The Worst Case

It is assumed that the worst case scenario for the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is the direct or even indirect involvement of NATO in Ukraine. If NATO forces came into direct conflict with Russian forces, the result would be total war and total war could easily and quickly lead to nuclear war. This is a remote possibility as NATO has been adamant about not getting militarily involved. The West is content to use the economic weapons at its disposal that it assumes the Russians have anticipated.

While there is nothing worse than nuclear war, the fact that it is the least likely outcome means it is not the worst probable outcome. The fact is, the Cold War was a good lesson in the use and non-use of these weapons. Nuclear weapons are last resort defensive tools. A nation will use them as a last gasp at survival. This is why Israel stole the technology from America in the last century. It is why North Korea is developing the ability to deliver a nuke to North America.

If nuclear holocaust is off the table and a wider scale war in Europe is off the table, then that leaves the softer, less predictable outcomes. We are already seeing big ripples in the financial markets as people try to figure out the downstream consequences of the economic sanctions on Russia. Despite what the media may claim, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are not hermit kingdoms. They have a lot of economic links to the rest of the world and are a vital part of the global supply chain.

For example, one bottleneck in the chip supply chain is in Ukraine. The world has just started to turn the tide on the chip shortage, but now a vital bottleneck has been closed due to the war. Optimistic predictions said the chip shortage would be over by the end of 2022, but now that date is pushed well into the future. Everyone in the dreaded private sector knows the mischief caused by the chip shortage. That mischief is now going to play out for a much longer period than expected.

That last part is where to focus. Economics is about expectations. People will stock up on something, for example, if they anticipate a shortage or price hike. On the other hand, people will take risks in good times, risks like starting a business, buying a new home or hiring new staff. A massive amount of risk has been dumped into the global economy as a result of this war and the response from the West. For the first time in a long time everyone has a reason to not take any risks.

On the more tangible side, energy prices are spiking at a time when we have spiraling food prices globally. The last time this happened there was civil unrest throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The so-called Arab Spring was marketed as a quest for freedom but it was a revolt over food and fuel shortages. It is good to remember that the same people who sold those results as a positive are the ones responsible for the mess in Ukraine and responsible for managing the fallout.

Ten years ago, the Arab Spring was watched in America during a time of historically low inflation and interest rates. The population was fairly content. Today, America has double-digit inflation and is now about to get an energy cost spike. The population is also at each other’s throats because the people in charge are sure one half of the population are evil insurrectionists. A global depression is not going to help sooth the social tensions that exist in Western nations.

Wide-scale supply chain and financial disruptions is probably the rosy scenario end of this conflict in Ukraine. Shippers are already hesitating to take on Russian products, even those products are not sanctioned. It is conceivable that deliveries of vital natural resources like fertilizer, food and energy from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will be delayed for the next several months. These countries ship a lot of food to the global south, so it is a profoundly serious problem.

If that is not enough to consider, think about the last time waves of men flooded into Europe from the south. That was largely driven by economics. Given the socio-economic mood in Europe right now, how well will they handle a million men marching into the heart of Europe from the Middle East and Africa? Who will be blamed this time for the demographic calamity that would follow? Far-right candidate Eric Zemmour could end up sounding like a moderate.

The global order that the West, led by the United States, has evolved over the last several decades assumed certain things. For example, populism was assumed to be impossible in a system that efficiently delivered quality consumer goods. It assumed that price shocks were a thing of the past. Similarly, inflation was assumed to be controlled by the judicious control of the money supply. It assumed the free flow of goods, capital and information.

The system struggled to contend with the populist revolts of the last decade. Two years of mismanagement of the Covid crisis have brought populism back to the fore and called into question key economic axioms. We have labor shortages all over the place, despite rising wages, but we also have spiraling inflation. This is at a time of historically low interest rates. Prior to the war, this combination was assumed to be impossible and now it will only get worse as a result of the crisis.

When the axioms of a system begin to crumble, people quickly begin to doubt the system that rests on those axioms. Confidence in the socio-political order was already falling as a result of demographics and mismanagement. The banging of war drums by the geriatrics ruling Washington is not going to change this. In fact, it is clear that the public blames those geriatrics for the Ukrainian mess. We are entering uncharted territory with regards to public confidence in the system.

