The Show Trials

Note: The regular Taki post is up. This week it is another dive back into the Covid pool, with an eye to what is happening to the official narrative. Behind the green door is another world class episode of Sunday Thoughts, in addition to a review of Clarkson’s Farm and the detective series Bosch.

In authoritarian societies, the people have no real way of knowing what is happening inside the ruling class. The media is controlled by the regime, so they are not reporting on what is happening internally. Instead, they are broadcasting the official truth from the regime or elements within the regime. Often, regime elements have their own media platforms through which they speak to other regime elements. This is a form of signaling to avoid open confrontation between regime elements.

Otherwise, the public is left to guess about what is happening inside the regime, even when the policy is clear. During the Cold War, Kremlinologists would study what was happening in Russia to try and guess what was happening in the party. If someone stopped showing up to public events, a mountain of narratives would appear building on this one event. We see this with North Korea today. When one of his uncles is missing from the team photo, it is assumed he fell out of favor.

In America, this opacity is complicated by the grand delusion of liberal democracy, which blinds people from the reality of the political arrangements. The trappings of popular government add another layer to party rule. It often means that the signals coming from inside are warped by the pretensions of openness and transparency in party media. The need to pretend the system is working as advertised means that decrees must be dressed up as the result of consent.

With that in mind, the ongoing show trial for the January 6th protests gives an opportunity to do a little regime analysis. Nancy Pelosi has forced through a series of hearings about the protests, despite nothing new to reveal. The right-side of the party engineered their way out of the process. They knew it was a loser for them, so they are now on the sidelines commenting about it. The left side is forging ahead, with the first round wrapping up last week.

The term “show trial” has been with us since the 1920’s, but gained wide currency during Stalin’s purges in the 1930’s. By definition, a show trial is a public trial in which the judicial authorities have already determined the guilt of the defendant. The point of the trial is to serve as a warning to political opponents of the regime, but also to serve as an expression of power by the dominant elements within the regime. It is all about violence capital within the ruling class.

From the outside, the show trial looks like a display of absolute power. After all, the condemned is usually required to confess to crimes that everyone, including his accusers, know he did not commit. The condemned is forced to humiliate himself as a way of showing his submission to power. Similarly, the people administrating the show trial must pretend to be enthusiastic believers in the proceeding. One element of the show trial is the manufactured appearance of unity.

In reality, show trials are an indication of conflict within the ruling regime, where the dominant camp feels the need to display their power. The point of it is to advertise the violence capital of the side holding the show trial. The reason Stalin had to kill so many old Bolsheviks was he needed to establish himself as the most violent member of the party, the one member willing to kill in order to maintain power. Stalin was making himself into the most dangerous man in a dangerous world.

The thing with Stalin’s purges and show trials is they were not just about his rise to one-man rule of the Soviet state. There were real policy disputes within the party in the 1920’s that are relevant today. The left side of the party, represented by Trotsky, was the accelerationist wing. They wanted rapid adoption of socialism. The right side was the incrementalistic wing, represented by Bukharin. They wanted socialism to evolve over time with party guidance and motivation.

Initially, Stalin sided with the right. In retrospect he chose this course because it gave him time to solidify his hold of the party organization. Stalin was not a theorist or a strategist, but he was an adept organizer. The slow and steady approach, while not living up to the ideals of Bolshevism, meant he could stock the growing bureaucracy with his people. By the late 1920’s when it was clear that the slow approach was far too slow, Stalin switched sides and embraced the accelerationist approach.

The party purges and show trials of the 1930’s coincided with what amounted to a genocide of the Russian peasants. Forced collectivization, execution squads and mass deportations wiped out close to half the agricultural output. Confiscation of crops resulted in widescale famine. It was all part of the revolution from the top in order to turn Russia into an industrial nation. in that regard, it worked. Manufacturing soared and whole cities were created to produce industrial goods.

The point here is the show trial is the bit of the iceberg we can see from outside the ruling regime. The part we don’t see is the party struggle over how to move forward with their stated agenda. In the age of Covid, which started with the chants of “build back better”, it is not unreasonable to see the current show trials in this light. The new rounds of Covid panic, which are a prelude to an autumn lockdown, suggest there is a power struggle inside the party as to how best to force the great reset,

The 18-month campaign against Covid has seen trillions shifted from the white middle-class to elements of the ruling class. The tech oligopoly has profited wildly from the massive changes in society in the name of Covid. Small business has been devastated, much in the same way the kulaks were crushed by Stalin. On the other hand, similar to Stalin’s revolution from above, the great reset is not going to plan. The purge of Trumpism did not end resistance to the party.

Another clue here is the slow maneuvering to pass what is being called an infrastructure plan but is in reality the end of the two-party charade. The $4T plan working its way through the Senate will lock in the gains made by the Left over the last year and foreclose any electoral resistance. The show trial appears to be an effort to whip up support on the left in order to force some elements of the right to sign onto what amounts to their own death certificate.

In our sissified age, the show trial is more about the show than the trial. In this case, men with guns were sent out to arrest the protestors and lock them away in dungeons around the capital. The party leaders lack the courage to bring these people in for a show trial, so they remain incommunicado. Instead of having them shot and air brushed from the history books, they are a silent voice in the proceeding, a reminder to the right side that behind the performance is a will to power.

This is why people should not be fooled by the collection of sissies they rolled out in the first phase. Sure, the those mall cops reading speeches provided to them by the party were ridiculous. One of them was barely literate. The typical mall Santa sees tougher action than these wimps saw on January 6th, but that was never the point of this highly orchestrated drama. Stalin’s show trials were not about public support. The public supported the victims. It was about party politics.

That is the other parallel worth considering. The victims of Stalin were on the side of policies that enjoyed broad public support. Stalin was easily able to overcome this by having control of the instruments of state power. This is why voting harder is not a path out of the current crisis. Your vote does not matter. Instead, what comes next is always what comes next when a ruling elite believes they are the embodiment of the revolutionary dream. The revolution from above will continue.

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177 thoughts on “The Show Trials

  1. The will to power, the will to power…hmm… Are the rulers really tough guys ready to go full Stalin if things start to go south?? Maybe. But the perception still seems to be very small ppl atop a very big, and intimidating, US government. To go full tyranny, you need countless echelons to follow and implement your commands ‘on the ground’.

    That’s easy when there’s no real resistance. Once the famines begin (b/c of covid disruption effects surfacing and once money runs out or rather fiat money becomes monopoly money) and once there is real armed resistance (if school shootings and axe murders can follow the sociological pattern of a fashion trend, shooting at federal officials probably can too; these are emergent behaviors), getting ppl to follow your commands becomes a lot more difficult. The people in power now do not have the force of personality to do this. Tsar Nicholas II wasn’t afraid to order others to shoot ppl, he just didn’t have that primeval ‘alpha gorilla’ persona that made it seem more dangerous to defy him than to carry out his orders. Once, that is, that those orders also carried some risk. Hysterical leftists banging government desks, in DC, Brussels and many other places, are going to have the same problem. I still smell weakness in the water. And I smell fear, the fear of the rulers.

    • We have no heir apparent, no charismatic leader, no shepherd to lead us out of the wilderness following societal collapse. Which means one will be placed there, and most likely he won’t have round eyes.

