Understanding The Left

Taking some of my own advice from last week’s show, this week’s show is a bit of deep dive into the subcultures of the Left. This is one of those shows where I had to leave a ton of stuff on the cutting room floor. It is not so much that they have a rich intellectual history or have interesting things to say, but that it is hard to summarize the jumble of ideas that make up these subcultures. This is especially true of the postmodern or woke Left, which is a dog’s breakfast of ideas and concepts.

Putting it together, I was reminded of when I read Frédéric Bastiat, the 19th century French economic journalist. It occurred to me that once you disconnect from the hard reality of human relations, the train of thought must inevitably lead to ideas that are sharply at odds with reality. As with Bastiat, the intellectual traditions that underpin the modern Left work only if you forget the nature of man. Otherwise, they lack maturity and seriousness and read more like fantasy novels.

The other thing I was reminded of when studying up on this stuff is that most of it takes great care to avoid addressing the moral assertion at the core. That assumption is that it is inherently immoral for European societies to organize themselves in the best interest of the people who make up the society. This is the assumption of Marx. The French workers cannot organize in the best interest of French workers. They must organize, like all workers, in the best interests of workers everywhere.

It is not hard to locate the source of this in Marx. The interesting thing is how the tides of history made it the default assumption in the West. The two great industrial wars of the last century delegitimized nationalism. This left the two internationalist ideologies as the default ideologies. This is the source of the current crisis. The universal open society has never been tested intellectually or practically. Like the experiment with Bolshevism, it is proving to be an unworkable set of assumptions.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Populist Left
  • 17:00: The Libertarian Socialists
  • 32:00: The Postmodern Left
  • 52:00: The Anarchist Left

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194 thoughts on “Understanding The Left

  1. I had this thought while listening: So, to make a leftist cult, you take any stupid economic theory, combine it with any silly grievance claim, and go find people to harm. Voilà! You’re a Leftist!

  2. Finally got a free hour to listen to the podcast, and I want to pitch in two cents about Lenin, who I think is possibly the most important (named) man who ever lived, in competition with Genghis Khan, Jesus, Archimedes, et al. The twin concept-enemies Lenin’s ghost has gradually dominated/destroyed our world with are “bourgeois objectivity” and “ideology.” They overlap in ways that soothe all left-establishment cognitive dissonance and justify all their crimes.

    By “bourgeois objectivity” he meant all empiricism, disinterestedness, remove, rationality, logic, law, etc. So “bourgeois objectivism” is a poor translation, at least for an American audience. We think of Ayn Rand when he meant the whole known history of reason from Greece to (especially) the Scottish Enlightenment to Sherlock Holmes and (predictively) “machine learning.” Google today lobotomizes its artificial intelligences *because Lenin told them to.*

    (Also, I know some Leninists and they say it’s “objectivity.”)

    By “ideology” he meant common sense, observation, “folk wisdom,” long-lived stereotypes, untutoredness—what Chesterton warned us to save, what Sailer calls “noticing,” what Trump calls “great,” etc. I trust Z fans to see the overlap(s).

    Lenin’s decision that *these* were the barriers between us and utopia has shaped all subsequent Western history. And I do mean all. He lit the fuse that will end us—or already has. Leninism was always fully “postmodern.” Don’t blame Alinsky or Foucault or whatever other name normie-con nerds just picked up. Those weren’t Great Men. Lenin was.

    • That is amazingly useful. I am a normie-con nerd that just picked up the names of Derrida and Foucault et al. in the past couple of years.

      What books would you suggest to read more about this?

      Stephen Hicks’ book on Postmodernism draws heavily on 19th century philosophers (as well as Locke, Rousseau and the Greeks) but does put the onus for it’s articulation on four men including those named here, with the rollout occurring after Khrushchev admitted to the world what a monster Stalin had been, and the later Gulag Archipelago. At one point Hicks described Postmodernism as a decades-long temper tantrum that communism had been discredited. I found the book very useful to understanding the endemic Nihilism of leftist thought in general.

      “…soothe all left-establishment cognitive dissonance and justify all their crimes.” That’s especially interesting. The cognitive dissonance thing has always baffled me. It was partially answered by the idea that meaning itself could not exist (to oversimplify), according the the Postmodernist, therefore words mean anything and nothing.

      I’m very interested to know more.

  3. Went to DMV the other day to apply for a Real ID and pay various fees and fines. About 20 years ago the DMV had developed such a bad reputation that the word DMV became a punchline for any terrible experience. Or, “She had all the charm of DMV clerk.”

    Aside: Interacting with DMV clerks in the bad old days, you realized that Proles with power are just as bad as Czars with power. Power corrupts. And takes the polite out of women and turns them into assholes. (On the clerks behalf, it must be admitted that their working conditions sucked back then. So, sore feet + power to make a BMW owner as miserable as herself = DMV Hell.

    Then there was a push to change DMV culture and protocol. Seems to me it was around the time Giuliani started kicking butts in Manhattan’s slothy government offices. And the DMV really did improve. In both personal interaction and efficiency.

    At least from my recent visit, it seems the new stumbling block for the DMV is the black problem. Specifically black women clerks and black managers.

    I dealt with many clerks that day. Latino, Asian, White, and Black. Take a guess which was the only group that treated me and their coworkers like crap.

  4. In the past week I discovered 21studios and their Red Man group, and this podcast:
    Anti-feminists with details I’d not heard before.
    Z-Man and everyone here is examining the motivations of the Left, and very many of the ideas hold water. Most of them can be true at once, and all of them deserve consideration as we move forward, (hopefully).
    Which brings me to my latest ‘extreme’ thought. I wrote this for my married daughters. It will seem Pollyannaish to many here, but they are not feminists, and are just as unprepared as we all were when the onslaught comes from the mean women. And it seems relevant to Z’s podcast subject:

    Pair bonding

    Feminism and wokeism in general are built on resentment and abdication of agency, blaming the world for your own decisions. These worldviews lead to behaviors that vacate one’s ability to love, to pair bond.

    The resulting behaviors that destroy bonding ability are promiscuity and the concomitant fatherlessness.

    A person who has several sexual partners outside of marriage damages the ability to pair bond, from what I understand, after a half-dozen or so.

    I believe that the schools are teaching sex to children for the one and only purpose of destroying children’s ability to pair bond. It may seem that there are many other reasons, but I don’t think so.

    The result of destroying pair-bonding ability is desolation leading to rage. This is intentional.
    Feed an enraged person a cause-du-jour to easily capture their imagination. This is the goal. Ready answers! Feminism and Communism!
    No pair bond, no reason to strive, lots of motivation to resent. Communism makes sense to the victim of that evil.

    This monstrous destruction of other people’s lives is done for the enjoyment of exercising power as both a cause and a result of the destruction. A feedback loop. The feeling of revenge. Hannibal Lecter. Because their lives are meaningless, the only amusement available is to do harm for the fun of it.

    Feminism is the death of civilization.


    In order for pair-bonding to happen at all, a woman needs to feel that her self, her femininity, is precious. So how do we teach our little girls that they are precious, and why?

    This is one of the purposes of the traditional fairy-tale princess story. Mothers need to embody it in a self-aware manner, and fathers need to both lead his daughter and dote on her.

    This gives her the tools to find and love a worthy man. A man needs a woman’s respect, and a woman needs a man’s love. A man can find self respect in the pursuit of a worthy goal, and he should. But the primary reason for him to lift a finger is that there is a woman whom he loves, that respects him, even with his flaws. I’m not saying that if a man betrays he should still be respected, not at all. But a man will fail, hopefully often, and even spectacularly, because he is working to do better, to be better. That is the faith that needs to be kept, continuing to try. Bearing the cross.

    For a woman to have the power to make a man want to do better, she needs to treat herself as precious, so that her respect means everything to her, so that when she gives it, it means everything to her husband.

    This reciprocal process is love itself. Keeping faith with this process is the path to the deepest experience life has to offer.

    This is why girls need to be precious to their fathers.
    This is why boys need to be knights, when they are children, and Men when they mature.
    This is why feminism is cancer.

    • This is the best piece of writing I have read this century, and the words are likely to be eternal. I no longer believe that we can simply talk our way out of the mess we’re in, but this message gives me hope that I may be wrong about that. Thanks for the pick-me-up.

      • Thanks, Tom. Trying to understand the best way to attack. I credit Z-Man with turning me onto the idea of morality being the key, not policy, a couple of years ago. I had read about the pair-bonding thing a year or so ago, and it’s been sitting in my brain until yesterday, when several threads turned into a bow.

      • TomA: “This is the best piece of writing I have read this century.” So dramatic. You’re so extra all the time. Doesn’t it make you tired?

        • Hey Frip, I think you are the one being “extra”. I bet you’re lovely to live with. Good job! Now, snark at me! Snark at me! God I hate bullies.

    • I copied your comment and will deliver it (at the right time) to my 3 high school kids. Thank you!

      • Thanks, Baltbuc!
        One of my daughters replied with an exasperated “Well, duh!”
        She then pointed me to a book she read years ago and put me in my place. “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge. I’m on chapter 2, it’s damned impressive. The first chapter is worth the price of admission if you have any women in your life!

  5. Meanwhile in Washington – “U.S. Marshals Service Director Donald Washington said, “US Marshals will now bring to bear our fugitive investigations expertise to ensure that individuals charged in federal warrants are brought to face justice. Respect for the rule of law is a foundational principle for our democracy and the freedoms that it provides. Unlawful acts will not go unpunished.”

    Really? Unlawful acts will not go unpunished? How’s that working for all the cities across America where rioters caused about $1–2 billion in insured damage between May 26 and June 8, making this initial phase of the George Floyd protests the civil disorder event with the highest recorded damage in United States history.

    And please don’t get me started on “socialized medicine”. America’s health care system is a joke and no one can defend it. Just ask anyone heading to Mexico or Canada for medications because they can’t buy them at affordable prices in the USA. And please explain why undocumented people can get medical treatments while working citizens can’t? Yeah, great system you have there under the guise of Capitalism.

    America is without doubt the next Rome. Your new “Ceaser Dementius” stumbles around not knowing who he is or where he is and can barely complete an entire thought, let alone express himself without mumbling incoherently.

    Your military literally sneaked out Afghanistan in the middle of the night. Clearly beaten (yet again!) by the barbarian’s just as Rome’s military was defeated in Britain and Germania. And once again, just as in Vietnam, you abandoned the Afghan forces just like you did the South Vietnam military. Well done America! And you wonder why none of your allies trust or depend on you. You talk loud, but your actions speak louder.

    And of course, the illegal masses crossing your border unchecked (and unvaccinated) and even encouraged by your own government who tells them to willingly violate your laws. That same government that now wants to go door-to-door to entice you with cash to get vaccinated?

    Please, Last one out, turn off the lights.

    2000 years ago, Marcus Tullius Cicero recorded the events in Roman politics and society. Your nation has obviously failed to learn from history or to even bother teaching it to your children. Just give them a gold star for feeling good about themselves. And no thanks to your education system, for keeping them dumber than fence posts.

    “Sad. So Sad.” – Donald Trump

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    “Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the ‘new, wonderful good society’ which shall now be Rome, interpreted to mean ‘more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • America can afford to abandon its allies. Its strength makes it the go-to actor of the world, and its allies will always come scrambling back to make “friends” with her.

      The biggest danger in the world remains not climate change, not failed Third World states spilling over their refugees, but nuclear war.

      We have not dismantled our arsenals. The silos remain standing full of their deadly payloads. The MIRVs are out there, the Polaris subs cruise the oceans like sharks. We are one technical glitch away from launching a thousand blazing suns on the landscape of the Earth.

