J. D. Vance

It is tempting to judge a man by his enemies, especially if his enemies are the sorts of people who should be the enemy of the decent. Logic seems to dictate that if the worst people are opposed to someone or some idea, then there must be some merit to that person or idea. The worst people operate exclusively from self-interest. What is good for the worst is probably not good for the rest, so therefore what is bad for the worst must be good for the rest, if only that it diminishes the worst.

The great lesson of the George W. Bush years is that the worst people can hate someone who deserves to be hated. Every far-left crank in America was howling in agony about the Bush administration. Their complaints were every bit as insane as the people making them, so decent people just assumed Bush was a good guy. It turns out that sometimes the enemy of your enemy is just another enemy. Bush, of course, was a disaster, the worst President in American history.

That is something to keep in mind now that J. D. Vance has decided to run for office in his former home state of Ohio. Vance was always something of a curiosity, having gone from humble beginnings to the managerial elite, but seeming to maintain a connection with his roots in the lower class. His book Hillbilly Elegy was a hit among the chattering classes, always looking for some authenticity. It was also popular with normal people who found it and Vance to be genuine and thoughtful.

Now Vance is seeking to ride the wave of populist enthusiasm and white fright to a political career. At first this would seem logical, but just a few years ago he was an anti-Trump guy, like all the people he now criticizes. It made sense back then. He was enjoying publicity from the sorts of people he spent his entire life trying to copy. He had gotten rich thanks largely to the fact these people helped him along as he went from the Marines to Yale Law then to Silicon Valley.

He is singing a different tune these days. He is on the Trump train and talking quite sensibly and credibly about the issues that concern white people. In fact, he sounds far more sensible than Trump. As a result, the worst people have started to attack him for his alleged apostacy. The gargoyle of neoconservatism, Mona Charen, came out last March with an attack on Vance, calling him and white people jackals. That is an interesting bit of projection from a blood-thirsty warmonger.

Now we have this post in the Atlantic from Tom Nichols, or as he prefers the commoners to refer to him, “Five Time Jeopardy Champion” Tom Nichols. For those unaware, Tom Nichols is America’s leading expert on being wrong about everything to do with foreign policy. From his perch on Twitter, when he is not reminding us that he is a super genius and a five time Jeopardy champion, he tells us that we have all let him down and no longer deserve a man like Tom Nichols.

Writing often betrays the image the writer projects and this no truer than in the case of Tom Nichols. He tries to portray himself as an intellectual tough guy, but his writing style suggests he is a hysterical teenage girl. It is not hard to imagine that Atlantic post being submitted on tear-stained paper with some of the “I’s” being dotted with little frowny faces. The post is supposed to be about Vance, but it really about Nichols and his hurt feelings about the populist rebellion.

Tom Nichols, like David French, is the sort of person the Founders warned about when discussing democracy. They pointed out that democracy attracts the worst people who then appeal to the worst instincts of the people. Liberal democracy is the playground of narcissistic fanatics whose only interest is in flattering themselves with the applause of the mobs. Suddenly, all of the worst people are bearing their fangs at J.D. Vance, so normal people naturally feel disposed towards him.

Of course, another quality of liberal democracy is that it spawns false opposition like a shark grows teeth. Just ten years ago Conservative Inc. spawned any number of imitators to steal the energy of the Tea Party. We see the same thing happening with the different populist groups. The usual suspects are furiously trying to co-opt the Nick Fuentes thing with boy-band quality alternatives. American Moment is what old Cloud People think young Dirt People will find compelling.

With that in mind, it is wise to be cautious about anyone in the ring claiming to speak for the great dispossessed. That is one lesson of Trump. Politics is like a high-end brothel where even the most virtuous are going to tempted. If Lucifer were tasked with creating a political system to stock Hell with souls, he would head to Washington to get tips from the masters. He would probably lose his soul in the bargain. The point is, even the best of men is no match for the worst of systems.

That said, Vance is making the sort of noises familiar to dissidents. He is clearly familiar with the dissident subculture as he has used phrases like “red pill” when describing his political transformation over the last five years. He hangs out with Tucker Carlson, and he is bankrolled by Peter Theil. Neither man can be called a dissident, but they are not lobbing R-bombs at us. Vance defended Nick Fuentes, who has not been favorable to J.D. Vance, which suggests Vance is more than just hologram.

Politics for dissidents is always about advancing dissident ideas, so judging Vance is all about his utility in that cause. Like Trump, he is willing to drag taboo subjects into the public domain, which is always good for dissidents. Unlike Trump he seems to have a better feel for his potential base. Vance is also a younger man who can speak to younger people, who do not respond to flag waving. Unlike Trump, Vance is not a man lamenting the loss of the past, but the loss of the present.

You never know what is in a man’s heart, so Vance’s sincerity remains a question, but he will be useful. Even if Vance is a dissident at heart and sweeps to a landslide victory, nothing changes for us politically. The same parasites will be calling white people jackals and pushing cultural genocide. There is no voting your way out of the defects of democracy, but democracy can be a bus dissidents ride to the next stop. As is always the case, the Vance phenomenon is an opportunity.

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205 thoughts on “J. D. Vance

  1. vance is the machine candidate and for that reason alone, he is disqualified from consideration (here). or should be.

  2. Anyone who considers Biden, Obama and Buba to have been better presidents than Bush needs a lobotomy. Bush was awful but he displays just how much better a self centered individual without morals is compared to the greed of a hilly billy with pretensions; an abused child who hates America and tries to make up for his flaws and failings through graft and pulling everyone down to his level: or the brain damaged grifter who brings new meaning to corruption and makes the chinless, spineless wonders of the ivy league look like macho men.

    • It is not 1985 so reflexively defending Republicans is like wearing a leisure suit. Bush was as bad as LBJ in terms of policy and he destroyed his own party. Worst president in history.

      • You don’t have to reflexively defend Republicans in order to make the case that Bush, while a wretched President, wasn’t quite as destructive as the Kenyan who deliberately set the country against itself for little more than his own daddy issues. Nor did he preside over women’s suffrage, the unnecessary entrance into WWI, and the birth of the globalist mindset, like Wilson.

        There are very cogent arguments to be made that a louse like Bush was still bested by others in the race to the bottom.

  3. Nobody gets on the grift and pork rollercoaster without dajew punching his ticket. Once in, you do the opposite of what you promised. Standard procedure. A den of vipers, masonic douchebags, and small bus window lickers make the laws of the land. Make America Kosher Again.

  4. Why do they count our votes again?

    They can’t climb off that perch if they want to, and participation=Legitimacy, which they need. One does not give a mortal enemy what they need.

    Especially when its an infiltration, by a controlled opposition.

    Here is what is certain if we rally again; more reprisals. It would be best to be silent or at least obscure, as the DR is- obscure.

    No one can do anything with the system but the system, no one will help our people. More talk simply means more suffering.

    The last useful person we nodded to presided over the fall of the Republic, I mean Trump. He is the worst President ever, he incited the foe to new levels of insanity and they smashed us and threw down the Republic by fraud and force.
    He ran, after starting a fight where they smashed us. He was a talker, his talk anything but cheap.

    No more, flyover country needs a cease fire. Do not rally, fade to nothing and pray for a real leader, he will not be elected.

    One does not say we can’t vote our way out of this, then say vote for the most useful. As if our votes will be counted. Folly, abandon voting.

  5. That’s the problem on the road to Damascus, who are the true converts and who are the grifters pretending to be true converts. Sadly they don’t wear nametags.

  6. Gentlemen, we find ourselves in the same situation once again.

    We have a candidate, Vance, who appears to be somewhat better than the alternatives. The other side, including Brimelow at VDare, says, “a half a loaf is better than no loaf at all.” Me, I watched the Tea Party turn into tax cuts for the rich.

    Perhaps I am too jaded. Nonetheless: FVck Vance! To me, he’s indistinguishable from Jeb.

    Burn it all down. No compromise.

    • The enthusiasm for Vance reminds me of the enthusiasm for Rubio in the early 2010s.

      Rubio talked up liberty, freedom, and small government (all respectable concepts, but meaningless in our current context). What he really wanted was amnesty for illegals, which became apparent later.

      To the credit to the conservatives, they had the discernment to reject Rubio. We must give them credit for that.

      • It’s a pretty simple test.

        Ask them straight up about open borders.

        They will give some non-committal flopping answer while mumbling about american values AKA wide open borders for non-assimilating aliens.

        Even Trump said all the right things and was still weak on borders haha.

      • About Vance: don’t like his face, don’t like his oddly invisible eye lashes. Is growing out a beard really the best he could do knowing that he was going to run for Senate 12 months ago? Don’t like his choice of spouse. Have yet to see a single subcon with real sympathies for core America. Hate it that we are going to get stabbed in the back by yet another Yale Law grad. When did the last Yale Law grad helpful to our side get out of school? Alito in 1975? That was nearly half a century ago. So, yeah, all the bad stuff people are saying about him down thread rings true.

        Still, if elected Vance should be better than 95 senators. So we have to vote for him, right? I mean, unless you have an alternative plan for getting power, we have to vote for the guy that gives us the best shot, no?

        Unfortunately, this is the hand we have to play.

        • The one thing the dissident right has in common with Truecons and normiecons and every other shade of right is a pathological urge to form circular firing squads. Make the perfect the enemy of the better. And completely repudiate anyone that moves in their direction, who wasn’t 100% on board from the very beginning.

          Sure all of that has led to failure again and again and again and again and again.