It very well may be that the worst case scenario is upon us with regards to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. A fragile system that was already wobbling due to demographics and mismanagement is now about to receive a series of economic body blows. Europe may be getting a new wave of demographic reality. The worst case scenario may be a revolution in public consciousness about the socio-economic order. The elites may be blowing their world up the old fashioned way.

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243 thoughts on “The Worst Case

  1. So, it turns out that the WEF has another infiltration organization called, “Global Shapers,” that is over 10k strong with chapters in over 450 cities, founded in 2011:

    Amazing Polly does a breakdown on them and their Ottawa chapter here:

    This lousy 007 movie/extended X-files episode is getting tiresome. So tiresome.

    • As an addendum: Every time I hear about the WEF it makes me think about the Parallax view.

      A global private intelligence org recruiting through screening.

      Always struck me as an odd film without giving us real context about the giant org involved.

      Maybe its another arm of this thing, whatever it is.

      • I’ve started to think that the WEF is a distraction front for the CIA/NSA/MI6.

        I mean, some guy basically comes out of nowhere in 1971 (the same year Nixon took the dollar off gold, coincidentally) and starts up this global organization that immediately begins cultivating influence at the highest levels of business and politics?

        To me, that backstory doesn’t really pass the smell test.

        • I agree.

          My own hypothesis is that sometime (who knows when) a lot of the national intelligence orgs effectively merged into a single private entity (perhaps they always were in some respect – like the world banks seemed to be a big club to themselves). and have sort of taken over a lot of the international drug and crime networks as their own funding activities. This in turn gives them a lot of money clout, especially given they operate above the law in their own regional nations.

          And as you say, if you want a James Bond front man then that bloke looks like he came from central casting for the part.

          Who knows at this point.

      • the context is the general paranoia of the era, especially regarding politics. there were quite a lot of assassinations going on then.

    • it’s a fun “what if” but that’s all it is. the cave paintings in France invalidate it, for a start. it’s not even a theory, just idle musings.

        • it demonstrates self regard, it shows the artists hunting animals. and painting is a very abstract and symbolic activity.

      • Not trying to be a dink, Karl, or slag anyone. But the “everyone’s different” explanation doesn’t cut it. Take Covid…it was proven to be a scam within the first two or three weeks. Anyone with a high school education should have the mental acuity to see that.

        Yet, critical thinkers (the entire us military command structure, the ruling class, the entire medical industry – and that’s just for starters) – went along with it. Something is going on here, that goes well beyond the tards and grifters.

        Bicameral mind is above my pay grade for now – this is the first I’ve heard of it but it sounds plausible. Are there any other explanations?

        • Its partly why the NPC stuff is such a successful meme.

          It is essentially that (or something along those lines) which people recognize is very real, even if we don’t have an accepted mechanism for it yet.

          • That is the verbiage we are looking for, T! I struggle with articulating this because I don’t have the facility for words that some of you dissidents do.T
            here is a mechanism at work here, that reduces ordinarily otherwise intelligent and thoughtful adults to … NPC’s, as you call them. It operates independently of IQ and ideology… and the mass media knows how to use it to drive its agendas. If I am correct with this, the Gell-Mann effect would be a result of this mechanism that propagates the NPC.

            Perhaps we are ruled by fiendish extraterrestrials that masquerade as humans by day and manipulate us to their nefarious ends….

        • it comes down to gullibility and naivety, borne through ignorance. the fact you are here, places you in rarefied ranks as far as political and societal awareness. ask zman, he will back me up on this (the latter part of my comment, i mean). most people only “know” what the msm tells them.

        • Went along with, does not necessarily mean they believed it. They could have been in on the scam, or simply didn’t care because they saw profit, power grab, 15 mins of fame, who knows.

