Thoughts On Kenosha

Kenosha Wisconsin has now become the pivot point for the revolution from above being waged on middle America. Riots have convulsed the city for three nights since a violent black rapist was shot by police after resisting arrest. Large swaths of the city have been burned as the mayor cheered on the rioters. This led to the shooting of three rioters by a 17-year old kid, who volunteered to help defend the property owners. The video of the incident has become a world-wide sensation.

Of course, this being Jim Snow America, the white kid is now charged with capital murder and faces life in prison. White people who kill in self-defense get charged with capital murder, while blacks who kill for sport are allowed to go free. You see, the former is exercising white privilege and is guilty of being white. The latter, on the other hand, is the victim of white privilege and is justifiably angry. In post-reality America, privilege means being stripped of your rights and dignity.

If Kyle Rittenhouse was a black or an immigrant from the third world or even a transexual, he would not be in jail right now. He would be held up as a hero by the mainstream media. President Trump would send Air Force One to bring him to Washington for a special ceremony. Speakers at the RNC convention would be told to mention his name in their speeches. He is white, so no one at the convention will mention his name. They have not mentioned Cannon Hinnant either.

Unlike other cases where the media can suppress the truth while spreading lies, this time the truth was all over the internet before the media could act. As soon as it happened, social media had video of the attack on Rittenhouse. He fell to the ground as violent criminals attacked him and he opened fire on them. There can be no narrative in which he is the villain. He may have been naive, but he was simply following the civic nationalist code and doing what he thought was his duty.

This is Jim Snow America. A white kid following the rules is guilty, no matter what the facts say, so he sits in prison. His family started a defense fund on Go Fund Me, but it was immediately taken down. Again, in Jim Snow America, whites are not allowed to avail themselves of the resources for self-defense. The system will now wage war on this kid’s family in order to prevent them from defending their son. In Jim Snow America, white people just have to take it.

It is an infuriating reality, for sure. In a better world, the mayor of Kenosha would already be swinging from a tree. The good people of that city would have remembered the words of Jefferson and fertilized their tree of liberty. Of course, in a sane society, it would never have come to this. There would be no riots sponsored by the ruling class, so Kyle Rittenhouse would not have felt the need to go out in the streets. The reason all of this happened is the rulers made it happen.

As infuriating as it may be, it is this reality that must shine through. Those old rules you were taught about the law and your rights as an America no longer exist. They certainly don’t exist if you are white. If you are white, the system sees you as an enemy and will spare no expense in attacking you. The reason Kyle Rittenhouse sits in jail is no one told him this. Instead, internet warriors playing tough guy on-line encouraged him to be a man of action.

This is why people who like saying “well, at least he is doing something” need to be shouted down at every opportunity. These are people who think every cause needs martyrs, just as long as they are not the martyr, so they encourage everyone else to be foolishly brave. Like James Fields, we have another naive and impressionable young white man facing life in a cage, because he was convinced that doing something is always better than doing nothing.

This is just one aspect of a larger point that white people need to grasp. None of this would be happening if not for the political class. The Kenosha police department has tanks and armored vehicles. They have highly trained tactical units that are trained by Israel special forces officers. The Kenosha police force could invade a small country, but they are nowhere to be found during these riots. The reason they are absent is the politicians have ordered them to let the riots rage.

This is what makes Kenosha a pivot point in the ruling class revolt. This kid is not a scary monster who can be anathematized by the system. Even vulgarians like David Frum think he looks innocent. Note that Frum is okay giving weapons to these kids when they are killing Muslims on behalf of Israel, but otherwise he never wants to see white people holding firearms. For the typical white person, if he had a son, he would look like Kyle Rittenhouse.

Ultimately, that is now the significance of the Kenosha riots. White people are faced with the reality of their sons being sent to prison for the crime of being white. They face having their businesses destroyed because non-whites are ungrateful. They are being harassed at restaurants and in their home by mobs sponsored by the ruling class who have embraced anti-whiteness as a revolutionary cause. It’s no longer an abstract political argument. It’s daily reality.

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481 thoughts on “Thoughts On Kenosha

  1. As far as I know, Rittenhouse has not been arrested, though obviously he’s been charged. He lives in Illinois and is fighting extradition.

  2. For the record, “capital murder” is murder punishable as the most serious category of felony. It is punishable by death, or “capital” punishment. So a “life imprisonment” punishment as the maximum sentence available would negate the “capital” aspect of the murder.
    EDIT: It has been speculated that the Kenosha cops actually sent some of the “victims” (actually, attempted murderers) to Rittenhouse to escalate the situation. Not sure what’s going on with that; suffice to say that Rittenhouse, the cops in Atlanta and even Minneapolis are screwed if they cannot get proper representation to work the appeals if they are convicted.

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  4. If the report I read is correct that Kenosha is 70% White – who elected those local officials?

    Chickens coming home to roost maybe?

    Another White moment of truth?

  5. Sane Americans across America want to see an immediate end to the violence, including everybody I know, but let’s be clear and recognize that every single bit of this violence has been facilitated and initiated by his Democratic Party’s members, whether they live in the House of Congress and the Senate, State Governors’ Mansions or they are the radical nihilists and communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who seek to bring the entire U.S. system down. Americans want the violence halted, but they also want the assault against America and this radical communist insurrection halted too, so by no means will we stand silent, while these radicals loot, maim, kill and burn our cities to the ground; at some point, most of us will make use of our God-Given right to self-defense and act to stop it ourselves, in the absence of clear and effective leadership and an active, unrestrained police force.

    Time and again, America has witnessed city mayors telling their police forces to essentially stay back and allow the “peaceful protester” Looters and Rioters have their way with their cities, as occurred in Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis and even here in Nashville, Tennessee where they have another raving lunatic for a mayor. These police do just the modicum to attempt to keep Antifa and BLM radicals separated from conservative counter-protesters, and the conservatives and liberals alike who have just simply been trying to get to their businesses. And in the process, we have repeatedly seen them injured by the scores and hit in the head with bricks and frozen bottles, even shot and killed.

    The shooting of Jacob Blake was a good and justified shooting, because he had an outstanding warrant against him, he had already fought the police on the scene, he was armed with a knife, and he was refusing to comply with lawful orders from the police. However, now, under the new Black Lives Matter narrative, any shooting of a black person, no matter how justified, is just an excuse for violence by these Radicals, who need the illusion of “Systemic Racism” to advance their subversion of the Constitution and the rule of law. They could give a damned less about Black Lives or anyone else’s life, since racism is a divisive Marxist social construct always used to divide and conquer; they care only that communism rules the day in America and they get to raid and rape Her of Her wealth.

    A slightly different perspective on these Radicals comes from Eva Silvers, political activist, American patriot and a great friend of mine, from Columbus, Ohio, who recently broadcast a video, stating, in part: “I’ve never been to a protest where the city [has] been obliterated, where we’ve looted and stolen and destroyed shit. No! … This is an entitled bunch of kids [I disagree in that most of them are grown-ass men and women well into their prime and radical Antifa and BLM thugs] and the Cancel Culture generation [thugs] who want an excuse to go steal shit because they’re too sorry to get a job.”

    And, if any American of any color, especially those Black Brothers out there, doesn’t want to be shot by police or anyone else, don’t act stupid and unhinged around reserved, polite, decent, moral and cultured Americans, don’t become violent in situations that don’t warrant violence, and just act like a normal human being. Don’t go into communities for the sole purpose of looting, burning and destroying them under the pretense of one’s false grievances, attacking, maiming and killing innocent Americans.

    We sure didn’t hear a peep from Black Lives Matter, when Darius Sessoms, a black man, executed little five year old Cannon Hinnant, a white child, with a shot to his head from a pistol, as he played in front of his two sisters. And where was the outrage from BLM, when little seven year old Natalia Wallace, a black child, was murdered by Terrell Boyd, a black man, on July 4th 2020?

    Finally, on August 25th, the radicals of Antifa and Black Lives Matter were handed a taste of their own medicine, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, by a young seventeen year old Kyle Rittenhouse, a resident of Antioch, Illinois, twenty miles away from Kenosha, who killed two animalistic radicals [notice I didn’t say “humans”] in self-defense and wounded one, close to midnight, after one of them had assaulted employees at the store he was protecting. The “law” can be twisted and get murky once a case hits the courtroom, but there exists an abundance of cases of decent people shooting criminals who were stealing property or assaulting someone, in which the shooting was ruled justifiable homicide.

    Joseph Rosenbaum, a white man thirty-six years old and a convicted sexual abuser of children, was one of the first men killed by Rittenhouse. One should also note that earlier in the evening, Rosenbaum had stepped up on Rittenhouse and angrily screamed, “Shoot me nigga”, and as the events unfolded, it wasn’t Rittenhouse who fired first; this fact is caught on video and undeniable.

    From all the witness statements and available video, at the point Rittenhouse retreats and flees from the gathering mob of Radicals, i.e. Antifa and BLM, seeking revenge against him, he displays that he isn’t the threat here. And once they caught him and attempted to disarm him, as they beat him with fists and a skateboard, it does, in my estimation, exhibit a clear cut case of self-defense.

    Anthony Huber, 26, was also shot and killed by Rittenhouse, during the riot of the Radicals. He chased Rittenhouse, along with others, and hit him with a skateboard as he lay on the ground. Huber has a criminal record of numerous assaults against innocent people, especially women.

    The third Radical shot by Rittenhouse was Gaige Grosskreutz, who unfortunately survived. He’s a twenty-six year old member of the People’s Revolution Movement, and he was shot, nearly blowing his arm in half, as he held a pistol in his right hand and chased Rittenhouse. He too has a criminal record that involves alcohol and firearms.

    Good-riddance to bad rubbish. Young Rittenhouse was defending his life in self-defense. As far as I’m concerned, the kid deserves a medal.

    Now, young Rittenhouse faces first-degree murder charges; however, any prosecutor worth a plug nickel cannot support such a charge, in light of the facts, and if he does, he needs to shred his law degree and leave the business. Even without Rittenhouse’s viable assertion of self-defense, the facts of the case simply do not support a charge of first degree murder.

    The Radicals, criminals and thugs one and all, I see on the streets under the pretense of “peaceful protests”, beating people into a bloodied mess and to the point of death, for the crime of being conservative and white and valuing and defending their property — these things that are less than human themselves have nothing of humanity left in them. They represent something barbaric and foreign to civilization.

    Many of the great American patriots across this land knew it was only a matter of time before these Radicals of Antifa and BLM were brought down a notch by one or more of their countrymen, who would finally say “enough is enough” and hand them a hard day of reckoning. And Kenosha represents a dividing line all America recognized, as we watched a young man, who was clear in his purpose to defend people and property from roving groups of criminals, thugs and commies and nihilists, forced to kill two of the animals, and this is a line that we might not withdraw too soon.

    These Radicals seem to think conservative freedom and Liberty-loving Americans are supposed to simply take whatever abuse and violence they serve up, because the media and many other weepy, weal-minded liberal have accepted the false narrative that America is a racist nation and that they have suffered being oppressed because of it. Most Americans, the greatest percentages in fact, have moved far past worrying about skin color, because we full well know it means absolutely nothing in the world today, and we’re sick to death of being beat over the head with the constant barrage of “race issues”, when any man and women in our society, as it has restructured itself over the past 60 years, can achieve a fine living and lifestyle, if they are of good moral character and willing to exert the necessary hard work to achieve it. And, if anyone wishes to hate me for this hard truth and the color of my nicely browned white skin, I really could give a damn less.

    However, as Black Lives Matter propaganda gains ground in some of our largest cities and the halls of power, to the point that the Mayor of the District of Columbia, Muriel Bowser, paints its communist logo down the center of DC to honor BLM, all America should tremble at the import of this act, by an elected official. Every patriotic American must come to understand that communists, fascists, and nihilists are the driving force behind this escalating violence, and if that isn’t cause for enough concern to move good Americans to fight back hard on every front, at this point in America’s history, we are in for the darkest times this nation has ever seen.

    The violence and the riots won’t die down until our nation’s radicals are taken to task and treated as the domestic enemies that they are. They’re growing more intense, and if one doubts the fact, just look at Kenosah, Wisconsin that pretty well appears to be a war zone at the moment.

    America will not find peace, so long as a communist movement and domestic terrorists are allowed to continue their insurrection against America’s Founding and they are enabled by other communists in high government office, like Governors Kate Brown, Tim Waltz, Tony Evers and Andrew Cuomo and Mayors Ted Wheeler, LoriLightfoot, and Bill DeBlasio. They are forcing their will against good Americans, outside of any Constitutional norm and any real sense of the rule of law, in a manner that has brought many various groups, factions and individuals into the violent civil upheaval; and given their malcontent, evil agenda and their unwillingness to actually compromise and follow the set order of our system and the principles of liberty, this civil strife and bloodshed will continue to plague our communities for quite some time.

    Sadly, this is only the beginning of our troubles, since police forces are being decimated across the country and ineffective at a time they are most needed, and whatever “law” still exists is being used against good citizens, such as the McCloskeys, and anyone else, who dare question the “new order” making its way into our system. It is this new order of things, communist at its roots, that is making many choose between staying silent and accepting the suppression of their rights or potentially facing surreal charges, as they stand up for their rights and defend all they have worked to acquire and all they love. And, as the Radicals, Antifa and BLM, overwhelm our streets and threaten our homes and lives, many American’s reluctance to cross the line into violent self-defense is diminishing rapidly, as we lovers of true liberty will not stand for this anarcho-tyranny and chaos in our streets any longer.

    It’s becoming increasingly unlikely that the Radicals and normal, conservative America are going to be able to live with each other, especially since the Radicals won’t cease and desist their attacks against America on all fronts. And without them leaving us be in peace and simply going about their lives under “the rule of law”, conflicts can only grow and spread.

    The Radicals tolerate no limits on their criminal behavior, and as communists, they believe the ends justify the means in the pursuit of their evil, tyrannical agenda. In this sense, the only natural conclusion to this is “it’s us or them”, and I only know that I’m not submitting to any Marxist vision. Rather than allow them to prevail, I’d just as soon fight them to the death, when that day arrives, since I’m a firm believer in “Better dead than red” and true freedom and liberty for all.

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  7. One of Sandman’s lawyers has taken the case so there may be some hope yet. However, those lawyers are the exception and Z’s point still stands

  8. Kenosha isn’t Charlottesville. I predict Kyle will be free and the chimping continues unabated.

  9. Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero- he extermiated two violent criminals and wonded one. If your not going to fight, do not bring your weapon. If your going to back down as the enemy moves forward and let the enemy push you back, do not show up and pretend to fight. Rittenhouse and Hinnant are both heros- Trump would win by even bigger landslide if he would to honor them both. Instead we have Tommy “the coach” Tuberville and record low black unemployment shoved down our throats . I hear nothing from talk radio expect concern of no football. Tucker Carlson has been a bright light on Fox for speaking truth without shame or fear.

  10. Z Man said: “Ultimately, that is now the significance of the Kenosha riots. White people are faced with the reality of their sons being sent to prison for the crime of being white. They face having their businesses destroyed because non-whites are ungrateful. They are being harassed at restaurants and in their home by mobs sponsored by the ruling class who have embraced anti-whiteness as a revolutionary cause. It’s no longer an abstract political argument. It’s daily reality.”

