Note: The normal Taki post is up. This week it is not tied into the Monday post here, but rather to a special post over at American Greatness. I read and reviewed Paul Gottfried’s latest book, Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade. If you can drop a positive comment over there, that would be good. Fair warning, the comment section there is a full SD below what you get here. I also have some notes about my trip here.

Conferences are an American past time. We have conferences for serious things like business issues and community topics. We also have conferences for less serious issues like politics, social issues, academics, books and hobbies. The conference industry is big business in America. There are people who make their living organizing the details of conferences. Every decent sized venue has people dedicated to managing and directing conferences.

You can rank these things by their production values. The more important the event the better the production values. The well supported operations can hire good people and a first-class facility for the conference. At the other end, the conference is put on by volunteers who have a passion for the topic. They rent a ballroom at one of the hotels near the airport and hope to get enough attendees to cover the cost. In the end it is just people with the same hobby in a room having hotel food.

AFPAC III was near the top-end of the conference spectrum. It was not at the level of CPAC or global corporate events, but it was just below. There was well over one thousand people in attendance. The facility could hold a few hundred more, but beyond that this event will be moving into the big-boy size facilities. To give some perspective, if you were in the back of the room, you needed the giant video screens to follow the speeches as you could not see the speaker.

That is the other thing you see at the higher end of these things. There was a stage with the podium, in the middle and two massive video screens. The room is setup with a first-rate sound system that lets the people in the back hear the speech, without the people in the front going deaf. The video screens had the graphics and video shorts you see at these things to keep people excited between speeches. Again, it was not at the CPAC level, but they can feel the breath of AFPAC on their neck.

Therein the lies the second observation about AFPAC that is important. There is something happening here. CPAC gets all the beautiful people in their finest to tell one another everything if going to be okay. AFPAC draws the Dirt People in their finest, who know everything is not going to be okay. CPAC only lacks the smell of fresh cut flowers to feel like a well attended funeral for a rich man. AFPAC has the smell of revolution in the air and the energy that comes with it.

The energy is the third thing worth noting. On a personal note, I have been to a lot of conferences for all sorts of things. I have never felt like I was in the middle of an electrical storm until AFPAC. Most of that is due to the youth of the audience, but even the geezers were ready to spit on their hands and hoist the black flag. Rock concerts are not this fired up. If you are showing a bit of gray in the beard and want to feel good about the future, attend AFPAC IV.

The show itself was much better than you normally get at these things. The speakers know they are standing in front of a young crowd hungry for red meat. A Catholic priest opened the show with a prayer, then Nick gave the crowd a short talk, which was the signal to strap in and enjoy the ride. Marjorie Taylor Green spoke first. She is a fountain of political bumper sticker quotes. That is politics today. Then it was a run of famous live streamers with a few other politicians mixed in.

The speaker list and its arrangement are where you see the growing pains for AFPAC as it was a bit too much red meat. Pols are always going to be a fountain of applause lines as that is their business. Live streamers are not the sort of people used to organizing a speech around a topic or set of themes. As a result, they fall back on the zingers and conversational style they do on their show. The effect is something like a motivational seminar rather than a political conference.

In future events, they would be wise to bound this with two professional speakers who know how to deliver a speech that people remember the next day. The big boys will have a speaker open with a speech that gets the audience thinking, then a series of speakers to pump up the crowd. The next to last speaker is the closed parenthesis to the first speaker. The star, in this case Nick Fuentes, comes out to close the show with a speech that binds the energy with the message.

The same can be said for the security, which was done by lots of young men volunteering for the job. Like the speeches, they had tons of energy, but not the structure people come to expect at an event this size. They got the job done by being wildly overzealous, not terribly efficient. In the future, a professional team to manage the young men would be wise. It is not that they did not get the job done. It is that they missed a chance to impress with it.

The final criticism is that it went too late. The event started with a cocktail hour where the special guests mingled with about two hundred attendees. Inevitably, these go on too long, which was the case here. Then it took too long to get a thousand people seated, so the first speech started at 8:00 PM. Of course, in a room pulsing with energy, the speeches went on longer than scheduled. By the time Fuentes closed the show it was pushing 1:00 AM and the crowd was running low on energy.

Again, this is the bucket of great problems to have if you are the organizers. It is easy to remedy going forward and offers something new in the future. They should probably have a VIP dinner on Friday night for three hundred people. They meet the guests and get a dinner speech from Nick. The next day is a full day event with breaks to let people rest up, socialize and all that stuff. It should build up to the evening portion that gets everyone pumped up to conquer the world.

Of course, that is only possible if the numbers grow and that does not seem like a problem, given what has happened thus far. AFPAC I was a small affair held in the third-rate motel in Northern Virginia. Maybe 150 people were in attendance. To go from that to ten times the crowd at a major facility is special. That is the right word for what is happening with this youth movement. It is not without some challenges and it will hit some bumps along the way, but something special is happening.

That is the question that I had as I packed up for home. I chatted with many young people and I have some knowledge of the people organizing it. I have followed Nick’s career since I met him four years ago. Right now, this is just a thing that is happening, but no one can define. That has its benefits, but it comes with risk. At some point soon it has to be more than just a lot of young guys looking for something that welcomes them as young men in a world hostile to young men.

In the near future, this thing will need a superstructure of ideas to hold it together once the blows start coming from the establishment. The blows will not be name calling from the simpleton army of the SPLC. One day soon, senior Republicans will be told by their handlers to denounce this movement and its leaders. It has to have the strength to withstand that sort of assault and answer back. That comes from having a superstructure of ideas and objectives.

That has always been the problem with populist politics in America. It has the numbers and the energy, but it always lacks a positive message. People will sacrifice for only so long in opposition. Eventually, they cut deals in their mind to accommodate that which they oppose in order to get on with their life. On the other hand, people will sacrifice their lives for a dream, a dream for their children. Populism tends to live in mere opposition, so it tends to fade.

That is the unique opportunity of AFPAC and the movement it represents. Nick Fuentes comes in for a lot of criticism, but he is smart and committed. He is not the same man he was when I met him. He possesses a self-awareness you rarely see in anyone that gets famous in politics. It is extra-rare in outsider politics. Being the big fish in the small pond tends to make people feel like gods. They wake up every morning wondering who has been talking about them since they went to bed.

Fuentes, in contrast, is thinking much bigger than being the big fish in a small pond and he knows he is a big fish in a small pond. He also knows he will not be allowed in the big pond, so he is committed to building a bigger pond. If Pat Buchanan and the paleos had possessed this degree of self-awareness and realism, we might not be in the situation where we have to hope the youth will solve the problems left to them by their parents and grandparents.

A sign that these guys have the right stuff to build a genuine opposition is something Fuentes did in his speech. He gave a moving tribute to Jared Taylor that was heartfelt and sincere. Fuentes is loyal and you could see that in his tribute to Taylor. This is a young man with a code. He sticks by those who stick by him. That is not always good in politics, but that is the problem with our politics. No one in it has code. We are ruled by sociopaths, not men with a code. We need more men with code.

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262 thoughts on “AFPAC III

  1. “Thank you for that! Can you point it out to Madison Avenue and put a stop to this kind of thing:”

    Well their native yiddish is merely a German variation.

  2. I haven’t read the comments yet, so perhaps this is addressed there, but I am curious as to why Z Man published a piece in the normie con American Greatness under what may or may not be his real name.

    • Yes, I have my questions about Zman in that his platform is still allowed to exist.

      Also, if his observations of AFPAC are so accessible why would we not think in his words that the “managerial/security state” would not also have infiltrated the event. Just sayin…

      Is the Zman a state kind of guy? He sure seems to say many things contrary to the state, yet his site is still there. Just wondering.

  3. Some observations about Ukraine/Russia from a military/political perspective.

    Russia lacks air superiority on its own borders. Its available planes and pilots must be very, very thin and this has limited airborne operations which have been very vulnerable to man fired anti-air missiles. Russian forces performed well in Syria and in Georgia and in the Crimea but have done overall fairly poorly. Their conscript forces which are the bulk will not dismount from armored vehicles and fight which makes them deathtraps. As the Israelis re-discovered against Hezbollah a number of years ago. Armor unsupported by infantry are sitting ducks to portable anti-tank weapons which has been known since WWI.

    The big news is the awesome defensive capability of infantry with assault rifles. They are not a magic potion but they can slow progress significantly and raise the casualty rates for attackers if even minimally competently led. This must have Chinese military leaders reconsidering the idea of airborne troops assaulting Taiwan. More significantly this makes Russian defense of their own territory if NATO attacks costly to NATO, which has even fewer and worse military capability than Russia. Perhaps it will cool the rhetoric among the Left that a hot civil war against dirt people will be cheap and easy. Ukraine has been anything but for Russia.

    The danger is this escalating. The EU is likely to grant Ukraine EU membership. NATO is sending arms and planes and this can and will lead to Soviet strategic bombing and missiles of NATO marshaling points if Putin is feeling frisky. Already (see comments in reply below) we are looking at mass starvation in the Arab World and likely a mass refugee exodus from the ME and Africa to Europe. Putin if he wants can expedite this greatly dumping 100 million Africans in Europe in 4GW response. Meanwhile you have Clinton using this for score-settling, and lunatics looking at the relatively weak effort by Russia and wish-casting away their nukes.

    The danger is the learned emotionalism of the elite spirals into conflict not with powerless truckers but nuclear armed Russia. They are that stupid.

  4. They’re targeting the Russian currency. The ruble is sinking like a flawed nuclear sub in black waters. The war of fat old men: sanctions and wine glasses, fountain pens made in Switzerland and German banks from Frankfurt. And if it wasn’t the fat old men, it would be the eyeglasses-wearing engineers and their thermonukes for you.

    I feel sad for the Russians, though. It must be so *frustrating* to be so close to your goal and yet get yo-yoed back from it, over and over.

