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Note: I was on with Professor Ed Dutton yesterday. You can watch the video version on Bitchute and you can download the audio here.

Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you all for your support, not just behind the green door but in the comment section. A recurring theme when people comment about my work is that this site has one of the best comment sections going. Lots of people find it reassuring to see that many smart people hold similar views. In fact, it is usually from academics that I hear the compliments about the comment section. They like reading smart people confirm their private thoughts.

It looks like 2022 will be an exciting year in these parts. We have been in a bit of lull in 2021 with Trump in the wilderness and real life activism on hold. Traffic has actually dipped year over year a bit, which has never happened. Of course, 2020 smashed all previous traffic records for obvious reasons. From the perspective of dissidents, this year has been rather dull, so traffic has declined a bit. This is something you see everywhere, which is to be expected.

Even so, it is a good reason to think about refreshing the site. It has been this format for close to ten years so a facelift is on the 2022 agenda. Nothing radical, just a freshening up of the look and feel. The big change on tap is a move away from WordPress. I am not on the WordPress system. I’m running my own server, but I use the software, mostly because it was free and easy to setup. It has a lot of limitations and WordPress sites are routinely blocked these days by firewalls.

Shifting to a new software means I can add some features. One thing on tap is to improve the comment system here. I’m open to suggestions, so feel free to let me know what you would like. Do so in the comment section, so others can respond with their opinions on the matter. My list of upgrades to the comments thus far include better editing, formatting, a new spam filter and threading. I used to have a plugin that did those things, but it broke and was never fixed by the developer.

Another big change on tap is to bring everything home. Instead of having premium material over on SubscribeStar and BuyMeABeer, I want to have everything here under one roof like the cool kid sites. The idea is to let people sign up anyway they like, SubscribeStar, PayPal, Crypto, eCheck, cash, you name it, but the content will be here behind a firewall for subscribers. That way people don’t have to be chasing me around the internet looking for my stuff.

This will also mean hosting the podcast. Spreaker has been fine for what I needed at the time, but they are not offering me anything I need now. Five years ago, they were targeting small podcasters to help boost their reach. They were bought by iHeart Radio and now mostly cater to the regime friendly podcasters. They also plan to roll out a censorship regime in 2022 so I see no reason to continue with them. Once the site is ready, I will abandon Spreaker entirely.

One idea that I have is to add a community area for people to post whatever they want in a message board style format. Maybe this will be a premium user thing only or a mix of the two, I am not sure at this point. Putting it behind a firewall means it does not have to be moderated for lunacy. The usual suspects like to pollute message boards with garbage, but they tend not to pay for the privilege. It is still a fetus of an idea, so feel free to make suggestions on this topic.

The book I have been working on for ages is close enough to a first draft to think I can sell it next year. The plan is to have nine long essays of about 10,000 words each and one longer essay that is the star of the show. I have six essays done as far as first drafts and the long essay is three fourths complete. By first draft, I mean the consent is right, but it needs to be edited for spelling and grammar. I’ll hire a proofreader when everything is written and then begin the publishing process.

One reason to update the site is to be able to sell the books. An agent contacted me some time ago about taking it to a traditional publisher, but I’m leaning toward doing the whole thing in-house. The reason is I think it would be a fun challenge and I like the idea of building the parallel society. I stay off the regime platforms as much as possible because I do not want to support people who hate me. I still have to think it over a bit to make sure I am not biting off too much, but that is the plan right now.

As far as timing, it is probably mid-year for the new site. It has a lot to do with how the book goes and how the day jobs go. I’m also looking to escape Lagos in the spring so that will take up some time. I put off the move during the Covid stuff, but I cannot put it off any longer. Being a polar bear in Lagos is not a good idea. That means the dance card is already packed for 2022, which means these grand plans I have just laid out are far more ambitious than they look on paper.

Merry Christmas everyone. Posting will resume on Monday and then another little break for the New Year holiday. Again, thank you all for reading, commenting, donating and sending e-mails and letters. I cannot properly express how much I enjoy the interactions with the folks who read the site every day. When I started this, I never imagined I would be in this position and I am grateful for the opportunity. Like all of us, I’m sure, I am thankful to be part of such a great community.

The crackdown by the oligarchs on dissidents has had the happy result of a proliferation of new ways to support your favorite creator. If you like my work and wish to kick in a few bucks, you can buy me a beer. You can sign up for a SubscribeStar subscription and get some extra content. You can donate via PayPal. My crypto addresses are here for those who prefer that option. You can send gold bars to: Z Media LLC P.O. Box 432 Cockeysville, MD 21030-0432. Thank you for your support!

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The good folks at Alaska Chaga are offering a ten percent discount to readers of this site. You just click on the this link and they take care of the rest. About a year ago they sent me some of their stuff. Up until that point, I had never heard of chaga, but I gave a try and it is very good. It is a tea, but it has a mild flavor. It’s autumn here in Lagos, so it is my daily beverage now.