      On my blog (click on my name to go) I go into greater detail about the risks of nuclear war and the general reasons it has not happened yet. We can just thank our lucky stars it is not our turn yet at the crematorium of death.

      • The threat of nuclear war is like the threat of hyperinflation. Theoretically, it could be a threat but we have gone a long time without these troubles, which logically disproves nothing, but makes the threat seem remote.

        Me, I estimate that immigration is a greater threat to what I care about than nuclear war.

        • One (maybe the only) hope for humanity is that when our arsenal falls into the lap of rulers even dumber than our present ones, they’ll kill billions of idiots, including themselves.

      • Agree that nuclear war is high on the list of potential man-made catastrophes. I usually advocate the “system breakdown” scenario. Admittedly it’s rather vague and broadly defined, so many outcomes can be called a system breakdown. Think of it as a new Dark Age, or the collapse of a major empire (Rome) and its aftermath. If it were to happen in today’s world, the consequences would likely be quicker and much more dire (direr?) simply due to the interconnectedness of the entire world. Imagine what would happen to Africa if all outside aid stopped. Envision advanced countries’ plight if international shipment of goods, or even communications (e.g. finance) ground to a halt for any reason. The point is, things could fall apart quickly. And it wouldn’t be easy to put them back together. Those who think being self-sufficient out in the sticks is the answer may be right — partially. Most of us implicitly like the accoutrements of civilization and we won’t (indeed, can’t) easily give them up. As such, we have only limited ability to insulate ourselves from potential disruption. The past year and a half has shown the world — at least, anyone who looked — what major disruptions a relatively mild virus can wreak. Call it a dress rehearsal, if you like, for what a truly lethal bug, whether natural or something cooked up in a lab, would do.

        In a major collapse, I’d expect the death toll from starvation, illness, exposure, violence and so on, to cull well over half the population in a relatively short time. No nuclear war even required. 🙁

    • Wow, another great comment. Brutal honesty, and long overdue. Yes, the witching hour is approaching rapidly, and the chickens must come home to roost. Our Marshals Service is now in the process of becoming a reborn NKVD/SS hybrid, and many a sporting white male will join the ranks of the Jackboots, look in the mirror and see a White Hat, grab their MP 40, and march out the door in lock step. All hail the 3:00 am knock on the door.

  6. It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the CCP leads the world. We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths, But if history confronts us with a choice between deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we’d have to pick the latter, as, for us, it is more important to safeguard the lives of the Chinese people and the life of our Party. The last problem I want to talk about is of firmly seizing the preparations for military battle. The central committee believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan, but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites. Marxism pointed out that violence is the midwife for the birth of the new society. Therefore war is the midwife for the birth of China’s century.

    Comrade Chi Haotian­the Vice-Chairman of China’s Military Commission, December, 2005.

  7. Well, whatever kind of healthcare “they” have, I want it here, as ours sucks.

    My rule of thumb: good enough for Israel (borders, guns, ethnostate, socialized medicine) is good enough for the USA.

    In the meantime, I want to see Zman run for office on his “Veterinary medicine is good enough for your grandma” platform.

    • When it comes to the debate about “healthcare” in this country, everyone is full of shit – and self delusional.

      The “private” employer funded health insurance that the right loves so much is a semi- socialist system, with many of the problems that a fully socialist system has – and the added benefit of insecurity. As in if you lose your job you lose your coverage. The fact that it’s a crappy system is obvious to anyone that has to directly pay for their own insurance. People on the right defending it so vociferously reminds me of people that reflexively defend their local public school – no matter how crap it is. At some level it’s just defending “their” thing.

      The left is even more full of it with their monomania for “single payer”. Which will lead to everyone having ideal outcomes, save money and even cure homelessness. It’s f—ing delusional. And completely oblivious to the biggest benefit of a more socialized system. Which is that healthy people don’t have to think about and it will be there when they need it.

      When you think of the healthcare system in its entirety, with the employer insurance semi-socialism, Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-Care and the VA and public employees “insurance” 75% of the spending is already socialized. So we’re arguing over reorienting the funding and expanding it by a percent or two. That it. For all the heat and drama.

      The bottoms line is that a more socialized system will be a little different. Some people will do better and some worse. Most about the same. Outcome won’t be better. It won’t be cheaper and in fact coats will continue to grow. It also won’t be the apocalypse predicted by the right. But people will continue to complain about it and blame an adverse outcome the experience on the system.

      • So damned if you do, damned if you don’t? Got it. And yet you offer no alternative. We can have a shit sandwich or a shit salad and like it either way.

        This is part of the problem at Z’s hub here. All talk, no solutions. Propose an ALTERNATE model if we are screwed either way.

        I have an alternate one because I’m here to do the heavy lifting for you and help. Create a society like Norway where these socialized medicine systems work well. I.E. Homogenous same culture European monoliths. Oh what’s that you say? The horse is outta the barn and we are Brazil Norte already? Everyone is too passive and cucked to lift a finger to right the ship? Oh well, guess it’s salad or sandwich after all…

        • The solution already exists: pay cash upfront. I do this for my medical care and it is awesome. I don’t have to do referrals, argue with insurers, cajole health care providers, or get short-changed. I just show up, pay cash, and get taken care of quickly and thoroughly. No joke, telling receptionists you’re paying cash upfront means you get treated like a VIP.

        • Create a society like Norway

          J, muh brutha.

          A society like Norway cannot exist unless & until blue-eyed nordic boys plant their seed in blue-eyed nordic girls’ birth canals a day or two before those precious nordic follicles burst open and out come heavenly nordic ova to be fertilized by icy-blued eyed stone-cold-killah nordic warrior seed.

          Muh brutha, with the gangsta pimp hand.



        • First of all, neither is system is crappy. Or utopian. Both will work well enough for most people. The current system offers a bit more choice and the socialized system offers a bit more peace of mind and security.

          As far as an alternative goes. The only viable path I see is getting a socialized system to include choice and the ability top off whatever the gov pays for.

          But people on the right would rather fight a losing battle for muh free market than work to get some of what they claim to want.

  8. Welp, my Woketard alma mater just mandated the jab on campus.

    I guess, “my body, my choice,” only applies to women getting rid of clumps of cells.

    • ZMan: This left the two internationalist ideologies as the default ideologies.

      TWGH: “my body, my choice” only applies to women getting rid of clumps of cells.

      Somewhere here there’s a logical similarity to be found, if only I could put my finger on it.

      The “two” internationalist ideologies are of course sanheder Karl Marx’s communism and sanhederette Elisa Rosenbaum’s objectivism.

      But as we now know only too well, communism is objectivism and objectivism is communism, in that all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than other pigs.

      So in reality, there is only one winning political ideology: Be the more equal pig, and to hell with the rest of the pigs.

      As far as abandoning Roe-v-Wade’s Right to Privacy, the two ostensibly differing points of view [privacy versus utter subjugation] both result in precisely the same medical outcome: All White people must die, whether in the womb, via Dilation & Curettage, or post-birth, via vaccine-induced Cardiomegaly & Micro-Coagulation/Thrombosis throughout every capillary of the entire body.

      So I guess the logical similarity is that in each case you have two ostensibly different ideologies pushing exactly the same agenda: In the first case, the financial death of the White race, and in the second case, the literal physical death of the White race.

      It’s also precisely the same pattern you see with e.g. the allowed “Liberal” party and the allowed “Conservative” party in Washington DC – the only difference between them is that the Democrats molest little girls, whereas the Republicans molest little boys.

      But the ultimate “political” goals are exactly the same – be the more equal pig.

    • And the jab is made from abortion, too. Mandatory abortion just like mandatory sodomy in today’s woke schools, military, civil service, etc, if you want to score enough “protected class points” to ever made anything of yourself.

      The libertarian “choice” and “free speech” era was only ever meant to be anti-Christian and there is no organic support for any Enlightenment ideals without this target. The true believers of Hume or Kant or whatever are today’s autistic MMORPG addicts who got rich in cryptocurrency. They’re nothing.

  9. Great podcast Zman. I would love to see a deeper dive into the postmodernists, particularly the anti-Whites in detail, and also the Anti-Fa. I can see the two merging into a violent and dangerous tool of the flailing Regency. [Regencies are always dangerous for this reason].

    I don’t know if Anti-Fa is not influential or not. Cops busted their heads in both LA and NYC. This might be a sucker-punch (Soros DAs charge the cops and let the Anti-Fa go) or the crackdown. Left’s Night of the Long Knives.

    • Antifa has been getting its asses kicked publicly of late and thus far no one has been charged with anything.

      • I don’t get much daily news, so I’ll take your reports at face value. Isn’t it curious, perhaps, that Antifa is getting its ass kicked now that there is no need to put the other party into power? It’ll be curious to see what civil disorder begets in 2022.

  10. One of your best shows so far! I’ve had a lifelong interest in “extremist” political organizations and philosophies since I discovered a bundle of SWP newspapers in my grandparents’ attic. BTW, another popular term for “left libertarian” is “syndicalist.” Historically they’ve had an on-again off-again affair with those of us on the libertarian right. For example, check out the works of Scottish sci-fi writer Ken MacLeod, himself a libertarian socialist who has won a Prometheus award from the (right) Libertarian Futurist Society. I myself have written a self-published novel with a syndicalist hero. There’s a lot of cross-pollination going on.

    • We are probably flagged as extremists, of what organization to be determined, merely visiting, probably posting and surely by paying*. “The Zman Dissident Liberation Front”?

      *I do it by credit card. I want them to know who I am.

      • ““The Zman Dissident Liberation Front”?”

        LOL! You wish Walter Mitty. The reason he can even -take- CC payments is he is a non-threat to the regime. This place puts on airs that it is edgy but even Z himself will admit it’s a ‘safe corral’ at the end of the day. Right of Civ-Nattery but very left of the actual deep dark scary places of the internet none of which I will link to here.

        Boomer-con tier shit-posting and erudite political discussion is all this forum will ever spawn. There may be a time when even THAT is considered too extreme for these totalitarian paranoid lunatics but we are not quite there……… yet.

          • Already did. Got the 4am SWAT team, ruined work prospects, and the charges to prove it… your turn Keyboard Warrior. I’m good over here…

            And just to take the piss outta you further, I never said anything about taking action as I am the poster child for NOT doing that because they can & will destroy you. (see: Jan 6th). What I was saying if you weren’t a retard and could read is that we are not a threat –exactly– for that reason. This is a talky spot, not a ‘do’ spot. More clear now brainlet?

          • This is a talky spot, not a ‘do’ spot.

            A cynic would say that talk is cheap [and whistling “Dixie” doesn’t cost even so much as $0.01].

            But from the glass-is-half-full point of view, “they” wouldn’t be throwing every last fiat shekel in their possession at the code-red OMFG DefCon-1 moast important agenda item since the temple was destroyed in 70 AD – namely, the suppression & outlawing & eradication of any and all opposition talk whatsoever – unless they knew [deep in the empty black hole where their hearts ought to be] that mere talk had an underlying power to it which even their father in hell was powerless to stop.

            Here, of course, I’m identifying the DR as the ackshual opposition, with the GOP/Con-Inc being simply the little-boy-molesting helpmate of the little-girl-molesting DEMs.

            Speaking of which – namely, the molestation of children – NJ had an outstanding article today [linked to by VD] about how an yuge number of the faces at Fox News literally unironically ackshually came directly from a Meyer Lansky pr0n operation, called, “Explore Talent”:


            Your Fox News babes are literally unironically ackshually former pr0n starz sent directly to No-True-Scotsman Rupert Murdoch courtesy of Meyer Lansky Inc.

