Me In Taki

Imagine it is the 1980s and a collection of mad scientists searching for the secret of eternal life put a typical progressive into a cryogenic state. The lefty does not want to wait for the glorious revolution, and she wants to be young enough to enjoy the paradise the prophets of her faith have promised. One thing leads to another, and she remains an unsavory popsicle until she is thawed out in the current year.

The first thing our defrosted lefty would note is that the modern aesthetic is something like 1950s East Berlin. Modern America is an ugly place. The most popular car colors are black, gray, and white. They all look the same, too. An American parking lot in the 1980s was a circus of colors and shapes. Today, it is row after row of the best ideas from the worst people, all in the name of efficiency and utility.

Our proletarian popsicle would probably assume the communists won the Cold War and imposed their aesthetic on America. After all, the main selling point against communism was the freedom and creativity of the capitalist West. In America, you could let your freak flag fly, and no one could tell you otherwise. The dreary sameness of modern America could only be the result of losing the Cold War to the communists….

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  1. Even as a kid I had the feeling that things were going off the rails without a rival to check the excesses of our system.

    As an adult, I’m trying really hard to not conclude that Satan was liberal democracy’s secret all along.

    It was a war, after all, so things were bound to get dirty, but to unleash all sorts of degeneracy in the effort… I mean, trans-everything and pedophilia? It’s over, for God’s sake. Call off the hounds!

    What kind of world is this where this is how we make war?

  2. Here’s a serious comment from David Gordon that I believe deserves a response from you due to the number of credible points he raises.
    You can answer him directly. His contact is at the bottom of his post.

    Adventures in Z Land
    David Gordon

    In “The Defrosted Progressive,” an article published in Taki’s Magazine, July 5, 2021, “The Z Man” is less than enthusiastic about the Mises Institute. He says that “so-called conservatives” embrace “libertine culture and libertarian economics.” This, the Z Man tells us, “was what left-wing deviationists were pushing at the end of the Cold War.” Now, “National Review now reads like Von Mises Center for Transgender Studies.”

    Z Man knows nothing about the Mises Institute. We do not embrace libertine culture, and left-libertarians often attack us for defending conservative social values. But I suspect that this does not matter to our author. His article contains so many weird remarks that he ought to have adopted the pseudonym “The LSD Man.”

    It is utterly false to say that “The aggressive defense of global capital, the hard defense of order, the corporatism. These are things that were on the right half a century ago, but today they are the defining qualities of the left.” The contemporary left continues, as always, to be against capitalism. Who are the progressives Z has in mind? Bernie Sanders? Thomas Piketty?

    Z thinks that capitalism is outmoded. It is just one of several ideologies that grew out of the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, ”The titans of modern industry do not rely upon a monopoly of capital, but rather a monopoly of information. Wall Street controls the global financial system, which is just an endless stream of information. They make their money through informational asymmetry, which allows them to skim a little from every transaction.”

    If the global financial system is just an endless stream of information, where does money come in at all? Z, in writing about Wall Street’s “mak[ing] their money” fails to notice that he has contradicted himself.

    But more important than Z’s errors is a fundamental fact, often stressed by Mises. There are only two ways to distribute goods and services in a complex modern economy: market prices and centralized control. Informational asymmetry, which is as Z notes important, does not alter the essential choice, capitalism or socialism, and if Z thinks there is another alternative, he is mistaken.

    3:38 pm on July 5, 2021 Email David Gordon ;

    • Informational asymmetry, which is as Z notes important, does not alter the essential choice, capitalism or socialism, and if Z thinks there is another alternative, he is mistaken.

      Where in Hades do these spergs cum from?

      The Frankfurt School sanheder-ette, Alisa Rosenbaum, sure did stumble upon some outstanding algorithms for controlling
      their behavior.

      It’s as though spergtardery were a form of Insula-dominance crossed with mathematical idiot-savantry.

      Which, cum to think of it, might explain the phenomenon of the Northern German Lutheran personality.

      [In which case, the tl;dr would be that Martin Luther deserved far better followers than his legacy has been saddled with.]

      Still, though, you have to ask yourself how someone could excel at mathematics without having any Common Sense.

      Even Steve Smale eventually outgrew his Ho Chi Minh phase, and signed up with the industrialists.

      Although the mischling boy, Alexander Grothendieck, was loyal to the cause unto his very last breath.

      And, sure enough, Grothendieck’s mudshark mother was a Lutheran…

      PS: There seems to be strong agreement amongst the geneticists that we inherit moast of our IQ from our mothers; but from whom do we inherit the propensity for Amygdala -versus- Insula dominance?

      Possibly also from our mothers?

      That’s a strangely terrifying thought.

    • Lighten up Francis, it was a fucking joke and a play on the concept not the –literal– place FFS. And tell David Gordon to lighten up to clearly this zoomed directly over his head as well.

      And even if it had been serious, the rebuttal is somewhat absurd. (And honestly is so typically lolbertarian that perhaps the statement wasn’t made in jest at all.) This is far more than ‘informational asymmetry’ and is typically Libertarian mewling for ‘muh market forces’. This is FULL SPECTRUM information warfare and domination. One side controls it fully the other side is barely hanging on for dear life. So any talk of ‘market forces, centralized control, and distribution of good & services’ strikes me as typical Lolbertarian retort in that is non-sensical in the context of what is being discussed.

      The hard left are bare knuckle brawling in the street and the lolbertarian shows up with a scroll in his hand to discuss economic theory. More clear now? When you control ALL information you control everything that flows from it. What market forces? What central control? What distribution channels? The ones we let you know about plebe. Anything else doesn’t exist except as a delusion you once had. Again, bare knuckle boxing vs. debate club. Just stop.

    • “Z Man knows nothing about the Mises Institute.” Evidence?

      “His article contains so many weird remarks that he ought to have adopted the pseudonym “The LSD Man.”” This is an opinion & ad hominem attack, not a criticism.

      “Z thinks that capitalism is outmoded.” Not so. Zman thinks corporate global crony capitalism is a cancer destroying small business & the associated social capital that unites & sustains communities. And like all cancers, if left unchecked, will eventually kill the host.

      “If the global financial system is just an endless stream of information, where does money come in at all?” Fiat money is a governmental abstraction without a tangible underpinning of value. Similarly, information is also an intangible intermediary of value that can be easily abused by corrupt actors. And such corruption on a global scale is metastasized cancer.

      “There are only two ways to distribute goods and services in a complex modern economy: market prices and centralized control.” This characterization is a continuum, not a binary. Perhaps we can agree that if every form of productive work in a nation is exported to the lowest cost resource, then there will be no nation left at the end of that process. Unbridled & predatory global “capitalism” is not an acceptable “version” of capitalism for those of us who don’t own the politicians.

    • I suppose Gordon thinks that an Amazon, a Google, a Facebook, etc. are marvelous examples of capitalism, not monopolies in the slightest, and the 21st century descendants of the yeoman farmer or the town merchant of two centuries ago 🤣

      I still call myself a libertarian in most matters, but even our own nation’s history shows us that capitalism run riot can be nearly as bad as anything the Soviets did. A little hike through America’s economic history will tell you the unhappy facts about company towns, coal miners, sharecroppers, as well as the monopolies that existed in Railroads, Oil and other commodities at various times. Our economic past is not the Garden of Eden that some conservatives would make it out to be.

  3. Our resurrected Lefty might not be a true Communist, but she’d be surprised too, that Russia was not losing its former component States because NATO invaded, but because the former States had joined NATO.