    Mr. Z Man. Have you ever thought that the elites may be trying to force as many white people into a identitarian mind set as possible so that they will settle for whatever crumbs they can get from the powers that be? A Youtuber called The Academic Agent has a vid about BLM.

    Intitled: “Understanding the Aims and Implications of BLM.”
    He’s talking about just that possibility. You might have to sign in to see it because it looks like youtube has blocked all videos untill you do sign in. Or maybe my browsers screwed up. I don’t know.

  11. I’m confused, was this lad part of a group/ movement that supports BLM to un-peacefully protest?or was he protecting a business that he worked at or didn’t work at because he felt it was his job to keep it safe ? Or both ? Either way tragic beyond belief . Just got home from work and haven’t dug into the story yet.

  12. I give his Dad credit, raised his kid to take no shit from scumbags. God bless him and his family. All of this is coming for you too, unless you live with white people.

    • I’m having lots of trouble with that site. Very slow. Then times out. Or says, “This site can’t be reached.” Hopefully it’s just overwhelmed with donation attempts, rather than being hacked.

  13. Tangentially related, I present you some macabre humor. The first from Power Line, is both serious and with sarcasm built in.
    Item #2 is from Minneapolis. Black murder suspect takes own life as cops close in. I doubt anyone here will shed a tear. The young man saved the State a few million dollars, all told.
    For sardonic humor I’ll add:
    Enraged at yet another senseless violent death of Black Males, local Blacks erupted in yet another outbreak of violence against other Black-owned businesses, black homes and black civilians. Upon learning that it wasn’t the police that had committed the latest killing, Black leaders vowed to take reprisals against other black males, also encouraged volunteers to take their own lives. One local organizer said “We’re gonna killl those motherf—kers killing us, even if it’s other brothers!”
    On a serious note: Teen shooter Rittenhouse unintentionally did at least one thing very well: At least based on today’s news, those he is charged with shooting were other whites. This is a “win” for our side’s optics. Just imagine the howl if he’d killed one or more Blacks. It also “works for us” because it highlights the BadWhite/GoodWhite divide, the Francoists conservatives vs. the Soros-backed communists. The only fallout I see is if the not-unlikely accusation is made by Them that he is a “white surpemacist.” Teens are not the sharpest tools in the shed. How much stuff did he splatter on Facebook and Youtube? One thing is near certain: If he does prison time, he will be a White Supremacist while inside. This sounds like something out of “American History X” which is a great movie, with enough twists to please a right-winger as well as a bleeding heart 🙂

  14. This comment comes late in the day and so will be missed by many. I may copy it and post it early on Monday’s comments.
    I have been doing a lot of reading about the pre-revolutionary period between 1770 and 1776. At the time, the Patriots had several allies in various state legislatures, numerous business owners, famous people (such as Franklin), notable lawyers and several wealthy planters. We have NONE of this.
    I’m not pointing this out as a black pill but to inform and guide our strategy and tactics.

    • “This comment comes late in the day and so will be missed by many. I may copy it and post it early on Monday’s comments.” I’m down with your plan. Let’s meet back here at 0700 hours, 8/31/20. You plant your comment then I’ll cover you with verbal support.

  15. Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and MLB player Aubrey Huff have all come out in support of Kyle. All are also under attack for supporting the kid’s self-defense actions. Don Trump Jr. publicly supports Tucker Carlson, while VP Mike Pence points out that “no one will be safe in Biden’s America.” Many eyes being opened, including mainstream eyes.

  16. Boomers like me tend to avoid conflict in the hope of preserving what we have for our kids. How ironic if it takes brave kids like Kyle & Nick to drag adults into the fray because they have their entire future at stake and aren’t gonna wait around for us to act.

  17. without martyrs you don’t have real spilled blood waking you up from cozy lagos, you just get told by big brother everything’s okay, until it isn’t.

    also, i never mentioned being armed. much less hold an ar in public in the middle of joggerspace, warranting their attention. just hold the ground inside the fence like the mccluskeys. too many white kids poisoned by rambo and cod and zombie fantasies, thinking they can gun down everyone. but hey that’s your secular whites for ya. the joggers get it right, they pretend to hold candlelight vigils and faith and all that, then become victims of their own shootings, and even whites root for them.

  18. “This is why people who like saying “well, at least he is doing something” need to be shouted down at every opportunity. These are people who think every cause needs martyrs, just as long as they are not the martyr, so they encourage everyone else to be foolishly brave. Like James Fields, we have another naive and impressionable young white man facing life in a cage, because he was convinced that doing something is always better than doing nothing.”
    Sorry, I cannot agree with this. The time for action has come. Let us debate the best actions, but let us not say “do not defend yourselves.” Moreover, it certainly seems cowardly to sit by and do NOTHING while they are destroying white homes, businesses, and towns. As you pointed out, the Cloud People are definitely not on our side. We are on our own now. As we always were, maybe.

    • Backwoods Engineer said: “The time for action has come.”

      As you can plainly see, self defense isn’t tolerated let alone “action.” Like I’ve said before, the real White resistance won’t be televised. At least, not for a long time.

  19. I haven’t even watched this Kyle thing. I’m just so sick of it all. Every third day for the last 20 years it’s been one new drama after another. What I wouldn’t do for one of those boring summer days in ’77. Forces need to come in and utterly slaughter. Bring the Chinese in. They do everything else for us.

    This song goes out to everyone who’s just so effing tired.

  20. Z, what’s happening in Kenosha isn’t orchestrated from above, except perhaps obliquely. The savages are simply being given free rein to do whatever the hell they want. And, when law is absent, the Hutus invariably revert to their innate jungle behavior. Regardless, Cadaver Joe, Heels Up, BO and the Hildebeeste were not in the streets of Kenosha pointing out businesses to burn. This was all spontaneous action from a group of people who have no business living among civilized human beings.

    • They in fact were initially coordinated and orchestrated by the Democrats/Marxists/Leftists. Hell, the Biden campaign bailed out some of the terrorists. They want to shut them down now, but two things will happen:

      1. It will prove beyond a reasonable doubt who funded them.
      2. It will prove impossible to do with rogue elements.
  21. About police. At the end of the day, it comes down communists versus humans like we had in Soviet Union back in the 1991 and then the police and army do not need to be good guys or our guys. If they just refuse to machine gun all opposition, is good enough. At the very end, your commies try to pull off the same stunt our commies did in 1991 and I predict that your commies end up like our ones. Repress the one dissident yes, but mass murder entire opposition, no. And the you win.

  22. If Rittenhouse’s fate isn’t a wakeup call from Hell for white people, I don’t know what is. If you’re in a blue city or state, get the Hell out. Now. Join your brethren in red areas where we can consolidate our power, build power, defend ourselves, and perhaps eventually, go on the offensive. If you remain behind enemy lines, you’re a sitting duck and you may well pay the ultimate price.

      • Cash said: “Wont stop you cowards from signaling retreat though.”

        Oh stop it. I live in the cesspool by the bay. And if I wasn’t so old and broke, I’d move to the Central Vally or the Inland Empire in a heart beat. 

    • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Get out now. It will only get worse as the election approaches, and likely explode after November 3rd. Roving gangs will kill you first because normal civilians are naive to a fault. You can’t learn a life lesson if you’re dead in the aftermath. And if you hunker down in your house, they will burn it down with you in it. No police or fire department will arrive to rescue you. Dying in a fire is a horrible way to go.

  23. Regrettably, Kyle failed to heed the sage advice of the late, lamented Ol’ Remus: Stay away from crowds. As much as I admire the boy’s pluck, not to mention his rather amazing degree of trigger restraint, he should really have been home, in bed.

  24. This kid did a great job. Anybody who starts quibbling about his “tactics” has never been in combat, never done CQB or is such a high level badass Delta Commando that we should all stop arguing. He ran, got jumped…kept his weapon, engaged only direct threats, allowed one guy to go (who I absolutely would have ventilated) and then tried to surrender. He adapted to his situation without training and won. Now he’ll be tried by 12 rather then carried by six.

    A buddy of mine who is a Delta Commando and actual badass was working to proof the procedures for taking down an armored limo or similar vehicle with just enough explosives to blow the doors and gain entry. With these guys, if you can think it, they’ll try it to see. Anyway he ended up taking a car doior to the grill and getting most of his teeth replaced on the american tax payer….even Delta screws up. Any friggen combat situation you can walk away from is a win….this kid won. Fuck em!!!

  25. Two BIG points in favor of Kyle Ritterhouse: (1) None of the guys he shot are black, and (2) he didn’t shoot the rioter who backed off and held his hands up. Both of these facts will go far to save the young hero.

    • A third point in Kyle’s favor-

      There are at least two clips of him backing away from Antifa who are charging him prior to him firing.

      That’s him trying to de-escalate the situation and giving the Antifa the opportunity to stop advancing or make their own retreat.

      Any sane, thinking person understands that Kyle had no choice when he tripped and went to ground and two Antifa continued advancing and attempted to finish him off.

  26. Side note, I didn’t know Breonna Taylor was “murdered” by getting caught in the crossfire of her boyfriend and the cops shooting. (Thanks to a Z-link)

    OT, but she’s like the black trump card. Was, that is.

  27. Looking on the bright side, I went down to the river this morning and saw thousands upon thousands of boats rowing across toward our side.

      • As a teen my friend was climbing over a chain link fence. When he was right in the middle I started clobbering him over the head with a hard foam club. So I guess I was instinctually Dissident Right before I even knew it. We should accept those normie fence sitters but they need a good clubbing on their way over.

  28. Update: it appears the media is actually running with this story. Kyle is now the badwhite. Facts be damned.

    Maybe the system is so bold now they will actually sentence him to 1st degree murder, even with the video.

    • There are a lot of broken white people who will look for a reason to go with the narrative. “Why did he go to another state to get involved with this?” is a popular one with the broken whites already.

      • True, but those types are permanently lost causes. Nothing short of total surrender appeals to them. But, yes, there are lots of broken Whites, unfortunately.

        • I am a broken toy
          For mega corp
          Use once and destroy
          And go find some more
          I am a rag doll boy
          With broken eyes

        • There are also quite a few trapped in a cubicle farm with a crappy marriage with children damaged by the school system, that at this time are counted as broken and they may be just sleeping, waiting for real leader to reveal himself.

      • Which of course is the double standard – why can Antifa go around state to state, but if this kid does it somehow it’s wrong?

    • The demonization will continue until Kyle becomes a hero. The story then will be memoryholed. Just like the riots themselves, the propaganda outlets cannot salvage this political prisoner’s arrest.

      • It’s up to us to not let him be memory-holed, at least among us.

        Z’s said a lot in the past about how this is a religious and moral struggle. Those kind of fights need heroes.

        We have one here. Don’t let media (((tricks))), timidity or forensic Talmudry get in the way.

        Raise this young man up and “never forget” one for Our Team for a change.

        • As soon as Lin Wood has a donation site, I’m hitting it. That’s something I encourage anyone to do if they are able. In addition to the obvious payment for legal fees, a lot of cash will send a message.

          Anyone can use social media (I don’t dabble) or normie websites to make certain Kyle isn’t forgotten. We can make him emerge a heroic and victorious figure and, in the process, bring to the attention of our brothers and sisters their immediate peril.

  29. This kid may die in jail, but he dies a man.

    This is very true. What he did took a lot of courage, an act that can be looked upon a foolish or brave or both, or whatever you fancy.

    I still think that there is a long way to go until ‘just lay down and die’ becomes something that every white man has to face. There are many things to be doing in the mean time, and the first is to seek out allies, obtain skills and try and build something that you would be prepared to die for. This requires real life networking.

    I am not sure what the politics of this young lad were, but the full weight of the machine will come down on him, and perhaps it may be better to have a well organized (if not overt) community on your side before engaging in action.

    • Damn Brother I wish you were on this side of the pond because you get it…But on the other hand I’m glad you are over there so others have someone to look to for guidance and maybe you can get your country back…

    • “This kid may die in jail. But he does a man”. Very important, they can take everything and everyone away from you, but they can only take away your spirit if you let them. It’s the last thing left. Hang on to what’s yours.

      Kyle was both foolish (for going into crazy town, either alone or allowing himself to get separated) and brave. I’m sure this result was all unintended, on his part, and things got away from him. But if you go into crazy town, be prepared for crazy things to happen.

  30. It wasn’t the boomers who started all of this.
    White Kids will end up in jail if they go shooting communists & negroids, meaning they won’t get to reproduce, their lives will be ruined. Better to organize huge protests for any arrested whites to get them fair trials & show to the normie that white race is assaulted by invaders.

  31. Today, being White With Weapon may only be free from prosecution when using it in your own home while being physically attacked. But communities can be destroyed without homes being entered.
    Is anything to be done about protection of property? Do we stand idly by while it is being destroyed?
    Do we use a weapon to protect the life of another outside the home?
    Does all this depend on the area location and it’s politics?
    We may come to different in-the-moment actions in these instances of conflicting principle, legal, and gut considerations.

    • This is why DA elections are important. In a perfect world this particular one would know that if murder charges were brought he or she would get a 10,000 volt electrocution in the next election. But because white voters are mind numbed, watching that shit show RNC convention where blacks and sodomites are keynote speakers, they re-elect this person. It really is our own damn collective fault that this is happening. Even San Francisco liberals know that this office is important, as they put a literal communist activist, raised by Bill Ayers himself in the role two years ago.

      • This is an excellent point. Elections for DA and judges are far more important to your day-to-day life than federal elections, which are a sham at this point.

      • It really is our own damn collective fault that this is happening.
        Thats what I keep pointing out but people just stick their fingers in their ears and shout they won’t let us, it’s a retreat, go gray etc, etc etc…We could really learn from the fags how they took San Fran over but alas most will just shout at each other online…

        • Exactly. To this day they let outlets like Fox News and Breitbart define for them what’s permissible. It also goes to show just how many white people were raised in sheltered environments, even in the middle class. I was pretty sheltered myself, but it only takes five minutes to get a clue when you’re on your own in the big city. How stupid are they? When Trump said he could shoot a gun down 5th Ave and they would still follow him he wasn’t joking.

      • Which is why, here in CA, they have already captured who gets to count the votes (vote harvesting). Not to argue that getting the local positions filled with the right people is not a good thing, but voting our way out of this is slipping ever more far away.

        • CA is already gone. It’s so demographically impaired it’s not coming back. A lesson to other states. It’s already too late for others like TX and GA. I will be leaving too, not sure when. But I sure as hell won’t retire here. Other family members already have for sale signs up. No one will be left soon. And we got here in 1910. We had a good 120 year run. When Latinos shout “we built this.” No you didn’t. It was built. You just added ferrel chickens and old couches to the neighborhoods.

        • You have to look at voting as a tool and not a result now. That ship has sailed. You still can elect a local sheriff or DA, who likely will be overridden immediately when the Left consolidates power nationally.
          I’m voting Trump this year and not because he will do anything substantively; he won’t. What his re-election would do, and I’m certain of it, is to make the State totally discredit itself by not recognizing the results (again) or cheating or otherwise trying to overturn the final count. Normies then will face an option of either accepting they live in an absolute police state or they will come to our side. Many will come to our side. It is certainly possible Trump will not be re-elected but that’s nowhere near clear now. Regardless, the point here is voting is a strategy, not an end unto itself.

