Drama In The Time Of Corona

First, I want to thank my family for being with me through all of this. I could not get through this without them. This has been a trying time for all of us. I’m here today to announce that I have tested positive for the coronavirus. I’m coming forward in the hope that I will continue to inspire people suffering from this horrible burden to keep bravely fighting and dreaming. I also hope this will help break the stigma white men have attached to this condition and the sufferers of it…

That is a little taste of what will no doubt be a feature of our lives in the coming week, as famous people take turns staring in their own corona drama. It has already started a bit, with people like Tom Hanks and others announcing they have tested COV-positive, but the flood gates will surely open once we run out of hoarding stories. You can be sure that musical performers are plotting some sort of corona-aid performance, perhaps done on-line, to draw attention to themselves.

We live in an age in which everything is a performance. Not just any performance, of course, but a morality tale. The “famous person making the dramatic announcement to the public” version is pretty common. Twenty years ago, famous homosexuals would have dramatic coming out ceremonies. Some would make a drama of announcing they got the AIDS. The point of the performance is for the actor to get both sympathy and admiration for being a heroic victim, bravely fighting on.

Our politicians got in on the act in a serious way back during the Exploding Mohammad pandemic of the last decade. Whenever a random Mohamed would detonate in a public place, the politicians would organize a public piety festival. They would lock arms and march around symbolizing unity. Maybe there would be a candlelight vigil. The candle makers really boomed in the exploding Mohamed times. The media would show a few cute white girls crying and hugging at the event.

Ceremony and ritual, of course, are essential elements of every human society, even the most primitive ones. The point is to reinforce and refresh the shared reality we call our common culture. Ceremony reminds us of the rules that define us as a people and the ritual ties us to the history that made those rules. The point of them, often the explicit point, is to strengthen the rules that not only bind the people to one another, but legitimize the social order and the people at the top of it.

Those dramatic arm-locking displays by politicians after a Mohamed exploded were about making sure no one questioned the people in charge and the logic of importing these exploding Mohameds. Similarly, the celebrity announcing that they are the victim of something, real or imaginary, is about social signaling. The celebrity is free-riding on some trend in order to bolster their status as a famous person. They are a good person and deserve to be rich, famous and influential.

We are seeing a version of this as local officials compete with one another to see who can impose the most outlandish conditions on people. First someone banned public events, which led to everyone doing it. Then it was public gatherings, even private ones, then the forced closure of retail establishments. Now you have this loon banning gun and alcohol sales. Not to be outdone, San Francisco is banning people from leaving their homes. The city’s bum population is exempted, of course.

The people doing this put on their best concern face and bravely march to the nearest bank of cameras to perform their serious act. You see, they really don’t want to do this and they regret having to make such a big deal of it. It’s just that events have forced them to bravely impose a huge cost on others so they can get some public adulation and the dopamine rush that comes from it. You haters out there snickering are just running dog lackeys of the coronavirus!

Of course, the reason we have a panic right now is the politicians have been influenced by the expert drama queens. These are the people who play experts on cable chat shows and internet sites. They come up with impressive looking claims about how this will be an unprecedented plague, not seen in human history. Never mind that these people have been wrong about everything in the past. We don’t have time for that. The world is at risk unless we act now! The crowd cheers and the curtain closes.

If the lunatics in charge do manage to pull the roof down on civilization this time, it will be a fitting final act to our Dionysian age. Politics is always about morality, but in a democracy, it is a never-ending morality play. The various actors appeal to our emotions, rather than our reason or even our self-interest. The winner is the one who gets the loudest applause. That always comes from wringing as much emotion from the crowd as possible. The good pol always leaves them in tears.

Compounding it, we live in an age of plenty. Well, we used to. The post-scarcity age removes the obvious reasons for having a ruling class. That means the people in charge, especially the petty tyrants of local government, must always find reasons to remind the public that they are still needed. That means manufacturing crisis and drama. Every change in the weather is now anthropomorphized. Light rains storm Harvey now requires schools to close and people to shelter in place.

That’s what we are seeing with the corona show. Public officials and their suddenly famous science people are performing their role in a live action role playing game called pandemic. Instead of having a paintball retreat, the ruling class is forcing the rest of us to skip work and hoard toilet paper. They get to feel like heroes, while the rest of us wonder if we will be standing in bread lines next month. Rest assured though; our nations actors will be okay. They are brave and concerned.

Part of what makes this work is that some portion of the public is willing to play the role of concern troll, the usher that tells members of the audience to behave. When someone points out the idiocy of a curfew in San Francisco, a city with tens of thousands of bums crapping in the streets, there is someone in the crowd to lecture him about the seriousness of the situation. Over the next weeks, everyone will be hectored by these idiots on social media and in their daily lives.

In the end, something that has been obvious for a long time, but is now becoming quite clear, is that this process ends with a real crisis. The final act leads to a real threat to society and the real need for competent leaders. If they do manage to crash the system this time, public tolerance for girl politicians suddenly drops to zero. Everyone suddenly figures out what things really cost and the price of the public drama queen makes them a prohibitive leisure item in a time of want.

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285 thoughts on “Drama In The Time Of Corona

  1. Great news! PA, feeder line to the East coast, is shutting down all rest stops through the state. So bags of s**t and trucks parked on the shoulder are the state’s solution. The cleaner’s union is probably on strike, maybe.

    VA, the other main feeder, did this during the Meltdown- mad money from parking tickets, since sales taxes were down. Garbage everywhere.

    Low caste cleaners and garbagemen are like doctors- a nasty and disgusting job that must be done for real civilization to exist.

    (Secret: your prepared and courteous driver has used a porta potty for many years- been stuck too many places/conditions- and rails against the filthy habits by idiots that get us banned from parking many places. Those #%&! bottle bombs are haz-mat and a real problem and expense for county cleanup crews.
    Trying to do right by others. Sorry for the idiots and bullies, folks. I apologize for the indelicate reality of sanitation. And a lack of bathrooms or benches, another thing modern cities can’t seem to grasp.)

    • Egads. Way too much information.
      Zman, if you have one jot, one tittle, one iota of mercy in your hard rock soul you’ll delete that above, for one of your less gifted commentors.

      My interest in the dark necessities has undone me. Garbage, sewage, morgue and medical disposal.

      What should I blab about next?
      Hauling crash test corpses and dismembered body parts, frozen, in sealed tubs?
      Chuting cattle in an abattoir and rendering?
      Running optical cable through sewers?
      Raw blackwater processing turbines?
      Homeless camp memoirs? Digging latrines?

      Some things should be hidden from the genteel public. Embarrassment abounds.

  2. I just got back from the grocery store. We’re living in a South Park episode. This is madness! This is a death rattle of a failing system.

  3. The hospital in New Hampshire that Vizzinette Prime works at has canceled all elective surgeries and discharged all non-critical care patients. Surgical staff is being forced to take vacation time starting next week. Number of coronavirus patients they’ve seen? Zero.

    Vizzinette Prime and I just shake our heads. People are being denied surgeries and hospital beds are sitting empty for no reason. They aren’t going to suddenly get 500 patients at once. Wouldn’t it make more sense to continue operating as normal and at least wait until they’ve got some coronavirus patients before they start shutting down other health services? “Elective Surgery” doesn’t just mean facelifts and liposuction. V-Prime has a neighbor in desperate need of ACL surgery — in great pain, unable to walk, and the surgery was canceled.

    Idiots. Fucking idiots.

  4. I’m starting to think there is a strong possibility this coronavirus isn’t even real, what with all these CIA shill celebrities and politicians claiming to have it while no one I’ve spoken to knows anyone who has it.

    Do you personally know anyone who has tested positive for this?

    • You move among the peasantry.
      Tests are only available to the Great and the Good.
      Decent people don’t speak of it.
      If it is real, you undoubtedly know someone who has it.
      If it is not real, you undoubtedly know twice as many people who “have” it and they will be the usual suspects.

  5. I noticed some time back–a long time, back, actually–that random people on the street naturally assumed certain expected roles when approached by television crews for comments about accidents, celebrities, events, whatever. The interview subjects knew the emotions, the responses, and even the gestures expected of them. It was all unscripted, too. There was no reason to lead the interview subject because the required response almost certainly would be elicited. The ritual had become that ingrained.

    The cosplay would have been credited as “Man in the Bar” if it were a feature film.

    I don’t know how this will play out politically. Trump is in considerably worse shape than a month ago, but his opponent, or at least the one playing that particular role, is a trainwreck of a human being with sordid ties to China. Just dunno at this point, and it could get better or worse for Trump. The economic outlook is grim even now. That’s far more meaningful than the next election.

    What I do know, though, is things will change dramatically when it emerges this was horribly overwrought and could have been handled without any huge blow to people’s live. The orchestrated hysteria, if not the virus, has been a flat-out op. People may just fade into the background or go underground, but they will be furious. My bet is they don’t hide or fade.

    The world will not be the same in a year, and it will not be due to a noticeable population decline. People will revel in cosplay to virtue signal or whatever gives them jollies. When it harms them, the ritual is set aside and there is a reversion to the fight response. I would not want to be one of these Tinpot Mayors or Governors walking streets filled with folks who found out they were diddling their lives during the cosplay. It will be nasty.

    • Like 9/11 everywhere and the big brush fires of 2003 and 2007 here in parts of San Diego, things return to normal, mostly, and eventually. In the short run, a type of PTSD plays out, and people get jumpy and easily angered. I expect some version of that to play out this time around, too. You can’t disrupt and stress people like that (even if parts of it are a hoax) and expect things to go right back to normal. There is a reckoning to be had.

  6. Speaking of the media, can anyone explain why there has been zero interest or coverage about a well known anti-viral Chloroquine that has been shown to effectively treat COV-19 patients in China and S.Korea and perhaps “flattening the curve” in those countries?


    Also check the latest stats at Worldometer.info

    • The media’s goal is catastrophe and a supine populace. Potential good news isn’t on the menu.

  7. I’m out today renovating one of my rentals in Columbus. Every place I go is full of ordinary people doing ordinary things. This is not the zombie apocalypse I was promised. Damn it, DeWine!

    • My wife and I were in the local Lowes two days ago. Nothing was out of the ordinary there. We strictly avoided the Walmart though. Good thing, too; we were later informed that several (white) women were fighting therein over the last box of hand sanitizer they had on the shelf. From now on, everyday is “black Friday.”