    The problem, for Russia, is the unity of the European Union and of NATO. All the power-holders are in the blue-and-yellow court. The Russians turn around looking for allies and no one is to be found. *chortling* America will have the power to do this kind of thing for at least 20 more years to come. Then, in the end, the debt crisis, comes, as triple-digit trillions collapses like cinder blocks on the heads of the private sector economy…

    • You forget this little country called China. Blackistan and its Blackamoors are driving Russia and China together.

    • Russia has many, many cards. Europe cannot survive without Russian natural gas and oil. Years of Green Net Zero has left them with no alternative. Also, without Russian and Ukranian grain (Russia can at least deny Ukranian shipping) the Arab Spring 2.0 will be even worse, unleashing a tidal wave of Muslim refugees as Europeans starve and freeze. While European women will welcome them with open arms (and other limbs) the response from hungry, angry European men is likely to be different.

      Already the EU and other feckless leaders are calling for sacrifice and duty. After spending the last thirty years calling their people racist and evil. The fruits of anti-Fascism mean the main European population simply asks like Sam Goldwynn to “include me out.” In regards to the latest moral crusade. Leaders can fight only a one-front war: against their own people or Putin/Russia. And this is likely to be a grind it out war of attrition not a sprint and Color Revolution. Hillary Clinton has now weighed in asking for a purge of anyone who could possibly be Pro Putin or Pro Russian.

      Need I remind anyone of Hillary’s reverse midas touch? Everything she touches turns to dog poop.

    • “I feel sad for the Russians, though. It must be so *frustrating* to be so close to your goal and yet get yo-yoed back from it, over and over.”

      What are you talking about?

    • The ruble’s collapse in price among foreign markets doesn’t mean very much. It’s internal value is what matters most, and it’s strong. As long as trade can be settled in a stable currency, they’ll be fine.

      • I keep saying it-

        The US and NATO have had 30+ years to extend a hand of peace and partnership to Russia.

        During those 30+ years, the West largely ignored and insulted Russia.

        And people are surprised Russian patience finally ran out?

    • No, the west will just keep nagging putin like a wife about how he can’t be using this bomb, this tactic, he’s doing this wrong snicker snicker, blah blah blah

      I was talking to my dad today and I told him that the coverage we get of Russia is like only hearing the wife’s side of the story in a divorce proceeding, with all the exaggeration and lies and hysterics and so forth. We never get the man’s more sober minded side.

  5. Jim Stone is reporting a couple of things of interest.

    Remarkable numbers of Jews are leaving New York City.

    The Ukraine is offering US$65,000 to desert. But where’s that money coming from?

  6. As my comment waits in moderation hell, I will note that it is not possible for the US to engage in a war with its native heritage population at home and against Putin and Russia abroad. Nor can green policies survive a decades long war in Ukraine.

    • The sad truth is that this regime is going to find a bogeyman somewhere, somehow, lest it lose its reason to exist, and that if it is not to be found here at home they will go searching abroad. Do I wish the poor Russians to become the bogeyman so it takes the heat off me? Am I willing to make that deal with the devil?

      No, I am not. But perhaps if there are too many moles to whack both here and scattered worldwide then the beast simply gets tired and and frustrated and maniacally starts eating itself.

      • “the beast simply gets tired and and frustrated and maniacally starts eating itself”

        That’s how this type of terror always ends. The key, I guess, is to avoid being eaten before it gets to that stage.

        • Yep, get out of the beast’s path

          Or another metaphor is the regime is like a bunch of drunks driving a party bus through a city, taking out trash cans, an occasional pedestrian, fruit stands I guess, all the while inside having crazy sex parties and getting wasted without any concern for the outside world. Just get out if its way. Evetually it will run out of gas or end up in a ditch or a river.

          • remember that party bus where the brakes failed, and all the passengers were killed in a crash? 😛

    • The WEF + Greenies really can’t process the idea that, the world system they hate and want to destroy is the system that made them possible in the first place.

      It’s pretty flawed and arrogant for them to assume they the inevitable masters of what follows the current system.

  7. I don’t know about positive stuff. Anger is an energy, remember. And HATE can bind men together, organize them, motivate them when love, honor, sentiment, and other more noble emotions have long since faded. Look at how blacks HATE of White people has led them to basically conquer every White nation on earth. Blacks run most/all White nations. And the Palestinians, otherwise not even a people but a tribal rabble, have been unified and given direction by pure HATE.

    And as for young White men, I am of two minds. On the one hand they are excluded from everything in our society: politics, military, corporate/business, entertainment, culture, media, everything. On the other hand, they seem content for now to be online gamers, and passively accept the role of subservient scapegoat for everything while various non Whites scoop up all the attractive White girls and they are left with online cam girls, land whales, and anime Waifus.

    I honestly don’t know how young White men will break. Passivity or active response? As for Fuentes not having a girlfriend ever I have seen that complaint from young White men for the past ten years. The pool of non obese young White women is very small, and they demand quite a lot from their men. Often they prefer black dudes who are socially dominant even if it does not work out well for them in the end. [Many years ago the most astonishingly beautiful woman I have ever seen in real life had three mulatto kids as a single mother — this woman was Hollywood blonde beautiful. She was also quite pleasant and nice so there you go.]

    I wonder if Ukraine settling into a decades war of attrition will be good for White guys? Its not possible to fight the two front war: against Whites at home and Russians abroad.

    • Yeah, no. Blacks haven’t conquered anything. They are merely the ‘tool’ of the oppressor.

    • And also, not sure what planet you’re living on. I’m a 30 something, and for every attractive white girl I see with a black guy, I see 10 swamp monsters. One fat white girl I knew in college summarizes it to me like then when asked straight up why she only black guys she said, “fat white guys wont even look at me because of my weight, but I can date black guys that are pretty good looking.” Black dudes loving fat white women is not just a stereotype.

    • There’s a creepy sex pervert vibe to this constant fixation and insistence that white women allegedly love black men so much. Reminds me of Priss from Sailer… distinct vibe these are typed out with one hand and the reliably incorrect political prognostications are just the vehicle for airing an unseemly fetish.

  8. In coming days/weeks, Putin will be giving Globohomo the boot in the western half of Ukraine as he pushes them back to the West. He’s had his fill of color revolutions on his doorstep, and the weeping and wailing of Leftie will be heard the world over.

    Imagine the mental meltdown heading Washington’s way – the Establishment has already been on a 6 year-long bender. Take heart, this is a major affront to Globohomo morale, and plants the image in rational peoples minds of globalist degeneracy being constructively rejected.

    • The media psy-ops on social media, and in the MSM has been stunning. The line I kept hearing was “Russia is failing to meet its objectives”. As per Z’s last show, I kept thinking “according to whom?” What objective? Total annihilation of a country of 40 million in 3 days?

      They’re also saying that “Ukrainian resistance is stronger than expected”. Meanwhile they’re conscripting 60 year old men and arming babushkas. If Putin didn’t plan for resistance he would be a very dumb leader.

      The J’s are kvetching and baring their anti-Russian fangs. I desperately want Russia to kick Globohomo’s ass out of Eastern Ukraine and maybe even the whole thing. I think they will too but the reactions around the world have me on edge. Will USA end up invading Ukraine too? It remains to be seen.

      • The MSM created notion that this invasion should already be over if it were going according to plan is stupidity squared. Ukraine is roughly the size of Montana and Idaho combined. It took the Wehrmacht months to conquer Ukraine. Furthermore, Putin is not trying to kill as many Ukrainians as possible and turn all of the infrastructure to rubble. He views Ukrainians as co-ethnics, not enemies. When this is over, he wants a functioning state that is politically aligned with Russia. Taking this invasion slow and limiting collateral damage is the smart way to conduct this invasion, even if it ultimately proves to be more costly to Russian forces.

        • I saw a twitter clip from an ex-pat living in Ukraine explaining that with Volod giving out weapons indiscriminately that some have fallen into the hands of gangster and assorted thugs and that much of the violence reported is going on between them, no Russians involved. What a shock…

      • Yeah, B125, you said it! Nothing indicates Ukraine is winning like conscripting 60 yr old men and passing out AK74s to civilians!

        Coach Red Pill says the govt is also sandwiching Howitzers and the like between buildings so that Russian soldiers will likely accidentally nick civilian buildings when trying to take them out. Very wicked.

        Putin is moving quickly and deliberately, as far as I can tell. The US media is truly grasping at straws. Even Scott Adams claims Putin is now on drugs, and others say Putin looks exhausted and all sorts of ridiculous stuff. (Scott also recently advised the Republicans to let Biden’s SC pick sail through confirmation, as if were still 1955 Mayberry.)

    • Putin is just as new world order as biden, This is all kosher theatre, to deflect the fact they shot up half the population with aids, the money’s being destroyed, we don’t make shit, beyond broke and fucked 9 ways to sunday. Ukraine is the gong show, who gives a fuck?

      • It’s your new reinvigorated attitude, a little R&R did you well

        It’s contagious, and good things happen to people with a positive attitude


      • Just reading your review on AG, great work. I really appreciated the remark about ‘cultural genocide’. We have to snap out of denial about how evil what’s happening in the West, really is.

  9. If Pat Buchanan and the paleos had possessed this degree of self-awareness and realism,

    I think Pat did have some of this. What Pat did not have was the new media – he was strangled at every turn by the legacy TV and print media which was the only game in town at Pat’s political height. Even with the hostility, Fuentes leverages new media pretty well, and Twitter, for all its attempts at censorship, merely creates a Streisand effect for its efforts.

    That is not always good in politics, but that is the problem with our politics. No one in it has code.

    They have a code alright, just not one that is conducive to the common good. Trump’s failure in large part was not having Stalinesque levels of purge, at least in areas where he could. But maybe I am naive, and the truth is he had no areas where he could purge.