        • Outside of San Berdoo, Riverside & Imperial and the “State of Jefferson,” there aren’t enough of us to count anyway. Vote with your feet.

      • Sure, but the point is that there is an unpredictability in the system (in the midst of riots) that has many sitting on their hands. TPTB love it’s neutering effect. You may act on principle but your ass is in jail.

    • Rich, I would say the answer to each of your questions is “it depends”. It depends on the situation, it depends on your preparedness, and mostly it depends on how things go down when they actually happen, which is nearly impossible to predict. Things will go as they go. This is a war, and in a war, two things count. One is keeping your spirits up, no matter how things go as far as property, injury, and abuse play out. Two is to get to the other side of the war in one piece, and to get the ones you love to the other side too. The rest of it is less important, in the end.

  32. Okay, where is the white NAACP to which I can donate? One with an official fundraising arm not a go-fund-me account. The organization I’ve been demanding to be created for 10 years. We have to realize that unless you have an ethnic group to fall back on in 21st Century America, you’re done. I don’t tithe at church, I would tithe to this.

    • Some neo-Nazi tried to set up a NAAWP some years ago; stupid idea to go along with the Nazi stupid idea. It flopped. But now historical conditions are different (although the Nazi idea is still stupid and socialist). Happily Ostei signaled several days ago that he was working on the concept. Ostei, old buddy? 🙂

  33. This is what makes Kenosha a pivot point in the ruling class revolt. This kid is not a scary monster who can be anathematized by the system.” Yes. Tom Luongo, a gentle type, is stepping over the line toward us. More are following. Kyle Rittenouse could be our trigger, a laudable white counterpoint to the savage black criminal George Floyd.

    • Fewer than 20 such shootings of blacks happen each year in a nation with 270 million interactions with police.

  34. This kid will be put in the prison Tower with windows for all white young men to observe what happens when they get involved on the wrong side of the political tyranny.
    Best thing to do is not get involved for now.
    I don’t like saying this but “let it burn”.
    If the politicians and police won’t control it
    Why should we?
    What the elites are attempting to do in the long run will destroy our civilization but until the pain is felt far and wide our young men should stay away from street riots.

    • This event can be used to red pill normies but if that was my son at 17 going out on the street to do what the police should be doing? I would say stay home son.
      Its easy to make a martyr out of a stranger.
      I admire what the kid did don’t get me wrong and the event shows where we are at in this nation with Jim Snow. But if that was my kid and my kid was just thinking that he was doing the right thing.
      I would not like it one bit.

  35. Do not expect justice in any involvements you have with the police and the greater legal system. Plan your interactions, possible confrontations and responses with this in mind. But once it swallows you up, do not expect that good old fashioned civic nationalist system. Expect Darkness at Noon. Plan accordingly.

  36. Maybe people are having a hard time grasping the unfairness and even horror of the situation they are in. Maybe the idea if getting in trouble for shooting a violent mob invading your property and attacking you causes too much cognitive dissonance still?

    For myself, if a black person gets shot by police near my neighborhood I am out of town in two hours and Id like to think that is the only smart move right now.

    Otoh watch the polls. If Biden keeps slipping we might expect these riots to suddenly and mysteriously lose energy.

    As far as this kid goes, it isnt all bad. Every time this sort of thing happens I see people get more and more red pilled around me. Dyed in the wool patriotic conservatives who say America is basically over. Whats weird though is the revenge of the cis guys seem to be getting less and less radicalized as this thing goes on lol. At least Mersh anyway….

    • I’m certain the Biden campaign would love to stop the riots now. They probably cannot. Crazed Marxists thrive on violence and could care less what a convenient corporate ally thinks. The Right isn’t the only political group with cucks, and the communists at least deal with their cucks.

      • Yep, anarcho-tyranny is what they are after—not Biden’s election, nor Trump’s defeat. They won’t stop until we stop them with the force necessary. Our reluctance only confirms to them they are on a winning path.

        • And we can only stop them with numbers of committed people which comes from Community…Why is that so hard for most on this side of the divide to understand…

      • The governor of Oregon sent the cops after Anttifa er Black Crimes Matter yesterday and the cops won in 15 seconds.

    • The ROTC guys—Mersh in particular—are basically right-libertarians. I do appreciate their takes on happenings, but I ultimately don’t look to them for any profound political insights. That’s what this place is for.

  37. This is why people who like saying “well, at least he is doing something” need to be shouted down at every opportunity.

    I appreciate your perspective Z, but I really have to disagree with you here. The only reason that James and Kyle stick out as examples of Jim Snow anarcho-tyranny is because there are only two of them. If we had a thousand people out on the streets at every riot, fully armed and fully prepared to defend themselves like these brave young men, then the system would treat us differently.

    The “new rules” under our lawless rainbow utopia are simply this: political results depend solely on your willingness and capacity to commit acts of violence. The left fully understands and embraces it, and so they reap the rewards. I wonder when the right will catch up.

    • There is a middle ground here. We can have our martyr, but we need to learn from his mistakes. If one simply is inspired (as is the purpose of martyrs) to take to the streets with firearms without training, purpose, preparation. Then we will repeat those mistakes and not be successful.

      • Agree completely that anybody out on the streets with weapons should be fully trained and understand the rules of engagement. However that is not enough. Kyle was clearly trained and demonstrated incredible restraint, yet he is still being charged with Murder One.

        Beyond preparation, what we really need is the willingness to sacrifice our lives and our freedoms for a cause greater than ourselves. Knowing how unfairly the system will treat us, knowing the dire consequences of self-defense, and yet still going out there anyway. I think things will get bad enough for whites in this country where large numbers of us will start feeling like we are ready to make that sacrifice. Until that happens, nothing much will change.

    • And one of the lessons is as soon as you have done something you cannot take back, i.e. capped a commie, blend into the night because you will not receive fair judicial treatment. A 17 year old would be unlikely to understand this with the garbage he has been fed, but we can all learn this. Do not put your face out there ahead of time as much as possible either, if you must.

      • This. One thing I expect to start seeing is random acts of violence perpetrated against these scumbags, from parties unknown and unidentified. Perhaps things haven’t yet gotten bad enough for anyone to take action like that, but it is certainly heading in that direction.

      • Yup.

        Leave your cellphone at home, dress in anonymous black clothing, and plan on escape and evasion all the way back to your means of transportation.

        • leave any card with an RFID chip in it home as well. bank card, enhanced driver license, etc.
          this tech will get used.

      • That is a good way to look at it. Right now, every opportunity to encourage whites to think racially has to be exploited. Stories like this allow us to engage with normal people on the issue of race.

        • And to drive home the point we can’t live amongst these people anymore so we either separate or one side ends up dead…There still will be casualties on both sides if we separate but not anything like if we don’t…

        • I would love some insight on how to do that using this story as leverage. I tried that with some of my own family using the Cannon Hinnant and Frederick Fair stories, and just got the typical NPC response that “only white supremacists care about these stories”.

          • It’s always important to remember that you can’t save everyone. Some white people are beyond saving, so there is no point in trying. What I have found is the stories where blacks attack older whites work much better on older men. As a man gets older, he becomes more aware of his vulnerability.

            The fact is, we don’t need most whites to become vocally pro-white. We just need 20%. Pick and choose your battles, as you only have so much time.

          • Exactly. 20% may even be more than we need. About half of any population basically cucks to power unless it’s utterly miserable.

    • The Right traditionally commits violence through lawfully appointed authorities in a polity (there are exceptions, such as lynchings, but in general whites are not mindless rioters). So a good first step is to vote Trump into office for another four years. I’m not saying that will solve anything, but once he’s voted into office again, we’ll see where things go.

      • It’s a good way to buy some time at least, but even if he is re-elected I’m not just waiting around to see where things go. We need to be prepared for when things start resolving themselves outside of “lawfully appointed authorities in a polity.” Getting the hell away from major urban centers is a good place to start.

  38. Which is why I felt queasy yesterday, knowing the possibility, maybe likelihood, that something similar is coming my way and asking myself hard and honest questions.

    That kid was naive and got himself in a bad situation for sure, but the composure and restraint he showed while being pursued by an angry mob was remarkable. I feel terribly for him, and I hope and expect and already see that he has allies in what he’s going through. I don’t see how they get him on murder 1, but the ride is the punishment and an intimidating message to others.

    This is how it goes. There’s no Galt’s Gulch to run to and wait for things to blow over, no government willing to do it’s job if its legitimacy isn’t at stake. Kenosha, not NYC, not Chicago, or any other ‘important’ place. Notice that the governor called in the guard. He has to restore order.

    We got to this point because generations ago communists died or went to prison. A perfect world wouldn’t have gotten worn down and slowly acquiesced. That’s why they won’t be reasonable: they’ve come a long way using violence.

    And that’s why the government needs to stop being submissive to the commies, why regular people need to implacably demand that it act in their interests, why, frankly, the secret ballot isn’t going to fix the problem. Do not stay quiet and allow your community to be backed into the same corner. The sooner that happens, the sooner this mess is settled, the less tragic it’ll all be. Nobody but wild-eyed revolutionaries want this.

  39. fair point. When whites are systematically discriminated against and victimized by blacks and we do nothing, it only encourages blacks/antifa to keep doing it. At least this kid sent a message that they may not get away with it. I realize this is the response that BLM/antifa want but unlucky for them in this case the kid was clearly innocent and defending himself. Not sure there’s an easy answer but also not sure hiding away in far off suburbs and doing nothing but “taking it” is the answer either. That’s what the citizens of USSR did and it didn’t work out well.

    • This incident doesn’t really help Blantifa that much because the victims were white and the video makes it very clear that Rittenhouse was in a desperate situation.

    • A High School physics teacher (now deceased) I once knew used to say “Even protons decay.” meaning nothing lasts forever. Face it, folks, our time – the White Man’s time – is past. We had a good run. DAMNED good run run! But it’s over. We can “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” all we want but “into that good night” we – inevitably – WILL go. Personally, I think it’s time to pop a big bowl of popcorn, grab a brew (or a glass of your favorite drink) and watch the joggers and globoschlomo screw up what we made for them. The fertilizer’s well and truly impacting the wind machine now and ain’t a DAMNED thing the likes of any of us can do to stop it.

  40. Ultimately, that is now the significance of the Kenosha riots. White people are faced with the reality of their sons being sent to prison for the crime of being white. They face having their businesses destroyed because non-whites are ungrateful. They are being harassed at restaurants and in their home by mobs sponsored by the ruling class who have embraced anti-whiteness as a revolutionary cause. It’s no longer an abstract political argument. It’s daily reality.

    And after all this, White people still don’t get it. Other than a few fringes on the periphery, you don’t see Whites out it the streets protesting this, there’s no outraged letters to the editor, you don’t even see most Whites supporting their political allies. In fact, they’re going out of their way to provide their enemies the rope to hang them with. The dissident right remains a fly spec on the political map.

    What’s to be made of this? Are we really this dumb and self-destructive? If we’re really this pathetic, maybe we don’t deserve to survive. It certainly doesn’t look like we have much interest in doing so.

  41. Just one more reason I’m glad I’m old (69) and won’t have to watch a whole lot more of the Republic’s (to which I gave a decade of my life and for which my only son sacrificed his health) slide into the progressive distopia which appears to be its inevitable destiny. Am I the only one who expects to see Kamala Harris living in the White House a year from now?

    • Theyll hold off on replacing Biden until January 2023, which will allow Harris to run for re-election in both 2024 and 2028.

      • Even Edith Wilson couldn’t pull that off in the 21st century. 50-50 he makes it to inaugeration.

    • We’re glad you’re old too.
      No one will suspect you being the guy who is posting the inflammatory flyers all over the Wal Mart bathroom.

      • What the HOLY HELL are you toking? “Flyers … Wal Mart bathroom”???? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?!?!?!?!

    • Hold on now. I will take a wise Bill at 69 over a not so wise Bill at 29. Don’t cut yourself short.

    • The first thing that has to stop is all the calls to go out and “do something.” That all sounds great on the couch, but encouraging our you guys to go out and “do something” makes them victims of the system. That said, this story is what works on that civic nationalist fried or relative. If handled properly, it drives home the message that whites are now second class citizens. We have to start thinking of ourselves as the minority and put our collective interests ahead of all else.

      Yeah, I get that it feels good to think about an angry mob of whites “taking back their city” and clearing the streets of this terrorist mobs. The revenge fantasy is always fun. That can only go from fantasy to reality when white people become racially aware. That’s the thing that needs doing. Think racially, act locally.

      • Generally you are right about “doing something, anything,” but let us see how this particular episode plays out. This easily could blow up on them. The spectacle of Kyle’s arraignment amid violent riots will not be lost on people. The primary threat to this kid is murder behind bars prior to trial or being duped into any kind of a plea (my guess is he gets a spectacular defense or the case even is dropped; that based on familiarity with criminal procedure). The odds are this kid gets memoryholed by the propaganda outlets in short order because the Left knows this one is a timebomb.

        • There is a paradox at work here. We don’t want our young men putting themselves in these situations. On the other hand, this episode will bring more people our way than a million social media posts. This is one of those crystallizing events. That said, be prepared for the media to claim he used the N-word on twitter or liked an unapproved tweet. A tsunami of sewage is coming at these people.

          • I fully expect he will be demonized. Still, the public is seeing these riots for the anti-White violence they are and the spectacle of this kid being charged for protecting himself amid the murders, arson, looting will be off the charts. Alternative funding sources for this kid’s defense have been overwhelmed They cannot stage manage this one successfully.

          • Happily, it doesn’t matter if Kyle used the N-word or is a rayciss. The guys he shot were all white, and blacks don’t riot on behalf of dead crackers.

          • Zman said, “This is one of those crystallizing events. That said…a tsunami of sewage is coming at these people.” Yes, and one of the things that may signal a revolutionary “crystallizing event” is that the tsunami-of-sewage may not work this time. Everything is on video; it can’t be suppressed, and it shows the kid is clearly innocent.

      • I would never ask you to pick up a gun and start shooting, Z. The time is coming for that, but it isn’t now.
        Can you please speak to the other high profile dissidents and organize something meaningful for that teen that shot those two Antifa a-holes?
        I don’t think we need to riot and lynch people in the streets… but – can we organize at least some legal aid? Can we at least ask other high profile dissidents and conservatives to lend their voices?
        Start small, as you say? Just focus on this one issue, this one kid that naively put himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Surely this could be turned into an opportunity for our side?
        The people that actively want a caste system are not popular on either side of the Great Divide. I think we could turn them on each other at the very least with this.

    • How about cut them off at the check book. Try not to support anything that supports the people that hate us, white,brown,whatever. I no longer speak to anyone that buys a NBA,NFL ticket Starbucks,ect. Maybe we can say we support BLM and not mean it so we can still receive a paycheck. The other side lies maybe we should start. The worse they do financially the more dysfunctional they become. I am not Sun Tzu but a weak enemy sounds better to me.

