Russia – Ukraine

One of the interesting sidelights to the crisis in Ukraine is the hyper-reaction of the American media. It has been a blend of foaming at the mouth jingoism, unhinged hysteria and absolute nonsense. Since the rest of the English-speaking world follows the lead of the American media, the world has been flooded with what probably sounds like a tidal wave of craziness. The start of actual fighting in Ukraine has made the situation worse in the information space.

As is so often the case, the one place you must avoid if you want to know what is happening in Europe right now is the American media. They have fallen for at least one Sam Hyde gag. They have been caught using old pictures from different events and screenshots from movies. They seem to be willing to believe the most outlandish nonsense about both sides. Of course, the Ukrainians are the Spartans at Thermopylae and the Russians are bloodthirsty Nazis.

What we know so far is that there has been some contact between Ukrainian forces and Russian forces. We also know the Russians are now staged in-country, outside various cities and strategically important spots. We also know that the Ukrainians have been willing to talk, after initially refusing peace talks. The first round happened a couple of days ago and another round is scheduled this week. We also have not seen much in the way of reliable footage indicating heavy combat.

Taken as a whole, with the understanding that lots of pieces of the puzzle are missing, the most likely situation right now is not much is happening. The Russians swept in but stopped short of going into major cites. They have most certainly occupied the disputed provinces in the east and have liquidated the Ukrainian irregulars. Otherwise, the lack of images is the result of two armies in a stand-off as the political and psychological war rages around them.

For their part, the Ukrainians have no reason to engage the Russian army directly, as they would eventually lose. It may take a few weeks, but the outcome is certain and the price to the civilian population would be high. They have the backing of the West to a point and the longer their army is in the field and functioning, they have a chance to cut a deal with the Russians. For Zelensky, his army and his cities are chips he will play over the next weeks to make a deal for himself.

Interestingly, the Russians may have a similar calculus. As long as their army is camped outside Kiev, they have options they did not have last week. For example, they can settle the question of the eastern provinces now. The facts on the ground matter and those two provinces no longer belong to Ukraine. They can also force NATO to discuss their security concerns in a serious way. The longer their army is in the field the more willing the West is to cut a deal with them.

That is where the Ukrainian and Russian similarities end. Zelensky agreed to talks because he knows the other option is he becomes a CNN anchor. If the press reports were true and the heroic Ukrainian army was fighting the Reds to a standstill, his position would be simple. Russia leaves or else. He is at the table to buy time and avoid being run out of his own country. He is looking for a face-saving deal that leaves him in power and in good standing with the West.

The Russians want what they have plus two more things. They have the provinces and they are not going back to Ukrainians control. What they want from the peace talks is agreement from Zelensky on this fact. That becomes an endorsement of the deal and thus strips the West of claims to the contrary. They also want an end to discussions about Ukraine joining NATO or the EU. If this comes from the Western puppet government, it basically comes from Washington.

A wildcard in all of this is time. It is assumed the Russians wanted to quickly knock out the Ukrainians, but that appears to be false. They want a deal with this Ukrainian government, not one they install. That means they came into this with a much longer timeline than has been suggested. How long they are willing or able to keep their army in the field is unknown, but it is probably months, maybe longer. All we know is we do not know their timeline for ending this.

For now, the Ukrainians have all the time in the world. The West is waving around their flag on social media and promising support. They know this is mostly public relations and that eventually, the West will move into other issues. For now, they have no reason to cut a deal with the Russians. They have every reason to stall for time and hope some miracle happens that causes the Russians to change their position. Like the Russians, they have months, maybe longer to wait.

Another wildcard in all of this is economics. Ukraine and Russia ship a lot of food and energy to the MENA countries. The reason that region was convulsed by revolts ten years ago was food and fuel prices spiked. In a world already suffering double-digit retail inflation and supply chain problems, another factor driving up prices for essentials could create massive headaches for everyone. It is not as if the Western countries are in peace and harmony right now either.

That brings in the other wildcard. Another wave of migrants from the south could easily swamp Europe this spring. What keeps the waves of migrants from flooding Europe are countries like Syria and Turkey. The former is a Russian client state and the later has a lot of axes to grind with the Europeans. Turkey has been in economic crisis for months, so opening up the migrant valve could be a useful way to lower the temperature domestically, especially if there are food shortages.

What all of this means is this conflict could stagger on for a long time before the parties decided they have to settle things. It also means the geniuses in Washington who instigated this did not anticipate any of what is happening. That will surely cause problems in trying to reach a deal. They have backed themselves into a corner and cannot sign off on any deal right now. That will drag out whatever negotiations are happening between Ukraine and Russia.

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304 thoughts on “Russia – Ukraine

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  2. i have a question unrelated to the topic, but related to you personally: what prompted you to allow your articles to appear on a LIBERTARIAN site given your animus toward libertarians, amply exhibited at your site?

  3. Best analysis I’ve read anywhere so far, but I think I can improve it with a bit of psychology.

    Russia is clearly motivated by insecurity as much as by pride. How would England feel if Scotland declared independence and then joined a military alliance with Russia against England? That would be intolerable and England would certainly use force against Scotland if the sense of threat became strong enough.

    (Btw, it’s quite a paradox that the west, with their newfound adulation of “feelings”, has completely failed to understand how their ceaseless vilification campaign has made Russia feel insecure and done much to provoke this situation.)

    Ukraine has been aligning with the west because they also feel insecure. Russia’s attack will only compound that – you can’t beat people into being friendly – so Putin has absolutely no choice but to force a Ukrainian surrender and replace the regime. I don’t see how he will achieve anything otherwise.

    Killing two birds with one stone – liberating the eastern provinces, and installing a friendly government a la Belarus was surely always Putin’s plan. He needs to do that as quickly as possible rather than play for time, if only because it’s bad military strategy to tie up 75%(?) of your forces in one place too long when there are potentially other threats elsewhere.

    • Good addition.

      Good comment. Let me add something as well: Putin miscalculated how utterly unhinged the Ruling Class in the United States has become, and how easily social media can be used to manipulate and work into a moral panic Westerners. The very real possibility of a nuclear exchange is a reality subordinate to virtue signaling and having approved opinions.

      So add Western madness to Russian and Ukrainian insecurity and you have a very dangerous mix.

  4. As my comment awaits moderation hell, Putin is playing a long term siege game of manpower and resources.

    Ukraine is filled with people who wanted to leave but could not, the likely event of Kiev being leveled is most just leave. The fantasy of a repeat of Afghanistan with a bunch of city dwellers yelling “Wolverines” in Ukranian and unleashing hell from an assault rifle is just that, fantasy. It takes months of training and discipline to make young adult males into soldiers, and the terrain in Ukraine is dead flat and not suitable for ambush-hit-and-run tactics. Most Ukranians wanted to leave anyway and the result will be not resistance but mass exodus. Simply because Ukraine does not have enough military age men, much less motivated ones. And Russia for all its faults does have some. Western Europe? None at all — the few White men left there are all soy-boys and non Whites will not fight. Russia has also material resources: oil, steel, natural gas, grain, etc. and Western Europe has … Conchita Wurst.

    Cased closed.

    • The demographics of Ukraine are horrendous. Russia had a demographic crisis in the early 2000s but under Putin’s demographic program, the birth rate has increased significantly – and not just for Muslims and Gypsies, but also for Russians. Ukraine’s hasn’t. They’ve had mass emigration to the EU, and mass emigration of Russians back to Russia. It’s really a joke of a country demographically and will die out very quickly.

      If Ukraine joins the EU the number of fighting age males will collapse as the few remaining young people – those not bright or motivated enough to emigrate before – will leave instantly for any Schengen country that isn’t Ukraine. There’s a reason that they’ve conscripted all 18-60 year old males, armed civilians with rifles, and freed prisoners to fight. And it isn’t because they have a strong army, lol.

      Ukrainians have a strong inferiority complex, and love to prove how smart and liberal they are to Westerners. The result will be a completely depopulated Ukraine in about 20 years. Will make a great place to send African, Arab, and Indian refugees.

    • SOTU: “Putin may surround Kiev with tanks, but he’ll never get the hearts of the Iranian people” – Joe Biden WTF?

      • he mixed up Ukrainian & Iranian. I was trolling to check the news to see if they would have mentioned it, not a peep. Go figure.

  5. The Ukrainian Prosecutor uploaded a video of an hour and some minutes duration with tape-recordings of Joe Biden and Poroschennko and documents detailing the criminality of the Bidens. (But we also now know that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney were in on it–through their children, who were on the boards of directors of shell companies). Here’s a link to some of that:

    Nancy Pelosi left the country the day after the invasion began, made a beeline for Jerusalem, addressed the Knesset, and, as of yesterday, had not returned to the country. Nobody has an explanation. But we shall see tonight whether she is in Washington.

    The truth is out there in English and is easily and readily available.

    • Everyone who cares already knows that the GAE is (as Putin aptly called it) the Empire of Lies. Everyone who doesn’t care won’t know or won’t care

      • I’ve started calling it the Empire of 4Fs

        Fat, Fearful, Flaccid, Fairies.

  6. Twitter was the worst thing to happen to the Western World. Scholze wanted to beg off open confrontation with Russia but got rolled by emotional appeals on Twitter and Kim Kardashian putting a Ukranian flag on her Twitter account. Now he will pay the price along with Europe for open warfare with Russia. True Russia has stalled in Kiev but that’s a fault of manpower — not enough young Russian men to keep equipment running and supplies moving forward. Ukraine is even worse, decades of rotating oligarchs stealing everything have made patriotism dead there, the TFR is something like 1.1, and no, urban professionals are not going to become combat guerillas. Look at Ukraine, its totally flat with no defensible terrain. Most people who could did flee, and the rest will simply accept whoever wins because they are not going to become John Rambo.
    In the meantime, Russia is going to cut off the gas and fertilizer supply to Europe. Germany will lose “only” 40-60,000 pensioners to the cold when the heat goes off at the tail end of this winter, but all industry will halt: Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Bosch, etc. No jobs and unemployment for most of their workforce. Power brownouts and blackouts. Qatar can increase gas production maybe 10%, that is not enough to fill the gap and there are only a very few LNG terminals in Europe let along Germany. They take years to build. And require lots of gas and oil. Fertilizer bans will affect the current plantings somewhat as Europe is already short of it, but next year will be the hunger year as will massive loss of life due to no heating. Green stuff takes lots of energy to create and Europe is already short of that. Add in the Refugee flows from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia etc. and Russia likely moving Africans into Europe like Belarus recently and we can see the collapse of most of Western Europe one way or another.
    Its a manpower/resource SIEGE not blitzkrieg. Russia has much more marginal resources and manpower, and none of the dead weight cost of diversity, the EU can offer Ukraine membership but Turkey is so incensed that Erdogan is likely to re-open the straights to Russia, which has both grain and oil which he needs as his nation is under collapse. The EU cannot both re-arm and support with welfare its diverse population. There is not enough money. Putin is likely to stimulate the diverse with notions that perhaps they should be ruling Europe not the natives. You certainly won’t see droves of German, French, Dutch, and Danish men willing to fight and die for their women to get with vibrant diverse “migrants” which is what is on offer.

    • True Russia has stalled in Kiev but that’s a fault of manpower — not enough young Russian men to keep equipment running and supplies moving forward.