      • I bought a bunch of extra bottles of everyone’s shampoo and body wash last week – I just don’t want to go to the store and deal with the drama. Everyone else is desperately hunting for toilet paper and I bought half a dozen cans of hearts of palm. My younger son works at Cabelas and they are certainly open for business – he said they kept the firearm section open until midnight the other night. People are massively stocking up on guns and ammo right now, and he’s always having to help load gun safes into cars.

      • I think it is a Black Friday Walmart thing.

        The wife in small town Missouri turned around at the lines outside the Walmart doors, and went a mile down the road to the Country Mart. Shelves were full, they had everything.

        Frickin’ hillbillies.

        They’re having a Rapture party.
        End Times a-gogo!

    • Yep…..People in Southern Utah out doing normie things. Mentioned to a couple business owners had they heard the SF Bay Area 7 M+ people on lockdown, and they hadn’t ….asked if they were prepared for a lockdown and they hadn’t applied their brain to it. They know the virus is rumbling but not keeping up with rapidly changing events. Amazing the lack of awareness back here. The good thing is as Mormon and secular strip the grocery shelves and I wander in to buy yummy meat, we all smile at one another.

      Yea!…for a lack of diversity!

      • Any meat other than Beef? Is an occasional slab o Pig acceptable? Any Chickin Lickin? Can one suck on a Duck?
        What about Liquids? Just water or (black) coffee too?

      • I was in Monterey (Calif.) yesterday. Seaside, picturesque, charming, and usually overloaded with tourists, especially during spring break season. I had dinner at a fancy place on Cannery Row and I know it was safer than being on the street: as few people as were out there, I was the only customer. Great service!

        Have you ever been there? Imagine Cannery Row, bustling, crowded. A two-car quarter-mile drag race down it at 5 PM would not have endangered anyone but the drivers.

  8. Well, it has been said here many times that people with full bellies don’t revolt.

    If this economic lunacy starts causing some empty bellies, and that results in some politicians hanging from lampposts, I call that a win.

    And I didn’t even have to do anything subversive, just sit back and watch the morons cut their own throats.

    • I’ve said, many many times, that our judges in the U.S. ought to be hanged by the lampposts, and tarred and feathered t’boot. Federal and State alike. Same for our rulers otherwise. Namely our legislators. Trump is just a clown; he gets a pass, therefore. Here I am; I write under my own real name. Come get me.

    • In theory, sure, but in reality, no. You see, over here, our public officials lie about everything. Everything in that video is nonsense, for the most part. In times of crisis, especially ones they created, they lie in ways you would think impossible.

      Welcome to rule by lunatic.

    • Why get tested? If you get something like the flu, stay home and treat it like the flu. If you start having respiratory difficulties, go to the hospital. What does the test buy you?

      • Perhaps peace of mind. But testing would seem a public good in that we can really get an understanding of the prevalence and spread of the disease.

        • Widespread testing will show that many people are infected, which will set off one last paroxysm from the usual suspects. Then, over the next couple of weeks from there, we will find out the real death rate from the virus. Then it’s on to all the “told you so’s”, and the next big thing.

          • Pretty much, Dutch. But the Cloud People found this Big Thing worth wrecking the economy. It has been ratcheting up but this actually is the point where people has to assess whether it is time to revolt or submit. My money is on the latter.

          • Jack, the average person is a deer in the middle of the road frozen in the glare of the oncoming headlights.

        • The nephew knows why we’re running out of TP.

          He says for every one person that sneezes, five people sh*t themselves.

        • What peace of mind?You can test negative today (false negative, maybe?) and catch Coronavirus tomorrow. The paranoids will want a test every day and will still be in a state of panic.

      • Medical personnel are being denied tests. Doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs. Maybe they want to adjust their clinical behavior and patient interactions if they have this virus? I see this as pro-active.

        • The home care nurses aren’t showing up to work. Got a brother working monster overtime covering for them.

    • Karl, as I’ve posted before, the entire medical billing system is a farce. Prices are not related to real costs, nor is one necessarily expected to pay the bottom line on the bill. The inflated bill is sent to the insurance company who then negotiates with the provider for a more realistic cost.

      Case in point, I had a blood test a few years ago in my doctor’s office. A mistake on the insurance number caused the Blood Draw/Analysis firm to demand payment from me, $1,100. In called in the correct number for my Medicare and the firm said not to worry and I never heard from them again. Some time later, Medicare send me my monthly summary of payouts on my insurance (Medicare does this because in some situation they don’t pay full amount and you owe the rest). Medicare paid the blood draw folk about $110 total. Yep, 10%. And the statement I got from Medicare said, I owed nothing more and should pay nothing more directly to the medical firm.

      As to a direct answer to your particular question, the Trump administration has mandated that all insurance companies meet all costs—without deductions—for Corona virus identification and screening. So it’s free.

  9. Trump and his handlers are well on their way to creating another Great Depression by shutting down most of the retail sector.

    Worse is doing nothing to put our medical manufacturing back here in the states. Trump was asked about a executive order to do that today and he squirmed like a fat hog, it’s clear he has no intention putting our medical industry back in the states. Instead he bragged about Ireland. Stupid gutless f**k.

    Hell the Chinese haven’t even started shipping goods to the U.S. what there is is just container ships already at sea. The intermodal trains aren’t running from Long Beach harbor and the empties going to Long Beach aren’t either.

    If Trump isn’t careful he’ll turn the country into a basket case.

  10. So,… Tom Hanks is now fulfilling the (vacated) role of ‘Rock Hudson’ of Hollywood past, eh? One supposes he’s (Hanks is) also ‘queer as a three-dollar bill?’ Well, no matter. None of this is (or at least should be) surprising in the least in Clown World Hell.

    In my little world, virtually everyone thinks this whole scare is the biggest bunch of B.S. ever perpetrated upon a people they have ever seen in their lifetimes. Yesterday evening my wife and I met up with at least a dozen close friends and relatives at the local grocery store. Invariably when I asked, “what brings you here?,” the answer was, “just trying to make sure I get a few needed items before the lunatics empty the shelves.” One of my own nephews and his wife were there; I reached out to shake his hand, and he jerked it back. To which I reached over and “sanitized” my hands at the imaginary hand sanitizer station. That was good enough for my nephew; he reached out and our hands clasped.

    I’m pretty sure my whole family had this virus two months ago in any case. It was, by all accounts, “the worst” flu virus any of us has ever had. We isolated ourselves then, as we always do, from having any contact with others, especially the elderly. But the point is, of course, that the government(s) who rule it over us are, as per the usual, a “day late and a dollar short” in all of this.

    The financial collapse upcoming is the real biggie. Brace yourselves, y’all; and if any of you haven’t been wise enough to “prep” for what is likely coming down the pike, I pity you. Having a few months worth of food supplies and whatnot on hand is not “hoarding,” it is just common sense in Clown World Hell.

    • Rednecks keep telling me “it’s just the flu.”

      Oh, goody, and I want to catch the flu?

  11. We damn well will have a real crisis from this. These nutballs are throwing around edicts, performing trillion dollar bailouts to pay for them (literally) and even a clown on the Fed, Neel Kashkari (Goldman bag man and third world shit bag with American citizenship) saying that negative interest rates are on the table, which would destroy the dollar as a reserve currency, only points to one thing; This country is just one big RV park in search of a tornado. Don’t count on any currently issued bonds to retain their value in the coming years. Stay the hell out of those. When we get our little checks from Congress just imagine yourself as an ancient Roman in a toga getting thrown a loaf of bread by Caesar. It’s the most expensive bread you’ll ever eat.

    • The negative interest rates are how to get at those invested outside securities. It will work, too, and make cash hording a lose-lose situation. This is for all the marbles.

  12. And in other good news
    “Mexico considering closing its Northern Border.”


    Couldn’t make this shit up could you?

    This virus carries a lot of good news for The Orange Man, as well as the bad.

  13. Judging from some of the comments, Plan Trusters seem to have settled on their own form of accelerationism – “Let’s DOTR the wignats and normie our way to power.”

    It’s easier to say “we can all work on different strategies toward a common goal” than it is to live it.

    Since it’s big today to talk about the worst failings of the alt-Right, let’s not forget that old favorite, purity spiraling. The “vote our way out of this” crowd has decided that we revanchist wignats are what’s really holding The Movement back.

    If you want to put all of your group’s eggs into the paleo-con basket, that’s your decision. But no one in the current optics crowd strikes me as the kind of game-changing leader you’d need to make another 1990’s Buchanan-style run at Washington.

    The future of Our Thing is not going to be decided by some Extremely Online dispute over #MeToo optics. Some of the same guys laughing at people clutching pearls over Corona are clutching their pearls and concern-trolling over an obscure personal-tactical beef between e-personalities as if it means more than 1000 previous e-peen contests.

  14. Predictions of the social effects of COVID-19 –

    1.) Virtual work will increase, causing feelings of isolation for workers who may require psychological assistance later on.
    2.) Telemedicine will increase.
    3.) Health provides will be overwhelmed, existing inefficiencies will make matters worse
    4.) More draconian government control over the population
    5.) Healthcare programs will not meet projected expectations for service and data protection
    6.) Large media will become a major healthcare adviser able to generate revenue by addressing public healthcare needs
    7.) People will return to old habits of poor hygiene after this crisis subsides, relapse is inevitable.
    8.) Boom of new births in 9-12 months because more people are staying home

  15. Faceberg, Insty and the other socials are free self-publishing kits for your life-as-narrative. The morality play is a favorite frame for the Story of Me.

    Faceberg’s leaking insiders admit they designed Facebook to induce drama addiction – the very same coked-out-hamster dopamine sink they warned us of in those ancient Just Say No classes.

    Hollywood has metastetized. All of America is Hollywood now, suburban cam-thots, virtue-signalling soy-boys and outright cos-players, performing 24/7 nationwide to an audience of 7 billion. For role-playing afficianados, try Twitter, where you can practice your poses and refine your script a sound-bite at a time.

    Our current Four Horseman movie stars Corona-Chan as Pestilence. Famine, in the form of drama addiction, is looking strong for best supporting actrix.

  16. Clown world update #3. Announced a $800B dollars stimulus package for economy—$500B sending checks directly to the people, $250B for lost business deductions, $50B for some other crap—business loans I think—sorry, short term memory problems.

    Now just imagine, less than a month ago, *None of this was necessary!*, then the politicians got into the act. First they yelled about pandemic and nothing being done. Then $2B+ to the CDC was not enough. Then $9B+ was not enough. Then a State of Emergency declared and mandatory quarantine (various degrees thereof) followed by a shutdown of the economy and economic collapse. Now they need $800B to fix the mess they made. What’s wrong with this picture? Some people never catch wise.

