A Holiday Ramble

It is Fourth of July here in the empire and our rulers will be out congratulating themselves on their wonderfulness. The late Washington columnist Robert Novak used to say that he “loved his country but hated his government.” That was my sentiment for a long time as well. The orchestrated celebrations with politicians and other state actors always made me wince, but I could still feel the stir when hearing myths about the founding or stories about certain patriots from our history.

That last part has faded for the most part. If we take Ben Shapiro at his word, patriotism just means a love of ideas. If that is true, then there is no reason to have an emotional bond to the state or the history that created the state. The celebrations and flag waving around holidays like Independence Day are wildly out of line with his conception of patriotism. Instead, your emotional bond should be to your people, not the conditions in which they temporarily find themselves.

It is ironic how many on the Right now hold the same view of patriotism that the Left used to hold a generation ago. Just a few decades ago it was the Left that said patriotism was a con to keep people from noticing what was happening. In the Bush years, they said dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Today, they put dissenters in prison on trumped up charges. They orchestrate elaborate plots to frame people for schemes that were cooked up by state actors.

I talked about that Revolver story in the show. It reminds me of the old gag about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. “People would stop believing these conspiracy theories about Clinton if they stopped being true.” It is increasingly looking like the so-called insurrection was another hoax. Protestors did clash with cops, and they did barge into the capitol, but it was at the direction of state actors. That does not absolve them of what they did, if any of it was criminal, but it stinks, nonetheless.

It is not just the issue of patriotism. Look at how attitudes have shifted on the issue of corporate power. A generation ago the Left was the alleged enemy of big business, while the Right offered a limited defense. Bill Buckley famously said that “the problem with socialism is socialism, but the problem with capitalism is capitalists.” The roles are reversed now. The Left, which has now absorbed the Buckley Right entirely, loves big business and they use it as a weapon against the Right.

We have traveled far since the heyday of Conservative Inc. There you have a sitting senator asking corporate America to crush the democratic process. No one thinks it is odd that a Democrat is the one doing it. The entirety of corporate America is now far Left by the reckoning of the day. The same is true of sports leagues, which are happy to punish locals for getting too uppity with their masters. This Independence Day, I feel like Jeremiah Johnson in the final scene of the movie.

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312 thoughts on “A Holiday Ramble

  1. Let me have the honor of bringing the comment count to 300

    We got some mileage out of this one !

    There has to be some hidden meaning here too.

  2. Z

    Saw your latest post on Gab, always had you figured for a Evola type and I was right.

    The problem with monarchies is that you are born in what amounts to a caste and you die in it. With the vast amount of people being serfs who had nothing, it meant a dreary, hard life and with retirement of dying while tending the crops.

    That was a reason why Europeans fled into the new world to escape being no more than a land lord’s peon.

    My mother literally grew up in such a environment in Galicia as a Polish peasant who lived in a house made of mud, straw with a dirt floor. You worked until you died. Didn’t prepare right for winter and you starved to death.

    You won’t sell your fantasy to people who know better.

    The problem is as always a ambitious monied class who seek to subvert the system for their own personal gain. We saw that in Republican Rome during the Second Punic War. Our Republic suffered the same fate with the advent of industrialization in the late 19th century and the subsequent massive wealth it generated for a handful of families. So much so they guided and shaped the country through to the 20th and 21st centuries.much to the nations detriment.

    They were also responsible for the destruction of home and small craft businesses and the stunting the development of the lower classes through a compulsory mass schooling modeled how a factory operates to produce a worker that was just literate enough to read the shop manual and obey his boss, It was only through the grace of god that it did not crush all young minds so we had a technological flowering from the 40’s to the 90’s,

    If there is a fix, it is to put a very tight leash on the monied class and watch them like hawks and if they get out of line, end their gene line.,

    • Points all well taken. I’d counter with the idea that a hard life is what most people need or they wither away. Daily struggle actually gives their life meaning. When we achieve a life of leisure, we fall apart. Look at us now. Case in point.

      Perhaps there is some happy middle ground. I don’t know. But I know that as of today, white people have little meaning in life or something worth fighting for and at the same time are weak and listless. I’m certain the two are related.

      Granted, I’ll never be a politician selling something so grim. But I think most people get it. I think this is why the church always wanted to keep people somewhat poor and condemned people making money, knowing where it would lead — to a weaker flock. Their aim was to keep us strong and hardy and reproductive. Not to see that we all become happy and prosperous. This came to me when I saw a homeless man not long ago. You could see it in his eyes that the daily fight of existence is what kept him moving and going. And had someone given him a free place to stay or showered him with money, he’d probably die.

      They say life is about choices. I think if we want to become stronger and more hardy we have to become somewhat ascetic, Spartan, limit ourselves to certain things.

      • “What most people need is a hard life…”

        Is where greed comes in. Even when you have enough and life is easy, we want more. Enough is not enough for whom enough is not enough.

        Tom Brady. Rich guy, loads of money, beautiful wife, life is good, could easily retire, but the old man will play another year, get beat up some, all because of greed, and he doesn’t want someone else to win a Superbowl.

        Heaven I. Life is easy. No struggle. Immortality. Boredom, no escape.

        Heaven II. Life is hard. Life is struggle. Mortality. AKA, planet Earth.

        Heaven III. It’s a dog’s life, no fleas, no cats.

    • Rwc1963: stunting the development of the lower classes through a compulsory mass schooling modeled how a factory operates to produce a worker that was just literate enough to read the shop manual and obey his boss

      I could easily write a 100,000 word effort poast essay on this topic, but even Z wouldn’t be that patient with me.

      The tl;dr would have been that the work of the The Giants of the 20th Century – Hervey Cleckley, John B Calhoun, Edward T Hall – was supposed to have been undertaken in the hope of IMPROVING the lives of children, not as a roadmap for DESTROYING children psychologically & intellectually & spiritually.

      By the time John Taylor Gatto came along, it was too late – the die was cast.

      PS: For years, I had feared that some d@mned leftist lunatic would do the same with Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys, using it as a roadmap to make Mother Gaia safe from Homo sapiens again.

      In fact, I was so worried that I never even floated the idea on any internet forum, for fear that I might inspire the very leftist lunatic in reality which I was imagining in my nightmares.

      I always figured the lunatic would be some smart-assed spergtarded puritanical [i.e. unitardian] graduate student in a top-tier university lab, working all alone, late into the night and on the weekends, when all the less lunatic professors & graduate students had long since gone home to enjoy a nice relaxed evening spent whacking off to pr0n.

      Little did I realize that it wasn’t going to be a lone graduate student – that, instead, it would be all of the elitist governments of the world uniting to subsidize the research necessary to fulfill the Georgia Guidestones Prophecy.

    • your understanding of feudalism and serfdom is woefully misinformed. have you read even a single chapter on it?

  3. Z, I follow you on Gab and know that you are a wholy different beast in that medium.

    Keep roasting those goddamn stupid civic nationalists! It’s hard to overstate how foolish they are and how much they impede our progress.

    As dumb metal band said back in the day, “K1l7 th3m @lL!” Not kidding although not attributing that sentiment to you.

  4. Dear Z man,

    I always enjoy your website and podcast, and I always find your thoughts intellectually stimulating.

    That being said, I’m a little surprised at the amount of time you spent discussing the author who asserts Jesus’ disciples were part of a Jewish conspiracy against Rome, and that the miracles attributed to Jesus may not have happened since Roman/ and local authorities didn’t make more mention of them.

    This whole argument can be dispelled by one question….Why would 11 out of 12 of Jesus’ disciples (one was never “captured), willingly be tortured and killed for Jesus if they did not truly believe he was the Son of God?

    • As Chesterton said, it’s like being told to find swans that are black, only to have them disqualified as swans because they are black. There are literally four contemporary historians of Jesus who provide fairly detailed documentation of his life (plus Josephus references him), but this isn’t considered good enough because there arent five contemporary historians. Nevermind that Jesus’ life is better documented by contemporaries than nearly every single person living prior to the 16th(!) Century. Ultimately, it’s a rationalization for disbelief, not a bona fide consideration of evidence.

      • As either the voice of materialism, rationality, or “”the timely advocate of the Devil,” as Nietzsche dubs himself in one of his book introductions, please permit me to briefly make that case.

        The best argument I’ve ever read against miracles is Hume’s “On Miracles.” In a nutshell, he asks, when offered an account of a miracle, what is most likely: Were the laws of Nature suspended (which is another way of saying that God made an exception to the rigid established laws of how the universe works, in effect, requiring even more complexity to explain the Universe’s operation), or is it more likely that the witness claiming the miracle was deceived or is deceiving?

        Secondly, and following directly from the final statement, what do we know of psychology, especially in the domains of mental illness and/or the ability of individuals or entire populations to hold fixed beliefs, irrespective of their validity?

        If you’re a devout Christian, you probably look with distaste, or perhaps even compassion, upon all the “lost” who follow false gods. But have you ever considered that they consider you just as misguided? There are all manner of religious and mystical claims and beliefs. They can’t all be right. But isn’t it possible they could all be wrong?

        Dubito, quia absurdum est.

        • When we have doubt; and can’t find an adequate argument in between our fallible moments (as believers are often prone to) we don’t have to worry ourselves too much as the apostles of Hume, Darwin and Nietzsche have already given us the answer we were never going to question in the first place:


        • But miracles do happen. Small ones sometimes, mainly. If life were purely rational we would not be the creatures we are. We’d be automatons.

          But we aren’t.

          And as the old saying goes, Friends don’t let friend be automatons

  5. Nice of Mr. Zblogman to give his audience a way to feel useful by leaving comments. Cue Ralph Wiggum meme.

    That would actually be a great topic for content. Various ways we might do activism. Is there more to saving the west than being a keyboard warrior?

  6. Assume Z works with the Feds. What do they expect in return?
    * Names
    * Fatten the dossiers that they already have on us
    * Make arrests
    * Gather intell. What are we thinking?
    * Early warning system

    What is the evidence?
    * Circumstantial
    * How is it that he remains hidden? (Maybe he is not?)
    * Location in the shadow of the Imperial City

    Who benefits?
    * We benefit from the dialogue, the exchange of information, ideas, books, camaraderie, just plain fun of interacting with like minded people.
    * They benefit from more intell, mostly redundant.

    Not likely a Fed. Smart guy and he knows too much. Could someone argue so convincingly and with so much factual information without believing his own words? If he started out as a Fed, he’d end up on our side – a double agent? – as he becomes persuaded by the power of his own arguments. Also, he has a conscience. A conscience too strong to be a quisling.

    • The Stasi is starting to get a bad rep that is spreading widely within the Normie community, and that has them concerned. The revelations about the Jan 6th false flag OP are particularly damaging and that example cannot be swept under the rug easily, no matter have much mewling & disinformation the MSM is peddling. That said, the Stasi is the Stasi, and being paramilitary, they follow orders. Apparently someone has decided to back off on some of the overt entrapment OPs and focus instead on web-based subversion initiatives, hence the corrosive comments blast. They do this because it actually does have an impact on the soft-heads. I read this a sign of their heightened anxiety, but beware anyway. They tend to get feisty when nervous.

    • The Czars secret police wrote The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to defame Jews. This round about way came back to the NAZI invasion of the Soviet Union. While this did not end well for either, if Z is an agent let’s hope the government’s own propaganda effort backfires them too.

      • If Z works for anyone, it’s the Church and to nurture in people an appreciation for and understanding of catholic- or orthodox-centered economics and culture. And he doesn’t have to be under their employ, but achieving those ends the same inadvertently. People like myself who have spent time in the Catholic Church or in the Orthodox Church might also catch a whiff of the incense and candles burning while on this blog, with hymns in Latin quietly in the background. I mean this as a high compliment.

        Verdict: Z Man is a Knight Templar


        • Z’s expository style definitely comes out of a legalistic tradition – that’s obvious.

          Which, statistically speaking, would likely mean that his sympathies lie with either Rome or Jerusalem.

          OTOH, from what I can tell, the history of Athenian/Syriac popery is simply fascinating, especially as it evolved in Mother Russia.

          Those dudes in Russia were having knock-down drag-out fights about the tiniest little minutiae of interpretation you could possibly imagine [and some you couldn’t even imagine].

          I am convinced the Frankfurt School realized this, and used that passionate factionalism to drive a wedge between the various Russian camps in the years leading up to 1917.

          My God, I would love to read a quality HONEST & FORTHRIGHT & ACCURATE book about the true history of Athenian/Syriac popery in Mother Russia.

          Those dudes were absolutely bloodthirsty in their righteousness.

      • That book, also called “Protocols of the Learned Elders,” is fairly short and an amusing read. It’s a pretty transparent fiction, unless you’re REALLY gullible. The Jews are tarred with the default stereotypes: world bankers, power brokers and so on. I’m surprised they weren’t made out to be diamond merchants too. Of course, now True Believers will think that I too am one of Them, some powerful agent merely masquerading as a retired computer geek, cleverly concealing his Jewish faith and ancestry with atheism and Nietzsche quotes 😀

  7. Just got done listening to the podcast. Z-man, you sound chipper and happy! Have a good weekend!

  8. This Agent Z palaver has me feeling so lol Im gonna put the flag up on the porch now.

    Agent Z don’t forget that whooyey.