      There’s still lots of weirdness going on. Like reports of conscripts in and even abandoning top-tier tanks like the T-90.

      Russia’s Air Force and drones are still AWOL. Ukraine seems to have gotten of few of their Turkish units up.

      Putin still hasn’t committed everything he has in theater. The only frontline troops I’ve heard about are the VDV airborne.

      Qatar can increase gas production maybe 10%, that is not enough to fill the gap and there are only a very few LNG terminals in Europe let along Germany. They take years to build.

      Algeria was crowing about sending more gas through their Italy pipeline, but that will only fill in another 5-6% tops. They import something like 45% of their food, so they are very vulnerable to spiraling food and agricultural costs.

      • One wonders if Putin is intentionally losing, or allowing the economic sanctions to create a new iron curtain.

        A humiliation for the person many see as the last anti-globohomo standout is going to be disappointing.

        Getting financially ruined and still supplying energy to the people doing it seems a bizarre strategy.

        All seems very strange.

          • A truism if ever there was one.

            The military stuff I agree is a joke in its reporting so who knows what is going on there. The absence of any real footage is also odd.

            The financial ruination is not a fantasy.
            Central bank embargoes, all large russian companies sanctioned in the west for all counterparties and embargoing oil in the spot market is getting ugly.

            Keeping supplying the people doing it and grandstanding about supplying weapons to your enemy seems weirdly passive.

          • How much of it is real or just press releases is hard to know. The world cannot survive a Russian economic collapse, so I wonder how much real economic pressure is being applied. If Russia turns off the gas, you have a humanitarian crisis in Western Europe like we have not seen since the middle of the last century.

            As we saw with Covid, our rulers are not good at thinking about knock-on effects. This could easily spiral out of control and we have a global depression.

          • Do we know if Xi has staked Putin with all those agreements announced before the Olympics?

            If this attempt at a financial shock-and-awe fails to collapse the Russian government, the counter-measures are going to be interesting.

            How many days can Germany run without Russian energy?

            Such a move could split the Europeans further from their governments, and their governments from the US.

            First round of French elections are in six weeks.

          • I agree.

            Basically all the ADRs for pretty much every large Russian company on every market in Europe were halted today almost in tandem. The ruble is impossible for the central bank to affect in the FX market due to restrictions.

            The Treasury put out SDNs on lots of Russian companies, and Sberbank’s main subsidiaries in Europe were closed by the regulators as they failed their capital limits. VTB had all its assets frozen in the UK and lots of other stuff. Sure seems real.

            You would expect some response, even as a temporary measure. As I said strange.

            Also the repeated negotiation thing, where the Ukraine have been stiffing Russia for years in bad faith in the same process.

            Seems odd, but what do I know.

          • We are in the wilderness of mirrors phase. The US seemed to be playing its high cards early, while the Russians seem to be taking things slowly in Ukraine. They have not unleashed the air force, for example. This is a purely a ground campaign right now. Maybe they bring air power in over the next few days, but it seems like they are giving the Ukrainians every chance to cut a deal. Even with precision weapons, air power is messy.

            I’ve thought for a long time that there are elements in Washington that would be happy to rid of Ukraine. Let’s face it, if the Russians take control, they own it. The EU would probably like it if Russian owns Ukraine. After all, they can see a time in the future in which they have to manage this without Washington.

    • Your post would be a lot easier to read if you divided it up into smaller, spaced paragraphs. Some of us don’t have the best eyes for reading large blocks of text on a screen.

  7. One thing that concerns me in this is that if you read the financial press a lot of the talk is about the embargo of Russian oil and finances and how this is going to skyrocket oil prices.

    The second part of that, and this worries me, is that I have read multiple times that the solution to this is we “will need massive demand destruction” to prevent runaway Oil costs.

    They seem to have a position that they need to wreck the west in order to keep inflation down, and it appears a common enough thought in those areas as to be the obvious solution.

    I don’t remember getting asked about it.

    • Good summary indeed. And one of the few articles from the pro-Israel Tablet that doesn’t solely blame Russia.

      “[Israel acquired nuclear weapons, which is why] Israel is no longer a stomping ground for empires. Conversely, Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal in 1994 in exchange for U.S. security guarantees in the event its neighbors, Russia in particular, turned hostile.

      What kind of strategy dictates that a state hand over its security vis-a-vis local actors to a country half the world away? No strategy at all. Ukraine was not able to transcend its natural geography as a buffer state—and worse, a buffer state that failed to take its own existence seriously, which meant that it would continue to make disastrously bad bets.”

  8. Here’s how I figure: Our main enemy, Globohomo. Our second worst enemy, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Globohomo is selfexplanatory here. But the CCP are racist (which is a problem b/c we’re an outgroup to their Han obsessions, not because ‘racism is baaad’). And they want to be the all-dominating group in the world. There are others like Islam that are enemies. But they can only conquer weakness. Weakness that that Globohomo ensures we suffer from.

    Ukraine is allied with Globohomo. So I see no reason to root for the ‘right’ of Ukranian teens selling nudes on OnlyFans. But Putin is falling into the pocket of the CCP. Unlike some I don’t think he much likes that. But Globohomo’s DC HQs have been after his hide for a long time and he’s seen no choice but the Big Boss in Beijing.

    Bottom line looks like it’s good if Globohomo gets a bloody nose. But Putin is not a big player either. His sugar daddy is not our friend. So it’s complicated, as they say. But anything that gives Globohomo a bad day, is good.

    • I am not sure about the Chinese in that respect.

      They have never really been expansionist, or even that exploratory outside the main body of China.

      • You have a weakness there buddy. They are now, and they are your enemy. You’ll see it in time.

        • My enemy is my own govt genociding my own race and the millions of invaders.

          The Chinese are down on the list below the gas prices.

          When they show up to haul me off for speaking forbidden words, like my own police, then I’ll worry about it.

          • +100 I just said this to a normie friend yesterday. Know where the real threat is coming from.

          • Everytime I say the Chinese are an enemy, you go out of your way to say they are not. We’re losing because everyone thinks they’re ‘geniuses’ here. We need hierachy and until we have it, we’re nothing but fish bait.

          • @moran.
            Look, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the Chinese are any kind of beneficial force.

            However, as far as I can see they are interested int he South China sea and a few areas around there and they are welcome to it.
            It’s none of my business.

            I don’t see them marching over into Europe any time soon, and their impact on my life is minimal to say the least.

            Its ridiculous to build them up as a great enemy when they are about as real a threat as the Klingon empire on a day to day basis.

            Compared to the multitude of anti-white traitors in the west and the wreckage they have made of my nation over decades the Chinese are a distant concern.

            IDGAF as to what they do in their half of the world, and from the look of it, it seems they feel the same about me.

          • There’s more to being an enemy than opening kebab shops at the end of your street. The Chinese view non-Chinese as animals, they are completely unsentimental, even about their own kind, have a ‘master race’ complex far surpassing anything the Germans or Japanese ever developed. They are buying up politicians, agricultural lands and resources across the West, they are the greatest tech theft problem the West has ever had, they are trying to destroy manufacture in the West with subsidies and cheating, they are deliberately flooding the US w fentanyl to crash white American culture. They want you dead, and unlike Mohammad and Bongo they are smart. And building the technology to do it. They are your enemy. The world is not a kindergarten, there is no rule that we only have one mortal enemy at a time.

          • @moran
            You are a smart guy. I just don’t agree.

            So the Chinese are race centric for themselves, so what? so should we be.

            IDGAF what their sentimentality or lack of it is. Its their country. If they want to be brutal, I don’t care. I am not trying to save the planet from unsentimental men.

            European’s are missing the unsentimental power projection they had for generations, and its turned into whining cucks about morality.
            The only reason they have any tech at all is because the west traitors strip mined the native manufacturing and shipped it there. If they take advantage of that, so what?.

            They have a massive country and declining birth rate and given they are half the world away they just don’t figure highly on my radar.

            The great foreign enemy is a myth from the media, like all the other existential enemies they have pushed in my lifetime.

          • China is a major subversive force that is financially and otherwise, supporting the Woke ideology that has infected our schools, media, sports, and political world. Where did the China flu come from?

      • “They have never really been expansionist, or even that exploratory outside the main body of China.”

        That was then. This is now.

        Watch the opening to the 2008 Olympics. You remember. The one that scared the crap out of everyone. The one that was the greatest human performance in the planet’s history. (Not exaggerating).

        At least watch from the 11 min mark to 15 min mark. And tell me this isn’t a people hellbent on world domination. Financially now. Later, complete. Complete as in they’re going to change the name of the Earth to China.

    • Looks oddly like a Mexican standoff: Russia has resources CCP/Globohomo need, CCP has economic muscle/clout Russia needs, Globohomo has markets/innovation CCP needs.

  9. Implied in all of this is that lib whites never truly believed the black man could save them from a determined white foe, because if they truly believed in the supremacy and strength of the black man they would be resting easy right now, knowing that our millions of black men will protect them from some stupid short white guy who rides horses bare chested. “What a joke he is !! And wow, look at Le Bron dunk the ball on that white dude. Ha ha.”

    But they are scared literally shitless.

    Math isn’t adding up, is it?

    • “But they are scared literally shitless.” Literally? You’ve verified this? Does shitless mean they’re so scared they can’t poop? Or they’re so scared they pooped all over the place and have no more poop to give.

  10. Gee, since all this Russia vs Ukraine stuff started, I haven’t even once thought of the Durham Report, skyrocketing inflation, the runaway black crime wave, open borders/Great Replacement, white supremacy, Hunter Biden, or much of anything else!
    Feels great! Boo on Putin!

    • Gee, since all this Russia vs Ukraine stuff started, I haven’t even once thought of [a lot of stuff.]”

      And *that* us one of *several* reasons this is happening.

  11. Reading that mayor of Kiev just banned sale of alcohol.

    I suppose he is doing so under a type of martial law.

    So contrast these powers under an actual war and military threat against what Trudeau did from threat of a trucker protest. So we are to believe that the threat levels are equal and martial law justifiable in both cases? Is Trudeau and the feminine west trying to tell us that a trucker protest is the same level fo threat?

    Just unbelievable. One thing though, this Ukraine affair has brought a lot of needed clarity to what is and what is not an actual threat to warrant martial law,

    • Banning alcohol in the Ukraine? I guess he just wants to surrender. God knows how the Ukrainians are going to fight without liquid courage.

    • On a somewhat related note I respond with a rhetorical question:

      Has any living man had his buttocks kissed as often or as intensely as Zelensky ?
      I actually feel sorry for these suck-ups. I’m 56 years old and I’ve never seen anything like it. Fox News, the Drudge report, YouTube vids; he’s the greatest human ever. Ugh. What does his butt taste like, fellas?

      • Same here (I am a few years older and wiser than you) – and Jordan Petersen has an excellent podcast up that the stronger stomachs of the Dissidents would appreciate.

        He interviewed an establishment hack who is definitely from the managerial class of Globohomo and he is a viable foundation for the Dissident ideologies. He accuses his rivals of what he himself is doing; he states what his goals and aims are and breezily does the opposite; he whines about Russian astroturfing as he does the exact same thing.

      • The butt kissing is sorta of a cope, that these people know they screwed up royally, are finding it difficult to express themselves and their cauldron of emotions, and are hoping for a savior in Zelenksy to make everything back to being right in their world.

