The Age Of Covidian

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An old Ronald Reagan joke from the 1980’s was that the closest thing to immortality was a government program. The first time he said it was in his 1964 speech, A Time for Choosing and it was not intended as a joke. By the 1980’s he had mellowed and the line was so obviously true it made a great punchline. In one of life’s great ironies, the conservative movement actually proved the maxim correct, by never cutting a single program in their time in control of government.

It is a good thing to keep in mind when thinking about the end game for the Covid-19 panic that is entering the ninth month, depending upon who is counting. The great and the good are telling us the prophesied second wave is upon us. Britain is back in lock down, even though all the evidence says it does not work. The Welsh are banned from buying clothes and snacks. The Scots saw their pubs closed. It’s all a big drama to prove that the prophesy was true.

You’ll note in all of this that the thing driving it is the health care industry complex and the army of armchair generals it has spawned. The politicians are simply responding to what the self-proclaimed experts have said. The fact that these experts have been wrong at every turn does not matter. In a modern liberal democracy, expertise is not about factual accuracy or respect earned through hard experience. It is having the right credentials and, most important, having the right friends in government.

There is another old-time expression that applies in this Covid drama. This one is from Eric Hoffer. “What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.” In the case of Covid, the panic is becoming all three. It has turned into a mystery cult for many, a jobs racket for others and a money maker for global capital, which has not allowed this crisis go to waste. Rather than a plague from the gods, Covid-19 is manna from heaven for the ruling class.

The cult side of it obvious now. The Covidians are the next turn of the wheel for the people we used to call Gaia worshipers. The whole “earth is about to burn or freeze because you refuse to walk to work” stuff never really worked as hoped. They could inflict small miseries on people, like the use of grimy canvas sacks to tote groceries home, but the cult could be safely ignored. It was also becoming a bit of joke, like being a vegan or a libertarian.

The Church of Covid is a real breakthrough for the sorts of people who need the rest of us to believe they are sacrificing for society. They get to decorate themselves like Star Bellied Sneetches with their masks and endless hand rubbing. Even better, they get to be public scolds, telling the rest of us to be safe. The best part is they get to push people around for their lack of enthusiasm for the rules. In fact, that is quickly becoming an official government position.

The communists were fond of inserting ideological enforcers into the nooks and crannies of life, to keep the rank and file in line. It was a weird admission that most people really did not believe the nonsense from the party, but people would go along with it if they thought they were being watched. Today’s ideological enforcers will be dressed up like surgeons, prowling the streets looking for anyone not sufficiently enthusiastic for the Church of Covid.

Of course, this brings us back to that old maxim about government. All of these people making money from state enforcement of Covid laws are not going to kill the job by calling off the panic. You see, Covid will be with us forever and you will be required to cover your face forever. The same people who say Amy Coney Barrett will force women to wear cloaks in public are demanding everyone cover their face in public. No one will ever accuse the Covidians of being sophisticated.

This brings us to the business side of things. For global capital and government dependent industries, Covid promises nothing but boom times. Small business has been eliminated in much of the country due to the lock downs. Those that have not be crushed will be forced to comply with a thicket of Covid rules. After all, we’re all in this together and regulatory capture is just the price we must pay to be safe.

The public health excuse has allowed the tech firms to justify their takeover of the public space. The popular YouTuber, Paul Ramsey, was suspended for questioning the one true faith. Even mild criticism of official policy is now forbidden on-line. The tech oligarchs have quickly moved from suppressing “disinformation” to crushing even mild dissent from orthodoxy. More important, censorship on-line by anonymous and unaccountable commissars is now completely normal.

This normalization of censorship has been a long-term goal of the tech oligarchs and the Church of Covid now legitimizes it. Another goal of our oligarchs has been to force science to comply with their beliefs. They gained some ground with the Gaia stuff, but Covid is proving to be the kill shot. Researchers are learning that even mild questioning of these bizarre edicts is forbidden. These researchers should investigate a career in food service, as their science careers are now done.

In retrospect, fear of carbon taxes and green initiatives seems kind of quaint compared to what has quickly become the norm in the Age of Covidian. Toting around grimy canvas sacks seems pretty nice compared to masks. Just as facts and observation had no effect on the Gaia worshipers, facts and reason will have no impact on the Covidians, so it means this will be with us until they find a new fear. We’re all Covidians now, whether we like it or not. It the religion of our rulers.

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439 thoughts on “The Age Of Covidian

  1. What needs to happen is people need to practice civil disobedience with this crap, refuse to wear a mask or distance and don’t back down, most people in today’s society (at least whites) are very averse to conflict and will back down if you offer a little resistance. This is the only way this is going to stop, people saying enough is enough and if enough people do that, they can’t enforce this crap.

  2. You see, Covid will be with us forever and you will be required to cover your face forever.

    I have been saying for months that the world as we knew it ended on March the 11th. That was the day President Trump made his suppertime announcement about covid. I shudder to think that you may well be correct that we will be required to cover our faces forever. Back in June I asked my Cardiologist (Hey! I’m old.) if he thought we’d be free of face diapers by Thanksgiving. His response was, “Nah. More like the first of the year.” I fear now he may have been an optimist. 

    There is an alternate form of the Hoffer quote that goes like so:

    Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

    I believe that we have passed fully into the racket phase.

    Although I suspect some (many??) here will poo-poo the idea of China being an enemy, I found what I consider to be some sage observations in the latest edition of Hillsdale College’s excellent publication, “Imprimis”. In a speech delivered on September 29, 2020, Brian T. Kennedy is president of the American Strategy Group, and a board member and senior fellow of the Claremont Institute made the following observations

    “[O]n May 13, 2019, the PRC, through the Xinhua News Agency—which is controlled by the CCP—declared a “People’s War” against the U.S. This was specifically in response to U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods, which themselves were a response to restrictions of access to Chinese markets and China’s failure to negotiate in good faith on the theft of intellectual property.

    I would not go so far as to say that the COVID-19 virus that originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology was part of this People’s War. But the virus did set into motion a radical reorientation of American society that had grave economic and political consequences.

    We know with certainty that after the virus began spreading in Wuhan in the fall of 2019, the Chinese government closed down flights from Wuhan, which is in Hubei province, to the rest of China. At the same time, it allowed flights from Wuhan to continue to go to Europe and to the U.S.—where the Chinese knew with certainty that the virus would spread.”

    When challenged on its dishonesty regarding the virus’s origins, the CCP’s Xinhua News Agency threatened that China could plunge America into a “mighty sea of coronavirus,” 

  3. Already in Italy and Spain, there are riots against any more lockdowns. There are massive protests in usually orderly, obedient Berlin against any more lockdowns.
    Gavin Newsom has outlawed Thanksgiving here in California. No I am NOT kidding. In the UK, police are promising to kick down doors and arrest anyone celebrating Christmas.
    Christmas. Yeah, the Puritans abolished it. They hated it, figuring it was both Catholic and Pagan and ordinary people enjoyed it. They made ordinary people so miserable that right after Cromwell died the Royal Family was invited back.
    This just in … young people like the opposite sex. Generally with alcohol and music and making out. This is a primal urge that no amount of hectoring Karens and pompous government officials can stamp out. Indeed the more they lecture the more instant bad boys rebel as that is a reliable girlfriend clothes remover.

  4. The whole jewflu psy-op is about fear and submission, freak out the sheep while you steal what little they’ve got left.

  5. You never fucking miss. I was literally just told that my class (in the Army, at AIT) has to quarantine AGAIN because someone somehow came down with it this morning. And lucky me, I get to be one of five random people to get that dowel rod shoved into my brain AGAIN.
    I was supposed to be heading to my unit November 30. They set my report date at January 7, and if this four-day isolation turns into a two-week quarantine, it’ll be pushed back even farther.
    I haven’t been home all fucking year.

  6. The communists were fond of inserting ideological enforcers into the nooks and crannies of life, to keep the rank and file in line. It was a weird admission that most people really did not believe the nonsense from the party, but people would go along with it if they thought they were being watched. Today’s ideological enforcers will be dressed up like surgeons, prowling the streets looking for anyone not sufficiently enthusiastic for the Church of Covid.

    Today’s enforcers have much more insidious technologies than their ideological heirs to make the masses toe the line. The creepiest means, and for my money the most emblematic of the High Tech Dark Ages, is tracking how many cellphones are gathered in one house. More than the permitted number allowed to be under one roof and…bam. The most totalitarian method is the most tried and true: the neighborhood informant who promptly calls 911 when a suspected birthday party is detected up the street.

    Both of these developments terrify me. The virus is rough business for a small minority, but the long-lasting effects of this latest power grab will reverberate for generations to come. Take off your shoes and lean toward the digital thermometer, comrade.

    • This was actually a plot point in the Martha Washington comic books.

      In a near future US the Surgeon General is an insane android that leads the Health Police in surpressing widespread urban Insurrection.

      His motto?

      Disease is a CRIME.

  7. It would be bizarre if it is the covid tyranny that finally causes the US to break apart into mask and lockdown and no mask and lockdown zones.

    Alas, that probably won’t happen because our version of resistance will probably just use it as an excuse to go shopping for more guns and larp about fighting back

  8. The more cuntified our institutions become, the more this sort of thing becomes commonplace. Stop the cuntification and bring back liberty.

  9. “My life was in danger !!! but putting a few sheets of toilet paper over my mouth saved my life !!!”

    said no one ever

  10. It seems everything is the fault of “liberal democracy”.

    Maybe the problem is the dismantling of voting restrictions…

  11. Sentry notes that the Semitic priests in the Egyptian bureaucracy used their queer feminine wiles of rumors, gossip, spies, sex, and poisons to counter their masculine Aryan lords.

    Well, the Romanian showed me the round inoculation scar on his arm, same as my own. Vaccination regimes were adopted in all the white countries, West or East.

    They distracted us with low-level “wars” that went nowhere with the right hand-while conducting a secretive domestic war with their left.

    No one notes the millions dead or disabled over the decades by these vaccination programs. A million with simian virus from polio vaccination, 35,000 casualties in the UK from HPV vax, 20,000 casualties in this years first Moderna test run. Thousands of healthy 5 year olds turned into drooling vegetables when their brains boiled from inflammation- and millions with brain damage from vax inflammation, too much too soon. Anti-vaxxers are the devil, remember! Flat earthers and moon hoaxers all!

    WWI, Il, lll (Asia and Mideast Third World) killed the best men- while now the rest of us are weak and sick, too.

    Today, the Great Reset is upon us with a medical martial law economy- certification, verification, surveillance, auditors, inspectors, defacto border guards, home searches, civilian squads, all of it.

    But the debt, you say? It means nothing. Just a bus to be ridden- until they Reset it.

    They’ve won. The rule of the Anti-Christ culture, one nation under YHWH- the vision of the false peace and the One World, Perfected, under the Chosen’s benevolent dictatorship.

    My gods. My gods. Such vision!

    • I’m not an anti-vacciner. I’ve had all my shots, but am sympathetic to such fears. What turned me off was the published number of recommended vaccinations for young children, under 5 (IIRC)—now to include social diseases. Literally dozens.

      I suspect you’re correct, Covid vaccine will kill the remaining State laws allowing us to decline.

      • Thank you for considering the slow poison scenario. I respect both your education and moderation.

        Had Hillary succeeded in igniting a conflagration between the US and Russia over Syria and Iran, it would’ve been the end of the White world as a power.

        (Syria and Iran are not originally Abrahamic. Neither were Egypt and Turkey, yet they are now protected as secured territory.

        Those who serve are offered rich renumeration, avarice, and protection, as well.)

      • Pretty much the same. I had my shots and my kids had theirs, but some more slowly than advocated, and it still wasn’t nearly as many as they advocate today. They want to give 6 month old babies massive doses of chemicals based on their purported expertise. And Europe, for decades, used far fewer than we did and they weren’t dying en masse. It all has to do with increasing spread of third-world populations and their accompanying diseases and filth and superstitions.

      • Stop looking for one man, children. In their writing style, the Everyman is a people.

        This is the lesson of Esau.

        We were Esau, the older, stronger brother- yet by guile, Jacob stole the birthright.

        We, the invaders from the north, were unconquerable. We had megalithic science and giant-scale architecture back into the Ice Age.

        We were as gods to them.

        So they inverted the story, thinking they could become Us.

        But they have no Beauty in them.

        Their achievements are but twisted caricatures of the Art we create.

        The gods of each people are a Zeitgeist, the Spirit that is in them. We create that spirit, it in turn creates us.

  12. I was at the livestock auction today. To protect the guilty, let’s say it was the District of Columbia Livestock Auction. It was glorious. No signs. Not a mask in sight. Busy auction arena, no social distancing. People who raise livestock for a living aren’t easily, um, cowed.

    • So too at the shooting range. Half the reason I go there is, I know nobody’s going to bug me about those fucking things. (That special tone of voice used for “Sir, excuse me, sir?” is totally absent among an armed population). The other half is… well… you know.

    • I’m cowed. We just knew we’re dang right for one another as she bowed chewing her cud. I have a big lawn. She has gracious appetite. Leave us alone. MOOO-ooo_oo!!

  13. I’ve had it with you rotten kids. You simply won’t behave.

    That’s it. You’re grounded!

    Love, Mommy

    • How I see socialism

      “Ok, we got you your health care, you got your $1,000 a month so you are all set with your food, and the shelter is paid for, so we’re good, right? You can handle it from here? We’re just making sure because mommy and daddy will be leaving for vacation and have other things to do”

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  15. I work at a rather large prison. We had a supposed Bat Flu outbreak a couple months ago. I got it, along with my wife. The prison had 52 “cases” they claim. Ok. Not one required anything more than temp checks. All I had were chills and a headache that lasted maybe 3 days. My wife, she only had a headache. I was put off work for two weeks, so I used the opportunity to cut trees and work in my yard….all while supposedly infected.
    In my experience, and from my point of view, this thing is extremely weak. All of this is pure theater. I’m not sure of the endgame, but it can’t be long before normies wake up. The Karens and Kens love it too much to cough up their lots anytime soon.
    BTW, my wife has serious asthma, and it did not bother her one bit.

    • Rogue! You must contract it again, this time severely. You are warned. Next illness fir you or her, say it. Covid! We are all in this together!

      • “Alone together! You must feel as isolated and worthless as we rootless cosmopolitans feel normally!”

        These people have no sense of belonging. They thirst for it desperately like a panicked drowning man will grasp anything in reach. Religion, family, culture: they have had everything that once gave meaning and purpose stolen from them or destroyed and replaced.

    • Reminds me of the weeks I spent in Madagascar. Except there were no sewers. All hail to the zebu.

  16. Covid-20, Covid-21…

    got yer HealthPass, bruv? No, no, that one’s not certified for this state.

    • Oh fuckin a bud, I see ya don’t have yer healthPass with ya. Gonna have ta ask ya ta step out of the car, eh

  17. If masks worked they wouldn’t be so cheap

    It’s preposterous on its face that a 20 cent piece of cotton could save one’s life. Nothing of real value and efficacy is ever cheap.

    • If face masks are such amazing Beer Flu collectors, why no disposal incinerators or vats of rubbing alcohol?

      Isn’t that like leaving level IV biowaste all over?