          But this time it’ll be different.

    • Our fatal mistake was in allowing the Marxists to take over our schools. Our kids, the entire next generation is already indoctrinated. Almost as bad was allowing 3rd world immigrants with a long history of socialism, Marxism, and military dictatorships to invade our land. They will bring that history and tradition with them.

      What to do now? Emigrate, secession, or hole up, be a prepper, and fight.

  7. One of the (merited) fears on the dissident right is that of infiltration by bad actors/federal agents. And to that end, I can see why Vance’s background doesn’t inspire much trust. It glows brighter than the surface of the sun. His official story seems a bit too pat and tidy – supposedly, he went from the US Marine Corps and then to Yale Law School, which is (of course) haven of spooks and deep-staters (including suspected ‘right-wing’ federal assets like Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes).

    He went from YLS into the financial industry/’venture capital’ (aka a common pseudonym for corporate and deep-state money laundering), at which point he started getting a bunch of money from other deep-state recurring characters like Peter Thiel (that we know of; other sponsors are more opaque). Vance is clearly being set up for a leadership role by people far more powerful than himself.

    The people behind him seem to be using data-mining and analytics to craft his ‘positions’ to appeal to nationalist-leaning right-wingers. He is carrying out a very polished and well-planned media and public-relations strategy. What we don’t know is, whose plan is it? Perhaps this will never be entirely known.

    • How many marines even get a sniff from Yale law? I would think under normal circumstances the admissions committee would laugh uncontrollably at any marine that had the temerity to even apply there. And yet Vance gets in. This is more mephitic than a rotten mackerel in Denmark.

  8. Please, the phyzz does not lie. I looked up this Vance, a chubby estrogen-laden feminine creature. Kirk, Shapiro, can they get any creepy looking?

    Creepers, alert! That’s what my brain says with this gross Vance thing.

  9. Z-man said it best on Luke Fords podcast about I cannot describe how much I despise George Bush. He really was the worst ever and he caused a lot of the lower quality of life we all now face. George W Bush led to our red pills. His immigration betrayal was the start of a new alt or dissident right, that was anybody but Bush. The left that Hated Bush were right about him, but maybe for different reasons.

  10. Somewhat related, the Saker is reporting that South African civilians with private firearms have for now held off mass attacks. There was legislation pending that would have disarmed everyone but that did not pass before this. Many people in this country are going to look at the looting and attacks and see the need for even more firearms.
    The tactics are basically seige warfare, targeting warehouses, transport networks, ports, etc. and stripping all food and other supplies from everywhere. It is directed by someone with very good intel on what vulnerable points exist. Starvation is highly likely and Indians as well as Whites are explicit targets … and the Modi Government is now threatening action. Will China step in to defend the looters and rioters and hostiles to make sure the Indians and Whites get it? They have the capacity to sink the Indian Navy but they can’t be sure Modi would not respond with (few and bad) nukes — don’t think China’s defense system could even stop the Indian missiles. Sure they can paste India but they’d lose Shanghai and Three Gorges and Beijing for sure.
    Love the end of History.

    • Haven’t read Saker yet, so if this overlaps, apologies.

      South Africa could become roughly analogous to the Spanish Civil War if big powers get drawn into it. It would be quite enjoyable to watch both sides’ Big Dogs–China and India–bloodily spank the United States and the United Kingdom if they nose around into this powder keg. It cannot be overemphasized how much surrounding African nations hate South Africa, and how much they would like to deliver the ANC a bloody nose (it has intervened in their affairs over the years). Boer and Zulu nationalism are two of the strongest movements in recent years.

      Off to read Saker.

  11. Black and White pills combined:

    Vance is the same guy he always was. A dude who wanted nothing more than to be part of the Cloud people, the managerial elite. What has changed is there is now no more room for him, and White men like him. Its the same with CRT. If it only affected dirt people it would be no problem, like weirdo men in dresses molesting little girls or boys in the Flyover country. But the combination of CRT and AA means that a hedge fund manager making say, $20 million a year can’t get his kid into not just Harvard but NYU or Notre Dame. I saw the case of those two actresses, the one on Full House and the other married to William H Macy, not getting their kids into USC as a harbinger. Twenty years ago, not an issue. Now they only take blacks or the super, super smart. Just being the kid of two famous acting people or a famous actress and fashion designer is not enough.

    Z-Man cautioned that we must have some elites on our side. Well, this is it. And that’s the black pill — things are so bad with respect to CRT and AA that even semi-bigshots can’t get their kids into anything but University of Central Florida. Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin might not be household names but millions have heard of them and would like to do them favors in exchange for a walk-on role somewhere. Same with Vance. He and other ambitious White men want to be politicians. In the Dem Party there is no room for anyone not gay, black, or at least female. No White men need apply. And the same is true for board members of corporations, hedge fund guys, all the dudes who thought it would just end with fireman and cops. There is no limit to the amount of Third World elites crowding out our own — which puts them downwardly mobile and thus allied to our side (for now).
    The black pill: its that bad.

    • Will reply to my own comment to add, Ace of Spades links to a story that the Biden Regency is going all in on Jan 6 and plans doxxing and possibly arrests of anyone on social media who questioned the election. Yes we can all go to jail for questioning the election results. Reportedly the AG and Chris Wray wanted to push guns and “hate crimes” but Dr. Jill, Ron Klain, Kamala, Nancy, and Chuck want arrests and examples made.
      Not in the story but I think likely if its true (it might or might not be): arrests of Trump and his family. I think if they go that far they probably will arrest Trump and some of his family and rendition them to Iran, possibly with some Spec Ops guys who waxed that Iranian General. Then use the protests to declare Martial Law, and just rule as a Regency forever. No need to deal with Kamala, Dr. Jill can have an “electronic” deep fake version of Biden (the glitches lending authenticity) appear for “security reasons” every other year.
      I really think they are that dumb. And would likely call upon the Chinese military to assist for “humanitarian reasons.” After all, the Secretary of State has welcomed the UN Rapporteur’s call for reparations and promised to push for legislation enabling it after the final report — and that’s a loser on all levels. No amount of money will satisfy blacks and every White writing a check will resent it.

    • ” all the dudes who thought it would just end with fireman and cops”

      That’s meme-worthy.

      I’m glad it is bad enough to start hurting what I will call “Dust People.” Just as a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, a Dissident is a TruCon who has been told he need not apply. I hope it gets far worse and starts to hit this segment hard. The Regime used to allow folks like Vance more scraps, but apparently that isn’t necessary now.

      Good comment.

    • Exact same mindset as the stupid and cowardly white execs at my corp. They seem to think that if they just grovel that much more to Muslims, blacks, Natives, then… what? They are accepted as non racists? Their kids won’t be hated minorities? Not sure what they are hoping to achieve, but they seem to be trying for something.

      It’s futile anyways. There’s 25 million whites in Canada. In India alone there are 1.5 billion people and growing. You could send 25 million of them to Canada overnight, and they wouldn’t even notice anything had happened over in India. If China ever collapses… get ready to see an insane rush of people too.

      Regardless, the spoiled and soft male children of the upper middle class are screwed. They don’t have the drive to be successful and are discriminated against anyways. Their parents cucking just makes it seem even worse; non whites hate weakness. I tend to get along just fine with non-whites individually because I’m not weak or politically correct. However they all have to go back. If the UMC people were smart they would be making a hard turn towards ethno-nationalism. Unfortunately, they seem quite dumb and think that speaking to non-whites slowly, condescendingly, and as children is somehow the magic ticket to… something. Was funny when it was the working class getting screwed. It has climbed up the ladder though the liberal middle class strivers are finding out that they are ants to be crushed, compared to Bezos and Soros.

      • I hope it happens to them. Hard. Then hard and fast. I don’t really want to be alliance with them, because they are unreliable, but you have to hurt the elite-adjacent to start to get its attention.

    • It’s been this way for longer than you’d think.

      In the early nineties I was rejected by all the “good schools” despite perfect SAT, commie professor father, slightly famous Jewish feminist mother, and already being a semi-successful art professional. Dad had to call in a favor from a multiple-Pulitzer-prize-winning friend just to get me put into a couple real “maybe” piles. My child resumé looked a *little* like a future rejector of ruling-class legitimacy—the Ivies realized they’d made a mistake with the Beats, the GI Bill literati, etc., I guess?—so I was out.

      Today mere whiteness, even among Jewish-industry celebrities, signifies the same. But it’s only a slight change.

      • If your experience was typical that long ago (nearly 30 years!) and the former elite schools are that Pozzed, that would seem to imply the once solid institutions (academia) are totally rotten at the core. If this be so, then do they go down in flames (literally, perhaps) when the final reckoning comes? Yes, they act as a gateway to the Uber elite (the Deep State) that has been the real government for a century, maybe more. But they’ve dropped their standards so low, “the bird fouls its own nest” as some author once glibly put it. Mid-wits alone* probably aren’t enough to run the agencies and corporations that really matter. You simply have to have some Whiskey drinking WASPs in there, perhaps with the occasional unavoidable Jew needed for a specialist position 🙂

        *Since mental or educational ability is not the priority du jour, naturally finding competence, much less excellence, will be difficult among the brown, the black, the gay, the transgender, etc.

  12. His choice of spouse is revealing. He married a foreign Hindu Brahmin. If I were to bet, she is indifferent to poor whites at best, and most likely hates them and wants them dead, a combination of her natural Brahmin mindset and the learned Goodwhite mindset.

