Looking From The Left

One of the lessons of 2020 is that the near future is every bit as unpredictable as the past, perhaps more so. Six months ago, no one would have predicted a replay of the disastrous Black Lives Matter stuff from the Left. Similarly, few would have predicted that the Democrat Party would have installed a dementia patient as their candidate, after he had been rejected by their voters. Therefore, trying to look out from here to predict how all of this will unfold is no easy thing.

We can, however, look at the possibilities. The future may be unpredictable, but the range of options is not unlimited. We can further limit the scope by eliminating things like meteor strikes and accidental nuclear exchanges. Just sticking to the political, there are a number of ways the current situation can go. The first step in narrowing that list further is to consider what the Left will do over the next six months. The one thing that is clear is the Soros wing is driving events now.

One possibility is they realize this has turned the public against them and they pull the plug on their lunatics. This is what happened in 2016. When BLM started assassinating cops, the party quickly moved to defund them and instructed the media to stop talking about them. That could happen this time, as Biden is now running ads lying about his position on this stuff. He and the Bitter Bindi are pretending they have been for law and order all along. So far, the Left is not listening.

The other option is this is just the start. The civil war on the Left is now going to continue until the radicals seize control of the party and the institutions. The people running woke capital have the resources and confidence to keep going, so this looks like the most likely scenario. They could very well rig the election in November, without regard for how it looks. Appearances have not stopped them so far. We could be witnessing a woke version of the Bolshevik Revolution.

The first decision point therefore is what happens on the Left. As much as so-called conservatives want to make it about their ideas from the 1980’s or Trump fans want to make it about their guy, the real driver is internal left-wing politics. The fact is, the anti-white radicals have taken over the corporations and the academy. Now they are looking to take control of the Democrat Party, which of course will give them control of the government institutions controlled by the party.

There’s no reason, at this point, to think the Inner Party old guard has the sense or energy to fight off this assault from their radicals. The leadership is a collection of septuagenarians and octogenarians. Nursing homes have more vitality. Their underlings were selected for their stupidity, so they would never be a threat. The proof of this is their inability to contend with the anarchist unrest in their own cities. The idiot mayors in places like Seattle and Portland have no idea what to do.

Assuming the brown tide does indeed sweep over the remaining institutions and we end up living in a country controlled by social justice fanatics, we can expect the current anti-white pogroms to extend to all aspects of life. We are getting glimpses of what comes next in these corporate indoctrination sessions. Whites will be forced to swear loyalty oaths and go through struggle sessions. Those who resist will lose their jobs and maybe worse. Everywhere will be Portland.

It is important to remember that five years ago no one thought banks would be canceling bank accounts based on politics. No one thought the technology giants would steal domain names and deplatform people. Before the alt-right turned itself into a raging dumpster fire, no one thought the ruling class would declare war on people as we have been seeing ever since. This unprecedented assault on our liberties by these corporate oligarchs was just a warning about what comes next.

A defining feature of the American Left, is its habit of projecting onto others, things it is either doing at the moment or preparing to do in the future. The Opposite Rule of Liberalism is one of those universal truths of our politics. A corollary to that is the Left is always preparing for what it fears the most. In this case, they are signaling that they expect the radicals to win and they expect the white population to notice that they have been reduced to dhimmitude. They are planning for it.

The most likely first response of normal white people will be political protest, the same stuff we always see from the Right. Initially, a Tea Party 2.0 will try to get going, but slightly more aware of the racial component. You see this awareness even on super-safe media outlets like Fox News and talk radio. They talk around the issue, but they at least do so in a way that acknowledges reality. You still see bleating about left-wing racism, but that has lost a lot of its punch.

The thing is, the Tea Party stuff assumes things that are not true, like elections matter and politicians listen to the voters. If the Left rigs the 2020 election, only drug addicts and libertarians, two groups with tremendous overlap, will continue to think we live in a society ruled by laws. The “hey let’s get together and get our guy elected” approach will not get very far with people who suddenly think their elections are rigged. This is why the Left is unconcerned about this possibility.

A possibility the Left does worry about is one where they rig the election and it is obvious to everyone. On election night Trump wins the key states by a slim margin and slowly “newly discovered ballots” are found in rural mailboxes that flip the necessary number of states. This triggers mass protests, like the color revolutions that have turned up in corrupt countries over the last couple of decades. Trump actively disputes the result, causing even more unrest.

This is something the Left thinks is a possibility, which is why they keep planting stories in the media about Trump refusing to accept the result. It’s why media hacks keep doing hand-wringing concern posts with titles like, “Trump Could Still Break Democracy’s Biggest Norm.” What follows is a call for the military to stage a coup or the CIA to assassinate him. The Left is thinking through how they must respond to a populist revolt in response to their election rigging.

Of course, violence is always a possibility. Despite the manufactured studies by the Left and the few random nut jobs cast as white extremists, there has been very little right-wing violence thus far. In fact, the carny acts that are usually drawn to these street protests have stayed home and allowed BLM and Antifa to own the show. It’s why they have been forced to stick with the absurd “peaceful protest” nonsense. They own the violence happening in the streets right now.

In a world where elections are rigged and white people no longer think they have legal recourse, that old revolutionary spirit could flare up among many. One way that could manifest is through propaganda of the deed, as the anarchist say. This is why the Inner Party is having the security apparatus declare “white supremacist” as the great threat to the country. Doing this while far-left gangsters ravage major cities is a nice touch, but it suggests the Left is genuinely worried about this.

If you could beat an honest answer out of them, most of the people supporting and financing the unrest are probably puzzled by the lack of resistance. They are sending mobs into nice white areas to assault middle-class white people at restaurants and shopping areas. They have looted major cities. Left-wing politicians are openly declaring war on white people. Despite the overt war on white people from the top, little in the way of organized resistance has emerged yet.

Either the Left has much more in store for white people or they are sensing a change in general attitudes, but either way, they are planning for a response. There are tens of thousands of disaffected young white males with military training. Not only are they familiar with the use of weapons, they are trained in small unit tactics. If the degenerates of Antifa can organize a summer of rage, smart white guys could punch much higher. In the regard, the Left is being prudent

That’s why the Left wants the security agencies to put “white supremacist” up there with Islamic terrorists and the Russian mafia. They are planning for organized violence from the people they expect to keep attacking. If and when white people wake up and realize what is happening and decide to do something about it, the Left wants the institutions they control to be fully prepared. They seem to think they will be battling something closer to terrorism than peaceful political resistance.

We can therefore expect a new push to characterize any resistance to the ascendant as the same as Islamic terrorism. We’re getting a glimpse of that with the tech oligarchs organizing to label Kyle Rittenhouse a mass murderer. Like the old communist regimes, even the slightest resistance to the Left will be met with over the top language and an extreme response from the rulers. Even if armed resistance never materializes, society will be organized as if it is imminent.

The most likely outcome at this point on the timeline, therefore, is we arrive at something like a highly feminized version of Cold War Albania. Instead bunkers dotting the land and citizen militias scanning the horizon for foreign invaders, it will be inter-sectional enforcers planted in every company and institution, charged with locating white supremacists. Society will be organized around fighting the specter of white supremacy and white privilege.

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378 thoughts on “Looking From The Left

  1. In essence, white people are annhilators. Biologists, virologists and geneticists determine demographics. Diversity is limited in this field. Extinction events are downwind of bioweapons labs.

  2. Sun Tzu warns about created a ‘death ground’ for one’s enemy. Better to leave the enemy a means of escape than for them to realize their only option is to fight to the death. An enemy who knows their own option is annihilation is an enemy willing to do anything to achieve victory.

  3. Interesting take on how the left and the institutions they control (the academy, woke capital, government agencies) will use claims of white supremacy to suppress the right’s opposition to their efforts to push through an electoral coup if the left loses. It reminded me of Spain in 1936. The right won the elections, but fraud was used to flip the elections on behalf of the republicans.
    You provoke the question of how does the right come up with a better psy-op to counter the left’s claim of white supremacy if they rig the election? How does the right come-up with an effective opposition if they are branded as white extremists?
    I think the answer is that the right has to respond in numbers. That means motivating the materially co-opted members of the right who won’t do anything unless football is interrupted and their Ford F-150s are repossessed. Using Marxist terms they have developed a false consciousness while the left has assumed control over the institutions. This is why they have not put up an effective opposition to leftist mob rule.They believe and hope it will all just go away if they concede a little to the mob like tearing down statues. These people may be working too much in order to pay attention to politics and they may have a limited attention span with no knowledge of history except what corporate state media has told them, but they are the key to forming an opposition in numbers. Numbers are going to matter. The alt-right as it is called is considered too much of a fringe movement. They may have ideas, but they have been tarnished them making them ineffective leaders.

  4. Who put heads on stakes in the Crusades? Who set foot in the new world and kicked every ass from east to west? Whitey, that’s your DNA before they indoctrinated it out of you. Wake up and remember the people who got you on this earth for a reason.

  5. “There are tens of thousands of disaffected young white males with military training. Not only are they familiar with the use of weapons, they are trained in small unit tactics. If the degenerates of Antifa can organize a summer of rage, smart white guys could punch much higher. In the regard, the Left is being prudent”

    Um. don’t think those disaffected young white males are all on our side, and don’t underestimate the discipline and the equipment on their side:


  6. Taking the Texas Bar today and in response to covid-19 we are taking it in the downtown Austin Hilton over a 2 night stay. This is progressive solutions. Protect us from covid from dropping 1400 test takers downtown where BLM riots might erupt and a supposed virus may be spread. LOL Texas needs some new attorneys running this show. What a joke.

  7. Has anybody stopped to realize that this is just normal life in a non-white country?

    Nothing works, random violence is common, corruption is high, people are angry and mistrusting.

    I’m sure worse happens in mexico and brazil every day, but nobody notices. It’s only noteworthy because we’re not used to it yet.

    Demographics are catching up with the 62% white USA fast. They are destiny, after all.

    • “Has anybody stopped to realize that this is just normal life in a non-white country?” That’s one angle for sure. When Rittenhouse was attacked the only website I could watch it free of Lib commentary was this site called Hoodsite.com. I started clicking around on it and it was disturbing. It shows all the worst from the 3rd world. Stuff from the West too. Mainly in our ghettos.

      Latin America is scary. Lots of Brazil vids. Not atypical is a guy walking up to a guy having coffee in an outside cafe. Casually shoots him in the head. And takes his cell phone. You can tell it happens alot because the onlookers don’t freak out.

      Also, you realize how dumb Indians and Pakis are. In a disproportionate amount of videos Indians are falling to their death…getting electrocuted…getting accidently shot…getting cut in half…and getting run over by buses.

      I’ve seen such websites years ago, of course. But had kinda forgotten that 3/4ths of the world is still the Wild West. A slimy stinky Wild West.

      Anyway, when you see it on video it makes it real. Clicking around on that site makes you think of our biggest question, “Why are we importing these people?”

      I didn’t click on most of the real gory stuff. And I haven’t been back to that site. Not gonna link to it because it’s a disturbing place. But if you ever find yourself getting soft or too nice, and need reminding who we’re importing, go to Hoodsite.com. I’m sure there are other similar sites.

      One reason YouTube doesn’t allow these videos is because they’re too graphic. Fair enough. But they also don’t want you to see what violent low IQ countries are all about. They don’t want you to see our future.

      Most of the world is very scary. Our countrymen have no idea how hard we should be defending this relative oasis of ours.

    • And here I sign off with a final plug for Erectus etc. which, among the dozens of other topics he skims, delves in detail into the fine living on the African continent, past and present 🙂 Anything in the Americas would be far preferable.

  8. I usually rely on Occam’s Razor to explain things; recently the blade is telling me the simplest explanation is a threat. It’s not 100+ days of riots and protesting. It’s not the media and inner party describing it as “peaceful protests.” It’s the outright gaslighting that “white supremacists” are inciting it all. My black friends point out all the white people involved in rioting (they are silent regarding who is doing most of the looting). Somehow, they associate “white” with “supremacists” who are “accelerationists.” I have yet to pierce this thinking.
    It is a time of danger. Winter is coming.

    • My black friends point out all the white people involved in rioting (they are silent regarding who is doing most of the looting).

      I assume you have good reasons to be friends with dindus(maybe they saved your life) who throw your race under the bus while not assuming responsibility for the crimes of their own race.

  9. We live in Clown World where the strongest and brightest are demonized. Where divisions of race and gender are superficially exacerbated at every turn. Who stands to gain?
    Who was behind the Bolshevik Revolution? Who insisted that WWI only end with the humiliation of Germany (and without a peace agreement that could have saved millions of lives)? Who let the Communists invade eastern Poland while ignoring peace overtures from WW2 Germany?

  10. I just don’t get the Ruling Class’ panic to push for this election. Worse case scenario is another ineffectual four years of Trump, and the ability to manufacture more mayhem to blame on him. After Trump, the presidency and Congress are pretty much theirs, to the extent they are not already.
    A Biden win would seem too risky – should anything go wrong in the next four years, the Dems are left holding the bag.
    Apres Carter, Reagan + Reagan +Bush 1.
    These last four years have gone by so fast, I just don’t get the hurry.

    • Non whites are too tribalistic, in four years the jewish democratic elite might get replaced by other races
      antifa is jewish movement

    • “I just don’t get the Ruling Class’ panic to push for this election…” We don’t get it cuz we’re not exposed to Prog in real life. I tend to forget how passionate they were on campus, and how crazy and angry my female professors were. Being reminded of it from TV isn’t the same. You have to have close encounters with these bitches to realize why they can’t wait another minute. They all suffer from migraines because Trump is constantly stabbing them in the eye with his penis. They just want the pain to go away.

    • The Dems would simply blame anything that goes wrong in the next 4 years on Trump, and in the unlikely event anything does go right, it would be due to Joe’s er..strong leadership. In any case – right and wrong would be defined and determined by the Dems.

    • “I just don’t get the Ruling Class’ panic to push for this election.”