  2. Just got back from the lovely little town of Encinitas CA. A few clicks south of Camp Pendleton. Not a jogger in sight, scratch that. One in sight , bouncing the door to a dive bar. Typical… anyway I was getting 20% off meals for not getting vaccinated. The owner said it just seemed right considering the state has been giving prizes for getting the jab. He himself was vaccinated. Back to the joggers, just caught a few minutes of tucker Carlson from 8/1. I don’t have a tv, it showed up on YouTube while I was looking at something else. I hear a lot about him and I know a bunch of us watch him but, the amount of cheese whizz he was laying out was borderline comical. And then came the 2A jogger to discuss racism .Colin Nioir was his name. That my friends was a waste of my time. It’s not that I don’t like him, I just feel better when he’s not around.

    • As someone who runs in the shooting community circles, Colion is widely known to be a total poseur extraordinaire. Guy never served (that’s fine), he’s never shot competitively (that’s fine) but insists he is the self-appointed spokesman for the entire gun community (not OK). No one who uses their rifle in a professional manner takes him seriously, yet he enjoys a relatively loud platform because he’s our token shooter that isn’t a gangbanger.

    • Am I alone in finding her muscular boy like stringy arms off putting ?

      From a purely physical sense. Add to it the “super girl” look she’s going for and then we have at once a chick who not only looks like a boy who just started weight training and drinking protein shakes but who also undoubtedly is a fan of powerpuff girls and marvel movies

      Needless to say, I’d never vote for her

      In fact I think the barstool cons drive thing is promising where guys of all races say No to women in politics. That’s where we’re heading, thankfully. Nome will be seen as a throwback career mon whom every young person hates for having lived through it all.

      • No, her arms are definitely over crisped.

        Between that and her traps the visual cues indicate she’s on something.

        These are also clues to her true character or lack thereof.

        • F: Am I alone in finding her muscular boy like stringy arms off putting?

          TWGH: These are also clues to her true character or lack thereof.

          I think it fits nicely into a generalized theory of Physiognomy [extending beyond just the countenance alone]:

          110% of all soy-boys would be wearing the skirt were they to be married to her/it/wtfe.

          OTOH, she does have a lovely family [assuming none of the kids were adopted], and her husband only looks just moderately ghey:

    • Geese Howard: “Kristi Noem probably ended her national political aspirations by stating people who don’t like jab should just find another employer.”

      You give her too much credit. She didn’t write “people”. She didn’t want to give the impression of screwing over actual people humans. So she called them “workers”.

  3. If you want a little historical insight into just how much the USA is following the decline of Rome, look up the Capital Police and then compare them to the Praetorian Guard. The similarities are striking (no pun intended).

    I had no idea the original Capital Police go all they way back to 1801.

    • And what sucks is that there is so much American history we could all get to know, little details like this, but we know how the movie ends so why even bother. What’s the point of appreciating what came before us when those were steps that would ultimately lead us here, down into this modern multicultural hellscape. Every bit of American history is now tainted with that realization.

      I find it hard to watch old movies for this same reason.

      And adding insult to injury is that any white society like Hungary that tries to preserve its culture and heritage will be deemed an enemy of the U.S. and bombed into oblivion. Who could have predicted this chain of events, that everyone doing their share to build this country bit by bit was really only laying the paving stones leading through the fog and wilderness to their own gravesite. It all seemed so filled with promise and purpose.

      Oh well. Time to stop reminiscing and figure out a plan to preserve.

      • We’ll have very few distinguishing monuments when we go. The ruins of an old Costco, etc.

        • Driving around lately I’ve been looking at my ~75% dead city with Albert Speer eyes, trying to spot its “ruin value.” Only a few early 20th century industrial buildings and mid-century concrete roads are going to be at all recognizable in fifty years. The rest will just melt.

          I’m sure I’ve said it here before: When we’re gone we’ll be gone like Atlantis, and our (or “our”) descendants won’t believe we existed. The whole second millennium will be considered a myth, and “white people” will be as imaginary as the Nephilim.

          Fermi paradox BTFO.

          • our (or “our”) descendants won’t believe we existed. The whole second millennium will be considered a myth, and “white people” will be as imaginary as the Nephilim

            Within living memory, this is what the USA looked like:


  4. Just checking in to say pair bond. Gotta run. T.J. Maxx is having a sale on pleather purses and Celine Dion albums.

  5. Some local color:

    There are increasing numbers of Covid beggars in my area. Almost all wear the face diaper, which kills any feeling I might have spared for them.

    There are now two Libtard bars within the city limits that have gone full retard and voluntarily begun enforcing vaxports.

    Sadly, both places probably have a demographic thatvis sufficiently large and devoted to keep them in business for now.

    • I have some sympathy for those who still wear the mask, especially if they are old. Most are just not independent thinkers.

      However, I watched a woman walk her dog with a mask on and she was the only person on the street. The only thing worse than that is the lone person in a car wearing a mask. What is wrong with these people?

      I can only interpret this as a display of religious devotion, like the Islamic women who are covered.

      • At this point, it’s rude to wear a mask. People have to show their face so others can read them and understand them

        Waiting yesterday curbside for the Jersey Mike’s sandwich that would later get me sick, this guy with a little female beside him, both masked, get into the car directly next to my passenger door and I couldn’t tell if she were a kid or a woman or what, was he the dad, stuff like that. I was hoping he’d leave because I wanted to open my passenger door and see if my eyeglasses ended up on that side or between the seat and door, But he just sits there in his car but now maskless and I saw that he was ugly as sin. And I said to myself, oh of course he likes wearing a mask, and I guess the little girl next to him turned out to be older.

        At this to stage if you’re wearing a mask you either are butt ugly or up to crime. And it’s starting to dawn on me that when I see grown big men walking the sidewalks with masks how menacing they look, so I can only imagine how kids are feeling. What kind of adult does this to kids, makes them cringe in fear at the frightening sight of a big guy hiding behind a mask. My guess is these guys are pedos or rapists or something, None of it good. And it’s going to turn violent at some point where guys start telling these creeps to take off the mask so I can see you or you’ll be getting the crowbar treatment.

      • We call them masks cultists.

        They are like they are for several reasons, level so fear of this disease bordering on mental illness and some social signalling I am not a Conservative.

        Some of them are in fact exactly as you said, in quasi religious throws. They regard Fauci as a savior figure .

        Interestingly its mostly younger people that are like this. This comes from the fact many city and suburban kids grew in an environment that is essentially a minimum security psychiatric prison.

        Our societies obsession with safety is highly pathological and if you are curious to learn more Whatifalthist has a fanatic video on it and why he thinks it came about

      • LIS: I can only interpret this as a display of religious devotion, like the Islamic women who are covered.

        You interpret correctly.

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  7. We see to be at the Russian Revolution stage, time to slaughter the peasants, american style. Next step may be the wholesale gathering up by quotas, the unvaxed? Finally the show trials of party cadres.

  8. We’re going to regret not sending another million people to that march in January and getting the job done right.

    • Don’t the civ-nats and magic dirt people love to tell us that America is a land of second chances?

      • Well, that second chance may, indeed, come to pass; but in the event, it may turn out to be an inversion of the old saw – first time as tragedy, the second time as farce . That would be a sorry waste, but if the Tree of Liberty is watered at last, I guess that it will be that which needed to happen.

    • The bastards were actually caught flat footed. Had the plan been for a true insurrection it would have succeeded. The trouble with Trump. Every strong man action is half-ass.

