Back in the early days of the internet, some people noticed that the emerging tech sector was helping the Chinese Communist Party use new technology to increase their hold on the people. Specifically, the American tech companies were working on two areas of technology. One was building the “great firewall of China” which prevented outside information from entering China. They were also building out what would became a digital extension of the surveillance state.

At the time, there were few people concerned about this washing back into the West, because after all, that is not who we were. There were people worried that American business was being changed culturally by with China. After all, if profit can cause people with liberal values to overlook slavery, torture and oppression, it means their allegiance to liberal values is up for bid as well. In other words, the concern was over doing business with monsters, not becoming monsters.

There were signs of the latter as far back as the Bush years. Thomas Friedman, the far-left activist at the New York Times was very fond of China. He started writing columns about how China’s one party rule was much more efficient than the sloppy and chaotic democracies of the West. Given that he was installed on an inner party platform, it suggested a change in how the managerial elite was thinking about themselves and their relationship to the people over whom they ruled.

Here we are a decade on and the American regime is slowly transforming itself into something like the Chinese regime. Deng Xiaoping famously said that China will have socialism with Chinese characteristics. Economically this has meant state capitalism where large state enterprises dominate the economy. They have some freedom to operate, but they must answer to the party. A vast thicket of private enterprise is tolerated, but the party keeps a watchful eye on them.

Whether by nature or by design, the managerial class of America is taking on Chinese socialism with American characteristics. Instead of state capitalism in the Marxist sense, it is state capitalism in the corporate sense. A small number of massive corporations dominate the economy. They allow the political parties some freedom, but politics must always serve corporate interests. Private enterprise is tolerated, but it operates in the shadow of the corporate giants.

It is on the political front where this is becoming more obvious. What the tech giants learned helping China build the surveillance state is the logic and spirit that it takes to operate it effectively. Gone unnoticed is the absence of whistle blowers from companies like Twitter and Google. One would expect regular document dumps revealing the internal workings of these firms. We have more defectors from North Korea than from Silicon Valley. The CCP has few defectors as well.

Of course, we are seeing the rollout of a social credit system like that implemented in China, except it is being done by corporations. Mastercard maintains a special blacklist of people who cannot use the credit card system. This was originally intended to combat criminal fraud, but it has now been turned to combat dissent. Note how it is becoming normalized. This is the trick they learned from China. That which is institutionalized quickly becomes part of the public psyche.

Another example of how the American regime is implementing Chinese authoritarianism with American characteristics is in how they are restricting speech. In China, the role of the party is explicit. The language is explicit. In America, the inner party is hidden and the delusion of self rule is their cloaking mechanism. Instead of hunting down violators of party orthodoxy,  the regime is “combating misinformation” on-line. Note how this new term has been repeated by regime actors.

Ten years ago, most people accepted that there was a lot of nonsense on-line and people would often joke about it. That was the point of a free speech zone. Anyone could say what they liked. Today, the usual suspects are cowering in fear at misinformation on-line. Joe Biden claimed that people are being murdered by misinformation, suggesting they have anthropomorphized the concept. In America, misinformation is the deviationism of the ruling regime.

A good example of how politics has taken the second chair to state capitalism is the latest spending bill in Congress. The Senate just voted in favor of a bill that exists only in the realm of forms. It’s not words on a page, but rather a concept that has yet to be given any specifics. What is happening here is the corporate interest are telling the empty suits in Congress to get it passed and they will then supply the text of the bill when the times comes to make it official.

What this means is our clues for what the American regime will do next lies in what China is doing now. For example, the Chinese imposed a law on Hong Kong that allows them round of dissenters and send them off to slave camps in China. The first has been convicted under the new law. The American regime is trying to pass similar laws so they can do the same thing. That is the point of the current show trial being held in Washington. They want to justify new laws against dissent.

The hundreds of dissidents being held incommunicado by the regime are a good mile post when measuring just how far the regime has moved toward this Chinese style of authoritarian rule. It also shows how the media has been completely subverted by the security apparatus of the state. Within living memory the media would have been all over this story, painting the victims as heroes. Today, few in the media bother to notice them at all. When they do, it is to cheer the regime.

There is another lesson from China that applies here. When she tried to apply Marxist-Leninist ideology, it was a disaster. The main reason for that is political-economy is culture specific, so this foreign political-economy could never fit China. The political-economy of China is similarly a poor fit in the West, particularly America. In China, the iron rice bowl still control regime thinking. In America, the seething contempt for the masses prevents such a social contract.

Liberal democracy evolved as a solution to the violence that arose when elites were no longer willing to hold up their end of the bargain. It was a feedback mechanism to signal course changes and reform efforts within the ruling elite. What we think of as liberal government was always a solution to the problem of violent regime change that had been the mode in the West for millennia. The current regime is now back on the road that will inevitably lead to the gallows.

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178 thoughts on “Sino-America

  1. Great post. Still need to play up more the fact that Xi doesn’t hate his people and they are his people: Han.

    The USA is increasingly ruled by a foreign tribe. It is a conquered nation and as a colony the rulers will allow any dissent from a tribe they consider an inferior one that threatens them. Xi needs to only placate his tribe with a good economy. Our rulers think they will never be safe until we are a persecuted minority that can pose no threat. In that way our rulers are more like Stalin than Xi.

    The ruling class in the US is transitioning from a combination of the tribe and whites to the tribe and Asians. All of them understand this is a zero sum game. For them to flourish the whites must lose.

  2. If democracy is dead and free speech and dissent are out, what recourse is there but revolution? None I can see, and this is perhaps doubly true for Europe where there is no pesky 1st Amendment.

    There seems to be an important difference between China and the West, at least it looks like it. If push comes to shove, Xi doesnt strike me as a guy who would back down from rough measures and wade around in blood. He might even like that. The leaders of the West are no less evil. But they are more wimpy. I just finished a short book about the Eastern front in WWI (first world war) and Russia in it. Germany won that war, they mopped the floor w the Imperial Russian Army which is even more impressive considering that 60+% of the German Army was in France at the time.

    But the interesting comparison is between Nicholas II’s regime and Stalin’s, in similarly dire straights 25 yrs later. Nicholas II had soldiers shot and ppl sent to Siberia and he had a strong secret police, the Ochra (or something like that). But the perception of him was that he was weak and this was accurate. He did the basic tyrant stuff but he still looked like a wimp. Comparing Russia in 1916 and 1942 suggests that it matters a lot to the longevity of a regime if it seems weak or seems like it would make Al Capone look weak. Our leaders today are starting to do the tyranny thing. But they still look weak and wimpy. I wouldn’t put money on the SJW regimes of the West.

    • “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic.”

      Hope the west never gets a taste for doing this domestically. Once they cross the line, I just gets easier the next time.

      They’ve already done this executing US citizens abroad via drone strikes against their own Rules of Engagement. It’s only a matter of time before it happens here.

      When all you have is a hammer/drone, everything looks like a nail/target.

      • They will probably start to kill ppl in the US yes. They may already be doing that, Epstein, Arkancide and all that (TBH I don’t KNOW if the stuff about ‘Arkancide’ is true or bull but it is conspicuous if nothing else).

        But in mass psychology perception IS reality. Not physical reality but psychological reality. And therefore, even if you are doing the ‘tough’ oppressive things like killing people it will only save you if you also SEEM like someone not to mess with. The people in charge now, they seem like ridiculously over-promoted snowflakes. They may have the morality of Stalin or Mao. But they don’t have, for want of a better word, their tough guy ‘street cred’. They will fall. As they G*d d*mn deserve to.

    • He did the basic tyrant stuff but he still looked like a wimp. Comparing Russia in 1916 and 1942 suggests that it matters a lot to the longevity of a regime if it seems weak or seems like it would make Al Capone look weak.

      Al Capone was the hired hand eggplant idiot & fool who was sent out to be the public face of organized crime in the United States.

      I doubt that Capone ever realized the extent to which he was merely yet another pathetic goyische laughingstock at the various after-sundown-on-Friday-evening adrenochrome-imbibing-sessions of the Master Race.

      If you compare Capone’s physiognomy to his Master’s physiognomy, then your Amygdala should instantly alert you as to who was really in charge all along.

  3. Call it what you wish, Authoritarianism, “Chinese” style socialism, “American” style socialism but there can be no doubt where we are headed: tyranny.

    Great civil unrest, purges, anarchy, tyranny. It will be violent. We already see some violence, but right now it’s just mostly “peaceful protesting.” How violent will things get? Cassandra sees torches & pitchforks but she doesn’t say how many. What will provide that spark? Nobody knows. Will China or Russia step in? Who knows? Don’t wish for it, as it will bring great suffering.

    “The goal of socialism is communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

    “Communism is socialism in a hurry.” – Vladimir Lenin

    “Either way we live under tyranny.” – John Wayne

    • My guess is that “it” will be something to do with Covid. A smart ruling class would have dropped the Coofball by now and shot it full of holes so it could never be reinflated. Ours is not smart. Thus, we had Biden’s revenant corpse up there making a speech yesterday about mandating all federal workers to get the vaccine and of course lots of other lesser undead making noises about fresh mandates and even laws requiring everyone in a state to get needled.