      Because Soros & friends aren’t getting any younger. At their age, four more years might be too late to realize their dream of putting the devil on the throne of humanity. They don’t have any successors to finish the work because being power-hungry betrayers & infiltrators, they assumed whoever they trained to replace them would be the same.

      That’s why their best Presidential pick is a vegetable. A lifetime of evil made them not trust even their own children.

      Also, the Chinese are making their moves against the Jews for control of America. Economic war, Harvard/Confucius Institute scandals, etc. With Trump on the Right and China on the Left, it’s easier to take out Trump than a militarized nation. Anesthetizing whites against foreign subversion is now coming back to bite them hard.

      Lastly, their closet is overflowing with skeletons that didn’t kill themselves. There’s no more goodwill to be mined from the Holocaust Narrative. Everybody who cares is back in diapers so they’re out of time with nowhere to go.

  11. There will be no sudden awakening.
    As the Rainbow Curtain descends there will be a gradual slide into cynicism as culture rots around us all. There will be a realisation that whites are subjugated, with the highest taxes, the harshest penalties, the fewest rights and no representation. Then comes the realisation that in the social justice police state we are voiceless. The final realisation is that the system relies on us to keep it running.
    The real moment will come when the loot runs out and the intersectional coalition cracks. There will be a fight for power. The losers will be looking for allies. They will find it in us. And we will at last be ready.

  12. Living out in the country in flyover and its inherent echo chamber, I could be full of it, and will admit it if I have to, but I do not think lack of response to the Marxist insurgency and insurrection by Trad White Normie America has anything to do with stupidity, conditioning, confusion or anything else. People I talk to (not all but most) are pissed off and getting ready for a storm.
    I think we/I have had blind faith that the system and rule of law would work. I think the hope that Trump turning it around via proper governance was considered the last chance.
    Remove Trump, and you once and for all remove that possibility under a backdrop of ‘kill whitey and death to America’. That will force a fairly major paradigm shift. Hope for survival outside all out civil war would be removed. For approximately 150 million people. That has consequences.
    I think that most realize that a Trump loss, even with all of his imperfections taken into account – especially in a stolen election – means that Trad Constitutional America’s days (and even its illusion) are over, and Trad America and Americans will slide to the bottom of the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I anticipate behavior will change commensurately.
    No help coming, as the months of rioting, looting, destruction, and intimidation we have been subjected to, under the backdrop of the weaponization of the government against Trad America exemplified by the China Flu measures and the handling of the McCloskey’s and Kyle Rittenhouse justified acts of self defense = backed into a corner with no chance of survival.
    This will instinctively trigger the Fight or Flight response for literally millions, and all at about the same time. Those fleeing the cities are evidence of the initial stage of the response.
    The Marxists have a globe of countries to flee to. Trad America has none. For the american Marxists the fight is part of the overall battle, but not existential. They lose they flee. Not existential.
    It is existential for Trad America and Americans since there is nowhere left to flee to, and existential fights are usually treated as such.
    The unbelievable sales of firearms and unavailability of ammo -not accompanied by blood baths on the streets- tell me decent people are arming up for the existential fight they see as being inevitable. That means a different side of Trad America than what the world has seen thus far is emerging.
    It won’t be some small group of militia comprised of idiot white supremacist racists either, it will be all armed Trad Americans threatened with termination (like Yamamoto feared) fighting for existence.
    I do not believe the imperial american oligarchs wanted the RevCom to happen here in the US until they had confiscated guns.
    However, the attempt at the planned ‘Great Reset’ means all nations need to be ready to be terminated at the same time, and that has made them move their timetable unacceptably forward.
    They have never tried a Marxist Revolution on people who believed they were free and armed to the teeth.
    That means history’s lessons are in much more flux than say Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba.

    • Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, no escapes (sportsball + porn are increasingly shunned and woke).

      I don’t know why there are forces that hate me and want me dead, but I take their words at face value.

      You are correct that Europe is not an option – we’re not welcome there, and they are just as cucked. Personally I’m not fleeing anywhere, even if I could. Don’t give an inch to savages.

      It’s like Turner Diaries come to life. I pray that whites are actually thinking deeply about things. It’s not a joke – it’s real life.

  13. Z: “We are getting glimpses of what comes next in these corporate indoctrination sessions. Whites will be forced to swear loyalty oaths and go through struggle sessions. Those who resist will lose their jobs and maybe worse. Everywhere will be Portland…The most likely outcome at this point…will be inter-sectional enforcers planted in every company and institution, charged with locating white supremacists. Society will be organized around fighting the specter of white supremacy and white privilege.”

    Sad but true. There probably won’t be battles in the street, or civil war. Just a stronger push toward 1984/Brave New.

  14. Could Jack Dobson or our other readers versed in the Russian Revolution(s) give some examples re the brief Kerensky period?

    I’m under the impression that for about a year, Russia regained a working parliament, a president, voting, etc.

    They seemed to be stabilizing, but then the normal order was overthrown.

    If so, how? How did the Left come back?


    • Yes. After the abdication of the Tsar, a Provisional Government (PG) was formed from, I believe March of 1917. The PG operated in a democratic fashion, with plenty of socialists and a smattering of Old Regime (Monarchists and Cadets) allowed to take part. Kerensky was the head of the PG.

      As we find today, the split and warring between the socialist parties was phenomenal – and venomous. You had: Menshiviki, Bolsheviki, Left Socialist Revolutionaries, Socialist Revolutionaries, whatever Maxim Gorky’s party was, Constitutional Democrats…

      From what I have read, most socialist parties did not favour insurrection as well as the three following items, which were part of the Bolshevik program:

      1. An immediate peace with all nations with which Russia was at war.
      2. Land to the peasants with no compensation to the previous owners.
      3. Handover of the means of production to the state.

      Many other parties thought that a socialist state could indeed come about, but that it must occur by natural progression and not force – insurrection.

      How did the Left come back?

      They didn’t, The Left were always there – if by left you mean socialists – the PG and Constituent Assembly was dominated by these people.

      If so, how? (were they overthrown)

      Again, I stand to be corrected, but Russia being at war most certainly did not help. Lenin and Trotsky used this to their advantage – riling workers, sailors and soldiers alike. Kerensky himself did not appear to be as enthusiastic for an ‘immediate peace’ and I think this was a massive nail in his coffin.

      Furthermore Lenin, in particular, and certainly from extracts of John Reed’s Ten Days That Shook The World, was not very happy with Kerensky’s treatment of the Soviets and his party in particular. Lenin in those days seemed to be quite and unyielding foe, a persuasive speaker and along with Trotsky, a cunning propagandist.

      Like I say, I stand to be corrected on some of the points above, but that is my take on the matter.

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  16. I will go out on a limb and predict active, hot Civil War with different factions of the military backing/opposing Trump.
    Yes, the military brass hates Trump as he noted. They want endless, low risk wars against non industrial opponents where dudes like Petraeus and Mattis can make reputations on the deaths of enlisted men against enemies like ISIS where rear areas are secure and they cannot be “exposed” in total industrial war. One thing Ike noted in “Crusade in Europe” was that the action exposed as incompetent many generals who had to be laboriously replaced after disasters like Kasserine Pass. The same was true in the Korean War.
    The model for promotion in the US Military has thus been Vietnam. Don’t ever win, don’t ever wind down the war, keep it going as long as possible.
    HOWEVER, even though the Officer Corps hates Trump with a BLM passion and the Joint Chief basically threatened to remove Trump in a speech, there is the question of retirement. Generals and Admirals do not serve forever and their retirement is funded as lobbyists for defense contractors. While not very capable, they can add 2 and 2 and get 4 all day. Which is more than BLM and anti-fa.
    A Harris-Biden Admin would cut defense spending to the bone for more stuff for blacks. This is obvious. It is why they have not ousted Trump already. There would be no cushy retirement gigs where they get lots of money for lobbying their successors to buy expensive military stuff.
    I think there will be an attempt by elements of the military, mostly the Colonels or Majors with a very few Generals who don’t see themselves on the lobbying path. I think most of the military brass will side with their future employers and back Trump. He has offered the Space Force spending and opportunities which has organizations like Raytheon etc. salivating. Yes this is regrettable but its real politics and Realpolitik. Not utopian fantasies of kumbaya. Defense Spending is why Trump has not been ousted yet.
    Dems may not wait; they have lost control of BLM as the antics in Pittsburgh just made more Trump voters. They may try on Sept 17th or later with mobs trying to rush in with various military units backing them.
    And there is another President, Xi. Who has ambitions to turn the Pacific into a Chinese lake and the US into lebensraum. I think a civil war practically guarantees a Chinese strike on Hawaii, likely with paratroopers from converted jetliners backed by covert infiltrators. And long range missile attacks. There seems to be consensus among the Chinese military that the failure to take Hawaii led to Japan’s defeat. Weakness is tempting. The Chinese are somewhat arrogant. Xi internally faces threats — he can’t even permanently close down the wet markets despite their threat to public health inside China.
    In addition, the leaders of anti-fa and BLM are not exactly smart. They are just venting their rage at not running everything, overestimate their numbers, and have contempt for their enemies, White men.
    Joe Biden noted in approving amazement all the ads with black husbands and White wives. While this appeals deeply to White women (dump your loser White husband for the ascending, more powerful black ruler) its appeal to White men is negative. Biden is as dumb as a rock — he’s signaling to White men their women belong to black dudes which is not a popular move. Gillette’s ad making that point shaved sales and market value.
    Likely, BLM and anti-fa will move to the suburbs to burn out people’s houses after they’ve been looted. That is sure to provoke people with something to lose. Passivity can turn to hard reaction in a heartbeat when a mob shows up to loot and burn a person’s house. Hence all the gun sales.
    The driver of civil war is the desire of all the non-wealth generating black leadership class in various grievance posts to run everything and make most White dudes their slaves like Hotep Jacob Blake Sr. It cannot be delayed or put off any longer, as the aging White leadership of the Dem party is being pushed out by the Soros family and various factions, including Saikat Chakrabarti, the Iranian money-men funneling through Oman to Chakrabarti and Cenk Ughuir, and the Chinese, etc.
    One, these people are incapable of compromise, Two they are not very smart to take their winnings off the table for another day. But it won’t be all their way as they are limited by their stupidity and lack of grasp of the size and tyranny of distance of the United States. Their view is highly urban and like the iconic New Yorker cartoon (where the world is entirely NYC and everything else is lumped together West of the Hudson).

    • I agree with much of this, with one caveat. Normie has fetishized the military far too much for far too long in no small part because of the bill of particulars you have laid out. Closeted homosexuals like Mattis who have grifted on the bodies of those they supposedly lead, for example, deserved absolute contempt. Corrupt, amoral national disgraces like McMaster should have been fragged. But..

      Normie cannot unsee the truth about the military now. If the public turns against the military, how rationally will the brass react? The contracts may not be coming one way or the other. White Southern and to a lesser extent Midwestern young men, long the backbone of the military, not only don’t be all they can be now but roll their eyes at the idea.

      Think about the Soviet military in the last days. It didn’t fire on their fellow Russians. Will this Thing we have here be so restrained?

  17. Europa- The Last Battle documentary on archive.org (banned on FB, IG, YT) is giving a very deep understanding about what is going on right now. After watching this, I feel like analyzing Antifa/BLM behaviors is like treating a scratch on a patient who if having a heart attack. Please watch it – it’s long, but worth it and you will really understand what is going on.

  18. With regard to rigged elections, I think the most likely outcome is that the Democrats will “find” just enough mail-in ballots to give Biden a win that is comfortable, but not so large as to invite scrutiny. That said, the foaming-at-the-mouth crazies seem to control the party, and might not be able to resist the temptation to manufacture a Joe Biden win that Hugo Chavez would envy. LBJ and Nixon both got around 60% of the vote in 1964 and 1972 respectively, but Biden is a much less popular candidate than either of those two were at the time, so any comparable margin would be suspect. What do you suppose the public’s reaction would be upon being told that Biden had won the popular vote by a 65%-35% margin, and had carried every state in the Union including Idaho and Wyoming?

  19. More and more, the takeaways that this [https://status451.com/2017/01/20/days-of-rage/] article from Stats 451 draws from the violence of the ’70s and ’80s seem accurate and important. Much of the Left’s posturing and action over the past few months makes sense when seen in the context of attempting to exercise and rebuild political street power, and to deny what institutions or institutional cover Rightie has through means of the virtue-inquisition.
    No matter who wins in November (and I don’t think wide-spread rigging is much of a danger outside of California and New York yet), I think were going to be seeing more and more low-key political violence in the streets, both agaisnt property and people. The ruling class probably wants to avoid it, but I doubt they can stop their golems after hyping them into a destructive frenzy all summer.

  20. Really you should make a decision about elections or not, whether democracy is relevant or not, whether evil and unsightly violence and (gasp!) TATTOOS are acceptable or not.

    Better a dumpster fire than nothing at all – unless palaver until its too late is the aim. Kyle R_ thought a dumpster fire being put out was worth his life to put out, he then had to defend his life.

    As for the smart young white vets – lotsa Tats, make alt-right look like church lady.

    Perhaps the desired end state is in the end paragraph – feminist Albania. Certainly any alternative is shouted or snarked down.

  21. In my daily Whitehouse newsletter:

    “How the hell can Americans sit back and watch as gangs of dangerous extremists maraud through our cities—burning buildings, throwing rocks, bottles and explosives at police, and attacking the elderly?” Frank Miele writes in RealClearPolitics.  

    As Larry Correia has implied, and as others have written here, I’m not rushing in to defend Columbus (my nearest city), because it’s full of idiots who aren’t my people. They elected their incompetent leftist leadership, let them suffer the consequences.

  22. If you could beat an honest answer out of them, most of the people supporting and financing the unrest are probably puzzled by the lack of resistance.” Could it be that normies see the trap and aren’t falling for it? That they’re biding their time? That rioting Democrats burning Democrat cities is good for everyone to see until the election is held?

