The End Of The Beginning

For months now, the more cynical have suggested the lock downs will continue into the fall, as the hysteria has become something of a religion. The facts on the ground are useful to the panic party in so far as they can be used to support the idea that this plague is a curse sent from nature because of Trump. They hope the self-inflicted suffering will purge the lands of orange come November. Word now comes that they plan to cancel college football this week.

There’s no public health reason for cancelling college sports this fall or for keeping the kids of campus, which many colleges are doing. Many colleges will be on-line only this fall, meaning it will be a full year of virtual learning for their students. It was not that long ago when these very same colleges said on-line learning was terrible. Students needed personal interaction with their teachers and fellow students. Like so much that comes from the Left, that was true only while it was useful.

As far as college football, the plan was to minimize attendance at the games and make sure the players were tested on a daily basis. The only thing missing from the regime was daily dips into vats of hand sanitizer. Despite it all, the people who run big time college sports have been bullied into shutting down. This should put to rest that the people behind this stuff are motivated by money or power. They are tossing away billions and their grip on millions of people’s attention.

Sport has always been a window into what lies behind the general culture. In this case, the plight of sport reflects what is happening in society as a whole. The efforts to restart professional baseball, basketball and hockey have been a disaster, because the stripped-down versions lack essential ingredients. Like everything else about a big complicated society, sport evolved over time to work a certain way. Rebooting it without essential elements like a live audience does not work.

The people running the NBA and NHL are a reflection of the people running the country as a whole. They have the problem all outsiders have, in that they see the parts of society and can navigate through them, but they can’t see the invisible bonds that hold those parts in relation to one another. Their scheme to restart their respective sports made sense to them on paper, but to the rest of us it is like trying to impose the metric system or soccer. It’s alien and weird.

There’s also the social aspect to the popularity of sports. Football became the dominant sport because it is the best television sport. It was the one thing people could talk about at the office with no problems. It’s why so many companies encouraged their people to sport the colors of the hometown team on casual Friday. The popularity of sports like football had as much to do with their place in the social fabric as their popularity as an entertainment product. Big time sports fill a social niche.

The people in charge predicted people were suffering from a form of phantom limb syndrome and that the return of any sports would be a success. Instead, baseball, basketball and hockey are not drawing much interest. People moved on in the short time those sports were off the air. Football will most likely face the same fate if it goes dark this autumn. Sports passion is like a fire. It requires constant tending and fuel in order to keep burning. Once it goes out, it stays out.

What’s happening with sports also puts to bed the notion that the people in charge are playing 4-D chess in order to maintain their power. Keeping white people locked into sports watching was always about crowd control. Nowhere is egalitarianism and anti-racism sold harder to more white people than at a sporting event. It is the one place where multiculturalism appears to work. Take that away and normal white people are left to watch white radicals and black activists riot in the cities.

What lies ahead for sports entertainment, maybe all big-time entertainment, is what small business is facing right now. Every business has a cost structure that reflects its revenue stream. Seasonal business has seasonable const structures. Small business has low cost structures. Global sport has a cost structure that requires millions to spend billions every year. Suddenly, owning a big fancy sports arena is not such a great idea in a world where large gatherings are prohibited.

There is a general assumption that the Covid stuff comes to an end with either the defeat of Trump in November or one final tantrum in January if he wins. At that point, the practical reality of life will force this charade to come to an end. That’s true, most likely, for this phase of the process. Economic necessity will force the people in charge to relent or civil unrest will force it. Unless this is really a simulation and the base code has been altered, this cannot continue much longer.

That’s just the end of this phase. The breaking of the sports entertainment model will have far reaching consequences. Tens of millions of people will fill in the gaps left by tailgates, trips to the alma mater, weekend parties glued to the television and billions spent on sports entertainment. All of a sudden, the sort of liberal guy you used to talk to about the football team is not a guy you talk to at all. Instead of talking to the conservative guy about sports, you talk about other stuff.

Even the most basic human societies are a highly complex web of interpersonal relationships that operate within a hard to define thing we call culture. A big diverse country like America has a degree of complexity that we cannot comprehend, other than to have the wisdom to accept that reality. The people in charge have thrown sand in all the gears of the machinery, machinery that has allowed them to rise to the top of the social hierarchy. Sports will soon be the least of their problems.

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279 thoughts on “The End Of The Beginning

  1. Disney Black is King. BLM started under the Obama administration. The riots too & virus? 2 is a coincidence. That is 3. Seems very premeditated tome.

  2. Yeah,Like the rest of the smooth brained sports fans, I always enjoy paying money to watch the people who have utter contempt and hate for me.

  3. I am a big time college football fan, but even so if they turned it into a celebration of BLM I was ready to turn it off permanently. Ironically, shutting it down this Fall May save the sport for people like myself. I would assume that by Fall 2021 this BLM crap will have petered out, and I can watch without getting aggravated. This assumes of course that a one year delay won’t affect my interest, as Zman points out.

    • A great uncle received a full-ride scholarship from the old country’s people to study advanced graduate  mathematics at U. Michigan Ann Arbor in the mid-1800’s, no typo. My family would routinely send ours to Michigan who for whatever reason chose not to Ivy or MIT. (We invented a shite-ton of crap from computers to rocket doo-dads.)

      Regardless, the family, which made a boatload of money in the assurgency that was Detroit, were diehard Michigan Wolverines. Always Faithful even if Ivy or MIT. Michigan boxing, hockey, football, rugby – most of us played those sports and no matter all followed them like a religion. We talked about Michigan incessantly, it was our common passion that united us.

      Less than a year ago, as a high-point poster, I spectacularly suicided on a Michigan sportsboard. I had helped bring out, or at least expose, the many of us there who turned out to be a part of our thing, albeit quietly. My former alias is now a radioactive hotspot where good people can learn the errors of us bad people.

      My entire family has ceased to follow Michigan and we have removed our contributions, by some members sizeable, not me, from support of the institution. We won’t even switch on Michigan v. Ohio State, the routine arse whoopins by professional athletes at OSU certainly don’t help, and we all discuss today the fact that we wasted so much of our energy on an institution that has failed us.

      College athletics, and the institutions that sponsor them, delenda est from my family viewpoint. With exception of one uncle, a stats guy, we were never pro sports people. So if we engage sports, we are participating in the sport at issue. Nearly all of the family cut the cord by early 2000’s.

      To sport I say: EFF U. To university I say: EFF U. See the pattern?

      • I am a Wolverines fanatic. It is not my alma mater (I graduated in 1983 with Obama from Columbia). I frequent multiple Michigan message boards. Which board had the meltdown?

  4. We’ve had our main football here in Sydney, Australia, opened up for three months now and it’s going OK. Started out with no crowds, then fake cardboard cut out crowds, now a few thousand at distance in larger stadiums.

    We were lucky — our game is rugby league which has always had a working class, white, antiestablisment vibe. Although steadily getting multied, of course.

    But as with the posts here say, the numbers have dropped off as the ritual magic was broken.

    We’ve still got a bit of amateurism in our sports which also helps. A lot of us feel sorry for you Yanks, that your favourite games turned to corporate mind control well before covid.

    But that’s because we’re better than you lot anyway.

  5. The whole situation looks like the rulers are serious about reshaping the world to their vision. They are first intent on destroying utterly the world as it exists. nothing else seems to make any sense.

  6. If blackball shits the bed cause of jewflu, good. Fuck em, they can drive their Bentleys down to the food bank and kneel for a McNugget.

  7. LOL he’s so “based.”

    It’s as if conservatives want to shove their kids and their families into the maw of Moloch.

    I get the desire to want things to go back to “normal”—vegetating in front of the TV as the country browns—but that’s no longer possible. There’s no going back folks.

  8. Well, up here in the Great White North, at least anecdotally, people are watching NHL hockey again. They miss it too much I guess but I won’t watch it all as I’m not really interested in the dumb format they put together. I’m not sure why they just didn’t cancel last season altogether and just start again in September with training camp. I guess they need to make up some lost revenue. After trying to watch a few minutes of a Blue Jays game, I gave up on live sports in general. Seeing the empty stadiums, the players wearing masks and social distancing doesn’t really appeal to me. Also with NASCAR – couldn’t stand to watch the driver interviews with both the driver and reporter muzzled up. I would say that some of the teams could fold in the sports that rely on gate revenue if they continue to ban large gatherings.

      • I think he means was NOT Zman’s house. Unless he means it exploded when you were not in it so you would expedite your 150 mile westward relocation where you belong. ( i just bought a place in WV myself)

    • White people have this thing about calling the gas company when they smell gas (except in Russia where these things happen once a year). It seems so simple, “oh, I smell gas, something is malfunctioning. I need to figure this out, it could be dangerous.” A black will say “what dat damn smell? Nasty ass rotten egg smell”…as she lights a Newport. Purely reactive culture. I have no idea if this was a black neighborhood. Going out on a limb.

  9. Word now comes that they plan to cancel college football this week.

    The corruption of university admission standards to admit ghetto Blacks who have no business anywhere near a college campus so they can play ‘sportsball’ is one of biggest and most ignored scandals of recent decades — stopped watching years ago.