    You have files on my type i’m sure.

    • I seriously think The rather pale moor I saw doesn’t look like the others I’ve met.

      I think that was this weekends false Flag.

      I just put the real one up on porch. American 🇺🇸.

      Because we live here.

    • Recall the Righteous Kneegre$$ from a few days ago, who was screaming b100dy murd3r at the White tranny which ventured with its exposed appendage into the lady’s room in the spa:


      Well today, moar ladies in the greater SoCal area were having a public protest in solidarity with Righteous Kneegre$$.

      And guess who magically materialized out of nowhere to put an immediate end to their protest?


      The Tranny agenda must be massively important to the Frankfurt School & its Deep State subsidiary if a sanhedrin when to all the trouble of phoning up George Soros and ordering him to deploy Antifa.

      The logical conclusion has got to be that they’ve got a sh!t-t0n invested in this transvestism psychological warfare campaign.

      They must have mountains of psycho-sociological research indicating that trannies are amongst the moast vituperative & virulent & vicious of the shabbos goyim.

      • Taking your post at face value, which of course is a more polite way of just admitting I’m simply too lazy to check your references, you make an interesting point.

        I’m working my way through Caldwell’s “The Age of Entitlement.” If his claims are true, then many of the civil rights cases that ended at the Supreme Court, since early 20th century, were brought by activists, early ones by the NAACP, ACLU and suchlike. Up to the modern day, the case that legalized gay marriage was similarly staged. In other words, many, perhaps most of these cases are deliberately designed for a desired end.

        I see no reason why activists wouldn’t use similar strategies with smaller events. Perhaps we can find some way to copy these clever gambits?

        • Perhaps we can find some way to copy these clever gambits?

          Just remember that Antifa organizes with the full might of j00gle/f@cec0ck/tw@tter/instaho/Fort-Meade behind their backs, whereas, at best, we’ll be organizing via Carrier Pigeons.

          So Antifa will have a massive organizational advantage over us, at least right up until Xi launches several thousand thermonukular EMP devices at North America, and destroys all of our electronics, once and for all.

          Moral of the Story: Make sure your mission critical Passenger Pigeons don’t have cardiac pacemakers…

  9. Since it’s On-Topic…chaos-confusion / paranoia / traps. And in many of the comments below. We should do a poll on whether we think Zman is connected to the Feds.

    It’s funny-not-funny that a number of long-time followers of Zman have doubts. From reading and listening to him for about 4 years now, I don’t understand how one could harbor any suspicions. Perhaps I’m naive. There *are* some vaguely noteable data points re. his unusual existence, promotional adverts, etc. But for me, reason and especially intuition renders a strong Innocent verdict for Z.

    But just for fun, I offer a poll. For clarity: Z means the man himself. Not the Zblog. And “fed” includes the govt and any govt proxies who hate us.

    A. there is zero chance that Z is connected to fed. Z is honorable.

    B. there’s a slight chance Z is connected to fed

    C. about a 30-40% chance. you just never know these days

    D. Z is probably connected to fed

    E. Z is de facto head of CIA, FBI, and Interpol. Z is a terrible person.

    • D. They already declared that we are all the biggest threat to America and the alphabet agencies together with the Non-profit sector already knows that he is in a Secret Handshake Society and he is very clear in his messaging exactly what he believes so there is no way he could be vetted for a government contract or a big business and not already be identified and he claims he hires employees who are not on this side of the great divide so they would all end up reporting him the second they got a recommended video or podcast.

      None of that makes him a terrible person. If he isn’t just straightforwardly a manager, then they likely have huge leverage over him. Google and all of the silicon valley people have datasets that would absolutely identify him. So they likely contacted him and put him in touch with the correct agency if he wasn’t already employed there when he started. Starts with R ends with idge and has uby r in the middle if you catch my drift. They been playing this game deep and long since before most of the kids watching Fuentes videos were born.

      • Don’t quit your day job Inspector Gadget, you are a fairly shite detective.

        You also seem to have a serious hard-on for this topic in a way that I actually find –you– suspect more than Z. That is odd, isn’t it?

        It is like the people who are yelling the loudest about child abuse and join these organizations to prevent it end up being the biggest kiddie fiddlers around, that type of thing. Always be wary of the guy screaming the loudest.

        The far left and their ilk are the poster children of this phenomena. Anti-fascists are fascists, anti-racists are the biggest racists around, etc etc.

        • the FBI pays people to insinuate themselves into blogs and ruin them from within by being a cancer on the message board

        • No. I just starting thinking about how I really got on this meme-war path. I used to be a solid Democrat. Donating to candidates on ActBlue and totally into it. From Clinton onwards. I demonstrated against the WTO and threw rocks at cops at the RNC conventions etc. But one day, a few years ago, I got a recommended video and then a recommended podcast and then Spencer, TRS, Enoch, Z Man, Amren, Kersey, Flaherty, Suidlanders, Duke etc. I think they tagged me as being in the correct demographic and began the state sponsored process of radicalization, as they have done with the Ukraine, Turkey, the Kurds, the Contras, Chile, etc etc and on and on.

          You have been radicalized guys. This type of content is like the 75 year old guys who watch tucker in their pjs and think he didn’t go far enough so maybe they will google sites that have more spicy content.

          Welp, I appreciate the audience. It’s over guys. You are driving to an applebees for some spicy wings every few weeks for the next 10 years at best, probably not because it inflames your bowels. Just lame. Let it go. You don’t decide a darn thing and you couldn’t do 5 burpees in 30 seconds if your lives depended on it.

          I still vote D.

          • Here’s the thing. The left is allowed to protest and be violent. Sure, people get arrested, and in the past they’d even get convicted, but it’s been state-sponsored for a long time.

            That didn’t happen in Waco, Ruby Ridge, Malheur. As soon as anybody on the right gets uppity, the feds swarm and kill people, Bundy Ranch being a notable exception.

            It’s a whole different ball game, with different rules. And you might ask yourself why tptb would try to steer erstwhile leftist radicals to the right.

        • One of the ways to get off the “meme path” is to remember the advancements of white people in history. we were the first to sail around the world. We were the first to walk on the moon. The printing press, anesthesia, vaccines, electrification of the world, the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, splitting the atom, the computer, the Internet, sequencing the genome, and just about everything else worthwhile in the world: white people, white people, white people.

          The left is right: it is a privilege to be a member of the white race.

          Only American white people fought a war to end slavery. And the British ended the slave trade.

          Hmm, maybe some of our accomplishments need to be revisited.

          • Well said. I suspect that there is more than a little jealousy and envy at work in the way other races view Whites. Enmity between groups is human, and even animal nature. But it’s a fact that Whites have some amazing accomplishments and others may by turns admire, emulate, or simply be envious.

      • I’m going with A. Zero chance Z has any enemy connection. In fact I reckon the Z in Zman stands for zero chance of betrayal.

        –I used to be pretty sure they knew his identity. But it’s possible he has many official and unofficial identities or lives. His real identity may have gone to the grave with his mother.

        –Have the feds contacted him or laid hands on his person. Do they know where he resides? He could be some kind of elusive savant. I think he used about 4 modes of transportation just to meet Derb for a cup of coffee.

        –While a successful businessman, I’m thinking he’s also antifragile. Partly by design, partly by nature. Blue-collar kids are quick with the “fuck off”. If feds threatened. I could see Z saying “go ahead. if it’s sooner than later, so be it.” And besides, he’s written nothing that would actually land him in prison. What kind of weight would a threat carry?

        –His Lefty employees would indeed probably doxx him if they knew he was Z. But I don’t recall Z revealing himself to them. I do think he came closer than we’d like. But it’s vague.

        –Besides all the speculation it really comes down to this. If the Z is about anything it’s about character. And loyalty to our people. He simply wouldn’t cooperate with the enemy. And he’s not the type to rationalize a betrayal. Worst case scenario is he’d agree to end his political presence. But he’d not work with the feds or hurt us in any way.

    • I’ll go with D just because Z is involved in national politics and you’re bound to bump into feds when you swim in those waters. Not saying he’s an agent or anything like that.

      Even your local cops run intel. It goes with statecraft. And just because you’re known (I’m sure all of us are) doesn’t mean you’re targeted for destruction. The state is not monolithic, and statecraft is basically riding the tiger. Maybe this group should be suppressed, that one promoted, that one destroyed, co-opted, fenced in, etc. Maybe a group can’t be suppressed, so the state has to accommodate it or risk being destabilized.

      Political power is all about leverage, and intel is where leverage often starts.

      • @Paintersforms. Good comment.

        Things are probably more complicated and nuanced than I know.

        Re leading players in any movement. In light of your comment, let’s put it another way. On a sliding scale. 1 to 100. The bottom 10% being outright narcs. The 10-20% being self-centered weirdos who sell-out as a matter of course. Milo. Spencer.

        80 to 90. True to the cause. May talk to the enemy / feds if it helps the movement. Perhaps informing on those within the movement that he deems actually hurt the cause.

        The 90-100 True O.G.’s Old style Mexicans and mafia who by creed simply will not engage with Fed. Whether it’s helpful to the cause or not.

        From this model I’d place Zman at 92.

        • My spidey sense isn’t tingling, but that’s all I can say inasmuch as it’s not really possible to know someone from a blog and podcast.

          Something to consider: it’s very possible a lot of leaders are in the 80-90 range. There are a couple of names recently brought into question along these lines. Just speculating, but probably better people than the 10-20 crowd, yet here we are.

          • “My spidey sense isn’t tingling, but that’s all I can say inasmuch as it’s not really possible to know someone from a blog and podcast.”

            I beg to differ. How many words have we read and heard him speak? Millions. Years upon years. If that isn’t enough to form a solid opinion then one’s spidey senses are blunted by cynicism or outright paranoia. Many on our side take pride in their battle-worn distrust. But it can be a flaw. A weakness.

          • And I didn’t mean to imply I think Z is in the 80-90 range. I don’t get that impression around here, not from him or the regular commenters, which is why this is the only place on the internet I regularly comment.

  10. From Yarvin aka Moldbug, who being born a Foreign Service Brat understands the Beast ..’Empires do not die on their own–they have to be killed.’

    “As a Foreign Service brat I grew up in the bowels of the Empire and have also studied its past. I can tell you that the Global American Empire (GAE, pronounced “gay”) is neither old nor young, neither dying nor being born.

    People think the Empire is old and about to die because wishful thinking is a thing, and the death of Great Man Theory has turned everyone into a historical voyeur. Empires do not die on their own–they have to be killed. Automatism in history is a 19th-century English Whig/Marxist idea which needs to be taken out with the rest of the GAE’s ideological trash.”

    “Empires do not die on their own–they have to be killed.”

        • Thanks for the link, I can probably tolerate Yarvin in an interview format. He is overly wordy and tiresome AF when given the full run of the place. He has interesting ideas wrapped in purposefully opaque word salads. The fact that Sigma male is mentioned in article is not a good look but not surprising. Perhaps he styles himself a mini VoxDay who is simply ‘outside it all’ but yet the alpha brute that all the chicks would swoon for if he simply cared & participated. 🙄🙄

  11. The republicant jobber (never in it to win) wing of the Uniparty?
    No wonder we are living in West Zimbabwe.

  12. You should highlight the health benefits of chaga in the plug (most people probably don’t even know what it is). I’m in the UK so I can’t buy it from Alaska without paying insane shipping cost + VAT 🙁

  13. You have something to…relish…this weekend. The cost of the average 4th celebration is down 16 cents. Yes a whole 0.16$.

    “The White House@WhiteHouse
    United States government organization

    Planning a cookout this year? Ketchup on the news. According to the Farm Bureau, the cost of a 4th of July BBQ is down from last year. It’s a fact you must-hear(d). Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And that’s something we can all relish. ”

    I don’t think we’re ruled by 4D Chess Geniuses – I think Idiocracy.

    The other alternative is I’m dead and this is purgatory or Hell.

    That means Z isn’t a Fed – he’s the Devil. Right?

    • Tater Joe flew to Michigan today, to appear at a farmers’ market store with Gretchen Whitmer.

      Either she’s in a lot of trouble politically, or else they had Nielsen ratings which indicated that Saturday July 3rd would be the perfect time to get Tater Joe out in public for an official appearance which no one would ever actually watch.

      Now here’s the point – Tater Joe couldn’t remember his lines, and he had to reach into his coat pocket to get his Frankfurt School script, but even then he couldn’t read the words which were printed on the paper:


      They must have already maxxed him out on his Adrenochrome & Amphetamines for this weekend, and they’re scared to death that if they narc him up any further, then he’ll throw a massive Myocardial or Cerebrovascular event at them.

      tl;dr == Pray to Our Creator that Xi doesn’t simply decide to launch a massive thermonukular EMP at the entirety of North America.

      Because no one knows who’s in charge of Clownworld anymoar.

