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Note: No show today as I am traveling this week. I will be posting travel logs behind the green door for those interested. Here is the first installment. I also have a lengthy book review ready to go and once that is posted, I’ll update this with a link.

One of the funny things you experience when traveling to another English-speaking country is their version of your news. I first experienced this in Dublin half a dozen years ago when I popped on the BBC in the hotel. When I travel, I never turn on the television, as the room is just a place to sleep and shower. It was pouring rain so I decided to check out Irish television for the first time. I was greeted by two actors confidently spewing out laughable nonsense about the news.

One guy was talking about Trump as if he had grown up with the man and knew him like a family member. The trouble was, the things he was saying were so absurd that it felt like satire of a crazy MSNBC talking head, but it was serious. The person on the other side of this was an over-the-top version of the pompous news anchor. He was an English version of Ron Burgundy from the movie Anchorman. I was sitting there cackling like Kamala Harris while watching it.

I clicked around the many versions of the BBC and then found Sky News. I had never consumed this product, but my understanding was that it was the Fox News Channel for the rest of the English-speaking world. In reality, it was just another version of the BBC, without the same level of smugness. They had a different actor pretending to know the mind of Donald Trump, telling the audience for this stuff what they needed to hear to get through the trauma of the election.

After I recovered from the hysterical fits of laughter, I realized I was watching the modern version of the freak show. The difference is the freak show never tried to normalize the freaks. The modern freak show seeks to normalize the weirdness in order to open the mind of the viewer to the messaging. Then I realized that like all Americans, I had grown up in the same freak show, with different freaks. In other words, American mass media was worse than I noticed.

This week I have been busy with a million things and I am on the road in Orlando, so I have not been following the news very much. I caught some bits about the war in Europe, but I have not had time to look at the inevitable commentary or watch the chattering skulls on television. What I know about what is happening comes from what I know about the history of the area, prior analysis and the many e-mails I have been getting from readers in Eastern Europe.

At the airport, they had CNN on and it was all war news, but I saw no one watching is so I followed the mob and ignored it too. I’ve been in a lot of airports during tranquil times and turbulent times and the airport crowd is always a good gauge of whether something is resonating with people. In the 2016 election cycle, people stopped to watch Trump news at the airport. Even people busy living their lives knew it was a big deal so they stopped and watched the man.

Putting the news out of my head meant I missed all the talk and analysis until I arrived in Orlando Thursday evening. The Uber driver asked me about it, but it turned out his reason had nothing to do with the news. He is just a huge Putin fans so this is like seeing his favorite sports team in the championship. He wanted to talk about it because it makes him feel good to talk about it. That said, his analysis would turn out to be the most sensible I’d hear that day.

After checking into the hotel, I decide to see what the news was saying about the great Slavic invasion of Europe. War is good television and the pioneer in modern war television was CNN. They are down on their luck these days and this is the sort of thing to boost their ratings, so I hit CNN first. Memories of the freak show from Dublin rushed into my mind as one lunatic after another came on to make sure they said “Keev” several times, rather than “kee-ev” like a normal person.

Luckily, MSNBC seemed to be in a commercial loop, so I broke free and went over to Fox News, which has fallen into an alternative reality. In this new reality, it is the year 2000 and the chicken hawks are at their zenith. Instead of Saddam Hussein as the next Hitler, it is Putin. They are all saying “Keev” now too. The amusing thing is that when these simpletons say it, they stumble, because they have not had enough time to practice saying this weird new word in front of the mirror.

Like the goofy English pundits on the BBC claiming to know the mind of Trump, the current pundits all claim to know the mind of Vladimir Putin. Of course, they tell us that he is the evil monster they need to justify the warmongering. You see, if Americans do not accept ten-dollar gasoline and breadlines, Putin will march all the way to Paris, just like you know who, in what always feels like yesterday for these people. You must sacrifice for their principles.

It really is a freak show. The one exception is Tucker Carlson, which is the great irony in all of this. The people trying to understand what is happening and maintaining healthy skepticism and objectivity are cast as mindless puppets of evil. The people suddenly saying “Keev” like they have contracted a new form of Tourette’s are the deep thinking, worldly servants of all that is holy. This is not propaganda. It is an alternative reality used to impose mass psychosis.

What is amazing about the Fox News coverage is it all sounds like the stuff you see on CNN and MSNBC. It is just various ways of repeating whatever the White House is saying, but with a hint of Biden criticism. They try to compare him to Neville Chamberlain when the opportunity arises. In other words, they are following the lead of the ratings losers, instead of the most popular man in the mass media. It just shows the real face behind those masks they wear.

One final observation about Fox News. Sean Hannity was never a guy working math problems in his free time, but he seems to have gotten dumber. He always looks like he is going to snap and fly into a Chris Farley-like tantrum. His show is angry stupid man interviews stupid people pretending to be smart. You have to wonder about the audience for such content. You can excuse people for wanting to see the Siamese twins or wolf-boy, but what is the excuse for watching Hannity?

There are many theories of the mass media. They usually revolve around the Orwellian propaganda angle. When you can look at it from the proper distance, you get the sense that maybe the real point is to fill the air with the sounds of weirdos and lunatics, so the sober voices cannot be heard. A guy like Tucker lives like a serious lecturer employed by the traveling circus. Even if you like his content, it is hard to appreciate it over the sound of freaks and carnies.

It is not entirely spontaneous, of course. You see that with the vapid repetition of the word “Keev” from these airheads. There are people behind the curtain injecting phrases and opinions into the system for the freaks to repeat. On the other hand, it is a system  that operates by the logic of people who think the purpose of life is to win the catchphrase contest each day. The mass media is the freak show populated with credentialed members of the managerial elite.

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311 thoughts on “View From The Road

  1. in any thriller movie – you can often go back to the beginning and see if there are clues as to what happens next. It would be interesting to go in a time machine 60 or 70 years in the past and see what clues there would be of the current order. I almost wonder if there were secret meetings of people basically planning things out.

  2. OT: Not sure how many people have seen the Swedish study showing the mrna vex is reverse transcribed into DNA in human liver cells in-vitro

    This happens within 6 hours. You are looking at genomic toxicity as a cancer cause and permanent autoimmune disease in dividing cells among lots of other issues.

    Given it also aggregates into the ovaries in women (as demonstrated by the large amount of menstrual issues) this could also be passed to the fetus.

    I remember Z ridiculing people for this a few months ago as tin foil wearers.

    The secondary consequences of this are just getting started.

    Lots of people are fucked.

    • One wonders how the creators of this abomination will be dealt with.
      Relief will not be found in the courts.

    • the DoD data shows incredible increases in myriad serious illnesses and organ damage. look at all the soccer players dropping dead on the pitch. and then there are multiple insurance companies reporting huge increases in mortality for people 18 – 45. this guy ( and karl denniger ( have been on this from the start. lots of normies going to be going whora whora whora as they start to drop and suffer. as if they didn’t have enough morbities already.

      would be interested to know how many here got the jab? all of my adult kids did, I did not. so i am hoping for the best for everyone.

      the smart play was/is to not get jabbed, and have FLCC protocol medicines on-hand in case you get the coof.

      • Or you could rest in bed, drink plenty of fluids, and take aspirin for pain. (Like every other time you had the sniffles).

        Weird; that sounds like a commercial.

        • and if that doesn’t work, if your lungs seize up? how big a bet are you willing to make, that doing nothing works out? why not pay a few $ and improve your odds markedly?

      • I’m not convinced that most normies will ever manage to figure out that they’ve been duped into getting the fatal gene juice for a donut, gut bomb burger, gift card, or nothing at all.

        • Normies are stupid cattle.

          Lockdowns, supporting BLM riots, back to lockdowns, injecting themselves with the science juice, more coercion and Vax mandates. Now suddenly they are outraged about Ukraine and I’m evil for not wanting to nuke Moscow. They’re even saying that it’s “selfish” to be protesting against vaccine mandates now because “people are literally dying in Ukraine”.

          The critical/nuanced thinker is always the evil Nazi one in every situation. The cycle is endless, and they don’t seem to burn out – rather they just get more and more depressed and lethargic. I hear so many normie libs now saying “I hate this world” and “this world is messed up” bla bla bla. I don’t waste my time with them, I do what I need to do and if they wake up and decide to follow along then I will talk to them

        • I agree.
          The best way I’ve found to deal with the people who are incredulous at my referrals to get stuck;

          “I’m waiting for the testing to be completed”

    • I wasn’t aware of this information. Thanks Keep in mind that the adenovirus vaxxes are designed/ have evolved to insert dna into host cell genome. This appears to be a residual low level activity of the mRNA treatments. The fact is that sounds scary that something would change your dna but the common influenza virus operates this way. I remember being shocked that we have viruses popping dna in and out of our genomes when I learned this stuff back when. The majority of the mRNA is designed to be transcribed into protein. This protein causes the generation of antibodies. Remember usually dna>mRNA>proteins. Proteins are the business end, enzymes and such. It’s surprising that mRNA goes back to dna. The retroviruses carry a reverse transcriptase to accomplish this feat.

      • But this is not a retrovirus.

        This is an injection, which bypasses the initial mucosal, immune and inflamation defenses, and is a technology which is engineered to produce only the spike protein expression on cells. The whole point was that it was assured it would not produce reverse transcription effects.

        I am well aware of the mechanics of retroviruses, having done many years on clinical trial results for pharmaceuticals.

        Medical interventions that have potential genomic or germ line effects are generally incredibly difficult to approve and even for sort of things for cancer, the patients have lots of monitoring when it comes to children and gene effects.

        Look at the number of clinical trials suspended for a single person having potential chromosal changes for CART therapies for late stage lymphoma with a few months of life remaining..

        This is something that has the potential to be like HTLV-1 (which causes Leukemia),and has been injected in 80% of the western world with no genomic toxicity analysis for a essentially the flu.

        The side effect and downstream effects are now coming to the fore and its looking pretty shitty, unfortunately.

        • Ja, after all of the hand-wringing about overwhelming hospitals and the medical system if you didn’t take the jab(s), and now it looks as if we may get to see that very issue in spades due to the broad masses of people who allowed themselves to be stampeded to get jabbed.

          I would, to some degree, be enjoying a huge blast of Schadenfreude right about now, but my wife, stepson, and daughter in law all were coerced into getting the jab by their respective work situations. So instead, I must now pray that they do not suffer consequences from that. I did not get jabbed with that eventuality in mind; somebody in the family needed to be free from that risk in the event that one or more of them do suffer consequences.

          Anthropogenic warming? How about anthropogenic plagues? Satanic.

          • So the good news is they kept their jobs, the bad news is they might get injured, disabled or die.

            Also, does this mean they can never be fired? Imagine getting jabbed and a month later told your services are no longer needed.

          • This will sound cold, but at some point you’ll have to let the dead bury the dead. In the meantime, steel yourself. I think the challenges ahead will break the heart more than the body.

          • My wife was also coerced — and they tried like hell to get me jabbed, too. God damn them. Most of them regret now.

            I do know this one thing: even if my family perishes, I will die on fire for my son. I will bleed molten iron. I will smile up at my betters from normie hell as they float on clouds of farts and banality, eternally toasting themselves.

            Hey, at least I won’t have to work with them anyone.

        • Well, I did note that pharma got legal immunity to produce and distribute the mRNA formulations. Insurance companies refused to cover adverse effects. Generally it takes 7+ yrs to roll out something new. This is massive experiment on the worlds populations. If goes sour, it could get ugly.

          • that immunity is null and void if the pharma corps commited fraud or knowingly were negligent. and that’s exactly what they did. pfizer, moderna, et als are done, they will not be in business when this is all said and done.

          • “Legal” immunity is meaningless. It means about as much as the piece of toilet paper that the Constitution is written on.

