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  1. Killing me Z. Good old shane, poor bastards in a wheelchair now from what I’m told. Did catch him when he was still on his game. I got locked up in a Barney miller type cell ( the kind in the actual office) In nyc about 40 years ago. The boys handcuffed me to the highest crossbar ( horizontal) bar in the cell so I had to tipped toed it the whole time. There was also a old teletext printout on the wall that read ( merry Christmas to all you criminals, without you our Christmas wouldn’t be possible ). I deserve it. Drunken fight on Bleaker street.

  2. Merry Christmas, Zman.

    Just listened to the Dutton Podcast; fantastic, as always. You seem to reveal just a touch more of the real “Zedman” when interviewing with the foreigners; keep up the good work, you’re the most interesting (and prolific!) man in dissident politics.


  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Let’s look forward to as much that is truly optimistic in an ever growing and disappointing world.

    Herod II seems like he wouldn’t have minded the likes of Zuckface, Joe Brandon or George Soros; there’s always reasons for hope, as difficult as the path less taken maybe.

  4. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Here’s to a New Year where the lunacy has run its course, wanes, and we prevail. Skál!

  5. Merry Christmas all!

    Santa was kind to me this year (technically earlier this year). I have ‘rejoined society’ after being completely erased from it for nearly 7 years for having the temerity to stand up to a brown ultra-racist (and incurring lots of BS criminal charges that kneecapped me from employment). What I mean by this is, I am fully and gainfully employed in my career of choice after a 7 year derailing for defending the White race from its unrelenting assault. Take this as both a Christmas feel good story but also a cautionary tale. Do it differently than I did.

    “Hide your power level” as the 4chan autists like to say. Do everything in your power to help Whites & Europeans where you find them and avoid genetic aliens but the time for direct confrontation and ‘the reckoning’ is certainly not here yet. Stay off radars, prep, help our people, and use that burning fury that many of us feel in positive ways. I am a zero f-cks given type of guy and its written all over me, I can cut a swath through a crowd of soyboys and normies by just body language and making eye contact watching them part like the red sea. But it is not our time yet, so redirect the anger and any other negative emotions to what we are best at- building, preparing, gathering, adding social capital, etc.

    For me personally, when I look at that poor James Fields a ‘wrong place wrong time’ story if there ever was one and almost Kyle Rittenhouse, I’m thankful I was able to move away from my encounter even if it cost me many productive years of my life. The main difference is in my case– **nothing happened**. This is the power these people have in Blue Sh-tlib Hives. Even a perceived threat or something taken out of context can get you seriously jammed up in the system for a long time.

    As TomA likes to say often— The Gray Man strategy is the play here for now, when the wheels come off, all those many years of humiliation and them pushing is going to come out in a Biblical way, mark my words.

    I have extreme gratitude this XMas season that I was able to get back on track after such a long detour. Not so many of our people who get stuck in this grossly anti-White system are so lucky. To 3g4me’s point yesterday- a way to gift a sub here to these people would be a small gesture to keep some hope alive in people who have been crushed by every lever of society.

    Thanks to everyone that kept me sane and focused during my journey which has now entered a new phase. Thanks to Z for providing a place for me to vent and get sanity checks daily. Merry Christmas to all, I feel very blessed this year in spite of profound loss over the past years.


    Apex Predator

    • Glad to here you bounced back and back in the saddle. Will make you stronger and prep you for the long haul of life.

      Merry Christmas. Be good. Be strong. Be wise. Be yourself 😉

    • Have written down your full story anywhere? I’ve gathered drips and drabs but would be interested in the whole, minus the doxxy stuff, of course.

      • Soon, 7 years is the literal ‘record clear’ for most states so I have been very cautious about releasing the mostly unredacted story. That changes in 2022 so I’ll be much more verbose. I’ve strongly considered doxxing the guy that nearly got me thrown in prison for years and took so much from me even w/o prison but to what end?

        “The best revenge is a life well lived.”

        Working on that now… Truthfully, with as much anti-White hatred as we get these days its not as spectacular of a story as it once was. I’ll put the whole thing down and put it out there at an appropriate time.

        • Counter-currents was soliciting people’s red-pilling stories a while back. That would be a cool venue. It might not be story as jarring as some black plowing thru little girls, but I bet it would be of general interest.