      Of course, in spite of mass media reassurances that “masks/vaccines are not political” everyone knows that they absolutely are and being forced to effectively swear allegiance to your political enemies on pain of jail, fines, loss of employment, or the egregiously burdensome constant testing they are talking about if you hold out could be the last straw for a lot of people. Just as we know the first Civil War was not “about slavery”, the second will not really be “about Covid”. The vaccines and masks will just become a proxy for a whole seething mass of hatreds on lots of other issues that have only grown in the last few years.

  4. We must Trust The Science even harder.
    From Berkeley: “social marketing.”

    Social marketing is the use of commercial marketing principles and techniques wherein “one group of people — presumably quite small — uses subtle manipulative techniques developed by behavioral psychologists to change the behavior of another group of people — presumably much larger — and make them conform to a standard of behavior which the first group has devised and considers optimal.”

    Yesterday explored the minions blinking at each other- yet the first blink was a preplanned, deliberate nudge. A false signal.

    Apparently China was a live laboratory for the hive queens.
    ‘Quite small’ describes a large, interlocked sector of the strange economy of corporate government. All these people get paid, and paid well, to start blinking.

    “…it is impossible to give informed consent. The long-term side effects of the mRNA treatment are unknown, and will remain unknown for at least five more years. Therefore no one can be fully informed about the treatment. Giving informed consent is simply not possible.

    In other words, this is not about providing the best and most complete information for the public and distributing it as widely as possible. The purpose is to act against all who would oppose their agenda.”

    The depth of the Hive Queen economy issuing the commands, with malice aforethought, is from an article yesterday at Gates of Vienna (dot) net: “Thanks to Social Marketing, You Will Be Assimilated.” Link at WRSA.

    Welp, I envisioned a union of the Ice Peoples- of China and the West- but I foolishly forget that the Prince of Darkness is driven to make this His kingdom.

  5. As the metaphor goes, America is a shopping mall. No more ties to a common ancestry or shared bond.

    One of my favorite book series is The Dark Tower by Stephen King. It mixes post-apocalyptic settings and horror (of course) very well. The reason I mention this is to point out a quote from it that resonates to me decades later. The main character, a Gunslinger from a different realm sees our world and says, “You have forgotten the face of your Fathers.”

    We live in a country that has statues of Lenin, libraries and busts of former Nazis like Werner Von Braun and yet, a statue of Teddy Roosevelt gets taken down in NYC. All in the name of not offending people. Who are these people? They are the new population who want to change the drapes and carpet for their new home.

    The corporations are all fine with this as well. All of the original founders and owners are dead, with descendants usually holding mere placard positions on boards and divisions. The vision of global companies and global citizens continues to be pushed.

    This article from NYT sums it up as to how they want this to go. No respect or deference to our country, just another global economic zone to exploit.

    “There Is No Good Reason You Should Have to Be a Citizen to Vote”

    • ArthurinCali, your post is great but I disagreement.

      The Not Sees were the only one who had a plan that would have prevented us from arriving where we are now.

      • Thank you for the kind words.

        I was just pointing out how quickly American symbols and monuments can be taken down, yet foreign objects remain.

        The list of our people and accomplishments continues to breed resentment and envy as Joe Sobran stated.

      • The Not Sees were the only one who had a plan that would have prevented us from arriving where we are now.

        Except that their leader couldn’t do Foreign Policy to save his sorry pathetic little passive-aggressive gamma posterior.

        If Der Fuhrer had grown up playing American Football, rather than Austrian water-coloring, then his people might have had a fighting chance.

        And he could have gotten 95% to 99% of everything he wanted, without ever having had to fire a single shot at anyone anywhere.

        But no, he had to be a pathetic little passive-aggressive gamma turd with infinite petulance about every single perceived & imagined insult.

        And his people perished as a result.

        • You must be pleased with how victory for your side has turned out. Especially now that “American Football” is officially gay.

          Again, congratulations. Enjoy the inevitable outcomes of your victory.

          • You must be pleased with how victory for your side has turned out.


            Muh side has been losing everything since at least Culloden in 1746 [although you could argue that, thanks to Der Fuhrer’s idiot predecessor, Napoleon Bonaparte, we squeaked out a tiny-tiny little W in 1812].

            But with the possible exception of 1812, muh people are coming up on a three-century losing streak.

            And you could push it back even further, if you were to include Oliver Cromwell’s catastrophically foolish error of 1656/1657.

            It’s been L after L after L after L for muh people since dadgum near about forever.

            Although muh Anti-Federalist people did insist on inserting a certain amendment to the federal constitution immediately between the 1st & 3rd amendments…

          • I don’t think that’s an accurate summation of what he wrote. The truth is that uncle Adolph, had he just stepped down at the beginning of 1939, would today be remembered as one of the greatest Germans of all time. But it’s hardly inaccurate to say that Hitler’s own personal quirks, including his short fuse, ultimately undid everything he’d accomplished to that point.

  6. Remember Bladerunner with the Chinee billboards and bat meat stew markets?
    Predictive Programming as the globalists consider China the model for the world.
    But will China/Russia/Iran be a willing vassal to Brussels or any other centralized command and control HQ?

    • well, there’s a little more to it than that. in the story, only people with genetic mutations are left on Earth. Everyone who can, has gone off planet. So the chins in the movie represent decay and (genetic) corruption. You might notice that there is an awful lot of free space in the Blade runner future (because there are so few people left on Earth).

  7. In fairness, there have been defectors from and moles within Google and other Silicon Valley behemoths. Trouble is, you only hear about them on obscure blogs and the like. (Box Day — I understand you’re not a fan and I don’t blame you) used to post material from a Google mole. The media won’t give the defectors/whistle-blowers coverage and should they post on Twitter, their accounts will be swiftly shut down.

    Which brings us to Twitter. By obscure blogs, I should just say blogs, as with all due respect to our host, blogging is a shadow of its former self. This is not an accident. The move to Twitter — overwhelmingly promoted by the media — accompanied by the shuttering of the comment sections, more or less created a single, heavily censored forum.

    Which goes to the main point of your post, I suppose…

  8. The Chinese have facial recognition technology that automatically fines your bank account when you’re scanned jaywalking. That can be seen as a metaphor for the whole system: it wants to ding you for your cash while making you toe the line in general.

    American capitalism-corporate state is a little different. Here, they want you to be “woke” and ding you and toe the line. Woke is the extra special added ingredient in the Big Mac of Western theology. You’re supposed to believe in magical blacks and the heroic wheelchair users and the “Will & Grace”-style sodomites, and everything will be alright. Inconvenient truths are brushed aside, like the fact that gays prefer teenage or younger males. We’re supposed to believe Elton John is very happy with his sixtysomething partner.

    We’re also supposed to believe we have freedom, when you can lose your job over saying something innocuous about magical blacks. If you say you don’t want to work beside negroes, you’re doubly fucked. America the Superpower was formed in the crucible of the 1861-65 Civil War; and the lesson of that war was that the white underclasses (Southern) can be bought off with material goods made in the Mighty North in exchange for their silence on racial issues. On a broader scale, the lesson is everyone can be bought off.

    You may think the Left has principles, but if society were reversed, and the Right was running things with the help of tech companies and media outlets, the typical Leftist would keep his head down and parrot the official Right line happily. Look at Nazi Germany. They threw a few Communists into the concentration camps, set up the Gestapo, and in no time the kids were ecstatically in the Hitler Youth. History can easily go the other way. All this “woke” propaganda can be retooled for the opposite side of the ideological spectrum. You just have to keep buying people off with Ford F-150s and loud music from L.A.

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but this is a massive dose of reality and one of the scariest ZMan essays I recall (unless, of course, you’re a Chicom, or a member of the inner sactum – in which case all is going according to plan)

  10. You can blame the drug users, gangbangers hookers and others who are obvious parasites. But the problem is that you have an increasing number of people who at a surface level are successful and productive citizens but in some ways are even more dangerous than the former group. Look at someone like Bryttney Cobia. Someone who seems like a successful and hard working person who went through medical school and is providing a service to society as a physician. It’s not like she’s some CGINO (college graduate in name only) who majored in gender studies. But that’s what makes her dangerous. Her facebook posts indicate either a callous person or a fabulist. If even the people doing serious and productive things are toxic – who knows where this ends.

    • I’m not sure it’s her c.v. that is the dangerous thing about Dr. Bryter Later or Brite-Scotch or whatever her name is. Before the tick tock age a pretty doctor was just that, a pretty doctor, maybe enjoyable to the male patients who had to stop by every once in a while and cough while she grabbed them, but no more socially malignant than that. Now when the glitzy enticement to volunteer as a holy whore for clicks is beamed 24/7 at all cisfemale worker units, we swiftly get to the point where they decide why even bother doing their nominal “jobs” as doctors, teachers, judges, air traffic controllers, etc. This is the ultimate stage of Terra Micturata flattening to be realized in our near-future.