    His wealthy dark skinned kids absolutely want nothing to do with poor white trash.

    I see through Vance’s ploy. He’s positioning himself as the “caring, gentle, and kind” Trump. What this really does, is take the steam off from white anger and white identity. He’ll focus only on economic concerns, not spiritual or demographic ones. He’ll say how much we need 5,000 Filipinas moving to Wheeling West Virginia, to care for the old people – it’s in our best interest! Don’t be racist, because we’re all in this together! A manufacturing economy for all!

    The truth is that poor white people don’t mind being poor. But they do mind their town filling up with hateful foreigners, and becoming a minority in their own town. Many cannot articulate this, especially the lower IQ. The undertone from Trump was exactly that – and it’s why the left hated him so much. Because he was a vehicle for what appeared to be white interests, whether whites, Trump, or even the left realized it.

    I’m not worried about politics, keep meeting up for beers with the guys 🙂

    • Says a lot about him that he couldn’t find a good white girl.

      Instead he went for the top of the line Honda Civic instead of getting even a mid-level Porsche.

      • Black men took them. If you’ve seen Black women, can you blame the fellas? 💩

        • Yeah, the pool of black women isn’t too enticing. But yesterday I was out in a trendy area and there were some very cute black girls. There was one in a green floral sundress at the ATM where I was, and I couldn’t help but give her a smile, and this obviously warmed her up. We were both maskless too. Maybe she was meant for me and me for her, and my wife is in Oregon btw for a few more weeks.

          I kid. I kid.

      • Yeah, and then turns around and pretends to still be caring about the poor hillbillies. A nation is made up of its people and the hillbilly subnation is no different. A Brahmin Hindu can never be a white trash Appalachian. They’re mostly Scots-Irish. So right off the bat, he’s shown that he believes in the proposition nation.

        He’s not even a rich white guy at UC. At least it’s understandable in those circles for white guys to be dating Brahmins and Hans (though always disappointing). How the hell did he even meet her? Couldn’t find any Scots-Irish or white girls at all that liked him?

        • Telling, no?

          He probably hates his roots because the girls back home rejected him

          I have learned that so much anti-white stuff stems from whites never having been successful sexually or romantically with their own kind in their teenage years and young adult years

          Humans aren’t ever all too complicated. A few years of rejection in one’s formative years engenders a vengefulness and hostility to last a lifetime

        • He met her at Yale. His undergrad school was at The Ohio State U. Indians are very pushy/social climbers. I’ll bet Vance’s wife went to a New England prep school. Close friends of ours have an Indian doctor daughter-in-law, Harvard undergrad, then med school in midwest. Of course she’s bossy and very liberal. Their son, descended from an early US President, went to a lesser school, no grad school, but somehow they met. Now there are several lanky, very dark grandchildren playing on the beach at the old family summer cottage in New Hampshire. It’s the women who cut the clueless boys from the pack!
          You might as well let your kids go to the local public school and not worry about trying to mix it up with the elite at Andover. The elite has definitely been watered down in this generation, especially as the prep schools are all now PC and co-ed.
          My nephew met his future wife at a famous New England prep school. He was the 3rd generation of the family to attend. The girl he was to marry about ten yrs later grew up in a Bronx housing project but had a Trinidadian mother and a Nigerian father (they were divorced) and their daughter was held to the highest expectations, so she scored scholarships to the prep school and then for 4 yrs at Yale, then post-grad. She is sharp as a tack and doesn’t really care re: CRT, just wanted a kind, geeky equally-bright white guy for a husband. Anyway, the two bumped into each other in DC and decided they liked each other. Dated and married a few years later. Fortunately the boy’s very traditional grandparents had passed away, however the Nigerian father did not look too happy seeing all the pale-face in-laws at the wedding! The couple is happy and they have a cute child, now about 4. I think the foreign parent upbringing, vs. US blacks makes a big difference. They are more worldly and less ghetto.

      • I don’t see anything intrinsically wrong with Hindus — I see them as our Eurasian cousins, a people who are capable of sustaining civilization on their own, and who because of this (I believe) have birthrates that are collapsing along with our own. I notice that having a Chinese wife doesn’t seem to have affected John Derbyshire’s loyalties.

        The real problem, as Derbyshire has often pointed out, is “the blecks”.

        • Great, they can go sustain their own “Eurasian Civilization” over in India.

          Their American-born kids are fanatically anti-white too.

        • JEB: Derbyshire’s own loyalties aside, you ought to be questioning the loyalties and sense of identity of his wife and children. Wife and daughter both voted for Obama. Daughter’s loyalties don’t appear to lie with White Americans. Having an apparently clever and loyal father really isn’t the issue; mixed race children always face conflicting loyalties and identity.

          • 3g4me:
            Holy moly. Did i hear right? Mrs. JD voted for O??? Daughter too? Son too? How would you know this?

        • JEB: “I don’t see anything intrinsically wrong with Hindus…”

          JEB, that is not the question. The question is if they see anything wrong with you and your group.

          Your skin is your uniform in the eyes of most non-whites and your feelings about this are irrelevant.

          You can feel like you are as free spirited and individualist as you please. But in most of their eyes, you are a white guy with all the attendant sins.

    • Yeah B the ghost of orange man bad is civnat market solutions. Thats what the bongino-cyclops-vance types are running with; ‘working class’ populism. They reveal this repeatedly as every dagger held to the ‘liberals’ is in the hand of some brown woman or real talking mexican guy on the street.

      They doesn’t have to show their globalist hand because most of those White communities that have been gutted are already backfilled with the UN rainbow of diversity. So its jobs jobs jobs.

      They are also fixated on the “labor shortage” caused by the stimmy. What they miss and have always missed is that its not just about the money.

      When you tell people they are not essential, break their will and sense of community and then fabricate some fake and gay duct tape economy over the top of them in real time they will get the message; whats the point? The stimmy is one small part.

      Like child support payments instead of fatherhood, the kids may have money, but what they really get is the message of how our culture values fatherhood.

      The orange meatsack corpse of white identity has been dropped and is now fertilizer for more anti-white propaganda. Which is what we should watch. Vance will soon have his “there are very fine people on both sides” moment.

    • I wouldn’t be alarmed at the Indian spouse if she were beautiful (a few of them are). A hot chick is a hot chick, no socio-political explanation required.
      However, she looks like Saira Rao.
      Her phizz plus his tell the story: not one of us.

  13. The Kabuki is wildly entertaining.
    I suggest corporate logos on everything with sponsoring.
    This latrine sponsored by Ex-FLax.
    We pause this Supreme Court hearing with a word from Smithy’s Hams.
    (Judges shown in race car driver suits with logos everywhere.)
    Now playing poor downtrodden members of government running away from the high pressure hose of Bull Connors by the segregated fountains.
    1964 called and said bet on Joe Namath.
    JD Jobber? Trump will come out in a grappling caballero outfit with a folding chair and leap off the top rope.

  14. The enemy of my enemy, eh? Kind of like Kavanaugh. I had to support him on principle because #MeToo is so completely evil. He turned out to be a liberal dirtab, of course.

  15. “…even the best of men is no match for the worst of systems.”

    Totally stealing this one!

  16. people like Vance have misread the Trump phenomena. You can talk about policy until you’re blue in the face and it won’t make a difference. If he was to go onto the stage at a campaign event and do an imitation of Brian Stelter – his odds of winning the primary go up.

    • Mockery & Shame are “Old Tools” in the political toolbox but for people like we face now that are attempting to radically warp objective reality they are straight up weapons. Fragile egos who want to project everything as Serious Bizness™ up to and including fake pandemics, fake systemic racism, fake white supremacists, etc. wither heavily under sustained derisive fire.

      It is the one thing that made Trump somewhat lethal in an otherwise very boomer-con milquetoast ‘merica fuck yeah! way. His egregious mockery was part of that rhetorical killshot that hadn’t been optioned against the left before and it gobsmacked them. Hence all the rending of the garments and hand-wringing about his crude and abusive style. The truth is, cuckservatives never ran that play and they simply didn’t have a counter for it. Dirty fighting was a Dem weapon only.

      It would behoove whoever wants to attempt to pick up that mantle to make copious use of it and take the gloves off when boxing because these people to quote the illustrious Sam Hyde (PBUH) “want you dead, want your kids raped & murdered, and they think it’s funny.”

      • As Z once wrote, one thing the early Alt-Right types got right and did well (so, of course, they dropped it) was mockery and ridicule. Totalitarians, whether they be an FBI agent wanting to massacre babies in a nursery in the Dakotas or a Stalin acolyte in the Ukraine back in the day, can not stand being the subject of laughter. And, God knows, they can produce a lot of it. Be unrelenting in mocking these monsters.

  17. Oh, come now – Bush wasn’t even the second-worst president of the past hundred years. LBJ and Woodrow Wilson were far worse, and did much deeper damage to the nation than Bush did.

    • In these type of comparisons, we are always talking past each other. Why? Because we use different criteria. Define and agreed upon the criteria for “worse”, then begin the debate.

    • My worst are Wilson and Clinton, because both made sneaky changes that led to disaster later on.

      • The Patriot Act turned out to be a pretty sneaky way of turning the country into a surveillance state. Maybe Bush didn’t intend that, but the FISA courts are such a joke, that the result was inevitable.