Minter & Richter Designs makes high-quality, hand-made by one guy in Boston, titanium wedding rings for men and women and they are now offering readers a fifteen percent discount on purchases if you use this link. If you are headed to Boston, they are also offering my readers 20% off their 5-star rated Airbnb.  Just email them directly to book at

105 thoughts on “Site Update

  1. In case it hasn’t been mentioned, adding an edit option for a few minutes after posting (like Unz) would be welcome.

  2. Few days behind, but wanted to say thanks for everything Mr. Z. Your insights are about the only thing I read seriously anymore about current events, and it helps keep me just in-the-loop enough that I have something to say when I’m out in public.

    Your topics have made it onto my own show plenty of times, an elder’s perspective is something sorely lacking from the younger side that wants to always be *doing* something rather than planning the right moves, so I hope that you’ll keep at this for many years to come.

    Let me know if you ever want to come in, me and the co-host are a bit freeform but I’m sure we could have a good conversation. Either way, may the Christmas spirit stay with you into 2022, and blessings from the Great American Houseboat.

  3. Merry Christmas Z Man. Your dirt people/cloud people thing blew me away, even before the kosher nostra introduced the jab juice. You hit the nail on the head, instead of leaving elephant prints around the nail. You and your commentors always teach me something, always. You’re like a magnet for common sense. Rock on motherfucker, bring the pain…the world needs to see behind what’s behind the Potemtkin stage set.

  4. I am pretty much a lurker reading most days. Fleeing Lagos? Move to Florida. I phled Philly 3 years ago for Tampa, love it, no regrets. 75+ and sunny on Christmas day.

    • Just got back to Bradenton from Anna Maria Island. What a wonderful, warm, pleasant Christmas on the beach. I have to head back to the Northeast next week and join the fight against Covid with the rest of the troops in Parkas. The Sun King is doing a statewide hospital tour counting what few empty beds are left while howling for all to get the jab.

  5. I strongly encourage your updating and the intent to remain independent.

    I’m pleased to hear you wish to keep publishing in-house. Given the pervasive censorship that exists, any major publisher or content provider that would have you as a client is not worthy of your output. 😁

    The only advice I have to offer is to plan one step ahead. What, if any, contingency plans can you make if your present server or internet service is terminated, presumably for “undisclosed” reasons? Can you set up a mirror in a neutral foreign nation? There’s only so much one can do however. We already live in a world of censorship of the internet (e.g. China). To my knowledge, the USA and the West are still relatively free in the flow of information. But national or international bodies could easily close the spigot if they wish.

  6. I would love it if your premium audio content, currently on Subscribe Star, could be provided via an RSS feed just like your free podcast. I like to listen to all audio podcasts through my same podcast app, PodCruncher, to which I have added your current free podcast RSS Feed. I would love to add a second RSS feed to PodCruncher for the premium audio that I currently have to switch over to Subscribe Star to listen to. For the premium content, you could provide a password protected second RSS feed. Some other podcasters do that. I could sign up for the premium content on your new website which would then send me an RSS feed link and a password via email. I can enter that RSS feed and the password into PodCruncher and then have a consolidated playlist with both of your audio casts. One free and the other premium.

  7. Reflecting back over the past these past 3 years on this side.

    Three central ideas have have stuck out in my head, and they came spaced three years apart.

    2019 was my year of the spiteful mutant. It compelled to take a different look into why antifa are what they are, what motivates them, what defeating them means. And this goes along with a certain variety of liberal, that these people are not just misled and propagandized. Some people can’t be saved, they don’t want to and they pop up in history. not just today.

    2020 was the year where Christianity openly revealed itself to me as mutating into the paradigm we call wokeness. The Christian overtones of the Floyd riots were undeniable. I had rejected christian critiques of slave morality or universalism, there were counter examples after all, SA or the south. But the washing of feet, mass cult like struggle sessions, and iconoclasm of “pagan” (White) displays took me aback. So many parallels: White supremacy ~demons, White privilege~original sin, floyd~jesus , universities~churches, diversity officer/professor~priests, blacks~god, diversity~good, Whiteness~sin, colonialism~ paradise lost.

    If Christianity’s structures can be hacked into such destructive tendencies. Or if it facilitates the type of person attracted to this…

    The idea for this year came at the end and its a rejection of conventional politics, infiltration, and Caeserism. You need a vanguard to draw from and that vanguard needs to organize in some way and be ideologically firm. No individual can stand alone and no amount of persuasion can work on its own.

    Trump looked at from the best intentions, had to hire conservative men from the Heritage Foundation, AEI, Cato, and the Republican party. Is it any wonder that Trump devolved into a black identity supporter, toting reparations, low taxes, and fight against the klanocrats? His entire apparatus was filled by conservatives, and they would never allow him to stray from what they wanted.

