Springtime For Joggers

Thanks to the relentless anti-white animus, America and the world now has a new colorful euphemism for a certain element of society. The word “jogger” is now the preferred word of choice to describe the young black male creeping around in the neighborhood, looking for trouble. Over the weekend, the funnymen and meme makers had fun with the story of Ahmaud Arbery, the black male shot and killed by two white men in Georgia during a confrontation.

The “jogger” phenomenon is interesting, because it suggests white people in America have turned a critical corner. When this well-orchestrated media campaign was unleashed last week, the first reaction by most whites was to assume it was yet another hoax to libel white people. Instead of the public acts of piety, whites took to social media to laugh at the absurdity of the case. The first instinct was to call it Trayvon Martin 2.0 and mock the ham-fisted propaganda campaign.

Now, not all white people reacted this way. Some older white people in the northeast, conditioned to hate white people from the South, fell for the hype, but they were quickly brought around by others. A lifetime of being told you are a good white, even after you realize you are not, is hard to ignore. Of course, there were plenty of “fellow whites” on social media working their usual scams. Then there were the professional grovelers, who are whites paid to amplify anti-white propaganda.

The most amusing of the bunch was a soy-faced sad-sack calling himself Matt Walsh, who unironically works for Ben Shapiro. In response to new video showing Ahmaud Arbery prowling through unattended building sites in the neighborhood just prior to the confrontation, he made the laughable claim that it is perfectly normal to wander through unattended building sites. In fact, it is one of his favorite pastimes! He went so far as to say that men do this all the time. It’s a “guy thing.”

Within minutes every soft-handed, anti-white bigot was echoing the claim on social media, claiming they spend their free time prowling around work sites. Like the jogger claim, this was met with a deluge of mockery. Maybe if Mr. Walsh was not a prissy little pansy, he could have got away with it, but the image of that guy walking around a building site was too much for most people. The army of sissies that came forth to echo his claims made the whole thing easy to lampoon.

Unremarked thus far is just how quickly this crew came up with this ridiculous rationalization in support of the narrative. Certain people will claim they received instructions from the usual suspects, but in reality, it was as natural a response as pulling away from a hot stove. These organ grinder’s monkeys for the anti-white rage heads in charge of America are so thoroughly conditioned, rationalizing the blood libel is as natural to them as breathing or blinking.

In this time of government-imposed misery, it was a nice bit of fun. The fact that the propagandists have had to retreat from the story is the real story. Unlike prior hoaxes, this one appears to have crashed into a new wall of white skepticism. The police have arrested the two men involved, but the lynch mob that was expected to pressure the authorities into railroading these two men has suddenly gone quiet. All of a sudden, white people are pushing back against the Jim Snow laws.

Of course, the story was greatly enhanced by the fact that as the blood libel machine was cranking up, a black was literally hunting white people in a Delaware veterans cemetery, killing an elderly couple. A jogger named Sheldon C. Francis executed an 80-year old couple as they honored their ancestors. It was a stark reminder that while the Ahmaud Arbery story is entirely fake, the jogger threat is real. White people in America have spent generations trying to avoid joggers.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but generations of white people have had to pay the tax, the jogger tax, for sins they never committed and in fact, we never committed. Baltimore would go from Lagos on the Chesapeake to Hong Kong on the Chesapeake if the local joggers all decamped to another land. If not for the jogger phenomenon, alarm companies would go out of business and cars would have normal keys again. Everyone knows this. The jogger tax is the cost of being white.

Another nuance to this is that there has not been much outrage from whites about yet another libel against white people. Instead, it seems as if whites, at least with regards to joggers, have moved past outrage onto mockery. The usual suspects can manipulate the righteous anger of the victims to their ends, but they are powerless to do much in the face of mockery. Odious carbuncles like Matt Walsh will continue to put on their self-righteous face, but it just makes the mockery more powerful.

The elephant in the room, of course, is the race problem. Blacks still think OJ Simpson was innocent, they think Trayvon was executed and they think Michael Brown was the victim of police abuse. They think the father and son at the center of this jogger hoax hunted and killed Ahmaud Arbery. They are absolute sure gangs of whites roam the countryside hunting innocent black bodies. They are sure everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist for supporting the racist-in-chief.

Similarly, the usual suspects share most of these beliefs. Two standard deviations to the right of blacks are a class of people whose identity is rooted in the blood libel against white America. Matt Walsh did not rush forth to condemn white people because he is being paid by Ben Shapiro. David French and his goofy old lady did not kidnap an African child as a trophy for career advancement. These self-loathing whites are not just paid flaks for the orthodoxy. This is who they are now.

This means there is no reconciliation possible between the self-loathing whites, American blacks and the rest of white America. No amount of mockery will dampen the enthusiasm for these hoaxes and libels. No matter how many are revealed to be fake and no matter how many joggers roam white neighborhood looking for victims, the people behind this latest hoax will keep at it. Who they are depends on it. Like the oxpecker, they exist to live off the rest of us.

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341 thoughts on “Springtime For Joggers

  1. There is only 1 issue here.

    Did the 2 bubba’s have the right to accost with guns on a public street an individual that they had no actual knowledge of committing a crime?

    No, they did not.

    Whatever Arbery had been doing before wasn’t known to these 2 individuals so IT DOES NOT MATTER what if anything Arbery was doing immediately prior to the incident nor at any other time in his life.

    The 2 bubba’s are guilty of negligent homicide AT BEST because they started the chain of events that led to Arbery’s death.

    Now we can either have civilized society or we can live in Somalia.

    I know which one I want.

    • No, there is only 1 issue here: only Somalian joggers create Somalia in their wake. Without Somalians we would have our “civilized society.”

  2. am i to assume you think OJ was guilty? Id have to dig through the archives to hear your position on that

    • She also has a very sketch history, like seemingly all of Beck’s Blaze-babes-of-back-in-the-day.

      Gun-babes are the worst of the conservo-thots, IMO. All the manipulative whorishness + man-LARP’ing to boot.

      Fed-posting, ball-busting and race-cucking do not turn me on, no matter how much poorly-aged manjaw-meat she packs into her Pat Boone bondage-gear.

  3. A Negro is a Negro is a Negro. They are not my culture. They do not share my world view. I have dealt with them as a MP in the Army and for 30+ years as a Peace Officer in SoCal. I am civil to everyone I meet. But, I avoid them at all costs and live in an area-North Idaho- where they are few and far between. To quote Mr. Kipling: “…east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet. Bleib ubrig.

  4. White people need the same “no snitching” rule that other ethnicities have. If anyone asks why there’s a dead nigger on the sidewalk, your answer is always “A black guy shot him.” If you snitch on the people whose hard work keeps vibrancy out of your neighborhood, a black guy’s going to shoot you too.

    • The C19 madness and the existence of self-appointed virus cops has hopefully given at least some whites a reason to want a “Stop Snitchin'” T-shirt or two.

  5. Posted earlier, just wanted to mention that I noticed a hammer on the ground behind the truck in the video that the neighbor shot right before the sh%#$T went down

  6. I have a saying: The original narrative put forth by the media always unravels under scrutiny.

    Too many of my friends on FB who are normie cons immediately rushed to judgement, calling for the “murderers” to be arrested. I wanted to comment to them that just because you join the mob today, doesn’t mean that they won’t eat you tomorrow. It’s non-racissssssss virtue signalling of the highest order. So annoying. Since I hardly post on FB anyhow, I just let it go.

    I was in college when the OJ verdict was handed down and I remember how angry I was that he was found not guilty and how blacks cheered like they’d just won the lottery. It really laid bare my views on race and made me alter how I looked at race relations.

    One of the many cruel nicknames given to me when I was playing hoops as a young freshman on a black-dominated college basketball team was “Mark Furman.” The upperclassmen stopped calling me that after I took a swing at one of them on a hard foul during a scrimmage and knocked out two teeth of a senior forward, three inches and 50 pounds heavier than me.

    I had to run laps for two weeks and perform other punishments, but my white coach said he wasn’t mad at me personally and did it only to keep the peace on the team. He also said that no one would ever challenge me like that again. He was right.

    Here in the white flight ATL suburbs, our media outlets were late to the charge, but are blasting white “racism” with new stories every day. I read today that a black DA will take over the prosecution. The only good thing about that is she’ll likely shoot too high on the charges in order to make a cheap, political point. This only becomes a problem for her if the jury isn’t composed “correctly.” If the jury is majority white and sees the evidence for what it is, these guys will likely be found not guilty.

  7. Called a friend in Georgia today to ask him about the “climate” down there. Said he wasn’t affected since he lives couple hours away. Was surprised he spoke out against the actions of the father and son.

    Then again as someone mentioned he’s a gun nut and the only worst thing then violating the 2nd Amendment is being a racist.

    Made the argument that they probably had a lot of crime in the neighborhood and the police couldn’t or wouldn’t go after these “joggers”

    He seemed to agree but it was disappointing to see another white man siding with mainstream media.

    • Yea but ask him if it was two cops that shot him under the same circumstances who’s side would he be on?? That’s the crazy thing is if they would of been cops this would just be another day on the job…

    • I taste sandwich when I contemplate them. This could be part of a new weightloss plan.

  8. Whites have to learn to think and act tribally.

    The limp-wristed “principles” chorus (Allahpundit, Walsh et al) only serve to divide what should be a solid White super-majority on this. We’re still 2/3 of the US population. These shills are doing what their paymasters demand of them.

    As for Lil’ Ben – imagine if it was two Hasids in jail for patrolling a jogger. Principles, my ass. No need to tell him to think Tribally.

    Z’s talked about the luxury of principles a lot here. The only way to play to win in Evil Clown World America is to judge these kinds of disputes based on skin color alone.

    In a better country without malignant (((race-based justice))), we could worry about actual guilt or innocence. We’re not that country anymore – haven’t been for decades now.

    These men should not be in jail b/c they are White and the perp wasn’t*. No guilt. No apologies.

    To the extent Blacks feel threatened by this, they need to get with the separatist program. I’m there to help – for the good of both races.

    OJ walked b/c payback for raycisms – and went on to commit more felonies. These guys should walk b/c payback for (((raycisms))) – and almost certainly will never commit a felony.

    If you’re not comfortable with that, you’re not ready yet.

    * Yes, they’re actually innocent as well, but that’s not a necessary consideration.

    • Exactly right Brother…I don’t care if he wasn’t there to steal anything (of course he was) when he decided to rush those two white men he deserved to go down…We need them out of our country ASAP…

      • “We need them out of our country ASAP”
        Without a smaller minority to whip them up via newsmedia and popular entertainment, and to wage legal warfare on their behalf, they’d not be nearly as much of a problem. Symptoms vs causes ….

        • Yea but they are still a drain on society and I want that small minority gone as well…

        • Jim Crow worked until the Jews selling matches, gas & fire insurance turned the occasional racial brush-fires into a Holocaust in the 1960’s.

          Without Jewish money and power, bixnood hustler attorneys like Ben Crump would be a nuisance not a menace. The “talented tenth” is not the main issue.

          Non-weaponized Blacks are a manageable issue in-and-of-itself. We just re-segregate the society and punish those of the 13 who do 50.

          Apartheid > (((Togethercide))).

          [Diversity – Proximity] = Progress.

          Too bad the guy who first wrote about this “slow cleanse” strategy spends his time gas-canning Our Guys b/c “own the wignats” rather than carrying water for Whitey.

    • “As for Lil’ Ben – imagine if it was two Hasids in jail for patrolling a jogger. Principles, my ass. No need to tell him to think tribally.”

      Shomrim have been pretty brutal in their policing of blacks, even instigating riots thanks to their overreactions, yet they’ve never been shut down. Hmmm….

  9. How much blood and treasure has America directed toward the lofty goal of giving AAs a leg up? Billions, trillions, and all manners of warped institutions, laws, and customs. The sad fact is they have not been successful in our society and have been replaced by Hispanics, who employers find less dangerous and easier to manage.

    The combination of Hispanics and Blacks (as a coalition) is of sufficient size for Democrats to use against a dwindling number of whites, but it’s inherently unstable. Hence the emergence of the “POC” construct as an umbrella group that can be “mobilized”.

    In other words, the importation of the second group (Hispanics) created a need for new propaganda. Voilà – the birth of what we call identity politics. Three large groups are given a new philosophy that justifies commiseration of two groups with common cause against the third group. It’s an uneasy alliance but it’s workable for a few decades, so long as the allied parties both benefit from the arrangement.