  9. Since corporations and government are intertwined more so than ever, it can be argued that whatever a corporate chain restaurant feeds you has been granted the seal of approval from D.C. If not following a similar modus operandi in their operations.

    Come out giving the people something that tastes good, be it democracy or a sandwich, get them inside the tent, then pull the bait and switch where the food on offer becomes indigestible and awful if not making you feel vaguely off and slightly ill. Yesterday it happened with me at Jersey Mikes, which started off pretty good. But the sandwich yesterday was horrible. Never going there again. Also happened with Chik Fil A a few years ago. The pattern never deviates. Wendy’s, McDonalds, on and on. Only one still hanging in there is In N Out but they are privately owned, which is probably the reason.

    • In n out is a blight and a scourage, with kitschy but average fast food that only appeals to colonizing invaders hankering for a reminder of where they invaded us from. Take your commiefornia burgers and shove em. Carpetbagging californians at their worst.

          • Of course, but it’s also one’s responsibility to try out the stuff being served by America Inc. Because as goes the corporate food goes the governance, since it’s all intertwined.

            As if the corporate chains and the government are in league to poison us

            But we all know that. But to actually experience their devil’s work by eating their food really drives the point home. In fact, if the thought of government triggers one’s gag reflex, that has to be good for us.

          • I just finished grilling and eating a steak from a local farm.

            It was fantastic.

            I am now chilling with a glass of reasonably priced, excellent Spanish red wine.

  10. What is just not said or noticed is that with 14,000+ hours of video,(an admission by the Capitol police) none of the alleged instances of racial insults against these officers was picked up.

    This kabuki theater is for the general public to see and accept. The narrative must remain intact however delusional, that 1/6 represents an attempt to overthrow the government. This is best articulated by Christopher Caldwell’s recent piece in the New York Times:

    “What if it there wasn’t a coup plot, General Milley?”

    I was actually surprised it was published in the NYT.

    • It also means that big black cop is lying through his teeth

      Oops, there goes whatever credibility they thought they had

      Dirty cops, corrupt politicians, corrupt everything.

      Where o where is Senor Ted Cruz lamenting the lack of due process in this show trial, as we saw with both impeachment and Kavanaugh where Cruz stood on that soap box preaching. Turns out what was good enough for Kavanaugh is not good enough for the dirts. I never liked this term, but the silence is truly deafening.

      • It’s just like Rand Paul and Fauci. He’s any number of times pointed out that little prick’s hypocrisy and lies – including to congress. And yet that mfer’s b***h face is still on the tube continuing to spout his BS. If ANY of these congress people were truly worth a s***, that little f*** would be behind bars. Sorry for the language….

    • Actually, it is unsurprising. They let things sympathetic to the Dirt People get published to ramp up the little hat hysteria. They then have license to fantasize that they can hear the sound of the thundering hoofbeats of the onrushing Cossacks descending upon the shtetl. Great for subscriptions, great for donations to the ADL.

  11. Show trials, show elections, show police, show president, show media etc.
    fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.

    • After the Clinton administration openly revealed the justice system was not going to prosecute high level criminals,, and then after Lehman Brothers revealed the financial system was entirely fake, everyone high up realized it was time to grab whatever they could before the final collapse, and without consequence.

      I believe that is what we are experiencing now: end game looting in an end game corrupt and doomed system. This is why it historically resembles the end of empires.

  12. Under GW, We were supposedly at war with jihadis but the border was left wide open. Never struck me as the actions of a country truly at war and covering all bases to protect its people.

    Today, supposedly at war with Covid but border wide open

    What this says is that we know everything they claim as it pertains to our safety and well being can be measured by their border policies.

    • Less than 20 years before that “securin’ the homeland” cannon swung back at us. Worst President in history, including the thin gay man and LBJ.

    • As a retired member of the military, that time period before, during, and after 9/11 is still peculiar.

      The best example was during my return to the US from being overseas (December 2002). I was pulled out of a group at the airport in Guam for “extra” scrutiny. I was led to the side and stood on footprint markers in a square carpet as they waved wands around me.

      At the conclusion, the newly minted TSA agent asks me “are you PCSing, or going on leave?” These are military terms to express if I was changing stations or going on vacation.

      Looking at the foreign mixture of soon to be passengers I was picked out of, I asked why I was selected. The answer was that it was a random search. That told me all I needed to know regarding this new facade of security of the homeland.

      I wasn’t in uniform, yet I was the tallest and whitest with a Texas hat and boots and jeans. Unless the Jihadis were recruiting Texans, this random search was meaningless.

      • You and I must have a similar look or give off a similar vibe in some way

        I have gotten pulled out of TSA for extra scrutiny several times. Both here and abroad. And every time the agents were POC

        I was drunk going through Burbank with a friend en route to Vegas, we were drinking then decided spur of the moment to go to Vegas. Anyway, for some reason I wanted to be a dick and strutted like a gangbanger through the TSA scanner, the guy says to walk normal and do it again. So I act like a bunny and hop through. He was about to lose it but then we caught eyes and he started laughing and waved me through. He was a white guy of course.

        Moral of the story. POC get their jollies harassing me where a normal white guy sees me as a bud. Ergo: for my own well being get away from dark people or I might end up behind bars

        • The pathetic counterpoint was traveling after the Oklahoma City bombing. Back in those days, I was young, strong, arrogant and even then didn’t like or trust the goverment. More to the point, McVeigh looked like he could have been my brother / cousin.
          Back in those pre-TSA days, the security guys didn’t give me a second glance.

      • To usher in the jew world order you need to crush the American middle class, most importantly the independent armed ones. If they don’t bankrupt you, they’ll kill you with vaccines.

  13. The show trials are yet another ridiculously absurd occurrence. We remain disconnected and laugh about mall cop comparisons in the same way we laughed about the health secretary months ago. Is that fat, hairy guy in lipstick and a dress even still around?

    Just spent some time on the NC coast surrounded by White families. Everyone covered kids in sunscreen, braved the rough surf, and one guy caught and released a hammerhead. Not a thought of locking doors or nailing down surf boards.
    When the tv was turned on for movie night, the ads were replete with blacks applying for loans for black businesses, black women troubleshooting the power grid and blacks delivering babies.
    After taking a step back into what life may have been like in the 50’s, we caught a glimpse of the future they want for us.

    • Visiting North Idaho/Western Montana and hardly any diversity at all. Maybe here and there, but it seems about 99 percent White. I also see a lot of kids playing together, with no grownups around, doing stuff kids used to do. I also notice things you used to see, like kids riding in the back of pickup trucks and dogs not on leashes. Also, no masks anywhere.

      • Word to the wise:

        Coeur d’Alene (Northern Idaho) is the hottest real estate market in the country. Lots of shitty rich people are moving there.

        Boise on a Friday or Saturday night is 80% white, 10% black, and the rest other. There are a few trannies out as well.

        Boise and Twin Falls are part of the refugee importation pipeline. I see Somalis in hijabs at the DMV and the Walmart.

        While it’s better here than most places, changes are happening fast.

        • The Chobani plant in Twin Falls is a hideous sore on American soil.

          The Chobani CEO is an immivader who received a very favorable SBA loan and has vowed to flood the US with his fellow immivaders.

          Frequent Zerohedge commenter Lordflin is in northern Idaho and regularly drops good local color.