      • I know lol. These super flu sponges are littered around everywhere now. We don’t see the hazmat teams out cleaning the streets. It’s all just laughable.

        What it boils down to is that it’s a very cheap way to comply with a dictate. It’s not much of a burden. Raise the cost of a disposable mask to $3 or $5 and watch the riots begin.

  18. I’ve posted here before how I am a fly on the wall for internal C-level conferences with megabank and Fortune 100 entities.
    Some of you mask wearers are about to get hit good and hard by the downstream effects of this virus religion. You are redundant, you just don’t know it yet.
    When the parachute money runs out, presupposing you receive any, and you no longer are considered employable, we are going to see your true characters emerge. Was the lockdown and face diapering, and your ability to put food on the table, literally, worth that one life saved?
    Time will tell.

    • So, depop for the Great Reset is coming.

      Let me guess – the first cull are the white guys who grow food and keep the lights on.

      • Across the board by business unit. The opportunities were already there, now they’ve had six months to hammer out how to undertake the surgery with the lowest cost to themselves, the brain. They are still coasting with decent revenues vice expenses, but there is “no horizon in sight” and thus painful decisions must be exercised. And Z is right, these people when they talk are not that bright. The jargon impresses but the reasoning is base self-serving. BZZZZT! -musca domestica

      • Dont take that vaccine… I’ll take my chances in the covid camp over injecting myself with that shit. Either causes infertility or death.

        Why do they need to do this, idk, the fertility rate from my high school class is like 0,1 we are already extincting ourselves.

        • Either causes infertility or death.

          I think tracking nanites and DNA mutation are also possibilities.

          I will be forced to choose soon since I am supposed to travel for work.

          I’d like to retire and live on my trading, but it looks like they are going to wreck the USD and markets soon.

          Why do they need to do this

          Too many of us in St. Tropez and the Grenadines, gotta speed up the depop.

      • Why can’t they use my depop strategy? Blockade Africa. Nothing goes in or out. Check back in two years.

    • Actually they died in a fire in Waco. Started by the incompetent government managing the situation of course.
      Which still works as an analogy. The response to Covid is an extreme one led by our incompetent government which will burn down the economy trying to arrest a flu virus that if they let it alone would go away on its own.

  19. A business acquaintance of mine has a granddaughter whose boyfriend plays football and is thus subject to mandatory testing. He tested positive for COVID — completely asymptomatic, and the granddaughter tested positive too, also completely asymptomatic, so with all the contact tracing, the business acquaintance of mine was put in quarantine. Fortunately for him he is in an essential industry so the quarantine has no teeth. He’s an older gentleman and completely unconcerned. He and I did some business yesterday and shook hands. Obviously I’m going to die now!

    You might want to back away from your monitors or phones and wipe them down with disinfectant now. Who knows how I might spread it to you.

    • Virus is merely packetized RNA. The photons from your skreenz are launching these packets directly into your eyeballs. Abandon hope all ye who view.

  20. The irony is that some measures probably are effective, but masks, not so much. Hand-washing with soap is probably the leading measure that could slow down or even halt the spread for instance. But evidence of hand-washing isn’t obvious. Masks are a symbol of compliance with the dictates of the tikkun olamites, which is the reason they’ve become such a bone of contention and popular among the wokerati. The good thinkers will always wear their masks because they’re onboard with whatever our rulers dictate. If next year it’s some kind of internal passport in the form of an Apple watch or something similar with a safety biomarker app then they’ll all rush to get theirs. The rest of us just won’t be able to work or shop or go to school, although they’ll be a thriving market in counterfeits.

    I’ve never figured out why people go around outdoors with face diapers. People really are sheep.

    • If the unit price of a disposable mask were $3, no one would wear one. Which shows the preposterousness of it all.

    • Correct, sheep. And it wouldn’t be half as sad if they admitted such to themselves, however they simply redouble their efforts to bring you into the fold. A person without a mask is less a threat to them, than an embarrassment. A reminder that not all will bend the knee at the bequest of our “betters”. As long as one mask less-person resists, they are threatened.

    • Another thing besides hand washing with soap and water is vitamin D. There’s solid evidence that it offers protection against Covid. But it’s not good just for that, it has a range of beneficial effects. I’ve been taking 8000 i.u. of vitamin D daily for more than five years.

      But hey, if I get kidney stones, you’ll be the first to know.

  21. Years ago during the Chernobyl disaster, the German government warned people not to hike in the woods because doing so could stir up contaminated dust from the fallout. Now you have to understand German culture and hikes in the woods are a big part of what we do in our spare time with our families.

    Did we lose our freedom? No. We thought, yeah, maybe that’s a good idea, so let’s not risk it. No one was an expert, no one had all the answers. But we trusted our government enough to go along with it and here we are.

    In trying to understand why Americans are so opposed to masks and social distancing, maybe your issue isn’t with the actions you’re being asked to take, but more with who’s telling you.

    I would agree that Americans have very bad experience with government programs in these sorts of emergencies; the flood in New Orleans for example when the government failed to act and people suffered.

    So from that perspective, I can understand how you feel. But think for yourself and do what’s best for you, your family and others.

    • If they had been telling you, “You will never be able to walk in the woods again.” And, “Stay in your homes, shut down all businesses. Any movement in the streets might stir up fallout! The sky is falling! We’re all going to die unless everyone complies!” Well, I hope you would have expressed a little more skepticism.

      • Most Europeans come from a feudalistic background, same for Asians. Feudalism, even 300 years later, is so embedded in the culture that they actually trust their elected kings to 1) be smarter 2) know what’s best and 3) have the interests of the people in mind. It’s sad and laughable. Sadly, with immigration, most Americans have this attitude as well. Feudalism is the dominant culture of humanity and the world. It’s what creates the most macabre governments that the little people cheer for. At no time is liberty in the equation.

        • This is far too simplistic a reading of history. Much of European Feudalism involved a complex system of rights and duties grown out of the Roman ‘villa’ system, where slaves became serfs, then, peasants, then freeholders. European feudalism had very little commonality with Oriental (Ottoman and further East) despotism.
          Japanese Feudalism is the only thing possibly at all similar to what evolved in the West, and even there it was quite different.

          • It’s actually quite similar. Different religions, different ethos, but the guiding hand of some power elite is quite universal world wide. It’s okay to have a high trust society like Japan but it ca only be coupled with high expectations from the bottom to top.

    • The biggest blind spot in German (actually Northern European) culture is trusting their elites. This is fine as long as the agenda of the elites is the same as the common German. But when you trusted Merkel as she opened the floodgates to the Muslim hordes, do you think she has the future of the common German in mind? If yes, then you’re naive. If no, then you must ask, what else are they lying to me about? What other agenda do they have? Politicians are never to be trusted in any culture, language, or ethnicity. They must always be watched. A childless lesbian like Merkel is a systems woman. She cares about the system, not the German people who underpin it. They are just replaceable cogs to politicians.

    • Karl, people are going bankrupt because of business closures, which has a much more direct and immediate effect on a family than does a Covid precaution.

      Anyone with half a brain grasps intuitively that a little piece of cotton over his mouth is not going to save him. Because never in anyone’s life has something of such importance been so readily disposable and so cheap. Name me ONE thing where this has ever been the case. It just simply doesn’t work that way in life.

      Put another way, if the price of a disposable mask started creeping up to $3 or $5 each, no one would wear one. Because they just get it that at that price it’s simply not worth it.

      Would you pay $10 for a disposable mask? Ask yourself, at what price would you decide to forego mask wearing? At what price would you be willing to take that risk?

    • I walk in the woods regularly (some of my ancestors were from Germany) and the notion that one stirs up dust while doing so strikes me as borderline preposterous. And dust stirred up by feet is going to settle back to earth within a few centimeters in the absence of a strong wind; I respect Germans, but you really need to start trusting your government less; Your elites hate you every bit as much as other elites hate their citizens.

  22. It’s time to take a page from Heartiste and “agree and amplify.” Masks are for pikers. What’s needed are full-on burkas. These fools want a new religion and a reset? OK, bitches, welcome to the real Republic of Gilead. It’s not a cautionary tale; but a game plan. Start calling the women by their correct name. It’s not Karen; but Ofxxxx. At the end of the day, mockery is the best way to vomit up the black pill.

  23. Here in France we are likely to have another “confinement” (a/k/a lockdown) which may well finish off what’s left of the French economy. This situation is rapidly approaching Xhosa cattle killing cult levels of irrationality.

    • Painfully obvious that the only reason for all things Covid is that it gives politicians something to do. It’s like they have found a new toy.

  24. Had a discussion with a retired friend of mine who is a dumb leftist and lives in the Villages of central Florida. One of his acquaintances went to a Trump rally in Florida and was seen on TV by the local Branch Covidians not wearing a mask, the poor fellow was reported to all the geezer clubs that they belonged too in the villages as being a leper.
    We cannot function as a society with these religious nut jobs running around.

  25. I agree that the Covidians are interested in using the issue for greater, permanent social control.

    Nonetheless, it is not our biggest problem. I wish you “freedom!” guys would give just a fraction of your outrage to our biggest problem: massive immigration, our demographic replacement.

    I know, you’d rather bluster about not wearing a mask.

    • Good first steps include white men getting white women under control. The collapse of the educational system will be a huge help.

      Miscegenation must be opposed and discouraged in the harshest terms, as well as outgroup adoption.

      Government policies to incentivize family formation are a must. No more infinite gibs for single moms.

      Family law and courts also need severe reform, in ways that incentivize families staying together and are far less punitive for males.

      • I used to love making fun of the pictures of adopted colored children that white families would keep in their houses. For only 10 cents a day you could claim to be sponsoring a child in the third world while virtue-signaling to your dinner guests how much better of a person you are than them.

        My dad actually sat us down and told us we had a new brother one day during dinner while proudly pointing out the picture now adorning every meal. I was young and mostly perplexed at the time but it contributed to current understandings. I met a girls parents once not long ago and they had a brown person photo for the same reason to which I laughed and thus ensued an awkward silence before our meal. I knew I’d never marry her shortly thereafter.

        I wonder how my dad would feel if I put a picture of an old black guy in my house and when my dad asked who it was I’d tell him that’s my adopted father.

    • Because, we can choose to not wear a mask. But it’s difficult work to patrol the border and stop IA’s—and I’ve done that as well. What would you have us do to prevent your top priorities?

  26. Covid covid covid covid covid covid covid covid

    Jesus. Give it a rest. There are points to be made … but they’ve already been made months ago. Enough. Endless obsession with this virus, endless complaining. Ree. I have to wear a facemask in public. Ree. I can’t go to the movies. Ree. I can’t go to a bar and get drunk no more. Waaa.

    When Trump goes down to defeat next week, it will be from taking advice from this crowd. Grandma votes, and she’ll be voting against you. So, go ahead and make more snarky jokes about “killing grandma” and continue telling everyone “it’s totally cool if you’re under 35 and not old or sick.” It’s all a big conspiracy theory (despite an excess of 300k dead over the same time period in every year prior). Yeah. Old people vote. Maybe next time try a different tactic in the middle of an election year when the entirety of Western Civilization is at stake: don’t dismiss something your key voter demographic cares about with shallow complaints.

    Winning a critical election > Paul Ramsey’s ability to buy a hamburger without wearing a surgical mask or make the millionth YouTube video on the subject.

    • What we’re complaining about is COVID’s use as a political expedient. It’s corny and effete. And the neuroticism of the left — there’s that to complain about, too. Must it dominate everything?
      The polls are closing, which means Trump is ahead. The left are still rioting, too. So what’s worse: making jokes, or voicing support for people who burn down cities. WAAAAAH! WE’RE GOING TO KEEP BURNING EVERYTHING IF WE LOSE!
      Who is saying that all of COVID is a conspiracy? Next to nobody is saying that.
      Also, I’m sure the elderly in nursing homes would like to hold their grandchildren again before they die. You’re the ones treating them like cattle, not letting them live their last years in peace.

      • “Family values” does NOT include putting grandparents (I’m one) in nursing homes. My grandchildren live maybe 50 yards away from me and NO ONE will keep me from them, quarantined or not. Happily, that’s understood by our local police. The USA needs testaserone therapy, not masks and monitors.

        • I can’t help it if my uncle put my grandmother in a nursing home. And I can’t help it if they’ll call the cops on me when I raise hell, either. In an ideal world, uncle would have taken care of her — he doesn’t have kids, after all. Nope. He has a ‘career.’ Another boomer.

          • Well, I’m a boomer and I took in my dad (who’d swindled me) when after 25 years of no contact begged me to do so. I detested him, but I did so because of blood, tradition and simple human decency. No, I suppose you can’t help it, given how things are there. “Ideal” world? No, bro’, just the natural law world that not so long ago was our world. We down here in spic and shithole world are still a ways from warehousing the elderly and proudly taking our place in a narcissitic nightmare.

            Keep fighting!

      • Triggered snowflake? I noticed you didn’t try rebutting anything I said (because you couldn’t). By crowd, I meant crowd of deniers…which should be obvious without me having to spell it out. Fucking moron. Date outside your imediate family from now on. It increases IQ in your progeny. Maybe your kids will get it up to 90 in the next generation.

        (concern for) the Republican party

        >Implying that’s not all this blog talks about. Fuck off, retard.

    • I do wonder if a lot of people will vote Biden just to go back to normal. It’s true that support for Trump among old white people—who actually vote—has fallen because they are at risk from covid.

      But even beyond that, speaking to a couple Boomers that are breaking for Biden, there seems to be a lack of confidence that Trump will do anything to stop the covid closures and riots. There might just be four more years of him bitching and moaning but doing nothing.

      I was surprised to hear that and realized that we shouldn’t underestimate just how many people are fatigued with the chaos under Trump—even though it’s not his fault—and just want to get back to normal. Obviously we on the dissident right know that there’s no true “going back to normal”, but most Americans don’t have the fortitude to deal with the covid and riot disorder, and they seem perfectly willing to acquiesce to the deep state’s implicit promise that it’ll all wind down once Biden’s elected. And you know what? It probably will.

      I’ll be glad if I’m wrong, but I think this is why Biden will win. Those Boomers I spoke to were a real wake up call. One more thing I learned from them: no one cares about Hunter Biden. Any MAGA person delirious over laptops is deluding themselves; Americans have long since taken sexual degeneracy, corruption and foreign influence for granted.

      • many people are fatigued with the chaos under Trump—even though it’s not his fault
        It’s “not” not his fault either if you get my drift, but yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s large contingent of people who want a return to “normalcy” during their final wind-down to the grave, even if that means gulags for their grandkids (if they have any).

        • I’ve never been particularly tolerant of stupidity and ignorance, but I’m at the point that I wish all the old fucks would die off already (and I’m almost 62). Muh medicare! Muh Social Security. Muh sportsball. Muh susceptibility to the virus. Muh golden years. ‘Murrica is eternal. Silent or boomer, they’re all a pain in the ass.

        • It’s his fault. Some of it at least. He baited the left and then backed down like a coward, which only emboldened them to keep going. They know he can’t or won’t do anything.

      • we shouldn’t underestimate just how many people are fatigued with the chaos under Trump

        I think this is a huge factor for independent and undecided voters that most have overlooked.