      • Ah. The Alabama psycopathologist.

        Nobody in Alabama had died ‘of covid’ in months when she said that.

        She completely made it all up. It was real in her mind.

        Whatdya expect from some twit who can’t spell ‘Brittainie” right.

  11. I think the current struggle is between the CCP and The WEF . they are just coming to terms on the who and how much part of dividing the spoils of the war they won.
    they clearly have cooperative interests. gates-fauci-wuhan. they both needed the bothersome if ineffective orange man gone . both have huge control apparatus interwoven in the inner party . both want a huge chunk of Americas gone. both understand that it has to be done without revealing what is happening.
    sadly both have been successful beyond their wildest dreams.
    once they have the mandatory jab and the associated Mandatory booster, they will be able to put some a sterilizing agent into the doses for certain countries/areas. they Presto! “overpopulation ” cured . Hated group will just die out .
    I know , sounds crazy, but if you push your normalcy bias to the side and listen to What they are doing, It is very hard not to think Something like this is in the Ancient fevered minds of the top leadership of both of those organizations.

    • I know , sounds crazy, but if you push your normalcy bias to the side and listen to What they are doing, It is very hard not to THINK Something like this is in the Ancient fevered minds of the top leadership of both of those organizations.

      The neuro-psychiatric cascade will function vastly moar quickly & efficiently if you re-discover that moast powerful & unique of your ancestors’ gifts to you, which is your ability to intuit rather than merely to deduce.

      To their credit, that’s why IQ-80 n!g-n0gs are refusing the V@xx – because, with almost no ability to deduce whatsoever, their intuition is all they’ve got, and they’ll be d@mned if they’re gonna give up that moast precious gift of all.

    • So, it’s the forces of AntiChrist versus the Kings of the East, is it? John the Revelator beat you to it.

      • john was a lot smarter than I am . but really outside of the framework I laid out , do you have something that fits this scenario?

  12. “Liberal democracy evolved as a solution to the violence that arose when elites were no longer willing to hold up their end of the bargain. It was a feedback mechanism to signal course changes and reform efforts within the ruling elite. What we think of as liberal government was always a solution to the problem of violent regime change that had been the mode in the West for millennia.”

    – ‘Liberal democracy’ is a point reached when metapolitical forces like religion, family, and ethnocultural/blood ties have been significantly subverted/weakened by the regime.

  13. Seems more like fascism with American characteristics.
    Too many on our side of the great divide think of fascism as a form of government with our guys in charge. After all, what dissident could oppose a right wing regime throwing trannies and homos into re-education camps and with cool uniforms?

    • The more they push Weimerica, the better Amereicha looks.

      And cool uniforms are def a plus.

    • “Too many on our side of the great divide think of fascism as a form of government with our guys in charge.”

      What’s the alternative?

      I can think of one, which is expulsion of those who are not us, but that is probably harder than fascism with our guys in charge.

      • Fascism can be form of government with their guys in charge.

        People just assume fascism, is by definition, our guys. While it might not necessarily meet historic definitions of fascism, it certainly meets modern definitions.

      • A society with our guys in charge is an Populist Right society , not Corporatism or Fascism. Its also not NSDAP 2. Once was more than enough of that.

        I recommend never using the C or F t words to describe Our Thing. It allows the enemy to frame the moral rules control the narrative.

        Simply what we want is a great place to have a family and kids.

        Anything that interferes with that is a problem and this includes big business, basically everything the Left believes in and anything else that gets in the way. It gets dealt with.

        Any citizen of Our Thing should feel fine about sending his kids to public schools, mostly trust the police even the Feds, be able to have a hometown and bring his family up there not chasing dollars unless he wants too and in short live in a high trust. highly functional highly homogeneous society .

        Its a lot of work, a lot of regulations sure to piss off the Libertarian Right and a lot of moral cram down. If Instagram or Tik Tok are a problem for healthy relationships than they get closed,

        And yes its a tad China. We aren’t them but everything they do isn’t wrong.

        We probably won;’t get a Hallmark Channel World , that’s more fanciful than Lord of the Rings but a functional society? That we can do.

  14. See who hangs on the Gallows today? That’s tomorrow too.

    Yes, the regime should hang, but that’s not what happens.

    It is unwise to make threats one cannot carry out, nor will get the means to carry out, nor run the risk.
    Romantic nonsense of the worst sort leading to the worst choice of false threats. The threats justify and bring retaliation upon the people.

    Get the stick, then speak.

    And no one is being incited to action here but the rulers. The Americans have no stomach for trouble.

    Let it be.

    • You definitely have a point about making threats you can’t carry out. But it is also a sort of shittest to the system. They may want to be tyrants and they may have the appetite of tyrants. But I don’t think they have the teeth of tyrants. And that’s why I think they’ll end up like poor, weak Nicholas the Second. Our grandkids will know who was right about that.

  15. Right now the Amerikan regime still operates mostly on bribery. Carrots for all (income restrictions apply). It’s when the carrots become too expensive that you’ll see the hard-line tactics from China and the environment that looks more like something from “The Running Man”. It reminds me of the famous Frank Zappa quote:

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

  16. Once again, yes to all of this. But it doesn’t have to lead to genocide or the slaughter of millions of innocents as with the 20th Century tyrants. There is a better way.

    As long as we remain an affluent society, the sheeple will continue sleepwalking into the future while holding a latte tightly in their grip. They cannot wake up until real hardship returns. And the Deep State will continue to bait & entrap the idiots among us and then hang them in the public square as deterrence. Other target groups will be vilified and then sent to detention & re-education camps. And inevitably, the plates will stop spinning and a curative collapse will arise. Then, and only then, does tangible action have a real chance of success.

    Your priorities now should be . . . survive first & foremost . . . disappear into the crowd or environment, become no one & everyone . . . when the chaos & crazy are at its peak, wear the fog . . . 4S & focus. Until then, get fit & robust.

    • They might be forcing a confrontation a lot sooner than natural collapse would. They’re moving fast and hard against the unvaxxed and a good portion of the about 50% of us won’t budge.

      With ADL getting the records of all PayPal customers I expect Cheka style hits to begin within a year.

      • The glorious revolution needs an enemy. Right now, they’re trying to revolt against Chinaballs and it’s not allowing them to personalize/demonize the enemy the way Socialist revolutionaries love to do.

        They need their Emanuel Goldstein, not a spiky ball that’s already been traced back to their own biolabs.

      • Yes, they do in fact want to force a civil war upon us as soon as possible. That is in their best interest because it pits patriots against LEOs in a war of brutal attrition that ultimately kills off alphas on both sides. This decimation paves the way for the march of the Jackboots. And we know that this is their plan, so forewarned is forearmed.

        Some of us will form into militias as the crazy escalates, which makes it easy for the Stasi to isolate & decimate in detail. What beats this, and is what they fear the most, is the bolt from the blue. Put on your make-believe LEO hat for a moment. What is harder to do? Entrap jugheads playing army in the woods or finding a needle in a hay stack?

        • The needle in the haystack is of no importance. It is a lone needle, and according to your repeated advice, keeps its head down and does nothing against the regime. The needle is a needle only in its own mind, but to all appearances and effect, is no more than a wet noodle—and of no interest to the regime. That is your “sage” advice, TomA.

          That is not resistance, it is capitulation.

        • Yes, it should be easy for them to find us. In fact, we should all get together and go visit them, over and over and over again. And each day we show up, we get just a little bit more enthusiastic.
          Are you the guy who keeps telling us not to unite? Hmm…

      • That is some good intel right there, Astral. The ADL trained the FBI and our police.

        The demon overlords are confidently losing their masks. Cripes. Cripes!! I used Paypal twice, for gosh sakes. Two frickin’ times.

        • Woops, to add: they’re the central message treehouse that sets the fluttering fireflies flickering.

    • It won’t be innocents Tom.
      Only the guilty will be punished.

      We’re guilty of cowardice and its us to be slaughtered.
      Or rather you.

      Using several names like vxxc you all were urged to organize so there was something to fight with, the mockery and accusations of Fedpoast etc flew. The chance was missed, its over.

      The chances all of them were exchanged for sarcasm masking cowardice and silly accusations of Fed, etc. The opportunities are past.


      Its over. Done.

      Now savor your slavery and coming just extinction. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

      • Nice try, but no sale. I won’t be baited into either quitting or stepping out into the open for an easy kill shot. Take your despair & defeatism elsewhere. The fight happens on my terms & timing, not by your dictat.

        Next time the LEOs run an ad announcing that you won the lottery if you just show up at a particular place & time, why don’t you go there and pick up your “winnings.” Save them the trouble of hunting you down.

      • Whew! So glad we always catch Feingul in an upbeat mood. It’s that sunny Celtic optimism.

  17. “Within living memory the media would have been all over this story, painting the victims as heroes. Today, few in the media bother to notice them at all. When they do, it is to cheer the regime.”

    That’s what happens when the richest oligarch is allowed to own the regime’s in-house newspaper.

    • Tell me about it

      and how is that not a “vertical” monopoly ?