  10. Just left this comment at amgreatness:

    Without mentioning Orwell, the reviewer describes the near-identical colloquy that took place between O’Brien, the party apparatchik, and Winston, the intimidated dissident, prior to Winston’s will being broken in Room 101. O’Brien tells Winston, with patronizing aplomb, that it’s not enough for the party to rule supreme and unopposed. The party must be loved by its powerless subjects. That’s a crock, Winston replies. The party has no need for this sort of affirmation. O’Brien agrees that he (O’Brien) is merely blowing smoke. So why the need for Room 101 and the assorted paraphernalia? I dunno, goes O’Brien, it’s something to do. So it is with conjuring the fascist ghost. Boredom may result in greater terror than the most inquisitorial desire to cleanse the body politic of sin, error and the ideological monsters hiding under the bed.

    • The comment section at AmGreatness is a midwit food fight. I couldn’t even bring myself to participate after reading what had already been posted.

      • “I couldn’t even bring myself to participate after reading what had already been posted.”

        Participation is not necessary. Just post a short and favorable comment about ZMan’s book review. Say that ZMan’s review has induced you to buy the book.

        • Exactly this. It is not a place to show how much smarter we are, just a place to show interaction. If he gets clicks and comments, they will have him write more in the future.

  11. I’ve tried to like Fuentes several times. Even if I agree with 97% of what he’s saying, I just don’t like him. I also don’t see a code with Fuentes. We saw that with the Gab dust up. Maybe an ATM code to take dark money. That being said I’m happy he exists because so few people are out there stirring things up and stating the obvious. He’s a gateway to better politics but not a final destination. I’m telling you there’s something not right with the kid. I see a self awareness of his image and himself as a political consumer product. This is someone who will one day unmask his personae at the wrong place and time with someone recording and it’ll be over for him.

    • So you are not going AFPAC 4 next year? I’m going to be the only dude there coming from California?

      Come on man

  12. ZMan writes, “I have never felt like I was in the middle of an electrical storm until AFPAC.” I’m glad but not very hopeful

    Nick and his followers strike me as naïve in a way that the alt right never did. The alt right spoke plainly about racial issues yet the Fuentes crowd seems to believe they can sidestep all the race issues by embracing Catholicism. This is a foolish belief. We’ve been trying to get racial results by not talking about race since at least WW2.

    I’m not eager to make all the same mistakes we’ve made before just because young people in their inexperience are excited to try something that we know won’t work.

    Nonetheless, I will support any one of our guys if they make progress without compromising too much. I just don’t understand why young people commit to Fuentes, but I’m not young.

    • The alt right spoke plainly about racial issues yet the Fuentes crowd seems to believe they can sidestep all the race issues by embracing Catholicism.

      Who is being naïve here? The fact is, some issues have to be stepped around at the moment.

    • they can sidestep all the race issues by embracing Catholicism

      For its first 1000 years in the civilized world, and then another 500 or so in Europe, nearly everyone embraced Catholicism and yet ethnic conflict continued. But at least it provided a common framework and a way to broker deals to mitigate things, so perhaps not necessarily the worst thing that could happen.

    • I agree with you about Fuentes – I find him too Zoomerish, but he is a product of the poz that infests his generation.

      Also it’s possible that a ‘truly’ Catholic regime would enforce the ACTUAL dictates of the religion, not the GAF modern stuff. Those standards would rarely be met by anyone not of European stock and the diversity would self-filter out.

  13. I would have liked to have been at this event Z talks about, and heard them speak. I suspect most of their speech would have been in code so as not to transgress against the rules of society.

    How can you overthrow something if you can’t even speak plainly about it?

    • I think if you asked 500 people there what was wrong and how to fix it you would get 2,000 different answers, but, they all agree on one thing: what they’re selling at CPAC is not it.

  14. My question is, does the Christ is king ! Chants serve to lessen the blow of the topics and approach to the topic ? There was also a black guy speaking, I think he was black, sort of mystery race type of fella Jessie something. Fail safe speaker? I’m catholic, was raised catholic, go to 8 am mass during the week a few times a month on company time. Don’t take communion. I know the priest, he doesn’t wash his hands very much. It’s probably too late for me to rekindle that frankincense at this point. I see Christianity as a later day judaism. Not trying to be a buthead here. The rest of it is definitely interesting and hopefully will gain some traction.

    • “I’m catholic, was raised catholic, go to 8 am mass during the week a few times a month on company time. Don’t take communion. I know the priest, he doesn’t wash his hands very much.”

      If you’re both catholic as you say and intelligent as one would wish to believe you should know better than engaging in casual aw shucks folksy blasphemy dad jokes.

      • Dad jokes ?I’m not joking, the priest I’m referring to was a G man in the Boston area before he took the oath. He’s a rascal and a drunk. And that’s putting it lightly. Doesn’t mean I don’t like him.

      • “If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.”

        Luke 16:31

      • I am not unsympathetic to the desire for pure ethnic conclaves, who wouldn’t want to be with their own? But that world is gone, and not likely to return. The most likely we can hope for is a more broadly defined White majority (not just ethnic Cornwallians) with more ethnically restrictive enclaves scattered about through a more robust freedom of association. Not too unlike major cities in the not too distant past where you had the diverse Central Business District, but ethnically homogenous hoods and burbs. Not to mention the fact that “purebloods” (only of one White ethnic identity) in America at least are few and far between.

        At least that seems more realistically achievable than a pure Whitetopia.

    • AFPAC are the only ones throwing a party right now

      And if Counter Currents ever decided to throw something together, I think many of us would also consider going to it

      We need more people doing things IRL if you ask me, and so far not many are stepping up to the plate

      • Counter-Currents is LARP Central that on very rare occasions produces something extraordinary. Ironically, the Nick in this thread is one of the few people there I take (took?) seriously.

        • I think Greg Johnson makes a great moral argument for our “whites” position

          I do not know him or really anything about him and found him via this website.

          As for LARPers, yeah, I do not know enough about any of them. Again, why we need more engagement in real life so we can actually see these people behind the screens and audio and sniff them out for their authenticity or not. If this all remains a 95% internet thing, then I do not see how we get anywhere tbh. So I am going to give it a whirl and see if I can make it to next year’s shindig. I have to be in New Orleans and Florida next Feb anyway and so could make a nice big trip out of it

          Oh geez. Mardis Gras is upon us!!! Woo hoo !!!!!

          • Johnson makes a good argument about making the moral case for White identity. He veers into LARP territory with the theory about a “slow bleed ethnostate.” It’s, well, unlikely. Still, leaning into the moral case is quite good.

    • and your opinion matters why? i noticed the Sun is still shining, and the world is still turning, so maybe you aren’t quite the center of the universe (you think you are).

  15. Zman, excellent Taki’s piece. And your caveats re the commentariat at American Greatness are confirmed. I really have heard/read contradictory evaluations of Fuentes from various sides but have no personal opinion, so your endorsement goes to the positive side of the balance. If there is to be a Zman table at the next AFPAC, depending on where the world is at this time next year, we might make the drive to Orlando (even though my husband detests the place).

    Totally off topic: Neighbor just brought over a bunch of our mail, which the Oriental mail lady cannot seem to keep straight. 40% was rightist political posturing/gimme bs, 25% was legitimate bills, and the remainder was offers to buy our house. They’re creeping up over half a million. Wonder how high they’ll have to get before I can convince my husband to sell (did get him to seriously look into a wall tent with a wood stove if it comes to that and getting out of DFW before we can build something permanent). Why does China and Blackrock think they’re going to make a killing on homes in formerly White suburbs?

    • “Why does China and Blackrock think they’re going to make a killing on homes in formerly White suburbs?”

      It is puzzling. Maybe devalue the currency to the point only hard assets like real estate have value? I can’t figure it out, either. I’m in a similar position with some real estate and thinking of dumping it while the dumping is good, then I think, “where else to put the money?”

      • “It is puzzling. Maybe devalue the currency to the point only hard assets like real estate have value? I can’t figure it out, either.”

        “Puzzling” is the right word b/c it puts them in direct opposition to the Great Reset and to UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

        Go figure.

      • Jack: We’d put the money into building on the rural acreage we’ve bought . . . but that raises the questions of availability and massively increased material costs. That’s why I’ve half joked that if they offer $1 million we’d take it and rent something while we try to build. But if they’re genuinely willing to offer over $500k for our 28 year old home in need of serious updating, makes me wonder just what it’s going to cost to try to build what we want (not particularly large but much sturdier and more efficient than standard stick-built suburban stock). Everything’s a massive gamble in these uncertain times.

      • karl: We have already bought land (not in Texas – not enough water in central/west, too many leftist nuts in the east, and land is too expensive). What we need is the contractor and the materials and the house (and barn/workshop and guest quarters) getting built.

    • For whatever reason, I’ve known several investors in my relatively short life, and the thing they all have in common is they they are really, really dumb. Seriously stupid, to an extent that normal people can’t comprehend. Anyhow, they all talk about money from the perspective of skimming of cash flow, so the only variable that really matters to them is interest rates. The lower the rate, the more room for skimming. I recall taking to one about the winner’s curse and how they implied that bidding up the market ensured eventual bankruptcy, and all he could say in response was that interest rates were low, so it only made sense to borrow money to buy property. I wasn’t old enough to have these sorts of conversations prior to the ’08 crash, but I’d imagine they were the same. The bottom that you can bid the renters out of a market literally never occurs to these morons, they just don’t want to miss out on taking advantage of low interest rates.

  16. The Taki article was great as well. It reminds me of a quip Sailer had years ago on one of his lucid days when he was discussing you-know-who and he said (very much paraphrasing) “maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about hate quite so much if you weren’t such hateful people”.

  17. I googled the conference to take a look at the speakers list. I was was shunted over to the ADL website where of course it was labeled a “White supremacist” event. White supremacy this, White supremacist that – polly want a cracker, bwaak… It’s going to take a monumental effort to get Whites in the aggregate to even consider thinking of themselves as a group with group interests. Here’s hoping the AFPAC thing continues to grow and gain influence and that Fuentes is the man to lead the charge.

    • Hey that’s funny! I’ve started thinking about all of the whole media complex as a bunch of overwrought parrots. Just walking and squawking saying Polly! Cracker! flapping their wings. They’re probably some other tropical birds in there. It’s all very colorful

  18. OT, so apologies:

    I was reading Tragedy and Hope last night, the section about international socialism. Highly recommended reading, probably the most lucid summary of the modern left I’ve read.