    • I recommend the following. Move to a safe haven now if your community is at risk (do no be in a big Liberal city). Acquire and practice survival skills if you don’t already possess these traits. Acquire and develop proficiency with firearms for hunting and self-defense. Get off social media if you have a footprint there. Go dark, lay low, and become innocuous or invisible. Work hard at all of this as if your life depended upon it.

      • I agree with everything except the go dark and become invisible because thats actually what people accuse of us of wanting to do which is hide out and hope to get eaten last…Do you really not want anyone on your side when the forces of darkness come against you because no one escapes what’s coming for us…

        • You don’t go dark in order to be eaten last. You go dark in order to remain alive and be effective when you have no choice but to fight back. The tyrannical elites and their Jackboot enforcers are well prepared to counter conventional opposition, but there is no effective defense against the unknown and unexpected.

          • Darwin never sleeps; he is ever busy eliminating life forms that fail to survive and reproduce. In the year 2200, all white people will have a patriarchal attitude toward women and a shoot-on-sight attitude toward diversity, like the North Sentinelese but with better weapons.

            Dispersing into the backwoods, preferably with fertile women in tow, keeps the race alive until white liberals contracept themselves out of existence, the last of them killed and eaten by their beloved diversity, who then proceed to dine on each other.

            Zimbabwe is now starving and begging its white farmers to return. That won’t happen here because after one winter without white people, there wouldn’t be any blacks left.

          • Name me one time in History that that has worked individuals doing their own thing…But there is plenty of times where if people would of banded together early then they would of been able to stop what was genocide…

          • Internecine warfare among the plebs is exactly what the tyrannical elites want you to do because no one is then focusing on them as the root problem. Go ahead and man the barricades if you wish, and maybe you can take out a Jackboot with your dying breath, but that is not an effective way to beat a tyranny. Smarter beats brave and dead.

          • This isn’t a binary choice. How and where you take stands is situational. But Lineman’s right that acting alone is a Hollywood shibboleth.

            Tyler Durden and the lone ninja are fantasies. A lone shitposter can red-pill some guys but activism requires real life numbers and a higher degree of risk – but the key is that in a large enough group of loyal brothers, that risk is distributed.

            The entire Right used to cheer Mark Steyn (After America) when he said that the Charlie Hebdo attack would never have happened if everyone would have drawn Allah that day. They couldn’t kill all of us.

            This is much more important and literally hits us where we live.

          • Not lone ninja using juju warrior skills. That is indeed a fantasy. But rather, tens of thousands of Walter Mitty’s going about their normal boring lives doing what they do until one day opportunity knocks.

          • That’s what blacks do.

            Look at the power they have now.

            Bad elites hire the most eager applicants.

          • Way to come out of left field on that comment… I’ve never advocated for anything you just wrote so if you actually think that I want that then you are way wrong…

    • Honestly, given the current situation . . . survive. Build small tight knit communities. We simply do not have the power/influence to face this head on. So don’t.

      You don’t take on a hurricane by running out at it with your ten foot jon boat. You hunker down, fortify your shelter, and ride it out. Then rebuild, clean up afterward. That is the ugly, mundane truth. Sure, it would be a hell of a ride and rush to get out on the 20 ft waves with the dingy, but that’s how you drown. IF (when) action is necessary it is more Vietcong, less one v. mob.

  42. “Like James Fields, we have another naive and impressionable young white man facing life in a cage, because he was convinced that doing something is always better than doing nothing….”

    My blood boils as I type this. But goddammit – it needs to be said. That kid IS a martyr. Like it or not, that is what he is. He was sent to you by God, gift wrapped on a silver platter. If the Dissidents had any smarts they would see that and take that gift and run with it. They’d organize an alternative to Go-Fund-Me. They’d be on Trump like ugly on an ape to do something.
    Hell’s bells, Z – that kid isn’t even dead, but you are writing him off! There is so much you could do here, with your influence and eloquence – where you would do good and not just bitch about evil.
    If the Dissidents can’t do anything about something like this… it will not speak well for them.
    Sorry if I pissed anyone off – but yeah, I could have been that kid, he could have been my kid… it is what it is. Try to do something for him if you can, Z.

    • I think you are right, whites need to protest for the kid at his trial, organize around him, use him as a symbol.

    • I think normies still harbored some delusion that the BLMfa crowd existed outside of the system, that it was just weakness in the system and that an election or two would clear it up. While there is no golden bullet to disabuse them of the notion, this comes close. They’re now forced to have a conversation with their relations to be careful because the system is out to get them, that all the CivNat nonsense beliefs in the world will not be enough to save them.

    • Z’s not writing the kid off, and there’s little he can do with the heft he’s currently got. HOWEVER, I have an idea: Most donations to Kyle are listed as “anonymous”. What if we all donated (doesn’t matter how much; give $1 if you don’t have any money) and listed our “name” each time as “” or “The Z Blog”? This mass-action could drive hundreds or thousands of new readers to this site, so each donation would benefit Kyle AND the Zman AND our cause. What say you all? Good idea? Should we pull the trigger on it?

      • Notice the downvotes on this simple idea? Because fundamentally people, even our people lack courage.

        DO SOMETHING Z!11!! But keep my name out of it nigga I ain’t tryin’ to get doxxed.

        So many of you, sorry to say, are a f-cking joke. You are on an anonymous message board beating your chest over this kid.

        Who are you? You ready to ‘do something’? Take a stand, come out of the shadows. Why is Z the guy that needs to ‘go first’ like all other people egging the guys to take action from the comfort of their couch. I will say it again, lead by example.

        Show up out there at the hot spots. Use your real name. Take off your anonymity and get out there a be somebody. AKA Put your money where your mouth is. Get off the couch whitey.

        • Apex – Mine was one of the downvotes, but not for the reasons you assume. I already donated privately. Z appears to be taking a wait-and-see approach here, which is his right, but when/if/how he decides to support Rittenhouse, it’s on him. I don’t feel we can or should use Z’s name without his consent, nor do I feel the need to hide behind his name or permission to donate.

          • That’s pretty convoluted reasoning, 3g4me, especially as justification to oppose a team effort on behalf of both Kyle and the Z Blog.

        • Oddly enough, anyone executing on my idea will remain anonymous. So why not do it? There doesn’t seem to be any downside to the idea. I’m puzzled.

          • there isn’t any down side to publicly associating KR’s defense with “da ebil white supremacist websitez”?

            No down side if you care more about traffic here than about his likelihood of actually winning his case.

            by all means support the guy please, but publicly associating him with badthinkers right now is absolutely screwing him over and making his situation worse.

        • I didn’t down vote but not really for the idea until Z steps up and says I am going to donate all my subscribe star earning for the month to this boys defense and can my readers at least match it…Then I would donate again in his name…

          • Why does Z have to do anything with respect to my idea or supporting Kyle? He’s already doing more than anyone else here by founding this blog and putting his ideas on it almost every day.

      • Mea culpa, I did misread your original post, but my point still stands which is I see lots of chest thumping here with the ‘enough is enough, take a stand’ mindset.

        Be the change you want to see in the world.

        Do something yourself. You needn’t come here and talk about it. Use your real name to make a donation. Go test your ninja skills under cover of darkness while wearing a mask to either be a disinformation agent or a straight up menace with direct action efforts on these commies. Like John Lennon said:
        It’s easy if you try…

        The pushback Z is getting for cautioning hot heads against taking spurious life altering action is chaffing my balls badly since I lived this nightmare once already and would hate to see anyone that posts here get the State Sponsored Terror Squad treatment I endured.
        So yes, do something if you are fed up. Smartly. Quietly, Personally. And tell nobody about it unless it makes sense to do so.

        • No offense taken, Apex, and I’ll be quite happy to donate to Kyle’s defense fund in my own name. However, my idea of donating “in the name of” this blog does far more good for Kyle, for the Z Blog, and for our cause. I think I’ll do it, once the lawyer representing Kyle is all set up, and my “name” will be this blog. Hopefully it will draw people here to see what it’s all about.

          • Your plan is a good one Jim Smith. Especially as it would bring readers to this space. But I wouldn’t do it unless Z gave the ok.

        • AP, we understand why you’re a voice for caution here but no one is encouraging anyone to pop off in a lone inchoate rage-fest. We’ve been the guys preaching against that all along.

          The 2A community has to get its shit together as a group and do what this kid did in an organized fashion with large-group presence and discipline or its going to be exposed as a LARP.

          We’ve heard a lot of tough talk about what guys around here and elsewhere will do when shit gets real.

          It already has. And a 17 year-old kid is the one who tested the fences. We can leave him to be a “Judas’d Goat” going over the wire by himself or we can support him with numbers.

          It’s the second and third guys who take chances that set trends in motion.

    • Nick Sandmann’s lawyer Lin Wood is representing Kyle and is already working to organize fundraising efforts on his behalf.

  43. The Trump justice department will have to take a stand on this one way or the other, I don’t think he can get away by looking the other way until November. Maybe the inner party will conspire to delay any proceedings on this kids case until November, I can’t imagine they want to have any preliminary hearings were the defense attorney is going to start throwing all the evidence from the video clips.

    • I don’t know Wisconsin criminal procedure, but there are very strict time limits on arraignments and preliminary hearings for someone in custody. Yes, the law largely is a fraud at this point, but Rittenhouse will be able to rain down unmitigated hell on Wisconsin even going through a sham justice system. My main concern is the State will murder him in jail.

  44. Anyone know the names of the 3 that got shot? Any plans for murals to be painted or gold plated caskets? I guess even the Goodwhites really don’t matter. Think any of these clowns on the front lines for the sainted negro will ever figure this out?

    • I donated to the arm reconstruction fund. It’s going to take a lot of work and time to fix and rehab.

      • looking at the down votes I realize some just don’t get sarcasm, even the online version of it.

        • David Wright – Can’t claim I don’t sometimes miss sarcasm, but in this case it appears there’s plenty of $ flowing to all three douchebags, whereas when I finally got through to the Christian donation site for Rittenhouse, it merely showed a total of about $35k. Child molester Rosenbaum’s sister is apparently raking in the shekels.

      • I agree. That kid’s arm did nothing to deserve this. There were perfectly good vital organs just inches away too. The arm could have been spared.

      • Not sure they’re all confirmed shape-shifters, tbh – names & physiognomy are suggestive.

        Regardless, we have to recognize that this protest/political scenario is a dream environment for shape-shifters who can Fellow White and antifa is very top-heavy with Talmudic trustafarians with a taste for violence, drugs and getting away with (((tricks))) b/c J-card and shekels.

          • Yea I was clenching my jaw for sure…It’s hard to know if someone is being sincerely naive or just a straight out troll… Probably would not of been so restrained in person especially when someone starts to pull the I’m so much smarter than you act…That never happens when I talk to people f2f though so there is that…

          • That was primarily directed at Vizzini, who did most of the heavy lifting, but you, too. You guys did a good job of letting him hang himself with his uncalled-for snotty stuff.

    • Rosenbaum, Grosskreutz, Huber.

      At least 2/3 are confirmed. Huber is 50/50.

      It does not appear to be our people attacking us.

      • Wasn’t the guy who kicked him in the head a mulatto?

        One of the three started it by throwing a Molotov cocktail at him, by the way.

      • Grosskreutz is a very goyish German(ic) name, Huber is totally goyish Bavarian / Austrian in origin.

          • You’re ignorant and disingenious at the same time.
            There are typically goyish and typically Jewish German names, and there is a certain grey area as well.
            That’s why before I didn’t speak of German names generically, but of goyish German names specifically, which the two ones I mentioned definitely are. “Grosskreutz” for instance = big cross: Yeah, I definitely see Jewish potential there.
            By contrast, Rosenbaum (“rose tree”) is classical Jewish German.

  45. ” The reason Kyle Rittenhouse sits in jail is no one told him this. Instead, internet warriors playing tough guy on-line encouraged him to be a man of action.”

    His own online information says he was a police cadet and a “back the blue” guy. He lives in the area – it’s not like he’s some kid that traveled from California to Charlottesville. If anyone hyped him up, it wasn’t “internet warriors.”

    But let’s not let Kyle’s crisis go to waste in the ongoing one-sided e-drama over responsible paleo-con sensibilities vs. the wignats.

    I’ve been the first to say here that guns are a two-edged sword in the present environment – antifa isn’t scared enough of them and they knew the protesters weren’t going to shoot.

    But New Mexico and Kenosha are both going to loom large in the minds of the next antifa who might be inclined to dare someone with a gun to “shoot me bro.”

    Bringing a skateboard to a gunfight now has demonstrated risks. And the dead anarchists aren’t going to find Hell any easier because Kyle might be facing time.

    There are going to be businesses left unburnt and White people left unbeaten because of what this kid did – wholly lawfully and justifiably, on video for all to see. A lot of casual LARPing antifa/BLM wanna-be’s are going to fail a morale-check on this one and leave the field.

    And when the system tries to Shoah him, he’s going to stick in their throat. If they choke him down, their legitimacy will take an enormous hit.

    What happened to Kyle is what will happen to many of us who choose to fight back and speak inconvenient truth to power.

    I won’t presume to know what went into his decision or nay-say him. These are 51-49 judgment calls and only hindsight will prove who was “right” in the end.

    He may well prevail and regardless of his fate, he should be considered a hero, not counter-signaled and used as a prop for an optics-crowd “teachable moment.”

    • Rittenhouse indeed is a hero and needs to become an avatar of White America. These pogroms will give us many heroes and, unfortunately in the short term, martyrs.

      All of this can be exploited in a way to benefit our people.

      Beautifully written, Exile.

      • Anyone who claims to be 2A that isn’t on the side of what this kid did is a fake. This is exactly what 2A is about.

        I’ve taunted guys for having entirely ornamental gun collections, not without reason. Kyle has proven that NA2AALT. There is still the willingness to genuinely fight and risk your life to defend our people and communities from destruction. They’re not all Boomer LARP’ers – hopefully most aren’t.

        If you’re going to bring a gun, use it lawfully, but use it. And we should be standing with this kid 101%. There is nothing to counter-signal here. Righteous self-defense of his own community.

        • Are there #2A people countersignalling this kid? They can’t possibly be that stupid, can they?

          • The Sour Patch kids will find someone on-line they can use for their “everyone is a cuck but them” narrative. Otherwise, 2A people are taking the wait and see approach. It is one thing for someone like me to come to a quick conclusion, but the big gun groups and spokesman have to be careful about everything they say and do.

          • It’s people who have understanding and training and experience “counter-signaling” as you put it—not simply folk with an unused gun in the safe.

            A martyr’s main purpose is to inspire, not train. I can appreciate what this boy has done for the cause and yet warn folk where he went wrong in his implementation.

          • You are missing the point. The Kid won, and he is legend.
            For starters he won tactically in the field of battle. But more importantly he wins hearts and minds.
            His position in the courtroom and the jail cell are not irrelevant (and especially to him). But in light of his other accomplishments, it was the price to pay.

        • Jails and prisons can’t hold us all, only extermination camps. Without heroes and martyrs, the latter will be fast-tracked. People who retain delusions to the contrary are beyond help. We are not advocating for Bladerunner but lawful dissent and protection of our brothers and sisters here.

