The Year Of No Emperor

In the year 69 AD, four emperors ruled the Roman Empire in succession after the death of emperor Nero. After being declared an enemy of the state, Nero fled Rome, but then committed suicide. This ended the Julio-Claudian line and created a power vacuum that was first filled by Servius Galba. He was soon killed by the Praetorian Guard and then the Senate appointed Marcus Salvius Otho, who quickly committed suicide. Then came Vitellius and finally Vespasian, who founded the Flavian dynasty.

Despite the chaos, this would be looked upon as a transition period. This was the second dynasty in the Principate period that set the table for the Nerva–Antonine dynasty, which was arguably the empire’s greatest period. This was the phase commonly known as the “Five Good Emperors”. It is a good example of how present chaos can often be seen as the end of something, but in reality, it is the beginning of a new phase in the life of society or an empire in the case of Rome.

This is worth considering in the present moment. There is no doubt that Joe Biden cannot survive his term in office. Prior to his installation, no one thought he would run for a second term, but the hope was he could offer a quiet period so the political class could settle on someone to take the job. Joe Biden was supposed to be the resting period after the terror of Trump. Instead, the Biden rule is turning out to be far more chaotic, largely due to his failing mental health.

There are four ways to remove a sitting president. One is impeachment, which is off the table for obvious reasons. The Democrats will never do it and the Republicans, if they regained the House and Senate, are too stupid and corrupt to do it. That leaves resignation, the 25th Amendment and assassination. All three of these options are interlaced, in that the threat of the third option by the security services would force one of the first two options. The second option could force the first.

The problem with removing Biden is that the replacement is probably worse than an old man with dementia. Kamala Harris was selected because Silicon Valley executives bribed the Biden people. She represents their interests and she had the backing of key Clinton people. The trouble is she has thus far refused to grow into the job and remains a noisy moron who has little imperial support. The job of president is as the pitchman for the party, and she is too obnoxious to sell anything.

Even though the ruling elite despise the people over whom they rule, especially the white population, they are trapped in the logic of their own rhetoric. Like the emperors during the Principate, they must keep up appearances. Those early Roman emperors made a show of maintaining the Senate and the republic structures, even though they exercised exclusive power. In the American empire, the ruling elite has to maintain the polite fiction of participatory democracy.

What this means is that the removal of Biden will require a plan to quickly remove Harris and replace her with someone acceptable. Harris had zero support as a candidate in her own party. The regime media will paint her as the fulfillment of the prophecies, but the public would quickly turn on her. Installing someone who has no constituency in the ruling class, much less the public at large, makes a mockery of their claims to democracy, so Harris can be nothing more than a placeholder.

The 25th Amendment creates a process in which the legislative branch negotiates with itself on a compromise candidate to solve the crisis of an incapacitated or deranged president. There is a 21-day window for the legislature to evaluate the president’s fitness to serve. In reality, this is a negotiation window. In theory, they could force on Harris a VP that would be a co-president. The assumption being that if she got out of line, she would be removed and replaced like Biden.

All of this underscores the fact that the current regime running the American empire has the same problem Rome had with Nero. The Claudian’s had run out of competent options for emperor. Once Nero was removed, there was no option that was acceptable to the natural constituencies of the empire. This is the problem the current regime faces in Washington with Biden. Remove him from office and the scenarios look more like chaos than a solution. No one is literally better than Harris.

This may be where the American empire charts a new course. We may be headed to a period of no emperor. Biden will remain in office, doing less and less until he is reduced to a concept, rather than a real person. He will be the virtual president. Meanwhile, the two sides of the uniparty will push forward their plans to reorganize the empire to fit their image of themselves. The formerly $3.5T “Build Back Better” plan, which is now $5T, just moved along in the House, meaning it will pass this year.

This means the other side of the uniparty, the Republicans, will be allowed to “win” the midterms next fall. They will get to manage the implementation of a massive spending bill that is not actually written. That’s right. This massive reorganization plan for the empire is not written down anywhere. It is just a framework to be filled in after it passes and is signed into law. The 2024 “election” will be over how best to finish the work of reorganizing the empire with a new emperor.

Whether or not this year of no emperor will be looked at in the same way as the Year of Four Emperors, which transitioned into the Flavian and Antonine dynasties, is unknown, just as it was unknown in 69 AD. This age could be analogous to Year of the Six Emperors, which occurred during the Crisis of the Third Century. This year of no emperor could be the beginning of the end or just the end of the beginning. Whatever comes next, however, will be nothing like the present or past.

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252 thoughts on “The Year Of No Emperor

  1. What’s it going to take for people unhappy with government to move TO the governing cities, rather than away from them? I can understand abandoning worthless blue cities that don’t actually govern (Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago), but why not move to DC or New York?

    Rural types aren’t moving to the power centers, but curiously neither are dispossessed urban types from the second-tier cities, the outer party of the left. One would expect the latter to move first, of course.

  2. Well, Zman has become quite the “internet entrepreneur”! Can I send you a garden spade?! Something a little less “cerebral” but much more “productive”. Your intellectual musings “accepted for value”, though. I consider both you and Derbyshire to be National “treasures” for your perspicacity. Keep right on exposing the Truth for . . . .”Man shall not live by bread alone”!

  3. I’m playing devil’s advocate – but do you ever wonder if the media decided to get people to think that there’s a yellow fever or cholera outbreak. Could they actually convince people just by putting out high quality stock photos and pictures of paid stooges in overflowing hospitals? Would governors/mayors all basically create semi-martial law?

    It would be cool if someone in the media did that as sort of a sokal hoax “sting” to see if people and/or politicians would take the bait.

  4. We’re ruled by the New World Order, all of these dimwits are just puppets, playing a role. Look at Australia, that’s whats comming, tomorrow, or the day after.They false flagged them, took their guns, now they’re on prison planet. Get ready, they want whitey dead.

    • “NEW” World Order? Nah, it’s the same “OLD” World Order just “revised” for “public consumption”. The CoL and Chicoms own the Aussie/New Zealand/Canadian government pukes/”subjects”. The world’s CB-created/funded multi-billionaires operating thru corporate boards and their CCP/”Sharia crazies” thugs maintain control thru endless strife and violence. Same ‘ol, same’ol . . . . USA CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC falls, welcome to the Global Technocratic Corportocracy/Serfdom. Fascism writ large.

  5. One of the things little discussed is the buyer’s remorse among the Oligarchs as they now know they are so vulnerable re China.

    Marvel’s Shang-Chi is likely to be their first mega flop, with theatrical only, and NO release in China (its banned). China is unlikely to allow ANY significant Western film inside, they have their own protected studios and while there have been some #METOO cases against entertainers re assault, it has been the Party against consumerism and celebrity which they view as threats. China is run by one man Xi and he’s not about to get Pozzed. He’s also cracking down on export businesses and all sorts of stuff like private tutoring and billionaires and such. Ask Jack Ma how that went. Most of the Oligarchs are going to find themselves without cheap labor suppliers, from Tim Cook at Apple to Pinchai at Google to Bezos at Amazon. Amazon depends on cheap stuff from China that is already going away.
    The Masters of the Universe are now discovering that Biden is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Inc. i.e. Emperor Xi. And said Emperor does not like Oligarchs any more than he likes Dirt People in the West. This is part of the dump Biden stuff I’m seeing. If it was Dirt People that would be one thing. The oligarchs were counting on the Regency to put pressure on China to back off their interests. Hahahahah.

    • The Chinese are woke. They are progressive and their women are no different than ours: bossy, independent and they have a few trophy children who they lavish education on.

  6. Empire, whether ancient or modern, relies on its money continuing to be accepted by those with whom it would do business. The USA has enjoyed world reserve funny money privilege for longer than nearly all of us have been alive. This has at once, given us many blessings of being on top, but also allowed chicanery and general abuse of power probably unparalleled in world history. Now, it is problematic to forecast when the money finally loses its value and nobody will take it. Many people have been forecasting that since the 1970s, perhaps even earlier, and they’ve been wrong so far. But at some point it’s inevitable that the world will continue to accept the U.S. Dollar, and when that day comes, the empire will suddenly find itself with a whole bunch of pressing questions that will no longer be deferred past the next election. Oh yeah, the one white pill in there is that such a crisis would pretty much derail all the goofy plans of the rulers. But it’d destroy virtually all the “good” things the government does, which of course, are those things you agree with.

    • The euro, pound, and yen are pretty stable despite being tied for second to the dollar. So for things to get bad requires that the US dollar fall below even those currencies , which seems even more improbable.

      • The Euro, Pound and Yen are tied to the dollar via central bank swaps. Those currencies are no better. It’s a world-wide paper standard right now, backed by the dollar, more paper. The question is, will the shockwave that upsets all of this happen in the imperial center, spreading to the Eurodollar market or in the Eurodollar market spreading to the imperial center. I think the crisis will start right here at home, in our own asset markets. Including real estate….again…but especially the bond market and equities, in tandem. Which has never happened. History will record that no one cared when the assets went parabolic…just like always.

      • Pray tell, what are the current exchange rates for the Roman Denarius, the Kingdom of Judah’s shekel, the Greek Drachma, or if I’m being unfair, how about “modern” currencies like the Reichsmark? 😃My point: nations come and go, and likewise their currencies.Even major world empires are not immune. Of course, smaller nations routinely blow away their currency every few decades. It’s something they live with. But one can’t run a worldwide economy like that.

        The British Pound and the U.S. Dollar are unique in the modern age: they have not been repudiated since their issuing country’s founding, going back many centuries. But the value of each has declined precipitously. Over a very long time period, the value of fiat money tends to zero.

    • This is true, but it will take a crisis to shake up the reserve status. It won’t be hard as our current power elite (or anti-elite) is a machine for future crises.

  7. The problem is unlike Rome we are not the sole power in the world. China in many respects is top dog and they will certainly take advantage of our leadership vacuum that is both political and military.

    It’s also doubtful the oligarchs have anyone who is more competent than Biden on the back bench. The DNC went out of it’s way not to cultivate new leadership over the last 30 years. Militarily our top brass are little more than idiots and yes men. The are not capable of conducting large scale operations.

    China being in the economic drivers seat and owning a good section of our political class and BigTech can easily pull the plug on us in the near future once the power vacuum becomes acute.

    Domestically things are coming apart fast and it could easily spiral into open violence especially if the Dems rig another election.