    • It’s both funny and sick that the typical MAGA dad—as shown in that Stonetoss comic someone posted—is cheering these college sportsblacks at home at the same time as those very same sportsblacks are gang raping MAGA dad’s daughter in college.

    • It’s an irony that many of America’s old universities ended up surrounded by ghettoes, so I understand. At least this is reported true for some of the Ivy League: Yale, Cornell. Sadly, the murder of the 18-year-old co-ed late in 2019 in NYC comes to mind. I’ve visited (or been familiar) with universities in DC and Richmond and seedy neighborhood often was the rule. Even Tampa’s University of South Florida campus, while not a slum on par with a metropolis, is located in an area named “Suitcase City” due to the frequent evictions. I don’t have figures at hand, but the Melanic Hominid® fraction is notable at local stores. You gotta feel sorry for the locals. With the pandemic and shut-downs, students are all but non-existent, so little demand for drugs and few other crime opportunities 🙂

  10. The thing that amazes me is how fast the spell that organized sports held on our society went away.
    There has been nary a whimper out there.
    Beyond the Poz this may of course be do to the fact that our economy is collapsing with risks of mass homelessness and the Left dipping feet into the violent revolution waters. This tends to concentrate the mind and purchase decisions tend to become “more food, more ammo. pay rent.” and not NFL woke trash.

  11. “All of a sudden, the sort of liberal guy you used to talk to about the football team is not a guy you talk to at all. Instead of talking to the conservative guy about sports, you talk about other stuff.”
    I’m sanguine about this. As much as I like football, it’s a simulated community for many. Especially in the south; I spent a few years in Baton Rouge and that’s the only thing uniting a lot of these people. It fulfills their interpersonal and social needs, but distracts them from the things that have an actual material effect on their lives. Maybe a year without football could be a jolt to the system and force them to take stock of how alienated they really are.

  12. except the elites don’t need 4d-chess to control us, mr Zman, they beat us handily at normal chess already, with enough average for-profit lies that amount to one big materialist establishment.

    for example, you keep falling for their simulation base code lie? nah, it’s our civilizational genes that are getting to the end of their Spenglerian life-cycle, because we rejected God’s command to go forth and multiply, and became enlightened and high-IQ to death. Asians to follow, they just have more human capital to waste before that happens.

    take away sports anyway, most white boys born this century play fortnite or call of duty better; and if you don’t know what those are, you really are not of this century. nevermind that most sports fans now are useless centrist black-loving npcs who gamble or spend on sneakers to wear at the club, more than they ever set foot on a soccer pitch.

    btw, gonna Eurosperg and say that soccer may be another decidedly pozzed tv sport, but least it’s simple fun enough that its fans can play and commune around, unlike the couch-potato/barstool-friendly American sports. of course, now most soccer fans are the gambling and gaymer and brown-loving variety as well, after elites made the sport softer, more corporate, and more diverse in the last few decades. but some fan-owned soccer clubs remain, specially in the whiter areas of Latin America, although even these are getting browner and more corporate too.

  13. Just wait til the schools reopen and the yoots go all BLM on Karen’s kiddies, with trans-cheerleaders…

    Who needs sports when we have the local arena! I can hardly wait for the annual Games.

  14. Z: “The efforts to restart professional baseball, basketball and hockey have been a disaster, because the stripped-down versions lack essential ingredients.” Given the circumstances and the modest goal to merely save the seasons, by what measure has it been a “disaster”?

  15. I’m thinking about it from the other end of the line. What happens when you take away the possibility of getting out of the hood via sports? Thousands of young black men only make it to college through sports scholarships every year. But, I do like the idea of colleges being sued for discrimination for not offering up sportsball tournaments. The one thing about the Corona Panic is that it shows you how many people are bedbug crazy, it’s funny as hell too.

    • The number of black guys who are airlifted out of our teeming ghettos into college and pro sports is already statistically insignificant.

      If anything, one major problem for blacks in America has been conservatives retailing the idea that sports, music and entertainment can be tickets out of the ghetto, when in reality there just aren’t enough positions in these fields to matter.

      • Yes, when it comes to “making it” your average black guy might as well just buy a lottery ticket, the odd are actually probably better, and you don’t have to pretend to be a “scholar-athelete”. Of course, everyone, black, white, or otherwise, thinks that he’s going to be the exception. I had a very good friend in HS who honestly thought that he was going to become a famous actor because he had a supporting role in out Senior HS play, and he was far from being stupid. He wound up as a sound engineer running a video store on the side. Nothing wrong with that, but he was convinced that he was going to be the next Burt Reynolds or something. If a reasonably intelligent white guy can be that deluded, just imagine what it’s like for a black guy fed “self-esteem’ all his life.

      • Even when they make it to the pros, they usually end up bankrupt in a few years after their careers end. Sometimes during their career. Imagine the same will happen if reparations are ever a reality.

  16. Having nothing to do with sports. I just got a message in Firefox that the “master password” is now called the “primary password.” Following was some explanation that the change was to be in keeping with new sensitivities. The Pozz has arrived here too, Orwell called it Newspeak. I’ve been a Firefox user for many years. So far as I know, I never used the Master Password. I guess this means that I am a GoodUser, one who did not unconsciously approve the historical racism and oppression of his language 😀

    • Shoot some emails over to support telling them you are having trouble with your “master password”. Just for fun. I’ve gone back to using “Rhodesia” drives some people nuts.

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  18. The Big Ten has cancelled its football season. Let us see if college hoops also goes down the tubes.

    • If college sports are canceled, the africans won’t have squat to fall back on. What good are they if the money dries up? Just more melanin enriched dimwits with useless degrees. What will probably happen, is the “black community” plus the usual suspects will demand the national leagues hire at least some of those bozos, even though they didn’t give a full display of what they are or aren’t capable of.

  19. Going through the college issues right at the moment. In one instance have had very pointed discussions that, as a “full payer” at a private school, fail to see the value of all on-line classes and intent is to not send my child back for the fall semester. They seemed genuinely surprised that the milk cow suddenly went on strike. As things have developed, it looks like about a quarter of the incoming freshman have opted to defer—and believe this is skewed to the “payers” which is now causing a panic. This is the first time that the iron hand of Mr. Market has come down on schools that don’t have the managerial smarts to think this through. One benefit from this may be the long awaited value vs. cost shakeout that only a few college presidents (Mitch Daniels) saw coming. That’s a big plus for our side.

    • One can hope. But having spent some time in the academy, my suspicion is that the university system will continue their decline. That is to say, their online outreach will produce even less effective instruction, but will continue to pass out phony degrees in meaningless courses of “study”. Credentialism has been the name of the game for decades now. This will be more apparent in the weaker courses of study, less so in STEM—which online courses will not make a dent in.

      Some colleges and universities will of course go under, but the only thing that will break their back is when students, parents, and most importantly businesses decide they won’t play that game anymore. Four years in an institution taking courses that you can’t even remember the name of is a poor economic expenditure for society, much less the individual.

  20. Everyone should follow Zman’s link at “people running the country” Note that the blog posting was only four years ago. Four short years! And the (typically insightful) post got a total of 58 comments. Only 58 (six of which were from Zman himself)! Today? That essay would garner a discussion in excess of 300 comments. Upgrade your bandwidth, Zguy! You’re gonna need it. (And finish the book, would ya? We’ll make you a zilllionaire from all the royalties.)

    • thezman

      Reply to 
       4 years ago
      My guess is Jews will not exist in Europe by 2050. Americans have no tolerance for Jew-hating so I suspect we figure out how to keep the Muslims out, which is not all that difficult. So, American will become the new Israel.”

      Not every prediction is gold.

      • Someone on Gab mentioned that Jews always play poker with a joker card in their hand, which seems apt.
        They remind me in a way of the Chinese and gambling: they think they’re smart enough to beat systems that are designed to make them lose (in this case importing people which cannot stand them and want them dead, all in an effort to win some temporary victory over what are, really, just political opponents).

  21. @ZMAN – Good (and honest!) analysis – as usual. I guess you are aware of the UN 2030 Agenda and (the same thing) The Great Reset plans of the World Economic Forum (the Davos people)? What’s happening seems wholly consistent with these explicit plans. This isn’t a secret, they are keenly tellling us what’s coming – the difficulty is in believing that They really are serious about this stuff. Well, apparently They *are* serious, and They are going ahead with it – more and more obviously with each passing week – although obviously Not for the pseudo-humanitarian and environmentalist reasons which they cite. It is difficult to explain why they are doing this, and what They hope to get from it, using a mainstream secular-materialist framework; but it all makes (demonic) sense from my Christian-spiritual perspective.

    • The fact that they are intentionally destroying the institutions they used to use to keep the sheep distracted – sports/entertainment, travel/tourism, bars and restaurants, recreational shopping centers, etc. – is concerning. What are their post Covid plans – 24/7 struggle sessions lead by Big Sister AOC broadcast on the big screens of all the gulags coast to coast?

  22. Another truth, obvious yet filled with insight: “Like so much that comes from the Left, that was true only while it was useful.” This is illustrative: The Left is built upon lies. Lies are its foundation, they give it traction. Fortunately, lies work really well, especially in the realms of politics and power. Thus our plight as human beings.