  23. Trump is the key, and November 3rd is the key date. Expect everything and anything in the days following the election. My money’s on Trump. Why? Because 70% of the country is still white. A majority of that 70% wants to maintain America. Certain percentages of various minority groups think along the same lines. What that bloc of people do will be decisive, and they will look to Trump to make the call.

  24. The woke have only been allowed take over corporate America because the whole “turning a profit” thing has taken a back seat to loading up on cheap debt. Businesses that concentrate on making money (I know this is dirty in 2020 as everything is supposed to be non-profit) have a way of disappearing these people. They’re bad for business on every level, and especially bad for retaining talent, which doesn’t grow on trees. Where this is really happening is among every company that signs a govt. contract, and that’s not a small amount of them. What percentage of this country really works? A lot have jobs, but how many work for healthy, profit making entities, that don’t depend on government contracting but actually being called by John Doe for a quote on something? It’s definitely not close to the majority. Look at the top 10 employers in every town now. It’s usually School districts, various local govt entities, and then five or six down you get hospitals (quasi govt), then utilities (quasi govt). So what exactly, as a country, do we do for a living? The ultimate expression of end stage capitalism is where everyone is shuffling paper and filling out forms. Of course, this environment is perfect for the woke crowd, but no one is paying the bills.

    • What percentage of this country really works?

      Did a bit of research into this in the UK. Naturally you had the public sector at the top, trawling through job sites gives an interesting insight into the sort of positions that are rife – all paper shuffling jobs. Then of course you’ve got your private businesses doing government work, and finally all of the make-jobs in private industry that have been introduced because of government legislation.

      From my time in the public sector, I think that the laziness and incompetence I saw in small groups easily scales to the company as a whole. I would have said a good 35-40% of the workforce could have been cut and no loss in productivity would have resulted. At this same time, as a green 18 year old, it became obvious that the whole point of the economy was now not production, but employment – which in a way is a production of sorts: you ‘produce’ people who have the basic level of comfort and won’t cause any trouble.

      I must also say that one general feature of make-jobs is that they tend to be very far removed from the person who actually benefits from the work. If A is a locksmith whose services are required and sort out by B, then A actually interfaces with his customer, B. In short, you can see the demand. This is not always the case with make-jobs, it is not obvious who benefits from the union man who is paid as one of three ‘standby’ electricians ‘just in case’. Neither is it obvious who benefits from Trayvoneesha’s repeated journeys to the photocopier and water cooler conversations.

      The locksmith example is why I consider the trades to be very important, at least at the moment, both for monetary reasons and for the sake of knowing your services are actually needed. There is something uniquely demoralizing about make-jobs.

      • I would only add get into a trade that still will make a living when everything begins to tighten or collapse…

        • Some very smart parents near me had their college bound son take some classes at the tech center and get a state certification in welding.

  25. I dare say society has already been organized around fighting the specters of white privilege and white supremacy for the better part of 10 years. This organizational dynamic, of course, is nothing more and nothing less than flagrant anti-white racism. Hopefully, before too long, media entities such as Fox, will finally begin talking about this form of racism, which is easily the most common type in what passes for “America” today. As is, such entities know damn well that mentioning anti-white racism will itself be condemned as racism, and that’s why they’ve kept their pie-holes shut so far.

    • I don’t think it’s racism as such. The people who are mostly in charge and have most of the wealth are middle and upper middle class and the low class wants to take charge and grab the wealth. The ruling class is happy to let the low class attack the middle class to keep themselves safe from the rabble. Race is coincidental.

      • The animus against whites began with the Frankfurt School, continued with poststructuralism, spawned multiculturalism, anti-white racism, and finally black supremacy. The Left must always have a class of people to target for elimination. In the past it was the nobility, the clergy, the bourgeoisie, the kulaks. Now it is whites.

  26. “If and when white people wake up and realize what is happening and decide to do something about it, the Left wants the institutions they control to be fully prepared.”

    Precisely so. This is why they brought degenerates and minorities (but I repeat myself) into our institutions. They knew these genetic mistakes hated healthy, traditionalist, white males with a passion. Lefty knew he could count on them in a crunch.

    • The institutions can’t be reformed. This is why they die. Institutions live a long time, but they hit certain age where they disappear. We’re literally going into a whole other age within 5-10 years, and this is what it looks like. A lot of degenerates ensconced in high positions. Speaking of that, look at Christianity. Is there one denomination left that’s worth it shit and shouldn’t be plowed under?

      • “Is there one denomination left that’s worth its shit and shouldn’t be plowed under?”

        Nope. I’ve checked. But the individual good guys have begun to stand out because of rising persecution.

        • I’m a sedevacantist, but a recusant also. Those “parishes” are illegal. But, they do mostly hold to catholic teaching, except on how hierarchies work. In that, they are like schismatics and protestants

  27. On election night Trump wins the key states by a slim margin and slowly “newly discovered ballots” are found in rural mailboxes that flip the necessary number of states.”
    Not saying they won’t cheat (they will) but their cover will be that they will, statistically, dominate the mail in ballot vote. He better win the battleground states by a fairly large margin on election night for the fraud to be obvious.


    • The bottom line is the result will not be recognized, full stop. It is the only reason I encourage people to vote for Trump’s re-election. If he wins and is denied the victory, it is very, very good for us.

      • I agree the crazy won’t stop so we don’t have to worry about the normies going back to sleep after a Trump election and might give enough gumption to those who need a victory to actually do something productive…

        • Jack and Lineman, how much “crazy” has been tolerated in Dallas/Ft. Worth? In Indianapolis? In Houston? In Nashville? In Phoenix? In Jacksonville? In Charlotte? Sure “the crazy will continue,” but it’ll be in blue cities, and that can be seen as a feature, not a bug.

          • What’s the average temp in those cities v Portland and Seattle, Kenosha, etc., especially after sundown? The weather in many of those cities is not too Antifa-wear friendly, which may have spared them (for now).

  28. So what does the country look like should Trump appear to “win” and the cities blow up and burn? Even though ballots in car trunks show up. What will the pushback look like? I’m rather black pilled about the devolution of “the people” and not sure people have much will left to fight. The strategy of running constant flu fear for long periods of time creates long term serious unrelenting stress that rots the brain and causes people to stand shock still often as the rino charges. This was done on purpose.

    What I truly saddens me is the human impulse to stay put. You folks in the big orc-Antifa cities are still there and yes it can get you or in the least grind you down.

    This last weekend, 10 Z reader folks including me got together in a far western place to be with like-minded folks and compare notes. I drove 2 full days just to be with like-mindeds. There were no fever swamps or turds in the punch bowl or traps to fall in. Amren West. In 2 days of visiting, not a moment of tension or fear of wading into the fever swamp. I can’t tell you how renewing it was to be at ease. How refreshing. I’d go to great lengths to visit with these folks in a heartbeat. Most of us have neighbors and family we can’t let our guard down with. We all knew out of the chute that it’s going to blow. Some are already in defensible positions and some are relocating away from the orcs and antifa. One man reminded me that Otto Frank had the money to get out. Why did he reinforce his attic when he could have left, or at least sent his children away? We see people all around us with their shocked heads in the sand and asses in the air.

    None of us know how long or how all encompassing this white program will roll out. We prepare to various degrees depending on our age, will and ability to face reality. I found a large statewide group in Utah that is all about “defending” the constitution and rule of law from Marxists. ?????!!!! Instead of waking up to browns and orcs dividing up the pie and tromping on us to give up our slice, the LDS church releases it’s book store catalogue that’s gone all blackity-black-black-black and white grandmothers in Alpine clutching nappy headed black children on their laps. Really! Blacks are stampeding to join the Mormon church?! The church is pozzed and anxiously virtue signaling. Not even recognizing we once had a slice. As I drive home yesterday-today I notice a sea of masks. Yes, some without yet half are scared masked. Our will is waning. Some of us are kraaling up. A lot of variables will play out. Black swans. The events not planned for. Maybe some of these will change the trajectory. Notice the grand solar minimum is rolling out and that will affect food supply.

    Give yourselves some breathing room to think and act and live in a safer location. Best to you Z and thank you for your thoughts.

    • I saw this with that grifting bitch Mia Love. The writing was on the wall for the Mormons even then. This is pre-Romney. Utah has one of the worst delegations.

      • Mia Love was a perfect example of a circumstance where it was better to vote for the Democrat and kick them out later.

    • Welcome (again) to the “cult,” as we refer things to institutionally here. Good to (still) have you.

      Considering your years of wisdom and practical experience in a very high-end technical job as attested to by your commenting history, we consider your company a very worthy endorsement of our wignattery.

      Let’s just say that if you don’t know better than to not hang around with us, we might be better people then folks let on.

  29. Trump may have agency. I’ll admit it is a long shot but Zs analysis neglects Trump as a player in upcoming events. Consider, Trump has known these (((guys))) for a very long time; and his father before him. Plus, he has had a least some of the intelligence from government’s security apparatus for 3 years. His understanding of what is going on is much better than ours. Imagine if he addressed the nation and lay it all out with a two hour presentation. The death squad in portland the sophisticated and well-funded nature of anti-fa. The players involved in this funding. Even 9-11. Drew attention to the obvious, and immoral, anti-white agenda. Essentially kicked over the gameboard. Then announced that 1000s of arrests were underway and declared a state of emergency. Before you call me a plan truster, and Qtard, or whatever. Consider that Trump may well conclude that a election loss may lead to the loss of the family fortune and his life. Also if he pulls the USA out of this, he would eclipse Lincoln even. Fucker might go for it.

    • Trump knows democrats are trying to rig the election, that should be obvious to him, he must have a plan to counter it, which he won’t state on television like an idiot so that his enemies can hear it(& plan for it).

      • Not talking about the election. I’m thinking in terms of the *funded*, trained army that is burning down cities and the US security apparatus that staged an illegal coup. How he handles election is separate matter.

        • No it’s not, Sid. What he does in the immediate aftermath of the election is what will decide our fate.

      • For instance, most Americans still think these are spontaneous grassroot riots/demonstrations. What would they make if trump told them that professional mercenaries had been hired, and by who. That professional training and disinformation campaings had been launched, and by who? That essentially we are under attack by subversive elements in our and outside our society. SwHTF, my guess.

      • Yeah I agree. I’m just thinking aloud. To fairly present the issue, the TRS guys are convinced Trump was cooped by Cohn et al and that he is part of the insiders plan.

        • TRS’s only “shot” on that is spotting the Jew. Even without that, Trump’s various actions and mostly inactions, have made it obvious he’s playing along with the system, if not outright co-opted into it. TRS hardly has the magic 8ball on that.

        • If he was part of the plan then why do everything you can to awaken the sheeple to their fleecing and slaughter…

    • Trump has too many fires on too many fronts… I believe things are far worse behind the scenes and his main goal is simply surviving the attempts at a military coup…

      It’s literally 1 man vs. hundreds of shady and corrupt players. Maybe Stephen Miller is on his side.

      He is still holding on with white knuckles, but in reality what can he do, if nobody will prosecute.

      • Disagree. Some large percentage of the security apparatus is straight shooters. Trump has powerful allies, a bunch in Israel. I sometimes think that this is a globalist power stuggle. The impatient ones that want to go for it (hence riots, and tranny story time). And others (on trumps side) that think they are insane and will get a bunch people killed unnecessarily. Why not wait another 30 yrs? It will be easy then.

      • The only thing holding on with White knuckles is hope and cope about his intentions. I want you to take your own side. I am not attacking you. These kind of ideas make that harder for you. Change them.

        • I hear what you’re saying, but I’m not quite as blackpilled as you. If Trump was totally controlled by the establishment we wouldn’t see this kind of lunacy and desperation to get rid of him.

          I’m under no illusions, however, that he is ourguy. But him being in office causes the globalists to have a fit, and is useful therefore for our side and creating ethnic conscience among whites.

    • I think Trump understands that the Antifa/BLM process is the punishment, so he works to inflame trivial parts of it all, while understanding that he cannot reverse the process by himself. His goal is to have the process go so crazy, as to open up the eyes of Normie. This is a real long shot, but it is the one he and we need to have happen.

  30. Herbert Marcuse worked for the OSS.

    Reminder, the on-the-ground agents of the OSS were manhunters paid to find and kill the German locals sabotaging power and water stations, resisting the rape and pillage of their defeated nation.

  31. Nothing will happen from the right until the 401k balances are plundered. I hate to be a black pill but the elites have the upper white middle class invested in their cheap labor palace economy through their 401k’s. As long as that 401k balance is there the counter revolution to BLM and Antifa will be limited.
    The middle and upper class whites still have a stake in the system even though the system is targeting them.

    • I think there is some truth to this. It’s hard to start a revolution when it means likely losing your house, retirement, and life savings. On the other hand, the pandemic shutdown is decimating the middle-class, particularly in those liberal states that refuse to open up. Maybe as more whites have nothing left to lose, then expect more push back? Especially if there is a Biden win, and the Kamala Harris cohort goes on to implement reparation taxes on whites and mandatory diversity hiring quotas aka “Whites need not apply”.

      • I see it as I look around. Normy whites are not gonna go too far opposing the radicals just yet. They have too much to lose and most do not have a strong push back mindset just yet.
        Now let the radical democrats take control where they push section 8 into the suburbs and all the woke stuff gets worse and on top of it all the 401k balance gets hurt through losing value or adding taxes to it for reparations.
        Then we have a ball game.
        Until then it’s just skirmishing around the flanks.

        • The federal reserve printed up 3 trillion this year and mostly bought up government bonds. The holders of those bonds then put their money back into the markets, which is why you see this bizarre disconnect where you have rampant high unemployment in the economy and yet a stock market recently hitting new highs as well. So I don’t know if 401K balances will get decimated – globohomo won’t let it, but I could certainly see the federal government printing up more and more money to fund reparations, unemployment benefits, or whatever, until the currency finally becomes worthless.

          • This has been exactly my point. This will eventually show up in the currency market. Most people can’t fathom that the economy is on a Fed heart-lung machine. It’s giving oxygen, pumping blood, but the patient is brain dead. They can buy the entire market, and eventually will in the end. Japan is even further down that road. What they can’t do is do all of this while supporting the currency. We have the reserve currency. It can take a stunning amount of abuse. More so than any other, by far, but we’re getting to the level of abuse where things start to matter and the genie comes out of the bottle on a dollar crisis.