      • Given the allusion to the movie – that is a brilliantly succinct summariztion.

    • [Every single government official]: But things would have been so much worse if we hadn’t done those things!

      Doctor: “Yes, sir, we understand that you are unhappy about being a head in a jar, but we couldn’t find any other way to cure your chronic eczema.”
      Patient: “My nose itches.”
      Doctor: “Hmm….”

  17. Clown world breaking news #2. Presidential news conference. CDC folk now discussing who is really under risk and identifying in particular “oldsters”. Asking now that old folk in particular self quarantine. They are now promoting “oldsters only” shopping hours at stores! Asking healthy young folk to aid oldsters in their quarantine situation, while down playing their risk (younger folk).

    So, as you heard here—but obviously Trump doesn’t read—they are getting ready to revamp the quarantine and restart the economy, albeit Trump reiterated the 14 quarantine for all policy. Can the genie be put back into the bottle?

    • One of our chains has “early shopping” hours for pensioners. Given the behavior I’ve seen on the news, it will at least spare them jostling and rudeness. I’m in favor.

  18. Clown world breaking news. File under “irony”. President news conference on radio now. VP or someone is asking the public to go to their hospitals and donate their M-95 respirator masks as our medical personnel have a shortage and need them. President or somebody is currently meeting with large construction firms to open their warehouses and donate their stores of M-95 respirator masks.

    What’s the irony? Until today, the public has been told repeatedly that these masks were ineffective and need not be bought or hoarded. 🙁

    • Further irony is that M-95 masks are made in China. Maybe transferring our manufacturing capabilities to China wasn’t such a good idea after all. Oops.

      • What isn’t made in China? (BTW: Who voted for that? It became policy, though. Who promoted it?) The slave-labor, cheap-goods, model has been very, very, good to the shareholder class. And devastating to others on both sides of the political divide (and oceans.)

    • They are ineffective in the hands of people who aren’t trained to use them and don’t have eye protection.

      Had the CDC simply said this most of the problems could have been avoided.

      However communications skills seem to be lacking in clown world.

        • Surgeons put the mask on their own face, not the patient’s. Why?

          To keep the surgeon’s breath from infecting the opened patient.

  19. It really is quite remarkable how easily our rulers took the decision to flush the economy down the toilet for the sake of some octogenarians, diabetics and persistent heavy smokers. It’s almost as if the Angel of Christian Charity had descended among them with his little bow and arrow to pierce their scaly hides and melt their cold reptilian hearts. On the other hand the economy wasn’t looking too hot, Uncle Sam hasn’t defaulted since 1971 and the unfunded liabilities and irredeemable debts had been building up to the tune of countless trillions of dollars. Maybe someone decided it was time to press the reset button and just needed an excuse.

  20. S&P 500 has fallen 30% in the last month. Question for those who think the country is ruled by Wall Street (I don’t necessarily disagree). Why are Wall Street, elite investors, the rich, etc. allowing themselves to be crushed and frightened right now?

    • They are not crushed. Those folks have hedge funds, shorts and puts and other techniques to withstand/mitigate these downturns. Indeed, they have piles of cash to reinvest after driving the overall markets down. The “wealth” of the market is not lost, it simply changed pockets—yours to theirs.

      • Exactly. The hedge funds, banks, and brokerages all had their algos sell long ago, and the 401k holders are left holding the bag. It’s a giant wealth transfer from the working & middle classes to the wealthy.

        • “The hedge funds, banks, and brokerages all had their algos sell long ago…” They are still heavily invested.

          • I would note, one person selling entails another buying. Someone will lose in this situation, and another will gain.

          • I was being a bit flippant. The goal is to scare mom and pop with a 401k to sell at a big loss, much like in prior events.

            “Potter’s not Selling, Potter’s Buying!”

        • That’s pretty much the definition of “financialization” in our world of (not)QE, Repo Markets, and Stock Buybacks. Both parties ran on re-instituting Glass-Seagall in 2016. Did you ever hear another peep about it? Of course not. The meltdown that manifested in 2008 hurt many people, but Wall St., the Banksters, the “Regulators,” are all richer than ever. https://tinyurl.com/yd77d7lt

      • …or a casino (with a croupier who can make the little ball land where he wants it to)

        • It is a Casino. And the House always wins. We’re just the marks. I wish there were some way to get people to take an interest in policy, but it’s all personality cults now.

    • And no one mentioned the “emergency operations” or whatever they call it this time: the Fed “providing liquidity” to commercial paper or what-have-you, in other words, to continue privatizing the profit and socializing the risk.

  21. I have no clue when or if this madness ends, but I am astonished that the press and the left were able to make a worldwide crisis out of a virus that gives most people a mild case of the flu or perhaps more like a cold. A few old folks might die of cronovirus rather than the seasonal flu — and what of it?

    God Damn, humans are stupid.

      • I agree on universal suffrage but would go further and say that democracy is really, really stupid.

        • We’d need to tighten up democracy definition here. As opposed to an evil despot, would that be stupid. Of course not. Trick in my thinking is to avoid the extremes. We are now at an extreme, i.e., everyone votes, and their votes count equally. Since the uninformed and stupid outnumber the informed and smarter folk….And that’s not even taking into account human frailty, and greed.

    • Diamond Princess Mysteries

      The best and most honest analysis I have read anyplace. If you really want some truth today, click on that link.

      “OK, here are my questions. We had a perfect petri-dish coronavirus disease (COVID-19) experiment with the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”. That’s the cruise ship that ended up in quarantine for a number of weeks after a number of people tested positive for the coronavirus. I got to wondering what the outcome of the experiment was.”

      OK, will you hysterical ones read this? Or do you love your delusion this nothing burger is dangerous?

    • Why don’t you get yourself injected with the Kung Flu virus and let us know how it is? After all, it is just the common cold or flu right?

  22. Visions of bread lines have crossed my mind too. I am not sufficiently confident to say that it won’t happen.

    Still, I may finally get my cholesterol levels down to double figures. So, every cloud….

  23. It’s funny how some of the more educated are buying into this nonsense. When you tell them the numbers don’t add up they change the subject quickly . I think you’re right . They just want to be scared.

    P,S. was watching a two-week-old nutnfancy video. He predicted all of this nonsense. He’s a little tough to watch I know , but believe his thinking is sound.

  24. Right on cue Katie Hill is claiming to be infected, even though she hasn’t been tested yet. She has a six degrees of separation story about coming in contact with a person who was in contact with an infected person. This is going to become very common the longer this event drags out. People like this are going to claim being a “survivor” grants them some sort of moral authority.


  25. Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes. Idiocracy is the real plague that afflicts us. The marching morons are running the asylum and it is insanity that is spreading at an exponential rate, not the flu. Now what comes next? Do we muddle through once again (and defer the healing collapse), or finally hit a high bottom and choose to man-up? Public spectacle whining is now performance art on steroids. Please God, give them something seriously real to whine about.

  26. ‘….Of course, the reason we have a panic right now is the politicians have been influenced by the expert drama queens…’
    Exhibit 1 and the smoking gun (at least it was for me): recall the floor show in 2018 starring ‘Dr’. Blasey Ford in the role of drama queen vs. evil white man Kavanaugh. That the grown ups in the audience actually took it seriously appeared to be the acme of farcical theater – that was until a pubescent teenager from Denmark more recently scolded the entire world and thus the drama bar was raised ever higher.

    …’Everyone suddenly figures out what things really cost and the price of the public drama queen makes them a prohibitive leisure item in a time of want’…

    Perhaps we’ll discover that with the CV19 drama series and escape with relatively few deaths and destruction of capital. If not, somehere a fat lady is warming up and will be ready to step on stage for the next – and then perhaps final act.

    • The volume has been turned up to eleven for some years now. They just found a way to get it to twelve. If twelve doesn’t do the trick, thirteen will need to be engineered.

    • Blasey Ford is just an advocate for the abortion pill industry who was desperately trying to prevent pro-life people from joining the Supreme Court. It’s the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. I would imagine that Ms. Ford has tested many of those products on her own body, too.

  27. People have said the 2008 meltdown was a “Blackberry crisis,” enabled by the instant communications at all places and time because of the Blackberry they all carried.
    Always on high speed internet in the phone is a fairly new technology and I really wonder to what degree this has contributed to the panics that seem to spread through society today. Every weather event has become a public spectacle. Hurricane forecasts cause panic buying and emptying out of cities. Even minor events become worldwide headlines.
    Even before the virus was in America, it absolutely dominated the headlines. It was the major story on every news site I visit. 20 years ago, this was AM radio’s role. But most people were jamming to their favorite FM music station in their car or a tape or CD. It’s like we’ve all strapped an AM radio to our heads. Is this just information overload?

    • Tars;
      Blaming the Blackberrys for 2008’s crash is like blaming the barometer for the hurricane. ’08 was an insanely over-leveraged financial collapse begun by Bush II buying Hispanic votes in the ’04 election with houses the Hispanics couldn’t possibly afford. S&L’s obliged by writing Hispanics and others so-called NINJA mortgages (no income, not job, no assets = good credit, all of a sudden). Typically, these were interest only loans with 3 year balloons (whole principal comes due) or 3 year ARMS (adjustable rate mortgages) where the interest rate (hence payment) snaps up to market rates after a ‘teaser rate’ expires. The operative sales pitch was that house price appreciation would allow the borrower to refinance the loan before the balloon or ARM snapped in so the borrowers wouldn’t really default in ’07 or so.

      Meanwhile, Wall St greed-heads figured out to slice, dice and repackage the Ninja paper to conceal the lack of actual, reliable cash flow backing it. They paid off the credit rating agencies to bless these new issues which they unloaded on political hack public pension fund managers and the like. It turned out that you really could sell the same bad paper many times over: *for a while*. Meanwhile, everybody up the chain took a nice slice of the cake for themselves.

      Builders went crazy: So no buyer price appreciation after about ’06. So In ’07 and early ’08 the Ninja’s started mailing in their house keys after the reset/balloon came due. Chaos ensued as all the layers unwound.

      All the Blackberry’s did was expedite the process of public discovery of the above scams. Suddenly in ’08 nobody knew if *any* Wall St paper was any good. Hence a scramble: Last one out the door to cash was gonna get nada, loose the house in the Hamptons, the brokers’ yacht, etc. It just happened faster than in 1929 thanks to instant communication.

