The China Question

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A popular topic among Sinophiles since the installation of Joe Biden as president is the possibility of war with China over the status of Taiwan. The Chinese have been obsessed with Taiwan since Mao. With the American empire in sharp decline and the Biden regime unpopular at home and abroad, now could be the perfect time for the Chinese to make their move. As John Derbyshire is fond of pointing out, “Taiwan is like two feet from China … We are eight thousand miles away.”

While there is little doubt that China could retake Taiwan whenever it likes, the cost would be extremely high. For starters, Taiwan and the US have been preparing for such a move for generations. Some of the most sophisticated early warning systems on earth are installed in Taiwan specifically keep an eye on China. There is the very strong possibility that Taiwan has underground missile systems capable of reaching targets on the mainland in the event of an attack by China.

Whether or not the US would actually go to war to defend Taiwan is debatable, but that is the official position. Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia are also technically committed to the defense of Taiwan. An all-out assault on Taiwan could very well result in attacks on Chinese infrastructure along the coast. It would most certainly result in massive economic retaliation. The Chinese regime would be forced to explain to her people why they are suddenly poor again.

Of course, the Chinese could counter with attacks on Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia. Her navy is the largest in the world now, even if it lacks the forward capability of the American empire. It could deliver attacks on her neighbors, including Hawaii. In an all-out war, she could attack the west coast of the United States with submarine based missiles. The point is, China is not Iraq, some pipsqueak the US military can kick around without consequences.

That reality, however, is why such a full-blown confrontation is unlikely. Despite what many believe, China is hooked on the dollar like the rest of the world. She cannot afford war with the US at this time. The reason the Chinese flooded the American election system with cash in 2020 is the Trump administration was causing real problems for the Chinese with their trade policies. No one can be sure if the Covid plague China unleashed was an accident, but you cannot rule it out.

The point being is that an economic war with the American empire would be catastrophic for the Chinese economy. The usual suspects love crowing about the Chinese economy, but her per capita GDP is $10,839. That is down there with Costa Rica and Bulgaria. China has a lot of poor people. The rich people she has are obligated to make sure those poor are provided with the basics. The iron rice bowl is a real thing, and the Chinese regime takes it very seriously.

There is also the fact that China is smart. She can take the long view with Taiwan as she knows in a generation the American empire will be gone. Given the physical condition of the ruling class and the mental condition of the probable successors, the American empire will be out of Asia in a decade. Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia all know this and have been planning accordingly. China can just bide her time and Taiwan will come to her, hat in hand.

There is also the possibility this happens much quicker. It is clear to the world that Joe Biden is non compos mentis. Whoever is calling the shots is not bothering to consult the White House. This is why there is a crisis in the Ukraine. Someone from the semi-permanent ruling class encouraged Kiev to declare her intention to retake the Crimea, which has resulted in a stand-off with the Russians, who have no intention of allowing Ukraine to make any moves on the Crimea.

Then there is the dispute over Nord Stream 2, the new natural gas pipeline being built to supply western Europe. Shadowy financial interests in the American empire have been trying to stop this project for a long time. Biden administration figures have been dispatched to Europe to deliver a message from those shadowy financial interests that the Washington regime will pull out all the stops to prevent this project. This is further undermining the credibility of the Biden regime.

From the Chinese perspective, she has no reason to make any moves on Taiwan, as the puppet government in Washington is unlikely to stagger on much longer. Despite the claims by regime media, the world fully grasps the reality of the situation. The American regime is in deep crisis. The American empire is the sick man of the world right now and everyone is just waiting for the inevitable. History shows that the end comes much sooner than the patient ever expects.

The point of all this is that China has no reason to force a confrontation with the American empire over Taiwan. Through bribery, maneuvering and the general incompetence of the American ruling elite, China can quietly dictate policy to the regime in Washington. If she is patient, this reality will become clear to her neighbors in the region, and they will peacefully detach from the American empire and align with the Chinese empire. There is no need to fight the inevitable.

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  1. I agree with the broad strokes of this article, namely that the Chinese want to retake Taiwan and are willing to wait for America to stagnate so that they can get away with it, but I find the estimation of America’s absolute and relative military strength and our ruling class’s ability to maintain stability more than a little fatalistic.

    In terms of relative power and absolute power, the American army and especially navy is the top dog, and will be for another generation at least. The Chinese navy, the only theoretical competition, possesses less than a third of American tonnage and no supercarriers (and all of their ships are made in China, to boot). The American military has been slowly losing competence and popularity over the past decade, but thanks to the endless desert wars against sand people, there will always be a reserve of experienced troops and officers for the regime to call on in case of dire external danger. That the officer corps is subjected to endless instruction about trannies and the value of pregnant women on the front line simply acts as a slow-burning Stalinite purge to make sure that those who remain are absolutely loyal.

    Our ruling class may be trapped in a bout of purity-spiraling insanity, but it bears remembering that most of them are very cunning and very competent at keeping their keys to power happy. They couldn’t care less about the dirt-people economy or the public educational system, but the military will never have an empty plate. Especially now that our ruler’s relationship with a plurality of the population has become quietly hostile, you can be sure that they will keep the military as loyal and as effective as possible (in that order). They may be bad at ruling, but the elites are still very good at holding on to that rule.

    • Yes to all of this. Which is why you cannot fight a modern tyranny using the tactics of the past. The US military is still a potent weapon, but employing it against civilian citizens is most likely a last resort and almost assuredly a lose-lose for all involved. You no longer have a country when a nation’s military turns on its people.

      More likely is the development of a separate Deep State mercenary unit (know colloquially as a Jackboot Corp). These men would be selected & trained to crush and kill on autopilot. And there is plenty of precedent in history for this, e.g. it’s not farfetched.

      Pleb-on-pleb fighting is not the way forward. All that does is kill off more alpha males and paves the way for the arrival of the Jackboots.

    • Your analysis of our military’s prowess may be correct, but you have left out another problem. No matter how healthy the body it’s not of great use if the head has died. You think our current governance is bad? Well, just take a look at history going back to (at least) the end of WWII. The USA has a long history of sticking its nose into nooks and crannies where it has no legitimate interest, and getting its expensive politically-correct ass kicked. Can you even coherently name what vital, strategic interest our nation had in going into a hot war going back even to the beginning of the 20th century? Sure, you can make a case, but usually it’s heavy on obvious American business interests, which I don’t class as “national security.” We may have a slight technology edge, but do we really want to go up against a world-class nuclear power for Taiwan or other lands that, while technically allies, have never done a thing for us save perhaps provide a cheap off-shoring opportunity for (once) US-based businesses? I say let this rotten regime end, the sooner the better. Now, how to prepare ourselves at the individual level, as well as possible, is another question, but at least one that’s relevant to our personal survival or at least welfare.

  2. If it weren’t for generations of PRC officers indoctrinating their soldiers with the idea that the main point of their existence is to one day retake Tawain, the PRC would probably be working hard towards repproachment with Taiwan, in order to just apply economic pressure and direct financial influence to just make the ROC a puppet state of the mainland and tacit ally, which would be far less costly in every single way than a military invasion.

    From the outside, this seems like it should be the obvious first choice for the PRC, yet they continue to rattle the saber toward Taiwan, and I can only assume it’s because they’ve been so blinded by their own propaganda that they just can’t see a point in their existence without reclaiming Taiwan. That, or they’ve spent so much time brainwashing their soldiers about the grand mission to retake the island that they are genuinely afraid their own military will turn against them if they give up that ghost.

    If I were in charge of the PRC, I’d be offering the olive branch to Taiwan while pouring tons of money into its elections, trying to get Vietnam back on my side, and telling North Korea that they need to stop threatening to blow up the world every five minutes or else I’m gonna sponsor a coup and install someone that will be a more sane ally.