  23. Masks should be required for all competitors in baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, swimming, pole jumping, and dwarf throwing. Police must be authorized to enter the playing fields or pools during the action to make arrests or issue tickets. Sports competitors under the age of two may be exempt from the rule.

    Reductio ad absurdum is our weapon of choice!

  24. Insight after insight after insight. Zguy does this consistently. Example: The people running the country have the problem all outsiders have. But of course: The elites who run America do not share our culture; they are “outsiders.” Heresy to our rulers and their media! But here? It’s a casual, obvious, pedestrian truth. I love this place.

  25. Speaking of sports, the sport of looting is going strong in downtown Chicago. Stores on Michigan Ave, the “Magnificent Mile,” were emptied last night in what looks like, according to the videos, a fun and raucous time. It doesn’t look at all like the media narrative of people terrified of being shot by police.

    • If I were living in one of those buildings overlooking the “fun”, would be scouring Ebay for all the old lawn darts I could get my hands on.

    • News said like 100 arrested. What’s the use? Isn’t Chicago one of those places where Communist Radicals presumed-innocent suspects don’t even have to post bail, in fact they’ll probably let you go for anything less than murder? I’m still waiting to read a news report where a rioter was charged with felonies. I know there’s been hundreds of arrests this year; just by the law of averages youl’d think there would be a few case of hard charges, but not that I’m aware of.

  26. The same thing is going on with religion. My pastor shared some stats with us. People are now staying home on Sundays. They would rather garden and Watch Netflix. They were just going through the motions all along. No surprise. I wonder how much of it has to do with pastors canonizing St. George over the last few months. It makes sense that so many people are picking tomatoes and saying, “wait a minute, I’m not at church and I’m perfectly happy. And I don’t have to hear that negro stuff.”

    • I was driving through a small town, and the sign at the Catholic Church said ‘St. Corona pray for us’. I have no idea what the point was (just a joke I think) but sure was funny.

    • Approve your message not because I’m a Godless athiest doomed to enternal damnation 🙂 but because you make an excellent point on the brainwashing machine churches (among other institutions) have become. Christians, you’ll be better off starting your own fellowships. Unless you need the rituals, study your books and meet in private. That is exactly what the first Christians did. Same risk of swapping germs (actually less, since you’ll probably be a smallar group) and probably much better signal-to-noise if you devote your time to reading, discussion, etc.

    • Christianity doesn’t require a church. Matthew 18:20 of course.
      However a Christian society does which is not as good.
      Also while you didn’t intend it as such, gardening is very telling. White people aren’t naturally Christians. That’s a desert thing. We are naturally more Pagan. On a gut level for a lot of us picking tomatoes is far more holy than listening to stories about someone elses native land

    • I gave up on the Catholic church long ago.

      Yeah, I’m gonna sit there and listen to some pedo tell me how to live a better, more moral life, just before he tells me that God needs my money, so I should send it all to the pedo now.

  27. While there’s no public health reason for closing schools or colleges this fall, I’m glad they’re all getting closed because the left is getting anxious about what this will mean for indoctrination:

    How much you wanna bet the right will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and demand all this crap be opened back up?

    While the left is certainly milking the pandemic to flex their anarcho-tyranny—like letting blacks shoot each other up at house and block parties while keeping churches shuttered^—their anxiety and waffling suggests they’re not exactly following a plan. This is quite contrary to the brainless right, which just wants to go back to the “normal” of February and resume consuming product.

    ^I’m honestly not too fussed about this either. Let them shoot each other, and since the churches just preach BLM these days, let them stay shuttered. Schools, colleges, sports—fuck em too. Let em all crash and burn.

    Let’s not get in the way of the left making the worst blunders in its history. Same applies to the riots and looting—avoid the FBI’s call to “boogaloo” but just sit back and watch the blacks and their cheerleaders shit their own nests.

    • Liberals are already getting on the no government school bandwagon with ‘pods’. It’s basically a homeschooling co-op with a hip new name.
      Makes one wonder how many libs we could covertly convert to our causes if we just had sleek marketing and gave them an ability to virtue signal.

      • The problem with virtue signaling is that the signal is always more important than the virtue. As a famous carpenter once said, whenever you do something for the praise of men, the praise you receive is your reward. Virtue signalers are terrible allies because they are exclusively motivated by public validation, so they will always conform to the standards with loudest megaphone, and will always practice piety instead of principle. It’s best to leave them out of it altogether.

      • You don’t want them. They’d just ruin it. All they do is ruin and move on to something else.

    • “Same applies to the riots and looting—avoid the FBI’s call to “boogaloo”…”

      This, emphatically. The feds will round up the occasional Marinus van der Lubbe. The media already makes sure to put all the Marinus van der Lubbe look-a-likes that do bad things front and center – any crazy eyed white guy, mug shots for all to see.
      The only ones that don’t see what is being done have the IQ of Marinus van der Lubbe.

    • We live in odd times, where feral Blacks and radical White youth allies march peacefully which is ok, but often assault, damange, riot, destroy, burn, maim and sometimes kill, which is not really such a good idea. I wonder if it’s occured to such radicals that images of burning cities doesn’t really help to win over the undecided? How many normal people are going to think it’s a wise move to grant a voice to people who burn down their own neighborhoods and loot other areas?

      • “march peacefully which is ok”
        Not a single march has been legitimate or peaceful. Not one. Even if the marchers aren’t actively smashing, tearing down, punching, shooting, carjacking, extorting or looting, they’re still chanting and screaming for white blood.

        Please don’t give these people any legitimacy. They have no right to march. None. They are all violent in their deeds and words alike.

        BLM by its very nature is antiwhite terrorism. A single BLM banner is terrorism.

        • I don’t suport BLM in any way. I do, however, defend their right to free speech, etc. Our country has a long tradition, still almost unique in the world, of imposing very few limits on private thought and expression.
          Consider: You have freedom to call them “antiwhite terroists,” and indeed maybe they are. But they are free to speak, etc. in a legal matter. Of course, if they riot and commit other violence, then yes the full punishment of the law should fall upon them.
          If you are so ready to limit the rights of other citizens, what right do we have to complain when they try to restrain ours?

  28. Maybe slightly off-topic, but maybe still related:
    Has anyone else noticed that the “D”s have not yet declared a running mate to go with their Alzheimer’s / Dementia patient?
    (My apologies to all other Alzheimer’s & Dementia patients…)
    As I was chatting with my Mom yesterday, we were hypothesizing (I think rightly) that it’s already August, and still no announcement about Lunchbucket Joe’s running mate.
    We suspect that some time around the middle of next month (or maybe even later), they will announce the Veep slot as probably a Shemequia Williams [or other].
    It was amusing. When my Mom corrected me on the name (begins with “K”), I responded “No, I actually used that name on purpose, to illustrate the point.” Heh. We both got a good chuckle out of it.
    Anyway, I was born in the 70’s, and not in my memory have I ever remembered a running mate slot still being empty at this late stage of the game.

    • Given Biden’s iffy presence, that campaign would really profit from a VP pick who could pound the countryside in support of the candidate. However, he boxed himself in to picking someone truly awful so they’ll probably wait for the very last moment.

  29. Civil unrest will force those in charge to end the process? Maybe. Maybe not. There hasn’t been much civil unrest so far. I mean, by white normies. The bits that we’ve seen have been entirely ineffectual. The elites seem to have an endgame. Steal the election for Biden/Whoever or Whoever/Whoever and then back to business as usual with a few sops to “keeping us safe” from the virus.

    • I’m sure that’s what they are planning, but historically, this sh*t has been a lot easier to turn on than to turn off.

      • Very true. Rumint over at American Partisan says Austin and Seattle are moving from Euro Riot to actual insurrection with guns galore full auto and suppressors from China.
        Its on DDOS protexction right now so just check the main page or hit up WRSA for the links
        Having read the article I will say the Natural News “rumor” that California Governor Newsom is storing weapons for insurgents for succession is almost certainly bosh. He’s not that ambitious , just a doctrinaire Liberal and note a terrible one at that.
        That said Antifa while probably can’t take over even this decrepit US they can cause a lot of mayhem and its possible that the reelection of Trump could cause a civil war if the larger Leftist states try to leave the union.
        Crazy times.

    • Civil unrest doesn’t work for our side as Conservatives whether for good or ill these days see violence as “all or nothing” outside of self and community defense.

  30. Revenge of the nerds. True outsiders like foreigners, but also spergs and other sorts lacking social skills. Curiously women too, in spite of their reputed intuition.

    At any rate the lot are incompetent, but they can still make one hell of a mess.

    • Video games are the opiate of the American First zoomer

      No worries on that. The usual suspects are pouring extreme amounts of poz into vidya as well. There will be no refuge for any white males that isn’t completely poisoned by anti-white messaging. It is getting harder & harder to find any video game developers that don’t throw current year propaganda in your face just like movies, TV, sports. The str0nk empowered wahmen protagonist, the lesbo BIPOC muslim who the vast majority of teen / twentysomething males (primary vidya demographics) can certainly relate to…
      The good news is, by pushing it at every angle simultaneously you have nowhere to run & hide. You either take it and wear your cuck muzzle and bend over for your new POC overlords or you revolt. The battles lines become faster and clearer because they may have overplayed their hand.