          • And this dollar crisis has been 30-ish years in the making? Just seems like something that’ll inevitably happen then every armchair economist will pull a “I predicted thith”.

          • I’ve thought this for years. However, the Japanese example has disabused me of the possibility of a dollar collapse anytime soon. The yen is not the reserve currency and Japan has a shrinking population. Debt to GDP in Japan makes ours look like amateur hour. Yet the Japanese economy is thriving and the yen is doing well. The Fed will drag this experiment out for a long time to come. We are the cleanest underwear in the laundry basket.

          • Almost as if orderly, homogeneous, hard working, HIGH TRUST societies are safe bets even if their debt policies defy conventional economics.

            This doesn’t work in places like Brazil or Venezuela. It shouldn’t work here, but hey…we’ve nukes, we’ve used em, and we’re pretty aggressive internationally. So take our paper, or else.

          • The stock market is hitting new highs mostly due to the covid-related increase in market share of the tech oligarchs that dominate the major indexes.

          • Even if Reparations came to pass, do you really think the intended recipients would do anything wise with their funds? The money would be spent as rapidly as it arrived, for consumption items. This isn’t to say there would not be mass disruptions for everyone, of course there would be.
            Even if they bought productive businesses, they would quickly run them into the ground. One thing those people do not have is modesty. Their self-esteem (ego) would never suggest they let competent caretakers manage their wealth.

        • Don’t underestimate the “free advertising” we get, to the extent the Woke push their agenda. Even at this late date, there are still large pockets of Whites who have little first-hand experience with the Vibrant, viz. the GoodWhites brainwashed by the mass media. A new low-income apartment block in a formerly lily-white area has plenty of downsides, but try as they might, the Egalitarians cannot hide the corrosive effects of Vibrancy. In fact, if widespread disorder breaks out, this will make it easier, to some extent to, er, clean up the area 🙂

    • Bingo! They always have too much to lose. When you’re a productive member of society you’ll take anything as long as the 401 stays in tact. Not to mention the whole “I’m just three years from Medicare…etc.”

    • There is great truth in this.

      Analogous to the “cops won’t risk their pension “ argument, for exactly the same reasons.

      If life was good, you were disciplined, and a few breaks went your way, 50+ year olds are heavily invested in their 401ks with significant assets.

      Pledging our “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” does not usually end well even if you’re on the winning team…which in most cases throughout history, you ain’t. Always bet on the system.

      HOWEVER..l F with this, and you’ll have the potential for serious unrest.

    • It’s not all that simple, but you are partially right. Not all White people have fat 401k’s and such. The majority have very little to lose except their house and paycheck. Once you get below the upper quintile (65M, and they ain’t all White) you see people a paycheck two from disaster.

  32. The left will only continue to get more radical as demographic change sweeps through their party. The old septugenarians that run the party are all white. They came up with the strategy to win votes by telling minorities they are all oppressed. But now those same minorities are replacing the democrat leadership. AOC won her congressional district against an old white guy because the district became majority hispanic and the hispanics just voted for one of their own. The AOC’s and Ilhan Ohmar’s of the party have only seen success by claiming discrimination and denigrating white people. Since they have never seen a downside, therefore, don’t expect them to change. The anti-white pograms will get more strident every year. Any resistance whites put up will only be further proof of their own racism and the justification for even harsher pograms.

    • If the race & IQ people are right (I think they are) the browner and blacker an organization gets, the stupider (which is good for whites) but also the less principled, more impulsive and more violent it gets (not so good). Also they have breeding power on their side 🙁 On our side’s credit, we are smarter and at least genetically, best fit to live in a temperate (demanding) climate.
      Even though caucasians are a declining percentage of world population, virtually all of the progress that has allowed the non-whites be so fruitful and multiply are owed entirely to Western ( + smart Asian) technology and continuing support from White and Yellow lands. If a major disruption happens, it is likely that there would be an enormous die-off especially in these more backward parts of the world.
      Given a real chaos/breakdown situation, over very long periods of time (many lifetimes), the White and East Asians might be expected to survive better than the Melanic Hominid competition.
      For a capsule lesson of this effect, please refer to any Black-majority run city in the USA, or even better, compare the “before and after” of various African countries after they kicked out Whitey. 😀

      • Which is why I never understood dissidents. Never talking about contraception. Catholics understand the evils of. Contraception. d

    • Any resistance whites put up will only be further proof of their own racism and the justification for even harsher pograms.”

      And upon that anvil, weapons of steel will be forged. That is how it has always been. We are impatient, that’s all.

  33. The Transition Integrity Project is literally working from the same playbook as the people who brought you the Color Revolution. It is Soros, Brooks, Kristol, and assorted other sleaze. This has the highlighted material: https://www.revolver.news/2020/09/transition-integrity-project-is-this-soros-linked-group-plotting-a-color-revolution-against-president-trump/
    The left seems to know that if they’re not careful they could create an Easter 1916 situation with the Rittenhouse persecution. Or at the very least, a Bobby Sands. A Boy Scout who showed up to keep people from defacing property, attacked by sex offenders twice his age, is not a Storm Trooper and they know it. Yes, normie whites always say “this is the last straw” and then sit back and take it, but when they see a baby-faced child getting the treatment that will trigger a deep DNA-driven response in people who thought they had no instincts left. I’m not saying this will be different, but it very much could be. The Nick Sandmann case kicked something loose in their thick heads.

  34. In a bit of irony, we as dissidents may find our home among the ranks of the prepper community. They’ve known for decades that disaster in some form is coming and that the current system can’t be saved by political means.

    • Better bring your own supplies then.
      Too many in the III% movement think of us as their supply depots to be used at their leisure.
      Or through force.

      • After reaching “Level 50”, I think much the same way.

        After a certain age, irreplaceable skillsets are far more useful than firearms, ammo, and foodstuffs.

        Thinking things like medic, nursing, physician, dentistry, even mundane stuff like auto mechanics, plumbing, basic electrical work, and so forth.

        An 18 year old with a gun in hand and a 21 year old telling him where to point it are depressingly common. After a certain age, other skills become much more valuable.

    • I wouldn’t count on that at all the prepper community is very closed off and it’s all about Opsec and Persec and never about organization with anyone which is why they will be picked off one by one after the power gets done with the rest of us if we don’t stand together…

    • Are you a dissident without preparations? Not every prepper is a dissident (many are) but being a dissident without being a prepper strikes me as odd. Its possible, sure, but how can one see the destruction of society, without being ware of what that will cause?

  35. Revolutionary spirit? Among whites? I see some puzzlement.I see some incomprehension. I see some head-shaking and hear some tsk-tsking. But I see nothing resembling revolutionary spirit. It appears that whites are simply going to bend over and take it, hoping that each humiliation will be the last.

    • Maybe, but one of the main gripes of patriots in the 18th century was the lethargy of their neighbors. There’s often an interregnum during a paradigm shift. Ten years ago people were literally out in the streets over minor changes to the tax code. Herein the middle of a violent coup people are mostly trying to get their bearings.

      • Correct. The problem is, and it almost always happens, is the aggressor mistakes the passivity for surrender. I think Whites have too much patience, but patience does serve them well in the long run. The Left’s lack of impulse control is it biggest weakness.

        To be honest, I was initially depressed by the willing compliance with the Covid madness and the lack of response to the anti-White riots but that was anger rather than rationality. There will be a tipping point.

        • The normal dynamic is the Left acts, normal whites react, then the Left reacts. So far that pattern has not held up. The Left attacked and normal whites have disengaged. I think we dismiss just how strong the conditioning has been for most whites. Unless they can jam things into the civic nationalist model, they simply don’t know what to do about it. Normally, they ignore the stuff that does not fit the normal model. This they cannot ignore, but they have no idea what’s happening or why, so they have retreated.

          • Whites are confused. Agreed about the conditioning, and the failure of the system they trusted has them perplexed. Again, stepping back and allowing Antifa and BLM to spiral out of control has been an intelligent response, whether intended or not, for those not directly effected.

            The big puzzle to me has been why the Establishment Left decided to go Khmer Rogue on their urban strongholds. No answer to it, but that happened while they had operational control.

          • Whites really are confused. This is what the inaction boils down to.

            I don’t view the inaction as weakness though. We are re-grouping, waking up and adjusting to the new light. Normie whites are no longer able to ignore it.

            And same – curious about what their plan really is, by destroying the strongholds of their own supporters and financiers. Perhaps demographics have changed so much that they no longer need white support. But the majority of their funds come from guilty white libs.

          • That’s kind’a where I’m at. The left says “step back Trumptards or we’ll burn down our own city!!”, to which many of us sit back and think “umm, ok??”
            I’m even torn on the Covid stuff. I’m not a fan of the masking, but it’s hard for me to get upset about trashed sportsball, businesses not being allowed to cram 500 people into a closet and some standard being held to sanitation practices.

          • Normally whites do their little dance, pay their lip service tax against racism, and everything goes away. “I’m not one of the racists, so I’m safe from the deplatforming/assault/job loss”.

            Now they’re finding out that just saying the right thing isn’t enough. Only complete submission to the Black religion. And even then it’s never enough.

            Even if somebody wants to fight “systemic racism”, it’s not possible. There is no end goal that doesn’t involve you being killed for being white. Forward time orientation and all that.

            White and fellow white mobs are burning murdering and looting ostensibly in the name of some black criminal rapists and drug dealers. Normies are confused and don’t know how to react. The “right” is smart to just let the cities burn. But I’m not sure whites had any other choice.

          • “[Insert name of entity] sometimes do the right thing, but only when they have exhausted all other options.”
            In evolution some changes are called “forced moves”. This may not be a perfect example; this is a case where Evolution “has to” add a new feature but is constrained by all the existing “design” work done going back zillions of years:

          • Hubris-nemesis. They have overplayed their hand at least from Obama on if not the Clinton admin. As many issues as I have with EMJ, he’s not wrong re: this historic fatal prelude of Jewish expulsion. Hyper-aggression & neuroticism – being a “worrier-warrior’ – is the definition of Ashkepathy and the principle reason for the previous 109 expulsions of Jews from Gentile cultures.

          • Whites must be made to see that America no longer exists. Once this is accomplished, they will cease wasting their time trying to defend a Fata Morgana. They will then be freed of their psychic shackles.

    • After a half century of extreme affluence, we’ve become a pampered and soft people that is now driven by the comfort-first imperative. There will be no groundswell of revolution until real hardship returns, and that must wait until after an economic collapse or major war occurs. Ancient history.

      • Not a new problem. In Erectus Walks Amongst Us we are told that from an evolutionary point of view, man’s discovery of agriculture and later, the industrial revolution actually have made us “softer” (less robust, and even slightly stupider). Life became easier, so that dimmer individuals were not culled from the herd. This is a central argument why the Negroid race is the most backward: as far back as can be inferred, Africa was the most unchallenging place for humans to live, so there was no “selection pressure” for higher intelligence etc. In fact, a brain is “expensive” in evolutionary terms, so being too smart would actually reduce an individual’s chances of passing on his genes. It’s no stretch that good times make us grow fat and lazy, whether those good times are measured in decades or millenia.
        When a catastrophe happens, of course, the bulk of the population will perish and only the fittest will remain. Then the slow climb upward begins again. Mother Nature’s no lady, she’s a bitch!
        In fact, this is rank speculation, but to propound upon what Rhodok says below. Imagine that literally humans interbreeded until there was only one race. Then disaster strikes and we were literally thrown back to the stone age. It’s likely that, over tens of thousands of years, that as humans migrated over the surface of the earth, that we would re-evolve into separate races probably not unlike what we have in the present time, because Nature would “select” the most favorable alleles (genes) that led to survivial of the groups living in diverse environments.

    • Whites are not a monolithic block.
      There is a whole cadre of whites out there that are white in skin only.
      Evolution is not continuous, it works in fits and starts.
      The average white DNA in 2100 will not be a mix of all current white DNA.

    • Most of the people in the BLM/Antifa riots are young whites, many of them young white women. They have plenty of revolutionary spirit.

  36. There doesn’t appear to be any option to simply pull the plug on antifa. They frankly don’t give a damn whether their madness helps get Trump re-elected.

    They are simply hoping that the battle lines are drawn as fast as possible. Antifa does not have an express platform any more than the “meat’s back on the menu” boys from Lord of the Rings.

    They are anarchists – the only sincere part of their “platform.” Anyone with an ounce of discernment can see they are tools of the oligarchy they (mostly sincerely) profess to despise, but in the end, there can be only two – the (((pro-oligarchy))) side and the pro-White society side.

    The “smart centrists” are going to stick to their guns for about as long as their convictions dictate – figure that out for yourselves and trust accordingly.

    The rest will run for cover under the optics-unfriendly banners of one side or the other and pretend they were with their respective choice all along.

    How many NAJALTs and other optics-friendly mystery meat-shields does anyone think are going to stand with us when these orcs pour over the wall of Stahlhelm’s Deep?

    Those of us who aren’t waiting for Gandalf to save the day suggest that the fence-sitters figure out their allegiances ASAP – and that the rest of us figure out who’s with us or not as well.

    • Even though the propaganda organs don’t reveal it, BLM/Antifa continue to riot, loot and assault nightly. The Establishment Left thought these types were controllable. Anarchists by their nature do not recognize authority. People not immediately affected needed to step back as they have done and let the members of this coalition determine who is boss.

      As for your last, take note of who has BLM signs in their yards. That will be important to know soon.

      • I’m wondering how much is leaking out, and how many are seeing it. Is facebook restricting videos wholesale these days? I just don’t know what normie is seeing cuz of my, mostly self-imposed, deplatforming from normie media. lol. I was talking to some white maintenance guys and gals at work the other day(make it a point to be their friends). They knew about cannon hinnant and were pissed. Me letting my idiot skin mask slip a little told them. “they hate whites, it is clear now” “this is a anti-white agenda”. No shock, just solemnly nodded heads. I’m blackpilled as hell but still think that the blood may ultimately tell.