            Finally, J, if you get this far, then check out the following story –


            Now surely that will warm your heart, won’t it?

        • People are free to explore those dark alleys of the internet or other super-dissident thought. We run a respectable joint, er, establishment 😀 here and as you said, perhaps best not to link to them. In fact, for those who plan to enter the wilderness, you might be well advised to cloak your activities as best you can.

  11. Somewhat OT, it appears there is a “meeting engagement” with the Regency and demands from the media for another lockdown, masks and now forcible mandatory vaccines.

    After spending 5 months saying that the vaccines are safe and effective, take them and then ditch the mask, life goes back to normal with lots and lots of ads including a memorable one from Jaegermeister (dude walks into a bar, gets a shot poured by some tatted up blonde bartender, takes off the mask to show the ridiculous tan line of the mask with the tagline “Welcome Back”) …

    Now we have people saying lockdowns for 15 years (Iceland’s Health Minister) and Biden ordering mandatory vaccines but not for Postal Workers and likely another shutdown. And school closures. And illegals with Covid-19 allowed to move freely unlike citizens and people noticing and getting mad.

    People will put up with almost anything voluntarily if everyone is in the same boat. Elites, favored groups, and others exempt? That’s a revolt waiting to happen.

    • We shall see.
      “ I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical…”
      Evil White Man Thomas Jefferson

    • The federal government is starting to look like it’ll be easy to push over soon. I have a friend who just retired from a federal agency this January. They’ve called him up and are now sub-contracting him for more than he was salaries for before retiring. Apparently they couldn’t find a suitable replacement. He wasn’t even in a crucial department.

      I’d imagine a vaccine mandate will go worse than expected, since even a 5% workforce reduction would cause serious headaches. 20+% would be deadly. Time will tell

      • I think we’ll see impacts across industries.

        A lot of the remaining comptence in the US rests on the Boomer generation, a fair share of Gen X, and a sliver of Silents that have avoided retirement or are simply irreplaceable due to their years of accumulated knowledge and experience.

        It’s not going to be pretty as indoctrinated Millennials and Zers try to step up to the plate.

        • Going Galt basically.

          I’ve already seen this happening , a major company in my part of Clownifornia name redacted has lost nearly every engineer worth a damned including all the millennials they put through a special program.

          They have well over a hundred openings , not one applicant. None.

          The entire So Cal staff is down to like three, one with his foot half out the door.

          Problem is they pay Midwest wages for Chinese Hours in California and don’t want to hire White guys . That long with a fear of sticky wages plus the A Suite’s looter mentality has left them SOL.

          Couldn’t happen to nicer guys.

          A lot of Boomers BTW who got a good scare from COIVD finally realized they weren’t immortal and it was time for the RV/Harley thing or Boat thing and have retired en mass. It about the most Boomer thing even possible but you know what? Good on them .

          More than a few vetted Gen X have retired too and as time rolls on will be quitting in larger numbers. The oldest are now after all 55.

          This kind of thing is common everywhere these days and as the Great Resignation goes on will only get worse.

          Now Gen Y actually has little blame in this. They just responded to incentives. Back in the 90’s-2000’s when we should have been training them up, the fashion was to bring in foreign workers and and force the staff to train them.

          Millennials looked at that and the pay and just noped those jobs.

          Just like in the USSR since pay was close to parity in every job why work hard.

          Now we don’t have people.

          Play the words tiniest violin

          • Our company can’t hire any Canadian white guys. It’s not even a discrimination issue they just aren’t applying.

            I don’t know what white guys are doing these days but the ones under 50 don’t seem to be working much.

            And I get it… I get a good salary but for Toronto it’s not much. If I was making much less than what I’m making now I’d probably say eff it and go on welfare.

          • B125.

            I know of one very good surgeon near retirement who was paid an extra $100k per year he was willing to forgo retirement.

            Last I heard he’s paying off the house and doing the RV thing.

            Its simply that bad out there labor wise and the cost of us being unwilling to train people and unwilling or unable to put a boot up the backside of the political class is going to haunt us.

            Good odds future USA or whatever successor nations come after will become second or or third tier powers.

      • They’ve called him up and are now sub-contracting him for more than he was salaried for before retiring.

        If the dude still has some life left in his body & mind, then a federal pension plus greater-than-ever salary plus an economy which doesn’t completely tank could make him a serious amount of money over the next decade or two.

        Or at least that would have been the case, back when things were “normal”.

        But classically speaking, if the double dippers kept their noses clean, then they didn’t have any problem making it to millionaire status.

        Which was what Dave Ramsey found in his research – that the overwhelming number of ackshual millionaires in this country were public skrewl teachers with every manner of double dipping in their financial history.

        [Obligatory: But of course these aren’t normal times, and no one knows where any of this is heading over the next decade.]

        • Why not take the $$ and then sabotage it? Or half ass the work?

          It’s a great way of throwing sand in the gears of the system.

      • The mandates for the vax are going to get interesting. Somebody recently said, correctly I think, that, considering the jabs are offered nearly everywhere for free, that they’ve probably already hit the fraction of the populace (roughly 50% in USA) that will willingly (naively?) take the jab. Clearly the Prinicipalities and Powers are upping the ante.

  12. Understanding the left is not important. There is one thing to understand that is of the upmost importance, and only one:

    The left will do, say, act, react in any manner at anytime with one simply goal, advance the agenda. The left is a hive mentality. No matter what the data, circumstance, result they will react to protect the hive, even if it means their own personal demise.

    Those not in the left persuasion never understand this.

    • Ca. 2009-2011, when it was still slightly outre for respectable GOP to praise D.C. corporate culture, one of the James W. Ceaser articles I read on the intellectual history of Herbert Croly-style Progressivism identified the conceptual break from 19th century Left being their emphasis on 50.1% “democratic” result over all other ideological priorities — not a dry poli-sci point about being pragmatic or flexible on the issues, rather I think he was asserting their core value going back to Woodrow Wilson was to grab hold of power and never let go.

      If this is true — I can’t really evaluate the critique & “progressive” to me connotes Victorian steam-engine-worshiping guys in top hats — then progs are really not “left-wing” either but just up-market panderers, the flip side of “populism.”

      It is very confusing, since the way it went in high school history was Nebraska farmers as textbook example of “progressivism” — well, also T.R. who of course named his breakaway party that, etc. etc. The label’s as useless as “fascist,” probably

  13. Another great podcast; fascinating topic explored in depth that no one else on the internet will touch with a 10-foot pole. Allow me to take it to another level.

    The common denominator in all of the various political flavors covered in the podcast is that none of them could exist in a world in which you must compete relentlessly in order to survive. If you got up in the morning hungry and needed to work your ass off to make it through another day (while avoiding being killed), you wouldn’t have endless leisure time to debate esoteric BS with the buds down at the party hall. The luxury of ignoring reality is byproduct of a host with plenty of fat to feed the parasites attached to its ass. And since parasites can only feed, everything they do is an existential imperative aimed at that sole objective.

    Moral of this story. There is no advantage in studying a parasite, or attempting to persuade it, or negotiate with it. You either live with it or kill it. Simple as that.

    • Tom, first, I really liked your “You either live with it or kill it” line. Galvanizing.

      However, there is tension between nationalists who say, “I love my people because they are objectively the best” and those who say, “I love my people because they are my people, even if they are not the best.”

      This tension is reflected between the people who believe that all high-IQ/high-agency people of any race can create a tribal bond and those who believe that race is the strongest bond.

      Suppose you had a child or an old relative who turned out to be relatively ineffective in the world, perhaps even parasitical. Would you cast him out?

      I’m not trying to trip you up. Sincerely curious.

      • In life, you must play the hand you’ve been dealt. If that means your genetics bequeathed you a high IQ; then great, you were fortunate and got dealt a strong starting hand. Conversely, if you got the short end of the stick in the IQ department; so be it, you must play that hand nonetheless. That spectrum has nothing to do with man-made societal parasitism, which is mostly a consequence of long-term affluence. The able-bodied 20 year-old standing on the corner with a sign begging for a handout rather than taking a job to support himself is a parasite. Drop him in the middle of a Siberian forest and he’ll either starve to death or get serious in a heartbeat. Societal parasitism is a choice, not a birth handicap.

        • “Societal parasitism is a choice, not a birth handicap.”

          Thanks. That is a succinct summary of our differences. Do you agree that due to mass immigration and automation, we are approaching a time when many good white men, who are not skilled at computers/law/medicine/finance, are of no use to society? From a meritocratic perspective, they are disposable.

          • No, I’m not in favor of slaughtering innocents for any reason. Forgive me for being presumptuous, but I really think you need to get out more.

          • It’s the opposite, the lawyers, doctors, computer and finance jerkoffs are completely disposable. Can’t make nothin, fix nothin, build or grow nothin. Fuck em, the jab will kill em. we can get back to basics, real shit, not lies and delusion.

          • No, because deliberate choices by the rulers have made them useless.

            When women get free money so they don’t need a husband, when all the good jobs go overseas or to immigrants – then many of our people have been rendered useless through no fault of their own.

    • TomA, your post got me thinking….

      We know Juice are behind socialism and what not, which in turn creates a parasitical class.

      And since they are also parasitical in nature, could creating a multi-racial parasitic class be their way of remaking the world in their image and/or forming an alliance of parasites?

      We may laugh at this, but it does beg the question I think

      • Falcone, many on this site will not grant you your Juice premise. I don’t mind but wanted to point it out.

        Is it possible that society is evolving in such a way, that without direct intervention in the free market via immigration enforcement, that many white men will be unemployable and therefore parasitic?

  14. OT:

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed some of the recently jabbed developing chronic sniffles and coughs at the height of summer?

    • I haven’t noticed anything like that. My experience has been that roughly 5% of people I know got covid with not one of them dying. I’d guess about 40% of people I know got vaccinated with no ill effects to speak of. It appears to me that the jawing on both sides is more of a propaganda war than an accurate reporting of reality.

      • Agreed. Couple of 66 year old anti vaccine ladies in the in-law branch who caught full on Covid pneumonia.

        A few standard pneumonia treatment shots and they’re on the mend. Now, with Covid antibodies. They’re stronger and more resilient than ever.

        It’s the vaccinated people who are terrified by the variants. They were told there would be no suffering after the shot(s)…now it’s endless uncertainty.

        • If you want some gloom-and-doom reading, just Google “Marek’s disease” or “leaky vaccine.”

        • For the few people with bad immune systems and other health issues where it can be highly dangerous or those without choices, them I have compassion for .

          Otherwise for the fearful timid sheeple my compassion cup runneth empty. All the information was there and even with the censorship. “its untested” and “doesn’t work like regular vaccines.” which are not censored should have told them to avoid it.

          • The Party Line until as little as about 3 weeks ago was “the vaccines are the key to getting back to normal”. As far as I can tell it’s now “the vaccines don’t protect well enough but you still need one (and now you’ll have to wear a face diaper again even with the vaccine.)”. Who knows what it’ll be by Wednesday.

            I actually think this endless fluidity was anticipated by the “Controllers” who knew the stuff about how safe and well tested the vaccines were was BS. I also think this is probably Fauci’s real role. They stand up Clown Prince Anthony to tell the latest story. If it falls flat they know it can be blamed on Fauci having “misspoken” or been misunderstood. Then they change the story and march him out on stage again until something takes.

      • I’ve had similar thoughts.

        Beer Flu is a dud virus for all but the extremely vulnerable.