            If the Vax actually turns out bad, you’ll see that nobody has “blunt force trauma” immunity.

        • I don’t have a good feel for germ line effects. Plus I’m no virologist. My understanding is that the danger lies mostly in peripheral tissue. If a randomly inserted dna knocks out a tumor suppressor gene or two, in one liver cell you got cancer. Of course, vastly over-expressing a single untested protein could have cardiotoxic or nephrotoxic effects.

          • Its difficult to know. But that is what trials are for.

            Its the potential that is concerning as rapid uptake suggests lots of potential issues unless its actively designed to do this. Especially as the vex appears to travel quite widely in the body.

            They must have had data around the earlier related animal studies on the transcription, so its very confusing all the vex were based on the same technology, and no actual attenuated virus (except the Chinese one).

            I suspect we are going to find out, but lots of separate data vectors seem to be pointing the same way.

    • As somebody much under 35 my risk from the virus is 0. Something like between 1/12,000,000 and 1/5,000,000. Limit x (age) -> 0, y (risk) = 0 type of thing.

      Without even getting into the morality of coercion or potential side effects, there is absolutely no need for any somebody under 40 to take the jab unless they are 800lb and have terminal cancer. You don’t take cholesterol medication when you have normal cholesterol.

      Anecdotally, I know the follow people who had a side effect from the Vax (all people in their 20s or early 30s):
      – confirmed myocarditis after 2nd dose
      – in and out of hospital after 2nd dose, most likely myocarditis
      – ongoing mild to moderate chest pain after 2nd dose, never saw a doctor for diagnosis
      – severe full body rash after 1st dose requiring prescription drugs to calm down

      These are for people who have 0 risk from the virus. My guess is that the virus isn’t liquid AIDS or cancer, but more a poorly designed and rushed vaccine that has unacceptably high side effects – maybe like 2% of doses have a bad reaction. For a 25 year old, the tradeoff doesn’t work out at all. Furthermore the coercion is criminal and probably the bigger deal than a sketchy vax, especially for young people who suffer the most.

      Then again, maybe it will end up killing everybody, who knows. Our governments do seem to hate us. All I know is that the covid shot is never going into my arm until I either turn 60, get diagnosed with a severe medical condition, or it has decades of safety data behind it.

      • B125: Why even trust it at age 60? By then one is already rolling the dice re severe diseases and consequences. Best bet is to try to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle prior to old age and maintain it as long as one can. Aging affects us all, some more than others, but a healthy diet and minimum 3x a week exercise (both cardio and weight lifting) can ameliorate the worst immediate effects. If I skip too many days at the gym, my joints let me know – even if my 63 year old knees can no longer bear doing lunges (not the best for female musculoskeletal system even when young) they still need to be kept moving in other ways (leg press, incline rowing machine, modified squat).

        • COVID has a much higher death rate among the elderly and the Vax reduces it quite a bit. If I was old I would probably get the vax. That said I don’t care whether somebody gets it or not – if you think it’s the poison jab or not needed then don’t get it.

          The mandates, coercion, vaxxing young people, and lies about Vax effectiveness are far more criminal in my opinion.

          • Ivermectin et als are a much better plan, then the vaxx, for anybody. the vaxx doesn’t give *any* protection to *anyone*, all it does is kill and maim.

      • I don;t actually see that the injection even helps at old age, Its just a statement people have internalized.

        There is no control data left, so how can we know?
        The early data is very suspect.

        People forget that, as from the Princess cruise ship only 20% tested positive at all, with very few deaths.

        This I would take as odds every day vs 100% chance of being exposed to an unknown intervention that has effectively 0 safety data and a history of issues in earlier related animal studies.

        I just don’t see the tradeoff being remotely sensible.

        • what is “interesting”, a couple of New England states knew what was up, and used this insider knowledge to dodge the jab bullet. pure evil.

          look up the “hot lots” data/articles.

          • I wonder how much of this was known?

            Malta explicitly would not allow visas for those injected with 3 or so different batch numbers.

            Why would they do that?

            How did they know, what did they know?

            Seems like some people had information that was not public.

            Sure sounds like a conspiracy of intentional harm to me.

  3. Ben Shapiru everyone:

    “So just to get this straight, the Biden administration’s response to the Ukraine invasion is to exempt oil and natural gas from sanction, leave the Russians in SWIFT, and say nothing to the Chinese about isolating Russia. And Biden admits this will likely have no effect.

    — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) February 25, 2022”

    Now you see why they placed this gatekeeper on our side, right? They deliberately banned his competition from YouTube so they could promote this guy in their place, hoping he’ll steer right-wing opposition opinion in the establishment’s direction. That’s why he’s whitelisted by Facebook and YouTube. His shtick — stolen from his competition — is to produce non-threatening “anti-woke” videos, then when TSHTF, he’s supposed to back the narrative. It’s a common tactic in news media, which even the NYT admitted in the wake of Donald Trump’s 2020 election “fortification”:

    “The Times would report on Trump aggressively — the paper earmarked an extra $5 million to cover the administration in 2017 — but fairly, so that the paper could maintain its “journalistic weapon,” as one of its star writers put it to me, meaning the ability to publish something like Trump’s tax returns and have them be viewed as unbiased truth. ”

    Point: the NYT, like most media, bait readers with one thing (in this case, the false perception of fairness) so that they can then manipulate their opinions on other things when it counts. Gatekeepers like Ben Shapiro are doing the same thing with this Russian situation. I won’t go into details here, but Shapiro has a long history of counter signalling against the right.

    “Hey look everyone, here’s some dumb college kid saying something funny. Oh, by the way, here’s a word from our greatest ally and lets bomb the Russians for good measure. Great idea, right? I’m on your side because I bleat about wokeness, so doesn’t that mean you should also support my other dumb ideas, too?”

    See how that works? People are more receptive to changing their minds on something if they hear the opinion from someone they trust, someone who has other opinions they also agree with. It’s a deliberate psychological tool they use to manipulate public opinion.

    It’s a “follow the leader” tactic. Medieval monarchs would make subjects of the masses by appointing gatekeepers in the form of nobility with the expectation that the locals would then follow their leader’s example in being loyal to the commands of the monarch, the true boss. This is seen in the movie Braveheart when Longshanks, the King of England, wants to make a king out of a Scottish man so he can then manipulate his Scottish subjects into staying loyal to the king of England. Previously, they had revolted and this was Longshanks’s solution to prevent it from happening again.

    Shapiro doesn’t represent us — totally different religion, social class, and ethnicity — just like the Ukrainian puppet president isn’t from Ukraine’s majority. That means they treat us like golem to fight their wars. They don’t care if we suffer because they don’t have any real connections to us. Would you get down on your knees and cry over Chinese killed if Vietnam and China went to war? Or would express general sympathies and move on because they aren’t our people? That’s what’s happening with Shapiro here. The entire ruling class is like that.

    Exempting those sanctions keeps us in the sticks from going bankrupt, and it’s absolutely the right thing to do. This guy might be okay with $8 gas and an economic depression (he has venture capital to fall back on) so he can live out his fantasies of killing Russian Christians, be we aren’t. And let’s be honest, that’s what motivates much of the left in this conflict: they are living vicariously through the Ukrainians as they imagine themselves killing Russians — socially conservative Whites like they imagine you to be; the Russians are a proxy for you. We saw that when Cenk Ugur (not going to bother checking the spelling on something like that) of TYT fame went nuts o Twitter with anti-White racism in response to this conflict. They all feel that way.

    • Cenk feelings towards white men are normal. Talk to them long enough and almost every single non white male has genocidal tendencies and a burning hatred of white men. Some are able to repress the feeling more than others.

      • B125: Both men and women. For every ‘based exception’ I’ve read of, there are dozens and dozens of contrasts. Sure, a few can parrot the ‘I’m just like you’ cant, but they really can’t keep it up when things get tough. If anyone truly believes he has a black/brown/yellow ”friend” or “fellow Christian” that he believes he can entrust his life to (or more importantly, the lives of his wife and children) then he’s in for a rude – and probably too late – awakening.

        • I’m not sure about women of colour hating us as much. They seem to get what they desire (sexual access to white men) more easily than men of colour. They seem to fit in with the white liberal women more (at least here) . They’re all just strong independant wimmin living in le big city going after hot men lol. Either way they aren’t part of our people.

          Of course the hot white guy that slept with them in college almost always ends up marrying a white woman. But it’s the men of colour who end up bitter because they never had success with white girls (or any girls) during their 20s.

  4. Was watching a German PBS type show on Thursday. Topic was how poorly the German military was being managed. They actually said Germans avoid service because of the past, it was under funded because of the past, and that it was full of non German and criminals that pleaded out. 4 guests on the show. 1 American from politico, 2 German libs, and a tranny with braces.

    • Pretty extraordinary. Anecdotal, but I’ve heard many CivNats/cucks ask what would the Ruling Class (my words) sacrifice? Everyone knows they are selfish liars who richly deserve a rifle butt smashed into their pig skulls although euphemisms are used and in truth people are not quite there yet but close.

      They are done.

      It is the biggest White Pill of my lifetime.

      • I’m in a Conservative group on NextDoor. Yeah, the site is tolerating us for now. Most of the members of the group are pretty poorly educated old white people. They mean well and all that but they’ve been doing the Cuckservative dance their whole lives and can’t see anything else.

        Nonetheless I recently said almost exactly this in that forum. Forget the Russians, our enemies are the US government and media and they are using this Ukraine nonsense to get us to focus our rage on something besides them. They seemed to be in agreement. This was in response to something one of the members posted that was the usual kind of patriotic mumbo jumbo the media knows works a magic spell with these people. Even a few years ago I think the forum would have been filled with angry Hannity-level rhetoric about how I was “encouraging Russian agression” and all that.

  5. It needs to be said.

    Just as Obama monetized his presidency by releasing $billions in embargoed funds back to Iran and then getting paid back through a phony $65 million book advance, the Biden Crime Family fully intended to monetize its ongoing relationship with the Zelensky-Soros cartel in Kiev.

    You can’t run a major grift like Soros had going in Ukraine unless you own the police, so VP Biden spearheaded the 2014 color revolution that brought Zelensky to power. He was partially paid back when Burisma Holdings employed his drug addict son Hunter in a fake job and funneled $millions into the family business, but it didn’t end there.

    After the Afghanistan grift dried up, the DC warhawks needed a new enemy for fund raising purposes. They got Biden to push Ukraine independence as a poke in Putin’s eye, and Biden wanted to get paid again for that largesse. When talk of Ukraine rearming with nukes came up, Putin’s hand was forced. In for a penny, in for a pound, and the Zelensky cartel is now about to get it ass handed to it. And you can’t do this sort of thing half-assed, which is why the Chechen death squads were brought in to eliminate entire cartel’s leadership and muscle.

    Moral of this story. Because of Biden’s treachery in abandoning Ukraine, it’s going to be very difficult grifting other nations using the Soros game plan in the future. You can thank Putin for putting an end to that.

    • Great take.

      It was immediately clear to me that Putin had to take the entire country to ensure that Zelensky was finished.

      Leaving a rump state based in Lvov would permit Zelensky to carry on economic and political hijinks indefinitely.

      However, it eventually became clear that, if the Russians are to have any hope of pulling out and leaving Ukraine as a neutral or pro-Russia buffer state, they must fumigate the place top to bottom.

      If they don’t, they are left with the unenviable, ongoing drain of a Soviet style occupation.

      If they pull out without having cleaned house, the CIA will be right back in Ukraine with pallets of cash and mountains of drugs as soon as the last Russian soldier left.