  3. All China has to do is wait a few more years. America is clearly a waning power. By 2030 we might look good on paper still but the likelihood that we are going to be in any position to boss people around with our tranny military of female supersoldiers is practically nil. The US Military is basically a kind of welfare for Republicans. Good god no we are not going to defend or fight for anything. We came for the parades and we stayed for these fantastic uniforms fellas. At worst we are just going to love our enemies to death at a pride parade in Thailand.

    • Please forgive me for posting this here; I assure you I’m not trying to hijack the thread or change the subject. But I have an honest and straightforward question for the Zman’s readers. Here goes.

      I did my taxes yesterday, and my return this year is absolutely, outrageously, ridiculously large. I was born in the first year of the GenX cohort, and I can tell you that I have never before experienced a government that throws money at me as this one does/did.

      Did anybody else experience such a crazy and unlikely tax return this year? If so, what does this tell us about the government, and the signs of the times? Just wondering. Thanks.

  4. In all of this, I’ve always wondered who provided the initial capital investments
    that fueled China’s rather amazing growth. My guess would be Japan and South

    • Ironically, the Taiwanese were massive investors. And why not? They have the language, they understand the culture better than anyone, and it was less humiliating for the Mainlanders to accept kickstarter money from their fellow Han.

    • A lot of it was actually internal grants from the CCP or the state. The Chinese gov’t has a better grip on the implications of fiat currency than most, and they are completely fine with creating currency out of thin air in order to fund their economic growth. That this debt puts Chinese corporations fully in the control of state-run banks is just icing on the cake

  5. I see the Soap guys are back on your list. You however are not back on theirs.
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  6. “the Covid plague China unleashed”

    Assumes a causality far from proven

    “the Covid plague unleashed in China” might be better,

  7. Very rational advice to China.
    But; Xi is militaristic – to Kaiser Wilhelm II levels, and very belligerent. To all.

    Also; Taiwan has a large chip foundries that produce the small chips China cannot. 3nm etc.

    If China takes Taiwan and forces South Korea to kowtow then she gets the chips she cannot make. Invading Taiwan would be for chips, not pride.

    • Speaking as a lesbian born xy male, I can attest that in Chicago there remain two additional and apparently uncharted lesbo bars. Personally I never had the balls to enter those places, ahem, despite the physical evidence to the contrary. I still believe the cute passive lesbos can be converted, however, the wife would not approve of my missionary work. Theoretical zeal only, but it’s a dang important mission for some xy male, one who deserves the missionary position.

      • Q: Do you think lesbianism is wrong?

        A: Uhhh, I dunno, it depends. Do I get to watch?

        • I think that in most instances somebody screwed up somewhere in early life. Usually, sexual abuse, which is sad. My personal belief is queerness is 60-40 birth mother hormonal vice molestation. As a dude who’s done some acting with queerbots, I appreciate them as creative human beings but I mostly feel sorry they and we must deal with their condition and choices.

          • They’re clearly mentally ill.

            A mentally sane person doesn’t have hundreds of unprotected sex partners per year like they did in bath houses. a mentally sane person isn’t a “bugchaser”.

            When I’m around a homo or tranny it’s like reverse magentism and I’m repelled. I’m sure leftists would say that I’m a repressed gay. But they provoke a strong disgust reaction from me.

          • I should add that in Toronto we get even more flamboyant varieties of homos and tranny’s than normal.

        • In the old porno flicks there was always at least one obligatory babe on babe scene.

      • You’re either a troll, or a very unusual member of the DR. 😀 Points to you for obviously being literate and by implication, well educated, two traits that are rare enough in today’s society.

    • I skimmed that NBC article on lesbian bars shutting down, and the general lack of lesbian bars in the U.S. Super long article. I kept looking for explanations, but only got this: “Many attribute the loss of lesbian bars to the high cost of opening and maintaining a bar, as well as the systemic difficulty women often have in acquiring financial support.” I.e. “Bars cost money. Give us money or we can’t do it.”

      The last half of super long article was about lack of funding. I’ve been to lesbian bars. They’re boring. Boring women looking bored. It’s not festive like MSM depicts in all the photos. IMore like to Moe’s bar from The Simpsons.

      My take is that lesbians bored themselves to death at these places. So they went back to mixed gay bars. Same old story. Women want to be around men. We’re fun. We’re funny. We know about shit. Got stuff to say.

      But no. Articles spends 8 billion words talking about funding.

      • Weird. Under what theory can funding for lesbian bars be seen to have decreased since, say, the 70’s?

  8. Also, there’s big business going on between China and Taiwan. The Taiwanese have massive investments on the mainland already. The big reason China won’t do this (for now) is that we’re still a massive customer for their goods. They have a perfect wealth extraction operation going on in the US. They roll those profits into everything from new roads to war ships. They won’t do anything in Taiwan until all that wealth is extracted.

    • On top of the wealth extraction, think of all the intellectual property and high-performing individuals the mainland is siphoning off through those business channels with Taiwan.

      • I make many of my bones running anti-counterfeiting sting ops in east asia. It’s nigh universal that an asian business sets up a front factory producing 1/3 goods legit and 2/3 fakes. Say what you will.

        • You run them *in* E. Asia? Customs is usual. As is going after street vendors. I’ve never heard of taking it to the source. Well done you.

        • It says a lot about the value of a brand name, when the brand name is all that distinguishes the “genuine” article from a “knock-off”. I’m not in the industry, but I assume that is basically the case, especially if both are produced in the same factories.

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  10. Regarding the Taki Column, violent civil war is inevitable. The desire among the ruling elite for more and more sadism against people not like them, the Dirt People, is insatiable. And will create a counter-reaction that arguably is already forming. Lavrov touched on that, Europeans are nervous that their young women and the Africans and Muslims will combine to kill the rest of them.
    Sadism creates in its practitioners an insatiable appetite for more. Today, destroy a man’s life on Twitter. Tomorrow, public executions, next week, mass graves. It can’t stop. Unless stopped by counter-violence on the order of WWII.

  11. Unless, of course, China is less certain about its inevitable rise to supreme power than people assume. For an allegedly great power, it sure seems insecure about a lot of things.

    It’s been argued Germany behaved the way it did in 1914 because it feared a Russia growing in power and that time was not on the side of the Fatherland.

    What if, for example, China fears a declining US will provide Taiwan with nukes or Taiwan tries to acquire them themselves?

    You may well be correct in your analysis, but I don’t takes especially seriously this idea of an all-wise China patiently working five moves ahead on the geopolitical chessboard. Even a study of their recent history reveals some dumb moves.

  12. A war with China, whether caused by their invasion of Taiwan or not, would have some interesting side effects. A couple that come to mind:

    1. Presumably there would have to be military conscription of some kind to fight a war on that scale, even if only to have draftees in the pipeline for possible future deployment. Women who had previously demanded access to military employment will be nowhere to be found, in fact you’ll see the return of the “conscientious objector.”

    2. The flow of immigration, both legal and illegal, will grind to a halt at once and then quickly turn into a mad dash for the exits, as most foreign nationals and green card holders (and probably their children too), flee before they can get caught up in the draft.

    • Almost no one in the United States is fit for military service anymore. That’s why they got rid of the draft in the first place. You are going to end up with millions of obese Shaniquas and Del Marquises falling out because they didn’t get their afternoon supply of Colt 45 and a bong hit and they literally would not be able to read a manual about how to turn on a radio if you gave them 6 months.

  13. Whatever happens, I’d bet that North Korea will be the flashpoint. As Z Man pointed out the other day, the Left has nothing — no policies, and certainly no ideas — nothing but petty spite. Recall that Trump had a much-ballyhooed meeting with Lil’ Kim, at which both men came off (in context) as sane and responsible world leaders. There’s no way in hell the Left can let that slide, so expect the totally legitimate, not at all fraudulent Joey Cabbage regime to pick some stupid, pointless fight with the Norks here soon.

    • No Severian.
      A war with China would be a resource war, that resource being smallest silicon chips.