    • They are anarchists – the only sincere part of their “platform.”

      This is the point I have been attempting to drum into some – perhaps – salvageable people of late. One gets the feeling that this groups SOP is:

      1. Protest Riot against ‘The System’.
      2. Get much appeasement and support from ‘The System’.
      3. ‘The System’ collapses, to be replaced with what they wanted all along.
      4. Go to step 1.

      By far the biggest issue I am facing with all this is that, most people do seem to think that these are a ‘peaceful’ set of ‘principled’ individuals fighting ‘oppression’. Nah mate, they just like aggro.

      • No. 3 is the most important point. All Leftist anarchists are actually crypto-communists. Anarchy is not the end but the means. The telos is the communist society they so far have been unable to create through class revolution or the ballot box.

    • The point of Antifa is to burn everything down. Who gets elected or how things go beyond the ten feet and ten minutes in front of them is irrelevant to them. It’s simply a smash-and-grab, burn-it-all-down feeding frenzy for them. The rest of us need to figure out what is really going on. I don’t hold much hope for Normie, he is too easily blinded by the exhortations of “all the reasons”.
      By the way, Gandalf didn’t save the day, which is why waiting for Gandalf is like waiting for Godot. The eagles saved the day, which was as trite and hokey of a plot device as ever has been written. Tolkien wrote himself into a corner, and then used the “deus ex machina” resolution.

      • Tolkien was a Catholic. He knew salvation was from God. Gandolph was like one of the mighty OT judges, powerful but not a supernatural savior. The eagles were akin to angels, truly heaven-sent. That they were a deus ex machina was the whole point. Eru Illvatar did not expect men and elves to succeed against Morgoth unaided. He just wanted them to act in a way that revealed their election of the will for good rather than evil. We face the same choice. We’re not waiting for Godot or Gandalf or 4-D chess Trump or Adolph 2.0; but for the second coming of Jesus Christ. So, I have to disagree charitably that Tolkien wrote himself into a corner. His was a masterful allegory unlikely to be rivaled by any succeeding author. Gene Wolfe, another Catholic, came close with his magnificent Solar Cycle. George R.R. Martin, on the other hand, is a mere shadow with his Song of Fire and Ice. It will be remembered as nothing more than an orgy of gore and soft porn thanks to HBO.

        • The most important thing we lack is a mythology of our own. The modern situation of our people needs its own unique and separate narrative. Gods know all of our previous foundational narratives have been thoroughly f***** with.

          I’m very much a Gene Wole fan because he was brave enough to rework the mythological landscape of Catholicism into the ultimate earthbound eschatology but obviously and deliberately do it with great respect.

          He is a shining example for the rest of us. We are top heavy on big brains here and all of us should be doing what we can to produce the kind of inspiring narratives that he did from a very non-political and non philosophical background as a soldier and engineer.

          • We don’t yet have a mythology, but we’re developing a martyrology: James Fields, the McCloskeys, Connor Hinnant, Kyle Rittenhouse. And martyrs are often a sound basis for mythology.

          • I second the value of myths. I learnt in a college history class that myth has value, because at least soemtimes, there are elements of truth in the myths. Did God really flood the whole world to punish it? That’s a matter of faith. But, from what science tells us, we now know that modern humans were around at the end of the last Ice Age (and for several before it, for the matter.) The sea levels rising a few hundred feet would have had profound effects, and such events would have been kept in folk memory.
            Now, if only we could get all our enemies to chase us across the Red Sea at the opportune moment 🙂

          • I am deep into reading Gene Wolfe right now, and I attribute my increased interest in matters religious and mythological, as well as increased questioning, in part to his fine work. Beyond that, simply reading the words is like a mental rafting trip down a lazy river, as his writing and words flow so well. Wolfe’s prose rewards the reader just for riding along to find out where the strings of words might take him, like no other author that I have read. Fantasy science fiction is definitely not my thing, and yet…

          • Thank you, Dutch. I just placed an order for a compilation volume of Gene Wolfe from Abe’s Books. I note (with pleasure) that one of Wolfe’s characters is named “Severian”.

          • Are you in for a heady ride.

            Please be sure to get ‘Urth of the New Sun’- it is the culmination, tying all the rest together: the story of the Conciliator.

  37. It is important to remember that five years ago no one thought banks would be canceling bank accounts based on politics.

    And if Hillary had won, no one would be now.

    Hate to say it, but it’s self-evidently true.

  38. A few weeks ago, my 70+ years old neighbor, a white American hippie lady, declared that a civil war is inevitable and that we should all arm ourselves – to finally beat that evil Drumpf!

    • You might live in my neighborhood. It’s filled with 70 year-old female hippy libtards. They’re the worst since they’re plenty old enough to be out of that “I’m going to save the world” phase.

      • They are of my generation. I hate those people more than I hate the vibrants. I hate them even more than I hate the Bindis.

    • You know the world is going to hell when even liberal democrats are discussing, or actually, arming themselves.

  39. This is actually what the models predict for an eventual rise of tyranny here in the Good Ol’ USA, a place where it’s not supposed to ever happen. And the models also predict that the first tangible response will be the formation of serious-minded citizen militias, followed by a ruthless Federal Jackboot reaction (they have to nip this in the bud quickly, or it gets very bloody on both sides; which is the mutual decimation scenario that the elites wish to occur). The models also reveal the optimized remedy that eliminates the problem with the least bloodshed and pain.

    • followed by a ruthless Federal Jackboot reaction

      Probably more likely to be a small pump, with the pudgy foot of a nose-ringed lifelong government worker by the time this goes down.

      And yes, seconded – to which models are you referring?

    • Human beings don’t model well. Don’t fall into a reductionist and Procrustean view of human nature. We are well stocked up on autism.

    • Yes, this is one thing that worries me. even though this is exurbs of FL, I live walking distance from a county prison and a National Guard Armory (+ other military stuff). SHTF would be real weird around here 😶

      • Not really the felons have to get armed from somewhere…It will be deadly though but surely you have enough sense to see that…

  40. Sorry to use your own words against you Z, but we’re dealing with religious extremists. They believe their own bullshit. It might take a simple look through the ADL’s data to debunk it, but that’s asking too much of the Listen and Believe crowd.

    They really think there is a KKK rally every Friday night in the Honkey Bunkers.

  41. > A possibility the Left does worry about is one where they rig the election and it is obvious to everyone. On election night Trump wins the key states by a slim margin and slowly “newly discovered ballots” are found in rural mailboxes that flip the necessary number of states. This triggers mass protests, like the color revolutions that have turned up in corrupt countries over the last couple of decades. Trump actively disputes the result, causing even more unrest.
    Zuck is already pushing the “The election is legitimate, even if they keep finding ballots for months” narrative.

    • If this goes as it seems, Zuckerberg and Dorsey will be stripped of any operational control of their propaganda outlets despite their acquiescence.

      • Dorsey definitely is Antifa, so he’s gone post-revolution.

        I’m not sure about Zuck, I think he’s a legit part of the overclass.

    • The operatives of the Left worry about the optics, but to the puppetmasters, those optics are part of the game to destroy all the institutions. We speak of tactics, responses, and outcomes. But to TPTB, the point of the whole exercise is bedlam, so they can steal everything not tied down. Bad optics feeds the bedlam, so it is not a problem, no matter what the poor manipulated field mice on the ground might think. You must peel back more layers of the onion to see what is really going on.

    • Zuck is already pushing the “The election is legitimate, even if they keep finding ballots for months” narrative.

      Yep, they seem to be preparing the battle space for just this eventuality. Noticed it first when HRC came out saying Biden should NEVER concede… then a trickle of opinion makers, now a lot of the official
      jews in tech and nevertrump

      Really seems like they may be preparing us to accept this outcome

  42. Hmmmmm.
    I think it was you that said that the left is good at disrupting things and destroying… but they aren’t any good at running things. We are seeing this now in the smouldering shit-lib cities… which are now fertile hatching grounds for Trump supporters, and eeeeeeeevil white supremists like you and the other scarey dissidents.
    If Normie gets off the couch, it’s all over. And he will, at the rate Leftie is going. Consider: his kids are homos and SJWs. His job is a political mine field and he walks on eggshells around lunatics and degenerates. Now he can’t even watch sportzball without being berated and noggerated. If he tries to go down to the store, some bitch will give him chit for not wearing a mask. Normie is one caress of the trigger away from putting a bullet through Karen and hoisting the black flag.
    I notice Trump just put an official start to the end of race whoring in govt organizations by putting an end to ‘critical race theory’.
    I think you are in for a storm. I can’t see the other side being smart enough to wage or sustain any kind of civil war. The tide may finally be turning.

    • The Antifa and BLM shock troops have no impulse control. Their left-wing overlords, though, cannot control many of them after a point. The Leninists always come out on top of left-wing coalitions.

      • The Antifa and BLM shock troops have no impulse control.
        that’s one reason why regime kills radicals after they’re done with them, the other reason is that elites don’t actually intend to give antifa idiots any real power despite initially promising to do so

        • It doesn’t always work, or at least initially. Remember the left-wing coalition with the Leninists in 1917. Sometimes the most feral win. Eventually there is a Night of the Long Knives but we are far from that point.

          • Not so. The most cunning may win – sometimes by being the most feral. There is a difference.
            I am just not seeing that on the left. They don’t have the intellectual capital to sustain a civil war. Maybe a temper tantrum – which is basically what these riots are.
            A leftist revolution will require driven, dedicated and unified fighters to leverage it. These guys are are noggered rapists, arsonists, and thugs.ANTIFA thugs are mostly crack heads, welfare slobs, and street people. As the meme says, without police protection, we’d kill every last one of them.

          • Would we kill them, though? Serious question. The police protection may not hold indefinitely and they may be the ones who pull the trigger. I’m not so certain those from the DR let alone the Normies will do the same outside a Kyle Rittenhouse outlier.

            These shock troops are chosen precisely because they are outcasts. But that is a two-edged sword. Those with nothing to lose don’t really care what they are told and by whom. I can see them getting the upper hand easily.

          • Don’t forget the White Privileged Kids along for the thrills.
            That lot might be somewhat dangerous though as Ted Cruz noted If little Ashley from the burbs is looking at 5 years she’ll flip pretty fast.

      • Again – if he does, it’s all over. Without a meal ticket, the left collapses. Parasites don’t do well after the host dies.

  43. Even if Trump wins in an uncontested landslide, the smart money says the Senate flips (D) and the House remains (D). Trump will be reimpeached before Inauguration Day, and the Senate will easily find enough “principled” conservatives like Mittens to make it stick this time around.

    Plan accordingly, but damn. This is not a great future. Despair is a sin

    Also…”Bitter Bindi”—heh,heh.

    • Can someone please quote to me the chapter and verse from scripture where it says despair is a sin?

      • Not exactly “in the bible”, but certainly taught by “Catechism of the Catholic Church” 1853::
        The Church also tells us that the sins of anger, blasphemy, envy, hatred, malice, murder, neglect of Sunday obligation, sins against faith (incredulity against God or heresy), sins against hope (obstinate despair in the hope for salvation and/or presumption that oneself can live without God or be saved by one’s own power) and sins against love (indifference towards charity, ingratitude, and/or hatred of God) also constitute grave matter. This list of grave sins, is based on Jesus Christ’s interpretation of the gravity of the Ten Commandments. Grave sins can be classed as sins against God, neighbor and self, and can further be divided into carnal and spiritual sins (CCC 1853).

        • Unless I am convicted by Scripture and plain reason-I do not accept the authority of popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other-my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen.

          • MemeWarVet,
            Since my tone doesn’t really come through in a comment, let me say that I’m not trying to be sarcastic or argue with you. Also, I’m not much of a theologian. But the closest I can come up with is 2 Corinthians 4:8-10. I’m not sure if you would even say this verse really says that despair is a sin.

            We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair;  persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;  10  always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.

            To the extent that we are commanded not to despair, it seems to me that we are not to lose hope in Jesus. That’s not really about despair regarding the political situation.

          • The problem with the Catholic Jesus is that he is not ours; he was part of a place and a people that was simply not from where my people came from and associated with. The Pope (the current one, especially, as we get “good” ones now and again) and the Vatican are still alien to me and mine. God’s message is there, but I would rather my filter was what my people knew and lived. The message is real, and there is room for both Jesus and something else in it. But Catholic Jesus lays a bunch of baggage on the message.

          • Be like this guy.
            Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, and why we died. All that matters is that today, we stood against many. Valor pleases you, so grant me this one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, the HELL with you!

          • Quick search gave me this reasoning that sounds pretty good to me:

            Despair, ethically regarded, is the voluntary and complete abandonment of all hope of saving one’s soul and of having the means required for that end. It is not a passive state of mind: on the contrary it involves a positive act of the will by which a person deliberately gives over any expectation of ever reaching eternal life. There is presupposed an intervention of the intellect in virtue of which one comes to decide definitely that salvation is impossible. This last is motived by the persuasion either that the individual’s sins are too great to be forgiven or that it is too hard for human nature to cooperate with the grace of God or that Almighty God is unwilling to aid the weakness or pardon the offenses of his creatures, etc.

          • Since we’re waxing religious here, how about a pitch for the unbeliever. We too can despair that our lives are all we’ll ever know, and that after death we won’t exist any more than we existed a year before our birth. Even Buddhism (influenced by Hinduism, I think) posits endless rebirths until a person is purified and reaches Nirvana, the absence of all desire (or suffering). Rarely mentioned is the utter egoism of human beings to believe in a higher existence or a creator. In my opinion, existentialism is the most honest intellectual position, and most humble too: we are accidents of the universe, given a fascinating time here on Earth to use as we see fit. Anything beyond that is unknowable.

          • Hope is a Christian benediction, Meme. It IS in the Bible (Romans 15:13 and elsewhere). Thus, since despair is the opposite of hope doesn’t it make sense that despair is therefore sinful?