  8. I disagree Z-Man. The plan such as it is seems to be rely on spin for everything. Biden is simply going to leave thousands of US citizens and Europeans in Afghanistan. Of course, most of these are various sons and daughters of highly connected families, meaning grudges and vendettas against the Regency and Dr. Jill by people highly connected. All the spin on MSNBC won’t bring back a dead child of a big shot. And those hostage videos will be all the more powerful as the media spins and ignores them.
    And domestic politics are not the only players. Xi, Putin, Lil Lil Kim II, the Mullahs and every would be religion of peacer saw a drugged up Biden barely able to stand 5 hours late taking no questions and reading (barely) off a teleprompter. Even the FT is prepping its readers for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Exercises by the Pentagon all concluded with the Chinese sinking our entire Pacific Fleet within a few days. Putin is likely to take Ukraine and at least the Baltics.
    Couple this with emerging White Identity and regime insiders with grudges and catastrophic military defeat and religion of peacing and you get regime collapse. Simply put the Regency under Dr. Jill is not capable of reacting fast enough and decisively enough to events and IMHO we will see first insiders removing both Biden and Harris for some Military Caretaker (likely Woke Milley) in a vain attempt to react faster, and then a push for radical Race-based action by Team Soros and its ilk to topple the Caretaker and institute the Racial Vengeance at the heart of our New Religion, Morality, and truth about Race.
    In that, I disagree with both E Michael Jones and Jared Taylor. We DO have a Religion and Morality based upon race and recognition of racial facts. Our elites and the majority of White women know very well that White men built the Industrial Revolution and Society, made ordinary people have nice things too, created a more flat and egalitarian society (Bill Gates does not have a “right” to have forced sex with 14 year olds! and dirt people are not required to grovel on their knees before him). Beta males proliferate and Alphas don’t commit (the primary source of White female rage towards White men and White society). Black people are the solution to this problem. No black man ever created the nuclear bomb. Instead, twerking! Thus in a crisis any “solution” will encompass the White female rage of our Elites, racial vengeance by our Mulatto Elite Ascendancy, and those of Indian, South Asian, East Asian etc. desire to get revenge.
    Look at those pictures of the Fleabagger Texas Dems. Nearly all White women. Telling.

  9. “…the Biden rule is turning out to be far more chaotic, largely due to his failing mental health.”

    Not to detract from Biden, but I would add in the failings of the people advising him. Democrats cannot govern as they are dominated by political agitators and rent seekers. The showmanship during the multiple Trump Impeachments was what this party is only really good at. Professional trouble makers depend on crisis after crisis to exist, they’re hurting the country with it and now they’re hurting the world.

    • If you look at the Texas Dems who fled, they are nearly all ugly White women. Some remarkably ugly. Biden’s Regency is mostly White women — from Dr. Jill to Psaki to the rest. It is telling that you can’t even picture a Bill Clinton much less a Jimmy Carter type among Dems. Its all White women and non-Whites, even then mostly women. For every Keith Ellison X, there are five Ayana Presslys. Pretty boys with the indecision of Newsom or Trudeau, and themselves the feature of family dynasties (Trudeau, and Newsom is married into the Brown and Pelosi families and his own is very long and powerful in California). Meaning what males there are seem to be … furries like Beta Male O’Rourke.
      Biden was literally the only White man not named Bernie they could find. Telling.

    • I’d put drunk Pelosi and Alzheimer’s Clyburn in the failed mental health category.

  10. If Biden dies they can prop him up and pretend he’s alive like in the movie Weekend at Bernie’s. Or they can reanimate him with voodoo like they did in the sequel to that movie.

  11. “In a viral video filmed at the end of July, Nazar Mohammad, better known as Khasha Zwan, can be seen in the back of a car with an insurgent on either side of him – one of them brandishing a Kalashnikov machine gun.

    “In the video of his final moments, Mohammad continues to make jokes about the group after his capture, causing the Taliban fighter to his right to begin slapping him across the face.

    “The man to his left is seen laughing throughout before menacingly switching his gun for an even bigger-looking firearm.

    “Nazar was later killed after being shot multiple times. ”

    I want THAT death!

  12. Trump now pushing the vaccine line too. That is what happens when consultants/NGOs run everything. The person who runs is not the same as who governs. Biden is the most definitive proof of the simulation hypothesis, if there is one.

  13. When a leading government representative says publicly “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” the so-called government forfeits credibility forever.

  14. One thing that can’t be ignored is just how much government credibility has been put into these vaccines. In hindsight, the establishment will have been seen to put way too much on these things, which appear more useless by the day. No sane government would have put so many chips on something like that, and it shows their desperation. The whole booster thing is already such a fiasco.

    • I’ve long said that COVID might turn into the biggest political own goal of all time. Compared to the scam-demic, invading Russia in the winter was just a momentary lapse of reason. AINO won’t be the first empire brought down by a gross overreaction to a minor threat, but it will be the fakest and gayest.

      • I’m going to bet the farm that this vaccine push backfires on Trump. Alex Berenson asked yesterday how long before MSNBC or others label this the rushed Trump vaccine? I don’t think we get through winter before that happens. The Israel data is devastating all by itself. It’s gonna bite Trump in the ass hard

        • And he deserves to be bitten in the ass. Hard. He’s really just a Swamp Kitty-lite.

        • I totally agree with JZ. The only thing I’m surprised about is that they haven’t agreed to that spin already. So, whose got a guess on what will be pulled out of the hat as the October Surprise?

        • The media has not tied the jab to deaths, yet.

          So long as the side effects and deaths can be covered up, the jab will continue to be used as a club to attack recalcitrant bad whites.

          If (when) the side effects get to a level that is obvious even to liberals, THEN it will all be Trump’s fault.

          • As a (the?) resident Cassandra, I predict* — erroneously I hope — that our nation will see much turmoil as a result of the jabs being made mandatory, a vaccine passport type system, and widespread marginalization of the vaxx refuseniks, of which I plan to be a part of — at least as long as I can be.

            Don’t underestimate the ability of the MSM to blame the unvaccinated for any and all sins of the pandemic — and it won’t matter whether the science supports the allegations or not. Conveniently, the refuseniks, I assume, are heavily conservative — Deplorables — Republicans — dissident right — etc. In other words, not the ruling class. PhDs an apprent exception, according to recent articles.

            *Wrong or right, as I understand mythology, the problem was, no one took the warnings seriously.

          • It might blow up before then. I wonder if Vegas is cutting odds on an honest to god civil war breaking out in Australia. That’s what it has *already* come to. Imagine what happens when a critical mass starts noticing uncomfortable things about vaxxed vs unvaxxed mortality…

            Even the small number of people I know who have had it, or know someone who had it, mostly report nothing more than the flu. But it seems everybody knows somebody who got sick as the proverbial dog from the “vaccine.” If the ante ups to “disabled and or dead”….

        • You have a plague. You give the pharmaceutical companies a blank check to find a cure. They claim that they have found one, but delay telling anyone until their benefactor is evicted. Either they lied or exaggerated its effectiveness. So you want to blame the guy who wrote the check?

    • If ADE gets bad, (>5% deaths in vaccinated), we’re talking full totalitarianism followed by collapse in the entire anglo-sphere.

      • We may not even need the ADE to get that bad.

        Between the older, competent, skilled, motivated generations aging out of the workforce and the Great Resignation, the megacorps are already finding it tough going to implement their Shadowrun inspired dreams:

        • It’s rapidly approaching the point where TPTB will face a stark choice: Admit they were wrong (ain’t nevah gonna hoppen, Charlie Chan); go out of business; or forced labor. I know which way I’m betting, though before they get to forced labor, they’ll try doing what they always do when YT won’t carry “his fair share” of the load — import more half-trained, quarter-brained foreigners. If you think you can’t find a doctor now who speaks recognizable Engrish, wait until the entire graduating class of Bollywood Upstairs Medical College is getting handed a boarding pass along with their diplomas….

          And you know what? I for one welcome our new Brahmin overlords. Watching Pajeet try to manage the Diversity in their majestically high-handed style is going to be the most hilarious thing ever. Imagine Kamala Harris, but somehow much worse, lecturing the ghetto fabulous about their solemn duties as members of the Scheduled Castes. I might laugh myself into a double hernia.

          • Although they might right now be availing themselves of a golden opportunity to climb at least a little bit back down the Covid turd mountain they’ve built for themselves: New York’s new governor’s first act in office was to admit to a much higher body count than previously reported. If it turns out that so much of the Covid data was skewed by the failed policies of the previous administration — who we now know is very very bad, despite all of us being “Cuomosexuals” just a few months back, because he groped some gals — that would explain, well, pretty much everything! Now let’s all forget this ever happened, and start focusing on the new manufactured panic….

          • “I might laugh myself into a double hernia.”

            Which you won’t be able to get treatment for since you are a bad thinker. “Not till you take the vaccine and all 27….no 28 boosters.”

          • Forced labor is going to be impossible since the skilled labor doesn’t exist at all and the US at least is heavily armed.

            People in Europe are more willing to get violent than we are and I am even hearing rumors of actual civil war in Australia .

            As far as why no skilled labor.

            Wages have been in decline for generations . Th effect is sot of pseudo Communism where office jobs and trades pay about the same.

            People acting a society wants them too , that is being rational economic actors avoid doing that work inf they can. Latinos end up doing it but the skill base there is Mexico not Singapore so water and power stay on, complexity collapses. Its also a time limited solution, Latino fertility is below replacement and here in California, trades guys of all groups are aging out.

            Indians don’t do that work and as noted too often cheat . I’ve dealt with there people , they frankly suck and are rarely worth a hill of beans.

            Our White ruling elite are learning very rapidly about bringing in people from cultures with high levels of nepotism .

            The net result is you get replaced.

            Ultimately if the US doesn’t separate it will just crap out, not quiet a post apocalypse but a catabolic collapse to a 3rd world state.

        • Heard from hiring managers in tech a few years ago:

          Canadian born grads, let alone White people are just not applying. In a stack of 100 resumes, I have 80 Indians and 20 Chinese. Many of the Indians clearly cheated their way through the degree and have no clue what’s going on.

          I don’t see them running any kind of successful tyranny with the current demographics. Maybe Chinese could but they’re aging fast and needed in China. Once whites learn that they live in a low trust system that hates them, and just say no to tyranny, they won’t have the competence to keep us on the plantation, imo (with us doing a bit of smart corruption and law breaking too)

          • “Once whites learn that they live in a low trust system that hates them, and just say no to tyranny, they won’t have the competence to keep us on the plantation, imo (with us doing a bit of smart corruption and law breaking too)”

            How much competence does it take to put a bullet in your head at point blank range? All they have to do is get some melanin enhanced citizens of Chicago.

          • AWM, bullets go both ways and Y/T is incredibly well armed and many have some degree of a combat ability and guns being a good equalizer for gender or age

            Fertility rates aren’t as high as I’d like but no one has good fertility anywhere except India and its just holding the line.

        • …and mandatory vaccinations (“no jab, no job”) will only hasten the exodus. In a way that’s good — it’ll bring like-minded (e.g. vaccine refuseniks) together for social and maybe new work opportunities. In fact, that might give an opening for us to spread our messages. The above, assumes of course, that it’s only “corporate tyranny” (e.g. letting corporations do the government’s dirty work), not naked force from the government.