    Obama hastened all of this along.

    The cynical LBJ knew exactly what he was doing in creating permanent black dependence and even boasted about it. Ever since the Civil Rights era, we’ve turned the country inside out to avoid seeing any Black failure.

    Obama was an end product of that era. His administration began using force in order to deny painful facts. People wanted Obama to succeed, and when given the opportunity, how did he rule? (And we don’t know the worst of it yet.)

  10. Have no doubt in my mind the McMichaels thought they were doing the right thing. But I keep wondering what I would have done in similar circumstances? Probably why I don’t carry a gun when I go out. I’d just as soon be whacked and be done with it instead of having to go through what those poor beggars are going to have to go through. Hopefully a jury will see the absurdity of it, but then they will still have to face the Feds.

    • I just realized what is so troubling about that video. Why has no one noticed this? Not one of those three is wearing a mask! I can excuse the black guy for not wearing a mask but those other two, Hells No! smh

  11. “… Some older white people in the northeast, conditioned to hate white people from the South …” There are certain whites who hate southern whites, and blacks hate us also of course.

    The not so odd thing about human nature is that if you hate me, then I hate you. Simple. I read the NAP different than most of the soy boy fake-libertarians. Simply put, mess with me and I will seek ultimate revenge. Perhaps I will not be able to get that revenge, but I will try. The way of mountain folk some say.

    It is time for white men to break away from this horrible mess called the USA. It is a nation-State and not a nation. Worse, it is a failing empire. I swear I believe this —- only violence will save us. We must be willing to fight.

    Nation: “A nation is a community of people who share a common language, culture, values, traditions, ethnicity, descent, and history.”

    “The “nation,” of course, is not the same thing as the State, a difference that earlier libertarians and classical liberals such as Ludwig von Mises and Albert Jay Nock understood full well.”

    As a southerner, I am damn sick of the laws preventing freedom of association. I don’t want to associate with a whole lot of people.

    • Freedom of disassociation. Freedom to keep away from people you don’t want to be around. When I flip it around that way, people better understand what I am getting at.

      • I had forgotten that “freedom of association” is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. Unfortunately, it is an implied or derived right.

    • I live in New York, the first red county outside of that hellhole the mythical Snake Plissken was all about getting out of. I hear from people that throw off anti-Southern comments without regard for whom is listening. These folks are often very, very intelligent, in my experience, and have a special way of, as many are balding middle aged men, of avoiding a sunburn on their bald spots twice a year. I also notice their brethren that avoid harmful UV rays year round are more circumspect in this regard. Just an anecdotal take. Speaking of my experience hearing the noises, there is no American shitlib-ericans spout more hatred against than the Southern white male.

  12. When a jogger dances is it Jig Joggery? (An attempt by a jogger to disturb the white community through interpretive wiggle waggle.)

    Arbery suicided himself due to lack of impulse control. You never move directly at somebody pointing a firearm at you let alone grab for the weapon. He died for a few pounds of copper wire, pipe or flashing he expected to retrieve later. And because he didn’t want to be identified when the police arrived so that he could pilfer without becoming a suspect.

    The fact is white people need to do more armed citizen policing. Where I live, officers must complete a 3-page form with every single contact. So the cops look the other way and our property crimes clearance rate is practically zero. The joggers who visit my neighborhood, as almost none live here, hide behind the cars parked on the street and then pop out to wallop ladies smack in the face who are leisurely riding their bicycles along the cars. The lady falls off her bike and the earrings and other jewelry are literally ripped out through the skin. The money pouches are removed and then the attacker, always a big jogger according to the neighborhood video cams, rides away on the soon-to-be-sold bicycle. This is considered a property crime even though some victims are permanently damaged. The video cams cannot distinguish the individual jogger at range because the infrared lights don’t carry far and the hoodies cast a dark shadow on inky faces.

    It’s up to us to defend our own against the joggers and their Jig Joggery. And if on jury duty, to give our own every benefit of the doubt to which they are entitled by law.

  13. What if this happened in Charlottesville – would they get convicted? They’re lucky there going to be tried in Glynn County – a 62% Trump area.

  14. “Brunswick attorney Alan Tucker told ‘Inside Edition’ Friday that he was the one who released the video, believing that doing so would help the McMichaels, who are father and son.

    ‘I really thought the video would put the truth out to the public,’ Tucker told the news show. ‘I was trying to stop a riot.'”

    We can’t afford naivete like this.


  15. Can someone show me where all this whitey skepticism is? All I see is the usual wayciss murder narrative.

  16. Found this quote on twitter

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

    Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

    I am absolutely sure that there is at least 30 per cent of lunatics which will not recover their senses 2 years from now even if Comintern propaganda stops now
    In this case madness is combined with fear, number of extraordinary cowards I saw for last 2 months has largely exceeded my contempt for superficially alive creatures whom only uninformed minds would mistaken for men (that existed long before)

    • Initially I thought that this whole fiasco would end in about 6 weeks and things would slowly return to at least the half-assed normality of pre-Covid America. Unfortunately, I now think this thing is going to morph into a whole bizarre new civil religion over the summer. The propaganda of “stay home, be safe, 6 feet apart” has become a mantra for both the cowardly and people who make a big show of buying into whatever the latest cause is, whether it’s trannies, global warming, or now this C19 mania. The Establishment has invested too much money and time into this propaganda to just let the whole thing drop and tell people that it’s now fine to go back to their ballgames, megachurches, crowded conventions, and dive bars. I’ve noticed that here in Oregon, admittedly one of the most cucked and generally pozzed parts of the country, there is more mask-wearing and obtrusive social distancing signage now than 3 weeks ago even as the virus continues to fizzle out.

      I suspect this is also going to kick off a new phase of authoritarianism for the Establishment that might be called the “active compliance” stage. It will no longer be enough to simply remain silent as each new insanity is marched out on stage for us. Silence could simply mean that your head is actually full of BadThink and you are afraid to say anything for fear of the authorities or social consequences. You will now be required to take steps to show your devotion to the new civil gods. Today, it’s the masks and standing in the cutesy little kiddie feet squares on the floor, who knows what silly clown suit and infantile dance steps will be required tomorrow.

      Due to this hastened pace of authoritarianism and mental instability among pozzed whites I’ve now revised my estimate for the end of what remains of the US from about 5 years out to early next year. It’s now at the point where some kind of disaster is imminent whether Trump or Gropey Joe wins in November. It will soon be impossible to remain neutral and people will begin to form clear sides.

      • Hell, I even put some money into the stock market. Made a little, but it was done with the expectation that this nonsense will stop and the market will be permitted to grow again. I guess I forgot that these people are completely insane.

      • I have a theory our compliance is currently being measured via extensive monitoring of our online communications. People are spending a lot of time indoors — more data for the pile.

    • You can find the whole thing on Googlereads. The book is hilarious. Walpole speaks to an empty Parliament warning them not to invest in snake oil, which is exactly what they and their servants are all out doing.

  17. ‘[T]hey exist to live off the rest of us.’

    This is an aspect of ‘the problem’ that I’ve been giving some thought to. At what point does the parasite damage the host so much that the host starts to go into death-throes. These people are like AIDS. First they attack the immune system, and then opportunistic diseases kill the host.

  18. OT: Jerry Stiller, George Costanza’s dad on Seinfeld, died. Steve Sailer is going to leave my comment in moderation limbo for next to forever:

    “It was surprising that they could only find Jews to play every single member of an Italian family.”

    • I saw the ‘news’ when scanning the headlines at the Daily Mail. Talk about over-rated. I recall ‘Stiller and Meara’ from my childhood days watching the Dick Van Dyke Show . . . and I thought they sucked even then.

    • If you want to JQ post on Steve’s blog, make a golf or Harvard reference. Otherwise, too spicy.

      • Surprisingly, he did eventually release it. Sometimes he waits 24 hours or more. I think so he can have it both ways: “I didn’t censor you,” but post is delayed so much it doesn’t become part of the conversation.

  19. Paragraph 11, “Blacks still think OJ was innocent…” Not buying that one. They may say he was innocent, but his actually having done the deed is part of the game. They know he did it, but it was a sort of “black-on-white justice” thing that rightly (in their view) got him off, even though he did it. That he got off after doing it is the whole point. It is the playing out of a sort of a revenge fantasy, their perverse version of Buford Pusser in “Walking Tall”.

    Which goes to the other cases, and this new one, and all the late night assaults by “teens”. The issue is not that the people are innocent, or that they didn’t do what they did. It is that they can get away with it, and sometimes see the victims prosecuted, right under the noses of those not-black “powers-that-be”. It is an ugly game of cultural revenge played out in this country daily. OJ is a big torchbearer for the movement. But everyone knows OJ did it, and was not innocent.

    • Yeah, agreed. They’re proud he beat the whitey courts, not about his apparent exoneration To them, he’s functionally innocent because he was pronounced innocent.

      • The American criminal jury doesn’t find or “pronounce” anyone “innocent.” It has two verdicts: guilty and not guilty, i.e. the prosecutor did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Of course, there’s also jury “nullification,” where the jury refuses to follow the law and returns a “not guilty” despite the sufficiency of the evidence. You can debate whether OJ’s jury nullified or not; but he wasn’t proven innocent. That’s consistent with the civil verdict finding him liable for the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Smith, due to the lower evidentiary threshold of proven by a preponderance (e.g., 51% to 49%). A cynical, jogger-loving cuck might point out the disparity in jury composition between the trials. OJ’s ultimate criminal jury was predominately black: 9 blacks; 1 Hispanic; 1 half-Caucasian, half Native American; and 1 Caucasian female. Ten women and two men. His civil jury was predominately white: 8 whites; 2 blacks; 1 Hispanic; and 1 half-Asian, half black male. Seven women and five men. But race realists know it was never about justice. They correctly recognized it for propaganda from the outset of the media spectical.

  20. A lot of people had fun over how “Ahmaud Arbery” is a homophone for “Armed Robbery.” Joggers really are running jokes.

  21. Wait until they find out First Black President orchestrated an attempted coup d’etat against Pres. Trump. We’re probably just hours, maybe a few days, away from learning that the mysteriously redacted paragraph at the bottom of Susan Rice’s Inauguration Day memo contains the name of the first political assassination targeted by that coup: Gen Mike Flynn.

    And, that the phrase “by the book” repeated a few times by Rice was not a CYA claiming that Obama told them to obey the law. Rather, that Obama told them to make it look like everything was “by the book” as they embarked on their plan to take down the Trump Administration through a law enforcement coup.

    • “Jogger Nation” will have an interesting choice in 202O. Vote for Trump who will continue to expose their wonder boy Obama for the total sham and criminal that he was or vote for Kamala and Joe who will promise them the moon and deliver a war with China.
      So will the southern and midwestern Scotts Irish white military boys who love Trump and shout for him at his rallies give their blood for Kamala in the South China Sea?
      Where is the popcorn? I am watching this.

    • I keep waiting for someone to mention Seth Rich in all of this. Lost in all the hubbub is the fact that the same people framing Flynn were involved with the Wikileaks case involving the leaked DNC e-mails.

    • Here is a interesting Q for you all: What would be worse for the country, had Hillary won and all this gangsterism been kept hidden or T winning, all this criminality exposed, and no one charged?

      Of this I am fairly certain. Neither the mob boss or any of his henchmen will be convicted of anything, especially If O’s right hand man, another mobster, Joe Biden becomes President.

  22. This video has existed for almost three months. It’s not a coincidence that it was leaked to the press at precisely the moment when the investigation into the seditious conspiracy in the FBI and DoJ has directly implicated Obama. It was an irresistible distraction for the MSM and it served its purpose.

    The fact that the Democratic machine was willing to toss this grenade shows the level of their sheer desperation. The video and associated facts were so hopelessly, absurdly inconsistent with the Narrative that they had to know it would be a fiasco. A 25 year old black man with a criminal history but no history of athletic competition since high school was out for a 10-20 mile jog that took him across a long and dangerous bridge and into a white neighborhood wearing baggy shorts and what appears to be work boots. Not remotely plausible. The jogger had a full 360 degrees of freedom when he approach that truck, but instead of diverting he ran straight to the truck and charged the guy with a shotgun. Impossible to square a murder charge, or even a manslaughter charge, with this video.