      BTW, Wall St paid off both R’s and D’s in the run-up so the R’s bailed them out in ’08 and the D’s let them slide in ’09 and beyond by letting Wall St. pay fines with only shareholder money (that the D’s diverted to their base in NGO world).

      • I think it was probably a combination. I remember at the time people like Peter Schiff were saying that the second and third shoes were about to drop during the panic. They droned on and on about all the bad commercial RE and how that shoe would drop in 2010 and that around the same time there were a ton of mortgages with ARM resets around the same time frame. Those shoes never dropped for whatever reason.

        But whatever the case may be about the 08 crisis, I really don’t think there is much denying that everything is blown out of proportion today. Where I live, if they are expecting snow of anything more than an inch or 2, the local TV stations cancel all their shows and run news about it all day long. (snow is not rare in Philadelphia) All the local news station websites will be touting snowmagedden and the same thing happens with thunderstorms etc.
        There has been wall to wall coverage about the WuFlu since at least mid January. All of the hysteria about everything is coming back to bite us, IMHO. We live in a world where a random argument on a suburban NYC train between two random nobodies creates a worldwide shit-show of histrionic headlines on 3 continents! We’re all going to die because of this or that. God only knows how many of the so-called “experts” are affirmative action hires. The guy running the WHO is an affirmative action hire.

      • In the past decade, Fines has been a bigger line item on Wells Fargo’s Income Statement than Interest Paid on its checking and savings accounts.
        The whole industry is one large criminal gang, kept afloat only by laundering billions of drug money .

  28. Related topic: My reply to Steve Sailer pushing the “skiers vs. golfers” narrative with the view that the weather is a key factor:

    “C’mon Steve. You are supposed to be the Occam’s Razor guy. The reason for the high transmission rate among skiers is dependent upon location and demographics at those locations. There is a huge concentration of Han Chinese in northern Italy and in addition to having been imported to take over the manufacturing operations of luxury handbags, they are also working in the back-rooms of restaurants at the ski resorts in the Italian alps.

    If Myrtle Beach or Phoenix golf courses were staffed by Han Chinese that our overlords had imported, instead of little brown umpa-loompas from south of the border, guess what the outcome would be?

    I’m thinking that the actual virus transmitters are the primary vector for the spread, not temperature and humidity fluctuations. Malaysia just had a bolus of new cases show up – not much snow there today.”

    • Somebody at VDare really needs to take Sailer aside and tell him to give the hysterical bulls**t a rest. He’s making the entire site unreadable. I’m this close to giving up on them and I’ve actually been donating to them these past two years.

    • The drug found to be effective seems to be touted on the local news. Word is out if it’s this local.

    • Wonder if they will gin up an infected/sick “oldster” who climbs up in a tower to take revenge on the world with his AR-15 “assault weapon”. Na, they wouldn’t do that, would they? 😉

  29. In defense of Trump he was going to get attacked hard by the media if he done the reasonable on this virus thing. They would pin every death on Trump.
    They are not doing that as well with his aggressive stance.
    But it’s a trial run for what totalitarianism brings to us.
    And it happened under Trump not Crazie Bernie or Biden.
    God help us when the next “virus” attacks and we have the left in charge.

  30. I had forgotten that San Fecescrisco had joined the list of failed “chocolate” cities led by a numinous black mayor. But then this idiot with her decree that amounts to house arrest reminded me. The city that celebrates sodomy deserves it; so F**K them. Still only 1 confirmed case of Wuflu in my city of 100,000. This has been either a massively stupid overreaction or a malevolent flexing of authoritarian muscle. Either way, democracy good and hard.

  31. So, the border closed just like that. Something we’ve been calling for for years.

    More proof that white genocide is real. Those traitors are using open borders to displace us – it’s not some vague and natural process the way it’s described in the NYT.

  32. The murky origins of Corona-chan are routine skulduggery, the kind of high level treachery and incompetence that we’re not supposed to notice.

    The media jumped on this with both feet.
    Nothing else has stuck, they’re determined to cast blame. The heroes versus the haters.

    Big bonus: this is their chance for revenge on the bad people. They’re flexing their power, they are going to show who’s boss.

    They can shut down the American and the world economy. That is the power of storytelling.

    The pols are drooling at a piece of the gravy train, the weasels are covering their azz.

    I expect further exploitation of this juicy opportunity- curfews, travel papers, internal border controls, and a bankupted opposition: now is their big chance. The Siege is on.

  33. Like the increasing gyrations of the stock market, the societal gyrations of late get wider and more frequent (the “widening gyre”). It will lead to arrests and violence. The madness needs to burn itself out. Go on a long hike or a surfing trip (Chaz you lucky dog) and let it do what it will do. We are only witnesses to it all, and don’t need to be players (sometimes winning is not playing). Stay clear, stay safe, and look out for your own.

    • Guillaume Faye predicted that this period would be a series of crises. He is proving to be a prophet. I’m also reminded of he panics that preceded the French Revolution. When trust in institutions break down, something fills the void. It’s usually nonsense.

    • Where are the poets in our age. I need to spend more time reading the great English poets. We’ve lost something great in our rush toward modernity.

      • Robinson Jeffers is as good as any place to start.

        Be Angry At The Sun Robinson Jeffers

        That public men publish falsehoods
        Is nothing new. That America must accept
        Like the historical republics corruption and empire
        Has been known for years.

        Be angry at the sun for setting
        If these things anger you. Watch the wheel slope and turn,
        They are all bound on the wheel, these people, those warriors.
        This republic, Europe, Asia.

        Observe them gesticulating,
        Observe them going down. The gang serves lies, the passionate
        Man plays his part; the cold passion for truth
        Hunts in no pack.

        You are not Catullus, you know,
        To lampoon these crude sketches of Caesar. You are far
        From Dante’s feet, but even farther from his dirty
        Political hatreds.

        Let boys want pleasure, and men
        Struggle for power, and women perhaps for fame,
        And the servile to serve a Leader and the dupes to be duped.
        Yours is not theirs

        • It’s a fine poem. I was hoping that we still had some poets of our age. Maybe poetry is a young civilization’s pasttime..

          To every man upon this earth
          Death cometh soon or late.
          And how can man die better
          Than facing fearful odds
          For the ashes of his fathers
          And the temples of his gods.

          • I believe such a decline goes hand in hand with a general cognitive and educational decline in our industrial society. Every time I read one of the earlier works from British poets, historians, philosophers, and such, I can’t help but think about Ken Burns and his Civil War documentary on PBS. The letters home written by simple school boys—now soldiers—of the time are nothing if not striking.

      • Poetry requires paucity of speech and quiet contemplation. So much of the modern world stands antithetical to that.

  34. Quarantining people at this point (2 months too late) is like drawing a line inside a petri dish.

    Densely packed cities like SF, NYC, etc have entire neighborhoods that are full of SROs, shelters, community feedlots, free clinics, and on and on that are a daily battleground in fighting a long list of diseases. Some diseases have not been seen for so long in the West that we don’t even have Latin names for them. Covid-19 is simply another foot or two above the waterline for these viral icebergs. Leaving an animal in its stall day after day doesn’t result in a healthier animal. We are treating this as if everyone is equally reasonable and responsible in how they will individually handle this. Fat Effin Chance. They have created a breeding ground for a viral soup that may make things even worse. Zookeepers fight a round the clock battle with hygiene because they know how quickly disease can crop up and spread. Egalitarianism has blinded everyone in a position of authority. Expecting the human zoos in densely packed urban settings to ride this out responsibly in their pens is deluded. Expecting that whatever metastasizes there to remain there is wishful thinking. If they dodge a bullet it will be due to dumb luck and not rational foresight.

    • Look fella, I am pretty sure that you are not allowed to pack that much truth in so short a comment. You will be hearing a knock at your door …

    • Chickens have amazing immune systems. Mine live in absolute filth and on rare occasions, one drops dead. Not so with rabbits — a germ got into my hutches, wasted their muscles, and killed them all. That would explain why grocery stores sell lots of chicken and no rabbit.

      • Chickens—ha, they have nothing on buzzards. Only thing that kills them are man—with bullet lead, poisoned coyotes, and by my house cars.

      • I have an old newspaper ad insert from LA in the 60s.

        The Safeway ad has rabbit, I think 15c a pound.

  35. I’m fed up with self appointed heroes who love any and all crises. Happiness is living alone in the Yukon Territory and knowing how to survive it. I’m banned from sites just for telling them how they are doing great damage to the economy and freedom by all their fear mongering.

  36. Found it interesting almost everyone at the engineering firm I work at, universally, thinks this is overblown and ridiculous. That didn’t stop the powers that be to more or less mandate working from home, probably more from fear of not being on the bandwagon and liability than anything.

    The people working in health care in the city I know are treating this like the black death, while the rural health care workers think the hysteria is absolute madness.

    Also noticing we’re reaching hysteria levels that questioning the narrative will cause people to take it as a personal attack, and browbeat you with a religious zeal. Have fellow Catholic friends who act like I blasphemed the Virgin Mary. Would love to say told you so in a few months, but by that time they will hamster away their actions to the memory hole while awaiting further instructions.

    Outside of engineer autists and rural folk, the programming is still running as expected.

    • “Awaiting further instructions”. Yup. That’s what fellow travelers of the totalitarians do, in order to receive their next ration of stale bread.

    • And that’s just it. Even a minimal amount of deaths — already in the can — will provide the political/media class with enough plausible deniability. “Think how much worse it would have been if we hadn’t ginned up a panic and stomped all over your rights!” They’ll never admit they made a mistake. Quite the opposite.

    • What’s the adage…The disease is exaggerated to make the cure appear more miraculous? As noted, a lot of these medical folk are in their milieu believing they are fighting heroically against the end of civilization. Beats lancing abscesses on folk’s butts.

      • Funny – I just lanced an abscess on a butt.

        That’s because life goes on. My clinic is running about normal volume. This week I’m working in Nor Cal in a county which has asked everyone to stay home, but here they are, with the usual mix of maladies and complaints. No hysteria in our clinics (I’m medical director for a group with a dozen sites).

        To address your point: yes, some people would rather be dictating to the masses under the guise of Enlightened Knowledge and It’s For Your Own Good. I’d rather help the patient in front of me, like I always wanted to do.

  37. Have any of these “leaders” contemplated the complex system involved to get something as mundane as a can of pinto beans on the shelf of every grocery store in a country the size of America? Multiply that by the thousands of individual products in typical large store. What will be the ramifications of intentionally imploding the world economy and potentially impoverishing hundreds of millions of people in less than a year?