      • That’s not a booster, that’s a whole new set of variants. At best these vaccines will be as safe and effective as the flu shot, which isn’t much. I don’t even think they will end up being marginally effective in the end. It’s more like a cold virus and we don’t have vaccines for those.

        • SARS-CoV-2, as a a betacoronavirus, like its close cousins SARS and MERS, can — ALMOST — be called a “cold.” It’s a fact that at least two human cold viruses are in this family. But that’s only two of two hundred or more viruses known to cause colds, and they range over several not very closely related families. And that’s about all the virology I know from reading two Wikipedia entries 😀

          Even if mRNA and other vaccine tech had zero defects, as I understand the issues, the problem is that they could make a perfect vaccine against one virus, but by the time it was released (even with faster turn-around time, an advantage of mRNA) the target viruses would mutated enough that the jab would be of little to no effect.

          We are likely already seeing this with the anti-COVID jabs: and it was just one virus to start with, less than two years ago! On the upside, I am assuming, any current jab should be effective for perhaps several months, as the virus doesn’t mutate as quickly as others do. Even so, I see various logistical as well as sociological problems if it is decreed that boosters are needed every six months, or yearly.

          • Conspiracy theory alert:

            Before this virus was released a antidote or vaccine was created, but only made available to a chosen few. Ivermectin? Hydroxychloroquine? Vitamin D? Once the new world order is established, the antidote is made available to all and the plague ends.

        • The ‘virus’ has never been isolated. Probably there is no virus only the viral nano-particle-protein (spike protein). As the jab introduces spike protein into the victim and induces the selfsame manufacture of more protein toxins, the jabbed are feeling the ill effects.

      • Booster: additional dose of the same vaccine for the same virus strain. Required because the immune system “forgets” over time about things it’s seen before.

        Annual Flu Vaccine: these are made each year in anticipation of what the main new strain will be. Sometimes they get this right and sometimes not. This is why the flu vaccine isn’t that great overall.

        Covid is basically a nasty type of common cold virus. These viruses mutate quickly and unpredictably while flu viruses have a fairly predictable type of recombination system that mixes up the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes (hence the H/N notation for flu strains).

        The rapid mutation of Covid means that there will be an endless series of greek letter strains. The media will hype and fearmonger over each meaning that they can always restart the panic when they want. The strains also exist alongside each other and I would expect that the next shoe to drop will be that the virus manufacturers will need to come out with multiple Covid vaccines to deal with all the strains. The life of the truly devoted Coofist will then be an endless pursuit of a whole rainbow coalition (remember them?) of vaccines each followed by hilarious new side effects, denials by the media and pharma corps, and ever more byzantine rules about who is allowed to do what and where. Welcome to the Coofganistan, your all-Coof-all-the-damn-time country. Perhaps long-term there will be a cabinet lever Dept of Coof Affairs with a budget rivaling the DoD and it’s own air force. Biden who?

        • Klownworld: That unique place within the class of all possible quantum spacetimes wherein material reality and immaterial absurdist satire have a non-empty intersection.

          • It really is a shame that Hunter S. Thompson isn’t around to write a book about this – Fear and Loathing in Coofghanistan.

            This is bat country now.

    • The more cyncial of us say that the government has squandered a lot of its credibility. Unlike fiat money, the Powers that Be can’t easily order the Respectability Reserve to print up another batch of reputation. 😀

      Here’s a more or less mainstream source quoting what I assume are “respectable” scientists questioning the latest push, for boosters.

      In related news, here’s a wry article noting that even the MSM is questioning the COVID response:

  15. Perhaps it’s a failure of imagination, but I simply cannot fathom AINO producing five good emperors. One competent ruler seems to be beyond it. No, I think we’re nearing the end of the line. But does that mean a new Dark Age is in the offing? Or might we somehow avoid a protracted period of barbaric ignorance and misery?

    • We have created a civilization much too complex, with too many failure points, interdependencies, and powerful weaponry to sustain itself when the people who created it all are replaced. An airplane will no longer fly when the people putting it together don’t know where all the pieces go.

      • The social complexity is a far graver problem than the technological complexity. And it is all so unnecessary.

      • I was just looking at an old photo of the SR71 with the two crew members standing in front. The Empire State Building was built in less than 2 years and the Brooklyn Bridge was built using horses.

        Our ancestors were like unto gods.

        • The story I tell people is of my great-grandfather building violins in his spare time, like, in his basement with a handful of tools. None of his descendants (of which there are many) could aspire to such a feat.

          • Mechanical skill has all but vanished. The only people who have it are skilled tradesmen, and they are nowhere near as talented as their predecessors, I suspect.

          • We could do that only because we had a few sassy mammies with 170 IQs calling the shots.

    • History moves fast these days. I think the US transitioned from the first to the fifth century in just sixty years. Ours is the age of Honorius, a weak and powerless boy emperor, a kind of Pu-yi, ruled by women and semi-barbarian courtiers and generals, surrounded by the regalia and symbols of power while his frontiers and armies crumbled rapidly all over the empire.

    • He won’t come from the powers that be. He’ll come from the hinterlands, like Genghis Khan, The wrath of God, in the form of a man,

  16. Zman, I took you up on your proposal a couple posts back, the “Great Debate”, on my blog if you’re interested.

    “Unless one can connect biological reality with morality, they exist in two separate domains. The race realists have yet to attempt this connection. This should be where the militant Christians step into the breech, but people like Jones make that difficult. …It would be interesting to see someone approach this topic from traditional Christian ethics.””

    The post is “Biomorality Of Christ” dated August 24. The filter here won’t let me link to myself.

    • G.Q.,I hit you’re highlighted name and the blog popped right up. This is FYI for all and I enjoy your posts.

  17. It’s a crisis on institutional legitimacy itself. You can have regime legitimacy in two ways, either the elaborate long-con using tradition and “values.”, et. The Civ Nat brainwashing legitimacy. Or you can have it through raw power and force, like in Cuba or North Korea, or Australia, etc. The regime is quickly reaching a threshold where its only future maintenance is through raw power. We kind of see this with the arrest of the Jan 6 people. But it will have to be done “Prague Spring” style. Just brutal, tanks in the street type stuff by the “thin blue line” as the GOP talking heads swing from their ball-sacks. More overt force will be required. But this creates an optics problem in itself, as this type of power is generally exercised by paternalistic governments not maternalistic ones. The optics will be too much to bear to see women in empty suits like Pelosi or Harris to do this. It’ll look like “mommy spank now.” Expect an inside the beltway general or admiral to emerge. A good left of center systems man whom the left will hang their hat on for regime continuation. Even if not president he’ll act as a sort of regent. He’ll quickly be hated and seen for his sheer incompetence.

    • The militant nanny-state seems to be working in New Zealand. The gynocrats just have to have bigger balls than their male population, which isn’t that hard to pull off at this point. That being said, a lot of things are possible in the lands down under that are not possible here.

      • I’m too lazy to look up its demographics, but New Zealand to my knowledge has, let us say, an ethnic complement well suited to running its nation competently. We may not agree with all their decisions, but they are a very cohesive society, by USA or even mother nation UK standards.

        They are also an island nation with better control over their borders. You can’t just step across the border; you need a plane or a boat to get there and you’ll be greeted with a strict quarantine regimen if they let you in at all.

  18. One might, if one were so inclined [as I am], quip, that the post Biden [Suharto, for those who haven’t seen the flick] interregnum can be titled, The Year of Living Dangerously.

    NB: Kamala Harris seems perfect for the Linda Hunt role, no need to apply black face, and she’s Lilliputian in every sense of the word.

  19. Has the empire crossed a Rubicon rather than Trump as fantasists dreamed would happen?

    I have mixed feelings on the plausibility but I think it is possible that the rulers will no longer care if the president is actually popular. Rigging the election was so easy and successful last time, why stop? Especially if Orange Man Bad runs again, they can say that Kamala won because being White Supremacists no longer is who we are. Even if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, Democrats will think the Republican candidate is a Nazi so that 2020 system will still work. If DeSantis wins then Democrats will feel that they must defeat him because he is a genocidal maniac who will kill them during flu season. So no matter what, Democrats and the Republican party will go along.

    Another option that I think is likely is that the uniparty lets a non threatening republican win so that they can keep most Whites playing among with the system.

    • Look, it’s a fact of history that no government can stay in power for very long once it operates in opposition to the majority of it’s citizens. Every government, should it wish to perpetuate itself, must either make concessions to the people over whom it rules or slaughter the dissenters ( or a combo of the two). As such, it really doesn’t matter how globohomo handles elections. What matters is how the managerial class handles the dirt class. As things stand, it looks like the managerial class is cruising for a violent firing.

      • Its complicated though. There is no us in the US , the cultural and political divide is enormous and so the system can crawl along on democracy fumes until people decide that , even if the elections are legitimate, a system that allows that kind of people or doesn’t allow my kind is itself the problem.

        The Trump issue started that fire and if it burns on and I suspect it will we’ll end up having to force a separation.

        Its probably for the best, no way should California have any say over Alabama

      • is it really the managerial class as such or is it more in not allowing women and sunday people in the managerial class. That alone might fix things.

    • If Trump came into office with the intention of crossing the rubicon, he could have. Instead of a shock and awe of EOs he should have done a shock-and-awe of wiping out the managerial class and employing it with people from the heartland. He started this plan in a half-baked way with his jobs postings but it went nowhere because he trusted the experts who said it would be bad.

      The moral for any leader on our side from his presidency is personnel matters more than laws, and don’t look for principled people who are looking for a way to show their virtue, but yes-men who will rubber stamp.

      • The moral… is personnel matters more than laws, and don’t look for principled people who are looking for a way to show their virtue, but yes-men who will rubber stamp.

        Natural geniuses, like Saint Joseph Djugashvili, understand this at a very innate & visceral level.

      • Unfortunately, the only real way to wipe out most of the managerial class is to have them stripped of their federal unions. That, I believe, will have to be the doing of the house. Once the unions are out of the picture, start printing up the pink slips by the thousands. First up, the FBI. Just fire them all and give their “federal jurisdiction” jobs to the Marshall’s. Then eliminate the Dept’s of “Education” and HUD.
        While were at it, remove the subjects of immigration, education, land use and firearms from the courts completely.

        • the problem is that the unions are at state and local levels. A president can’t fuck with the teacher unions in california

    • The later would be my guess.

      The kabuki of elections must continue to keep Actual Hitler at bay.

      It will still fail though. The Right is learning to hate its leaders and in the future the soft guy will be DeSantis.