      But silly me, thinking that these concepts mean anything anymore

    • I like the sourpuss on tiktok/ twitter who’s saying, “Faucci, last month you were telling us we were heroes for getting vaccinated–and now you’re saying we’re superspreaders?!

  18. Re: Friedman writing about how great China’s authoritarian system is.

    Klaus Schwab at the WEF has been paying an army of drones to write policy papers on exactly this topic for years.

    UK Column News did a great breakdown on one of these useful $250k/year white female idiots that has never worked a day in her misbegotten life a few months ago.

    Sadly, these missives are taken seriously because the WEF has well-paid plants throughout the governments of the world.

    • Sadly, these missives are taken seriously because the WEF has well-paid plants throughout the governments of the world.

      These missives are taken seriously because Klaus Schwab’s mother’s maiden name was Marianne Rothschild.

  19. The thing is, the CCP looks out for its own people. 6%+ yearly GDP growth, construction of enormous new cities from nothing, hundreds of millions lifted from poverty. They have a social contract with the Chinese people, and the people are willing to overlook some brutality and government overreach in exchange for prosperous living conditions. Easy to scoff at them accepting tyranny for money, but these people were boiling branches for dinner 60 years ago.

    The USA, and the entire Western ruling class, hates it’s own people (or maybe the (((ruling class))) loves its own people but hates the heritage stock). They’re forcing us to accept lower living standards. They’re importing millions of people every year that hate us. They seem to enjoy making us miserable. They’re imposing tyranny on us anyways.

    The mushy middle of whites currently accept this arrangement in exchange for a decent salary, a wife, a good college for their kids, etc. But these avenues are closing too. Every good paying tech job must be outsourced to an H1-B. Every college seat must be reserved for a black. They’re also stuck in the old paradigm and are unable to accept, or unable to understand what has happened to their country.

    Leaving aside the biological differences between Europeans and Chinese, one can see that it’s a terrible deal for us right now. We have no incentive to support the current regime – in fact our support of it is what’s killing us. Democracy is a proxy for tribal war / violence. Democracy is dead. There’s your conclusion about the new mindset.

    • Good point. One won’t see the Chinese apologising to old foes in the way Western elites fall over themselves to do.

      • OrangeFrog: The Chinese never apologize for anything. That’s a sure way to lose ‘face.’ Ever have a Han bump into you in the store, or cut in front of the queue? No apology, just a blank stare at best (and a curse in a singsong jabber they know most Whites won’t understand).

        The Japanese only apologized for their various war crimes (not to get into who defines such and who provoked whom) under tremendous pressure by the US, and even then those they apologized to refused to accept it. They knew it was done under duress and thus culturally meaningless.

        • So true

          I was at Costco in Burbank, and there are lots of Asians, and this was during the time elf the rice shortage a few years ago to boot, and they push the shopping carts right up against your ass. Always crowding you. One time the wheel of the cart clipped my ankle, gave me a quick shot of pain, and I let out a loud “Ahhh” and turn around with a pissed of look and there is this Asian lady with a blank look on her face and unaware or uncaring that she’d clipped me. And then I shoved her cart sideways, and she didn’t even care about that. Meanwhile all the whites and Mexicans around me were nodding with me in agreement and shaking their heads, as if they’d been through the same before

          I actually understand the black hostility toward Asians. There is no love lost there

          And there is a moral of the story: for any of you have not had extensive dealings and interactions with our slanty eyed friends, you are in for a very rude awakening — especially if you ever have to work for one

          • I live in Asia and enjoy it but fully agree with your comments about the Chinese in the store and working with them. In their own country they actually are more polite as a rule of in the Western part of China.

            Chinese only care about their direct family, extended family, community and other Chinese in that order.

            When they come to the US they are after our real estate, jobs, school slots and status. They understand that it is a zero sum game and have no concern about the impact on us. That plays out in the store, at work and in politics.

            Chinese and Indians understand that the tribe rules. They want to be rulers too and have no sympathy for a people who have allowed this to happen.

            That is why you get Chinese and Indian women copying women of the tribe in openly hating whites even though they don’t actually hate us like the tribe does

          • I actually understand the black hostility toward Asians. There is no love lost there

            Above here, I’m talking about getting in touch with your instincts & your intuition when attempting to understand these things, and how the blacks are so stupid that they have ONLY their instincts/intuition to warn them about e.g. the satanic vaccines.

            But to their credit, in refusing the vaccines, yuge numbers of blacks ARE sticking with their instincts/intuition.

            And I gotta agree with the blacks concerning the invasion of the ant-j00z; the blacks know instinctually that the ant-j00z are parasitizing everything in sight [just like the ant-j00z’s actual chosen-people j00ish predecessors had parasitized everything before them].

            And I applaud the Black Race in trusting its instincts and doing what it can to act as sociological exterminators hell bent on fumigating the invasive parasites.

            PS: I have also been the victim of ant-j00ish ladies slamming their shopping carts into mine at the local trendy grocery store [which we haven’t been back to in about a decade].

            As far as I can tell, ant j00z [and pretty much any orientals, for that matter] are [on average] every bit as innately psychopathic as are the actual j00 j00z themselves.

            The actual j00 j00z simply do it all with more pizzaz & chutzpah.

    • We had great growth too, but seems the point of it was not for our benefit but for the titans of industry and the state. They ere just paying us to do their dirty work and enough to statute us s we kept quiet. Meanwhile selling us the illusion of wealth and independence while always in the background the forces were moving and advancing to take it all away from us. And so here we are. Like spent gunshells scattered all over the fruited plain and here comes the trash collector

      • The growth in China is also primarily for the benefit of the titans of industry and state (and military). I’ve been through the backroads of China (Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan, etc.) and it’s another world compared to the glitter of Shanghai. The difference is, perhaps, that the CCP better stage manages the appearance of “caring” for those types of areas, and the Chinese people aren’t inclined to the cynicism that comes naturally to us when our bullshit meters go off.

        The biggest difference between the West and the rest of the world is that outside the Globohomo realm, even when the haves feel a sense of superiority they don’t actively hate the have-nots and make it their business to box their ears at every opportunity.

        • Model minority is bullcrap.

          Yes, you meet a few nice ones but 99% of them hate you. Or they might not hate you, but they’re just completely alien – the Chinese lady with the cart was probably not acting maliciously. But she belongs in China with other Chinese.

          We cannot live with them, or any other non European group. Even assimilation amongst the European groups took centuries.

    • That’s just it, there’s a lot to not like about the CCP, but they don’t wake up every day trying to implement a deep hatred over those which they rule. The other issue is that they’re only smart and clever in comparison, I mean how much do you have to have on the ball to outwit Justine Trudeau and Joe Biden? They make plenty of bone-headed moves and adding in corruption they can barely run the country they’re in charge of, and yet our elite think they can do better? Oof.

    • The regime in China is pro-Han Chinese.
      The regime in America is anti-White American.
      The difference is hard to overstate.

      Both regimes are authoritarian, in their own ways. But can you imagine the CCP committing genocide against the Han Chinese? It’s unthinkable.

      Now consider whether the regime in America would commit genocide against Whites.

      • Mao killed 60 million, but there is president for a western gov. Committing mass murder too.

        • Derb (yes, I know) had gone over that and the fact that almost all the deaths came from typical communist “all thumbs” government where they try to implement fancy ideas that only work on decades old academic papers. It’s not like Mao moved in a bunch of East Indians to harass and genocide the local Han.

          • But if you desired to stray from policies that led clearly to your death, you got a bullet in the head and a bill for the ammunition. Let’s not pretend there wasn’t a considerable amount of malice involved in the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

      • Don’t live in USA but am most definitely White and throughly ashamed of the cowardice of my ethnic counterparts in the USA. And I strongly believe it’ll get a lot worse before even the boldest do anything to prevent their decline and conceivable demise, though “genociding” such a large group might prove to be tricky. Jeez, one hopes so!.

      • The difference is, you’re seeing the consolidation of the winners AFTER the victory over the traditionalists.

        The real rulers of China are, the Red Princes- Mao’s grandchildren. A dynasty, true to historic Chinese form.

        What the West will get is a return of kings- a foreign dynasty, to be sure, privileged aristocrats rewarding their loyal barons, like the Manchus in Han China.

        America awaits her Mao.
        The Rittenbergs are grooming him even now.
        His grandchildren will sit on the thrones as do the children of William; all the crowned heads of Europe are descendents of William the Conqueror, the orphan victor of 1066.

        Yet even so, the Han tongs fought a secret civil war for 300 years until they received (((British))) aid.

        Western Whites could try to cut a deal with the nonwhite cartels, but their backers already bought them off to block us. I don’t think we can offer their shock troops anything greater.

        Us against our own people, and the rest of the world. Quite the bottleneck, no Lafayette and the French Navy to save our neck this time.

    • That’s the thing isn’t it. People are willing to put up with some tyranny if they are getting something in the bargain. Like the Nazi occupied East America in Man in the High Castle.

      • Is it really tyranny if you’re getting what you want? Of course people will put up with tyranny in exchange for what they want, that’s the essence of a political system.