    • Quite right. I expect imperial military bases to be expelled in the near future. I actually do feel some sympathy for the Ukes because they believed the Banana Empire’s lies and probably weren’t fully aware of the extent of corruption there, but, to echo most Americans for the first time in my life, shit happens and you foolishly believed us.

    • which is why the Chechen death squads were brought in to eliminate entire cartel’s leadership and muscle.

      Can you give us an update on how the Chechens are doing?

  6. Sean Hannity is the epitome of an effeminate little weenie, even more feminine than the little fancy lad William Buckley. It’s hard to believe this guy worked construction, because that is a sort of masculine job. He probably worked in an office at a construction site.

  7. I filled in a BBC questionnaire a couple of months ago and took the opportunity to tell them exactly what I thought their brazen lefty bias. Gave them a damn good thrashing. Shortly after, head of news Fran Unsworth, the worst offender, was replaced. Today, I see John Sopel and Emily Maitlis have been kicked out.
    Result! The reporting is still dominated by women though, so there’s some way to go.

  8. Watching a breathless reporter live(?) from Kiev.

    They are showing various and sundry fires in the area.

    It’s weird, but it sure looks like mostly peaceful protests to me.

  9. Notice how the clotshot deaths, the sickness and disabilities have magically disappeared. how convenient.

    • “It’s totally normal for stress caused by Putler’s invasion of Ukraine to cause heart attacks and strokes in 9 year olds.”

    • You know I am starting to get an odd feeling about the Ukraine thing.

      A few comments on here about the Nov 21 change in the pronunciation of kiev suddenly all over the media as a signalling mechanism, the Sean Penn documentary on the Russian invasion was scoped out for locations originally in Nov, lack of any real footage at all (everything I have seen has shown to be fake pretty much – video game footage, old stuff from 2014, stuff out of China, fake civilian pictures from other areas in the world), all the CCTV cameras just show empty streets, no real casualty footage, lots of the staged pics show people still with masks on running about outside.

      It sounds a bit crazy but If you evacuated a lot of people from Kiev and got the rest to stay indoors could you run a fake war with a few staged events?

      Not sure where the evidence is leading, but its certainly got a funny smell.

      • Don’t know I’d go that far but I have been struck by how, after there reportedly being something like 300k Ukrainian and Russian troops massed on the border, that a supposed massive invasion doesn’t seem so far to have caused many more casualties than a typical Saturday night in Chicago………

        • K of W

          In the end, Ukraine will put up rookie numbers n XX to Chimpcongo.


          • Well, it’s academic now anyway. European landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower have been illuminated in the Ukrainian colours to show solidarity and Russia has been expelled from the Eurovision song contest – how can Putin go on?

            Surely it must now be only a matter of hours before he backs down.

          • That sort of stuff is another red flag for me.

            Its like a performing arts version of reality where fake symbols and staged candle vigils for the camera have replaced the real world. Its for women and idiot children, like the rainbow nonsense.

            I mean the only reason to do this is for the camera. It all just seems so fake, its starting to resemble the coof scam in its fakery, and imagery.

      • Come to think of it, the breathless dude in the blue helmet is always reporting…at night.

        More things to make you go hmm..

          • I lived in N. California central valley for a while (many Ruskies and Ukes there). Narcissism-of-small-differences and all that, but there is a huge overlap in their personalities in the effrontery dimension. They love challenging local suckers with preposterous-histrionic personal-injury-lawyer type of claims, in the vein of “The body of my black lowered Honda Civic with the spoiler is now crumpled from contact with your vehicle parking at 3mph in the next space over.” Unlike Arabs the RU/UA don’t seem to really believe their own b.s. but it’s for the same strategic reason. Your reaction to the wild claims is useful information. The affect is a tool, like a more feminine, passive-aggressive Tony Montana’s interpersonal style. Go to the returns line at a big box store in Norcal, you’ll hear a lot of Russian and Ukrainian spoken. Socal has the Middle Eastern variant of this.

          • Jim, thanks for the reality check. I find myself getting swept away by my hate of our rulers and giving a blank check to the Russians and Slavs.

            Sure, they are white, but they are not us. Their kleprocracy is not us.

          • Portable crematoriums. That’s a hoot, or would be a hoot if I didn’t know a significant percentage of Joe Normie out there believed crap like this. Hell, in the first Gulf War we had Congressional testimony (later learned to be from the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador) about Iraqi soldiers tossing babies out of incubators in Kuwait hospitals and packing the incubators up for shipment to Iraq.

  10. From JHK’s:

    “Luhansk and Donesk voted to separate from Ukraine in 2014 when the Ukrainian government was overthrown. Ukraine has retained them for eight years by military force, assisted by the United States and using, in part, American weapons.

    So America believes that the LNDR democratic vote should be disregarded as if was never held and that they should be subjugated by military force and remain as part of Ukraine against their will”

    Plus, all the Hannitys forgot something:
    Crimea fricking VOTED ON IT

    • An AA pick if there ever was one.

      Not to worry. When the inevitable collapse comes, is the bleating of the Supremes going to mean anything?

  11. “In other words, they are following the lead of the ratings losers, instead of the most popular man in the mass media. It just shows the real face behind those masks they wear.”

    That’s true of Breitbart too. Not that it hadn’t been clear by a long while what hid behind the mask they wore… but never as clear as these last days.

    Most of conservative, or right-leaning media is just fake-conservative, and fake-right-leaning.

    • An example being somewhere like CTH who have a motto “walk towards the fire”, except that there numerous raging fires you can’t mention, walk near or even point to from a distance or you get banned.

      Its all about managing the normie’s reference window to keep them in line.

      Works great from what I can see.

    • St Breitbart is a martyr for civ-nats. Drank himself to death and is overly praised for a few quips (and no real accomplishments).

    • “Most of conservative, or right-leaning media is just fake-conservative, and fake-right-leaning.”

      Even though I already understood this, when I went on a media sweep to learn the journo script on Ukraine the findings were startling.

      You’d think it was 1939 and Germany (Russia) was invading Poland (Ukraine). Breitbart’s “news” coverage almost entirely consists of stories about how plucky little Ukraine, its back to the wall, is standing tall against the ogre Putin. When all you have is a tribe, everything looks like a pogrom.

      It’s similar with PJ Media, which in the dim past we thought was anti-establishment. Likewise the Daily Mail. Nothing but breathless action-packed articles on Russia raining death and destruction on the brave citizens of Kyiv / Keev. Russian body counts huge, huge I tell you!

      I have yet to read or see a single media report offering any serious background: the U.S. setting up a puppet regime, NATO moving its borders to across the street from Russia, Ukraine as a washing machine for dirty money … nyet.

      There is room for discussion about the morality, why and how of the invasion, but that’s not what we’re getting from the mainstream or pseudo-conservative media.

      • The narrative has been passed down: Russia bad, Putin bad, Ukraine good (default). News media to clap like seals.

        It is so obvious, but maybe that’s just this group.

  12. Ditto for most of that, but not all.

    I haven’t owned a TV set since Feb 1987. When I am exposed to it now, I am appalled.

    I never had to cross any “Great Divide.” I have never moved one inch. Nor have any of my folks. We are Southerners, and we WARNED the rest of the country, but they were “people of good will,” you see, and WE were not. So what could we possibly know after only four centuries of cheek-by-jowl diversity?

    Your instincts are sound, my lad, but you are very young.

    When I was a lad, we were not only FREE, we FELT free.

  13. As if right on cue, the House is set to pass a bill requiring a tax on White people to pay reparations for Slavery. As California is imposing a tax also on White people to pay for reparations for slavery. Brandon’s handlers are saying they might just use the House Bill to issue executive orders implementing the tax if the Senate does not pass it.

    As we get some fairly stupid even by that standards black woman appointed to the Supreme Court. Stupidity can become habit forming.

    • Do whites get to bill for all the murders, rapes property crimes and and assaults since the 60s?

      Sure looking like a pretty big number to me.

      • According to Christopher Caldwell’s, “The Age of Entitlement”, the total cost of the Civil Rights Act and associated actions (such as the Bake decision) comes to something over the total Federal debt, which at the time of publishing was over $20 trillion. This figure doesn’t include opportunity benefits, money owed from the immense psychological damage black crime and dysfunction has inflicted on White Caucasians, nor does it include medical costs associated with black gun crime or depressed real estate values / lost GDP from blacks occupying critical urban real estate or welfare benefits. It also doesn’t include lost earnings from all the Americans killed due to the Civil War.

        “The negative fiscal impact of blacks and hispanics is significant. All of this discussion of a “national debt” and “deficit” is primarily a function of blacks and hispanics. Without them, we would be running budget surpluses today, even when keeping the military the same size.”

        All in all, blacks could represent a net loss of up to $300 billion annually for the government. Frankly speaking, we owe these people nothing. A good case could be made they owe us reparations.

  14. To add to what Z said about the phrase of the day, if the paymasters for the talking heads said that they had to wear children’s party hats,(you know, the ones that are pointed and held on by a rubber band), they would all be wearing them.
    Kind of like the virus muzzle.

  15. Welp, here are my cut/paste notes yesterday, I notice some odd juxtapositions:
    Did Russia Surgically Strike 8 Secret US Run Bio Labs In Ukraine?

    Strange how Zelinksky, a jewish actor, became President of Ukraine, a 90% Christian country.

    All the right people are panicking

    I, for one, am ready to do my patriotic duty and accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees into our country. Let me know how I can support the Afhganistan-style airlift operations out of the country and into our… what?
    That’s not happening? 

    Russia bombs DC, NYC, Chicago and SF and drops leaflets on the rest of the country saying “You’re welcome”.

    Fake news dropped the fake virus to focus on the fake war.

    • Woops- and, in the spirit of today’s post:
      Half of the combat footage of Kiev out there is from a video game. Check your sources. Check your sources. Check your sources.

    • “Strange how Zelinksky, a jewish actor, became President of Ukraine, a 90% Christian country.”

      That’s what happens when your group has no ethnocentrism or pride in their culture, or desire to make it exclusive — are highly individualistic, materialistic, and pathologically altruistic. I likewise find it strange that Ben Shapiro, another Hollywood actor and Ivy League graduate, is the celebrated gatekeeper of so many White Christians and normie working-class people who went to state colleges. It’s almost as if it were by design (hint: it was; YouTube deliberately banned guys like James Alsup with the intent to shift his audience over to Shapiro, which is why social media like Facebook has him whitelisted — Zuckerberg even had dinner with him). I assume the logic applies to Zelinksky in Ukraine.

      • Love your screen name Omegatron. Well, this is how it works, White people issues only become legitimate when backed by Jewish money and voiced by black people. Before or after that they are raaaaacisssssss all the way. Honestly, though, I wonder if our tribe deserves to go on. The Whites around me just to the west (rural) are adrift in Boomertard cuckservatism. The ones in my immediate area are actively helping to destroy their nation and themselves. “Hate has no home here!” Well, except for yourselves and your heritage. The young males (I refuse to call them men) are the most depressing. I want to tell them to just fucking do it. Suck your stupid face mask into your airway and just get it over with. So terrified of death they’ve come full around to craving it.

  16. In re: Tucker, he seems to be the only mainstream person who is willing to acknowledge the past 20 years have happened and has made some course corrections in his thinking. You know, like most normal people, especially those of us who were younger and stupid in our support of Iraq etc. Everyone else is running around, completely devoid of shame, with either no memory or a dishonest one.

    • This is why I think the G.A.E. is ultimately doomed. It won’t be possible to make the kinds of course corrections, which require objective and pragmatic assessments, necessary to save it before it’s too late. They’ll just keep making the same old mistakes over and over until the whole thing collapses. Their imbecilic response in the lead up and aftermath of this Ukraine situation points to that being the case.