    The de facto oligarchy of Silicon Valley over much of the world’s retail commerce, telecomms and general information processing, she’d probably consider as Capitalism having taken over the proletariat, both East and West. Instead of Socialism conquering Capitalism, it would seem that the Capitalists had grown their own variant, which then proceeded to take over the host. Most peculiar!

    She’d be bemused by the wars we’d fought. Before she’d gone into hibernation, of course, she’d be aware that America had lost Korea and later Vietnam. And many nationals from those countries had immigrated here as a result. She would be dismayed by learning of our adventures into Iraq, Afghanistan and lesser places. She might be elated that we were taking in plenty of “refugees” from those nations, as well as many more. Would she find it ironic that what had for several decades been the world’s strongest economy had in effect exported most of its manufacturing and jobs, yet allowed itself to be invaded by the world’s poor and the arrivals were welcomed with open arms, and often with room and board?

    She’d wonder about the demographic trends in America. Whites definitely on the down slope. White drug deaths, primarily opiates, which in her day was largely a minority curse. And look at those death rates — easily ten, sometimes twenty times what the Black community had experienced during the Heroin epidemics of the 60s.

    Of course she would have heard of biological warfare but it was supposed to have been dismantled in the 1960s right? She might be surprised to learn that former adversaries of the USA routinely experimented with dangerous viruses, indeed many universities did so, including in the USA. Sometimes the research was even paid by the US Government and done in places like China. Much like the privatization of the surveillance state, to some extent, this was a privatization of biological research, but ostensibly not for weapon use. Alas, while nobody could be certain, it looked like one of the bugs had gotten loose about two years earlier and was still in the process of killing or sickening millions. China had been less than helpful in identifying exactly what their lab was working on, which is especially odd since it was supposed to be routine research. Meanwhile, playing with viruses went on as before.

    • Of course she would have heard of biological warfare but it was supposed to have been dismantled in the 1960s right?

      That was Michael Crichton’s breakthrough hit, first published by Knopf on May 12, 1969.

      We are so very very lucky that his genius was wasted on only four years of Medical Skrewl.

      1969 was also the year that “they” were “supposed” to have shut down biological warfare research at Plum Island [just off the North Fork of Long Island, to the starboard side if you’re taking the Cross Sound Ferry via an origin of Orient, NY].

      Although apparently Michael Crichton [and subsequently Terry Gilliam] were preceded by a frog named Christian Hippolyte François, way back in 1962:

      When a storyteller forecasts the future more than half a century later, one is obliged to tip one’s hat in respect.

  4. The Long March to the golden workers utopia is just another crappy Eastern Bloc Zil Trabant boot to the face dystopian hellhole with a grubby Karen STASI of concern troll cancel scolds.
    Purple haired faculty lounge freaks will probably cheer when CCP launches the hostile takeover but hey at least the Bidens and other enlightened evolved utopia building beings will have their pot of gold.

  5. Great Article Z-Man. One quibble and also a major agreement.

    The ruling class loves disorder, and in fact promotes wherever they go, in service of their place in the social hierarchy, or advancement in the hierarchy. No one loves credentials, hierarchy, titles, like the ruling class: “Senator Ma’am.” Or Dr. Jill. And no one loves disorder more than they: statues being pulled down, monuments blasted, cities looted, flags and anthems changed (this is likely the last Fourth with Old Glory — already the push for the rainbow/BLM flag is coming). Along with a general war against Whites.

    But as you say this was the artifact of the unipolar world, where only the West mattered and Russia and China were irrelevant sideshows. Now, Biden “read Putin the Riot Act” and there was an even more massive hack of the supply chain on Friday. Xi practically promised to invade Taiwan and also Hawaii. The war against Whites can’t proceed without massive losses of power and territory in the West. The ruling class power rests on White guys in the military, nothing more or less. Take that away and they are like the Roman Senate meeting in 560 AD. A useless debating club.

    • I had previously said that it’s better to work with foreign organizations than national ones in activism because elites hate their own people and allow corrupt feds to infiltrate domestic dissident organizations and encourage criminal activity to justify their otherwise pointless government jobs (fake opposition to fake resistance), because constructive criticism is an oxymoron as far as government goes.

      Doing that to a foreign organization is risking an international incident. Third party countries, which actually matter unlike third party political organizations, can be offended so much that they can take their business to China, Russia, Israel, etc. The fake opposition industrial complex has to back off when professional diplomacy becomes threatened. If this fails then something like WWI can happen…

      Decadent empires always have the worst controlled opposition and inside job terrorist acts, etc, because they increasingly feel like they don’t have to be respectful of their vassals, the alternative paths for reform. They annihilate any fair play domestic dissent and always get caught off guard by less decadent cultures that see an opportunity. Huns, Mongols, Aryans, sea peoples, vikings etc. Or even white conquistadors, when you think about it. Figures.

      • Or even white conquistadors, when you think about it. Figures.

        It’s possible that there are people in the DR who never got a chance to see Mel Gibson’s [already now utterly forgotten] masterpiece, Apocalypto.

        If you’ve haven’t seen it, then it’s worth hunting down a copy of the DVD, ripping it to an MP4, and burning it to as many thumb drives as you can afford, and then mailing one of those thumb drives to each person in your family.

        Or you could venture on over to the Dark Web, and see whether you could bittorrent the thing, but from what I’ve heard, the Frankfurt School has ordered its Deep State subsidiary to put an end to bittorrent, which now largely no longer works anymoar?

  6. On the Culture War .. The Right Intellectuals Latest Grift…they promise of course a Long War…..reminds me of Condi Rice…

    The Culture War is a Long War…..and the Long Grift.

    Enough. The Right speaks of Liberty and Prosperity, infuriates our enemies, then delivers us to them in rags and chains.


    We listened to Scholars and Intellectuals and got out our Bibles and Checkbooks.
    When they mentioned culture we should have reached for our pistols.

    You intellectuals taunt and infuriate our foes then leave us to their ruining of us.
    Trump was the Usher of the Republic’s Funeral.

    If any follow these worthies down this culture war know that we’ll for certain have a nation where the memory of Christ is the same as the memory of Buddha in Afghanistan~ blown up monuments to a long dead religion. We’ll not have one intact family from ocean to ocean. We’ll have not a penny, a roof, a virgin child boy or girl. This is the result of ‘conservative scholars’, at least the Left is honest about what they want….the conservatives feed us to them.

    You are our ruin not our salvation ….and your glean your contributions from our ravaged lands.

    Begone, you have ruined us. Go see your rich men, go to Mar Al Lago.

    • Go see your rich men, go to Mar Al Lago.

      Maybe there’s a play on words there, involving Mar-a-Lago, which flew right over my head [the play on words, not Mar-a-Lago itself].

      But if you’re talking about The Donald, then I think the poor fellow bequeathed us about as much as one could expect from a Boomer Civnat.

      And, in retrospect, what he accomplished was simply miraculous: He lifted the veil from our eyes, he smashed the rose-colored glasses, and [perhaps unbeknownst even to himself?] he utterly destroyed all the pagan shibboleths of Civ-nattery.

      Honestly, we can’t acks for anything moar than that.

      Now we know The Truth, and The Truth has set us free.

    • Strangely I had just replied to him.

      The Long War Greer speaks of is the Long Grift.

      I’ll repost my answer to Greer.
      The Culture War is a Long War…..and the Long Grift.