          • It would be sin to despair of God’s promise to save your soul through Christ’s atoning work.

            To claim it is sinful to despair about politics is nonsense and non-Biblical nonsense At that.

          • You don’t think the above is reasonable? And that despair is? Seems pretty unreasonable to me. Care to try to justify despair?

          • I didn’t ask whether it was reasonable. I asked if the claim that despair was a sin could be supported by sacred scripture.

            But nice goalpost move.

          • Hate to break the news to you, but if you accept scripture, you already accept the authority of popes and councils.

          • Depends on what you claim to be scripture, but I see where you’re coming from. Not completely versed in their beliefs, but I believe Jehovah’s Witness attempts to solve this problem with their acceptance of other text into “their” scripture. In short, they attempt to address the problem of the early “church” picking and choosing from the available historical literature of the times.

      • Not a sin, but best avoided. “Let not your hearts be troubled…” or similar, usually followed by a call to faith in God or his son. While Buddhism is very different, one of their “Four noble truths” is that “suffering” is at the root of all human unhappiness. “Suffering” would be better understood as “dissastisfaction with the way things are.”

      • Despair is a supernatural vice, not a natural one. When I was canceled and lost my business 3 months ago, I despaired that I could save it. I could not save it, so I was right.

        But I am not allowed to say to myself, “God will never forgive me for ….. and I’m sure to go to hell” that is despair.

    • Whoever “wins”, the other side won’t accept the results and it’ll be mass chaos all around. I sure hope Trump and his people are planning for such an event. It’ll make 2000 look like a walk in the park – who knows when the “official” tallies will even be known? I’d advise that if you’ve got a place to retreat to from whatever city you live in, plan to make use of it for a few weeks at least.

    • Its highly unlikely the Democrats will flip anything. The BLM antics have soured people’s taste to vote for them even in the hive cities,
      Vote for us or burn is not a great strategy.
      I could even see a few Republican gains though as usual for those losers, they probably won’t know what to do with them.
      Ultimately wasting time despairing is pointless, it will almost certainly come to civil war, when it does its your job to fight it and to get what gains your and your people can.
      If you are lucky we can keep modernity, if not, be the strong tribe, Accept that and learn to change your mind from civilized man back to barbarian.
      I think you’ll find it is good for the soul.

    • I’ve said before that if the Senate ever gets a 2/3 Democrat majority, the USA has major problems ahead. Do you really think that’s possible, soon? 😟

      • Getting distracted by the Presidency every 4 years is a sideshow, but it’s entertaining and irresistible due to the top level star power typically fronted by at least one party (Obama, Trump, Clinton…Bush was an oddity).

        Short answer: demography is destiny. We’re on an unavoidable collision course with a uniparty state, and it ain’t Team R that’s going to run it.

        The only way forward is through. The Zblog is useful because of the like thinkers who understand what’s coming may be delayed, but is ultimately a foregone conclusion. So let’s think about the “getting through “ and finding a preferable “something else” on the other side.

  44. The other option is this is just the start. The civil war on the Left is now going to continue until the radicals seize control of the party and the institutions. The people running woke capital have the resources and confidence to keep going, so this looks like the most likely scenario. They could very well rig the election in November, without regard for how it looks. Appearances have not stopped them so far. We could be witnessing a woke version of the Bolshevik Revolution…
    If you could beat an honest answer out of them, most of the people supporting and financing the unrest are probably puzzled by the lack of resistance. They are sending mobs into nice white areas to assault middle-class white people at restaurants and shopping areas. They have looted major cities. Left-wing politicians are openly declaring war on white people. Despite the overt war on white people from the top, little in the way of organized resistance has emerged yet.
    Either the Left has much more in store for white people or they are sensing a change in general attitudes, but either way, they are planning for a response. There are tens of thousands of disaffected young white males with military training. Not only are they familiar with the use of weapons, they are trained in small unit tactics. If the degenerates of Antifa can organize a summer of rage, smart white guys could punch much higher. In the regard, the Left is being prudent

    Agreed with all three paragraphs excerpted above. A few related thoughts:

    1. The Institutional Left has far better impulse control than the hordes they have unleashed. Woke Capital will lose control in short order. Think of it as Kerensky, the mobs as Lenin. It will end the same.
    2. They indeed must be puzzled. The initial glee about the White acceptance of their dhimmitude surely is complemented by their fear of a brutal backlash. To draw an analogy again, the Russian Civil War easily could have gone the other way. Given the submission to the Covid lockdowns, it would surprise me if Whites don’t accept their oppression a long, long time.
    3. All during the Obama Administration, the State security apparatus expressed misgivings about the potential terrorism of those who had military training. Given a few vets have knowledge of chemical and biological weapons, the great equalizers, it is not a misplaced concern. That is punching much higher.
    4. The Leninist elements have been the most shocked when the few pushbacks have happened. This shows they will withdraw quickly. It is why the Institutional Left wants to draw the military into the fray, hence the Jeff Goldberg Jew bleatings of the last few days. Again, this could spin out of control very quickly and my money over time would be on the Leninists.
    5. The only way to advert this madness is to plan how to make the lives of the Overclass miserable as well. Orchestrating dock strikes against unloading Chinese tankers is one way. Encouraging troops fighting Imperial wars to desert and/or frag their officers is another way. Even forming temporary alliances with the Leninists is another. Focus on how to make the top uneasy and fearful and you have leverage. Economic consequences are the most likely way to inflict misery but there are other weapons in the arsenal.

    Grim stuff to consider, but this coming to a head sooner rather than later.

    • Let me add one other thing. Why the Establishment Left, while it had full operational control of BLM and Antifa, allowed their urban powerhouses to implode is inexplicable. There is a reason behind it but it eludes me.

      • The implosion of the cities is part of the process, the process of destroying all of the links and relationships that make our culture good and strong. The process is the point. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. The city-dwellers are both the manipulated and the victims, in this case. But the point of the matter is to destroy the culture so all the things of economic value can be looted. When you see it, all the the things that make no sense, begin to make sense. Why would the Dems, the party of wimmyn and POCs, nominate an old, delirious, racist, sexist, serial groper white guy? Because destroying everything good is the point, and the process is the means. Whether Trump or the dummy wins, the process of destruction of the system will continue apace.

        • Good response but I’m not certain. On the surface, this appears to hurt the Left. I may be inputting too much rationality there.

          • You are looking at the magician’s busy right hand while the left hand is doing the real work, in plain sight when you look at it.

          • Jack is right, Dutch. Destroying Democrat cites is killing their own strongholds. The oligarchs think they can duplicate the process in non-blue cities to complete the process, but that won’t happen. Trump’s stand that Democrat-run cites who indulge rioters won’t get money to rebuild is a stroke of genius. Whether he can or wants to make that stick or not remains to be seen.

          • Jack is tactically right. So one must ask the question, why is this still happening? We know that it is a small minority of people given free rein to go nuts. Perhaps they have slipped the leash. But that small of a group could be stopped by their handlers if the handlers wanted it stopped. It’s just not that many people, they are generally from the shallow end of the gene pool, and they are being paid cash money to do this.
            Tactically, stopping the blue city riots makes sense. I half expected them to stop over the last week, but they have not. Which leads me to ask my question, why not? If the motivation of TPTB is to destroy the system overall, then the loss of some blue cities along the way has no meaning to TPTB, other than as the next step in taking everything down.
            When I ask “Cui Bono” (who benefits) from the riots, and of all the other stuff going on, the only conclusion that connects the dots for me is that the destructive process has to be the point of the thing, and the only conclusion I can draw from the process being the point of the thing, is some combination of stealing everything that is not tied down (which is the evergreen scenario of looting the conquered lands), and simply wanting to see the world burn, Heath Ledger Joker style. A different logical conclusion, using a different starting point than Jack uses, which is consistent with my starting point and path, just as his is consistent from his starting point. We are both right, because we are asking different questions. But I think my answer goes more to the root of the thing, because it takes Jack’s correct conclusion and makes a question out of it. Perhaps my conclusion can be questioned, and be worked into some sort of deeper truth about why TPTB might think as they do and want what they want, which I have trouble understanding—but then I assume that people are basically good and generally want to live happy lives, which could be all wrong.

          • See what the U.S. has done abroad over the years to effect regime change. Unrest continues until there’s violence, violence continues until there’s either a government overthrow or a war. Soros et al. (US, UK, FR, CIA, USAID, Ford Fndtn, Carnegie Fndtn, etc.) have practiced these techniques for decades and were ready to apply their color revolution techniques to a huge, white western “democracy” and that’s what we’ve been seeing unfolding before us, not just U.S. but all the formerly white majority countries. They will not stop until Trump is gone and replaced with a globalist puppet like Biden, though it could be Harris or Clinton or Pelosi…. God protect the health and safety of President Trump and his family.

      • Why ? Well, this is training on friendly soil. Left is not Alt Right who brought untrained inexperienced strange guys to the CVille enemy soil without preparing. Now, when cities collapse, those liberals flee all over the country and taking their network and experience with them. Like a cancer spreads. Heavily armed but dumb rednecks in their small towns have no chance against educated articulated well experienced and well connected communist newcomers. Rednecks will greet the refugees with open arms. Guns are useless, when you dont understand what is going on. Professional liberal can be clown every last person suspected to possible resistance and derail any unity attempt before single shot is fired. They took over Universities where were wise people almost without resistance.

        • You have too little knowledge of Americans or our political experience to be qualified to speak on the subject. We’ve dealt with this before here. The neoconservative crowd may welcome warlike Balkans and Slavs simply for their bellicosity but we expect more here.

          • We’ve dealt with this before here. The neoconservative crowd may welcome warlike Balkans and Slavs simply for their bellicosity but we expect more here.”
            Proof of that? The white American psyche has been ruined with bottom-of-the-barrel black ghetto culture and degenerate jewish secularism. What exactly do you think mainstream America is demanding? I fear it is more blackness they demand, more secular. More damnation.

      • “Incompetence”? Let’s not overthink this. Leftists didn’t intentionally kill all of the millions of people they did in the 20th century. A majority of it was caused by starvation (generated by incompetence and stupidity which, along with blinding hatred, is the foundation of all Leftism).

        • No, Holodomor and the gulags were deliberate.

          The officials withheld the seed for planting, then accused the farm families of hiding the crop they hadn’t grown! So Trotsky’s soldiers were paid to steal everything left.

          • Trotsky had long been gone by the time of the Holodomor: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_TrotskyIn October 1927, Trotsky and Zinoviev were expelled from the Central Committee. When the United Opposition tried to organize independent demonstrations commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Bolshevik seizure of power in November 1927, the demonstrators were dispersed by force and Trotsky and Zinoviev were expelled from the Communist Party on 12 November. 

          • Yes, forbidding farmers to eat any of their own crops is a deliberate starving of said farmers. The holodomor. Perpetrated by the cruelest demographic of all rulers.

      • This is inexplicable because the Establishment Left’s control of ANTIFABLM is more apparent than real.

    • Good points. The main thing to consider is economic pressure. Antifa can look invincible at 2 AM in Portland, but what can it do in the rural areas if it finds itself cut off from food and ammo? Discussing a tactical response to antifa fighters is fun but mostly irrelevant. Wars, and even battles ultimately hinge on supply lines and economics, so the one element that matters more than anything else is keeping your enemy’s cost of victory as high as possible while minimizing your cost of inflicting damage. The war in Afghanistan provides plenty of good examples for how to do that very thing.

      • Another thing to consider is that our enemy wants to enslave is not kill us. Killing large numbers of white people is easy: destroy the power grid and water supply. Millions would die within a couple weeks. That they haven’t done so it’s pretty much proof that they want to oppress us. However, you can’t oppress a corpse. As such, the best strategy is to continually throw sand in the gears of our overloads when it’s easy, convenient and relatively low risk.

        • It’s because they need us, nobody is more productive than white men.

          Seemed like they had a pretty good thing going before – give white guys a job, a house, and a wife, they produce some kids, and the state gets their productive labour. We did this without needing enslavement.

          Personally i think it will fail, we are not Chinese or African. I suspect white men would rather die than be enslaved. More failure from the blank slate morons in charge.

          • If you read a book similar to what I pitched above (Erectus Walks Amongst Us) a good argument can be made for the “blank slate” argument being valid, but not in a way that helps the Left: The race who is the same color as a traditional slate, is born blank and it’s damned hard to write anything upon it. And even slightly-bettter-off slates here in the USA resist it because, you know, chalk be white. 😀

        • They want to kill lots of old people so they don’t need to meet pension and social security commitments. Even though whites make the best, smartest, most productive workers, such is the zeal of the globalist brainwashing that they can’t wait to kill or at least shut out whites from the economy and all active viable life. They are pushing whites into a corner.

    • Finally! Someone offers up something more than analysis followed by either a black pill or, at best, a vacuous ” keep yer powered dry, hyuck!” Keep it coming Jack, maybe some of these keyboard warriors will take heed (or at least spare us for a while from their prepper fantasies).

    • Agree with all you said except wondering: The extreme leftists/globalists seem to double down on their failed policies when confronted. Won’t they do the same here? Especially since they hold all the power and trappings. It’s a huge network and Trump, God love him!, did not purge or lustrate his executive wing or the government or the institutions or courts or schools or media when he had the chance (though I’m sure that would’ve been easier said than done).

  45. It is important to remember that five years ago no one thought banks would be canceling bank accounts based on politics. 
    “give cesar what belongs to cesar”
    It is also important to understand the modern world is a creation of a small group of people, we all play by their rules.
    The money, the natural resources, the media, the technology, even the cops & the rioters belong to them.
    All we can do is spite them as best as we can & have faith in Jesus

    • It was Bar Abbas who killed the Roman policeman in a riot Bar Abbas caused.
      Jesus never protested Roman law.

      • You should re-examine the Tribute episode.

        Jesus had nothing but contempt for Rome and for its pedophiliac, mass murdering, slave-holding strongman, Tiberius Caesar, the man who thought he was a god.

        • Jesus’ treatment of the Centurion is an example of what I was saying above about viewing the police in a more nuanced manner.