        He is their last hope

        These people are nuts

      • That and he looks ridiculous in the army uniform. Expect him to show up in Israel anytime now.

      • Its just a script, which its why its over the top.

        Imagine an ad campaign 24×7 for a new product. Its just tha, which is why it comes off as unhinged.

        Everyone in power has become a fag or is female, so the symbolic gesture stuff popular with children and women is wall to wall.

        They seem to mistake it for content.

    • The entire Canadian gov’t is basically illegitimate, right across the board. The conservatives cucked on the Turdo power grab as did the NDP – who posture as ‘the working man’s party’.

      I used to disagree vehemently with our blog host about voting and argued strongly for it… but admit now he got the better of me. Voting will not change what is coming or what has to be done about it…

    • Maybe he is apprehensive that, having been handing out military-grade long guns willy-nilly, that having them in the hands of juiced-up idiots might be a problem all by itself.

  12. I love the whole “end of the world” narrative regarding the use of nuclear force.
    After all, isn’t Hiroshima still an uninhabitable wasteland full of mutants and zombies?


    • The coming months, years, is going to involve a lot of regular men talking women off the ledge because both covid and fears of war have utterly broken them mentally. They can’t handle this kind of incessant psychological pressure. They’re cracking. To me it’s a day in the park, and I am no one special, so just goes to show that women just aren’t cut out for things like this. For war, real pressure, and so on.

      Silver lining may be that they realize it and say screw it, I want out of this man’s world and am going back to the kitchen and feeding the kids.

      • Yep unfortunately I know many women, including family members, who are now depressed, anxious and dysfunctional wrecks after follow the health guidelines of the past 2 years.

        Here are some things they’ve done/said:
        – Screaming, sobbing and swearing at me because I said “no” to getting the COVID vax
        – Afraid to go to a restaurant, thinks she will die if she goes, despite being triple vaxxed and masked
        – “I’m so disappointed in Canada, I thought we were better than [the trucker convoy]”.
        – “Things like that [trucker convoy and riot police] only happen in other countries, not here.
        – Refusal to talk about anything health/COVID related, saying “I’m scared because we disagree”

        The only women doing ok are those who have strong right wing husbands/fathers calling out the bullshit lol. The media has unfortunately conditioned them into a state of panic and they are losing it.

        Women do not understand Man’s world, or why we are compelled to do the things we do. Their job is to serve a man and focus on things like running a house and raising children, and not worry too much about the outside world. Just like Men don’t understand God’s world, and why things happen the way they happen. It’s our duty to do what we have to do, be faithful to God, and not worry too much about why the world works the way it does.

        • My wife flipped out on me in a CVS parking lot.

          “I’m sick of this biweekly testing shit! Just get the fucking vaccine!”

          I was calm up until that point, but I couldn’t take the bitching anymore. “NEVER!” I screamed. ” I will never!” My wife responded that she’d have to reevaluate my relationship with our child. I told her told her that she can do what she’d like. Feel free to join forces with the benevolent state.
          She never brought it up again It was all a femoid freakout-bluff, of course. But if the state did pressure her… I have no illusions.

      • there are lots of studies showing that the best way to re-pattern people’s thoughts is to induce and maintain a trauma state, then it allows a new pattern to be implanted.
        You see it in torture techniques all the time.

        You can obviously repeat this over and over without giving people time to pause. Works best on those that start from a high anxiety level, and given a sizeable proportion of women seem to be on anxiety meds one way or another, it hits the mark each time.

        I do wonder what the endgame is for this though.

        Constant hysteria?

        Is there a benefit to a majority psychotic population?

        • I can see how this works in prison camps or cults where you are able to manage the victim’s suffering and then, just at the breaking point, insert a “savior” who comes along and does the re-patterning. This is the ultimate in good cop/bad cop gaming. But this endless cycling of apocalyptic fear and hatred? Four years of TDS, then two of Covidism and now WWIII?

          It’s an uncontrolled experiment. You don’t know precisely when each victim can be re-patterned. She might just become a devout (and fanatical) religious believer if the right missionary knock on the door just as she’s shoving the bullets into the revolver.

          Or maybe that’s it and The Plan is like the movie “Jacob’s Ladder” (excellent film, BTW – and warning: there’s a spoiler next). Some creepy government agency discovers a sort of rage inducing hallucinogen. They give it to some unwitting soldiers in Vietnam who then set about slaughtering each other. Well, the movie is actually about the flashbacks one of the survivors has in 1970s NYC.

          I doubt our rulers would contrive such an ingenious and roundabout way to slaughter us all though. Starting a nuclear war with the country that now probably has the most nukes and lots of innovative ways to deliver them like hypersonic cruise missiles. Yeah, that sounds about right. A big, clumsy, clown-fisted genocide to ride into eternal night on.

          • I think rather the terror is the point.

            Look at the patterning around the Ukraine, fervor and how quickly it took, after they did the same with coof..

            As an old psychologist professor said to me, people in the mass are predictable, its individuals that seem different.

      • Falcone: Late last year, almost as a joke, I bought some Potassium Iodide pills from Amazon. I think it was after reading/watching videos about nuclear power plants remaining in the US, where they’re located, and what might happen to them in the event of a cyber attack or power outage due to whatever, which would prevent their proper shut down (nuclear war is not something I’ve ever lost sleep over or planned for). I sorta figured what the heck, the pills don’t cost that much, I’ll buy a pack and put them in a closet.

        Then yesterday at a number of different sites people are all in a tizzy because these same pills are now sold out everywhere and ZOMG whatever shall we do re nuclear fallout. People (yes, primarily women but men as well) are freaking out about this as if there’s going to be a nuclear holocaust tomorrow, but if get their hands on the right pills and gas masks and dosimeters, they’ll be okay. I just cannot fathom this mindset. I’m more concerned about the spread of bird flu and the future price of eggs than how to ensure my water source isn’t radioactive. The world’s gone mad.

        • Ivermectin, test kits and masks. Shortages and no travel.

          Potassium Iodide, dosimeters and gas masks.Shortages and no fuel.

          Why does it feel like I have seen this movie?

    • Atom Bomb.

      10 kiltotons


      1000x as much and 3000x as many warheads

      Unrestricted atomic war is survivable unrestricted H-Bomb warfare not so much.

      • Doesn’t the H-Bomb leave much less radioactive fallout than a traditional nuke? If you can successfully hide for the drop itself, then it’s more survivable.

        • Neutron bomb doesn’t damage infrastructure. It’s hell on tissue however. I’m mountain folk. I’m hoping my mountains break up the shock waves.

          • Because I’m a nerd and this fascinates me:

            Cold War era engineers were able to construct tanks that were sturdy enough to survive normal atom bombs. So they improvised neutron bombs where most of the energy is released as neutrons. The neutrons pass right through the armor and kill the tank crew.

        • a lot of h-bombs use a hiroshima style fission bomb as a kind of first stage?! how crazy is that shit!

    • Right. We’ve seen what happens when 20th century Japan gets nuked.

      We are immeasurably less civilized than those people were. We’re about on the level of the 20th century Congo.

      Whatever is broken today stays broken forever.

  13. The amazing thing is as of yet, not one leader of a NATO country has dared to suggest that maybe its a bad idea for the Ukraine to join NATO. I mean is that not worth a try, more politicians are calling for a no fly zone over the Ukraine than the idea that the Ukraine could be an independent neutral country

    Total fucking clowns

    • Precisely. It also shows this was always a dangerous game and it has gotten out of control. The West dangled NATO membership out there to embolden the Ukraine against Russia and got what was wanted: Germany off Russian gas. These psychopaths are totally capable of a nuclear war. If the military was not as crazy if not more so, for the first time I would welcome a coup to keep us from becoming fried bacon, but, again, they probably are leading this.

      • My take is this

        If — and this is an IF — the covid vaxx truly is as deadly as it may turn out to be, the elites will have a total freakout and may be willing to go nuclear just to free themselves of the tremendous guilt

        So yes, I do see the two things as being potentially interrelated

          • Everyone does, if you cut deep enough

            Yes, they don’t feel guilt under normal everyday circumstances when it’s all fun and games and the consequences are minimal to non-existent.

            And we should be concerned that their guilt surfaces from out under all their psychological lies and conceits they have been telling themselves as they stepped on people to get ahead and crushed people without fear of repercussions. It’s going to bubble up. I’m just saying, grab a hard hat !!

          • Poor falcone, you are where I was 10 yrs ago. Internalize this; the want you, and yours, dead. They are utterly remorseless. It’s hard for a decent guy to wrap his head around these truths. Hoover said as much. Who uses sex with children as a tool? Look into the dutroux affair. Study and get back to me.

        • You mean like it happened basically the week after all the mandates were dropped everywhere?

          Amazing how one end of the world rolled into another in a few days with barely a pause for breath.

        • Falcone: The vaxx was designed to be deadly. That’s why they worked so damned hard to ensure most White people took it. The increased deaths ages 15-45 are already showing up (life insurance and mortuary stats) and all the young men getting myocarditis. Trumpton linked to a Swedish study showing it affected the kidneys of a developing fetus within 6 hours of the mother getting the vaxx.

          Please don’t tell me you honestly believe the elites were truly afraid of their ‘deadly’ flu? Or that they really allowed that deliberately engineered vax to be administered to them and their children? Sure, some of the dumber Hollywood ones did, but the bigger politicians and their string pullers? Not a chance. Why on earth would they feel guilty when you as a White male are the cause of all the earth’s ills? They want you dead, and their cause is morally righteous.

          • The study was about the mrna being transcribed into the DNA of liver cells, which if it exhibited the same effect in the ovaries or placenta could be passed to the fetus as part of its DNA.

  14. “It has been a blend of foaming at the mouth jingoism, unhinged hysteria and absolute nonsense”

    I’ve tried to retain some of my sanity by not watching this garbage but some of it has snuck through. My takes so far:

    1) Jingoism: why this? I think degenerates know, at some level, that they are degenerates. This is perhaps why the Lefty media is now full of the kind of flag waving jingo that they made fun of until… like 6 days ago. The MSM newbots all probably spend an extra 10 minutes now each morning lisping their way through their John Wayne impressions “how’ths them appleths for ya pilgrim?” Speaking of which, maybe this is why gay culture always features lots of cowboy hats, rape-staches, and other symbols of hyper-masculinity.

    2) Hysteria: OMG! Didja hear? Puti-poot threatened Sweden and Finland! Soon he’ll be in Lisbon if we don’t fight him in the Ukraine!

    3) Nonsense: I’d say about 80% of what I’ve seen in the MSM has been in this category though. Some lowlights include:
    3.1) Putin is going Krazi! Look at his odd expression while making this or that speech! His eyes are glazed! He’s high on drugs! Is he using that Krokodil shit?
    3.2) The Russian advance is stalled! They can’t take Kiev or Kharkiv and it’s been 5 days! 5 days! I mean, when the US overran Iraq, a similar sized country, it only took them… well, a month or two, umm, nevermind.
    3.3) Plucky Ukes fighting to defend their precious democracy and globohomeland with AK47s given out by Zelensky, the hero of Kiev (who is now hiding in Lvov according to Chinese media at least). Generally, when any story in the news contains the word “plucky”, you know it’s all horseshit.
    3.4) Zelensky, “hero of Kiev”, comedian – in Soviet Ukraine, joke is on you! So far his funniest bit was posing in body armor like Giuliani doing his FDNY routine after 9/11.
    3.5) The ghost air ace of Ukraine, Snoopy flying his doghouse against the Red Baron was more real.