    • Yes, the Chinese Regime even recognizes that they have a major food problem looming, and are buying or leasing farmland all over the world, including the US….while the Regime fronted by His Fraudulency recognizes nothing except a desire for more power and wealth…

    • “The thing is, the CCP looks out for its own people. 6%+ yearly GDP growth, construction of enormous new cities from nothing, hundreds of millions lifted from poverty.”

      No. That growth and wealth came exclusively from American Elites giving them, gratis, the entire manufacturing base of USA. It was so much wealth that the Party officials couldn’t hoard it all.

      The CCP did nothing for their people. Still don’t, that’s why the success stories are moving wealth outside the PRC to places like Vancouver as quickly as they can.

      You’re trying to find a “demographics is destiny” example. China is not the example that you’re looking for. I cannot say where you might look, to find a land where the government can be trusted to not betray its own people for personal gain.

      • The Chinese bar for success, given their history, is “not starving to death”. Everything else is gravy. It means a lot to them too that that they now have a monstrous presence on the world stage.

      • Excellent counter, Gunner, just excellent.

        Revolutionaries always receive outside help.

    • The mushy middle of whites currently accept this arrangement in exchange for a decent… WIFE

      Pace NAWALT, but from what I’ve seen, the pickings are slim for Millennial/Gen-Z boys looking for “Mother-of-their-Children” material in the current generation of sh!tlib THOTs.

      As I drive [in muh pickup truck] around the local sh!tlibopolis and its college campus, I’m seeing a sh!t-ton of horrifying physiognomy & kino amongst socializing kids, in which the obvious Alpha either doesn’t have a girl [she’ll be holding hands with a squishy girly-boy-looking Beta instead], or else the Alpha will be hanging his head and dutifully following around the girl as though he were her pet dawg.

      Also, I haven’t seen anything higher than an HB6 amongst the coeds in forever.

      The Frankfurt School’s saturation poisoning of the culture [and the diet*] obviously has made the chicks fatter, uglier, meaner, and pathologically obsessively moar driven to wear the pants in the family [and I wouldn’t put it past some of these chicks to literally to castrate their boyfriends].

      tl;dr == Beat your wahmen and lock them in cages; it’s the only way.

      *The Frankfurt School pushing obesity fifty years ago:

  20. Are these really “American Characteristics” though?

    Seems more like America has been hijacked

    • Yeah nobody really knows who is in charge. It’s possible that China actually owns everybody and they’re basically imploding the west, particularly the USA, in a kind of controlled demolition.

      It’s possible that the elite are suffering from ignorance and largesse, too lazy and extravagant to care and therefore controlled by a small radical minority in their circles. Or, they’re power mad and are just copying the CCP model because they like the level of power they have.

      It’s possible the small hats really do control everything as well and we’re seeing their incompetence on a societal level.

      Or it’s everything and a million little things add up into the complete failure of formerly white formerly western countries.

      • Great take.

        I pivot between your hypotheses depending on what mood I’m in.

        The one thing this confirms for me is that the controllers’ media and tech-driven cloaking device is still working well for their ends.

      • I think it’s the last of your statements that applies

        There are too many foreign elements in our society for it to function like a true western country

        I think it is incumbent upon all of us to simply detach from it, for it’s no longer ours or has any real meaning or familiarity to us, and to be in a position to both wait it all out and forge some kind of community where we can at least have each other’s backs

        My plan is to get my head together and get away from it all, from the internet, the media, at least for a month of travel throughout the states looking around for a patch of ground that might suit me for the next 5-10 years. But I have to get back to being me, which means no distractions from this fuckign electronic world we are trapped in, and just clean the slate and let me mind get back to a more organic and natural state. I want to remember what it was like pre-internet when I was a much more contented soul. These people are not going to ruin me. No way no how

        • Make sure you check out MT Brother…We are making progress but it’s slow going because it takes awhile for people to get their heads around the concept of Community since it’s so foreign to them…

      • “Yeah nobody really knows who is in charge.”

        This is important and seems to be a defining trait of the age. In the old days you knew who were calling the shots and even if they fought amongst themselves, you knew who the bigshots were. In Rome the Caesar was the boss, in the Holy German Empire the Emperor fought w the local princes over power in a loose confederation of sorts but you knew who the big players were. In England it was the King and then the leader of Parliament, and eventually the liason between those two, the Prime Minister. In Germany it was the Kaiser, then the Fuehrer who was alpha. This was true for every Western society throughout history. You knew who was in charge. Today it is all masked up, no pun intended, kinda. I don’t think this works with human psychology in the long run. Like chimps we still wanna know who the big players are.

        • The controllers are: Chairman Xi, oligarchs like Gates, Buffet, Bezos and Soros, UN bigs, Tech bigs, Rockafeller Foundation bigs, Davos/World Economic forum bigs, financial bigs (Goldman Sachs, Fed Reserve, etc). The pols are all taking order these days. Doing what they are told such as McConnell & DeSantis, et al.

  21. If one wants to see how the woke state brings a company to its knees and the merely cosmetic differences between the two, look at the struggle sessions at Blizzard Entertainment the last couple of days. The story seems to be:

    1. People in the company are disgruntled.
    2. Write a whiny screed about Blizzard having a bro culture and not enough minorities and wahmen.
    3. Media apparatus takes the story and amplifies it.
    4. State takes media amplification as justification to go after the company for civil rights violations.
    5. Blizzard bends the knee and gives pathetic apology.
    6. Blizzard institutes woke policy.

    This can literally be done to any company, with the same amount of success. The one-two punch of the Civil Rights act that de-facto destroyed our constitutional rights and the Immigration Act that made importing foreigners not a prudential matter but a moral necessity creating a new country and new people. It just took 50 years for people to realize it.

    • We best learn to make do without products from such cancerous organs.

      That said, I think Blizzard were responsible for the Uncharted series of games, which were great. Sad. But the battle lines are drawn and have been for a while.

      Would you care to elaborate on the ‘woke policy’? I presume it involves ‘white shaming’ classes and the like?

      • Diversity consultants, Pride advocacy, elevating minorities over whites regardless of qualifications, anti-white training, etc.

        Basically all grifts that suck money and joy from white people working in the office.

        • Ha!

          “suck … joy from white people working in the office.”

          Well, I suppose it was never there before. But yes, the anti-white stuff is ludicrous. But expected.

        • It makes non whites miserable too lol. Everybody at the office got along way better before this diversity crap. But they still vote for more of it and promote it. Most are just not that smart, and the smart ones use it to get ahead.

          The white guys at my office are now basically our own clique – not because we wanted to but because every day we have low IQ vibrants and wahmen telling us how non whites are the real Canadians and how we’re evil, etc. We got pushed into it.

          Which is great news for our side. We rediscovered group identity. I would have been happy with a life of grilling and chilling, even with vibrants. But that’s not possible in the new diverse anti white West.

          • > Which is great news for our side. We rediscovered group identity. I would have been happy with a life of grilling and chilling, even with vibrants. But that’s not possible in the new diverse anti white West.

            The next step is when group cohesion gives way to finding ways to game the system for their own advantage. It becomes a high tech and subtle version of smart young guys working around the edicts their humorless superiors and making them miserable in subtle ways.

            This is also where goodwhites and cucks have a disadvantage, as the system is sacrosanct to them and no amount of woke platitudes will elevate a white guy to power at a certain point.

          • I think we’re finding out that a life of grilling and chilling, a great life by the way, is the reward for winning a war or a celebration for some type of victory, not the default everyday position of a society in general. These things have been flipped on their head and we are turning into marshmallows because of it.

            And we know what happens to marshmallows

        • Yes, Blizzard is Warcraft/Starcraft, and to judge from history I’d say they brought it on themselves

          • Blizzard always had an eye toward becoming big corporation type entertainment for the masses

            and they’re paying the debts for their Faustian bargain

    • The final paragraph of your post is a near-perfect summary of the thesis of the Christopher Caldwell book “The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties.”

      • Great point. I recommend every dissident advocate for normies to read this book as it offers a hard look at the realities of civil rights efforts on white peoples. It’s not a encouraging read, but it’s offers a heavy dose of reality that’s hard to refute.

    • Any of you who can bare it, read the state’s filing. It’s an almost entirely non-legal document, a middle-school-quality cut-n-paste from lib “tech” blogs about the horrors of “bro [read: unfuckable dork] culture” in video games. A sane judge would throw it out for being irrelevant and retarded. But sanity is not our rulers’ thing.

      • I doubt I could stomach it. Seeing that I am unfortunate enough to program stuff for a living, I always thought of old-school game programming culture as something great. No Agile. No seven tier management. No business plans. None of that. Kids who wanted to code, and they’d code anything: back in the day, sound, physics, graphics, development tools.

        Of course, wokeness got in and has destroyed it. Who the hell, unless highly soy, would wish to work in such an industry now? Industries have their Golden Ages in two ways: one where they were great places to work and another when they started selling loads of stuff.