  31. The end of the sports obsession is going to be one of the few good things to come out of the whole 2020 sh*tshow. When the history of this era is written, the overt politicization of sports is going to go down as a major miscalculation by the Left – wait and see. They could have kept normies anesthetized until it was too late, but the thought of normal hetero white guys were enjoying themselves was just too much. The college football thing in particular is a big deal – the SEC is an ersatz religion in the South, and was a major factor in the destruction of segregation- depriving southrons of their weekend fix is going to be interesting, to say the least.

    • A Southern State changed their flag to allow the football poz to continue. A cocaine addiction seems a walk in the park compared to weaning southerners off sports.

      • I lived in South Carolina for a few years. Their “support the troops” enthusiasm is nothing compared to their zeal for college football. I concluded that there is a choice of 5 religions in SC: Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, USC and Clemson. You can pick any two and at least one must be USC or Clemson.

        • Same in FL in the old days, you be a Gator fan, or root for the Semi-hole Half Assed Injuns at the girls school up north. U of M still sucked under Saban’s dad. Hadn’t thought up the strategy of recruiting through juvie parole officers yet.

  32. Bread and circuses kept the proles off the backs of the Roman elite for several centuries but it was not until well into the decline that the Church finally had the power to ban the swords and sandals in the ring.

    Americans are so retarded I’m not 100% sure if I agree with Zman that this is a slide into irrelevance for sports. (I hope I’m wrong). However, when you begin to think how much identity people invest into their college football team, their NFL team, I don’t see it just fading away since what do people have left to fill their days with? Not much since there’s not much to work with for the vast majority of our fellow citizens.

    But escalating costs could break it…that’s for sure. All the bonds and tax breaks to build these monstrous stadiums still have to get paid regardless whether or not the games begin….

    • I’m probably reading it backwards. This thought occurs: We are discussing here the decline in popularity of mass appeal sports. Well, group sport serves many purposes. In the days before it was big business and political podium, it was primarily recreation, But it is also a form of ritualized combat, usually but not always prohibiting actual injury or death to players.* Are we slowly returning to the “real thing”, street brawls? Battles between towns? I have no objection if free men (usually it’s men) want to voluntarily battle even at risk of inury or death as long as it’s voluntary. That would probably disqualify bringing back Rome’s arena games 😀
      *Exceptions exist. For example, the Mayan “football” game they played was, at least sometimes, a contest in which the winner got the honor of being the sacrificial victim!

  33. Strange times indeed, and the future is a big unknown when you teeter on a precipice. Last week, a former big time pro football veteran, and now local sports talk radio host, went on a public rage rant denouncing this country as endemically racist and the worst scourge since Attila the Hun. You’d think every suburban neighborhood was holding a biweekly lynching according to his theory of our current culture. When old white jocks jump the shark, end times can’t be far off.

    • You’d think every suburban neighborhood was holding a biweekly lynching according to his theory of our current culture.

      One can dream…

      • He is white, of Germanic heritage, and very well known in these parts. One of the last people I would ever have expected to go full SJW. And he was spitting intense passion into the microphone during his 5 minute rant on the radio. It was shocking, even to a jaded old fart like me. I’m done with AM radio now too.

    • The White Patriarchy created the only society that has ever given women equal rights,
      Every black woman in America should be thankful she’s not in a country run by blacks.

    • “In other news, it was revealed today that Black homicide rates are about four times the rest of the country’s, that 92% of Blacks killed are by other Blacks. Reports of police killing them without cause have been vastly overstated, sources admitted.”
      …No, I didn’t hear the announcement either 🙂

  34. Sportsball (particularly the NFL) was in trouble before the pandemic. The attraction among my Gen-X co-hort was waning. The truth is that fantasy sports leagues and gambling kept the show afloat for the past couple of years. I’m sure the gamblers go back, but I am not sure about the fantasy leagues. As for actual attendance, I expect a significant drop.

    Personally, I am thrilled. I stopped watching many years ago and now I don’t have to pretend.

    • I would say gambling, either directly on games or through fantasy, is the major remaining driver in adult interest in pro sports. There are very few people left who are passionately following the home team just for the love of the game.

      • I’m not sure why in hindsight, but the last time I went to an NFL game (free tickets, still not worth it) I was shocked that the big gambling concerns had huge ads throughout the stadium. I figured then (years ago) that they were now the tail wagging the dog.

  35. Rebooting it without essential elements like a live audience does not work.

    Adding in the BoweL Movement pieties did not help either.

  36. In these troubled times few things bring as much joy as a video of pantifa colliding violently with reality, usually in the form of someones fist but increasingly the end of a barrel. The self clowning of pro athletes is one of those things. I gave up sports in the 90s. However in the last few years i have returned. Oh, i dont watch the games- but every monday during football season i eagerly look up the TV ratings and when they have declined i get that old rush, that subtle euphoria that all is right in your world when your team performs, well, in my case, badly. Good times. Good times. And now the bastards have taken that from me. Nevertheless i will manfully wipe my tears knowing that ZMan is right, sports is a major vector of self hatred propaganda into whitey’s brain. And so, I give up my hated sports, with mixed emotions for sure. I will miss the declining ratings and the illiterate players sharing their considered views and sporting big gold jewelry. The hair-dos. But mostly, the names. Ahh the names. De-shontay. Jamarcus. Sniff! Sorry, sorry. I need a tissue.

    • I appreciate your creation of a new pun: “pantifa.”
      Well done, sir.

      Come to think of it, maybe we could even add to it and call it “Plantifa.”
      (I like to add the “L” in there, to illustrate the strategy of all this.)

      • Plantifa does a good job of capturing the way Cloudies groom the deranged and give them bus tickets, some porn money and baby oil to gather in the the latest hotspot of anti-white activism. But for summing the essence of the never date, swipe left loser who makes up the ranks of antifa all must bow before Stalin, who gave us “useful idiot”.

  37. As an aside to the metric slam, even pumpers of the system, when they’re being honest, will admit that the Celsius temperature scale is unrelatable crap.

    • What’s the crack about it? In Fahrenheit, 0 is really cold and 100 is really hot. In Celsius, 0 is kinda cold and 100 is dead.

      • Fahrenheit makes sense on a human scale imo. 32 sounds cold but survivable, and you don’t want to get anywhere near 212. In terms of STEM, kelvin made the most sense to me. Celsius should make sense but still comes across as arbitrary for whatever reason imo. Probably because it’s based on water now that I think about it.

        • Celsius is based on water (at “sea level”) while Fahrenheit is based on people, and I’m not a pot of water. Both are arbitrary but one is still more relatable than the other.
          Agree on kelvin. If it was all about having a solid frame of reference (like the metric weight and length measures, which granted were found after the fact) then we would be using that (for as unrelatable as it is).

    • LOL

      Fahrenheit system is Absurdia IRL.

      Celsius is based on very logical and simple bricks (ice and boiled water)

      You are surrounded by Celsius and Metric (aka french btw) systems. That’s just a question of time before you surrender.

      (btw, a sport system with

      • No promotion/relegation system
      • Neither pyramidal system
      • Waaay too much game before real stakes
      • Which allows team to quit a city for another one(!!!)
      • worship blackness

      …deserve to die

      (yes, real football, normal football, British football – you know, that game were the ball can be played only with FOOT- is also, now, rotten with blackness worshipping – and steroids abuses, but, at least, it doesn’t suffer from the plagues listed above)

      (that said, I quitted real football. The only sports I watch are cycling – in a million year, you’ll never see a black win a major race, I bet my life on it- and biathlon)

      • It could have been boiled or frozen anything, it’s arbitrary and different for the sake of being arbitrary and different and has nothing in common with the metric length and weight measures and the issues those sought to correct. It’s the temperature equivalent of “metric time”. Not that it won’t win out, there’s plenty of bad ideas that win out.

      • Metric is the stupid person’s idea of a smart idea.

        Classic illustration of why bureaucrats redefining ancient and organically developed things with a fresh sheet of paper and the belief in their own brilliance is a terrible idea.

        Why not go back to 10 month years while we’re at it (sure is snowy this august!) 10 degree circles (this time kick the ball at 1.25 degrees!). 10 hour days (enjoy your .416667 hour lunch break!).

        Factors? What even are those? Something made up by ignorant Americans I bet. I HAVE TEN FINGERS AND I F’ING LOVE SCIENCE!!

    • We should have adopted Jefferson’s decimal based system for measurement before the French got their malodorous paws on it.

  38. No way does this crap stop in New Jersey before the election. I’ve talked to the owner of my local gym a few times. He doubts he’ll be reopened this year. The day his landlord insists on a rent payment, he’ll have to declare bankruptcy.