  15. Curious on people’s war predictions of these questions

    Will Russia manage to install a pro Russian government- No. Those Soros and NGO propaganda over these past years has the people really amped up. I can only imagine how the western part would react to that. The time for that was several years ago. Too late.

    Will Ukraines borders remain intact other than Crimea- No. Russia has to get something out of this other than military guarantees and the intense derussifiacation process no longer makes having Russians as an influence bloc a valuable asset in the country. Territory will be lost.

    Will Zelinsky survive- Yes. This prediction is based on them not being able to regime change.

    Will there be serous fighting in the western part- No. I think they will stay out of the west until the war is more or less concluded.

    I could be wrong on all of this. Lets see.

    • “Those Soros and NGO propaganda over these past years has the people really amped up.”

      if russians managed to tame chechens, they’ll handle drunken ukrainians as well.

      anyhow, russians are close to romanian border, it seems their primary focus is not regime changine, but taking control of ukraine’s borders as quickly as possible so that the ukrainians won’t get any reinforcements or supplies from new world order.

      • I’m seeing signs that the relentless media and NGO propaganda has psyoped some part of the Russia leaning population to positions that they would have scoffed at in 2014.

        This isn’t surprising. People have lizard brains. If the powers that be are telling you something a segment of the pop will go along even if the overlords are oppressing and erasing you. Targeting you with hate and slurs.

        Same way how there are white american loyalists who support the outrageous civil rights regime and AA that hates them.

    • I fully admit that I was wrong about the timing of the invasion. I figured Putin would try to slowly strangle Ukraine with the threat of war. That same instinct tells me that Russia and Ukraine will broker a deal where the eastern part of the country is a neutral, self-governing set of republics that are loyal to Russia. Since my instinct was wrong, I now say that this flies apart and we have nuclear winter by June.

      • That’s been my biggest fear. The people in our Ruling Class are batshit crazy and have not hidden it.

      • Tonight Biden will take a victory lap around the House chamber and the entire (Repubs, too) Congress will stand and applaud him. I just bought gas for my car and have no money to wager!

      • Don’t know about nuclear winter, but the propaganda mills are pushing a Ukrainian quagmire, so my bet is that is what tptb will do their utmost to engineer.

    • I think Ukraine will give guarantees to stay neutral and never apply for NATO membership.

      However they will not give guarantees about not joining the EU, but I don’t think they would be allowed to join anyway (despite the current rhetoric from the EU)

    • My prediction is that russia soon annihilates the “nazi” faction in the dombass and Zellensky shits his pants and begs for mercy

      Until then? Probably more of the same positioning of military assets and cat and mouse along with the people of the west having a collective nervous breakdown from psyop overload

      • The problem is will the full court globohomo forces be able to blockade Russia financially enough.

        Obviously its self-sufficient for the basics, but its not the 70s and its interesting how the Russians will adapt to a type of hardship existence that the older generations had under communism.

        Especially with western media poisoning they have had (like us all) for the last 30 years.

        • Russia had no choice but to invade. You can’t just sit there and move your king back and forth behind your pawns and and let your under pressure rook (Ukraine) deep in enemy territory get captured by the opposing team with no fight. You have to send your pieces to defend the rook even if you get other pieces captured and it hurts, other wise the position is lost and it’s a slow grueling defeat no matter what. Don’t forget the Kazahk and belarus shenanigans that happened recently. All attacks on the Russosphere. At some point you have to respond or lose everything.

          Putin would not stomach his legacy being the man who let the west take Ukraine.

          Understanding that Ukraine is on the precipice of switching spheres is the best way of understanding the situation. That is a serious matter. It is not just about aggression/ non aggression who started it. It is bigger than that. Brexit is equivalent to Kansas splitting into North and South Kansas. Still same country (sphere). What Ukraine is undertaking is much more serious.

          • Yeah I get that.

            I am not president of Russia, so what do I know.

            But if Putin is not going to have serious trouble at home, the people are going to have to put up with a lot of hardship while being bombarded with globohomo propaganda.

            It reamins to be seen as to how much they will tolerate.

            The west will I think tolerate more solely because the covid training and media control programming is much stronger.

            As I was typing that I just realized that the lockdowns were a dry run for the upcoming war hardships.

  16. The west shrieks in perfect unison govt, mil, media, and the brave sheeple herdered to the nonstop hate lies “Russia! Russia!”.

    Russia is not facing any resistance, they are accomplishing the mission while doing as little harm to civilians as possible. And the west media fantasized Russian forces bit off more than can chew.

    They don’t use heavy guns on civilians targets because the big armor is for act two – when one of nato members foolishly slip and “engage” in the conflict.

    And Russia pounds a dozen nato bases/targets to oblivion, and the world watches the limp empire that never eended paper tiger nato-illusion, crawl away naked.

    A blow to globohomo that I hope exposes the evil of the “reset” to any actors in America that still have what it takes

    • Half the country had a psychotic meltdown when Trump won the presidency after they were told that could never happen.

      Expect much the same when Russia wins this Ukraine thing. Whatever “wins” looks like.

      Half the US is going to freak out.

    • Putin better hopes he wins, otherwise its the Great Reset for all.

      Like Covid, this just shows who is aligned int he club and who is not. And the nots are looking pretty thin on the ground.

      • trumpton: Yeah, that’s what has me most bummed – the way everyone else is linking arms against Putin and proclaiming Globohomo uber alles in the best of all possible worlds. His incursion into Ukraine has really upset some folks’ plans, and they’re pulling out all the stops to ensure no one else steps out of line – the media hysteria has been so insane I cannot even look at the headline any more. Is even 10% of the White world not certifiably insane?

    • Its all kosher theatre, they all bow to their small hat masters who turn the money spigot on and off, none of this is real, my friend. We’re all getting fucked, bankrupted and sent to hell by the Termites, who see us as cattle, to be used and led to slaughter. Your being told a tale. on talmudvision, it’s all lies and deceit. They think we’re stupid, we must prove them wrong. or we’ll all be dead.

  17. One thing that doesn’t get any press is that Nat Gas is the ultimate feedstock for about 90% of the worlds manufacture of fertilizer. Russia directly produces about 20% of Urea and a good proportion of the other imputs.

    At some point it will dawn on Germany that they are guaranteeing themselves a cold and hungry winter of 22/23 that they’ve not seen since Eisenhower’s little genocide post WWII.

    • “At some point it will dawn on Germany that they are guaranteeing themselves a cold and hungry winter…”

      The thing is, all the smart guys in all the back rooms of all the countries are chess players. They recognize the future implications of every move and every gesture. But this got too messy and complicated even for them. One thing that they tacitly agree on is conflict is bad for business. Peaceful resolution will come sooner than expected.

      • But it they were so smart why is everything going to shit. Its called clown world for a reason

    • Regardless of anyone’s opinion on those guys, you gotta love the camaraderie and esprit de corps

      • Those are some big dudes.
        I’m sure LaToilet will be their equal.
        (Sarcasm off)

    • Wait, what? You don’t think our tough girls and soy boys can make mincemeat out of these guys??

    • The best vid I’ve seen in a while. The Hague will probably prosecute them for the war crime of “assembling while virile.”

  18. Huh — I just tried to post a comment about Ukraine and it was blocked as spam. Let’s see if this gets through.

    • OK, let’s see if the problem was the link to Anatoly Karlin’s substack post “Regathering of the Russian Lands”. Here is the comment without the link:

      I think Putin is all in on Ukraine at this point — I don’t see a way out. Reading Putin’s speeches, I have no problem believing that he is (understandably!) horrified at the decadence of Western society, and is quite sincere in his desire to regather the Russian lands. There are going to be sanctions for years, no matter what Putin does, and for him to leave Ukraine without, at absolute minimum, Kiev plus everything east of the Dnieper, would be a humiliation that I don’t think he could survive. I think he’s made a huge mistake.

  19. “Would Tapioca Joe and the Juggalos risk cracking off a nuke to keep their gravy train running? [Shakes magic 8 ball]…. ‘all signs point to yes’, because they’re Juggalos. These are the people who think Twitter is real life; to them, going nuclear is just leveling up a sick burn or a dank meme. Putin knows this, which is why he’s ready for Armageddon. Only that kind of rhetoric can signal through all the Blue Checkmark noise.”

    I always read a comment first, then look to see who posted it. Just a few sentences in I knew this could only be Severian. Many try, but no one can match his keen hipster style.

    I’ve been out of it for a while. Tried to find his Rotten Chestnuts blog yesterday. Apparently it has been disappeared. Very sad if true. Anyone know what happened? Does he still blog?

    • People try? That’s scary. Scarier that they fail. It’s easy: historical allusion, nickname, ellipsis, dick joke. Basically what Bill Simmons used to do before he went gay for pay.

    • Do a Google search for Founding Questions Blog and you’ll find his new address.

    • Was listening to, and they had heard from a supposedly inside source. According to the source, Ukraine apparently has a large human trafficking/prostitution industry run by the Nigerians. Poland didn’t want it seeping in, so they basically forbade all blacks and browns.

    • C’mon man! They never intended to stay in Ukraine. They heard that the frontier to Poland is open and don’t want to miss this opportunity.

      The police in Kiev formed a line blocking the trains and did not let any obviously non-Ukrainian people through. I wonder why. Do they want them as human shields? I’d have thought in a situation like this you get rid of every useless eater, like Vercingetorix at Alesia.

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  21. Anybody else see the story that Zelenskyy was releasing prisoners to fight the Russians? You have to think that’s a test run for what the GAE dreams of doing to unleash gangbanger blacks on bad whites, especially if there were any kind of civil war or unrest.

  22. That’s why a few of us decided to call them Juggalos. What other name could there be for dumb, evil clowns who actually like Clown World? Tapioca Joe and the Juggalos — or TeeJay Squared, if you want to be all “hip” and “with it.”

  23. Well done men, and some excellent speculation from our esteemed blog host. The point of entry on this issue is why, exactly, does Putin want the Ukraine? The best podcasters on this are neither pro or anti Ukraine or Russia. It takes about two hours for them to give you the ins and outs of the petro economy. Putin is not THE bad guy here – he is one of them. There are plenty of others in the Ukraine – and Z doesn’t have a blog big enough to get into the ones in Globohomo.

    Near as I can tell there has been about 300~600 Uke civilian casualties so far… so this definitely more than the every day kabuki theatre. But some remarkably GOOD things are starting to emerge.

    Yesterday two “journalists” for the Daily Beast got shot up as they went about Kiev (Kyiv, Keev – whatever) in search of a story. I would like to wish both those men cases of serious infection and hope that painful amputations are involved.

    I don’t appreciate our host’s rude remarks about Zelensky going to work for CNN… I think he could improved their quality of work by leaps and bounds. 🙂

  24. For those who dabble in the market, as I do: 02/28 and 03/01 I’ve bought some beaten-down Russian stocks: OGZPY, LUKOY, and SRBCY. They have gotten slightly to greatly more beaten down since I bought them. No matter, it’s a crap shoot. Western sanctions, confiscation by either side, etc. all remain risks. But if there is any degree of normalization, these stocks may do quite well. Or I may lose it all.