        No one in the media is openly asking that question. I think there are many who are tired of the chaos around Trump and will simply vote against 4 more years of that. The influence peddling doesn’t really affect them personally, so they don’t care about it.

        Those Boomers I spoke to were a real wake up call. One more thing I learned from them: no one cares about Hunter Biden.

        Totally agree. People have become desensitized to scandals over the years. There are also plenty of people around that have been stepping out, swinging, going to key parties, and wife-swapping for years that sell influence for money and snort some coke. If anything, they will sympathize with Hunter and China Joe.

        The moral outrage angle is 1820s, not 2020s. Trump’s own history and Giuliani’s stupid Borat gaffe do not help sell it to the public, especially undecided voters.

        • BINGO! Well done. They want off the merry-go-round and they think Trump put them on it. Not only are they not getting off, but it will speed up under Biden. Years like 2020 don’t stand alone, they come in box sets. There won’t be as many smug people in five years. Scratching for survival takes that away.

          • Karens legitimately believe that they are the Good People, bravely protecting the hapless poc against racist rural white male trump supporters

            They don’t like being the Bad Guys. Joe will give them a quick reprieve but the long term trend is inevitable.

        • “There are also plenty of people around that have been stepping out, swinging, going to key parties, and wife-swapping for years that sell influence for money and snort some coke. If anything, they will sympathize with Hunter and China Joe.”

          Wherever you live and whoever you hang out with, you should move and meet new people.

      • I voted by mail and for the first time ever I didn’t vote for a single Republican, or for Trump for that matter.

        To me, the value in getting just a single night watching the left bawl their eyes out followed by four more years of covid closures and riots while Trump impotently tweets “open up!” or “lawn order!” just wasn’t worth it.

        For four years Trump supporters have been beaten, fired, doxxed, deplatformed, shot and killed, arrested and imprisoned by his DOJ, had their businesses closed, had their kids and families pushed around under covid, and no support ever came. Who would want to go through another four years without support? I can’t fault people for voting for a reprieve, or not voting at all.

        It’d be one thing if voting for Trump actually guaranteed reciprocal support, but we know that’s never gonna happen. Voting for him just to get one more night of crying woman memes just doesn’t cut it. The next morning that woman will be burning down your neighborhood while Trump tweets “lawn order!” Oh, and you’ll be arrested for standing outside your house to defend it.

        • My sentiment exactly. The first month would be fun and hysterical, but short lived. I actually blame Trump for the Maskism. His weakness caused this. He should have fired Fauci as soon as he changed positions in a 180. If the government can mandate a piece of cloth over your mouth they can do anything. Anything!

      • They will. And when it happens, don’t cry about it. Your side endlessly bitched about Covid, so older demographics will vote against you and Trump will lose in a landslide as a result. That’s your fault.

        BTW, “popular YouTuber” Paul Ramsey has repeatedly bragged about Trump or someone around him watching his channel. So, obviously this crowd thought they were influencing his decisions. If so, it’s directly your fault — the fault of guys like RamzPaul and Z-Man. He took your advice (or someone relayed it to him) and he lost because of it. Nice going. Genius. Biden will win and you’ll still have to wear those masks, only it will be mandatory and enforced by the full weight of the government. Lol. Regardless, Trump does read Twitter and those kinds of views did percolate up to him. He directly repeated messages from deniers on Twitter. Grandma saw it, and she’ll be voting against him next week.

        • Yes, yes, we’re all dreadful heretics. Until you can burn us at the stake, why not crawl back up your own bunghole. And you and your Grandma can hold each other (masked, of course) as you triumph together.

    • Europe is closing down again or never re opened. What exactly could Trump have done to mitigate this , beside closing the China door earlier?

  27. What unifies a mystical cult and an armchair health official is that they both have”Special knowledge.” You can’t just read a few books and have this special knowledge. It has to be conferred upon you with certain degrees. And not just any degrees, but ones from the right universities. And even then the actualization of this knowledge is someone being put in charge of people and programs. Just as you couldn’t cross the bishop in medieval times (who happened to live in opulence) you can’t question these people either. Special knowledge doesn’t grow on trees.

  28. The Branch Covidians writ large. FWIW, watching the news coming out of America is depressing. The Japanese media do an admirable job of putting lipstick on a pig and coating it in sugar, but from the outside it looks like a hot civil war is brewing.

    • If so it will be the only civil war fought exclusively on Friday and Saturday nights. At one point in time I had a relation who ran through the really bad part of town to exercise on a Sunday morning (don’t ask). I remarked that I was amazed he made it out of alive to which he responded that no one was out and about and he guessed that they were sleeping off their stupor.

  29. A bit OT but not about media bias: ZeroHedge claims “…there were several thousand people in the afflicted area of West Philadelphia, looting stores and carrying off everything from food to big-screen TVs.” Meanwhile, my local news feed ( carries not a single mention on the entire first page. Philly Inquirer’s headline says “Peaceful protests” were followed by “looting and skirmishes” (Surely there’s no possible relation between those, you see). Riots are, presumably, entirely justificable because of “police abuse* against Black people”. This proves, if naught else, that the AP Style Book is still in control at the Inquirer.
    *Apparently “abuse” includes the police shooting a knife-wielding crazed lunatic poor misunderstood black man with a history of mental health issues.
    You can’t make this stuff up, but damn, the way the Left can spin the news would make a censor from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union blush with envy.

    • The white pill is that, just as in the Soviet Union and East Germany, a dissident counterculture is emerging to work around the fraudulent media.

      The woke still suck off MSNBC and NPR, but increasingly anyone who is even slightly dissatisfied with official narratives simply shares news and reality by word of mouth without even bothering to look at a newspaper or TV screen or website from these legacy media. I learned everything I needed to know about the rioters from raw firsthand video footage without once checking an official news story. So any official glossing over the violence has no power over me.

      It’s cliche, but censorship never really works. Word of mouth will always win in any society, even if people have to whisper between themselves in their own homes. And thus the covid lock downs, but even those won’t work. The elite have no idea how much they’re hated and ignored.

      • The official news sources, again just as the news sources in the former Soviet Bloc, are anti-knowledge. You literally become dumber by accepting anything they say without raw video and on-scene corroboration. They’re really not worth the time anymore.

        • I do feel that my life has actually been improved a bit by the media’s brilliant destruction of their own credibility this past year. I now just look at the captions they have on each “breaking story” without needing to read or watch anything. I’m not interested in the story of course, just in finding out what the stupid people are likely to be acting on for the next few days. If there’s any hint of something interesting actually happening I go to YouTube or Bitchute to see if there’s anything real there. The internet has certainly made the Samizdat process vastly more efficient than it was in the USSR.

          • The internet has certainly made the Samizdat process vastly more efficient than it was in the USSR.

            Thank you for reminding me of that. So many people are black-pilled over internet censorship, without noting the explosion in alt-literature it has made available.

  30. Americans used to laugh at the tyrannies and absurdities that occurred daily behind the iron curtain. But it’s all here now, all of it. And it arrived under global capitalism, not communism.

    A man in Arizona was arrested for “racism.” This while pox are rioting with impunity.

    The old “In Soviet Union…” jokes aren’t even funny anymore if they apply just as easily to us. This is also why I don’t have a drop of sympathy for police. They could do civil disobedience by refusing to arrest white people and refusing to respond to black calls. But no, their pensions are more important and they’re willing agents of anarcho-tyranny. They’ll arrest white people for putting up “It’s ok to be white” stickers while they run away from pox rioters. They showed that black man in Philly way more patience and deference than they showed Daniel Shaver.

    James LaFond is right about the cops: they exist only to oppress the white working class and to insulate pox from white self-policing. That’s actually the entire reason police departments were organized in the 19th century: back then when whites sought to self-police it was dismissed as evil “nativism.”

    • “Back the blue” right wingers are the dumbest people in the country…

      Even if your rural PD and sheriff are ok, it is only a matter of time before soros comes and floods your district with cash to install his cronies.

      • More people have been arrested for peacefully disobeying the Branch Covidians — refusing to wear masks or sitting too closely to each other in church or going to the gym — than have been arrested in the nationwide rioting and looting.

        “Back the blue” my ass! At least Michelle Malkin learned just how much the blue will back her… will other conservatives wake up?

    • But it’s all here now, all of it. And it arrived under global capitalism, not communism.

      You’ve got to admit, CC, American tyranny has a better soundtrack. And, we get TikTok videos to remind us how lucky we are. Now back to my gameshow and this amazing Uber Eats Soylent Green buffet!

    • Read “The Servile State” by Hilare Belloc. Incredible predictions about what attempts at creating socialism/communism will turn into.

  31. This brings us to the business side of things. For global capital and government dependent industries, Covid promises nothing but boom times.

    Next up, vaccines and pharma solutions to bacterial infections of the face and mouth from mask use…doing for the children, of course.
    After that, PSAs for people who are facially scarred by flesh eating bacteria caused by not complying with CDC’s face washing and mask washing guidelines, using only FDA approved Acme® Foot And Mouth Disease Products.
    Then, a whole new world of fashion will open up to the horrid, deformed monsters, with sensitivity training in every organization, while a new branch of government assistance for the deformed is created in 2028.
    Set to loop.

    • bacterial infections of the face and mouth from mask use…

      My dental hygienist pointed out she’s already seeing “mask mouth” in her patients.

      a whole new world of fashion will open up

      We’re having a Halloween face diaper contest at my division in a large, GlobHom corporation.

      • Pretty sure Zman was ahead of the curve on this one several months ago when he predicted that masks would transition from unthinkable to fashion/style accessories in very short order.

        • The thing that pushed mask wearing over the finish line was the Governor. He changed his emergency edit from “recommended” to “at the discretion” of local government. Almost immediately, the large city mayors made it mandatory and where not, it made no difference because the county governments made it mandatory. At that point the folks refusing the mask were the odd balls (in numbers) and were refused entry/service as the cities/counties suspended their business licenses and/or issued fines.

          Remember when those crazy people protested government licensing? And folks laughed at them being unreasonable to a simple process to assure health and safety. Well, now it’s way beyond such. It’s a knife that you have given them held to your throat.

  32. The whole “earth is about to burn or freeze because you refuse to walk to work” stuff never really worked as hoped. They could inflict small miseries on people, like the use of grimy canvas sacks to tote groceries home, but the cult could be safely ignored. It was also becoming a bit of joke, like being a vegan or a libertarian.

    As a child, I always hoped for the Roadrunner episode where he pulled out a revolver and blew the damn coyote’s head off. We are living in Looney Tune’s Groundhog Day.

  33. Really thought coronavirus truther in chief would push back harder when the numbers allowed. He has, just not as hard as I wish he would so far. Seems like he’s pivoted to beating the virus instead of outright discrediting the hysteria.

    It’s a marathon I guess. Still think it’ll only last a few years, not decades like the war on terror.

    • Noem has rebuilt her entire career around resisting Covid madness. I don’t see her ever backing down. A poll is getting released later today on her job approval rating and approval of her response to Covid. I was glad I answered that number when they called me for it, first time I have been willing to take a political survey in years. I am hoping she will be above 50% on both. The panic hype hasn’t been quite as effective in South Dakota but you can see it is wearing on people as the case numbers have been rising.

  34. Even if there were proof that masks work, I’d still resist because masking is now primarily about signaling support, or at least obedience, to the credentialed expert class.
    That same class is in no rush to end the COVID lockdowns because for them, it’s been a wonderful year! Work from home! Uber Eats! Amazon Prime! Public shaming of heretics! What’s not to love? Seriously … most people in my DC neighborhood are working from home and love, love, love it. They openly acknowledge how much they enjoy the current arrangement.
    There’s a lot of truth to the comment made somewhere that we’re not in a lockdown; what we call lockdown is really just middle class people are working from home while working class people bring them stuff.

    • If you are upper middle class, suburban, married, middle aged or Boomer, and childless or with teenage+ children, it is a great time. You work from home and grill in the backyard.

      For young and single people, it sucks. For people with young children, it sucks. It’s also going to stunt children’s growth. For working class and poor people, it sucks. For people in dense urban areas, it’s harsh.

      The upper middle class are so selfish and short sighted because eventually they will get the shaft too. Just not yet.

      • If you aren’t needed at the office you too are nonessential.

        Like everything else it’s incremental. Give just enough to get what you want, take it away later. Only 15 days to flatten the curve!

        • Theres no reason a 3rd worlder couldn’t do my job… I’m working from home I don’t see why couldn’t do it from India or the philipines. Just put them in intensive english class for 6 months.

          As I said the upper middle class will eventually get crushed too, they are so short sighted. White working class was crushed over 30 years, middle class in 10 and when they come for the upper middle it will take 6 months.

          • Right I was seconding that. I wonder how many realize it?

            (rhetorical you, sorry didn’t mean it personally)

        • If you aren’t needed at the office you too are nonessential.

          Except those are generally the folks who are loving this, as B124 pointed out above.

          They aren’t going to fire themselves.

      • I live in a rural area of central Argentina and my neighbors (on the same three acre property) are my 40 yr old son, his 31 yr old wife and my grandchildren (six, five and two). We have some of the covid nonsense here, but it is most definitely not stunting the tykes’ growth: quite the contrary. The little ones are free to be kids! They spend much of their time outdoors in the natural world, barefoot, fascinated with the horses and chickens, butterflies and birds and foxes, learning about trees and plants, getting healthily dirty in the sun…
        I’ll buy that for a US dollar!

        • Sounds very beautiful.

          I am an anglo myself, however I understand the push to the frontier – to get away from other anglos! The Karen is just a busy body anglo and theyve come out in full force with covid.

          Would you recommend a young person move there? I heard argentina is slowly getting invaded by Indians and Haitians.

          • I’ve been here for nearly 17 years and am very, very happy in spite of our idiotic central gov, given that their edicts affect us here very little. I too am a 100% NW European descended geezer (74), but bilingual (as is my son), pretty much a sine que non for anyone with interest in living here. I suspect it’s too late for foreign young people to come here. It’s Chile that has the Hatians and Indians, and we have no blacks where I live, not within over a hundred miles. It is highly likely it’ll stay that way. We have a growing population of trust fund or parent funded young-family hippies, but they’ve quickly learned to keep their ideas to themselves if they plan to stay and have at least minimal local acceptance. Tolerance depends on discretion here.

          • Thank you very much! Sometimes I think we just might! But I wish the same to you and yours: may we all inherit an Earth better than we have now!

      • All good points. My bosses, all over-eager flag officer careerists, are bored with COVID, and are pushing to drag the mid-mgt back to the office, mostly b/c they like working and want their serfs close at hand. My boss has explicitly criticized work-from-home policies, though he views them through the lens of the Boomer enjoying afternoon BBQs while technically logged into his work computer. But the vast majority of our work-from-home people *at my office* (as opposed to my neighborhood) are struggling to manage childcare issues, caused almost entirely by local government’s wholly uncooperative school closures. (We’re all in this together, indeed!) Of course, my bosses won’t expend any political capital to push for either public school re-opening or even DoD daycare re-opening. (Only in government can you, with a straight face, employ the phrase “out of an abundance of caution…”)
        But your overall point is spot-on … those who enjoy influence in society are making out in this process, so the process continues. Their virtue signaling is intended to mask (pun definitely intended) their indifference for the lower classes.