      • Rigging the election for a Republican cuck to win will only fool the left. Many Republicans have learned that the cucks are not on their side. However is the cuck being installed in the presidency energizes the Democrat coalition and convinces 30 percent of the Republicans that things have been corrected you will get the majority back into the system. That won’t work long term but it may only need to work until whites are safely a minority. Once boomers die off the white vote will shift to the left

        • Once boomers die off the white vote will shift to the left

          The lasting & permanent & ineradicable effects of more than half a century of Griswold-v-Connecticut & Roe-v-Wade beg to differ.

          tl;dr == The side which has been murd3ring its own ch!ldren [going on three generations now] ain’t gonna be the side which wins that fight.

          Which is to say, Amgydala-dominance isn’t a product of the culture; it’s a product of the genes.

  20. The black pill outcome is very likely in the near term.
    I don’t see a way out of this mess that does not involve a lot of pain.
    I will say though there is going to be whites who remember their lives as they once were before this slow or fast collapse comes to fruition.
    Unless the managerial class manages to wipe out all the old movies and books of our past?
    There will be a revival of a civilization that is good for us.
    It’s going to happen.
    It’s just a matter of what lies between here and there.

    • The best case scenario I can see is that somehow red politities draw together and split from the blue hives, dealing with them on a limited, solely economic basis.

      This is going to require an awakening of ideological and racial realism among YT that I’m not sure is happening.

      • I have always said for the past 5-10 years that the ONLY solution that avoids violent, all out war is to balkanize the US officially. If you are a blue, you cannot live in a red, and vice versa. It is impossible to co-exist now, and we are witnessing the accelerated and imminent collapse of the republic. A long time in the making, it has finally run its course. We all just drew the short straw to have the good fortune of living through it. I wish i could say that things will work themselves out, but they will not. We have to make the best of our lives however we can.

        • As the third social event I was looking forward to in September was cancelled yesterday I said to my husband it’s time to start accepting the fact that we need to start thinking of socialization going forward differently. Let those who believe the outside world has become one huge leper colony do what they got to do and those of us who aren’t terrified of socializing like normal human beings start doing so. Pot lucks instead of restaurants (I love a good restaurant but simply cannot go back to masked up waiters after that sadistically brief reprieve), barn dances instead of corporate sponsored concerts, harvest festivals on private farms, fathers and sons getting together to do things the Boy Scouts used to do, mothers and daughters getting together to teach each other to make sauerkraut and can peaches . . .

          We are human beings. We need to be around each other without fear and in fellowship. We can do these things with no fanfare and with no intention other than to keep each other, and especially our children, sane in a world gone mad.

          • I’m boycotting all jab Nazi events and businesses.

            The Corbett Report has recommended Unjected as a social resource for now.

            Gab is setting up a no-jab board for jobs and social connections.

          • I applaud your comment. It’s quite true. To remain happy and human we must tunnel around the restrictions back to old fashioned get togethers.

            My mother was part of bridge club that lasted for 37 years. Eight sessions a year, once a month, with each member hosting the gathering once a year. It’s what I grew up with.

            It seemed a normal thing growing up, now it strikes me as a blow against the system.

  21. Hollyweird has long been mainstreamed. Fake news followed 5 years ago. AWR is going mainstream presently. A figurehead Biden would certify the existence of the deep state.

    I don’t discount inertia, yet tptb are shooting out the pillars of their legitimacy. All that is left is the money and white submissiveness, and I doubt they’re strong enough to bear the burden.

    If this turns out to be the end of the beginning, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I wake up and the sun is rising in the west!

  22. Left implied (for obvious reasons) in all this is: Who are the Praetorian Guard? I think it was Bismarck who said that God protects drunks, small children, and the United States of America, all of whom keep doing catastrophically stupid things but somehow avoiding the consequences. In any other regime in the history of the world, the army would be sharpening their swords right now, because one thing’s for certain: The current Powers That Be won’t tolerate a rival power bloc, which the military by definition is…

    [And yeah, I know, the Pentagon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Globohomo. But that’s why Z Man brought up the Crisis of the Third Century. There’s a reason they were called the “barracks emperors.” A guy like Maximinus Thrax ended up emperor because the officers above him proved unpalatable to rankers like him, so he got…ummmm… very vigorously field commissioned, if you know what I mean and I think you do. And then the general above him got out of line, so when some other general made a bid for the purple, MT got his shot, first at generalship, then at the purple toga. The seemingly obvious analogue to the Praetorian Guard might not actually be the real one, but unless America really is God’s special cherished nation, there has to be one… what are they up to these days?]

    • As the title of a Supertramp album from the 70s asked, “Crisis? What Crisis?” Our civilization is falling apart in front of our eyes, yet you can’t note this among your lefty neighbors, the ones with ‘What We Believe” signs in their yards. Or, for that matter, among normies, getting fired up about the upcoming football season.

      It reminds me of the novel Walter Kempowski wrote, “All for Nothing”, set in East Prussia in January 1945. People were expected to stay calm, to trust the Wehrmacht, to avoid defeatism, even as the eastern night sky lit up with artillery fire.

      When their better instincts had been suppressed and it suddenly became necessary to flee, to “vote with their feet”, it was too late.

      • There is this weird dichotomy out there between preppers expecting imminent collapse and the public binge buying houses with 30 yr mortgages. The public is almost completely oblivious to any notion of impending doom. The fedgov had best do nothing to wake them up.

  23. here’s a thought. What if – as a way to induce happiness among the public – the media/government decide to cook up numbers so that we have peak employment and the economy is at its best ever. Kind of like the “everything is awesome” song in the lego movie

    • How did that work for diversity? “Diversity is wonderful, it is our greatest strength!!”

    • Well, they’d be asking people to trust them instead of their own eyes. It’s a bold move, but I think it’d be hard to convince people that their declining purchasing power and the increasing number of empty commercial spaces is a natural result of improved economic well-being.

      • Drew: Economists with PhDs can’t agree on what inflation is, and you expect normie to figure it out? While a “firehose of information” tells him mutating lies to conceal reality (its supply chains, global warming, muh vivid, a butterfly in Brazil flapped its wings, blah blah blah)? I doubt most D righters understand this, never mind normies.

        • I think normie knows if grocery prices go up, and that’s a good enough working definition for him.

      • I often argue the case here and elsewhere, that the MSM is mostly fake news (or certain aspects, e.g. COVID statistics). It’s all been a pack of lies. I can feel it coming in the air tonight. No sorry….1980s flashback 😀

        The Left can put a positive spin on things. People refusing to return to the office? Great! The internet allows Zoom and other work from home. Less need to commute, good for the environment. Clearly there’s benefits for the worker, if he still earns a good salary. The firm will save too on rental costs, if it doesn’t renew a lease. Of course losers too: the landlord, the vendors who relied on the business trade, etc.

        I’ve seen (I think) actual proposals to convert vacant office space into “affordable housing.” Perhaps there is some validity to that. At the very least, it would keep such fine people in the big cities, and probably far away from where the work-from-home white collar lives.

  24. Other than the Parthians/Persians, there were no other “official” state actors (German tribes aside) making trouble for the Romans. The US has a lot organized folks wanting the US to fail. We also live in a more interconnected speedy world where bad news travels really fast. All that aside, yes, the US will not be a republic for much longer.

    • “Other than the Parthians/Persians, there were no other “official” state actors (German tribes aside) making trouble for the Romans.”

      Define trouble cause Rome has a long history of enemies, some were more effective than others, some were more famous: hannibal, spartacus, others were less so: Mithridates, Brennus.

      At the end of the day it was migration that destroyed Rome & that’s what’s happening right now in the West. See no reason why USA is more special than the roman empire, there are zero signs of non-whites being able to integrate in the west. The way I see it there is nothing to debate, the west is falling & current elites are trying to make the collapse as brutal as possible seeing how anti-european they are.

      • The US stood by while Soviet Russia collapsed and China had troubles. I doubt they will fail to take advantage when the US gov stumbles RSN.

      • Fair enuf. I was thinking more along the lines of a power that matched Rome (correct about Carthage, but that was early on). Rome had a lot of enemies no doubt, but few that could legit destable the empire. I mention the Germans because of the Tuteoburg Wald. I see the same thing happening when the US loses a carrier. At any rate, you are right that immigration is one of the reasons that ruined Rome and will potentially ruin us. We can channel Gibbons and think about the utility of citizenship and how it’s cheapened by immigrants that owe no allegiance to the republic. Or perversity masquerading as art, overextending the empire, and so forth. It’s an elephant that blind guys can grab and announce that this is the reason why it all happened.

    • It [U.S.] hasn’t been a Republic since the time of Wilson, or even Lincoln, depending on how strictly one wants to construe the parameters.

  25. First, the spring is winding tighter with each passing day. Anxiety is rising and many sense an impending doom in current affairs. The only thing keeping a lid on the pressure cooker is the artificial affluence being driven by the Fed printing fiat money at an unsustainable rate. Those chickens will come home to roost in double digit inflation before the year is out.

    Second, genuine hatred of the US government is also growing to levels never before seen in this country. At least half the country now (properly) believes that the 2020 election was stolen and that the politicians in DC are not just incompetent & corrupt, but have crossed the line into maliciously evil & even treasonous conduct. The Imperial Capitol will get no support from the plebs, and more likely just the opposite, as more & more people decide to actively oppose & undermine everything Federal.

    Third, the demoralization of LEOs everywhere will start to be felt in a big way in many major cities as crime skyrockets and the internet flares with viral videos of vicious violent assaults, looting, & mayhem. Vigilantism start to fill the policing void and this will further reveal the impotence of government rule.

    Last, like a vast field of bone dry straw, a single spark can ignite an inferno. We are teetering on a knife edge of pent up rage. No amount of vote bribery is going to hold back the flood when the dam bursts. There are stories of small children being crushed to death in the exodus stampede at Kabul Airport. That is the nature of panic. Morality goes out the window in a heartbeat.

    Get out of the city now.

          • Ammo? That train left the station years ago. He can buy m193 for $2.00 per, 20 rounds at a time? I mean, if he has a sidearm, stock up for it, but I dont think stockpiling is even possible anymore (esp with Sec State about to ban importing Prvi and Wolf). Reloading is opening up, but you still need Mr Jackson or Mr Grant’s influence with the clerk to get primers.

        • Gold, not so much. I made a good book profit in the covid hysteria, bought at around 1600. Then I discovered that, irrespective of “market value” being 2000+, I couldnt sell it for much more than what I paid. If you have a couple hundred pounds of physical gold, maybe you can actually hedge the market – but if that’s the case, you wouldn’t be asking these questions from your fortified rural enclave. On the retail level under 6 figures, gold is useful to keep to bribe the gubmint goon to let you off the cattle car en route to the camp, and not much else.

          • I like to think of my bullion as a store of value that will give me a chance to start over if I live to see the other side of the current mess.

            Short-term, it may be possible to make good profits speculating in the crypto space.

            I don’t see crypto being of much use on the other side because that world is going to be much less reliant on technology than the current one.