      • Agreed. Individuals have a difficult enough time with course corrections; flawed systems almost never are able to do so. And given the state of GAE, it probably is the best outcome.

    • Exactly, VL.

      Hell’s bells, I am a Canadian up in Alberta, and when I saw those towers come down on 911 – even I wanted to kill the fuggin rag heads! I saw the people jumping out the windows, I saw the local monkeys dancing and cheering the death of The Great Satan… and I wanted to see blood. I didn’t care how many of those mutts had to die to fuel American tanks. The response in the arab world was equally to blame in what followed 911. They’d put on obviously fake solemn appearances of remorse and empathy for the American cameras – and then smirk and yuk it up when they were in front of their own people. They would not cooperate and would actively obstruct legitimate investigations, or they outright threatened more. Many of the Dissidents are too young to remember Bagdad Bob, and Saddam Hussein promising nukes, bioweapons, rivers of blood … and saying that the men of Iraq would kill us, rape our women and enslave our kids. You don’t talk that way to a grieving people – especially when they have the power to kick the snot out of you. Those nogs bear at least half of the responsibility for what happened to them.

      When the dissidents look at such events, they are looking at them in the rear view mirror with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. There’s nothing wrong with that – except that you lose the context of the times and the ambient sentiments of the day. George Bush wasn’t a demon – he did what we the people demanded of him. Maybe we were dumb and naive… but it was a time of transition. Our media still told the truth 50% of the time, as did our politicos. Some of the other establishment institutions still worked. I can’t remember if Facebook and Twatter were active in shaping public opinion – but in those days there was nowhere near the pozzing and censorship you see today.

      We lived in a different world and it was changing before our eyes. Looks like things are going to change again right away too. So it will go – we’ll see how things today will be seen 20 years from now. Context is everything when you try to make sense of history.

      • Glen: I remember those years well, but my memories differ significantly from yours. No, I was not yet a dissident rightist, but there was ample ‘pozz’ and censorship back in the day. We still got the daily paper back then (initially the Dallas Morning News was a breath of fresh air after being limited to the International Herald Tribune) but we had already noted a leftward shift. We knew enough to keep our kids out of the public schools. I will admit we were repukes, but to claim GW Bush did “what we the people demanded of him” is bs. No one asked him to double Mohammedan immigration, when the sane response to any such attack would have been to close the borders to all immigrants. And no, the media then did not tell the truth 50% of the time. I was a Fox news watcher back in 2000, and even then I knew better than to believe most of what I heard.

        I spent a good portion of the ’80s and early ’90s overseas, so my exposure to America’s decline and decay when I returned was still fresh in my memory in 2000. You, on the other hand, are looking back through very rose-colored glasses.

        • Ditto for most of that, but not all.
          I haven’t owned a TV set since Feb 1987. When I am exposed to it now, I am appalled.

          I never had to cross any “Great Divide.” I have never moved one inch. Nor have any of my folks. We are Southerners, and we WARNED the rest of the country, but they were “people of good will,” you see, and WE were not. So what could we possibly know after only four centuries of cheek-by-jowl diversity?

          Your instincts are sound, my lad, but you are very young.

          When I was a lad, we were not only FREE, we FELT free.

        • I stand corrected, 3G.

          No, none of us wanted more mudflap immigration, or runaway alphabet soup law enforcement, or runaway spending.

          But to pretend the mutts in the sandbox were innocents, and that America treated them unfairly is absurd. The Left got away with that chant, “Bush lied, people died!!!” when they should have had it shoved up their rear ends sideways. Saddam did so have weapons of mass destruction; we know he did because we and our allies sold them to him, and he used them on the Kurds. We know he was actively refining uranium yellow cake with the idea of producing his own weapons. That is a matter of public record and beyond dispute.

          The US was forced into the role of World Cop after WW2… and personally, I can’t think of anyone better suited for the job. You guys are not what’s wrong with the world today.

        • Yeah, i was an idiot kid Republican back then, but I remember sensing glitches in the matrix that i tried to unsee:

          1) Under Dubya, post 911, muslim immigration skyrocketed.

          2) Fired up military had to change the name of it’s operation from “Infinite Justice” to “Iraqi Freedom” and Dubya had to remind us islam is religon o’ peace.

          3) Poor US grunts had to to do house-to-house raids instead of just flattening the place and taking the damn oil.

          4) Dubya’s state of the Union featured how proud he was women were voting in iraq, girls were going to school, and all these other social worker dumb ass goals that have nothing to do with an actual war.

        • Very similar experience. Worked in the private sector from the mid Eighties to early Nineties in the Pacific and Asia, and we came home to a horribly changed country. The rot really spread from about ’95 onwards.

          After the Waco massacre, the handwriting was on the wall, and, yes, the propaganda was OTT then. When that many people were murdered and the “news” covered for the killers, it was just a matter of time before the US became a full-bore police state. That event was the turning point.

          Being old enough to remember how wonderful this country was, or at least seemed, is a curse because it makes the rage uncontrollable.

        • That people still believe the Bin Laden bullshit is astounding.

          The country is doomed. It’s hard not to believe deservedly so.

      • Freakbook and Twatter didn’t exist in 2001, nor did smart phones. This was about when broadband internet replaced dial-up modems and cell phones mostly of the flip variety were widely adopted. The internet itself had only been in wide use for a few years.

    • Online betting sites could do good business if they offered wagers on whether Tucker will be canceled, and when. Just seeing what the odds are would be interesting.

      Tangential to the topic (well, it’s about media): I notice you have dropped Counter-Currents from your “Bad Thoughts” links. Care to let us in on why? This isn’t a complaint. I dislike things about C-C, including their addiction to unedited 5,000-word articles, but they do seem part of the DR although not an effective one.

    • I am equally bummed the normies appear to be falling for the, “poor little Ukraine!” narrative.

      The ‘IStandwithUkraine’ hash tag is trending.

      They’re starting to whisper about invoking Article V.

      Not good.

      • “I am equally bummed the normies appear to be falling for the, “poor little Ukraine!” narrative.”

        Don’t sweat it. Come summertime, it will all be forgotten. The people you are talking about won’t tune in to the school-girl histrionics of the media agitprop after two or three days of it.

        And if this rumor about reparations is true, the people you are talking about will have something new to focus their laser-like attention on.

    • Not so fast, fellas. A lot of that is just going to be the usul empty headed virtue signaling. You can’t expect anything else from the liberal enclaves and echo chambers.

      I am seeing more people than ever before sitting up and at least taking notice whereas two years ago, they’d only notice what they were told to notice. If you can go into an airport (one of THE most boring places on earth) and nobody will watch CNN with an event like this… that is HUGE.

      Learn to take a win, guys.

      • “Learn to take a win, guys.”

        Good advice, Glen. Black pills have addicted lots of people because they are so abundant, but every once in a while white pills appear. The online comments are outliers. The IRL CivNats are apathetic as hell, and this has the Left quite angry.

          • Sev: I actually skipped the gym yesterday and today (mea culpa) so no unavoidable exposure to network tv, but there were relatively few people out and about as I did my errands this morning. No mobs at the grocery stores, no one questioning what or how much I was buying, and no one raised the subject of ‘war’ or ‘Ukraine.’ No line at the bank when I withdrew $. It was the usual “Have a nice day” stuff. As far as normie sites, the most I can even tolerate of late is scanning the headlines at Unz, after which I usually choose not to read anything further.

      • I strongly agree. I think it is unlikely globohomo will do more than beat their collective shrunken chest and wring their manicured hands. If they do, they are going to get their asses kicked and precipitate the GAE’s 1905 moment. (when the legitimacy of the Russian Empire in the eyes of their own people was dealt a fatal blow by defeat at the hands of the newly industrialized Japanese navy)

    • what did you expect fro normies? honestly, what possible value is their in reading their bleatings – any time? i would rather stare at a blank wall than be exposed to their innate mindlessness.

  17. First, feel bad for the average person in Ukraine – they don’t deserve this.
    However, if you want a perfect illustration of the contrast between East and West these days, watch that harlot Meghan Kelly’s (sp?) interview with Putin. Even in the edited version made to make her look good, she looks deranged. Her obsession with Russians possibly posting on the internet is unhinged, and Putin even laughs. She is rude and obnoxious, and a couple times he looks at her with thinly veiled distaste. Imagine the unedited version.
    Back to the original point, it just illustrates that things are so bizarre here, even to me, an American. Putin makes sense.
    To be clear, he is probably lying through his teeth, and is no doubt a horrible person, but at least he is like an American politician of yore: respecting law publicly while breaking it privately. As Mayor Quinby said, “May all your indiscretions be private.” The contrast with American insanity is striking, and the thought that most Americans can view that interview and come away with another view is terrifying.

    • “First, feel bad for the average person in Ukraine – they don’t deserve this.”

      You are SO right. The blood of some brave and stalwart men is on Washington’s already-bloody hands.

      Assuming that the *mostly* childish propaganda on TV is true (and I’m concerned here with only one thing), then I am deeply moved by the truly tragic courage on display from the men of Kiev.

      We are told that Zelensky has made small arms available to them and that many men–civilians–have turned out to fight. It’s suicidal, and they know it’s suicidal, but it’s the only decent and honorable thing they can do in the unfortunate circumstances, and they are doing it, or so we are told.

      It calls to mind some lines by Henry Timrod:

      Stoop, angels, hither from the skies!
      There is no holier spot of ground
      Than where defeated valor lies
      With mourning beauty crowned.

      And these by Macaulay:

      Then up spake brave Horatius,
      The Captain of the Gate:
      “To ev’ry man upon this earth
      Death cometh soon or late.
      And how can man die better
      Than facing fearful odds
      For the ashes of his fathers
      And the temples of his gods?”

      I salute the courage of those courageous men in Kiev today.

      • The GAE cynically manipulated and ultimately will cause the death of many Ukrainians, and the fact they were White was the cherry on top for the bastards.

        • At the end of the day(and the hostilities), we will never know the truth about what is happening there.

      • As someone else made a point on a video.

        Russia said they would not attack any civilians at all. So trying to get civilians to take up arms against an oncoming army is trying to get them killed for no fucking reason.

        They are hardly fighting for their govt, as its corrupt as hell and not even Ukranian.

        I for one would not lift a finger to defend the globos and non natives in my govt if it was invaded with the sole purpose of removing them. I would be cheering them on and so should the Ukranians.

        • “I would be cheering them on and so should the Ukranians.”

          I don’t believe you. I don’t think you would run away. You’re right–they’re not fighting for their government. They’re not fighting for globohomo. They are fighting because their country is being invaded and because they are men. And when a man’s country is invaded, everything else goes out the window, and a man turns out to repulse the invader, even when it is certain death, and they die like men.

          And you would do no different. If you were, you would not be a regular reader of this blog.

          • I get the sentiment.

            But if Putin said he just wanted to get rid of the govt and looking at the current front
            bench of both parties of non english and hostile fuckwits out to destroy the nation I would likely be helping rather than hindering.

            The Nation is not the govt and I can see the difference.

          • You must die while killing men who mean you no ill… in order to protect the people that want your family dead.

            Private Griller reporting for Duty in the Boomer Brigade, sign me up SIR!

          • Normally I’d agree. But let’s say it happens here. Let’s say we’re invaded by the evil Ruskies. If you defend your homeland, what are you dying for? Trannies in girl’s bathrooms? A rainbow flag on every school? More anti-white policies?

            Will the elites or their children be on the front lines? Nope. So why should we spill blood and treasure to defend anything but our own loved ones?

            Our homelands are already occupied by foreign invaders. Whether they’re violent Somalians “seeking a better life” or small-hatted tribesters depriving us of free speech and freedom of association, we’re already a subjugated people. To add insult to injury, we’re forced at gunpoint to financially support our invaders. We feed them and house them and step aside so their kids can have our kids’ spots in government jobs and at elite universities.