    We need something. A wacko Claremont lincolnite or another token dumb breitbarter is a step backwards. There needs to be some organized ideologues.

  8. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to Z and all his Zealots. This is the only political site/blog I really consider worth my time.

  9. I’m asking Santa for an online Z university.

    Short, practical guides as to the technical end of server, blog, vid, payment processing, pitching/selling the topic, etc.

    Well worth paying for, hint hint.
    I want an alternate academic economy, with Gab U, Zman U, WRSA U, prepper U, local politics U, NGO U, our own doctoring U, blog builder U, etc.

    Youtube and Tiktok’s great strength are their “How To” libraries. We have a ton of information professionals here, I’d like to see them develop channels to explore their own pursuits, beginning with the How2 of building such channels, creating such content, and contributing to each other.

    Island redoubts or pirate havens, sell me the course on putting them together.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  10. “In fact, it is usually from academics that I hear the compliments about the comment section. They like reading smart people confirm their private thoughts.“

    Exactly—and I’m one of them. Best comments on the RightWeb, anywhere. I come here to learn from Z and the commenters both. I hear more sharp thinking here than I did in all those seminars through three graduate degrees.

    Then again, Humanities doctoral-level seminars aren’t exactly setting a very high standard of thought.

  11. Merry Christmas Zman! I hope the next year will bring greater successes and that your relocation will go smoothly.

    I think the message board for subscribers would be pretty awesome. We could discuss topics without having to have them tied to a specific post of yours. We could also bring up our own topics. Just be sure that if photos are permitted, that the forum automatically strips all the exif data out of them. I generally do that myself before posting anything but not everyone is as careful.

    It would be nice if when commenting on an article that should someone reply to my comment I get an email notification. Right now whenever I post and I want to see replies I have to come back later, hit ctrl-f and look up my name.

    Oh, one more thing. Please, whatever you do don’t sell your new book on Amazog. I deleted my account with them and want nothing to do with them anymore.

  12. I signed up well before you had extra paid content and I tend to believe that if all content were free you would have similar numbers of paying readers. Granted your motive was to acknowledge those readers with extra content, but i expect your supporters think as I do, the gratitude is all ours. Everything should be out there. If, if it doesn’t cost you money.
    Putting a green sticker by every handle that pays would acknowledge support a great deal more than paywall content and give me a fine sense of undeserved satisfaction by gently shaming the slackers.

    • Agree.
      Paying to get behind a firewall is taxable to Z
      Just giving him money isn’t.

      I sent him my mite every month and did so before the firewall,

  13. For the new site, I’d recommend a Ruby based CMS. PHP in my opinion just seems to encourage the worst programming habits, and the Rails framework is very well developed, understood, if you do things the Rails way things “just work.”

    Refinery seems pretty good, it runs on Rails, you can use your choice of databases: MySQL, Postgresql, etc. Comfortable Mexican Sofa seems OK too. I would stay away from the Freemium models as they will cut you off as soon as they see your content. Don’t host on AWS — they screwed over the Parler guys. Look at European hosting,

  14. Looking forward to the book and site upgrades! All the best Z and Merry Xmas and hopefully happy new year to you and fellow commenters.

  15. I have a suggestion. Could you set up your own payment system for your content such that people could send you cash checks or money orders on an annual basis for access to content. Some people do. Of want recurring payments on their Credit cards. And you would not have to share with subscription services.

  16. As long as you’re revamping some things, I’d like to suggest naming each “Sunday Thoughts” podcast in such a way as to differentiate it from the others. For example, rather than naming the MPG of every episode “Sunday Thoughts”, you could use a name like “Sunday Thoughts-12/25/21” (or whatever).

    I’m suggesting this because when I’m ready to listen, I download the MPG files onto an external audio player (an old IPod Shuffle) and get stuff done while I listen. This works great for a single “Sunday Thoughts” episode. But when I try to download two different “Sunday Thoughts” onto the same IPod, the player always tries to replace the first audio file with the second audio file because their files names are the same. I’ve tried renaming the files, but for whatever reason, this doesn’t help. (Maybe operator error, heh.)

    Anyway, thanks for all you do, and Merry Christmas!

  17. Merry Christmas, Z-Man, and to all the erudite commenters who do your site proud. I seldom comment – just not up to the competition, but I generally read all of them from top to bottom. Sometimes I feel like I’m auditing a college history course. Kudos to all your content, and I look forward with great anticipation to 2022, the changes you will bring and the stories of your odyssey beyond Lagos. Best wishes to you, one and all for a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

  18. Site has been one of the gamechangers in my political evolution, opening me up to a world of acceptance for the bad thoughts I truly felt alone in having. Appreciate all you do and love the comment section. Looking forward to 2022 here on this side of the divide.