      Enough. The Right speaks of Liberty and Prosperity, infuriates our enemies, then delivers us to them in rags and chains.


      We listened to Scholars and Intellectuals and got out our Bibles and Checkbooks. When they mentioned culture we should have reached for our pistols.

      You intellectuals taunt and infuriate our foes then leave us to their ruining of us. Trump was the Usher of the Republic’s Funeral.

      If any follow these worthies down this culture war know that we’ll for certain have a nation where the memory of Christ is the same as the memory of Buddha in Afghanistan~ blown up monuments to a long dead religion. We’ll not have one intact family from ocean to ocean. We’ll have not a penny, a roof, a virgin child boy or girl. This is the result of ‘conservative scholars’, at least the Left is honest about what they want….the conservatives feed us to them.

      You are our ruin not our salvation ….and your glean your contributions from our ravaged lands.

      Begone, you have ruined us. Go see your rich men, go to Mar Al Lago.

        • I didn’t read it because I’m through with words. More words? No more words. I’ve had enough.

        • Oh I certainly did. Mind you when I read “Long Struggle …” I saw LONG GRIFT staring at me from the page.

          Now to my words, as I read yours and his;

          Dear Right Wing Talkers;
          Stop “protecting “ us. All you do is make we the commons TARGETS for entirely one way retaliation.

          Ye speak of Liberty and Prosperity, and deliver us to our enemies in rags and chains.

          As to the “culture wars” please tell every right wing pub, pundit, and especially intellectual to NOT mention Culture, NOT mention the FAMILY. Because that just flags them as priority target for the Left. The Left is about POWER and respond to any threat to it with real retaliations, not talk. If we keep asking the Conservatives- all of them – to defend the family and tradition we shall not have a single intact family in flyover country, nor a virgin child over 8 years old.

          The GOP and the right are the function of a laser target designator for munitions.

          So now, like the Afghans and Iraqis before us.. please go away, you simply incite retaliation against us.

        • As indicated by your handle you come to mislead and dox us, begone.

          We don’t need coherence, we need action.

  7. “This July 4th, America finds itself in the middle of a great interregnum, a transition period between the old order and the new order.”

    The Cold Civil War – as Derbyshire calls it – is coming to a close. The Goodwhites won. Starting around 50 or 60 years ago, the Goodwhites teamed up with the usual suspects, who were fighting their own war against all whites so were natural allies (for the time being), to finally beat the Badwhites.

    They opened a two-front campaign. First, they would attack Badwhites culturally through the media and academia. Second, they would import mercenaries (and in a democracy, voters are mercenaries) to tip the scale of elections, invade Badwhite neighborhoods and compete with Badwhites for jobs.

    The plan has been hugely successful, and final victory is in sight. Sure, Badwhites put up one final counter-attack in 2016, but like the German counter-attack in 1944 at the Battle of Bulge, is was doomed to fail. Badwhites are simply out-manned and have no organization.

    What’s happening now is all sides are trying to figure what happens when the war is finally officially over.

    Although huge numbers of Badwhites still think that there’s a chance left to win, more and more are waking up to the fact that we’re a defeated people. Those whites are trying to figure out how to live as a despised minority. Knuckle under. Leave. Push back.

    Goodwhites are looking to punish Badwhites but are noticing that they seem to keep getting lumped together with them. Mostly, however, Goodwhites just assume that they’ll get to continue running the show with the usual suspects as leaders of the Goodwhites/Tiny Hat/POC coalition, but with the added bonus of getting to kick around Badwhites. Basically, their POC mercenaries will simply accept their role as underlings. I suspect that they are wrong.

    The usual suspects – being far more savvy and ruthless than Goodwhites – understand that the POC factions aren’t just going to step aside. They want goodies for their people (and, even more so themselves) and titles. The usual suspects naturally assume that they will control things from behind the scenes and sometimes out front like they have for the past 20 years. They know that they’re best option is for the POC factions to accept them as just another POC faction, not to identify them as Goodwhites.

    While Goodwhites lay around basking in the coming victory, the usual suspects are working hard to get themselves installed the leader (covert and at times, overt) of the POC coalition. But despite control of the money and the media, they’re having a hard time controlling their new allies who have zero guilt.

    Finally, you have the POC factions. They’re trying to figure out what role they’ll get in the coming order. Some factions (blacks and Hispanics) are happy with only money and titles but grudgingly letting the real power go to the usual suspects who control the money, the media and the organization. Other factions, however, want real power, and they’re starting to organize for it.

    I have no idea what the future looks like. I just wanted to lay the players and their current positions. It’s a volatile situation. No one is the dominate player and the situation is fluid, i.e. there’s a lot of money and power soon to be up for grabs. What’s more, the country will likely deteriorate so you can’t count on a rising tide keeping various sides happy.

    • The usual suspects are sorcerers apprentices, HofJuden in the Lords seat and are shitting their pants, even trying to defect. Sorcerer’s apprentices play with WASP spells, chaos ensues.

      The Blacks….meh. Most of them just go with the lowest common denominator flow. Honestly if Blacks are your number one problem you really have to up your game.

      The Hispanics can’t be lumped in with the Blacks, unless you want a pile of corpses, probably black.

      Now I would applaud Z’s formula even though I don’t objectively agree with it – Z’s formula is race – but I can’t. Because whites don’t fight, except for goodwhites. The enemy.

      Now if regular whites were fighting I’d be out ordering the Hugo Boss Special Uniform. But regular whites are as passive as the old shetl jews… hell worse, at least their kids went out and fought , even if it was for Communism.

      They’re not BadWhites. They’re Shetl Whites.

      • Please expound upon this idea of lumping Hispanics with Blacks, please. 😈

        • Lol.

          Not the same.

          But the results I mention are.

          No need to expound, they have no neurotic white guilt, they just clean up.

          Listen its like the old Italians, no offense. Or the Irish in Boston. Maybe its a Catholic thing.

    • It’s unclear what the Goodwhites think they’re getting out of this deal. The “smart fraction” POC who are aspiring Goodwhites are now pulled back down by the masses, for being “whitewashed”. The Goodwhite areas in cities get a little less white every year. Eventually they get run out completely. As happened in Detroit, and Baltimore will face this pretty soon.

      Best case scenario? Probably Goodwhites become mixed with Asians/higher tier Hispanics. POC males have an incessant desire for white women, and Goodwhite males seem to have no problem dating mud people either, ie. AOC’s boyfriend.

      What happens to the Badwhites in this case? Slide into poverty and irrelevance, relegated to rural areas. Heavily Christian and lower IQ. Probably mixed with Hispanics to some degree. At least they still exist though.

      I don’t see the current setup working though. Goodwhites are way too neurotic, awkward, and insane to ever be able to manage non whites. They’re very stupid and naive too. Non whites at work hate Karens, it’s yes ma’am no ma’am to keep her as far away from them as possible. J”s are aging rapidly, heavily mixed with gentiles now, and are also seen as ultra white by the POC.

      Contrary to some of the posters here, I don’t see a hot civil war, nor any resistance from Badwhites. The political system will just break down more and more, into a Brazil style shit hole. one day we will wake up and see that a chunk of Arizona decided they don’t care for the gringo laws and are now under Cartel rule. Nobody will do anything. Muslim no go zones are the same. As the ruling class becomes more mixed, less Jewish, and lower IQ, the surveillance state they use against Bad whites will also break down. Bad news is so will the economy, hence the increasing marginalization of Bad whites into poverty.