        • It makes Karen hr and karen middle managers feel useless, because they just sit around all day with no one to bitch at, no lunches to organize. They don’t feel powerful and strong with wfh.

          If there were strict regulations on outsourcing, I’d be all for it.

      • I am lucky in this regard. In the childcare we have for my kid, none of the parents send their kids in masks. I think we had a Karen complain because they sent home a reminder about the exceptions last week. None of the kids are wearing masks this week.

      • Im young and working class. I’ve been having a blast with the shutdown, mask mandates aside. My income is the highest it’s been, my net wealth is the highest it’s been, and I spend less time in traffic. I get that this sucks for some, but my observation is that minorities and morons are the hardest hit. Age doesn’t seem to be much of a factor. I don’t think most people blind the shut down of the public sphere because it turned into a sewer some time ago.

        • The last Canadian numbers showed black and “south asian” unemployment to be over double white unemployment. They’re also getting, and dying from, covid at much higher rates. We are basically throwing billions down the drain cuz some 90 IQ arabs eat with their hands and keep spreading it.

          I am doing fine as well as upper middle class. But it is worrying to think about elite plans and what happens when the money runs out.

          • Print more!

            Seriously, though, they can really only do one two things. Either they revert to a sensible set of rules and management, or they double down and get overthrown.

  35. Even better, they get to be public scolds, telling the rest of us to be safe. The best part is they get to push people around for their lack of enthusiasm for the rules.” 
    I think it’s time for a re-introduction of the ol’ Knuckle Sandwich.
    Right in the mask. I bet that would make Karen & Ken and the Branch Covidians re-think their aggressive actions.
    [Didn’t Mike Tyson say something like:
    Everyone has a plan. Until they get punched hard in the face“]

    As for masks:
    Mask filter capability
    cheapo china disposable blue mask = 3.0 microns
    N95 US spec = 0.30 microns

    Kung Flu virus: 
    Size range = .06 – .14 microns
    Most masks you see are like using chicken wire to screen out mosquitos.

    • Doesn’t it travel via droplets, which are caught by the mask? I’m not saying masks help a lot; I’m saying they may help a little. Virus has to ride on something wider than its own measurements.

      • Amazing how these demon droplets, which can travel for yards and linger for days, somehow cannot go above, below, or around the sides of all the plexiglass safety dividers. Isn’t science fucking AWESOME?

        • linger for days

          Complete media BS based on crooked, fixed ‘studies.’

          There are zero quality studies that show Beer Flu is anymore resistant to sunlight and warm weather than any other virus.

      • The flip side to that is that expelling large droplets through the mesh of a mask, breaks them into multiple smaller droplets, the kind that stay suspended in the air longer.

        • Unless the mask is sealed against one’s face the larger droplets will just leak out the sides, top, and bottom.

      • That’s still somewhat under discussion/study. It is possible that the disease can atomize in which pretty much individual virus particles are expelled and dry (not die) and float pretty endlessly. In which case, the masks are only partially effective since they can’t filter virus particles.

        This kind of “vaporization” is what the bio weapons people work hard at so that their “disease bombs” are effective.

        • The basic rule is that for small enough things gravity is essentially meaningless. They move with air currents and can remain suspended indefinitely or reach the very top of the atmosphere. Fortunately, many viruses disintegrate when the droplets they are in vanish. Since these droplets are tiny and have a huge surface area to volume ratio this can occur in seconds. Some of the worst viruses like HIV are even more fragile and seem to basically fall apart even from small temperature changes.

      • Agree, may help- it’s that mandatory thing that gets my goat. In Asia it’s done from politeness, by somebody with a cold, not by ‘government’.

  36. Women have some weird obsession with the handmaid’s tale. Notice that the masks are just like niqabs. Women have achieved dominance over (white) men and they hate it. They love listening to degrading rap music. White women are inviting 3rd world savages in as fast as they can. Covid shutdowns make perfect sense for miserable people.

    I’m convinced that deep down they want us to completely take control of them again. Can’t you see, they’re asking for it? The feminists are getting more and more extreme. “Please, notice me and put me in my place”.

    • White women have a psychological need to be dominated. The millions of romance novels sold every year are not being read by black guys. It’s white women reading those bodice rippers.

      • It was a pretty big redpill, my feminist ex-gf (I was bluepilled at the time) straight up told me to do whatever I want with her, treat her like a slut, etc. Which came as a total shock to super woman respecter b124.

        Women like being wide eyed and clueless, they look up to their man who looks out over the world. Unfortunately every day I see beta white guys with gf’s and have a crystal ball into their cucked, sexless, miserable future.

        • With domination themes and power themes and sex and the like in mind, I actually watched the movie version of “50 Shades of Gray” awhile back. It was a hoot! Not one for chick flicks, but it was so much fun watching given how the women were reacting.

        • Evolution favors a situation where men are strong.
          Modernity favors one where mean are weak.
          This creates the deep seated need for dominant men that can’t be filled till society ends so we subconsciously destroy our rat utopia while the women read 50 Shades of Grey

      • Four years ago, when I was still posting political stuff on social media (a mistake I no longer make), I posted a comment in response to the outrage storm over the Trump Access Hollywood comment along the lines of “with all these pearl clutching prudes … who bought 125 million copies of 50 Shades?” The histrionic responses that produced told me that I had really hit a nerve.

        • Trump speaks the cold, based truth and most people know this. I’m surprised the idiots give the quote the circulation they do, because it makes women look ugly.

    • White women are inviting 3rd world savages in as fast as they can.

      That is because they know those groups have a pass from the gynocentric State to do as they please.

      Just look at all the jogging in Philly and LA last night.

      Meanwhile, if a white guy pulls his girlfriend’s hair too hard and happens to leave a bruise after spanking her, the State-endorsed VAWA and Duluth model say his life should be destroyed.

    • Much of modern life does have the feel of an escalating shi$ test of White men. Each time we back down, White women (and minorities) push up the humiliation to see if we’ll finally push back.

      So far, crickets.

      • White men reading “White Fragility”, assigned by their white boss at a mostly white male staffed technology start-up in a 80% white city discuss the powerful and important text while lunching with their white male VC investors. True story.

        I know very few White Men anymore. Ten. Maybe a dozen. Half of them from this blog.

        Real life is becoming like an “inception” of a shi$-test within a shi$-test within a shi$-test.

        They don’t escalate as much as they ‘descend’, into some dream state so deep the males have stopped even noticing how the laws of nature bend and contort just in time for progress to take form. The top spins and spins.

        • I know very few White Men anymore


          I’m amazed how many middle-aged white guys that should know better are totally sold out for Beer Flu.

      • The thing is many men don’t want the work load required to constantly be a dominant man. The rewards are quite meager even at the best of times.
        A slightly strained analogy. I took care of a female Husky for a few weeks, She was a good dog well as good as the near wolves are gonna get but that breed requires a serious Alpha attitude at all times. It was exhausting.
        Afterwards I was thinking to myself, this is the same hand I’d need with a modern women and its enough trouble with a female dog much less a bitch.
        I know its a bit of slag and NAWALT but other than sex most women have little to offer so men are often not even interested in the shit test which just makes the women crazier
        In any case serious push back has to be to some goal, you have to want something enough to go from passive to kill all the mother-frackers.
        That is of course the problem, Leftist use violence like a dial from off to riot to murder depending on how it meets goals.
        We don’t have goals and we also see violence as switch, suck it up — kill every mother-fracker and without those goals or a real emergency, we won’t throw the switch.

        • Men are not the same as they were in the 60’s. Our sperm and Testosterone counts have dropped by half since then. When we are producing males with T counts as low as those found in old women, there is something seriously wrong.
          This is why most men have folded. No T to give them that added oomph to be kick ass in life.
          BTW women can smell when a man has low T.

          • One word: Plastics
            High T is a liability in modernity so many men whose levels could be higher don’t bother though you weren’t joking about 80 year old men.
            I watched a Buzzfeed video about the try guys who basically are a bunch of early 20’s guys who well try stuff. They got tested and the highest T level was an Asian guy with that of a 65 year old.
            And yes women can smell T level if they aren’t on the pill, the pill reeks havoc on smell cues and frankly ought to be banned,

    • In a country where you can get arrested for merely saying the n-word* , I wish you luck with your macho endeavors. Please tell us when your arraignment is, and we’ll come visit you 🙂 This is not an endorsement of the sad state of sex roles in our nation. However, until the laws change so that a man is not at risk of civil or even criminal penalties for behavior that once would have been considered impolite at worst; when the ex gets the kids, the house, half your property and your salary, when…. well you get the idea.

    • They’ve also never actually read the book; totally obvious when you read/watch their ranting.

      Men aren’t above this, though. All the antifa v. proudboys has a very “I saw this in a movie” LARP feeling to it.

      At least some groups are based enough to take advantage of societal breakdown to get free stuff while they can.

      • We should all cash in while we can. I’m thinking of a new internet start-up; the concept is that you register as a “victim” or “oppressor”. Oppressors post lists of items they would like, victims offer to “go shopping” for those items the next time J. Random Schwartzer gets shot by Officer Huwhite. It’s a good way for oppressors to get discount goods, while also making a small “donation” to the reparations cause. Everybody wins!

      • Whiskey did mention that he works in Mad Avenue marketing firms staffed by 95% women, so I’d say he’s our war correspondent reporting from the Eastern Front. Embedded- heh.

  37. A few months ago I was assuming that if Democrats won big, they’d declare victory and make all the covid theater go away. Now they are too committed. If they win, the medical dictatorship will only grow.

    • If the dems win the great reset is coming, gun confiscation, record immigration wave, green new deal, reparations for blacks. Theyll stop using covid as the excuse and just ban you from travelling and confiscate your shit.

      • You forgot meat bans. Internal combustion engines over a certain size will be banned for everyone but the military. Major interstates will have mandatory vax/test points every 25 to 50 miles.

        • Nobody remembers, but a pilot program in 1993 had random sampling checkpoints in 4 states on the interstates and major roads.

          National Guard with M16s, sheriffs with shotguns, sniffer dogs, testing vans, searches, they had it all. You didn’t know where they’d set up next. It ran for a year. Not just us, cars too.

        • We have guns and lots of them and if we are unwilling to say simply “No, I’d rather take you with me.” at that point than we deserve what we get.

  38. Was talking with someone last night who mentioned that herd immunity and thus a vaccine wouldn’t work because Covid seems to be changing enough that we lose immunity. So I asked why we have all of these measures in place. If it can’t be stopped, what’s the point. You only slow its progress, you don’t stop it so you might was well just live your life.

    If we can’t stop it, when will all this end, I asked.

    They said maybe never. I stared at this person in disbelief. They seemed fine with it. I asked, so I’m supposed to wear a mask forever, for decades to come? Maybe, they said.

    • These people happily enjoy their bunker down mentality. Finally some meaning in life dealing with a plague that really isn’t one. Effing larpers.

      • Meaning. Generally, the modern population of sheep are afraid of their life having no meaning. Ultimately, they are afraid of death. Covidian Membership is a warm blanket for those cold, biting winds of reality.

          • Modern people do anything to fill the void except turn to God. Drugs, travel, sex, food, just doesn’t cut it. It’s so simple, yet most people reject it. I’m convinced at least half the people at any given church don’t really believe in the God part, they just recognize that it’s the only way out of clown world.

          • No one can tell you what God is. Religion can be a great primer, but all the great saints reached a point where they laid down the methodology, and surrendered. They let God take the last step on a journey that never really happened – because the realization of God is that you have never, at any moment, been separate or apart from Him. That’s only what thought tells you.

  39. endless hand rubbing.

    Even better – the endless hand rubbing can be disguised as endless hand washing.

  40. Every day I drive past a rest home with a big sign on the lawn that says “Heroes Work Here.” I can’t remember who said it, but the old saying “Show me someone with heroes and I’ll show you someone in the second grade” comes to mind, as cynical as it is. Besides which, the statement makes no sense, as a heroic act is by definition one that is out of the ordinary, above and beyond the call of duty. You can’t “work” as a hero. But this thing is giving the worst kinds of people the right to behave however they want, from the tech billionaires to the crazy childless ladies who work in education and nursing, to the “I believe science” pseudo-intellectual types who watch “Big Bang” and think Neil Degrasse Tyson is a genius. Here’s where I leave my comment about normie finally snapping and someone with a Nietzsche avatar tells me it will never happen and that we’re doomed. At least I see people skirting the rules all the time at the edges and that’s a start. Once or twice, not even in defiance, I’ve forgotten to wear my mask in the grocery store and no one has said spit.

    • Those signs are still on display outside my Aldi. The men that stormed Omaha Beach? They’re no shelf stockers.

  41. In the case of Covid, the panic is becoming all three. It has turned into … a jobs racket for others

    No doubt. I now count the things that have sprang up near me due to the shamdemic as well as other Covid based make-work. These include:

    1. Pop-up cycle lanes demarcated by specially made markers.
    2. Road widening for Covid, replete with temporary signage and new road markings.
    3. Mass advertising now predominantly using Covid to sell all manner of things.
    4. Plastic desk dividers, hand sanitizer and masks – now bought in bulk.
    5. Comical ‘one way systems’ found in offices and supermarkets.
    6. Drafters for new Covid legislation, readers and advisers of said legislation.
    7. New development of Apps designed to track protect you from The Great Chinese Virus.
    8. Increased activity of policing forces to enforce new laws.
    9. A whole host of HSE garbage and make-work now concerned with monitoring employees to daft levels – for example, employees encouraged to give temperature readings upon entering the premises.

    There is probably a hell of a lot more.

  42. The Covidians are the next turn of the wheel for the people we used to call Gaia worshipers.

    i believe this to be true, globalism is more similar to the bronze age civilizations than the late hellenic era. During that period men were cutting off their balls to become priests and women were worshiping nature and snakes, astrology was rampant, heck, the jewish kaballah(which is promoted by babylonian superstar whores like madonna) might even originate from babylon, israelites are basically the untouchable priestly aristocracy from back then.

      • Its already starting which is why the panic is so intense,
        Not one developed society has fertile citizens which means less and less people to rule and the only people left to bring in are unproductive, violent foreigners who will run there own affairs thank you very much
        Something will collapse the system, likely starving migrants from the Middle East and Africa serving as the Sea People.
        If somehow we get through that, the collapse will be catabolic and over a few centuries population will decline to a sustainable level. that of at most 1900.
        It won’t be nice but mankind will probably make it,

  43. I think it’s a bit naive to believe this will just suddenly go away like the common cold. The Spanish flu pandemic was a problem for over 2-years and the population was smaller and more rural. Not to mention people were not traveling as far or as often as we do today.

    I’m not saying we need to shut down companies and close schools, I am saying we should at least employ the most basic precautions; wear a mask in public when you go to the store. wash your hands with disinfectant, and allow employees to work home office as much as possible. 

    Your own Mayo clinic has stated that after effects of being infected with CV-19 include: “Other organs affected by blood clots include the lungs, legs, liver and kidneys. CV-19 can also weaken blood vessels, which contributes to potentially long-lasting problems with the liver and kidneys.” 