        It’s equally possible the jabs will turn out to be a dud bioweapon.

        • Why I call it the Blair Witch Project of pandemics.

          All hype and meta but no there there

          • On the other hand, the hysterical push to jab Heritage Americans while allowing illegal immivaders to run around jab-free tends to support the idea there are one or two darker agendas in play…

          • Actually there was an evil power that eventually killed all the young adults that were hiking in the woods.


        • This is a common claim in internet land. I label it 100% BS. Sure, this pandemic has been exploited for dubious political and business reasons from the start. But why is it so hard to believe that there’s a real virus running around making people ill?

          The virus was sequenced early in 2020. There are databases (Genbank is just one) allowing researchers to upload and download gene sequences. How do you think the (mRNA) vax makers got the coding to encode the S-spike protein, which is the active ingredient in “the jab”? SARS-CoV-2 bears a remarkable family resemblance to viruses that labs, including WIV, were known or suspected to have been working on. There is lots of published literature about this, including the controversial gain-of-function, going back many years. Of course, only crackpots believe a dangerous virus could have escaped a lab. Such faith is especially prevalent among those whose professional livelihood would be in jeopardy if they dared voice opinions that went against The Official Narrative.

    • Most of the people I know haven’t had problems. I also know people who’ve missed work, a young guy who’s been in the hospital twice, and a guy who had a heart attack and died.

      Is any of it related to the shot? I don’t know. Could it be taking advantage of free vacation, or completely unrelated illnesses? I can’t rule any of that out.

      Jury’s still out, but I’ll be happy if my extreme prejudice against the shot turns out to be paranoid fantasy, though.

  15. We should study Antifa a lot more. We have a lot to learn from them. Imagine if we had an RWDS (right wing death squads) “movement” with no club or membership, just a like-minded lifestyle brand, which is kind of what Antifa is.

    We joke about how there are no white nationalists or KKK members left in America and that is because they all got sued to death or sent to prison on RICO charges. While I really don’t support either the KKK or “white nationalism,” I can see how they could benefit from the lack of structure which protects antifa so well. Though, to be fair, nobody is really trying to go after them. Perhaps these tactics really wouldn’t work if the feds or states really tried going after them.

    One thing we could REALLY learn from them is to operate in your strongest places. These goofballs allegedly of the right always decide to try and organize or do gay-marches in enemy strongholds. Like Patriot Prayer marching in Portland. In Portland they have the universities, the city government, the courts and the culture. You are attacking uphill with no weapons a stronghold guarded with machine guns.

      • To the extent “white nationalism” is valid, it is only valid in the US. When you support things like “white nationalism,” you end up supporting abominations like the EU. Richard Spencer just happens to be a big EU supporter based entirely on the concept white nationalism. I absolutely do not believe all white people worldwide should come together as a unified political force.
        But even in the US, white people just don’t have the sense of self with white anywhere inside that sense of self. I do and I have for as long as I can remember, but I also was a minority in my school. Being white was an inescapable fact of life during the period of time my identity was forming. Very few white people have this. I just don’t see it going anywhere. Bottom line is White Nationalism has about as much purchase even in the US as National Socialism, which is virtually zero. People have been trying to rehabilitate both of them my entire life of over 50 years now, all with basically no effect other than them becoming even less socially acceptable.
        You don’t need to be a white nationalist to oppose calls for genocide against white people, which is now pretty common and mainstream. If you ever wonder why a white person can call for elimination of whiteness or other ways of saying kill white people, it’s because it’s an abstraction to them. They don’t internalize it because it is not in any sense what they think about when ask themselves “who am I” It’s not “who we are” in today’s vernacular. Given that public schools are as anti-white as every other institution, there is no chance of this changing any time soon.

        • Ah. I see. You’re in favor of sticking with the devil that we know. The one that is killing us.

          • Tars makes a good point. Black is Beautiful went hand-in-hand with black nationalism. White pride is sorely neglected. The best thing going is White History Month, and that was started by a black man!

        • White nationalism and the EU?
          Are you on acid?

          The EU is one of the biggest anti-white pro mass immigration Globohomo entities on the planet.

          Its structure is entirely oriented around the destruction of native Europeans, and has been for many decades.

          • Precisely. There’s no greater organized force opposed to white nationalism than the EU. Unless, that is, it’s AINO.

    • To Tars: regarding a ““movement” with no club or membership”.

      Antifa only exists because the TPTB allow them to exist. Dems/deep state see antifa as an tool to threaten opposition (normal society, political opposition). The fact that so many deep state folk were on record repeating the talking point that antifa isn’t an organization really gives the game away in terms of their loyalty (see, for example, Chris Wray congressional testimony in link below). Deep state running cover for antifa is an indictment of rot in federal institutions and how ineffectual Republican opposition to progressive power is at this time. And how progressives, even militant anarchist progressives, are wedded to and controlled by neoliberal power.


    • The “tankie” strategy is to ruthlessly stomp out any street theater protests simply because conservatives don’t live anywhere near any streets and don’t have that option. Rural and suburban people are conservative. Densely packed cities with lots of deviant sexual opportunities in a small area are liberal hives and the street protest is their ritual, not ours.

      It should be crushed. No one deserves to be a second class citizen simply because they don’t live in a city. And civil service hiring should be based on districts just like political elections, just so Boston and New York don’t rule everyone else.

      Civil service democracy worked better than 1789-1861 oligarchy, by the way, before post-WWII suburban sprawl pushed conservatives out of the hiring pool.

      • It wasn’t suburban sprawl that pushed conservatives out of cities. Now, what factors might it have been, that caused Whites to exit major urban areas? Now let me think, there were those Supreme court decisions in 1948 and 1954, and that Civil Rights thingy in 1964…

  16. Leftist ideologies, festering in the swamp of resentment, hurt feelings, and wishful thinking, feed on themselves, in that as an emotion-based idea set, each new feeling generated by the real world comes back to bite the liberal in the ass, upsetting him further and making him double down on his worldview. New facts are disregarded, as “proven” woke theories seek confirmation evidence rather than objective testing.

    The changes to woke ideology that occur are minuscule, mostly nibbling around the edges, propagated by cable news networks that are the cheerleaders for this sort of nonsense. When the Jewish Anti-Defamation League appears on CNN to tell the host why Tucker Carlson has to go, you know there is no news there, only propaganda.

    The propaganda of the Left, grounded in woke theology, smeared with the future blood of innocents, is poised to enter us into a new killing fields. The logical end-result of woke-ism is an attempt at radical restructuring of society, which is going to require the barrel end of the gun. The police and military would go along because they want to continue to get their paychecks and they enjoy perpetrating acts of violence; they love the excuse.

    Hammering at your door at 4 o’clock in the morning with a warrant for your political arrest is the logical end-point of wokeism.

    • Honestly, after listening to today’s podcast, the main thought that came to mind is that these guys just don’t have enough work to do. They just seem really bored. Perhaps breaking up monopolies and banning production above a certain amount of scale would be way more useful than any other policy just so these guys have something productive to do.

  17. Great show today.

    What is striking to me is the Leftist aversion to facts and verified statistics. Facts don’t matter….until they do.

    For example, the much touted narrative that 93% of protests last summer were peaceful is the go to slogan to counteract any criticism of BLM. Now, digging into the data shows that on average their were 6 violent protests a day for 88 days straight.

    But pointing out that out of 16,100 PHD Physicists, only 100 are black women doesn’t show a trend, or evidence of racial differences. To the Progressive-Leftist, this is merely another sign of systemic racism, as if angry white men are posted at the college doors to block entry.

    Zman, the best point noted in today’s show was that for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about how the world is shaped by whites, it is still undeniable that it was. Civilizations and societies created by the European draw minorities to them like ants to sugar because they know the difference between their cultures and ours. And it still makes them resentful of this fact.

  18. That assumption is that it is inherently immoral for European societies to organize themselves in the best interest of the people who make up the society.

    This is the central political theme of the post WWII years.

    The next unaddressed issue is: Who decreed this to be so?

    • It was decreed by pretty much everyone in upper echelons who got so freaked out over nationalism and the resultant bloodshed in Europe they were determined to not it happen again. And here we are.

      I remember the initial logic behind multiculturalism, at least from the more pragmatic of salesmen. The idea was if we bring people here from everywhere then we would both gain an understanding of the place and people of their origin and have them serve as something of a shield from attack from the place them come from — on the premise that, for example, China would never attack America because we have so any Chinese here and they wouldn’t want to kill their own

      Sounded good on paper and in theory but in reality it is nothing like that. And now we are reduced to justifying multiculturalism on the idea that it gifts to us all these different spices and methods of cooking.

      So from the cynic’s perspective, or perhaps also the realist’s, we destroyed western civilization for Asian and Mexican cuisine.

  19. “Old men provide the screed and the seed (ideas/complaints and resources),

    Young men provide the lead and the bleed. “

    It’s as true for left wing movements as for right wing ones.

    As things get more testy in the US, the old saw about “If the young only knew, if the old only could” seems relevant.

  20. If politics were a computer/cell phone, the *Left* would have been its default setting.

    As the late Jonathan Bowden once said, ‘What the Left has done in successfully morphing into endorsing and trying to manage a form of Left-wing capitalism, because all of the modern Western societies are largely Left-wing capitalist societies now, what they’ve done is that they’ve retreated to their core values and said that the form of the society that you adopt — naked state ownership and proprietarianism — is out, but coercion of business in order for it to adopt the correct values, if it isn’t prepared to adopt the correct values itself, is in.’

    [source: https://counter-currents.com/2016/08/the-essence-of-the-left/%5D

  21. The reason their planks make no sense is because it is coalition of various individual causes and special interests. But each one is too small to have wide appeal. So the movements all look like movement by committee largely, because they are. Feminists get together with environmentalists and unionists and each small group promises to support the platform so long as their special interest is maintained in the platform.

    • I think why it also makes no sense is because these are a people with no concept of an afterlife so they feel compelled to create heaven on earth.

      That to me has always been the core, fundamental difference.

      rather than merely accept the good and the bad that comes with existence, understanding that there is always only so much one you can do to improve the limited time here while spiritually longing for something better, they rebel against it and natural law. They hate Mother Nature and want to kill her. A form of hubris in the pure sense of the term.

      As an aside, they also have a love for politics of the “human management and husbandry” kind that I find repulsive and ugly. Their policies and vision are always of the human zoologist’s. No appreciation for the mystery and the unknown and the miraculous things within nature. Or for people and what makes them tick and their specialness. No appreciation for beauty.

      They are like warehouse workers moving boxes around, utterly devoid of any curiosity for anything outside of their job. Why the left can never be truly elite. They simply lack the curiosity of great people. They are also cowards. They have to know if they start looking too deeply into things, into nature, into life, they will find how little they really know, and that scares the bejesus out of these shallow and arrogant self-righteous pricks

      • They never seem to notice that when they try to create “heaven on Earth” they always create Hell on Earth. Even at the small scale.
        Just look at Slabtown. It’s pretty fascinating. It’s a shanty town which, through circumstance specific to its history works like a commune with very little law and order. Rape and other crime, drug use, extreme poverty, death on the doorstep and of course, lots of SSI checks. The anti-government vanguard all live off of government cheese.

        Look at Libya. They allegedly were practicing anarcho-syndicalism and the economy and productivity utterly collapsed. Once their non-leader leader was killed, they have daily slave auctions. Anarcho-syndicalism is especially retarded even compared to other retarded left wing “thought.”