          • Once I found out about the backstory to Chobani, I vowed to never, ever buy thei shit again Now it’s strictly Icelandic skyr in our household.

        • We were in Denver this past week for a few days – stayed in the downtown area. I have to say, there were more joggers than I cared to see – along with lots of chinks, pajeets and muzzies – ain’t diversity great? However, we did have two highlights. Went to see a Brit Floyd concert at Red Rocks – thousands of White people in close proximity and only a handful (that I saw) wearing the sacred diaper. The second was a fly fishing excursion with lots of trout and no damn joggers.

      • Same in the mountains of south central West Virginia. Woke danger hairs and their soft ass thirsty boy men want nothin to do with hillbilly dirts. I like it like that..

    • I was stuck having to watch like two hours of the olympics.

      The advertisements were off the charts woke. And then they always do this, but then they show clips of past Olympic performances. Trying to gin up the sentimental feelings for older people as if we are still on the same continuum in this country just now that some people are older, but the country and all of that is still the same. We are all still proud to be Americans. That’s the message. And it’s such horse shit especially when then they put of advertisements that are 180 degrees different if not totally foreign than the ads from the time of those past Olympic performances. So they think we’re all brain dead or have amnesia?

      Hollywood does something similar. Notice how they hate white culture and history, but if they ever want to create a sense of bygone Hollywood glamour when trying to sell their new steaming service they always go back to showing clips and faces from the movies when America was 90% white.

      These people strike me as schizophrenic lunatics. They want what was, I guess just like we do, but then they get their jollies in destroying what made it possible. I seriously doubt in 50 years when trying to sell an America no more they will be showing clips of rappers grabbing their balls or wearing their pants around their butts.

  14. Too bad Roland Freisler (NSDAP) got gun smoked by a direct hit from a B-17 bomb because he would have made the perfect kangaroo court judge for these clowny proceedings.

  15. Here’s the thing – the ‘bombshell’ report for the show trial has most likely already been written by a combination of staffers and lawfare wannabes. They are now simply awaiting the final curtain to come down to release it.
    Sure they will throw in a couple of quotes, ‘confessions’, and meaningful sobs to demonstrate that the conclusions required diligent work. Meanwhile they will probably also try to subpoena people who will tell them to go pound salt so they’ll have to use the media to speculate on everything they were hiding, their intent, and what they were thinking.

  16. The defining feature of democracy is national bankruptcy. The purges and show trials and all the other crazy things happening are against a backdrop of a country that has to inject more monopoly money into the system to keep everyone satiated. From last year forward there will always be some artificial “emergency” to keep the state rattling along. California alone is blowing through its bag of newly printed COVID money at lightening pace. Bags of money for all are once again on the horizon. And new stimmies for newly invented rights. Liberal Democracy is ultimately a system of interlocking bribery that takes more and more loot each year to chug along. This is already showing up in the currency and will continue to do so. This bribery machine has been around in its modern form since the early 1930s. We all happen to be alive as screws and washers begin flying out of it and it begins to smoke. We’re about to witness, over the next five to seven years, things that generations have lived and died and never seen. Epoch ending upheavals only certain generations see. Not all of us will make it.

    • “Liberal Democracy is ultimately a system of interlocking bribery that takes more and more loot each year to chug along.”

      Money quote

  17. The part I’m confused about is the show trials were of high ranking party members, while the January 6 charade is about uppity peasants who thought they could enter the enemy strong hold and beat them with signs.

    • The threat to Stalin came from the Party members. The threat to GloboHomo Inc comes from the peasants.

    • Comparing America today to revolutionary Russia is just fear porn. The playbook of the revolutionaries is the same, sure, but their in a different sport, different ballpark, different opponent, and different field position. It’s absurd to compare stringing up peasants to purging immediate political rivals, except in the sense that both are theater. The have different motivations, goals, contexts and effects. Russian revolutionaries were fighting an autocratic, out-of-touch, backwards narcissist who was abusing the peasants. American revolutionaries are fighting the peasants for not endorsing moral degeneracy and quietly accepting their impoverishment. So, both show trials are political theater, but the players, contexts and dynamics are different, so it’s hard to say just how much can really be gleaned from the comparison.

      • +1 demoralization porn

        The show trial operators are offering weak plea deals to no name Americans as opposed to lopping off heads or lead infusions of powerful people. If it’s supposed to intimidate normies, it isn’t working. The only people with any measurable impact appears to be the weakest lefties who are not a threat to anyone.

        Trump is golfing
        Flynn is writing
        Rudy is pimping cigars
        Tucker is talking
        Bannon is going hard on warroom
        Pillows is throwing hacker parties
        Maricopa is canvassing

        What have I missed?

        Ps – slo is not the decision maker, nor is ho, so why is the final decision maker such a coward hiding behind so many fences and puppets? Show your face, bitch!

  18. A legitimate purpose of the Jan 6 hearings would be to discover the cause of the event, not to impeach Trump again. People gathered in D.C. to express displeasure with perceived voter fraud and lies. Calling them terrorists invokes the adage, “If I have the name, I might as well play the game.” Next time should be pitchforks and lampposts, non-violent expression of dis-pleasure didn’t seem to work.

    • That is what goes unsaid

      The regime simply has no respect for the protestors because they didn’t go all the way

      Or maybe respect is the wrong word. Frustration ?

      They were going to feel raped, regardless of the realties. The rape idea was already fully formed in their heads, and yet they weren’t raped and now they’re pissed.

    • “Next time should be pitchforks and lampposts, non-violent expression of dis-pleasure didn’t seem to work.”

      Never has, never will, don’t know who gave people the impression that it does.

      I think normies perceive large gatherings of protesters as sporting events where you chant to bring your team the victory.

      In fact it’s more like rugby where you need to get past the enemy line of defense in order to score. You get 1 point for each politician you grab, 3 points if they work on Wall Street.

    • If people won’t fight when the stakes are reasonably low, they’re not going to fight when the stakes are high. People who will not risk being called a racist and losing your job and having your bank account closed are not going to risk being shot as a traitor.

      • Yes, all the times I’ve heard the stupid phrase “To late to work within the system, too early to start shooting”

        The time to start shooting is before it’s too late to work within the system, and you have lost all power.

        The conservative mentality was doomed from the beginning.

        • It’ either we don’t deserve a functioning democracy if we are not willing to fight for it

          – or –

          the reward for fighting for it isn’t worth it.

          I think the latter is so much a part of the problem. Why fight if at the end of the day you are still a minority in a country where everyone hates each other? What’s the point of it? Why fight for something and give it legitimacy when it’s a recipe for a life of misery, strife, unhappiness? Where you are constantly worried for the safety of your family? When you can’t plant roots because you will just be chased out with the next round of immigration or the tax man or the state seeking “reparations”?

          It’s a serious and real dilemma unfortunately. And it’s going to lead to a lot of mental and social problems.

          • My point was, the the immigration policies alone were casus belli enough to start shooting.

            You don’t allow the elites to open the floodgates and say “it wouldn’t be prudent to start fighting until they have the majority and are attempting to exterminate us”

            You start shooting as soon as the gates are opened and you are still at 90% of the population.

          • In my view, democracy is not at all worth fighting for. I don’t want stupid, ignorant or easily-manipulated people having any day in how things are run. If the demos what to vote, they can fight but I won’t join them.