    • Hey wait, I thought the things you just described only happen to “socialist” countries!

    • Look at the Dem candidates, both millionaires who never successfully worked a regular job in their lives. Same true for all the next tier dropouts except Bloomberg.

  38. This is all welcomed by our rulers so they can usher in war time measures. Citizens surrender their liberties during wartime so it’s 9-11 all over again. Freaking mayors implementing firearms bans, alcohol etc. Do they even have that power?

    They have been waiting, look at what that commie DeBlasio is proposing. Members of my family are being hurt financially with forced business closings and restrictions.

  39. France just shut their borders effective 12.00 today. No one is allowed out of their homes for the next 15-days without permission.Anyone caught outside will be fined. Austria has a similar program.

    The EU Counsel, for lack of their own ideas, is jumping on the French bandwagon, and will probably impose similar draconian restrictions on the rest of the EU in a few days.

    Meanwhile in Switzerland, schools have closed and people are being asked to work “home office”. And because little Gabriel gets easily bored sitting around the house, families are taking their kids out shopping to the local Aldi and Lidl. I’m not sure if that’s to entertain them or to heighten the risk of infection in hopes they can get sick and develop anti-bodies as proposed by the UK.

    So Europeans have now shut their borders, restricted travel of their citizens and will enforce compliance with the police and military. Something never imposed on illegal “refugees” who crossed borders at will.

    This has not gone unnoticed.

      • If Macron hadn’t actually used the expression “we are at war’ the French might have had a chance. But like everything else the French do, it’s too little and too late. I wonder if they’re already having their factories in Algeria making microscopic little white flags so they can wave them at the virus?

        • Karl, no fan of France, but you must take it a bit easy on the “cheese eating surrender monkeys” allusions. In WWII, you guys kicked their ass pretty hard and pretty quick. I believe in 3-4 weeks they were pushing half a million casualties. There really wasn’t much spirit left in the country after WWI to fight in yet another major war—and for no particular reason (Poland?).

          • “There really wasn’t much spirit left in the country after WWI to fight in ye another major war . . . ” Helped along mightily by the (((communists))) in all the factories that worked tirelessly to further demoralize people. Looking back, I’m surprised how much my grad school prof openly admitted the makeup of the Comintern and where it concentrated its operations.

          • Look at the massive union riots in 37-38 and during the second War. Suffering be damned, they were going to seize power any way they could.

  40. I’m stuck in the mentawai islands on a surf trip so drama indeed. Best of luck to all the dissidents out there!

    • Your life is hell. Feelin’ for ya, brah.

      May someday the descendants of the Divine Lord Chaz sail out in their war canoes to explore and conquer the Lost World!

  41. RE: Concern Trolls – I’ve decided to take a two week moratorium from tangling with them…the average person will be much more open to our arguments when April dawns and they have to figure out how to make rent.

  42. Perhaps the ruling class senses the urgency… Denmark’s parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police. Now the precedent has been set and any medical emergency will present more authoritarian power. Not just forcing quarantine but now shots and testing. Whether or not you believe in the efficacy of a vaccine for a virus that is barely understood, we can all agree with “My body, My Choice”. Right???

    • PCR testing is not all that accurate. Antivirals are nasty. But these complications will show up in the data as severe symptoms, justifying further tyranny, not the medical error of dosing up an otherwise healthy individual by force.

      • PCR testing is not all that accurate? Citations?

        Major labs measure defects such as false results in DPMO (defects per million opportunities). DPMO above the single digit range is usually considered unacceptable.

        • I’m not a debater nor am I a geneticist. This came from a county level training document. It’s not the technology, which is well established, so much as the current environment in which collections and testing will be conducted, that concerns me. I’m an old fart. I remember when the Swine Flu vaccine killed more people than Swine Flu ever did. I have trust issues when it comes to the least competent workforce imposing their work on your only body.

          Limitations of PCR Testing
           PCR testing alone may be limited as a diagnostic tool
          o Still need culture for testing for drug/antibiotic susceptibility and genetic typing
           Post treatment diagnosis may be challenging
          o PCR detects dead organisms that may be shed for weeks after the patient stops
          showing symptoms. Unclear regarding persistence of infection. Detecting dead
          organisms at this stage may have no clinical relevance
           PCR results should not be used as the sole basis of a patient treatment management
          decision. All results should be interpreted by a trained professional in conjunction with
          review of the patient’s history and clinical signs and symptoms
           False positives and false negative results
          o False negative results can arise from:
           Improper sample collection/transport
           Insufficient amount of specimen
           Degradation of nucleic acids (typically RNA) during shipping or storage  Specimen collected prior to onset of symptoms or late in illness
           Quantity of organisms is below detection limit
           Non-homogeneous distribution of the organism of interest
           Presence of amplification inhibitors in the specimen
           Laboratory processing/testing errors
          o False positive results can arise from:

           Detecting contaminants introduced during specimen collection, transport or processing
           Detecting organisms representative of normal flora near specimen collection site, acid fast bacilli in water and contaminants in lab
           Mislabeling
           Specimen mix-up

          • I work with PCR lab tests daily. Most of those potential reasons for error are the same as any other type of lab test. Good pre-analytical collection, transport and storage techniques will do a lot to prevent errors.

            As for cultures…there aren’t many labs in the US that do viral cultures. Susceptibility testing is usually for bacteria, which can have varying degrees of antibiotic resistance.

    • Yes, it’s almost Jackboot time. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot etc. did not directly kill tens of millions of innocents. They all needed a Jackboot Corp to lay the wood. And every corp was made up of regular Joes just doing their job.

    • If that sort of thing starts happening here – we ought to take that “Our bodies our choice!!” chant – and use it….. verbatim. If the lefties complain – they shove it right up their ass by telling them that their refusal to birth the next generation has “societal consequences” just as severe as being the one guy who refuses to take a vaccine.

      This could turn into (yet another) epic opportunity to take the left’s political positions – and make them choke on it.

      • Trust the vaccine.
        Why the fudge do you think they’re trying so very damn hard to push this one, or the next?

        • 1. Poison the First (white) World, where the vaccination networks exist.
          Guyana Koolaid in a shot.

          2. Starvation will do for the rest.

          3. Rule, now, the depopulated world.
          You’ve saved the planet- for yourselves.

          A resurrected People, masters of a perfected world, with no war, want, or worry.
          Jerusalem is the eternal capitol in the new-come Kingdom chosen by Heaven.

          Ever read prophecy?
          What, you thought they were talking to you, filthy animals, risen apes?

  43. Re: San Francisco. The elites there know that filthy drug addicts and human shit in the street is a huge vector for the spread of disease. Faced with that fact, they have two options. One is, finally do something about the epidemic of filthy bums shitting in the street. The other is, continue to let the bums roam free, and make normal, productive people prisoners in their own homes instead.

    You saw what they chose. It will not be a one-off decision limited to a single city.

    • In a way, it is the pure expression of anarcho-tyranny. In order to avoid doing something about the anarchy, they are turning the city into a prison.

        • Thanks for the link, ChrisZ. Agree with Zman – great post – people really do crave totalitarianism. No choice, no consequences, no agency – everyone’s a poor, pitiful me.

        • Agree with the others, ChrisZ, great link, thanks. I had mentally tied this hysteria to climate change but only tangentially. Yes, this is the end game coming to fruition.

      • Or the opposite, as in LA – letting prisoners out because of transmission fears in ‘crowded conditions’ and the usual suspects demanding a literal freeze on arrests due to pandemic. So SF makes the city into a prison for the law abiding, and LA makes it an open air prison for the vibrants to roam and prey on the law abiding cowering in their homes. As you said, pure anarcho-tyranny.

        • It’s not working everywhere. In Philadelphia a few days ago, a cop leading a fugitive apprehension team was shot to death while trying to apprehend a career criminal who was only on the street because the Philly DA, Kravitz (another of Soros’ creations), had had his office permit him to remain on the street despite flagrantly violating the terms of his parole (during which time on the loose, of course, he and an accomlice committed a murder for which reason he was being hunted by the fugitive apprehension team).

          Kravitz had the fucking gall to show up at the ER where the officer had been taken after the shooting. But surprise, surprise, the cops also there – white, black, latino – would not let him enter. They knew that his criminal-loving actions were the reason that their brother had been fatally wounded, and they weren’t letting that slimy bastard put one over.

      • “…they are turning the city into a prison.”

        Yes, but “they” will be the wardens and guards.

      • One reason Cuomo has been getting high marks is that his inner narcissistic totalitarian has been allowed free range in the crisis. He rambled on for ten minutes in his news conference yesterday about how the Federal government should be shutting everything down and putting everyone in quarantine and what a shame only he and his two similarly minded cohorts in CT and NJ could only collaborate to do it in three states. He loves this moment. People around here are not even questioning the long term ramifications. Just praising the strong man.

        • And he won’t let the reins go easily once the crisis, so-called, is over. There’s lots of frosting he can add to the Safe Act cake. Myself, I’m wondering if he’s shooting to be chosen at the convention if Biden wanders out on stage next week babbling about butterflies.

          • That is precisely what he is doing. Positioning as the “savior” of the party. Then pick Tulsi as VP to nail down the chick vote and the west coast weirdos that hate NY’ers.

    • Like Ohio where they locked the place up but nary a peep from the resettling of a hundred or so diseased refugees into the state over the same period; I admit to being on the fence about this until I heard that (though yes, I wonder why I had any doubts now).

      Meanwhile everyone who works at a bar or restaurant is going to have to live off ramen noodles for a month, or at least they would if there were any to buy.

    • Look, this trajectory has already been playing out for YEARS in the NYC suburb I reside in. It works like this: town is run by a “sanctuary” mayor. He benefits because he was a bum that could not hold a real job, until he found his “calling” in politics. His local slum lord buddies benefit since they get to rent out their zoned single family dwellings to a dozen or more illegals.

      The same mayor, a criminal bum, gets voted into office repeatedly by a tiny number of voters. Many of those he afflicts in the adjacent township cannot vote him out as they are not within the limits of the municipality and thus do not vote in the election he runs.

      So bum extorts money through various means (water bill, etc.) and uses funds to create tiny fief Police Force. Said police force makes his realm a speed trap and enforcement nightmare. Beyond belief, his police prowl outside what was previously stated by said criminal bum to be his jurisdiction. They pull over soccer moms, one after another. And white guys in Audis. Meanwhile, day laborers get picked up, dropped off – illegals congregating in the line of sight of said “law enforcement officials” … defined as criminal offenses via State Law. No visit by Code Enforcement, while they are free to wander YOUR property sniffing for a deck out back.