      • good hedges:

        stocks (S&P 500 up 20 YTD vs 2-4% inflation)

        real estate


        okay hedges:

        investment-grade, b-c grade corporate bonds

        bad/unreliable hedges:

        commodities, treasuries, tips, collectibles,

      • The question was asked in the Zero Hedge comments “How does a lowly serf like myself short the dollar?”
        The answer? Take out a loan.

        On a related note it’s surprising me that telco companies are still doing locked-in rate contracts over three years. There isn’t anything in the tech sector that isn’t dramatically more expensive over the past three years.

    • Getting out of the city is no answer. People have this image of going off to live off-grid away from the insanity. It should be intuitively obvious that wherever you go – others can and will follow you. Defending yourself in a rural setting could easily be even harder to do in an urban one. We are not going to vote our way out of what is coming, or run away from it.

        • Wolf: Idaho was on the feds’ radar decades ago. Various celebs were buying massive ranches in the pacific and central northwest for years as well (Oprah, Kanye West, and the old lefty Redford). Those people moving there seeking a White refuge ignored that. Now Idaho is one of the top destinations for Cali refugees, and the feds have been hard at work (with the help of Turkish Mohammedan Chobani yoghurt owner) to seed non-Whites throughout the state.

          There are a number of other rural locales, in lots of other states not in the pacific/central northwest, that have acreage and privacy and almost entirely White people. They are not all widely known. Just don’t move anywhere that is now publicly ‘hot.’ The northeast coast liberals have already ruined the coastal half of Maine and seeded non-Whites in Vermont, and they are moving on from their solid base in North Carolina into parts of Tennessee. Avoid all college towns. Avoid military bases.
          Especially avoid poultry plants and large-scale agricultural areas that have imported and attracted masses of non-White workers (remember both Rubashkin and Tibbetts were in Iowa). Expect prices to have risen significantly from whatever they were pre-2020. All rural land is ‘hot’ right now, but try to avoid anywhere that’s been in the news. Check the real estate online mags and statistics and wherever the blue state people are moving to, go elsewhere. As I’ve said before, tons of NYers and Californians moving to Texas, and lots of Whites from Texas making plans to leave.

          Yes, such a move may just buy you another decade, but it could be a decisive one. Either way, there’s no chance of surviving in the larger cities/burbs. At least give your kids/grandkids a fighting chance. As TomA wisely stresses, get out of the city.

          • Texas is a big state with lots of rural areas devoid of Californians and New Yorkers. Those parasites like Austin. Austin is more San Francisco than San Francisco

      • Obviously you don’t spend much time in rural areas. Housing stock doesn’t magically appear, like a genie granting wishes. If you buy the only house for sale on your road, no one will be following you anytime soon. Moreover, defending rural areas is easier than urban areas because there’s no law enforcement around to impose Anarcho-tyranny, and random gunshots don’t ever arouse suspicion among neighbors. I highly recommend living in a rural farm area.

        • Drew: Particularly places not easily reached by the interstate highway system. An unpaved beginning part of a driveway (pave or at least improve the rest not visible from the road) off a dirt and gravel road off a two-lane country blacktop is not where the soy-latte drinkers and their non-White tokens want to live. And there are some solid White people back in those woods and hills and hollers. (Some meth heads too, but no place is perfect.)

        • i grew up on a farm, Drew, so I know of which I speak.

          Let’s trade places, then. You can have the farm house, and I will try to hypothetically kill you and take your stuff: Let’s game it out:

          You will not see me coming down the road. I will come through the trees. At night. If you have power – I will cut it. Where is your water going to come from? How are you going to take a chit? If harrying you is too dangerous, I will start shooting your livestock and raiding your garden – again at night. If you come out to get water or use the outhouse – you’re dead meat. Hell, if I want I’ll just burn you out. This is the kind of world you are looking at if the SHTF and civilization falls. When the people in the city begin to starve, they will move outward and go hunting. Preppers are going to be the first targets. If they sit down to cook supper, the smell will attract others. In Venezuela the farmers starve like everyone else. The ranchers on the American border are almost out of business because illegals harry them in exactly these ways.

          If things get this bad the best thing we could do is form groups and hopefully make a viable tribe where we can divide labour and pool resources. The loner is SOL and will almost certainly not survive on his own.

          • Glenfilthie: You’re painting with a broad and stereotypical brush. Moving rural doesn’t automatically imply being a prepper loner. Part of the whole deal is having neighbors who are also somewhat self-sufficient and trustworthy. And anyone buying property ought to have done his homework and figured out lines of approach and ensuring a safe source of water (a well and ability to pump off-grid).

          • Glen-

            You are correct loners are doomed.

            Guys like Ferfal, who lived through the Argentine currency collapse, say exactly this all the time.

            The best thing to do seems to be finding and/or building some kind of offline, real-world community in a rural area.

          • Perhaps, 3g4me… but I don’t think so. I don’t mean to disparage preppers, gunnies, off-gridders or backwoodsmen. I fall into a couple of those categories myself.

            In fact, you paint in broad strokes too. Consider:

            … you don’t just haul up stakes and parachute into a tightly knit rural community and expect to be welcomed with open arms. Those communities ride on relationships and trust that literally took years to develop. Outsiders will be seen and regarded with suspicion, especially if things go south. Those of you that try this are going to meet strenuous resistance in some of those communities. Californians for example, are regarded (rightfully) with utter contempt.

            I am not saying the rural escape strategy in a SHTF situation is wrong… but a lot of people may be better off sheltering in place in the event of a disruption.

          • The ranch rifle made wolves & coyotes nearly extinct, plus many other varmints & vermin that plague rural life. In a battle of wits & cunning in which I’m defending my home and you are the invader, I’ll take my chances in mortal combat with you. And please, come at night. My IR and night vision googles will serve me well in easily picking you out of a cold background. Or I could just take my dog off tether. You’d be better off with the one-shot finale.

          • Well, if you feel like you can slip by the two Iberian shepherds that guard my farm without getting hurt or them barking enough to wake me up so I can grab my AR, have at it.

          • South Africa says that you’re right. In my current rural setting I have a half dozen neighbors within a quarter of mile; I’d consider half of them reliable. On my old dead-end urban street I had three dozen neighbors, and again, half of them reliable; you can see which group would have an easier time dealing with “urban raiding parties”. I’d have to trawl a square mile to muster similar numbers (but I’d still be behind as I’d have to defend a square mile worth of property rather than a city block).

          • And while you tough guys are killing each other, some skinny – jeans aspiring folk singer and his stinky girlfriend will drive up in their Volkswagen and stuff their backpacks with your goodies.

          • Ronnie Waters: “And while you tough guys are killing each other, some skinny – jeans aspiring folk singer and his stinky girlfriend will drive up in their Volkswagen and stuff their backpacks with your goodies.”

            Nope. They stopped someplace and tried to trade weed for gas, but the guys with the gas shot the folk singer, took all his weed and turned his stinky girlfriend into a sex slave. They never made it out to my farm.

        • A couple things responding to Drew and others:
          1. Neighbors in a rural area are the solution. Yes, absolutely my neighbors get nosy when I magdump a msr at 11 pm at night (predators). But the texts are “Didja get it?,” not we’re calling the cops, as it would be in the burbs. If you are far enough away from your neighnors that you shooting attracts no attention, you are too isolated to be safe. Farms in SA, for example.
          2. Concealment of your position is important; signs of resources (generators running) need to be as innocuous as possible. I doubt cooking smells are a problem. Lights at night are. 3g’s point is good: directions to your house should include “turn off the paved road.” But, you must be equipped to deal with that, as “they cant get in” usually means you cannot get out, absent the right equipment.
          3. Glen seems to think you will be attacked by starving rioting FBI HRT teams. Starving urban hordes do not lay seige and set up sniper hides, they storm, loot, and move on. Night capable video cameras are $200. Know what you will be most likely threatenes with, and plan accordingly. If Lon Horiuchi comes for thee, not a whole lot you can do unless you’re filthy rich. Defending against opportunistic scavengers from the nearby metropolis is simple.

          • Not trying to start a fight here, Reb.

            As a kid I shot deer that can hear 300 than you and smell 700 times better – with a bow. You’d be a piece of cake compared to that!😂👍

            To me this is all hypothetical, and when city people lecture me on rural life… the conversation can’t go anywhere constructive. If some idiot wants to believe coyotes are extinct and another thinks his boutique guard dogs make him invincible I have no problem with it. Fill your boots.

          • Wolves effectively became extinct in the lower 48 until the Feds reintroduced them a few decades ago after they became an Endangered Species. Ditto for coyotes in many states where the Fish & Wildlife Service allowed open kill. Once upon a time, millions of buffalo roamed the central plains of North America, but they exist no more. And all of that is beside the point. Wolves are some of the most stealthy and best camouflaged predators in the forest, yet even they fell prey to the savvy Homo sapien with a long rifle.

            Even more to the point. A ranch owner knows his land far better than some newly arrived interloper from the city, which is a very significant advantage. Plus, most city yokels don’t know the first thing about rural life survival, hunting, or even basic combat skills (ex-military excluded, but they are more likely to be DR anyway).

            Finally, the threats that you will face in the big city are myriad and will come in waves (think Medieval melee), whereas in my neck of the woods, you will be invading my turf and I will be hunting you, not vice versa.

          • This thread is interesting but I’d have to say that I agree with everyone. By that I mean that your strategy depends on the likely threat. The rural vs. urban thing is a bit oversimplified too. American rural development in many areas almost all came about after the automobile and motorized farming. This is why you have giant farms with a single home sitting in the middle of them. I believe the South African pattern is similar. Defense of an isolated house in such a place can be quite tricky. SA also has a black run government whereas most of rural America has local authorities who would not only not prosecute you for gunning down urban mobs but probably join in the fun themselves. Probably the best place to be would be a rural small town where you own land for farming outside the town. That seems to have been the typical European pattern of rural living as well. As a defender then you can take advantage of urban warfare tactics while being away from most sources of diversity. Then there’s the matter of defense against Federal or state level anti-White government goons. If this is a Ruby Ridge type thing, you’re just fooked. If the country has unraveled to the point where you’re helping county law enforcement and a band of other armed citizens against those goons your prepper stronghold might be a bit more defensible particularly if you’re part of a local intelligence network that monitors goon movements so their units can be singled out and destroyed in detail.

            Overall, the thing to keep in view is that local community support has allowed low-IQ Afghans and the somewhat smarter Iraqis to thwart “the greatest military on earth” for decades now and in the case of Afghanistan, to prevail.

        • Not only that, but out in the sticks you’re not surrounded by hostile nuggras. That may be the most important advantage.

      • It seems in modern day America everyone is from somewhere and not actually from where they are living. Perhaps everyone needs to go home? Their home is where they have family and support.