    Quigley talks about Marx and how he predicted increasing misery for labor leading to proletarian revolution, but how in reality capital and organized labor worked out an arrangement that put the squeeze on the petit bourgeoisie (white collar, unorganized consumers he calls them) and made them revolutionary. So if you’ve ever wondered why antifa are educated white kids; why woke came out of the academy; why locusts are often green and anti-capitalist; or why, frankly, it’s Revenge of the Nerds— it makes sense that’s why. Economics isn’t everything, but it sure does bring a lot into focus. You rarely hear anyone right or left criticize the so-called middle class. Even Marx had a blind spot for them, maybe because he was one of them.

    Just throwing that out there. And it’s good to get a big white pill re: the youth!

  19. I’m glad Nick pulled it off, but if what I see on gab is in any sense representative of the groypers, Nick is falling prey to the weirdo problem.

    • Have you seen all the standard GOP types on Breitbart and Fox News comments demanding that we start WW3 to teach the damm Ruskies? And it’s silly to even bother mentioning the entire left…

      The “weirdo problem” is only a problem for you when you have no real power anyway. And when you have no real power anyway nothing you say matters very much.

      Not excusing bad actors or saying it should all be tolerated, but we needn’t exaggerate the issue either. When you’re winning no one cares about your fringe elements

  20. Good to hear that lots of young men are concerned about their future. Quite frankly we have no choice – you can either rise up and become racially conscious, or you can be ground into the dust as a Globohomo slave. I saw a 30 year old white cuck walking his brown kids to school today, all looking timid and fully masked. I know which side I’m choosing.

    It’s the harder path but I don’t see myself taking any other road. Turn on the TV – anti white race mixing propaganda in my face. Take the subway – thousands of non-white aliens for every white person. Go to work – lectures about how white men are evil. Even if I wanted to be a normie it just wouldn’t be possible. You are either racially conscious or you will fail.

    The only thing I’m worried about is people like Fuentes being paid off. Him being banned from every platform suggests he hasn’t sold out yet. But it is a real risk especially as the economy deteriorates.

    • Regarding getting paid off or co-opted, if we can assume the regime isn’t suddenly resigned to allowing the dissident right to grow in influence we should expect that to be next move in general. It would be really interesting to hear from Z if he experiences any efforts in that direction as he is granted more access in ‘conservative’ circles. If there are experienced veterans of what was labeled the ‘tea party’ movement able to advise leaders of this movement they could be a good resource.

      • My impression is the establishment conservatives have thrown in the towel on reality. They just want to ride it out and not bother updating their minds to the present reality. The Federalist, American Greatness, New Criterion, and so on have always been on the edge of Conservative Inc. They are looking over the wall at us, but they are not sure how to engage with dissidents. I think that curiosity will grow over time, but for now it is just confused curiosity.

        That said, there are dissidents in their ranks. These day walkers hide their affiliations and continue to speak in the native tongue of conservatism. It will be interesting to see their subtle influence over time.

        • To be fair the confusion is understandable even if one assumes an honest interest to engage. Other comments today touched on how the movement lacks a frank statement of a dissident platform of policy goals. That will take a lot of subtlety and political maturity to couch in terms that do not gratuitously alienate potential converts. It’s something you do well for instance. We need an ideological roadmap to guide even secret sympathizers, ‘how can I help the movement today and what can I do to weaken the regime today.’

      • ” … we should expect that to be next move in general.”

        I suspect the next move will be the attempt to force us into a digital “currency” (so called).

        That will be a moment of truth for everybody.

        They might use “Russia” as the club to beat everybody into submission to the digital “currency.” It could happen very soon.

        Anyway, best to decide well in advance what to do when the digital “Currency” comes along.

        • I am pretty slow on this financial stuff, but what is the practical difference in risk between digital currency and what we have now: most transactions based upon credit cards which are paid by electronic transfers from online bank accounts? Or is it the “outlawing” of all but GovCoin that is the risk? In which case, how can that be prevented if that’s what they want to do?

          • Crypto doesn’t have much of a redress for fraud, or much of an incentive to make one. Some crypto is impossible to scale up enough to replace current clearing houses. That said, the government has great difficulty in keeping you of crypto, in the way it can keep you out of credit and banking system.

    • I know this is OT but what’s the situation in Canada w the truckers? After the Ukraine war kicked off, Canadian trucks just disappeared COMPLETELY from the news in Europe. And I think the state of liberty in North America is a lot more interesting than how many dildo rainbow flags Putin will or won’t tolerate in Kiev (preferably none btw).

      • All the trucks got removed with heavy handed police tactics. Trudeau froze something like 200 bank accounts, and he was planning to expand his “Emergency Powers” for another 2-3 months. Then all of the sudden (either right before or right after Russia invaded Ukraine) he suddenly announced that the Emergency Act was over, with accounts supposedly unfrozen too.

        Ontario is lifting its vax pass tonight at 11:59 and vax and mask mandates are ending across the country. We will probably get our summer of freedom before they lock us up again with the new Beta Male Variant in the winter.

        Very strange timeline – there was incredible hysteria and focus on Trucker Nazis killing everyone with honking, that suddenly dropped. Now we are basically back to normal, nobody is talking about COVID but everybody is screaming about how it is our duty to stop Russian Nazis from invading the “Ukrainian” homeland (which Russia claims of course to be de-Nazifying). It’s like we moved into a different world last week, and some kind of dream barrier was erected between COVID and Ukraine hysteria.

        • Thanks for the update. And yes, the narrative shift was just mind-boggling. It’s pretty hairy that nuclear powers are now tip-toeing around war. But the fact remains, our main enemy is still Globohomo and they are still in charge of our governments. And that is a lot more important to us than who runs the Donbass (assuming they can at least keep the latter fight non-nuclear).

          Globohomo and their minions are not done with us by a long shot.

        • The water was starting to boil too vigorously and the frog starting thrashing about. They dialed it down.

        • There is a science fiction film where the city is made anew each night. People are swapped between families, roles etc and given whole new memories, so they remember nothing of the previous day.

          Apart from one guy who has some lingering memories of the previous day, while no one else does.

          That’s you.

          • That’s really what it feels like. I saw a story that the Canadian military was using psychological warfare against Canadians during the COVID pandemic. It must be a smashing success because people are nuts here – and apparently across the whole Western world.

            Same brainwashing is driving young white Ukrainians to die for their J President and LGBT parades.

            I can feel a change in the air even though I don’t even watch MSM. Somehow they manage to control the entire mood of the nation. I’ve suggested it before – it’s possible that we are just genetically immune to Globohomo and their propaganda for some reason. Kind of like how some people were immune to the Black Plague. Long term I don’t think those who are susceptible to Globohomo will survive.

        • This timeline is getting bizarre.

          Science-trusting maskers, who were too afraid to go shopping last month due to OMGmicron are now ready to take up arms (which they CERTAINLY don’t know how to use) and travel to a foreign country, whose language they don’t speak and couldn’t find on a map last year to… defend nationalism? They don’t believe in borders! Or the second amendment! And then there is the diversity bleating about how any ‘white’ countries in the news cycle is just another facet of white supremacy.

          We are reaching levels of honkification previously thought impossible.

      • The American truckers who started out from Barstow, California had a relevant story. One of the truckers there was a Penske rental… some dude from Texas wanted to be a part of history, I guess… and Penske remotely shut down the rig, stranding him.

        Big Brother playing politics in your vehicle has arrived.

        I checked whether he was an FBI infiltrator… a guy from outside the state? with a rented big rig? and his name was Jeff ((Sandberg))?… but he doesn’t look the part and Penske apparently didn’t get a quiet call to turn it back on.

    • Maybe he can learn from POCs: Once you get paid off, keep doing what you did before and demand to be paid off again . . . and again . . . and again . . . .

  21. A code? Why waste time? The “code” need only be morals and ethics, and most of you men here have those. What the dissidents need is wisdom for when those morals and ethics clash. That is what the establishment lacks; and why we are on the road to hell paved with good intentions.

    • Respectfully, I disagree. The Codes are the lines you will not cross. They have more to do with personal honor than public morality. Codes are chosen, morals are not. Morals are for women. Codes are for men.

      • I agree, if there is no honor among men, grifters will overrun all the key positions. They will, after all, do anything to get ahead.

        • Why any movement needs an “Enforcer”

          It seems to me that Nick has a few guys in his orbit who seem willing to assume that role, in fact many seem to be chomping at the bit, but the only one who seems remotely capable of it is Stew Peters, but he may be a bit loco?

          But he has the right energy

          Beardson, Milo, Alaska, etc they don’t seem capable of it, though the way Beardson talks with lots of profanity and being a tough guy he probably thinks he could do the job

          It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

      • I suppose we can quibble about definition of the terms but for me that is a needless complication.

        Do what’s right. Stand your ground when you do it. It’s that simple.

  22. I watched Stew Peters’ AFPAC speech and he fearlessly went after Marjorie Taylor Green, who had delivered a speech previously. I’ve watched many of his covid/vaxx videos, but before the last year or so, I had never heard of him. I’m not sure what his background is, other than he was a bounty hunter recently.

  23. I’ll admit, much of my anti-regime positions are a bit of hyperbole. But this week, as we watch our rulers commit evermore to a nuclear war over some minor dust up in the middle of nowhere, I truly believe we may have to get rid of all of them to save the human species. They are enthusiasticly drinking their own kool-aid and creating an alternative reality.

    It truly feels like they live in a separate reality as Z has described the French aristocrats.

    • “I truly believe we may have to get rid of all of them to save the human species”

      Yeah, still some hyperbole here.

  24. “In the near future, this thing will need a superstructure of ideas to hold it together once the blows start coming from the establishment.”

    We need a positive program or creed. I would suggest as a first draft, an anti-perversion agenda. Modern leftism, globohomo, is many things, degenerate, evil, hypocritical etc. But the thing that really stands out is that they are into normalizing perversions and ramming them down everyone’s throats. And denouncing them as perverse not only stings but elevates us. We’re the Anti-Perverts. And the Pervs are in power now.