    • The place to be was in corn (/ZC) or wheat (/ZW) futures Friday afternoon.

      The 5 day chart is just…wow…

    • Tried to buy some but got the message “opening orders for this security cannot be placed at this time”

    • Yep, pretty much a binary bet at this point. But the odds aren’t bad.

      If none of this had ever started, Lukoil would probably be between $110 and $120 a share with ~8% dividend. It’s at ~$20, so ~90%+ off.

      So, you could be looking at a 500% to 600% return total over the next say five years, plus the dividend (at some point), so let’s say 45% annual return.

      If you assume a 50% it goes to zero and a 50% chance it recovers over the next five years, you’re rate of return is ~22.5% annual. Granted, there’s likely not much in between.

      Still, it’s not a bad bet, which is why I’ve made it. Of course, I started buying when RSX and Lukoil were “only” down 50% and then when they were down 75%, so I’ve my ass handed to me. But I bought a bit more yesterday and will buy a touch more today.

      Not enough to make me rich or poor, but enough that it’ll matter if I win the bet.

  25. The fact that there is a lot of noise coming from many normie cons and Fox news is discouraging. It’s as if the last 20 years never happened. The lies that took us into Iraq and kept us in Afghanistan. Fake Syria chemical weapons and barrel bombs used by the “animal Assad” and everything else. Now we have the fake Snake Island heroes and the fake Ghost of Kiev and tons of other fakery, but if you read the other sites they(many normies) are eating it up. Before all this there was the Kosovo debacle and who can forget the babies tossed out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers in 1990. Everything is fake.

    • Most people were insulated from those conflicts. I think part of it is there hasn’t a been a decent slugging match between the white nations for awhile and people need to be reminded of what war actually entails.

    • Even Tucker last night was saying anyone who supports Putin is a bad person and insane

      or something to that effect. He was laying the moralizing on pretty thick

      • I noticed that bit of backpedaling as well. It’s a cheap way to try to increase your credibility. Kind of like, “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but…” A good rule to remember is that anything said before “but” is meaningless.

        • It showed me that Tucker ultimately is useless if things ever get nasty

          Not saying I don’t like many of his takes on things, only noting that if push comes to shove he’s not going to stick his neck out for me and mine. His show is still pretty good. But he is what he is.

    • I was feeling the same from normiecon Twitter and foxnews breitbart tier comments… but all the actual grillers I’ve talked to want nothing to do with the conflict and see the news as propaganda. So I’m not as black pilled as I was on that.

      Both and consensus manufacturing and information warfare is real. Right now it feels like the campaign is to convince everyone that everyone BUT YOU want WW3 and thinks Putin is Hitler.

      • Spot on. The elements of the Left that believe Twitter is real and the elements of the Right that get worked up by talk radio are just a sliver of the population. Take note how quickly shaming superseded the moral panic element.

        Anyone who suffered through the lead up to the Iraq War has seen this movie before, and includes some of the same crisis actors.

  26. There are many sites on the internet that I visit that have adopted the “Putin is Hitler!” motif. These sites usually contain useful, contrarian-to-the-MSM-blather information. It makes one suspect that much of what passes for the “right” is just part of the dialectic that has ruled the world for over a century. I believe the internet is just the latest media creation designed to keep us paralyzed with disinformation. I’m not sure that TPTB in the late 19th century knew how useful movies and radio would be in blinkering the masses, but when they saw how easy it was to entertain the sheep, they knew they had a keeper. With the development of television in the 20th century, they were able to have an outlet for their propaganda in almost every home. The creation of the internet and the personal cell phone in the late 20th century gave them 24/7 access to nearly everyone. We are now so hemmed in with disinformation we can’t separate the wheat from the chaff. Hopefully, enough of the lemmings have realized that wars are just the continuation of politics by other means. There has never been a war in the last two centuries that has benefited anyone other than those in control. If sanity reigns and we don’t destroy a few more millions of people, this will mark a true sea change in the relationship between the dirt people and the cloud people.

    • Trump – Hitler
      Trucker convoy – Nazis
      “Honk Honk” – code for Heil Hitler
      Trudeau – employing Hitler tactics
      Antifa – Hitler brownshirts
      Unvaxxed – Jews in 1939
      Putin – Hitler
      Ukraine – must be de-Nazified

      Would be nice if we could move past 1945 lol.

      • “Never forget”

        Morphed into “I can’t learn anything new”

        So slowly I never noticed.

      • “Would be nice if we could move past 1945 lol.”

        Only when the last gerontocrat dies in 2045. *sigh* Twenty-three more years of this, unless some fool invents necromancy.

    • turn off tv and internet, go walk outside..fill up gas tank, buy more dry and canned food..and water, lots of water..

      • And some sort of water filtration system, even if rudimentary. Really, your body ejecting most of its caloric intake because you’ve got the runs sucks. Next to first aid and food provably the most important thing to have.

        • Lifestraws are a simple water filtration for anyone that needs a start point.

          There are also filtered water bottles but they tend to be pricey. Don’t forget extra filter elements!

          Good old iodine tablets are probably the best bang for your buck. There are many brands available.

          Boiling water always works if you have a heat source. There are plenty of firestarting methods, from steel wool, to magnesium blocks, to cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly.

          The best are still cheap lighters and tinder. Lighters are also excellent trade goods. They were better than gold during the siege of Sarajevo.

  27. Today marks the first day since Sept 2021 that we are free of vax passports in Ontario! (To all the politicians – go h*ng yourself this will not make me forgive you).

    There seems to be no interest in war here, either. The massive and rapidly growing “POC” population has absolutely 0 interest in a war between 2 countries of whiteys. Many Muslims are quietly sympathetic towards Russia but they aren’t going to fight either way. The types of Christians who wanted to glass the Middle East 20 years ago are tepidly pro-Ukraine but for the most part are pretty neutral, and still angry about their churches being shut down for the COVID scam (if they even still exist, the majority of churches closed with COVID and seemed to never re-open). All the unvaxxed, much of the working class, and many small business owners are outright hostile towards the regime after the past 2 years. Normal white people are busy taking Jayden and Brayden to soccer class and drag queen story hour at the library. The military, full of conservative whites, hate Trudeau.

    There are are a few people who want to brutally rape and murder all Russians. These are the types of people who were having mental breakdowns from the trucker protest in Ottawa, and said that honking is violence. The people who decided to lock down for the past 2 years, and demand violence/discrimination against the unvaxxed. The people who think they are the star of an Avengers movie and the Ghost of Ukraine will heroically down 100 planes and 6 submarines. Useless and dysgenic parasites who spend most of their time on Reddit, and some Boomers who still believe the TV.

    Loyalty works both ways. The regime has been telling all the White men around the globe that we are evil, and filling our communities with alien people and pumping them full of anti white propaganda. Poisoning white men with rap music and drugs, forcing us into lockdowns, shutting small businesses and churches. I have nothing but hatred for Globohomo and their people, personally. I hope they take over all of Ukraine, but we will wait and see what their end goal is.

    • Did people in Ontario ever go through a phase where they were naming their boys Dylan? Did Hunter ever become big up there?

      Laughing at the names Jayden and Brayden

  28. “Zelensky agreed to talks…..He is at the table to buy time and avoid being run out of his own country.”

    Really, his “own country” is Israel. Hopefully Russia takes care of the Zelensky problem. Why the hell is a not-Ukranian running Ukraine? It’s clowns all the way down.

      • Tars didn’t mention anything about hatred of Jews. You added that with your own interpretation. He just said that an ethnic Ukrainian should run Ukraine. Just as Jews should run Israel, not Arabs.

      • Maybe you think Ukrainians should be running Israel?

        You are either an idiot a liar or both.

        • I think they’re just a civnat that got lost and ended up here. I suppose that would qualify as the former though.

          • Didn’t you notice the pseudonym? Probably a very fervent nationalist. Just not for YOU, you cannot be allowed to have a nation at all.

      • Makes no difference. Just think of him as running deep cover, and you will see what I am driving at.
        Greetings to the ADL or SPLC, wherever you come from.

    • Because he was installed during a coup in 2014 that was funded and backed by the US and Britain. That should explain everything.

      • No, it was Pete Poroshenko who was installed in the 2014 coup. Volod won the 2019 election.

        Israel’s not his country, he never lived there.

        • Fair enough, forgot the election a few years ago. Though I certainly doubt credibility of elections in what is admittedly one of the most corrupt countries of Europe.

          With that being said, Volod could have Israeli citizenship tomorrow without ever having visited there. All one needs to do is be Jewish and come on over and serve in the military. So they recognize there is something more important to being born somewhere to define ones belonging. He is not ethnically Ukrainian, which you did not deny. If you’re a strict “a country is not made of people, but ideas” I think you took a right turn and got lost from a NeoCon website.

  29. Now whenever I see Shamil Hyde a line comes back to me: “If I had ten divisions of those men, our troubles here would be over very quickly.”

  30. Heard report from knowledgeable colleague that the Ukrainian model posing with her weapon was actually holding an Airsoft variant. Propaganda, or “influencing”?

    Caveat: Did not see image myself

  31. Heh. A good piece keen to illustrate how little we know about what is actually happening in either country. I’ve not really been following it, although Covid has dropped to second tier news round here now that a New Hitler is Shutzstaffelin’ his way into town.

    As you mention, and as has been custom in DR circles now, we treat everything in the MSM as manipulative propaganda at best, outright lies at worst. It seems reasonable to this pleb that there is a beef between Russia and Ukraine. It also seems like it would be easy to find evidence from other sources (actual people on the ground) as to the whereabouts of both sides forces. Other than that? I cannot say I give two hoots, although I mean neither side ill will.

    I thought I’d be concerned about the economic fallout, but to be fair, such fallout has been expected (and worse) since The Shamdemic piled up hardly any bodies on our streets and our leaders flapped their labia in collective hysteria. In short: we are due hard times, Russia or no Russia. That is a fact.

    On the ground here in England, it seems as though MSM hysteria is at it’s usual hyperbolic best. Of course people have been called Nazis. Of course various celebrities have backed Ukraine. Of course we ‘stand united’. And naturally, many papers and a few individuals have said: “It’ll be the Baltic states next!”, “What if they go into Poland, Rumania &c!”. It is simply all so tiresome.

    Odd though, not many seem to care one jot. At the weekend I made haste to Ripon Cathedral and then met an ex-Armed Forces friend of mine and his wife. None of us even mentioned the “war”. It did come up with someone else, but only once, and then it hang in the air until exactly nobody bit, because nobody really cares. Because like everything we’re conditioned to take seriously, it has almost zero direct impact on us. Of course, the ripples may touch us – but who can say they would not have anyway.

    On the subject of Ripon Cathedral, which is very beautiful, it seems the first church was supposedly constructed by St Wilfrid – a gentleman of Saxon vintage. Wondering about him and his times, I found myself staring at the only masked family in the Cathedral and thinking “fucking pussies”.

    Thanks again for the article, Z Man. And thanks for trying to analyse a situation which is a political hot potato and thusly, prone to being warped. I trust you have your sources?

    Also, really positive message from yesterday’s essay; that was a brilliant read. Great to hear everyone’s thoughts, too.

      • I think my 2022 forecast is going to come true!!