        • For me, after three generations, that’d be Washington, DC and its suburbs. The city has changed just a bit since Grandparents moved there ca. 1940 🙂 My only remaining blood relative thereabouts is a first cousin in far-suburban MD, who is probably to the left of Hillary Clinton. Move back there? Um…

      • The problem with being in a major metropolitan city during the initial stages of a collapse is that high urban density leads to immediate food shortages and the accompanying hunger will drive panic to desperate levels very quickly. The result will be roving gangs of violent adolescent males rampaging & pillaging at will (think Vikings raiding the north coast of Great Britain in the Middle Ages). And if you think urban PDs will save the day, you are a fool. Look to current events in Afghanistan for an example of what to expect. You would be better off camping in the woods a 100 miles from the nearest city than making a last stand on your front porch with a shotgun and box of shells. Stupid is as stupid does.

        • TomA: And your average suburban home is made from cheap drywall with tons of enormous and cheap windows (we have artwork and crafts we bought while living overseas that we still can’t hang because there are so few solid walls in our house). The sheer logistics of basic safety, when one stops to think about it, indicate it’s not a place to live unless one trusts the neighbors, the police, and the general public order. How far out does public transportation reach? How far out has the highway been extended? If there are working vehicles and some gas available, anyone else can reach wherever you reside in your ‘safe suburb’ to commute to your city job.

        • Yes and no, Tom. Yes, it will literally be the Law Of The Jungle especially in areas with blacks. But consider this: I will see your black baboons, and raise you some militias and roof top Koreans. Add in any number of patriots and preppers… and perhaps the tactics tilt a bit…?
          The best weapon man has is between his ears – provided it is loaded. Blacks, with their 85 average IQ… will be sporting entertainment once race realities reassert themselves.

          • Mad Max is a movie. Can shortages happen? Sure. Are we going to see nationwide collapse any time soon, probably not.

            Even in the event of an economic collapse, it’s not like the farms are going to disappear. If things really got bad, the police would not be playing the games they play today. They’d be shooting to kill.
            The collapse of prices would make things difficult, but it’s not like they couldn’t keep food on the shelves.
            When something major happens, all the rules change. Covid is a perfect example of this. One little thing changed and all of the sudden none of the old rules applied anymore. The unthinkable, like arresting worshipers at a church and putting the population on house arrest became ordinary. The rules are endlessly flexible. They are not what we imagine them to be. They are not ancient inflexible forces. The rules are whatever they say the rules are. If the rules tomorrow require you house a tranny, by golly you’re gonna house a tranny or you’re gonna get thrown out of your house.

          • Tars-

            Your second paragraph is why I am currently advocating shopping at farm markets, produce stand, and buying directly from farmers as much as possible now.

            This is to keep money in the local community and away from the clutches of the megacorps. It also opens the possibility of establishing basic contacts and opening a relationship, however tenuous, with folks that are going to be extremely important to know in the trials to come.

            I see this as a potential strategy for easing oneself out of the blue hives and into a rural community of like-minded people.

        • There’s plenty of guns in the city and the close-in suburbs. In a total collapse, the population would be rapidly thinned not only by starvation, lack of water, etc. but also “acute lead poisoning.” Just look at a map. It’s not like the survivors even of the first culling or two are going to self-assemble into an efficient paramilitary force. As they spread out from the urban center, they become smaller and easier to pick off. Those out in the country will be waiting for the opportunity. I don’t have access to accurate projections, but I’d guess 90-95% fatality rate within the first month of former urban dwellers. A person can survive about three weeks without food, three days without water. Disease will pick off a lot too, even in the first few weeks if sanitation fails.

      • You are not the 101st airborne in bastogne. If the enemy surrounds you, you lose, not “you get to attack in any direction.” Staying in any big city is a death warrant: read up on the Spanish civil war. Dont be a madralino.

        • Actually a lot of people survived traumatic wars in the city, even in places like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          • And tens of thousands of madralinoss ended up shot and tortured to death because they didn’t get out in the sunmer of 1936. Surviving war in a city is different than surviving an ethnic cleansing racewar in a city. If we are worried about Red Dawn, you would be correct. If the threat is Jaquarialus putting you in Herbie Goldenstein’s “‘de-whiteification” camp, not so much.

    • That hatred and outrage are real. Many “normie” friends are frequently making astute comments and wondering aloud how much more of this people will endure.
      Several are infuriated about unvetted Afghan refugees pouring in daily. It’s hard not to mention in those conversations that whatever Afghan extremists might do, it’s minor when compared to the havoc and destruction the political class plans to wreak.
      “Always look on the bright side of life”

      • I was really surprised the other day to overhear two co-workers discussing their escape plans for when the collapse comes. These are semi-rural residents, 2A types for sure, but not on our side of the divide yet. One of them is your typical Fox News viewer, yet he was discussing how far he could get in his car if there’s no gas available for refills. It was astonishing to hear this as.part of an everyday conversation.

    • WRT LEO’s, folk here often decry them and claim they will side with whomever provides their paychecks and pension in any upcoming confrontation between TPTB and the citizenry. I’m not so sure.

      The LEO’s I come in contact with, albeit retired, are quite angry at the current goings on wrt being on the hot seat every time they are involved with a minority arrest, which of course is the majority of their calls. The comment most common and *always* the same is that the command and political control does not “have our backs”, followed by the refrain that they’d never choose the career today.

      I’d say there is a good chance they will not be the first line of repression we talk about, but of course as you’ve pointed out, that sword cuts both ways in that we will then be on our own to protect our neighborhoods.

      • Recent events in Australia should disabuse you of any hope that LEOs will do anything other than crack your skull and toss your corpse into the back of a truck.

        • KGB: Those photos of White cops smashing White skulls in Australia actually surprised me. Surely people know them and their families and where they live? Why is there not public naming and shaming? Instead of demonstrating ‘peacefully’ in the streets, why not mass in front of the houses of those in the employ of state enforcement? God Australia, I hardly knew you.

        • Two different animals coming from two different backgrounds. The essence of my comment was that the police a the local level in America feel betrayed. I’d venture to say that in Australia, they believe they are doing God’s work. Let me know when any Australian cops are hauled up in front of a judge for doing day to day policing—as are American cops consistently.

        • LEOs in Straya aren’t forced to deal with feral Hutus 24/7. Doing so changes one’s mentality.

      • Yep, and home town leos were completely appalled by a situation I ebcountered in a far left urban area. Their shock and consternation, however, did nothing for my cracked bones. “Thoughts and prayers” after the fact don’t cut it, and that’s all we will get from the Blue Line. Counting on the police is a fool’s bet.

    • “Last, like a vast field of bone dry straw, a single spark can ignite an inferno. We are teetering on a knife edge of pent up rage. No amount of vote bribery is going to hold back the flood when the dam bursts.”

      Well, you just took the gold in the 100-meter metaphor.

      Infernos and knives and floods, oh my! (-;

  26. My guess is Biden will hold out his term and then decline to run in ’24, for the reasons mentioned and that it seems to me the president is increasingly just a figurehead. The more docile the better. If there were no ‘president’ the permanent bureacracy that actually runs the gov would be the last to notice (if you factor in legitimacy I think there is none now but that’s a different matter). If I were them I’d just embalm Biden when the time comes, like Lenin, and be done w it.

      • That was a year ago where they could keep him drugged up to work half days over the course of most weeks; now they’re lucky to get a day and a half out of him and he can be barely intelligible then. Not that it will make much of a difference to us to be sure, but a year from now we’ll probably not see him at all outside of some digital recreations.

        • CGI has come a long way since the first Jurassic Park. If he kicked the bucket we’d be none the wiser if that suited the ppl in charge.

          • I like to joke that Biden died back in October of last year and has been a CGI deep fake since then. There actually are some truly weird facts that point that way like the photo of MC 900 foot Biden with the Carters but no, I think he’s still technically alive. Talking about this stuff always reminds me of Orwell where both the big “good guy” and the big “bad guy” were probably not even real people but just avatars created for the simple minded.

  27. I wonder what the neo-Nubian SinoAfrican historians will chisel into their clay tablets in 100 years about this period after western man’s collapse.

    I wish I had a time machine.

  28. Well, that’s the question, is it. What comes next?

    IMHO, 2020 was the turning point. Not because of Covid or BLM, though they contributed mightily, but because the last line of defense for the old America – colorblind civic nationalism – collapsed.

    Before 2020, you could still (sort of ) hold off the mob by declaring society shouldn’t look at race, that every person should “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” There was still hope by most whites that they maintain that old America, that non-whites would assimilate and adopt their colorblind civic nationalism.

    That died. Progressives attacked that last redoubt and annihilated it. Whites had to acknowledge their white privilege and the evil of their ancestors. It was effectively the end of Old America. There was no moral argument left to stop the Progressives from dismantling the old system and beliefs.

    Sure, you have some hold-out skirmishes like the fight over CRT, where whites argue that the Left is going too far, but they can’t stop it because CRT fits the moral narrative that whites have already accepted.

    But here’s the thing. If you destroy the old system, you have to replace it with something – and that’s the problem for the Progressives. Their insane Racial Marxism now needs to be implemented and, like the Bolsheviks, they’re going to find that it doesn’t work.

    At the moment, we’re in a weird interregnum with the momentum, institutions and workforce of the old America still maintaining the system as the new rulers try to figure out how to replace it with insanity and keep the system functioning.

    • Yes, we’re in an in-between moment. Even with the furious attack on White people, so many conservatives are still clinging to color-blindness, even Tucker. Meanwhile the left is going full authoritarianism, led by corporations, which is causing some cognitive dissonance, and even pushback from the more honest (compared to other leftists) liberals like Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, etc. I wish I knew how this is going to shake out. Maybe we’ll get our answer after millions have dropped dead from the jab!

      • Colorblind CivNats like Tucker and even Sailer won’t accept that their strategy has lost because it would mean either openly submitting or moving forward, i.e. white identity politics.

        So, they keep pretending because the alternatives are unacceptable in their minds. Better to live in a nice fantasy if you can – and they can, for now. Millions of whites are doing the same thing.

        Sure, at work they have to go to diversity meetings. Sure, every show openly hates them. Sure, schools teach their kids that whites suck. But they can turn on Tucker and pretend that there’s still hope.

        CivNat whites are basically Germany after Stalingrad and Normandy. It’s over, and most kind of know that it’s over, but it’s easier to pretend for now.

      • Not sure I totally agree about the Tuck.

        I’m pretty sure he’s used the phrase, “the Great Replacement,” on air.

        Regime sources like Wiki call that a, “WN conspiracy theory.”

    • The colorblind civic nationalism/Old America died with the failure of Donald Trump. (It died as any kind of a conceivably realistic concept to anyone even marginally rational. In reality, it died long ago.)

      Trump failed in that he could not and/or would not really save Old America. But he said a lot of the right things. Despite this obvious failure, the MAGA NormieCons managed to convince themselves that everything would be all right if Trump was reelected.