        • GW knew where it was heading, his dad was head of CIA and was undoubtedly pushing for it

          Ron Paul was screaming about where it was heading; so if old Ron Paul knew it, GW and his fambly knew it

    • Can’t really argue with that, I’d put ol’ ‘Honest Abe’ up near the top of the pyramid he literally set the trajectory for the entire shitshow we now find ourselves in by moving from States Rights into ‘Feds Uber Alles’. Not to mention the 600,000 European descended souls sent to the great beyond for ‘muh freed slaves’ that apparently are not factored in –at all- when considering what an awful rayciss nation we are.

      • And what of the responsibility of negro slave traders, slave owners. They imported them because ” work whites wouldn’t t do” IE Owners made more profits on slaves. We live with the the results. Did anyone ask then if this would be good for us later?

        • Greed may not be the root of all evil, but it’s one helluva fertilizer for that root.

    • Bush pushed for, funded, and established a massive DOMESTIC surveillance state unlike anything the world has ever seen….under the euphemistically named “Patriot Act”.

      Edward Snowden released enough evidence to put GW Bush and half of Congress into jail for what they did on this front. Not a single person was give so much as a parking ticket.

      Now it’s just considered normal to spy on everyone, all the time, without a warrant. Inevitable and predictable, because:

      “First man shapes the tool, then the tool shapes the man.”

      Nah. Bush was the worst.

      • There are a lot or ‘worsts.’ Don’t forget wars that bankrupted the nation, gave us Obama, killed off the dollar, played paddy cake with Chicoms, etc., etc., etc. Bush greezed the skids.

  18. “Every far-left crank in America was howling in agony about the Bush administration. Their complaints were every bit as insane as the people making them, so decent people just assumed Bush was a good guy. It turns out that sometimes the enemy of your enemy is just another enemy.”

    I remember that. Even though I had my own suspicions, the fact of Democrats cat-puking at Bushie was itself an oddly comfortable validation.

    I remember when the Lefties hated Big Corporate, yelled “my body, my choice” and claimed that crime was society’s fault. Wow, those worms has turned.

    • I remember all the Bushitler rhetoric. And all of those AW loons actually believed that Dubya would not leave the White House except by force of arms. I also remember all of those “Dissent Is the Highest Form of Patriotism” bumper stickers. Funny, those seem to have vanished into thin air…

    • I use to work at Politics and Prose in Cleveland park in the early 2000s. Its the bookstore that use to broadcast on CSPAN . The place was loaded with antiBush stuff. “Bush-isms” they called in and the (((owners))) and employeed all hated Bush.

      I got fired for some reason.

  19. Vance is scum. Not one of our guys. Although it’s fair to say his speaking out on dissident issues has utility (as does any establishment figure who takes notice and raises awareness). Take one look at the uncomfortable faces of all those middle-aged White ladies at Trump’s last rally when he said Ashli Babbitt’s name. Only after he compared it to the BLM/Antifa riots last summer did they relax, start nodding, clapping and agreeing with him. With all the MSM gaslighting, Q-tarding, mass SM banning and general misinformation going around most Republican voters have very little understanding of what’s going on, so if Vance and Trump want to speak to these issues that’s a win.

    Also worth noting, the death of Sheldon Adelson created a gaping hole in the GOP donor pool and a number of wealthy men stepped in to fill the void. Peter Thiel took a much more prominent role than many expected, with Vance being a big beneficiary. Thiel is also a guy to keep an eye on.

  20. The comically fake redneck novelist name always gave him away. Everything he knows about America, he heard in a truck commercial.

    His new voice sounds like a chatbot trained on boomer Facebook, not like a convert. There’s no human reason in it at all. If he’s useful, it’s in tainting/revealing GOP “Trumpism without Trump” as inauthentic.

    By playing converso so irritatingly, he’s generating some crazed outbursts (left) and creative insults (right). That’s fun.

    • This comment is good writing, irrespective of J. D. Vance. You can’t find better anywhere else on the internet.

    • “. Everything he knows about America, he heard in a truck commercial.”

      Haha! Zblog, we come for the racism, we stay for the comment section!

  21. We need fighters.
    Men willing to stand up.
    Men not able to be bought.
    Vance may not be that. Probably isn’t.
    But even if he is only a Hawley it’s another step. We wont get what we need to protect our civilization immediately.
    Building blocks to it, hopefully.

    • Methinks that’s just a slower skid into the ditch, because demographics. The sooner we hit bottom, the higher that bottom will be. Then there is no choice but to rebuild from scratch. And you either have what it takes or you don’t.

    • As someone on Gab said, now is the time to ask for more and push these types to show how much on our side they actually are. As Greg Johnson noted, if we can get someone, anyone, to openly talk about the interests of “white people” it will be a revolutionary game changer.

      • If you’re not willing to forthrightly address the demographic disaster, you are not worth a tinker’s dam’ to our side. Nothing else really matters.

  22. J. D. Vance came to my attention some years ago when I saw an interview of him, I think on Tom Woods. He very much struck me as trashing his family for the entertainment of the people who hate him and us. His book was “proof” that “Middle America” deserved to be hated and that the Cloud People were right to hate them and more importantly to them, deserved to be mocked. Anyone who can sell out their own people cannot be trusted with yesterday’s newspaper. If money and accolades are thicker than blood, they are certainly thicker than “ideology”

  23. Vance’s book has an average rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5) on Amazon. But the first several “top reviews” that are shown are all 1 star reviews.

    I don’t look at Amazon very much but it seems like they usually highlight the most positive reviews. Maybe they are dumping on him now because he is running for office.

    If you could go back and look at his book’s Amazon page as it was a year or two ago, I wonder if the negative reviews were being promoted then.

    • YouTube does the same thing. If you check out their “top news” section, you’ll find that it’s nothing but a sea of MSNBC editorials* with inflammatory, often false, assertions in the headlines. So many appear over their rivals, even CNN, that it’s obvious the channel has been deliberately set to trend irrespective of actual popularity. In the past, I’ve seen 6 out of 10 videos be from MSNBC with not a single one from Fox and maybe one from CNN. In the recent past, they were promoting VOA videos, which is a government-funded propaganda network whose expressed mission, unlike NPR, is spreading positive propaganda about the United States government. I guess that was a bit too obvious, so they took that down. Don’t ever say these companies don’t manufacture consent.

      *Note: Nothing I’ve searched for justifies this result, and it occurs regardless of my IP address. It’s clearly deliberate.

  24. The only worthwhile thing to ask about a candidate is, “Are there any better alternatives?”, because participating in politics is largely a matter of holding your nose and hoping for the best. Nobody should be expecting any miracles or White Knights.

    I’m not really familiar with J.D. Vance, but he seems to be a.) putting my issues on the front page, and b.) antagonizing my enemies. Whatever his other failings, that’s still a step up from what I’m getting now. Bonus points for provoking the wrath of a Sensitive Man of the Hanky like Tom Nichols.

    • Bruno, your “Are there any better alternatives?” is persuasive.

      However, we’ve been tricked so many times, I watched the Tea Party turn into tax cuts for the rich, that I am skeptical. Trump just mentioned the border and illegals to trick us. (Face it!)

      My heart wants to anathematize Vance, but maybe you have better long term vision than me.

      For whatever it’s worth, my bullshit detector goes off the chart with Vance. Hope than I am wrong.

  25. I never heard of Mona Charen or Tom Nichols. Not enthused about J.D. Vance. He appears to be just another opportunist. How many others will crawl out of the woodwork to ride the bandwagon? Trump was so obtuse that he was able to stand up to ‘Woke’ criticism. There’s the rub. He was able to stand up to ‘Woke’ criticism, but he was obtuse.

        • Not in every case, but so often, physiogamy is real.

          I don’t want to unfairly criticize ugly people, it’s not their fault, but there is a reason…

          …there is a reason that we have these embedded psychological profiles embedded in our subconsiousnesses!

  26. 93,000 deaths in 2020 from illicit drug overdose warrants a news report in the associated press, or maybe one NPR discussion.

    Criminals of a certain hue play stupid games and win stupid prizes during interaction with law enforcement and the whole country seems to catch on fire.

    J. D. Vance is one to watch, but as Zman states it is definitely not the time to throw a party. It will have to get many times worse before things truly begin to change.

  27. First: “The gargoyle of neoconservatism, Mona Charen,” Best. Line. Ever.

    As to Vance, I do not trust him. If you really look into his work, it is at best patronizing and at worst critical of the White working class. His early instincts to go after Trump really were motivated by his relatively mild loathing of the people who supported Trump. Maybe it was due to the widespread belief Trump would lose and early opposition might be profitable.

    As you wrote here: “(t)he great lesson of the George W. Bush years is that the worst people can hate someone who deserves to be hated.” My money is this is the case with Vance. Besides, we are in a post-electoral environment.

    Is there anything that would change my mind about Vance? Sure. Let him demand Mitch McConnell step down as Senate Leader. It won’t happen.

    • Jack Dobson: Let Vance ditch his subcon wife and favor his biological people. Even if one believed Vance to be sincere in his political ‘conversion,’ his marriage to someone of a race and religion utterly alien to his own people and land and history is, in my opinion, far more telling. How better to reject one’s history and forebears than to ‘gift’ one’s offspring with a hybrid genetic ancestry ? Whose interests is Vance more likely to favor, White American dirt people or ‘hardworking and clever’ subcon immigrants? At best, Vance will have a foot in both camps.

      • The not raciss because brown future and live in the present because personal biology has forever deviated from the past are a recurring theme in those who also just happen to be walking up to the podium instead of say starting a community centric business in Canton. Almost as if “conservative” creds have merged with prog creds of 20 years ago when my friends boasted of how they were having their precious one and done spawn learning Mandarin instead of mexican. Savvy!