        That 2022 is the year when male opposition to women in politics becomes more mainstream

    • You bring up a great point. The DR should not care or favor a side. However, I can’t help but find myself cheering for Russia because it is the opposite of what the regime wants and would be a black eye to them. That is t right either though. The Ukrainian people have simply gotten played by globohomo and got caught as a pawn between two powers.

      • The Greek: To be fair, based on my very sketchy knowledge, I do favour Putin because of the whole Russia vs. Woke thing. I’d love to see NATO/UN/EU/WEF and other acronym-agencies of Wokeness get a bloody nose.

        Problem is, there are decent folk on both sides who’ll be suffering. And that saddens me. I was really remarking how unremarkable the news of the “war” is or has been; nobody outside of the MSM is getting that ticked off about it, save the usual wackos.

        That said, I’m quite confused about world politics these days, and whilst it’s good to be aware of what is happening, we all need to focus on things at a far more local level, as this is what will count in ten, twenty or more years.

      • If Ukraine had a Ukranian president and prime Minister none of this would have happened. Anyone who saw Ukranians as his own people would never have lead them into this black hole.

        The current guys are happy enough to fight to the last drop of russian blood with the last drop of ukranian blood… then high tail it off to Tel Aviv with the loot.

    • New boss same as the old boss, mate. The lean times are already arriving, so they start a brush fire 10,000 miles away and blame the privations and shortages on that.

  32. The Western propaganda blitzkrieg on MSNBC’s Morning Joe is the stuff of legends. It is astonishing. More disagreement follows.

    Has the Antichrist- the Judeo-Anglish Empire, implacably evil and undeniably brilliant- has the Antichrist Sun Tzu’d the Chessmaster?

    Appear weak when you are strong.
    Sloppy Joe blew Afghan, yes?
    No. He sacrificed 9000 Americans to create a Benghazi weapons ratline to every paramilitary in Central Asia. The Bear will have a dozen “independent” terriers harrassing its shanks.

    The depth of the blitzkrieg tells me Hollywood storywheels have been spinning for quite a while in preparation.

    It was already announced that accepting ethnic Ukranian refugees would be racist, so NATO Poland will be taking in “125 nationalities” from Ukraine, while the Orthodox will be given guns to die in the streets. Every nonwhite criminal will flee through the open door, a Ukie Spring.

    The pattern is the same.
    The problem is, how to neutralize Russian nukes?

    Why, seize them, of course.

    Discredit and depose the leader.
    Crazy Putin has gassed Syrian baby hospitals and is launching SAMs into Ukie schools! Cruise missles into Maidan Square!

    Steal the gold (as they did in Ukraine).

    Set up the enforcers. Azov Battalion, Right Sektor, Bandera brigades- these were Contras hired to protect the Orange/Rotfront Maidan puppets.

    Steal the oil/gas. Squat on the lines demanding transit fees, or force the target to sell through a third party- the same gangsters squatting. The pipeline delivery stays the same, only the paper entity changes.

    Steal the money- why, last year, the US gained new powers to seize private bank accounts of expat foreigners and their kids! They need to grab the dirty Russian money in London, take their yachts and their girlfriends’ houses!

    (SWIFT, a private Belgian company, will be happy to see the competing CIPS crippled.)

    Then…steal the nukes.
    Those can be pointed at China, India, and Pakistan (a dog that will lick any hand that feeds it). They will be brought to heel.

    The biobombs have been guaged for their limits and effectiveness. Time to start field-testing the impact of small tactical nukes. A first use as an EMP to ground the Russian Air Force was suggested.

    Some Ukrainian bases fly huge Nazi flags that the media mysteriously cannot see.

    The shelling of Donbass went from 80 a day to 1200 a day after Feb 16th.

    In 2014, “F the EU” Nuland’s spokesperson was Jen Psaki.

    The EU is debating membership, while Zelensky has openly considered the possiblity of NATO membership too.

    We set the trap, and began poking the Bear, hard. Russia is unprepared for the depth of our media onslaught. Putin may be facing a multi-front campaign.

    History isn’t going to rhyme, no, this time it’s about to repeat. The Trotskys, Bolsheviks, and Weimar are about to send their Lenin. Time for another Russian Revolution, this time for keeps.

    The Black Messiah has arrived for the first time, the civilization of the Christ must be broken. The Tribulation is come.

    Take heart! It is for this battle that the Creator made us. The black mold will not take the greenhouse.

  33. I was told these things have a five hour runtime. When does Iron-man swoop in with a pithy one liner?

    This new marvel movie is weird.

    • The strong Black woman, a refugee from racism, known as the Ghost of Keev, goes to her shed and fires up her F-18 hobby craft once all the neighbors go to sleep.

      Well disguised by the darkness of the night, she flies stealthily. “Now nazis know what oppression feels like”, she breathes to herself as she shoots down yet another outdated Russian propeller plane. The racist soldier lands on the ground with a satisfying “thud” and snaps his neck.

      “Kill confirmed” she radioes into ground control. The IDF readies its jets, preparing for a strike on the Nazi hotspot of Moscow. The story continues…

    • Not missing the main chance to breach the border of an EU member state, these mooks are probably now home free. They may not want to stay in Poland, but Germany, Land of Gibsmedats, is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. How convenient.

  34. ” It also means the geniuses in Washington who instigated this did not anticipate any of what is happening.”

    Same old, same old. This playing out over a longer period is having unanticipated financial effects, which really were utterly predictable if someone was not retarded. It was not as if inflation and supply chain disruptions already were serious problems due to the rapidly memoryholed Greatest Plague of All Time.

    A secondary concern, albeit an important one, is the rubes aren’t consuming the boob bait at the usual rate. Just as the Left thinks Twitter is reality, the Right thinks yahoos pouring vodka down the drain on YouTube represents a sizeable chunk of the population. Disinterest is not the Ruling Class’ friend, and neither are financial calamities they themselves do not orchestrate.

    For every rube putting a Ukrainian flag on their social media profile, there are probably three unaware a war is underway and ten who do not care one bit about it.

    • “For every rube putting a Ukrainian flag on their social media profile, there are probably three unaware a war is underway and ten who do not care one bit about it.”

      The Ukrainian flag has always been ripe and ready for Woke-isation. Think about it, it just needs a couple of other coloured horizontal stripes on top of it, and Presto! You’ve got The Fag Flag.

    • I hope you are right about the boobs not taking the bait, but my limited contact with normies tells me that have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

  35. I think my favorite Media freakout right now is OMG, Putin put his nuclear forces on high alert!!!

    If true — big, big IF — that’s only because well, duh, of course he would. GloboHomo is clearly terrified. At this point, either Zelensky goes or GloboHomo goes, since if Zelensky cuts a deal and remains in power that’s a total repudiation of all the previous Deep State-instigated shenanigans. Would Tapioca Joe and the Juggalos risk cracking off a nuke to keep their gravy train running? [Shakes magic 8 ball]…. all signs point to yes, because they’re Juggalos. These are the people who think Twitter is real life; to them, going nuclear is just leveling up a sick burn or a dank meme. Putin knows this, which is why he’s ready for Armageddon. Only that kind of rhetoric can signal through all the Blue Checkmark noise.

    • Not the biggest fan of Putin here, but he has solid reason not to want this batshit crazy nation having nukes in his backyard. That Magic Eight Ball has a message that reads “MEN CAN HAVE BABIES.” The Woke madness has international repercussions, too.

      Zelensky had better watch his front and his back. If he cuts a deal with Russia (or releases some pretty nasty information about American and European 10 percenters), the West may do the job Russia won’t do.

    • “Would Tapioca Joe and the Juggalos risk cracking off a nuke to keep their gravy train running?” That’s the truly scary part. The Left has always been filled with physically weak, passive-aggressives. In the past, that made them less likely to push us to the brink. But now they are like an angry BPD ex-spouse who will do anything to get the kids.

      • They’re a death cult as they really wanted the WuFlu to bring about the end times. Robbed of that opportunity, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see that these crazies have “nuclear war” penciled in for their 2nd or 3rd option.

    • At this point actual Juggalos may be more qualified to make decisions based on common sense outcomes than our overlords.

      • Juggalos come from all walks of life. And no I’m not one.

        The official shrink for that lot is Doctor Phil and I kid you not, ICP has been on his show and apparently he likes the band. A lot.

        Rumor is he is a Juggalo himself

        All that useless info aside, if they listen to Dr. Phil that makes them 10x saner than anyone in charge.

        • Reminds me, I compared US politicians to reptiles today and my kid was actually offended because their cousin has reptiles and they are actually quite nice.

          >And no everyone didn’t clap.

    • Yeah, I was watching DW (German News- pro-Ukrainian slant, but not hysterical) Sunday, and an analyst was saying the Putin’s verbatim referred to a nuclear force alert status that does not exist. He surmised it was a play on words to tune up the Zalenskyy & the West. May be something to that view, and it worked.

      Also amazing to see how fast Germany 180’d on the whole thing. Guess they figured nothing to lose as Nord Stream 2 goes south? Plus they get to act like BMOC in Europe w/ a diminished USA & UK post-Brexit.

  36. I don’t think this will last months, or even weeks. The Russian army encirclement of Kiev is not for the purpose of bombardment (as promoted in Western media) , but rather siege and isolation of the inhabitants. Their wildcards are cutting off water and electrical power to the city if need be.

    The geopolitical calculus is over whether Russia settles for absorbing just the eastern provinces or the entire eastern half up to the Dnieper, and including Kiev. That is what Zelensky’s puppet masters must confront if they keep dragging this out.

    One of the interesting aspects of this conflict is the way that it is being portrayed in the media, and especially on the internet social media platforms. We now have two generations of youth that have grown up on video gaming and seem to think that real wars are just like in the games, i.e. simulated bloodshed and death with a reset button. Methinks it’s going to be quite a culture shock if, or when, things go hot and the city folk learn what Dresden learned in WW2.

    Moral of this story. Get your ass out of the big city NOW.

    • Fear not! Reddit has the situation completely under control and is sending in her best mercenaries.

    • “The Russian army encirclement of Kiev is not for the purpose of bombardment (as promoted in Western media), but rather siege and isolation of the inhabitants.” This is spot-on. Why would Putin destroy the infrastructure of a city he wants to inhabit?

  37. Dear God, Fox News has become the home of raving, NeoCon lunatics. Running through the electronic streets of America shouting “to arms!” ” to arms! ” at the top of their lungs. Anchors calling for air strikes on Russian columns to making comparisons to Mustache Man.

    They are insane.

    • If they keep cranking the dial to 11, soon all they’re going to have is a deaf audience.

        • I also would be curious to know how many conservatards are out there relative to the larger American population. I’m sure it would be depressing, but I still get the feeling even a lot of them are having trouble these days being patriotic for blm and rainbow stuff. Or at least suppressing the knowledge that, that is in fact what American patriotism is now.

        • There’s been some comeback, but Fox shed almost 40 percent of its audience after the election.

    • I let the TV run after Tucker last night, and accidentally picked up some of Hannity’s ravings. I had not watched him in quite awhile, but he was even worse than I remembered. I also caught an internet clip of Jennifer Griffin blasting frequent Tucker guest Col. Douglas MacGregor for not towing the company line. After mentioning Putin’s actions in Georgia and Crimea in 2008-2014, she said she needed more than 10 minutes to address all of MacGregor’s falsehoods, and that MacGregor is to blame for the current conflict because he urged Trump to pull troops from Germany. I can’t believe how stupid these people are.