      When Trump lost, most likely due to fraud, they convinced themselves that they could simply prove that fraud occurred and their enemies would have to concede defeat. They thought they could shame the ruling class, which has no shame.

      The NormieCons in effect would say: “Gotcha! Here is how we know the election was fraudulent. How do you respond to that, lefty?”
      The ruling class answered: “We ban you from social media.”

      Next, Normie convinced himself that the courts just had to do the right thing. They simply had to follow the law. It was so obvious. (They were always enraged when anyone would point out the futility of trusting the legal system that is run by the same people who control the political system). Of course, their heroes, like Clarence Thomas and ACB failed to restore their savior to office.

      Then there were the increasingly bizarre fantasies around the electoral college and the inauguration. The only thing that’s left now is the audit fiasco(s). There will always be a few people who will latch on to any ludicrous delusion. But, for most it’s readily apparent that the colorblind civic nationalist Old America is gone.

      Trump was the last hope (albeit a misplaced hope). There’s not even a new Trump out there to tell them what they want to hear.

      • Although I usually tend to be defeatist, I’ve read enough history to know that there is a chance — just a chance, I don’t know how probable — that unexpected and perhaps ultimately “good for us” things could still happen. As matters deteriorate, however, it grows increasingly probable that they would only be achieved with a huge body count. I don’t think we have much choice in what the future holds. Best advice may be as discussed above: move to the country and forge ties there.

      • I think the main reason Trump failed was his reluctance to put his life and fortune at risk. Had he mobilized the special forces and federal marshalls to attack the fedgov at it’s black heart, there was no room for failure. This choice was too risky so Trump backed down on his rhetoric. When the choice is victory or death, it’s hard to fault someone for shrinking away. Very sad for everyone.

    • Citizen: Brilliant comment. Vital point: Civnat Whites trying to stop CRT can’t because they’ve already accepted the moral narrative that underlies it. That’s the cognitive dissonance the civnats are experiencing – they’re noticing the dysfunction and flood of ‘others,’ but they still reflexively respond with that inculcated belief in equality and magic propositions. And the state symbols still signify, to them, something to honor. That is their weakness. Attack it with government institutions and museums flying BLM and rainbow flags above their cherished symbol. With the black national anthem and automatic genuflecting to criminals. And always remind them of the future their children face – that is what they really refuse to confront. Don’t allow them to live in the moment; force them to think of the past-present-future continuum. And even then, a large part of them will turn away from reality.

      • When have white boomers, CivNat or otherwise, ever thought about the future for their progeny? Most were quite content to see their healthy grandchildren locked down to supposedly protect their health. Hell, they genocided millions of their progeny, nearly 1/3rd of their conceptions. Wonder why the white population is declining? Tens of millions of whites would be in their 30s and 40s right now that were instead snuffed out so as not to inconvenience a woman pursuing free love and a career.

        They’d be more responsive to arguments about being abused in nursing homes by coloreds or the threat of their wealth being confiscated by POC-led bureaucracies. That affects them directly, which is all they care about.

        • Lucius: Valid points all, which is why I am the one who usually comments that attempting to reach average people is a waste of time. I was merely theorizing on what, if anything, might reach those who are still pretending it’ll all work out because ‘murrica.

      • I saw a Dan bongino ad appear on my Facebook or YouTube or something.

        It said “CRT Cancelled after Black man angrily DESTROYS it”

        Yup. Loser loser loser loser loser.

    • They can’t stop CRT, because CRT is simply a name for an idea. The name will morph, or even disappear, but the promoters of the idea will remain firmly in their high ground (control of educational institutions) and continue to undermine Western culture.

    • Faux News is trying mightily to rejuvenate the old Civ Natism with their kabuki based black theater. It’s an endless stream of token blacks telling their White geezer audience what they want to hear. Won’t work though. The vast majority of non-Whites can’t be convinced to abandon their racial identity when the Regime spent so many years legitimizing it. There will come a time in the near future when the Democrat, despite having ruined everything, wins reelection. The result will be inexplicable to normies, so much so that they make up all kinds of conspiracy theories to explain it away.

      But the vote total may very well be legitimate. Demographic change will be solely responsible, and that will put colorblind civic nationalism to bed for good. Just as the ANC always wins reelection in South Africa due to the block voting of racist blacks, regardless of how bad things get there, future American governance will be decided by who has the most numbers, not by ideas or character. That means things will get progressively worse with no hope of changing course. Demography is destiny after all.

  29. 5 T dollars, what the heck does that even mean? A little calculation gives me that 5 T 1$ bills stacked on top of each other are around 341,312.5 miles high. For comparison the distance to the moon is around 239,062.5 miles. That’s just over 1.4 times the distance to the moon.

    Obviously this cannot go on. The inflation has already begun of course But why it doesn’t lead to insane inflation is beyond me. Whatever your savings are, don’t let them be cash or regular accounts; they’ll be worthless eventually. Same probably applies over here in Europe but maybe the Germans, who have a historical and understandable hatred of it, can prevent inflation??

    • further on your comparison, all the planets in the solar system would fit between the earth and moon. That’s what 240,000 miles gets ya.
      Almost an immeasurable amount of money.

    • ” … but maybe the Germans, who have a historical and understandable hatred of it, can prevent inflation?”

      The question would only be non-rhetorical if the Germans had a government that was interested in their well-being, or even in the well-being of Europeans overall. Let me assure that this is not the case with the outgoing (federal elections in late September) Merkel administration.

      Very likely the incoming government is going to even accelerate the processes of decay and active destruction, almost regardless of its colors. Greens or Reds a little faster and more programmatically, “conservatives” a little more poutingly and dragging their feet, but without any real resistance to the Western megatrends.

      • I forgot just how evil Mutti Merkel Multiculti is. My bad. So, don’t stock up on Euros either.

    • Moran: Re ‘insane inflation,’ have you shopped for groceries lately? Or lumber? For a used car? For those who look, a lot of it’s already here. And for those who don’t, it’s coming. There’s a reason those dealing in certain commodities can’t keep them in stock, or have their phones ringing off the hook. Some people, who neither hoarded nor ‘bet’ on negative outcomes, are inadvertently prospering due to the madness of the times.

      • I have a Zimbabwan dollar bill tucked away somewhere, as a souvenir. I forget the nominal value but it could be a trillion Zimbabwan $, it’s certainly an insane number. Maybe it bought you a pint of milk or something.

        Trust me, what’s happening now is inflation. There are many levels of hell below the current one. Ppl should prepare for that.

        • Moran: Agree. As far as insane goes, I am not prepared to prognosticate on how far or how fast, just that it is definitely on the horizon.

        • That’s in terms of Zimbabwean currency. Folks there long before stopped trading and dealing in such, preferring US$ and Euro’s. Here to we too might begin to enter the Black market and deal in gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

          • Agree which is why I think ppl should have some savings in such or similar things. They managed to hold back inflation despite their ‘quantitative easing’ binges. But now the dam is showing real cracks and this could explode.

      • Well Moran is in Europe, so I forgive his ignorance of the retail market in SW USA.
        But to illustrate: the price of a chicken breast has gone from $3 to $8 per pound. The big chain grocery store is still having supply problems, so that $8 per pound is about 20% inedible “woody” meat from a genetic disorder. Filet beef was about $18/lb is now $32/lb.
        A standard old used pickup truck (silverado 1500) has gone from $4000 to around $7000 in one year. There are confounding factors, but inflation has to be in the 25% per year range now.

        • the price of a chicken breast has gone from $3 to $8 per pound

          Cripe, what region are you in? I’ve seen 20% hikes (which are bad enough) bad nothing like that.

          The big chain grocery store is still having supply problems

          It’s still that odd case of “lots of one thing and bare shelves for everything else”. It’s almost Soviet: “You can have any prepackaged lunch meat that you want, so long as you want ham”. (This too can be uneven by region).

      • Wait until they destroy the used car market with electric vehicles. The batteries in those things need to replaced every so often, and the cost of a new one often exceeds the total cost of a used vehicle. I suspect that’s the plan. Make everyone rent their car instead of owning it and trading it in or buying a used one. Then imagine woke corporations being able to deny service to people to rent cars based on their politics. They already do that with airline travel, internet crowdfunding, and housing rentals. That’s the future when you own nothing.

  30. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we get a deep-fake president. There have already been a few “uncanny” appearances of Biden such as when he gave that acceptance speech in front of a field of brand new Fords before an empty podium.

  31. I have a hard time believing Harris was just a bone thrown to Silicon Valley. She was to be the diverse Hillary, though more pliable. She was allowed to be the face of the Kavanaugh hearings, and the slayer of the last vestiges of WASP America. And she was a literal mistress. And if the general public doesn’t like her, who cares? Plenty of people do like her. The donors like her. All the boomer Dems I know think she’s the bee’s knees. She’d say anything for a million dollars. She’s a perfect “leader”. And the regime has shown (and the voters have enabled them) that they could put a potted plant and a pet hamster as the head of Red Team and Blue Team and there would be 120 million votes for either. At least Harris looks and acts like a human being. That’s a gift you don’t throw away!

    • I think Harris’ selection is even simpler than that: having her as VP makes it more unpalatable to remove Biden. She’s an insurance policy

    • It took only a few weeks for the machine to turn Trump from black people’s favorite white man—by far, for decades—into King Kleagle.

      They can make Harris as popular as Obama if they decide it’s necessary. White people outside the professional class won’t play along, but everyone else will.

      I think they won’t bother. Show’s over. Superman’s gay, commercials tell customers to fuck off, and votes don’t count.


      • Just to clarify the Superman comment. Woke DC turned Jon Kent, Superman’s son, “bisexual” (i.e. gay). There has been a trend of turning straight characters gay in the comics for years now. I’m sure that’ll make its way up to the movies soon enough. In fact, it has. Marvel made sure to tell their female fans that the character they had the hots for, Loki, is bisexual. Smart.

        They also did this with Robin, of Batman and Robin fame (Tim Drake). He was a straight character for years until a few people who did not originate the character changed his sexuality to “bi” — they even draw him “gay” now. Of course Leftists, being liars, falsely claimed he was “always bi”, but the character was always straight according to the character’s original writers. There was never any indication or intention to the contrary until recently, despite efforts to re-interpret innocuous scenes from previous years.

        They’re also trying to do the same thing to Wolverine and Cyclopes of the X-Men. The creators and the most popular writers who made these characters NEVER considered them gay or bi, same with Robin, but other people — decades later — are inserting little scenes here and there so someone can later point back to them to claim they were “always bi”. No. They. Weren’t.

        They even gaywashed Chris Pratt’s Starlord. Other examples include Ice-Man, Hercules, Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn, and a litany of other minor characters. They also tried doing this with Captain America and his sidekick. And now they’re trying to do this with Sam & Frodo of the LOTR.