            At this rate, I doubt the Russians would be any worse. Hell, the Ruskies might be an improvement. I’m with Trumpton on this. Why die for Globohomo?

          • To all who posted on the either nobility or wisdom of the Ukrainians getting slaughtered: it doesn’t matter. They face a crappy situation that we should be grateful we don’t face here. Do I personally think Ukraine is a corrupt nation? Sure. But what the hell do I know what it is like to be a Ukrainian? They have drafted every man 18-65 just like Moldova next door. All I I know is there are probably decent people just going about there live about to get those lives cut short.
            I saw a video about 7 years ago in the Syrian Civil War (yes – that the US started). In this video, 3 generation of a Syrian family are in the basement surrounded by men with guns. They are accused of aiding the enemy; it does not matter what side. They were no doubt farmer who had an army pass though that pointed guns at them and said, “Give us food.” So they did. The next army came through and said, “You gave the enemy food.” They shot all three generations, from granny to pre teen, to death. These people are just like us, trying to live their life in relative peace. All I would suggest is respect that they live in a world where the war is not a subject of internet debate but a reality. This is the real point: homo homini lupus est. Don’t be a jerk either way because we should be thankful the bombs aren’t outside our door. For, as anyone should know, what you don’t appreciate you lose.

      • Pol’s will do anything as they are simply amoral. Handing out weapons—especially to a populous with perhaps *no* understanding in the use of firearms, much less tactics, is criminal in nature. This will have the effect of making every civilian a *legal military target* of any Russian soldier in the field.

        Perhaps this is all PR BS, but if those weapons really are being passed out without trained personnel to guide folks in their effective use, it is a crime worthy of hanging.

      • I always try to guess what these kind of reports really mean. In this case Zelensky may just be arming some of his more loyal supporters to use as death squads against other Ukranians, especially in Donetsk and other ethnic Russian areas, who will welcome the Russians or at least welcome the chance to dispose of their globalist puppet regime. These people may also be useful in getting Zelensky and co-conspirators safely out of the country once the Russian armor gets too close.

        If I were a Jewish criminal with all sorts of dirty dealings with the West in my past, I’d send out an official convoy of limos and SUVs in one direction and climb into the trunk of a Lada going the other way and driven by a proud new Kalashnikov owner. Let the Russians vaporize the convoy from orbit while I sip a martini on the flight to Tel Aviv.

  18. Emerald Robinson on her substack has a nice read about why Mr. Hannity may seem even worse than usual lately. I have not kept up with Mr. TickTock and did not know that private emails were released that show he holds very different opinions from those he promotes on his show. For instance he was advising Fox executives and Trump advisors as early as 1/7/21 to stop the stolen election talk. I didn’t think it possible, but I liked him even less after reading it.

    • Hannity is a literal low-brow. His hair line is only an inch or so above his eyebrows. It’s weird.

    • Surely not a TV host lying to his viewers.

      whatever next?

      I am always confused when people say this sort of thing, as it should be obvious they are there to direct your thoughts and that is it. To think they are saying things they believe is naive at best.

  19. For those interested, Sky News Australia is the one that sounds like Fox.

    They’ve been pretty good on WuFlu, Russiagate, and a couple other issues.

    Rowan Dean and Sharri Markson are two of their more notable commentators.

    Yes, they are pinkpillers at best, but, like Tucker, they still have value because they have the potential to wake normies up and get them asking questions.

  20. Thing is, Putin is probably as good as it gets in Russia. There are no mass graves, or mass gulags. He does terrible things to his enemies but he does not constantly and randomly punish his people. Nor does he genocide his neighbors. His successors are likely to be made of much less merciful stuff.

    But all the media hype won’t stop a single Russian tank, helicopter, or jet. Ukraine will fall, completely and absolutely, it is only a question of when. And then, Putin is likely to take the Baltics in turn. Why not? Who would stop him? And a full thirty years plus of the KKKrazy glue of hating White men as the demon to glue together in the West the gays, blacks, small hats, feminists, Asians etc has led inevitably White guys to ask to be included out of this “crusade.” As a practical matter, there is nothing short of nuclear war the US can do; the Europeans have only a pretend military suitable only for cracking the skulls of White male protesters.

    So all this freak show stuff matters far less than the power and efficiency of a military power, its leadership, energy (oil/gas) and leadership. The UK is now debating to forbid any further North Sea Oil exploration because Global Warming and Net Zero. All that Green fantasies will come crashing down like Ukraine’s government when people have nothing to eat for months and no heat. [Russia is a major exporter of fertilizer.] Freak shows entertain and titillate women (more evidence if any needed that White women are the eternal and natural enemy of the White man) but they do not deter external hard men.

    • I’m not sure that White women have always been the enemy of White men. However, it’s very clear that many White women have become an enemy of White men since White men failed the culture-wide shit test known as FEMINISM. The ladies lost all respect for us when we started caving to their every demand on a civilizational level. Hard to blame those broads for that!

    • “And then, Putin is likely to take the Baltics in turn. Why not? Who would stop him?”

      Because Russia *probably* doesn’t have the manpower or the financial power to occupy the Baltics. It would be an enormous financial and manpower burden for the Russian state.

      And nobody would–or could–stop him, but there would be a very high price tag on it. And Russia would have to pay for years. And I *think* Putin knows that.

      We shall see.

      • I would say Putin would never invade the Baltics.

        Then again, I also said Putin would never invade all of Ukraine. I was convinced he was just going to take Donbas and Lugansk.

        • Upvoted for ‘then again’ Putin is already threatening Finland. That would have been (to me) unthinkable last week. If Finland made the now foolish (to me) commitment to join Finland, how would the logic of the situation differ from Ukraine, (except for the strangeness of it)? He doesn’t have to occupy, just smash up anything that moves and maybe build a naval base. The west has already shown its tail once. Every time we huff, puff, and show our tail, we grow weaker. We absolutely mustn’t huff and puff. One more time and anything is possible.

          • The Finn’s have also kicked ass a couple of times with Russia. They know how conduct a guerrilla war. I imagine they’ll not press for NATO as it will not benefit them—unless their government gets subverted as did Ukraine.

        • “I also said Putin would never invade all of Ukraine. I was convinced he was just going to take Donbas and Lugansk.”

          Ditto. Same here.

          We shall see.

          • If Putin is threatening Finland, what’s the point, its not NATO. Does he want it to join. Is it an empty threat. Attacking another neutral would be too aggressive and incite NATO and Finland. Perhaps Putin isn’t so smart any more.

          • This to Rdz (no reply button…)

            Ukraine is NOT a neutral. They have been playing ball with the US (also the UK), and that has made them anything but a neutral. The UK was emplacing missile launchers along the southern Black Sea coastline of Ukraine, missile launchers every bit capable of launching not only conventional offensive missiles, but also nuclear-armed missiles, and close enough to be a threat to Russia itself. Ukraine had to know how provocative this would be, so my point stands.

            Look, I think Putin and his braintrust would have been content if the Minsk II agreements had been taken at all seriously and complied with by Ukraine, but for 8 years they were flouted, and totally ignored with no real pressure by the Western European nations who put their signatures on the document. Russia, incidentally, was not signatory to this. The European poodles of the US did nothing to make it stick, and the shelling, mortaring, sabotage, and snipiping by the Ukranians just went on and on.

            You cannot seriously contend that Ukraine was living up to its obligations, and certainly was not acting as an aspiring neutral.

        • B125: Same. Yes, Putin wants to reunite what he considers ancestral Russian lands, but I didn’t think he’d push it as far as he has already. Exert political influence over the Baltics, sure, but occupy? He seem(ed) smart enough not to want that headache. If he were to threaten anywhere else, I would have thought Belarus. But now is the perfect time to pursue any territorial ambition, when the Western world is utterly weak and ineffective and at war with its own people, so who knows? I know better than to make any predictions.

          • “I know better than to make any predictions.”

            It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.

            I read somewhere–can’t remember where–and only one time, but it was an article in which the writer said that Putin is terminally ill. If so, he might prefer to go out in a blaze of glory. That’s not hard to imagine.

          • Belarus has already had a recent attempted color revolution which was no doubt with much Russian assistance defeated (as did Kazakhstan), and is moving out sharply toward a deeper relationship with Russia. The Russians don’t have to convince the Belorussians, let alone invade them.

          • Up front, I won’t pretend to know Putin’s intentions, either. That written…

            His goals seem to two-fold. The first is to reunite the historic Russian people into one polity. I still expect a partition of the Ukraine, and Western countries to accept it in time. Putin has gone much bigger than even I expected, but, again, the endgame seems to install his own puppet and then annex those areas historically Russian. There also is an element of payback here for Serbia and Kosovo but that gets into the weeds.

            The second goal is to eliminate the Western threat on the Russian people’s borders. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have a really, really nasty history with Russia. I understand completely their desire to be absorbed into the West, and also Russia’s terror at having NATO based there. Given the West is about to experience near-bankruptcy and collapse, he may be able to get some concessions as to missile basing. In fact, we should expect some sort of European-dominated conference where this all gets settled. Further, despite the characterization of his speech as insane the other day, it has a lot of coherence.

            Where he may overreach, and lose the sympathy of White Europeans like us, is in Scandinavia, which also has a nasty history with Russia (and in their case, particularly Sweden, also vice versa). I also garnered from that speech that Putin is furious, justifiably so, but still. People that mad tend not to think as clearly as they should.

            I strongly recommend Buchanan’s piece today about where the West screwed the pooch via Russia. I won’t link it because of time constraints, but it is brilliant.

          • Reply to JerseyJeffersonian, no reply button.

            My comment are only indirect to what going on in Ukraine. I do not even mention it. The strategic outlook of Russia has always been expansionist. I do understand Ukraine is part or the European Plain that leads to Russia. But the Ukrainian people are not Russian, both differentiated from the Rus long ago. Even the Ukrainian Russian don’t like Russia. Putin is proving to be just another imperialist. Part of a long line of Russian of all stripes. The real interest of all Caucasians(including Slaves) should be China. Putin may have reason for shoring up his western frontier, but he is now putting his boarder right on NATO. Guess where his next move is? Hint dictators tend, but not always respect one another, so it probably won’t be China. Another hint the European Plain extends all the way to the British Channel. Google Seven Days to the Rhine Ukraine would have been best left neutral. Was the US interfering in Ukraine , yes. Are Putin’s action now better, no. He just played into Globalhomo’s hands.

        • Putin has to take the entire Ukraine.

          He can’t leave a rump area in the West where Zelensky can regroup, buy time, and continue lobbying for support among the NATO and neutral countries.

      • NATO is sending weapons to Ukraine. Its being spun as “individual countries” but its really NATO. And they’ve invited both Sweden and Finland to “consultations” about European Security in the upcoming NATO summit. In response Russia’s spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry threatened “serious military consequences” to both Sweden and Finland if they joined NATO. FWIW Sweden has been alarmed for the past several years at Russia’s ambition.

        I am sure Putin would like to close off the Baltic Sea to action by the hostile US and UK. His navy is weak, one way around that is to simply over-run Sweden and Finland and possibly Norway and Denmark and close off the Baltic, one area he is vulnerable to naval attack.

        Reminder, there is literally no way at all to underestimate the stupidity of our elite. No way at all. Sending weapons to Ukraine as they enter the final phase of losing?

        • Sounds strangely like leaving weapons in Goatherdastan.

          Putin thanks Brendan in advance.

        • You are describing a full on war on the scale of WW2 in Europe.

          No country in modern times has even a fraction of the army needed to pull that off.

          The run up to ww2 saw most of Europe arming itself for most of the 30s before things kicked off,

          This has simply not happened.