  19. Only thing I would suggest is making sure the podcast hosting allows for easy downloads, I tend to download the podcast and listening to it when walking or something. I like a subscriber only section of the forum, I always feel kind of bad that a lot of good material is hidden behind the greendoor as much of it is very good stuff.

  20. Happy Christmas Zed man. fun and interesting time yesterday. I heard Ed talking to paul G. A few weeks ago, thought he was much older. Thank god he’s not, longer shelf life. Checking out some of his stuff this weekend. A real madman across the water. My people actually. Well off to wash my trousers for the big dinner tomorrow. I don’t know if I would make it in L.A. without the blog, podcast, and community here. Only comment, do away with the likes/ dislikes. I know that’s not popular but to me it’s right up there with Amazon and secretly hiring little brown men to cut your lawn.

    • I respectfully disagree about the likes/dislikes. When I’m short of time, it’s really helpful to zoom in on whatever comments have the most likes or dislikes, because those comments tend to be the most interesting.

      The likes/dislike feature also helps readers gauge how their own views line up with others on the dissident right.

    • I love the likes/dislikes. As Darcy points out, it helps prioritize, but it also helps to get feedback on my comments. I have gotten zinged a few times, and it helps tighten my thinking.

      My only request would be to add a sort feature for most liked/newest/oldest. The comments used to have this before the plugin broke, and it is extremely useful when I start reading the comments late in the day, and only want to see the highest rated.

  21. Here’s wishing all the excellent commenters, and especially Z for hosting us and providing consistently interesting food for thought, a Very Merry and HWhite Christmas. I’m finally firmly ensconced in the land of the normal and it feels like being on another planet. I hope everyone here who hasn’t already can find a way to their own piece of sanity in which to live.

  22. Looking forward to the book. I hope you can make an audible version available as soon as the print version is out. That will be very important, especially to younger people who don’t seem to do much actual reading. At least you know you already have a competent narrator lined up for it.

    I was red-pilled around 1980 by the Wilmot Robertson book, The Dispossessed Majority. It was a dramatic eye-opener, at least for people looking to have their eyes opened. I hope your book will do the same for some in the younger generations.

  23. Great interview Zedman! I’m old enough to remember when anyone one with the prefix Professor could be relied upon to be mad as a box of frogs and Ed doesn’t disappoint. Merry Christmas and all the best with the new site.

  24. Merry Christmas to the best dissident right site and commenters on the ‘net. All your ideas sound great to me, Zman, so please accept my wishes of good fortune and high energy for so many new undertakings. Even when we disagree, we can respect one another’s views and not be banned for bringing up one subject or another – thank you for your forbearance, as always. I’ve also responded to a couple of old friends below, one (awaiting moderation) regarding resources for your relocation. The other suggestion would be to enable gift memberships please, so that those of us who may be blessed with sufficient resources can at least help old friends here who may be suffering due to various regime regulations and life’s general challenges.

    A bit early, but to all:
    ♫ Christ the Lord was born today, Hallelujah!

    • 3ge4me:
      Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family. Enjoy this beautiful season with your new grandchild!

      • Melissa: My thanks. And my prayers for your husband and your family’s success and health and prosperity in 2022.

    • Merry Christmas to all of Z Man commenters! You all contribute so much to my life and help maintain my sanity!

      Merry Christmas to 3g4me as well. I hope that your husband knows how lucky he is to have such a smart and endearingly cranky lady like you.

      • Line: Merry Christmas! And thank you for the undeserved compliment (although the cranky part is accurate!). I hope you are able to find a suitable placed to resettle now that your Idaho town has been Californicated. Perhaps consider moving a bit further east . . .

  25. I’d be curious about the business end of it. Obviously you don’t want to give away your personal numbers but I’d be curious to see percentages: of X total revenue, Y% came from the podcast, etc.

    Because i suspect most things about blog commerce are BS and I’d love to see some real numbers. I suspect there’s lots of $ to be made even now, but not in the “click bait ad dollars chase” that others, not you, do.

    • I think people are more likely to support if they know where it is going. Now that significant support is rolling in … a couple of random ideas. Travel fund. Announce that the zfund covered expenses for travel to xyx conference. This would lead naturally into a essay on the-goings-on. Rent a cabin at amren and host a party/zsubconfernce. Create an Zdissident award to support a young exemplary dissident activist. I’ve noted that Z gives generous super chats on occasion. This would have the extra benefit of cementing loyalty and the goodwill of the up and comers. Another idea is to designate a month exclusively to dissident activity sponsored by readership. Maybe expand it as support grows or fund a dissident “sabbatical” for yourself. Finally, consider hiring help. This overhaul is long overdue because you snowed in work. Heck, pay a college student a couple hundred bucks. Interns? A secretary, agent?

      Concerning commentating. Bringing back Editing will be great. Consider going back to telegram. Develop trusted lieutenants to help you moderate. The chat function on telegram is powerful. Meme and video posting is also fun. My, admittedly uninformed, impression is that Z doesn’t like to delegate. However, there is no apparent reason that Z shouldn’t be as big as NRO. More, better content than those clowns.