          • The problem (well ‘a’ problem, but maybe ‘the’ problem) is that whites still want to pretend the old system still exists and thus hold themselves to the same set of restrictive rules. The proof are the hundreds rotting in solitary in the D.C. gulag who still harbored a belief that they were still equal under the law before the government.

            At least we’ve made progress in that they avoid the fact now instead of disputing it.

        • Yes. The time to act was in the 60s when there were 15 million fighting men in the US with serious experience in war and when we were still the majority.

          Perhaps (well, hopefully), they are just waiting for a leader. Someone to say “It’s ON, gentlemen” Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyone on the horizon even remotely capable. Trump is about the closest thing to that, and he is not a man worthy of leading men into battle. He has proven that already.

  19. Saw a lurid story in the NY Post about ‘Soros’ right hand man’. Makes me wonder if the decision’s been made to marginalize or even take down Soros. Don’t want to get too optimistic, though.

  20. This is the Feminine Revolution.

    Instead of destroying its enemies in a manly way, i.e. physically beating them or shooting them, our rulers use exclusion – the weapon of women – to make their lives miserable. Don’t throw someone into a gulag, just exclude them from work or banking or travel.

    Instead of show trials where you confront each other and force them to submit in front of all, our rulers want to publicly talk about their feelings and how the bad people hurt them emotionally.

    We are ruled by women and a cagey tribe that prefers to stay in the shadows.

      • I’ve always liked Kunstler’s writing style and that was a tour de farce (misspelling intentional) of the crazy making currently on display.

        Went out to a great little hole in the wall restaurant that survived the Coof tyranny with a couple friends in a rural part of Oregonistan. It was packed, all the idiotic plastic barriers were gone, no masks in sight, and a grand jolly time was being had by all. I know people are pretty pessimistic about normies pushing back, to put it mildly, but it’s hard to see imagine anyone but the most craven resubmitting to the insulting, despotic charade we were subjected to for the last 18 months on the word of a walking potato and cadre of vacuous talking heads. The joy and relief I felt bouncing around that dining room at being able to experience this timeworn social ritual without the freak show was powerful. They gave us a little taste of a previously taken for granted freedom. One of, I hope many, serious mistakes these malevolent clowns will make in their desperate attempt to stomp the plebs into dirt.

        • I have yet to see the silly plastic barriers come down anywhere here. I have also yet to see a single one of them “appropriately” used in any type of store/restaurant setting. Instead customer and clerk must contort themselves in order to reach around the barrier to conduct business transactions. It’s become commonplace and simply an additional annoyance sane people are learning to live with.

          I amuse myself watching the antics while standing in line. I visited my bank for the first time in 18 months. The tellers there had a most imaginative “workaround”. They each stood at the far, far ends of the counters which were not even designate teller windows and where (obviously) no plastic shield had been installed. Works for me.

        • I live in a community in Southern NJ across from Philly. It is heavily little hat, and to all appearances, mostly blue tick for the rest. Still in the grip of the Kovidian Kult for the most part, although now the “fully vaccinated” are walking around bare faced more and more. Still lots of cringing people with fear in their eyes.

          A few weeks back, went with the wife deeper into Southern NJ away from the little hats and the blue ticks, and stopped for lunch at a busy Italian restaurant. Night and day; nobody, including staff, wearing the mask of shame, just folks living their best life, enjoying their food, and each others company. It was uplifting to the spirit. Returning to the home turf was, needless to say, a downer.

    • exactly. 100 years in the making. Give women a voice, they will destroy everything. Or make others destroy it , more like it…

  21. Show trials are for the important people within the Uniparty. Handling kulaks in the Soviet Union, leftists and undesirables in the Reich, or Dirt People in AINO is the Revolutionary People’s Tribunals, the Protective Custody Decree- “Nacht und Nebel”, and the Patriot Act and Homeland Security.

    When Ocasio Cortez and her ilk start show trialing Mitch McConnell, Gay Lindsay Graham, and Kavanaugh in the Rosa Parks Center for Reparations and Social Justice, then we’re at Full Retard.

  22. At the root, most of America is still very comfortable in their daily lives. Yes, anxiety is ramping up to hysterical levels, but the tons of money being printed by the Fed ensures that Normie can still buy his latte at the Starbucks nearly every day.

    When DC does succeed in forcing the collapse, it will be sudden & unexpected; and everything will change seemingly overnight. You will go to bed believing that food will always be available for purchase at the local grocery store and wake up to a world gone mad in which fat women are panic buying every last fucking roll of toilet in existence. Policing will evaporate, looting will become epidemic, and many ordinary citizens will openly display firearms while moving about the neighborhood. People will begin banding together in as hoc groups for mutual protection. Firefights will break out over trivial shit & the crazy will escalate faster than anyone can imagine.

    What does any of this have to do with today’s topic? The show trials are a distraction meant to keep people from seeing the rot & corrosion occurring in our nation, and particularly within the ruling class in DC. Just like the Surfside condo collapse of a few weeks ago, the cracks are everywhere to be seen, but the residents chose to trust their HOA officials more than their eyesight. And they paid to ultimate price for that folly.

    Get out of the city. Stock your larder. Fill your tank. Have a plan.

  23. The show trials are the ones conducted in congress – impeachments, special prosecutors, etc, such as the current Pelosi effort to ‘investigate’ the 1/6 event. The persons currently incarcerated are more the equivalent of Guantanamo detainees. How long before they are subject to rendition?

    • And I’ve been counting, but only once has trump ever mentioned them

      What’s with that guy?

      Does he really think people aren’t taking notes? And he’s hinting he’s going to run in 24? My opinions of him are hardening and in a bad way.

      • What is with him, is that Trump is part of the show. His role was to act as the Goldstein and allow the narrative to be developed, for the next step to be enacted.

        He was entirely complicit in setting those people up on Jan 6.
        Look at what he does (or rather everything he has not done), not what he says. Its so obvious he is one of the wrestling actors. People just can’t seem to accept it. They keep hoping its going to change.

        He is back again as they obviously feel they need to keep the trusting corralled back into the controlled opposition.

        • I don’t think he is complicit with the left. I think he knows the window he can operate in without getting crucified, and won’t push back beyond that. He was a step in the right direction, mainly by dragging the snakes out into the open, and revealing what we are up against. But he is not the leader we will need to take the next step.

          • See what I mean. Cope. because you can’t bring yourself to consider he is lying to your face.
            He brings thousands of his own supporters to the capital, implying some action.
            He then exhorts them to go to the Capital building while there.
            Then he disappears and everyone else walks into a set up with the feds and agent provocateurs already in place, a pretend siege which ends up with the doors being opened from the inside and are left holding a shit sandwich,

            Apply a bit of Occam’s razor to this situation.

          • Tristan, there is no cope here. Merely the realization that Trump is irrelevant at this point. Sure it would be great if he went to the mat for the protestors, but being hurt that he scorned you is not going to move the ball. He simply does not have what it takes for the next step, and four more years would be much like the first four. A lot of bluster, but no ability to take over the real gears of power.

          • Its not hurt he scorned me. Are you 10?

            Snarky childlike comments are preventing an analysis of actual events.