          I suspect most gunowners would gleefully turn them over to the totalitarian State based on what we’ve seen with the Covid surrender and cowardice in the face of domestic terrorism. That includes more than just Boomers, who prior to this kid have comprised most of the true resistance to this violence and oppression.

          Look for the propaganda organs to memory hole this kid ASAP. Social media must be used to keep his cause alive.

        • Obviously, you’ve had no training in defensive firearm use, but want to lecture those who have.

          The purpose of training at the civilian, not military level, is to first avoid use if possible, then if not, to win. Winning at its essence is to come out unscathed, and go home.

          Our current poster child for the cause was only partially successful in the above. It seems that in our rush to anoint him as venerable martyr for the cause we forget this.

          • Don’t be stupid, Compsci. Everybody knows that anyone involved in a defensive shooting will be arrested with near certainty. This is a critical part of all the training about self defense: even if the shoot is obviously good, you will probably be placed under arrest and have your firearm seized as evidence.

            In WI, there is literally no way a White could get to go home after a shooting, no matter the obvious evidence that this was self-defense.

            So, yeah, the kid wasn’t a Green Beret. But a mob tried to kill him and he put two of them in the ground and seriously wounded a third. Then he walked away. Get off his back.

          • What does it say about the only conservative “victories” of note: tax cuts and preserving the 2A when the tax cuts are really tax deferments and you are guaranteed an arrest after exercising your 2A rights?

          • Saying they are against abortion in and of itsellf seems to be a victory to them, the way they act.

            They’ve totally lost on the issue but they are self-righteous losers.

          • I was raised by Appalachian rednecks and have handled and owned guns since I was ten years old. I was a latchkey kid and we lived in a county where the sheriff’s response time was over a half-hour. We teach kids in my family how to handle themselves in that situation.

            Don’t presume you know my background.

      • Exploiting is fine. It’s a tactic the Left has taught us is effective. But you’ll never convince me this boy is a hero. Martyr for the cause yes. But a hero… As has been attributed to Patton,”…let the other poor bastard die for his country…”

        • Heroism and martyrdom aren’t mutually exclusive – and let’s not bury this kid before he’s Shoah’d.

          Believing that only “winners” are heroes is a libertarian prior – work on that.

          • Arguing about the wisdom of Kyle’s getting into the situation he did, or how he worked his way out of it, is water under the bridge now. He pushed back, when none of the rest of us have done so, to nearly that degree. Big respect for that. Someone needs to step up. Right time, right way, right person? Too late for that now, and even defending him is weak sauce, compared to what he did. Keep Kyle’s name out there, it’s the least we can do.

          • You can support this kid and even applaud his defending himself, without encouraging others to do the same. This could very easily have gone the other way.

          • Yes, things are tricky out there. There is “the talk” that needs to be had with persons under one’s wing, about the dangers of “CWW” (carrying while white), and Remus’ “staying away from crowds”, which is about not volunteering to enter crazy town, if it is not necessary to be there. Situational awareness and forethought.

          • No argument. But my point is to use such as examples of how one may avoid the pratfalls of such action and be more successful in future implementation. That also is important in final success—or failure.

        • As MMV pointed out before me, how many movements–and in particular as with this case, resistance to bloodthirsty tyranny do not have martyrs? This kid ain’t dead by no means. In fact, the only way he dies is if the State panics and murders him in jail by Antifa proxy.

          And, yes, he’s a hero, too.

          Note: Patton had a lot of poor bastards die under his command, and he won. It is unavoidable. This is not to advocate for “do something, do anything” but to support this kid and exploit the hell out of this one. His arraignment on murder because he defended himself amid violent riots will be priceless propaganda for us.

          • No argument here. As a martyr to inspire and rally the troops, he will serve a higher purpose. You just don’t make positive training videos from the Youtube postings I’ve seen.

      • Kyle Rittenhouse and Cannon Hinnant are both far better symbols to rally behind than thugs like George Floyd or Jacob Blake. Even if most blacks don’t get this most white shitlibs do. It’ll be another fork in the moral road for a lot of them. Some will break ranks and start moving back toward sanity but the remainder will become hardened and more devoted to evil.

      • Thanks for that link. There are going to be bad operators trying to cash in on this kid so everyone make sure you check out the folks on the other end.

        • What Exile said. Avoid grifters, and this will include cucks, Second Amendment activists, and of course Republicans in general and politicians in particular. Research where you send money.

          The fact the linked site was overwhelmed almost immediately with donations and had to be paused as a result indicates the amount of fury ready to be thrown back into the face of the State.

      • Thanks for the links, Lineman. I read over at Vox that Nick Sandman’s lawyer Lin Wood is organizing Kyle’s legal defense. That’s the type of community and White organizing we need to see, every time. Had a massive disagreement with my older son about this yesterday. He was saying how bad the optics were, that it was illegal for a 17 year old to carry a rifle, etc. Surprised and disappointed me. I repeatedly insisted that the law no longer applies, and we have to back our own first, foremost, and publicly.

        • While the main point will be to crowd source this kid’s criminal defense (Wood would be stellar), these alternative ways to donate to it also help kick the legs out of the SJW-oriented GoFundMe. So it’s a twofer.

        • Amen sister I think sometimes when I talk of Community that everyone understands that this is the kinds of things I’m advocating for but it seems by the pushback sometimes that they don’t understand that…

        • This is what I have been telling people aggressively. The law no longer applies. And I am intimately familiar with its machinations and kabuki theater. All even pretense of objectivity has been thrown off. It is pure politics.

        • Just saw that. He needs a murder/2A specialist but it’s great that this guy is filling the gap for now.

          If the NRA or its erstwhile successors are worth anything, they will get this kid some help.

          His community was targeted for anarchist mob violence by hostile outsiders. I’m inclined to give him a huge benefit of any doubt.

          We have to start learning to take our own side without kosher forensic and legal approval. Things have gotten real.

          • I think Wood is working with a group of 2A lawyers to get the kid a good defense team. Wood will handle public relations.

          • That’s what I think, too. Also, Wood can deter a total character assault for obvious reasons. My bet is the local DA is trying to figure out the cost/benefit of a plea to a misdemeanor of some type. Wood will tell the kid not to do it so as to keep all his civil remedies open.

        • Passing a fake $20 and robbing pregnant women at gunpoint are illegal, but didn’t slow down G. Floyd’s cause.

    • There are going to be businesses left unburnt and White people left unbeaten because of what this kid did – wholly lawfully and justifiably, on video for all to see.

      True enough. The testicular fortitude of this lad is impressive.

    • Watch the video again. There is much to be considered when the defense pleads “self defense”. Was this kid assaulted in a way that a “reasonable man” would fear for his life or grave bodily injury? I say yes, but there’s not a chance folk like me get onto the jury. You’ll get a lot of folk who will think the attacker didn’t have a weapon. And that will color their verdict.

      The only conclusion I come to immediately, is this incident should not have happened.

      • I know all too well how the kosher sausage gets made in a courtroom.

        We can either defend our communities and risk jail or we can let Blacks and shape-shifting anarchists burn them down, pull us out of our cars and beat us, harass our women (and worse), etc…

        The question is are you willing to take that risk or not?

        Are we at least and last willing to stand up for the mere right to defend ourselves against criminals, or will that go the way of our rights and traditions of free association, religion, family values and every other damned thing the triangulating, but-we’ll-get-in-trouble Right has retreated on for decades?

        • Or we can be smarter and still as successful with training and the community support you are so fond of promoting. So which is it?

          • I think you both want the same thing Brother which is why in person is much better than online…Want to come over for a BBQ?

          • Here is you opportunity for community support: support this kid, here and now. Say he did the right thing in defendingnhis, OUR, community. He is of your people, do the right thing and step up to defend him instead of what-ifism monday morning quarterbacking.

      • It wasn’t a one on one deal so you can’t separate each person that was attacking him and say well that one has one and that one doesn’t…The guy that got shot in the arm had a handgun and there was shots fired back at the kid…The whole thing is a mess for sure and just shows us that we really do need to have Community so those that need guidance and support have it…

        • Community is the key.

          What if instead of one kid, it’s 50 White guys facing the crowd. (Better yet, live where those crowds would never exist in the first place.)

          What if the cops in that community were shunned and looked upon with disgust for not protecting White property and lives?

          What if the cops’ wives were no longer invited to neighborhood parties?

          What if the cops’ kids were told by the other kids that their dads were traitors?

          What if the mayor was booed as he walk down the street?

          This is how we win.

          • Exactly right it’s really pretty simple it’s numbers of like-minded in one area able to control/rule how they want to live…As soon as we understand the numbers game like the left does then we win…

          • Brilliant points, Citizen. Yes to the cops’ wives being shunned and the public booing of people. Make them feel unwelcome in their own town. It’s still a numbers game, unfortunately. As you said, if there are 50 Kyles to confront Antifa and the community publicly and openly backs their Kyles.

      • It is unfortunate that you are being downvoted on all your comments because I feel like you & I are on the same page and quite frankly, the page of most others.

        I think the downvotes are a sense of frustration at seeing another of our youth thrown into the meat grinder over spurious sh1t while nogs walk free after straight up murder over & over.

        Your points though, however painful, are 100% true. (((Lawyers))) are going to tear this kid apart because that is what they do. It is the reality we live in and you can be angry about it but that doesn’t make it any less true.
        1) Transported a weapon across state lines. Strike
        2) Was not the owner of any business claimed to be defending. Strike 2
        3) Was illegally carrying an assault rifle which must be 18 at a minimum to legally own. Strike 3

        On those 3 alone he is already hung in this jacked up legal system. Not to mention all the ‘rayciss / hate crime’ horsesh-t they are going to introduce on top of that.

        You can be supportive of the brave action of an individual AND be smart enough to point out his errors and how to do it better. Without getting all fedpoasty here I will say that the fact that everyone is wearing masks right now and that all this madness happens under the cover of night would be a -really- good time to try out your ninja skills if you truly wanted to disrupt and put fear into these anarchists.

        • If he’d put down a couple of joggers, it’d be game, set, match & off to prison he goes. A couple of scabby, criminal whites, I don’t know… I’d say there’s still hope.

        • 3) Was illegally carrying an assault rifle which must be 18 at a minimum to legally own. Strike 3

          Don’t know anything about Wisconsin law, but it seems contradictory to try him as an adult for carrying an assault rifle for being under 18.

        • If only we had a few real-world John Clarks (Tom Clancy Without Remorse, also other novels). 🙂

      • There are two guys attacking Kyle. One had a deadly weapon, a skate board (which can be used to fracture a skull, that’s why it’s a weapon-of-choice for some of them); the second guy was trying to wrestle Kyle’s AR-15 away from him, after which Kyle would himself have been shot dead. He’s justified on both counts in shooting his assailants, on the grounds of serious threats to his life.

    • Rittenhouse is now enabled to do a couple of things, besides remind the anarchists that they may be ended.

      He can refuse to go in for a “guilty plea” like the Fields kid did. He does not need “lawyers”. He needs willpower, as in my dealings, extensive, with lawyers, I have always viewed them as condoms I put on to fuck my enemies. Then discard, usually first negotiating their fees down (one of my favorites; so easy to do).

      Then, he can go all in on making his manifesto known, although a certain Iron Cross winning scout had a friendly judiciary before he was carted off to serve easy time.

      Of course, as the kid is likely just a young man about to get ground up by the system, it is doubtful he has the tools or the mentors to accomplish any of that stated. However, seeing as he comported himself more like a combat infantryman, than say a trigger happy copper …. one never knows. Maybe he is the armed Nick Sandmann.

      • I hope Kyle, and any counselor providing guidance, understands that Kyle is in the sh*t central now, and backing down, in any way, will only make it worse for him. He needs to double down and follow through, as publicly as possible. His only chance at avoiding being shafted by the system is a public outcry, and the way he gets that is by not blinking and being public about it.

        • HReportedly, he (his cause) has attracted high profile attorney Lin Wood. This will change the dynamic drastically. The whale will end up spitting out Jonah, er, Kyle.

    • This is not teachable but it is actionable.
      If you’re over 60 and never done a thing but whine online, here is yet another opportunity to atone for your priors, whatever they are.
      Dress elderly. Drive to commercial areas frequented by, but not exclusive to, the jogger or college community. Don your covid-approved mask and 2 pair of gloves. Glue Justice for Kyle/Its Ok To Be White flyers in public toilets. Try not to fuck it up.  

    • Thank you, Exile. He is a hero.

      Realistically, what future does he have in this country anyways? A chubby rural white guy.

      I agree that ourguys need to stay away, it’s a trap. He’s not /ourguy/ though. And we also now have confirmation that at least 2/3 of the “victims” were of a certain group.

      If you are in a dangerous situation like that, you do what you have to do. I think he’s most likely to get off. The video is pretty clear.

    • Line, Screwtape & Dutch – I just kicked the tires and is online. You can start with invites – I’ll do mine here.

      This is the public forum side of our membership blog/forum site. Registration required to view content but it’s self-registration via email verification (use a caps, lower, number, symbol password). Email admin@ the URL if there are any glitches.

      Z & all others welcome. Not the same style as here – less topical/political at least in concept, more about the UPIC lifestyle (undeclared intentional physical community – you pick your neighbors, if you like), 5th Political Theory, semi-off-grid, rural living with other people like Us. But there’s still plenty of room on a forum for conversation on whatever topics you post that others want to talk about.

      Newly-registered users will be limited to comments/reply, not new topic posting until a probationary limit is reached. Filtering out low-effort trolls & Tiny types.

  46. I understand the sentiment of what you’re saying Z but at the same time it seems as if it’s just an acceptance that we’re the Boers now, there’s no escaping and you politely accept your dispossession, and slow extinction. Rushing in blindly surely doesn’t help, and we need to be aware of the risks. I totally understand that, but the vaunted option here that we can build things in real life is wishful too. What’s to stop the left finding your functioning community and strangling it in its crib with a little bit of mandated diversity. On a tangent I’m based in Europe. With all due respect to American’s, if the US shatters it will take Globohomo with it although it will persist like a malignant shade.

    • > What’s to stop the left finding your functioning community and strangling it in its crib with a little bit of mandated diversity. 

      1. Working the bureaucracy and lawfare to make it extremely painful for our enemies to accomplish anything if targeted. Even if you lose, the enemy wasted an order of magnitude more resources.
      2. Learn subtle Dog-whistling phrases to find possible allies, then turn it up a notch
      3. Show subtle contempt for the ruling class religion in public without looking like a cartoon villain
      4. Sound as innocuous as possible. Think “Home brewing Dad’s Club” or “Men’s Conservation Society”. Do normal social things while elevating the smart dissidents to leadership.
      5. Never give the enemy a clear target.
      • These are five very good points. Unfortunately, until such a time as YT realizes that he must operate in quite a secret fashion and that he is indeed hated, we’ll still have a struggle on our hands. My biggest fear is that YT, en masse, will never get over being called ‘racist’ and thus never wake up.

        However, this sort of thing can be put into practice right away. And it is good to do so, even just to condition your mind to the new order. The thing is, a small community of disciplined, hard-working people with the dissident mindset could achieve a lot. One thing that many would have to answer though, and think deeply about, is: which hills are worth dying on. Perhaps best to get used to living in the shadows for the next couple of decades.