  14. “China, China, China!” is just the latest version of “Russia, Russia, Russia!”. It’s a deliberate attempt to deflect attention away from the implosion taking place in DC. We are currently destroying ourselves from within and neither China, nor any other potential adversary, need trouble themselves with a hot war of any sort. If the enemy is committing suicide, you don’t get in their way.

    Should a real danger of war arise, the most probable source of that belligerence will come from a CIA false-flag OP. The goal would be to divert attention away from DC failures & a collapsing economy by creating national anxiety & a fear-based resurrection of pseudo-unity. That is how bad things have gotten. Our own government would instigate a major hot war, and sacrifice tens of thousands of young fighting men, in order to protect a corrupt & degenerate DC political class.

    The only potential silver-lining is that this insanity might actually jump-start a real revolution in this country.

  15. I found this timely email in my inbox this morning from the Naval War College:
    *The U.S. Naval War College is pleased to host the fifteenth lecture in this academic year’s “Issues in National Security” Lecture Series:
    “China: Hegemony and Humiliation”
    Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM ET
    Featured Speaker: USNWC Professor Andrew Wilson
    From Professor Wilson: You cannot understand China’s future without understanding China’s past. Professor Wilson explores the two narratives that dominate historical consciousness in China. The first is the “century of humiliation” narrative, wherein nineteenth and twentieth century China was brought low by foreign invasion and exploitation. In stark contrast, the hegemony narrative looks back to before the “century of humiliation.” In this idealized past, Imperial China was a natural and benevolent hegemon. This implies that there was once a “Chinese World Order,” and that the modern primacy of the West is an historical aberration, destined to end. These narratives are the subtext for Xi Jinping’s frequent invocations: “Never Forget National Humiliation” and “Rejuvenate the Great Chinese Nation.” The pursuit of those twin goals explains a lot about how the PRC behaves, and how the Chinese people view the outside world.

    Zoom Link
    Meeting ID: 986 5966 0194
    Passcode: 955097

    No advance registration is required; simply join the Zoom event at the designated time.
    Please note that this is a U.S. Naval War College hosted event. All questions about the Issues in National Security series should be directed to Professor John E. Jackson at jacksonj@usnwc.​edu. ”

    I spent a year at NWC approx 10 years ago and found it to be generally a very sober education, taught by smart adults. I’m not suggesting this professor is correct, but I can say that this will offer a decent insight into how the Navy sees China threat.

    • Red China has made a death dealing mistake that insures its decline during the next decade or sooner. The ONE CHILD policy that went on for decades. The result is a demographic horror that leads to the inevitable: China becomes old before it becomes rich.

      On top of that disaster looms the future collapse of the Three Gorges Dam. When that shoddily constructed death trap fails so will tens if not hundreds of million Chinese die but with it will evaporate the Mandate From Heaven of the Communist Party.

      Dan kurt

  16. If I were Chinese, and in the power elite (which decidedly I am neither) I’d simply sit around with my fellow elites and tune in each day to see what the imbiciles running the show in the US say or do next. It has to be highly entertaining, and no one could take it seriousuly. It’s probably even better than Dr. Phil or Orpah (if she’s still on).

  17. One thing we know for sure: China is putting lots of money and effort into upgrading their military.

    It seems unlikely that this is merely for defensive purposes.

    China is well-known for taking the long term approach. Will their reconquest of Taiwan happen soon, gambling that the Biden administration is unlikely to react? Or will they wait until they’ve achieved military parity with us? Counting on the fact of our ever-advancing decline as our own military forces become ever more “diverse”?

    And what will be the consequences of Biden having insulted Putin to his face? Is a joint Chinese-Russian attack on the US even a remote possibility?

    China seems to be on their way to becoming the next world power. ‘How soon?’ is the only question.

    • 2049.

      The PRC was founded in 1949. They’ve been incredibly open about their ambition to be the worlds preeminent economic, social, and military power by 2049, 100 years after the founding of the PRC.

      When your enemy tells you their ambitions, it’s a sure bet to believe them.

      I’d also add that having a deadline sharpens the mind and the national energy. Kennedy did this with the “Man on the Moon” speech. I can’t think of any politician in the US who’s done something like that since.

      Just vague platitudes.

  18. And when that cools off, they let the Norks act up for a bit and are allowed to play the rational negotiators doing a favor for the West.

  19. You beat me to it. Putin is on to the “systemic racism” scam. If his administration continues to emphasize the absurdity of this charge, whites all over the world will become sympathetic to Russia.

    • Sheesh…sympathetic? Hell I am jealous. At least Putin appears to LIKE the people he rules over with an iron fist.

  20. “While there is little doubt that China could retake Taiwan whenever it likes…”

    Actually there is tremendous doubt about it. A real invasion attempt would come down to how much sealift China could get past Taiwan’s defenses. Current analysis says nowhere near enough to conquer one of the most militarized countries in the world. Taiwan also has 6 active nuclear reactors – so they probably have nukes and the ability to deliver them.

    • China would simply impose a blockade. Would the US challenge that blockade? Probably not.

      • That is more likely. With Trump as President, the U.S. Navy could impose a blockade on China (they have no answer to American nuclear attack subs) and the whole thing would go away in a week. With Biden, who knows? Japan and South Korea immediately arm themselves with nukes.

        • One has to wonder if the USN is even capable of an effective blockade. It’s as easy for me to envision the equivalent of a Suez canal type clusterfu+k with ships either running into each other, or navigating to the wrong hemispere.

        • One US Aircraft Carrier sunk would expose the hegemon’s nakedness.
          China undoubtedly has the capability to sink one.

          • Yes yes yes. Vested interest are even more blinded presently than when battleships ruled naval power in 1925 because at least battleships were only irrelevant, but airraft carriers are ridiculously vulnerable to otherwise inferior powers. Because aircraft carriers occupy the brains of strategic planners nothing else has evolved to replace them due to our Maginot level idiocracy.

          • Mr Wilson, The Russians have been spending their time and money on hypersonic missiles while the US has the next generation of aircraft carriers that can’t launch aircraft and the F35 which doesn’t work if it gets wet.
            Plus, to be fair, the wonderful mystery Space Weapons.

            The fleet steaming into the South China Sea lead by the Fagship USS BarneyFrank won’t cause too much grief in Beijing

    • Taiwan almost assuredly has nuclear weapons and it has a pretty good submarine force to deliver them. If it came down to it, Taiwan would need to be afraid of what the United States would do. Its corporate oligarchs do not want to see their investments incinerated.

      • Now THAT is an interesting take.

        First I’ve read about Taiwan having da BOMB.

        They’ve reactors though, so I guess it’s plausible. Hard to imagine them launching them with any sort of viable MAD strategy.

        Hope the good ‘ole US of A sits that little frackis out.

    • One carrier sunk and it’s game over for the US global hegemony ambitions. China has spent the last 25 years building thousands of missiles so there won’t be a repeat of the humiliation Clinton forced on them by sailing a carrier group through the Taiwan Straits in 1996 when tensions were rising.

      A successful Taiwan would be a disaster for the US; the electronic chips that don’t come from China come from Taiwan.

      The outsourcing of all manufacturing has made the US incredibly vulnerable: I suspect it would be child’s play for China to block, say, the Suez and Panama canals.

      All that risk..for what? So the ruling class in Taiwan which lost 1st in 1949 to the CCP (and again when Nixon formally recognized mainland China in 1971) doesn’t have to accept the fact that China will not let them succeed?

      • RE: “electronic chips…come from Taiwan.”

        Currently both Intel and Taiwan Semi are each building State of the Art chip making foundries in Arizona. Intel is spending 20 Billion for two and Taiwan Semi has budgeted just under 30 Billion. Both companies will have 4 nanometer design scale or smaller products.

        Dan Kurt

    • Sheer uninformed speculation here: Given that (formerly) “Red” China has had its sights on Taiwan for about 70 years; given that they are racially (Han) and to some degree, I presume, of common ethnicity (granted different poltical system), isn’t there a good chance that China has an extensive spy/agent provacateur/saboutage network already in place?