      • Even if Vance had not gotten Curry Fever, I would find him phony as a three-dollar bill featuring Bull Connor. Exhibit A is what he wrote and said right up until yesterday. The Pajeet missus is just confirmation of the obvious.

      • Z said to so well on Gab:

        Bottom line, Vance is never going to tell his wife that her Indian village can’t settle in your town.

    • Wouldn’t the mind-changing aspect of that depend on who he promoted to replace McConnell?

      • Good question.

        Not really. Even to question the divinity of the patron saint of betrayal would be a cardinal sin. Vance won’t do that.

        • I’m sure Sen. McConnell is probably the avatar that Vance pictures himself following, esp with the Asian wife.

    • P’shaw. On a domestic and global scale W was worse than those two by a mile.
      Though I’d be tempted to vote for Wilson, whose actions indirectly brought about you-know-who and the you-know-what. Plus the Federal Reserve and Income Tax.

      Even then, Lincoln has all beat.

      • I concur about Wilson. And then FDR. Then the Shrub, then Obama, Lincoln in fifth. Those bottom three are interchangeable.

        • Throw LBJ in there too. Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, then some combination of W/BHO/Carter. It was all over by the time the first 4 had their way with this nation.

    • Lincoln. FDR. These two are miles ahead of anyone else in the “Worst President” category.

      Presidents for $500

      Answer: This president caused 600,000 American deaths and oversaw the dismantling and death of the republic.

      Question: Who is Abraham Lincoln.

      • Presidents for $1,000

        Answer: This President promised “America First” but bragged about moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

        Question: Who is Orange Man.

  28. I never read the pulp novel where Vance drags his own people through the tobacco chew laden mud of the trailer park, and then has pity on them after leaving town. There’s two things about him that I don’t like. He married a systems pajeet woman (who clerked for John Roberts by the way, I wonder if she was the one saying he was in town when he was on Epstein’s jet). He clearly wants to dilute all those white trash genes inside of him as quickly as possible. He’ll be a David French who actually had intercourse with his wife. The second issue is that he became a government lawyer to get out of his hell. So instead of the green collar welfare of other hillbillies he chose white collar welfare. Sure, he’ll be on our side…putting the shiv in your back. The bottom line is he left town for a better life. He made money peddling his hard luck his story to smug gawkers, and he’s never coming back to town. Basically he’s a Soviet version of David Copperfield.

      • Tucker looks to be buffaloed by Vances shtick, He says all the right things that would impress him. Please be aware that Tucker is a member of the upper crust so he can’t see what is fake about Vance

        • Hear, hear.

          Remember, Tucker bought the more far-fetched claims about Covid initially. I cut the cord a few months back, and understand he has tried to make amends, but that shows his mindset.

    • I never heard of him before Z brought him up, but unless he’s seriously stepped up his rhetorical game lately (talking about “structural inequality” when the subject is actually deliberate White dispossession are the words of a weasel) it’s hard to see how he’s useful. And his choice of spouse, who also clerked for Kavanaugh, is a deal killer.

  29. I guess I need to get out more. I grew up in Ohio and have never heard of J. D. Vance; so I won’t comment on him directly. And my opinion of DC politicians (both actual & aspiring) can’t get any lower, so I won’t go there either. I will perk up and take notice when a candidate comes along who will simply say . . . the Republican Party must die because the asshole that stabs you in the back is a thousand times worse than the asshole that punches you in the face. And then follow that up by saying . . . if I ever get elected and then stab you voters in the back, I pray someone will do the same to me. Now that would be a politician worth voting for.

  30. The “cult of personality” cannot triumph over the System arrayed against whites nowadays. One of the many pitfalls for the DR is placing hope in flawed vessels – Trump being the prime example. The countermeasure against a System is another, better system, not some eloquent redneck upon whom everyone can project hopes and dreams.

    Vance, if he wins, will just be swallowed up by the beast. One man isn’t going to change our reality. One man building a system of resistance might.

  31. Assume tptb won’t allow the 2022 elections to take place. If Republicans want to stay at the trough, they shouldn’t repeat Trump’s blunder and they should fight for it as if their lives depend on it. As for myself, I’ll vote if I think there’s a chance to make a difference (old habits, etc.), but I’m pretty much over this democracy thing.

    • I will be voting local, county, and state races ONLY in ’22. I will leave the FedGov posts BLANK. Local, local, local. We cannot control the FedGov beast, and I won’t participate in their evil any more.

  32. It sounds like Vance is better than the establishment choice, Josh Mandel, who previously lost a race in 2012. I don’t trust him at all, but it is one Senate seat and given the quality of Republicans in the Senate, if Vance only finked on us 50% of the time, he would end up in the top 5.

    • It will be interesting to see two Marines duke it out in Ohio — Vance and Mandel. Mandel is a horrible little opportunist; he was backed by a wealthy CLE family related to his now-ex-wife. He had dropped out of his last race (forget what it was for) because the wife was ill. Next thing you find out is that they are getting divorced. My choice (I used to live in OH and was an election official in my county in the ’90s) is for the Timken (married name) woman (can’t remember her first name). She’s a solid, pro-Trump, smahht (Harvard) and the Timken family (manufacturing co. in Canton) is old-time solid Ohio Republican, unlike charmers like Leslie Wexner that wea$eled their way into the party and pushed candidates like John Kasich in an attempt to prevent Trump getting elected. Another person that should be eliminated is Sherrod Brown, horrid Democrat in govt for his entire life!! That will have to wait for a couple more years.

      • Voting in any election is a fool’s game. Picking the ‘best of the worst’ gets you lousy people who don’t give a damn about you and yours. Continuing to vote, even locally, is the triumph of habit over reason, and tacitly legitimizes the system that’s fleecing you and wants your children dead.

  33. What is the cost of upholding ones dissident principles? If there is little cost in terms of hits to cloud status, ones legitimacy to our causes should be highly suspect.

    I’ve said many times before a man who strives to acquire and maintain status according to cloud values will always be serving the cloud.

    Until he is willing to risk and subsequently forfeit that status to elevate the causes of his people he is merely an opportunist or populist or preserving his self-interest.

    Thats fine unless he is selling himself as a dirt man worthy of our investment.

    We allowed dirt status hierarchy to be destroyed so we shouldn’t be surprised that our boys go off to Yale.

    Losing the culture war meant that for young men there was only one hierarchy to strive toward. And the “right” with their economic and market fetishes continue to reinforce this.

    What is vance doing to restore dirt values and this dirt status hierarchy insulated from the prog cloud socially and economically?

    Men like vance have ‘tells’. One is running for office. The other is book deals. Yet another is media circuitry. How often do these guys rationalize self-promotion because they have a platform? i.e. “I am using my fame for the cause”

    There are a million ways to help our guys but somehow it always ends up with a guy promoting himself.

    I don’t know much about vance but my story arc is similar. I know the cost of rejecting the cloud. I don’t recommend it. But I know that to do so is so often at odds with populism and self-promotion in so many eays that threading that needle is a unicorn story.

    • There are those who have done a calculation, have decided that all is lost, to get while the getting’s good, and to dine on that rotting carcass before all that’s left is bone. Try, and try again, and try again…and then quit. don’t be a dang fool about it.

      Know when to hold’m, when to fold’m. Know when to walk away, and when to run.

      • Exhibit A: the Federal Reserve and its pals in the financial sector. The frenzied looting is all you need to know.

      • Indeed. The rotting carcass is White America so when getting fat on long pork of our people I’d expect those smart calculating guys to know that they should at least pick the bones of our boys from their teeth before selling me on how their opportunism is working toward some future for our people.

  34. My sense of things is that a confluence of events is pushing back against blackness

    The South Africa thing, the black fatigue overall and being more widely discussed, the Richard Sherman thing, the idiots missing their penalty kicks, and now God throwing lightening to destroy the George Floyd memorial

    The political mood, as they say, is building up into a big wave that will come crashing down on the blacks. And $5 Europe is next. I bet we see a mass uprising there against the African.

    All the stupid whites who bought a ticket for the big black party of 2021 thinking it was the future, they will soon be regretting it. Bigly

    • The lesson of current events in South Africa is that it’s a harbinger of our future as well. In terms of ongoing murders & mayhem, Chicago is worse than South Africa right now. It’s only a matter of time until that spreads to other large rust belt cities with weak & corrupt mayors. The pace of decline is quickening. Seek safe haven now.

      • Why are the republicans so focused on the (anti-communist!”) Cuban protesters while completely ignoring the chaos and devastation in South Africa? Is it the fear of being called the R word or just another golden opportunity to import more Central Americans?

        • The window of permissible opinions is now so small that GOP leaders have practically nothing else to talk about. That’s why Mitch McConnell was out complaining about the Afghanistan withdrawal the other day when practically nobody else in his party really cares about the issue. Same with making Juneteenth a federal holiday, which only 7% of republican voters supported. These people are so concerned about landing gigs in corporate America post congressional service that they would never risk voicing the actual concerns of their voters.

        • Because the people in charge, even the controlled opposition, are fundamentally disconnected from reality. They are sundowning and think they are re-living the early 1980’s.

        • Probably both but it’s also Boomer nostalgia: Look, Communism is falling in Cuba! It’s 1989 again! And look at us, we Republicans are on the right side of this! We’ve got a piece of Castro’s skull to sell you, just like those pieces of Die Mauer back in ’89! Soon Cuba will throw off stodgy, old fashioned 1950s Communism and join the rest of the hemisphere – in adopting the flamboyantly gay Woke and Diverse Corporatist Communism of the 2020s! Truly it’s a joyous day comrades.