        But yes to the ‘unfuckable dork’ culture. I suspect that even the hideous man-beasts one finds diversity hired into coding positions don’t much like being swooned at by the ‘neckbeard in his Star Wars T-shirt’.

        But I worry about the dorks. That was their thing, video games. And now it ain’t. What will the dorks do? Mind you, what use is a video game when the electricity goes out?

    • Good post Chet. The thing I think is interesting is your step 4:

      “4. State takes media amplification as justification to go after the company for civil rights violations.”

      What we see is that our laws and objective principles mean nothing once the people that believed in them lose power. So Blizzard thinks they are protected from frivolous lawsuits in the state of CA? Well state of CA can persecute anyone for anything anytime they want now. Change the demographics, change the balance of power. This is a small example of the dispossession that all white people face in their homelands. Now we see similar stories everywhere (prosecution and verdict in Chauvin trial, stolen 2020 presidential election, Capital Hill Jan 6th “Reichstag Fire” show trial, etc).

      The ghosts of Christmas future warn of the same outcome. The end of white demographic majority in the west means the end of classic liberalism and ultimately the end of democracy. The sooner we face this truth the better.

  22. “What we think of as liberal government was always a solution to the problem of violent regime change that had been the mode in the West for millennia. The current regime is now back on the road that will inevitably lead to the gallows.”

    Yes. What goes around comes around, and all of that. It is sad, and it is also terrifying; but should it have been any other way? Can it be any other way? I do not think so. Comfort has driven us to this, and in any future, perhaps parallel, society that is built, we’ll have the same problem: ensuring those who never knew real suffering know how to keep a society on a rock solid foundation.

    From what I understand of the Chinese, and from how I have seen them act first hand, they do seem quite submissive. After all, Western systems of government didn’t really ‘organically’ grow in China, I suppose. Does this mean that a Chinese mass-surveillance state would be impossible in the US? It seems clear to me that a hell of a lot of whites in the US would not accept it; which I suppose is why it is a creeping change rather than a sudden one.

    Yet for all of this I cannot say I really despair. So it goes. This is life. This is struggle and we all here – of all ages – can say we caught at least part of the good times. Someone mentioned the other day about the futility of having children in such an evil world; I was going to counter with a religious statement (usually a quote from The Book would do), but simply said “Forget happiness, seems like a duty now”.

    One thing I would be intrigued to see would be what happens when the US ceases to be a real hot threat to the Chinese (maybe it already has). China has tensions, apparently, with India; and there are no doubt other countries who’d be interested in forming alliances to settle old scores. So I don’t know, for all her power, maybe China will end up being tied down on multiple fronts.

    • The idea of the gallows would have still been terrifying 10 or 20 years ago. But at this point it’s cathartic. Of course, that’s because I assume that we here will be the ones dispensing with the final meals, the last rites, and the occasional stays.

      • Here on The Isles, my grandfather always maintained that, out of many things politicians were afraid to put to the public vote (or get a serious measure of how popular something was with them); the main one was the death penalty.

        Any functioning society must institute it, in my book. But at the time do-gooding politicians were most upset, you see, because old chap, it’s not quite civilised. One just cannot do it to a man! They knew how popular it would be, and couldn’t bear, I suspect, to be though of as living in a country with a bunch of uncivilised killers.

        Sissy world. Sissy, sissy world.

        • In the spirit of Sir Charles Napier:

          You say that it is your custom to turn boys into girls. Very well. We also have a custom: when women destroy the vitality of a nation, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your “new normal”; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.

      • I recall one story circulated about Saddam was that when he took power he went into the legislature and announced the names of people he didn’t like who were in turn taken out back and shot. 20 years ago it was “what a monster!”, and nowadays it’s “shame he’s dead, I’d vote for him”.

    • China is a dead man walking.

      15 of the world’s 20 dirtiest cities are in China.

      80% of the water that comes out of the tap is unpotable.

      China’s economy is a house of cards just like ours.

      Because traditional families value males more than females, female infanticed ensures that an entire generation does not have enough wives to go round.

      China is heading at that brick wall as fast or faster than we are, and when it hits… it will be Mutiny On The Bounty.

      Have faith. Americans (or, at least, most of ’em) – are not chinks or gooks. The Magic Dirt Theory is not entirely correct; Koreans took to the roof tops when the blacks tried to riot in their neighbourhoods.

      The establishment can’t balance a cheque book, never mind manage a nation full of dissidents and free thinkers. The military would revolt if ordered to fire on or oppress American citizens. Liberals hate the military with the heat of 1000 suns, and other than their affirmative action anchors – the military hates them right back.

      At some point, the lefties will over reach and the blowback will blow them away. What happens after that is anybody’s guess.

      • To your points, the four-part, 90-minute total length, “China’s Reckoning,” documentary series on YouTube is worth watching.

        It does as good job explaining that they have massive internal problems of their own and that they are not the alien monolith from 2001.

        • Yes. But will the Three Gorges blow? Or will she hold? Or is it all hype and spin? Wouldn’t wish it on the yella-fellas, but the wall of water that thing would unleash would be quite the force of nature. Albeit created and stored by man.

      • Whatever China lacks, Xinping will gladly steal.

        I think he’s a modern-day Mao who wants to take the Great Leap Forward on a global scale.

      • If China is a dead man walking then the morphing and integrating into a Sino-like state means America, Inc. is going down with it

        We’re hitched to that runaway train, and here comes a hairpin turn

        As we say, buckle up

      • Despite their former one-child policy and centuries-old preference for males, they are importing plenty of other East Asian females for brides. And, like India, they could stand to lose a few million people and not even notice. Don’t forget all their colonizers in the Anglosphere – these people will be eternally Han – they know it internally and deeply; it’s only goodwhites who think they’re magic ‘murricans or Canadians.

        As far as pollution and dirty water goes, it was observed by wiser men than I that the Chinese can underlive White men by a long shot. Not out-work them, certainly not out-think them, but they can survive in the most barren circumstances – like other stereotypical biological lifeforms that will remain at the end of the world.

        I am not going to prognosticate on China’s future, but merely warn that expecting them to implode and thus indirectly help save the West or prevent the cultural change that is coming is a fool’s wager.

        • Agree that Whites are perfectly capable of keeping up with Asians in school and at work if they choose to. I often did it myself during my degrees.

          Also agree that Whites struggle to accept living conditions that don’t phase other groups.

          I lived in a very nice apartment in a Third World county for years and there were days things got to me, the worst being the water cuts that *never* ended on schedule.

          • Wild Geese – I lived in a number of foreign countries and had certain foreign privileges in each, but the local hassles always got to me. We lived on the 13th floor in Bulgaria and learned not to trust the time when the power was scheduled to go off – but too many others got stuck in the elevator too many times.
            I’d grown up in a functional, White America, and that was what I compared everything to. Same as today – it’s the constant hassle of every simple little thing, the way that nothing goes smoothly or works how it’s supposed to, compared to my memory of an America that used to work, for the most part.

        • Their implosion is guaranteed – as Falcone notes, so is ours. I am not sure about your note about imported brides; I would have to confirm that… but you must remember that China is hated by most of the other countries in that area, and some of them will be very, very nasty customers in any kind of a fight. It is also true that most chinese hate their gov’t as much or more as we hate ours. If their people rise up against their gov’t as ours probably will at some point…the ensuing upheavals and instabilities can go anywhere.

      • What happens when the Leftists “overreach” is that the opposition takes over and “rights” things—at least as much as possible in the limited timeframe between elections. The opposition however, always allows its virtues to be used against themselves and does nothing to ensure the Leftists remain out of power. And so as the opposition “rights”, while the Leftists plot and regroup. That is what has happened and most likely will continue to happen.

      • “The military would revolt if ordered to fire on or oppress American citizens.”

        You have no evidence to support this assertation.
        Historically, they have obeyed orders.

        • I was thinking about this last night, and I remembered that none other than George Washington once led troops against Americans… over taxes on whiskey.

    • If you follow the logic, struggle and bloodshed are the western tradition. Maybe the west isn’t dying but being reborn. The arrogant elites are in place, and we seem to be working on supplying the angry peasants.

      Maybe future historians will see the current age as a bad trip.

      • but what we are going to find out is that they are not truly elites but just monied morons and merchants who as fortune would have it found themselves in the captains cabin

        They won’t survive the crash

        A person like Pelosi won’t last 5 seconds outside of her artificial protective bubble

        A true elite will surface when it’s time to rebuild and actual talents and skills are required. And hard decisions have to be made.

        I have faith in the future, but not sure I will be alive to see it

        • Agreed and I hope you are alive to see it. Once it goes, it’ll go fast. You never know!

      • This is actually how I’ve come to look at it. A chance to forge ahead with my family in a crummier, tougher, less fair world. Who knows, I may succeed. Or I may crumble.

        But in a weird way it seems like something I want to happen. Tough times nobody ever wishes for themselves. But after they’ve survived them, in many cases they’re glad they had them.

        The most heart-breaking thing, the hardest thing, is telling loved ones that it may all be over, and violently so, in our lifetimes. Nobody wants that.