      [Well, David Barnea probably knows who it is, but we sure as he11 don’t.]

      • Yeah, it’s not reassuring that the Presidential Succession is Biden, Harris, Pelosi and… (I don’t know the list, but it’s probably not secret and might make amusing — or dismaying — reading.)

  14. Finally got around to the podcast, been working the must-do list.

    Yes, the Stasi will always run UC agents & CIs into dissident groups; it’s the fastest promotion path in the Bureau. And these snitches will often lead the way into criminal activity because that’s how they manufacture the biggest busts. The main purpose is sheeple intimidation and deterrence, but they also relish the persecution too.

    And yes, NSA hoovers up everything on the electromagnetic spectrum, and then employs AIs to screen & flag leads. Most entrapment stings originate at NSA. And don’t let the Constitution fool you, they have workarounds for every law they break.

    All of the above is like gravity. It’s everywhere and not going away, so best to adapt rather than try & beat the system. You may think you can spot every ringer in the house, but it only takes one sleeper to screw the pooch.

    Ask a LEO and they will tell you that the hardest nut to crack is the mute nobody who keeps to himself and acts opportunistically & spontaneously. The bolt from the blue. And they are trying to crack that nut will pre-crime proclivity data analysis, but the odds still favor those who live a remote lifestyle and have a small internet footprint. But even pre-crime has its limits when the numbers get into the thousands. You can’t chase every ghost, not enough money or resources.

    Smarter, not harder.

  15. there is an interesting (and humorous) episode, related to the topic of FBI infiltrators, from the 1950’s. L Ron Hubbard was having trouble with the IRS, so he had some of his people join the IRS and act as spies and so forth. Once this was found out, he was forced to live outside the country — on a yacht. Still, if you want to hurt the beast, go inside of it, but act alone and in an indeterminate way.

    Zman, if you ever wanted a subject for an amazing American character study, L Ron is your man. From the time in the 1920’s when he shelled Mexican territory while in command of a small naval vessel, to his involvement with Jack Parsons (founder of JPL and devout occultist, whose wife ran off with L Ron), into his biggest creation which of course is Scientology. Makes Bernie Maddoff, Epstein, all of them, look like Lilliputians by comparison. At least do a cursory reading into his life…

  16. For sites like this to exist, it requires people like you chipping in a few bucks a month to keep the lights on and the people fed. It turns out that you can’t live on clicks and compliments.

    Why ?

    Longtime readers: Aside from the entertainment value of a magazine subscription (say, 1/25th of a yearly subscription to a cheaply-produced, text only mag – $1 a *year*), why pay mote than that to any blogger?

    If you have money to burn, step one is to not give money to people who hate you. Step two is to fund people building civilization. Storytellers, churches, businesses, people building support networks, homeschool networks, FFA…

    What gives?

    • Came back to hit delete, but that is not an option. It was a nean thing to write. Make that 7 frownies.

      • Your basic impulse is correct, however.

        Way downthread here, our homies are talking about how the Wise Guys won’t trust a new-to-them ostensible Wise Guy unless Mr New-to-Them is introduced by someone else whom they know and trust. [Otherwise Mr New-to-Them is simply assumed to be a glowie.]

        Now if your gut instinct is that Z is a glowie, then don’t give him any money.

        And for the sake of God Almighty, don’t give any money to satanic middle men like the GOP or mainline religions or colleges or universititties or even the local gubmint skrewl system.

        Give your money DIRECTLY to people whom you know personally in your own communititty.

        And better yet, don’t give them money, give them STUFF – if their car needs work, then tow it to the mechanic and pay the mechanic’s bill.

        If their HVAC burned out and it’s 110F in July, then send the HVAC tech to their house to replace the compressor.

        If their roof is leaking, then send the roofing company over there to patch it.

        Or get you and your homies to head on down to Lowes, purchase the supplies, and fix that roof y’all selves.

        PS: Getting back to the question of Z, I’ve recently settled upon a theory that what Z is doing is a whole lot moar sophisticated than I had originally realized.

        But if I’m correct, then that’s all I’ll be saying on the matter.

        PPS: If you’re new to The Game, and if you wanna get a very small insight into how the world ackshually works, then acks yourself the follow question: How come WhisKeY doesn’t get up at 05:00 AM [with pre-written essays] to start spam-poasting on Shabbat?

        Figure out the answer to that question, and The Darkness shall be lifted from your eyes.


        [I’d link to the work of Giovanni Gasparro, but that might not be safe for Z to approve.]

  17. I lost much of my patriotism during the Vietnam War. It wasn’t just the lack of justification for the war and the corruption around it, it was also the daily apathy of the populace concerning the expense and slaughter. The Vietnam War was also, to my knowledge, the first time the middle class and above made it clear that the working class was expendable. The college deferment kept middle class and affluent kids nice and safe. They didn’t stop the working class from supporting the war. That apathy and sacrifice of the working class caused me to never fully feel as one with white Americans.

    • That’s ultimately what got me off Christianity too. It’s a belief system that is financed by people at the top to fill the bleak void in the underclasses and give them a motive for defending places like Israel that in no way benefits them. Growing up in a working class community where people at the top force you out of work by closing down every single means of earning a living I felt this all the time. They ruin your future and hand you a bible as compensation. Pointless. It’s easy to see that they tried to do the same thing in Black communities, with totally fake churches sprouting up everywhere that were obviously financed by the elites, but the Black community had absolutely no interest in adopting white people’s religion for the most part. I applaud them for not falling for that.

      We are all being walked around in circles by a few superwealthy people basically.

      • So what do you believe? We need something numinous to bind us together, no? Religion acts a a glue. Atheism, Wokeism, Nihilism are all solvents that dissolve glue. That is why there is no room for religion in Marxism. Force, the power of the state is what what holds the people together, replacing the glue.

        • I don’t think we are living in a time where it pays to believe anything. The are looking to stigmatize white guys. Anywhere you drop your anchor is the place they will bring the battle.

        • That is why there is no room for religion in Marxism.

          Well, except for that One Very Special Religion to rule them all,
          One Very Special Religion to find them,
          One Very Special Religion to bring them all,
          And in the darkness bind them.

          In The Promised Land, where the shadows lie.


        • The Duke: So what do you believe?

          Christianity is not a set of beliefs; It is a set of EXPERIENCES.

    • July 4th conversation. Possibly. Few beers, bbq wings..

      So Cousin Joe, how does it feel to be sailing along on a unsinkable ship and know that a dangerous iceberg lies ahead, and that you and I are the only two on board that can see it?

      Sound the alarm bell? Why, ship too large to change course? No one will believe you. Not enough life jackets to go around.

      The good old USA is that ship and we have decided to let the band play on.

    • My Comment: I lost much of my patriotism during the Vietnam War.

      Like I was saying recently in these parts, Vietnam was one of the greatest Psychological Warfare victories for the Frankfurt School in the last 5000 years.

      Vietnam completely broke the spirit & the will of the Insula-dominant Wh!te sh!tlibs in this country.

      Speaking of patriotism, check out the humiliation the Neo-Khazarians are heaping on the poor soldiers in the Ukraine; they’ve got the filthy shiksa wh0res prancing around in high heels for a military parade:


      It won’t be long now until the Neo-Khazarians convert the Ukraine into a full-blown [no pun intended] Tranny Paradise, replete with Tranny body-surfing for the little boyz in the kindergarten lie-berry.

      And NC-17 totally nekkid filthy shiksa wh0res in the military parades.

      The Neo-Khazarians are so d@mned undisciplined that they’re gonna get themselves conquered by the Syriac Catholics of Mother Russia.

      Either that, or else the Neo-Khazarians are intentionally trying to provoke WWIII.

      With The Tribe, you never know until you know.

      All I know is that David Barnea’s physiognomy is approximately a thousand times moar evil than poor Yossi Cohen.

      Although if Yossi Cohen were himself a particularly sadistic psychopath, then it would be a massive evolutionary advantage to have that dumb-phuck boyish physiognomy which he has – it would throw all his enemies akilter.

  18. To celebrate this fourth, gather with family and friends to talk politics. Correct your Civnats, laugh at the libertarians, and crush the commies. The influence you’ll have may take two generations. You may not live to see the next dawns early light. But someone you talk to may have a son who, will launch a strike against our imperial cities, and free our nation.

    • I can’t have my own kids but I’ve been blasting my many nephews with the horrible truth about America for a long time. ~50% conversion rate so far. Their mothers’ thinking I’m a commie because I have a job in “the arts” and then me being a different kind of lunatic than they expect has improved my percentage. Element of surprise + “If he can be a right-maniac and make a good living in left-world….”

      If you can do nothing else, be an example for your boys.

      • Hemid: I can’t have my own kids

        Obviously this is none of my bidness, so feel free to tell me to go jump off a cliff, but are we talking about trying to honor an oath “to forsake all others” with a chick who has really nasty fibroids or cysts or similar?

        Or did you yourself have testicular cancer?

        Because under “normal” circumstances, you ought to be able to impregnate a chick right up until the moment you croak.

    • Rdz: crush the commies… strike against our imperial cities…

      Since the 4th of July has always been something of a militaristic celebration, then maybe this won’t be too much in the way of thread drift, so here goes: For their 100th anniversary video, apparently the Chicoms couldn’t even be bothered to use authentic Chicom footage, and so they STOLE footage from their arch-enemies, the Brahmin Street-Defecators:


      I don’t know whether there are any chinamen who follow Z, but dadgummit, that shiznat out to be friggin EMBARRASSING for y’all!!!!!

      But maybe y’all’s utterly clueless spergtardery* is gonna prove to be an evolutionary advantage?

      I guess time will tell.

      *That’s Ang1in’s new theory – that all chinese are simply spergs – and that it’s hopeless to try to analyze them in any other fashion.

  19. Hey Z man, happy 4th. The last minute or two of the show, when you commented on the loss of that old-time patriotism, really got to me. I haven’t flown a flag since Obama’s re-election in 2012, when Lawrence Auster – dying of cancer – put it best: “It’s their country now.”

    I will always be grateful that I grew up where and when I did. We had it all, but it’s squandered and lost, and there is no going back. Nor is there any mercy in history. The Iroquois lived here, on my spot of the world, 250 years ago. They had their day: They overran and conquered previous peoples, such as the Algonquins.

    Neil Young’s “Cortez the Killer” sucks, because (a) it’s an awesome tune yet (b) ithe story he tells is complete bullshit. It’s a late-70s anticipation of ethno-masochism. Of course one could argue that Ted Nugent’s ‘Great White Buffalo’ is too. And Ted is a civnat meat-boy.

    Fuck flags, fuck ‘hometown heroes’, fuck ‘Back the Blue’ signs. And fuck (MLB) baseball and Chevrolet – just not hot dogs and apple pie.

    • Nugent’s “Buffalo” ranks as one of the great stadium live guitar anthems of all time, in my opinion. It’s just one of those songs that begs you to play it at a volume that will make the Police visit you 😀

      Alas, the storied Great White Buffalo was a no-show for the Indians. Somehow, I’d expect he’d be even less likely to put in an appearance for the race that very nearly eliminated the Bison just because they were convenient for target practice.

      Love them of hate them, Crosby and/or Stills and/or Nash and/or Young, as I like to call them, you gotta admit those hippie pinkos, if not outright commies, crafted some wonderful songs in their day. Here’s some obscure verses (Young):

      “Said the condor to the preying mantis
      ‘We’re going to lose this place just like we lost Atlantis.”

      In the spirit of you dropping the “F-bomb” so much, a 70s “soul” song I recommend is The Last Poet’s song linked below, that makes ample use of it. They were a “black power” group, yet I find this song remarkably honest, even analytically dispassionate, 50 or so years later. If you were around in the 60s you probably will catch the spoof of the Salem cigarette commercial.


    • You fly the flag for people who died for it. got fucked up and crippled for it so stupid motherfuckers like you can make comments like that. Your history, heritage, the people who got you here, the shit they went thru, that’s why you fly the flag. It’s got nothing to do with the government, shithead.

    • “Cortez The Killer” is exactly as you say: a fantastic piece of music, with insane, inane lyrics. I feel the same way about Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is”.

      I haven’t watched an inning of MLB this year but happened to take a look at the Twitter feed of my long-time favorite team the other day. Saw that the logo had been rendered in rainbow colors and chuckled to myself. It was confirmation of having made a sound decision to quit cold turkey.

    • Steve W: fuck… Chevrolet…

      If you go back to the vintage trucks, and their diesels, then you’ll be looking at a whole lotta 2-stroke “Detroit 71” engines, with anywhere from one cylinder [the 1-71] to TWENTY-FOUR cylinders [the 24-71].

      And if you get yourself an old rig with a 2-stroke 71 – such as, say, an ancient White Mo Co firetruck to drive in the 4th of July parade – then you’ll be polluting the air with so much black smaug that all your friendly neighborhood sh!tlibs will be screaming for your scalp.


      ^^^ After a few minutes, I found myself rooting for the shrapnel to eviscerate the Xer/Millennial simps which made that video.

      Sadly, though, it was not to be.