        • @ Whiskey:

          Good post. It’s true about Sweden. There have been several “incidents” in recent years.

          But I just have a hard time believing that Russia has the reserves of manpower OR money to occupy new territory. That is crushingly expensive. That’s why he rejected the Donbass “twins” repeatedly after they declared independence and asked numerous times to be annexed. The Ukraine is a poor country with dreary demographics, and annexing any of it would be ruinously expensive to the Russian state. And Putin has poured his whole being into rehabilitating the state and the country. And he’s done a damned good job. So unless he has reserves of men and money that we can’t even guess at, I just can NOT imagine his taking territory that would have to be occupied and administered.

          I think he wants those people who burned those
          Russians alive in Odessa 7 or 8 years ago. And to *assure* a situation in which the Ukraine will NOT join NATO. Those are [probably his only objectives.

          The Russians learned an expensive lesson with their occupation of Afghanistan. Putin and his ministers KNOW that and remember it. I can’t imagine that he is going to roll the dice on an open-ended military adventure. I just think he MUST have this action planned down to the minutest detail–including his exit strategy.

          I doubt that his generals would have cooperated in an action without a carved-in-stone exit strategy. Anybody who has ever had a military command knows what “mission creep” is, and the Russians KNOW the dangers involved in anything as foolish as that.

          Time will tell, I suppose.

      • The Baltics are not historically Russian territories. If Putin’s primary goal is to reconstitute historical Russia–and I think it is–the Baltic states simply won’t come into the picture. Ukraine and Byelorus–that’s it.

        PS–If Blackistan aggressively sets up shop in the Baltics, that could change Putin’s plans.

      • “The Baltics” aren’t the heartland of the Russian People.
        “The Baltics” aren’t 30% populated by native Russian speakers.
        Putin is a White man who defends his people, their religion, their culture and their homeland.
        If anybody has a problem with that they can go fuck themselves.

    • You obviously have never known the ABSOLUTE HORROR of having your permit for a dildo-encrusted float denied during pride week in St. Petersburg.

  21. Spontaneous woke pronunciation has been a thing for a while. Remember Irahwque and Afghawnistawn. Not to mention every single fifth generation hispanic woman in California who doesn’t speak Spanish referring to herself as a laaaahteeeeena.

  22. Re: Ukraine: apparently none of the nitwits wailing about Putin have thought to ask themselves:

    What would be the US response if Russia was building airbases and missile sites in northern Mexico?

    Would that America had a leader like him!

    • Simple. When they come across the border, call it an ‘undocumented incursion’ instead of ‘illegal invasion.’ Anyone who calls it “illegal” needs to be reeducated.

    • I lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, so I know the answer: Russia did that in Cuba, and JFK struck a deal whereby Russia removed their missiles from Cuba, and JFK removed his missiles from Turkey.

      So, yes, you are right: We’ve been here before, and the situation was handled reasonably and without war. That kind of thing seems to have been lost in the interim.

      Aside: We are being told right now that an African-American woman is–and I quote–“going to sit on the Supreme Court.”

      Imagine the film footage.

      • Cut/paste notes!:

        “Biden’s Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Is So Radical Her Major Decisions are Frequently Overturned — Lindsey Graham, Murkowski and Susan Collins Voted to Confirm Her as District Court Judge”

        One look at that face and you can see the seething.

        This one is a sapper, she’s made a dedicated career out of fookin over every ofay she can get in her sights.
        Sand in them White gears, for sure.

        • Another revenge nominee. She reminds me of a black woman in our office who becomes mentally unhinged at the mere mention of Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’d love to say to her, “You don’t hate her because she’s unqualified, you hate her because she’s blonde haired, blue eyed and she’s kind of hot. Remember that when you look in the mirror.”
          Before anyone asks, she makes ghettopotamus abrams look good by comparison.

      • –“going to sit on the Supreme Court.”

        And there are plenty of candidates suitable sized to do it in a single sit.

    • We already know. When the Russians sent troops to Venezuela a few years ago, the regime had a freak out. Russia recently threatened to do it again and the regime made threats. And that country is thousands of miles away from ours.

  23. Always good to ask these warhawks “what is the upside? What value does standing for Ukraine add to your life in any way? What upside is there to the Ukraine to receiving our culture? More open pederasty movements? More pride parades? More bug-chase parties after official government functions?”

    • America goes in there, stirs the pot, then bails when the fight breaks out

      So I think the role of the media is to soften the blow and to say “oh America hasn’t abandoned you, we in the media are still here and we care”

      Sort of like the grief counselors

      • Imagine if instituting publicly funded Bacchanalia in conquered territories was a stated objective of the Roman Empire. Basically where we are right now.

      • This is nothing new.
        We were going to Make the World Safe For Democracy in 1916. I remember the false hopes we gave to the Hungarians in 1956. Also the Vietnamese. And don’t forget the Arab Spring.

        • Some of us remember more than Viet Nam and the Arab Spring.

          Some of us remember Sherman’s march through Georgia and South Carolina.

          Iraq was not by any means the Yankee Empire’s first victim.

      • “America goes in there, stirs the pot, then bails when the fight breaks out.”
        And what ethnic group does this remind you of? Three guesses, first two don’t count! Why of course! It’s the same group that did the same thing in many metropolitan cities here during the 60’s to the 80’s and then packed up and ran off when the ferals they demanded be let in the neighborhood actually arrived and well……….reverted to type. Now they’re doing it on a global scale.

    • Chickenhawk responses that I’ve actually seen:

      “Fighting Russia in the Ukraine will discourage China from moving against Taiwan.”

      “The greatest danger to world peace is American reluctance to confront the world’s bad actors.”

      “We’re not actually going to fight Russia. We’re going to defund and sanction Russia while selling arms to Ukraine so they can defend themselves. That means we’ll actually be neutral.”

      “Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union and start World War Three!”

      and my favorite:

      “We owe Ukraine a debt of honor! We promised them they’d get to join NATO!”

      • “The greatest danger to world peace is American reluctance to confront the world’s bad actors.”

        That right there will get that comment-poster thrown to the lions. Because the TRUTH is that “The greatest danger to world peace is WHITE SUPREMECY.”

        Whoever posted that needs to study his or her catechism a bit more.

      • Providing arms to combatants worked great to keep the US out of WW uno y dos, why not go for the hat trick?

    • “Always good to ask these warhawks “what is the upside? What value does standing for Ukraine add to your life in any way?”

      I know the answer to that, too!

      Harris Faulkner–that FOX talking head with the theatrical eyebrows and lips–brought it up earlier today. She asked one of her “colleagues” (those schoolgirls with decoltee cocktail dresses), “What has become of our swagger?”

      So there’s your answer: Swagger. Not just swagger, but American swagger!

      It’s Matt Dillon and a Bad Guy drawing on each other in Dodge City.

      (The fact that you could even ask that question tells us that you don’t watch enough T V.)

    • The American ruling class won’t feel the consequences, so they don’t care. They also don’t have any attachment to the public because they don’t live among them or share any other common bonds with them — religion, culture, history, values. In many cases (Hillary Clinton) they view the masses as domestic extremists, literal enemies to be destroyed.

      They are of a different social class, and in many cases a different ethnicity. Why would someone of Jewish or Hindu extraction (or a billionaire secularist from the Acela Corridor), whose family has only tenuous connections to this place, really care if a bunch of White normies from the sticks get chopped up in a foreign war? Would it affect them? Would you care if some Japanese guy died fighting Korea?

  24. Watching Hannity is like listening to rap “music”. There was one original rap song in the 1980s called Rapper’s Delight. Everything since then has sounded the same. Hannity had one good rap about the Hillary/Obama crowd, and he repeats it every night.

    • He and rush were those two guys who realized there was a big AM radio market for their stuff among truckers and country music fans

      And they sank their teeth into them and never let go

      Hannity still wears cowboy boots and says he’s just a regular guy who hangs out with electricians and does his own grocery shopping

        • Hannity worked his way through college (til the money got too tight and he had to drop out) as a mechanic. Show me anyone else among the talking heads who’s ever gotten his hands dirty to support himself.

          I do get the feeling he’s disillusioned to where he’d rather not do the TV thing anymore, but the money is too good to quit.

      • “Hannity […] does his own grocery shopping.”


        He is what Amanda Wingfield would call “a regular Christian martyr.”

  25. Speaking of clown shows: John Kerry’s remarks expressing his concern about climate change in Ukraine

    “I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate”

    sounded like something out of a Monte Python movie.

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    • Saw ole Lurch on Tucker tonight, giving an interview to the foreign press.

      Honest to God, that guys face is gonna slide right off!

  26. everywhere i look people buy into the media narrative, this made me realize something very disturbing about people’s perception of reality

    (russian) alpha white man = evil
    degenerate tribe person(in charge of ukraine) = good

    that’s all i need to know about the future of the european people.

    Usa & europe in general won’t get a putin, they don’t deserve such a leader. Even after globo homo empire collapses, there won’t be anyone there to pick up the surviving parts & rebuild, these low iq faggots i share a race with will not change their mental patterns, they will continue to follow freaks & degenerates, anyone but an actual alpha.

    At this point in time nothing short of mass scale extermination of white people can fix this. It’s like a curse, as if whites getting genocided is predestined or something.

    • It’s like a curse, as if whites getting genocided is predestined or something.

      It’s clear that something has been broken, or gone deeply wrong in the collective white psyche.

      I wish I could put my finger on it, because then I could begin thinking about solutions.

      • “It’s clear that something has been broken, or gone deeply wrong in the collective white psyche.

        “I wish I could put my finger on it, because then I could begin thinking about solutions.”

        The Western peoples are too rich, too secure, too well-fed, and they have WAY too much time on their hands.,

        • Speak for yourself motherfucker, everybody I know works their ass off, Half the money goes to the Smallhat Mafia who run this shitshow.

          • Dennis, I don’t think Infant was referring to you.

            I think he was referring to effeminate soyboys and the like.

            But I could be wrong.

          • Fuck you pal, if you don’t stick up for your own people, go join the chosen ones or the chimps. They all want you dead, but maybe they’ll make an exception for you…mongoloids get a free pass, on occasion.

  27. There is something going on with strange new words being at the center of propaganda rollouts. Maybe it’s just a humiliation ritual, maybe they work like a spell that throws off frames of reference and jumbles memories. If you wipe the slate clean, the mind can’t search for context, something like that.
    I’m still wondering how a shot became a jab overnight and everyone got with the program without so much as a wince.

    • It’s a feminization ritual. Like all these words such as transsexual being changed to diminuitives like “tranny”. True to form, they most always get shortened down to end in “y”. It’s what women do when they talk to babies, fittingly enough.

    • It has been asserted that the CIA injects words or phrases into the stream to see how far and how fast they spread.

    • “There is something going on with strange new words being at the center of propaganda rollouts.”

      Whilst in Keev, I hope you Stay Safe and attempt to Build Back Better.

  28. Totally off topic, but we apparently have some AA hire that calls itself ketanji brown jackson soon to be sitting its big black butt on a supreme court stool. If this doesn’t underscore the carney show this (former) country has become, I don’t know what does.

  29. I don’t know if anyone else here remembers, but some years ago Oreilley and cavuto used to “what say you?” when asking a guest for their opinion. Prior to this no one ever talked like that. I think they were trying to come up with a catchphrase but I just found it highly annoying and a bit too yankee

  30. Nobody cares.

    The people who were demanding the unvaxxed be denied unrelated medical care are now posting stories on their Instagram feed like “Stand with Ukraine”. The patriotic Ukrainians living 2000km away from the homeland are posting similar messages on social media. I noticed that among the cars fleeing Keev, there were a disproportionate amount of BMWs, Mercedes, and other luxury cars – the Cloud People won’t be fighting for anything.