  21. Then there is the dispute over Nord Stream 2

    I have issues getting my head wrapped around this. I guess nominally it’s so that American LNG is competitive in Europe, yet only barely and Russia is still the big energy supplier so all it does it drive up natural gas prices in Europe. So then maybe it’s disliked just because “muh Russia”, but it seems insane to threaten WW3 over it, but here we are.

    • Yes, if anybody can shed light on how Nord Stream 2 (and Keystone) is a major threat to the American Deep State, I’d like to hear it too.

      I’m sure the bribes from Kiev are very nice but this is a hill that the Masters of the Universe are willing to die on. There is something going on that isn’t common knowledge.

      • Not a threat as such, but competing interests. There’s a need for gas energy whether it’s delivered via pipeline, on trains, or ships. Sadly cheap, safe, efficiently delivered energy falls by the way when special interests can buy politicians.

      • Gunner;
        Most today have no idea how important cheap and plentiful energy is to our civilization. Without it we’d be at levels of population and prosperity of 150 years ago, suddenly. So it creates a dangerous situation to be energy-dependent on a historical enemy with many potential reasons for mischief, exploitation and revenge.

        Apparently Germany has decided that they can have it both ways: Lower energy bills *and* no fear of Russia on account of NATO, all without contributing to it themselves. However galling it is, they’ve been proven right for the last four administrations.

        But, you’re right, the real surprise is Biden leaning on them even a little bit, given Cloud rhetoric against the evil orange man. Makes little obvious sense to be adamant now.

        In reality, Germany needs cheap Russian gas because they thoroughly dicked up their energy infrastructure on account of the Global Warming hoax and need to reverse course. Could the Cloud Folks really be so stupid as to be trying to punish them for jilting Gaia_?

        • Yep. The Germans are back to digging lignite to fire base load plants. Der Spiegel has a ton of surprisingly frank articles on this and rising “energy poverty” in Germany.

      • The issue is deeper and older than That. At it’s core Washington is still a believer in Halford MacKinder’s “World Island” theory.
        Who controls Eastern Europe- and that would include Ukraine, controls the Euro-Asia landmass, controls the world. The Americas, Africa, Australia etc. are, by definition.peripheral. China obviously is locking up the World Island with it’s Belt and Road initiative and ever deeper ties with Russia. The days of sea powers, UK then US are just about over.
        The dissolution of Russia into a bunch of subservient Statelets is greatly desired and that’s apart from the usual suspects ranting for revenge for the second only to the holohoax bullshit about cossacks raping grandmothers.

        • RE: “The days of sea powers, UK then US are just about over.”

          The earth is covered to the extent of 70% water. Sea Power will only expand in importance as the cost of moving goods is no less than 12 times cheaper by vessel than any form of land transport. Each decade the efficiency of sea transport becomes even better with technology improving and cost declining. LNG is also declining in cost delivered each decade and its supple is increasing.

          Dan Kurt

    • Think about it, the U.S. has done everything possible to isolate Russia economically enough to cripple Putin. And ending NS2 would hurt Russian’s only major export – NG and Oil.

      FWIW we came very close during the Serbian war of declaring war on Russia. That idiot general Wes Clarkal got so mad at the Russians he ordered a air strike on their naval assets in the Adriatic. Luckily he was countermanded by his British superior.

      But he is very indicative of the stupid f**ks we have at the Pentagon. They all think like the British military did during the 19th century confused putting down tribal revolts with fighting 1st world enemies. And they paid dearly for it. .

  22. Would be great if putin started speaking out against America’s treatment of its whites

    Would drive a massive wedge between whites and the American government

    He could even offer American whites safe refuge in Russia.

    The destabilizing effects would be massive, I would have to think. And Russia wants America destabilized. I say go for it, vlad. What you have to lose?

    • A reverse manifest destiny

      Eastward, young man!

      I already live in a frozen shithole. What does it matter if it’s siberia or ontario.

    • “Would be great if putin started speaking out against America’s treatment of its whites
      He could even offer American whites safe refuge in Russia.”

      very possible, the night is still young

    • I remember reading somewhere many months ago that Russia was offering farmland and citizenship to South African white farmers if they would emigrate.
      Next step: offer other western whites incentives to populate a sane country where they are not hated for their race?
      Vlad’s ultimate troll would be to start co-opting zionist language and inviting all whites “home” to mother Russia.

    • It sounds good in theory, until you look at history. The USA, for all its current decadence, still has a tradition of freedom dating back many centuries, even to England (and other Western countries.) This is almost entirely lacking in Russia. Now, it’s true historical Russia and nearby lands were influenced, but only slightly, but European thought. At best, I observe the Soviet Empire collapsed only 30 years ago. They’ve made progress, but they’re a very long way from reaching Western Europe’s standards of standard of living or personal freedoms. Racially, they are “whiter” and can even give bragging rights to the original Caucasians, or at least the mountains of that name 😀

      • Yes but…Russia has potential. You could concieve of them evolving towards a more open and free society. There is hope. Certainly the genetic distance and the cultural distance is less than in many other countries we could name – most of Africa and South America for example.

  23. A good chunk of Taiwanese population would love their country be one with China. The size of that chunk is growing. Taiwan will eventually join mainland China and it will be their own political decision.

    • I Know dozens of Taiwanese in Philly (due to my business) and I don’t know one who “love their country be one with China.”

      • I’m a regular visitor to Taiwan and I don’t think the needle has moved much at all in the past quarter century. Most Taiwanese are content with the status quo.

        • Considering what Chinese money has done to destroy the Vancouver property markets (they park their Yuan in Vancouver markets as a hedge, but have inflated the prices so much that Canadians can’t afford houses), I’m not surprised.

          Chinese money in Vancouver is CCP money.

          • When I was last in Vancouver I was shocked by how many homes were sitting empty as “investments” by the Chinese, while the locals couldn’t get a foothold in the housing market. Now that pathology has spread across the US.

      • Hoagie,
        Could selection bias make it such that the Taiwanese in America are more likely to favor the status quo than the Taiwanese in Taiwan?
        (Serious question. I don’t mean to imply that you’re wrong. My knowledge on how the Taiwanese feel about this is practically zero.)

      • If they’re “Taiwanese in Philly” then the US would be their country, wouldn’t it? Of course I’m being facetious. They’re yet another immigrant group that’s here for the goodies with little knowlege of and no affinity for the historical American nation.

      • There is a difference between people choosing a strategy for negotiations and a realistic expectation of future unification or even an outright desire for it.

        • One China means the average Taiwanese will be asset stripped by the Chicoms and turned into a serf with no rights except to work themselves to death for the party.

          They can see how brutal the CCP has been to Hong Kong and only a abject idiot would think they would treat Taiwan any better.

          • Tell that to them. They are naturally attracted to strength. China keeps growing stronger.

  24. As I’ve mentioned before on this site and still say – the long/end game is a China/US/Euro axis against Russia. As long as Putin is there Russia remains a threat, but the CUE axis will run out the clock and what/who comes next will be the big question. And CUE will certainly have their say on that and will try to foment another revolution in Russia with their guy running things. If they are successful it’s goodbye to the last remnants of W Civ until the next Enlightenment. Seriously, Russia is the last hope for our people. Think about that awhile.

    • A logical foreign policy would have us pulling Russia into the US/Euro side against the Chinese. The Chinese owned media has been trying desperately to prevent that by demonizing the Russians.

      • Logical, perhaps, but not nearly woke enough. The US and Europe need an ally in China to confirm their wokeness. A US/Euro/Russia alliance against China would be racist. The vast spoils of Siberia await a many-million-man army of third world workers to extract said spoils. Just imagine the liebensraum for all those sub-Saharan volk!

      • Our elites and military HATE Russia because they aren’t on the globoHomo bandwagon. Our investment class sees all that natural resources and people they can loot and it drives them crazy that Putin is telling them NYET!!

        If Putin can put off the cabal in D.C and the Tiny Hats. for another 4-6 years our military will be no longer be a threat to anyone.