      • TomA: Had a couple of tradesmen out yesterday. Both White men aged 45-60 experienced in their fields. Took 4-6 weeks for me, a prior customer, to get an appointment with either. Both are ‘preparing’ for uncertainty, to varying extents. Neither one of them had heard of the BLM protest that stopped traffic a few miles from my ‘safe suburban home’ a few months ago. Neither one had heard of the woman a few miles from my home who was murdered by a visiting black a few months before that. The news blackout truly does have an effect, not merely on normies but on those already fairly observant.

        Fwiw, the electrician (who is booked way beyond capacity) said he is doing 5 estimates a week, just in my ‘safe suburban’ area (combined 3-4 suburbs here north of DFW) for whole-house generators (purchase plus permit plus installation price ca $15k). These are people not planning on leaving for rural homes immediately but something is telling them they cannot rely on the power and/or water. Many of them say they plan to move in the next 1-3 years.

        Problem is supply – manufacturers cannot keep up with demand. And this is just one small area near one city in the purportedly red state of Texas. Multiply that and you get an idea of supply/demand/cost crisis on many things.

        • For $15K you can find a medium-sized used RV in decent shape (or towable mobile home if you have a good sized pickup). Stock it with non-perishable food & 2 propane tanks. Have it at the ready for immediate departure. Pre-scout a safe haven redoubt at least 100 miles from the nearest big city and plan to use secondary roads to get there (no interstates if feasible). Keep retreating toward the Rockies as needed. Ammo makes great barter currency, so bring all you got.

          • TomA: the lesson of Yugoslavia is the opposite: do not move when the feces encounters the fan, unless you are directly behind the fan in deep blue territory, which you should have already gotten out of.
            Roadblocks and checkpoints are the first and easiest thing for our enemies to do, and your end will be horrific if they catch you.

          • Don’t know about Yugoslavia, but my expectation is that every able-bodied LEO will be tied up in riot control duty, and most cities have numerous exit arteries, so roadblocks are unlikely to be much of a deterrent. And if people start fleeing the cities in Texas en masse, God help any LEO that tries to stand in their way.

        • Can confirm. My propane generator has been on back order since freaking December.

          Well diggers are hot commodities, too. One recently relayed a funny anecdote: most of the urban transplants getting them are unaware that if the electricity goes out, electricity-dependent pumps go out. Baby steps, I guess.

      • South Africa is in dire straits, no doubt. Just for discussion, here’s the 2011 Census (per Wikipedia) (rounded figures):

        African* 80%
        White 9%
        “Coloured” (mulatto?) 9%
        Indian/Asian/Other 3%

        So I’m kind of skeptical that India and China are going to lob nukes at each other, or even invade, for those tiny ethnic minorities.

        For those who know nothing of SA, “African” sounds like a monolithic bloc but it’s anything but. There are Zulu, Xhosa, Bantu and more. Traditionally they’ve hated each other’s guts and have no trouble killing each other when the opportunity arises. You might recall the 1994 Rwanda Genocide playoffs: the Hutu team won out over the weaker Tutsi + other groups (mid-range score ~800,000 dead).

        Brazil, often mentioned here as our possible demographic future, is in comparison a paradise, at 48% White and the rest mostly mestizo (African, indigenous, other). Another way to look at it: If whites as % of population indicates quality, then Brazil is 5x better off than SA, the USA is about 7x better off.

        But yeah, we are sadly seeing a live fire demonstration of what happens when an 80% ethnically Negroid nation disintegrates. 🙁

      • Big difference between the US and SA is the make-up of the population. Whites a tiny minority now, mostly the farmers hanging on, not in the cities, which whites left 20 yrs ago if they had any sense. Our black population, 13%, mostly concentrated in urban ghettos where they send teenagers out to shoot other kids. They can loot a Neiman-Marcus once before the store shuts and moves out to where the paying customers live. Food warehouses not so easy to hijack in US, unlike SA. It ain’t gonna happen here like that.

    • I wouldn’t want to be anything but a straight, white, Christian, American man right now. Today’s devil is tomorrow’s savior. Just have to hold the line.

    • I used to think the catalyst would be a major European country turning into an Islamic republic in the next 20 years (my money is in Germany). I’m not sure the US makes it 20 years though.

      • Numerica won’t make it another 10 years. And if I had the $ to back that up, I would not personally take that to the bank because then it’s mere digits in their system and not yours – I’d use it to buy land, food, etc. Believe me, there is a tangible sense of fear or uncertainty behind all the madness – even the Branch Covidians are, in a way, transferring their hind brain warning them that things are falling apart and projecting it on the scamdemic.

  35. If there is no voting our way out of this, then what is the answer? And what is the proper course of action for the typical person?

    • I am not nearly as politically astute as Z, it’s not and has never been my bag, but I think he may be onto to something. Right now it may be simply about raising the consciousness of whites to think about our own collective and self interest. Thus if Vance can play a role in that, even if he ends up finking on everyone, then we stand to benefit because it gets the ball rolling toward what ultimately needs to happen, which is whites not only thinking but more importantly acting in our own self and collective interest. Both here and abroad.

      My own small minded take is that Vance is a pudgy fuck. But I don’t want my small mindedness, or anyone who thinks like me on this, to get in the way of the big picture. I have to learn to think more strategically and politically. Not easy.

      • Years ago when someone asked that tub of lard Chris Christie if he was running for President, he responded that “When you see me lose 100 pounds, then you’ll know.”

        High level politics is an extremely visual medium, and the President’s job is 99.9% being a figurehead and playing a part for the cameras.

        Vance better hit the gym, hard, if he wants to get a seat at the table.

      • I’m from Appalachia, and still live in Rust Belt North-Eastern Kentucky. I find it amusing that Vance acted like he was another corn bread eating hillbilly when he wrote that book to entertain Yankee Liberals.

        However, as the so-called Real Deal, we still laugh at how some buckeye asshole from Middletown, Ohio, liked to tell people in his new found class about what White Niggers we really are down here. We really do despise those Hamilton County people. They got to keep their steel mill and they decided to demolish ours, after 146 years of continuous production.

        • My father grew up in Mountain City Tennessee and had 11 brothers & sisters, which means I have half a hundred cousins still living in that region. Spent my summer vacations there as a child and learned more in those summers than anything I picked during my other days growing up in Cleveland. Mountain folk are survivors, first & foremost; and that is a trait that will very likely come in handy soon.

          • I’m noticing how the children of our natives, who moved to places like Cleveland and New York City, are coming back here. It seems that their families marginal existence up there has become untenable, and they’re coming back here to live with their grand parents, aunts, and uncles.
            One may be from Appalachia and may have moved to the far flung corners of America, but usually there’s someone back home to fall back on when you hit really hard times.

        • Middletown is in Butler County 😉
          I never got the extreme hatred for Hamilton County types, until I had to argue with them all the time on social media. It pains me to say it but Southwest Ohio is, alas, normie-con central.

          Now that I’m mulling it over, there is a very non-zero chance that Vance believes his public persona is the real deal.

          • LOL, it’s easy to mix Hamilton County in with Butler County; since they’re so close to each other, it’s hard to differentiate them. Hence my mistake.

            One of my drunk uncles used to say this about people from Cincinnati:
            “I never met anyone from Cincinnati who wasn’t an asshole.”

      • Vance said something like “Trump hurts the people I like, immigrants , muslims etc.” He tweeted that in 16 so I can cut him some slack I suppose. But if, as our blogger states, voting is pointless then it’s not worth the fuss.

        • It’s not plausible that he suddenly started hating immigrants (including his own wife) and muslims. Grifter. End of story

  36. We need to continually mock Conservative Inc and Civnat types and make them look idiotic and uncool. I like the treatment Bill Mitchell gets on Gab, for example or what the Groypers did to Kirk and Crenshaw. They need to be seen as cringe.

  37. I was born there in ohio. Our grandmother’s neighborhoods are warzones where people are murdered every week. Our grandfather’s jobs have moved to asia. Even the farmland areas are seeing more “diversity” as government housing continues to forge ahead like a weapon against white culture.

    • I’ve driven through Southern Ohio many times. I’m old enough to remember how those places had good times 50 years ago, and they have declined to a pretty sad state in what’s supposed to be a 1st world country.

      Cincinnati seems to get the lion’s share of everything nowadays, but remember this: any place with a minimum of Woke still has a chance. One day those destitute and relatively normal places will become the survivors, while the diverse places will burn to the ground. Those days are coming, and how the mighty will fall.

      • I suspect a lot of “clean-up” is going to have to be done in smaller communities that had recent colonization, if you get my meaning 🤐. Roadside litter, of course 😎

    • They dropped 10,000 Somalians in Lewiston, Maine, and old mill town. It’s coming to the heartland too. They won’t stop. Maine actually had a good governor, LePage, a few years back that got caught telling the truth, which is a big No No. in 2016 he said of the opioid epidemic, “These aren’t the people who take drugs. These are guys with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty. These type of guys. They come from Connecticut and New York, they come up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home. Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave, which is a real sad thing
      because then we have another issue we’ve got to deal with down the road.”

  38. The main problem with Vance is he doesn’t have the rhetorical instincts of Trump, nor the ability to light a fire in the beaten down working classes. Trump was so successful not only because of his policy views, but because he could spark an energy in his supporters that could rip through the current system.