      But there’s a special place in the innermoast 9th-circle of he11 with their names inscribed on it, just waiting for the day they leave this earth.

      Waiting ever so patiently…

    • Neil Young’s best work on guitar set to lyrics he wrote in high school iirc.

      It’s a rare person who can write with maturity at that age. I’ve either burned or locked away everything I wrote back then 🙂 Thank God I wasn’t publishing o. The internets.

  20. BREAKING: Trump issues four-word press release: ‘Who shot Ashli Babbitt?’

    If only we had a President to ask these things…

    • Did he? Seems like a thing he might say—then stop saying any related things forever because his favorite daughter might be offended.

      Don’t know where to look for Trump statements, but I’ll buy it because he so reminds me of my father (whose several wives were all mean-girl Jews): good man, weak man.

  21. No need to read Skrbina’s book, Zman; not only can you rely on my review,


    but you’ve already figured out the scam: he has no evidence whatever, instead relying on “Jews are bad, and this is just exactly what you’d expect them to do.” In my review I compare it to “The Underpants Gnomes Theory of Profit” on South Park. Scholars that disagree “just want to sell their own books” so I guess he doesn’t need to sell any either. His response to my review was along the same lines: calling me a “Jewish apologist.” Maybe I can use that as a get out of jail card at some point.

    In addition to the Unabomber materials, he’s also written a valuable book on panpsychism. As you suggest, he just seems to have a bee in his bonnet about Da Jooz.

    Cernovich’s is not the worst book ever; this one is.

    Although it is a short book. I’m with you on the value of short books. If I’m not a professional academic, or grad student, I see no reason to invest time is 3-400 pages, fiction or non-fiction.

  22. Supposed Whiskey writes: Finally we have demographics on our side (yes, really).

    I ask: Who are you and what have you done with perpetually nihilistic Whiskey?

    • I contain multitudes. Or, it’s both good and bad. The ongoing Putin Jack shows diverse America is an incompetent one. Competency matters. China could not even produce a working coivid vaccine.

  23. Off topic: A recent email to a friend of mine on the East Coast.

    My friend in CdA says that there is lots of restaurant work but no affordable place to live. In a year, Idaho has turned into coastal California. All those rich Californians who laughed at me 6 years ago for moving to a dumb, inbred state are trampling each other to follow me. I am not pleased.

  24. American Citizen 2.0: “I think this blog exists for the same reason, i.e. it’s a set-up”.

    You weren’t clear. Do you think Zman is himself a fed? Or knowingly complicit in fed scheme? Or an unknowing or uncarring pawn? For me, there is zero chance that Zman is anything other than as he presents himself. Zero chance he’s connected to any of our enemies in any way. Not a 5% chance. Not a 0.2% chance. But sub-zero chance. Z working for the fed is unthinkable. If it turns out he’s some sort of Zmannequin I’ll quit life. Seriously I’ll pull an A.J. Certain betrayals are so devastating that one can’t continue on. Catastrophic system collapse of body and mind.


    • Frip – you’re vesting a lot on a stranger- I don’t think he is either.

      I don’t think we magically rise because we change minds either.

    • I think he is like a tiger in a zoo. He wouldn’t be allowed to exist if there wasn’t a big fence.

    • Frip: For me, there is zero chance that Zman is anything other than as he presents himself.

      If Z is what I think he might be, then he’s doing something an helluva lot moar sophisticated than what I had thought originally.

      He would definitely not be an ordinary glow-kneegr0w; he’d be way up higher in the Deep State than that.

      We’d be talking a very expensive whitestone in Georgetown, or an estate in McLean/Fort-Meade.

      Annapolis would be too long of a commute without access to the private roads for The Special People.

      • Based on the stories Z Man tells, which anyone who listens regularly can piece together:

        He owns some kind of tech business that does contracts for businesses and the government. Has or has had full-time employees, including a secretary or administrative assistant (so there is a lot of money involved). Had a few technical/corporate/office jobs early in his career. Lives in Baltimore. Grew up catholic and working class. Is deeply immersed in Secret Handshake societies and well known throughout including at Amren. He is in his 50s. He is not very big or athletic. Does not appear in photos or videos identified by name… and yet none of the vendors or businesses he serves has every put his voice with a face and exposed him as the grand wizard he obviously is even though public doxing and purges have happened to practically everyone else. I don’t think the SJW lunatics at Youtube or Apple where he airs his content are so dumb they can’t tell what he’s talking about. It wouldn’t be all that hard to figure out who he actually is. The idea that they let his content slide because he is subtle about it is patently absurd.

        So, I would say he was probably the main handler of the guy who started the oath keepers. And the main manager of a lot of people on the dissident right like Spencer and Fuentes for the FBI. If your job is to monitor and manage white supremacists and you have been doing it for a decade, this would be the way to do it or at least one of the tools you would use as part of your job.

        The only thing that would convince me otherwise is if Z Man “came out” and identified himself as an act of courage. Lead by example and help men everywhere to stand up together without shame or fear. Literally never going to happen. The point is they want you isolated and alone and listening to nonsense that goes nowhere.

        I love the zrrl science segments though. They are often hilarious.

        • In the past I’ve considered all the points you just mentioned, and a few others. They are worth noting, but do not add up to much actually.

          • I agree. For the most part the audience is elderly and nobody is saying we should anything in particular except drink chaga and visit a bed and breakfast. Not exactly the white people’s liberation front planning to strike a blow for freedom or whatever.

          • Everything ya’ll are positing is completely in line with my theory.

            American Citizen 2.0: probably the main handler of the guy who started the oath keepers

            Like I’m saying, if Z is a glowie, then he’s high level. He’s not foot-soldier cannon-fodder which is gonna get k!11ed at a Bundy family protest.

            American Citizen 2.0: For the most part the audience is elderly and nobody is saying we should anything in particular except drink chaga and visit a bed and breakfast.

            That’s correct.

            And it was moar or less precisely my initial observation, as well.

            But there’s more to the picture than that.

        • Z Man’s full name is available if you know where and how to look. I will say no more.

        • I heard him say that, physically, he is pretty big/stout

          Where did you ever get the impression he was small and not athletic lol

          But that said, if you have proof that he is not on the level, then present it. Because all this wild speculation is going to do is kill the blog and make people want to avoid it. So if you want to ruin the blog, then proceed.

          It’s what joggers do. Sow discord, etc

          • Joggers? It’s what women do. Women and feminine men. He’s crop dusting everyone with the fear and timidity that has allowed the left to march uncontested into complete control of our lives.

          • KGB: It’s what women do. Women and feminine men. He’s crop dusting everyone with the fear and timidity that has allowed the left to march uncontested into complete control of our lives.

            That was precisely what I had thought originally.

            But now I am suspecting that there might be moar happening than would meet the eye.

            Step back and reassess the quality & especially the quantity of your intel.

        • I’m a Dick when I need to be.
          And only.
          Enough people have told me that I must respect their opinion.

          I don’t think Zs anything but what he presents, so no he’s probably not a Fed, etc.

          I do think he’s mistaken on the usefulness of changing peoples minds.
          What is needed is an end to talk and organizing.

          Yes, I’m that guy.

          Certainly being paranoid and atomized is useless.

          Now as it happens I don’t think anything will happen except they’ll keep rolling us.
          I have no reason to think otherwise.

          I pray and wish to be wrong.

          Ideas are played out. What is needed is an organization that synthesizes people + resources + path to power.
          No more bothering to change minds.
          All the sheep in the world bahhing with you means nothing. This has been a contention and contentious here and under a couple of handles, but that is my main contention with Z and so many here.

          That and this; You Hate, HATE and you Fear – but you do not Act.

          May I suggest either find the will or simply turn it all off, don’t come here or anywhere- remove the poison of politics yourself.

          But Zs who he says he is is my best estimate.

          Its just not enough.

  25. Nice intro song… More apt now than ever… I was a huge metheny fan for many, many years… Until last year when I went to his website The landing page had a black lives matter power fist on it…

  26. Noticed something; People don’t understand elections are past.
    Normalcy Bias to insanity.

    In the 2020 runup the National Guard was guarding poll sites in advance of the election and saw ballots filled out already in stacks. (Cu0m0 land).
    Yes, fraud.

    Guarding election sites in another Blue state near the above is already on the schedule for 22. Ah hav refuzed dis all such missions categorically already, but dere it is in black and white. No they won’t fuck with me or anyone else saying no, dey understand.

    Dah Gard is dere to keep people from prying. It will no doubt work. Yes it sucks but there’s no alternative but personal no’s, which count for nothing in the scheme of things. Dat I live not by lies doesn’t change anything, just makes me feel better. Kind of like commenting. Nada.

    Elections are over. Those V0tes are already counted, probably printed.

    There isn’t any alternative. This is the price of refusing risk.

    No one on the Right seems to come to grips with this; the election is settled. That’s why Abbott can build a wall in Texas. Why South Dakota can send Gardsmen with private money.
    Hell they could nuke Mexico, it’s irrelevant how many come. Its why GA suddenly wants to audit elections in the future (in no state was the government more compromised than GA).

    Elections are over, lets have a post on that.

    • I live in a historically “blue” state that very nearly went for Trump in ’16. In ’20 it wasn’t close, Biden landslide. Nobody mentions our strange result, because “historically.” We’re not considered a swing state, though we’d just become one. Curious!

      I’ve never voted, never registered, never even considered it. Our state’s jury duty summons list is our registered voter list. I’m on it now, being threatened with prison if I won’t go to the courthouse and routinely convict some black idiot of some terrible thing he certainly did but I don’t care. Curious!

      My wife is in a public employee union, an odd outlier member who doesn’t work for the government. She was mailed five absentee/mail-in ballots last year. I was mailed none. Curious!


      It’s all fake, always been fake. The people beat the fakery in ’16. Never before*, and never again.

      *maybe Nixon

      • Completely ended listening to talk radio.

        Isn’t it utter bliss?

        No Talmudvision in the abode, and driving down the road listening to only music on your pickup truck’s radio?

        It’s like starting an entirely new life.

      • Absolutely agree. Now that they have dumbed down the broadcasts to the lowest common denominator the manipulation and controlled messaging is totally obvious and it ruins the fun entirely.

        Also, just a tip for the uninformed, the news they put on the channel website corresponds to what they are saying on air at the time. So you don’t have to sit through an hour. Just glance at the headlines on the company website and you know what they are talking about on tv (CNN, Fox, Newsmax, etc). For the most part they aren’t ever talking about anything other than twitter or what some other station is talking about. There is almost no random news to report. It’s all constructed on-brand narrative. I find it creepy how nothing is really “happening” in the world outside of the branded messages and stories. For example, nobody is tossing a grenade in a subway somewhere out of the blue for the sake of their political cause the way the news used to make it seem like was happening. Nobody anywhere is doing anything other that what the news wants to report, i.e. that the government wants to report. It’s Pravda/Soviet level fake news.

        • Good points. I go out of my way to avoid TV and radio, especially news/talk. It is all so low quality. Virtually all my news is from several web sites, slanted right but with forays into the Left for balance. TV especially is a major time waster; I’m saving mine for days when I’m a wretch in the care facility waiting to die, if such an unpleasant fate awaits me. I clearly spend way too much time on the internet, witness my prolific posts here. At the very least, reading printed information makes the brain work harder than getting it autopilot via sight and sound.

  27. Wow….thanks to all for the great perspectives on my situation below.

    I’m a few years on the wrong side of 40 and I am in much better shape than the average 40-something. I hike about 10-15 miles a week, lift 3-4x a week, and do a little paddling on the lakes around here. No aches or pains, don’t take any pills. I feel like I have at least several good years left.

    I’m by myself, and I’m not seeing any young women nearly as marriageable as those I knew in high school and college.

    I don’t have much time to make a decision on this role. They are hot to fill it and I am getting pressed for a resume. I was referred to the hiring manager by a colleague. I know the hiring manager as well.

    As for my seemingly nonsensical mashup screen name, the first portion is indeed from the film, “The Wild Geese.”

    The second portion is the name of a ’90s Japanese fighting game character:

    Now, the mashup should make a bit more sense.

    Thanks to all for reading and I wish everyone a great 4th of July!

    • “As for my seemingly nonsensical mashup screen name, the first portion is indeed from the film, “The Wild Geese.”

      I rented that on VHS when I was a teenager in the late 80’s. I was on a Richard Burton kick. It was a damn good movie. Not great, but entertaining. One of those flicks that used to be advertised as, “With an *all-star* cast, featuring…” And they weren’t BS’ing. So many great actors in that one. Made at a time when middle-aged actors really needed the money.

      Burton wasn’t a great film actor, as is well known and true. Too stately. But he had such presence it really didn’t matter, hah. He knew it too, so he downplayed his roles. For 1984 he downplayed O’Brien so much that the character was dull. He could have made O’Brien much more interesting and terrifying.

      Remember that scene in The Wild Geese where Richard Harris or O’Toole was getting run down by the Zulus and he was pleading with his buddies in the plane taking off ahead to shoot him? Man, I’ll never forget that.