    • Collapse of the American empire would be significant. China would have to find new consumers for their junk. Maybe they fully nationalize the US firms operating there, maybe not. Do they turn inward and develop the domestic market? At any rate it wouldn’t be status quo.

      Would national bankruptcy break capital’s stranglehold over the US? Would America turn inward and (once again) decouple from European affairs? The way I understand it, keeping Russia down was one of the reasons for WWI. If the decoupling comes to pass, wouldn’t an alliance with Russia obviously be in America’s best interest?

      Things could get interesting, even positive long term.

  25. “No one can be sure if the Covid plague China unleashed was an accident, but you cannot rule it out.”

    Covid hysteria came out of davos, mystery solved

    the dead chinese lying on the street pic is george floyd level bullcrap

    • The “dead” Chinese were just drunks. Same with the videos of people falling to the ground on the street. Drunks.

      To this day, China, a country of 1.44 billion souls, had only a little over 4,600 Covid deaths. Almost all of them from the beginning of “pandemic”. That nicely illustrates the scale of the bullshit we are dealing with.

  26. Whatever happens with Taiwan or Ukraine, assume this…our incompetent and arrogant rulers will surely miscalculate

    • Lucius;
      I think you are making a mistake thinking they calculate at all. Re Ukraine, they already have badly miscalculated. They should have been telling the Ukrainians to cool their rhetoric, instead they are stoking them. Maybe all they can think of is re-establishing their NGO foreign-aid recycling slush fund machine there.

      But, no way in hell does even all of NATO take, retake, whatever, the Crimea from the Russians. The Crimean Peninsula is a natural military fortress with only one very narrow land access route potentially available to the Ukrainians. It is easily reinforced by sea on the Eastern (i.e. Russian) side.

      In 1942 Eric von Manstein, one of Germany’s top field commanders, required over 11 hardened combat divisions, 2 Numbered Air Forces and six months to take it from a USSR that was back on its heels. And the Germans held the hinterland and had daytime air superiority. The Turks had closed the Black Sea Straights to all military traffic.

      Today the Russians hold the hinterland and have local air superiority. Aside from the US (and maybe the Poles), NATO has *0* hardened combat divisions. And our genius overlords are simultaneously working overtime to ‘un-harden’ any we might hope to have in the very near future.

      If the Turks are smart, they’ll close the straights this time too, NATO member or not. The Poles and the rest of the Eastern Europeans will have their hands full guarding their long and vulnerable land frontier from any (highly likely) Russian overland counterstroke, should they be so foolish as to get involved.

      From what I’ve been able to gather, the Russians’ beef is that the Ukrainians literally ‘cut off their water’ since the Crimea is largely a poorly watered desert. An orange dealmaker might have negotiated an ‘oil for water’ swap behind the scenes: But not this crowd.

    • Incompetent, arrogant rulers with thermonuclear, conventional and “undisclosed” weapons 🙁

  27. “There is also the fact that China is smart. ”

    Nonsense. One of the things the Dissidents need to overcome is this desire to turn their adversaries and rivals into invincible demons. China is like Joe Biden – a dead man walkin’.

    – 15 out of the 20 dirtiest cities in the world are in China
    – 80% of the water that comes out of the tap is unpottable
    – because traditional Chinese families value males more than females – female infanticide is all the rage. The next generation will not have enough wives to go around.

    Chinese culture is all about saving face, honour, and keeping up with appearances. China, in reality, can’t play for the long term any more than we can. Look at how fast things have changed here. 10 years is a long, long time.

    In the coming culture/race wars – the changes are going to be swift, brutal and radical. We can’t say for sure what WE will look like in 10 years, never mind China…

    • I said China was smart, not super human. Clearly, I meant smart into the context of the rivalry with the American empire. Yeah, China has a lot of domestic problems. I’ve said many times that she is a bit of paper tiger. She knows that better than the loons in Washington, which is why I don’t see China getting aggressive.

      • LOL – Yep. In comparison to the current leadership of the American Empire… anyone would look smart.

      • I’m no great geo-political thinker, but here’s my simple logic.

        America is heading towards becoming a version of Brazil.

        Brazil can barely manage itself, much less project power abroad.

        In 30 years, China – even with its corruption, environmental problems, demographic issues, etc. – will still be by far the most powerful economic, military and political force in Asia.

        China simply waits for America to turn into Brazil and withdraw from Asia. China then surveys the situation and decides how to proceed.

        Russia should do the same thing. Don’t let the usual suspects draw it into anything major. Just wait. Time is on their side.

        • you are doing a lot of hand waving there, to make everything bad here, and good in china. whatever problems we have here, china has them 10x worse. move there if it is so good, I am sure they will let you in…

          • 10X worse, you say.

            So, the Han will be minorities in the China is a couple of years?

            Tens of millions of Central Americans are flooding into China every year?

            Blacks are destroying China’s cities?

            China’s schools, media and government hate the Han and promote their destruction?

            China faces a number of problems, serious problems, but they pale in comparison to the existential threat facing Whites in the good ol’ US of A and Western Europe.

            China is a shitty, corrupt, dirty place, but in a hundred years, it will still be Chinese. What will America or Western Europe look like?

          • This. Demographics are destiny.

            One thing I’ll say is that china has severe fertility problems. The official number of a TFR of 1.5 is probably false, when you consider Taiwan, and HK are at 1 and South Korea is at like 0.8 (!).

            White people in general maintain better fertility in developed countries. But the mass immigration and anti white brainwashing Is probably far worse than a plummeting fertility rate.

          • Allow me to promote the “dark age” option 🙁
            The way-below-replacement rates for the “rich” countries has already been mentioned.

            What’s often overlooked is that both the huge TFR, and most of the perceived improvement of the third world is almost entirely dependent upon prior and continuing external support, primarily form Western nations (government, NGO and “private” money which is usually thinly-disguised government “loans” to rich cronies.)

            These trends are almost certain to continue, but the problem is that they ultimately are unsustainable. What happens when that point is reached?

            All that’s needed is a severe — crisis, military, economic, a combination — in the “rich” countries. All that aid is diminished, perhaps even suddenly cut off. Can you imagine the consequences? Hundreds of millions, billions of deaths?

            Add in other dismal prospects: massive refugee movements, economic and government collapses, revolutions, perhaps some nuclear, chemical, bio warfare? Stir and season to taste.

            I’d say all bets for what the world situation, its racial mix, or even total population, in 100, 50, or even 30 years is very much up for debate.

        • Possibly.

          But Americans aren’t Brazilians. In Brazil, the managerial class doesn’t give a hoot about the favelas and if they burned down to the ground with their inhabitants today – they’d be partying in the streets tomorrow.

          Heritage Americans are charitable and actually care about the underclass. They have a place in the political process and now they have a formidable presence in gov’t and it’s growing. Rest assured they want to kill you and take your chit… and the white American normie is waking up to that fact. Already he is talking about secession as he is increasingly blocked in gov’t, business, and the public square.

          America will either balkanize or ethnically cleanse itself. All that remains to be seen is who does the cleansing… and I think ethnic and racial reality will decide that one in the best interests of everyone.

          • Already he is talking about secession as he is increasingly blocked in gov’t, business, and the public square.

            I have been pleasantly shocked at how much I have heard talk of secession from utterly mainstream politicians recently.

            There has always been criticism and worry from the Right that normie would never wake up, that he’d just keep accepting one indignity after another as long as there were movies on the TV, porn on the internet and food in the refrigerator.

            The secession talk makes me think normie can be awakened after all.

          • We will need to ethnically cleanse irregardless of what happens. The 3rd worlders are pure poison and need to be given the boot.