        • Apex: Whatever you do, please don’t consider publishing it at Amren. They only want non-White voices now, anyhow – they personify what Citizen has often noted – HBD awareness is in NO way equal to pro-White.

    • Wear the fog and put your anger into building muscle mass and mental toughness. The future does not belong to the best yakker, but rather to the fittest survivor. And surviving often requires removing objects in your path. The latter is a skill worth honing during the interregnum.

    • Apex: I am so truly and deeply gratified to hear of your good fortune. You deserve full credit for keeping your sanity and not giving into utter despair during your long years of exile by an evil, anti-White system. Very best of luck in your new job. May you be blessed with happiness and prosperity both.

  6. Merry Christmas all from Marion County Florida, horse country. Warm, pleasant and sunny.

    Incidentally, for anyone interested, this area does NOT have mosquitoes. Rolling green hills, quiet, farms. Hidden gem.

    God Bless all.

    • Marion County is still part of the South, and is still very much like South Georgia/North Florida. As long as that remains true, Marion County will retain its rural charm. Incidentally, the county is named for South Carolina’s Revolutionary War hero, Francis Marion.

      • Yes, I am learning the history. Love this place. I’m originally from Tampa which has become a nightmare but was a great place to grow up. But have to drive to Tampa in a little bit for Christmas at my parents. They are actually on Indian rocks beach. An awesome beach btw. Not crowded. Haven’t checked the gulf temps but I may be swimming in a few hours.

    • So about that Florida Bros—- I am for the first time, in a LONG time, able to get away from Sodom on Potomac much as my neighbor Z is getting out of nearby Lagos.

      Florida is very high on my target list and I am there right now on travel, in fact. My overall perception is this so Florida folks correct me if I’m wrong- cities are like cities anywhere. Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, etc. are blue hives full of lefties and crime.

      It is primarily the in-between places that are the spots to look for here. Also SW Florida, from about Saraosta down to Marco Island is -very- nice if you can afford it as there are some wealthy area. However unlike analogous areas in blue states Lee County FL had the highest Trump vote anywhere. So the money here leans ‘Red’ which is fine with me.

      For me, it was like walking into a time machine to about 1990 or so. Wall to wall White people with a small smattering of ‘die-versity’ mixed in and the people are, overall, much healthier. I don’t see the disgusting fatbodies I see in the DC area which are every 3rd person. Here, the women are very fit and put together and clearly care about their health and body. I can get with that. 😎

      Much friendlier too, although that isn’t hard to do coming from DC where people are nearly as hostile as NY and CA people and getting worse every year.

      Overall, I’m leaning towards Southwest FL but would be open to other areas of the state based on -real intel- from people on the ground. (This is assuming I even stay in the States which is a huge assumption at this point, I may just bail out completely for a while until the US ‘sorts’ itself out.)

      • Lifelong Florida resident. How nice it is depends on your $$$. SW Florida has some nice areas. Martin and Indian River are red and have nice areas if you have $$$. North Florida outside of the big metros is red but also redneck.

        The panhandle also has some decent red counties.

        New Port Richey north of Tampa is reputed to be a white ghetto.

        Englewood south of Sarasota used to be affordable but it’s very old fart.

    • For religious traditionalists the priests of FSSP say the old mass at a church in SW Ocala (forget the name).

  7. Merry Christmas to all who come here. Let us break their bonds asunder and cast away their yokes from us.

  8. There’s a story told about a Pogues show in which the crowd was waiting for Shane to show up and take the stage, and after awhile they started getting restless. Then someone came through the front door, staggering, smelling like fusel and missing all his teeth.

    “They’re not gonna let him in here, are they?” someone asked.

    “They have to,” the homeless-looking man said, “I’m the lead singer.” After which he promptly puked, climbed onstage, and began singing.

    RIP to Christy MacColl, the woman singing in this video. She was killed by multimillionaire Mexican Guillermo González Nova. He paid one of his peons to take the rap, but he killed her with his motorboat. It was aiming for her son but she pushed him out of the way in time and took the hit. RIP also to Bob Clark, maker of “A Christmas Story” who was killed by a drunk-driving illegal.

    • I went to a show in the late 80’s, Shane was in pretty tough shape and had to sit down on the floor from time to time but he did give it his all when singing. “You took my dreams from me, when I first found you…”

      Merry Christmas!

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