    If his core ideals were more in line with being an any means necessary to stop the collapse instead of his mind being trapped with boomer platitudes from his youth, there’s no doubt in my mind he could have transformed the sclerotic government into a weapon we could yield for white interests.

    The left was right to fear a man like Trump. All you need is a charismatic and ruthless man with a good core of 10% fanatical supporters to blow the house of cards down. Trump was charismatic but not nearly ruthless enough in his time in D.C. Vance is neither charismatic nor ruthless enough, even if he had his Damascus moment with regards to policy. He may be useful, but that’s about it.

    When Vance starts talking and acting more this this we can talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hphgHi6FD8k

    • Huey Long: a fire-breathing populist preaching against inequality and standing up for his own people.

      I’m surprising he wasn’t assassinated by a Jew. Oh wait.

      • I meant to say “it’s surprising” or “I’m surprised.”

        Me not two smart too day.

    • Just at Trump’s sincerity was oversold, his rhetorical and political skills were undersold. If someone came forward with his skills–WHO MEANT IT–I might consider voting. Ain’t gonna happen, though.

      • I have family members who still believe that Trump and Jesus play golf together.

  39. All good points. I think Vance is scum. Also, the proper response to pro-White concessions is to demand more concessions. Learn from our enemies: Never be happy with what is offered. Always raise the bar and demand more.

    • I think Vance has already proven what he is- a charlatan trying to grub out as many shekels as he can, while he has a voice and a shtick people may care to be entertained by.
      It will be fascinating to see what he does up unto the point he crashes and burns. Times are getting fascinating, and the time span of a current politician’s latest scheme is rapidly approaching one divided by infinity.

  40. “Unlike Trump, Vance is not a man lamenting the loss of the past, but the loss of the present.”

    This is something that seems so simple, yet is such a profound insight. Its hard to lament the past when you are currently living in filth and utter chaos. Trump never really campaigned with a message or a vision concerned with the issues of the present day. To “Make America Great AGAIN” is simply to reach into the past and transport it into the present.

    Conservatism always has an eye to the past, while the Progressive stares with cocaine intensity into an unlikely future. Both seem blind to the present.
    Vance’s message should be clear of the past. No “Make America Great Again”; no “returning” to the ideals of the past; no talk of rectification, reestablishment blah blah blah. Rather, describe the dystopian present. Vaguely present an alternative. Keep it simple stupid.

    • Good point. We should describe the present catastrophe and point a way out. The left with its looming climate destruction and the right with its looming social destruction are eschatologies that are only compelling to people with the right world views. Anybody can see, otoh, that the disaster we’re living through is real and only the crazies are willing to pretend this is fine.

      • “We should describe the present catastrophe and point a way out.”
        Exactly. Its what the opposition should always do. If you are competing with a firm that makes widgets, and their widgets are being recalled for all sorts of reasons, you don’t need to talk about how much better your widgets are, you simply need to point out all the defects of the competitors widgets. Your stock will increase as a result.

        The Left always identifies itself as the opposition, like an angsty teenager, so it always campaigns like this, and its base is primed for it. The Right had been out of practice of late, until Trump dipped his toe back into the pool.

        If anyone had the nuts to simply stand up on stage and describe the defects of our current society (to REALLY challenge the PC establishment narrative) they would get instant attention and a passionate backing. Trump barely even broached the topic and basically won on that message alone.

        Of course none of this will happen.

      • Suggested campaign slogan: “Stop the Madness.” When asked “what is the madness?”, just spread your arms wide and look at the questioner like xzhey is the biggest idiot you’ve ever seen. Make the Left play some f*****g *defense* for once — ” YOU tell ME why this isn’t madness, Moonbeam, and why it shouldn’t be stopped.”

        That should be the only lesson from the Trump years: the Left wins because they never stop attacking. They carry on as if their views are the only ones a good person could ever possibly hold, even if – make that especially if – they directly contradict yesterday’s. They are like sharks; if they stop swimming they die.

        Trump won, when he won, by blitzing them back. His famous “because you’d be in jail” crack at the first debate won the election. There’s no defense against that, and had Hillary been dumb enough to try (which was about the only punch she didn’t walk into that entire campaign), the whole night — and therefore the entire news cycle until the next debate — would be all about her many, many, many scandals. The Media would have leapt to her defense, but since the Left can’t play defense, all it would’ve accomplished would be reminding us all, yet again, what a reptile she is..

        Like the man said, always be closing. If this guy is serious, and has learned the only Trump lesson worth learning, he’ll go with something like “stop the madness.”

        • “Stop the madness” is brilliant, definitely on the right track.

          “YOU tell ME why this isn’t madness, Moonbeam, and why it shouldn’t be stopped.”
          Exactly. The right needs to constantly shift the burden of proof. The Right is always starting on the back foot. Might as well step into their stride and use their force against them.
          “So this is what you call a HEALTHY society?”
          “Darling, I don’t think you know what healthy even looks like”
          “You’re telling me, you actually think we should be PROUD of this nation? [prattle off a bunch of stats] You think we’re doing just fine, huh?”

          “That should be the only lesson from the Trump years: the Left wins because they never stop attacking.”
          Agree 100%. The Left plays with a different set of rules. While the Right imagines themselves playing a “sporting” and “gentlemanly” game, the Left is paying off the refs, and sneaking in daggers to stab the Right in the back. At some point, the guy with the scars and bandages loses all sympathy and will only be booed off the stage he’s currently bleeding on.

          • They don’t call ’em “the stupid party” for nothing.

            Good quarterbacks love getting blitzed. Back when I watched football, I, like everyone else who was paying attention, noticed that only idiots blitzed guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Not saying it didn’t happen; it did; a lot; but that’s the point — Brady and Manning ate coaches who blitzed them for lunch. So long as it’s possible to get the ball out before even the fastest human could possibly get there — as New England’s entire playbook was specifically designed to do — a big blitz is an engraved invitation to score. All you have to do is a) recognize it, and b) not panic…

            …which is, admittedly, very tough, which is why Brady and Manning are at the very top of the conversation for “best quarterback ever,” but I trust y’all take my point. If a total amateur like Trump could see it coming, then the professionals — guys like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, who had been training for their presidential runs practically since junior high — should’ve seen them easily. But they didn’t, and when they finally recognized the blitz, they panicked.

        • I like “Stop the Madness” a lot. It’s not only accurate but it’s a bit of a cliche, which helps. And of course it just begs the question. And it lets the hearer fill in their own personal bugaboos. I’ll start tossing it in to the meme pool to whatever limited effect I might have.

          • “Stop the madness” is, itself, delusional as it is premised upon the proposition that electoral politics matters.

        • Yep. They want to keep you on the defense or goad a fearful reaction. I’d call it genius except that it’s in the word ‘conservative’.

          Play offense, but on your terms. Pepe, It’s OK to be White, etc., were the seeds of a new, winning, strategy. Heady days, the mid 10’s. But winning is scary and all, I guess.

          Winners got pushed out of the political process for the time being. They’re still there. The day will come.

        • How much of a firebrand should he be?

          “When I was a kid (or my father was a kid…)”

          A man in a dress was not appointed to a Cabinet post.

          Miss Nevada wasn’t actually a Mr.

          Schools actually educated children, instead of just being baby sitters or schools for future thugs.

          [XXX Hot and Spicy] Whites had the right to their own communities, apartment buildings and schools.
          Employers were allowed to hire whom they wanted, usually by talent, not by government quotas. Even the Blacks were better off under segregation!

          Instead of a dog whistle, perhaps the time will soon come for an air horn at the ear.

          I’d better stop; my right arm is trying to do a Roman Salute 🙂

    • Yes its a valuable distinction. I am trying to be less knee-jerk with my assessments of people who are waking up to the dystopian present.

      While the utility of framing around the present ills is solid, especially as opposed to just more nostalgic platitudes, there is also a tendency in recent red pill claimants to the class-action of White destruction to get all twitterpated over blackity black overreach and covid forcing kids home but when pressed seem content with the long march overall. Just not the last year or two.

      I don’t know how to gauge whether its “okay to be white” a future for our children finally being thrust into the open or merely their own desire to retreat back into the comforts of perpetual economic growth in a post-racial saint obama glow. You know, before things got “bad” for the Costco class.

      • Screwtape: Wholeheartedly agree. I’m ultra cynical and far less trusting than I was decades ago. I tend to find recent converts highly suspect, just because if it took this long for them to experience discomfort, that means they’re perfectly fine with degenerate/disgusting things that I found offensive and unsettling years ago.

        At the same time, I realize we all come to ‘wisdom’ on our own path and at our own pace. To clarify, I suppose I am trying to be more circumspect in my assessment of people’s motives . . . however . . . that is merely for accepting someone as an erstwhile ally. To trust said late convert in a leadership position or any position of trust or authority (like a political office) is far beyond my comfort zone. I am not in favor of engaging politically in any way, shape, or form, and least of all for someone who is as politically and culturally suspect as Vance.

        • Yeah 3g I too often slip into the holiness of my own dissidence even tho I will accuse others of doing the same to me. So I am working on not being such a twat. Mixed results.

          I will ping hard for honesty and congruence, however, because we all have to forge our communities in that space between ‘perfect is the enemy of the good’ and what is real versus with is Truth. Aka there are sides, good and evil; there is God and there are gods in the clouds.

          Men who step onto the podiums instead of into the muck are indeed suspect. Yet there are many sizes of podiums and shades of muck.