            I would also include all the college educated upper class whites who are driving the demographic disaster and anti white Jihad. These whites are pure evil and suicidal. Thieir gene lines need to vanish,

      • Z- enemies often strike from growing weakness while they are still strong, see Hitler in 1939. China by early 2020 China was running out of small silicon nano wafer chips. The smallest they could make at that time was about 14nm the state of art then about 5nm (now 3nm).
        This isn’t important to build Supercomputers the size of buildings, its vital to consumer and military technology.
        China has to import them, $300B of chips a year. Trump cut that off and was squeezing them. They were down to a few months of stocks.

        Taiwan has the smallest and best chips, and the worlds largest foundry,
        After that South Korea.
        Intel USA has fallen a bit behind, after that its the Dutch. Thats it BTW.

        China can’t build a small chip foundry.
        China’s ambition doomed without chips.
        Chips are the oil, steel and for that matter guano (gunpowder) of the 21st century.

        Enemies falling behind but still strong, seeing weak and divided leaders as opponents do strike; again Hitler 1940. People mock Chamberlain but Munich gave him a year to build fighters. Interestingly France had more modern planes yes fighters than Germany- but not enough Pilots because of political purges of the French Air Force, combined with interservice rivalry with the French army. BTW by june 1940 the Luftwaffe was exhausted- had the French the pilots and the will they could have at least mired the Germans for months more. Does this scenario sound familiar?

        Most wars are resource wars in the end; the rest is Paplum and Priestery for the masses.

        BTW still on reserves list, still pining and mourning lost Republic- so no, I don’t think we go to war for Taiwan- or shouldn’t.
        Neither do they from their lack of mobilization.

        I certainly don’t care.

        But don’t ignore the evidence in favor of rational judgments from afar. The inability to make chips after decades of trying may well calculate towards a grab for them, esp into confusion and weakness of enemies divided and demoralized (the service is very, very demoralized- see we still do ❤️ the 🇺🇸).

        Or they may get it at the table. Frankly I think at present it’s probably difficult if not impossible to get an answer at all from America as no one is in charge.

        • For comparison the iPhone 12 chip is 5nm.

          If my research is correct Intel is struggling at 7nm, still investing in 5nm, 3nm.

    • Those predicting the impending demise of China — look no further than Gordon Chang — have a track record similar to global warming alarmists. It’s always just a few years away. I see no signs at all that China will fracture in the future. I’m not ruling it out, only a century ago the land was riven by competing warlords, but there is currently no indication that the collapse will come any time soon, if ever.

      • It will come faster than the demise of the USA. America has been an empire for roughly 70 years. Not a bad run, although nowhere near the 250 or so years empires of yore enjoyed. China will be finish by mid century, a 30ish year tenure as top dog.

    • China can play for the long term because it is 3,000 years old, and its leaders know it. A decade is the blink of an eye. Xi is 67 and well could stay in power another 20 years.

      • Honestly, there’s zero chance that the United States on its current course will be anything other than a crime-ridden, crappy 2nd world country (assuming it stays together) in 100 years. It will barely be able to function, much less project power.

        All that China needs to do is wait. China knows this. Just keep developing and keep its own population reasonable satisfied, which won’t be too hard as they watch what happens to the West, and China will be fine.

        The US, such as it will be, will simply fade away as a global power. Easy peasy.

        Now, the real question is what the Jews will do? They’re killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Good luck to them trying to do to China what they’ve done to the West.

        • Over two thousand years or so the Jews have not had much trouble figuring that out so this would be the first time.

          • I think that people underestimate how important it is that Jews especially Ashkenazi Jews look white.

            Every time a Han Chinese looks at a Jew, they will see the “other.” Jews will not be able to play the “my fellow Han” card with these folks. That matters.

            Also, Asians are much more ethnocentric than whites.

          • I had an Asian friend who used to mock an ashkenazi friend as “white boi” all the time. He got made fun of the most for being “white boi”. More than the actual white bois.

            Jews are just super whites to non-whites. Super square, super rich, and super bland food. It will be quite a trick if they can actually pull of “my fellow {non white}”.

  28. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Stupid is and stupid does.

    In the time before civilization, stupid most often got you dead before you reached maturity and thus purged the stupid gene from the reproduction pool and made our species smarter with each passing generation. But the modern extinction of hardship & existential threat in daily life has reversed that cleansing process and we now carry the ever-growing baggage of more & more stupid people, and this deadweight has become an anchor on our species’ survivability. In the past, barbaric warfare was sometimes useful as a purge of the stupid, as these dolts were occasionally sacrificed as fodder in some types of battle actions. This tactic may have to be resurrected in the coming war against tyranny.

    • The problem is even worse than that. Civilization has been called a rebellion against Nature and in many ways it is. Every time that a “civilized” society saves a baby or a genetic defective that should have been left to die, at the least it expends resources on a “botched” person; if the defective survives to procreate, the damage is multiplied. While nobody likes to talk about it, ultimately the Eugenics people were right: a species (e.g. Man) will become so weak he cannot optimally survive and will die out. Or more likely, there will be sudden crises that do the necessary culling.

      Since you mentioned “stupid,” that’s another aspect of evolution. Whle a mindless process (algorithm), evolution doesn’t “look ahead.” What it DOES do is favor survival of the fittest from the myriad trial and error versions each generation creates. A large brain ( = high intelligence) is “expensive” in evolutionary terms; for various races, the brain evolved no larger than needed for survival. We all know which group got “optimized” for a low IQ.
      Come civilization and widespread movement and inter-breeding of the different sub-species, you get an untenable situation that will need to find a new equilibrium. Unhappy times ahead.

  29. your analysis doesn’t take into account the temptation to over reach, especially for a thug like xi. I think there is an excellent chance of china starting a hot war intentionally, this year; before president potato head is pulled. as long as he is potus, a war is going to be very hard for the US to conduct with any kind of coherence, so striking now is ideal.

    • Your analysis does not take into account the temptation of under reach. Seriously, the over reach claim is overdone. It’s not the great temptation many claim. Relative to most emerging powers, China has been quite timid in her territorial ambitions.

      • Zman, that is not true. Tibet, India, Vietnam, the Phillipines would all beg to differ. And China is not Japan in the 1930s, as it faces a nominally nuclear opponent (in reality our nukes likely don’t work any more). India and China just fought a border war in the Himalayas and India does have nukes (not very good ones) that actually have been tested.

        Moreover Xi Xinping the man is one who shoveled pig manure for 10 years in the provinces. The Cultural Revolution was one of those giant peasant upheavals that roil China. Egged on by Mao it harnessed the peasant resentment that communist rule had not worked out for them in contrast to the ruling elite. It only ended with Mao’s death.

        The Chinese Dream as explained by XI has two features, one rising living standards and the other resurgent nationalism. China has no way to realistically increase their living standard any more — it requires increases in productivity that are hampered by Communist corruption and the drag of the low IQ often illiterate peasants in the interior. Internal consumption has been tried since 2009 and has largely failed. The US cannot buy Chinese stuff much longer and China faces resource constraints. Why not act now, with Nationalism as a cudgel against peasant resentment re declining living standards which are baked into the cake (about everything that could have concrete poured on it in China has received the concrete pour).

        Taiwan is filled with bourgeois office workers who could not fight their way out of a paper bag. They have limited fighter aircraft, and amphibious defences can be overcome via airborne troops. China has lots of big planes. Hypersonic missiles can take out bases in Guam and Hawaii, and with the US this weak and inept, capture of Hawaii is not out of the question particularly if much of the US military is in Ukraine fighting Russia.
        And crucially, China cannot afford to wait. Its manpower advantage is now, along with Xi in power. Waiting ten years, China will have due to the one child policy a lack of military age men to deploy. Even now China needs its Wolf Warrior propaganda — the one child policy means parents retirement rides on their son’s success. A son’s death on the battlefield means a life of elderly poverty. Meaning they’d have nothing to lose anymore.
        I am not saying China will move now. I am saying that the odds are likely in favor of a move. If nothing else, weakness invites attack. Look at Russia under Yeltsin.

        • “…(in reality our nukes likely don’t work any more)…”

          You can make your point without saying ridiculous things.

          • Yes, but that point is still not believable. More than enough nukes will work when the time comes.