        At some point, when you’ve made such a community, you’d need to be prepared to defend it. To the death. I have seen many small communities that, for all their faults, had very strong bonds – you could tell that the people involved thought the world of it and perhaps would genuinely die to protect it. Not some statue in Bristol, however.

        • At some point, when you’ve made such a community, you’d need to be prepared to defend it. 
          Thats part and parcel of building a Community which is why location matters…Not only for the people aspect but a whole host of other things…

          • I believe that much like the word ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’, the word ‘community’ has been heavily overused. I have lived in many places that proudly proclaimed they were ‘communities’… But the individuals hardly knew each other. Effectively, they were blocks of houses connected by paths, roads and telegraph lines, but little else.

            You are indeed correct about choosing a suitable location, as well as tightly vetting the sort of people who can join. Of course, a good start is always to move to a smaller rural setting and get to know the people – usually far more conservative. In the US, you fellows have a huge amount of options, geographically speaking. Here in the UK, not so much but it is still doable.

            When my grandfather was younger, the small street on which they lived contained families who went back generations on that same street. This history, this set of roots, is a very powerful motivator for a man to rally to his communities defence. But the will of the modern man to do violence does seem to be fading, which is a shame because ‘neighbourhood police’ in a small community can very effective at keeping the wrong people out.

        • the statue falling today means the small community hill to die on will get smaller with time later.

          so if we must retreat to the wilderness, yet again, at least let’s move our totems too, instead of abandoning them and having our young ones see our former pride destroyed.

          • the statue falling today means the small community hill to die on will get smaller with time later.

            You’re correct. However, it may not go all the way. It is highly probable that white communities with strong bonds will be able to hold their own against an increasingly diverse and infighting government. But this absolutely depends on whites learning to play the race game – this is a necessary condition.

            Suppose though, that it does get smaller, in all fairness this is not a bad thing. Community is very hard to scale so perhaps dying around a small amount of others who you know have your back is as good as it gets. Still, you go down swinging. As I I said before, the hardest question for all men to answer is: Which hills do I want to die on? Which hills are worth it?

            so if we must retreat to the wilderness, yet again

            I understand the frustration (that is how I am taking your phrase) of the constant physical retreat – it is tough to see former institutions and monuments previously showered in glory destroyed. But…

            As has been pointed out by Z and many commenters here, anyone trying to change the system from within gets turned. The only way is to keep regrouping, physically, until the critical mass has been reached:

            1. You’re tired of running.
            2. You’re obviously prey.
            3. You’re around like minded souls who feel the same and you are prepared to give your life for what you’ve all built.

            I understand that much of this seems romantic, but I do believe that it is the beginning of a concrete strategy… From the bottom up – just like all successful societies.

      • do we really think we can out-Gramsci the Gramscians?

        they are all 5 good subversive ideas, true. but without a catalyst to practice them such as Kenosha, all remain in ebooks. after all, the Gramscians took over using as catalyst the Vietnam cannonfodder, as the dead and the vets on both sides became saintly victims that needed avenging – with their fancy New Left ideas.

    • Shane, you are exactly right. Any community we build will be targeted under Jim Snow laws for destruction. I think Z is correct when he talks about secret societies.

      • fair enough, but such an org will have to be secret enough not to be found out, yet massive enough to provide covert/subtle resistance. very fight club, of course.

      • I see this arguement all the time here and it’s rediculous. I live in a small white town. If 100 of you moved into my area, no one would pay any attention-why would they? They wouldn’t know anything about you.

        • They would never notice a thing! Why noticing movements of groups if dissidents would require the intelligence gathering capability of some kind of Federal Bureau of Investigation and even if something like that did exist it’s not like they can use the resources of big tech companies to monitor the entire internet!

    • Perhaps look at how normal people lived in Occupied France in 1944 or the Soviet Union before the collapse. Accumulating wealth and skills is a good career option. Martyrdom, not so much.

      • only few can be martyrs, those who don’t do wealth and skills but still can serve the community this way.
        thus the genepool also gets cleaner. win win.

    • Building a community can help keep you alive during the interregnum of chaos after the collapse. But it is not the road to victory over tyranny. For that, a different strategy is needed. Take heart. That winning strategy is known and will play it’s role when the time comes. Yes, be part of the solution, but you must stay alive first.

      • Actually Building Community is the road to Victory…Your not looking at the big picture of what Community actually is…It’s not just a place it’s what is built in the heart of each man in that Community to lay down his life for his Brothers if he is called upon to do so knowing that his family will be taken care of and they will sing of his exploits when they talk and remember the ones who made their lives possible…It’s so much more and deeper than most can comprehend so they either naysay it or push back against it…

        • A healthy community can only endure in a nation free of tyranny. Yes, it has it’s place, but it’s lower on the priority list than simple survival.The Jews have always had strong tight-knit communities, but that did not keep them out of the gas chambers.

          • Yes Tom.
            ” If any question why we died, 
            Tell them, because our fathers lied”.
            Rudyard Kipling

          • Did they fight for their Community or did they let their guns get taken away…Also Community is going to be the only thing that keeps you alive unless you’re really good at hiding…We have different perspectives because I have a family to take care of and I am invested in their future so I want Community around me when it all goes to shit…

          • It’s beginning to look like “building community” is becoming nothing more than an all purpose cope.

            Anyone who does anything is stupid because they should have been “building community” instead and especially anyone who says I should ever actually do anything risky is extra stupid… don’t they know I’m building the hell out of community?!

            It’s like people don’t know history. Typically one side gets more and more
            guns, influence with the military, political power, social control, institutions… but the other side BUILDS COMMUNITY until they have so much community that they win the battle!

          • You agents always hate the idea of white people grouping up because it scares the shit out of your masters..

  47. A small, overlooked tragedy about Rittenhouse is that, if he was a little older, he would have come of age in the era of the AltRight. This would have meant lifting, health, hygiene, and friends his own age.

    Instead, he fell in with the Boomer Conservatards down at the gun range, and his pudgy, slovenly look mirrors theirs. He thought ‘Murica would protect him. How wrong he was.

    • I’m not going to knock the kid even though you are right. Odds that he is a cuck when he comes out of jail after his acquittal or possible release without charges? Zero. Nice that he’s a good shot.

      • In another time and place, he would be sent to the Eastern Front and would likely come back to a bombed-out home country bearing an Iron Cross around his neck as he surveys the devesation and hears the laments of his raped mother and sisters.

        • And in yet another place and time he would be one of the firsts who joined Lech Valenca and helped bring the system down. And there is a high probability he still will.

    • Again, a stereotype painted with too wide a brush. Making me think you’ve seen few to none of what you describe. The Boomer’s you describe certainly do exist. But so do their opposite.

      Folks who visit the gun range and are slovenly or whatever are certainly not relegated to Boomers. But as the cohort ages and the newer cohorts take their place who are less of 2nd Amendment types, you get more and more, even as the total numbers shrink.

      The folks I encounter and work with are older, but not all, and are representative of America—the real America. Usually vets and not slackers, but serious blue color types. There is a repository of such folk all across this country. They matter. Nothing else.

    • Yeah the physical fitness of most guys at the range is horrendous. Skinnyfat guys, fat fat guys, old guys chain smoking, pounding back hot dogs. That unhealthy looking skin. Every time I go I’m relieved when I don’t see a heart attack happen.

      There are fewer young guys but the young guys are definitely in better shape.

      This is Canada – USA might have better looking people at the range.

    • Thanks for refocusing attention on where it should be – Kyle’s appearance. That’s what we all needed most right now.

      Please post your photos so the internet can see how it’s done

    • That’s funny: I though AltRight meant homosexual government agents entrapping innocent nerds, or telling them to attack Christianity because they are “pagans,” or spending years on message boards complaining about white girls. Yeah, the AltRight…!

  48. Have a 2 yr old grandson. IF we get to the point several years from now that this nation actually exists – this essay may well be a version of ‘The Talk’ to him about law & rights as a white male.
    One potential silver lining in a very dark cloud – the NBA stopped playing whatever it is they do – perhaps that will go on forever.

  49. It’s a nice litmus test for conservative media. When they start talking about the constitution, bill of rights, or rule of law (are you listening, Glenn Beck?), I switch off. Brothers Grimm are more relevant.

    • Dipsticks think white slaveowners wrote the Bill of Rights, when everybody knows they stole it from Africa.

    • “Conservative media” failed that test so many times they are barred from retesting at this point.

  50. Yes to all of this. At some point, reality will overwhelm fantasy and delusion. There are no adults in the room anymore. The police cannot save you from the closet tyranny of corrupt politicians. The manufactured crazy can actually get you killed or imprisoned for acting in self-defense. This is not a drill or a video game. Plan B could be forced upon us sooner rather than later. Be smart, be strong, be ready.

    • Police can be pretty decent when you need low level stuff taken care of, like street dealers and prostitutes rounded up, but pretty worthless for anything even remotely important. Which brings up the point that we could take care of the lower level stuff more effectively with no police…

      • In a civil society, competent police are vital to maintaining stability and predictability. But they are selected and trained to follow orders, which they do even if the politicians giving those orders are corrupt. The problem is not police departments. The problem is corrupt and tyrannical power players in all venues of society. And they are few in number. Focus is the road to salvation.

        • TomA said: “In a civil society, competent police are vital to maintaining stability and predictability”
          [Citation needed]
          Police in their modern organizational form have only existed 150 years, sometimes only 80-90 years in some localities. Whaddya think we did for the 9,850 years before the London Metropolitan Police Force was formed? This divorcing of citizens from enforcement of the laws of nature and God is a big part of our civilizational decline.

  51. Z Man is 100% correct, taking up arms will only lead to whites getting unjustly arrested and being persecuted in prisons by minorities.
    Whites need to barricade their neighborhoods somehow, keep vibrancy away from their vicinity as best as they can, maybe release pigeons if non-whites enter white territory, to alert everyone negroids have come to create chaos.

    • Stand your ground, fine. Take to the streets, mix into a fluid, violent situation? Not so much. There’s a difference popping off a rioters attempting to toss a firebomb through your home window and a street brawl.

      • There’s not, though. The McCluskys were doing exactly as you say, and the DA is attempting to throw them in jail. Frankly, this kid was obviously defending himself in an entirely legal way. So the idea that there is a significant difference between these actions is weak.

        • Everyone is arrested, and often initially charged in homicides. You are going to jail, and that’s, that. What comes after is where it counts.

          The McClosky’s defense will be protection of themselves and home & hearth. Juries are sympathetic to such and traditionally there has been wide latitude given to the homeowners in such cases. Yet, all such cases these days of Whites protecting themselves are a crap shoot. No one was injured or killed at McClosky home.

          Our latest martyr does not have that starting basis. He will be portrayed as having brought a deadly “weapon of war” to a protest miles away from where he lived in order to stir the pot. That’s a hell of a lot worse position to defend than where the McCloskys start from. Additionally, there is also basis in law that self defense is limited if you escalate the conflict. You can be sure that will be brought up. Finally, I’ve only seen the one incident where the attacker who struck from behind was taken down. There are said to be a couple more. Where were they shot and when in the attack? You can be certain if not immediately present and active by attack scene, they will be presented as a non-threat, negating self-defense claims.

          No the McClosky incident and this are not quite the same in court of law, albeit the claim of self-defense will be the same.

          • Assuming it goes to trial, the state will portray him as a trigger happy lunatic looking for trouble. They will make him out to be Dylan Roof. Even if it is true, it does not deprive him of his fundamental right to self-defense. Those videos of the incident are compelling. Still, it will be much better if public pressure and a high profile attorney forces the state to drop the case. Maybe have him plead to a gun charge.

      • The rooftop Koreans worked because (1) it was their community/businesses, and (2) Koreans, as in plural.

        • And 3) high ground. Believe a large % were ex ROK army to boot. Nothing says “advantage” like an elevated firing position.

          • I have lots to share here but it’s tangential to the thread. My professor, Dr. Lee, didn’t show in class. Then I saw him on TV atop his family’s dry cleaning business in LA defending it with a shotgun. We already liked one another so when he returned to office hours and drinks we had some interesting conversations. He told great stories about the vibrants encountered.

          • I don’t recall if I brought this up here in other threads but if we’re forming up neighborhood defense orgs we need to do simple things (often boring things) like agreeing on comms options (cell phones often don’t work during unrest), scouting out the terrain, locating the local high ground and practicing getting there quickly and in defensible numbers.

    • Jesus Christ the people who attacked Rittenhouse and whom Rittenhouse shot were FREAKING WHITE. White’s worst enemy is other WHITES.

      • And of the two that were shot, one was a convicted sex offender with a Glock, and the deadified skater had a sheet that included domestic violence.

        But they’re Goodwhites, and he’s a Badwhite because he didn’t want his place of employment turned to rubble.

        Good times…

        • 3 were shot: the Yid Who Touched a Kid got it in the head and is now hanging out with Epstein, sk8r boi from the Chokeaho tribe FA&FO and took one centermass and went on to the great hereafter’s domestic violence prevention course, and the de-armed armed burglar is going to be learning how to spank the monkey left handed now; but hopefully his celly can help out…

    • We absolutely must take up arms, but we must use great judgment for where, when and how to use them. Poor Rittenhouse’s heart was absolutely in the right place, but his understanding of the underlying reality of BSA (Black Supremacist America) was faulty.

      • Violence(much worse than what we see right now) is coming, I know it in my heart, I know it’s unavoidable.
        The point is to let the globalists make more mistakes before taking any action, let them show themselves, evil can’t help itself, let the beast manifest, they have the upper hand right now.
        When economy crumbles(cops won’t show up), when Bill brings nano vaccines(christians will come together, even non-white christians), when Trump wins reelection(a great divide will happen, maybe even secession), when negroids become even more intolerable that’s when you fight.
        The stars must align, that’s why z man is saying that is best to wait, when the normies get to realize a great satanic conspiracy of the elites against white christians is happening, that’s when you go to war. Alt-right does not have full popular support of the whites right now, acting violent is what elites want, you’ll end up tortured in jail if you do anything, a white life lost for nothing.

        • I think we can use violence right now in the way that was mentioned upstream: snipe and fade. Pick off the Hutus and race traitors while they’re in criminal acts, but do so from great concealment so as to avoid arrest. It’s never to early to start winning a war.

          • That sounds like vigilante work, you can do that at an individual level. If you know what you’re doing, then do it.
            This is not something you can do as a large group, feds will be up your ass before you say nig-.

          • You can do it working in small teams. Got to have lookouts, communication, and rapid egress. Three or four guys per cell. One trigger.

        • agreed, the beast does have to manifest itself. besides, cod-larping is not martyrdom, even if in the right it’s still an invitation to become tagged as another dylan roof. legit, divine martyrdom is not carrying a weapon while preaching divine peace. so whites perhaps should only hold prayer/peaceful vigils outside, even with few token browns, and stand ground in numbers in own property if needed. funny uniform deep in closet, only bring out if it comes down to the point that everyone has to wear uniforms really…

          either that, or you all become like a castizo in which everyone in your family miscegenates, and the genepool becomes browner each generation.