          • Tristan, snark was implying I was justifying Trump’s inaction with a “cope.” Thinking he can ride in a a white horse and free the protestors is the cope.
            Analysis of actual events? What do you think Trump will accomplish by giving a speech? Sure he should do it. It’s the right thing for him to do. But it will accomplish nothing. The left will merely spin it as proving 1/6 was a coup attempt by Trump. Analyzing actual events means giving up the ghost of Trump. He cannot help anyone, including the protestors. It is time to move past him.

      • He’s finished holding office. Operation Warp Speed was the nail in that coffin. If he has sense he’ll be content being a kingmaker.

        • Every single candidate he’s endorsed since he came on the scene has been an establishment swamp creature. His personnel choices were his downfall.

          • Then he’ll make himself irrelevant I guess. He could still be a force, but yeah, he’s a bit of a distraction right now.

      • Trump is all about aggrandizing Trump. His apparently sincere championing of America First in 2016 was a ruse. He was smart enough to detect an ignored group and pretend to take up their cause. It was insincere. He loved his rallies because they were about worshiping him, not advancing our issues.

        We are Trump’s booty call when no one else is returning his calls. What he wants more than anything is to be loved by Ivanka’s friends.

        Trump raised about $100 million from small donors promising to fight the 2020 election fraud and he has spent none of it.

        • Trump is jew owned, jew controlled opposition. Wrestlemania. Jerkoffs staring at a TV for most of their lives will believe anything. The Termites know what they’re doing, they flat out tell you, then laugh at you when it happens. Trump was a Trojan Horse, hope he rots in hell.

      • I always saw Trump as the less worse of two bad options. His refusal to acknowledge the people that he steered into the meat grinder is infuriating.

        • But, it is truly right and just. Hardcore Trump supporters are pretty stupid, all things considered, particularly when it comes to the operation and management of a body politic. Now they’re getting taught a remedial course in real politics. Hopefully they take notes.

      • Since Mr. Trump is exhorting the benefits of Their Fake Virus Shot, I can’t see how anyone doesn’t see that he is just another cog in a crooked and dying system. At this point of time, no one can save The United States, as all of the changes that should have been made should have been done 50 years ago. We’re on our own, and many of us won’t be breathing within the next dozen years.

  24. The biggest difference between the show trials of Stalin and Hitler and this farce of the democrats is that the former had powerful people as defendants – people that the regime could legitimately fear as a threat (if that seams far fetched remember that Stalin was a mere bank robber on the run just twenty years earlier). While the democrats are focusing on powerless randos – many quite old. Calling these people a threat makes the regime look pathetically weak. Which is the opposite effect that show trials are supposed to achieve.

      • For Whom?

        The like minded and the ethnic groups involved love ganging up and kicking the crap out of some poor defenseless git on the floor.

        • Good point. It’s not like they are playing this theater to a crowd of dignified white guys with a sense of fair play

          The audience are low rent, low quality third worlders who’d otherwise be watching a donkey show

        • The Regime, actually. To maintain an Empire, you cannot look weak. This looks weak. Then again, the Empire is near collapse. There simply is no reason, for example, for China to hesitate to take Taiwan and Russia to take the Ukraine except they, too, would look weak. Our regime doesn’t have that sort of introspection. The blacks, mainly, who love to gain up on the weak and infirm are not so much perceived as strong as feral.

    • If we are to invoke historical parallels, and spin it from their point of view… they may see themselves sitting on a Beer Hall Putsch. It may be valid for our side to look on Jan 6 in that light too.

      Every avalanche starts with a few small pebbles before the main slide starts, and the TPTB can see the impending chit storm same as we can. But they are hobbled.

      Pelosi is no Stalin or Hitler, they were hard men forged in hard times. They knew how to kill and who to kill. Pelosi and Biden are geriatric cretins. That geriatric old bint thinks she will end something with that trial… and if anything it could very well be the start.

      I hope so. The sooner this fight is fought, the sooner we can put it behind us and the lower the body counts. The longer this culture war drags on the worse it will be when it goes hot…

    • The Zman is right though: it’s fascinating that not a single “insurrectionist” has been brought in to testify.

    • I am middle-aged. The impulsive reaction of the Senators to scurry away and wet themselves like little girls at the approach of elderly carrying banners — no guns, no knives — is the most surprising public turn of events I have seen, far more than 9/11, far more than the Red Sox winning the 2004 ALCS, or anything I can think of. It apparently did not occur to the distinguished gentlemen & women that they should make use of their own eyes and ears to see what was happening, just eagerly agreed to be whisked off like the prison punks of the Capitol Potemkin Police. Our play-acting Congresscritters are to weak to carry on the show, they made need understudies even before the midterms.

      I’d heard of Dan Rostenkowski being hounded by geezers but I never expected such a pathetic reprise of the legend. Younger barbarians already displayed their strength the previous year, 2020, but that was a well-directed, well-lit sequel of 1968 by Woodstock Global Holding Corp., so I did not see the script problems and cost overruns. Jan Sixth was the Lady Ghostbusters of regime psy ops.

      • I have to wonder what tough guy John McCain would have done were he there that day

        If he cowered, which my guess is that he would have, imagine that image as his enduring “legacy”

        Would have been a fitting end for that fraud

        • It would have been blamed on PTSD from his time as a POW and any dissent from that claim would have been squashed. And, yes, he would have pissed himself (not due to being a geriatric POS, either).

  25. In one very important respect, these show trials are manna from heaven for us. The one lesson that normie must learn is the hardest: it will never be enough, for whatever values you choose for “it” and “enough.”

    Anyone who knows a little bit about Stalin knows that he could’ve had everything he wanted, at no cost, had he simply been able to put on the brakes every now and again. Anyone who knows a little bit more about Stalin knows that was impossible – it’s just not in them to stop. When the Last Leftist stands utterly alone on the mountain of skulls where the Last Gulag used to be, he’ll still believe that one more purge, one more show trial, one more great leap forward will at last bring paradise.

    Leftism is a suicide cult. The problem is, they have to take everyone with them.

    • Normies need to understand that it is impossible to comply one’s way out of the Bolshevik spider web.

      • Normie follows the leader. He will only change if he feels there’s a new, viable leader coming up.

        Waking people up has diminishing returns. It’s time to wait or start leading.

      • We are not dealing with one people. The Confederacy saw this. Just because Yankees were Whtie, we were a different people

        I think thats was the argument for the Revolution too.

        There’s no agreeing with a different people who have to share land

      • Very much so.

        These clowns throw off the same energy as the People’s Temple.

    • ” ..mountain of skulls…”
      Severian –
      What an outstanding summation of the nature of the left.

      I am going to steal that when I converse with normie, from time to time.

    • Don’t be so disparaging, men.

      Consider what Normie did: he polished off his beer, put the potato chips aside, turned off the sportzball… and got off the couch. Then he went down to city hall to have his say. That’s a big thing.

      And he got the railroad when he got there. Hundreds of thousands of dissidents, fluttering in the breeze….9

    • As we had a bit of alternative history recently. This is maybe the alternative history where Stalin did not exist and the Trotsky faction won.

  26. > The slow and steady approach, while not living up to the ideals of Bolshevism, meant he could stock the growing bureaucracy with his people.

    This is why Obama, however ineffective he looked from the outside, was incredibly effective, as he reshaped the bureaucracy, especially the military, in the Left’s image. Add this to GW’s disastrous increase in federal police powers that helped exactly zero white Americans and Trump’s clueless understanding of how Washington D.C. works, and it’s easy to see how we got to this stage.