        IMHO, leftists, especially of the antifa type are just very damaged people making the personal political as they say. Resentful, angry hateful people using concepts like “social justice” to act in antisocial ways without the judgement and consequences normally reserved for people acting antisocial. That’s basically an antifa riot. They aren’t smashing shit and attacking people because they are screwed in the damn head, they’re doing it for the benefit of the oppressed. They cannot even make slabtown work.

        • They never seem to notice that when they try to create “heaven on Earth” they always create Hell on Earth.

          Unless maybe you’ve misunderestimated their capacity for sadistic psychopathy, and Hell on earth is precisely what they crave [at least for us].

        • Hadn’t heard of it. There are at least a couple Slabtowns, none of which I’d especially care to visit. In my 30s, I visited the equivalent in Copenhagen, “Freetown Christiania.” I felt safe the entire time I was there (they give guided tours.)

          Wiki it if you want details. Suffice to say, that as squatter camps go (at least the hovels I’ve seen in third world or USA) it’s a high-class affair, you can’t do much better than take over a disused military base in (one of) the world’s best social welfare states.

    • Don’t under-estimate the Left (or any political movement.) I recall, perhaps from a college history class, the following claim, which I believe is correct:
      During FDR’s time as President, the Democrats had a radical faction, as they do today. The Socialists, or Communists perhaps, back then, had many radical proposals they’d implement. The point is that many of these WERE implemented, but it was done piecemeal. That is precisely why we got Social Security, “make-work” projects like the TVA and WPA and I’m sure many more I’ve never heard of, agriculture price and production controls, and so on. I won’t even say whether these are “good” or “bad.” But they were, so far as I know, approved by a representative majority, in keeping with the nation’s procedures.

  22. Excellent.

    It’s a great concept for a show and I can see why so much had to be left out. Any one of those groups is worth at least a show of their own by themselves. You did alright with the time constraints too, Z. It’s something we all need to do more of too – dissecting these guys dispassionately, objectively and scientifically. When we react to them emotionally, we get on the crazy train with them and in no time at all we start thinking with our emotions and they start doing their talking for us and that always ends badly. Lefty has us once we get mad – those guys owned me all the years I spent in The Hive.

    These guys have absolutely no defense against mature, informed dissent and PERSONAL critique. Awhile back my mom was giving me the gears about gun control and how if I just turned all my guns in, and you gun loving idiots all did the same, crime would just magically disappear. She was just waiting for me to start quoting facts and figures that she would just dismiss by refusing to listen to them. She was prepared to interrupt, heckle and do all the other cheap parlour tricks lefties do in debate.

    I told her she could waddle her fat arse over to the computer, and bring up the FBI/RCMP crime stats and debunk that idiocy on her own – but she chose to believe what the nattering old whores on The View said as opposed to professional law enforcers. She was astounded that I would talk to her like that, and gobsmacked when I offered to sit down at the computer with her. She decided to bitch about something else. My mother is not an idiot; she has a sharp tongue and she gets away with it by limiting her discussions and wittily dismissing opposing commentary before it’s made. She just never had it done to her. I do it all the time now, and she has learned to not talk politics around me anymore.

    Don’t get mad, folks. Get even.

    • If only The Founders had just turned in their guns…

      The whole ‘just turn in weapon X’ thing is often quite amusing to me. Here in The Isles, gun ownership in most cases is limited rather heavily. So knives are the big one; must get people to give in their knives… If only Alfred of Wessex has handed in his knives…

      Now, I won’t say who commits the immense bulk of knife crime, as you boys know it is disproportionately blond, blue-eyed Norwegians, but our police often declare knife ‘amnesties’. They’ll just have a big bin (with some cops round it) where Stefan and Mathias can hand in their blades – at least that’s how it is supposed to work.

      The other day in our local shopping district just such a thing was happening. You should have seen the line of people queuing up: all 60+ year old women. If only the housewives would give up their knives! Meanwhile, that very same week, about 1 kilometer away, there was a machete attack by ‘youths’. If only the correct people gave up their knives!

      It’s all so tiresome.

      • Knives are some of the easiest things to make. Even in prisons, they are abundantly available. YouTube has videos of prison “collections”. Once they “collect” all the knives, they’ll have to begin to license the use and purchase of spoons, bar stock, files, etc. It never ends, because the purpose is not to prevent violence via lack of implementation.

      • There’s an interesting book by Bill James, the baseball guy, about a serial axe murderer in the 1900s and 1910s called ‘The Man from the Train.’ It turns out that during that time there was a mini-epidemic of axe murders in the US, not just by the subject of the book but also the New Orleans Axe Murderer and others.

        Bill James is kinda leftish politically but even he observes that school shootings (1990s-2010s) didn’t begin with the advent of high-capacity magazines or automatic weapons (submachine gun 1917 or so; pump-action shotguns w extended magazines about 20 yrs earlier) nor suicide bombers with the advent of dynamite or vehicle jihad w the presentation of the Ford T. Nor ‘epidemic’ axe murders with the advent of the axe. Axes did not become less physically dangerous in the 1920s but axe murders became far less common. In the 1930s you had the mobile gangsters Bonny and Clide, John Dillinger etc. but not in the 1920s or 1940s. Acid attacks are mostly found in Islamic countries and homicidal immolations (‘bride burnings’) using kerosene or gasoline mostly in the Indian subcontinent despite the availability of the implements of these attacks being universal.

        Murder patterns, it conclusively seems, are culturally, not technologically, driven.

    • There is a massive cohort of people who are just begging an Alpha to look into their eyes and tell them to f*ck off. They are following so-called strong horses that are just weak scolds with a media apparatus. They will follow the stronger horse if he arrives and their previous beliefs will dissipate like a dream.

      Sounds like your mother just needs a few additional doses to get cured.

    • Glen, I always appreciate your family updates. Funny and sad.

      Tangerine has an excellent comment that suggests that political differences are biological. https://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=24545#comment-259458

      The idea that politics is rooted in genetics makes sense to me because when I argue with a leftist the vast differences I feel between us seem like they go all the way to our hardware.

      On the other hand, there are many families, yours and mine, which include the hard left and the hard right. The commonness of this situation appears to argue against the “politics is biology” idea.

      Even in my own life, I was a moderate democrat until 9/11. Looking back, I’d say that the media and academia modified my political phenotype to be different from my political genotype of dissident right.

      • My hypothesis explain part of the variation within families (like mine where everyone but me is a shitlib, although that appears to be changing) is recognition of rootlessness. We are all rootless cosmopolitans, with contributions from
        (1) the mobility imposed upon the highly credentialed,
        (2) descent from itinerant lowest class of original Americans (those who had no land but had to move around to find work), and
        (3) descent from the 1880-1900 immigration pulse of which the majority never properly assimilated.

        The Democrat Party isn’t just a coalition of the fringes, but a coalition of the unrooted, of those who feel they don’t belong. I think for many the misery of their rootlessness is multigenerational and hence so embedded into their psychologies that they don’t see it. They see the rooted as enemies because they have something they instinctively know that they themselves are missing (i), and the rooted happen be overwhelmingly the (white Christian-heritage) descendants of the generation of the founding fathers who settled counties and developed organic local cultures.

        These unrooted naturally ally with those like homosexuals who are naturally outsiders in any society.

        (i) like an infant crying with hunger pangs long before it has any conscious conception of hunger or food

      • I dunno what causes it, LITS. Part of me wants to say it’s a generational thing but there are so many kids having their minds ruined right in school now.

        I kinda sorta turned things around with mom. She finally texted an apology and I nearly fell out of my chair. Pop has had so many red pills crammed up his arse lately that he is starting to notice things too. I don’t think he will live long enough to become a dissident… but he is well on his way.

      • On the other hand, there are many families, yours and mine, which include the hard left and the hard right. The commonness of this situation appears to argue against the “politics is biology” idea.

        As an outstanding first-order approximation, Mendel’s theory of dominant & recessive genes goes a long way towards offering a compelling explanation here: For generations within a particular family, recessive genes for sh!tlibbery would have been over-ruled by dominant genes for sh!tlordery, but suddenly, out of the blue, two recessive genes for sh!tlibbery aligned with one another, and nine months later, voila, out popped a newborn sh!tlib into the family [possibly for the first time in a century or moar].

        The modern explanation would be of higher order, involving clusters of genes from the mother fighting with clusters of genes from the father, but it’s the same basic idea, and I think the first order explanation is simply outstanding in terms of grok-a-bility.

        PS: In addition to the always lurking inevitability of two recessive genes matching up with one another, you must never rule out cuckoldry as a competing explanation in these matters…

        PPS: To the extent that almoast all wahmen have no innate sense of politics nor philosophy whatsoever, and merely follow the herd – unless they have strong-willed husbands who insist on schooling them in politics & philosophy, and who also insist on requiring the wahmen to toe the party line – from the point of view of nurture [rather than nature], the presence of genes for weak-willed men in the family would allow the girls to grow up to be every manner of insufferable & uncontrollable cunts THOTs.

        • The only thing worse than a shitlib appearing in the family would be in those cultures where some of the populations’ ancestors had some, er, “commerce” with the Africans centuries ago (e.g Portugal). While it’s usually a dominant gene, it can happen that two very pale parents got dealt an Ace of Spades, so to speak 🙂

    • As an Italian prone to hotheadedness, that is something I had to learn, and my Irish and Dutch and Spanish wife born of a quieter more cunning people that was always her go-to, natural move.

      She never got mad, she just got even

      So I learned a few tricks from her. Now she gets mad and I get even.

    • 100%. Their greatest fear – really their only fear when it comes down to it — is being outgrouped. They absolutely cannot play defense, since they rely totally on The Hive. The trick is not going straight ad hominem, because then they get to dismiss you as a “hater.” That’s why the NPC meme and “ok, Karen” work so well. They are convinced that they are the calm, reasonable, factual ones, since everyone in The Hive agrees with them. “OK, Karen” doesn’t give them a chance to trot out any of their canned homilies, and makes them look like shrieking ninnies in front of their peer group.

      At the start of the COVID madness I drove a now ex-friend into nearly weeping hysterics — literally, this “man” was almost in tears — by simply repeating “ok Karen” to his ever more unhinged rants. They can’t just walk away – that would prove they’ve been driven out of the group – and they don’t dare slug you with their noodle soy arms, so fire away.

    • My mother is not an idiot; she has a sharp tongue and she gets away with it by limiting her discussions and wittily dismissing opposing commentary before it’s made.

      You’re describing Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder to a “T”.

      I’ve got a rather ribald kkk0mment in m0d right now [which Z & the m0ds might decide not to publish], but it concerned the absolute horror which is the venom of the post-menopausal woman.

      If you’re still rather young, then you have no idea how bad things are gonna become – the venom is just gonna get moar & moar vicious and moar & moar poisonous and moar & moar nihilistic, and it’s NEVER gonna stop.

      Until she takes her very last breath in this life, you’re gonna be on the receiving end of it.

      So hang tight, muh broh, hang tight.

      Stiff upper lip & all that jazz…

      • When I was a younger man her BS drove me nuts. I’m not kidding either, life in the hive was getting nuttier every passing day and I figured it was me at odds with the world. All this stuff was new then. Nobody had words like ‘red pill’ and ‘SJW’ or ‘chitlib’. The jargon and buzzwords came about after enough guys like me went through the progressive left meat grinder so guys like you and our esteemed blog host could see patterns and make sense of it. I started by reading the manosphere guys and the NRx fellas. A lot of them went through the same shite I did, and it busted a lot of them up. They became bitter and obsessed … and maybe at the time I was too. Regardless… I started to heal and recover. Then I ran into the dissidents. These guys aren’t obsessed or twisted, they are watchful, witty, and actually pretty restrained considering what is going on right now. It was stuff I needed to see and hear.