    The security video was just the icing on the cake. Yes, of course it’s perfectly normal for a person on a 20 mile jog in a strange neighborhood to wander into an unfinished home under construction. Whoever leaked this knew about the security tape when they leaked the first video, which means they knew this ploy would ultimately fail. This was a manufactured crisis intended to consume media resources, and it worked.

    The most aggravating part of this fiasco for me was that, once again, we see white, conservative law enforcement officials recusing themselves from investigations unnecessarily and solely to prevent an appearance of impropriety. It’s as if they learned nothing from fallout of the Sessions recusal fiasco, or from watching the Cook County DA drop all charges against Smollet. Nobody forced these gutless weasels to run for the office of District Attorney, and the voters who elected them have a right to expect their District Attorney to make these tough calls. I hope the voters have the presence of mind to vote them out of office at the next election.

  23. Oxpecker https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxpecker

    Named for “their habit of perching on large mammals (both wild and domesticated) such as cattle, zebras, impalas, hippopotamuses, or rhinoceroses, and giraffes, eating ticks, small insects, botfly larvae, and other parasites. The behaviour of oxpeckers towards large mammals was previously thought to be an example of mutualism, though recent research suggests the relationship is parasitic in nature.”

  24. One thing that I see coming out of the current Winnie the Flu situation is that people are becoming very protective of their local communities and neighbourhoods. The jogger probably went onto the construction site to use the port-a-potty. He might also have been casing the joint. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and chose to confront people protecting their neighbourhood. I expect that we will soon see some stupid white kid trying to score some drugs killed when visiting a black neighbourhood. Next step,what the Israelis call “price tag” killings, i.e. there is a price to be paid for killing one of our own.

  25. How do we torment our enemies?

    Nothing simpler. Laugh at them.

    I almost feel like we are making progress. (Although very, very slowly.)

  26. Unlike prior hoaxes, this one appears to have crashed into a new wall of white skepticism. All of a sudden, white people are pushing back against the Jim Snow laws. Yes. A major development. Quite possibly more important than we understand at this point.

  27. The “jogger” phenomenon is interesting, because it suggests white people in America have turned a critical corner. Yes. As soon as a minimal amount of information came out, I tried to sense the cultural/social/media reaction. It doesn’t feel the same this time. Something is different, perhaps a mix or weariness and growing anger at the race-hoax lies. White people in the U.S. may indeed have “turned a critical corner.”

  28. “These organ grinder’s monkeys for the anti-white rage heads in charge of America are so thoroughly conditioned, rationalizing the blood libel is as natural to them as breathing or blinking”.
    Gold star metaphor ZMan.

  29. I think far too many people fell for the story, especially among my fellow Christians. I think too many of us (Christian home schooling parents) watched “To Kill a Mocking Bird” with our kids and made them read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Most Christian academic curricula promote Abraham Lincoln worship as does the secular curricula. The Bible does teach that we are all equal before God, but we should also be teaching our children that the facts show that certain groups are more prone to crime and anti social behavior.

    • A lot of homeschoolers think the Golden Age of education was the 1950’s. That’s where a lot of the Lincoln worship comes in. Education in the 1950’s was garbage too, just less garbage.

      A positive is the emphasis of the pioneer spirit, though this comes with a sanitized version of the natives.

      • The most severe damage regarding education in America was done by men who were born around the time of the Civil War. It was Woodrow Wilson, John Dewey and others who set out to make men “as unlike their fathers as possible.” By the time the WWII vets were going to college under the GI Bill the damage was already widespread.

    • The Bible also teaches that we will still be separate ‘peoples’ and ‘nations’ in heaven. Most Christians like to ignore that part. As for the Christian academic curricula, I challenged it all through my younger son’s Christian school years (it wasn’t nearly as bad for the older one). Teach your children to discriminate in their judgment, or they’ll end up like Amanda Blackburn.

      • I wasn’t aware that peoples and nations remain separate in heaven. Can you provide a citation?

      • Its certainly a common enough belief to be lampooned on the Simpsons , in The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star to be precise but I don’t think that is a Bible based teaching.

  30. I am sympathetic to the McMichaels trying to protect their neighborhood, but their defense depends on a supposed video that shows Arbery committing burglary. Without that justification, they don’t have grounds for a citizen’s arrest under Georgia law. As much as it pains me to say it, you can’t just perform a citizen’s arrest on an unknown black guy in your neighborhood. Has anyone seen the video?

  31. I’m glad to hear ZMan report on the pushback against the jogger blood libel, but I haven’t seen it. I’ve only seen the grovelling. Have you seen pushback?

  32. “The army of sissies that came forth to echo his claims made the whole thing easy to lampoon.” I sense a meme emerging: Anguished wailing by self-hating white cuck sissies are easy to…tampoon.

  33. The Goodwhites are up in arms, especially those in legacy conservatism. Not exclusively a BoomerCon thing, either, as I have discovered. Had a spicy conversation with a Millennial friend who literally works for Conservative, Inc – they just fall for this ish every damn time. Weird. The conversation itself wasn’t interesting because it went exactly how you’d expect, but the concept of younger, libertarian people who derive existential meaning from denouncing southern racists remains a fascinating phenomenon.

  34. The usual suspects can manipulate the righteous anger of the victims to their ends, but they are powerless to do much in the face of mockery.

    Very important point. It’s why the much-denounced alt-right won like a bunch of trannies at a girls’ track race. There’s no defense against mockery; trying to defend yourself against it only makes the guffawing louder.

    • Never forget it was the cucks that ultimately destroyed the alt-right. All it took was one guy flying a flag.

      • Probably feds. Charlottesville happened because the alt-right took the fight live, to enemy home territory.

        Don’t break cover, all you do is making a honey trap for the usual suspects to exploit. The internet is where we are strongest, the internet is the future, the internet is where we win.

        • 100% on demos, Felix. Until we have institutional cover, public action is net-negative.

          Let’s not forget about IRL communities, though. Live & work among our Folk by day, shitpost by night. Have kids & raise them in based communities. Repeat until Victory.

          • Live & work among our Folk by day, shitpost by night.

            And by not surfacing, we deny Leftie a face to his enemy – he’ll go mental, see Nazis everywhere. Leftie knows that more and more of the people he interacts with on a daily basis, are sleeper agents, ready to lamppost him the moment he lets down his guard. He’s start wondering which of his friends and family that is…

            Our most precious asset is online freedom and anonymity, it allows us a ZFG-space. I’m fairly certain the AR wouldn’t have been a thing if we hadn’t had online anonymity. There should be a constitutional amendment giving everybody the right to a shitposting account.

        • Fed or not, doesn’t really matter. They ran away the minute the press started calling them racist. Yet, they have delusions they can resist a gun grab, that somehow they will have the balls to stand up to being called white supremacist Nazis when they are fighting the police. What a joke.
          I’ve been seeing somewhat of an alt-right ‘vibe’ emergence on the conservative right. As long as they don’t walk into a trap like Charlottesville again, maybe this time they won’t be so quick to run away and hide.

          • Fed or not, doesn’t really matter. They ran away the minute the press started calling them racist.

            If they’d stayed on the internet, they wouldn’t have given a fig about being called racists.

  35. Nice to see dirt people finally laughing off and throwing off the Jim Snow libels. But how many “I jog with Maud” AWFLs will be attacked, raped, and murdered on their jogs in the coming weeks, and will they learn anything as they draw their last breaths? PK has responded to this latest hate hoax with an alarmingly lost list of real AWFL joggers who have been killed by blacks in just the last couple of years.

    Matt Walsh is an adorable black cocksucker though. Everyone knows blacks – not even the talented tenth – don’t jog and that they lack the white male curiosity for “exploring building sites” beyond stripping out the copper wire.

  36. Call me a conspiracy nutter if you like, but I firmly believe that this week’s completely predictable narrative collapse for the “innocent jogger” story doesn’t really matter to the powers-that-be – certainly not to their top echelons. My guess about why they dragged a two-month-old story out of local obscurity and onto the national stage is that they simply wanted something – anything – to knock the Gen. Flynn story and its tale of their horrifying malfeasance out of the headlines. The whole story is, as 4chan calls them, a “slide thread” designed to push their own literal treason out of the public consciousness. Therefore, it falling apart a news cycle or two later doesn’t matter – by that time it will have served its purpose. And if, in the process, a few whites are scared out of buying guns or defending themselves because they don’t want to become George Zimmerman 3.0, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

    • I don’t think it is related to Flynn, they felt they needed a racial incident to promote to increase black voter turnout and to put pressure on Biden to pick a black VP. His campaign had already been leaking that they were sick of hearing from Stacey Abrams and wanted her to go away. This ramps up the pressure on Biden to make sure they will “have a voice” in his administration.

  37. The security videos aren’t easy to find by a simple search of his name. I gave up rather than continue to expend the effort just to have my suspicions confirmed. I doubt the mainstream media will be spreading them as widely as those of the shooting, which I personally think portray Arbery as suicidally stupid, but which normies will flinch at just because there is violence.

    • Even the original shooting video shows him as the primary aggressor. It shows him running around the truck, running back to the driver and attacking him. It shows him trying to disarm the driver and punching him in the head. It just amazes me that anyone who viewed that video could buy ‘he’s a good boi who dindu nuffin’ narrative. All of these people know in their heart of hearts that his reaction is not normal. Even if was just a jogger, it is not normal to react to guys who think you committed a crime to attack them and start punching them!

      But I fear that this is going to be another Michael Drejka. Michael Drejka is sitting in prison right now for defending himself. He was an old man thrown to the ground by a young man who then tried to attack him while on the ground. The guy was literally on his knees when he shot and killed his attacker. Same scenario. The shooting was cleared as clear self-defense. The lugenpresse then spread the lie that the guy was shot for parking in a handicapped space. This put pressure on the Florida cops to arrest and he was convicted.

      • The case will be made that the weapon was pointed at the “victim”, who—in fear for his life—grabbed the weapon to protect himself from immediate harm. Struggle ensued. Victim lost. Good shoot or bad shoot? Only one side of story can be had, other side from dead guy, unknowable.

        Lots of supposition to fill a trail and give a jury an out wrt guilt and penalty. Would not be the first time a jury came back with a verdict designed to keep community peace rather than to further justice under the law. That’s why my first reaction is this is a bad shoot. You live, but you’re screwed—especially if you do time in prison, where you’ll likely not survive.

        Real lesson wrt self defense is that one best not present a weapon unless you are ready to immediate use it. As an instructor once told us, “If you ever see me draw my sidearm, put you fingers in your ears.” 😉

        • Unless they can keep a black from getting on the jury, there is almost no way these guys get acquitted.

      • The video I’ve seen has a text overlay that describes “exactly” what is happening. It’s a very powerful fusion that is difficult to unsee, even if you know that nuance is everything in these events.

        This isn’t an accident.

    • When an African is captured on video following his instinct a normie’s eyes will see what his brain still cannot. We can only comprehend what we already know to be true. The normie can only know it to be true if he sees this in the proportion to which it happens, and the media’s job is to reverse that proportion aka the war on noticing. But give credit to the devil, flipping a 60-1 violence ratio is a remarkable acheivement.

  38. It’s hard to see how any whites fall for this. It is just so nakedly dishonest. The guy was walking, went into a building and then when called, ran! This shows consciousness of guilt. He then ran around the truck and attacked the guy holding a shotgun and then starts punching him in the head while trying to get the shotgun out of his hand.
    The DA wrote a detailed letter about why they weren’t charged. There is absolutely zero cause for arrest, yet both of them in are in jail with no bond. These guys are going to be ruined no matter what happens going forward. They will be bankrupted by the process. They will forever be branded racists who hunted down an innocent man out for an afternoon jog. This is assuming the best case scenario of an acquittal or dropped charges. Right now they are in a Georgia prison in a high profile race based murder. They are in PC right now confined to a cell 23 hours a day. They are going to be targets for as long as they are in the prison system.
    Their names will never be cleared. Just another couple of disposable whites.

    • “Their names will never be cleared. Just another couple of disposable whites.”
      This was my first reaction to the story.

      I understand that mockery has a certain utility in defying propaganda, and perhaps that is currently our best course of action. However, mockery can only belittle propaganda, and deflect its effect from yourself. It can do nothing else.