    • I prefer the stronger term when referring to these people, “degenerates”. Normie flinches at this term.

      • Degenerate is the perfect term.

        Yes, it has been used by Austrian painters and their friends in the past, but it describes quite accurately the outcome of such behaviors. As such is the best term.

    • What would sell me is a simple idea of having a safe neighborhood and place to raise kids and just basic locally-run law and order

      By default and a major complicating factor in terms of selling the idea, is that it means a majority white society b/c those things are only possible in a majority white society

      I think what is going to be interesting is how any political movement moving forward addresses this big elephant in the room and whether it takes on a more national or a more regional thrust. Because the ultimate reality is that the things we want are “white people” things, and how that can be sewn into a multicultural fabric is the question.

      It truly is a civilizational question.

      • Republicans are becoming the white party, dems anti-white. That’ll make it clear. Not that the parties won’t do their best to blunt and derail it— if they survive. The big realignment is underway.

          • Like I say, they’ll fight it to the end, but it’s happening by default. AWR is driving people from the dems. Call it CRT so people think it’s ideological, but the stirrings of race consciousness are there.

          • You both may be talking about different sections of the same party. Painter is likely thinking of the GOP leadership; you are probably thinking about the GOP base.

      • Falcone: That ‘law and order’ society is primarily due to the social mores of White people, and the badge gang are merely the current official representations of the historic native population’s behavioral norms. Don’t mean to be pedantic, but too many Joe Normals still interpret ‘law and order’ to mean officials with officially-sanctioned guns. I’m no libertardian, but the vast majority of modern policing is utterly unnecessary in an almost entirely White society, particularly once unnatural limits on personal autonomy are removed. Why ought one require official sanction to remove from the gene pool a sexual degenerate who preys on children?

        • Totally agree – if you were able to remove black and Hispanic crime, the US would have almost no crime. it’s abuses like no-knock warrants, civil asset forfeiture, and police unions that shield records from citizen review that need “reform”.

        • I lost a childhood friend over something like this

          He wanted to think that all races could get along if they simply followed certain libertarian principles and I said, no, what you are advocating for is a police state because that’s the only way his vision could work was with force keeping people from killing each other. This was maybe 10 years ago, and I think history has proved me correct.

          But back to point, yes, if we have a multiracial society then “law and order” has to mean a type of police state. When I speak of law and order here, I mean something more along the lines of Sheriff Andy Griffith, which I know is how it used to work before this multi-cultural mess. Even in Tampa, not a small city but not a huge city, the law and order was reasonable because it was mostly white people with a splash of vibrancy from north of Kennedy Boulevard, but the Tampa cops busted skulls when the vibrants would cross Kennedy and head down into South Tampa and Hyde Park and take the bridge to Davis Islands where I lived and start stealing everything not nailed down. Hence the funny joke, probably a southern joke, but goes: “What does a black kid get for Christmas? Answer: Your bike”.

          So this was the 1970s and 1980s when the cops still worked to protect white societal norms.

          The moral of the story is that the things you and I want out of life, by default, must entail a majority white society ruled by white societal norms. If not, we get a police state OR, alternatively, a change where the rules reflect black societal norms where theft and violence and overall dysfunction becomes the status quo and what the police are tasked to protect.

          Does anyone want that? But that’s where the current trajectory is taking us.

          • ” … and I think history has proved me correct.”

            Ancient history–ALL of history–proved you right before any of us were even born.

      • “By default and a major complicating factor in terms of selling the idea, is that it means a majority white society b/c those things are only possible in a majority white society ”

        We need to start talking openly about how it is not acceptable that we are being replaced. And that this IS genocide. Unless we are wrong about the whole ‘politics downstream from culture downstream from biology’ maxim, you can’t keep a society we’d consider decent if whites are driven out of it. Demographics are the central problem we face.

        • I think Greg Johnson at CC makes perhaps the most compelling moral argument for what you and I are talking about. If we can just get everyone on the DR to keep from taking shots at each other we probably could see a serious movement and counter-culture form up and, I know he is not very popular around here but he makes a great point, that it has to be a “consciousness rising” (E Michael Jones).

          • We need to move beyond the personal bickering. Some here don’t like Fuentes, some don’t like Greg Johnson. This is NOT IMPORTANT!

            If we lose the whole world, our kids’ and grandkids’ world, will be Global Haiti. Talk to anyone who makes sense on our core issues. You don’t have to like or not like him.

          • Greg and I disagree about many things, but we can debate and discuss anything. This is what reasonable people are supposed to do.

    • See Andrew Torba’s speech, which was exactly your proposition.

      Lapsed / mushy Catholics and agnostics tend to reject a muscular Christianity. However, the electric guitar evangelical Christians and traditional Papists/ Orthodox (despite what their fake and gay bishops / Pope attempt to impose) provide bulwarks against Globocorp.

      We all want to live next to Ned Flanders.

      • “However, the electric guitar evangelical Christians” live and die for u-no-hoo.

        If they are a bulwark against something, I can’t see what it is or how it helps–or even concerns–us.

      • I was reading a book on war by a long-forgotten military genius, Fuller (forgotten b/c he thought Marxism was more dangerous than Nazism). He recognized Marx and Lenin as masters of revolution. And said that Marxists adopt a war mindset similar to that of tribals; hierachy and loyalty for the in-group (other Marxists), unceasing hostility and immorality towards non-Marxists.

        We will need the same to have a chance. And to get that we need a ‘holy faith’ that we would do anything to protect and defend. We still don’t have that holy faith. Which means that we are effectively disarmed in the spiritual contest. And when we are defenseless there, no amount of bullets and guns in meat space will help us.

        • When I refer to these things, either orally or on some comment thread, I am careful to use the term “Christian civilization” rather than “Western civilization.” It helps clarify things, I hope.

  25. Incidentally, the Taki piece was excellent. Bet it was hard not drop an even elliptical reference to the JQ.

  26. I was struck reading this and the subscribestar piece with how similar the description was of Jordan Peterson’s first couple of years. Untold thousands of young white men searching for structure and a meaningful role.
    Ir seems like a force that, if properly channeled, guided, directed, chose your word, could build something worthwhile out of the debris of America.

    • That is the question I was left with after the event. How bets to channel this into something positive. I think with Peterson the celebrity got the better of him. Fuentes (so far) seems to be fully aware of that danger. Still, that leaves the challenge of forming up a new ideology, which is no small thing.

      • Peterson got involved with drugs—mood altering, but legal drugs. He touted such in some of his earlier writings which I picked up on immediately. At that point in his career, he seemed to be keeping up with the demands of his notoriety. Still, I was suspicious.

        This crutch (drugs) was used to (it seems) expand even more his public appearance—until he broke. He’s lucky to be alive and his physicians should lose their license to practice if they were enablers of his addition. Hell, we did more for that child molester, Micheal Jackson.

        The “new” Jordan Peterson seems to be a more settled man and is still interesting to listen to. He’d have been more effective if he had paced himself (IMO) however. I’m glad he’s alive and still available for comment. His view on the Trucker Crisis in Canada and Trudeau was spot on.

  27. Yes, the spring has been winding tighter for quite a while now (at least since Obama) and the pressure is building, especially among the sane and the productive. And there needs to be venting or the contained anger becomes corrosive and leads to all manner of extreme behaviors and actions. The latter is why you will see stories of old women being pushed onto the track of oncoming subway train or hit in the head with a ball-peen hammer and shoved down a stairway.

    Just as Comic-Cons are essentially a means of releasing pent-up sexual energy, political conferences are mostly about releasing pent-up societal anger; hence the red meat speeches that draw raucous applause and shouted affirmations. It all about breaking the tension via vigorous emotions that ultimately release endorphins into your system (much like orgasm). More significantly, anyone who takes the stage and emotes with an angry rant will rise to messiah status because that’s what people need in order to restore some hope for the future. Nothing new here. It’s been this way since Grog climbed up on a rock.

    Thought experiment. Let’s assume Fuentes starts a movement that ultimately ascends to some level of influence in DC. Then what? How far does the needle move? Trump was a Unicorn Mule that got elected president and that got us Biden, who could well stumble us into WW3.

    I don’t think we can solve our core problems with election “success” of the next messiah. The body politic is serious sick and the disease cells must go. If you’re not working that problem, it’s just mental masturbation masquerading as a “plan”.

    • Like I said before, I think the Ralph Reed and evangelical movement is probably what AF should aspire to. It seems to have similar elements to it, a similar ceiling too in its reach, but obviously being heavily Catholic, which I wonder how that is going to play with Protestants. But there is obviously enough time to hone the message and find something that grabs a good chunk of the millions of disaffected whites while not becoming perhaps too narrowly Catholic in its approach and appeal.

      • Hmmmm. It has to be Christian-friendly. As a demographic that will be a good fit for your cause. Those guys, by and large, are stable, family oriented, smart and capable. Andrew Torba comes to mind.

        • Torba runs the risk, as it were, of becoming merely a Buchanan 2.0 in the eyes of the mainstream, and my hunch is that the attack dogs will be framing him as a disgruntled yesterday man a la Buchanan if not Father Coughlin. But does anyone under 40 remember them or has head of them ?

          But Torba is doing enough materially with his parallel economy and media to separate himself from who was otherwise just a talker and pundit in Buchanan.

          Interesting times

      • If the Catholicism is robust instead of mewling, that might go a ways to eliminating that problem. Elements of The Knights Templar, or something similar in terms a bit of formal, or somewhat military structure couldn’t hurt.

        • Imagine what could be if the Trad Catholics and the AF join forces? You get the weight and heft of Catholic teaching and tradition merged with modern politics. Then bring in cultural and artistic people with a shared vision and all told would truly become a force to be reckoned with. I may even go back to being a catholic if they end up doing something useful for me and mine.

          • Isn’t it strange how artists have a well-deserved reputation for being shitlibs, yet they’re intensely traditional? Theatre, visual arts, music all go back farther than anybody knows. People still act on stage, paint with oil, play Bach.