    • I caught a minute of Fox News on SiriusXM yesterday and heard Watters proclaiming that there is no way Russia will stop with Ukraine. He and his pea brained guest agreed that Poland and the Baltic states are next. We have absolutely zero functioning media left in this country. This must be what it was like living in the Soviet Union and reading Pravda. Everyone knows it is all lies and propaganda but it is all they have. My jaw has been so tight lately that I’m wondering if I’m overdue for a tetanus booster.

  38. The Europeans have made a Faustian bargain with the US. At some point, it becomes cheaper for Europe to pay for their own defense rather than hide behind the US protective umbrella.

    So far, we’ve given them a wave of refugees from Syria and Iraq and now another wave coming from Ukraine. We’ve jacked up their energy and food prices immensely by fomenting this NATO “yes/no” conflict in Ukraine. The current situation must cost Europe more in the long run than simply increasing their defense spending/defending themselves and regaining their economic autonomy.

    I’m pretty surprised that the Europeans haven’t figured this out yet. Ironically, had the Germans taken Trump’s advice and just spent more on defense, they would have saved themselves a fortune of money in the long run.

    We talk about the “political vacuum” here in the US and the lack of good leadership. But it’s just as bad in Europe, or even worse. Does anyone here think that Willy Brandt would have presided over this debacle?

    • what protective umbrella? i suspect that president potato head has change their calculus to the point that American involvement in EU is now seen as a net negative.

      • what protective umbrella?

        Nuclear weapons. The “bargain” – the US dictate – is that Europe don’t build nukes and in return the US would retaliate against Russia if they attack Europe.

        For the monies Denmark pays US defense industries, we could buy a handful of subs and arm them with nuclear cruise missiles – we’d be as inviolable as America itself.

        I strongly suspect much of the US hatred towards France – and De Gaulle in particular – stems from De Gaulle’s decision to build a nuclear strike force so that France would not depend on the US for their defense. A decision taken when it transpired that both US and USSR war plans was based on using Europe as a battle ground for a nuclear confrontation.

        Since then, there has been no end to the jokes about surrender monkeys, used rifles for sale and tanks with eight reverse gears, aimed at the only country in Europe prepared to actually defend itself.

        • That’s an excellent point. The nuclear proliferation waiting to happen is in Western Europe, Japan, and South Korea. All have the capability; from what I understand, even Taiwan may. It is a very dangerous moment.

        • what i meant, is, that the US guarantee of protection is worthless at this point. :). we have weapons, sure, but the military is fully pozzed and the political class is imbecilic in a way that ensures they damage all who come into contact with them.

          • The US puts its own citizens last in the hierarchy of priorities. Secure borders? Infrastructure? We’ve entered the kleptocracy stage of Empire.

        • Shitting on France also is also just standard middle American/Conservatard virtue signaling, full of sound and fury and a lack of reading history. Yes, every country can and should be mocked, but they really get off on “owning those euro libs” or something. Same movie, different theater.

    • Europe with a few exceptions is not accustomed to a restive citizenry in the post-Cold War era. That’s about to change. The consequences there will be interesting.

    • You might be correct that Europe would actually save money overall by defending themselves. But paying for the military comes from the government budget, while higher food and gas prices are paid by their citizens. Their leaders make the same calculations our leaders make.

    • Sounds like someone figured that out. Over the weekend, the German Chancellor, during his Ukraine address, proposed increasing defense to 2% of GDP to thunderous applause in the Bundestag. To your point, while watching it I was thinking,”Didn’t you all laugh when Trump told you to do that 4 years ago?”. I guess they’re not laughing anymore.

    • Not sure about waves of refugees from the Ukraine making it past Poland. As someone pointed out the other day with specific reference to Sweden, the women in charge of the western EU were fine with Somalis but are not looking forward to competition with Ukrainian women.

  39. “Since the rest of the English-speaking world follows the lead of the American media, the world has been flooded with what probably sounds like a tidal wave of craziness”

    Oh how I wish the craziness were restricted only to the English-speaking world. Every country in the US sphere of influence is becoming progressively retarded. Even the “based” V4 countries – the Covid craze broke them and now they are just as rabidly insane as the US.

    • Noticed that everyone in the U.S. sphere now have the attention span of hamsters. The media saturation is not an accident. The first developed nation to limit it’s citizens use of media to an hour a day will conquer the world within ten years, for the sole fact that they can think more than a week into the future.

      There’s a reason a lot of tech oligarchs who are essentially luddites when in comes their kids.

      • The only nation limiting their citizens use of media I am aware of is China. They are definitely doing the right thing, though only time will tell if it’s enough.

      • That’s a double-edged sword, too. Constant saturation of propaganda causes attention spans to shorten to the point the Next Big Thing happens at a faster rate.

      • I think a week is giving them a lot of credit. I see people trying to drive their cars by looking through their smartphone screen almost daily.

        My daughter saw one of them go right through a red light at an intersection last night- they were unaware, and would have been meat but not for the emergency braking feature.

        That tells me they can’t even focus on the ‘now’ anymore.

        • Brought my sibling to the eye appt where you have to have somebody drive you home because they eff up your eyes. Sat in the parking lot overlooking a major intersection and every person that passed by was on their phone. Moving.

      • It’s sadly been proven to work. Babies in incubators! WMD! And now the same neocons (who really should be ashamed to show their faces in public) are advocating for war with Russia.

    • The Germans have lost their minds too, the EU is now arming the Ukraine, this pretty much makes the EU a defense pact. the up side for the US is it looks like they have divided the Germans and the Russians long term. but this only makes China stronger

      This war and the western reaction to it looks like a major pivot point in history

      I wonder how long before Putin cuts his oil or gas exports in response to the sanctions

      May you live in interesting times

      • The EU bureaucrats would like to have a common EU military. This helps them towards that goal. It’s bad for individual EU countries.

  40. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Several months ago I thought what I was going to give up for Lent this year and I decided the internet. I can’t be completely ignorant so Saturdays I am going to let myself go online and see what’s going on in the world but that’s it. Also I don’t have a TV or listen to radio and I work and live by myself so I’m going to be completely cut off. But the situation in Russia and Ukraine has exponentially upped my annoyance of the world online. The media is worse than ever but even on my local next door feed people are changing their avatars so it looks like a Ukrainian flag. They’re being told to care about something so they do. Somebody was trying to organize a protest. Why?!? I’ve become inordinately happy about my Lenton sacrifice.

    • I’ve been doing that the past couple years. What I find is that when I come back months later, seems the same crap is still going on, only worse.

  41. I won’t be watching the SOTU tonight but I hope I hear reports tomorrow of Biden’s eye filling with blood and he soils himself. Not because I hate Biden (how can you hate the undead?) but I really want to see how the regime ignores it.

    • Biden has to make it to year two, so Kamala can have the full ten ( 2 years the two four year terms).

      No other reason this decrepit, despised wreck is still President.

  42. This is probably the silliest war in the history of mankind. The Ukrainian politicians are acting like hysterical women and their President is doing what he does best, acting! It shows how low the U.S. intelligence has become when most people believe the clownish media reports coming out of that area. I believe one U.S. politician actually believed the Sam Hyde troll story.

    • I wonder if Putin told Zelensky he is safe, so he can have someone to cut a deal with later. That allows Zelensky to run around acting brave without fear of actual consequences. The whole “I need ammo not a lift” line was a bit much.

  43. And just like that, amazingly enough, ALL COVID ALL THE TIME has magically disappeared and been displaced by PUTIN IS RUSSIAN NAZI… I swear, our media and “government” are so pathetic. Do they really think this garbage is going to get Americans on board with whatever lunatic plans they have in mind? I just hope the bear was prepared, at least to some extent with the economic sanctions, which seem fairly onerous. Hell, even Switzerland is getting in on the action – what’s that all about?
    Btw, the “Zelensky is agreeable to talks because he knows the other option is he becomes a CNN anchor” line almost launched the dreaded coffee spray.

    • “All COVID All The Time YOUGUYSWE’REGONNADIELEBENTYLEBENTYLEBENTY!!!!!!!!!” polled poorly and needs to be replaced. Like a TV show with dropping ratings.

      One wonders how “OMG PUTINISHITLER!!!!” is playing in Peoria. Probably not getting many eyeballs. COVID was OMG over here ready to kill us. Ukraine is somewhere, y’know, over THERE.

    • Yes.

      They absolutely believe that, after years of telling white men, “We hate you and want you dead,” they can do a 180 and rouse them to go fight and die in Ukraine for, “muh freedoms.”

    • They only need to get enough of the right Americans on board. Sadly, that is too easily doable.

      • If the younger people weren’t so insane I propose banning anyone who was a teenager or older during the cold war from voting or holding office,

  44. They have every reason to stall for time and hope some miracle happens that causes the Russians to change their position.

    Zelensky is probably banking – like Churchill – on his tribesfellows dragging the US into the war. That’s why European leaders are telling their subjects to volunteer to get killed a Russian soldier: the more dead civilians, the better chance of riling the US public.

    This week is the first time I’ve seen actual crisis actors in Danish media. This guy – we’re expected to believe – is teaching his 10 and 13 yo daughters to produce Molotov cocktails.

    “We’re teaching them how to build a Molotov cocktail so it sticks and burn into the skin. And how to aim in front of the Russian rather than at them, so the bottle breaks. (…) We’re at the point where, when you see a Russian, you kill him. Because if you don’t he’ll kill you.”

    For many years I’ve held Danish regime journalist in amused contempt, but I’m gradually beginning to hate them.

    • Zelensky might want to rethink that strategy. Outside of yahoos from the Right pouring vodka into storm drains, and left-wing social media users posting Ukrainian flags on their social media profiles, the other 80 percent of this country largely is indifferent. Besides, if that could be effective, we already would have Deep Fake video “evidence” of it happening.

      It honestly seems all parties made miscalculations here, which, of course, is how you also get things like World War I if it drags out and someone does something stupid, which is a much greater possibility than in 1914.

      • I suspect his strategy works better in Europe. Hard to say, what with our Cloud People gone off to lala-land, but it seems to me that the Scandis are buying into the hype.

        We’re not used to government lying this big to us; small stuff to get re-elected or to ingratiate themselves with corporations, sure, but not lies meant to draw us into a nuclear war or, as with Covid, to destroy our economies.

        • “…as with Covid, to destroy our economies.”

          Covid didn’t destroy their economies (FB, Amzn, Google, Ahold are doing fine). They destroyed OUR economies: small businesses which don’t have access to global capital markets.

          • I wish that I could upvote this observation many, many more times. This is a very concrete example of how very much They truly hate us with the intensity of a nuclear blast, and want us powerless, immiserated, and ultimately, dead and dusted.

        • European leaders likely are about to find that loss of trust is exponential, then. Late last year some thirty of so percent of Americans had decided it best to dismantle the United States. If a reliable poll were taken now (it won’t be), I suspect a clear majority would hold that position now.

          Lying works, and then it doesn’t.

      • Yes. With the possible exception of Putin, the people handling this are orders of magnitude stupider than in 1914. And look what happened then.

  45. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

  46. Clearly, the Russians don’t want a US style ‘you broke it, you bought it’ Iraq to deal with. The Ukrainians have water, power and internet with which to tweet their stronk brave fierce AK wielding wahmen’s feet pics. Zelensky is a court jester. It will be amusing to see where he lands.