      One must have some level of indifference or apathy to respond to this and similar stories with mockery. By “laughing it off” you are really just reducing the problem in your head, so that you won’t be effected by it. But “it”, the problem remains. These guys might be charged after all…

      What if this happened to you, or someone you knew? Wouldn’t you want/expect outrage or at the least a feeling of disgust from others? At the very least, I’m disgusted. Once again, guys who are protecting their neighborhood or their kind, get sacrificed upon the altar of Liberal Globohomo, whilst a no-good thief is elevated to martyrdom. The entire thing is outrageous!

      In my opinion, one should feel at least some anger and rage within their blood, every time they are exposed to these stories. That is the normal, healthy response whether it be the first time or the 1000th time. If it doesn’t elicit anger, then the propaganda has worked in a different manner–through repetition it has worn you down, numbed your empathy, and you have lost some of your humanity.

      Outrage will always be a powerful motivator in individuals and in crowds, and will always have more utility than mockery . Lord knows, the powers that be will continue to rile up the masses whenever they can. I think one day our crowd will have to utilize outrage if we are to challenge the current order.

      • It doesn’t seem to matter how outrageous a situation is. Google Michael Drejka. This is one of the most outrageous cases in recent history and he is sitting in prison for the crime of defending himself from a guy 1/2 his age while he was literally on his knees.

        This is why having cowards and traitors acting as gatekeepers for the alleged right wing in America makes it so friggin useless. The lying press is almost 100% responsible for this guy being in prison. The cops initially cleared this as self-defense. Then, later, the lugenpresse framed it as a white supremacist who shot this man for parking a handicapped spot. Then the Florida state police came in and charged him. He got 20 years in prison. All it takes is one black or SJW on the jury and at minimum, you’re not going to be acquitted.
        Meanwhile Kim Kardachian is out there getting murders set free from prison because they are black.

        The Jim Snow laws are only getting worse and are only going to continue to get worse. The right, even the legitimate right always wants to play defense. You cannot win a fight when you are only ever on defense.
        Some guy I follow on YT recently uploaded a video about how he got stuck at Disneyland when the current WuFlu panic started. This guy is supposedly a dissident right guy. He had his pre-teen daughter in a goddamned Disney princess outfit in the damn globo-pedo headquarters! This is the dissident right? Cannot even keep your kids away from Disney? Just one anecdote of how hopeless it is!

        • I agree, it feels hopeless within the current system and all the cowardly traitors.
          Also looked up the Drejka case. You are right. I ended up clicking on an ABCnews article– “the spin” and framing in it was absurd.
          But somehow it seems to work, especially judging by the comment section.

  39. The “joggers” are self deluded. But they are not alone the “good whites” are also self deluded.
    The most important relationship is between the leftist “ good whites” with the usual suspects among them and the rest of normal white America.
    The “joggers” are just proxy warriors in the battle between good whites and bad whites simply because most of them believe anything the brain dead Leftist media puts in front of them.

  40. It’s important for us to point out this pathological anti-white animus at every opportunity. Once one starts noticing the program it works on you viserally. I am finding that increasingly whites are receptive to the message. They are slow on the uptake but our overlords have really overplayed thier hand. FTN had an excellent show on the jogger. They about gave me a stroke.

    • The FTN guys raised a lot of good points: why did “stand your ground” laws rise in the first place? They astutely pointed out that these laws emerged among whites for self-protection after free association was abolished and police departments were neutered, and that such laws never even needed to be codified in monolithic white societies – they were practiced based on mutual and implicit understanding between whites – and that they were only codified out of necessity after the infection of diversity.

      Police departments were first hampered during “civil rights,” then crippled with the Ferguson Effect, then finally permanently neutered under Coronachan. As the FTN guys said, does anyone care to realize that the McMichaels were forced to respond because they knew the police department never would? Anarcho-tyranny is so thorough that almost everywhere except the tiniest whitest towns, the police will not respond to ANYTHING. They won’t even solve murders: they merely go to murder scenes after the fact to clean up the bodies and log the statistics.

      Expect to see “stand your ground” laws demolished in the few red states that still have them. Georgia is now a demographically blue state, so within a year or two the vestigial laws crafted by whites for self-protection from diversity will all be gone. Red “stand your ground” states will turn into purple “duty to retreat” states like the way Virginia is going, and current blue “duty to retreat” states will turn into navy “duty to lie still, enjoy the rape, and raise the bastard child” states like Sweden and Germany.

      Look at the explosion in shoplifting around the country: joggers are calmly jogging into pharmacies and grocery stories, brazenly emptying shelves of inventory into trash bags, and calmly jogging out with no confrontation from the security guards (now incident statistics reporters for the insurance companies) whatsoever. Bail is being abolished. Soros is diligently replacing DAs and SAs and rebuilding the courts. The end goal is to allow joggers to commit any crimes including murder in an open attack on white society.

      • “Duty to retreat.” Lmao. That’s the gayest shit I’ve ever heard. “Sorry honey, can’t defend ya — I got a duty to retreat!”

    • This is why I call liberals AWRs (anti-white racists). Anti-white racism is the fundamental stimulus for virtually every political act and position they author.

  41. Jogger-fatigue: served on a DC criminal trial jury last year (shootout at a SE DC crackhouse). the DC court system is concentrated, distilled, essential jogger-ness. from the chaotic masses outside the building, to the wretches (like me) standing in a line to pass through security (90% jogger, 9% latino, 1% white), to the guards, administrators, janitors, cafeteria workers, etc.–all joggers. defendant a jogger (of course), but also all witnesses (on both sides), police, prosecutors–full jogger-dom. surprisingly, of 14 original jurors only 4 were joggers (elderly people), as, despite the demographics, nearly all DC joggers are felons and cannot serve (not that they would anyway). also, the jury pool is limited and almost all white–as evidenced by the juror lounge–as only whites have a fixed address, driver’s license, register to vote, and pay taxes (me and mrs. winthorp get a jury summons like clockwork every 2 years). if you live in pockets of NW or one of the micro-n’hoods that are predominantly white, you lose appreciation of the fact that DC is black to the bone. but you re-capture this appreciation by serving 2+ weeks on a jury.

  42. Well I’m glad to see some people are wising up. Fear and hatred are siblings. No need to fear what you’re immune to. A little mistrust is actually good for social harmony.

  43. First, casing the middle-class white neighborhoods for burglary opportunities is instinctive behavior in young black males (the modern equivalent of hunting gazelles on the savanna). Secondly, and similarly, middle-aged occupants of these neighborhoods instinctively recognize the presence of a predator in their midst. We cannot change these reflexes; it’s in our genes. And this is a geography problem. Middle-class suburbs do not arise in the Congo.

    • Yeah, if you or I were black, wouldn’t we just realize how appearing to “case” a white neighborhood would be perceived and refrain from doing it?

      I live in a mainly white neighborhood on the edge of the abyss in a southeastern city, and I can never get over how blacks need to constantly walk and drive through our area. Most likely most of them are well intended, but some are certainly not. How can we know the wolves from the sheep? What’s their compulsion? I don’t ride through their neighborhoods. It’s almost as though the noncriminal are forming a smokescreen for the criminal ones. I hope it’s not systematic.

    • TomA,

      I happen to be one of those no-nonsense types that people in my little circle claim makes me “intimidating.” It’s the way I carry myself, or something, I really don’t know. But I have come to accept that it is what it is, even though I struggle with “getting it.” Anyway, when I was a younger man, I worked very long hours in construction. As such, I would often return home from work at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. On my way home I would as often stop at a 24-hr convenience store along the way to get a drink and a snack. On at least a dozen or more occasions at these stops, the attendant (almost always a young white woman, but sometimes an older white woman) would ask me, under her breath as I was checking out, “will you please stay here until he leaves; he’s been here wandering around inside the store for awhile and he’s beginning to make me nervous.” By “he,” she almost invariably meant a young black man aimlessly hanging around in the store, but on a few of these occasions “he” was a rough-looking young white male, or, “white trash.” I can honestly say that not once did I refuse one of these requests. Not because I think of myself as some sort of a “badass,” but because I always knew above all that my conscience would forever assault me had I refused and I found out later something bad had happened to the attendant I might have been able to prevent. And, likewise, as soon as these young men realized I wasn’t going anywhere until they did, they would abruptly make their exits and go…wherever it was they went from there…

      • Ancient wisdom. Keep a Louisville slugger in the trunk of your car and another next to the front door. It’s the only way to be sure.

          • Thinking back a year or so ago to terrorist attack twarted – are narwhal tusks now banned in the UK also?

          • They are not illegal, otherwise you’d have to make cricket bats illegal as well.

            Why lie about it?

          • Why the automatic accusation of dishonesty? I was told they were illegal by a number of Brits. I may have been misled or misunderstood, but I also thought I read that a number of people had been arrested for regular bats and/or cricket bats in their trunks.

        • If you do keep a baseball bat in your car, keep a glove and a ball too. Just in case you end up having to use the bat and are caught at it.

  44. Thankfully, I didn’t see the pathetic Matt Walsh pivot to “checking out construction sites is a totally normal guy thing.” Construction site theft has been a problem for decades, I have always assumed it was more of a white crime than a black one though. Even if there is no theft, the construction company/property owners don’t want any who is “just curious” on the property for the liability risk in case they are injured while admiring the work.

    All that being said, my advice to anyone considering making a citizen’s arrest for a property crime is don’t do it. If you have to use a weapon your life is most likely going to get destroyed in the media aftermath. There is a non trivial chance you get shot by police when they show up to apprehend the suspect. It is far from a sure thing your actions will result in a conviction even if the police make an arrest. It isn’t worth the risks.

    • Matt Walsh as an authority on any “guy thing” is grounds for many lolz. He has built his career around peddling anti-masculinity and cuckold how-to manuals.

      Soymales like Matt are why I bailed from any kind of “conservative” group or position years ago.

      We should mock relentlessly, but be wary of letting the righteous mockery undermine the fact that these males are very dangerous.

      They have destroyed the lives of countless young men with their lies about the most basic truths of men and women.

      People who fail to grasp the most fundamental truths about men and women and forming families cannot be trusted with anything. People who know the truth but peddle the lies anyhow need to be banished, to put it nicely.

      • Visiting construction sites….

        Well, in this State that is illegal—simply due to the fact of crime and vandalism. However, that being said, I and my wife spent some considerable time doing exactly that. But the reason was we were looking for our first home in new tract construction sites. Never were stopped or told to move along by authorities, even when they patrolled. But I do remember them once pulling over a teen-aged kid who was dumping on the construction site. In those days authorities used common sense in enforcement. But that was then, and now I’m old and out of it, and tend to live in the past.

  45. A crowd buying into the narrative hard are the gun rights folks. A lot of them are very rules-oriented and willing to throw the White guys under the bus for initiating the confrontation.

    Never mind that the laws are designed to emasculate citizens and prevent them from protecting their property or catching criminals.

    • They’re knee-jerk. It’s a problem. But they’ll come around soon enough.

    • It’s just the lolbertarian side of the gun crowd. They hate cops, and think they can form an alliance with the joggers. Won’t they be surprised when the joggers turn on them!

      • All the libertarians I know are fagging out for the blacks to like them.

        The thing is the libertarians always fantasize that in their utopia they will just handle their business personally without cops. But when someone actually does that they want the government to crucify them.

    • The gun rights guys tend to do that, Vizzini. Being anti-gun is, to them, only the second worst sin. Being suspected of racism is, of course, the worst. Of course, several of the more popular gun sites are also funded by various subverters with typical backgrounds and run by David French types, so there’s that.

      • How eloquent.

        All you have to do is read comments on thetruthaboutguns.com on one of the posts about this incident to see that a large amount of the readers have judged the McMichaels guilty.


        “Exactly right, they committed murder. End of story.”

        “You missed the part where they were far from their property on a public street. They were in no danger from him and were instead trying to play police officer.

        “If you would do the same thing I suggest you discuss it with an attorney who will no doubt advise you to call police and take pictures not shoot people or try to apprehend yourself.”

        “Had Arbery been carrying, he’d have been justified to use it to defend himself. No reasonable, rational human being suspects a man – in jogging clothes in broad daylight – of being a fleeing burglar. I mean, I don’t know if there is a mental disability concern with the McMichaels, but otherwise, not a plausible suspicion in the least.

        “This Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use.”