      • “I don’t see the current setup working though. Goodwhites are way too neurotic, awkward, and insane to ever be able to manage non whites. They’re very stupid and naive too“.

        Unless you have been to DC you have no idea of how extreme their defects are and how out of touch they are with reality.

        I don’t see them keeping a handle on anything- nor do they.
        At the top they don’t want Brazil America.

        They want Syria, I mean the war. This isn’t senseless. If they stay in power that’s all that matters to them.

        The hatred of us is necessary- if we weren’t evil (we aren’t) then they are monsters.

        We’re just the Indians now, Red not dot.

        • It’s possible a Mideast future awaits. Rather than splitting into smaller, relatively peaceable countries, probably a large “country” but with may no-go areas is more likely. In many parts of the world, such as the Mideast, for decades there have been neighborhoods, enclaves, entire sections of large cities, segregated largely by religion, perhaps ethnicity too. They are patrolled by armed militia and if you don’t belong there, you’re quickly dead. Of course, all these “nations” feature weak government. The USA still has a strong one, but signs aren’t encouraging. Needless to say, in such a feudal future, you definitely won’t be able to order something on Amazon and have it delivered in two days.

    • Near the top of the comment thread is a link to Forbes Magazine memory-holing a story that dared wonder if Biden should have a cognitive exam.

      He isn’t getting any better…

  8. Friday’s Zcast talked about procrastination and efficiency. Getting things done around the house and in your life. I’d like to add the importance of utilizing energy when you have it.

    For those of us who struggle with depletion, this is key.

    Like flash storm showers, energy comes in short bursts throughout the day. It’s tempting during those times to do something fun. Because with energy comes good mood. So you want to mess around with pleasing stuff. Instead, use these bursts to get the tedious and important stuff done.

    This is standard M.O. for people who have their shit together. I’m not speaking to you.

    Also, think of life’s clock not as going round and round. But ticking down. As Jagger sang in Time Waits for No One, “Hours are like diamonds. Don’t let them waste.” As someone who’s dealt with fatigue since childhood, I think of that as, “Energy is like diamonds. Don’t let it waste.”

  9. Ok was my last post deleted for being too off topic or too on topic? 🙁

    My idea that the local demographics of DC and the key capital cities is what matters, and national flyover demographics don’t matter, but that this could change with a change in consciousness, fits our situation perfectly. The urban hypothesis, after all, is how Zion stands against all of the Arab world…

  10. When I moved to the Central Valley city where I have spent my adult life the population was (round numbers) 80% white, 10% Brown and 10% Black. We became a plurality city 30 years later. Stockton was always a tough blue collar town, but nobody got shot. Well almost nobody. Now it’s 20% White, 40% Brown 10% Black and 30% a mix of various persuasions. SE Asian, East Indian etc. We’ve become one of the most dangerous cities in the country and the rot is spreading. Where the race of the perp is known 85% of the violent crime is committed by an ever mix of Black and Brown. We had “help” from the state, which built six prisons in our county so our betters could dump their trash in somebody else’s yard. Enough of my rant. There’s never just one cause of social dis function but importing a bunch of hardened criminals is never a good idea.

    • People from outside the state/ area don’t tend to realize that the coastal elites turned the central valley into as much a dump as any midwestern town they also hollowed out. Its sad.

  11. “Therein lies the reason to celebrate. The current crisis environment is a transitory state. It cannot last and everything that cannot last eventually comes to an end, usually sooner than anyone expects.”

    I am not comforted by this. I learned a long time ago that, “It can always get worse!” Whatever “is” will be replaced by something. Hoping a new golden age is just around the corner will not make it happen. Just whistling past the graveyard.

  12. While the ideological differences between 1981 and 2021 are very interesting, I think the aesthetic differences are even more so. Z-Man is right to mention the numbingly dull homogeneity (a lack of diversity!) in today’s automobiles, but additionally, AINO’s general aesthetics are a frontal assault on all good taste. Television and film are gratuitous offenses against decorum and dignity totally unrelieved by genuine humor and intelligence, and “music,” beginning with the advent of rap ca. 1980, is insanely rebarbative and primitive.

    The explanation for much of this is not far to seek. Poststructuralism, beginning in the second half of the sixties, relativized cultural values, while simultaneously pathologizing white civilization. As a result, white standards of beauty and accomplishment were undermined and replaced by African cultural forms and lack of standards. Consequently, Jay-Z and Kanye West have replaced Duke Ellington and Smokey Robinson. And that is to say nothing of what has happened to classical music, the classics of white literature, the visual arts and architecture. We precipitated ourselves into a rancid slough of cultural despond. It is not ending well…

    • It just means an opportunity for a classicist

      It will come back

      In fact, short ugliness and long beauty if you have a 5-15 year investment horizon

        • It may be years before it becomes mainstream but it will happen soon enough because there is a huge void there and opportunity. And there are enough rich people willing to support it.

      • Beauty will return when white men regain their balls and white women regain their sanity. Of course, that also means that whites, somewhere somehow, will create an ethnostate. These sorts of things are very much interrelated.

          • Almost entirely white, but not quite white by definition. At some point a true white homeland must be created. It will have to be utterly impervious to dieversity.

    • We are currently transitioning from our aesthetic to the small hat aesthetic. Unless a small hat family moves into a ready-made goy home, the interior almost invariably will be Stalinist with some African tchotchkes and the customary judaicia and many framed photos depicting only their own and never a goy unless he is a particularly famous individual. They are now casting their ugly, pathological aesthetic onto our entire civilization and tearing down ours.

  13. I spent a day in a tourist town a couple hours from a major west coast city to break up a longer journey. The setting is beautiful and it’s got some attraction in an ersatz sort of way. But I felt like I was in a (very) low rent version of Geneva. Anyone who has been there recently knows what I mean. Whites lumbering around in the 90 heat were a distinct, and unimpressive, minority.

    Variety of people has replaced variety of cars in AINO and the quality of everything has taken a nose dive including the residents. What manner of consciousness deliberately deconstructs one of the most prosperous, successful, and optimistic groups of people to assemble a nation for no apparent reason other than malice? Something malevolent beyond imagination stalks this planet.

    • Ugliness is everywhere. I grew up in tampa and lived on a place called Davis Island. It was always Spanish style and traditional American homes. House sizes proportional to the yards. I was back there a few months ago and they’ve knocked down the old houses and built what to me look like steel and glass creative offices that fill up the whole yard. And reminds me that so much of the residential aesthetic is to make the house look like an office or like a vegas casino hotel inside. Nothing homey and warm about it.

      • I walked into one of them there office buildings/ Vegas casinos last week to do some work that required going over some straight line prints with the so called Forman. It sounded like a mariachi convention in there. I told the Forman the musics got to go before I even discuss the issues. Your kidding right ? Rolled up the prints and headed for the 20 foot glass door. Man that music went off so fast it would spin your head around. The Forman couldn’t read prints.

      • Although I’m not a lifelong resident, I can sympathize. I’ve seen how my home area (Northern VA) was transformed, not for the better, over a 50 year period. Back here in FL, in nearly 20 years I’ve seen similar “growth” here in East Buttplug, my psuedonymous town somewhat north of Tampa.

    • Isn’t it interesting that, the greater the demographic diversity, the less the intellectual diversity?