  26. Merry Christmas to you Z and to all here.
    Thank you for all of your hard work, as we know persistence, hard work and flexibility pay dividends. Even some you may not personally know.
    For myself your work is a lifeboat in a sea of blackness so to speak. A daily reminder that there are sane people and their ideals will prevail.
    Thank you all and particularly you Z for making it happen.

  27. My 1.5c about new site features would be to accept crypto for subscription not just donations. I guess allowing links in the comments would be fun, maybe only enabled for subscribers that have built up a good citizen score to weed out saboteurs. Happy Christmas everyone.

    • Lol I misread the last sentence. For an instant I thought it was something about good citizens being able to “score weed”

  28. First, Merry Christmas to Z and the commenters here. It has been a pleasure to watch Z come into his own as a writer; his thinking always has topnotch, as evidenced by the stellar interview with Dutton. The comments here always include at least a few that make me think and sometimes even reconsider long-held premises. There are few places that can prompt the latter.

    It is obvious free speech in the United States is near dead. I totally lack the skillset to offer suggestions, but the ever-looming possibility of deplatforming requires precautions to take that possibility into account. Archive everything. Hopefully this does not become an issue, but something you mentioned on the Dutton podcast also has me quite concerned. The biggest immediate Black Pill looming out there is the psychopaths in charge could bumble us into a war with Russia. Reading for entertainment, if such a horrible thing happened, probably would be far down the list of things to do, but if afterwards a point came where we could again it would be nice to be able to return to the places we enjoyed and to refresh ourselves.

    As for marketing suggestions, consider bundling subscriptions to here with your book, a buy one, get one free sort of thing. There may be tax or technical implications I don’t or cannot see, but why not?

    Off now to enjoy the holiday.

    • I’m not sure war with Russia would be a bad thing.

      Profile pics-avatars for commenters would be nice. Disqus doesn’t allow anymore here.

      Frohe Weihnachten everyone.

      • A war with Russia would be another “Brother War” which the West really needs to avoid.

        However I have morbidly though war with China might work out to the benefit for our civilization even if it makes the rest of my life a living hell.

        A nuclear conflict with the Chinese would destroy the ascendancy of our greatest racial competitor. They would retaliate by nuking our cities getting rid of the Shitlibs and urban Brown.

        Hopefully the rural population of the states and Europe would survive (assuming the conflict is limited to China vs USA).

        • The problem with a strategic exchange is that I wouldn’t trust the US to successfully cripple the Chinese and they’d invade before the surviving rural population can get society organized again.

    • Agreed. Imagine an off line archived version of everything that’s ever appeared on this website, perhaps in a variety of formats, readable on a PC, Mac or even as ebooks. Data storage is already cheap enough that a flash drive can easily hold the equivalent of tens or hundreds of thousands of books, or several lifetime’s Z’s writings and the replies of his readers, perhaps with the entire archive of (say) The Unz Review thrown in for good measure.

      Realistically, the device would be many gigabytes, perhaps terabytes, of data, and unsuited for downloading, or perhaps even searching, online. A physical device is essential.

      Disadvantages: not easily updated, low profit item, in fact, I would make it free to share for non-commercial gain. Since most or all of the data is presently available on his on-line archives, I see no reason Z would worry about loss of rights or future publishing.

      Advantages: difficult to impossible for central government to control.

      In a dark future, all internet intercourse might be cut off. A circulating archive of dissident thought might be the 21st century equivalent of samizdat literature.

  29. Don’t forget about Greg Johnson over at Counter-Currents if you want a respected dissident publisher to help you get your book printed. I know you have had a cordial relationship with their outfit.

    I realize I’m not saying something you don’t already know. There might be valid reasons to not use his company, idk.

    • Merry Christmas to all and wishing Z success in the upcoming year with his goals.
      It’s a good feeling supporting dissidents who work as hard as the Z to put out good content and to do it as consistently as this site does.
      Looking forward to the future and our message spreading even more.

    • I think Greg is getting out of the publishing business. I recall him saying something about it being too much of a hassle now that he cannot take credit cards.

        • As much as I’d like to support this publisher, I’d never buy from them again.

          I supported their campaign for the Junior Classics and have yet to receive a single book in spite of paying over $300 for the collection over two years ago. Like many others, I’ve emailed. I’ve posted questions to the fundraising site. I’ve followed up. But I’ve received no answer, no refund, and no updates for at least a year in spite of providing my shipping address and all other requested information.

          Judging from comments on the fundraising page, I’m not alone. In the meantime, this publisher is selling these very same books on Amazon even as they don’t deliver the books to those who have already paid.

          I admire much of what Castalia House does, but if the company can’t fulfill simple orders or provide a good explanation why their orders aren’t fulfilled, they don’t deserve continued support.