    • seeing j oligarchs suffer money loses has been refreshing, the only reason russian state allows them to keep their assets is cause their tribe controls international finances, they’re good for business, as usual they make for good intermediaries, they keep the money flowing, but if russia isolates itself(or gets isolated) from the west then they’ll become obsolete, problem is cornered rats can become very dangerous. I’d keep an eye on them if i was putin.

  2. z:

    “While there is nothing worse than nuclear war, the fact that it is the least likely outcome means it is not the worst probable outcome.”

    I am nowhere near as sanguine on this point. The lack of competence and the religious fanaticism gripping D.C. makes this quite possible. If an arms pipeline starts to flow from NATO to the Ukraine, as promised, the probability increases dramatically.

    • Danne Beattie said it best regarding the bloodlust from the blue checks… they are so used to kicking around their own people that they assume they should be able to do the same to a nuclear armed foreign power.

      • All right. Still, the blue-checks decide nothing, and weigh nothing when it comes to deciding anything of any weight.

        They just bullies who roars at the targets designated by their owners.

    • neither am i. can’t put a number on it, but my sense is it is very much on the table.

  3. China has stated they will not be boycotting or participating in sanctions against Russia. So there, the entire Western effort has collapsed. Brazil, and Mexico have also said no. They both want Russian wheat, and likely also Russian oil and other supplies.

    Germany will soon see after its Russian gas supply is turned off, all its manufacturing base close, likely forever, with millions out of work as sky high food and energy prices and scarcity of both hit home. Its why Olaf Scholze tried to weasel out of sanctions and got rolled knowing what is coming. Germans might even revolt en-masse and install Die Linke (the old Communists) and AfD.

    Bottom line Russia has oil, natural gas, wheat, barley, and other resources in critical short supply and high demand. They will find buyers and the boycott / sanctions are likely to be as effective as those against Iran.

    • China is trying–successfully–to have it both ways. It earlier abstained from a Security Council condemnation of Russia, which was quite meaningless and toothless, and then announced it would be buying Russian product en masse, which is what counts. China knows it owns Western politicians and corporations, and just has to do the minimum to keep them on the lease.

      The only way things would take a serious turn would be if China cuts off the yuan spigot to Russia, and that’s not in the cards (I even expect in the future the PRC to annex some of resources-rich parts of Asiatic Russia, just not yet).

    • “They will find buyers and the boycott / sanctions are likely to be as effective as those against Iran.”

      First-rate post.

      Iran, Pakistan, and India are also not going to turn their backs on Russia. India gets most of her military equipment from Russia.

      And Turkey … Erdogan played the Bosphorus-Dardanelles-Black Sea game pretty cleverly, too, not “closing” the Bosphorus until the Russians were ready. Turkey, a NATO member, also is standing by Russia (in fact although not in public). Like India and Germany, they depend on Russia for all kinds of vital stuff.

      The Germans … well … I dunno. I’m ready to throw up my hands and say that they deserve whatever happens to them. I don’t know. I just don’t know. But you are right–they are royally scr*wed if they go through with what they seem to have committed themselves to.

      Hungary *almost* alone in Europe has maintained its sanity. Hungary is sitting out this dance. Serbia will stand by Russia, and probably Bulgaria, too. I’ve heard nary a word about or from either of them.

      Slovakia has made it *criminal* even to *speak* favorably about Putin or Russia. Twenty-five years’ hard time!

      Czech Republic–same, with a shorter prison term–two to five, if memory serves.

      When will the other shoe drop? And what *is* the other shoe? It will be when Russia is ready to announce sanctions of her own. And *that* is going to be “Katy, bar the door!” Russia is *already* in a position to cut Europe off from nat-gas. They can sell to China, Thailand, Viet Nam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Hell’s bells! The USA buys 600,000-odd barrels of oil *a day* from Russia. That hologram in the White House is financing Russia’s police action. Russia’s sanctions will be individually tailored to each country she slaps them on. It will be devastating.

      The (((lunatics))) in charge are driving the final nail into the coffin of AINO right now.