      Incidentally, this plays out in spades–so to speak–in academia. Back in the aughts I was a research assistant in the Princeton history department. In the faculty lounge there were two photos juxtaposed. One was of the history faculty ca. 1960. Every professor was a white man wearing a suit. Next to it was a snap of the faculty ca. 2002. It was riddled with women, non-whites and mystery meat, all bedizened in slovenly garb.

      The obvious subtext was that this constituted progress. The irony, however, was that the intellectual pluralism of the Princeton history department in 1960 was orders of magnitude greater than in 2002. The greater the genetic diversity, the greater the intellectual conformity.

      • Of course.

        People are tribal, everywhere and always,

        But tribes can be ethnically based or ideologically based.
        An ethnically diverse tribe will by necessity be an ideologically based one. Conformity being the nucleus that brings and holds them together.

        How could it be otherwise?

        • Boiled down, what this means is that whites, and especially white men, hold many different opinions. We are the most intellectually diverse people on the planet. Modern non-whites, on the other hand, all cleave to anti-whiteness. Thus, when whites are replaced by non-whites intellectual conformity reigns. And that is particularly true in academia where the the most anti-white people of all are the white rump.

        • Blood has nothing to do with ideology. Blood decides who is important, and who is not.

          • Blood has nothing to do with ideology. Blood decides who is important, and who is not.

            All ideologies of the last 600 to 800 years were psychological warfare campaigns.

            [Personally I don’t know of an ideology newer than Catharism or Lollardry which was worth a d@mn.]

            And the susceptiblity to brainwashing via ideology [i.e. via psychological warfare campaigns] is completely determined by Insula dominance versus Amygdala dominance.

            Which, in turn, moast definitely emanates from the blood.

      • Genius takes on a variety of outlets. Stupidity is boringly the same. In the case of a liberal arts department in Princeton, I could imagine it populated by the new cohort/generation of “midwit” faculty as we see across academia thee days.

        If Dutton is correct, the effect of such would be somewhat above average (IQ ~ 115-120) intellectual mediocrities, who crave acceptance of their peers, i.e., conformity, above knowledge, truth, and even convictions. The faculty you described—White, tie and suit, male. Would be the same as I studied under. Hell, they even smoked in the classroom with the students. Those faculty—even in liberal arts—would have at that time needed an IQ of around 130 to obtain a PhD. Hence they are all White.

        • I’d very much take exception with you if you consider IQ of 115-120 “mediocrity,” unless you are judging only within the cream of the crop? I’m speaking in terms of the entire bell curve. Your “midwits” are in fact at the start of “gifted” and represent at most a few percent of even Caucasian and East Asian groups, and rarer still the darker you get.

          • Ben, you miss the point or perhaps I’ve failed to elaborate enough to address your concerns a priori. Other’s discussing the concept/theory of midwits often rate their IQ lower–as low as 105. Since I and Dutton are speaking of the academy, I use Dutton’s range of 115-120. You probably have not viewed Dutton’s video on this phenomena nor read Woodley’s writings on midwit’s as he originally coined the term.

            Briefly, Dutton’s last video speaks to the phenomena of *academics* now in the academy, particularly the liberal arts. My remarks are also pointed to the academy–specifically how and why it became a cesspool of lower learning and Leftist politics–as according to this theory.

            Dutton admits freely that “midwits” are probably “useful” people and perhaps might make passable “doctors and such”, but as college faculty they do not possess the intellect to critically think of alternatives to the collective mindset they find themselves surrounded by and to speak out against such group think. But they *can* spin a good tale as they express themselves well, see: “Superior: The Return of Race Science by Angela Saini” for an example of such a recently published academic.

            The theory basically posed by Dutton is that there has been a general lowering of standards for the PhD, which inevitably lowered the standards of university academic departments–especially given their *need/desire* to show diversity. So they got rid of their “old White men” and replaced them with “midwits”.

            A better presentation, not just concerning faculty can be found here:


          • The theory basically posed by Dutton is that there has been a general lowering of standards for the PhD, which inevitably lowered the standards of university academic departments

            Then your “Dutton”, whoever he is, is a fool.

            There has been a massive RAISING of standards in academia, to make G0d-d@mned certain that only the very moast easily & permanently brainwashable of the Insula-dominant are offered careers in academia anymoar, with the result being that the Amygdala-dominant are utterly forbidden to pursue academic careers.

            It’s an extremely exacting standard which the Frankfurt School enforces with an iron fist.

            You see it everywhere now – amongst allowed opposition GOP political candidates, in corporate boardrooms, in social club memberships, in medical & surgical residencies, in officerships of the armed forces, etc etc etc.

            The Amygdala-dominant need not apply.

            PS: Tell Mr “Dutton” that any statistic which is distinguishable from pure random noise [via examination using nothing more than a cursory glance with the naked eye] is necessarily a DETERMINISTICALLY*-SELECTED PSEUDO-STATISTIC.

            The job for folks like Mr “Dutton” is to figure out why [and/or by whom] the selecting occurred in the first place.

            *For very brief periods of time, there is the phenomenon of survivorship bias, but no one’s survivorship survives the inevitable rendezvous with the Unknown-Unknown Black Swan.

            And that’s our job in all of this – to be the Black Swans which the Frankfurt School never saw coming.

        • Compsci, thanks for the background. I’m not familiar with Dutton.

          I googled “define midwit” and according to some results “was coined by Vox Day to describe individuals of above average intelligence, yet not too far from average.”

          In contrast, Urban Dictionary gives “Someone who is around average intelligence but is so opinionated and full of themselves that they think they’re some kind of genius.”

          If Dutton is using the “midwit” to described the rarefied atmosphere of the academy, he’s misusing the term. Or is he? If his claim is true, that less qualified people are teaching, then yes, they will be of lower intelligence than traditional PhDs, who are likely +2 SDs above average IQ, way above midwit.

    • a tourist town a couple hours from a major west coast city… I felt like I was in a (very) low rent version of Geneva

      Much of the movie “Sideways” was filmed there.

  14. We won’t be able to where all of this is going u til the pelosi era starts dying off. And it could happen quick

    Speculation can be fun, but in meantime if you haven’t begun the move or started planning a move into a white area, then get busy

  15. The last chance to get out of this easily died at Appomattox. I never used to think this way but once secession was no longer possible the North American continent was doomed to be overrun by Yankee progressivism and their culture. The usual suspects and their financial and media acumen have contributed to this run away progressive cultural rot.
    There is no stopping it, there are no brakes on this train, we ride it out until whatever comes next.

    • Oh, it WILL stop, G. Of that there is no doubt. The only question is who will survive it when the train derails…

      • The only question is who will survive it when the train derails…

        In the universe of all possible questions which could be asked, the answer to that question is the only answer which matters: Who survives and persists into the future?

        And to paraphrase Saint Joseph Djugashvili, we will know with certainty who survived and persisted solely by the extent to which those survivors & persistors re-write [i.e. falsify] the history of this era.

  16. For Z, Things Fall 🦧 Apart…inspired by his GAB….

    What rough beast…

    …stumbles towards the Mop Bucket, its impulse incontinent…

    …things fall apart, the mopper cannot defend the bucket, the Golem shites before the Maker…as the inhabitants of Jerusalem West itinerant wanderings are disturbed by the sight of their Holy Objects feet 🦶🏿 of clay, and unholy vapors arise from the Knight of Saint George…

    …where is our Dragon 🐉 the masses ask…better a proper monster than such low ones…

  17. There is no post-industrial world. Real power and wealth comes from manufacturing things. China has 28 to 30% (depending on source) of the world’s manufacturing capacity, and they are the world’s dominant power. The financial world is entirely parasitic on and subservient to the manufacturers. Financiers, in their delusions, have wrecked the US and its economy, and have immiserated the American working class, white, black, hispanic.