  52. The anti-White pogroms and domestic terrorism are indeed the handiwork of the State and the Inner Party. The hollow words of Civic Nationalists and the poisonous lies of the communists cannot overcome the actual narrative about the War on Whites.

    Kyle Rittenhouse is a-moulderin’ in the jail,
    Kyle Rittenhouse is a-moulderin’ in the jail,
    Kyle Rittenhouse is a-moulderin’ in the jail,
    Kyle Rittenhouse is a-moulderin’ in the jail,
    His oppressors go marching on.

    The State has decided to unleash domestic terrorism on Whites. The next stop will be full on genocide. Literally nothing can be done against the State at this point that is unjustified.

    • The good thing about all of this is that on long term the majority of white americans will become racist.

    • I certainly agree with your concluding sentence. The state, hell, the entire AWR establishment, is complicit in what’s happening in Kenosha and what happened to Rittenhouse.

    • to add to this, the fact that Rittenhouse is a civnat may build a bridge by which at least enough of them are enlightened by race-realism enough to bulk up our numbers.

      • diconez sais : “…the fact that Rittenhouse is a civnat may build a bridge by which at least enough of them are enlightened by race-realism enough to bulk up our numbers.”

        I personally have no faith in Civic Nationalists ever standing up for White survival. But hey, who knows. Crazier things have happened.

    • Libertarianism is not synonymous with Leftism, or even liberalism. Stop it. I was a card carrying Libertarian for 20 years and I never was of the ilk you portray and am now here.

        • I am one such. I am a small-l libertarian. I never joined, because clearly much of what they advocate is lunacy. The real world does that to many interesting theoretical ideas.
          But you don’t throw out the wheat with the chaff (ok with Libertarianism a better analogy would be one grain of pepper in a bushel of fly shit). I’m still kind of sold on the small government aspect.

          • Keep moving further right, Ben. That which is not robustly and vigilantly defended will fall again to the Enemy. Robust and vigilant defense is incompatible with small limited government.

        • My one core understanding was that you are responsible for your actions. So in the case of drug legalization, have at it. But I’m not required to pay for your rehab. That’s not how extreme liberalism works to my understanding. Be we digress here.

          • it’s producerist liberalism, at any rate.

            if only individuals were indeed self-sustaining wholly hermetically sealed bubbles. but they are not. neither are they ants. nor are they only matter.

      • You are the exception to the rule. Just as it’s foolish to live by NAXALT around blacks when pattern recognition is more accurate, so too is pattern recognition more accurate when Libertarians are scrutinized. The majority are retards all in on BLM. The Libertarian Party and libertarian media outlets eulogized Garrett Foster, for chrissakes.

        • the oldest of white traditions.

          which is why the joggers win, they never argue in public about if their looters did wrong or not, as long as their cause is advanced they can even suffer some dead and in jail. whites are more uselessly honorable and punctilious, to the point of cucking in recent generations, specially nordics and their descent. but we should all get better, as all sides of white are being attacked, even the light-looking mixeds…

    • Yeah. I was surprised to find the White, pro-gun, Libertarian is probably a BLM supporter. They were also out in commentariat force in favor of the jogger who got rung up in Brunswick, GA.

  53. Hey Z, your essay got chopped at the end. Must have been a problem with upload. It got cut off at “It’s daily reality”
    Please correct and show the conclusion as to what we can do about this? I know, read all the other essays, you’ll find them there.

    Or, read this, observe the news, and plan according to your own intuition.

      • I know, too cute right? As for the boy, he should have had someone like us warn him and hold him back. If the president can’t muster much more than a tweet, how safe will you be. Ask James Fields who did nothing but drive away afraid of a mob.
        It isn’t just on foreign battlefields that are young are abandoned on.

        •  Ask James Fields who did nothing but drive away afraid of a mob.

          Yes. Calling him “naive and impressionable” smells a bit like victim-blaming. Back then, there was a rah-rah vibe, let’s walk on Washington, and most of ourguys encouraged people to stand up and be counted.

          • Not victim blaming but maybe warn others like Zman has done many times.
            Our guys? Hell I get told how courageous I am for having a Trump sign on my lawn from our guys. No one sticking their neck out.

        • Too true. Where’s the father? Where’s the DR community. Failure has many sources here I’m betting. 17 yo’s being sacrificed is shameful, old farts like us not so much.

          • With this young man we still don’t know lot of what went down leading up to that video. But even so, it is an example of how important it is to build a community up around these young men so they don’t end up alone in the street with a mob.

            Much of what we discuss here is based on the premise that our actions should be focused hyper-locally with concentric AO’s extending from our families, close friends, churches, and communities that we have built.

            Until those units – squad through brigade, are known and trusted elements, taking highly visible action, as an already indicted badwhite target, outside of AO’s controlled by those trusted elements is a dubious deployment of resources with a lot of downside risk.

            Particularly given that there are white guys with AR’s on all sides of this shit show. Even basic friend/foe determinations are off the table.

            There may come a time when dads send their boys to Gettysburg because that is what is required.

            But I can’t imagine sending my boy into the night, even well armed and presumably well trained, to protect property in the next town over unless I was with him and the rest of my team.

            There is a recklessness and/or unseriousness to all of these players who go from Call of Duty to the streets. Larpy lardasses become martyrs for both sides, who wins?

            This has nothing do to with the boys brass balls or the honor of protecting his community. But there is a breakdown we see repeated time and again.

            He is hailed as a hero but he is in the hands of the State. And he will likely suffer his whole life from the fact that he took life. A fact that is glossed over too easily.

            The male instinct to protect, to seek honor and valor, to test ones mettle and courage, has long been a source of power for others to exploit.

            The carelessness with which we allow youthful vigor and that desire to seek glory and honor to go unmitigated into the fray is a lesson that seems to be hard to learn. After all, we are still at war with eastasia.

            In the “what actions can we take” dept, young men like this kid should have been swept up by elders of his own community and folded into a collective where his energy can be harnessed and honed by those closest to him who have the wisdom to know what is at stake and what is required in these moments. Armchair generals need not apply.

          • That was poetic Brother…Wish I had that gift but I’m too much of a knuckledragger so I keep it simpler…Kudos…

          • Unfortunately, Rittenhouse’s story shows what happens when people with heads full of civnat and libertarian idealism try to take their beliefs off the internet and into the real world. I’ll second what Comp Sci said above. If you’re going to take violent action, you need the advantage of a team with you or you need to be somewhat covert. Standing out alone in the open with a rifle is not my idea of either team or covert action.

          • Boarwild, many of us would not disagree that Rittenhouse was naive, or foolish, or not tactically competent. The point was he went out attempting to do good within the civnat framework he was taught to believe in. What happened is done. Now is the time to support him, not chastise another White man publicly.

          • When the worst POS black alive is killed, blacks stick together like glue over it. On the right everyone sits around splitting hairs over the person’s exact actions…

            It’s no surprise which side is winning..

          • Absolutely, and my remarks above were not meant to attack Rittenhouse. He was a victim of his own civnat indoctrination and all that “noble lone minuteman” horseshit. He was trying to do the right thing but with no guidance from those who know the score. Now, of course, the usual conservatards will “disavow” him and let him twist in the wind. That doesn’t mean we should. We need to understand that war means rallying behind your own forces, period. You can smack them around later (in private) for doing this and that wrong. Let’s donate to that Christian fund for his defense ( Let’s make his name and that of Cannon Hinnant a dog whistle for what needs to be done.

          • “Now, of course, the usual conservatards will “disavow” him and let him twist in the wind. “

            For the record I don’t hear “conservatards” disavowing anyone. Any I see that actually know the story are supportive, it’s over here on the super smart secret right that’s so elite that basically no one’s even in it… it’s here I see people on and on about how KR’s an idiot who should have waited for us to institute our super secret eventual plan to retake america that we can’t agree on and haven’t ever actually specified.

            Read comments! Regular grill boomers DESPISE antifa and would happily see them all fed to tigers. Help disseminate the truth on this, just pointing out that Room Temperature Steve Autism was a registered sex offender is a winning move. Any pic of Lefty holding the pistol he literally cannot drop! The narrative is PAPER THIN on this thing. They are out in force trying to shore it up with lies already.

            Let’s amuse ourselves until the unstoppable secret plan is finished by helping spread the truth and also supporting KR’s defense and family financially.

          • and even then, there’s a proper way for that. swinging the ar around means there will always be some idiots claiming he deserved it.

          • The covert/overt is a strategic consideration subject to a myriad of variables.

            Even with that, tactics will change with immediacy as conditions are wont to shift from static to dynamic faster than any well laid plans.

            Your point is sound, but resides upon but 90 seconds of an epic that extends the axis of time in either direction beyond even this boys life.

            Not to mention the spiritual war, which has been calling for heroes and courage from the most unremarkable of us for longer than our collective lives end to end.

            Leaving your home open carry with a loaded weapon is a path from which your options have already self-limited toward certain outcomes.

            As we embark on such paths we have only what we carry with us.

            Who is brave enough to give our boys those things that will guide them should they find themselves alone at the edge of the precipice?

            Right now there are millions of young men alone with their thoughts. Lets get to work.

          • But what kids like Kye need is guidance and information. Something the DR is too damn lazy to provide.
            Our side cannot even be bothered to make e-books aimed at the young or even a manifesto,.
            We either step up or become irrelevant.

          • Tell us all your ideas of action, till you hit the maximum character limit. Then even if you hit the character limit you’ll still have ample space to list all the actions you’ve actually taken.

            This wasn’t some Dylan Roof bullshit. KR IN SELF DEFENSE offed a pedophile and someone who beat up girls repeatedly. He shot a convicted felon trying to kill him. This whole thing is already out there in multiple high def videos making it clear that this was absolutely self defense. He was interviewed cleaning graffiti. He’s a lifeguard, a junior police, a junior fireman, and a baby faced all
            america Beaver Cleaver with an AR-15. His hobby was probably saving kittens.

            This same kid defended himself in an incredibly impressive and photogenic way… against mob violence from one of the most hated groups in America WHILE they were burning down a small town PROTESTING another child rapist being shot for trying to stab police officers.

            If you think this is a loss just give up
            right now because there is absolutely no winning.

          • You seem to be reading something into what I wrote that isn’t there at all. I never said it was any kind d of Ross up or that Kyle didn’t act in self defense. If you read my other remarks in this thread you’ll see I’m actually quite supportive of him.

            As for my actions, I’ll only say that I’ve been quite active lately in trying to do exactly what I’ve advised. I’m not giving specifics here. Or was this a fed poasty effort to get me to do that? Sorry agent Anon.

          • You seem to be reading something into what I wrote that isn’t there at all.
            He does that a lot so I’m thinking troll…

          • Everyone in the same place saying exactly the same things in the same way is how you end up with nonsense like blue check twitter.

          • A big lesson here is that you need a team – including video/surveillance support to defend your asses in court later.

            Even when you’re “backing the blue” you can’t do it alone.

            I’ll be posting on that later – I want to review the info again to see what’s shaken out – see the blog.

          • great. here’s hoping no one on our side starts claiming it’s a setup by the jew york times.

          • you assume there’s elders.
            still waiting on them.

            but yeah, the cod secular white larping claims victims. blogging to sterility does too though. there must be something in between. the joggers get sympathy for their prayer vigils even when they shoot them up, there must be something to that.

          • People talk a lot about this big conflict and all the strategy for SHTF and warring ethnostates and fighting to the last and whatever… and we completely crumble at one political prisoner?

            Antifag learned this isn’t a game when a significant part of his elbow entered low earth orbit and his “F PIGS!” buddies started urinating in their skinny jeans and crying for police. We should know this is not a game already.

            If we’re both unwilling to pay any personal cost and unwilling to even SUPPORT anyone willing to pay a personal cost… what do WE think we’re doing?

            No joke, if any losses are unacceptable we should be telling people to go be bugmen and just shut their mouths during diversity training. There WILL be losses, lots and lots of losses. For my part I’m focused on trying to help this kid AVOID being squashed by the (((legal system))) if possible, rather than disavowing.

        • Note Field’s reaction to a violent mob was considered murder as the mob was not considered violent or threatening by the authorities. Compare and contrast to last nights Kenosha shenanigans.

          Mobs are extremely dangerous, to believe otherwise is naive at best, duplicitous at worse.

        • No the kid needed to be taught when and how to fight which are going to be must have skills as things keep going bad for whitey,

          The DR should have been producung e-books aimed at young white men to help them out. Instead the DR either gleefully mocks them or simply ignores them.
          Our side i cannot get it’s shit together,.

          • totally agreed. the message given is either “hide forever until blank” or “flee to such platform and/or remaining monoracial white nation”. there must be something in between.

        • This kid was carrying a rifle and going into an area with days of violent looting by at least two organized well funded groups of murderers. I’m not sure why people keep implying that he INTENDED to maximize his safety and just wasn’t smart like we are.

          I’m guessing he knew he could be a lot safer at home watching porn like a normal kid his age today.

          May not be the choice we would all make, but I get tired of people slagging him off like some helpless babe in the woods that didn’t know any better.

          Kid’s absolutely a hero and deserves our respect. The narrative machine is going into high gear because even THEY must realize what this incident means politically if it’s ever fully understood by the masses of decent white people. When regular white people start walking around with “free Kyle” shirts on, the elites will be shitting matzo bricks.

          Will that happen? Dunno… probably not. It’s more likely than a righteous awakening being sparked by me drinking bourbon and watching an old kung fu movie that same evening.

          Was his action counterproductive? I think if you accept that you’ve gotten to the “the jews are omnipotent and everything you do helps them no matter what” point… in which case, whatever man… why NOT at least send a sex offender and a guy who chokes women straight to hell.

    • No that’s the end after “It’s daily reality.” I know because I heard that Zman Power Hour explosion sound immediately after. In my head of course.

  54. Apparently after the skirmish the cops were shaking the kid’s hand and gave him some food.
    The next day they arrested him.
    Just something to remember.

    • The cops are just errand boys. The DA and politicians decided this kid would suffer for the sin of being on the wrong side. I don’t know if it’s another Soros bought DA or just a wannabe.

      • “I don’t know if it’s another Soros bought DA or just a wannabe.”

        Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by simple flocking behavior. Soros’ direct reach is indeed vast but his ideological reach is virtually limitless.

    • The cops themselves, by standing down, are shameful. This kid is much more of a man than they are.

      • Yeah, and after 20 years of imprisonment, he’ll be a hell of a force to recon with when he gets released. 🙁

        • If you are into resistance is futile, it must be depressing. Rittenhouse is a national hero. Even a kangeroo court will not be able to convict him. His greatest threat will be State-sanctioned murder while in custody.

          • They’ll just give him the James Fields treatment and appoint a prosecutor as his public defender. Remember the trial scene in Idiocracy? Something like that.

          • He’s going to be well-represented. The State has stepped in it with this one, and I have absolutely no faith in the judicial system although I am familiar with it. Look for his name to be memoryholed and bail ASAP. The State would love to murder this one while he is custody but probably can’t.

          • Lin Wood is on Twitter asking for family contact information to help organize his defense. That will be much better than the public defender.

          • I have absolutely no faith in the judicial system although I am familiar with it.

            I have no faith in the judicial system because I am familiar with it.