  39. Great Post.  I have two sons that go to big time colleges and both are going to have all their classes on line this fall semester.  Their bounds to school are breaking in real time.  The 21 year old son has decided to take his online classes, his Ivy league girlfriend (also excommunicated from campus to all online classes) and rent an Air B&B apartment in Italy and finish his senior year there.  Why not?  Beats State College U and the online classes are easy.  The younger son is trying to struggle through really lame STEM and lab classes on line--it's a rip off and even harder to understand the English is a 2nd language speaking professor on a small screen.  In the meantime, I suppose the cancellation of pro sports is the reason we have so many friends already calling us and volunteering to drive out to the country to help pick and pluck grapes this fall (we have a small vineyard and making wine by hand is labor intensive).  Life goes on.  In addition to many small local businesses being gone for good, the losers likely include campus and sports. 
  40. Watching the PGA Championship yesterday with no fans was odd. I know the reason is it was in California, but they should be able to have some spectators with no grandstands for letting them sit together for long periods of time. The PGA has announced no fans through the end of September already.

  41. All of a sudden, the sort of liberal guy you used to talk to about the football team is not a guy you talk to at all. Instead of talking to the conservative guy about sports, you talk about other stuff.

    Sports aside from its bread and circuses aspect has always served as a social lubricant between people who have little in common. This included spectator sports and participation weekend warriors. Since both are off the table differences and hostilities are now more apparent. Multicultural environments have become pressure cookers. Some try to hold their tongue and search for cooperative avenues…but the self righteous busybodies can’t help themselves and continually stir the pot.

    With the added heat of the coming election forced multicultural environments such as work and school places will become a witch’s brew of resentments, conflicts and undoings.

    • Multi-culti societies likely always end up at this point. You can’t avoid it. At some point, everything become politicized because everything is a battleground for protecting your group. You can’t let any area go unchallenged because another group can use it to get ahead.

      The Progressives are right to call out fence-sitting CivNat Whites. They were always hiding behind their “I’m colorblind” BS. Pick a side, you pansies.

      • You know what’s really going to suck for the colorblind civnats is when they are facing the brown hoard and their NABALT shoots them in the back of the head and becomes the hero to his brothers and then rapes and kills their families…Kind of like what is happening in SA…You would think white people would be smart enough to learn from others deadly mistakes but alas the brainwashing is too great…

    • The current pandemic [of government sponsored hysteria] offers a novel opportunity to the novel coronavirus. Since we are supposed to be socially distancing, this gives those averse to race- and other- mixing, to avoid unwanted people, places and things. Of course, our own gatherings are similarly restricted, whether by health guidelines or laws, but we now have a “legitimate” reason to shy from certain peoples. This should be a valid reason, at least until the Civil Rights Act is amended to prohibit discirmiantion based on epidemiological status 🙂

  42. Well put, Zman. We’ve all heard about how sports used to be an escape to a politics-vacant territory in American culture. Also how sports portrayed itself as an example of a society where racial harmony, cooperation, and friendship prevailed (the NFL network was good at this between 2009 and 2015).

    But this post suggests that sports provides a stage on which people can find something to talk about despite profound disagreement elsewhere in their lives, despite differences in class and race. It also absorbs male competitive instincts that might otherwise get out of control. It pacifies political passions, and helps the atomized society to cohere. What happens when we don’t have that force any more—not even as a distraction? What happens when politics is the only game in town? I guess we’re seeing that scenario play out.

  43. Maybe the death will come when disinterest reaches critical mass. How many millions now don’t watch tv realizing that their interest just kept waning until one day they ask what are they doing?

    Still, what becomes of America if television viewing and sports addiction crash? People think this is the perfect opportunity to wake people up and effect the change we want in this country. It would be nice but how much things change, not so sure.

  44. The biggest paradox about the cancellation of college football (and likely hoops too) is that while the advocates of killing the season claim student-athlete safety is the primary driver, the student athletes are far more likely to be safer in the controlled environment on a campus rather than at home.
    With no season, that means no TV money, no ticket income and much-reduced merchandise sales. The big schools in the Power 5 can survive a year of this, but if there is no spring season (no reason to believe that one will happen), but the smaller Group of 5 schools (like the one I attended) will wither since football revenues drive everything else. This might be the end of all college sports at a lot of schools and I don’t think that’s the worst thing.
    The European model of club sports unmoored to an academic institution might be where we’re headed and that wouldn’t be the worst thing.
    In one respect, I’m glad we won’t have a season since it means we won’t have to watch these players spit in the faces of the white fans, who pay the freight for the scholarships that give many of these athletes, many of whom have no ability to perform college-level academic work, a chance at the pros.
    All this for a virus that kills old people and those with compromised immune systems. The economic destruction wreaked by this contagion will be far worse and far longer-lasting than the paltry number of deaths, which are slightly more than a typical flu system.
    We’re going to see a great realignment. In some respects, it’ll be a better world, but I’m convinced in many areas it’ll be a severely diminished one.

  45. NHL is more pozzed than some people realize. They have posted around the 2 arenas that are hosting games the retarded slogan “We Skate for Black Lives” and players are wearing BLM t shirts to practice and to some press conferences. They have had some players kneel and allowed dumbass Dumba to give a pathetic BLM speech before play resumed. All this for a league that has about 5 black players and even fewer black fans. I’m done with these anuses too.

  46. There are some keywords to get to those that are of a like mind. At one employer, I recall a conversation where the notion of an accurate scale arose. I mentioned that my scale was graduated in a number of measures, including grains and Troy ounces. He looked at me a bit cock-eyed and then I found a group of like minded folks. It happened at other places, also.

    I don’t watch sports, I don’t talk sports, I don’t read sports. If the conversation goes there, I politely walk away It looks like those Burn Loot Murder and antifa goons will press it too far because their points of reference are the Dem run cities. As Ol Remus was fond of saying: stay away from crowds.

  47. I, for one, am heartily sick of the sports entertainment model. If it never comes back, that is fine with me. It’s time for intelligent, politically aware whites to pull away from this propaganda machine once and for all.

      • Increasingly, we all are spectators and at times partipants in the demolition derby of the human races 😀

      • Auto racing at the highest level has become little more than a high-speed safety exhibition. The danger, and thus most of the drama, has been machined out of the sport. Nowadays about the only auto racing I like is sprint car racing and, of course, the Indy 500.

    • We “pulled away” about 40 years ago, in college, when we realized what ignorant and conceited anal orifices most of the athletes were (and probably still are). Oddly enough, the last pro-bb game we saw was with Lew Alcindor. Some time later, we started attending the hockey games! To this day, we still consider hockey — even though we never followed it afterwards — to be far more interesting and exciting than any of the other sports: it requires speed, balance, individual and team coordination, and competitive aggression. The fact that sticks flew and the gloves came off on ocassion just added to the unpredictablity.
      These boycotts should teach these afletes and their owners valuable business and life lessons but don’t hold your breath.

    • The only pro sport I’ve ever enjoyed watching is boxing. But sports entertainment provides a nice diversion to keep people’s attention away from other things, other things that frankly most people probably should ignore. That has (possibly) become apparent in the last few months. All these people getting woke and going out in the streets might very well be the same people who filled their time in the BC (before covid) era with sports.

  48. I have posted here before about the place professional and college sports used to hold in my life and that of my family. Speaking just for me and my house, the fall-off of interest is remarkable. What was once intense interest and involvement is now nil.
    From season tickets, gear, buying both hometown newspapers at lunch hour just to read the sports pages to zilch. From attending to not just NOT reading the sports-related news nor following standings to ZFG (for those that rant about the use of acronyms but do not take the time to search them, that means “Zero Pepe The Frogs Given”).
    My two sons were into running fantasy leagues. No mas. Among the family, including the in laws, it’s like the entire sports world disappeared. What was once the opening salvo of conversations at gatherings just never gets started. Now it is about your new garden, repairs on your boat, working from home, and among our group, the stupidity of sheeple and Corona Walkers®.
    Without delving into the how and why, it is interesting to consider whether, now that the spell is broken ….. if it will ever return. Big time sports already knew they had a Millenial problem, as in lack of interest. Same for fancy cars: Millenials just don’t care.
    And now, niether do the Boomers® and Gen Zers in my circles.

      • Glad to be in. The reason I pipe up is that I see a lot of these “I never liked/followed/played sports” posts out there, when the talk is about pro/college sports. So nerds are filled with all kinds of schadenfreude seeing the big bad jocks go down, after all those times in middle and high school, blah-blah.

        From my perspective, sports was a crucial tool used to raise healthy kids. All of mine took part in organized sports, I coached multiple sports, and so on. I don’t have anything whatsoever against sports per se. Me and my kids all still take part in individual sports, and working out.

        We bonded over sports, not as couch potatoes, but as active, athletes, and decision-makers. So watching the leftists destroy sports means walking away is giving up something once important to us. What we have turned away from is the passive experience; we remain active.

        Same goes for Christian faith. It is one thing to shake your fist at this church or that if you were not a parent that got off your ass up every Sunday, put up the ca$h in basket and put in the time to raise a family without casting your children into the godless void. Time, money, bible reading, religious ed.

        The Christian churches were converged and they turned out Coronatards®, ready to submit to Caesar. I will not set foot in a “church” wearing a mask and treating my co-religionists as disease vectors. And said co-relgionists, once they are revealed as sheeple, are no longer seen as my “brothers”.