        “It should have been a defensive gun use. If two dudes chased me around in their vehicle, and one got out and threatened me with a shotgun, I’d shoot to stop the threat, exactly as I’ve been trained to do. In every sense of the law, what is on that video is an imminent, deadly threat. In Texas at least, no prosecutor who wanted to keep their job would consider pressing charges against me. If the shotgun toting vigilante died as a result of me stopping the threat, then the driver should also be charged with manslaughter as an accessory to his death.”

        And on and on.

        Next time you accuse me of bullshit, come better prepared.

        • I don’t judge, I’ve not all the facts, just a quick video. But the shooting seems problematic. Not because I believe one “side” or another, but because it is immediately vague enough to allow both sides to spin this one in court, in front of a highly inflamed jury and public. That’s never a good position to be in, even if you are a cop in uniform, these days.

          In that manner, it’s not a “good shoot” as they say.

          • It doesn’t matter if it was a good shoot, you support the White guys. Just like the Blacks and Goodwhites don’t care — they’ll support the Black guy.

            Have you noticed that “judging fairly” only works in one direction? Why keep doing it?

            Against all logic and reason, people are *still* campaigning for the release of Mumia Abu-Jamal. That’s dedication.

          • It has nothing to do with whom you support or taking sides. It has everything to do with how you justify yourself in a court of law. A good shoot is one in which you’ve handled yourself so that the bastards can not make a case against you. That requires forethought and practiced action.

            Your answer to a “bad shoot” is to muster all the support of “our kind” you can manage to arouse to action. Mine is to avoid such a situation in the first place. Not sure that these are inconsistent with each other.

          • Compsci, you are correct that you should not get yourself into a position where you are trying to defend yourself in a ‘bad shoot’. And, we can all look at the videos, as well as other evidence and judge for ourselves whether or not those guys should have gotten themselves into that situation.

            That is a completely different argument from supporting our team when they get themselves into it. While I think those two didn’t exactly think things through, I will still support them. I guess the question is, if you are on the jury and are being asked to convict them for murder, not shortsightedness, what do you do?

          • We can’t all live in some hermetically closed environment like you and pontificate how other whites should comport themselves with the orcs.

            To me the video is clear the Orc attacked a a man with shotgun aimed at him and took two rifle shots before he broke off the attack.

            Normal people don’t do that. Maybe you software engineers do that when you get riled but most normal folk put their hands up at that point

          • “A good shoot is one in which you’ve handled yourself so that the bastards can not make a case against you.”

            Then there is NO SUCH THING as a “good shoot”! “The bastards” will happily make a case against you no matter what, if you’re a white person shooting a jogger. You may not be able to avoid such a situation — and no matter how much video, and how many laws you have behind you, they can — and WILL — still make a case against you! And if they CAN’T, they’ll try to sucker the Feds into going after you for civil rights violations – -and the joggers will burn down some section of town; and attack or kill some White somewhere in retribution.

            “Make a case against you…” It is to laugh. Or cry.

          • Sure, it’s all well and good to encourage jury nullification and I’d personally be happy to tough it out and hang a jury for these two guys if I lived in Georgia. But they’ll just keep at them through the Federal system until they get the “right” verdict or plea to keep the joggers from burning Atlanta down.

            Better and wiser to have avoided the process entirely.

          • “Better and wiser to have avoided the process entirely.” Fuck that. The McMichaels were in the process of enforcing norms of civilization. People are demonized and destroyed for doing so. They were right. The criminal negro was wrong.

          • So two productive white members of society are going to, if they’re lucky, only face financial ruin defending themselves from the judicial system in exchange for the permanent removal of a single jogger in the course of protecting a civilizational norm that society would have only punished with probation at best had they taken him alive? If they’re unlucky, they’re going to go into a cage for years. Doesn’t seem like a very even trade.

          • So, do we surrender? Or try to protect what’s left of our nation and civilization?

        • Brevity *is* eloquent. And I’ve noticed a strong tendency to shit on gun owners from faggy blackpillers as a cover for the fact that they have no plan for gaining power and no stomach for an actual fight, and just want to waste time with passive-aggressive nihilistic faux-edgy whining.

          • If brevity is the soul of wit, well, your soul could have used a body.

            I don’t think it’s good to flippantly disparage what our brothers say. I didn’t expect that kind of response from a smart guy.

            We often disagree with each other on here, sure, but we should still act like a community.

          • Please don’t tone police like a Goodwhite .

            Some ideas simply deserve, require or elicit a flippant response and while its not something I choose to do, I would assume “Dissidents’ could handle it.

            In any case AntiDem is right . There is no “win” plan from gun owners or the DR and no interest in power.

            This is a loser mentality and it oust us only slightly ahead of the GOPe in mindset.

            For us to get a DR society we must have power and we must use it.

            Let me give you an example. Porn. We get constant complaints here about how bad it is and many expressed a desire to ban it/

            Thing is nearly everyone uses it and if you want to ban it you need a lot of power and a mindset like this

            After a short trial Jenny Sloot was found guilty of participation in pornography and sentenced to five years hard labor, Her producer and distributor Jerry Sleezenstein received the death sentence and will hang tomorrow at 8 A.M.

            If you can’t make the hangings tune into the Justice Channel on TV or at USJustice.Jus and enjoy.

            That’s what it takes and getting that means you will have replaced courts and a ton of other officials with your guys by any means you can muster.

            Until you are those guys, Cthulhu always swims Left

            And that is a what a win is like.

            In case its the gun issue, a real win is like this “Unless a person is on probation, parole (all of which are time limited) or a ward of the court do to psychiatric issues (caseloads limited too) anyone can own any firearm or hand weapon they want, any ammo or accessory they want and carry concealed no permit needed and with few limitation. Open carry is up to localities.

            That is a gun rights total win.

          • It’s not tone policing. It’s pointing out weakness, which must be done. (And I’m not calling Antidem weak; in fact, I mostly agree with him.) But that argument deserved more than a “bullshit” and you know it.

          • It’s also wrong of you to say “like a Goodwhite,” who would tone police out of obsession with occupying the moral high ground. That’s not where my head is at, and hopefully, that’s not where you think I’m coming from.

          • +1 abprosper. We could fix a lot with sterner punishments replacing time served. Guys go to jail and ‘get hard’. They come out with inflated SMV. Institute public whippings instead and that same guy is crying like a b!tch on live television, begging for mercy. No woman is going to want him then. Death sentence, whippings, hard labor, a day in the stocks…televised like you said. Beats paying to feed Tyrone 3 solid ones a day for 20 to life.

    • Viz is right-on here.

      2A’s have been “fence-trained” to police their own flanks, taking ultimate pride in being a “legal, responsible gun owner” and taking the lead in burning down those testing the fences.

      Just like “I hate illegal aliens and love immigrants.”

      The conservative mindset is to first obey authority. When authority becomes malignant or corrupt, conservatives who can’t or won’t break this conditioning become a liability for dissidents interested in reform.

      NAXALT, as always, but it’s a problem we need to address with 2A’s as a group.

    • The “gun rights crowd” – is not a monolith.

      One of the acknowledged problems within the “gun rights crowd” – at least among the more radical elements – is the presence of large numbers of “Fudds” , which are older white hunter types – who don’t really take a liking to the presence of all the different forms of “assault weapons” that have become more and more popular over the last 20-30 years.

      Put simply: the wooden stock crowd doesn’t always look favorably upon the black plastic and aluminum crowd. The wooden stock crowd will yell and scream about the 2nd amendment – even though it says absolutely nothing about hunting being a defended right. So on that particular aspect the black plastic and aluminum crowd is standing on more solid ground.

      In either case though – most of the people within the guns rights spectrum have a mindset of abiding by the “law” – whatever the hell that might be. There are significant cracks there though – because recent efforts to ban “assault weapons” in CT and NY – led to large amounts of people who just simply refused to comply. Here in MA – the AG went WAY over her mandate – and basically rewrote existing law to ban AR pattern rifles. Last time I checked nobody has turned anything in – and people just got around the edict by buying “alternatives” like full on battle rifles and bullpups military pattern rifles in common calibers.

      Slowly and surely the left has made people within the gun rights crowd who INSIST on following the law into outcasts because they have forced the hard choice between following the law – or keeping their firearms. These two things are becoming more and more exclusive of each other.

      From what I have seen : the people who choose obeying the law over keeping their firearms – are vastly outnumbered by those who chose to keep their guns.

      In Virginia – they even disobeyed Governor Dbags orders about not gathering in groups:



  46. Yesterday, Obama “sounded off” on COVID. The journalist apparently used that phrasing because Obama is black; therefore, he “sounds off,” not expounds. I guess “sounding off” is more candid, and goodwhite probably ascribes greater social trust to it.
    It’s like he’s Lay Z or whoever that rapper is.

  47. “… the people behind this latest hoax will keep at it.”

    The Spanish after the Reconquista gave the Moriscos (former Christians who had converted to Islam to avoid the jizya (tax on infidels) during the 700 year Islamic conquest and occupation) a full century to rejoin their people before finally getting sick of their dyscivilizational violence and expelling them all to North Africa. Smart people learn from their mistakes. Really smart people learn from the mistakes of others.

    We need to be really smart and take heed of the experiences of our forebears. “The people behind this latest hoax” all need to go somewhere else at the earliest possible time. They can’t be reformed. They can’t be fixed. They can only be expelled to go plague someone else. It is going to have to be done, so better it be done after 100 seconds than 100 years.

  48. Total coincidence that this is happening right when the perpetrators of the Russiagate hoax and who knows what else are about to be indicted. Why, you wouldn’t want to haul away Saint Obama and comrades and have those poor misunderstood PoC burn down cities again would you?

    • And if they are indicted where would the court meeet? In the District of Colombia? Probably the jury is already being assembled.. Don’t forget the people in question are not real estate brokers ,fishermen or teachers. They are secred police.

      • i like the “secred police: a nice neologism for their true status., Secret and Sacred : hidden keepers of the True Faith.

    • I was thinking this just as the news broke out. Surely the left has a box of these mothballed (in various states of gestation) to draw upon until Election Day. Obama’s second term was one cause célèbre after another, as if it was a 4-year long reenactment of Harper Lee’s masterpiece.

    • the perpetrators of the Russiagate hoax and who knows what else are about to be indicted.

      Thanks, Q. Any day now. Trust the plan, WAGAWAGAWAGA

  49. I grew up approximately 20 miles from Brunswick, and again lived near there for a few years until my recent return to inside-the-beltway Imperial Capital. A few observations: Much as Mark Antony carried the day over Brutus, as a rule pathos beats logos, especially with a mob. So most virtue signaling whites i know via social medial seem impervious to details about the case that question the jogger vs. Cletus & Son narrative. Many seem intoxicated with moral virtue by proxy, and a discussion of the details of the case only seem to elicit anger as a response. With that said, a look at the details reveals this is narrative nonsense and probably a legally dubious arrest. There is ZERO chance that this guy jogged to the neighborhood in question. He’d have to cross the Sidney Lanier bridge to get there (large bridge, pictures readily available online) then run along US 17 for over 5 miles (a busy four lane highway with little to no shoulder alongside marsh) to arrive that this particular development. I know south Georgia well enough to know that this development, while hardly high-end, is entirely a white area so this guy would immediately stand-out being there. I expect that Narrative Collapse will occur quite quickly, if it hasn’t already, but expect the response to be something like “it didn’t matter that he was burglarizing the area” once preening good-whites realize that “just out for a jog” is nonsense. The fact that the two defendants appear to be out of redneck central casting doesn’t help their case – at all. With that said, I’m skeptical that this case even gets past a Grand Jury *if* the facts of the case are impartially considered. Citizens Arrests are legal in Georgia. Open carry is legal in Georgia. Georgia is a stand-your-ground state. And state law specifically exempts self-defense cases from prosecution. So it should be an entertaining summer in my old stomping grounds!

    • James Fields also didn’t commit premeditated murder. The facts of the case matter little when a White man can be made to suffer for raising his hand against the special people.

      • Yes, Vizzini. But Charlottesville and Brunswick are not very similar. The locals in Brunswick were not interested in prosecuting these guys, while the Charlottesville people were keenly interested. I am cautiously optimistic that a grand jury will decline to prosecute, but we will see.

        • Read today that the Georgia Attorney General was already looking to have the matter investigated Federally, which suggests an early lack of confidence that the local grand jury will be inclined to indict.

          That’s the problem. They’ll keep shopping around until they get to a system that will give the “right” answer so that the “joggers” don’t burn everything down.