      No enforcement. None. The illegals get out of state plates that are easily spotted in the same driveways that have 10 mattresses dumped outside occasionally despite being single family dwellings. No enforcement of State Law regarding registering in New York within a fixed time of moving into the State as a resident.

      Non English speakers get sent home from the courts – with the help of their free lawyers and translators. I have seen them myself. No license, no registration, no insurance. NO PROBLEM. Local lawyer or two (aka Town Prosecutors and judges …. aka double dipping billing town as individual, then again via law firm … documented facts) … gavel a continuance. “Come back…. whenever” while soccer Mom gets hit for hundred$$$ …. same for Audi guy.

      The criminality in government flows downhill. One does not have to travel to San Franshitsco to see a two tiered “justice” system. The police used as tax collectors, focusing on those with skin in the game (primarily white skin) – while serving their criminal politician masters – enriching insurance companies via rate inflation – governors via the traffic ticket “surcharges” – heck even wrecking YOUR credit score and employment opportunities via your “driving record”.

      NOW these same charlatans, outed and deserving ZERO credibility – are suddenly all about taking MORE power. Staring into the cameras signalling their VIRTUE (as we know the more virtue one needs to signal, the less they possess…) THEY are going to be, fresh off pillaging us, offshoring our industry, selling our national security to the highest bidder (China + pharmaceuticals) …. leaving the borders WIDE OPEN…

      … yes, the criminals that CREATED the problems now, without blinking a single one of their gimlet eyes … expect us to embrace THEM as the “solution”.

      Maybe they prefer a nice “Final Solution” – and we are seeing it play out in real time? I could post NAMES to the actions I mention – and you could search and see 100% veracity is my stock in trade. But then they could turn on me and mine and I cannot allow for that.

      By the time they are done with this wrecking of a nation, all that will be left is giant corporations, government hand-outs and un-armed civilians and those that profit by the creation of this giant internment camp we call home.

      • Bramson is a first class assclown and typical of an over-educated class that has never held a real job outside of think tanks. Earned his ire at one of the County Executive debates by loudly saying “bullshit” when he went on one of his gun control rants. Knew several guys on the FD there who were instructors up in Valhalla that have to deal with the inevitable fires in those rabbit warren subdivides. Meanwhile-we as neighbors get the benefit of all th e petty crime that comes over the border. But…hey…it’s all worth it for some vibrant tacos.

        • Ok, ding-ding-ding. We can take one name off the board. I was not speaking of New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, although I am sure he is a world-beater as a leader, What being married to a lady with the surname of Stern (instead of, ay “Bramson”), being a Harvard grad and all.

          • Damn, but you had Noam nailed to a T–particularly the courts. And the muni judge who’s been banging the current married County Exec for years.

    • If this virus scare ends globalization, it’ll be well worth it – even if some asses go unwiped and meals skipped

      • For fear of being accused of being a naive white piller I will say that this thing opens up a door to getting people to think about questioning globalization itself rather than just individual affronts to national sovereignty such as migrant labor, offshoring production, etc…

        The alternative seems to be to wait this panic out – and wait for the next one…You will never hear such talk in the media. It’s up to us to nudge people in this direction – “hey maybe this thing is teaching us to shorten supply lines and contract circles of trust and commerce to people who at least speak our language”.

        Can people endure life in a society where the questions every morning are “what level of lock-down are we in today?”, “What goofy headgear and/or spacesuit do I need to wear to go outside today?”, “what digital pass-keys do I need to show the constable when he wants to scan me?”

        It’s like our rulers want us to live under the kind of constraints and make the sacrifices that would be required to live on Mars and all because we just absolutely MUST have cheap crap. I hope people realize that this is the road they’re being marched down and it goes to a very bad place. It’s not just the viruses either, it’s 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Taliban, Pakistan, the endless threat of an Iran crisis. It’s all the stupid shit we really shouldn’t have gotten involved in to begin with. Maybe the Wuflu is the incentive we need to press the restart button on this century and do it right this time.

  44. Yesterday I had my trash pickup canceled for two weeks due to coronovirus. So a single guy driving a trash truck with a robot arm is gonna be in danger of the virus but meanwhile the shity bags of baby diapers pile up everywhere?
    It’s clown world.
    And Trump is making a huge mistake crashing the economy over this.
    People will remember the lost jobs and stacks of trash not the small number of nursing home patients who died.
    This is much less damaging than the swine flu in 2009 but apparently Trump is not good at math.

    • Th reality of the situation is that Obama handled the 2009 Swine Flu far better than Trump has handled this.

      • The reality of the situation is the media didn’t say boo about the swine flu because Obama was their little black butt boy. They’ve been gunning for Trump as we all know and it wouldn’t matter how Trump handled this situation (and I think he handled it pretty well) they would concentrate their laser of Pravda on any shortcomings. When Trump limited travel from China at the start if this non-epidemic all the media lefties shouted “Racism, Xenophobia”! But he was right and the numbers show it. Any nation the strength and size of the US that fukin’ panics and goes into hysteria over a flue that killed about 100 people here so far is a nation easily manipulated. We are at that point where perhaps as a nation we no longer deserve freedom and security.

        • Like it or not, fair or not, the fact is that people never stood in bread lines when Obama was President.

          Feelings don’t care about your facts.

          • If Trump held the line, who would have his back? His weakness is our weakness.

            It’s a man rolling his eyes and letting his hysterical wife have her way, again, writ society-large.

          • Let’s not conflate Obama and Trump. Meme has a point, and the point need not be construed as Obama good, Trump bad. It is what it is. Had the MSM not had Obama’s back, he’d have been a one term President and if Trump had Obama’s MSM backing, he’d have not had to crater to the hysterics of the present “pandemic”.

          • The MSM is NEVER going to be on our side. It’s owned by (((them))) and they want us dead, poor, our children raped and they think it’s funny. But trust in the MSM has never been lower and they are revealing their incompetence ever more frequently these days. Their decadence and unabashed nepotism has led to a regression towards the mean for their ilk. With a little bit of luck and a good deal of hard work, people like us can continue to chip away at their power until their dominance becomes nothing but a bad memory.

          • At one time journalism was a craft, like brick laying or plumbing, learned on the job under the direction and supervision of veterans of the field. At some point it became a “profession”, indoctrinated at places like the Columbia School of Journalism. It joined the ranks of psychology, criminology and other “social sciences”, rather than the rough and tumble world of recording the deeds, mostly nefarious, of the hoi polloi. It’s a great loss.

          • -18 when I upvoted. Lotta priors on display around here. The MIGA train has apparently not left this station just yet.

            It’s going to be a long war.

          • Bread lines aren’t necessarily indicative of presidential incompetence. It’s more nuanced than that.

            The media have engineered this ridiculous quarantine, and God knows that was imminent regardless of Trump’s actions.

            The media *are* using the virus as a political expedient. That’s indisputable. A cabal of stupid cowards has engineered an economic depression for their political gain, and people are still bitching about Trump.

            It’s an easy fix for you — Trump is like a root that, once plucked out, makes all the bad go away. But badness has roots like hydras have heads.

          • Dutch; I think the regulars around here got it.

            For you newbies: we exchange a lot of ideas around here in free and open discussion. We praise Trump when he does well, honestly criticize when he doesn’t.

            If you want Trump cheerleading, go to the Breitbart comments section on Normiebook.

          • I’m not so sure they did. How many would get the Shapiro reference, pretty esoteric to anyone over 35. Your point stands true though, the masses of idiots that make up john q. public are not very inquisitive and react to things much like a child would. They will blame Trump and he will probably lose because of all this. Is it fair? Is it logical? No, obviously not. But in our socially engineered, feminized, and dumbed down society the masses react to events emotionally far more often than logically. Heck, trump won based on emotional appeals, not logical ones. He would have talked about ratcheting up deportation enforcement and reducing or eliminating immigration rather than building a wall if he was appealing to logic. We can’t forget that most people are fucking dumb. You gotta use Ethos and pathos on them, not logos.

          • “like or not, fair or not, you live in decaying society, deal with it white boy!”

            deal with it yourself, if asking want to live in civilized society is too much

          • Might one be so bold as to inquire exactly WHERE people are standing in bread lines right now? Shortages of toilet paper and bottled water I’m aware of but bread lines? Where?!?! And a link (or links), sir, no vague hand waving bravo sierra. Exactly where in the U.S. of A. are people having to stand in bread lines AS A RESULT OF COVID-19?

            I call bullshit! MemeWarVet is talking through his ass because his mouth fekking well KNOWS better!

        • “We are at that point where perhaps as a nation we no longer deserve freedom and security”. Sadly, some are ruining it for the rest of us. As anyone in charge of a bunch of children will tell you, let the bad ones run rampant and it ruins things for everyone. As a nation, we have let the bad ones run rampant ever since we dismantled any demands and expectations for good behavior, decades ago. We now get to enjoy the results.

        • Trump will be fine once this is over as long as he stays Trump.

          Like now he’s calling it the Chinese virus and attacking all the lib politicians for their inaction. It will be so easy to point back to chuck and other dems saying its racist to close the borders 1 month ago.

          Hes fine.

          • UFO, I hope Trump survives this fiasco as well—but not because of the obvious reason. Rather it’s because everyday I fear more and more what comes after Trump. The other side—if we term it that—is showing such pathological aberration as to be terrifying. The present “pandemic” situation is just a taste of how quickly they can destroy the very fabric of society when given power.

        • The media probably spent all of last weekend praying that Trump tested positive for Corona so they could launch their 25th Amendment crisis script. Just imagine that circus.

          • Yeah, but that would have only been temporary—assuming Trump has rid himself of 5th column cabinet members.

      • LOL this is why nobody takes the former alt-right seriously. Their morose, retarded, whiny blackpilling has caused them to become everything that they used to (rightly) mock, especially “The Conservative Case For [Some Pozzed Bullshit]”. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been assailed by Hunter Wallace making the pro-white right case for electing open-borders Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders, then Richard Spencer making the case for Hillary Clinton, and now I have to hear the “alt-right” tell me how great Barack Obama was. Look, just please fuck off. We already live in Clown World – we don’t need any more bad jokes.

        • Great job telling us what you’re against; how about what you’re for?

          I’ll go first: The existence of our people and a future for White Children

          • Technically in the US at least at current rates there is a future for White children. A great many will have blue or green eyes and all will be fair skinned.