    Any republican who spouts about the Constitution like it isn’t a dead letter should be dismissed out of hand. Legal documents are for people who are willing to argue in good faith. That ship has sailed. It’s all about power now, and the people you can get in Government who will rubber stamp whatever you want to do.

    • “Legal documents are for people who are willing to argue in good faith. That ship has sailed. It’s all about power now”

      HEAR HEAR! Still not understood by enough folk.

  27. We’re certainly having half-assed show trials with no forced confessions and waiting firing squads. That sure does sound like Our Beautiful People are incompetent, but they still have yet to show their hand on dealing with their Kulaks.

    Once they mandate their shots, we will get to see how dangerous they will become. Their shills and toadies in the comment sections of “The Hill”, “Politico”; etc., are already demanding that those who refuse their shots be made to pay real good and hard. I have a feeling that sooner or later everyone with a lick of sense will need to tote a concealed pistol wherever they go, and be ready to convince any of Those People that their willingness to take away your rights will end badly for them, right there and right now.

    • As of yesterday I’m starting to doubt they will force the shots, which surprisingly would be disappointment. If they force the shots it will force a real and decisive confrontation. In the least I’ll end up dead or in a gulag which in some ways is better than life in clown world (plz no I don’t actually want to go!). But if they back off of the shots what then? Just a continued slow boil. We may have to hope the vaxx is as deadly as some believe it to be and in a few years everyone will be real pissed off about the democide.

    • Indeed. There is no way round it. We’ll probably all have to get our fists dirty at some point, just trying to defend ourselves. Terrifying as it is. Mental secession and preparedness are key now. The question is, when the time comes, whose going to have the jacobs to go the distance?

      I have noticed that these morbid prognoses have drawn me ever closer to the The Lord.


      Before that point there are other ways of fighting back, particularly if you have a good woman, ready to go to work and become a mother. Before a man commits to a terminal act, what has he left behind? Were there better paths? Personally, I plan to add at least two more kids to my retinue. Then educate them. This simply must be done by my wife and I.

      Of particular encouragement are the low birth rates, at least from what I can see with my peepers, of wokeists. A small survey at the workplace, and around former acquaintances show this to be the case. My wife and I have already replaced ourselves, but Karen in HR just nurses a vibrator in one hand and a glass of red in the other; sad, but that’s it. So, as a family unit, there are absolutely things that can be done.

      Community formation is another great option, but significantly harder for the very reason that anyone trying to start ‘some sort of commune’ gets one instantly dismissed as Jim David Koresh Jone II. But, there is a strong chance that it happens organically anyhow.

      White flight is happening from cities. It is a problem, but done with the right mindset it has potential. All those whites from yester-decade probably bolted for the usual reasons: diversity, job prospects, safety. But were they ever honest as to why they did? Many just did not want to be considered nasty, bigoted racists and so promptly went back to their own ways.

      But boys and girls flooding to places with the right mindset, and there must be hundreds of thousands sympathetic to this thing in the US, is another beast. Find strong communities already extant, and do your best to be an asset to them. Do your best to spread our propaganda. At the petrol station, the supermarket, the pub (or US equivalent), at the range, or wherever you fancy. Then all of a sudden something begins, it grows, it’s reputation precedes it. Perhaps it begins to form bonds with other, like-minded communities.

      Sure, once it gets big enough. White enough. Traditional enough. It’s going to get noticed, so a pleasant outward facade ought to be maintained. Furthermore, probably an idea to consolidate networked local regions in nearby areas. Too great a distribution may make them easy pickings. And recall, while all this is happening, the alphabet agencies are crumbling because ‘no more decent white guys’. Same with former big business.

      And ethnic infighting. Can this coalition maintain anti-white animus? Definitely. Can it bring to bear it’s full weight on a well organized traditional community, far from the halls of power? Maybe.

      Anyway, none of us know what the future will bring. So perhaps we ought to plan as if we will still be about?

      • The new aspect of yt flight is remote work. Before the 20-teens, “wfh” meant you probably qualified for food stamps. Now it means engineer, lawyer, marketing, accountant, programmer… The breadwinner of the mmc – umc family can now live and work anywhere with a good internet connection. Before, whyte flight only meant commuting from the city’s immediately adjacent suburb. Now, we can live in 2000 population towns 100 miles from the nearest diversity, with an increase rather than drastic decrease in lifestyle. If that bears out and the changes in the labor market re wfh stick, itll be a game changer for the freedom of association issue.

        • Working over the Internet just means that you are now competing with the “entire world” to keep your job! Don’t kid yourself.

          • Year 1: work from home, move to tiny white town in the mountain

            Year 2: pay goes down because “you don’t need a high salary in a low Cost of Living area

            Year 3: job goes overseas to India

            I’m still skeptical of this work from home thing. I’ve been working from home and there’s frankly no reason I couldn’t be replaced by a guy in the Philippines for much much less.

  28. Your quote about mall cops having tougher action than the capitol police on 1/6 is 100% accurate. I have an acquaintance in the national guard that has been in DC for 1/6 and the African temper tantrums. He said 1/6 was literally nothing. He never feared for his safety at any point. Meanwhile, he felt the St. Floyd riots got pretty hairy. Yet, one group of protesters are being let off scot free and the other is being given trials in kangaroo courts. Masks are off in the literal and figurative sense.

  29. The narrative collapse I think will have the biggest effect in the long run is the one generally internalized by the white population that America was special and good, cosmically important to preserve. That its constitution and political structure represented the most free example on earth which was therefore the one that permitted the most self-actualization. That self-actualization itself was possible, fundamental to cultivate, and a foundation of human dignity. As the ideologies touched on in the podcast infiltrated and thoroughly corrupted our education system we allowed the obliteration of this narrative, replaced with one that amounts to self-hatred and abnegation. I doubt this narrative has the power to hold the empire together, it would seem to be one that encourages disintegration which of course will have to be met with more and more physical force to attempt to counteract.

    • I am starting to realize something that I started to internalize during the second Obama term, and then it reversed under Trump but now creeping back under Biden

      It’s this: the feeling that the only way you can really get ahead is by becoming an insider. IOW by joining The Party.

      This was something new under Obama. Beforehand the idea was that even if you were some loner in the middle of nowhere, if you worked hard and saved and played smart with your money, you could become someone. You didn’t have to join local politics, or donate, or attend functions. Didn’t have to go to a fancy school.

      It’s not as bad under Biden, yet, but starting to feel it again.

      I know I speak for lots of people. Because you will start to see it in surveys of small business owner sentiments, which is where these types of feelings become expressed.

      Larger point being, of course, that once this “anyone can do it if they try” narrative collapses, I think the country itself begins collapsing.

      • One can avoid “joining the party” by finding and becoming a part of a like minded community.

        Not an easy task, but invigorating and white pilling as the day is long.

        • Yes. Whatever the route back into the halls of power, it is likely that this side will need to start locally. There is no other way, that I can see.

  30. “The typical mall Santa sees tougher action than these wimps saw on January 6th…” I damn near spit my coffee out!

  31. It’s a show trial of a Yankee gynocracy.
    What they were saying was in the capital of democracy their mall cops were bullied and hey got bruises!
    And all of this happened because of the deplorable white people they don’t like.
    Fort Sumter was fired upon on January sixth!
    Time for their General Sherman to burn down the deplorable civilization and reconstruct us.
    Building back better of course.