    You think people would take this pandemic a bit more seriously and do whatever is practical to help minimize transmission in an effort to curtail its spread.


    • There’s zero evidence any of these measures work. It’s just gesture politics so the Covidians can signal how much they care. Covid is just another virus we have to contend with as living creatures. We can mitigate the impact with some reasonable measures, as we do with all of the other viruses and bacteria that make us ill.

      • I live in an area that just experienced an unusual for October cold snap with very cold temps and snow. You can stand outside in a cloth mask for two minutes and see how little good it does.

      • That’s the part that baffles me with the believers. They say herd immunity and thus a vaccine might not work because Covid seems to change like the flu, i.e. it’s just going to be around.

        So, I ask what’s the point of all this. If we can’t stop it, if we can at best slow it down which leads to you the same place just a tad later, why don’t we just go back to our normal lives.

        They say no, it means we must always be vigilant. If we slow it down, we save lives. I ask how. They get mad at my presumed obstinence and stare at me with that frustrated face that I’ve come to know so well. Never an answer.

        How does slowing down the spread of Covid save lives? (I agree that it could slightly prolong some lives because some people get it a few months later, but we’re not changing the final outcome.)

        There’s only three outcomes:

        Herd immunity – best plan is to protect the most vulnerable and let the virus run as fast as possible through the healthy population

        Vaccine (with the false assumption that this is a horrible, horrible killer) – best plan is to slow the spread to buy time. But, again, this isn’t generally what people seem to saying is the plan. (Also, again, Covid isn’t a horrible killer so this is dumb anyway, but at least there’s an end game.)

        Covid never goes away – best plan is to just live our lives and deal with it as we’ve dealt with viruses for thousands of years.

        All of these outcomes have an end game.

        • “How does slowing down the spread of Covid save lives?” I can think of at least two reasons:

          1. Slowing the rates of infection minimizes the acute care caseload. Remember “Flatten the curve”? This is especially important for cases requiring hospitalization and especially ICU, as those are always in limited supply.
          2. A slower, drawn-out pandemic gives more chance for effective treatments to be developed and deployed.

          I’d say both of those are pretty important reasons.

          • Except the hospitals were never overwhelmed.

            As to your second point, that has some validity. But the question is always “At what cost?” We 100% could save lives (and reduce injuries) by reducing the max speed limit to 45 mph, but we don’t because we’ve decided that it’s too much of a disruption.

            The question is never as simple as “Should we put in measures to slow the spread so we might save some lives?” That’s a question little kids and women ask. Men ask the question, “What is the cost of putting in measures to slow the spread to possibly save lives vs the cost of those measures on society?”

            What has been the cost to workers who lost jobs, increased depression, kids not learning because virtual schools are a joke, small businesses going under, etc.? Those costs need to be compared to the lives “saved” by better treatments developed by slowing the spread.

          • There was an argument a short shutdown at the beginning was acceptable until we better understood what the virus would be like, because we couldn’t trust anything coming out of China. There is no excuse now. The cost of any shutdown far exceeds any benefits in lives “saved.”

          • I must disagree with your first comment. Early in the pandemic, hospitals in Italy, Spain, perhaps elsewhere, were in fact horribly unprepared for the initial wave.
            I agree that — so far — in the USA there hasn’t been such a crisis. But several hospitals have come close to their limits. An important point: at any given time, and especially in a given geographical area, there are only so many regular hospital beds, much fewer ICU beds, and even less ventilators available. Due to cost-containment, all those expensive resources are sized for “normal” times.
            You can’t just expand those capacities at the stroke of a pen. Even six months into the pandemic, how much capacity has been added? Even if money is no object, how much could be added? As some wise ass once noted, if your objective is to produce a baby, even hiring nine women won’t reduce the timetable to one month 🙂
            Medical personnel have high rates of COVID-19 infection for obvious reasons. They probably spread the virus to uninfected patients, despite the best precautions. But when they’re seriously ill, that’s one less medical worker to treat patients.
            If access to medical care were the only criterion (it’s not), then, any measures that would stretch out the pandemic and keep the peak numbers of illness minimized, would maximize access to acute care for the severely ill.
            I fully agree with you re the non-medical (economic, social) costs of measures to combat the pandemic (lockdowns, business closures, etc.). Trade-offs, there are always trade-offs.
            How do we balance the presumed benefits of restrictions in name of public health, against the undeniable economic (etc.) costs these will create?

          • Early in the pandemic, hospitals in Italy, Spain, perhaps elsewhere, were in fact horribly unprepared for the initial wave.

            Which is why the shut down for the first couple of weeks was likely justified. Lack of knowledge about the severity plus Italy and Spain made a lock down reasonable. But as data came in and hospitals weren’t overwhelmed and patterns began to emerge, we should have changed course. We’re nine months in and people act like we haven’t learned anything.

          • The Big Media-Government Complex protects us from learning anything based on Covid facts and experience. Its word is the word. Americans mustn’t get ideas above their station.

          • You really are a total waste of time, space, and oxygen. Z could use a “commenters to skip” feature like Unz has.

          • I’ll second that. As with TDS, there seems to be CDS (COVID derangement syndrome).

            With CDS, One seems to catch this syndrome and it’s first affect is that you cease to learn and adapt your behavior as the body of knowledge expands. You are stuck, frozen in time so to speak, however you are not prevented from sharing your antiquated understanding with others—indeed, it seems you feel encouraged to share your misunderstand.

          • Ben, you are spouting, old, discredited information. Stop it. I’ll illustrate one example of you tired old/incorrect ranting—ventilator shortage. In short, there is none and never was!

            Early on there was fear of ventilator shortage. Perhaps there even was in a second rate country like Italy. But in the US that never happened, as I told you the national stock pile was there as a back stop and our production abilities for more ready and able to produce.

            NYC was allocated from stock and they never ran out. I not even sure the utilized their (NYC) own stock pile 100%. What was learned was that ventilators were not effective (as in 80% of patients put on died) and perhaps even contraindicated for Covid treatment. None-the-less, Trump put GM and other companies to work and now we have ventilators coming out the ass and little need for such in current Covid-19 treatment.

          • How do we balance the presumed benefits…”

            By shutting down or restricting all travel, of course.

            Even more jobs– border inspectors!!

            (The African told me one needs two weeks to get approval to travel out of town in his country. Can’t remember which country has Ahamsa, Oromo, Trigani.)

          • See: “iatrogenic risk.” Sometimes, doing nothing is less harmful than doing something stupid.

          • Hospitals have been overwhelmed with regular seasonal flu in the past. They were never overwhelmed with this. Thinking they might be could have been good policy but the way they went about it was awful.

          • COVID shows that the emperor has no clothes and that simple Flu + can crush the health care system no matter how its configured.

            IMO here.
            Frankly other than the bug people , most folks are starting to realize that the State as configured can’t even help create conditions worth living in and that corporations can’t do it either.
            And while we don’t get any news in the US, lock-down riots are breaking out all over in Europe. People are pissed.
            No wonder the elite are acting crazy, everyone knows how bad they are and its going to slowly move to “they have to go to system has to go.”
            No idea what we’ll get, probably a collapse of the national and world orders sooner than later. This means most corporation that depend on consumerism will go with it.
            No doubt the elite will try all manner of evil shite, The Great Reset , Agenda 20xx , Gates Vaccine Chips, anything and it might slow the decent but the forces are in order for a total collapse.
            The key is to be able to control your area for your people and the resources needed to survive.

          • Ben has been lectured repeated wrt cost/benefit analysis, but never attempts such. It’s a waste of breath to discuss such with him—even though such figures are now readily available if you take the time to look.

          • neither of those is true. Our hospitals were CLOSED DOWN for 3 months for covid. they are full of people who didn’t get treatment then. the number of covid patients in IUC is near zero at the large hospital in an urban area that a family member of mine works in. they are an ICU nurse. sorry, but the media is lying to you.

          • I would be watching for a rise in the overall death rate from all causes starting in April and probably peaking a around now or the first of the year. The reason? All those people with serious but treatable conditions who didn’t get their treatments and are now doomed.

            If we had honest people studying public health or epidemiology they would probably eventually conclude that the response to Covid killed more people than it saved. There probably are such people but they are keeping quiet to keep their jobs or just being ignored.

          • Our hospital actually had to create a commercial that counseled people who are having chest pain or stroke like symptoms that it’s okay to actually come into the hospital. Because what they found is that people were delaying coming in for treatment. Once they had their third STEMI die in the ED they figured the commercial might help.

          • No, Ben is lying to us. He has been intellectually lazy. The data is there and he refuses to investigate such—but does not spare us his ignorance.

          • The medical brother, a nurse and nurse educator, cannot find a job.
            Nurses etc are being furloughed or laid off everywhere.

          • … the large hospital in an urban area that a family member of mine works in. they are an ICU nurse.

            Who is “they”? Does your family member not have any particular sex? A split personality? An identical twin that he or she trades shifts with?

          • You can add to your reasons that it saves unicorn lives and tickles the fancy of the leprechauns, because it is all complete horse shiesse.

          • Except that all these measures come with costs, and not just economic costs but lost appointments and missed treatments for a whole host of medical conditions many of which are more serious than Covid19.

          • Are there any widely publicized counts of how many dead from lack of health care and skipped treatment, surgeries, etc?

          • ICU’s are *not always* in limited supply. They can be increased and/or cases balanced among hospitals. As shown in the previous spike, the military has capacity to increase hospital beds quickly on demand. And as was shown in the previous spike, the worse areas *never* ran out of beds! All we had for our efforts in NYC, was an empty hospital ship (USS Hope) and an empty 1000 bed Jacob Javits Center.

            ICU’s—even in good years (pre-Covid)—run seasonally into the 90%+. It’s good business to keep an expensive utility fully operational and generating income.

            Here, the local contrarians looked up the ICU utilization last year, pre-Covid,1919—96% during the months Covid (2020) was raging—Mar, Apr, May. Mostly due to the flu cases received. No one voiced concern then. When the Gov decreed no elective surgery, the ICU occupancy plummeted and hospitals were going bankrupt and staff laid off. Yet we never reached overcapacity in ICU’s—not for that matter even 2019 levels.

            Ben, you’ve been 100% wrong on Covid in every aspect for going on a year now. Do you read any of the literature with a critical eye. Or do you just like coming back for a beating every post?

          • Except that we’ve done that. The hospitals got a crash course in treatment back in March- April. New techniques and therapies were developed and they have a much better record for treatment now.

          • The hospital my wife and I worked at was so underwhelmed with covid pts that hundreds were laid off, including the two of us. Due to canceling all elective surgeries and procedures the hospital lost 40 million dollars in the month of May.

        • Little known fact: mumps, measles, rubella, (leprosy and polio), had all experienced a 97% decline before mass inoculation began in 1965.

          (Electricity, running fresh water, and water treatment had done the trick.)

          A miracle vaccine will end up simply being a second flu shot. A guess with a lot of hits and misses, as well as unacknowledged deaths and spread from the shot itself. These are weakened but live viruses, after all.

          It’s those bi-annual boosters, 2nd and 3rd and 72nd additions, tests, mandates, certifications, and audits that weigh heavily.

          But imagine the jobs!

          • As I always say, your neighbourhood plumber has saved a 100 times more lives than your local MD.

      • Hell, people were still living normal lives for centuries when tuberculosis used to be a death sentence. Like Peter Hitchens says, We really do sanitize our mortality too much

      • The best we can can do is sanitation and normal cleanliness. Which we are quickly losing as we invite the third world into the USA.

    • I agree. You do not have to minimize the seriousness of the disease to recognize that the establishment is using it as an excuse to further their social, financial and political aims.

      • But the seriousness of the disease has been wildly exaggerated in order for the rulers to further their aims. Frankly, conservatives always fall for this trap. They think the middle ground is accepting the premise of the Left, while disputing some of their conclusions. In the end, they end up embracing all of the conclusions.

        • Yes. I was unclear. The disease is deadly to those with certain vulnerabilities and possibly the elderly. But the establishment has propagandized us into thinking it is deadly for all.

        • And exactly what aims are they furthering?

          We all know how you hate being told what to do. When asked to put on a mask in public, you jump to the conclusion they’ll soon start rounding you up in box cars and haul you off to FEMA camps..

          I’m sure you all cringe every time you have to get in a car built after 1968 since they now all have mandatory (gasp) seat belts! Oh the horror of being restrained against your will in your own personal vehicle!! How do you live with it?

          Here in Europe, we’ve figured out that the average person is simply too stupid and too inconsiderate to do the right thing without being asked. But maybe Americans are different and everyone always does the right thing. Here in Europe,we have public laws. We even have one that bans people from shitting on the sidewalks – something California hasn’t yet figured out.

          It’s not that they’re trying to take our freedom away, they’re just trying to protect the public from something that is quite harmful, and has long term effects. Maybe it’s not the right solution. But what can it harm anyone to wear a mask for a short time when in public to help reduce the spread?

          • Sweden is being phased out. It was useful for a while to have a place where socialism (sort of) worked but these days it’s just an example of the failure of mass immigration and its lack of heavy handed Covid measures suggests that it may no longer be the Big Government paradise we’ve all been told. So please cease all references to this mythical country.

          • It seems that pattern recognition has been bred out of the Deutsche. Required (or forbidden) public garb is a time-honored tactic of societal control for the hard left (and the right in a certain country via the Nuremberg laws). E.g., people who wore hats (as opposed to worker’s caps) in 1937 Madrid would be shot on sight, banning of crucifixes in 1920’s Mexico, etc. The reason is that the daily, self-enforced act of subjugation deadens the spirit and kills the mind. Remember, THEY WANT YOU DEAD. Assuming good intentions is just assinine at this point.

          • Karl, you’ve made some decent comments in the past. I’ve tried to look at certain things from the European perspective, cut you some slack. But there is no middle ground with this idiocy. You’ve jumped the damned humpback whale. I DON’T WANT TO BE PROTECTED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

          • People with nursery school mentalities want somebody to protect them. Alas, the developmentally retarded seem to be all around us.

          • I find it supremely ironic that a German is lecturing Americans about the probability of boxcars carting people off to camps. Will history record that there weren’t six gorillion COVID deaths because we obeyed the “directives” to wear our masks and socially distance? The more rabid Covidians want deaths. If the virus won’t deliver them then enforcing the directives must.

          • Also forgotten is that “they” themselves proposed the yellow star as a sign of protected status and compliance, a kind of HealthPass.

            The owners of the media believe their own bullshit. This is why their fantasies and inversions look like conspiracies- because “boxcars” are another something they want to do “back” to us.

          • The reason CA has no bans on shitting in public (enforced, at least) is because the government has decided they do not mind. Why would I trust the opinion of those who do not care about an actual health hazard, now telling me I have to wear a mask for the angry flu? Its almost like they have other motivations in play perhaps or are not actually qualified to render such opinions.

          • Ja, ve haff ze laws to make everyone gut! And eef anyting go wrong, we can haff the American schweinhunds rescue us from our own government again, ja?

          • For me, I see it as the government demanding that I wear a mask to both protect myself and others. In short, I am involuntarily made servant (slave?) to my fellow Man without my consent. The precedent set is a dangerous one. But of course, most Europeans I guess are not of that opinion—subservience having been bred into them.