          • It’s another insult to realize you can get the entire set in the original 1918 edition on Amazon for less than Castalia is charging for a set for which only the first three books exist and nothing has been said about additional volumes for a year.

          • Is this true? I’ve always found Theodore to be an insufferable prick, but withheld judgement because he seemed a legitimate producer of good content. Maybe he is just a sleazy grifter. I know his dad was a crook by all accounts.

      • I remember him saying something along those lines a year or so ago, but then, for some reason, Amazon apparently gave CC it’s platform back, which was an aggravating circumstance. You may want to send him and email.

  30. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the alt righters, dissident righters, neoreactionaries, trads, groypers, magas, shytepoasters, antisemities, neohellenists, moldbugipedes, VFMs, and yes, even libertarians. You’ll get here someday.

    • Merry Christmas to you Zman and to all here. This expression of gratitude is my humble gift to y’all. Thank you all for providing sane voices in an insane wildwrness.

      The Lord comforts the soul but it is Zman and Our People here that make for a resolved and strengthened mind.

      I personally thank all of you for your gifts to me. Challenging, informative and heartfelt ideas from you are the bow upon the present. The knowledge that I am not alone in seeing the madness is the finest of gifts.

      So thank you all. Merry Christmas to each. I hope you all experience this time with fellowship and hope in your hearts. God bless you.

      • Merry Christmas Zman! Now the ZedMan—good show with Dutton. Am thankful for your time and energy given to us, the creative muse that sits on your shoulder, and your high I.Q. You teach us. You entertain us. You challenge us to ponder and take it to the bottom.

        Your new plans for the website sound great. Looking forward. Best wishes and may the gods be with you in your new move.

        God Speed! He broke the mold when he made you.

        Hold with a firm grip. We enter the year of duck-and-cover.

        Hi Penitent! All well here in Southern Utah. Few Karens here and the masked aren’t bothersome. The Karens are north in Salt Lake and the national parks. Wishing you well. Good memories of the group meetup. God Speed!

          • Sweet! Thank you! I had Lyme disease and had gobs of time to hang in the ether here. Now it’s been over 2 years of no Lyme disease and I’m chugging around on full batteries. Climbing up hills is amazing! And I don’t write quickly. Just drop in and eavesdrop. Thanks for your good wishes and back at you Mr. SidVic!

  31. You and Buchanan now are my top two columnists. You’re a worthy successor to Francis, Sobran, Charlie Reese and Col. Hackworth. Some sanity in an insane time.

  32. I think the competition is going to start to show up, Z. There’s a lot of smart cookies out there that can write, and more than a few have had the Red Pill. I think the old ‘manosphere’ did the same. It started out, dominated by a few key players… and then everyone was clued in on the new sexual reality and they had nothing to write about. You’re somewhat better positioned than they were, but the dissident mindset has caught on. For me, I will forever remain the obsolete Yesterday Man – proudly watching you kids grow and making your own futures.

    I am not very good with tech, and just learned how to do podcasts on the cell phone a couple months back. Your stuff was on there, but most of your icky ideological brethren were not. All I could get for the most part were the Ben Shapiro types and other controlled talking heads. It makes me realize how special your work is.

    I am prematurely retired, don’t have money to throw around anymore, and am not tech savvy. Old age is catching up to me fast these days. If I lose track of you in the shuffle – all the best! I hope you make a million bucks, and that you become the straw that breaks the Establishment’s back.

    • Zman – Whatever you end up doing with the website and comments, please (if at all possible) make donations of gift memberships to others a possibility. While many of us may not have substantial funds to support all those we would wish in the way we would wish to, I’d certainly like to help someone in need of an inexpensive gift subscription to your site – particularly some of our long-term comrades here.

      • In better times, 3G, I would not only have bought a beer for you and our gracious blog host – I would have bought a round for the house – even for cretins like Cornelius Rye, Karl McHungus, and David Wright!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! 🙂

        But the monkeys have to dance, pay their bills, and keep their lights on. Those that can’t need to make way for those that can. It is the way of the world. Today I am left behind and lost. Tomorrow… it might be you and Z. But others will carry the the reason and logic forward.

        But I know this – the stuff you kids are doing to preserve old values, old ways, and GOOD ways… all that stuff is in good hands. Far as I’m concerned this stuff needs to be mandatory reading to any kid entering high school. That is the true bugger of it all – having to share a gift.

        Do the best ya can, Z. Olde Boogers like me are a waste of time… but the kids are not. They are the ones you need to influence. God bless you kids.

  33. did those scholars mentions *whose* comments they thought were the best?

    seems like you could go with the agent/big press approach, *and* a self-published approach? getting an agent interested seems huge to me; that’s where all the wannabes stumble in their efforts.