    • Show trials is not quite the right term, as there is no trial. Even the Soviets had the right format.

      Its the same as the impeachment facade.

      Its more like a Jerry Springer parade, where lots of witnesses tear up, mug for the camera and there is no real accused charges. and no accused answering questions, just wall to wall descriptions of hurt feelings and how their safe space was violated by mean people, lawyers playacting as chaperones and the host eliciting yet more tearful confessions as the audience hisses.

      Each party knows the script. And I do wonder if those writing it even realize how ridiculous it looks from the outside. Perhaps not. Perhaps they do and they do not care. Its just got to fool the daytime TV demographic and the press (but then I repeat myself).

      Its how women ostracize each other from social groups, not how you have a show trial and then shoot the accused against a wall.

      Unfortunately its Jerry Springer with a monopoly on state violence. Not the sort of govt that one thinks will last too long.

      • I get more of an Oprah vibe. Springer was at least had an intentionally humorous side. This freak show is unintentionally hilarious and shows just how weak and pathetic the United States has become due to diversity and leftist misrule.

        • Having ditched the mind control device in the corner decades ago, my references do tend to get a bit stale.

          • Your last line at Taki is spot on:

            ” The narrative collapse regarding Covid is now calling into question the narrative of the Biden presidency and the regime that put him in office. The biggest victim of Covid may turn out to be the regime itself.”

            I think this is analogous to the punching down at the Oprah version of the show trial. The Regime looks very, very weak. Someone earlier disagreed with this point and pointed out this is how blacks operate and run amok, but they do not look strong as much as feral and dangerously stupid. This is the look of the Regime now. The Soviets knew better than have crying Lady Men with badges.

    • Because it’s women, notice how it’s got that Bewitched quality about it. Like it’s always just snapping fingers, and voila, wishes granted.

      Women seem to have this idea that they can just direct someone to do something, “arrest that man,” and it’s always immediate. I guess if the process drags out and they don’t get that thrill of seeing things done in an instant they lose interest.

      I suppose it’s one of the big reasons Why they are always in such a rush to see their policies enacted. That and also their biological clock is different so they always feel as if doom is just around the corner so best act now or it’s all over.

      Their biology manifests and speaks to them in ways that are incompatible with sober minded governance. Or even running a lemonade stand.

      And we all get to suffer for it. Even those guys who never married are pretty much living in a de facto marriage with crazy women ruling their lives.

  32. Show trials without coerced confessions and teary apologies from the accused are totally half-assed. So in that sense the January 6 freak show hearings are a perfect metaphor for the dying Empire, a pathetic and vicious Oprah episode screaming out something or another about the little man behind the curtain.

    The United States is at best an international joke, at worst a gulag run by the retarded.

  33. A thoughtful essay Z, but honestly, you writing about the circus in Washington reminded me that show trials are happening.

    I’ve unplugged and don’t pay attention to events outside of my sphere of existence.

    Pay taxes, make sure your vehicle plates are squared away. Pretty much that’s all I have to do to deal with government. I’m sure commenters will correct me if I’m wrong.

    The community I moved to has allure of its own, and really, if aliens (space ones), descended and took away all government entities, I’m not sure we would notice.

    Ignore and mock them when you can. That’s what drives them crazy.

    • I suspect lots of people are unplugging to one degree or another. I know Tucker fans who are down to watching once a week. They love Tucker, but they hate the content. I tune in for the first few minutes many night, but turn it off once I know the theme.

      • Tucker’s monlogues are usually worth the time invested, what comes after can be pretty hit or miss.

          • He’s really leery of flying too close to the sun. I remember a pretty based WWII tweet countering the “Good War” narrative that he deleted. I’m sure there are others.

            Definitely hides his power level, but his need to sometimes counter-signal along with his lousy rhetoric (calling them communists instead of anti-white) limits his usefulness.

          • Years ago I did a post on edgytarians. I have an updated version in my head. The right edgytarian is one who puts one foot just inside the line between acceptable and unacceptable on the right. Their other foot is well inside. This allows them to look edgy and brave, but they must must always make sure that outer foot never falls outside the line, which always moves left. If the edgytarian gets big enough, he can join the middle and live off his prior fame.

      • I’ve never been a corporate media consumer (except for some music) and I’ve been cutting out alternative/independent stuff pretty ruthlessly lately.

        I don’t remember what caused it—Trump’s idiocy-inducing effect on almost everything, probably—but one day a few years ago I decided, no matter how much I otherwise value it, if it *really* annoys me once, it’s over. Zero tolerance for any mainstream-imitating activity, from insider/striver status signaling, even against things I reject too (like Q and Chik-fil-A and MAGA), to merely having a current_year-sounding voice (e.g., the estrogenic other dude on Gregory Hood’s show).

        I still get all the bad news, but not delivered by *other* bad news.

    • Yep.

      The old Anglo-American conception of government as something we all do together, so get involved is being replaced with a Latino conception of government as something imposed on us that’s best ignored and avoided as much as possible.

      Which does drive the politicians crazy because what they crave most of all, even above power, is the love and adoration of the masses.

      • Another feature, near universal so far as I know, of Latin American cultures is the “unofficial” nature of many government “fees.” There are no doubt exceptions, but fees are negotiable and there’s a sliding scale based on ability too pay. On the downside, there is not much “rule of law” to speak of, and for the wealthy, it’ll buy you power as well as get you out of trouble.

      • Small things add up

        I used to see a cop car and my sphincter would tighten even if just a title. Oops, I better be sure I’m driving perfectly, best be on my best behavior

        Lately I don’t give a shit what they think of me. It’s a feeling that’s increasingly widespread I think too because they have this exasperated look all the time as if no one respects them and all they get is grief.

        And they’re the front lines of the regime and by not giving a crap what they think it means don’t give a crap what the regime thinks. These little things are piling up. The legitimacy of the regime is falling as respect for authority in general falls.

    • Once the show trials are over, we won’t have to endure those sorts of insulting productions. For the revolution will have moved on to more efficient means to make you notice or make your family notice your absence.

      I recently watched “The Courier”, a cold war spy film based on true-ish events. In the end, a broken man says “I have betrayed the Revolution”. 40 years after the Bolshies created their great empire of equality.

      You see the revolution never ends. Sure the show trials will end, but what comes after requires no such fanfare. A bullet to the head in a basement. People simply disappear. Two weeks to flatten the curve. Now that was funny.

        • Yes, dark and methodical. What stood out with that was how the people, when rounded up and sent to their certain end, were almost all docile, cooperative. Resigned to their fate long ago.

          That’s the point of the conditioning. The process is the punishment; death by a thousand cuts. etc. Incremental compliance until their will to life is bled out and total submission is liberation.

          • Self Flagellation attempts to produce a similar result

            It was always obvious to me at least that the same types of people I saw getting into politics were the same types of people I saw getting into church or as altar buys if not the priesthood. The same eyes mainly. Same look. People who will put their hands over a fire to prove their convictions.

          • Yes. The point of Critical Race Theory, for example, is to make a genocide of a majority population somewhat easier since many will accept it as justified. I’m not certain it will work, to be clear, but that is the intent.

    • Agreed. I have a hard time knowing what’s a big deal or not, simply because I’m just not paying attention. I suspect that more and more people are like that.

      The narrative collapse may be as much about no one caring as the narrative no long makes sense.

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