        Mind you, I doubt that tarantulas wanted that odd wasp creature that paralyses them, lays their eggs in them, and then waits for the hatchlings to devour the spider from the inside. It’s disgusting. It’s unfair. This nature, it’s one hell of a bastard, sometimes.

        • Hard times are when you find out you’re made of better stuff than you thought.

          I’d be very pessimistic about the future if I thought the status quo would last, to be honest. This decadent cycle is what’ll kill us, if anything.

    • We already have a mass surveillance state, it just sees with an American rather than Chinese accent.

  23. That’s what so many people fail to understand, that liberal democracy is a means, not an end (there is no “end” when it comes to society, just more or less successful adaptations to ever-changing conditions). You read up on, say, Tudor England, and it’s shocking how “Chinese” it looks — a very violent face \shame culture, where “dissing” someone (who perceived themself to be) of a higher social class would get you killed faster than an aspiring rapper with a new pair of sneakers. The upper classes loathed the lower – so much of their pop culture featured jokes about how awful peasants and grubby tradesmen were. Meanwhile, even the highest lords of the land weren’t safe from commoners with a knife and a grudge…

    Liberal democracy, as a way to address social and political change, beats the hell out of that. Servants and peasants collectively lobbying is a lot better than letting individuals sort it out the old fashioned way. But if they’re determined to bring that back, well, time is a river and all that, and second time as farce.

    • There was far more variety though. Conditions could change significantly from village to village, county to county. That was the beauty of Europe back in the day, the incredible variety

      Didn’t like your town? You could get on a horse and in a day, or two, be in a different world, and no one except maybe a guy you ran into some time ago would know who you were

      Even in Italy today, despite the unwieldy “Italian Republican” concept, you see it.

    • Your last statement is worth a comment (That seems to be my pattern today!) In any large group (we call them “societies”) there will inevitably be disputes. A functioning government will provide courts of law and other (relatively) peaceful, orderly means of resolving disputes among private citizens or those involving the government. Alas, as time goes by, the governments often grow larger or at the least more corrupt and inefficient. Justice for the little guy gets harder and harder to find. It’s all a matter of perception: at some point, an individual will come to the belief, correct or not, that he has no alternative but to take the law into his own hands, for “self help” is the legal term I believe. Frontier justice. When enough people become of a like mind, you get an insurrection, a revolt, sometimes a successful revolution.

      I don’t know if pistols at twenty paces out on the field is coming back into vogue, but I suspect that central authority will fade and will be replaced by more local or individual resolution of disagreements.

      • This is an interesting point I’ve never heard or thought of. As people lose access to justice via the system they create their own justice and people used to conducting their own personal/business justice are perhaps ripe to revolt.

        15 years ago I witnessed a gang murder in a San Francisco ghetto and I gained a profound insight into blacks and the justice system. The cops on the ghetto beat really didn’t care about black people, even the black cops in the station had a “just niggers killing niggers” attitude. The first cop who interviewed me told me not to expect a murder conviction because blacks don’t testify against each other and the DA doesn’t really even try. I figured this case might go somewhere because I was 20 feet from the shooting. I fantasized abBout pointing my finger in the courtroom. The black homicide detectives actually tricked me into throwing the case before I even met with them and so nobody even ever called me back.

        That same night a Hell’s Angel leader was shot and the city put out $250k for information, meanwhile they they just threw away the case for this black murder. One lesson I learned, apart from blacks are dangerous and don’t live around them, was that blacks are deprived of the system’s justice and are driven to create their own. Have these conditions lead to the BLM revolts? I don’t doubt it. People can’t live without justice and even though I don’t support BLM and blacks are mostly responsible for their own plight they have plenty of reasons to be mad at the system and revolt against it.

        Give it another 10 years and whites will be there too.

      • Ben – been saying for awhile they should bring back dueling. Society would be a hell of a lot more polite & even-tempered.

    • Severian, so is liberal democracy as good as can be hoped for? This blog spends a lot of time criticizing it. Is what we have today the best that we can hope for?

      A friend of mine knows his Spengler well. I asked him if we understand the seasons of a civilization can we change the outcome. He said, “No.”

      • yeah, this is pretty much the best of all possible worlds, alas.

        Karl Marx had it right — “capitalism,” which is a pretty good stand in for “Western Civ,” contains within it the contradictions that will bring it down, because it weaponizes its worst features against its best (“free speech,” for instance, is great in theory, but look what happens in practice — you’re perfectly free to agree with The Party, comrade, because their violence is speech and your speech is violence. “Universal education” is busy enstupidating us back to the Stone Age, and so on).

    • Tudor England where “dissing” someone (who perceived themself to be) of a higher social class would get you killed faster than an aspiring rapper with a new pair of sneakers.

      You could only demand satisfaction from someone from your own class. If a baker dueled a baron it would be considered murder, no matter the outcome.

      Of course, the baron would have other means of getting revenge, but he couldn’t legally kill a commoner for insulting him.

      • Yeah, both would be considered murder… and the murder rate of a place like Tudor London would make Current Year Chicago look like a hippie commune (if they were interested in tracking such things as “the murder rate,” which of course they weren’t, because life was unbelievably cheap back then). The gallows was never empty for long, and the public execution was the only guy in the realm with ironclad job security.

        • the murder rate of a place like Tudor London would make Current Year Chicago look like a hippie commune


          And the casualties from dueling wasn’t negligible either. I don’t know about Tudor England, but Louis XIII outlawed duels because he lost about 4-500 young noblemen per year on that account, and those were the core of his army.

  24. Portman is leading the Republican side of the uniparty in this. He’s retiring so he can basically do anything he wants with zero consequences.

    A problem with all these spending packages is that there is no money left to spend. The “funding” from these bills is so fake you’d have to be retarded to believe any of it. They’re trying to wring blood from the unborn of two generations from now at this point.

    Well, if it helps it all burn down faster, okay, I guess.

    I don’t think the Chinese system will work as well here as it does in China. I am not saying it is because we’re such great patriots who will fight for our rights, we’re not, but we are also not Chinese. Government systems are products of the people of the nation.

    Look how much difficulty in governance had been caused by a mere 13% of the population being black.

    Our “betters,” through mass immigration, have turned an uneasily homogenous nation (the religious and ethnic differences among our founding English, German and Scots-Irish stock were bad enough and the Civil War showed how bad that could get) with a troublesome black minority into a perfect storm of an ungovernable mish-mash of mutually hostile races, ethnicities and tribes. There is no civilizationally confident, group-selected, conformist Han majority here.l.

    • That’s exactly it. Ironically, the same demographics that doom us provide an escape hatch.

      No doubt the Goodwhites long to put the Badwhites in camps… but there simply aren’t enough of them for an effective Totenkopfverband. Blacks would be happy to help, but their “help” is of the Affirmative Action kind. Hispanics and Asians know what side of their bread is buttered, plus they hate the Pox. Last but certainly not least, the Goodwhite leadership is all pushing 80, and the younger generation is all chemically castrated freaks who cry when we don’t use whatever bespoke pronoun they think they are today.

      It’ll be awful, no doubt, but not Chinese level awful.

      • For the first time in my life the vibrants actually helped me out, during COVID. The blacks and indians in Canada just didn’t care at all about masking, social distancing, or even catching the WuFlu. They were 8-10x more likely to get the flu than whites.

        • That’s because… well, look, there’s just no polite way to say this: South Asian personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. And I actually *like* India, and Indians, for the most part. The Subcontinent is the most interesting place in the world in a lot of ways. But… it is what it is.

          • No doubt. Quite honestly, in most Bangladeshi/Indian/Sand Person restaurant over here, it may be safer to eat your dinner off the pavement outside.

          • I don’t disagree, but let’s put it into perspective. Hygiene is perhaps less of a Western thing than a SES thing. As a child, I remember Saturday bath appointment and infrequent hair washing in the sink. Apartments and most single family housing—even into the 50’s—were one bath.

            My first home had three bedrooms and one bath and was built in 1980. My current home has three full baths and 4 bedrooms.

      • Asians would be glad to put us in campus if it meant that they got a good deal on our real estate, jobs and companies. They want to co rule with the tribe and eventually take over

    • The bigger problem is that no roads will be fixed, none of that money will go to actual fixes, and we will be all the much poorer because of it while connected companies get fatter

      These politicians have no intention of doing any hard work or seeing that it is ever done. Do they even know what Infrastructure is? To them the word means “Yay, more money for me and my friends”

      • Falcone: Let it go. Any infrastructure fix will not benefit you personally, but will benefit the corporatists and the politicians will get the credit. I have come to expect endless potholes and endless road construction here in the DFW area. Driving here sucks anyhow, with all the diverse drivers. I bide my time – the future of Numerica is not my concern. We’re planning a future as far from globohomo and the big city as we can manage.

        Look out for your own family and then find somewhere to live among White people to ride it out. Whether here or in Europe – and even in Italy, there are some Africans now in the small hill village from whence came my husband’s great-grandparents (and multiple generations prior documented back to at least the early 1700s). There’s a lot more room in North America and still some out of the way spots – more so than in Western Europe, imho.