    • Agreed. All you have to do is imagine the financial world without their computers and networks. Very simply, it ceases to exist. The more I think about it, the more I realize that the big EMP everyone fears…they don’t fear it enough.

      • An EMP event is only one of many possible catalysts for a system breakdown. Some of them probably don’t even require a failure of technology.

      • He’s right, money is 1s, 0s now, moreover the only “value “ it stores is Velocity. Like a shark it must keep swimming or die.

  18. The news suggests Buttigieg is being primed to become president, replacing Harris. But why? Rachael Levine seems a far better representative of our modern country.

    • The CIA already got it self a president, the old Bush poppy guy that could not speak in public and presented like some nerd. To conceal a black heart, revealed more by the arrogance of his bridezilla, as women have a much tougher time with persona-projecting without training as thespians.

      Little Peter up the butt would be, by my count, the second CIA man as POTUS when and if they ‘insert’ him up OUR collective rectums.

      • Barack Obama was an IC red diaper kid. His mom and grandma were agency operatives. He was literally one of them from birth.

        People don’t want to accept that – even though his life and actions all fall into place with such acceptance. Maybe from s9me residual conception that the CIA are on out side or some such misconception. Or that the people in the agency are true blue capitalists – even though they’ve spent their lives in the most socialist institution in America – the federal bureaucracy.

        • Barack Obama was an IC red diaper kid.

          Bill Clinton as well.

          Clinton was sent over to England as a student in order to be able to report back to the IC as to American behavior amongst the children of the hoi polloi partying abroad.

          And it’s not a mere cohenincidence that Clinton was photographed with JFK, and that the photographer miraculously decided to keep the negative of a random redneck kid from hillbilly nowhere so that the picture could eventually be reprinted in a presidential campaign three decades later.

          He11, even Jimmah Cahtah was a frigging Annapolis grad working on nukular subs.

          And there isn’t a doubt in muh mind but that Clit Romney has deep & powerful contacts in the Mormon wing of the IC.

          Remember, there are no cohenincidences in intelligence work.

          All of these shabbos goyische clowns had their entire careers mapped out for them by the Frankfurt School and/or its IC subsidiary.

          In the case of Obama, the Pritzker Family wing of the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate literally created Obama’s life’s story for him, right out of thin air – hiring Newton Minow as his consigliere, and Bernardine “Dohrn” Ohrnstein’s hubbie, Bill Ayers, as his autobiographer.

    • Well, they will need to get Harris out first and that might be difficult since we all kowtow to Black perceptions—and we know that it is hard to discredit any Black (see “St Floyd”).

      However, this is not impossible. Think back to Nixon, or rather Spiro Agnew. Nixon was in hot water and sinking, when all of a sudden Agnew was brought up on corruption charges from his time as Governor. Nearly pushed Nixon completely off the news. Anyway, lickedy split, Agnew resigned and in turn Ford was nominated by Nixon. Agnew was probably bribed to go easy into that good night in that he was allowed to plead no contest to smaller charge and in turn received probation and a small fine.

  19. I am in my 50s and I still have a clear recollection of how much I actually enjoyed living in the USA up until September 11, 2001. I find it unbelievable that the people who have benefited the most from this country ( the 1%) are in the process of completely destroying it. I guess they got tired of middle class daytrippers at Aspen.

    • This is the biggest difficulty for people of our generation to accept. Why did those who most benefitted from our prosperous, strong nation seek its destruction so vehemently? It beggars belief.

      • “Why did those who most benefitted from our prosperous, strong nation seek its destruction so vehemently?”

        They no longer feel (rightly so) bound to “the nation”. They see themselves as so far above and beyond simple nations that they consider themselves untouchable.

      • As outdoorspro says below they see themselves as beyond America. Which is a common occurrence for an aristocracy that finds themselves in control of an Empire. The new empire provides a larger scope of enrichment than the confines of the previous state. And they lie to themselves that the empire benefits the founding society overall so their not traitors. That has happened to varying degrees with every nouveau empire, the Macedonians, the Romans, Arabs, Austrian, Russian, Spanish and British.

        Additionally, the end of the Cold War led to an era of no limits and no consequences for our elites. Failures led to a temporary pause, with no retribution; and there was no push back from each transgression of norms and then laws. It’s human nature to keep pushing the boundaries of behavior until met with one or both of those factors. Their absence leads to a headlong rush to reckless extremes.

      • Yeah doesn’t make sense to me either. I’m a bit younger and only remember the 00s, although even in 2001 Canada was still 87% white, and my neighborhood about 95% white.

        I’ve wondered if it’s simply inevitable. The results of thousands of people making short sighted and greedy decisions.

        Truth is that the guy who made a couple million bucks selling his small company to China 25 years ago is getting f*cked over just as bad as a blue collar guy is (or will be soon). You can’t outrun the diversity anymore.

      • No, sorry.

        We are a challenge and a threat so we’ll be eliminated.

        It takes Grace to rule wisely and with consent- never mind democracy, the Arab Sheik rules with consent – and these wretched 🇺🇸 Elites have none.

  20. If the progressives think that the human wave moving north across the Rio Grande works in their favor they are sadly mistaken. These mestizos have their own fish to fry and couldn’t care less about the ideas of the deranged gringos.

    It won’t be long before a mestizo leader calls together his troops, in Spanish, and takes over perhaps a third of the country or more, through the ballot box or otherwise. BLM and reparations will disappear. The oligarchs will want to make a deal but why should the new Americano Central majority be involved in any sort of compromise?

    So far the Spanish-speaking element has been very low key politically. They’ve allowed Anglos to hold elective office even in the heavily mestizo Southwest. That’s coming to an end, probably forever.

    • You’re correct except for one detail. The leader himself will be Castizo. He may or may not have a tiny hat somewhere deep in the woodpile.

      • You think so?

        Over the years, anyone living out here is going to hear Mexicans saying, even if just to annoy people, that the New Aztlan is inevitable. In summary, that Mexicans are going to reclaim CA and the Southwest. And I’d say, ok, you outnumber the Spanish conquistadors by 1 million to 1, a few rich families control the place, and despite all your numbers and bravado you could never topple them so what makes you think you can take over the American Southwest?

        Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe whites will simply leave, which is already happening. And they fill the void. Time will tell.

        • Conquistadors were willing to shoot, slice, and trample most exuberantly.

          Small souled urban bugmen & corporate nu-males? Not so much…

          We are ruled by passive insects.

          • Bingo! Still works pretty much the same
            everywhere south of the Rio Grande.

          • We are ruled by the Intelligent. They are good at Tasks, especially paper tests.

            To perform duties you need Virtue- courage, Rule is a duty not a task.

            They have none.

        • The Spaniards toppled rulers who were hated by the people they ruled. For every one of Cortiz’s men there were fifty indians who saw the Spaniards as a better option.

    • Some offices. Fair number of Latino judges, sheriffs and mayors throughout the Southwest, not to mention state reps. Texas will wake up one day to be Mexico del Norte.

      • In CA, Latinos offer some hope for sanity. The good-white progressives like Pelosi and Newscome are completely insane. And pushing the state towards a race war. It’s the Hispanics that are pushing back – as Anglo whites flea to some imagined refuge.