    • Depends how smart China wants to be. They get a lot more mileage out of being able to occasionally whip a distractive fervor over Taiwan than actually having Taiwan.

      • And when that cools off, they let the Norks act up for a bit and are allowed to play the rational negotiators doing a favor for the West.

    • If covid wasn’t an accident, they might’ve already overreached. Not an expert on the Chinese, but listening to the shit they talk, they do come across as hubristic.

      • Edward Luttwak explained that Xi is angry, belligerent and militaristic- as he purged the party first thing they all began to imitate him. Its an extension of Xi; Thats power- ask Jack Ma if you can find him.

    • McFungus: “As long as Biden is potus, a war is going to be very hard for the US to conduct with any kind of coherence.” Silly.

  30. Your takis column is great. It’s hard to understand what’s happening without believing that evil is real

    • The current world mess really does feel as though there is some powerful mysterious evil force directing it all, doesn’t it?

      • If only somebody wrote about this evil force in the past to warn us.

        Oh wait, there was this thing called the Bible written 2000 years ago which spoke of just that.

        And older religions have the same thing. It’s always existed. Modern western people thought they became too “advanced” for sin and the devil but in fact they never did. Ties in to the secular dissident vs christian dissident.

        • I’m a base atheist, and even I fully agree that evil exists in the world. The believer will allege malevolent spiritual forces at work deceiving Man; the secular (realist) will say, no it’s just Man’s innate evil (or good) tendancies. The secular (idealist) is the fool that thinks everything is under control, things are just peachy, and Utopia is right around the corner!

          To paraphrase, nay, butcher Shakespeare: “The fault, dear B125, is not in our holy books, but in ourselves, that we are clever primates playing at being gods.”

      • The Lord of Hell wants release- a return to the primitive garden before it fed upon our substance, the mindless innocence of a simple bacterium that knew not of pain, or fear, or rage, or consciousness, or anything, anything at all.

        The gods- numinous, immaterial, emergent, composite overminds- have no hands.

        They are like a man who wishes to reform ant society; he can only shout at the anthole, or pound on the ground with the handle of his hoe, striving to make them discern his intent. He would have to somehow vest as an ant himself to speak to them directly.

        As more vessels susceptible to the dread influence breed, the more aware of pain he becomes. Feeding on the rich energies of carnage grows him only larger, unable to escape the collective agony that a broken soul can be entrapped in- his kingdom.

        His only solution is to drive the generating vessels, the embodied, into an inevitable frenzy.

        Once they have killed enough of each other, he might lobotomize, not enough units left to form an intelligence to feel the sea of memories of terror, despair, of excruciation upon which he floats.

        The physical is the root. Here, amongst the living, the killing madness must be fought. Even though there were war amongst the gods, this is the battlefield, and we are the soldiers.

        We whites are the cavalry, none other can come. We have already arrived, and must do what we must, lest all fall into darkness.

  31. It was only a year ago that many believed the Wuflu debacle would lead to a partial decoupling of the West from China. The thought was taht we couldn’t allow a hostile power to maintain a tight grip on the supplies of basic commodities, pharmaceuticals particularly, when that nation had played a large role in devastating the economies of the West.

    That turned out to be a damp squib. Any fleeting thoughts of repatriating American industry died in the counting rooms on election night. You won’t hear it suggested again for at least the next 4 years. That alone has to have the CCP feeling rather sanguine about its chances when playing the long game with regards to Taiwan.

    • This is something I can’t believe doesn’t get talked about more.

      When basic supplies like N95s and Nitrile gloves disappeared from shelves all across the country not one though this was a vulnerability?

      How are we supposed to “fight a war” with your major supplier of absolutely everything?

      • THIS.


        Just by stopping shippments to the US they caused a national panic.

        Now imagine crashing US internet infrastructure from China.

        • Internet ?

          They’ll just go for our grid, which Biden has already made easier for them to access by undoing the protections Trump had put in place.

        • But prior Trump cut their silicon chips. They were living on a few months stockpile.

          Had Trump won the contest the Chinese would sue for peace by now.

          China can’t make chips.

          Taiwan has the biggest and best chip foundries in world.

          • Agreed.

            How many CCP infiltrators in Taiwan chip making facilities though?

            Wouldn’t take many.

      • Hyphenated asian-“americans” were proudly displaying their patriotism by buying up masks by the case and shipping them to asia.

        One acquaintance from Hong Kong had over 500 masks in his house and had sent hundreds more back to HK.

      • “This is something I can’t believe doesn’t get talked about more.

        When basic supplies like N95s and Nitrile gloves disappeared from shelves all across the country, no one thought this was a vulnerability?”

        Everyone thought it was a vulnerability. It’s all that was talked about. Did you just wake up from a 11 month nap?

  32. I’m always cautious about china. I’m not a CCP apologist but I’m also waiting to see more before I say that they’re totally evil.

    It really depends what their end goal is. Do they just want to rise enough to create a multipolar world, retake Taiwan and HK and dominate East asia? Couldn’t care less, it’s even probably a good idea. But on the other hand, if they want to enslave and humiliate whites as payback for the british colonization, and throw me in a camp for practicing my faith (and harvest my organs) – then I have a problem with them.

    All asian people become greedy, parasitic, anti white, leftist shit bags in the west anyways, regardless of if they’re from china, taiwan, Hong Kong, korea, etc. Wasn’t the CCP who initially fucked up Vancouver. It was Hong Kong “refugees”.

    But I don’t find fobs particularly anti white. Usually it’s the whitewashed ones raised in the west who hate white people. Fobs pretty much only talk to other fobs.

    We’ll really have to see. I actually think there is a strong possibility we start to see more white men leave canada / usa and head to china or elsewhere in asia to work and live.

    • > All asian people become greedy, parasitic, anti white, leftist shit bags in the west anyways, regardless of if they’re from china, taiwan, Hong Kong, korea, etc.

      Asians always assimilate to the dominant culture. If, in five years, the culture does a 180 into full ethno-nationalism, the hard-core right-wing rhetoric of ascendant asians would make your average wignat uncomfortable.

      • The Japanese are perhaps a perfect example of this. From hyper-aggressive imperialists to passive consumers of foreign pop culture in the space of a generation.

    • B;
      Re YT emigrating to Asia: Assuming they’d even be willing have us in numbers, only if we’re willing to fully assimilate and yet remain second class citizens. N Asians are *the* most racists on the face of the planet. For example, as of my last journey to the region (admittedly some years ago), Japanese residents of Korean descent were *still* not able to vote. They may speak and read perfect Japanese, have lived there two generations + and (mostly) look just like them. Doesn’t matter.

      BTW, I agree with their policy in general and wish we’d apply it here.

      • Better to be a second class citizen in a somewhat functional civilization than a third class citizen in a third world shithole (USA). Not sure a white man has any more right to vote in the USA (mass voter fraud + legal foreigner importation) than in china. At least they’re honest over there.

        China is definitely not perfect but I suspect they don’t have youths playing the knockout game in the streets of Beijing.

        • B;
          China honest_? Puhleese_! In the words of the great Spengler, ‘In negotiations, the Chinese leave nothing on the table. And sometimes they take the table too.’ The only voting in China is open (not secret ballot) voting by CCP members (only) for the slate approved by the Centra Committee. Mere abstention is questionable.

          OTOH, there is *limited* franchise in Japan, S Korea and Taiwan.

          I do take your point about public order, however.

          • I didn’t mean honest in general, I mean open / honest about the fact that as a white man you don’t get a vote.

        • You’ve just perfectly described the state of many minorities (especially the Negro) in the USA, perhaps Europe, until a few generations ago (except of course, change “somewhat functional” to “best-functioning countries in the world.” You don’t hear it discussed much, since it’d go against the “Whtiey bad” narrative so common these days, but if you looked at their average quality of life, the Blacks on the whole were probably much better off then than now. Certainly their “bad” statistics: violent crime, fatherless homes, and so on, are multiples worse. Everybody’s has worsened, but the Blacks by far the worst. It’s not only a racial dysfunction. Even their “gains” in employment and education are largely illusory: It’s an open secret that a system of double standards prevails, and that many of them could not compete on a pure merit system. As somebody else noted, they did gain the right to sit anywhere on the bus they liked. The only problem is that the bus won’t really take them anyplace worth going anymore.