    • Effin Portman! He’s nothing but the upper chamber Boehner without the tears. A RINO in full. Worthless POS.

    • My two red state senators voted to allow debate of the Senate reconciliation package, thus assuring that it will pass with something like 51 votes. I called both of them this morning to express my displeasure, although I don’t kid myself about the likely impotence of my actions.

      GOP Senators from safe red states are often the worst collaborators because they can trick their voters with slogans about “freedom” and “Reagan.”

      Vizzini says “there is no money to spend.” We passed that point during the Bush years with our military adventures. It seems that the government can create infinite money and keep inflation tamed. Austrian economics refuted by reality once again, at least when the government has the biggest military and its currency is the currency of exchange for the world.

      I wish people were angrier at the smuggled amnesty in the bill than the other problems.

      • It seems that the government can create infinite money and keep inflation tamed

        That hasn’t been working out lately. It looks like they may have reached the saturation limit for how much inflation they can export.

        • Evil Sandmich, if you are correct then the world will be easier for me to understand.

          On the other hand, I’ve been hearing “inflation is just around the corner” for most of my adult life.

          • Inflation was “tamed” by exporting almost all manufacturing to China with a vast cheap labor pool. For a variety of reasons, there is no more available cheap labor. China’s demographics means fewer and fewer young people, rising wages and costs. The same is true for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc. India is too protective and shambolic to work as a deep cheap skilled labor pool, and Africa and Central America are too chaotic, violent, and stupid to work either.

            So input costs for nearly everything: clothes, computers, plastics, manufactured goods, auto parts (mostly made in China now) etc all go up, and go up more as more dollars bid against it. Instead of steady or declining prices from that now gone vast cheap skilled labor pool.

          • Whiskey, I appreciate your deeper analysis, but don’t we agree that inflation was tamed up till now? I guess we can hope that the Gods of the Copybook Headings will “with terror and slaughter return.” We’ll see.

  25. The thing is, Friedman was right, though not bright enough to grasp the implications of his conclusion. You cannot have a functioning state if 49+% of the people living in it hate how it’s governed. Heck, you can’t have a functioning state if 10+% really abhor how it’s governed. Dissent is useful only if it’s in small doses, and if dissenters get in line after having their say. But a state that cannot get broad consensus among it’s citizens is a failed state, which is exactly where we are. The only options is oppression or dissolution. The civil war was an effective suppression. Time will tell of the same trick will work again.

    • Release the Friedman hate! Friedman was a one-world government shill who wanted the captains of industry to run everything. He LOVED capitains of industry. And writing breezy books that were 300 pages of saying absolutely nothing of substance. The Lexus and the Olive Tree…what a pile of fart-sniffing garbage.

    • This was something Jefferson explained in his famous letter to William Smith. “The people cannot be all and always well-informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had thirteen states independent eleven years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon, and pacify them.”

      The very point of liberal government is for the disenchanted to have both an outlet and a remedy, but also the exposure to correction. Further, the decentralized system that devolved power to the lowest level was to address the large society problem. The people of Massachusetts may not care for the people of Virginia, but they had the ability to avoid dealing with them. On the other hand, the people of Virginia had the power to resist efforts by Massachusetts to involved themselves in the affairs of Virginia.

      What the current regime is doing is proving the Founder right.

      • Access to an outlet, a remedy and exposure to correction is the key.

        Why did whites in California or New Mexico – states where whites went from the majority to the minority – not revolt or push back? As best as I can tell, they continued to wield a lot of political control despite being a minority and conservative whites could move away to states more to their liking, i.e. white.

        But both of those avenues are getting cutting off. Goodwhites are losing political power quickly. Their leadership is old and will soon be replaced by POC who openly hate them. Badwhites can no longer hide in Montana. The federal government and big tech are coming for them.

        I know a guy who lives in a Western state. He wrote the wrong things about Covid on Facebook. A couple of weeks later, Paypal (and maybe credit card companies, can’t remember) informed him that he couldn’t use their service. (Btw, several other businesses in his field where people publicly said the wrong things about Covid were cut off on the same day. The same day!)

        He had to shut the business down. Luckily, it was a side business for him, but he’ll still lose ~$35k in net income a year.

        My point is that this guy lives about as far away from DC and LA as possible, but they still got him. And it was super easy, barely an inconvenience (Pitch Meeting reference) for our overlords to wipe out his business.

        Whites are rapidly losing their ability to remedy their treatment via politics and their physical outlet of moving away from those who hate them.

        Next step is either surrender or pushing back.

        • Don’t forget building parallel, localized support systems and platforms outside the current system.

          This is one thing that Torba and Vox Day nail despite their other issues.

        • Interesting. Being a good little bootstrapper I participate in the new new economy as an occasional “gig worker”.

          Because so many Karens love their phones and “Tech”, I had to get the Venmo app. I’ve had it a couple of years I guess. Rarely use it and actually have a few hundred bucks in there as I never linked it to my checking account because I didn’t trust the whole thing. Instead just use it as petty cash, paying a couple friends for incidentals and such.

          Well just this week ‘out of the blue’ they locked up my account until I provided a bunch of personal info for my own “security” of course. I found the timing and nature of the intrusion to be very suspicious.

          I’ve never done the socials and have minimal exposure online or IRL to the eye, but with foil hat securely in place I am convinced the techno dragnet that has been largely in place for years now is rapidly converging upon some sort of singularity.

          All that “big data” stuff that has been played off by the marketing fags as some perfect solution to the clumsy ad-buys of madmen is going to finally be the sea change they have been squeaking about. Just not in any way to do with selling razors or underwear. “You are the product” is about to take on a whole new meaning.

      • I used to think Jefferson one of the first true politicians in that his policies and public statements changed with the winds of public sentiment and practicality. His statement about the roots of the tree of liberty being watered with the occasional bloody shower seemed to me, in my callow days, a dash of posturing mixed with a bit of hyperbole; now, given the past decades, it seems matter-of-fact, common sense. As the poet said, things fall apart, the center cannot hold…..
        When that happens, the only remedy is to clear the ground and start fresh. Water on, Tom!

      • The argument the Ruling Elites make is:

        A. They have a will to power of cross-state managerial elites who want to crush/destroy Dirt People for emotional reasons as their lives have no meaning otherwise.
        B. Globohomo is all powerful, and cannot be fought.
        C. An army of H1-Bs to operate drones, Vibrant AA people, and limitless supply of force from China makes them masters of the Universe, better than He-Man.
        D. The founders were racist, save Hamilton because he was black.
        E. Black girl magic beats all.

        I think that is profoundly stupid, but they work off emotion being mostly female or soy.

    • “Dissent is useful only if it’s in small doses, and if dissenters get in line after having their say.”

      Often times, that’s all dissenters really want to do. Grumble and let off steam because taxes got raised or some such. Even this ‘right’ is being taken now because The System must overreach, it just cannot let its enemies (responsible, resilient, realist white men) be. It just cannot help itself.

      Jim Goad said once that there was a reason that pretty much all the mass shooters leave lengthy manifestos…

      • That’s another fundamental mistake we all tend to make about Leftists: that they’re capable of toning it down. We joke that their knob is always cranked to 11, but that implies the possibility of setting the knob at, say, 8. In reality, the Left has a switch — on and off are their only two states. They can’t even idle in neutral – the Leftist at “rest” is totally crashed out. That’s why they’re all on SSRIs, addicted to drugs, etc.

        They can’t help overreaching, because that concept doesn’t exist. They’re ALL Trigglypuff – either stuffing their faces for fuel, or totally zombied out, or rage frothing.

        • Indeed the on switch, once flipped, illuminates the dim bulbs. But it seems also that somewhere back at the green energy plant there are little hands turning dials that is pouring hot wattage down the lines from which all these bulbs dangle.

          Now there may be an off switch but it seems more likely that the fate is sealed in their delicate filaments soaked in those SSRIs. That even united in their hivemindedness – and even if they do ever have their “I am Trigglypuff!” Spartacus moment, the result will be miles and miles of broken bulbs strung out from the cathedral gates.

          Example. Just had lunch with an old lefty friend who works in the hive, NGO type outfit. He said they ‘parted ways’ with their white male marketing director in favor of a former sportsball league poc woman. And the last 10 hires have been ‘bipoc’ or otherwise mystery meat women. One of the few white men left with him has gone “nonbinary” and now must be called “they”.

          The net result is that inside a year the whole org is on an indefinite hiatus in terms of their core business and is now descending into perpetual infighting and identity-driven personal conflicts.

          The language and decorum required to walk the eggshells renders every zoom meeting and IRL encounter into a discussion of poopytalk riddled mushroom pop-psych and petty feminine axe grinding.

          The new marketing lady apparently doesn’t really work and will likely be fired but that will take a year to get that done as to not offend the gods.

          Yet he can’t figure out how his bernie bro routine and cuttlefish game that has scored him hula hoop manic pixie girl manna at the festivals he works is all connected to the same wire. That he is another dim bulb on that long line.

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