        • Messkins are the ultimate blue collars. By and large, they just keep their heads down and do their labor. As long as they’ve got plenty of Budweiser and beans, they’re content. And they’re certainly not interested in any sort of nonsense, including anti-white fascism. Their lack of interest in such foolishness means they are far less susceptible to the agitprop. When the reckoning comes, the Messkin factor will work to our advantage.

    • “These mestizos have their own fish to fry..”

      As in, “whassachoo!”


      “No, I wass askin a qweschun!”

    • I’ve a background in Spanish Lit, less so in Latin American Politics. I’ve travelled widely in the Spanish speaking nations. I can state with pretty good authority that there is not a snowball in Hell’s chance that the USA’s legal system, traditional values, etc. are fit for Latinos to operate. At best, it’ll devolve into a Brazil or a Mexico. At worst, something like they had in Argentina c. 1950-1980s. Actually, if they gain a majority, that probably hikes the odds of secession into smaller nation-states. Indeed, in the 19th century, there were at least a few visionaries (e.g. Bolivar) who had aspirations of a great confederation similar to the USA (“Gran Columbia”) but instead we got many smaller, bickering and occasionally warring countries.

  21. The underlying message embodied in the Taki article is that it’s not about ideology. A Progressive has no real allegiance to any particular set of ideas (be it socialism, communism, or corporatism). At the root, they are parasites with an existential need to feed, and can only persist in an environment over which they have complete control. Hence, the name of the game is to rule DC and use the power of the State to guarantee their preeminence and defeat all opposition by whatever means necessary.

    We live in a world in which one side is fighting a death match and the other side (Conservative Inc.) still thinks it’s a noble battle of ideas and that voting matters. Dan Bongino is the epitome of the civnat mindset and will fight the Good Fight right up until the day when he, his wife & daughters, are third in line at the gas chamber door and his youngest looks up at him and asks . . . Daddy, what’s that smell? Then, just maybe, the light may go off in his head; a little too late methinks.

    • O/T, but what the phuck is poar Bongino’s ethnicity?

      Was his father an eggplant oil-driller, and his mother an outright sheb00n?

      Wikipedia says “half Italian”, which would be consistent with that hypothesis.

      Ella Fitzgerald was the daughter of a potato-kneegrow oil-driller and a sheb00n.

      Ella certainly had the very best diction of any of the scat singers.

      And it was a truly outstanding diction, even when singing White music, such as the Cole Porter songbook.

  22. ” The modern aesthetic is something like 1950s East Berlin. Modern America is an ugly place. ”
    You know, this quote is The Summation of Imperial Decline and eventually collapse.
    Few today have the common sense to realize that most things made today are total junk.

    For example, new furniture costing thousands are made of particle board or wood that wasn’t seasoned. The high dollar stuff will never have a drawer featuring dovetail assembly, and usually fall apart after a few years. The sad thing is, most people have no sense and don’t even care about true quality. Witness a 30 year old person buying a beautiful old piece of furniture made of figured rock-hard maple, and then painting it either black or battleship grey. I see that all the time.

    Also, for example, look at the modern appliances. Everything is tinny; are covered with thin paint instead of porcelain, and most run a maximum of about 3 years before the expensive repairs begin. I know few who don’t complain about at least one expensive appliance with an expired warranty.

    My beef is especially with sewing machines. I rebuild and restore sewing machines as a side thing, from tiny ones up to the 175 pound monsters, and I’m always working on machines that are old. Last week I refurbished a 92 year old machine, and after minimal work mainly being a good deep cleaning, it runs like a top. Now, about 50 years ago they started with the plastic parts, so you don’t see many made after 1965, but all the old ones that still exist were made before then. Don’t even talk to me about the plastic ones Made in China, for I refuse to work on them. Women who insist on buying that shit will say to me, “But it’s still new!”, and I say to them, ” Nothing made today that is 13 months old that had a 12 month warranty can be called new, andr why else are you talking to me?”

    • Very true. Had a frying pan from the early 2000s that is one of the best nonstick I have ever used. Saw the same brand and model for a good price in the last year, so decided to buy a set (not particularly expensive). Same brand and model mind you – straight out of the box you could tell the new one was thinner, cheaper. Will probably lose its coating before the one fifteen years older.

      • I have noticed that it is getting harder to find old cast iron skillets and cookware. I’m talking about the ones that are 60+ years old whose cooking surface is as smooth as glass. Even the young folks just starting their home are looking for them, and no one wants any of the new ones, where the cooking surface is just about as rough as that blacktop on the street in front of your house.

        • that goes away, after a few years. The seasoning starts to build up and smooth out. I’ve got one that is five or six years old and it’s nearly smooth. It’s the one I use to make eggs.

          • I’ve got 2 square skillets I use all the time- an 8 inch Birmingham Stove & Range and a bigger Wagner, both made around 1960. After I cleaned them and then seasoned them, then cooked what I call the first sacrificial eggs in them, they turned out to be gems. For some reason, a little bacon grease always make for fried eggs that slide across the surface and flip over with little effort.

        • I had one of those rough iron pans and took my palm sander to it and in no time it was as smooth as glass. After that I re-seasoned it and it is fantastic!

        • Coalclinker: Just saw a bunch of old cast iron in pretty good condition at a junk/antique market, but for pretty hefty prices. No, I won’t say where (but they weren’t here in Texas). I didn’t buy any but may when we next visit where we were.

          Meanwhile, we are waiting on the sprinkler repair people because our 25+ year old controller is dead, so we can’t water our stupid lawn. And the fancy Samsung fridge ice maker stopped working after February’s power outages. Rather than having it replaced a 2nd time (started having issues with it mere months after buying the stupid fridge) I’ve ordered a countertop one – if it works it will be a far cheaper temporary alternative. And the ridiculously expensive control panel for my dual fuel oven (gas cook top/electric oven combo) just burned out for the third time, so I’m looking to spend $900-$2000 for a new oven, most of which are ‘smart’ ovens that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

          And all this for a house I hate and we hope to move from in 2-5 years. Nothing lasts, nothing is quality. I hate numerica and all of globohomo’s works to the bottom of my soul.

          • Make sure before you buy any old skillets to check the trueness of the bottom. Most skillets are worn out in that they have warped or bowed bottoms. Take a ruler with you and lay across the bottom, and you will find out real quick if the bottoms are flat.

          • In Current Year, you pay a premium to get some level of customer service to fix whatever eventually goes wrong. You simply cannot buy any big ticket item that won’t fail or break and is done right the first time.

      • right, and don’t forget that anything coming from overseas was made out of the cheapest dirtiest material–fukushima steel, anyone? Look for older American made flatware and cooking utensils to be safe. Right now older American made towels, sheets, dishware, hairbrushes are going for big dollars on ebay. If you find shoes or clothing that fits good, BUY 6!!

        • LOL, all of my cookware is ancient, from the cast iron hollow ware to the Paul Revere stainless steel copper bottom pans. The china dishes were made in Japan in the 60’s. My electric coffee percolator has “1958” stamped on the bottom of it, and when I pour that 150 degree coffee from it, I think about the ditz who spilled McDonald’s coffee on her vagina, after which every coffee maker made was designed to make what I call cold coffee.

          • Heh. I’ve got a 1972 Corningware percolator and I love it. Accidentally scalded my schlong a time or two, but just rubbed some dirt on it and was alright.

        • Rockport loafers and K-Swiss sneakers. And, no, I don’t want to examine the companies’ stance on Burn Loot Murder. Ultimately, you do have to buy your products from some company and almost all of them are evil.