            They’ll mostly be Amish though with a smattering of various other denominations. Just imagine it puppy mills from sea to shining sea

            Snark aside, “what do I want” is stage one.” next comes “how do I get it.” Right now there are too many incompatible ideologies out there and while “Pro White” is a good basis, its not enough for sea to shining sea

            This means either one ideology or many nations. Choose wisely.

            A last point, if it was just “White people” we’d be working to findi9ngwomen and dropping off the grid.

            I suspect that the Dissident Right is also trying to preserve the technological system as well whether that is a good idea or not it ought to be part of the discussion,

            I’d recommend Retrotopia by J.M Greer frankly as needed reading as it allows up to see an alternate model of divergent technology pathways instead “must have Internet.”

          • The Amish aren’t ready for the guys with scimitars. They’re quite comfortable in a pre-industrial world too, and there are more than 8000 mosques in our land now.

          • we need a belief system that allows fellas to have a drink, a faithful lady, kids and a car, and burn down a mosque on occasion.
            trad Catholics did burn down effigies of Jews and Saracens in festive days. monks made beer. so there’s a path. cannot promise many cars though…

          • “I’m for the existence of our people and a future for White Children. Therefore, I’ll talk shit about the only political figure in 50 years who’s made even the slightest move in that direction, and talk up an open-borders black leftist who filled his administration with white-haters.”

            Call me when the alt-right stops being retarded and self-destructive.

          • Imagine not understanding the damage that Trump’s incompetence has done and is doing to National Populism.

            Remember how W discredited the NeoCons? That’s what Trump did to us. But we don’t have (((advantages))) to allow us to stick around.

          • true, and yet before Trump there was what?
            so point to Orban or others with a better track record in the same vein, but let’s not raise our enemies.
            though yeah nice inverted Shapiro there.

        • Wallace and the whiny bitches on FTN are accelerationists. Move the collapse to a quicker date by supporting some parts of the opposition. Let society collapse, but meanwhile they will retain Netflix, go to Disneyworld or rent a house on the redneck Riveria at Destin. The accelerationists are irrational children.

        • I am amused that the alt right is now afflicted by TDS to every bit as laughable of a degree as the far left. The alt right now defends Harvey Weinstein and hopes the economy crashes in hopes of accelerationism that honestly very few whites would be ready for. They’re rebels without a clue in 2020, which is sad because they had some of the best ideas and high levels of energy 4-5 years ago.

          • I think the alt-right was on the other side of the Weinstein dialectic. The AmNats pointed out the lunacy of the trial, so the alt-right attached them for being insufficiently antisemitic. Regardless, that whole scene is a circus now. Good example of the smart fraction or the lack of one.

          • Preppers make up a very, very small minority of the “preparedly-minded” white population. The even smarter ones who don’t advertise it you’d never know they were prepping because they’d be instant targets if the grid went down.

        • I don’t think that he’s talking about how great Obama was. Speaking for myself, it really shows how badly Trump is handling the corona panic when Obama, as terrible as he was in every way, actually did a better job.

          • @Libertymike. Trump has done what’s possible under the circumstancess. He has to operate in the big, wide real world of opposition and compromise with pretty much the whole ruling class hating him and trying to sabotage anything he does.

            What would you do? In that real world, I mean.

          • Does he have to endorse the shut-down of the economy?

            What does he have to lose given how the deep state and the government / media complex already loathe him and have been working to oust him from 9/9/16 onward?

            If it were me, I would forcefully reject the doom and gloom. I also would fire Dr. Fouci.

          • “If it were me, I would forcefully reject the doom and gloom. I also would fire Dr. Fouci.”

            And what happens next?

          • Obama was lucky that in that swine flu was “just the flu”. 11k vs 26-70k regular flu deaths and similar infection rate.

          • Exile, did we end up in the comments section of breitbart.com or go back in time? Everybody gets their feelings hurt if Trump is criticized today. Are we still supposed to Trust The Plan?

          • Federalist – I think there’s a lot of new traffic here. Which is good, because we can expose these recent ex-Breitbartians to dissident thought.

            But it also means we get some downvotes. As Greg Johnson says, “if you’re taking flak, it means you’re over the Target.”

          • Obama didn’t have the press, er, trumping up the crisis, and then the crisis passed without major devastation. The first of those two things is not true today, and the second one will play out, however it does, shortly. Too soon to turn in your term papers on the subject.

          • yeah and to be fair the wuhan virus seems heavier than the swine one (again, both chinese), but there won’t be even spanish flu levels of death i think. the amount of asymptomatic cases gives some relief, and the US deathrate may be in tens of thousands still.

            and of course, unlike other pandemics, this one seems limited to the elderly and already sick with something (diabetes, hypertension, immunodeficient ones which of course include a sizeable lgbtq portion – so this may be Godly wrath also). at any rate, we shall see how the thousands of spring breakers in Florida these past couple weeks fare in the next few weeks at their colleges… and hope they haven’t been laid off and they can still manage the debt (Trump’s interest forgiveness does help, even if more could be done…)

        • “This is why no one takes your opinion seriously – fuck off” isn’t exactly good optics or white-pilling, AD.

          There are 1000 better ways to respond to Meme and get the same point across, but being on the side of the Orange Optics-Cuck Angels means never having to say you’re sorry.

        • The operative word is “former”. Any movement that allows Leftists like the tiki torch Nazis to march with them deserves all the opprobrium it gets.

          It was nice to see growth but for the most part I’m glad to see the .Alt Right gone.

          Pro White isn’t pro sane and no doubt there is a faction of Clown World that is just as pozzed and just as dyscivic that wants to turn the US into a nation wide San Fransisco.

          • Ab, contra D’Souza, the “Dark Lord” and Shapiro, the Leftists at C-Ville were Antifa, not muh Nazis.

            Most of those “tiki torch Nazis” are the only guys worth standing with when the anarchists and degenerates start punching. I’m glad I was with a some pagan-gang hardasses when we got stalked after Copenhagan Scandza rather than some respectable suit-and-tie-wearing irony bros.

          • The issue is not the views of the people but the optics beyond the torches.

            Do not under any circumstances use Roman salutes or any other NDSAP imagery where cameras can see it.

            There is too much weight still attached to that imagery and we aren’t going to past that yet.

            Pagan stuff is fine with me.

            Also I’m not that big on playing in the streets. YMMV

          • all the larping is nice for protection purposes, but then you just need suit and tie rosary wearers who can also pack heat and throw punches.

            then again, it would be nice to emphasize the traditional Euro pagan stories, and examples to be learned from them; heck, even something as basic Aesop’s fables could be used, since even those are being attacked and abandoned. this should be done as opposed to the black metal worshipper aesthetic, which normies barf at and only looks cool on the parades and street fistfights that the msm wants both extremes to worthlessly have, so that the whole WN movement can then be paraded as a terrorist to be muzzled by the state. not to mention, that aesthetic was devised by pozzed 20th century artists in the first place, not based Caucasoids in their villages.

            revolution of the masses’s thought, even if to return it to a natural and faithful state, is staged both by convincing optics and persuasive force. otherwise you risk either becoming a secluded think tank or scattered guerrillas in the jungle.

      • Obama didn’t face the same opposition as Trump — a nation’s entire cognitive, creative, corporate and political apparatus arrayed against him. Indeed, he was the realization of all their drives and desires; they had his back (Holder et al). Certainly, in all this since Jan ’17, there’s much I wish Trump had done differently. But we have to acknowledge the impact of what he faces.

          • All of what you write is true; nevertheless, that does not thereby compel Trump to cravenly capitulate to fear and panic.

            It also doesn’t excuse his surrender.

          • First, I would remind people that the Wuhan virus does not constitute a national emergency.

            Second, I would not be looking to juice the economy with more debt.

            Third, I would remind folks that it is a loser’s gambit to repose confidence, faith, and trust in public health experts.

            Fourth, I would fire Dr. Fouci. That diminutive dago is sure enjoying his day in the sun.

          • The national emergency was to cut through the red tape and bureaucratic blockades thrown up by opportunists and Dem/Cuck loyalists.

            Emergency powers so the one guy trying to do his actual job can allow the docs and contagion trackers to do theirs.

            A Bank Holiday* of sorts to keep the panic in Walmart and out of the hospital beds.

          • *(Except that FDR used it to steal the cash. Treasury trucks physically looted the paper cash from every bank vault in America and toted it back to the Treasury in DC. A quiet Reset, that’s why mom and everyone couldn’t withdraw their savings.

            Nobody knows that, it didn’t come to light til the 2000s. Sigh.

            FDR then stole our gold in 1934.
            The Depression was no accident, it wasn’t because Americans were stupid or speculating wildly, we didn’t have E-trade.

            It was a deliberate Too Big To Fail for the 8 (((Families))) that literally own the Fed Reserve and its interest income, as they began coopting and replacing the old money Puritans, their historical allies. They did this to every Iron Age and Middle Age dynasty they’ve encountered, it’s a consistent winning pattern.)

          • FDR did need to inflate a bit, the problem was the method used. Hoover was wrong because of his deficit spending and not recognizing of credit bubble, however FDR was wrong also because he thought Depression could be solved with make-work, new public bodies (other than Social Security, labor board, and public works, most weren’t needed), and gold vacuumed out of the economy. which is why, after a short boost due to spending, later 30s in the US were full of hunger due to businesses not being able to invest and the extreme lessening of free trade (which had helped American industry in the 00s-20s, if overextended it too) due to autarchy and devaluation elsewhere – really a whiplash effect from the world credit bubble burst during the Depression. thus FDR heeded (((them))) and went to war to give contracts to major businesses, he had no other way of stimulating industry.

            meanwhile European Fascists managed currency properly, limiting gold without disappearing it like FDR. also unlike the US under FDR, their nations developed some autarchy, and came up with low tax for businesses and united corporate biz-labor decisions, instead of just pandering to Bolshevist-infiltrated unions and intellectuals. and unlike FDR, the Fascists did reign in the bankers too.

            the problem for Fascists really came with the success of these movements, as their single-party state eventually became overbureaucratized and corrupt; in some cases too jingo and warmongering due to some extremeness of autarchy; in other cases eventually subverted.

        • AND they look it in a vacuum. It’s really easy to imagine the current circumstance and what you imagine the people who are not in charge would do if they were. They also forget the world of 2015/2016 and what probably would have happened if Trump hadn’t won.
          Without a doubt ISIS is still around, the Syrian Civil war is still going on or worse, Syria is lost and now we’re looking at a war with Iran. Black Lives Matter riots are still happening. of course, the media is covering everything up.
          Some people are just determined to OD on black pills and demoralize the rest of us.