      • Re: Germany

        They’re in a hard spot because a lot of the people in charge are stuck in a WWII moral frame. They’re also fairly dependent on Western powers for plenty of things. Economically, it makes sense for them to make peace with Russia. However, every Western power would get really nervous if Germany were to gear up their way machine and begin a vigorous match through Poland into Russia. Germany is a member of the EU, sure, but that hasn’t made France or others much more trusting in them.

      • The jury’s still out as to whether the Kaliningrad enclave will constitute an asset or a liability. It’s the only part of Russia which borders directly on Poland. Poland and Lithuania could cut off alimentation to the enclave by land. That, of course, would represent agression on their parts. Does Kaliningrad represent an over-extended salient towards the west?

    • I believe that China has gone on record as saying that they’ll pick up the tab for any kind of shortages the sanctions cause. The thought of China and Russia forming any sort of long-term coalition is terrifying.

      In the meantime, I’m just hoping that we can protect our infrastructure from Russian hackers. Doubtful, though.

  4. Here’s my out there conspiracy regarding Ukraine.

    Ukraine is the key that ties everything together. Burisma, DNC money laundering, pedo rings, biolabs. It is a playground for the wealthy Globalist elites who extract resources, making billions, and use it to launder money/steal kids/develop bioweapons. The impoverishment of its citizens is a feature, not a bug. Ukraine is rapidly being depopulated – mass emigration of Russians to Russia, Ukrainians to the West, and a low birth rate.

    Here’s where it gets more interesting. It is the ancient homeland of Khazaria, the Jewish empire of the 10th (?) century. It’s not a coincidence that Zelensky, the PM, Anthony Blinken, Ronald Klain, etc. etc. etc. feel so strongly about it. Long term, they plan to depopulate Ukraine, and then replace Ukraine with the Jewish state. Israel will close and relocate its citizens to the more peaceful and secure Ukraine region. Israel knows that the USA will be unable to provide protection for much longer as demographics change. They need OUT of Israel in the coming decades before the Arabs take invade and flatten them.

    Ukraine is for all the marbles – an independent and hat controlled Ukraine is literally essential for the survival of the Jewish people. The whole establishment is freaking out so much because Putin has called their bluff and is biting off chunks.

    • I think this could be a sound theory regarding the “rootless cosmopolitans” that seem to be causing problems everywhere (such as a “backup plan” to Israel for after they abandon/get-run-out-of their current host countries), but I believe large numbers of Israelis would die before they leave their homeland. There were many Zionists pouring into Palestine while it was still under Ottoman rule, and the Mizrahim have been there since Roman times.

      • Reply to Mr. Generic, I’ve heard hints that the Mizrahim and Sephardi are treated not so highly. These are still separate tribes with the usual family squabbles, as Arabs are wont to do.
        (J**s are simply Arabs who learned to read.)

    • Holy Schmidt.
      Ukraine was the Khazariate?!

      I was thinking the same thing.
      The Pale remembered as their homeland, they are trying to regain their historic homeland!

      Consider. They didn’t build Jerusalem, it was the City of Shal.
      Many have wondered why Israel is being sacrificed; I say they’re preparing to evacuate such an indefensible position, and that you are entirely correct.

      Remember, they weren’t always monotheists, or Biblical. That too has changed, again.

      The Bloodlands would also explain much of their gangster-merchant culture. These are the volk whose merchant trade tied Europe and the Mideast / Persia together throughout the Fall of Rome through the Fall of the Ottomans.

      This is their Way, the way they do things. Thanks to you, it is entirely recognizable now.

      • Aha! And “kagan” was the title of Khazar kings.

        R. Kagan’s wife Vicki Nuland wants to be Empress, but the scheming Vizier Vindman will seek to steal her throne!

        • Another point in B125’s favor:

          700,000 of them evacuated North Africa readily enough after WWll. They’d been there since the Romans, as well.

          • Also to Mr. Generic, again: there were 35,000 J**s in Iran (and may be there still, aren’t they?), and thousands more in Iraq, legally protected by Saddam. The Emirates are rife with their advisors.

            Arabic was the dominant language of J**ry during the Islamic era until Hebrew was resurrected in 1948, so many of them had fled there from European pogroms.

          • “But the King converted!”