      • “Same brand and model mind you…”

        Posting here you must be aware that you describe the ‘wear the skinsuit’ model of the Boy Scouts, etc. etc. etc.

      • The only nonstick cookware I’ve had any luck with is Bialetti. That company seems to be maintaining high standards of design and manufacture.

    • You’re on to something there. Just like the furniture, one of our newer neighbors took a perfectly good ranch house and painted the brick black, and the door flamingo pink. Then she poured these big concrete rectangles for steps, and added thin, bizarre black and white tiles to the entry. It’s right out of Beetlejuice. As for the appliances, we just replaced a $2k refrigerator that made it less than six years; died one year out of warranty. Won’t make that mistake again; buying them cheap now like the commoditized trash that they are.

      • Agreed. Modern tastes are appalling and the lack of appreciation for quality is dismaying. Time and tides I guess, but nothing seems to characterize our modern age than cheapness. A superficial aesthetic for a trivial people.

        Re. poor quality appliances: we were assured by our stove rep that manufacturers are only required to keep parts for their 7 years as it is assumed that no one will repair or keep anything. You would think the environmentalists would be all over this, but they are the least interested in the ecological implications of tossing major appliances away every decade.

        • Bs. Internet is your friend, now you can get the cheap chinese parts the suppliers used to only be able to get. I just rebuilt a $2000 viking range from the late aughts for about $500 total. No, im not paying the stealership $15 a piece for m3 stainless screws.

      • Now, I’m being sarcastic, but your new Beetlejuice neighbor sounds like the kind who you could see one of these days covered in red welts, and will say something about the bugs in her bedroom that come out only at night. She’ll say something like she has no idea what they are and where they came from.
        Just saying………..
        Now, seriously, I have a 3 year old refrigerator that’s already having problems. But my ancient 500 lb. gas range made by Garland in the 40’s is working fine and never gives any grief.

    • There are a lot of things still made by white people, mainly Europeans. So the quality is out there if someone is willing to pay. We bought a copper cookware set from France and gorgeous and built to last. Plus a few companies in France and Italy and England still make real stoves built like tanks with no computers. BlueStar from Pennsylvania looks to be high quality but I do not know people who actually own them to get a true opinion. No computers. Ranges weigh 400-600 pounds.

      I will be trying out a few french brands of tennis shoes, supposed to be top quality. I will let everyone know how they turn out. But I will not buy shoes made in China.

      • “I will be trying out a few french brands of tennis shoes, supposed to be top quality. I will let everyone know how they turn out. But I will not buy shoes made in China.”

        Played a LOT of tennis, on the court in singles 2-3 times a week. Wore Adidas® Barricades® for some years. Eventually, I forget the version, ordered two pairs of the new model. Such crap, sent them back, never purchased another. Same for Adidas® clothing … I still wear some that is 30 years old. Recent years, not year but years, they make an ill-fitting garbage product. Same as all the mfgs, cheap and ugly. Same logo though!

    • Hey coalckinker, my old lady wants a sewing machine for hobby work, any suggestions ? Oldie but goodie, between 250 and 500. Thanks.

      • Any Singer made before 1964 is a dandy with the exceptions of Model 99, 27,28,127, and 128. Straight stitch models 15,66, 201, 301, and 329k are great. Zig Zag models that are great are Models 401, 403, 500, and 503.

        Any model numbers higher than 503 should be avoided like The Clap.

        The old American made White/Domestic/Kenmore machines are all straight stitch machines that are tough as nails. The motor will say “Made in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A”. They’re all great; don’t buy the ones Made in Japan.

        You shouldn’t have to spend that much for any of them. You ought to get a good one for under $200, and those are the ones that have been refurbished and brought back into service. Straight Stitch machines sell for less than Zig Zag machines. Somewhere around where you live there is always a sewing machine guy, but you have to look. Avoid the dealers who sell the Chinese Plastic Pig machines. Any local seamstresses will probably know who to seek out. The ones who you see sewing at the local flea market are the ones who may know of such a mechanic.

      • Industrial machines like Models 16, 31, 95, and 96 are great for hobby sewers.. You should be able to find one of those for under $300. That 92 year old one I brought back to life is a Model 96-10, made on Dec. 11, 1929. It makes a good stitch and can be run as fast as a smoking hot 3450 r.p.m., if you can keep up with it, lol.

    • What you say is certainly true. However, there is one exception: Bosch dishwashers. Those things are masterpieces of engineering and they go and go and go. I wouldn’t buy anything else.

  23. I started watching Amazon’s new movie the Tomorrow War last night. As I figured a tough one to get through for all the diversity and asinine content. Our future descendants come back thirty years to the present to draft soldiers to fight a losing war with alien beasts. Your Taki piece makes me think we should do the same and go back to the 80’s and get the last of the good paleos to help us fight our present progressive poz.

    Of course they lost that period so maybe go back further and get Andrew Jackson types.

    • read Such Interesting Neighbors by Jack Finney, it’s in the collected short stories book titled The Third Level. Eventually everyone in the world decides to go back to a simpler time, and all development just stops, we are kinda on the edge of that now. Wish I had that option, I would go back to 1936 and start again.

      • If you happen to watch anything 80’s related on Youtube, and not just music, the wistful desire of the commenters to return to that era is almost overwhelming. I understand that many people feel the same way about “their” era, but the 80s marks a very distinct fin de siècle in many respects, mostly related to technology. People who lived through the change innately understand what was lost in terms of humanity.

        • It’s hard to put one’s finger on it, exactly. The 80s seemed like the last time that more people than not retained optimism for the future. There were still enough Americans who were loyal to America first that they could keep things running in a fashion that benefited ordinary Americans first & foremost. That began shifting in the 90s and only accelerated from there.

          America to today’s elites is just a husk to be sucked dry.

  24. I realize you couldn’t cover everything, but I bet the thing that would baffle our thawed proggie the most is the FBI worship. The same people who used to consider the FBI the CIA’s domestic mini-me — and needless to say hated the CIA with the heat of a thousand suns — are now carrying on like little boys who got a plastic Junior G Man badge in their Cracker Jacks. It’s surreal.

    • Apparently that heat was envy; we just mistook it for contempt. Spoiled, petulant children hate it when someone else has the fancy toys & power they want for themselves.

    • Actually, it’s quite logical. Their side overthrew the Hoover establishment and thoroughly remade the FBI into a modern progressive institution. Why wouldn’t progressives worship the new G-Man who is now a Progressive enforcer? Having infiltrated and installed their people at the top of hundreds of federal bureaucracies, publicly applauding the new, woke FBI is their “coming out” party.

      • Derb (I think) mentioned an old Eastern Bloc joke, about how there are only two kinds of people in the world. One sees the lights burning at midnight at Secret Police headquarters and thinks “how awful, that there are secret police.” The other kind sees the same thing and thinks “how awful… but just wait until it’s OUR guys in there!”

        Needless to say proggies think they’re the former but are actually the latter, because you can’t spell “liberal” without “projection.”

  25. Corporatism is the defining characteristic of who ever happens to be in charge. That’s the thing about being in the ruling bureaucracy, it becomes saturated with mid-wits and it’s main goal becomes it’s position and not it’s ideology. This is the downfall of all establishments.

    • Corporatism saturated with Chinese money. All the GS employees who make up the deep state appear to be rich now (on government salaries) and are buying up the multi-million dollar houses in DC.

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