          • “…rounding you up…”

            New Zealand has lost 25 people since this began. Twenty-five.

            Empress Jacinta has now created quarantine camps. If you refuse to test, you go in for a second 14-day quarantine– until you submit. No appeals.

          • It’s not that they’re trying to take our freedom away, they’re just trying to protect the public from something that is quite harmful, and has long term effects.

            We are still removing our shoes at airports a generation after some dimwitted British Muslim tried to blow up a plane with his sneakers. The State assures us, though, because no dimwitted British Muslim has taken down a plane by igniting his shoes this small intrusion has been worth it!

          • This doesn’t deserve down-votes since it vigorously illustrates the difference between European dissidents and American ones,
            IMU European Dissidents are mostly anti immigration, keep Europe European or even outright Nativist (Keep Germany German) with some pro fertility reforms but otherwise favor the big state so common in crowded areas,
            The DR in America in America is highly anti government and many of its memebers do not belive it can be reformed even with our guys in charge. I’d argue most DR don’t trust anyone with power and want to diminish available authority
            They want it gone down to a size that as Grover Norquist once put it “Small enough you could drown it in a bathtub.”
            Its not unreasonable in DR circles to consider getting rid of State schools for example
            Most others are Small state to one degree or another. Paleoconservative without the morality policing is pretty common.
            Only a minority of DR, myself among them are closer to the European model secular and OK with a sizable government we run or outright moralist /Christian Authoritarian Right and after the mask nonsense the later two factions have taken a drubbing.

          • Most DR types seem to be hoping for a Pinochet style dictator to come to their rescue. It’s kind of creepy that the DR folk would welcome a dictator into power who just as easily cart their asses off to the local incinerator for processing,.
            As long as the DR has no real manifesto or set of beliefs, goals, etc. It’s going to attract a lot of anachist/authoritarian types.

          • Modernity is extremely complex and requires a firm hand to avoid turning into hell.
            Given that most of us think that democracy and the republic are part of the problem not the solution, its no wonder that we crave an authoritarian state.
            Historically Right Wing authoritarian states are decent places to live for regular people.
            Sure Antifa types or Reds end up with helicopter rides or worse but Joe Q Citizens and especially Right Wing people thrive.
            Lastly a lot of do not think anything but a strong dictator can restore patriarchy and that is a nigh mandatory component of a DR society.

          • The left has been grooming us to accept a left wing dictator for years. We’re in the process of seeing this transformation completed, especially if they do succeed in court packing. If that does work, even the thin veil of democracy is gone.
            Further Egalitarianism is not going to defeat a left-wing dictator. This is not 1776, where it may have been possible to exist under the eyes of the state. A left-wing dictator can only be met fairly by a right-wing counter part. Lots here seem to understand this.

          • The fear of power and authority permeates a lot of the Right.
            That needs to stop and power as a positive value needs to be embraced.

      • THE disease. THE virus. Reminds me of when I first met real New Yorkers in college and they talked about THE city. Definite articles seem to comfort stupid people – something about limiting thought patterns by limiting language patterns. Gee, what a new idea.

    • I think it’s a bit naive to believe this will just suddenly go away like the common cold. 

      Nobody thinks it will go away. What us heretics think, is that the population will get immune and C-19 will be just another one among dozens of endemic viruses that sometimes give you the sniffles and off a few derelict geezers every year – indeed like the common cold.

      Your own Mayo clinic has stated that after effects of being infected with CV-19 include: “Other organs affected by blood clots include the lungs, legs, liver and kidneys. CV-19 can also weaken blood vessels, which contributes to potentially long-lasting problems with the liver and kidneys.” 

      Like with many such viruses, there’s a number of cases where you develop secondary problems, but we only hear about it with Covid-19. The vast majority of these cases recover after a few months.

      Which brings us to the “potentially long-lasting” effects – “potentially” really is very apposite, since we’ve only had it for a year. In other words the fuckers are just guessing, and as with Climate Cult, you’re a heretic if you don’t subscribe to the absolute worst case scenario.

      • I’d rather die 10 years before my time than live the rest of my life in fear, with my every action dictated to me by petty tyrants.

        Living in fear is not living at all. I’ll take my chances with a mostly non-lethal virus.

      • Like 99% of the population, I got the “normal” flu every year. But after a few days of feeling poorly and then recovering, I never had any long lasting effects.

        CV-19 is not your average flu bug. Why is that so difficult to understand?

        • But after a few days of feeling poorly and then recovering, I never had any long lasting effects.

          And 99% of C-19 victims don’t get any lasting effects, most of them don’t get symptoms at all.

          CV-19 is not your average flu bug.

          Close enough.

          • I detect, as with Ben, Karl is another victim of CDS—Covid Derangement Syndrome. That is probably another “long lasting effect” of Covid, and you don’t even need to contract the virus.

          • An illness that doesn’t make you sick.
            But it might get Karen! If you haven’t already infected her with racism!

          • How exactly do you define “close enough”? The average flu death count in the US is about 20k. Covid-19 has already killed 10 times the standard flu, and it has yet to infect half the population. “Close enough” seems to mean “I’m inconvenienced slightly, so let me dismiss something that doesn’t affect me personally.” Conservatives always fall into that trap. Stem-cell research is bad cuz I don’t need it. War is okay because it doesn’t affect me. Covid-19 doesn’t exist because I want a hamburger. When Trump goes down in flames next week, it will be this side of the aisle which led him there.

          • Flu deaths are 20K in a good year. Typical average is closer to twice that. Once or twice a decade, we get approach 100k. But neither stat is relevant to the issue.

            CDC published their estimates of the effectiveness of their flu vaccine every year. Google it. Basically 38% is typical. 38%! Covid vaccine is probably not going to be any more effective. Remember, just about every other bad Coronavirus we’ve encountered has been worse (more deadly) than this, and we didn’t get a vaccine for them.

            Since this Covid Is new (novel) it will need to burn through the population (inevitable, regardless of precautions and lockdowns). We’ll see what the annual death settles down to after a couple of years stat’s accrue. Inevitably, we’ll live with it as we do the flu—even if the death toll settles into the 100k or more per year range.

          • The flu doesn’t turn the US or Europe or the Anglo Sphere into East Germany and isn’t being used as an excuse for globalist power grab over what is in the real world a few casualties.
            Compared to having an economy and a somewhat free society, even the worst case projections are well worth the cost.

          • You have absolutely no scientific basis to be making the statement “has yet to infect half the population”. We only know about the cases where people have actually been tested.
            We do know however that many people show minimal or NO symptoms – so it’s reasonable to assume that there are MANY people who have likely “caught” the virus and done nothing about it – including not been tested.

            The reality is that NOBODY knows exactly how deeply into the population the virus has gone – without testing EVERYBODY. Which seems to be an effort the TPTB have completely given up on.

        • Because it behaves like your average flu bug, it kills those same folks that the average flu bug kills (actually the young even less), and the chart of deaths is shaped very similar to the seasonal flu death chart (seasonal flus sometimes have a ‘second wave’ of deaths, as we see in the USA here’. What drives ‘cases’ is increases in *positive tests* – nothing more.

          last 3 weeks are the dots, CDC doesn’t have all numbers in yet.

          • Your average flu doesn’t kill 230k people and produce 300k excess deaths. Nice job of taking a single chart that you don’t understand out of context.

            “it kills those same folks that the average flu bug kills”

            But waaaaay more of them. And some sick and some young, more than your average flu. But keep that up. “I’m not personally affected so whatever.” The whatever clapback comes next week. Don’t cry when it happens.

          • According to your calculations, the price of the lockdowns is a mere 70K deaths. Killing them with kindness.

          • Explain “excess deaths” and why you do not include such for the “flu”? Citations to literature would be helpful.

          • Oh well, maybe you don’t get this but no one here cares. Our life or that of loved ones will end no matter what we do if not from this bug or a civil war, old age or from something else.
            We accept that and would rather notlive in fear or tyranny for a little more time. Its not worth it.
            And note we don’t care what you want either. People who don’t live liberty more than life are unfit to be our countrymen.

            To borrow part of a Sam Adams quote

            We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you,and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

          • The actual Covid death toll is FAR below 230K. Of those 230K deaths, only 6% demonstrably died from Covid.

          • An eighty year old that wants their grandchildren locked up and their futures ruined… to slightly decrease their own mortality risk… is a very sick individual symptomatic corona or no.

        • I was hospitalized for pneumonia at age 6 in the early 70s. I was susceptible to bouts of wheezing and upper respiratory infections well into my 30s. Should Nixon have stopped the American economy because of my ailment? The type of restrictions being put in place around the World would be justifiable if dead bodies were being stacked like cordwood but that is definitely not the case.

          • Should Nixon have stopped the American economy because of my ailment?

            What a dumb point. Your single ailment is not remotely in the same league as something that has killed 200,000 already. What you and other denialists are really saying is that you’re inconvenienced — evidenced by your endless screeching over trivial mask requirements — so it shouldn’t matter. Conservatives ALWAYS do that. Unless something personally affects them, they don’t care. In the middle of a pandemic, their first concern, however else they’ll deflect from this, is “the economy” — their pocket books, their ability to get a hamburger and watch football (don’t even try to deflect with fake concern about other people’s jobs). Remember that when Biden wants to amnesty 20 million immigrants and import another 30. Should Biden stop GDP growth because of your concerns? Using your logic, nope.

          • Then lets compare apples to apples. Why didn’t the country, and the world, come to a screeching halt for the pandemics of 1957 or 1968? I’ll save you the trouble: because pantywaists like you were in short supply.

          • There seems to be more supporting citations from the denialists than you present. Your argument is basically to present gratuitous assertions. And such is adequately refuted with another assertion.

          • You’ve got absolutely no basis to your claim that 200,000 have been killed by the Cornholeya virus – unless you want to put up the EXACT specification for how those deaths get attributed to the virus.

            There are already copious examples out there showing how deaths attributed to the virus were likely due to something else – but have been ticked off in the Covid column because it brings in funding.
            That 200,000 number is HIGHLY suspect.

            And that makes anybody who rests their argument on using that number suspect as well.

      • Just trying to understand, why is the image of Von Stroheim, every lefty’s nightmare? Are you saying Lefty’s are all anti-Dentite’s? Von Stroheim is clearly a Dentite to all but Helen Keller.

      • Stanford just asked the CDC for samples so they can study it.
        The CDC has no samples, only a tiny bit of potentially related RNA.

        • Back in July the CDC released a document on how to test for the WuFlu virus.
          Get yours here.

          On page thirty nine is this stunner
          “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, “

          They do not have it.
          They then tell you how to fake it so you can test for it.

    • Sweden still exists. Never locked down, just quarantined the vulnerable and accepted that other people were going to get sick. Now they are laughing at the rest of Europe as they destroy their economies.

        • Well, you can’t commit suicide in sacrifice to the New World Order if you are already dead.

      • In fact, Sweden treated their geezers atrociously, practically tried to kill them off. The staffs of the retirement homes were ordered by the government to put C-19 cases on palliative care, which is to say give them up for dead already, stop giving them actual medicine and just pump them full of morphine – a drug that suppresses respiration. They were specifically prohibited from giving them oxygen and from sending sick people to a hospital.

          • The population density of NYC & New Jersey is far greater than Sweden, so obviously the initial mortality figures will be higher simply because the virus spreads faster there and more easily through vulnerable populations. Further, Sweden doesn’t have the same problem with obesity / general poor health, so it’s an apple to oranges comparison. Those figures by themselves say nothing about the effectiveness of whatever each respective area is doing. Try harder.

            New Jersey: 1,207.8 people / square mile. America’s most population density state.

            NYC: 27,013 people per square mile; 70,000 for Manhattan.

            Sweden: 57.5 people per square mil.

            There’s your difference math-challenged denialists.

          • Most people in Sweden live in the cities.
            Stockholm has a population density of 13,000 per square mile about half that of NYC, more than that of Chicago.
            Its plenty enough to show that not locking down is unnecessary.

        • You are the only source a I’ve heard on this, but I take your word for it as I trust your postings and you are there—almost. However, the point brought up wrt to handling the disease spread via herd immunity efforts seems not to be invalidated by the harsh treatment of oldsters.

          No one I’ve read on this blog has ever mentioned de facto euthanasia of the vulnerable, only a focused effort to quarantine them, rather than the entire population in order to in some way protect those vulnerable few.

      • Belarus also exists, albeit a bit precariously because of CIA interference in its governance. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko recommended field work, a sauna and vodka as the best defense against COVID-19. To my knowledge no mass graves are being dug or funeral pyres of bodies are being built in Minsk.

      • Check your facts – As of Oct. 13, Sweden’s per capita death rate is 58.4 per 100,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins University data, 12th highest in the world (not including tiny Andorra and San Marino).

          • What is it with this denialist crowd and cherry picking? Sweden is about to undergo a lockdown as its covid mortality is the 12th highest in the world, out of more than 150 nations. How exactly do you people think it’s appropriate to compare whole nations to parts of other nations without adjusting for things like population density and health, among other factors?

            Sweden ‘to start lockdowns’ as it has world’s 12th highest Covid-19 death rate

            But according to the Johns Hopkins University, which measures worldwide data on the pandemic, the country now has the 12th highest death rate in the world, with 58.4 per 100,000 people. This is 10 times the figure in neighbouring Norway and Finland.


          • MSN News? Really? In fact, in just the past few days Sweden relaxed restrictions on gathering sizes and encouraged the elderly to stop isolating. Nice try.


          • How does anyone think it appropriate to treat people like serfs and restrict their freedoms? Lock yourself inside if you want, but seriously fuck off if you think anyone has the authority to force me to do so

          • This right here. If You’re worried about covid or anything then stay home. if you have a fear of flying, don’t fly. I’m not going to fuck with you over your decisions. It’s your business even if I think it’s retarded. You have the right to be retarded.

            ” But but it’s not about me it’s about protecting others!!”. Then protect the vulnerable you know about. Never in history have we locked down healthy people. “But you don’t know who’s healthy!!!” And you never will.

        • You believe Hopkins?
          Since early October 2018 I have been to 68 (and that’s an undercount) Hokins medical appointments for what was supposed to be six week fix.
          It was Hopkins, of course who hosted the pre-covid seminar (attended by the Gates team) on what to do given a convenient corona-virus. The also organized the 2002? or thereabouts “Dark Winter” seminar which is currently being rolled out.

          Come the revolution they’ll be among the first into the wood-chipper.

          After you, of course.

        • And why aren’t masks mandatory in Japan? Because wearing them has been part of their collective culture for decades. They don’t have to be told, they just do it out of respect for each other.

          • Nice cherry picking, as usual for denialists. Flu spread and mortality has been noted as being unusually low in Japan for years. Of course, masks can’t stop the flu, but they can mitigate its spread and reduce mortality compared with nations that do not wear masks. The fact that flu exists in Japan disproves none of that.

            Study Reveals Mask-Wearers Get Less Sick From Coronavirus

            Gandhi pointed out that in the latest wave of infections in the United States, the more expansive use of masks and coverings could be an important factor for the lower mortality rates.