      Also, the ending theme song by Joan Armatrading is quite nice. Next time Z ends a podcast on a darker note, he should play it to end the podcast.

      Sad are the eyes
      Yet no tears
      The flight of the wild geese
      Brings a new hope
      Rescued from all this

      There were promises made
      Plans firmly laid
      Now madness prevails
      And lies fill the air.

      Time is running out
      So much to be done
      Tell me what more
      What more
      What more can we do


      (I’m sure it’s a Lefty themed movie, but whatever, they all are.)

    • I’m by myself, and I’m not seeing any young women nearly as marriageable as those I knew in high school and college.

      For the sake of GOD ALMIGHTY can you not walk away from cuckservatism and embrace your inner troglodyte?

      Screen them hoz rigorously for Pro-Life, then get them the he11 off their oral-BC & IUDs & norplant/implanons and ram White bun after White bun after White bun into their White ovenz.

      THE CUCK TRANNY GOOSE HOWARD: Wifey, do you think maybe in another four or five more years maybe we could go down to the fertility clinic and see if maybe we could have a baby made in vitro? I don’t even care if you use DeyShawn’s seed, I just feel like having a child would be so important for our blessed marriage in Gawd’s eyes. I’m not trying to hurry you or anything, but maybe like when you’re in your mid-40s? We don’t wanna wait too long.

      THE WILD GANDER HOWARD: B!tch, get off your birth control. Immediately. We’re starting a family.

  28. I will add that while I think the ruling elite will get their violent revolution they so ardently desire, it will not turn out the way they think.

    For one thing, foreign powers will grab off large chunks of America fighting a violent revolution. China is likely to take Hawaii. Russia, Alaska. With perhaps some of the Pacific Northwest. A society with a violent revolution led by the Upper Class against the lower classes cannot fight off such power grabs.

    For another thing, while the Managerial Class is good at certain things, it has failed completely and absolutely in every war it ever led: Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, all the secret forever wars. They just don’t have the capacity to win. Nor have they been able to maintain equipment, systems and infrastructure. That important pipeline and energy companies get repeatedly hacked given this vulnerability has been known for over 25 years is appalling and an indictment on the Managerial Class competency.

    Finally we have demographics on our side (yes, really). The number of the Managerial class is small. They have a lot of low IQ, low skill, low ability masses but can’t react quickly. An example is the Battle of Shiloh. In that, a Confederate General led a surprise attack on Union forces led by Grant and Sherman in Tennessee up from Mississippi. He nearly won on the first day, but could have been routed if a Union General who had marched around and by accident into his rear area had not disregarded his orders to withdraw and simply attacked from behind. Armed conflict is a high IQ endeavor, shown repeatedly. There is a fairly moving video on Youtube about McNamara’s Morons, the idea from Managerial Class “genius” Robert McNamara that low iq retarded people would make good soldiers. In fact they caused disaster in combat which required instant snap judgments about firing, maneuvering, etc. One of the reasons the Vietnamese were so combat effective was their high IQ of their combat troops and officers.

    • Watched the video. Probably a USA presenter would have been banned. I’ve read about this in books before. “Morons” is impolite of course, but largely accurate. If you’ve read about the Bell Curve you know that average Black IQ ~= 85, which is very close to the cutoff for normal military recruits. So, by definition, any lower scores rapidly approaches borderline retarded or worse. No wonder it was a disaster. Other than the IQ fairy having shorted various races, presumably for genetic reasons, one of the greatest bits of forbidden knowledge is the truism that stupidity creates poverty, not the other way around.

      • What nobody has explained is why, if they are composed of like 30% of their population as being just retarded, they are able to function at all at service level type of jobs? Seems like a disability that if it was really solved would liberate everyone else.

      • If you’ve read about the Bell Curve you know that average Black IQ ~= 85, which is very close to the cutoff for normal military recruits.

        If you call an IQ of 93, moar than half a standard deviation away, “very close” to IQ 85.

        At IQ 93, you MIGHT be able to master long division by hand [with a pencil and a piece of paper].

        At IQ 85, you’d be rather hard pressed to remember all the entries in the 11×11 matrix which gave you the non-negative integer values of N + M; 0 <= N, M <= 10.

        • I don’t have the reference at hand, probably was in one of Richard Lynn’s books. This is from memory, and probably reflects very old, definitely pre “Civil Rights” standards. The grade level equivalents too, were for public school standards in effect when your father or grandfather was in grammar school.

          American Negro: average IQ = 85, roughly equivalent to a mental age of 14, grade level 8. (Educable through that grade, waste of time anything higher).

          American White: average IQ = 100, roughly equivalent to a mental age of 18. Grade level 12.

          White college graduate (BA/BS); IQ = 110 or higher; higher IQ for “real” graduate degrees and certain professions, MD, Attorney.

          To a large extent, of course, these standards have been severely watered down. One common estimate in the “dissident sociology” press 😀 is that Blacks are about one SD or 4 years behind in education level, and the respective degrees have been cheapened equivalently. E.g. if Grandma got a HS diploma back in ’39, it would be at least the equal of a BA/BS today.

          • E.g. if Grandma got a HS diploma back in ’39, it would be at least the equal of a BA/BS today.


            You’re describing the situation circa 1980.

            That was 40 years ago.

            Have you glanced at any college textbooks recently?

            We’re d@mned near at the point where PhDs can’t pass the 8th-grade graduation exams from a century ago.



  29. I have not heard the show, but my sense is the FBI looks for something that is not there: “insurgents” and all the rest. It is not there because of who and what we are.

    We are, for the most part, middle and working class people and we WANT stability. We want to keep on working at our jobs. We want stable prices and wages. We want security and safety. We want to be mostly left alone. We want to live like a Vermont College Professor. That is what we want. We don’t want to go marching in the street, burning down buildings or cop cars. We want to live the lives our parents lived. That’s pretty much it.

    Now, our rulers want something different. THEY WANT CHAOS. They want instability. They want violence. They want burned down buildings. They want burned down cop cars. The want no personal safety for ordinary people. They want a complete and total overturning of society, from every norm, custom, tradition, holiday, and symbol. The most obscure to the most famous, from local parades for some local event to big national celebrations like the Fourth of July.

    They want this because there are too many of them, and they want/need chaos and revolution in everything so a few can rise to the top. Since their entire structure is up or out. A few superstars reign forever (Pelosi, Schumer, Biden) and the rest are scrabbling for nickels. Add in the racial resentments of Ilhan Omar, AOC, Ayanna Pressley and the like, against the octogenerian White ruling elite, and you have a simple and elegant explanation of why we want to be left alone and they want violence and revolution.

    • You have perfectly described what the kids these days call “white fragility”. You are fragile, like a rare vase, where if you are disturbed in any way it’s a catastrophe. The reason the elites “want” chaos is that they are trying to show you that white fragility does not set the norms here anymore. They can live with disturbance and disorder and their cultural norms reflect that.

      • White submissiveness I’ll buy but not white fragility. Still finding the bottom.

        • Are you sure we aren’t fragile? I found my bottom and there’s a crack running vertically the entire surface 🙂

        • Just accept that there are violent criminals and homeless drug addicts living in the shopping mall parking lot and what’s really the issue? Those crazy people always existed. Mow your lawn. Grow your nest egg. You are fragile in the sense that you are freaking out at the signs of disorder. They used to have skid row with tens of thousands of homeless dudes dying of alcoholism and so forth. It’s not like there was this glorious time of clean living and happy people. You got sold an idea of life in the burbs by people who wanted to sell you a house. Life really never was like that. You would be working yourself to death in a factory and your kids would be working there too except for maybe 20 years in the 20th century while the rest of the world was literally starving and dying. So give it a rest. Your idea of reality is either willful idiocy or just stupid.

          • The difference is we want better. That’s not fragility. That’s civilization.

  30. If you have blood relatives with addiction problems, you should not imbibe any alcohol or any drugs. The closer related they are or the more blood relatives that there are, the more you shouldn’t take any drugs or drink. Certain ethnicities should lay off the booze too.

    I took one of those implicit bias tests. It measured me as not racist. It way underestimated even my level of race consciousness. It’s all nonsense.

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  32. I will never forget the unanimous applause the legislatures gave themselves for surviving a guy putting his feet up on Pelosi’s desk. Tainted by a commoner!

    • It’s the courage under fire that’s really inspiring us all to rally behind the Lady Bosses and their minions. Diversity is like a big strong man with hairy arms snuggling us to sleep.

    • With a little advance-thinking a real insurrection could have carried the day. They are hysterical because of a sense of being caught flat footed. The next insurrection will be a lot more difficult.

  33. 1. Perfect intro song.

    2. I used to be a craft beer guy, until I decided most of it was OK brew with a ton of hops added, definitely not worth the cost. It’s like drinking weed.

    3. Torba is in Lancaster? I thought Gab was up around Scranton.

    • New blog rule: no using music unless you identify it first! I am not musically inclined but sometimes there are good toons kicked around here and I can’t find them…

          • That’s because most of the “music” from the past two decades does not involve instruments or singing.

          • There’s still good stuff out there but you have to dig for it. Top 40 is definitely toast. So much treatment on everything. Somehow even music is being dehumanized.

          • A few years back, I went through all the Top 10 hits of the last couple of decades, searching for a recent pop song which would be appropriate for children to play on their musical instruments.

            The ONLY song I found with an identifiable reproducible melody was The Plain White T’s “Hey There, Delilah”.

            Everything else was simply noise.

            PS: Apparently that dude never got within a country mile of ackshually dipping it in Delilah herself.

            Moral of the story being that Betas write the songs & Alphas score teh p00nt@ng.

      • Download Shazaam app to your phone. Play any song you want and it will listen and tell you the name and artist.

    • I did some malt extract brewing back in the 1990s. I nominate added hops during the boil for one of the world’s best smells 😀 I could never fully recapture the aroma, even with good brands, and drinking several liters in an evening. It’s wasn’t for lack of trying!

      Your weed comment is interesting. Probably just by coincidence, hops is the plant most closely related to cannabis.

    • We’re currently keester-deep in an IPA fad. As one who likes more balanced, classically-styled ales, my options at the brew pubs and beer cabinets have been limited in recent years.

      Before that, the craft beer industry was all about “Belgian-style” beers.

  34. Victor Davis Hanson quit contributing to National Review in April. He is now contributing to American Greatness, but I haven’t read much of his stuff there and I have no idea how frequently he writes for them. I don’t go directly to National Review and check their stuff but occasionally see a link to them from somewhere else. They don’t even have anyone now who can develop a following. Goldberg and French are morons, but they could at least attract a few followers. The writers National Review has replaced them with can’t even do that.

    For a young writer with talent, taking their money has to have less appeal than going independently. Having National Review on your resume is most likely a hindrance to getting established as a writer. Most of their interns are probably kids who are related to donors or D.C. insiders.

    • I was never a National Review reader. The only ex-member of the stable I follow is Derbyshire. Given NR’s multi-year history of purges, you’d think that a magazine/web site would have sprung up, whose claim to fame was it hired those writers evicted from NR and other captured legacy media.

        • Cuckbyshire ???

          (((Steyn))) ???

          Victor Davis “Quivering SIMP Voice” Hanson?

          Patrick “Muh Temple of teh Beautiful People 1-6 Obscenity” Buchanan?

          THIS. IS. WHY. WE. LOSE.


          All of those silent/boomer mossad-lapdog existential meta-cuck traitors can go straight to Hades.

          • Mark Steyn is not Jewish. You’re just another ignorant Jew-hater who makes stupid assumptions based on someone’s name.

        • Can you name any writers under the age of 70? I literally quit reading Buchanan because he is an irrelevant geezer and I can predict practically every word he writes. It’s like listening to a friend of a friend’s grandpa talking about why we lost in Nam.

      • “[In place of NR], you’d think that a magazine/web site would have sprung up.” It did. The American Conservative. And it ended up similar to NR. Not as bad. But bad enough.

    • I like VDH in a sort of “well-read grandpa kind of way but the fact that American Greatness doesn’t allow comments (at least as far as I have seen when I read his stuff on there) makes it a no-go for me. This last year has been people at the top talking down to us but giving us no effective way to talk back. Obviously some billionaire wants us all to hear more from VDH so he is given a platform. That billionaire, whoever it is, couldn’t care less what we think and hence… no comments allowed! Yuck.

      • AG is owned by one of the three conservative NYT opinion columnists against whose publication the woke staff has NOT revolted.

        Fake and/or gay.

    • Unfortunately, VDH is basically a Griller with a slight edge to him. As such, he really has nothing of great worth to say to the DR. Too bad, because he’s certainly intelligent and a quality writer. There was not a better commentator on 9/11 ca. 2001-04 than VDH. His essays from that period were small masterpieces.

  35. If a thousand pajits typed on a thousand typewriters for a thousand years, they could never write anything as shitty as Kevin Williamson writes daily.