            One suspects there’s much pandering going on.

      • To be fair, the current Catholic Church seems to be a microcosm of Protestantism – from ultra conservative to ultra-progressive. So depeding on which “Catholic” values are emphasized, it will attract/repel the corresponding Protestant sects.

    • “Let’s assume Fuentes starts a movement that ultimately ascends to some level of influence in DC.”

      Perhaps. But I’d be more attuned to forgetting about DC and focusing on individuals–wherever they may be–to prepare them (ourselves) for the day when DC is off our backs. And if they aren’t careful–VERY careful–that day could come very soon.

      The “prepared” individuals could come together in meat space–a pre-selected space?–at some pre-determined time or signal.

      Just thinking out loud, I suppose, but I’m not convinced that we should be paying any attention DC. As things now stand, I can’t see the point, just as I can’t see the point in thinking about Trump. We need to determine a *pathway* somehow, along with the “Creed” already mentioned in this thread.

  28. That kind of read like a panegyric but it’s actually good to see. I get so tired of seeing Nick Fuentes bashed on gab that seems like envy that it’s good to see one of the “old timers” is in his corner.

    So what was the diversity like?

    • The diversity was a amazing. There were older people, teenage people and all ages in between. People from all over the country were there. It was close to ideal, in terms of diversity.

      • I’m glad there were older people there. I hate the generational politics prevalent in our circles. Besides, the old guys have something the youth desperately need, money.

        • “Besides, the old guys have something the youth desperately need, money.”

          And experience.

        • I’ve never been to a political event that was not a sausage fest, other than fund raisers for mainstream pols where it is all older couples donation money to be there. Otherwise, these things are all dudes.

          • I believe that for this thing to take root, it has to be a sausage fest (Or bratwurst bonanza, take your pick) at least for now.
            To use the military as an example, a coworker friend of mine did one tour in Afghanistan on a forward operating base that was nothing but type-a personality, hardcore shooters. He went on to describe the esprit de corps as top notch, everyone squared away and very professional………..until a medical team was choppered in one day to give everybody a once over and this medical team had two nurses with them. And that is when everything went sideways. He told me that discipline went right out the window and the unit went from squared away shooters, to out of control frat boys in a matter of minutes. At one point the nurses begged their team leader to get them out of there and my coworker told me that yes, they had to leave, as it got that bad. I learned that when I was in 30 years ago, once you introduce females into an all male environment, the mission is no longer the primary objective, vying for their affection is and that will destroy the unit cohesion that was very difficult to build in the first place.
            Once we get a firm foundation and this thing – God willing – takes off, then we can consider allowing the girls in, after very careful vetting of course.

    • The hatred and anger directed at AF and Nick on Gab is what pushed me to his side. I get what Nick is doing, taking a page out of the Trump playbook by being “bold” and saying over the top things that in turn offend people who otherwise might be sympathetic. But that is the game he feels he needs to play and needs to break out of the noise and get himself heard. Even his speech style you can see where he borrows from Trump, certain stylistic mannerisms, much like Obama borrowed from Bill Clinton. Whatever works. And like I said, for every crazy zoomer out there who doesn’t know his or her gender, there is a passionate groyper out there who gets it. The battle is going to be fought among that generation, obviously with help and assists from older guys like Z and yet older guys like Jared Taylor. With some discipline and focus and dedication, this could become a great thing. Onward march !

      • The Groypers started the tiff by attacking a lot of the hardened Gabbers, and more or less got their teeth knocked in for the trouble. There was even a case of a DLiver losing his channel, probably due to mass reporting by Groypers. Then they retreated to their block lists. Lousy behavior.

        The original gabbers have a right to be angry, and it can be understood why they felt betrayed by Torba. That being said, they need to get over it now.

        • I get all that, but the animus toward NF is coming from adults who should know better. He is a young man, and they never gave him a break. Being an adult means being aware of the fact that young people do stupid things. Their refusal to cut him any slack makes them look like spoiled overgrown children, i.e. reinforcing the meme that boomers are just overgrown spoiled children who never acted like adults and who never took responsibility. Maybe that is an unfair characterization, but it’s the way it is right now. These feelings are hardened. These kids were abandoned by their own families and moms and dads and society at large and left to the wolves of globalism. They have every right to be angry.

          Just let him be and wish him the best. It’s not like he is doing anything that will make their lives worse. In fact, he is aiming to do things to make their lives better, and they are still bitching at him. But regardless, the OG folks on Gab, their time has come and gone — painful as it is to grapple with. It’s now on the young guys to right the ship, despite the feelings of inadequacy and failure that might engender within the older crowd. I am not young myself but I realize my generation didn’t do jack squat when it comes to saving this country. So by all means, let these young guys give it a shot. I am behind them all the way. Onward march !!

          • Conservatism “light” does nothing for me. However, being blamed for the present situation is a big turn off. What’s done is done. Deal with it—and that’s exactly what blaming the Boomer generation does not do.

          • At Compsci:

            Yes, but guilt is a powerful motivator

            If the older gen, even if they just entertain the idea that yeah, maybe we did make mistakes and we are here to make amends, and we are here to help, it would be a force multiplier

            But with everyone fighting each other, maybe the role of a Gen X would be to bridge the two sides. Gen X can relate to both sides, the perfect mediators and managers for this current time.

          • Falcone, your point taken. However, when someone blames me for the problem (which I don’t agree) while I am standing next to them searching for a solution, I am inclined to “turn off and drop out”.

            I’m “the problem”, two really don’t want or need me around. Simple as that. I don’t think I’m the minority in that emotion.

          • “Their refusal to cut him any slack makes them look like spoiled overgrown children, … .”

            Comment would be superfluous.

          • This ought to have a unifying effect, even for normie.

            Can we devise a way to capitalize on this?

            I read last night (can’t recall where) that the House intends to vote *soon* under the cover of “Russia Russia Russia” and that there is some kind of plan they will fall back on if the Senate doesn’t approve.

            It has 196 co-sponsors. Anyway, this ought to bring a lot of people around in short order:


  29. Here’s a glimpse of CPAC and the people who attend it.

    The Amazing Black History I Learned at CPAC

    “But what I loved and appreciated more than anything else was the items they brought to CPAC to coincide with Black History Month.

    A couple of items dedicated to decorated Olympian Jesse Owens — who was a Republican, by the way — were fun to see, but I was drawn to the artifacts related to black patriots who fought in the American Revolution.

    One of those items was a promissory note issued to a freed slave named Peter Salem. Salem shot British Major John Pitcairn in the Battle of Bunker Hill. The note details a transaction between Salem and another freed slave who fought for the patriot cause.”

    • “A couple of items dedicated to decorated Olympian Jesse Owens — who was a Republican, by the way … .”

      Dear God.

  30. I am sure you are correct about the need for a positive message – if NF is a real Christian upfront and explicitly (as I have read), then That is the positive message – No?

    • “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

      Politics is surely the former.

      • @Z That Bible verse has been weaponised against Christians – best ignored.

        My solid prediction is that if the movement becomes nationalist Christian – rooted in religion – its prospects are good because motivations will be deep and strong.

        If it becomes just another Christianised nationalist ideology, then it will be shallow, fickle, and easy to corrupt or buy out – and will either dwindle or be assimilated to leftism like every other secular anti-left grouping ever.

        Ideology is always leftist at root and in tendency; what is needed to tranform lives first then society must be based on religion – for us, that means Christian.

        • To be perfectly frank, these are guys just experiencing Christianity for the first time. I probably talked with a half dozen guys who got baptized within the last year. It was this movement that brought them to that point. I spent my life in Catholic schools and I can still find new things in Scripture. Imagine just starting out.

          What that means is there is an opportunity to intertwine faith with a positive political agenda. There is a lot of work to be done on that front.

    • Yes. It will be posted. The speech itself was hit and miss, but the Tylor potion was quite moving.

  31. I’m an infrequent commenter and a boomer (’46) who “went away” (as in emigrated) 24 years ago. This comment is somewhat OT, but…

    I just finshed reading a novel (“Twilight’s Las Gleaming”) written in 2014 but now in a new edition copyrighted 2019, so I assume revisions have been made by author John Michael Greer. This novel should be required reading for al AFPAC members, attendees and everyone here who’s not read it. It seems prescient in a somewhat eerie way, but nonetheless quite plausible, particularly given the present international situation. Yes, it pays some lip service to wymmen, multi-culti, doesn’t address “the Question”, but that notwthstanding, it merits a read!

  32. Great report, Z. As for this:

    “Therein the lies the second observation about AFPAC that is important. There is something happening here. CPAC gets all the beautiful people in their finest to tell one another everything if going to be okay. AFPAC draws the Dirt People in their finest, who know everything is not going to be okay. CPAC only lacks the smell of fresh cut flowers to feel like a well attended funeral for a rich man. AFPAC has the smell of revolution in the air and the energy that comes with it..”

    pure poetry, man, stellar writing.

    I recently watched a video of Fuentes for the first time and he is indeed impressive. While I’m post-politics and looking toward substantive, positive change, AFPAC seems like a trip I may schedule next year.

  33. Size really matters until something does become a relic as the Republican Party has. Harassment and worse becomes more difficult as the targets become too numerous and diffuse. In the case of Fuentes, the totalitarian seizure of his money seems to have accrued to his benefit precisely because he had a large, loyal following.

    I’ll go out on a limb here, too. The GOP never again will be able to slide a Jeb-type in as a presidential nominee and soon enough will be unable to do so as a candidate for any other offices. As someone who believes elections are meaningless at this point, that’s a good thing as it will force people to focus on actual change rather than cheering for the person selected to knife them in the back.

    • Jeb style politicians are for when the society is generally stable and cohesive

      There are to many warring factions today, and our politics is going to reflect that and the tribalism that goes with it

      I imagine there will be a sorting out as people come to this realization and pick a team and stick with it. If my team has to be guys for whom a 60% white America is the best we can hope for and accomplish, then so be it. Or if they get behind some kind of regional separation, that works for me too. Yeah, but the country club Jeb style stuff is not coming back any time soon, probably not in my lifetime.