            Such trends are apparent in other countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Singapore, where mask-wearing was more quickly embraced early on in the pandemic. Severe cases of the virus and fatality rates there have remained relatively low.


          • Masks don’t stop virus transmission. The N95 masks only work for about 4 hours and have to be replaced.
            If cheap paper masks worked USAMRID wouldn’t need level 4 bio containment labs to work with Ebola, Marburg and other nightmarish viruses/
            Only the truly ignorant belive the crap being spewed by hysterical female doctors on TV.
            BTW if you want protection you need P100 respirators which are a serious PITA to wear. You generally only see workers who deal with nasty solvents and paints who wear them.
            And don’t forget researches have found high virus loads in fecal material and bathrooms. At the very least you better install a UV light source in there.

        • Another bad comparison. Japan is obsessive about wearing facemasks and has been so for many years; masks are indeed mandatory for anyone displaying symptoms of an illness. You know, masks, the thing this website endlessly harps about despite evidence they do indeed work, at least somewhat.

          Japan is a collectivist country where people are more concerned about the health of the nation-state and fellow citizen (even grandma) than they are about going out to get a hamburger. Thus, that country is filled with conscientious people.who practice social distancing, cancel unnecessary gatherings, obey ordinances, and do things like wear face masks when appropriate and without having to be told by the government.

          Contrast that with the West — endless shaming of people who wear masks in public (courtesy of Mr. RamzPaul who wrote on Twitter than we should encourage punching people spotted wearing masks in public), endless screeching about having to wear “face diapers”, endless conspiracy theories, endless complaining.

          Well, you know what they say. Culture is downstream of biology. Japan has the world’s highest mean IQ for any nation. Japan, as a result, also has a competent government capable of quickly isolating infected people.

          no lockdowns

          That’s not really true. Japan closed their school system early on to prevent spread. Unlike this country, they were quick to act.

          • Endless shaming of those who wear masks in public? What planet do you live on? The reality is that non-mask wearers are looked at askance by armies of concern trolls like yourself. I have not once witnessed a mask wearer getting berated by a pack of “denialists” but I sure as hell have seen those without a mask get growled at by spittle-flecked panic mongers like you.

    • You think people would take this pandemic a bit more seriously and do whatever is practical to help minimize transmission in an effort to curtail its spread.

      For me personally, I travelled out and about during the lockdown. I saw no evidence of the plague that the media was pushing… none at all. This appears to be serious to the usual subset of people – the Diamond Princess case (promptly forgotten) – also indicated how tepid this thing was; again claiming the usual suspects.

      I have no reason to take this seriously. I also feel no obligation to others to ‘mask up’ in their presence because they are fearful that I may carry it – not least because it most probably does not help. How many other diseases could this be applied to by a sufficiently feminine society? How meek will we allow ourselves to get?

      To make me take notice, and take this seriously, I’d need to be seeing thousands dying from a noticeable disease daily. And increasing. Like I say, for me, the press mania just didn’t tally with my immediate reality.

      Although it is a nice excuse to work from home.

      • To come near to justifying what’s been done over the last 9 months and into the foreseeable future everyone should have had a previously healthy immediate family member drop dead from this thing. Everyone. But like someone said earlier, I know of no one personally who has died of this. Not one person. Understanding the depths of gullibility of most people is the worst part of this because cowardice and lack of reason have no cure.

        • My aunt has been exclaiming how her 60ish year old brother died of Covid, conveniently omitting the fact he has been on death’s door for two years. Nice lady, but insufferable in her want of attention.
          Our life if so uneventful and mundane these morons are trying to will a real crisis into being. These same people will be useless when SHTF becomes a reality.

        • We should have a game like “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” for Covid. How many people you know who know someone who know someone who died from it. Mine is Herman Cain with probably about ten degrees of separation. I suspect the real reason people have so few examples in their real lives, is because they know firsthand the real cause of death for someone who also had Covid.

          • Exactly.I have friends and family in health care, and none of THEM know anyone who has died of COVID, absent serious comorbidities. They spent the plan-demic being bored stiff. I know of four or five people who have had positive tests; exactly one was symptomatic (he’s a doc who got it very early on). Meanwhile, thanks to stupid regulations I have family members who need to get tested every time someone near them comes down with the sniffles, before they can go back to work. In just my immediate family we’re up to at least seven negative tests now. I’d say this whole thing is too retarded for words, but don’t want to insult the cognitively impaired.

      • “I saw no evidence of the plague that the media was pushing”

        “I haven’t seen it myself, therefore it doesn’t exist.”

        I seem to recall conservatives laughing at journalists in the 1980s for claiming they couldn’t imagine how Reagan won because they didn’t personally know anyone who voted for him.

        • So, you’ve seen piles of dead bodies on the street corners and mass graves? Or, you know other people who have?

    • You think people would take this pandemic a bit more seriously

      You mean they should be more reverent. In Catholic schools when kids talked or cut up in mass, the nuns said the kids were being sacrilegious by not taking mass seriously.

    • I guess I should stop washing my hands after defecation, because it ranks equally with covering your face when you cough?

      Regardless of all of this being co-opted by those driven by ego alone, basic sanitation is modernity.

      Having cancer of my immune system, I thank everyone not to cough on my observations

        • Work is fine. But “live our lives” is just boomer talk for tailgating and getting plastered at your neighborhood NFL party. Let’s not pretend this is anything other than selfish boomer and gen-xer’s who are mad at being inconvenienced and are trying to rationalize some excuse for doing nothing so they can go back to having a good time. This country is doomed. And it’s not all the left’s fault.

      • Stay home if you are sick like that, wear a mask if you think it will help but leave the rest of us in peace.

    • Karl, What is going on in Germany? It is not really reported here but it looks like Germany is experiencing sharp spikes. Why is that? Germany was held up as a model but failed to contain the virus. As soon as they partially opened up they virus surged. What did they fail to do?

      • We’re seeing spikes in a lot of places in Europe, not just Germany.

        When this first started back in March and April, Germany imposed a lock down in areas where people congregated; cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc. So for the most part, people were staying home and avoiding social gatherings. Home office was promoted where possible and in shops and stores, plastic barriers were put up on counters and at the check out registers to help minimize contact between workers and the public.

        Then the summer came and warmer weather naturally brings people back outside. But since our neighbors (France, Spain, Italy) were not safe places to go and were not keen on foreign tourists, most Germans did their summer holidays within Germany. Also many hotels and holiday villas shut down so there were few places to stay.

        Since the numbers were relatively low due to the previous period of lock down, everyone figured it was okay to go back to how things were before. But once people let down their guard; not distancing, not wearing masks in public, we’re once again seeing spikes just like we saw once this all started. It’s now the law in Germany that you must wear a mask when entering any public building, store, etc.

        I really don’t understand why Americans are so opposed to wearing a mask. Its as if the idea of being considerate towards other people is some huge imposition against your freedom. Were you not taught to put your hand over your mouth when you cough or sneeze or is that too much to ask in a public environment? No one is demanding that you wear it 24/7, just for the short time you’re out at the store or in public. Or do you all spend your entire day wandering around Walmart stocking up on toilet paper? (joking)

        Consider the average health care provider (e.g. dentists, dental hygienists and even manicurists) have been wearing masks as part of their daily work for decades. Do you not remember visiting a dentist in the past? And were they not wearing masks back then?

        I would argue your average dentist wears a mask 7 hours out of their 8 hour day. For all the recent claims that masks are harboring deadly bacteria and can cause respiratory infections and are somehow a threat to ones health simply from wearing them, it’s odd these people haven’t been dropping like flies before CV19.

        The idea of wearing masks isn’t to prevent you getting it, it’s to prevent you from spreading it in the event you’re infected. Which is why the Japanese have always been seen wearing masks long before CV19. Not to protect themselves, but as a common courtesy to protect others around them.

        Years ago, I used to take the public bus to work. In Germany, we don’t have special school buses as you do in America, so children take the same bus as everyone else. And in the winter, they cough and sneeze and touch everything with their dirty, snot covered fingers. And sure enough every year, I always got sick.

        Then I quit taking the bus and started walking to work. I’ve been doing it ever since, and haven’t gotten sick once. Point being, social distancing and avoiding sick people works. Washing your hands with sanitizers after being in public works.

        It’s not rocket science, just good basic hygiene.

        • just good basic hygiene.

          Yes it is. And if this was ebola? You would duct tape a mask on precious.

          But this isn’t that serious, I don’t see pandemic death, just an especially nasty flu, the kind that escapes from a research lab working with the h-spike protein.

          So let’s get on with either lots of masks or no masks, either works for me because I have to hide from every flu, every year because comorbidity.

          Just don’t drag this out please.

        • The use of a mask in an operating theater or dentist’s chair is to prevent spittle from entering a open wound. Get it? An open wound, when you’re standing inches away. And even there, multiple studies have shown that it’s generally not effective and is a practice that could be done away with.

          Do you have any evidence that the recent rise in positive tests can be attributed to the populations of Europe relaxing their vigilance? Here in the States, mask wearing has reached a religious level of compliance and most of our mask mandates were put in place during the same time frame as those in Europe. Do you honestly believe that as Americans have become more and more insane about mask wearing, Europeans, no matter the country, all relaxed their behaviors at the same time?

          I get the “correlation isn’t causation” bit, but when you start to get overwhelmed with real-world correlations, only a stubborn fool will continue to argue that there’s nothing to see here. Mask mandate or no mask mandate, the virus goes through its cycle unmolested.

          When you want to subvert long-established practices, when you want to dehumanize us and take away a primary method of communication, the onus is on you to present overwhelming evidence that such a step is worth its costs. That case has never been made by the maskers and 8 months into this experiment, it is now painfully obvious it never will be.

    • Much like with Globull Warming this mask business is a kernel of truth wrapped up in septic tank full of lies. A local health concern had a post on the science of why masks work, but even they couldn’t polish the lie since the gist of the post was that good masks work in regards in keeping sick people from making other people sick in very disciplined scenarios. In other words, they’re worse than useless for the healthy and poorly disciplined sick people (which, lets be honest, is pretty much everyone when it comes to mask usage and…much else). Link:
      (Note that even though the piece uses the word “science” it’s long on “maybe”s and “possibly”s)

      • this mask business is a kernel of truth wrapped up in septic tank full of lies.”

        That, exactly that.

    • The statistically proven fact is that rates of hospitalization and death are incredibly low. Higher than Influenza, yes, but 2 or 3 times a really small number is still a really small number.
      I did a rough calculation for Canada, and determined that your chance of dying from covid if you are less than 50 hrs old is slightly less than being struck by lightning. The number of people under 20yrs old who have died is 2….out of about 9700…..out of a population of 37.8 million.
      The economic, social, and psychological damage imposed by the authorities over what amounts to a bad flu season is not justified by the months of data that various countries have now compiled.

        • I was in Hogtown a couple years ago, going back to our Mississauga hotel from the Science Center on a Sunday evening at 6PM. It was December so it was dark and the solid stream of lights, red and yellow, across all 16 lanes, as far as the eye could see, was amazing. Dinner time on a Sunday, and the road was packed.

      • Ah, too much for your narrow mind? Opposite thoughts are so dangerous. Trust me. Germans know about these things.

        • Well, if Germans know about such things, they’ll obviously handle their new mask requirements with much enthusiasm and gusto. Americans however have, here-to-fore, not done well with these types of mandates and perhaps because, we’ve not experienced the same modern history as your country.

        • Let me thank Herr Karl for a bit of contrast.


          Edit: “covid denialism”

          Score! My gods, a perfect shot!

      • It’s a board for boomers who want to screech about the horrors of not being able to tailgate and being forced to wear a surgical mask outside for short periods of time — the humanity of it all!

        • Yet, for some strange reason, you feel the overwhelming need to grace us with your esteemed presence, eloquence and wit. How honored we are to have you here!

        • Where is the board for millennial pillow biters competing to be the most publicly craven? Go there

    • I feel like it’s sort of ungentlemanly if I said I sincerely wish I could somehow punch you right in the mouth. But… given that you sincerely wish to have my family muzzled and my community suppressed in a way that drives masses of my people to poverty and suicidal despair… I actually think I’m showing remarkable restraint and good nature for only such a mild and charitable response.

      I think it’s time we cultivated some healthy perspective. The left gets everything it wants and even us watch list dissidents still want to sit over tea and crumpets and be play the good ol’ marketplace of ideas game. That’s got to change.

      Think how outraged the left gets when you call a fat man in a dress by his actual name or if you presumptuously prevent a black man from murdering you. If we could summon even a fraction of that outrage for the complete annihilation of our dignity and autonomy as free adult men… things would change.

  44. I had to go see my doctor the other day and I already knew he was a pod person because we had a zoom appointment a long time ago. He sat down with his mask and his face shield and said do you have any questions for me? I said no because I had already resolved not to engage with him but he couldn’t stop himself it was like he was talking about his new girlfriend he was practically giddy. I pretty much refuse to say anything he never asked me a question about myself I said all I need is my prescription filled he was so disappointed when we were leaving he said that’s quick followed me all the way to the reception desk talking the whole time and the very last thing you said to me was don’t eat in restaurants! so dangerous! If he wasn’t always on time I would fire him

    • the very last thing you said to me was don’t eat in restaurants! so dangerous!

      Yes. You may get harassed by BLM or any number of other outfits that form the perpetual stream of anal discharge know as ‘the left’.

    • You know what, I got a hankering for a veggie omelet and bacon today. No bacon at home so what to do? I know, Gino’s special for lunch, Dr. Dave approved!

  45. The faster we get to the bottom, the higher it will be and the sooner we can begin the rebuild. The Covid crazy is intended to set the plebs to fighting among themselves and reduce community trust to zero. This distraction is the fog in which the elites hide and conceal their machinations. But that’s a game that two can play. Masks can neutralize Big Brothers’ omnipresent eye. Hide in the fog and strike from the fog. Oh the irony!

    • Ironically, it’s decreased community trust but increased family/close friend trust (for us, at least).

      I could barely understand our 3rd world servants before, it’s hopeless with masks and plexiglass now.

      But increased family trust is very bad for the ruling class especially as whites are now escaping diversity to just be with their families.

        • I’m finding sparks of light in the darkness. My wife is probably the most worried out of all the people I know and she at least acknowledges that they’re using this whole thing for nefarious purposes.

          The wife’s sister – who is a nurse, has come right out and said that the whole vaccine thing is complete and total BS- because by the time the vaccine arrives the disease will have run it’s course and be over.

          Saw a close friend over the weekend who is a firefighter and he came right out and said he thought the whole thing was completely overblown and the only people who really have something worried about is the oldsters.

          The wife and I have been taking our 2 year old son out walking on the local railtrail and hiking paths – and while we do see people out walking and bicycling with their masks on (friggin stupid!) – nobody has said a damn thing about us not wearing one. A few people even stop and will talk face to face – which marks them as a non-believer.

          So far – I haven’t had the displeasure of running across any of the true believer Covidians.

      • Another side of this mask stuff is that, while it provides semi-anonymity for any maskie willing to do violence (see Antifa/BLM), it also makes it easier for the unmasked to recognize each other. It becomes easier to regard the maskies as non-human NPCs who all look alike.