    The other big wild card is where this goes with China, how long they wait to Borg-ify Taiwan, and whether they join with the Russians in a dollar reserve alternative. We are particularly vulnerable to that right now.

    • Every country is interested in an exit from U.S. soft hegemony, largely in big tech and financial tools. We’re likely going to see a couple more universal payment processors and a more nation-based social media in the future. The SWIFT gambit was a gross misstep that is going to severely damage the U.S. dollar as reserve currency.

      This is good for us, as the alternative is our current universal payment processor and social media landscape that is simply a high-tech foot-soldier of WEF goons.

      • “…every country is interested in an exit from the US” Adding to the problem is that many US states want out too.

    • All the attention is on the tanks and guns, but the real war is over global economics. China sees Russia as a useful ally in undermining American control of the global economy. The Chinese are not alone. I get the sense that the money men are now telling Washington that they are flirting with economic disaster. Dumping Russia from SWIFT is not smart in the long run, which is hat should matter, not this regional dispute.

      • china is the dog that didn’t bark. haven’t heard of them mobilizing any forces, or doing anything to cause more mischief. maybe xi already has his hands full with internal struggles; he hasn’t left the country in over 700 days (according to reports). the price of oil spiking can’t be good for the chinese economy, nor would a major disruption to production.

        • Xi having his plate full with internal power struggles would be good for the US and the world.

      • Long term, China will invade and possibly/probably take some chunks of Asian Russia that are rich in resources, particularly timber and metals. I’ve been watching China. It is too early for them to turn on Russia due to their Taiwan ambitions, so they are being neutral/leaning Putin at the moment to play both sides against the other, which strengthens Russia.

        I agree “Biden” has received word from financial interests that the longer this goes one, the harder it will hit the United States and Western Europe. The inflation and supply chain issues are about to get infinitely worse.

        • “Biden” has received word from financial interests that the longer this goes one, the harder it will hit the United States and Western Europe. The inflation and supply chain issues are about to get infinitely worse.”

          I think this is a feature not a bug as far as the WEF is concerned. The have to destroy the old system in order to bring the great reset to fruition.

          This whole thing feels like a scam to me.

          • While COVID was a smashing success for WEF, this has WAY too many variables for a controlled demolition. China has only been partially on board with Russia because it wants to peddle crap, but if transport of goods become restricted, and that is happening now, and the PRC can’t make bank like it wants, the inevitable fallout with the Davos crowd begins.

            Take note that Soros already has started to ratchet up the rhetoric against China.

            Additionally, take note of the constant propaganda about Americans should not be concerned about nuclear war. It’s apparently causing them to cut back a lot on things.

            This easily could prove a huge screw-up for WEF the way things are unfolding, and I agree the plan was to crater the things that didn’t effect them.

      • Yep. This war isn’t about tank and artillery. It’s about banks and trading.

        The Americans hit about as hard as they could hit with sanctions – and it hurt Russia, a lot. (Cutting off the Bank of Russia was huge. They can’t defend the ruble.) Now, we’ll see if the preparations that Putin has been making for a decade work.

        The Americans seem to think that they’ve delivered the killer blow. The ruble has been hammered. The Americans expect extremely high inflation and a lack of imports will squeeze the Russian people and businesses until they collapse or overthrow Putin.

        Maybe, maybe not. We don’t have much left to hit the Russians with. If we can’t take them out quickly, if they start to use work-arounds, things will look bad for the Americans.

        In addition, the Russians still have their big weapon – withholding vital commodities – left to deploy.

        Either way, this is not good for the Americans long-term. China and India are watching this and learning. They’ll also double their efforts to get off the dollar/SWIFT system.

      • I have only seen one or two people remark on the danger to the dollar as the reserve currency by dumping Russia from SWIFT. China, India, the Gulf petro states, really anyone who isn’t on board with globohomo, have to be looking at these sanctions and saying “we might be next.”

        • You know, if Foggy Bottom managed to bring India into an alliance that includes China, however temporarily, that a monumental failure even for those idiots.

        • Didn’t the BRICS countries years ago start talking about a basket currency in defiance of the US dollar? Seems like a perfect time is approaching to unveil it – not right now in the midst of chaos, but as the months smolder on.

          • There’s issue there since, well, probably the most reliable country in the bunch from a currency perspective is Brazil, which, yeah.

            Still the point stands: if trading in dollars is becoming unworkable then that might cause the rogues to straighten up their acts and agree to not screw each other over with weird currency manipulations. At that point it’s game over for the dollar. That is what they’re risking over this.

        • There was an OpEd from the editorial board of Bloomberg today (very high in the GloboHomo stack) saying the West, and specifically US officials, should be very careful when cutting off access to SWIFT, or any other severe embargo. I think The People In Charge are trying to get the bridle back on the bolting horse.

      • We saw a preview of how this works with the rabid, attack dog assault on the Canadian truckers, and even more revealing, with the threatened assault on those who merely contributed to the protest, and how, when this elicited a major bank run and loss of confidence in Canada as a society whose lawfulness could be taken for a given internationally, Turdeau and his vicious Ukrainian harridan controller back pedalled with great speed.

        This lifted the curtain on what the intentions of TPTB are as regards a Central Bank Digital Currency as a vehicle for total societal control via a social score, big time, and how totally onboard the banking, and legal system were with this. Turdeau and his Ukrainian dominatrix got schooled, tout suite, for jumping the shark.

    • There’s a lot of meat on this bone for sure. For starters, Russians have been divesting from US dollars for quite some time now even before this move, probably in preparation for it.

      They’ve been investing in Chinese yuan, gold, and euros. Likewise, it’s been very underreported that China is hoarding gold. They’ve been mining a lot of it, with strict limits on exporting any, and they’ve been the worlds biggest importer.

      They both want to switch away from the US as the world reserve currency, as they see it gives the US too much power. It also allows the US to print wealth for its citizens, which the US has really taken advantage of in the last 2 decades. It wouldn’t shock me if they both move to gold backed currencies. This would make a lot of countries move to them as reserve currencies as it signals fiscal responsibility and has tangible value. Certainly, I don’t trust the Chinese. Any switch to a good back currency would probably be temporary. All they’d have to do is make it work for 20 years or so and they’d completely break the back of the US.

      • Really they just need an exchange medium. Gold accounts, floating against sovereign fiat, would theoretically work just fine. As long as Czar Vlad trusts that Emperor Zi means a literal ounce of gold when he says he has one ounce, they could go back to balance exchanging like the Renaissance Venetian merchants.

  47. if i was putin right now i’d think about ending all trade with eu, why supply ur enemies?

    I’d try to sabotage the whole thing, force it to implode, if germany’s economy collapses then the whole EU follows.

    • Right?

      German industry is highly dependent on Russian gas. Removing that would force shutdowns for an indefinite period. There are a lot of industrial processes that are a huge pain to restart. There are some that are basically unrecoverable without a complete overhaul of the system.

      • Germany gets 60% of its energy from Russia. Europe gets almost all of its fertilizer from Russia and Belarus. It seems unlikely that Germany wants to get into a starvation fight with Russia.

        • And yet no one asks when does Russia turn off the gas and block the commodities exports. And what happens then? The western leaders seem to think that Russia will just let its economy be destroyed without retaliating.

        • Don’t they? The ruling class won’t starve.

          Western governments will do whatever most injures the average Westerner.

        • Yep. We’ve thrown our big punch – SWIFT. The Russians still have their big punch in the bag, waiting to see if they need it.

          The Russians will see if they can get around the sanctions first. If they can’t, they’ll start cutting back on commodities.

          The Americans think that they have Putin on the ropes – and maybe they do. But we’ll see how well we take a punch.

        • But havent the Deutsch Clouds been trying to kamikaze their own energy sector for 10 years? Since when do german national interests have anything to do with the interests of Germany’s rulers? Isnt this the perfect opportunity to crater their hydrocarbon energy sector, their stated goal for decades, all whilst blaming someone else? I bet the lights go out in the Ruhr valley again; Morganthau Plan part deux.

      • People in the West assume their rulers wish their good and are willing to take a stance on their behalf. It is the weakness of the Western Man that he says surely, if push comes to shove, our rulers won’t do something crazy, right? They wouldn’t let us starve, right? They may be flawed, but they are with us, right? They want the same things we do, yes?

        The reality is that our rulers hate us, and they would not only mind us starving if they could retain power, it would bring them great pleasure if we did so. Until you understand that, you remain part of the problem, not part of the solution.

        Once you see this, the question is next, what do we do? It is obvious that killing our ruling class is the most logical option, and may be the only option we have. I am not advocating that, but it is what will ultimately have to happen if we wish to remain free men. We have not asked for this fight. The only decision we need to make is what to do with the time that has been given us. I don’t mind dying, but if I have been marked for death by those who hate good, I also don’t mind killing evil men as I go out.

      • Yes and no; we shut down 20 million or so jobs in the US for the sniffles, and we aren’t at the Road Warrior stage two years on. I guess we are going to really find out how much of a modern economy you can shutdown before we get to Thunderdome.

    • “if i was putin right now i’d think about ending all trade with eu, why supply ur enemies?

      I’d try to sabotage the whole thing, force it to implode, if germany’s economy collapses then the whole EU follows.”

      Why doesn’t he just nuke Berlin if he really wants to destroy the EU? The reason he doesn’t is the same reason he’s fighting with one arm tied behind his back in Ukraine. Putin is not a madman like Globohomo tries to portray him as. He wants to keep the engagement as limited as possible until his very reasonable objectives are met.

      • Well, the flip side is that these deals w the EU are funding Russia’s economy and military. As long as that continues why not let the EU fund his plans, kind of puts the EU in a catch 2022.

  48. it’s so funny; you can almost see hebe sites like pjmedia changing tone (and course) almost in real time. from the frothing jingoism on the first couple of days, to a much more measured and less certain tone now. who knows why the word was given to back down.

    i wonder if the ruling cabal was unsettled that their usually reliable boob bait wasn’t having the expected effect on the rubes? or that the unvaxxed were openly stating a preference for russian rule than life under the cabal.

    who knows what’s really going on in the various halls of power; what information they are seeing (that portends bad times for them personally). for all we know there are hit squads out there doling out lessons in reality…

    • The rubes not taking the boob bait at the usual rate has unsettled the Ruling Class. It is why the propaganda continues to be dialed up as it becomes more obvious this is playing out differently than everyone expected. Tells you all you need to know as to what the Banana Empire thinks about its blessed minorities usefulness as soldiers.

      • My other candidate for the name of this age (after “The Age of Why Bother?”) is “The Penthouse Forum Years.” If there are any younger readers on this site, Penthouse was a nudie mag back in the days. It always started with a “letters to the editor”-type section called “The Penthouse Forum.” Those letters almost all started “Dear Penthouse, I never believed this could happen to me, but [wildly improbable bedroom tale].”

        Here in Clown World, pretty much every day I find myself saying “I never thought this could happen to me, but….” As with Ukraine. I never thought it would happen to me, but I’m even hearing Normies and Grillers making “Red Dawn” jokes. As in, “If they remade Red Dawn today, it would last five minutes. The Red paratroopers land, everyone pops champagne corks, credits roll.”

        The Blue Checkmarks are getting desperate.


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