        All my mother is now is a crazy old bitch with problems of her own making. If she tries to make me the fall guy for them now, I just tell her I’m sorry she’s having a bad day and I leave. I don’t care anymore, her baggage is less to me than the mud on my boots. I don’t abuse her, but I won’t coddle her any more either. My militant lesbian daughter is gone for good, I will never see her again… and that still hurts. But she has gone down some very nasty, dark roads of her own choosing. I can’t go down those roads and wouldn’t even if I could. There are times still where it almost cracks me up sometimes.

        The left achieves power by feeding people’s inner demons and sowing dissent, anger and division. Conservative Inc is starting to do it now too. Those demons are insatiable, and they will destroy those that feed them and sell out to them.

        The best thing dissidents can do is distance themselves from it… and prep like mad. We are going to have to shoot our way out of what’s coming and we need to prep like mad.

        Hold yourselves and your families as far away from this lunacy as you can, don’t give in an inch to it… and may God be with you all.

        • G-filthie, that was an outstanding poast.

          Pretty much picture perfect.

          And I imagine it rather succinctly describes the life’s journey of millions [arguably tens of millions?] of dudes in the DR.

          I can’t go down those roads and wouldn’t even if I could.

          “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”


          PS: I don’t know anything about your age or your health or your current social situation, but I do know that there are MILLIONS of still-fertile White chicks out there who would do anything to have a proper White Sh!tlord in their lives.

          So, depending on your circumstances, lose the weight, lift the iron, walk with a bounce in your step & a twinkle in your eye & a sh!t-eating grin on your face, and the poontang WILL gravitate towards you.

          And phuck all the Karen naysayers who will try to shame [say] a 55yo man for starting a new family with a 35yo pro-Life White female.

          The Karens are simply JEALOUS.

          [PPS: You can literally phuck all the Karens if you want, but be forewarned that they are likely not to be Pro-Life, so when it cums to the Karens, my advice would be to limit yourself strictly to ana1.]

  23. Will listen as time permits – but suspect it will serve to underscore this statement:
    “..Intellectual traditions that underpin the modern Left work only if you forget the nature of man. Otherwise, they lack maturity and seriousness and read more like fantasy novels”…

  24. Readers are getting too esoteric for my understanding. What the hell is a “roundhead”? What does HBD stand for?

      • I stand corrected. Shudda looked up “roundhead” before complaining. European history obviously not my forte.

    • Roundhead is from the English Civil War. They fought on the side of Parliament. The people who settled in the northern colonies have their roots on that side of the fight. In the South, the settlers were from the other side of the English Civil War, the Cavalier side. That is why the mascot for the University of Virginia is a Cavalier.

      HBD = Human Bio-Diversity. Shorthand for biological realism.

      • UVA mascot — what mascot? Isn’t the university dumping that, along with any mention of Thomas Jefferson, ASAP?

        BTW, one of my ancestors, a nephew of Roundhead Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, signed the Death Warrant of King Charles I in 1649. He eventually fled the country along with a couple of other fellow regicides and was hidden in New England. The king’s agents looked and looked, but no one ever ratted him out: his name was Edward Whalley. One of the main drags in New Haven is named Whalley Avenue, and the cave where he hid for a while is called Judges Cave, now a state park.

    • Roundheads: Puritans, the Elect who brought their hatred of their countrymen and the lingering English Civil War with them.
      Eventually, that war repeated itself as the War of Northern Aggression.

      HBD: the race issue.
      It’s probable that the English and American civil wars were as much a “race” (between white substrains) issue as a class issue.

      Today’s exploration of “the Left” can possibly be seen through that lens; the question is, are we seeing social variants? A taxonomy of spiteful mutations?

    • Folks, it was just an honest question. I knew I shoulda kept it ultra short. to “Puritans”, and “race issues”.

  25. I think it’s a mistake to examine the Left purely by their professed ideologies. Those are transitory, but yet the Left remains consistent in their personalities through time — hysterical, Machiavellian, individualistic, iconoclastic, fanatical. Examine those involved in both the French Revolution and the October Revolution. The motivations and histories were very different for those conflicts, but notice how the Leftists in both cases were bloodthirsty fanatics. You might say that some similar ideological tradition motivated those people, but really that’s all downstream from biology. Both revolutions, and how the Left acts in current day USA, shared similar characteristics because similar types of people with similar genetic backgrounds led them.

    The Left is best defined by their biology and not their ideology. We know from studies that Right and Left brains differ in how they process information. The difference is genetic in origin, which means that unless those genes are removed from the population, there will always be the potential for the Left to rise again and destroy society, perhaps using a new ideology as justification. They’ll change their religion or their ideology or whatever, but it’s really the personality, defined by genetics, that counts. Ideology is merely a change of suits for these people. The person underneath is still the same.

    Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans

    Facial recognition technology can expose political orientation from naturalistic facial images

    There are lots of other studies, too. Looking at all of this, it’s hard for me to conclude that Leftism isn’t either some kind of evolved social strategy such as psychopathy is thought to be or perhaps they are the product of reduced selection pressure (i.e. the spiteful mutant).

    • Interesting analysis. There certainly seems to be common traits among lefties across time.
      Perhaps it is more simple than that to define.

      Men perpetually ask: “What do women want?”
      Alas, women never seem to tell us.

      It would appear that that is the wrong question.

      Instead, ask what a woman doesn’t want. The answer is:
      “Everything I have right now”.

      This feminine perspective mirrors the “dog’s breakfast” of leftist dreams and wishes.

      What does the left not want? Everything they have right now.
      Things like: Order, prosperity, abundance, freedom, and so on.
      Look at any policies proposed or implemented by the left and note that they hamper or destroy those things that benefit society.
      To me, it seems like a masculine vs feminine thing.

      And the fems are mostly in control in Western Culture.

      • Some years ago, a guy got hammered by the girls for commenting that once a month, women want to change everything for a week- then the other three weeks, they want the guys to put it all back.

        He was countering the “men only think with their *bleep*” with “women are controlled even harder by their biology.”

        True, but if I had to put up with the Curse every month, I wouldn’t be discontented, I’d be downright postal. Nothing left alive.

    • Tangerine: Spiteful genetic mutations, i.e. Spandrell’s “bio-leninism,” explains a great deal. Yesterday I had the opportunity to tell a young, attractive, un-tattooed young White woman that it took thousands of years of selective mating to get her looking as she did, and to be proud of it and not f&&k it up. People need to learn that genetics is actually a thing, and not a particularly new one at that. Mendell and his peas, animal husbandry, etc. – all has been jettisoned by the mutants and the shape-shifting money men behind them.

      • 3g4me or someone else, could you give a simple definition of “bio-Leninism?”

        I confess I’ve read about it a number of times but came away with the impression that, like the term “cultural Marxism,” it conceals more than it reveals. I could be wrong.

        • As I understand ‘bioleninism’, the basic idea is that it is an alliance between the groups naturally low status (weak men, ugly women, minorities, sexual perverts) to wage war on those with natural high status (masculine men, beautiful women). Sort of a war on the inherent inequality of the human condition and on the Darwinian principles that determine that men will be more attracted to beautiful women and women more to masculine men. That’s also explains why the left hates all things beautiful, from architecture and art to humans and achievements. IOW it reconfigures leninism from an economic to a biological focus. All the people who would die in a scarce resources environment making war on those who historically converted society from bare minimum to affluence. It’s a conjecture but it actually seems to fit the sewer spillage engulfing Western society today.

          • Interesting. This is my first exposure to the defining of “bio-Leninism.” Your depiction bears a strong resemblance to Nietzsche’s “slave morality,” a values system the weak and powerless create as a practical and wishful-thinking bulwark against the real or perceived oppressor.

            He argued this was a repudiation, actually an inversion, of the values of the Master or Aristocracy’s morality. His criticism most often targeted religions, but equally could apply to any similar moral/ethical/legal system. Could we say that Bolshevism is little different from monotheism, except that God has been replaced by the Central Committee?

            He was no fan of democracy and no doubt would have been appalled at the depths of “decadence” the West has plumbed in the 120 years since his death.

      • I use Jack Russel Terriers as an example of genetic selection. The Reverend Jack Russell, , a real one,not like Sharpton et al, decided in the 18c aughts to produce the perfect dog for fox hunting, worrying them out of their dens etc. after less than 20 generations he had the nasty yippy little shit’s that we know today. The punch line is the the Ur example, his Eureka! I have it! moment was a dog he called Trump. Needless to say, it was a Bitch.

    • “We know from studies that Right and Left brains differ in how they process information. The difference is genetic in origin, which means that unless those genes are removed from the population, there will always be the potential for the Left to rise again and destroy society, perhaps using a new ideology as justification”

      This fits well with two very disparate but empirically strong works of note. Glubb’s ‘Fate of Empires’ is about civilizational cycles and how affluence leads to decadence and decline. If we assume that affluence allows more genetically weak individuals to survive childhood, that would explain why there are more crazy people the richer society is; they survive infancy and childhood whereas they wouldn’t in harsher conditions.

      The other is Edward Dutton’s idea of the spiteful mutant which is basically the same idea but using biological and genetic data instead of historical documents of the conditions of Rome, the Islamic Golden Age and other ancient civilizations. This seems persuasive; we’re being killed by all the ugly children who weren’t fit for survival but who hate the people who made their survival possible by abolishing scarcety. Darwin’s way of saying ‘no one will hate you more than the ones you save.’ (as an aside to that, is it random that France became the focus in Western Europe for anti-Americanism and Poland for Russophobia? Perhaps not, France was saved by the US from becoming a perpetual German colony and Poland by Russia from becoming probably pretty much exterminated in the ‘Ost Plan’. Today both hate their respective saviors far more than they do the Germans)

  26. It seems to be that the the West, as a thing created by and for Whites, must surely be “guilty” of structural racism. We literally designed it to create the best outcomes for our people, so it isn’t a surprise that such a system does not create the most-preferred outcomes for blacks or anyone else. If that’s the definition of structural racism, well, ok then.

    I’m gonna have to agree and amplify on this one.

    • Yeah. There is in fact no way around it. White civilization serves the interests of it’s creators. And why not? It’s only now, with Wokeism, that this has become a problem.

      The ‘agree and amplify’ could be a great strategy here: as people come to realise that what they need for their basic survival is ‘structural racism’ (e.g. running water, electricity, police force, guns, chopping boards, plastic, science…) there are only two options:

      Double down in a desperate bid to ‘not be racist’.


      Get some backbone and finally admit they don’t give two hoots for blacks and the insurmountable issues they cause.

      I am holding out for number two, but who knows – can’t be too optimistic about that GoodWhite gene. Must plan accordingly anyhow. I suppose if you cared at all about ‘educating the leftist’ you could point out that even if the above be true, it does not mean it is not at least a better place for blacks than blacks themselves could ever have hoped to make. I wouldn’t bother, though.

      • > Get some backbone and finally admit they don’t give two hoots for blacks and the insurmountable issues they cause.

        Offering to pay for their trip back to Africa to be in black society is also a winner. That’s a form of reparations that would be perfectly just.

        • I’m about to ask a terribly ignorant question regarding ‘sending them back’: didn’t Lincoln seriously consider this? Was this not related to the creation of the successful, highly influential and non-violent state of Liberia?

          • Short answer. No.
            1.The logistics wouldn’t have worked. Moving 3 million people by sea halfway across the world with mid 19th century technology is kind of impossible.