  36. Back in the 1980s, the military’s “Stars and Stripes” newspaper had a cartoon series named Cpl. Kev. It was delightfully irreverent towards the Service. One panel ran about like this:
    New solider: “Hi! I’m new in your unit. Let’s go smoke some hash.”
    Kev: “Um, no thanks, I don’t…”
    New soldier: “No problem. Let’s black market our cigarette and liquor rations!”
    Kev: “CID? [Criminal Investigation Division}”
    New soldier: “How could you tell?”

  37. I know the old commenter you’re referring to. I’ve met him and I’ve met his family. I really doubt that he is a fed.

    He didn’t stop commenting here because he was hounded or shamed off. He felt he had made his points and doesn’t have the same love of daily discussion that many of us have.

    Although I don’t deny the risks that we take when we meet, the risk aversion expressed by some in this thread may paralyze us. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but don’t be reckless.

    If events unfold the way most of us expect, then we need networks based on real life trust and there’s only one way to build those.

    • I acknowledge most of the reasons not to meet listed by commenters. For me, I take calculated risks because I feel I a duty to work with those of my people who see the same threats as I do. Maybe some of those who have sat out will come to feel that too.

      • Although I’m one of the “don’t get involved” types, I often point out that if you have posted here, maybe even if you’ve just lurked, you are in fact “meeting.” Unless you have taken extraordinary steps to shield your identity, it is likely the Feds, or at least their Brown Shirt volunteers in corporatocracy, maintain files on us, or could easily get our real identities.

        In a way, knowing (ok, suspecting) the above is liberating: I don’t have to hide all my cards. I’m probably not going to reveal my name, address and phone number for the world to see. But I can be pretty free in stating my beliefs and such.

        • Agree. I have been using the “innernet” for years and years and especially when I was very young and naive. So I already clicked on everything that would get my IP address logged. I am fine with that. I am not doing anything other than clicking around and read and suchlike so I don’t really feel like I am on the list of Really Bad People. I think our system is corrupt and they abuse their power but don’t see them just rounding people up for no reason yet. And if they do start doing that, I am already doomed as is probably everyone else on here.

        • I’ve met a couple guys in real life via online meetups. Just do simple stuff like trade pics first, do the first meet on neutral ground and so on.

          When you look at the chumps that the FBI entrap, they really are chumps. I remember in one case, the pretty female informant asked the chump to buy & bring a copy of ‘Mein Struggle’ to the meeting at which he was arrested. Hardly a sophisticated operation.

  38. The drug and alcohol “recovery “industrial complex reared its ugly head in the 80’s hence Hazelton and the rest of the TC’s ( therapeutic community). total insurance scam. It reminds me of the modern Aspergers, on the spectrum industrial complex we’re dealing with now. Every one I know has a kid on the spectrum. My nephew who is a little shit is now living on a compound in Utah because he “ doesn’t pick up on social clues “after playing video games in a dark room for 12 hours a day. I’m getting too old to drink. The recovery isn’t worth the window of buzzing. Price and a prize for everything. A six pack last the whole weekend now, no drinking during the week. Being a baby baby boomer ( early 60’s) I’ve enjoyed the sweet leafs for many decades. That went away when the drug testing showed up at work. Even if you get rear ended in company truck, drug test. Panopticon ….,Price and a prize for everything. Ever since showing up around places like this, clear mind has helped accelerate the thought process needed to digest the kind of topics we discuss . Every jogger driven Dodge Charger that pulls up next to me at red lights smells like a skunk animal control transport vehicle. Another deterrent. Too bad, those cars look like they would be fun to drive. Not an option.
    As far as the postal cancellation stamp, I’ve noticed it’s rare to see one on a envelope these days. How does that work on mail in voting ballads that have to be postmarked by midnight? I personally don’t care. I find it strange that the people who claim they do care never mention it.

    • Yep. They call nerdy behavior Asperger’s and forbid bullying, which only stunts children more.

  39. Should be a spicy time in most cities, Chicago already has 100 shootings this week and the forecast is for sunny and upper 80s Saturday and Sunday. The youths and teens are going to be getting crazy.

    • One dividend of emasculating the heat is that the nuggras will have even freer rein to thin their own ranks.

      • 354 kilt with 1975 lit up in The Onion City, Chicago.

        Yes, they are thinning their own herd. (84% black and 4% white victims).

        Lil Kim Foxx is making your friendly neighborhood Klansman blush.

    • Yes, my thought too. It is an extremely sad and poignant scene at the end of one of my all time favorite movies. “I hope you’ll fare well.”

      • It’s one of my favorites as well. It’s one of those rare movies that when I see it’s on, I flip over to see which scene is playing, and then I end up watching it to the finish. There are better movies that I don’t do that for.

      • “Wait – what? Z is the rat?”

        “Always was,” he said, raising his pistol…

      • It could be worse Z.
        Have you heard of RAW?

        That’s India’s Intelligence Service.

        Think about that.

    • Let’s just hope mike Enoch doesn’t write a book.I’m pretty sure he’d bump mike cernovich off the #1 spot. Maybe a tie. Every one gets a trophy! From the J Edgar Hoover gift shop that is.

  40. Even the people on the inside have to deal with plants, snitches, and backstabbers. These are the trappings of power. It’s necessary to get over it.

    (Says the nobody with an opinion. Draw your own conclusions 🙂 )

  41. Drinking is social? Could have fooled me!

    Sadly, I’ve been roped into a couple 4th of July events with baizuo of all ages. At one event a baizuo family will bring Asian Fumi salad to share.

    In other news, I have a six-figure corporate job being thrown at me.

    The issue there is that I would need to take the jab and be a good company man to perform in the role long-term.

    I don’t need the money, but doubling my income is of great interest.

    I’m asking strangers on the Internet because my close family has not been a useful sounding board.

      • And “diversity training”.

        The upside? Maybe he’ll learn to be “less white”. ;<)

        I couldn’t survive the corporate world. They’d toss me out in 5 seconds.

    • I wouldn’t take the stab for any amount of money. A similar offer ma come soon with no strings.

      I would play hardball with the company however, before declining.

      Good luck with your decision.

    • Take the money. Get yours while you can. The last year has made it clear that making money is “who we are”.

      If your community are baizou anyhow, you might as well get paid.

      As for the jab, the paperwork is easy.

      • My sentiment exactly. I work for a woke company, and it’s so over the top it’s amusing. It’s a small company, so no real strong arming. Just sweet, naive people who mean well, as they goose-step to the latest fad faxed out from Democrat HQ. You just have to keep your head down and laugh at the ridiculousness. Make as much money as possible and retire early. There is a lot of freedom once you have f*** you money.

        My company didn’t require the jab though. I would try to forge the paperwork. Companies seem to be setting themselves up for adverse reaction lawsuits for forcing a non-FDA approved experiment on their employees, but I think they can safely bank on the courts looking the other way.

    • The hyper visible wokeness is going to be the struggle. You will be celebrating Pride Month and applauding Juneteenth with gusto. If you don’t, you can leave. They ain’t playing around and you will be sh*t tested for ideological purity constantly by younger co-workers who all grew up on Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games. Before you accept, get deep into a conversation with the HR/Recruiting person about what they are doing to promote an Inclusive Culture as if you are super woke too in order to get a sense of whether or not you want to spend your days being monitored by the Company’s Diversity Commissar. Some people can play along and do fine in that environment. You might be able to be successful. I say give it a try and just be honest about “team fit” if you don’t like it and leave.

      • Faking being “woke” for Globocorp is not difficult. Ignore everything until forced to do something.

        The bigger the firm, the more you just have to click the box.

        Furthermore, the people designing the training are by definition the girls who couldn’t cut it in finance or accounting. They are not the people hitting sales goals, designing synthetic CDO’s or structuring mutil-currency swap derivatives.

        Answer key: “is racism bad?” YES
        “Are women paid less than men?”
        “After taking this course, will you take a brief survey and give us your honest feedback?”
        “No” or, for extra credit, “This was the best training ever. Thank you, sir. May I please have another”

    • well, how much time do you think you have left? how much of that are you willing to waste to get money you don’t need. that corporate job will damage your health in very real ways. the time there will taint all the other hours of the day. on the other hand, you could take it with a mind to just go through the motions and take their money without caring about any consequences once they figure out you aren’t really “one of the team”.

    • Price and a prize for everything, saying that a lot today. Anyway it’s true. I’ve spent most of my career as a mechanic working for large corporations out of Europe. 3 years ago couldn’t take it anymore. Stretching ( yoga) before meetings, gps on phone, and truck, superintendent who’s only qualifications was her curves, backstabbing coworkers who take pics of your work to send to headquarters in hopes of moving up. I went to work for a mom and pop shop. A lot of the above minus the gps. And no jab required. I don’t need the money either, but I do enjoy what I do. The money’s the same ( union). In the end it’s a wash. It’s called work because it’s work. Good luck.

    • Gonna miss you, my friend.

      It’s okay. Since the vaxxed are infecting the unvaxxed, we’ll test positive, get the blame for the ramp up in mortality, and the Grand Vendee’ can begin.

    • You might start by saying you’d prefer to hold off on the jab until they’ve finished the animal testing.

      That does a couple of things.

      1. Who knows they may agree and you get a year or so to determine just how much the job is worth to you.
      2. It gives you a perfectly reasonable way to address the issue . If they come back with “It’s FDA approved!” you have a teachable moment and their response o that will probably make the choice clear.

      • Remember the lawsuits in the 90s to make the Boy Scouts Gay? Gay scoutmasters. They had rights and stuff.

        The Boy Scouts just settled on the sexual abuse of boys for $850,000,000.

        That’s the Jab. The next big lawsuits.

        And that’s got Tribe written all over it 👃

        Same with PCBs, asbestos.

  42. Z,

    A few other readers/friends who live in Massachusetts would absolutely be up for a meet and greet. Most of us live within a few minutes of 95 and or 128. Just gives us a shout. Quincy, Mansfield and Waltham are all within easy driving distance.

    I can send you my email or contact if need be.

    • So I read through the comments and…. I guess that’s it. A majority of people have ultimately given in to being intimidated to the extent we should donate via the P.O. Box or donating to VDARE ala Stop and Shops customer service desk.

      I enjoy good food and good conversation. And as Bill O’Reilly said at one time – “Fuck it, we’ll do it live.” Z, pull a Howie Carr and do it from a restaurant of your choosing and we’ll call in. You can choose who will act as Sandy.

      • I believe that Grace Curley is Howie Carr’s current Gal Friday; it seems that Sandy Shack is in a more administrative position. I should tune it to Howie’s program, just to see if the format has changed. He was doing very few interviews over the past year, and the humorous anecdotes were few and far between. Even the Trump affiliation was de-emphasized in favor of a monomaniacal obsession with Biden and Pelosi audio gaffes, which grew tedious very quickly, and seemed to indicate that Howie was not ready to retire, but was losing interest in his show. Trump’s zingers–even his goofs–would have been at least entertaining as a substitute. At any rate, cheers.

      • I’ll be in Boston en route to the Azores in a few months. Only reason I’m going there is because Boston Logan is the only airport I’ve found with direct flights.

          • I was going to take my niece to Azores and then use that as a springboard to Italy. All in an effort to not be stuck in a plane for more than 5 hours per flight (Boston Logan to azores = 4.5 hours). But now that I’m reading you have to be vaxxed to fly, I will somehow get out of the whole thing.

            She will be very upset, but I can take her somewhere else.

  43. he “loved his country but hated his government.”

    When a person “loves his country” what does that mean? He can’t have much of a detailed knowledge of its geographic entirety or its population, as a society. In fact, what he loves is what he imagines his country to be. He might love the fact that he can drive from Wilmington, NC to Barstow, CA without stopping for a traffic light if he has enough fuel in his car. He appreciates the population’s understanding of the techniques and nuances of popular spectator sports like football and basketball, things that differentiate the Yankee from his feudal European ancestors. He’s proud of the fact that the country was able to organize a team of Hungarian scientists that were able to assemble an explosive device that could turn Japanese teen-age girls walking to school into embers. He’s happy that the country was able to incorporate places like North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, Samoa, Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico and others into its national structure, bringing genuine democracy and Christianity to the uncivilized and allowing the indigenous to be a part of the capitalist miracle.
    Sadly, the government itself is part of the country and must be accepted along with the rest. So asset forfeiture, boys on the girls’ track team, public financing of sports arenas, trains to nowhere, colossal financial boondoggles, rigged elections and phantom epidemics are also features of the country. It’s hard to ignore or forget those things but it can be done for at least one day, July 4.

  44. I enjoyed the long monologue about how the FBI sets people up. Obviously the easiest way to appear to be solving a problem is to create the problem to solve yourself, which we all experience with people at work doing that too. It’s a kind of Political Munchausen’s syndrome or whatever that thing is called where mothers harm their children intentionally.

    But, to be frank, the reason I don’t buy any of the products offered by sponsors on this site is precisely because I think this blog exists for the same reason, i.e. it’s a set-up. It has always struck me as odd that the Z Man is allowed to exist on Apple as a podcast on my phone, and was recommended to me by their algorithm, when he makes it flagrantly clear what he means by being in a “Secret Handshake Society”.