        • I too enjoy sports- mostly the white ones like baseball, (sort of) hockey and lacrosse. I can still play golf, but my Wednesday Night Hockey (TM) is postponed until further notice. It bugs me that all this is gone because of the Bleepin flu. Also, no college sports, which eliminates a big part of what’s good about living in a college town. I know despair is a sin, but I feel so helpless about all of this.

        • From my perspective, sports was a crucial tool used to raise healthy kids. 
          Yea I would agree if you raised your kids in the city but out here in the country we didn’t have time to waste playing games…We had ranches and farms to run along with hunting, fishing, shooting, camping and a whole host of other things…

          • Not all sports are bouncy ball kids games. Every kid you love should be trained in an effective combat sport. This is in the best classical tradition going back to the greeks and makes even more sense with the world as it is today.

    • >My two sons were into running fantasy leagues. No mas. Among the family, including the in laws, it’s like the entire sports world disappeared. What was once the opening salvo of conversations at gatherings just never gets started. Now it is about your new garden, repairs on your boat, working from home, and among our group, the stupidity of sheeple and Corona Walkers®.

      Both sides of my extended family have not started a Fantasy League. Mind you, this was almost a religious ceremony with them, and usually was the topic of 80% of their conversations. I got peer pressured into one a few years back, and the group got pissed off at my lack of skill and forgetting to move injured players. Don’t need that crap in my life.
      Nice for me, as I don’t have to feel the odd man out anymore in the family.

  49. I’m skeptical that we’ll ever return to normal – the Karens simply enjoy this too much.

    They needed a new religion and they sure as hell found one.

    • And instead of sacrificing animals or giving up meat, they sacrifice facial recognition and human contact. Sad!

      • Yeah, i have i realized that i smile alot to ease human interactions. Sorta like i will say something like “what are you looking at kid” to a little kid, teasing. and smile to let them know i’m joking. doesn’t go over well with a mask. Mom hustles em off right quick.

        • Exactly…I didn’t realize how much I casually smile to people I pass, if we make eye contact. Now I just give them a weird stare.

          • If they’re wearing a mask and/or gloves, laugh at them. Snigger loudly. I had a couple of Han scurry out of my way in the grocery store today because, as always, my mask was around my neck. I guffawed. No one ever asks what I’m laughing at – they know.

          • You are a very unusual woman. lol. You and RFF. Bet you have few women friends.
            You are a very unusual woman. lol. You and RFF. Bet you have few women friends.
            ps-if you jess, clean up internet profile or you might dox yourself.

    • You hit the nail on the head of my thoughts last night. I went out to run an errand among the sheeple and the thing I found most off-putting was in evidence, and jarring.
      It is how CONTENT the Corona Walkers®, aka “The Muzzled®” seemed. Muzzles worn way beyond any requirement to. With this bovine look in the eyes, as The Muzzled interact with fellow Muzzled, doing all manner of stupid things that prove the idiocy of their Muzzling as a form of disease avoidance.
      They stand very close, drop their mask when their muzzled mouth cannot make words understandable to other Muzzled. Hug, play with their masks then run their eyes. It goes on and serves to indict Corona Walkers as virtue-signalling poofs that will stand ready to help the government organize their fellow citizens into the cattle cars in an orderly fashion when the time comes. They answer the question, “why didn’t the J**s take to the forests like Partisans” instead of getting into the cars.

      • Time was when you could spot a “nutter” a good way off by the way that they talked loudly to themselves, and take avoiding action. Sadly the invention of the mobile phone scuppered that. But now, we have masks, normal people take them off at the first opportunity, and nutters don’t. I don’t know if this is quite worth the hassle of having to go muzzled into Tesco’s, but at least it’s some small compensation.

    • This truly has become a religion so I’m not sure how you turn it off. CDC excess deaths – presumably the cleanest number we can use – show that the country was barely above the threshold in late July, i.e. by now the country likely doesn’t have any excess deaths. Total excess deaths for the year a bit above 100k, so the flu times two.

      Even using the exaggerated Covid numbers, Virginia’s 7-day death average is six per day – and falling. An average of six deaths per day in a state of 8.5 million, i.e. if that figure kept up for the next year, we’d have 2,190 deaths or 0.03% of the population.

      Northern Virginia, which went through the virus early, has 7-day average death total of 0.7 per day – and falling. That’d be 255 deaths over a year in area of two million for a total of 0.01% of the population, not 1% or 0.1%, but 0.01% – one of out of 10,000 people.

      There’s simply no way to justify this. Yet, here we are.

      What’s scary is that our elite shut down the economy and imposed all kinds of mandates for the flu times two. They’ve learned that impose their will on the country pretty easily. In particular, they’ve learned the magic morality play with the mask: It’s not about protecting you; it’s about protecting other people.

      I can stomp on your individual rights if I’m protecting other people. That can be used for anything. Tell small businesses that they have to hire blacks. “It’s not about you, it’s about what systemic racism has down to these people. Your implicit bias is harming them.”

      Covid may die out due to exhaustion, but TPTB have learn a lot of valuable lessons from it.

      • Excess deaths must also be compared to *fewer* deaths (and their ascribed causes and broken down by age) in future months/years. In that manner we obtain an estimate of how many years of life have been taken by the scamdemic.

      • Do you have a link to the 100,000 excess death total? Multiple searches on my end turn up a lot of BS from the usual suspects. Whatever the number is, it has to be taken into account that some of it will be caused by the fact that panic porn caused some to eschew emergency medical service for life-threatening but treatable issues. The increase in suicides will also account for some of that number. Of course it’s fair enough to point out that traffic fatalities are down.

    • If Biden wins, the masks will be gone within a year. Months into his presidency they will find a black woman doctor to declare that the disease has receded and that we must return to face to face community building.

    • The Karen types are definitely enjoying this new religion. However, I think in general, way too many people of all stripes have bought into the coronatard hysteria hook, line & sinker. I just can’t see all those dweebs giving up their GD masks or “social distancing” anytime soon.
      On a sports related note, pretty much the only thing I watch anymore is golf. But even that without fans is weird. There’s no real drama or vibe. The Masters is supposed to be held in November and I believe they’ve indicated there’ll be no fans – oh, I mean “patrons” allowed. How F’d up is that going to be? I may end up deep sixing it as well.

      • For years I’ve hated the word community (ponderously pronounced as Kommoonihteee). Now I have added ‘social distancing,’ ‘together,’ and especially ‘safe.’ Once the gloves are off, ‘safe’ and ‘kind’ will be killing words for me.

      • The PGA Championship this past weekend was pretty darn good, but would have been great with galleries.
        Hey, at least the players are relatively conservative and aren’t kneeling before each tee shot. Of course some of the sponsors sneak in their woke messages now and then.

    • Things can never return to normal, because precedent has been set. The government—State and Federal—have used executive authority and by and large have been supported by the Courts in doing so. Cessation of mask wearing and resumption of assembly will only serve to make us forget what trashing the Constitution took. Not that anyone posting here was under any illusions prior to this scamdemic. 🙁

      • Not only that, but businesses are now divided into two classes, essential and non-essential. When the entrepreneur goes to the bank for a business loan, there will be one rate for essential businesses, and another for non-essential enterprises of the sort that may be shut down at a moments notice by executive diktat. Likewise with commercial landlords and rent agreements, local authorities and business rates (taxes), and no doubt suppliers, commercial equipment providers and any other part of the business “ecosystem” that you care to think of.

        • Good catch. Just on the local radio today was a business person that could not secure his loan by the Feds in the initial days of the first bail out since he was slighted by the banks distributing the funds—he was small potatoes.

        • One of the many reasons some countries remain or become shitholes is that it’s very hard to develop an economy if the smart and industrious fraction of your population has no reason to believe that their hard work and investment will benefit them. In a few months the US has gone from being a nation with perhaps the world’s most confident business and investment climate to one similar to places like Venezuela where everyone knows that one’s “private property” exists only at the whim of the apparatchiks. Basically, the Karen Komrades flushed 200 years of economic confidence in a few months. Good job. You all deserve the Order of Lenin for this.

      • We are a dying empire, a dying nation. Such things bullies are cowards who will submit to any indignity to just go on another day.
        Do remind yourself that none of the problems in the US can be solved except by diktat.
        We degraded to the point where the President is the one who has to pass emergency budgets by executive order to prevent a complete economic collapse.
        This is a slap in the face of our system to say the least not to mention pathetic.
        Ultimately the only way our guys can get things to our view of normal is to take power. Right now we are still trying the soap and ballot boxes which is good but if you aren’t assuming the cartridge box is inevitable, you are behind the curve as the Left is dipping toes into that water now.
        Beyond prepping mentally, physically and materially, hell spiritually too if needed you need to be thinking of ideology.
        What is a DR state? How does it work? What does it stand for? Slogans are good an fine to rally the troops but be precise and factual, didactic even.
        If you can do this ,you can have clear targets to fight for with the ballot and soap box, after the collapse or worse comes to worse, the cartridge box.
        The non ideological family and small community defense has moral value but it can’t handle a mostly urban society. We aren’t Pol Pot and our guys will have to run the cities, the intuitions and even the damned media at some point.
        Having an idea of how to do that will make victory possible.