  34. First of all, Merry Christmas and continued success in the New Year!

    Clearly, hard work is a hallmark of your efforts and it shows. That distinguishing characteristic is perhaps a key common denominator that unites us all. And it’s also likely to be a necessary ingredient in any future activities if we are indeed going to work our way out of the mess we’re in. Perhaps you can do a post highlighting some of the other common denominators that seem to characterize the dissident right archetype.

    As for me, I have been banned on numerous mainstream and fringe sites for expressing my candid opinions (hello Scott Alexander), and I suspect the same is true of many others here. No one wants to admit it, but free speech is on life support here in the USA.

    I’ll close with my typical obtuse esoterica. Intelligence is not a state-of-mind abstraction, it can only exist as a manifestation of tangible action. And all wisdom is ancient and enduring. We were built to move with purpose. That is the seminal heritage bequeathed to us by our forebears.

  35. Merry Christmas Z.

    Many good ideas for the new site. My two cents would be have the ability to post photos. Both for memes and to show how stuff is built/fabricated.

    Best of luck in the new year.

  36. Merry Christmas Z and all the fine people I see daily in the comments.

    I look forward to the book. There are so few good dissidents writing these days.

  37. I know you’re not the biggest shill for donations and you can’t whore yourself out to advertisers (Ben Shapiro stops to say a prayer to Shari’s Berries and Legal Zoom every time he enters synagogue), but you should still run a separate fundraiser to build yourself a little studio for whenever you leave Lagos. That way you can set up a nice bunker in the house for broadcasting when you get to wherever you’re going. Soundproof her and get one of those comfy chairs that looks like a spaceship cockpit, so that your back doesn’t get sore when you switch to doing this stuff full-time.

    Bombproof her too, just in case Merrick Garland’s transgender drone pilots triangulate your signal. We’re taking no chances around here this year, using only inflatable nativity scenes. Any overwatch squads spot our unapproved displays (ADL has deemed them anti-Semitic) we can deflate them before being spotted, pop smoke, and retreat into our Honkey Cong underground tunnel complexes.

  38. Unz-dot-com has, in my experience, the best-organized comments section. One, it allows direct-reply to other comments; two, its direct-reply method eliminates the awkward, time-devouring, indented-to-maddening-infinity tangle of “threading”; three, its feature of “New Comments,” distinguished by blue hypertext, allows the visitor to skip the comments that the visitor had already read at an earlier site visit; four, its “mouse-hover” feature that allows the visitor to bring up replies and other comments is a tremendous time-saver. Further, that comment system allows visitors to stay logged-in with a dissident-friendly phony e-mail address.

    Good luck, Z Man, with your 2022 endeavors, and Merry Christmas to you and to all your site visitors!

    • Unz is a fascinating site, one of the best I frequent, although I confess there are probably many sites I’ve never browsed.

      Unz remains one of the richest sources of “suppressed” thought, whether current events or history. Unz the man is a strange egg: How many Harvard-educated, wealthy American Jews of European roots, host a website that treats Holocaust Denial or Revisionism and sundry other taboo topics? If you dig a bit deeper, his site is (of course) banned many places, but as far as I’ve seen, he rarely if ever is attacked or even mentioned by the mass media. They like to pretend he doesn’t exist. 😀

      It may all be a Mossad or other agency’s honeypot to collect intelligence on the dissidents, but it remains a rich source of information for those of us who would dare to date Julia, hang out in the woods or the rented room, and discuss Wrongthink.

  39. Merry Christmas. Good luck with the update. Also, I’m looking forward to the book. There’s something permanent about a book that essays on a website can’t match.

    As to the message board, I did like it when you could sort by up votes. Most of us don’t have time to read through all of the comments so this allows us to check out the best.

  40. Appreciate you, Z ! There’s no place like this

    Best of luck on the upgrades, and on finishing your book. As pressure for censorship builds, doing your own thing is probably the safest way to go

    And good luck in your relocation efforts as well.
    You’re probably aware of Joel Skousen’s ‘Strategic Relocation’ books— they’ve been mentioned here several times—- they provide an ongoing educated evaluation of safe and desirable areas to live

    Your last Power Hour was awesome, by the way

    So keep up the good work,
    don’t let the bastards wear you down,
    and remember:
    Santa is Black this year,
    so don’t be alarmed if he kicks your front door down instead of coming down your chimney

    • I’ll second the recommendation regarding Skousen’s book, ‘Strategic Relocation.’

      This volume is packed with a wealth of practical information.

      I only have a few significant disagreements with Skousen.

      One is his theory of how the geopolitical mess is going to play out. That’s not hugely important since accurately predicting that is impossible.

      The second is the effect of cold climates on refugees streaming out of the cities, especially large northern metros like Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit. I think those streams are more likely to head south than north due to climate considerations.

      Third, and most importantly are water resources. His most highly recommended states are out West and we already know that water resources in the West are under strain. Those states also have rainwater collection restrictions, though they do not seem overly onerous at this time:

      Then again, who’s to say that more regulations won’t be piled on the existing ones?