    The problem the FBI has is they need to identify us in real life, so they offer things like a Bed and Breakfast you can visit or items you can have shipped to your home. I haven’t done anything illegal and they know it. But they want to put us all on a path to be included in their next big caper. Don’t fall for it guys.

    And that brings me to Youtube and other sites that were supposedly trying to end alt-right politically charged content in order to defend diversity and all that. I think practically everyone on the alt-right making videos on Youtube was doing so at the behest of Youtube in order to tag the audience, identify them, and then drive us all off a cliff. In other words, they were recommending that content to people intentionally as a set-up in order to try to grow the white power politics problem so that they could later justify a harsh take-over and lockdown. They are intentionally provoking you and setting you up.

    Anyways, I still enjoy checking in every once in a while. Sometimes the Z Man cracks some good jokes. But I would never show up at any event in real life or buy any item promoted by anyone on this side of the great divide.

    • Your concerns are valid and it is sad that,in 2021, we in the USA now find ourselves on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. Perhaps we could all use something to lift our spirits. A light summer read to brighten our day. I recommend The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

      • Excellent book suggestion.

        Maybe since things are so bleak with respect to listening to podcasts or renting lodgings, a book on how to kill oneself? Perhaps the Jack Kevorkian biography, “The Goodness of Planned Death” would be appropriate?

        • Luckily, I don’t take medical advice from strangers or the internet and yours fails both tests. Sorry.

    • Maybe, maybe not? Trust has since become a rare commodity, but sometimes you just have to trust, otherwise we are all just useless, ineffectual atoms.

      By the way, how do we know, American Citizen 2.0, that you are not a plant?

      • I know, that was going to be my question too.

        A little reverse psychology / head fake action on American Citizen 2.0’s part

        But you have to weigh the evidence. I mean Z Man has been doing this for a very long time and most of that time he didn’t have a big “fan base” as it were or lots of commenters. Would FBI really invest in this blog for a 7-10 year time frame when all it was doing was attracting handfuls of people? No they wouldn’t. They would have written it off as a sunk cost and lost cause long ago.

        Now, that does not mean I have 1000% trust in the vendors like the ring people or the soap people. I mean, I never really thought about them tbh, but now that I am, I guess it’s wise to be a little bit wary. Further, I would never donate to Z with a credit card.

        And that reminds me. I need to send him some cash and I hope the weekend I can finally get off my duff and do it.

      • Well you would need a Shibboleth or something like that… as in Judges 12:6. But the whole problem with this atomized, digitized way of sharing information is that we cannot form true communities without also being scrutinized. There is no mechanism for building trust in this type of environment. The main thing to keep in mind is that the FBI and their type of organization worldwide has vast databases tracking data for decades. So, they can work on a very long timeline in minute detail and use that power to create trust if they want. We could all be here merely to create a trust gateway, where nothing bad ever happens to us but people who encounter us 10 years from now have the trap sprung on them.

        In short, you can’t know. It’s an asymetrical information sort of problem. In an environment like that, e.g. buying a used car from a private owner where you don’t know if it’s a lemon, the value of the product drops. If you don’t know whether a car is a clunker, you won’t pay very much for it. WE ARE THE PRODUCT. The whole point is to make us worthless by making us suspicious. The only way out would be to simply invert the value system by doing something like creating a self help group for men recovering from white supremacy and then advocating for health insurance benefits for treatment like alcoholics do. I would love to spend a month on a ranch detoxing from white supremacy.

    • My advice: don’t meet up with anyone involved in dissident politics unless you’re prepared to get doxxed, have an FBI file opened on you, and be denied government jobs. They’ll leak that to the media and antifa will show up at your doorstep. Don’t put your name to any purchase either unless you send cash with a nonreturnable address or use bitcoin.

      “By the way, how do we know, American Citizen 2.0, that you are not a plant?”

      Because he isn’t doing anything that will get you doxxed, put on a list, and ruined. I’d have a lot more confidence (but not total confidence) meeting a public figure who’s been vetted. Nothing personal, but if you guys really are into meeting up in public, give Paul Ramsey a shout out and bring a board game.

      “Maybe, maybe not?”

      Maybe has huge consequences. Don’t be stupid. Don’t meet up with anyone involved in anything this regime considers subversive. You’ll have far more impact complaining anonymously, to the extent that’s possible, on the internet than meeting up for a weekend coffee and having your picture taken and license plate catalogued.

      “But, to be frank, the reason I don’t buy any of the products offered by sponsors on this site is precisely because I think this blog exists for the same reason, i.e. it’s a set-up.”

      Before Covid, there was a regular poster who was constantly trying to meet up with people and exchange contact information. I pointed out how expensive his plan to individually meet up with people across the country was. After some more ribbing (pointing out that his username was a subtle reference to FBI culture), he abandoned the forum. Funny that. Watch yourself. All of these comments sections are infiltrated, and not just with feds. Some are private Leftist groups who work pro bono on behalf of the state.

      • A Man:

        Some good advice A Man, thanks. Just a couple things though.

        When does being careful turn into paralytic paranoia? The regime wants us to be afraid to speak up, gather, strategize. One must weigh the risks of exposure versus, the benefits of the information, thoughts, and of interacting with like minded people.

        I need more evidence to believe that this site is a “set-up”. I shall continue to buy Z an occasional coffee. Also weigh the risk that Z stops his good work. I also bee leaf dat dis sight is beeing m@n1toured. By the way, i think Marx and Engels were very nice people.

        Thanks for the sound advice. This is not your father’s country anymore.

      • It would be hilarious if most of the commenters were in fact obese, impressionable young women working for a Leftist organization pretending to be old white guys. Kinda makes ya think where is all this crazy racist commentary really coming from because those of us who are regulars here hardly ever say anything all that weird.

      • Agreed. One should count the costs. Speaking for myself, I’m as securely retired as anyone can be. I don’t use most social media, so I’m not sure how I’d even get doxxed if they tried. I suppose I’d notice a crowd of protesters surrounding my house. But short of damaging my person or property, as I’ve said before, about the only thing I’d fear is being shamed out of my local AA group. In AA we highly value anonymity, but again, if one’s secure, we can joke “What would my friends say if they found out I’m an alcoholic?” The point is, anyone who matters to me already knows. I imagine it’d be the same for my politics. If not, I can live with that. While I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, and don’t advertise my allegiances with bumper stickers, push come to shove, I want to be like the country song: I’d rather be hated for what I am, than be loved for what I am not.

        On a related note: I’m not paranoid enough to send Z cash in his PO Box. I contribute via (I’m not sure) PayPal, or credit card. I’m rather amused that he hasn’t be cut off (“yet”) as that is one of the Left’s dirty tricks. As strictly a consumer, I’m relatively insulated. As I often note, “they” can easily compile a dossier on us, in fact its a normal part of marketing. For instance, I am a light Amazon user, but it hasn’t escaped their attention that over the years I bought a (since memory holed) Jared Taylor and perhaps similar unapproved CrimeThink books.

        Now, for a rare inversion, pity the poor Woke corporation (Amazon is a perfect example.) Here there are, torn between the clear ethical need to corral an incipient White Separatist Terrorist Sympathizer, and the need to keep hm in good graces in hopes of making more money off him 🙂

        Yes, Judas will sell you for 30 pieces of silver, but not before the time. Being a Jew, he’s much more interested in making a percentage off you until that time comes, if ever.

      • Dude,

        True, you shouldn’t meet anyone off the Internet.

        But spreading paranoia does not help.

        Look at an enemy’s capabilities, not his intentions.

        Then find your own.

        If you have ends, find ways and means to match, and don’t wait for perfection.

      • I recognize the dangers of going to an AmRen conference, but consider this. At the 2019 AmRen afterparty, I got to watch Jared Taylor pour himself a shot of whiskey and down it all in one gulp with the same elegance that he does everything else.

        Admit it: many of you would risk a lot to be present for that.

        I love Jared Taylor like I love George Washington. Such excellence. I want to support him.

    • One of the reasons in my opinion that the Z is not targeted as much is because he gives the usual suspects a break.
      Also he is not widely known in the hive yet.
      Yes we are gonna be infiltrated by the agents if the hive like the FBI but I don’t think the Z fits the bill.

      • I should have said a break now and again. The Z does not overtly blame all our problems on the usual suspects or talk about them all the time and perhaps that does helps him stay on some of these mainline platforms.
        Although many of us know the usual suspects are powerful and do cause us real problems.
        I tend to think the Z just has not got the attention of the hive the way a Nick Fuentes is getting as an up and comer who is tagged with the anti Semitic label or a Tucker Carlson has gotten because iof the sheer numbers in his audience and the attention Fox News gets.
        We should be grateful the Z remains on these mainstream platforms.

        • The people hunting for heretics are quite stupid, so they need overt signals to notice their target. You’ll note that they use the same few clips of Fuentes making jokes. The tone here in the posts and comments is a click above the witch hunters, so it just looks and sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher to them.

      • I ask the same questions about Ron Unz. His website is home to heretics of every cult on the planet and will host topics no matter how uncomfortable to the mainstream. He thinks (or claims he thinks) that he’s left alone because he’s financially independent and short of physical violence can’t be hurt.
        I think the Z-man is safe for now because he’s come a long way in a short time and done it at a time when there’s so much going on (And this time period will have it’s own nomenclature- It’s sure as hell not the Gilded Age but is at the least the Mildewed Age when the signs of rot could no longer be ignored), that he’s under their 1943 era radar.

    • “I enjoyed the long monologue about how the FBI sets people up. Obviously the easiest way to appear to be solving a problem is to create the problem to solve yourself..”

      Yes, by all means Clyde Tolson solved a problem J. Edgar Hoover had and the FBI went from there. What a great organization, great people, great mission.

    • Was watching ex-Mafia guy, Sammy the Bull Gravano, on YouTube. He spoke of an unarranged “meeting” he had with a fellow from CA who claimed to be a “Boss” from a family there. It was in a bar of a friend (made man), but the friend did not “know” this guy either, just that he wanted to meet Mafia types, introduce “himself”, and make Eastern connections.

      Well the story basically was told to explain that in the Cosa Nostra no one knows anyone else (as mob types) unless “introduced”. Introductions are always made by an individual “you know” is a member and have “worked” with and in turn, the person you know is solid is basically vouching for the person he’s introducing.

      Gravano played dumb, and when pushed almost got into a fight with the person trying to “meet” with him as he would not accept Sammy playing dumb. Turned out later this guy was identified as an FBI informant. The moral of the story as stated by Gravano was to stick with Cosa Nostra rules and you’ll never get into trouble.

      Not to tout organized crime figures’ precautions, but there is some wisdom in that story worth imitating.

        • Gravano freely admits to this seeming inconsistency. In his biography, the explanation is that he had a falling out with an increasingly paranoid Gotti and the move was one of survival as Gotti as eliminating perceived threats in his organization (IIRC). Something along the lines of game theory, everyone might have been safe if they hung together, but the first to bail, wins at the expense of the rest.

    • Certainly a honey pot or whatever you want to call it could be set up. But why go to the trouble? The internet is a rich ecosystem of diverse opinions. Want to monitor the Dissident Right? Why go to the rigamarole of running a blog when all you need to do is routine passive surveillance? Just harvesting the emails, IP addresses and frequency of visit is plenty for a basic dossier on all of us. Keyword analysis of postings and other detailed stuff if you want in-depth intel of what each of us likes.

      As Z alleges in today’s episode, really the only thing you need humans for is to actively recruit or deceive potential victims.

      • Because you have to get the people you want to target to say the right words into the microphone so you have to lead the conversation down a certain path. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending a friend an email about topics that are a little sensitive socially. You need to get the targets to start talking the right way about the wrong things basically. So you give them the script. Hence, blogs, podcasts, etc. Islamic fundamentalists have been recruiting this way for decades. Duh?

        • We all are well advised to avoid Fed Posting. We do pretty good job of self-policing.

          Nobody wants to cross some line into actual criminal activity (“Incitement to…” whatever.) While it’s not common, it is possible to get charged for rash statements advocating violence against persons, property, etc. Many of these cases may have been an unthinking comment, but it could still bring plenty of trouble.

          On the State level, there is something similar called “criminal solicitation.” For instance, for what used to be called a morals charge 😀

          It NOT illegal to say “I want SOMEONE to XXXX my YYYY.”

          It IS illegal to say “I want YOU to XXXX my YYYY.”

          At least on paper, this is another example of where the law seems (to me) overly harsh: the penalty for soliciting the crime may be equal to actually doing the crime! Much like the alchemical magic with drug cases: the entire weight of the product is treated the same as if it were the pure drug.

          • That was exactly what I was thinking of. Like meeting a girl in fishnet stockings who has a fur coat and who smells like whiskey and cigarettes saying “Hey you looking for a date.”

        • “Islamic fundamentalists have been recruiting this way for decades.”

          And you know this, how?
          Oh, learned it at the local synagogue.

          • Good grief what a glitch you have. If you have read any of my older posts you know that’s not true. You want to know who is Jewish? The guy who runs Revolver. Darling of the right though.