          He extolled the Centurion’s supplication of one man of power before His own greater moral power. Here was a pagan gentile lowering himself to beg a favor of a traveling street rabbi. Jesus held his vitriol for the Pharisees for their betrayal of the people and separating them from God in their hypocrisy. Jesus certainly did not approve of Rome but rightfully despised the traitors among his own before all else.

          There is a modern day lesson for us here in Our struggle. View those police forces as the gentile Roman enforcers. Where they are in service or at least compliant to Our greater moral good (and make no bones about it, the protection and preservation of Our people and heritage is the greatest of moral causes) then utilize them as exemplars (i.e. sheriffs that refuse to enforce draconian gun control laws or police that tacitly allow Our forces to push back against the anti-white mobs).

          Jesus didn’t antagonize the Romans nor should we seek to antagonize police forces unnecessarily. His mission was to preserve the rapport between God and the people. Our mission is to create a rapport between Whites and save Our people.

          Focus on that and don’t get sidelined by the misuse of the police by these pagan mayors and governors. Save your vitriol for the betrayers amongst us as Jesus did. From the lilly white woke CEO and “fellow (((white)))” media mogul down to the white antifa black block member. These are the hypocrites. The betrayers of their people. They are the “nest of vipers” and the “children of Satan”.

  46. Despite the overt war on white people from the top, little in the way of organized resistance has emerged yet.
    Cause of “law” enforcement, never trust cops, cops are the enemy of white people, cops are pigs
    Their role is to stop whites from organizing, if you’re non white, then no problem

    • In Atlanta, Chicago, Kenosha, Minneapolis, New York, Portland, and Seattle, the thin blue line has grown anorexic.

      One of the more vapid slogans shouted by the civnatteri is “Back the Blue.”

      • I wouldn’t say they have grown anorexic I would say they are just doing what they have done all along and that is listen to their Masters…The thin blue line is just an illusion that they have got their fanboys to promote…

        • Yup. This isn’t 1965 where the police were an integral part of the community and shared their community’s mores and more importantly their community’s fear of what would happen once they let blacks run amok.

          Policing has grown into it’s own society and often you encounter an us vs. everyone without a badge mentality. Add in extremely generous benefits and pensions and you have a class of enforcers that will back their own interests over their oaths and over the good of the people they are responsible to protect.

          Not saying all law enforcement officers but enough. We are also being unrealistic as a people expecting cops to handle a situation that should at this point be handled by military and intelligence organizations.

          The best thing that police in the cities can do for the country at this juncture is to simply stand down and “blue flu” this thing rather than acting as minders for antifa and BLM. Let the people handle this without having to worry about being interfered with and I think after a short burst of intense violence that a sensible society will reemerge.

          • Add to those good pension benefits the ease with which they can be fired, police union nothwithstanding, due process not applicable. This provides a very powerful incentive to not get too involved. This is hardly a new problem, witness the military, civil service, even private industry. Any employee with only a few years to vesting and/or retirement would be insane to take action or even voice an opinion that would throw away his retirement. 🙁

        • How the police relate to regular folks varies a lot.
          If the police are decent people and part of your community, generally they are worth backing. Otherwise not so much.
          In any case Civic Nationalism seems like it ought to work and is much less scary than ethnonationalism and a race/culture war so people cling to it and to those ideals and stupid slogans.
          I forgive them as the Civ Nats on the Right genuinely mean well even if they are stupid.

      • The root of all evil for the cops is the pension. (really, ALL public employees)

        Someday soon, the political higher-ups will order them to fire on assembled civilian opposition.
        Many of the cops will balk at that. Some will quit. Some will like it. Other than the quitters, the rest will just do fall in line and obey.
        “Do this evil, illegal thing or LOSE your PENSION”. 
        “Yes Sir”

      • What have they done to protect the lives and livelihoods of those who have been Burned, Looted, and Murdered in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Kenosha, Minneapolis, New York, Portland, and Seattle?

        • If I policed Seattle (having lived there years ago) and seeing how the populace has treated their law enforcement for decades… I have to admit I’d be hard pressed to want to protect anyone outside of my immediate neighbors. It would be hard to muster up a strong desire to risk myself and suppress the idea that these Seattlites are getting exactly what they voted for and justly deserve.

          • As a conservative, it pains me to say that even in normal times the police are not our allies. The Leftie’s line (“All cops are bastards”) isn’t far from the truth — it’s the nature of a policeman’s job to have to deal in thankless tasks, ungrateful people and long odds against accomplishing anything positive.
            In any major conflict, excepting perhaps the occasional very rural area or small town where the police still have actually have contact/friends/relatives in the community they serve, I think the best the police could expect from our side would be, more or less: “This doesn’t concern you, stay out of our areas and you won’t be hurt.”

      • I agree with your sentiment if not the verbiage. Sentry’s comment is a bit ham handed and negates the possibility of allies within law enforcement as well as the possibility that at some point we White folks may find ourselves in charge of police forces in Our own municipalities. Nuance would dictate that we not see law enforcement in a moral sense but rather as a neutral power tool that can hopefully be controlled by us at some point and used to further Our goals.

    • There’s some truth in that, but it’s not helpful truth. Backing the Blue is in our best interest. There’s a Reason the Left wants to get rid of cops and replace them with “social workers” like Marquise Love.

  47. Brilliant analysis. Welcome to the occupation. Would love to see that brilliant mind start working on strategy because the dystopia is feeding into the demoralization the KGB defector guy talked about back in 1984.

    • The KGB defector knew history unlike most young Americans.
      When Bolsheviks got into power in 1917 they didn’t start from murdering the nobility nor intelligentsia. That came later in the game.
      They started from murdering policemen (called “gorodovoy”). Create a lot of criminality and regular Joe can only think about living thru the day. He can’t afford to be concerned with “big politics” anymore. Thus people at the top are free to change things irreversibly.
      Same goes for starving people. Ukraine’s Holodomor is only the most famous example of people robbed of their ability to resist.
      American Bolsheviks didn’t invent anything new.

  48. If they rig the election, they better do it well. Finding truckloads of Biden votes in late November will start the Civil War.

    • If the past 6 months are any indication, they will NOT do it well.
      They will clumsily try to rig it in the most flagrant way possible, and then scream when you notice the results.
      It’s all been one long shit test. They can’t believe no one has actually stopped them yet.

    • They’ll do it. Whether they do it well or not, the result will be accepted. There will be some head-shaking. There will be some grumbling. Perhaps even some cursing. But it will be accepted. There will be no civil war of any number.

    • Skeptical that it would cause a civil war.

      Most likely conservatives would just moan, golly jee, the real racist Dems cancelled out the votes of the millions of blacks and Hispanics who voted Republican!

      The average Republican is also 60 years old, probably fat or with some other health ailment. I don’t see a civil war ever coming. Maybe if Trump directly tells his supporters that they need to start one. But that’s it.

      • If Trump knows the election has been stolen from him, he will foment civil war, and tens of millions of us will fight. At that point, it is possible Trump will tear the “respectable politician” mask off and assume the mantle of a DR leader seeking to create a new nation. I fully believe this is possible.

        • It unlikely but President Trump faces humiliation and destruction of his entire family if he loses.
          He’s a proud and family oriented man and won’t take that easily. he also knows that know promises of his safety will never be kept.
          Now the September 17th Occupy/Siege The White House would be a good time for martial law if he has the stones as would late December after votes are “found” I’d estimate a large chunk of the military would back him , especially the USMC as would many many civilians.
          It might be enough.
          Or he may just “oh well” and try to run before the swearing in. Thus far though he has fought more than anyone else so I have hope.

          • Forget the jar heads – Trump referred to the Belleau Wood “devil dogs”, where the Marines arguably cemented their reputation – as losers and suckers – hey, the venerable journalistic publication Atlantic said so. So it must be true, right? Treasonous, libelous bastards…

          • Laurene Powell-Jobs, billionaire widow of Steve Jobs, is the current owner of Atlantic Media. She is also a director at the Council on Foreign Relations. Know the enemy.

          • No one believes that for one moment., not even Never Trumpers or Civ Nats
            Its a patiently obvious attempt to draw off military support and to make the President feel isolated.
            Its also completely ineffective at any level.

        • Agreed it’s possible, although not probable.
          However, should the hounds be loosed, what form that newly created nation might then take is unclear – but a liberal democracy seems highly improbable. In the process the tree of liberty would not be simply refreshed with the blood of patriots & tyrants, but rather more flooded.

    • I think civil war is a possibility. In rural areas every other farm or landowner has a Trump sign and/or flag. They are convinced that Trump will win in a landslide in a fair election.
      Over the weekend, there was a Trump boat parade on the Ohio River. It started in Adams County with a population of under 25,000. Amazingly 400 boats showed up. On the land were hundreds of Jeeps and motorcycles. Many of the bikers were rough looking characters–reminded me of the ragtag militia in the Patriot. These people will not shrug off a stolen election.

      • The gynocentric elite order does not understand men. Alot of white men have nothing left. Blue collar jobs gone. Churches, former white neighborhood and other community spaces pozzed. No family (either divorced or never married).

        Men who have nothing to lose are the most dangerous. Look at the antifa freaks on the other side. I’m still skeptical that normal white men will get off their asses, but the fem-NWO has certainly been spreading alot of kindling around for such a situation to occur, probably not noticing the desperation of many men.

  49. You wrote “degenerates of antifa”.
    Morally, sure. But tactically or strategically?
    The more I see of antifa, the more it seems to me that the drivers behind them know what they are doing and can either can handle whatever the right throws at them, or are willing to sacrifice antifa because they expect this to further their goal.

    • Anyone who has played sports knows it is easy to look great in practice. Right now, Antifa is operating unopposed with police protection, so they look like imperial storm troopers. Think back before the police were sent into protect them and right-wing people were allowed to go outside. Antifa did not hold up very well.

      It is an important lesson. Antifa and BLM are a lure. They are trying desperately to get idiots out fighting them, so the cops can come in and pounce on the idiots. That gives the pols cover to pass new laws oppressing white people. This is the plan. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2020/08/11/how-a-new-administration-might-better-fight-white-supremacist-violence/

      • It’s amazing the restraint whites on our side have shown. I’m afraid that the next response to BLM/antifa violence won’t look like the Kyle Rittenhouse incident, where the media couldn’t capitalize on it, because the videos showed he did nothing wrong, plus he’s a good kid, lifeguard, cleaned graffiti, etc.

        • It has been forgotten by normal people, but Progressive planners remember groups like The Order. This was a group of white nationalists who went on a short-lived terror campaign. They killed a Jewish radio guy and robbed some armor cars. The FBI swept them up with use of an informant, a guy who turned to avoid jail. All of them went away for life.

          The current Left is sure a new version of this is out there. They are so sure of it, they now act as if it exists. Much of what they have been doing is like a weird seance, in which they can bring into the material world the bogeyman they know exists in the spirit world. The lack of any response by whites has been the best weapon against this stuff so far. That said, I expect the aggression to intensify as they feverishly try to conjure the white nationalist into exist.

          • They are so sure of it, they now act as if it exists.

            They are sure because if they don’t find one, they’ll damn well create one themselves.

          • Hell, not all of them went to jail. Robert Matthews fought it out and died David Koresh-style on Whidbey Island. They dropped flares on him and he incinerated.

          • We have to remember that pretty much no one on our side has been hit yet with any real severity – with the possible exception of Kyle… and I bet he not only walks, he cleans up in court with defamation suits against the media.
            Most of this is happening in shit-lib cities. Those guys are getting what they voted for, good and hard. When they try this on our side, they run into the bikers and militias. A shooting war would be a sporting event for them.
            I don’t think it is a case of restraint, so much as that our side has not really been challenged on our home turf. Yet.

          • When the chips are down, remember my version of the ancient English saying “You may as well hang for a sheep as for a lamb.”Mine is: “If you’re going to be risking life without parole, make every shot count!” 🙂

          • “The lack of any response by whites has been the best weapon against this stuff so far.

            A Jew. Only a Jew would even think that.

          • Zimmerman just means carpenter in German. We had many with that surname in the Lutheran church I attended as a child.

          • You’re right, what white people need is some NEET loser larper to give the left even more political power to crush all white people and any chance of a white revival. Let’s destroy our entire civilization’s chances of survicimg because “MakeADecison” is AWWWNGRY nd wants the cookie NOOOW. You are too short for this ride, get off before you hurt yourself.

          • As pointed out in my book, Trump:The Art of the Meme (now banned as hate speech by Amazon, but the original articles are on Counter-Currents) Trump’s Positive Thinking campaign tactics were aided not only by alt-right meme warfare but also by the intense “Orange Hitler” fantasies of the Left.

          • FBI informant? I wonder how long they had the guy turned before deciding to shut the group down. Let them wreak havoc for a while to set the narrative. Not unlike what’s been done with antifa.

          • If you’re worried about conjuring White Supreemises into existence isn’t it a bad idea to make weekly concern-posts about wignattery taking over the dissident right?

          • thing is, whites currently think they can vote Trump, and he will send in the troops on November 4th, going the full Nixon. and well, idk, hope that plan can be trusted…

            meanwhile one can peacefully stand around some statues, paint some graffiti somewhere, covert/peaceful propaganda tactics to not scare normies, funny uniform and any weaponry under lock but clean. maybe more Kyles may come, which are optically really useful, but only if they are legit Kyles, and not Dylanns. Mark Collett can be imitated with the camp outs and churchgoing with wives and kids, and more white teens can come clean up the knocked over pedestals and smoked up cars… but well idk, eventually someone will have to prevent the fires from being set. hope that’s sooner than later.

        • <i>It’s amazing the restraint whites on our side have shown. </i>

          Most white people still think white people are in charge of America.

          • And probably close to a third of whites believe we’re not merely in charge, but that we are evil oppressors of the peaceful, saintly negroes. It is truly astounding how divorced from reality people can be.

          • No they don’t.
            They know they don’t have any options.
            The Whites are retreating to Whitelandia. Without any other options and no organization allowed – by the online right – the only option for survival is retreat into the interior.