            Yes, because the majority already were. He wasn’t alone.

            After Rome drove them out and declared Syria Palastina, where’d they go? Had to go somewhere.

          • Plus, his guards would’ve killed him for insulting their gods, so…

            Not converted.
            Come out of hiding.

      • “They didn’t build Jerusalem, it was the City of Shal.”


        Aelia Capitolina was the 2nd-century Roman name for the rebuilt city that they had destroyed in 70 A.D.

        The city of “Jerusalem” that we know today was not the city that Jesus knew.

    • Overthinking it. Ukraine has a lot of resources, and various corrupt oligarchs who use Western leaders to launder and stash their money. Misha Glenny, a leftist, has written several books on this and specifically cited Son of Big Guy as the model for this cycle.

      It goes like this (Kazahkstan, Ukraine, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, India, Brazil, Belorussia all are cited in the book with specific examples) — Oligarchs use sweetheart deals to “build new roads” etc. where nearly all the money is stolen. It is washed in various phony transactions using shell companies nominally headed by Western figure like Son of Big Guy that make “investments” in luxury homes, shell corporations that own luxury cars etc. in London, NYC, LA, etc. Then various legal firms and PR firms are brought in by the shell companies to provide legal / pr cover for the real owners the oligarchs. London is in particular awash in this money and mansions.

      This is why these places are so poor and infrastructure is garbage — everything out of the treasury is stolen and Zelensky is no exception.

      You are looking for something not there and overlooking the central overarching problem of wiring the first and third world together: MASSIVE corruption on a planetary scale. Past the Leftist rhetoric Glenny’s books detail how this all works with many, many examples.

    • “The whole establishment is freaking out so much because Putin has called their bluff and is biting off chunks.”

      There’s a subtext here that echoes your post:

      And this about the Bidens (& Clintons’) Crimes:

    • “Israel knows that the USA will be unable to provide protection for much longer as demographics change.”

      Daniel Estulin has mentioned something along these lines. Off course, Wikipedia has denounced him as a conspiracy theorist, but he is rather more than that.

      What you say is very intriguing. I’ll fwd it so somebody I know.

    • Israel has no fewer than 100 h-bombs, no Arab power or people can displace them, let alone “flatten”.

      • I wonder if the Sampson Option is more of a Saddam Option.

        Chutzpah is another word for “bluff”.

  5. In reply to Doug, below, the main news channels- MSNCNNBC and the Foxholes- have lost their goddam minds.

    I let it get to me, too. I bought the damned sizzle on the steak.

    Yesterday, a private affair left me overwrought. For this, I apologize to our host and the blog.

    Not the Russian Revolution or nuclear exchange. The Juggaloes think they can pull an Afghan 1979, “Russia’s Vietnam”.

    The vacuous numpties believe they’re negotiating commodity prices with the intensity of a union wage agreement, where screaming at each other across the table is considered a conversational tone.

    Ya know, a few daisycutters in Georgetown or Arlington would be just the thing to settle their hash, tone ’em down a bit. A little taste of their own medicine.

  6. Hope I’m wrong, but I think this Ukraine war will drag out for a very long time. Zelensky has absolutely zero interest in a legitimate cease fire. He’s just bidding time until a major false flag occurs. Maybe a plane being shot down over Romania or Poland and blame it on the Russians. These monsters will try anything and Zelensky and his backers don’t care how many Ukrainians perish.

    • Since Zelensky has no hope of defeating the Russians militarily, he is indeed hoping to drag in NATO/the US to bail him out. Russian forces are moving far slower than expected in the North but are rolling things up in the South. Eventually Kiev will be surrounded and water/power cut off.

      NATO however has a manpower and resource shortage. Germany is basically disarmed, and France and the UK have only skeleton forces. Russian forces are far fewer than they used to be but still larger in manpower ,tanks, planes, missiles etc. than NATO excluding the US. And the appetite of urban dwellers to fight Russia rather than just flee to the West is about zero I think. Fantasies of Afghanistan plus in Ukraine (flat, corrupt, near Western safety) are just that. Likely Russia forces a surrender in a few weeks or a month on its terms. [I don’t think they care who runs Ukraine, just that it stays out of NATO and cedes the Donbass]

      • I like these:

        “Russia hasn’t even sent in their Contract NCO battalions yet. Currently the Conscript forces are getting eating alive. That’s why they can barely manage to turn a Mobile SAM system on and operate it properly. Let alone return fire.