    • Back in the day, your typical average white American, with average brains, was a god amongst the Asian hordes. Add in the height advantage: in the far east, these men hit WAY above their sexual market value.
      Unfortunately, abortion was a boon for the Asian women who survived.
      With their competitors culled, they no longer have to settle for the American / Euro cast offs.

      • I am a tall, toe-headed natural blonde with blue eyes. I visit Asia a lot on business. I can literally have any Asian female I want sexually, they’ll leave their family to be with me. I have witnessed this phenomenon for two decades and it’s only growing worse. Asian chics dig nordics, they go crazy, stupidly so.

        • More or less the same situation in Toronto, I could be hitting a new asian girl raw every day of the week if I wanted to. Levels of mayo burning going on by asian women is out of control, despite the copes to the contrary by asian men (muh kpop, muh girls in 2021 like boyish faces).

          I’ve wondered if the fear mongering about white supremacy has made us even more attractive. Women like bad and powerful boys. According to the media we are super powerful and super evil. That makes women wet. Bluepilled media soys have no idea how this works ofc.

          Personally I don’t think there’s ever been a time when white men were more attractive – the catch is that you ignore the media signals and don’t get depressed, demoralized or turn into a wigger – which is the goal of the media / education establishment.

          • It’s worse with Indian females. They would effing jump on me in front of their husbands, though not the family, I think, perhaps the latter is fear of suttee. I am over 40 years of age, pale as Casper, and when I try to do business these Indian chics nearly always go behind their family’s back to contact me for sex. “I will only stay ninety minutes and I will let myself out.” They know I’m married, so it’s weird and I am grossed out, not flattered.

        • It’s “towhead” if you mean very light blond. Toe-head conjures up nightmarish things.

    • The Chinese are not evil, they’re just not us.In addition to which the Chinese government seems to have the quaint old fashioned idea that their job is to further the interests of the Chinese people. Very unwoke of them, but what do expect from backwards third worlders?

      • CHESTERTON It is a great mistake to mix up what is right with what is rational. An intellectual civilization may quite easily be diabolically miserable and wicked, and be none the less intellectual and civilized.

        Perhaps the only real rationalists on earth are the Chinese, and they act in consequence without the least regard to the two most irrational and disturbing and dangerous passions in existence, a sense of pity and a sense of humor.

  33. “History shows that the end comes much sooner than the patient ever expects.” Agreed – how about tomorrow or next week at the latest? Time to go to heaven or hell as the case may be.

  34. China poses a threat to Americans only in that it has so thoroughly bribed and compromised its corporate oligarchy and the political whores who serve them. Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell might as well have slots in their backs to insert yuan. And, yes, the Asia/Pacific region knows it is just a matter of years rather than decades before the United States ticks its tail and runs. There are domestic White supremacists to fight, you know.

    That aside, America’s usually astute Ruling Class has hitched its star to a power only slightly less craptacular than the United States. The PRC also is awash in debt, offshore its jobs, and borrows and spends to pacify it’s people.

    While the United States will collapse first, China isn’t all that far behind.

    • “While the United States will collapse first, China isn’t all that far behind.”

      Homogeneous countries like china don’t collapse cause of some economic turmoil.

        • “China has collapsed many times before.”

          not really, chinese had many dynasties that warred with one another, but country stood strong.

          mongols & mao revolution are big time events, current chinese don’t face a threat comparable to that.

    • Eh, it’s pretty disturbing how ga-ga Western controllers are for China’s social credit system, and are eagerly developing plans to install their own.

      It’s fine if the PRC wants to treat its people like cattle. I don’t want that junk in the Western world.

      • I don’t like the way it’s being implemented, but in concept I think it’s got possibilities.

        Your alternative to a social credit system is our current “equality under the law”, which we presently have in place.

        Unfortunately, equality under the law means your laws are going to be written to apply to the lowest common denominator. When your ghetto rats run wild with guns, then you start getting gun laws that apply to everyone.

        A tiered system of rights contingent on demonstration of responsibility makes a lot more sense, but the caveat, as usual, is what happens when those who write the rules become corrupt.

        But that is the problem with any system. I don’t see a corrupt social credit system as being any worse than a corrupt equality under the law system. Equality isn’t treating it’s dissidents any better than social credit, and I expect eventually it’ll be treating them a fair bit worse.

        • My alternatives to a social credit system are called, “freedom,” and, “privacy.”

          Cattle managed in a social credit scheme have neither.

      • It’s the same with these damned masks – that’s always been a chinaman thing. Never thought I’d see something like that here.

    • Germany. Japan. I could go on.

      Heterogeneous nations are far more unstable, of course, but homogeneity is not a silver bullet at all. And as sentry pointed out earlier, China has collapsed many times and has several restive minority populations. It is not as unstable as the United States but it is mostly a matter of degree.

      • Correct that the multi-ethnic nature of China is underappreciated in the US.

        4-5 major languages in China proper; they’re as different as Finish is to French – totally incomprehensible to each other.

        Their genius is their writing system – inscrutable to Westerners with the 8000 or so basic characters needed for basic literacy (10s of thousands for full literacy) – the written language is universal across China.

        It’s absolutely brilliant, and has united the country for thousands of years.

        • Their genius is their writing system – inscrutable to Westerners with the 8000 or so basic characters needed for basic literacy

          You only need about 4,000 non-phonetic characters for non-technical literacy. It’s fairly easy to learn them, unfort, I nearly flunked 4th grade art and at least for me it’s the drawing them which proved troublesome.

          You have to live there and then it’ll come. It’s not that imposing actually.

          • This is a debate in and of itself but i’ll sum it up with my oft repeated anecdote of asking a Chinese person what something says in Chinese script, their inevitable first response:
            Since it’s not phoenetic the characters do not line up with the language, it’s like a language within a language, and one completely divorced from meaning if there is no context, which leaves even native speakers sometimes puzzled when trying to put together a translation. It’s actually a metaphor for everything Chinese. Whereas the Japanese are willing to change to conquer the world, the Chinese would rather not change than do any such thing.

        • The Asian ideogram writing (e.g. like Chinese with the thousands of “letters” each representing a thought or concept, rather than a sound) has some advantages, but phonetic alpabets do some things better. Not in the least, they are one hell of a lot easier to learn. They are adaptable to unique language sounds. Unless I’m mistaken, many Asian languages have pitch of a sound as a modifier to its meaning. Vietnamese, in contrast to its nieghbors, uses Western characters adapted to these different pitches.

          Just consider how vastly simpler it was to set type or otherwise publish books, once the printing press became “a thing.” The factors are only slightly different with the advent of the computer age. Storing the data is trivial, but the input and output are orders of magnitude more complex.

          It’s worth noting that the challenges to automation were laregely non-existent in the era of manual writing: The human hand wielding a quill pen will write Kanji or Latin just as easily, and the inkwell and parchment are no more complex.

          .That is why phonetc came to dominate the world, as it advanced.

          The differences are as significant as comparing Roman with Arabic numerals: the Romans accomplished a lot, yes, but Arabic was superior (also having the zero opens a lot of math options).

    • Imagine selling out your own people for some mediocre yellow p*ssy and some sheckels.

      Swallwells girl wasn’t even that hot

      I dunno why they don’t just go to one of those now-famous asian massage parlours if they’re so desperate. I guess power corrupts.

      • B125,

        You give the typical native American (Canadian) male too much credit. The typical male is AVERAGE or below, which no women wants in the modern day. Take a mediocre Asian lady vs. solitude, the Cocaine Mitch’s and Swalwells will beg like dogs.

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