    Trudeau, after calling his own citizens terrorists and Nazis, declaring martial law and stealing peaceful protestors bank accounts is demanding that we “stand with Ukraine” for “freedom” or whatever. Apparently Canada will be accepting Ukrainian refugees (lol). And the USA has a moral duty to “defend democracy” in Ukraine after Joe Biden got the most votes in history.

    Seems like the average person just doesn’t care. The Globo NPCs will post things on social media, and the tougher and more nationalist people that would more likely support a war in the past (who frequently overlap with the unvaxxed) are angry and either taking a neutral stance or an actively anti-Western stance. Our vibrant POC and immigrant community doesn’t give a single shit about some whiteys fighting. There will be a stampede back to India if fighting actually picks up. The White sheep won’t be whipped into a frenzy this time – and if there were a terrorist false flag on Western soil, many would cheer it on. Even the Evangelicals are taking a measured, neutral stance (still slightly pro Ukraine though). Demoralization works both ways.

    Hoping for an immediate surrender by Ukraine to minimize White lives being lost, and expulsion of the comedian President and the Ukrainian oligarchs raping the country. Doubt that will happen though, I’m sure Zelensky and his cabal quite enjoy the bloodshed taking place.

    • “Apparently Canada will be accepting Ukrainian refugees (lol).”

      Considering how badly overrun Canada has been by the East Indians and Chinese, it will be nice to see some beautiful, fresh-faced, white Ukrainian women in that country.

      • We have some Ukrainians here and they aren’t too bright

        If a rubberized baton contained a little battery inside for a brain, that’s a Ukrainian.

      • They should stay in Ukraine/Russia and there will be a better chance that their grandkids and great grandkids will still be “beautiful, fresh-faced, white”.

    • I don’t pretent to know who’s worse, Putin or the Ukranian comedian. Invading a smaller country is terrible optics though. Instinctively you want to root for the smaller one. But it does not matter to us. The future of freedom in North America, and Western Europe, is far more important.

      • Pedantic note (channeling my inner VoxDay):
        By definition, as the largest country on the world, Russia can only invade smaller countries.
        Further, Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe after Russia…

      • It certainly matters to us that the poisonous influence of Blackistan be balked, and to the extent possible, repelled. Extinguishing an AINO puppet state is one means of doing it. I wish it could have been done without bloodshed, but I imagine that was impossible. So, if war there must be on this planet–and there always has been–I prefer that war be on behalf of my people, white people.

  31. First, there are still lots of sane Americans (tens of millions at least). Most live in rural areas or on the fringes of big cities, but their numbers are not trivial and they still retain their ancestral robustness. They do not moo at the TV screen daily.

    Second, if your only view of reality is from within the bowels of a big city, then you will be justifiably depressed and demoralized by what you see. That is human nature, but it’s a defect of the environment you’re in and not in the soul of your neighbors. When real hardship returns, most will wise up pretty quickly.

    Third, nothing changes until the environment changes. This is happening in Ukraine right now in real-time. The Ukrainian people were sleepwalking through an endless rape by Soros affiliated oligarchs and had become numb to the abuse. They needed a 2×4 upside the head to snap them out of it, and Putin did that.

    This is why I say that the collapse is the cure. Normie will not put down his latte until he has no choice but to do so or die.

    • We dissidents sometimes lose sight of the fact that the media, for whatever reason, naturally selects for gay, far-left and feminine people with good verbal communication skills. We also think we are outnumbered because so many uninformed people who barely are paying attention fall for their storylines. Finally, we tend to think we are outnumbered at election time, not realizing how much of the vote totals are fake. Biden’s 81 million votes woke up a lot of people. Seven of the last eight elections have seen the Democrat “win” the popular vote, but the margin is typically less than the difference in California, where Republicans have no reason to show up, and fraud is rampant. I would suspect if we truly had honest elections, everything would be a lot closer. But given that most Republicans are fake, it really wouldn’t matter, other than to show we are not as outnumbered as we think.

    • disagree about 10’s of millions of sane people. normies, yes, sane, no. if there are even 1m sane people in this country i would be shocked.

  32. You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din. I couldn’t stand to watch even five minutes of it.

    Hearing your report, though, and paging through the comments here, it seems like this is a big win for Team Reality. Nobody believes a word these morons say. Everybody is tuning out. They’re playing it like the year 2000 because back in 2000, their average viewer was only in his late 50s, not in his late 70s like now. Plus, after 20 years of constant Media flip-flopping about whether Operation Endless Occupation was great or terrible, depending on whether the president had a (D) or an (R) behind his name, I can’t think of anything Putin could do in the Ukraine that would make me care, because I know that whatever it is, it’s a lie, because it’s in The Media.

    What if they held a war and nobody came? Turns out those smelly hippies were right after all.

    • Unfortunately, I suspect there are plenty of people who believe what they’re hearing on the mainstream media. In my discussions with my sister, that’s what it comes down to: she’s getting her information from those sources, and sees the dissident-right sources I listen to as lacking all credibility.

      But yeah: as we’ve seen in all the recent presidential elections, the main split is between urban and rural.

    • Apathy is highly underrated.

      My biggest takeaway also is the indifference to the shit show. The media narrative briefly switched to the brave Ukrainians fighting valiantly against impossible odds. Now reports are surfacing that Zelensky is negotiating with Putin (who knows if this is true, either). If the stand-up puppet does strike some agreement, and even worse, appears publicly and lays out how the Banana Empire gave it to him good and hard, the public will be told to hate him for at least two minutes. If he mentions the bribes given to American and European political and corporate interests, he might get what we have been told the Russians plan to do to him.

      The public also won’t even be able to be seduced into hatred.

      The lies have caught up with them. Americans have the attention span of a gnat, and Afghanistan happened within the attention span of a gnat. The propagandists are dumbing down as quickly as their targets. I had thought the story would be memoryholed within two weeks, and barring a “Remember the Maine!” moment, that probably was too generous.

      A round of applause for apathy, please.

    • Sev: The last ‘war reports’ that I recall both listening to and generally ‘trusting’ (as in not outright rejecting as bs) were the BBC radio reports on the first Gulf War in 1990. We were resident in Eastern Europe at the time and listened on a small short-wave radio.

        • trumpton: Believe me, I’ve read plenty about just who owns and runs and staffs the BBC now, but as I said, at the time we were living in Eastern Europe and other than watching CNN at the American Embassy, we had the radio and the BBC World Service. It seemed fairly accurate and non-hysterical at the time – remember, this was Gulf War I.

  33. If memory serves, Carlson used to be the snarky, bow-tied punk across from Carville on Crossfire. Pretty remarkable he’s come this far. If you’d had told me he’d be the voice of reason in 20 years, I’d have offered to sell you a bridge lol.

    • He also does not have a TV, says he never watches any apart from when doing he is doing a segment on it and has no social media he uses.

      Interesting set of behaviors for some guy who’s career is in TV and online.

      • I was in the belly of the television news beast for years, and I wouldn’t watch now with a gun at my head, and in fact haven’t watched for at least fifteen years. Liberal Inc., everywhere you look around the newsroom.

        Except for Kari Lake. She’s got more gumption than any “Republican” in Congress. And I would venture she has bigger balls than even Trump, talking about blowing up those drug smugglers’ tunnels with them in them.

        • I understand he after the fact. I worked at large news orgs for a bit and never picked up a paper or watched a news programme after that.

          But you are not on TV every night.

          Also, how did someone like that get into TV as an anchor?

          I would have thought you would at least need a passing interest to get in front of camera.

          Not ,any people actively go after a position they disdain.

    • Most of those who don’t follow the “gallant little Ukraine” narrative don’t give a shite about this crisis–good for them. I’ve been following it but I’m on board with the apathetic. The U.S./E.U. (i.e., Soros) Coup of 2014 started this mess. Now there’s little hope of detente with Russia and Central Asia. The winner: China.Without firing a shot–at Taiwan or anywhere else.

      • Ah yes, 2014. The Obama State Department, Victoria Nuland and the color revolution. As stupid as the Arab Spring. It took this long to crash, but crash it always does.

  34. They’ve been purposefully emasculating, deracinating and poisoning White men for decades. What kind of soldiers do they really believe our country is able to produce at this point?

    • Third Worlders. That’s part of what all this legal and illegal immigration and talk of amnesty has been about. Getting young men in here who will shoot at traditional Americans.

  35. It’s like they’re programming the civnats to get all worked up and buzzing like hornets and using them to get the dissidents around them on board with hating putin. But it’s not working. And the civnat effort and energy seems somewhat manufactured and like they’re mailing it in

    The programming still works on the civnat brain and motor functions but it’s not working on their hearts this time. I think even they are finally wising up.

    • maybe. but imo the civnats are being whipsawed and just don’t know what they are supposed to think or do; like a bee hive without a queen.

  36. “Kee-ev” = Pro Russia, I heart Putin
    “Keeve” = Pro Ukraine, I love Globalism

    Everything is political posturing, status signaling just like with the covid propaganda.

    The mockingbird agitprop of converged globohomo is totally above board with their NLP. They knew it was creepy, jarring, and strange to drop a whole new pronunciation on the sheeple. So leave it to the NYT to clear things up. This in a “story” on why we are hearing the new, Globohomo approved pronunciation.

    “Note: Days after this article was published, The New York Times changed its style of spelling for the capital of Ukraine to Kyiv, reflecting the transliteration from Ukrainian, rather than Russian. The change is reflected in articles published after Nov. 18.”

    Now that you know the right way to read it and say it, you can go back to ignoring that nations have distinct cultures and languages and even borders that they have a right to protect and settle back into the brown muck of our melting pot.

    • ‘Keev’ sounds like it would be a byproduct of cheese making, or that stuff potheads scrape out of their grinders.

      • That would be “kief” which is the simplest form of hashish, made by simply rubbing the pollen/trichomes off of the flowering buds.

    • I call it Kneb, because that’s what the Cyrillic letters look like to this English speaker. And who makes these decisions- who decided on ‘Mumbai’ and ‘Kolkata’, and ‘Beijing’?

      And, why don’t we say München, Wien, or Yuteborry? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Well, there you go. The explanation for why all of a sudden it’s “Kyiv ” instead of “Kiev,” and why all the NPCs on television are saying “Keeeeev” all of a sudden will be “The New Thing That Based5.0 Learned Today” for 02/25/2022. Thanks, Screwtape.

      It also explains why the talking heads on RT are still saying “Kee- Yev.”

      • In Russian the pronunciation is more like Kee-eff because final consonants become their unvoiced equivalent.

    • The date change suggests they sort of had this thing prepared in advance then no?

      Seems a bit too coincidental.

    • I asked a Russian here at work. He tells me that Kee-ev is how a Russian would pronounce it and and Keev is how a Ukrainian would.
      So it is indeed virtue/political signaling…
      It makes me wonder how does a pro-Trudeau Canadian pronounces “Sieg Heil”?

  37. The multi-decade success of Sean Hannity as a media star is a mystery. He’s either being blackmailed, blackmailing somebody else, or sold his soul to Old Scratch.

    There are Youtubers with more talent and charisma.

    • Don’t think I’ve ever heard him utter an original thought, or speak in anything but talking points. The ideal talking head.

    • Hannity is the vehicle prototype of the civnat who is free to think about everything but the JQ, but the car doesn’t really function all that well and locks up and spits out some awful gas

    • I knew a guy who was the anchor on the 10 o’clock news in our mid-market, midwestern metro area- a good guy, very handsome, with a good sense of humor- my pals and I would throw a couple of big bashes every year; (he came to one of our Halloween parties dressed as himself- I guess you’d have had to be there) he’d usually show and get LOTS of female attention. At one such event I overheard the following:

      Sweet Young Thing: “It must be interesting to be a journalist.”