        In the case of Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn, the characters’ creator stated he wanted to be vague about their sexuality at first, but then later he clarified they were “just friends.” So both are straight. Didn’t stop woke DC from taking these attractive female characters and making them LGBTQ though. I’m sure that’ll do wonders for the sales, much of which came from straight men fantasizing about getting with a cool female villain.

  32. I find it absolutely maddening how people on the left and the right are talking about Biden like he’s in charge and not a dementia patient. It shouldn’t even be a question of whether he’s in charge or not and anyone that pretends he is is complicit in the sham and travesty of appointing him president. How many headlines is Glenn Reynolds going to have saying things like “what is Biden thinking?”. Reynolds and people like him are either idiots or liars to write things like that. Maybe both

    • Biden is just the natural progression of liberal democracy. Did anyone really think Ronald Reagan was in charge, especially his last 4-6 years? Bill Clinton with his weakness for sex and donor dollars? George W. Bush?? Come on. What we are seeing is the beginning of the virtual presidency. I wouldn’t be surprised if a hologram runs for president in 10 years, saying things and making the right people happy.

      • Quite true. Obama was another case. That guy was the ultimate empty suit. He might have had a few pet projects that the marginally cared about, but he was definitely not the guy running the show.

        Trump was probably the first independent president since (maybe) early Reagan, possibly Nixon. And even Trump couldn’t enforce his views on Deep State both due to their intransigence and his ineptitude. (Carter was probably a bit like Trump, somewhat independent minded but not strong enough to take on Deep State.)

    • I just watch Bill Maher. Maher beleives that Trump was the mental patient. Thats why we should split up the country, we have nothing in common any more!

      • Oy, Bill Maher. When I was younger, I thought New Rules was righteous. Now it’s trite and boomer-tier. One of the many who lost their sense of humor under Trump, but still remembers ethnic humor fondly. When the Marxist revolution finally takes over, Maher will be strung up as if he were Steve Bannon, wondering why they didn’t hang Bannon first

  33. Build Back Better = BlackRock owns the country. Everything beyond that constitutes Kabuki theater designed to distract.

    • yes, as much as some dissidents wanna deny it, it always comes down to the usual suspects & their agenda.

    • Build Back Better, The Great Reset, “you will own nothing and be happy,” BlackRock buying up homes, sometimes entire neighborhoods, vaccine passports…..seems like a plan or something.

      • Here’s the most amazing part (to me, anyway): the top globalists have told us exactly what they plan to do . . . yet almost none of the “little people” have paid attention to those stated plans. Universal blindness/deafness has taken root.

      • The Wild Geese Howard: You and I appear to be thinking along similar lines. If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would be developing this cosmic/metaphysical perspective during the latter half of 2021, I would have thought such an observer was totally bonkers. I was a rationalist / skeptic who rejected “superstitions.” But I am now where I am, regardless of materialist presuppositions that I still had until very recently. I find it impossible to deny the spiritual warfare aspects of what is occurring on a global stage these days.

  34. I agree with basically all of this although we might differ a little here:

    “Biden will remain in office, doing less and less until he is reduced to a concept, rather than a real person.”

    I think this was the plan all along, and, as is usually the case with our Ruling Class, failed spectacularly. In fact, with the exception of Trump, this is how the Empire has functioned since World War II.

    I personally think this is the beginning of the end because the United States is rapidly fading on the world stage. There will be secession movements in the near future and at least a de facto break up of the Empire. That arguably is well underway and mass migration is a last desperate attempt to stop the Great Sorting.

    You are exactly right that the “opposition” will be allowed to “win” next cycle to maintain the illusion of participatory democracy. It’s exactly why we should not vote and participate in the fraud at the National level and only support at the local level separatist candidates and movements that work for our people.

    From memory, the Western Roman Empire did not fracture until it collapsed because even the disgruntled citizens maintained an alegiance to the Empire. That no longer is the case in our degenerate Empire.

    The Woke Empire has been the Zombie Empire a long time. Just as the Suez Crisis formalized the collapse of the British Empire, Afghanistan marks the end of the Woke Empire. The British version unraveled for almost ten years after Suez so we should expect something similar.

    • Britian got out of the empire business because it couldn’t afford it anymore,the US is getting out of the empire business because it cannot sustain itself as a country.

      Might be wrong but I think the US is in a far worse situation.

  35. Amusingly, the contrast with the Romans is glaring. The Roman Legions, untroubled by distant imperial succession chaos, continued their brutal efficiency culminating in the sack of Jerusalem in 70 CE (AD). Our legions, by way of contrast, have just been scattered by goatherds in Afghanistan. I leave it to the judgment of my fellow gentle readers which empire was/is in better relative shape amidst these succession crises.

    • Our legions have returned home, with plenty of “counter insurgency” practice. Which doesn’t seem to actually work.

      If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

      Whether it’s Jill Biden (Dr.) issuing orders from Joe’s retreat in Delaware, or a newly installed polished “bird” Kamala, you can be certain that they’ll be turning their great military machine inward.

      If overseeing 20 years of death, misery, and astronomical waste had no end of volunteers, I don’t expect there to be any trouble finding “patriots” who’ll be happy to do it here.

      • Military recruitment ads are focused on getting the right volunteers now. In other words, not southern whites.

        • It’s worth remembering that the US Cav. that fought the Indian wars after the War of Northern Aggression was mostly trash. The massive numbers of experienced veterans were all discharged and sent home, leaving men who couldn’t shoot or ride or fight to enlist and defend settlers in the west.

      • The imperials are in a mad hurry to get them back here, aren’t they?

        I think they’ll be bringing auxillaries. A “retired CIA intelligence analyst” on MSNBC this morn estimated that we must rescue 160,000 loyal Afghan allies…and their families, too.

        The Zman nails it predicting a virtual, ceremonial government, that’s the new normal. A fine fit for the digital era. Let them eat digits!

        • I strongly suspect that the “Americans left behind” are the CIA assets running the opium fields. Or did hundreds of normal American families take a vacation to the opium capital of the world during a NATO withdrawal?

      • Wounded animals are dangerous. Fortunately the Woke Empire is fundamentally retarded and it’s third rate military is no exception. As States peel off we will see how pathetic the Empire’s shock troops are.

        • Here’s hoping the Left Coast is the first out of the gate. If red team tries first, the Imperium might actually fight against it.

          • Among the reasons I wanted Trump to win re-election was it likely would have caused secession of some parts of the United States, and would have been permitted. That probably played a role in the decision to blatantly steal the election.

    • The descriptions of the destruction of Jerusalem as told by Dom Prosper Gauranger in his “Liturgical Year” are stunning. It took several years, from what I remember. Gauranger said it was the final condemnation of the Synagogue, and even outstripped Sodom in human suffering and degradation.

    • Probably because, in 70 AD, Roman legionnaire training was the literal definition of, “hardcore.”

      In the field, legions would spend a day marching. Then, at the appointed hour in the afternoon they would halt and begin constructing a complete camp with nothing more than basic tools and muscle power.

      No modern military does anything like this, not even close.

  36. How would they remove Harris in the event she gets out of line? They aren’t going to impeach her for being an obnoxious moron. She isn’t going to go quietly. If she senses she midterms will go badly for the Democrats, I could see trying to push Sleepy Joe out of the way. Letting the Republicans win the midterms also seems unlikely, unless the regime plans on committing fraud on their behalf. The number of people walking away from the party is significant, much greater than those who won’t show for the Democrats. The people who commit fraud for the Democrats do it for a living, I suppose they could be paid to stay home, but why not just do your job. The California recall results will be telling, I am guessing in a legit counting of the vote, the support for recalling Newsom would in the high 50s. If it fails, you can count on the Democrats fraud operating keeping them in power in 2022.

    • Hillary becomes vice president and we know the clintons have a impressive body count. Harris would think twice about not stepping down

      • Even as corrupt as they are, I can’t see Senate Republicans voting to confirm Hilary as VP.

        It’s quite a box into which the ruling party has locked themselves. Biden is barely there and it’s increasingly obvious. He needs to be removed. But installing Harris as POTUS deadlocks the Senate until a new VP is confirmed, meaning Senate Rs get equal say. Plus, Harris could never win an election in her own right. Meaning Dems will likely lose everything by 24.

        Dems were so blinded by their Trump hatred that it genuinely seems like they didn’t think through the ramifications of their ticket, and/or they severely overestimated Harris’ ability to become something she wasn’t, which is “presidential.”

        Grab the popcorn. It’ll be quite a show.

    • The Republicans will be allowed to win because they pose no threat to the regime and the illusion of participatory democracy has to be maintained as a pressure valve. Frankly, I don’t think that scam works any longer.

      • One of the more interesting outcomes of the right being the illusionary opposition is as the left becomes more incompetent and unhinged, the republican leadership becomes even more weak and limp-wristed, to the point it’s clear they’re throwing the game. Let’s look at some of the previous speakers:

        – Gingrich (halfway decent by right standards)
        – Paul Ryan (Weak and a backstabbing weasel)
        – Boehner (Crying b*tch)
        – McCarthy (Clearly needed to get stuffed into more lockers, somehow even weaker than Boehner)

        Remember too, these jokers tried to push Jenner for California.

        • You forgot Denny Hasert, who was allowed to become Speaker because they had dirt on him and could manipulate him. He took over after they pushed Louisiana Rep. Bob Livingston aside because Livingston had an extra marital affair that suddenly came to light. He must have at least been decent if the regime decided to take him out like that.

      • Right. Even if the Republicans win tons of seats in 2022, they won’t do anything significant. Maybe give Bezos a tax cut, vote themselves a pay raise, and call it a day.

        Then by 2024 the Dems should be finished with their internal power struggles and a new Emperor ascends to the throne.

        • Gosh, along with SSI disappearing, I hear the old saw about Congress voting themselves a raise (undeserved of course). Why have we not hear of this recently, even not so recently—like 30 years?

          Public Law 101-194, 1989, was passed which provides automatic pay raises (COLA) for Congress. Congress no longer needs to get their hands dirty and their public outraged. It’s all now baked into the cake. Google to the effect of how many Congressmen are millionaires and you’ll find most of them have no need for a salary anyway. Living paycheck to paycheck is just for the little people you know.

      • Does the Machine have enough organization to stay its hand from faking more elections? The consensus around here seems to be that 2020 was “fortified” via the autonomous efforts of thousands of parties. The goal and opportunity were present and those who had the ability to help install Biden were given the clear, as it were. Now that the systems to rig elections are in place all over the country how can all the little dictators be held back? Most of the true believing partisans think GOP cucks are Not-sees; is it possible they would sit back and let them win?

    • it will suddenly be discovered she is ineligible to be potus due to the circumstances of her birth.

      • We’ll, that better happen before the inauguration, or it’s a done deal. SCOTUS is not likely—even now—to rule on such. We saw their taste for taking up political battles last election.

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