            2. Lincoln used this idea to keep Northern Democrats in his fragile war coalition and his armies, as a bit of smoke and mirrors to keep the war going. It was just like most leftist politicians in that he never intended to do it, but the conservatives of the time, just like always, fell for it like suckers.

            3. Lincoln had a radical faction in his party that exercised a lot of power, and Lincoln himself was just a few steps behind them in his radicalism, but much more able to hide it behind his folksy demeanor (think Bill Clinton’s “Bubba” persona). He never intended to ship the Sacred Negro back to Africa, not after the Emancipation Proclamation, and enlisting then as soldiers in his army. You don’t do that and then ship them off.

          • Liberia was founded in the early 19thC. When Madison (the 4th President) freed his slaves they asked to be sold rather than be sent to Liberia.

          • Reply to RoBG: Can’t remember where I saw this. But, yes, most freed slaves preferred to stay in US vs. return to Africa.

            My impression was that some in the abolitionist North (including possibly Lincoln) had hoped, possibly, for wide spread volunteered repatriation of slaves to Africa. But this was more of an idea rather than a solid plan.

            My impression was that people that supported repatriation of slaves to Africa had not considered (or possibly thought through) the possibility of freed slaves not volunteering to return to their homelands.

        • When talking about large numbers of incompatible people, most resign themselves that it is impossible to reverse what has happened by the traitors in western governments. Yet in the 20th century (1923) Greece and Turkey swapped 1.6 million people to try and ensure more ethnically homogeneous nations.


          It was considered far better than a constant ethnic series of conflicts on both territories.

          • India and Pakistan did likewise in a rather bloody way at the time of Pakistan’s formation. It’s an instructive precedent because the people (Hindus/Muslims) violently hated one another and yet were of the same basic genetic stock. This is similar to the Red/Blue divide among Whites today and a case can be made that a similar partition is occurring even now.

            If Whites were the only people involved, this might be a fairly simple if expensive proposition as millions relocate to where their politics are most dominant. The wildcard is the various minorities. The tendency will be for the minorities to be excluded from “Red” (conservative White) territory or to exclude themselves since these areas would eliminate most of the AA and welfare infrastructure they depend on. The problem is that the “Blue” (Leftist) Whites also don’t really want them in spite of their anti-racist posturing. In fact it’s quite likely that they would be unable to bear the burdens of the diversity they themselves brought into the country (or pandered to in the case of Blacks).

            This leaves the option of creating one or several ethnic states full of the continent’s most incapable and generally dependent peoples. This creates its own problems too.

            Such a tripartite post-USA might still work if everyone played nice. The Bantustans with all the Blacks would need constant foreign aid and border policing but that shouldn’t be too hard for the two larger White states to accommodate. The real question is whether the Blue Americans could resist their essentially religious and rather fanatical impulses to force their poisonous Left ideologies down everyone’s throats at gunpoint. History suggests the answer is no. It may thus still require the Leftist White state to be utterly crushed and defeated to prevent them from launching a whole new Equality Jihad to reconquer the evil Badwhites again in a mishmash of their previous crusades in the first Civil War, the Civil Rights era, and the BLM era.

          • I can’t seem to reply to the below comment. However, I wanted to make a general observation that I have seen before that Europeans talk in terms of deportation/repatriation and in the US the framing mostly seems to be partitioning (like India).

            Even though some modern countries in Europe are newer than the US.

          • Sending ethnically foreign recent arrivals back is far preferable to having them and the old stock slaughtering each other like in the former Yugoslavia or Rwanda. This is the sane option. But it requires sane societies.

          • There exists one more, um, “drastic” option to settle irreconcilable differences among incompatible populations, but it’s a last resort, very messy, and we shan’t discuss it further right now 🙂

      • Was at my local higher-end grocery store this AM and the Biden/CDC word that masks were to be re-instated had gotten through to all sorts of POC and wizened elderly couples who were dutifully wearing them, even though it was 94F outside in the parking lot. Wonder if that was because those folks had not yet received the COVID-19 vax, although the it’s been available since January. Or is it just because they have faith that the government means them no harm. Confusing response, isn’t it?

        • I’ve reached the conclusion, at the lower-end groceries, that the Vaxxed are the people still courteously wearing masks and the Deplorables are the people choosing to breath free.

          Those who get the Vaxx in order to be free, do not understand even the concept of freedom. I bet they aren’t even surprised that they have to mask back up and get tested as if they’d never knelt to tyrants in the first place.

    • That’s a good point, looking out for your own interests is now bigotry. But only if you’re Y8. Very Orwellian how ‘anti-racism’ now means the most rabid form of racism against one race.

    • Relatedly, I wonder what system would create the most preferred outcome for blacks?

      What even is their preferred outcome? And how would it differ from the advantages they have now in the west?

    • My way of seeing it has always of the obstacle course. Say whites are dogs and society is built to challenge the skillset and abilities of this animal, and it selects for the best performers.

      Blacks are like cats. They enter the course and where it asks them to pull a sled or burrow under a fence they instead want to climb a tree or chase a butterfly, and so they get left behind and fail.

  27. Your segment on the post-modernists, whom I think are the central intellectual ‘engine’ behind modern leftism, confused me at first but later you seemed to arrive at what is also my impression: the post-modernists believe, or claim, two things; there is no objective reality. And, there are only power-relations between people. The first sounds insane and it is insane. But it is insane in a convoluted way, I think by blurring the line between the state of mind, psychological reality and then objective or physical reality. And the post-modernists were very bright people, sort of discontended geniuses who got lost in their own big minds. I also thought the ‘true’ post-modernists were later than the Frankfurt School and of French origin (yes many of them (((French))) so ppl won’t have to harp on that). But the two are closely related and the former probably took up from the latter. The post-modernists’ ideas, which can ONLY find traction in an affluent society where being wrong about literally everything has zero bearing on your physical well-being and security, are the central ideas out of which the new taylor-fit definition of ‘racism’ and CRT and all that, grew. The obsession with sex (why are first gays, then increasingly twisted pervert minorities afflicting maybe less than 1%, suddenly ‘the struggle of our age’??) is also both very Frankfurter-like and post-modern. It is hard to escape the impression that both ‘schools’ essentially consisted of noodle-armed beta creeps with profoundly disturbed sexual instincts – hopefully suitably bullied and beaten in their formative years, as perverts – suddenly finding themselves dangerously influential.

    About Lenin and partisanism, well, the guy was right. If you are not partisan for your side, you adopt what I think ‘the soul proprietor’ (sorry, couldnt resist 🙂 calls bourgouise objectivism. Which basically claims that you are like a guy watching an ant hill, i.e. have no stake in who’s running the place. But, of course, you completely do. Like all the diabolical genius politicians, Lenin got the tactics right and the substance wrong. He picked ‘all workers everywhere’ as his ‘in-group’, an in-group that doesn’t exist (a strong parallel to today’s anti-whites btw; if whites go, the machetes are really gonna come out and the roof tops brizzling with gun barrels as blacks, Hispanics and various Asians sort each other out, ‘non-white’ is another in-group that doesn’t exist). But there is no reason to think that the political tactics of people who fought for insane objectives, could not be used by us. This is true for Lenin, for Stalin, Hitler, Mussoulini, the post-modernists and the Frankfurters. To make a military analogy, no one would ever claim that the Germans did not know how to train infantry and artillery well in both world wars. But they used them in insane and self-defeating ways. They got the tactics right and the contents wrong. Which is exactly the opposite of us. Imagine us with the political tactics right.

    • The French pomos were often communist party members (it was the style at the time), and they knew their Marx well enough to ambivalently embrace/reject him, but their strongest previous-generation influences were literal Nazis like Heidegger and de Man, not the Frankfurt commies, whose work is aimed at America(ns) and didn’t bounce back to Europe until the ’80s or so, and didn’t *really* hit until just now (as “Islamo-leftism” or whatever).

      The one maybe notable Frankfurt-to-pomo connection is Louis Althusser. His Marxism resembled the Frankfurters’, though I don’t remember him ever crediting them, and he was a local rhetorical and professional Big Man as the pomos came up. Current_year notions of the “structural” descend, unwittingly and stupidly, from Althusser’s idea (of Marx’s idea) of it.

      If you do a publication search for, e.g., “Derrida Adorno,” you won’t find Derrida citing Adorno, but later writers, almost all Americans, trying to reconcile the two—and non-Americans pointing out why that’s impossible.

      The very important thing is: “The Frankfurt School” was an American op. Excluding Deleuze’s love of Beat-era fiction and Foucault’s of American bathhouses, there’s nothing American in French postmodernism.

      • Sounds like you know a lot more about post-modernism than I do. I’ve only scratched the surface but that’s enough to realize that they are venomously disturbed.

  28. I sometimes amuse myself by imagining what the #woke are like in that weird Castle Wolfenstein world where the other guys won at Stalingrad. Whole libraries worth of books explaining, in the densest academic prose, that Hitler wasn’t really a Nazi, and that real nationalism has never been tried. People being what they are, the triumphant disciples of Mustache Guy undoubtedly would’ve gone full SJW faster than the triumphant disciples of Karl Marx.

    • The “what if the Germans won” thing is interesting only to the extent that it helps understand the American regime. Let’s say the Nazis forced the Soviets to capitulate and the Stalin regime collapsed. Facing the prospect of a stalemate, the British negotiate a peace with the Nazis. How long before the Americans broke the peace and invaded Europe? Would such a peace even be accepted? It seems unlikely.

      When you think about it, Bad Uncle shrinks down in significance.

      • That question depends on how quickly the German nuclear weapon project becomes a reality in the alternate timeline. While the Communists and the bagels embedded in the Manhattan Project were salivating at the prospect of nuking Berlin, if the Germans, with the competing demands for a multi-front war and a bombing campaign not complicating matters, and a Werner von Braun not Paperclipped to White Sands, had developed a German nuclear weapon, you’d see a Cold War with the Germans instead of the Soviets. Having a nuke in your pocket with a V4 ICBM delivery system with a swastika emblem painted on it would be a deterrent to American adventurism. After all, there’s a reason we deliver freedom to poor Iraqis and Afghans with tons of high explosive but not to North Koreans.

        • Heh. At some point in the past month or so I was reading Richard Rhode’s book about the atomic bomb. There is a sizeable chunk of one chapter where the author follows the musings of great minds like John von Neumann, Edward Teller, Leo Szilard &c and wonders why so many talented bagels came from the same region at the same time.

          Naturally, the quite significant bagel presence at Los Alamos is detailed well; but in a good way, so therefore not ‘anti-semitic’. What I remember thinking is that these boys had no real loyalty to America at all, but who needs that when you can vaporize yellows in a second or two.

          “After all, there’s a reason we deliver freedom to poor Iraqis and Afghans with tons of high explosive but not to North Koreans.”

          Indeed. Turns out having a big stick is very helpful. As is looking like your ballsy enough to use it.

        • The Germans were likely never going to develop nuclear bombs not possessing vast stores of uranium and vast resources required initially in 1944-45 to process it and refine it for even the “gun-type” uranium bomb, much less the plutonium implosion bomb. Plutonium (more efficient and the only bomb that could be put on a missile, the uranium one required purified uranium bullet fired at a purified target to create criticality) undergoes something like 17 different phase states after refining. Not kidding.

          The Mustache man lacked the manpower, resources, and those with knowledge of high energy physics who were mostly wearing Small Hats. Talent does not grow on trees, as Stalin and his successors found out. The price of Stalin’s purges of talented people in the 1930s was losing the space and missile race.