        I predict a total collapse of the Ukraine Military by March 15. With mass surrenders and flag changes.

        Azov blew their wad early with the javelins which is why Zelinsky is begging for more (and a no fly zone).”

        • PS- this is my way of saying the Zman was right. Deals will be cut, the usual stable turmoil will resume as we deal with the fallout. SNAFU.

          (Situation Normal- All F**ked Up)

        • “I like these:

          “Russia hasn’t even sent in their Contract NCO battalions yet. Currently the Conscript forces are getting eating alive.”

          Get this.

          I am not at home, and where I am, I am subjected (temporarily) to FOX Noise.

          Not 15 minutes ago, a “reporter” reporting (we were told) from Mariupol, dressed in a sweater and standing in front of a fine building (looked kinda 18th-century) that was floodlighted (!) and he was explaining to us how the city had been under bombardment for 18 hours (his voice was the only audible sound) and how two children were injured and one killed because these three kids had been “playing outside” (his exact words) during the 18-hour bombardment which my own ears told me was silent.

          And the floodlighted building was a jarring “visual.”

          The propaganda is no more believable than the Chinkypox propaganda was.

          Are Americans *that* stupid?

          • I don’t get this sort of reporting. Its so fantasy land its unreal.

            Anyone can go tot YTube and pull up the live CCTV feeds.

            Nothing is happening in the cities, and a lot of the cameras have high views over large parts. No smoke in the background, no disturbance. Cars and stuff normally driving around.

            A real war looks like Beirut.

            Yet still its now up to genocide and mass bombings, when it looks like an empty afternoon with church bells.

            Keeping the narrative going in the face of nothing is quite an achievement.

      • “And the appetite of urban dwellers to fight Russia rather than just flee to the West is about zero I think.”

        u can say that again, ukrainians aren’t chechens(who were tamed btw), they’re a bunch of drunkards built for heavy labor, give them some vodka, massage their ego a little bit, make them some promises & they’ll start chanting PUTIN. In 2 years max they won’t even be able to explain why they fought the russians in the 1st place, soros propaganda was always too extreme for ukrainian people, they’re gloomy by definition, gay parade is too fancy for their simple tastes.

        the more cosmopolitan of their kind will come into the west, cry “Putin killed muh baby” & start mixing themselves into oblivion & that’ll be the end of russian-ukrainian conflict.

        • All the rich Ukrainians already left. Tons of them were protesting in Toronto, driving expensive SUVs and pickup trucks flying Ukrainian flags. Hard for me to feel anything except contempt really, if your nation is that important then go fight. Of course the media was spinning these protests as brave freedom fighters.

          Everybody knows that Ukrainian girls are whores too. 80% of the white males and white females in mixed race relationships are Ukrainians. They’re like the piggybank for non-whites to gain sexual access to whites. As far as I’m concerned they would benefit greatly from a Russian boot keeping them in line.

        • Its more than that. See my other comment, constant corruption by oligarchs under pro or anti Western rulers has left Ukraine with little national feeling. Taxes are high, and mostly stolen by Oligarchs. Public services are non existent, every official puts the squeeze on ordinary people from the local cops to big time prosecutors. Corrupt systems as Machiavelli observed about Renaissance Italian City States do not get people to fight and die for them, hence mercenaries for pay and unwilling to fight to the death … for pay.
          Nations that can dial down the corruption and generate national feeling can field real armies. Not saying Russia’s is like that, just more in that direction under Putin than Ukraine since independence.

          • ofc ukrainians have numerous reasons why they should hate their own oligarchs & not fight for them & they won’t, but the most brought up argument is that soros has brainwashed ukrainian population against russians to such an extent that it’s too late for putin to change their minds.