      Anyway, other than these minor disagreements, the book has a lot of good information in one place, including overviews of firearms restrictions, homeschooling, tax burdens, etc.

      The nuclear war target maps are a unique feature, though I feel that some important civilian infrastructure has been left off them like power plants, ports, airports, rail hubs, etc.

      • For Zman: Another resource re relocating: Talk to existing homesteaders. No, many of them are not White nationalists and some of them cannot even be considered ‘preppers,’ but by lifestyle choice alone they support the White race. From my watching and reading, they routinely meet up with one another, support one another in building projects (like the Amish barn crews), and offer suggestions and other help and encouragement. For anyone moving from urban/suburban to more rural, they’re an amazing resource.

        I agree with Wild Geese that Skousen, like others, heavily pushes the Pacific northwest (the ‘redoubt’). In addition to limited water resources and some of those states’ already existing water and land regulations (particularly Colorado and Utah), they are now under enormous financial pressure due to an influx of Californians. Population movement is a critical factor to keep track of. Make full use of SchoolDigger to track school-age population – if numbers are increasing overall along with the non-White share, that’s a dangerous indication of who is moving into an area that should thus be avoided.

        While state is certainly an important consideration, I would strongly suggest thinking more regionally. Certainly taxes and firearms laws are important, but parts of Western Pennsylvania are far closer geographically and culturally to parts of West Virginia than to the hellholes of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Yet another vital future factor is that the regime has already considered (and has only temporarily put aside) the use of interstate travel restrictions -something that will affect us all. Either way, best of luck on what will be a huge undertaking.

      • Howard,

        I agree about Skousen: though I agree with much of what he says, I don’t assume everything he says to be true.

        He seems to be convinced that he’s somehow privy to the Deep State’s game plan. And he seems quite certain that his ‘China and Russia launch a combined EMP/nuclear attack on a deliberately-defenseless America’ scenario will eventually happen, sooner or later.

        He regularly expresses the belief that God communicates truth to him through the voice of his conscience. I suspect that’s where his certainty on these issues comes from.

        That could be…. I have no way of judging that, as my spiritual beliefs are *quite* different from his, to put it mildly. When someone says, “God told me….” what can you say?

        And he tiptoes around the realities of race. He can’t quite bring himself to tell people to avoid large concentrations of joggers, though you know that’s what it amounts to.

        But I do appreciate his overall perspective on the possibility of drastic societal change, and his encouraging people to look ahead and ask themselves where they want to be living— or don’t want to be living— when/if the schumer truly hits the fan.

        And seeing how fast things have gotten crazy in America, with no sign of letting up, should be a wakeup call to all of us, about the foolish complacency of simply imagining that things are going to keep on as they always have been.

        Strategic Relocation helps folks start to look at that big picture, in ways they maybe haven’t before: to ask themselves: “Where DO I want to be if things really do fall apart in a big way?”

        I also subscribe to his weekly World Affairs Brief, have done so for about a decade now. It contains a lot of verifiable good information, in addition to his speculations. A unique perspective.

        And yeah, water is a big deal here in western CO where I live. The small town I live outside of has stopped selling water taps, and Delta County mandates a property size of 25 acres or more to drill a well; which severely limits development.

        Which isn’t a bad thing: I grew up outside of DC, and watched every single square foot of land I played on as a kid get transformed from woods and fields and farms, to condos and town houses and McMansions. I’m glad the same thing won’t be happening to the land around me.

      • Right: whatever future Santas will be— George Floyd Santas, or Jewish Trans Santas, or whatever— one thing we can be sure of: Old White Male Santas are now a hate crime!

  41. Lord Z Man, Merry Christmas and best wishes in the New Year.

    I’m an old man so if you could increase the font size on your site that would be much appreciated. (Or, is that my browser? I’m so old I’m still lamenting the loss of Netscape.)

    And definitely get off as many normie platforms as possible. Every time someone moves off those platforms and self-publishes, it’s a tiny little victory against the TPTB.

    • From one old man to another, you can usually find the option to increase the font size under the “View” menu for most browsers (usually listed as the Zoom In, Zoom Out options).

      Merry Christmas everyone!

  42. Jim Goad has done both types of publishing (with a big house and then self-publishing now) and also sells books through his site. Consider reaching out to him to hear about his experience.

  43. Operating your own site as you outline will also give you away to contact readers directly by email as vdare does, for example.

    • That’s annoying though. I always hate when sites use a registration or other way of getting an email address as an invitation to spam me. Vdare has been spamming me for years. It’s like the roach motel, you can’t check out. Hell, I still get 3 or 4 emails a day from Twitter.

  44. Balls deep, dude. We dissidents never buy the upgrades, we RIDE UPthose muthaf****** grades.

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