    • I kow elections don’t really matter, but I am curious to see the outcome of tomorrow’s GOP primary in Texas. If Huffines forces Jeb -er, I mean Abbott- into a runoff, then the signal to the GOP will be quite clear. Whether the GOP listens is a different issue.

      Perhaps the little remaining value in voting is to regsiter one’s displeasure. It may not change things, but the dissent is duly noted.

  34. I’ve watched more than a few of Nick’s shows, and he definitely has the brains and instinct for this. The biggest problem I see is that the internet exists. In the before times, a young man would have time to hone his edge and any mistakes or statements that would make normie blush would be lost in time to rumor. And that Catboi stuff….oof.
    The groypers’ behavior on Gab, and worse, their response to the OG’s there, was not promising. Typical undirected energy of youth. They need to eject the nuts, make the right allies and learn the right lessons or they will be quickly subverted and coopted.

    • As a Gab user I had to unfollow a whole bunch of “OG” Gabbers in order to clear my timeline of their endless internecine drama regarding fuentes and his groypers. If I were fuentes I would ignore these types of people because they became too much even for me a casual observer.

      • I did the same. Internet back and forth is fine if it is on good fun. The terminally negative, however, are tiresome.

      • David: Would appreciate a precis, if you will, from someone who considers himself a ‘casual observer.’ I don’t do any social media, including Gab. I’ve heard a great deal of sound and fury about the drama on Gab between the groypers and others but really have no idea what it was about.

        • The main issue, I think, was that OG’s have spent years seeing Torba complain about living hand-to-mouth but then suddenly found $20,000 laying around to give to Fuentes to get his crew to promote and use Gab. In return a bunch of Groypers sporting one of the many free blue check-mark accounts that Torba gave them started trashing the OGs (with ‘rape jokes’ being one of their favorite to propagate).

          [There was also an issue with Fuentes where he supposedly called everyone on Gab retarded before he had even engaged with anyone. #1, whatever, it’s the Internet, but #2 it turned out that he was leveling the charge at a post that OGs would have hated too; but OGs are still bent out of shape about it].

          Anyway, I’m on there a lot and although I got a bad first impression of them I never saw anything posted by even the handful of troublesome Groypers that was worth engaging them over so I kinda forgot about it.

      • Same. I don’t do Fuentes; I find his hyper verbal style incredibly annoying, but what a shit-show that was, a bunch of drama queens throwing hissy fits, yelling at each other, knowing they are safely out of fist range.

        And they call people faggots…

        • Felix,

          Which is why, I think, we need to be engaged more IRL because with a few mature men around, the groypers will learn their place in the pecking order scheme of things and the older guys could be of great use and a sobering and moderating influence. They’re basically kids with the run of the house when parents are away on vacation.

          • Well, the mature influence was sorely lacking in that fagfest: usually with internet drama, you get a sense of what the fuss is about, but here it was nothing but “you’re an incel/wignat.”

            So I was left none the wiser: all I know about NF is that his voice makes my teeth hurt, but that him and his troops made sterling execution at the TPUSA a couple of years back.

    • > The groypers’ behavior on Gab, and worse, their response to the OG’s there, was not promising. Typical undirected energy of youth. They need to eject the nuts, make the right allies and learn the right lessons or they will be quickly subverted and coopted.

      They also need to do a better job researching and articulating an argument. Their only responses to the points brought up by the identitarians/ethno-nationalists/Christians on Gab was to call them “wignats” and then declare victory.

      Without a coherent argument and a political philosophy that actually comports to observed reality, they strike me as little more than naive boomer cons — but with frog memes.

      • “They also need to do a better job researching and articulating an argument. Their only responses to the points brought up by the identitarians/ethno-nationalists/Christians on Gab was to call them “wignats” and then declare victory.”

        I don’t follow all that stuff, but I do know this: If “Christians” oppose us for reasons that they consider “Christian,” then our people can reply with answers powerful and accurate enough to stop them and even to bring them around (*assuming* that they are serious Christians).

        It is all spelled out in this readable book, which I continue to recommend to any DR who engages with “Christians”:

  35. Pat Buchanan should have tried to organize like Nick, I remember the energy around early Buchanan, he played the GOP game and lost. Ross Perot, the Tea Party…there have been opportunities in the past but all came with different degrees of a lack of knowledge of just how the uniparty eliminates its opposition, and they all fell to the uniparty.
    Even when we succeed to a degree with Trump the uniparty goes into action in order to undermine and defeat.
    Nick and the people behind AFPAC has that knowledge now to look back upon and hopefully they can navigate the old and the new weapons that will be used against them.
    They have my support.

    • ” … he played the GOP game and lost.”

      The reason the GOP can play that game is our winner-take-all electoral system. It leaves no room for anything but a duopoly. If we had proportional representation …

      But we don’t.

        • “Yup, a multi-party system really works well for the Canucks.”

          Okay, okay. I laughed. I did. But that is beside the point.

          If the voters are dopes, then no political system is functional. The problem is universal suffrage, not proportional representation.

    • The GOP has been very effective at absorbing rightward movements, but it’s different now. In the past we just wanted to defeat the Democrats, and weren’t fully aware of how the GOP was selling us out. At this point, I could see the new movement becoming the dog, and the current GOP the tail. Part of the past dynamic was the argument that the Buchanan types couldn’t actually win a national majority, so let’s go with a bunch of Jebs and Mitts so we can squeak out wins. But now we realize that does more harm than good. We may still be quite aways from winning, but I’ll take a principled loss over a loss I held my nose and voted for.

  36. I am a little shocked but very encouraged that American Greatness hosted your piece. I enjoy reading over there but most of it is NormieCon stuff and the comments are a dumspter fire.

    • God, the comments. And American Greatness isn’t some kind of supermarket rag, it’s for people who ostensibly read and think, right? Like NR? I guess there’s not much “conservative” daylight between Hannity and American Greatness et. al.

      • American Greatness was created by people who expected more from The Donald than he was ever going to deliver. Yes, yes, there are reasons, but there are always reasons.

        At least Michael Anton was perceptive enough to realize the plane might crash, and he deserves props for going to work for the guy anyway.

        Anyway, AG has lost its way since the Steal or the Fall, depending on how you look at it, and if DR3 shows up more than once in the comments section, it’s a fair bet that the site is no longer serious.

  37. I may go next year, especially if it’s in Florida again.

    I watched it on cozy and thought it was pretty good. I get a kick out of those promotional videos between speakers. I don’t know why but they fascinate me.

    Glad it was a success. These younger guys are definitely doing something other than talk. For comparative purposes, the template may be Ralph Reed and what he was able to do for the evangelicals. They had a lot of sway for a time. If America First can get that big and influential then I would say it won what it set out to accomplish.

    • I think next year I will organize a group of readers and listeners. Nook some tables so we can have a meetup.

      • That sounds like a plan, and if it is in Orlando again I could always put some people up at my house in Ocala area or our place on the beach in Tampa Bay Area, but the drive would be 2 hours or so from either location. I saw this year you could get a table I think for 8? for like $2000 and up. I’d be glad to pitch in. My eyes are not good so if a table means we get to sit closer to the stage then that would be where I’d want to be.

      • Wow, this is ringing endorsement of Nick Fuentes. I have a hard time getting over the fact that he has never had a girl friend (according to him). But, I wish him well. Let a thousand flowers bloom. I’m hoping the young Catholics are rousing themselves. I was impressed that BBC documentary didn’t lay a glove on him.

        • There’s rumors that he’s not into the ladies. (Not that I care…I’m a huge Morrissey fan.) But if you hobnob with Katboi then I’m going to raise an eyebrow.

          • Those rumors come from morons. I can tell you with 100% certainty that he is not a homosexual. The thing is, he and the people around him, not the gamers and streamers, but the serious people who do not show up on screen, think politics needs to go back to being a male business. Maybe the presentation has not been ideal, but that is the underlying idea. The local groups forming up should be fraternal orders. I agree 100%.

          • Whether to listen/follow someone just because he is gay is again, a subtracted process—not additive. Here where I live, the Rep Party some years ago was led by a gay man. He did so well, and never, ever to my recollection discussed his “gayness” or promoted such in his party duties.

            Having been at the university for most of my life and having worked closely with gays, it was certainly not the norm. As a matter of fact, it was sort of a given that the “gay guy” would introduce himself as such and promote “gayness” in most all settings and meeting agendas. It became a quiet joke among us.

          • It’s an interesting contrast.

            Morrissey has several decades of work and talk and self-aware image-making to balance against his (anti-)sexual weirdness, and he pretty successfully conceals that weirdness. People just think he’s an old-fashioned gay dude.

            Because of deplatforming, paywalls, etc., Fuentes has no truly public image except for his “viral” moments: Jan 6 and getting his money stolen (news on that, btw?), catboi and “incel” stuff. I’m one of us, approximately, except that I’m not in the business so I’ve never joined social media, and factional/reputational fights there mean nothing to me. In this one regard I’m roughly in the position of an interested normie—and the first thing I think of when I see Fuentes’s name is “sex creep.” It’s literally the only thing that distinguishes him from Generic Right Wing Guy #9803.

        • I am of two minds on this

          Maybe waiting til marriage to have sex isn’t such a bad thing, when compared against the mess of a society we have that has encouraged pre-marital sex.

          Add in all the porn and smut they are bombarded with, and it is perhaps commendable that a young man has been able to resist the temptation and live a life more in keeping with the Bible. I became a dad at the ripe old age of 19, and though I wouldn’t change it for the world I do however realize it was a different era with greater opportunity and that I had a lot of family support, things not very abundant with today’s young.

          At the same time, I don’t want any political movement to become one where celibacy becomes dominant as with a sort of priesthood. And I would hope that the movement puts family formation front and center.