          • These guys are going to need good lawyers. Has anyone set up a legal defense fund?

      • Why does anyone think the US has a functional justice system ?

        Its pretty obvious that nothing works well or fairly at any level and that our so called justice system is largely about terrifying , killing and incarcerating enough people to maintain a pretext of order and to protect the elite.

        Who is the victim of the machine will just depend on the area and what local interests are.

        Now if there was the will to do it, the system could be fixed in less than a decade but this societies “leaders” lack the will to do anything other than loot.

        I’m mean hell the Senate Majority leader seems rather disinterested in investigation an attempted junta against the President of his own party.

        I get not wanting to go after former Presidents. The net result of doing that is as soon as the Democrats get power they declare martial law and we get a civil war whereas the Republicans bend over and take it no matter what but a somewhat functional society would make examples of some people lower than that.

        We aren’t going to so I am guessing that everyone is hoping it will all blow over and normalcy bias for the win.

        I doubt it but most of this depends on Chairman Xi , if he decides to not export to to the US anymore except for gold or silver and tells his people to “eat bitter” he can destroy the US through hyperinflation and economic collapse in a very short time.

        The only wildcard there is Europe. They are not as interested in this scenario and probably won’t side with China. Probably.

        Otherwise the US is now a wealthy 3rd world country and none of the social niceties should be taken for granted unless you personally know that the people you are doing business with are conscienceless and honest.

    • Know Brunswick quite well (ex GP). Haven’t paid enough attention to know where it happened, but if indeed it was across the Lanier bridge – your calculation of 0% ‘out for a jog’ is spot on.

    • However, the level of evidence to Bill for a Grand Jury is low—preponderance. Whereas, in the criminal trial, it’s beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s where the old “indict a ham sandwich” saw comes from.

    • Mikestone,
      I live twenty miles north of Brunswick and use to work with Greg McMichael. He is an honest family man. I also spoke to a Department of Community Supervision agent this morning about Jogger maud. He was not a good family man. He was a gangsta’ thug. Don’t buy the narrative…..

  50. We’ll know we’re making progress when politicians feel it’s safe to not make the expected anti racist dance, when they actually defend our right to protect ourselves from jogger Americans with a shrug and “well, guess he should have known better than to go there to steal…”
    When they meet the usual screeching from media and the jogger American community with indifference.

    We’re not there yet, but moments like this are waypoints.

    • “We’re not there yet, but moments like this are waypoints.”

      Yes, to this. The event opened up the chance for me to redpill two female relatives when each breathlessly informed me of this horrid tragedy “down south”. Remarkably, equipped with a tiny dollop of facts about crime in the converse, and legitimate doubts pointed at the media manipulation, BOTH femaies have come to me following their own research into this story with a new POV.

      One would imagine that was not the desired outcome of the narrative propagandists.

      The point that seemed to stick? “They fail to mention the father is an ex cop. If they are going to let felons out, decide to make stealing under a grand legal, and disarm you, then who but the neighborhood ex cop is going to defend you? And when they do disarm us, the video will be your son and husband being killed.”

    • The fact that we don’t have our own media is a problem.

      A lot of normies are still swayed by–it’s embarrassing but true to admit this–set design. They’ll believe anything they see presented on one of those deluxe spaceship-looking news sets.

      (I have a theory that one reason Alex Jones was so ruthlessly memory-holed is that he had a halfway authoritative set.)

      The social media is becoming a sort of alternative media, but we still need that flagship/spaceship anchor, a Fox News of the Real Right.

      I actually agree with your point about ignoring the screeching left. But a lot of people are going to need a substitute instead of just the “negative action” of ignoring.

    • Well, the is precisely what the local law enforcement did before the usual suspects got in on the act.

  51. My liberal roommate poked her head in my room just as Tim Pool was going off on the jogger case. She tried to bring up how “people on facebook” were angry about, her words, “a guy just out jogging”. At that moment Tim Pool showed the security footage.

    She just left.

    The ball is moving, but it’s not really “a wall of white skepticism.”

      • Reminds me of that old game Splatterhouse where your girlfriend turns into a monster and you have to fight her.

      • In my experience, the AWFL, including the version with male genitalia at birth, is the toughest nut to crack. Their programming is tight as a drum. Their go-to is aggressive Whataboutism, and their close is often simply a harrumph of OMB (Orange Man Bad) or the “republicans” version.

        To protect their programming, they will start in with the cover ears, nah-han nah-nah-nah early. They have no qualms about inserting their political views when others are trying to have a non political interaction with them.

        Their programming is a form of self-protection. Otherwise, their boyfriend/husband/children free with cats existence might crush their fragile, neurotic psyches with waves of dissonance, an inner voice telling them, “my life sucks.” The white male responds to these voices by offing self.

        Like homosexuals, the AWFL can only “replicate” beyond replacement levels by creating new versions of themselves via social programming, the younger their progeny the better for their cause. Since they cannot create new versions in meaningful numbers via their collective wombs, the only way to stop the propagation of their kind is via socialization, although obviously things have been moving in the exact opposite direction for a generation.

        • Even my fiance, who is salmon pilled, pulls that whataboutism BS occasionally. I find that the best response is to say “We’re not talking about Y right now; we’re talking about X. If you’d like to have a separate conversation about Y after we complete this discussion, sure.”

          Bringing up something irrelevant is by a wide margin the most common female rhetorical technique. Look for shifts in the focus of the argument — usually, that means she doesn’t have a good rebuttal, and she knows it. Just gotta move the goalposts back to where they were.

    • I didn’t hear a peep about this from the goodwhites on my normie social media.

      I think stuff like this for them is the equivalent of “here’s why Hillary is finally going down!” to us: been there, done that, never works out.

    • What got me were the “victim’s” choice of running shoes. Surely a race with a proclivity for $200 Air Jordan’s would be better equipped for a morning run through the “hood”. 😉

      • Well,… my father used to note the proclivity of such people for cadillacs and white-wall tires (while they lived in shanties). But even I was smart enough to know, way back then, that blacks are heirarchical, like any other race. Pimping and drug dealing within the black community seems like a pretty lucrative racket from an outsider (white) looking in, but I suspect there are the elites and the not-elites in any case. A 200 dollar pair of Jordans in this particular case was probably the “score” of his wildest dreams.

        • And a tendency to buy cheap recaps for the Cadillac. Or as one of my reprobate uncles used to call it “A jogger weekend, 40 hours of drinking, fucking and fighting and 8 hours of changing tires”

  52. It is difficult to understand why people would worry about the “jogger”, regardless of the actual facts. Even if the “jogger” were “murdered”, that would not take away from the facts of black on white crime. Of course, that would require some basic knowledge of numbers which is not in evidence in the current corona virus hysteria.

    • Yes. As I’ve pointed out about a gazillion times before (I ain’t all that good with numbers either. Ha, ha.), there is a strong correlation between criminality and non-whiteness in numerous cities across the fruited plain, with an occasional exception here and there to merely prove the rule.

      • It may also be a correlation between IQ and crime. Albeit, violent proclivity seems to have some racial streak.

        • Could be. I would say that fatherlessness (a huge problem in the black community) is likely the biggest factor. But what do I know?

          • Lots of intercorrelations here. Fatherless homes are pretty common in white trash areas as well.

          • Not much. What’s the murder rate for whites who grow up without a father? I bet it’s dramatically lower than blacks who grew up with a father.

            Fatherlessness certainly increases the changes of a black kids committing a violent crime, but he root cause – by far the largest cause – is the kid being black.

    • A commenter stated here last week, and I agree with it, that with all other things being equal (and they certainly aren’t), I will root for my team/tribe over the other team any day. In other words, while there was still some question about this case, my assumption was that the white guys were in the right, unlike cucked relatives of mine who immediately started posting ‘white priviledge’ BS on The Book of Faces.

  53. I’ll tell you who is hunting blacks on the streets — Mexicans. The Mexicans are actively pushing blacks out of the ghettos, all over the country. MSM doesn’t cover it because there is no anti-white element to hang the story on. Compton is now 67% Mexican and only 30% joggers. In my view, the nigs are in a very dangerous place, as they are hated by all the other non-white groups here. As white control erodes, the blacks are going to be ground down and eliminated over time.

    • Here in the Occupied Territories of Nueva York, our valued black citizens are “eliminating” themselves at a clip that exceeds live births. Their mothers snuff them in the womb.

      Just think, if they didn’t kill off their own for decades, there might not have been this need for laborers for that work that “Americans” won’t do.

      • If your child picks up a case of head lice, and you are carefully combing their scalp *for hours and days) removing the little b@stards…. do you LEAVE the nits (the eggs/baby lice) on your child to grow up and become bloodsucking lice?

        ANYone whining about black abortion numbers is an @ss! God Himself directed killing *entire* enemy tribes: the men, women, children, and even the animals of the field! (And salting the earth so nothing would grow!)

        Do NOT think you should protect enemy “nits” — because you must RECOGNIZE your enemy even in its larval form!

    • Karl,

      Yup. By the late 90s, I had some business dealings in Compton and the majority of billboards were already in Spanish.

    • The betrayal of whites by our elite might only be overshadowed by the betrayal of blacks by their elite, such as it is. Blacks had a great deal going, and we’re set to be a prized and pampered pet for generations to come, but black politicians sold that future for a few shekels.

      I realize that blacks – even the “talented tenth” – aren’t know for their long-term planning, but it doesn’t take a great mind to see that importing millions upon millions of Mexicans and Asians – who will take your jobs, hate you and will never give you money out of guilt – is a terrible idea.

      • I can’t blame the joggers so much on that one. Another group that is on average much much more intelligent, and cunning, is the biggest advocate of importing people(s) who hate them and cannot be controlled by guilt.

    • The mutual hatred between Mexicans and blacks really is something, and it’s amazing more hasn’t been written on the topic – though the LA Times does, amazingly, broach the topic every now and then. A long time ago Sailer did a series of thorough posts on how Mexican displacement of former black populations in Compton, Oakland, and other west coast formerly-black cities reduced the violent crime rates in those places by UP TO 90%!

      Sailer continued his series by postulating that the talented tenth chose to resolve its fundamental rootlessness by exterminating the bottom 90% through a program of coordinated Mexican displacement. In the past, the talented tenth was obligated to live among the 90% and to attempt to look after them and better their lives. After free association was crushed and the talented tenth ran into the arms of whitey, they never truly felt at home and have been trapped in rootlessness ever since (this fuels their anti-white resentment: they know they don’t belong among us yet they have no choice but to clutch to whitey). But the bottom 90% tethers the talented tenth to anxiety: it reminds them deep down that they should be in the ghetto doing good works, not hanging around with whitey. Genius T Coates should be living in East St. Louis working for a soup kitchen to better his race, not sleeping with AWFLs in Paris while trash-talking those same AWFLs in The Atlantic.

      Sailer wondered if a coordinated program of Mexican displacement and dilution and eventual extermination of the bottom 90% will allow the talented tenth to permanently escape the sense of responsibility to their race and live among whitey as privileged attention-seekers, without the anxiety of the reality that they really belong back in the ghetto directly helping their people. Phew – the ghetto will be gone by then!

      After covering the former black areas on the west coast – now almost all gone – Sailer shifted his attention to Chicago to argue that Obama and the Pritzkers were attempting to do the same thing there: demo the projects, ship out the blacks, and replace them with Mexicans and then white gentrifiers. Sailer noticed the same phenomenon in other cities: since the late 1990s almost every major city has started a program of demoing projects and pushing out blacks to the oldest decaying white suburbs to reclaim valuable urban real estate first through Mexican colonization, then eventually through white gentrification.

      Why use Mexicans as the weapon? Firstly, our rulers use white gentrifiers as an engine of replacement too, but they realize that (1) there just aren’t enough whites left to use as armies and (2) Mexicans are much more ferocious neighborhood fighters than emasculated whites. Mexicans are not afraid of pushing back against black bullshit; they haven’t yet been cowed and broken into becoming submissive under the law like whites. Mexicans can fight back while whites (see the McMichaels!) are no longer allowed to do that. Ethnic whites USED to be able to fight back – the Irish, Italians, Polish, and Jews used to be quite fierce in defending their hoods – but “civil rights” destroyed all that. It’s not surprising that of the old white ethnic groups, only the Jews have been able to maintain an urban presence because they were allowed to keep their Shomrim. But here’s how whites USED to fight back:

      As Sailer showed, fast forward fifty years and Mexicans are now beginning to displace blacks in almost every major city. Some cities are much further along in the process than others, but we may see a time when there aren’t any major black ghettos left. Camden has made the news in recent years for its spectacular fall in violent crime, and while the removal of the corrupt and incompetent local police force and its replacement with a county police force played some role, when I checked out the racial dot map of the city I was astonished to discover that the city is rapidly turning Hispanic. That’s the REAL reason the city’s crime is dropping. On the map, check out North Philly across the river – it’s turning Hispanic too!