            Aside from being populated by morons who think they are the top of the heap intellectually, the biggest problem with the “dissident right” is that they lack the mental agility to process criticism and so everything they read that makes a point they don’t like is written by a Jew. Grow. Learn. Think. Gawd.

      • I’m with Sterling Archer on this one — no one appreciates the “honey pot” anymore.

        I personally would fall for the honey pot. But the problem is, I have high standards. Have you seen the Chinese spy Swalwell was banging? Pass. I guess I just don’t have yellow fever. If the Feeb or the CIA really wants to try to run a honey pot at me, they’ll need a statuesque blonde… probably not too many of those in the ranks, what with the #wokeness and all. But guys… please feel free to try.

      • I think you’re all focused too much on the feds. I think some independent lefty “journalists” or lefty watchdog groups monitoring and showing up is far more likely.

        • They’re welcome to try to honey pot me, too. Send Tomi Lahren; she’d be great, what with being a “conservative” and all.

          (I’d try manfully to resist her — you know, for The Cause — but y’all had best keep your bugout bags packed).

          • 🤔

            Yeah if you’re reading this Feds toss me some love too.

            Blond or Brunette Please.

            Oh wait you already know my taste in women…

            Of course there’s nothing to compromise but she can find that out THE HARD WAY.

            Wow, we may have a whole new strain of pron here!

    • You have healthy paranoia, can’t wrong you for that but this site is mainly 2nd tier shitposting and political theorizing. I.E. Completely harmless. It is a ‘vent to atmosphere’ mechanism for the most part. There are WAAAAY more openly & overt sites that are filled with some dodgy fedpoast type material. This is Boomer tier bitching basically. *shrug*

      • J, if I’m correct, then Z is doing something much moar sophisticated than what I had thought originally.

        PS: nordic icy-blue-eyed J-jrs FTW.

    • Sure, it’s within the realm of possibility that Z is a fed honeypot.

      But consider the alternative, that Z is what he appears to be: a man taking considerable personal risk to promote a cause that is dear to him.

      Maybe some of that spark is within you as well?

    • Z is getting traction I see.

      Which is why he’s being accused. Falsely.

      I bet its the Takimag articles.

  45. So how can we congregate without our organization becoming an FBI Barbeque? It seems any right wing group with a clear hierarchy gets infinite money for the alphabet agencies to infiltrate and subvert. Even with legitimate leadership, we’re starting in a rough place.

    • I’m pretty sure that a person like me who’s seen every bullshitter and scammer in the world in Los Angeles can spot a 30 year old informant in person. After a few drinks. After a few pointed questions. Being able to read people is a matter of survival out here.

      • This is probably why rural folk who are more used to being able to trust people get rolled so badly. I myself got rolled hard when transitioning from a farming culture to corporate culture on a couple of occasions in my young life.

    • The short answer is that unless you have known all the guys since middle school, you can’t trust anyone. And even then, one of them might have become an informant after working as a summer intern at the FBI or something. Ex-military? How can you be sure what he really did? I can think of “initiation rites” that would all but prove the loyalty of a candidate, that no Fed could possibly pass, but I’m a bit squeamish and I’d rather not discuss them here, much less participate in them. Let’s just say that if they become the rule, then our civilization will be very near the jumping-off place. 🙁

      • Agree. I think that’s how the ice will break. Once it becomes openly possible to do what everyone knows is going to happen on both sides of the debate, then literally millions of spontaneous participants will jump in too. Like how the peaceful protests erupted last year nationwide.

      • Or you could adopt the criteria that our current elites seem to use when determining entry qualifications to their groups: known and documented pedophilia.

      • Z,

        I am willing to work for sex,

        The secret of the Right will be revealed..


        Not sex with you, sorry.
        Nothing personal, Im just not gay, and Chagra causes bad breath.

  46. Don’t give up on the democracy Kool-Aid, comrade.
    Wakandastan is building now and it will be a golden utopia that will last for 1000 years or at least until someone is offended.
    These enlightened faculty lounge corporate logo rebels are the ones that we have been waiting for to build the Wakanda!
    Yes we can, forward.

  47. with respect to finding the FBI plant: Andrew Codvilla said that he would go give speeches somewhere and people would approach him afterward to chat. He said there was always some guy in his early 30s, jacked, who wanted to talk about getting shizz going for real. He’d ask about their history and it was always the same: recently transferred to from out of state to a new job locally, no family, no wife, no history. He’d always tell them to report back that they had failed.

    • I ran into a guy once who claimed to be a plumber. I shook hands with him and they were as soft as a baby’s ass. Just for fun I started asking questions that a plumber would know. He excused himself and I never saw him again.

  48. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the show, Z… but:

    “Bill Buckley famously said that “the problem with socialism is socialism, but the problem with capitalism is capitalists.” The roles are reversed now. The Left, which has now absorbed the Buckley Right entirely, loves big business and they use it as a weapon against the Right.”

    I have a question: Is the left using big business against the right? Or is big business using the left against the right?

    I think we need to really look hard at that one. It will be important in the days ahead when the perps have been rounded up, are being tried in court, and claiming they were just following orders and pointing fingers at each other…

  49. Based on what we’ve seen of Whitmer the past year, any kidnapping would have gone full “Ransom of Red Chief” in a New York minute.

  50. Your thoughts about the intelligence community getting dumber definitely come to mind with the January 6th plot. It looks like “Person 1” in all the documents is Stewart Rhodes, a guy whose cover story feels like the plot to a bad mid-80s Chuck Norris movie. A former airborne paratrooper whose files can’t be located, who graduated from Yale (which also can’t be corroborated). Those confidential informants defeat their own purposes whenever discovery happens, not because they get doxed there, but because a lot of interactions between government informants and the people they’re snitching on involve only two people. If your name is Bob and you remember talking to Bill about how you like his eyepatch, and they present you with a document that says, “Bill told Person One he liked his eyepatch,” it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s going on. I won’t be surprised if they send the Capitol Trespassers to Guantanamo for the crime of making Ocasio Cortez cry. We have a regime that’s both brutal and hysterical, not a good combination, like a T-1000 programmed by the staff of “Huffington Post.”

    • I’d not be surprised if the worse of the protesters get off due to agreement to become CI’s back where they came from—at least those who were already not in FBI employment—and I’m sure there were many in the “riots” who were provocateur plants. How else could they round up 400+ “rioters” so quickly.

    • No wonder the T-1000 had inflatable wonder bosoms. Definitely programmed by HuffPo.

  51. cannabis is completely different than alcohol, in effect. so the real question to the person asking for drug advice – what effect are you going for? also, try drinking less, or spreading it out across the day.

  52. A lot of the old terms I now find pretty meaningless – but I suppose that is because they were also easy to either distort or co-opt. Patriotism, conservatism, traditional, all these things used to be great catch-all terms that may have described my views. They are also highly abstract, which is where the problem lies. In a highly scaled society like the US, we can really only deal with abstractions – of course we cannot know every individual in our country and ascertain exactly how we feel about them.

    But the realization that a large part of the country hates you is a real eye opener. It makes you realize that perhaps your group is much smaller than it was; for example, maybe five years ago you thought your people were all 320 million in your lands, but now you know it’s probably less than a tenth of that. The upside to smaller communities is of course the strength of bonds between the members, so moving into the future that’s something that we may see more of.

    But as for me now, I couldn’t give two hoots about my so-called country. The cheats in charge. The swindlers. The debauched. The murderous. The ruthless and neither the cunning. I have a people, and I know they are there, even though I may not know them. That said, everything starts with blood and family, if you’re lucky. Currently my two sons have two people who would die for them – that’s a strong bond right there, so imagine such a feeling in a community of like minds. I hope to set an example by living in the way I’d like my future community to be, but that’s going to be very, very hard. Because The State. Still.

    Another plus is in fact to realize just how many people think the MSM is full of bullshit, but they’re invisible. Here in The Isles, we have rural spots all over the place flowing with angry people, but you’d never know it is you took the MSM at their word. Never in a million years – which is just the way TPTB like it.

    Right, I’ll listen to the show now.

  53. July 4th is just another day for me. My nation is dead and the country that remains is America in name only. I mourn its passing. That’s what July 4th will be for me this year, a time of sad remembrance. I’ve had an American flag on my front porch for years now. There’s a protocol about taking care of it that I never minded. It’s rotten now, and I just took it down with no intention of replacing it with another. I guess that’s poetic. Maybe more care could have been taken, but alas it’s too late. I don’t recognize this place anymore. It’s time to move on to something new.

    Grill if you want, but I won’t condone the delusion that we have freedom or liberty when the state is occupied by alien foreigners and sociopathic liars who use the NSA to spy on journalists, the “Justice” Department to jail and torture protestors for the crime of trespassing, and the FBI to persecute the enemies of the party in power. So, we should consider leaving this holiday behind … and its symbols and traditions. They only serve to brainwash our people into accepting the legitimacy of their oppressors. One day, perhaps, Patriots Day (Jan 6th) will replace it. That day will be like a new Thanksgiving and not just a gaudy excuse for badly grilling chicken and hotdogs and popping off fireworks made in other countries. Maybe that too will be poetic.

    • ” So, we should consider leaving this holiday behind … and its symbols and traditions. They only serve to brainwash our people into accepting the legitimacy of their oppressors.”

      Indeed. The first desertion is a mental one. Once that mentality is rock solid and conditioned with the truth of the brutal nature of The System, then other things may follow.

    • If I dare say, it’s just a colony, a glorified outpost, and we always wanted it to be more than it was. I think it helps to be realistic. And I try not be hard on myself, but I have to be honest with myself, but if this country was all that great people like me wouldn’t do well in it. And better people would have risen to the top. The fact that someone like bill clinton can rise to the top, ok sure, that’s great for the American mythology where anyone can make it, great story, but look at it objectively. A country where anyone can make it, is that such a good thing? I’m starting to question the whole program.

      And the beautiful thing, that’s my God given right in this country.

      Happy 4th!

    • Starting with Memorial Day Weekend 2020, the flag I fly is the traditional, 13-star Betsy Ross flag. I decided back then that the 50-star flag no longer stands for freedom, liberty, and my people (if it ever did). Since we’ve had 50 stars on our flag (1959), we’ve had the 1960s, Vietnam, wars for Israel, white replacement, the elevation of a sick, debauched, gay/tranny/vulgar culture, and systematic stripping of our liberties due to a fake pandemic.

      I considered trying to find a 48-star flag, which would have flown from 1912 until 1959, but that would not be as obvious from the street.

      Further, apparently the Betsy Ross flag triggers some mulattos and other various dark people, so that is a bonus.

      • Sulla, I like the cut of your jib with this vexillological war cry. I’m partial to the Gadsen flag myself; but concerned lest any Libertarians (sound clown horn) should think me a fellow traveller. Yours might be the better solution. Bene est et gratias ago.

      • I think that’s a great idea. People need symbols, both to establish themselves as part of an ingroup and outside of another. The Betsy Ross flag has just enough relationship to America to appeal to normies while also letting them distinguish themselves from others — from this regime. I think we should try to get our side to adopt that flag and discard the 50 stars. Adopting the symbols of your oppressors, the current flag, only gives them legitimacy. And coming up with another flag ad hoc won’t appeal to the masses because there is no history attached to it.

      • The “An Appeal to Heaven” pine tree flag is just as subversive and triggering to Karens and white liberals (I repeat myself); but they have to go on the Google to be told why to be upset.

        • I fly two flags only now. The Continental Navy Jack I hand made from proper wool bunting made by whites, not that cheap Chinese nylon garbage. In fact, I cut up a vintage 48 star flag to make it, and hand painted a coiled timber rattler on it. It felt good to take the scissors to the old flag. The other flag is a handsewn Confederate battle flag, a copy of the exact regimental battle flag my blood ancestors fought under in 1863. I also have something for anyone that dares to touch them.

          Nemo me Impune Lacessit

          We should take the example of Vicksburg, Mississippi from 1863 until 1945. The city was surrendered on July 4th, and for 82 years did not have an official 4th of July celebration, because they were proud Southerners, who remained defiant.

    • Affluence has made us soft, and for 90% of the population, life is a boring grind. That is no way to live (or die). But fate has placed a supreme challenge in our midst and it represents an opportunity to rise above the mundane and perhaps make a final glorious statement before we keel over.

      There is a way to make a real difference, and fail or succeed, it can be one-Hell-of-a-ride before joining with the sunset. The disease cells are actually quite few and a well camouflaged antibody stands a good chance of making that difference. There is no redemption in lament, but there can be jubilation in a last hurrah.

      • Unless your intended audience is the FBI’s sentiment and NLP software, what you wrote seems like nothing but incitement TomA. I have to say man, you write some creepy stuff usually.

        For one thing, the idea of “alphas” is sort of made up and definitely doesn’t mean what you think it means.

        • You’ve been inciting people all day AmCit2.0.

          Go back to Twitter, and take your meds.

          All of them.

  54. My bad, I thought the Bid-Ala government was planning to celebrate “Dependence Day” this year. Or in the case of the Dear Leader, “Depends Day”.


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