is the boozy wine aunt vote. Warren owns that demo now.

      • Blacks will probably stay home in droves. They have no dog in this fight. They had their Great Black Hope and it went nowhere.

        • That’s my sense. Biden could have been a nostalgia trip for them. Obama would have campaigned for him. But, he’s not going to be able to keep it together. Warren is the face of the angry old broads still cheesed off over 2016. That has no interest for blacks. That said, Warren could play very well with white middle-class voters. The thing is, 2020 ill be a referendum on Trump, so warren will just need to avoid disqualifying problems.

          • Ostei Kozelskii, Chewbamma is too lazy to run a Presidential campaign and she knows it. She’s content to live the life of a pampered former First Lady as long as she can insert herself into the spotlight once in a while to feed her ego. That sweet Netflix money doesn’t hurt either.

          • I agree… but think about it. She can use that big swinging dick to her political advantage. Go with me, here… she announces her entrance into the 2020 race and simultaneously outs herself as a trans woman. After the left gets over the initial shock – they’d still fawn all over her. One can argue even more. Her candidacy would be historical on multiple levels. The downside would be the black vote. Not sure that they’d be able to get over that hurdle. Just some food for thought.

          • Guz, I gave you one upvote but would add a dozen more if possible. You described her with crystal clarity.

          • Given the current slate, the best configuration I can come up with is Warren-Sanders, which solves some of their problems but exacerbates others.

            Both scare the shit out of the money people and hold no appeal for nonwhites.

            A guera and a Jewish Communist may appeal to hipster socialists and the wine aunts, but will not appeal to as many Latinos as a racially deteministic model would predict. Maybe Warren-Castro is possible.

            Because preference falsification is real, we have no idea what effect the past three years of anti-white yammering has had on the minds of the average white.

            If blacks stay home and Trump manages to overperform with those who do show up, and manages to bag Florida, I can see him ekeing another one out, even if Warren can keep to a groceries-and-pills campaing.

            Speaking from a purely electoral standpoint, Trump should dump pence, tap Nikki Haley, and, depending on the state of the economy this time next year, campaign against either (((socialism) or (((the Fed))) or maybe both.

            2020 is the Democrats’ race to lose. As was 2016. And 2004. And 2000.

            But we are 431 days out. There are still so many known and unknown unknowns that making a call at the point is foolish.

          • The money people will set Warren straight about things right quick, and she will roll with it. She is a vicious opportunist, but she also knows who calls the shots. They will let her scold the rest of us on a daily basis while they cash the checks.

          • “Trump should dump pence, tap Nikki Haley…”

            Ok, I knocked over my coffee cup on that one.

          • A more effective ticket would be Trump-Gabbard… but Tulsi wouldn’t want to tarnish her personal brand.

          • Vegitius,

            I gave you an upvote for some good observations. I suspect you lost folks on the Haley thing. Adding her won’t add any demographics. POCs don’t grant coloredness to a POC associated with Republicans just as wino aunties strip the double XX chromosomes from any woman with an (R) after her name. And after her performance piling on us following the Dylan Roof shooting by lumping ourselves and our heritage in with the shooter
            .. I think most here (me included) would rather deport her than vote for her.

          • I hear you. Personally, I’d like to see Kobach replace Pence.

            But from an electoral stand-point, Haley would make it easier for non-drunk suburban moms to vote for Trump. He’s already got a lock on the evangelicals and beyond that, Pence brings nothing.

          • Biden served for Obama, has name recognition, and has some charm. Blacks will support him. I think you are right regarding Warren — she’s a scold with no charm, and blacks will naturally gravitate away from her. Somebody has to win, though, but there is still no clear favorite.

        • The Democrats can only win now by activating Obama’s coalition, and that coalition runs on emotion. Hillary couldn’t turn it out and neither will Biden, Sanders, or Warren. I was worried when I heard that Eric Holder was considering a run, but so far there is nothing that is going to turn out that vote.

      • Why did Blacks not respond well to Sanders? Was it because he promised gibs for EVERYONE and was lacking in the white bashing department, or because Clinton was the only Democrat who carried name recognition with them?

        • Sanders certainly does have a contingent of black proponents. Next to Biden, Sanders has the highest % of black support in the polls with Warren close behind. Sander’s social media engagements among blacks is also greater than Warrens. I believe Zman is referring to blacks not showing up for Sanders to give him a disproportionate advantage vs. Warren’s legions of pussy hat wearing wine ladies.

          This is still very early in the process. But it’s hard not to look at Warren and understand she’s the one to beat.

      • I can’t keep track of the ever changing epithets. Who is Blue Waffle again? Hilarious label because teh kids apparently memed it into a fictional vaginal STD,

  60. I must admit I am surprised that her fellow Dems haven’t gone after her for gaming the racial spoils system. Shouldn’t that be the ultimate sin for a white person?

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