      I like to use Hispanic displacement as a cudgel against the typical dumb AWFL “poverty causes crime” argument. I used to counter with the example of West Virginia, but since AWFLs hate whites and love Mexicans, I now simply ask, “Oh yeah, then why don’t El Paso or Brownsville ever top the list of most violent cities?” That shuts up the AWFLs pretty quick.

      Who knows, Z Man, the Mexicans may yet save your Lagos on the Chesapeake too! LaFond says the Mexicans there are pretty fierce too:

      • Thanks telespencer for the post. In SoCal neighborhoods where the real ms13 are living, no tents. They take care of that in-house. my white neighbors call them unhoused community residents. I think they call that normalization… as far as the jo99er is concerned, did anyone see what seems to appear as a hammer in the road behind the truck in the original video ? Was wondering where that came from. Also looking for definitions on )1 bug people and 2 )AWFL. Thanks. Hey Zman, I haven’t written a letter lately because. The old lady’s working from home and is hogging the computer with word on it.

    • Mexicans (to their credit) don’t buy what too many of our neighbors are sold about “how things are”.

    • I’ve spent a lot of time around Arabs, and they’re stridently anti-black.

      I love the ridiculous notion that the men who built the pyramids were black African slaves. Imply to an Egyptian that his ancestors were black and you’ll get punched in the face. It’s a good thing that other minorities can (mostly) expel them without media running interference.

      • Part of the Egyptian resentment is precisely because the modern Egyptian is between 10-20% sub-Saharan in ancestry. It varies from area to area and by class, but its the same in all Arab countries. They’re not the same as ‘their ancestors.’

      • “ridiculous notion that the men who built the pyramids were black African slaves”

        Yes, that IS ridiculous. We all know that black Africans were busy fighting alongside Henry V [1], standing sentry at Bifrost [2], and writing the music of the Ode to Joy. (You DID know that Beethoven was black, right?) They didn’t have time to be building any pyramids.
        Is my account a-historic on account of the widely differing timepoints? Nah!

        I have proof:
        [1]That dusky gentleman there at 1:10 (2 seconds in) is the Duke of York

        [2] Our guardian here is the “whitest of the gods”

    • One thing I remember about the Liberty City riots in Miami years ago was the joggers started spreading their shit out into a Cuban neighborhood that neighbored theirs. That shit lasted about two hours–the Cubans just started shooting them.

    • Black replacement by Hispanics has been underway in Los Angeles since at least the 90s. Look at the demographic trends and the eventual destinations that William Frey and others uncovered, for example, San Bernardino and Victorville.

      • I looked at the trends in the locations you mentioned. Looks like Hispanics are replacing whites there, while the share of blacks is increasing in Victorville and relatively stagnant in San Bernardino.

    • Good observation and analysis. I left Burbank five years ago. Starting to look like Mexico City

  54. What’s interesting in this phenomenon is one can see more and more fire being directed at the right wing cucks as the left-wing screechers are being ignored.

    This is, of course, the proper action, as:
    1. Traitors should be shot first.
    2. It kills cover for semi-cucked white normies to hide. They either need to get on board with us or shut up.
    3. The left gets a dopamine rush from getting attention from bad-whites.

    We saw the start of this with Covington, and it seems amped up x10 with this episode.

  55. Zman, didn’t you know that construction crews install security cameras on work sites so they can identify new beer drinking buds? Hey, it’s a “guy thing.”

  56. Umnnhhhh….yah, well, when I was young we were among the first to occupy a subdivision, and as additional houses were built, I would do exactly what that “jogger” would do–go inside and check them out. Naturally, my mother and father made it VERY clear that doing so was dangerous (it was, to a degree) and if I died by falling into a basement, …..blah, blah, blah…..

    Of course, I was not doing surveillance prior to a burglary spree.

    This will be a case to watch, as the video clearly shows the jogger attempting to grab the shotgun and (perhaps) shooting himself by inadvertently pulling the trigger during the struggle.

    • Why in the world would you grab a shotgun? It someone points a gun at you, get down and do everything that person says. I just (don’t) know why blacks are so prone to tussling with armed people.

        • Plus they have been conditioned, by decades of Jim Snow laws, to expect White subservience and weakness. They initiate a confrontation because, absent White reaction (whether from internal self-policing or external force) they win and get to rob or kill or whatever external stimulus they are seeking. If Whites fought back in every confrontation, far fewer would occur. That’s why we are forbidden self defense on pain of lawfare.

          • Black cops are more likely to fire upon their black brethren. If they don’t hesitate to shoot (and are seldom punished when they do), why should whites?

        • Poor impulse control probably had a lot to do with it as well. In all likelihood, a really stupid white guy would have had enough sense to not grab a shotgun pointed at him.

          As the saying goes, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

          • There is a limit, though. I was once (Aug. 17, 2010, about 7:30pm) accosted by police as a case of mistaken identity, as well as their (the police) working themselves up into a frenzy. I didn’t refuse their demands (at gunpoint) to “kill the vehicle; throw the keys out the window and exit the vehicle!!!” I summarily refused when they demanded that I “Get on the ground, NOW!!!” My answer (call me crazy if you will, but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat) was simply, “No; I will not get on the ground and grovel to you; if you want me on the ground, you’ll put me on the ground. Now put those guns away before you hurt or kill an innocent man!” The story is longer, but that is enough for now.

          • You refused on principle to get on the ground. The “jogger” had no such principles. Also, you may have refused the cop’s orders but unlike the “jogger” you didn’t try to take the cop’s gun away from him while it was pointed at you.

        • I think there’s a bit of “whitey ain’t goan pull no gun on ME!” arrogance there, too.

          • There’s a lot of “whitey ain’t Goan do shieeet” among Sha’squeetchia and Shitavarious because they’ve never met white men who won’t back down. Even so, in every case of these gentle giant good boys getting shot, (Saints Trayvon, Michael Brown and the Jogger), they actually got their hands on the guns because the mean racist white mens still didn’t want to kill them. Pro tip- If you pull your weapon on someone, you better be pulling the trigger before they get within grabbing distance.

          • Let me tell you an anecdote that was “in the news,” but was a long time ago and therefore has been long forgotten:

            Many moons ago I was in the USAF stationed at Elmendorf, AK. My wife and I were on our way to a friend’s apartment in Anchorage early one morning when we inadvertently ran upon the scene of a fight on the main thoroughfare through Anchorage. The incident was taking place at an intersection where, as it happened, we had ‘hit the red light’ behind several other cars. What got my attention was as I slowed to stop, a man ran in front of our vehicle yelling “no, no, NO!!!” When I looked in the direction he was going, I saw that one man had a tire tool in hand swinging it wildly at another man. I immediately (without thinking) threw the vehicle in park and got out, headed straight for the scene of danger. The man who had passed in front of our vehicle had the “victim” in control, so I concentrated my efforts on the tire-tool wielding individual, who was still swinging wildly. I immediately (and instinctively) grabbed him by his forearms, repeating over and over again, “it isn’t worth it, man; calm down before I hurt you!” At some point in all of this wrangling, the “perp” managed to jerk his tire tool weilding hand out of my grasp and drew it back. At which point I ended his stupidity ‘with extreme prejudice,’ if you know what I mean.

            The moral of the story is this: If you’re going to pull a weapon on someone, you’d damn sure better be ready to use it (1); and (2), be quick about it because someone like me might come along and beat your ass senseless, right or wrong.

      • The mainstream narrative is blacks are terrified of police and getting mowed down for no particular reason by racist cops. But there are endless of videos of confrontations between blacks and cops where it is obvious to even the dullest viewer that if you can say ONE thing about the black, it’s that they are not afraid of the police. They are extremely antagonistic to the cops and fight with them on the slightest pretense. There are countless videos of this phenomenon on the internet.

        • “They are extremely antagonistic to the cops and fight with them on the slightest pretense.”

          They are extremely antagonistic to the cops and fight with them on the slightest pretense.

          Suggested revision for brevity and generalizability. 😉

      • There is a good video out of two guys in an auto accident in Philadelphia. The jogger starts arguing with the white guy he hit, then punches him. Then his buddy comes up behind and whacks the white guy with a pair of brass knuckles. Somehow the white guy recovers, pulls his pistol. First one gets on the ground right away–the other comes running at him and…..gets shot.

      • Because he had little to lose (particularly his life); he knew the father and realized this would be a third strike that sent him to jail.

    • Yeah, I did the same thing in my own subdivision, not too long ago in fact. But here’s the big difference: it was MY subdivision. I wasn’t secretive or sneaky about it and I never took anything.

      • When my older boy was shy of age 3 and shortly after we had moved into our house, he loved pretending to be a worker – had the plastic hard hat, a toy tool belt, and some mini-metal tools. Since they were still building houses in the subdivision, I spent far too much of my first real Texas summer out in the heat, so my kid could ‘help’ build. No one came after him with a shotgun (although he could run pretty quickly at that age). Guess that was our White privilege.

        • He had/has the “white privilege” of knowing not to start punching someone who has a shotgun pointed at him and trying to rip the gun out of their hands. If he didn’t know any better, he also has the “white privilege” that nobody will try to excuse his behavior no matter how bad it may be. Nobody has such low expectations for your kid.

  57. It is standard operating procedure for contractors to lock up their truck and keep a short leash on their tools while on construction. While my company was contributing our own part to a church conversion to craft brewery(yeah) there were multiple attempts at theft. In Grosse Pointe Michigan! A quick look at the surrounding map will explain why.

    With the Walsh and French types it seems once you cuck you stay cucked.

    • Almost 40 years ago now, I worked construction as a teenager. Often, I was assigned to “guard the truck” as the mechanics worked inside. I recall on one job, I had to cut and thread pipe on the back of the truck, so I could also guard to tools.

      • Hell, when we would have to go on FD mutual aid calls to the neighboring city–mostly jogger populated, if we weren’t running the pump on the engine we’d have to leave a guy behind just to keep an eye out–they’d steal cell phones out of the crew cab, tools (no idea what a jogger would do with a halligan bar) nozzles, anything. It was a running joke that that was only place we had to “run heavy” on calls.

        • no idea what a jogger would do with a halligan bar
          Oh c’mon. It’s the only tool they can manage to operate. Biotch done lock herself up and dem window bars B comin’ off so the jogger git him money from her purse. Then he gone. Sheet.

    • I have a cargo trailer I often park on-site. As I’ve said before, the locks on the doors and the ‘hitch lock’ on the hitch are good to keep the honest, and/or the lazy, thieves at bay. Young black “joggers” aren’t by any means honest thieves, but they tend to be pretty lazy ones…

    • Twenty years ago, we had a house built in in a community in rural central Texas. My wife and I spent the weekends on the property cleaning up debris and doing odd tasks to save some money. We had the framing package delivered. That Sunday, a truck full of hispanic folks pulled up with an empty trailer and headed for the pile of framing lumber. I walked around the corner and racked the slide of my Winchester 1300 riot gun and politely asked “Can I help you guys?” They looked at me, looked at each other, said they had the wrong address, got on their truck, and we never saw them again.

      • How odd. All the twitteratti are furiously typing that OF COURSE rational unarmed people ALWAYS charge at a person with a firearm and try to wrestle it away.

        Maybe that’s only a jogger thing.

        • Well, when I told my builder the story he was ecstatic. He had lost several other framing packages at a loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Probably covered by insurance, but it cost time and money to resolve.

          • Correct. Insurance for stolen tools and equipment is like (or something like) extended warranties on parts you purchase at O’Reilly’s; on the one hand you get the part(s) replaced for “free”; on the other the time and effort you lose getting the part(s) run down and replaced makes the whole thing basically worthless. You don’t get by with shit in this world.