          • @ Whiskey-
            In the real history, yes, all true.

            But in a timeline where the Soviets collapse in 1941-42 the resources could be marshaled (uranium from the former Soviet territories) as well as material resources that otherwise would have been sucked into the Ostfront meat grinder. With a Soviet collapse, Western Allied strategic bombing that crippled much German war industry could be stopped with massive transfer of anti aircraft weapons and fighters redeployed from the East, or the Nazi version of Los Alamos could simply have been located where the real Russian one was, far to the east of Moscow, out of range of any US or British aircraft.
            Human resources were definitely not the problem, unless you posit that Juice have an innate ability to do nuclear physics like Shitavious does dribbling a basketball. Heisenberg was absolutely top of the line, and von Weisacker literally discovers plutonium.

            There was a crucial meeting in 1940 between Albert Speer’s war industry people, the Wehrmacht Technical Office, and the physicists. They were asked if they could make a weapon in time to have an effect during the current war (note the time frame-before Barbarossa and the entry of the US in 1941)
            and the physics nerds said not before 1945, and not without a massive commitment of money, men, and resources, which in the context of late 1940 wasn’t enough to get the big boys interested in going all out on a nuke, because they saw their blitzkreig as all but won.

            A Germany that defeats the Soviets and knowing what everyone knew, that nuclear weapons are coming very soon, and with only one power in sight (a US probably working on a bomb-the Abwehr, unlike the Soviets, had no agents in “Manhattan”), would certainly been able to build a bomb faster than the Soviets did, even with the help of their agents within “Manhattan”

      • If Russia had collapsed there would have been no invasion of Europe. D-Day was a tighter shave than most realize. With no Eastern Front it would have been impossible. Without the Red Army, the only way for the Allies to win that war would have been to get the Manhattan Project finished in a hurry, mass produce implosion bombs and nuke the bejezus out of the Germans. That COULD have worked but I doubt the US would have done it, especially if the Brits had already thrown in the towel.

        OTOH, a victorious Third Reich would have eventually mellowed, much like the Soviet Union did. It’s fun to be Sparta for a while. But after you win every battle you come near, even the tough guys wanna kick back, relax on the beach and enjoy the company of some younger Fraüleins. Albert Speer could have been a potential Chruschev type, trying to soften up the hard-lining eventually. But there are way too many butterfly effects to say in any substantiated way what the world would look like today if the Germans had won.

        • I’m not so sure. The allies invaded Sicily in 1943, after having secured North Africa. They already had control of the Mediterranean and control of the skies over Europe. In order the Germans to wheel around and defend their southern flank, they would have needed to knock out the Russians early in 1942 and they would have needed a revolt in Russia against the Bolsheviks. Not impossible, but look at how long the Russians stayed in the Great War after she descended into civil war.

          My point here is that the Americans would probably not have accepted a peace as long as they imagined some path to victory. If the Russians had collapsed in 1942 and it resulted in civil war in Russia, then maybe the Germans and Italians could have fought the allies to a standstill in Italy, but for how long? The blockade of Europe and control of the skies would have allowed the allies to wage a low-cost siege of Europe, in order to wear down the Nazi regime.

          • It’s unknowable today what would have happened if the Russians had collapsed, But I don’t personally see the US slogging its way to Berlin or even the Rhine with shermans, mustangs and B-17s if the vast German armies had been freed up from combat operations against the Russians. It cost the Russians over 10 million military deaths to get to Berlin over the body of 70% of the German army or thereabouts. Assuming more effective American tactics, would America have accepted say 4 million dead G.I.s to vanquish the same forces (what they did face plus most of what the Russians dealt with except for second tier units left for occupation duty out east), now turned west and south? We can’t know but I doubt it. If FDR could even have sold that to the American people, I think the strategy would have been to fight an air war and wait for the bomb. In any case it requires a parallel universe to find out so it is principally unknowable.

          • Whether there was the will to fight Germany alone is a different question from the ability to fight Germany alone. American industry was the greatest power in world at the time of WWII. Germany never could produce what armaments it needed to fight off a concerted American effort, if the will was there. We also had double the German population to work with as well.

        • Germany was doomed as soon as America entered the War. What the German military required was short wars where they could then re equip and retrain. They lacked the manpower and infrastructure to sustain a war of attrition. After Barbarossa, they lost half their combat strength of 1941. These men and their 18 month training were never replaced. The German war machine was incredibly complex, and required incredibly trained men to operate it.
          Had the Allies faced Germany not fighting in the Russian Front (likely not probable — there would have been resistance and considerable garrison troops) the fighting would have been vicious but so too the slaughter: Germans had no answer for Allied Air Superiority. The Panthers (Tigers were even worse) could not go 50 miles without requiring service and required far more fuel. The Shermans were lighter armored, but there were a LOT more of them, Panthers and Tigers required massive amounts of resources to create.
          The most likely development would have been close air support from bombers like the AC-130 “Spooky” used in Vietnam making a much earlier approach. The Allies controlled the Skies by 1944, and that meant German doom.

      • I guess I should’ve known better, mentioning the Great What If? on the internet (the other Great What If?, I mean, not the one where the good guys won at Gettysburg). I just find it amusing, imagining a Cold War with the US vs. the Nazis (this is the plot of an entertaining novel, Fatherland, by Robert Harris). All the hippies and proto-wokesters who went nuts for Stalin, and then for Sartre and Marcuse and Foucault and the rest when they couldn’t keep their faith in Stalin, amuses me.

        Goebbels was a left-deviationist, you see, who barely escaped getting the same icepick to the head that the Strasser brothers got in alternate-universe Mexico City. Himmler was a right-deviationist, eventually purged a la Beria, and so on. Meanwhile, every egghead in America whines that yeah, Hitler made a few mistakes, but real National Socialism has never been tried…

        • Well, to circle back to Z’s topic for Thursday, one could argue that the Chinese today are pretty much practicing National Socialism. Except for the stupid parts like “telling the Jews you want them dead” or “invading Russia while simultaneously fighting a war with Britain and America”

          • Yeah, Z, sorry for the unintended thread jack. I was just attempting a lame Friday joke about the jock sniffer nature of SJWs – if Mustache Guy had won, all the #woke would be calling anyone who disagreed with them a “communist” and an “anti racist.”

        • There’s a great SF novel[la]
          Which, much like Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle,” envisions an “alternative history”. In “Jubilee” [spoiler alert!], of course there’s a time machine, conveniently located in Pennsylvania. Some jerk goes back in time to watch the victory at Gettysburg as a spectator, makes a minor goof, and you know the rest…. 🙁

          Alternative History (science) fiction is often entertaining. Let’s face it, today’s reality sucks and you can make up your own fantasies! Postmodernism says it’s OK 😀

  29. Burning down Western Civ by any means necessary and bending reality to the will of the finest from the faculty lounge is the leftoid mentality.
    Jacobin terror is waiting for those who don’t wish to be part of the hive borg.
    Go along get along and muh rights from constatooshun are long gone.
    Freedom isn’t free and the Tree of Liberty is parched.

  30. “As with Bastiat, the intellectual traditions that underpin the modern Left work only if you forget the nature of man.”

    I guess the million fiatski question for me is: Do the Enlightenment assumptions underpinning the “founding documents” also forget the “nature of man”? The “proposition that all men are created equal” clause that’s engraved on the heart of eery Jaffaite conservative certainly does. But does the Constitution itself? I don’t know, but it hasn’t done much to guard the people against the depredations of tyrants.

    • The current crisis is partially the result of the War of 1812. If not for that conflict, the New England states would probably have seceded from the Union. They would have at least forced some changes to the Constitution to allow them to operate autonomously. The War of 1812 brought the country together and validated the constitutional order. Unable to live separately from their ancient rivals, the Northern Roundheads set about conquering them.

      • It’s really quite serendipitous that the two groups that gave the crown the most trouble-roundheads and borderers-all moved to America. This gave the crown the ability to dominate the continent by being less hindered by internal strife. All we got was a postponement of the inevitable.

      • And like King Dermot MacMurrough of Leinster, the Northern Roundheads brought in mercenaries to defeat their ancient enemy.

        And like MacMurrough, the Northern Roundheads have condemned their people to foreign rule.

    • If you have a diverse population, you have no choice. You have to say that all men are created equal, otherwise there will be conflict.

      The more diverse the population becomes, the more apparent the lie is, and consequently, the increased potential for conflict.

      Also, there is diversity and then there is diversity. There is the Italian – Irish sort of diversity, and then there is the Eskimo – Pigmy sort. Cultural and genetic distance matters.

      • “If you have a diverse population, you have no choice. You have to say that all men are created equal, otherwise there will be conflict.”

        Absolutely. And I would add permanent underclasses. That’s why the lefties, most righties, and the ruling class will never, ever acknowledge HBD. Core ideas on the dissident right come dangerously close to approving a Indian-type caste system, with high-IQ at the top and in charge, and low-IQ on the bottom and out of the way. This arrangement is intolerable to most modern whites.

        As a nationalist, I would aver that this is not a caste system, rather a form of free association or self-determination. But good luck running that argument through a normie.

        • However, I would add that such a “caste” system is already in effect and getting worse. This is inevitable in a 1st world, high tech society. It differs from an Indian caste system (which is often what people think of) in that one is not relegated to any particular caste by “accident” of birth.

          Regardless of race, HBD science would teach us that there are those who are the lucky recipients in the genetic lottery and can rise above their lowly “birth”. The talk of “blank slate” equality is just that, talk. It keeps the masses in line—by pitting them against each other.

          We’d be much better off explaining/accepting that people are different, with associated life trajectories, and working on improving meritocracy of advancement in all fields by all races. Instead we are creating the opposition situation—we elevate mediocrity up, and drive meritocracy down—we confuse equity for equality—all in a vainglorious effort to make all men “equal”.

          Liberalism—as currently practiced—is designed to give power, and control to the meritless. This is what makes it such a formatable adversary in a “democracy” and specifically why the Founders attempted to prevent this by creating a Republic with limited franchise assigned to those demonstrating their merit.

      • “otherwise there will be conflict.”

        There is always and forever conflict. Words on paper do not change this. Indeed, perhaps they worsen it, as it is a lie that does not conform to reality of the real world. Deception creates misunderstanding, misunderstanding engenders conflict.

        So why then were the words “all men are created equal” used in the Declaration of Independence? The language was a moral vehicle used to help build an American coalition capable of fighting the English monarchy in the Revolutionary War. These words were a practical tool to help polarize a new nation and construct a coalition to oppose the English monarchy (they are X, therefore we must be Y). English monarchy was autocratic and hierarchical thus American revolutionary opponent by necessity had to be opposite — Republican and egalitarian. From a philosophic perspective these words aligned Age of Enlightenment thinking, and all founders looked to Europe for ideas and guidance and were influenced by these concepts. No surprise there. From practical perspective (outside of coalition building) this concept was ridiculous as the revolutionaries were men with property, money, owned slaves etc. The men knew this and sought to minimize the ridiculousness of equality ideas by keeping concept of equality as abstract as possible (only high level/abstract language in Declaration of Independence, minimal specific language in legal/constitutional documents).

        • So why then were the words “all men are created equal” used in the Declaration of Independence?

          IMO it was a specious argument aimed to persuade people in Europe that the American rebellion wasn’t just a peasant’s revolt but an even more high minded replay of the English Civil war of the 1630s.

          IOW a marketing pitch.

      • Aye, for the old days when (in upper Midwest at least), the joke was a “mixed marriage” was a German with a Swedish family, or hoping that a Lutheran and a Methodist could keep peace in the household 😀

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