        • Most right-wing whites just shrug at the cities burning, since it’s all shitlib central anyways. They don’t see the victims in the cities as their people, and they mostly aren’t.
          If they start marching in the suburbs it will be a different story.

          • And those in rural areas are even more detached from cities and suburbs burning, because chickens roosting and such.

            Not so detached that they aren’t checking zero on their boomsticks and reloading all the brass they have on hand, and canning like there will be no stores with stock tomorrow (try to find canning lids), and offering place of refuge for family members worth saving that live near cities to help with watching the place, but not-going-to-lift-a-finger-because-everyone-there-should-have-known-better-than-importing-third-worlders detached.

          • Yep. I live in a rural community far away from Portland. I have no interest in going there to fight libs. In fact, I feel confident Portland could burn completely to the ground and everyone in it could die without my lifestyle being negatively altered in any meaningful way. Dissidents trying to convince others to fight antifa on their turf remind me of the neocons ca. 2001 arguing that we should fight the terrorists over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.

          • Who wants the cities and burbs emptying out? New neighbors with bad political habits, cost of living & real estate going through the roof, crime, red states turning blue. No thank you.

          • Let’s get real though, most people in cities haven’t had a real choice about the clowns in charge and their three ring circus anymore than people anywhere else have.

        • Not restraint, lack of options.
          No Right Wing exists, it is not allowed to exist. Only online venting, who’s relationship to reality is porn-faps relationship to reproduction – it prevents it.

          Like porn, the online Right Wing has a fantasy world ideal of movements that can’t really exist; so nothing exists.

          There is no Right Wing. “Our” people have no options, they were all led away from the real life options, so they stay home.

          Whatever Rough Beast might awake, you can be sure it will be denounced here, in truth the most likely result is the Left will proceed as far as it can. Certainly whatever stops the Left won’t be White.

          Won’t be you either.

          • Wrong. We have not been prevented from organizing. We simply haven’t attempted to do so yet. But we will. And sooner than you think.

          • Not entirely true. One of the reasons our online presence diminished lately is that most dissident hubs are focusing on IRL grassroots network building right now.
            It might also be that, in a way, we’ve achieved our objective. The immediate purpose of the meme-happy Alt-right was to normalize racist discourse online. Would anyone argue the Internet isn’t more racist now than it was in 2014?

      • Vox just had a couple of excellent posts on the portland assassination and antifa tactics. They have been trained and are very, very sophisticated. I’m not religious but have come to believe that the Rittenhouse incident was Divine Providence. That dumb magnificent moron kid couldn’t have been written more perfectly. St. Kyle, indeed.

        • That ‘kid’ is a man, proven in battle as were our ancestors at that age.

          Five assailants. His technique and control were flawless. This one’s a true oper8ter.

          • Yes. He stands tall compared to that Chief of Staff ‘warrior’ General Millie. Yahoo news showed him looking so serious today with his COVID mask on. What an embarrassment our general officers are. No wonder the Afghan war is the longest in history and will soon be added to the ‘loss’ column.

          • You can’t. More importantly the liberal state and modernity itself probably need to be done away with.
            The Right’s biggest mistake is that they allowed the Country Clubbers to set the moral tone for the party and that tone turned out to be “cheap labor, minimal regulation ad oligarchy.” as well as letting the Left handle the moral arrangements for nation.
            This was not to put to fine a point on it, bug fuck nuts.
            The DR needs to be willing to regulate marriage, business, immigration and yes victimless morality crimes in ways that they have been avoiding talking about or decades,.
            Now up until I don’t know maybe the 70’s, a bit later in some parts, the US was a Christian country with muscular values not the looter cuck, mealy mouthed strain we have now. This meant we could mostly count on things to regulate themselves most of the time.
            This is not the case now so morals must be imposed by the new ruling class and obeyed by them. They must also crush subversion and dissent which will not sit well with some.
            If you can’t do that than the only way you will be allowed to live in the way you choose is to allow or even accelerate the obliteration of this system. The smaller, homogeneous nations will have to figure out how to supply themsleves largely starting from scratch. Not easy but if you can’t make your own weapons and ammo and food, you are someone else’s puppet.

          • This is as good a place as any to pitch a new “to me” book. I think somebody on ZH mentioned it. I’m most of the way through it. It’s more or less a race realist surveying biological history, why there are races, their differences, with much more. The author cites not only government and academics (e.g. Lynn) he also cites Amren, Vdare and their authors :). For a book written by a retired patent examiner, it’s very well done. Best of all it’s free!
            P.S. This is an excellent example of Amazon’s hyporcisy: Well maybe not, the Kindle version says “Item Under Review”.
            I guess the Thought Police are backlogged these days. Tough call: make $0.99 nearly all of it pure profit, or pretend to be the guardian of morals. 🙂

      • Another thing: antifa wants to fight someone. If no one on the right is available, then they will fight those who they deem insufficiently radical. This is a very consistent pattern in revolutionary history, so the best strategy for our side is to withdraw from the fight to promote infighting. In-group cohesion is strongest during a fight, but dissipates in victory. If antifa doesn’t have opposition it will eventually turn on itself.

        • ANTIFA thinks they want to fight somebody. Once we hit them in the mouth they will flee pell-mell like the cowards they really are.

        • If you see a white-ish Antifa or BLM group, ask them point blank, “Why don’t you recruit more Blacks for your group?” Talk about encouraging someone to sabotage themself…

      • Virginia’s AG shows you exactly what’s coming with his legislation to fight “White supremacists.”


        The bill would:

        Allow the AG to define hate crimes as basically anything they want.

        Give police any tool they need to monitor any group suspected of being White supremacists

        Take away your right to own a gun if you’re convicted of a hate crime or if you’re affiliated with a group

        Restrict White “paramilitary” groups

        This bill will pass at some point. It will give VA govt carte blanch to arrest and convict any White who says anything they don’t like or is even around people who say anything that the govt doesn’t like. That guy will lose his job, not be able to find another job and he will lose his right to own a gun.

        Oh, and anyone who knows him, will be under suspicion and watched, which means that guy will be avoided like a leper.

        Personally, I want VA to pass this law. Shove it right in White people’s faces. People need to understand what kind of life they will be living under the new regime.

      • The current generation of Antifa are not the same people who were swept from the streets at Berkeley.They have been hardened by months of fighting the cops.

          • Have you been reading anything about what has been going on in Portland? They are far more organised than they were at Berkeley and have a solid corp of genuine goons.

          • In the 1960s the New Left was occasionally swept from the streets because the cops had a mandate to do so. 60 years later that is no longer the case, and hence, no “hardening” in battles with the cops has occurred.

          • They are well trained and well equipped for 4GW tactics by mobile training cadres . They often drugged up enough to ignore violence,
            They are very dangerous in numbers and in environments they control and should not be underestimated,
            How this will fare in non permissive areas is another matter. I suspect they’ll be low grade infantry and if squashed fast enough, will not adapt very fast.
            Our side is waiting for a leader to give orders really but we have a hotelier not a Hitler and may have a long wait ahead. Learning to become ideological, to self organize and to increase stores seems good to me.

          • I think you underestimate the resourcefulness of local country folk. Push come to shove, getting several guys together to pick off troublemakers is well within the skill set of any white boy smart enough to drive a pickup and who knows which end of a deer rifle does what.

          • Note I said “in numbers and in environments they control” the countryside has neither.
            That said you should read Antifa reality check https://archive.is/RHX8p on American Partisan
            There is plenty of other material as well. This is a dangerous group under the correct conditions and like many groups of that nature, adaptable.
            Treating them with caution is advised especially as they have huge resource and organizational advantage at this time.

          • Exactly what are these training cadres, and whence their martial skill? Regardless, I fully believe that when they meet organized resistance they will fold like a K-Mart pup tent in a typhoon.

          • Correct. To find a similar example, you’d need to look to Japan and their protest antics. I remember when the Japanese younger set was protesting an airport opening way back when.

            A big Kabuki dance between the police and the rioters. Great choreography. Rioters rushed police, police retreated, regrouped, then marched in line to back off the crowd. Wash, rinse, repeat. Even our news reports were commenting on the “dance” more than the cause.

            That’s what we have here. A big Kabuki dance. Antifa have never seen in any form the extent of violence that can be called down upon them in an instant once the gloves come off. Problem is who calls this shot, and when does it happen? But never in question in my mind is who wins.

          • Z-man must be doing good work if he’s attracting the “Hey fellow whites, let’s all publicly discuss our plan to engage in counterproductive and obviously illegal activity!” JIDF/shareblu/agency crowd

        • Antifa has never “fought” the cops, they’ve been protected by the cops. And literally nothing fixes horrible genetics, these people are weak down to their chromosomes.

      • Right-minded people should be thinking about wars of national liberation (aka insurgencies) and how they have been waged. And how they could be waged, at the state, county, and zipcode level.
        In the event, I have no doubt whatsoever that the usual suspects and native traitors will have made a massive and fatal miscalculation by overthrowing the Constitutional order.
        Perhaps it will not come to this but if it does, people should be under no illusions about what is to be done and how.
        No successful insurgency has ever been waged where pity remained in the hearts of the insurgents, or the populations they struggled for.
        Inside every tenth bugman there is a reachable mind. With minimal effort the other nine can be kept terrified.
        In my opinion, the most relevant examples are Algeria, Northern Ireland, and Iraq. Especially Zarqawi. Note that only one of these could really be considered an unqualified success. And that took eight years.
        We have a playbook: JP3_24. PDFs of this are available everywhere.
        Whatever one thinks of Kilcullen, he’s thought hard and written a lot about this. If you can make it through the commie blather, try Carlos Marighella. A Savage War of Peace is great. Gangbanger memoirs also have their place, as do memoirs by cops from the gang divisions.
        There are plenty of good movies to watch. Battle of Algiers and The Wind That Shakes the Barley come to mind.
        If you are a vet and not a member of the AmLeg or VFW, get that way. The bar side is good but the AA side is better.

      • Yes, agreed. They are trying to lure white nationalists out to fight Antifa, and then in turn arrest the white nationalists and conduct show trials.

        But sooner or later, as white people continue to exercise restraint, they’re either a) gonna get that sucker they’ve been trying to lure, or b) push some white guy who is trying to mind his own business and tend to his family into a corner and he’s got no option but to fight.

        Here’s the question, then. Should the cops also be considered the enemy? Because they’re the ones who are going to follow the orders of their leftist masters. They’re going to continue to give Antifa a free hand, but they’re going to be the ones to bring the hammer down on any white resistance.

        How to deal with the Left is an easy question. The bigger and more important question is, how do we deal with the cops? I do not have an answer, but I lean toward distrusting them and I think the “blue lives matter” marches and rallies are for naive morons.

    • If you told Frenchmen at the begin of the reign of terror that they were roughly a decade away from from the start of France being ruled by a moderately conservative technocrat that would lead the French to become the dominant force of Europe for a decade, they would have scoffed at you. Remember this the next time you think about taking a black pill.

        • Sure. My point was more that no one saw Napoleon happening at the start of the revolution, so trying to predict what happens next is pretty much impossible because there are just too many weird things that can happen during a state of chaos. We just don’t know if some random guy who’s in his second year of his enlistment may turn into a juggernaut leader a decade from now. Or if China dumping treasuries may cause the federal government to invest heavily in infrastructure and tech development, heading off economic unrest. Like Napoleon, there are plenty of weird turns this revolution could unpredictably take, so it’s best not to get too involved in predicting the course of events.

          • No one predicted where we are NOW and this is conclusive evidence that no one really knows where we’re going either.

        • Conditions in early-20th century Russia were so different from those in late-18th century France that any tactical and strategic lessons were meager. Same goes for early-20th century “America” and early-20th century Russia. But keep on shoveling your black poison. Alas, it is an inverse placebo.

    • They are larping. When you are out playing revolutionary while being totally protected and there is no real risk, it is easy and fun. These people are having the time of their lives. They are in nice weather and the cops are generally being nice and they have the support of the politicians and most importantly, nobody is shooting at them and if they are arrested face no real time or charges. They have all of the fun and excitement without any of the risks.

      As soon as they start throwing the book at arrestees and not giving them bail or worse, real violence breaks out, 1/2 or more will melt away. They are generally more than 1/2 women. None are forced to be there. Pretty much all of them can leave at any time and for any reason. The people they will lose are the people who give cover to the bad actors. They will be the people who stand around and hold placards making it look like a “peaceful protest” and who act like nothing is happening when the violent ones do their violence. It doesn’t work without them. That’s what happens when they get outnumbered and all you can see is rioting.

      • They are in nice weather

        yeah, not too much pissful protesting going on where it’s 100 degrees w/90 percent humidity.

      • You raise intersting questions. Has there been an Antifa activity in conservative cities? Are, there, in fact, any conservative cities any more??? Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to see dozens or hundreds arrested, with felony charges, and no bond or bond higher than the Soros crowd can handle.

        • Not yet. Antifa has so far been carefully choosing locations where they are protected by the local pols. And most of the cucks they’re accosting in the restaurants have later said that they support BLM.

          So they haven’t tried this shit yet in Lubbock or Billings where they’d get shot and the shooter would be no-billed in about five minutes and then and the DA and the sheriff would buy the shooter a drink.

          Of course, the entire purpose of rigging a national election and taking control of FedGov is to be able to acquire that kind of protection everywhere.

          • Knowing only 1 thing about Billings, that there are college campuses in that town, I wouldn’t count on having a right wing mayor or chief of police.

    • In truth, ANTIFA is not the issue here. Because ANTIFA is primarily white, the inner party, led by Cadaver Joe, has condemned them, and can thus claim some moral high ground. The real issue, however, is BLM. They are the street enforcers of Frankenfascist “America,” and the inner party is not about to condemn them because they’re largely black. Blacks are sacrosanct; whites are fodder for everybody.

      • Political enforcer is a step up in status and power for them.

        They will as eagerly sieze that rung as the feminists siezed being political officers.

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