          • He’s not getting a public defender. Would YOU let him get a public defender? Shame on you if so.

            People all over america, are absolutely ready to support this kid. Right now just looking for the best funding vehicle

            He appears to already have been offered top grade pro bono defense anyway, but if that falls through or if money helps he’ll get it.

            Anyone able but unwilling to help should absolutely turn off their internet and stop making cute ethnostate posts and quit LARPing like they ever gave a shit about our people. Go grill or go full Jerry Falwell Jr.

            We’re not letting them just have this one. No. Fuck THAT. Fuck THEM.

          • The Proud Boys got four years for defending themselves in a street scuffle in which no one was injured and no one involved pressed charges.

          • Missing the point. Hours before McInnes spoke a group calling themselves “Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council” smashed windows and spray painted their graffitti at the venue. None were charged. At the behest of assistant DA Joshua Steinglass the police “pored over” video to charge just one side in the kerfuffle. The excuse for not charging the vandals? “They wore masks.”

          • Any verification that this campaign is being run by someone legit associated with KR family? The site looks solid, but not 100% sure about the campaign organizers themselves yet. Not an accusation in any way, just looking for confirmation

        • He is more a of a man than those gutless cops who let their city burn
          Instead of throwing the kid under the bus Mr. Tough guy, maybe the DR thought clowns ought to be offering guidence to young men like Kyle.
          Oh wait you can’t because the DR can;’t even be bothered to write up some manifesto or booklets on how to deal with the coming race-class war,.

          • You’re quite right. The time for bullshitting is over. We must get our act together immediately.

          • I’ve been saying this for a very long time.
            We don’t get power till we know what we want to use it for.
            I think the problem is we are pretty aware of just how divided our movement actually is.
            My version of the movement for example includes heavily regulated nationalist economics, wealth floors and ceilings , morality laws enforced with hefty penalties,a near permanent end to immigration and a host of outright authoritarian policies.
            I can almost promise you that a huge chunk of the DR would consider me as bad as the other guys even though all I would be doing is more or less rolling the clock back to 1950 with 1930’s trade rules and a little more social democracy to make up for automation.

        • Twenty years? ZOG gave James Fields life PLUS 419 years. If Rittenhouse only gets 220 years from the crooked (((justice system))), he’ll be “lucky.”

    • I don’t think the Kenosha cops arrested him. One of the absurd charges is that Rittenhouse “fled across state lines to avoid arrest” which simply means, he went home to Illinois. Did he surrender to local police where he lives? Regardless, the Kenosha cops probably support him, but aren’t going to risk their pensions by refusing to process his arrest.

      • Yeah, Rittenhouse fled a whopping 10 miles back to Illinois.

        Or in other words, a shorter distance than most people’s morning commute.

      • Video shows him jogging away from the site of the second shooting and towards multiple police units stationed about 150m away, then clearly attempting to surrender to the local PD. They appear to have ignored him.

      • If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this cowardly excuse…

        Like the cops are going to get fired to needing to go home sick that day? Or even if they outright refused there’s no way they’d be fired for one offence.

    • There are no victims, just volunteers.

      The kid was a volunteer—to be a victim of the system. He’s a good example of a bad example for us. All of what Z-man said may be true. I watched the video and the kid did just about everything wrong wrt tactics and self protection.

      He is now in for a world of hurt which might well have been avoided, while succeeding in his goal of protecting “property”—if he was protecting property—he was assaulted in the middle of the street, and I’m not certain I could see much of anything to be protected there.

      I’m not blaming the victim per se. He’s a damn kid who naively thought slinging a rifle around his neck was some sort of magic talisman. It was not. It was a signal to the Antifa to take me on. They did. They won. He lost. And by extension, we lost.

      As Z-man and others have stated here repeatedly, we need to be smarter in the movement. And as I’ve stated before, you want a weapon, learn how the hell to use it or leave it in the safe—but never venture out with it into a violent, fluid situation such as this was without a team to watch your back. One man in the field is an easy target. Get a team, drill.

      • The moral of this story is if you are identified while white, you are going to jail.
        If he just had a simple mask and escaped into the darkness, there’s a good chance no one would have been the wiser. Just a few more corpses to add to the pile.

        • There are many lessons to be learned here. Yours is one. Z-man’s another. Mine is valid as well. Before the day is out others will comment and “teach”.

          Through all my teacher’s, I am made wiser.

        • yeah, Chet. I think he was part of the silly Liberarian support of BLM – there is footage of those jack wagons acting to protect them so long as they didn’t burn businesses down, I believe. There is a significant pro-gun, anti-cop, pro_BLM movement out there – there was a case of another White guy in Chattanooga who was pinched by the cops for carrying an AR concealed without a permit, as I recall.

          I think he was just doing this stupid civ-nat thing and didn’t know what he was getting in to.

        • This story would be so different if the youth were familiar with Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, who gave the British Red Coats in South Carolina fits by striking and fading into the glens, only to emerge and strike again.
          With his team.

          Thats how to win in a revolution.

          • Yeah – the kid went in by himself , that was mistake #1. He got interviewed on camera, that was also a mistake. As already noted here – he was doing his dumb civnat thing and got screwed for it.

            I’ve seen people in other forums pointing out that the Israelis will setup snipers and just start peppering “protestors” with .22LR rounds in their extremities.

            Something like that is what this kid should have been doing if he was going to go it alone. And he should have been doing it from on top of a roof – in the dark – not in an open parking lot that was well lit up.

            Apparently not too many people remember the D.C. Beltway sniper. They spend too much time watching Hollywood movies and playing video games.

          • Did you even bother with the video or any familiarity with the facts before calling a heroic young man dumb?

            KR isn’t some psychotic jogger out to murder random people. He shot three scumbags in CLEAR self defense.

            What the hell are you talking about? Did you hear some CNN narrative about a “vigilante” out “hunting” protestors and not only take that seriously but start thinking it sounds like a great political move for our side. Are you thinking what we need right now is a white supremacist beltway sniper?

            I’m hoping you’re actually drunk, because I’ve seen you say some sensible things before… but this may the single worst advice I’ve ever read. And I browse /pol/.

            JUST, BRUH. Go to bed.

          • Yeah, well, the British Red Coats didn’t have Predator drones, satellites, Google Earth, and 24-7-365 NSA surveillance, either…

          • Xma
            US forces in Afghanistan do and have fared poorly against cave dwellers. If there ‘s a will, there’s a way.

          • That’s a fair point, and a lot of people make a similar argument when arguing that FedGov should be afraid of the armed citizens rising up — the Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Afghans gave ’em hell.

            But that argument ignores the fact that these opponents had ideological/religious cohesion, and also racial, cultural and language unity. Bunch of white guys with Remington 700s and pickup trucks aren’t exactly like the Vietcong or the Taliban. It isn’t going to be too difficult for FedGov to infiltrate them.

            Not to mention the fact that FedGov is willing and able to deploy a stupendous amount of money and resources going after its enemies — 12 years in ‘Nam, going on almost 20 years in Goatfuck-land.

            This shit isn’t quite as easy as the keyboard warriors think it is…

        • Let us hope that this young man doesn’t end up a martyr for our cause or kicking off something really bad.
          Given he know has a solid defense and resources, I think his odds are decent.

      • Yeah, well. With respect to tactics, the fact is he was set upon by a mob and he walked away without injury while taking three of the mob out of the fight. He even decided not to shoot the guy who put his hands up in the middle of a gunfight, which, if you’ve ever been in that sort of training, is not a trivial accomplishment.

        So, complaining about his tactics misses the point. The point is that he was naïve to be there in the first placed that people on our side who demand action are simply looking for others to volunteer to be martyrs to the cause.

        • Complaining about the tactics is the essence of the issue wrt nativity of the boy. He was ill equipped for the “mission”—as in he was not trained. Therefore, he *was* there. In the street. Surrounded by hostiles. With no understanding or situational awareness. In short, cannon fodder.

          As to taking out three of the mob, that was luck. He allowed a hostile figure (several actually) to attack him from behind. That the attackers were as naive and ill equipped for a bodily attack as he was to defend himself, is again lucky for him.

          To mistake good fortune for skill is to not a good long term strategy for improvement.

          • None of this seems relevant to me. Whether his tactics were right or not isn’t the point of the story.

          • Cannon fodder? Rittenhouse isn’t the one with holes in his body. Three of the bad guys are.

        • so the anglo keeps fleeing then. or waiting for magic democracy to end all this in november.

          not that there has to be helter skelter. but more than just “let’s move somewhere else”.

        • If what you describe is accurate, it greatly strengthens a case of self-defense I would think. I’d like to see him convicted — only of “unlawful discharge of a firearm within city limits” or a similar misdemeanor.

      • Most of us can agree that young Mr. Rittenhouse was naive, probably with a head full of protectionist fantasies. And his method of acting out should be discouraged.

        But … this is a crisis we shouldn’t waste.

        A few years ago James Fields, Jr., in a mock trial, received four life sentences for his role at the Charlottesville rally. A lot of griping ensued from d-rightists, but as far as I recall, there was no organized effort to reverse the totalitarian verdict.

        Now it seems to be a different story. Judging from the comments posted online, Rittenhouse is talked of as a hero — and not only by those who identify with the right. The outrage has taken on a new tone of determination to push back, an active rather than complaining voice.

        Of course, the Powers will use their standard playbook: slam the kid with a life-destroying sentence, then order the media they keep on a leash to quietly disappear the event.

        It’s time for us to catch a wave and use the force of public opinion, more contra the State than ever before, against our overlords.

        • there was some appeal for Fields, however it dissipated as the government pretty much shut him down. plus it was a more complex case, harder to prove basement-nazi-faced Fields was only trying to escape by running over the fat lefty girl, with barely any evidence. then again, if the last few dead nwords prove anything, is that Fields could have appeared innocent with massive spin.

          meanwhile Tucker supports Rittenhouse. the civnats are talking about him positively, he isn’t even a dissident. indeed, let’s catch a damn wave, instead of sulking on keyboards. no violence nor tikithor nor 2a crap, just Christian vigils and prayers for national peace, maybe even token browns – very few though, unlike the GOP wants. maybe out of this even a legit on the ground movement could appear that could at least bridge dissidence and civnattery after Trump. it can be done, Vox in Spain is a good example that doesn’t crossover into 30s cosplay. closer to home, Nick Sandmann and the McCluskeys. their reputations are martyred, but their standing even among the normie civnats is high. so yeah, waves can be caught.

          the run up to october should be interesting to me specially, columbus must remain standing where i live. i could stay home and it might not be toppled now, but it will be toppled eventually if Brazilianification continues silently anyway…

      • Latest info is that Kyle was part of a group protecting some businesses, but for some reason he stepped away from the group, and the cops would not let him rejoin them, leaving him out there in the street on his own to defend himself…

        • So cut of the prey from the herd and then let the hyenas chase him down…I wouldn’t put it past the corrupt fuckers…

      • like i said many times earlier, martyrs are precisely victims. not helter skelter cosplayers.

        that said, Rittenberg does have a better case than most. specially in the court of public opinion, if not on the legal bench. to be fair, it’s really cucked to argue that just because antifa will jail him, we lost the optics battle. heck, even the Fields incident was doubtful, and he was not photogenic to begin with. yes, all cynical talk while a young man could be in jail for life. but it will come to all of us if we don’t do better. and that includes not just waiting in blogs, nor exposing ourselves, but definitely playing it cool until it can’t be – and being ready then.

      • Why the downvotes? What CompSci said is valid. Of course I hope the kid beats the charges. I’ll admit I’ve only seen a few news reports. A more complete picture will emerge of what he actually did. When I first heard the story I thought: “Teen kid protecting family’s gas station or store.” Now I find out he is from 20 miles away. That means, most likely, he was in Kenosha looking for trouble and he found a bit more than he bargained for 🙁

      • “I’m not blaming the victim per se. “

        Now I’m not doing this thing BUT [immediately does this exact thing]

        “And as I’ve stated before, you want a weapon, learn how the hell to use it or leave it in the safe—but never venture out with it into a violent, fluid situation such as this was without a team to watch your back. One man in the field is an easy target. Get a team, drill.”

        If I “drill” enough with my “team” could I learn to successfully kill two armed felons attacking me… then blow another’s arm off when he pretends to surrender in order to shoot me dead at point blank? And then can I learn to walk away completely unscathed from an entire hooting mob of savages without so much as pointing a weapon at anyone who wasn’t an obvious immediate threat to my life.

        Because that’s what this kid did. Your “team” of stone cold killers done this?

        POST VID.

    • The number one attribute of a cop is they follow orders. They do what they are told. Every aspect of a PD from the politicians to the foot soldiers and academy is designed to weed out people who aren’t “team players” which is another way of saying “follows orders” It is one of the main reasons they are structured like the military and use military names.
      The cops are absolutely OUT OF CONTROL. They are shooting dogs and people like it’s going out of style. But every single time the SHTF, these cretins run and are nowhere to be seen. Well guess what? I saw a different view of that kid being attacked and there was a bunch of cops about 150 ft away. They sat there and watched as he was kicked in the face and hit in the head with a skateboard.
      We need to find out who this prosecutor is! He needs to be named and publicly shamed. It’s a court action. It is public record. He is allegedly a public servant. He’s a 17yo boy being attacked by a mob of adults and they throw HIM in jail?

      • In a better world, not only would the mayor be hanging from a tree, but also this prosecutor.

        • Don’t forget about our favorite jogger. 2 good men are sitting in prison! Michael Drejka is still sitting in prison. The two African thugs who murdered John Weed got friggin probation! Probation for murder. That’s the world we live in. Oh yeah, we also live in the world where 5yo children are shot point blank in the head. The lying (((press))) has the damned nerve of saying it was a drug deal gone wrong just like the torture and murder of women and children in South Africa are burglaries gone wrong.

      • During the lockdown, when cops were rarely seen on the streets, I think crime actually decreased in my city. I attribute this to people being at home which discouraged burglaries, porch piracy and vandalism. Blacks are less than 3% of the population so there is almost no violent crime. A local park had street parking blocked off to discourage visitors. When the parking ban was lifted, throngs of people returned to the park, many parking in poorly marked no parking zones. The local police wasted no time in writing hundreds of parking tickets to make up for lost revenue. “To protect our pensions and to serve the politicians”.

      • Tars,
        I’ve been a cop in deep South Georgia for thirty two years. The way you and other posters here describe local law enforcement is alien to me. Those anarchist cretins would be in for an ass whoopin’ if they destroyed property or assaulted anyone here. Guess that explains why we’ve avoided that plague.

    • And those same cops will be on the stand, lying for the Prosecution. It’s hard to tell someone shaking like a leaf after something like that….take the coffee, but keep your mouth firmly shut except when you say “I need a lawyer.” Cops aren’t there for you. They’re there to make a case anywhere it can be found. They love low hanging fruit. I’m sure another set came from either the state police or the precinct and waved off the beat cops so they could “ask a few questions.” All of them would serve you on a platter to save their own pensions, so they can buy that set of Sea Doos. This also goes to show that when a 90% white town decides to elect a Democrat mayor, it deserves to burn down. Don’t save it. I’ve never been there, but it looked ugly anyway. I was thinking, “how much shit did we build in the 50’s?”