          But waking up is a messy process as is rebuilding what we have lost while under constant duress. So indeed there is some grace required. But a man can only go so far and time is short.

          I obviously get my panties twisted when people want to leverage the values of dirt to harvest gold from the cloud.

          But admittedly I personalize a lot based on the expense of my particular road which has also been long and lonely precisely because I refused to engage in that leverage or step onto the podium.

    • I think there are a few things that could be brought up without “going all raciss” right away.

      1. Basic law and order is failing in many cities. The mayors, DAs, and city councils in these places are corrupt, far Left organizations that must be excised entirely like the cancer they are.

      2. The process of educating and training people for productive lives is horrendously off track. College is at once hugely expensive, essential for good employment, and yet strangely useless all at once. This is an opener for a gentle introduction to one of our more obvious but more ignored principles – people are NOT equal, in abilities, smarts, or anything. Educating numbskulls doesn’t make them smart. It just gives them a slightly larger vocabulary with which to say stupid shit. Visit Portland, Oregon and talk to the insufferable but pompous and pretentious imbeciles who swarm every square inch of it.

      3. Segue from 2 into a discussion of why jobs continue to go overseas as many parts of the nation sink further into despair. Make it clear that these are deliberate policies pursued by large corporations and our bought and payed-for government. This leads into…

      4. Health care remains a disaster engineered to enrich insurers and pharma companies and impoverish us all. Now residential real estate and even farmland are being bought up by the investor class thus driving prices up even as people flee. Oregon home prices are STILL going up rapidly and people are practically strapping grandma to the roof of the Model-T to get out of here. All of this forebodes a dark future of homelessness or rental serfdom and food shortages for the former middle class. All of these things are being done by the same people who move effortlessly through the corporate and governmental ruling class. This may all sound fairly “Left wing” overall but the goal must be to make it clear that America does not have a private sector and a government. It has a corrupt corpocracy run from the coastal hives that pushes degeneracy, drugs, mass poverty, and lawlessness to enrich itself as the nation dies. So this is not about demanding the government “do something” about corporate power. That would be like telling someone’s kidneys to declare war on his liver.

      5. Finally, mention that they are also behind the tranny nonsense, the pronoun games, the diversity cult and the George Floyd cult. That they promote these things to demonize the (White) majority so as to distract attention from their looting. As a starter we can leave out the word White in the above. Gently bring in the cultivation of phony White guilt. Play some YouTube videos of SJWs Xirls with rainbow hair lecturing on the evils of “whiteness” and then point out that the obvious implication is that White people themselves are bad. Ask the audience if THAT is “who we are”.

      The specific order might be wrong but the overall gist is that 5 comes last. The idea is to establish, with 1 – 4, that these are VERY BAD PEOPLE, that they mean us harm, that perhaps they even want a lot of us dead. Then introducing 5 might get some of the libertarianish types to consider that if VERY BAD PEOPLE are pushing that stuff too, then maybe we should back off of it.

  41. I’ll preface this by saying I don’t know this guy or have done my due diligence and fact checking – but I will!

    Point of order, though. 3 years ago I stood with Israel. I regarded any criticisms of Jews to be antisemitism. I thought Lefty meant well, and that when we quarelled, it was because I wasn’t presenting my facts right. I wasn’t ready to give up on black people either.

    Perhaps I am being naive, but can people change? Especially these days, where the mask has slipped, and a guy can’t even watch a game of football without having his nose rubbed in the moral superiority of black baboons and shitlibs?

    The enemy of my enemy may be my enemy… but can we at least use this one against our other enemies and take him out when his usefulness is over? In the days ahead, the useful fool as a weapon is a concept we need to master.

  42. Gotta get this in early.

    But the internet is now crawling with people and writers ragging on David French. He has become everyone’s favorite whipping boy

    You got the ball rolling, Zman. Very prescient.

    • It is just starting for David French, too. He and Douhat and their black face acts were deployed as Hail Marys to try to save Critical Race Theory, which is going down faster than David French on a Boy Scout. The NYT eventually will discard CRT, claim it was Republican-supported, and point to French and Douhat as among those who led them astray and gave the wrong impression about its support.

      Cucks never learn, even the well-paid whores among them.

      • I don’t think any of them will discard CRT, in fact they’re doubling down, and every article they publish is a poster child’s example of the most rank and foul gas lighting imaginable against CRT opponents.

        They won’t discard global warming or mandatory vaccination, either. They may be all powerful, but also rather stupid and definitely obtuse, considering they’re living in a country where they don’t own the majority of the 450+ million firearms.. It’s just a manner of time before they do something, somewhere, that will blow the reactor lid off this country and spew its poison to the point it can never be contained.

  43. There was a time I could muster some enthusiasm but no more. As you say often we are not going to settle any of this at the ballot box.

    For now I am watching that shit show in South Africa and taking notes.

    • If the U.S. involves itself and takes the side of the blecks, I don’t know what I’ll do.

      • The Government will respond to it as a humanitarian crisis once starvation kicks in and throw gibs upon gibs, thereby just making things worse.

        Whites will probably start fleeing to the countryside and consolidating the farmland and try to be as autonomous as possible. The media will portray them as hoarding food while the country starves, and the SA military will go in. The West will not come in militarily unless the SA Whites successful defeat the SA army. Then things will get very interesting.

        Will white U.S. special forces be willing to slaughter their fellow whites? The answer, of course, is yes.

        • The US Special Forces would confront a myriad of problems, not the least of which would be constant State Department interference. The Black South African government is popular only in the United States and United Kingdom. Other African nations distrust it, Our Greatest Ally continues to have friends among the Boers, and the black tribal divisions are enormous (the second largest political party after ANC, Inkatha, is tribal-based and has made serious noises about Zulu separation of late).

          It would be like Somalia except the United States would be defending the looters and murderers while being hit from sides it is too stupid to realize exists.

          South Africa is going to get very, very ugly and what we consider the paramount issue is only one of many. Those who wanted to end apartheid are about to get a bitter lesson in what it held back. Bosnia will look like a child’s birthday party, and TPTB know it.

          • Great comment.

            Our special forces are still very solid even if the rest of the military is not, but I forgot about the Somalia disaster.

            Imagine Black Hawk Down 2, this time with American Whites are cheering their own military getting slaughtered.

        • I guess you haven’t been paying attention. White farmers and their families in the country-side have been getting murdered just about every week for years now. There is nowhere for whites to flee to inside the country.

      • Given the track record of the US Military since WWII, if the USA intervenes on the side of the dark people in South Africa, it would be signing their death warrant.

        So maybe we should hope that happens?

        • Modern military intervention amounts to weapons dealings to warlords, drone strikes on low bidders, and trafficking in narcotics and human chattel.

          A handful of SF guys and some CIA sluts can make a lot happen. But indeed, “we are here to help” is a universal harbinger of doom at this point. Send in rainbow six!

          • “Send in rainbow six!”

            At least they won’t need a re-branding to let everyone know they’re celebrating ‘Pride’.

          • I have come to think of US foreign policy, state department, military, and foreign interventions the way Nick Carraway described Tom & Daisy Buchanan:

            “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made”

            So assume if they intervene in South Africa, they will leave it a mess. Same with Cuba.

            But also, as these institutions have turned their gaze upon “white supremacist terrorists”, assume they will be careless, smash things up, and leave a mess of our homeland trying to supposedly root out these internal enemies. May be best to duck and cover for a while so you are around to rebuild from the rubble. The joggers won’t be able to.

    • South Africa is interesting to watch, but remember that the news is myopic and sensationalized. All politics are local, and it’s a huge mistake to equate South African politics to anything in the US.

      Was there more death/destruction in the US during 6 months of BLM, or in SA in 3 days of whatever is going on there? We’ll never know.

      At least SA is sending in the troops to restore order, something the US never tried.

      • You may wish to refer to my post elsewhere laying out the demographics of South Africa. Pray tell, how do you think ethnic integration works in their police or armed forces? When the Whites ran things, they would send in (say) Zulu police to confront a Xhosa mess, or vice versa. There were strictly segregated townships and homelands. Well, all that’s been gone since 1995 or so. I’ll admit I don’t know the specifics post-Apartheid. But for sure, there are clear ethnic divisions and they’ll be reflected in the force make-up. The tribes do not play nicely together. This has the makings of a real blood bath, sad to say 😟 Suffice to say that the Whites are not in command today.

        • South Africa is instructive in that the whites were the “Brahmin” class, overseeing with a very heavy hand a very divided tribal underclass. There are at least ten clearly defined black tribes in South Africa; they don’t all play nice together.

          So it’s a mistake to frame South Africa as “Back vs White”, as some are wont to do. It’s more instructive to see just how easily a ruling minority can lose control to the masses, even if it’s to everyone’s detriment.

          That seems to be the direction both Team R and Team D want in this country. It will work…for awhile. But the internal contradictions will destroy it sooner or later.

  44. ” It is not hard to imagine that Atlantic post being submitted on tear-stained paper with some of the “I’s” being dotted with little frowny faces.”

    Quality, lad. Quality.

    It’s nice to have a chuckle, since over here in Angle-Land I have just popped to lunch after having to deal with Indian contractors. A good laugh before beginning round two of the blame game with Mr Rajasthan.

    • I agree 😄
      “He tries to portray himself as an intellectual tough guy, but his writing style suggests he is a hysterical teenage girl.”
      This perfectly describes 90% of the Leftist “journalism”


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