    • My kitchen, in Grosse Pointe Park, was the only place I’ve ever had to point a loaded gun at another person. Thankfully they quickly decided instant flight was the better part of valor and it was over in blink. But in those days the GP police would often idle along behind any groups of joggers they saw wandering the neighborhood. I made the mistake of living too close to Mack, and shortly thereafter got a new place up in GPC near Bon Secours.

      • I’ve pointed a loaded firearm at a living person with milliseconds to spare before I nearly shot them.

        The time I will tell you about: BFF since kindergarten, now an Emmy-winning TV personality on the air every day, was at my vacant house during the parents’ divorce proceedings. Dad had added interesting channels to his man cave TV, and a handful of us h.s. buds watched a Richard Pryor re-run and some titty flicks together because none of our parents would let us view that crap. Midway during the show, TV friend excused himself to the bathroom on a lower floor.

        Secretly as a prank, he opened a sliding glass window. After everybody departed and I went to bed, and a neighbor girl had come over to sleep with me, the TV friend led three dudes into the house through the window.

        I woke up to hear tchotchkis falling off the shelf, whispers and, as I scooped up the loaded 12 gauge and flipped the safety then worked myself downstairs clearing rooms without any training, an old-fashioned walnut radio the size of an oven started playing. Heart in throat, I teased the lowest door open, flinging it with my foot, and rounded the corner as my muzzle fell directly at my friend. Trigger finger almost inched into the well but it didn’t – gramps had taught me proper control. Two families are grateful for that.

        If it had been a jogger triggerman, all three young targets would still be suffering PTSD, but alive, because joggers seldom hit anything they aim at even with shotguns at point blank.

  58. Thanks for two new euphemisms I would personally like to see take root and will strive to propagate: ‘jogger’ and ‘oxpecker’.

    • Personally, I would have gone for the term mousepecker describing them. But I understand Zman’s point.

      • Hey, size doesn’t matter! Just like #joggerslivesdon’tmatter. Why u gotta be anti mouse, bro?
        Seriously, I’m surprised Soros money hasn’t already cranked up the BLM machine to exploit this hoax. Even they must have realized the futility.

  59. I saw the story, and like with the Biden Sexual Harassment thing, I basically just reacted like a fish who saw a multicolored worm that left a big tear in his lip the last time he tried to bite. I just kept it moving. I get the people like Paul Kersey or Nicholas Stix or Lawrence Auster who make black crime their beat, as it can be very psychologically debilitating and humiliating to have to deal with the black underclass (or the middle class, too). After I spent six months of delivering pizzas in the hood, somebody like Bull Connor would have looked like the Dalai Lama to me. But all of my problems with black people can be solved by living, working and recreating where they are not. Other groups who threaten normal sane whites have a reach and influence that makes peace through separation impossible, even if it were strategically plausible. You can’t win a spiritual, mental and metaphysical war just by policing the literal boundaries of your neighborhood. Also, most black people don’t want to be around white people anymore than can be helped, so freedom of association would slice a pretty big Gordian knot in two. Your take is probably right: Mockery doesn’t require much effort and pisses the anti-whites off far more than meeting outrage with outrage.

    • “But all of my problems with black people can be solved by living, working and recreating where they are not.”

      Most naive statement of the century.

        • Where do we go when our govt. forces them to live amongst us? If his point is that needs to change, he needs to say that, because White flight has become literally impossible.

          • I address that in my very brief comment. Bring back the rule of law (freedom of association) and racial tension solves itself. Black people generally don’t want to be around white people. White people generally don’t want to be around black people. Find out who is forcing incompatible people to spend more time with each other than is necessary, and you solve the problem. I admit it is a problem, but for me it is not THE problem.

          • Problem is Joey, Joggers still want their gibs from white people so until they are gone from our country then we will always be paying the tax even though we don’t live amongst them…

          • If we develop the will to separate we will simultaneously develop the will to tell them to go to Hell when they hold their nasty hands out.

          • I do this every day when I pass their beggars. I call them the N-word if they are not in groups and I rip on them for attributes ranging from the stink, the dreads, inability to articulate, and anything else that comes to mind.

            The problem is that before and after I am within shouting distance of them at least one each white male and female are being nice to the bums and handing them money or food. When the nice whites leave the beggar tosses any food and counts the money. It almost all goes to pot, smokes, booze and whores because the local restaurants give them all the gourmet meals they can eat (some of them sell the meals for additional spending money).

            I can defeat without worry any of them 1:1 or 2:1 and they know it. If you can intimidate them, you should in order to drive them from white territory. I am after them nearly every day when local. And I have my say before the head wagging goodwhites try to whip out their phone cams once they overcome their disbelief.

            Go after THEM.

          • Lineman, that doesn’t fit the “running away” label the Siege-LARPers around here like to hang on Us. It’s almost as if we’re still fighting instead of saying “leave me alone so I can grill.” We’re just doing it from a better physical position.

          • Just call it hiding bunky.You really think the Feds will leave you alone in your McMansion in Boseman Montana when we get another 3rd world savage becomes POTUS and drops the hammer on whitey communities?

            We are getting a taste of w hat the Left really is with this lockdown.

          • joey – Partly agree, partly not. Yes, blacks generally prefer to socialize among themselves. No, they do want to be around White people for the nicer environment, the prettier women, and the opportunity to demonstrate their supposed equality. The fact that primary schools are literally running out of White children to be sprinkled amongst the blacks (their mere presence automates a ‘better educashion’) is a national crisis.

            And, as Zman and others have said, a parasite cannot survive without its host. The government-mandated gibs are insufficient for dey wants; neither do they provide the dopamine rush that people with higher concentrations of certain genes need to feel alive. I mean that literally – with no internal life, no real thought or empathy, they require outside stimulus (loud noises, loud colors, sex, violence, etc.) to exist. You may believe that mere self-segregation is sufficient; others of us do not. You will be sought out.

          • some enforced segregation will happen eventually, make jim crow great again. the difference is, simply segregate instead of punish the other group. give blacks the native american treatment, as long as they don’t complain and stay away. might as well let them have their casinos, they love to gamble. plus there would be a further separation of the newer mixed/mestizo/asiatic groups, so they (we, i guess) remain as a sort of buffer that doesn’t make trouble for the separated 3 original American groups (white, black, native).

            and even then, heck even if we give the joggers their small little state, they’d still have their hand out, and they’d still try to jump over any wall put. and, there will always be enough gullible whites. maybe these gullible whites can be made to tend to them as crusaders/missionaries/social workers/whatever. as long as undesirables of any color don’t gunk up the machinery of this whitopian society, they can be safely kept apart; whether it be sometimes in ghettos, sometimes as autonomous areas within the same nation-state, sometimes as friendly but separate mestizo buffer states…

            Christendom will help smooth things. though not always guaranteed, as nations and races will always have issues. but, any help from above and outside, which doesn’t get our tribal worldly selves too mad against the stranger on the other side of the wall, is good.

            either way, such an arranged “great divorce of America” would be safer than pretending the melting pot will not boil over and explode upon its incompatible parts…

            (what is hard to see is how the split would work out geographically in America – will whitopia have sea access, and where if any? on the other hand, whitopia could hold on to keystone xl, will browntopia allow it? idk, it will be messy either way.)

          • Normies nod when you tell them “freedom of association”, right up until they realize the actual point of FOA is the right to EXCLUDE.

            Which is very, very badthink.

          • ” Black people generally don’t want to be around white people.”
            Couldn’t be farther from the truth.
            They, like the Jews, are well aware of their dependence on white societies.
            Back in the 70’s the first black mayor of Atlanta when warned that his racial policies would drive whites from the city said that it wouldn’t do any good because “we will follow you”

            Black access to Whites is both necessary, and now, a right.

          • Very good point concerning the parasites.
            But the worst part of this is the donors, the white christians who are doormats to their own executioners. You can’t wake them up, too dumbed down and brainwashed to understand that speaking ill of parasites is the truth, they have strokes whenever you mention the N or J words to them.
            It’s going to take a complete breakdown of society before these folks wake up, MAYBE, or they die in ignorance.

          • not all white christians, but agreed, too many of them. it’s really most white people. most white seculars believe neil de grasse tyson is a genius and trayvon would have been just like him if he wasn’t shot by that racist zimmerman (who looks more mexican than half of miamians – then again, even they are more aware of jogger behavior than whites).

          • I make the same comment over and over, here and elsewhere. Our greatest enemy, since at least 1860, has been other whites. (((You Know Who))) did not create this divide, they just exploited it. Nothing that they and their pet groups are doing to us would be possible without the enthusiastic support and collusion of roughly half of our own people. If a day ever comes when a solid majority of whites feel as we do, (((they))) won’t stand a chance.

          • Freedom of association is the freedom to discriminate, and I support it wholeheartedly.

          • “You might not want war – but war wants you”.

            That’s what they’re going to get – if “they” keep trying to force the issue.

      • You’ll have to sit me down and explain the facts of life to me sometime. I’m still a greenhorn and could use some of your hard-won wisdom, Pa.

      • Good luck with that one, since the 1964 Civil Rights Act effectively ended freedom of association for any/all Americans. Not to mention the Hart-Cellar Act. The Bill of Rights be damned, apparently…

    • This is a perfect test case for what was discussed the other day. Focus, isolate, mock and hinder the anti-white white shills and turncoats. They have no knee-jerk sympathy or guilt response from other whites. Neutralize them and people who mouth the subservient platitudes… and their seditious cloud evaporates… leaving only amtagonistic POCs to yell at and lecture us… showing white folks that this is simply a tribal skin game of gibs and power plays.

      • Guys like Poppin’ Fresh and Walsh have hung their asses out on this one – definitely turn up the heat on them.

        Add Nimrata Randhawa to that list along with every other “future GOP hopeful” that tossed these two guys under the bus the second they saw the video.

        What kind of “right-winger” gets matador’d by Talcum X, FFS?

      • Were you flexing and admiring a barbed wire tattoo as you made that bad-ass statement? Seriously, get on the horn with Chuck Norris and tell him to hightail it. We have a new badass in town and his name is VXXC.

        • LOL! My (deceased, RIP) FiL had a pet name for everyone, including Chuck Norris, who he affectionately called “Kickass Walker.” To the best of my knowledge Norris/Kickass doesn’t have any barbed wire tattoos, but I could be way wrong about that.

          • Chuck has actual barbed wire embedded in his skin, and it’s afraid to rust in his presence.

    • One of my kids asked me about it and my answer was “wait 48 hours”…and here we are 48 hours later….and…

    • The nice part about euphemisms in our movement is it requires a minimal amount of cleverness for our guys and takes significantly more effort and draconian policies to stamp out. It can also morph into becoming more hilarious the more they freak out.

      See China and Winnie-the-Pooh.

      • We have already seen it with the orientals. (Hmmmmmm… I guess “orientals” is a bad word now too, the computer flags it as an error…).

        Up here in Canada, we call them slopes, nine irons, bucket heads, clippers and any number of others that get the usual suspects frothing at the mouth. Others are used for the various victim groups.

        It just goes to show it isn’t your speech that Leftie wants to curtail – it’s your thoughts.

        • You know, I have this theory that how we type and spell, as well as the “incorrect” words we use (or create) are all recorded for perusal.

        • It’s all part of a grand attempt to reconfigure white consciousness. Call it the “linguistic turn”…

          • A commenter on here said that the internet is where we are the strongest. I’d say that’s true, but the left is pouring millions of dollars into multifaceted and insidious psyops online. I think a lot of it is retarded and easy to avoid, but over the past five years ago, I think they’ve gotten better.

          • No, they want us dead and gone if you read the approved Lefty periodicals.

            This is war and we better wake up to the fact that the ruling class and Bagels want us eradicated.

        • Ironically, the code word for Jews where I grew up was “Canadians”. Don’t know why except that “Canadian” never offends anybody.

        • @John Smith: Re: “We have already seen it with the orientals. (Hmmmmmm… I guess “orientals” is a bad word now too, the computer flags it as an error…).”

          You are right. It’s been a major sin now for some time in those bastions of PC-thought known as America’s college campuses. Don’t try to use the word “Oriental” instead of “Asian” (which is the approved descriptor these days), lest you get a lecture on cultural (in)sensitivity from an outraged prof or grad student. This form of bad-speak apparently dates back to a book called “Orientalism” by that darling of leftist historical scholarship, Edward Said.

    • Joggers, Sons of Obama and Aspiring Rappers–what will be the next weasel word for that most pernicious element of society?

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