      Anchor Guy: “I suppose so- you should probably find one and ask him; I just read the news.”

      He went on to become successful in a big market- always liked that guy.

  38. I too noticed that the Fox News coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian war was a time warp. A parade of NeoCons, some not seen since 2007, made their appearance. They even brought out old clips of Charles Krauthammer while the alien Bret Baer nearly came to tears watching the “brilliant ” NeoCon Number One bloviate..

    What’s the old saying “Stop The World i Want To Get Off?”

    • “They even brought out old clips of Charles Krauthammer”

      That’s surreal and literally made me laugh. What’s up next? Reagan clips?

      Trust in the system and its propaganda organs has fallen to all-time depths, not in the least because of these sort of absurdities.

      • That is hilarious, I wish I would have seen it. I have read Fox News has recovered some of their viewer share since the dip after the 2020 election. This could backfire on them. Even with the Biden bashing, I can’t see normies getting worked up about Ukraine.

      • You laugh but some pol yesterday had a Tweet along those lines, something like “Reagan wouldn’t let the Russians get away with this, vote GOP!” Friggin’ ridiculous.

      • The “news” Is like so many movies that are remakes of 20th century films. Nobody has an original bone in his body anymore.

        FoxNews is and has been for a long time a rest home for old (physically and mentally) neocons. They’re playing one last game of bridge with Putin’s Russia First move. I predict there will not be that much hand-wringing when China moves on Taiwan, since most of them probably have financial interests on the mainland.

        • Lots of people have made such mistakes. As cruel as your put down was—and it was pretty low, even for you Karl—let me interject what you don’t know, or refused to add in your put down of Kruathammer.

          Krauthammer broke his neck while in Med School. He painfully recovered and returned to Med School—a paraplegic—to complete his studies and graduate. This I believe was a first it’s kind. Most people I know, myself—and I bet that includes yourself—would have given up and become a ward of the State.

          Really Karl, show some thought and perhaps a little class before you put down your betters.

          • i stand by my comments. am well aware of the circumstances of his injury. i just don’t revere cripples per se. to me, he was a deceiver and a traitor. perhaps such things don’t matter to you. why do you think so highly of him, because he was on tv? try not to be so sentimental, it clouds your thinking.

  39. I used to kind of like Hannity back in the old days when he was the “conservative” side of Hannity & Colmes. I enjoyed him taking on that insufferable leftist fag. But over the intervening years he’s gotten high on his own fumes – I can’t stand listening to him and so have not for years.

    That Keev vs. Kee-ev thing is hilarious. It seems to me some years ago, there was another country or city which the talking imbeciles started stupidly pronouncing differently for one reason or another – probably just to try and sound more sophisticated – but I can’t remember for sure. They really are just a joke from top to bottom. Of course a joke they don’t get.

    • I remember Qatar (Kah-tar) morphing into “Cutter” in the mouth of Peter Jennings (and the other MSM nerds). Was that way back in Gulf War 1?
      I guess it doesn’t matter. Second verse, same as the first.

      • Strike Three: I recall a marine whose last post had been in Qatar telling me where he’d been, and I had no idea where he was referring to because he pronounced it Gutter. This was in 1989, a bit before all the insanity.

    • I remember that media NPCs tried to get “Pock-e-stahn” going for awhile because Obama was saying it that way, but then they realized that made them sound like they were doing a bad impression of Apu from The Simpsons so they went back to Pakistan.

  40. I avoid tv news these days unless I want their guess at the weather. It does seem to have gone from facts with a spin years ago to just pure propaganda and lies. It’s laughably easy to take an big mainstream talking point, scratch at it for 5 minutes on the internet, and expose it as a lie or just ridiculous nonsense.

    Being lied to makes me angry and uncomfortable so I have to turn it off.

  41. There is none, really. Yet for some reason last night after Tucker scrolled off the air I left Focksnooze on and actually heard Hannity say “kee-ev” like normal people.

    Granted, he’s a bucket headed idiot so maybe he just hasn’t digested the memo but still, it was a surprise

    • The only one worth anything on Fox is Tucker. But even he irritates me when he feels he must give Tulsi Gabbard a platform. She has horrible socialist views on literally everything except the wars but Tucker has her on because she agrees with him on that one issue.

      • You better not watch CPAC then. She is one of the featured speakers this year. Is there anything any dumber than a bunch of white “conservatives”? I’ve been asking that question for 30 years.

      • I go back and forth on the Tulsi Gabbard and Candace Owens tactic. On one hand you’re getting lefty faces to say righty things, but on the other hand, any old white righty could say the same things. So it is playing the same Alinsky game the left plays, but the difference is the left simply ignores it.

      • He’s showing those liberals!! He’s the “real” liberal (progressive).
        Yes, tucker really gets under my skin was does stuff like that. I expect better from him, but I shouldn’t. He’s a cuck at heart.

  42. and A little Bit of Chicken Fried. Cold beer on Friday night. A pair jeans that fit just right and a

    (You fresh)

  43. At this late point of the American Empire and my advanced years, I have come to these conclusions:
    1) Whatever they tell you on TV is a lie, and if you look into it, the truth is likely close to 180 degrees opposite from their narrative.
    2) There are no 2 distinct sides between the “visible” people. Those folks are all cloud people, and they’re all liars. They’re merely different factions involved in some squabble over who gets what piece of the pie. And you can be sure your share of the pie is shrinking or already nonexistent. You and I don’t figure in to that though they are talking to you, simply because you outnumber them, and they’re counting on your stupidity to trust other people. They never talk about what should be obvious in the daily lives of people. For example, I hear people b@itching about Putin and his “man” Trump. I ask them who is a bigger enemy- Putin or the company that’s tearing down our steel mill that ran for 147 years. You ought to see the blank stares.
    3) Supposedly even Putin has WEF interests and is a big buddy of Kissinger, which should tell you he’s just angling for his piece of the pie. The sad thing is the economic end is near for EVERYBODY including our Cloud people, and everyone will get to eat sh@t served up on one of those bugs they’re saying we’re all going to eat someday. The basic moral is this: Any country that has a central bank that issues fiat paper money is a scam, and these always end badly. It looks like the Cloud people may get the shaft this time, too. Their world is hitting the wall too, and none are smart enough to get out of it.
    4) God knows what the truth is. If someday we found out we are a genetically engineered species manipulated by a 25,000 year old alien who is the King of the world, god, and the devil all wrapped up in one I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s how sad our current situation is. All I know it’s not going to go on much longer, and a lot of people will go suicidal when they have to face a truth that can’t be bent any further.
    5) If you see a picture where any politician is at That Wall “praying”, it is automatically a liar and is trying to court favor from whoever they want to please. Go figure out the rest.

    • “It looks like the Cloud people may get the shaft this time, too. Their world is hitting the wall too, and none are smart enough to get out of it.”

      The Cloud People are looting at a furious rate, which indicates they are concerned. Ukraine was a grift. Afghanistan was a grift. “Muh beloved POX” is a grift. But what if all that cash grifted becomes worthless, because that is where this is going?

      Bugs, hell. Eat the rich.

      • Bingo! They’re so used to looting assets, what happens when they have it all and no one to feed or clothe them? Their world gets to fall apart, too.

        • You have to remember that these people are very invested in futurism. They think they can sterilize or eradicate all the lower castes of humanity and live forever in luxury with robot butlers doing all the work.

  44. The main takeaway from this is no one cares, which is my observation as well. It would require a heart of stone not to feel some sympathy for the Ukrainians, but as the cool kids once said, shit happens. As for those bread lines and ten bucks a gallon gasoline: these same people do care about those things. A tiny slither of them even care where all the money pumped into the D.C./Ukraine grift machine went.

    Those last two things never will be mentioned, except by Carson, and even he will move off it in a few weeks if prices stabilize.

    The once-glorious West has morphed into a total freak show, and it is perfectly understandable its propaganda organs feature clowns and organ music.

    • At least Americans are now saying when it comes to some foreign squabble, “Not my son.” Which is what the Bushes and the Romneys of this country have been saying all along.

  45. My mom told me when they were growing up, my Grandfather would watch the 6 o’clock evening news religiously, like a lot of people in that era. In this time, it was supposedly the gold-standard of journalism, Walter Cronkite, supposedly the most trusted anchor of all time.

    Like many people also, it seemed he was more hate-watching than anything, as she told me whenever Cronkite made his signature “that’s the way it is” exit, he would point his finger at the TV and say, “that’s the way YOU think it is.”

    They’ve always been clowns and mental prostitutes. Anyone in mass media who gets too dangerous gets the Father Coughlin treatment. Even Tucker is not immune to this.

    • If your grandfather didn’t trust Cronkite, he was one of the very few. There are still CivNat Boomers who will tell you Cronkite may have personally been a liberal, but claim he gave the news straight with no bias. I am somewhat hopeful these people make up the majority of viewers for cable news and at least some of it will go away when this audience disappears.

    • What’s funny about the boomer truth regime is that they acknowledge that back in Citizen Kane times it was all fake news. And they acknowledge that the current news in all fake news. But during their little window of time for some reason journalism was an inviolable search for the truth.

  46. I heard two people recently both atheist conservatives say Putin is the representation of Satan on Earth and he needs to die. It’s just so over the top I mean I don’t understand how they say cartoon lines with a straight face? It’s really weird. I did watch that interview with him by Oliver Stone years ago and it’s kind of embarrassing to admit but but he’s kind of hot. I am female and he is definitely a strong man

    • A good line I have used on FOX news watching Christians is, “why are you letting your view of the world be influenced by atheists and secular Jews. Almost none of these people share your faith, how can you expect them to defend your worldview?” It at least makes them think about it.

    • I saw a store in Japan selling Putin calendars oh, I think in 2018? Pre-Cvoid, might’ve been 2019. Gotta admit, no homo here, the guy looked pretty badass. One month he was wearing his karate outfit, then the next month he was posing next to his monster of a dog.

      • Forever, I echo your “no homo” theme but when I saw Putin riding shirtless on a horse, I couldn’t help but think, “I want to be that guy.”

        My mind knows that he is probably not our friend but compared to our leaders he shines because he obviously loves his people and their history.

        • Yep, and all we seem to hear is that Putin is the richest man in Russia—or at least he has $30B he robbed from nefarious dealings while in office.

          However, the guy is 70 now and what do we hear of his lifestyle…cars, mansions, women, yachts, drugs? No. He seems to be busy with the State’s business.

          He’d better get busy and start enjoying his ill gotten gains.

    • Whitney, re: Putin is kind of hot – don’t be embarrassed about having a normal female appraisal of an alpha. The feminists find alphas attractive, too. They just try to shriek and resent those biological and psychological impulses away, as they have been trained to do, caving into their neuroticism. This world will never be right until men get back to being men and women get back to being women. Ye gods.

    • Well, the guy does have excellent taste in Blancpain watches and tables.

      More seriously, I’ve always thought that he has been a thoughtful, well-spoken leader that has done a masterful job of playing one of the most horrific opening hands ever dealt to a national leader.

  47. “Sean Hannity was never a guy working math problems in his free time, but he seems to have gotten dumber.”

    Is that even possible? Dude’s a bobble-headed GOP gigolo.

    • He used to get on the radio and TV and just yell whatever Rush had calming discussed earlier in the day. With the retirement and death of Rush, he has to come up with stuff himself or rely on less talented sources.

    • Hannity’s biggest problem is Hannity. His ego will not allow the show to be anything—except Hannity. He gets guests on, but never allows them to speak without interruption with some non sequtur that Hannity thinks makes a clever/salient point. Smarter people in this business know how to bolster their show with guests—especially guests more versed in the subject matter under discussion.

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