        • The phrase, “If men were angels…”, comes to mind often for me. You’ve touched on the essence of my recurring dilemma. We are all fallen. Can anyone of us receive such power and not be corrupted?

          • Of course not. Its not a hard question to deal with though.
            If you want to win though all you have to do is a set a very few moral parameters and simply do what it takes to win within those parameters.
            Its not more complex than this.
            That ideology I’m always going in about. Its meant to contain those rules. Include them.

    • If when the DR gets power we may not have a religion to back us, far too many on our side me included aren’t very religious. One thing we will have is a guarantee that the political participation of women or at the least unmarried and childless ones will be limited.

  50. Your analogy of throwing sand int an extremely complex gearbox is good one
    The only way to make it work again is to fully take it apart , clean it, replace/repair damaged parts and put it back together
    Mechanics to the job are empowered females You are the one to drive the car afterwards

    • It’s amazing how many women are out rioting in places experiencing rioting. They are the most unhinged too.

      • As I said before that lasts until police actually push back. It is really easy to be brave when you aren’t having your ass beat, being tear gassed, and hit with rubber bullets. Or worse, live ammo, in which case you will see ALL the grad students, POCs, and wahmen scatter faster than you can say sucking chest wound.

      • I can explain that. The “feminine” has been rising for a few decades. Have you ever gotten married or participated closely in planning a wedding? The sane men back way the Hell out and all the women involved think it’s all about them, individually. Bride: “it’s my awesome day! I get what I want, to the total exclusion of everyone else”. Mother of the bride: “my daughter is getting married, this is about what I want (ahem!, for ‘her’). Bridesmaids: “my god this bridesmaids dress is fucking hideous, why did she pick these?” Mother of the groom: “these bitches are shutting me out”. And on and on. It’s an affair purely driven by and based on raw emotion, and is the most completely selfish display imaginable.

        This explains why the majority of BLM protesters are women. They are doing it literally to get their own way, and to get attention in the process, and are quite enjoying allowing their emotions unfettered and absolute free reign. And anger is the most powerful emotion, isn’t it? They do seem caught up in an irrational spiral, don’t they?

        This is what a female-dominated society would look like. The feminine must be balanced by the masculine, and vice-versa.

  51. I have many a relative who are still terrified of the Virus, and this morning I tuned into NPR around 7:10am CST and there were various women crying about the Virus. So I immediately turned it off. (Actually switched to the Z Blog Power Hour.)
    Point is, only a vaccine will stop the madness. It will not be the election or general revolt. Half the country is content to cry and isolate, are more still are content to muddle through it, if not be amused by it.

    • I’d put the odds of a safe and effective vaccine at 20%. We have a lot of experience with the coronavirus in animals. Those vaccines are good enough, because the business can account for losses due to the vaccine killing the animal. The immunity also wears off quickly, which is fine in feed animals. Humans, not so much.

      • To stop the COVID craze the goal is not to have an effective vaccine but rather a vaccine we will call effective.

        • Is not the common cold a coronavirus or some variant thereof?

          Is there a vaccine for the common cold?

          • Yes, coronaviruses are a whole family of viruses, human and otherwise. According to Wkipedia, there has not been a vaccine against human coronaviruses. I think there is one or move vaccines for animals. We’ve already had one knowledgeable person weigh in today. I find it interesting, if dismaying, that he claims the vaccines only give limited protection in animals. This squares with predictions so far for human immunity to COVID-19, whether from vaccine or natural immunity.

        • That was my plan. Announce a vaccine that is 99% effective. The ~1% who die from Covid will be the those for whom the vaccine was not effective. The vaccine, of course, would be saline.

          • Cynical, but prescient. Z’s prediction has been my prediction all along. We can cite experience with the more common flu “vaccine”.

            Taking into account the failure rate of both the vaccine itself and the rate of inoculation, one arguably can state a less than 50% success rate in a good year.

            Coronachan will be with us forever, the only change we will see is a die down of panic porn when the narrative no longer suits those seeking power and control.

            As Barry Goldwater said of the Vietnam war, we should “declare victory and go home”. That’s exactly what will happen.

            Only difference between Z-man and myself is I believe an actual vaccine of some limited efficacy will be delivered to keep the narrative of victory believable.

          • My guess is that the wind-down plan will be to release some sort of vaccine that has been designed to favor safety over efficacy especially because of the known problems with antibody retention. In other words, even a 100% effective vaccine that wears off in a few weeks or months isn’t worth much more than a 75% one and if the 75% one is much safer they will go with that. The point will be threefold:

            1. Create a new industry centered around vaccine manufacture, vaccine virtue signalling, and “vaccine privilege”. Imagine the mask rules being modified so that you can be unmasked in your favorite store as long as you have an up to date vaccine card. You will wave the card in front of a reader as you enter. Now “we” can make money selling the cards, the readers, the vaccines, and the gay little stickers that say “I wuz vaccinated” for all the Karens to wear around town.
            2. Create a explanation for the decline in cases and deaths (as long as you squint hard enough not to notice that the decline preceded the vaccine by months)
            3. Create a predictable precedent for the next public health panic. This is important to the investor class so they know what phony “solutions” to invest in and what stage of things we’re in. You need to know which stocks to buy and then when to dump them after all. I’m still bullish on mask companies but get ready to short that shit and buy whatever company makes the saline, er vaccine doses.
          • This is in line with what I’m envisioning. That would give them cover to roll out health passports, for which you just know they’re champing at the bit. I can’t see them being as brazen as actually using something like saline. They’ll absolutely create it from a novel substance that will give the Science! crowd a tingle down there.

          • It would be ok if it was only saline but I doubt our “betters” will let the opportunity go by to mass inoculate 300 million of the unwashed with the special sauce they certainly been working on for years.

          • Sadly we’re in that uncomfortable twilight zone between all out Communism and a merely dishonest and oppressive media ruled oligarchy.

            Once you get to Real Communism you can just inject people with saline, Pravda CNN then announces that the “vaccine” is 127% effective (it goes back in time and cures people before they got the virus) and then everybody who says they saw the medics taping “vaccine” stickers over the word “saline” gets sent to haul logs over the ice road in Siberia Canada.

            Even electing Comrade Joe won’t bring in True Communism fast enough so I think they’re going to have a lot of trouble dismounting this vaccine tiger now that they’ve talked it up like some kind of medicinal Jesus.

          • My plan it to jail the corporate CEO’s of the press, make reporting on COVID a felony and cease all testing. That would also stop the bullshit. When no one is reporting it or being tested then people no longer care

        • This is my thought, too. A vaccine will be announced to great fanfare, no matter its efficaciousness, particularly if Sundown Joe staggers across the finish line. And just as they twist the stats to inflate the danger of Wuhan flu, they will torture the same stats to show how effective the vaccine is.

          • No way will the MSN allow a “vaccine” to be trotted out before Nov. 3. Forgive muh election conspiracy, but our ruling class would rather see 40K more seniors & diabetics die than see Trump take credit for a vaccine.

        • Even the much maligned Dr. Fauci just said that he didn’t think a vaccine would 60-70% effective. And the vaccine doesn/t even exist yet.

        • Here’s an article from zero hedge talking about a group of doctors that are tired of the drug hydroxychloroquine being demonized, and are willing to do something about it.

          “Big Pharma’s ‘Narrative’ Is Failing.”

          Oh, and about the sports thing. If the universe was one solid mass of infinitly dense indifference, it still wouldn’t match my indifference to sports.

        • And that people will take. Something like 70% of people would refuse the virus out of an entirely justifable fear that a rushed vaccine would be dangerous if not deadly.

        • Bill Sardi on Lew Rockwell? Guy made a lot of sense. Also fewer heart attacks because of people taking vitamin C if memory serves.

      • There is a huge, worldwide (or at least across the Western world), coordinated campaign to make the future covid vaccine mandatory.

          • Flu vaccine is based upon the previous year’s flu strain. By the time the vaccine is available, flu season is well underway. I believe that’s why so many folks suffer flu after getting the jab. It’s not the shot, it’s all the surfaces and people you encounter to get the shot.

          • I’m not sure I care what the exact mechanism is, all I know is that for me personally I get sicker than a dog for 10-14 days when I get the jab.

            No jab, no illness.

            The other thing that bothers me about the flu vaccine is how they brag about using Australia as a model for the annual US vaccine.

            That is pure garbage science on the authorities’ part. There are myriad reasons why Australia is not even close to being a good model for the US.

          • There are at least a couple of COVID-19 strains identified last I paid attention a few months ago. How many more mutate, who knows. Kickers now seem to be whether immunity persists, and whether one can develop a vaccine using a part of the virus *not* susceptible to the known mutation point. I admit to being beyond my depth here. Just food for thought.

          • Z Man said: “They must first come up with a vaccine first, something that I think is unlikely.”

            Do you think they actully care if the vaccine is effective? Look at the opioid crisis. They don’t give a crap how many people they kill, as long as the moneys good.

    • I’m not sure the end of the madness is dependent on anything. I’m guessing the Coronafest goes the way of most fads – one day you just realize nobody is wearing masks anymore and life has mostly gone back to normal. I’d say it’s more dependent on people’s attention spans than it is on any actual events on the ground.

      • If it was dependent upon the average attention span, Coronageddon would have lasted about a week.