        • Primi, they don’t realize Trump *is* the accelerationist.

          As Lorenzo says, if you were one guy- even your daughter was used to attach a handler barnacle, that’s the deal- what would one do?

          You’d overplay your hand so hard millions would begin to Notice,.

          Notice so hard they begin to question the current arrangements, the men behind the curtain- something we never Noticed before.

          It’s not what one Trump does, it’s what we do.

          We are the tide that must turn.
          Red/Blue doesn’t matter much anymore.

      • except that no one pressured Obama to do anything, they were just like oh wash your hands, put sanitizer in every building, and sure give out masks and check incoming Chinese, heck maybe even travel got delayed from there iirc and no one said a peep about racism against the swine flu.
        also, there were less Chinese abroad infecting everything, Obama was just getting started with his “pivot to Asia”… which allowed among other things lack of essential medicine produced locally in the US, which may be sorely needed at least for some potential elderly Trump voters…

    • “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”

      Trump’s instincts, as is often the case, were spot on. Then he got *advice*.

      To continue..

      “And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.”

      • I would not assume that at this point. The other option is a man is a steep cognitive decline. Biden is in really bad shape and that will become obvious six months from now. In a crisis, people tend not to count on dementia sufferers.

        • Biden as POTUS. Think SNL skits years ago with Will Ferrell as Harry Caray.

        • D Party doesn’t care. The true election will be for Biden’s VP, probably “Heels UP’ Harris.

          HUH will get the best of both worlds: nobody watches the VP debates, and the media will talk out of both sides of their mouth about how it’s : really JOE, but also, REALLY HUH.

          Blacks vote for Biden, white wymn vote for HUH, Trump’s base has been dying off for 4 years (old) or is now unemployed (ridiculous CORVID-19 overhype). HUH president by the swearing in ceremony.

          They’re not called “yellow dog democrats” for nothing.

        • MBlanc is an embedded troll. He already knows what you said, but is pretending not to just to be annoying/try to demoralize the right.

          Notice the lack of in-depth analysis and repeated crowing of Trump’s gonna lose! Trump’s gonna lose! across multiple sites.

          • No.
            MBlanc is an old hand, a trustworthy voice from a more moderate age.

            Retract your accusation, you are in error.

        • Biden is a stand-in candidate. He will be sidelined at the Dem convention and replaced by a Deep State approved candidate to be named later. His dementia is the excuse to justify the bait and switch.

        • Except people will never know it. The media will run air cover for Biden. Trump loses in a landslide and Stacey Abrams takes over sending the military to kick down the door of every White person which was the goal of civil rights in the first place.

          Open borders seizing of White peoples houses and cars to give to vibrant immigrants and China style camps for you and me. That’s the future.

          People will punish Trump. They’ll vote for Biden the image not the man.

          Remember these people are obsessed with Nazis because they want a higher score and the reverse Reich but with more dead.

          • Kick down their doors?

            Just steal their digital bank accounts, do a remote “SIM-switch”, cutting off their smart phone access, and then seize their cloud storage.

            “which was the goal of civil rights in the first place.” So true. They were the invading hordes before the gates were opened, half or more will join the other side.

            Cloward-Piven: before crashing the system, first, get your forces in place.

        • There was on the local radio awhile back—not sure if such was from national sources—excerpts from Biden speaking as a Senator 20-30 years ago. Answering questions I believe from audience or reporters. The difference was breathtaking. One need only show excerpts from that time period and now to make a critical point…Biden is in the midst of demential decline as Z-man points out.

          However, unlike Z-man, I can believe anything is possible in present day clown-world—even the election of a dementia patient.

          • the same is also observed with trump too. i think when you get older it becomes harder to keep a train of thought or you develop various verbal shorthand that result in less articulate speech

          • Trump has his problems, but most of his digressions seem to come back on point. But I’ll listen more carefully in the future. However, in general my perception is that he is a more forceful speaker, for whatever reason and that may well appear better to an audience—even if the forcefulness is little more than, “so’s your old man” type comments.

          • Compsci, I’m talking about the non-verbal, he looks and his voice sounds a bit run-down and not quite himself.

        • “In a crisis, people tend not to count on dementia sufferers.” True, although sometimes you wonder if it would have made any difference if they did.

      • No one can predict anything any more. For all we know, some submarine commander somewhere might be our next president.

      • What are you talking about? Unless coronavirus kills half the country, Trump now gets to position himself as the man who saved the country from pandemic with swift, decisive leadership. Better still, the economy was overdue for a correction, and now he can blame it on coronavirus. In fact, by making the recession deep, Corona-chan almost certainly made it short too – a correction became an overcorrection, which means we’ll almost certainly be on the upswing by November.

        All of which Trump knows, of course.

    • A campfire in the shelter of a fallen road sign, 2040. A father shares a squirrel on a stick with his son. Daddy? Yes, child? Tell me again about the Murka? Deep breath. Well, son, once there was a world where we all wanted for nothing…

      • Please to continue the story Sahib. Tell us of the magic cola machines and the tubes over which shows were played, all the wonders

    • Trump is good by draining swamp. What we now see, is the end of global world order. Draining the swamp is not firing some 3 ranking officials and building a wall what will be taken down by next president. Draining a swamp means that all the world order will be gone, with banks and institutions and some countries. Trick was very simple
      1. Liberal does not think, it only hates. When Trump says yes, liberals take a bait and scream no.
      2. Ignore flu
      3.liberals will scream that we all getting killed
      4.Take a measures and liberal own launched panic takes liberal world order down.

    • Not sure whom to reply to here. But disappointed in this thread.

      But I thought we were all past the “red team blue team” phase. C’mon guys. Trump is a Zionist who sold out his platform and failed on immigration. He has some good points. Blue team is also Zionist and will also sell us out on immigration, but worse. Bla bla bla bla.

      The system is inherently anti-white, so any party coming from the system will be anti-white. Sure, vote team Red to give yourself some more breathing room but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Limits in calculus comes to mind. “AS it approaches Zero” is good enough – you don’t need to know if it’s 0.01 vs. 0.000001. 0.01% pro white vs. 0.00001%.

      So instead of bickering about which team is better – let’s work as best we can in the given system – together – and ignore the World. Let’s have white children, form communities of like minded individuals. Meet with similar groups across the country. Keep doing what we’re doing. Redpill people slowly. Let’s work on what we do best. We can vote Red but realize that no savior in the form of a politician is going to appear. The onus is on us to be the change that we want to see and to forge the future.

      • UFO, Again, you must define specifically, “failed on immigration”. That statement, interpreted at its broadest is categorically without merit. When you make such unsupported sweeping generalizations, you fail to persuade—if that’s your desire. If you want to vent, then you are doing a fine job. But such is little more than black pilling significant portions of the group. A realistic assessment of Trump is not in opposition to your goals stated in your last paragraphs. It is not a defacto recognition of Trump—or the political process, as a savior.

        • Comp, I’d ask you to explain Trump’s “success on immigration,” but it would be a bad faith gotcha. You’re not going to convince me, and probably not many others who believe he’s failed, no matter what argument you make.

          Your opinion is no more objective or well-supported than ours. It’s a mix of opinion and fact, not some objective, scientific position. You can believe Orange Man OK and I can believe Orange Man Bad and there is no way to say short of hindsight who’s more right or wrong. It’s certainly not “categorical” in any sense.

          “My facts vs. your feelings” is a libertarian flex. I don’t accept the frame.

          If criticizing Trump = “black pilling,” we’re just engaging in a MAGA sewing-circle here. I can get that at Boombart.

      • UFO /threadwinner.

        We don’t need to counter-signal guys who aren’t inside our particular inner circle. I’m neither responsible for or overly concerned with what the Nazis or Groypers are doing – I’m neither. It’s a topic for discussion but not for butt-hurt.

        I’m looking for real change and real alternatives, not a slightly edgier version of the Bush years. We’re not going to get there by spending more time worrying about muh wignats than the GOP, much less the Dems and Bolshies.

        • I’d say a dark Net cobbled together with old tech, but the big boys are eliminating 3g just as they did analog tv.

    • As asinine as some approaches may seem they still draw people in to our thing. Not everyone dances to the same tune nor finds themselves persuaded by the same arguments. Being on the same side doesn’t mean we have to be on the same page. That would make taking us out that much easier. We need a multi-pronged approach. We don’t have to put up with the ADL bringing in IDF flag wavers, but short of that we can let people who have shown commitment and risked their backsides the opportunity to try to find a place for themselves in moving dissent forward. That will involve a lot of things you will want to distance yourself from. Also, let’s stop worrying about what normies will think. If the endless war on Western Civ that’s been going on for decades hasn’t caused them to at least pause and question things, exactly what is it that you have up your sleeve that will do the trick?

      Look around. Everybody this side of MAGA has spent the past handful of months taking a pot-shots at someone else on this side of things. Bad Optics vs Good Optics? Does this make one iota of difference to our enemies? They will hang Derbyshire along side Heimbach. We’re going to make 1000 mistakes and have lots of loses in this thing. Accept that fact. If you have a problem with someone there are plenty of back channels you can go through to work things out/clear things up/agree to keep your distance/whatever. How about we keep our focus and our sights on the real enemy.

      I think Trump is a net negative for us at this point: MIGA, Thatcher Effect, etc…But he at least buys us time. If he’s reelected we’ll keep losing ground. But sliding backwards on a down slope isn’t as bad as being thrown off of a cliff. Unless you think our movement is ready for prime time? Look at how we’ve behaved during the past month or two. There is no way in hell we are ready to take the wheel. We’re doing THIS while the mass of white sentiment is moving our way. How about we get back on track. If we’d stop pissing in the wind for once maybe we wouldn’t need a Trump to deflect our enemies.

      Rebuilding is a multi-generational task but the pivot point is upon us, sooner than later. What are you bringing to that day?

      • First, we must Notice.
        Notice the Left’s implacable malevolence.
        That Trump can do, draw our attention.

        He will go, yet here we stay.

      • This is a point that I wish more people here would think about. The best reason to support Trump is that we are not ready yet. We need at least the skeleton of the new institutions in place that will replace the current order. These things are being built but having Trump in place for another 4 years could give nascent organizations and legal approaches time to mature. Things will not be so easy with Comrade Bernie or Crazy Joe. These men are themselves insubstantial but they have accumulated a vast army of anti-white and really just anti-civilization haters around them. Once their puppet is in place they will run amok.

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