        • Not everyone wearing a mask is Antifa, and it’s best to avoid mobs and riots where you might run into one. Masks are ubiquitous everywhere these days. I’ve been in line at the grocery store and didn’t recognized a neighbor just in front of me. But I also recommend not getting unique tattoos and them leave them exposed. And put a pebble in your shoe when you leave the house.

  46. That’s why this election really matters because if we re-elect Trump then, well, nothing I guess. It’s the old, the alternative is worse, which it really is. Anywho.

    Check out Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forums predictions and plans from 2016. Thanks to Dave Cullen for doing this video:

  47. I still know only 2 people who got it, and nobody who died from it. And I know a lot of people.

    • I finally met someone last month who had it. Dude’s part of my riding group and went AWOL for three months. He didn’t want to spread it us and also didn’t want to scare us by telling us he had the COVID. We all like the guy and going silent was worse, but that’s old-school Japanese stoicism for you.

    • A couple of relations got deathly ill, one was out of work for weeks; but alas, both tested negative for the WuFlu, meaning that they’d gotten sick from something else.
      Beyond that, a former coworker was laid up in the hospital for a few days with what was purported to be Covid. He’s been a half a burrito away from the grave for twenty years, and the fact that he walked out the hospital in good health (for him) only made the virus hype look worse to me.

    • Someone I work with has been in full blown panic since this began, largely I believe to the influence of his hysterical wife. In any event, he was delighted to let everyone know he finally knew someone who died from it. He used it as an excuse to scold everyone and move conferences & appointments all under the rationale of “I know someone who got it, I do not want to wind up like them, how dare you question me.”

      She was 96 and had Alzheimer’s and was in a home. But “COVID” was how she was listed so how dare we try and deprive him of his pain and fear.

      • Yes. I know a C U Next Tuesday just like this. All to eager to remind us of the ‘real’ threat posed by COVID.

      • As the average life expectancy is about 82ish for women you could conclude that covid added about 13 years to her life and suggest that he tries catching it on purpose.

      • A lot of the people who died from “Covid”, whether it was really that or something else, were in the kind of condition where “strong breeze” could have been listed as the cause of death instead.

        • No doubt! Your comment made me realize I do know a flip side as well, a man whose late 80s grandmother died and was classified this way and he let everyone know it was bullshit, etc. But he wasn’t the kind to thrive on the attention/ religious ecstasy it would bring him.

        • The number from the CDC is that only 6% of those dying from covid didn’t have at least one “comorbidity”. Those listed as dying from it include the guy who died after he wrecked his bike one week after testing positive.

    • I am aware of a relative-several-times-removed-via marriage that died in NYC. Older and multiple comorbidities. I have also had several distant relatives in the past years die of respiratory illness of some sort. These deaths are not new, they’re just ‘scarier’ now that people have a evil spirit to blame: the demon Covid got ’em!

      • The real evil spirit is social media. Just like people feel they “know” celebrities, they also feel that they know the alleged victims of Covid mentioned on Twitter or Facebook.

        When your Facebook “friend”, whom you only know from playing Farmville 2, shares a status about a friend of a friend that was hospitalized with Covid, you feel like you have a connection to that case and hence you “know” someone who has Covid complications.

    • My wife had it. Nothing spectacular. I call it the glorified creeping crud. Had body aches and pains for about 6 hours, a hacking cought for about 2 days, and then a high temperature (102 max) which she took Ibuprofen to combat for about 2 days. She’s fine now. Worst has passed. She’s 67 but no underlying conditions. We don’t know where she got it, maybe from the pumpkin patch she took the grandkids that I did not go. I have no symptoms.

        • I don’t know about you, Pozy, but this Halloween I’m sitting in the Kovid patch waiting for the Great Kovid to arrive. Each year, from here on out, the Great Kovid will dispense victimhood and minor celebrity status to all the good little Karens and Kucks.

    • I know some folks who got it too. Its basically flu+ not a doomsday plague.
      Assuming Cali stats are accurate its about 2.5% fatal killing mostly people with compromised immune system or bad respiratory systems. Its apparently racists too as it kills Blacks and Latinos at a higher percentage under the same circumstances. maybe if we call it a bigot and a hater and cancel it it will go away eh?
      OK seriously , it is nasty but not super deadly.
      The thing beyond the power grab and the crazy is the PTB’s reaction is also tempered by the fact they are losing subjects to lord over.
      While eugenic population decline isn’t bad for society, it scares the crap out of everyone in charge since each person that dies will not be replaced, it permanent population shrinkage

      • They’re probably also worried that if it’s like everything else it kills more poor Latins and blacks than wealthier ones. It’s always been the poorer POCs that are the most reliable demographic for Dems. There’s also the simple fact that any infectious disease is going be worse in urban areas than rural ones and this slightly shifts the population balance back towards the latter.

      • I had it, if the tests are to be believed. Day and a half of very mild fever and some accompanying fatigue. Kind of like a less bad flu without the nasty vomiting and such. By the third day could function normally without complaint and was working out heavy again by day four.

        Know second hand of someone that actually died… friends mother, cancer patient, 96 and in a nursing home.

        It’s literally just the flu, bro.

    • I’ve known a couple dozen people who had it (including an 80+ year-old man with a heart condition who got after getting stents, followed by getting pneumonia), but I don’t know anyone who died from it. The hysteria just doesn’t match my lived experience, that’s for sure.

      • I like this. “Lived experience” & “your truth” need to become buzz words mockingly for our side with this.

      • My aunt lives in a nursing home. She’s 84, overweight, with diabetes and a pacemaker. She tested positive. They moved her to the temporary Covid quarantine wing for 10 days. She never had a symptom. Completely asymptomatic the whole time. The only thing that I can figure is that she never smoked and never had any lung problems like asthma.

        • My mother is in exactly the same position right now. She’s in a nursing home, overweight, type two diabetic, and has basically been chair bound for 10 years. along with three other residents she took the positive. They moved them all into this isolation ward. She doesn’t have a phone, everyone that comes into the room looks like they’re f****** Darth Vader. They call me once a day to say she’s fine. I haven’t seen her since March when they canceled all visitation.

          So all this social distancing, locking down, mask wearing and my nursing home bound mother still gets covid? Good job guys.

          My neighbor had it and he was fine. No symptoms no nothing. But because some people know some people who died it’s the black plague. My wife actually said to me the other day that contracting covid was like playing russian roulette. I said it’s quite literally not anything like that in fact you could probably say that it’s exactly the opposite of Russian roulette.

          This is what happens when you live in a gynocracy.

    • I guess you don’t know many nursing home-bound octogenarians with at least two comorbidities, or morbidly obese diabetics.

    • Two here. Both nephews, one a guard in a prison the other one of the sailors on the USS Roosevelt. The agony was real, no going anywhere and watching three movies a day.

    • The governor here in KY is still doing daily Covid briefings. Today we crossed over 100K Covid positives. There were 14 deaths. The youngest of those was 61 years old. The second youngest was 64. All of the others were over 70. Once a person reaches their allotted “three score and ten,” every subsequent day is a blessing.
      It’s just not that dangerous to younger people.

      • Im in KY too. He’s really become a blatant creep with his daily briefings. I haven’t watched one, but I hear in passing what he says. His tone is that of a scorned elementary school substitute teacher, lecturing his students for not paying attention to his wise recommendations. He’s trying really hammer home the number of cases, but he never says how much testing we are doing. I work at state prison, and they make up take rapid tests. Since I had the wuflu, I get a positive hit for the anti-bodies. It counts as a case.

        The dude is mental.

  48. > Those that have not be crushed will be forced to comply with a thicket of Covid rules. 
    Went to an auto repair shop a few months back when the mask hysteria was in full force. First thought it was strange there was no sign on the door saying masks required, then walked inside to see none of the guys wearing masks, or even acknowledging that Covid was really a thing. It was like walking into a time capsule from a year ago.
    On the other hand, a gym in my area was forcibly closed after defiantly staying open after the Governor’s orders. The difference between the two scenarios seems to be one actively called attention to himself and the other just went about his daily business with no fanfare. We also had a case with a Barber openly defying the governor, and going to local news. They went after him hard.
    The theme seems to be that as long as you do not embarrass the people who think they’re in charge, you can go about business as usual.

    • The theme seems to be that as long as you do not embarrass the people who think they’re in charge, you can go about business as usual.

      Sounds like they are really the ones in charge, then.

      • Most of them are just clueless performers of dirty work for their masters, while often having no idea that they even have master.

          PAY the man!

    • that is very optimistic. The mechanic’s place is just lucky. once the regulators find out they will be closed down.

      • The government isn’t omnipotent, and can only control society at the margin. Shutting down sources of tax revenue is generally a stupid way to run a policy, and there are very hard limits to it’s efficacy. The government can do it as a one-off, but it cannot do it to the majority for what should be very obvious reasons. It’s akin to burning up a foundation board when you discover termites. You can do it to one board, or even a couple boards, but if you do it to every board, you’re not going to have a house.

        • Shutting down sources of tax revenue”, akin to “the US can’t keep going into debt.”

          These are true- unless a Great Reset is being planned.

          • Ok, but planned is not equal to executed. Again, there are limits to what the government can accomplish. It’s not some unstoppable juggernaut that can steamroll and micromanage people however it wants. There are a lot of toppled regimes (and empires) that can attest to the limits of power and the general futility of trying to impose deeply unpopular rules on people.

          • dude , have you seen the last 8 months , the execution is going well beyond their wildest dreams.

          • The state controlled media pointed at a low IQ irreligious culturally impoverished mocha population makes the unpopular popular

        • Shutting down sources of tax revenue is generally a stupid way to run a policy

          You will never go broke betting on the stupidity of Leftist policy makers.

      • And they will find out thanks to some busybody Karen twat who will gleefully rat them out. Just check out your local “next door” site – nothing but Karen & Ken covidians. Religious zealotry at its finest and scariest.

    • This is how they do it in Latin countries. The rules are there, but nobody gives a shit. Not sure how well that will work with a people filled with Karens and Cucks though.

      • C.F Lawlessness and Latin America
        California banned fireworks displays this year so mostly Latino population lit up the entire sky anyway with surprisingly few injuries or fires.
        It was awesome and beautiful and damned American too.
        Once law and order breaks down a bit more , Karens and Cucks will risk an encounter with masked guys with pipes or bats or worse for mouthing off as is common in the 3rd world, they’ll shut up.
        They really only operate because our legal system works after a fashion. Its on short time now.
        OB reminder not to do stupid illegal things but everyone needs to get mentally harder.
        Unfortunately unless we get a miracle and can avoid it this mess won’t be as genteel as our Revolution, its going to be Bosnia x Rwanda
        If you want a society worth living in on the other side of the chaos and horror well you need to be the kind of person who when handed a battered hi-point and some dodgy hand loads for execution duty instead of whining gets it done and sleeps fine at night.
        Rather than moaning about all the terrible stuff they’ll do to you and reveling in your learned helplessness, get hard.

        • I’m starting to believe that the Covid hysteria is the straw that will break the American Camel’s back. It’s becoming more and more clear that a large portion of the population will NEVER let go of the Mask of Virtue. It’s too useful to them as a uniform. At the same time, there are those, like me, who will never tire of wanting the things gone forever.

          So there’s the division right there and there’s your Blue uniform and there’s your Grey one. The legal system is the Maskies weakness. Once it’s gone or corrupted there’s nothing protecting them from the rest of us. It’s an ironic punishment for them that a lot of the people they brought in to undermine us will be the first to beat their masked faces bloody. Latinization does have some perks after all.

        • Without the bully boy cops backing up the Karens and cucks they’d be bloody pulps on the asphalt by now.
          The cops are the biggest enablers of Covid and have shown us they are our enemy. They don’t lift a finger against rioters and thugs anymore. But god help you if you nail a BLM or antifa goon, they will roll on you.

    • At my trusted auto repair shop there is a sign on the entrance door:

      “We are required by the state health authorities to enforce mask wearing among customers, with certain exceptions. If you do not wear a mask, we will assume that you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one.”

  49. “It is the religion of our rulers.”

    It is great to start my day with your morning musings, but man, the truth really hurts.

    • They can’t even say it’s the science with a straight face anymore. There’s a Danish mask study journals are refusing to publish because it shows masks are useless.
      Think the reproducibility crisis is bad for scientific legitimacy, wait until the suppressed research crisis gets going.

      • Uh, Zman included this exact story in the last link in the column.

        The suppressed research crisis will never happen. Big Tech has already smothered it in the crib.

        • Big tech is busy agonizing over the fact that Machine Learning and AI are racist for identifying simple patterns.

          • Pretty funny actually when you think about it a little. If you go back to the mid 80’s – everybody was worried that AI would bring us Skynet.

            Now it appears that the AI algorithms will be manipulated until it comes to the conclusion that there’s no scientific reason there couldn’t 20 genders.

            The human species won’t be wiped out by sentient robots – it will be wiped out because it won’t be allowed to stick it’s collective dick into the correct hole any more because otherwise the LGBTQRSTUV crowd will get offended.

      • Just trying to understand, why is the image of Von Stroheim, every lefty’s nightmare? Are you saying Lefty’s are all anti-Dentite’s? Von Stroheim is clearly a Dentite to all but Helen Keller.

        • He looks like a hard ass nazi, that’s why. You won’t get the same effect by using some white fat ass with a neck beard or some nerdy DR type.

    • A California priest brought suit against governor Newsome for infringing on his right to hold mass. He is from a Catholic priestly order despised by the Vatican. I’ve heard the man give sermons in person: he speaks like a mild mannered theologian but has the heart of a lion. Anyway, his mother church in Arcadia was immediately placed under constant surveillance after filing the lawsuit. Health agents jumping out of bushes scaring old women in hair veils with an “ah ha!” as they exit the church. Meanwhile Los Angelenos were encouraged to celebrate some basketball thing in the streets a few miles away unmolested by city officials.

      I guess this new Official Religion of the State/Covid trumps the old religions. A little while ago I came to the realization that the government is irredeemable at this point and has no moral authority. After this latest Branch Covidian jihad, I’ve moved on to believing it is simply evil and given over to becoming a tool of Satan.

        • Its as if Americans, indeed all the West, has been waiting for something, something they could not put their finger on until….Ah! We all wear masks! THATS what we’ve been waiting for! Masks, masks for everyone, everywhere!
          An ancestor of mine fought in the Revolutionary War. Is this what he risked treason for?

          • An ancestor of mine fought in the Revolutionary War. Is this what he risked treason for?

            If the Left is to be believed, yes. Actually, the Left believes that the American Revolution was a mistake – a HUGE MISTAKE! They believe that all modern ills stem from a surfeit of liberty – for the masses, at least – and that the best solution would be a nice – benevolent – dictatorship/despotism with themselves at the top dictating to and sponging off of the masses.

    • I dunno. I think anti-white racism is still the religion of our rulers, but Covidianism is indeed promising upstart. Kind of like Mormonism.

    • I’ll be interested in how long this new religion holds. While I would never dare to question the wisdom or the holiness of our beloved rulers… they have, in effect – made a lot of small business impossible. I read somewhere that in one of the big shitlib cities, 41% of black owned businesses went under and closed.
      I suppose, by their reasoning… the proper thing to do next will be to exempt blacks from the Chinkypox….

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