      • I’m just glad the war on health isn’t as strong as the war on terror was out of the gate. Truthers might be a minority at this point but it isn’t nearly as lonely as it was in ‘02.

    • My Dad passed away a few years ago. He would have ignored this shit completely and simply traveled to other states if he wasn’t allowed to play golf. Unfortunately, my Mom is now bored and alone. She watches way to much news and has become completely paranoid. When I tell her that her grandkids have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than dying of covid, she simply doesn’t believe me (even when I remind her I’ve had graduate-level statistics).

    • If the vaccine will be made available while Trump is still President, then the narrative will be: “If we can’t trust this president, how can we trust this vaccine?”; “Is Trump trying to chip everyone?”; “We still need a lockdown ….” Etc.
      HCQ+Z-pac+Zinc as well as nebulized Budesonide are safe and effective and, compared to any newly-developed drug, cheap. My respect for physicians — and not just professional sports and its brainwashed afletes — has taken a nosedive during the last 6 months. And I remain unsure as to what I disrespect more: their lack of medical knowledge or their extraordinary lack of character? It’s all very disedifying even though some of the unintended consequences are and will be very beneficial.

      • The AMA could have done themselves a lot of good by suing all the dipshit Governors for practicing medicine without a license.
        Meanwhile I’ve re-discovered these guys, for a more reality based view,

        • I’ve been wondering where our supposedly litigious society has been for the last six months myself. I can easily see several trillion in damages being assessed from the lockdowns. Of course, our crooked governors’ pockets aren’t deep enough to pay that much but the media companies have enough to at least begin to pay back the debt and one could easily widen the circle of culpability to bankrupt the entire ruling class.

        • Well, it would have made for nice headlines, at least. But the AMA has no standing (it is not a government agency charged with enforcing medical practice laws). Each individual state board of medicine has that authority. Those boards are the ones that should have taken action, although ironically, it is usually enforced by the attorney general (at least once it gets out of the agency proceedings and into a court), who is part of the executive branch along with the governor. So the governor would essentially be suing himself.

    • They aren’t sticking me, nor do I relish being around people shedding whatever vaccine detritus. Let the fearful self-segregate and waste away. I’ve lived the Swedish model for the last five months. So far so good.

    • Ah right. You mean the pre-planned vaccine that will be required in order for us all to do our banking, make grocery purchases, etc?
      That vaccine?
      The one that probably includes a sterilization element to it that Bill Gates “accidentally” used in Africa already?
      Yeah, cuz a vaccine is a great idea.

    • Good Drinking Game: Randomly turn on NPR anytime during the day and take a shot whenever a story mentions gays, women’s oppression in western countries, trans, black lives matter, did I mention gays….

      Actually, you’d be dead from alcohol poisoning in 20 minutes. Disregard.

      • In retrospect, the Republican proposals to abolish NPR (back in Reagan years) were a good idea. It turns out that the bluegrass, jazz and classical music don’t make up for the “public affairs” programming 🙂

        • Used to be an NPR junkie. Haven’t listened in a decade, after a report that tea-partiers were destroying New Hampshire democracy. That snapped me out of it quick.

      • The bottom quarter-hour of NPR is nothing but Intersectionality News & Diversity Report. They have to put all that shite in the news hour because of paymasters and 20-something new hires. But the top 15 minutes is more sober, because I guess they are reluctant to offend what remains of the Old Left which pines for Cronkite.

    • The estrogen at NPR is so pervasive that you listen long enough, you will start to ovulate in synch with Steve Inskeep.

  52. While I couldn’t care less about the NBA or (sadly now) MLB, I have been watching some hockey, mostly because I love hockey, but also because it hasn’t been quite as pozzed as the rest. I’ve noticed one interesting thing: There probably hasn’t been a time before now that teams have entered the playoffs completely rested.

    Normally, by the time playoffs come around, the remaining teams are completely beaten down by an entire season of hard play. This time is different and the play is actually quite good.

    • I’ve always liked the international model for hockey. A round-robin, then a tournament. Greed necessitates six million games a year, but a twenty game season, followed by a one and done tournament would be great fun.

      • The one great thing about most soccer leagues is that their regular season is their only season. Every game matters, and there is no second playoff season where the 8th seed team can knock off the 1st place team because the 1st place team was worn out from being excellent in the regular season.

        Of course, many leagues have messed this up with sideshow tournaments for individual trophies during the regular season, England’s FA Cup being but one example.

        • Although the leagues also use a point system, so depending on how things go, a season can effectively be over with two months to go. See, e.g., Liverpool.

    • NHL is more pozzed than some people realize. They have posted around the 2 arenas that are hosting games the retarded slogan “We Skate for Black Lives” and players are wearing BLM t shirts to practice and to some press conferences. They have had some players kneel and allowed dumbass Dumba to give a pathetic BLM speech before play resumed. All this for a league that has about 5 black players and even fewer black fans. I’m done with these anuses too.

      • Zedano Chara and Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins have demonstrated that they, too, can skate to the left.
        They have also opined that the puck is not black enough.

        • Why does Chara, a rich white non-American at the end of his career even care? Is he a true believer or just dumb?

          • A good friend of mine was disgusted with Sidney Crosby’s recent statements in support of BLM. I said that he’s surely just paying the Danegeld necessary to keep his endorsement deals. Chara’s probably in the same boat.

          • Your not really paying the daneguild with statements like that you’re submitting and showing your neck to the enemy…They don’t understand they are marked for death anyways so might as well die on your feet than on your knees…

          • Yes, the stupid virtue signaling will not save them. It really is too bad more people don’t understand this, but they will. Of course at that point it’ll be far too late.

          • But the Dane they are paying is not the BLM crowd, rather it is the corporate BLM sponsor. As long as they do not upset the sponsor, all is well.

      • In the same way we’re very aware of demographic change, I believe pro sports is as well. There’s a big emphasis on marketing their brand. The NHL probably believes they need to appeal to the growing people of color segment of the population. This is another example where magical thinking about race leads you down the wrong path. People of Color will never support the NHL in big numbers. Appealing to the white audience is where the NHL should focus its’ efforts, and supporting BLM is where they kill their brand.

          • I live inside the Imperial Capital beltway. The key to understanding why these organizations are bent of self-destruction is understanding the social circles their leadership travels in. If you live here and want to be part of the in-crowd, you have to promote certain policies, advocate certain positions, the alternative to these people is unimaginable. If you are a senior executive at NASCAR, you are not hanging out with NASCAR fans. You’re socializing with the ruling class, or at least their aspirants, and the social stigma of publicly supporting the Dirt People far exceeds to rational considerations of the organization. In short, they (or perhaps more accurately, their wives) fear social ostracism more than professional failure.

      • An insight into the NHL’s way of thinking before the insanity really hit the fan was having Green Day be their house band for the year. Nothing says you hate bad whites more than signing up those loser Marxists from Berkeley.

      • NHL is more pozzed than some people realize.

        The NHL is searching high and low for the black, gay Gretzky so they can hand him captaincy of an O6 team, say the Bruins, and fix the playoffs so he can ‘lead’ them to 10 straight Stanley Cups.

    • I am waaaay beyond “couldnt care less” when it comes to the NBA and its leading America-hater, LeBron James.
      That is the link to the rationale stated by then Comissioner of Baseball, Kenesaw Mountain Landis. The subject was clear: national morale. The reasoning could have been applied to early Corona lockdowns.
      Contrast the above, nationalist sentiments with this:
      “Lakers’ LeBron James says he won’t play games without fans amid coronavirus concerns”
      IMO, it was Chinese plant LeBron James that knifed this country in the back. With his bleating about his many complaints, made it a point to ensure the suffering of every fan of the nation that made him rich.
      A traitor.
      Again, IMO it was Lebron James that turned tail first, led the charge to ‘take our balls and go home’ that all the professional commissioners, NCAA whores …. followed. I believe there was not one thought about national morale The good of the country.
      If these modren millionaires in uniforms had any thought for this nation, if their alleged leadership, the commissioners had any love of country that was even a scintilla of that shown by Judge Landis, they could have used their media co-conspirators for good for once.
      Play their sports, televise them free nationally during the lockdowns. Do it for national morale. But to use a term from one of their favored nations, NYET. The cowards never once gave a though to the precedent set by Landis, let alone the service of a Ted Williams and others.
      Professional sports, including NCAA as they too rake in billions, can go to the hell all traitors deserve.

      • Somewhat off topic. Yesterday I saw a greasy looking little Indian (dot) guy at the train station wearing a Lebron James “23” jersey. I kept thinking to myself, sorry Pravin, that’s not going to save you when TSHTF. The blacks will hate you for wearing “their” outfit and you won’t win any sympathy from white haters like me who already disliked you.

    • Here’s a great hockey/Covid story from (((Rebel News))). One of Rebel’s rabble-rousing reporters heard a rumor that the mayor of Brampton, ON was playing beer league hockey games after decreeing that the rest of the city must cancel all sporting events — athletes are only allowed to “practice” and only then with a permit. He showed up to the municipal rink and sure enough, in walks the mayor to play. He scurried out without commenting. Great catch by these guys.

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