          • Well, a girl friend doesn’t equal premarital sex. One has to start somewhere. He is a handsome and charismatic guy. It’s just surprising and a small red flag. Z-100% certainty? How could possibly know that, lolz.

          • There is a middle ground. Sex before marriage happened before you and I were born. Nothing new here, but with the dawn of Feminism, the pill, and the Sexual Revolution, it has replaced the “goodnight kiss”. Therein lies the problem.

            I remember such as a young university student bringing a girl home on a first date. At the front door, she reached into her purse (I assumed for the house key), but rather brought out in her hand a condom and a joint. She held these up to me and asked if I’d like to come in. 😉

            Not real subtle, huh? I was so taken back, I was stuttering and backing off, making some feeble excuse to get the hell out of there. I’m as horny as the next guy, but sex has to be more than mutual masturbation.

          • I got a trad-wife. She wouldn’t put out before marriage. Probably, why we got married in a fever. I will note that those TRS guys that z despises all got cleaned up, married, and are popping out babies like crazy.

        • Morrissey was publicly asexual and I think it was a reaction to his stardom or sensitivity or something. (Turns out he was gay, but whatever.) But many an incel, before they were called incels, were Smiths/Morrissey fans. Morrissey spoke to disgruntled young men much as Fuentes speaks to disgruntled young men. And Morrisey saw the sexualization of society before most, while working in an industry full of degenerates. In one of the documentaries about him, he for some reason is at a club, and looking bored and cringing at the pole dancers in front of him.

          • If you think riding around with flowers stuffed in your trousers is asexual I am not sure what to think.

            The man was camp.

            Some of the music was OK, but lets not pretend about the other stuff.

          • “But many an incel, before they were called incels, were Smiths/Morrissey fans. Morrissey spoke to disgruntled young men much as Fuentes speaks to disgruntled young men. And Morrisey saw the sexualization of society before most, while working in an industry full of degenerates. In one of the documentaries about him, he for some reason is at a club, and looking bored and cringing at the pole dancers in front of him.”

            Great observations !!

  38. I’m not an old fart, but I’m not a Zoomer, either, and I’ve spent most of my time listening to men three, four or even five decades older than me (Taylor, MacDonald, Buchanan). The first time I became aware of Fuentes as something besides the subject of intra-right scuttlebutt (arguments with other people I didn’t really know) was seeing his Groypers show up and derail mainstream functions. It wasn’t disruption, so much as disinfectant sprayed on fatted vermin used to being able to feast with impunity. Like with Trump, I got a rare opportunity to see reality intruding onto the lie that is modern conservatism. The next clue that this kid had pissed someone off was that all of the search results were wildly skewed against him. Typically, if a Wikipedia entry features three or four modifiers before the person’s name, you know they’ve pissed in the Wheaties of someone with power, i.e. “Nick Fuentes, a far-right, white-supremacist, conspiracy theorist…” You almost expect them to add “poopy head,” before his name just to make sure you get the message. I’m told than untranslated Russian can endure a string of such unrelieved modifiers before a noun without looking ridiculous. Someone should tell whoever writes Wikipedia entries that English doesn’t work that way.

    • “I’m told than untranslated Russian can endure a string of such unrelieved modifiers … ”

      German, too.

      ” … English doesn’t work that way.”

      Thank you for that! Can you point it out to Madison Avenue and put a stop to this kind of thing:

      ” … coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine.

    • I don’t know anything about Nick Fuentes personally, but after seeing his groypers poop all over Gab, I’d be more willing to attend a 4chan convention.

  39. A lot of commentators had concerns about doxxing in these events, and the reality that attending these events could put a mark on your back and make you unable to ascend in elite society. It looks like in a few years they may become mainstream enough to rival CPAC, or at least give the impression that CPAC is for boring, old insiders and AFPAC is where he action is.

    That being said. it’s very hard for a movement to survive the founder getting exiled, and Fuentes will get taken out in some way or another within ten years. Hoping these groups are organizing outside of fickle streamers who are usually not good long-term leaders.

    • Scale makes a big difference. The facility is massive and comes with the professional security you expect at a resort. If Antifa, or any other troublemakers, showed up they would have been picked up and taken to the county prison for the weekend. Florida has zero tolerance for disrupting the convention business. There was one guy who tried to talk his way in and he was escorted off the grounds with the warning to never return for any reason. They even charged him for parking.

      • Florida has zero tolerance . . . .

        And that is the key. These conferences should be held outside enemy territory.

  40. GOP poltroons are already attacking MTG et als for attending a “white supremacist” meeting.

    Was there much sentiment there for getting rid of the GOP? Any talk on the “normie question”?

    • They did the same to Gosar last year. He had to back off a little when it got too hot, but he never denounced them. There will be a lot of testing the waters with politicos who want in with the young crowd but don’t want to commit too deep.

      What’s going to work less and less is GOP operatives actively gatekeeping. They’re completely powerless and a relic now. A new problem is powerful people associating getting debanked or even prosecuted in the near future.

      • There comes a tipping point, which generally means an increase in size, where targeted harassment becomes ineffective. I don’t know whether the 1/6 protest was spontaneous or an op, but if the plan was to frighten and stop organized activity not approved by the regime, it has failed miserably.

        We already see the limits of propaganda. The inability to draw anyone other than the usual buffoons to cheer on ‘Murica! over a horrible European war it caused, for example, has blown up in its face.

        • I’m liking how Putin is showing the world how to do an invasion and not wreck cities and destroy infrastructure — at least so far.

          It has to be infuriating to the DC crowd that he is simultaneously holding up a contrasting mirror to all of their atrocities and ruination of places like Iraq. Do they realize the whole world also sees how they treated the J6 guys? And yet they still are trying to sell themselves as the good guys upholding human rights and liberties?

          Putin may come out of this looking like a model ruler for others to emulate rather than demonize.

          • If he continues to avoid civilian casualties and destruction, Putin certainly will come out of this looking better than so-called liberal democrat Justin Trudeau came off after his police state tactics. D.C. and Ottawa more or less have forfeited any residual moral and ethical authority they had when they showed their real faces to the world.

          • I think they just find it confusing to be honest.

            For them war is massive air and artillery shelling, then screaming in wit the armored vehicles.

            Tax payer funds pay of the little rebuilding, and who cares they are not going to live in the ruins of the rest.

            I think the human causality/dead children propaganda was all ready to go, but anyone can just look at the livestream cctv to see nothing is happening in the cities at all.

            So I just think they don’t know what to do. Hence scrubbing around in the internet for old video game footage to fill up the time.

            Now people are posting mocking videos of old 80s games and they have just resorted to headlines like “troubling traffic jams leaving the city”.

            I wonder where they go next?

    • Have to admit MTG is intriguing. She has done good things wrt j6, but being a pol, can never be sure about her. Is it live, or is it Memorex?

  41. “” One day soon, senior Republicans will be told by their handlers to denounce this movement and its leaders. It has to have the strength to withstand that sort of assault and answer back. ””

    Perhaps a greater danger for them is getting co-opted by the big money donors. If they get big enough and denunciations won’t work, the donors will come in and try to neutralize the movement by buying off a few of the bigger leaders.

    • That is something they are keenly aware of, which is refreshing. For such a young crowd, they have no illusions about what they are facing.

    • Things are going to change big time when the country suddenly becomes much younger (I.e. the boomers at the top start to go away).

      What we are going to find is we have an energetic youth / younger group on the right and a perhaps less effective and fading hard left contingent on the left. That will be where the battles take place, and my guess is that the AF and people on the right by then will be far more disciplined and sophisticated and how they will keep deep inroads into the system. I personally don’t think the likes of Antifa etc are going to be any match for them once they get all organized and have a solid philosophical framework backing them, a mission as it were.

      • We will always be at a disadvantage, regardless of generational cohort. The Left lives for the struggle, the Right (my Right anyway) struggles to live. In short, politics is not the be all and end all of the Right’s existence. Whereas it gives existential meaning to the Leftist. Yes, there are extreme along both divisions—but in general….

    • They have received some large crypto donations and Gab sponsored the event, I think. I’m starting to really like the GAB guy.

  42. I noticed that the feckless dolt Rep. Kinzinger already was screetching about the racisms at AFPAC. When the time comes, we’ll be categorizing those well-dressed Quislings just as we will the face-tatted Antifa types. At some point if you accept and play by the rules of the Left, you have to be considered a Leftist.

    • Alex: Was that before or after Kinzinger was screeching “We own the skies” and demanding nuclear war with evil Russia? I don’t give a damn what side he claims, he’s a dangerous lunatic and further evidence (if any is still needed) that democracy selects for bloviating cretins.

      • Kinzinger is likely mentally ill and considerably more people probably realize it now. Fortunately, he is not near the nuclear button and never will be. Unfortunately, there are many like him who are. As I’ve written a lot over the last year or so, the one thing that really does frighten me is that these lunatics who believe men can have babies also control nuclear weapons. In fairness to Putin, who would want such people on their immediate border? When all is said and done, Woke madness caused the Islamic mainstream in Afghanistan to side with the Taliban, too.

        We learned many years after the Soviet Union fell that Andropov has flirted with the idea of a first strike, and allegedly fell ill and died. Those who would do such a thing here should remember someone in their inner circle might follow that example. There has to be at least some sane beings among the madmen.

    • Kinzinger also fell for the meme making Sam Hyde the “ghost of Kyiv.” He has been retweeting propaganda all weekend no matter how impossible or ridiculous it sounds. For Congress, he is not even exceptionally stupid. The average member is a total moron.

      • Kinzinger is presently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard and flew a variety of aircraft in the Air Force.

        No, he wasn’t a fighter pilot, but he should have enough exposure to those ideas at the LTC level to understand how nearly impossible, “The Ghost of Kyiv,” story is.

        The fact he swallowed the agitprop hook, line, and sinker speaks to the epidemic of unintelligent and unprofessional people infesting our military and Congress.

  43. Thank you for the write up. I’ve been curious as to how things went from an attendees perspective, and so far I’ve been unable to get a description like this one, or any description really. It is is heartening to hear how well it went.


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