            Apparently rainbow flag pushing soros has alchemically transformed ukrainian men into rabid anti-russian guerilla fighters by blaming holodomor on them & censoring the russian language, which is beyond ridiculous.

            In reality there is no group on planet earth whom the ukrainians can relate to better than russians. Who else is more willing & more well suited at handling their grievances?

      • A retired U.S. General said that U.S./NATO forces have little to counter what we think of as traditional warfare. Everything is based on counter-insurgency with few tanks or heavy APC’s. Most of the equipment is high profile vehicles with v-shaped hulls to deflect mine blasts. The Russian equipment may be old, but numerous and is more geared towards traditional warfare. Ukrainian equipment is similar to Russian, but not kept up and idle, probably due to lots of parts sold on the black market.

        • This is because the US has spent the last two decades playing the, “Special Forces Olympics,” around the globe.

          Remember those US Army heavy armored brigades we had in Gulf War I?

          Those have been gone for years. Heck, the USMC completely dropped their armor a few years ago.

        • The reason for the Vietnam-Afghan cluster-f*cks was supposedly that the Pentagram was still all set up to refight WWII. So at last they have the chance to do that but they can’t because now they’re finally all set up to fight the one they lost 6 months ago?

      • “Russian forces are moving far slower than expected in the North … .”

        What?! Slower than expected by whom?

        Tune out the MSM propaganda BS.

        If things are going slowly for Russia, then why are the opening prisons and arming them? Both of things cannot be true.

        Tune out the MSM BS.

  7. As my other comment sits in moderation hell, let me add that the Hispanic population in the US is not exactly down with the Green agenda. If you look at how Hispanics in the US live, what they drive, what they eat, their past-times. It is not exactly in sync with trustafarians shopping at Whole Foods if you get my drift.

    Massive economic disruption and hard times aka breadlines will make the Bonus Army look like a Sunday School meeting. And Hispanics will be in the thick of it.

    • Good on them. We Whites can learn a lot from them although they’ve learned how to not have kids from us.

      • Mexico is a LOT freer than AINO. If they had any sense, they’d go home.

        • Mexico is more violent and corrupt, which isn’t much of a draw. Plus, doing manual labor for cash in America is very lucrative, at least that’s been my experience.

  8. It seems Klaus Schwab and the WEF at Davos are using the coming shortages to again do the Great Reset. Green everything, eat the bugs bigot, use the pronouns racist, etc. Biden’s speech was basically rehashing that. Switch to an electric car … at a price of north of $90K now. With junk mileage and that has to be junked after the batteries are toast at 5-6 years. And a recharge time of a day, and the power grid not working.

    Like the Bourbons they have forgot nothing and learned nothing. They are who they are, they will repeat the same stuff over and over again.

    Z-Man bought Prof. Gottfried’s latest book on your review, enjoying it. It is important to support “our guys” when we can.

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  10. So there we were, shrouded in blankets and the night. Me and the Zman, grilling a rack o’ possum over the fire.

    We talked of the old days.
    Of the things we missed, like television.

    Of our favorite shows, like Jim Henson’s “Dinosaurs”.
    Of the best episodes, like “Howl at the Moon”.

    “But Zman!”, I warned. “If you don’t howl at the full moon, it will be the end of the world!!”

    Then, some wiseacre will flip on the living room lights, and ask us why we’re sitting by the fireplace in the dark.

    (@ 15:00)

  11. What’s most depressing for me about all of this is that despite two years of object lessons about how much the elite in media and government despise them, half the right sat up and barked like good dogs when the global elite told them “Russia bad!”

    Yesterday: “Trudeau is a vile authoritarian who needs to be in jail.”
    Today: “Trudeau says we need to side with Ukraine! Sounds legit!”

      • they aren’t. it’s just who and what they are. now maybe think about why you thought they would behave any differently than they did.

        • Fair enough, Karl, but how do you explain it?

          From where I sit, this phenomenon is totally IQ independent. Of course the mouth breathers will never learn… and the opportunists and grifters are easily explained… but there are tons of otherwise intelligent people who… for some reason…the last 20 years have just gone *poof!*

          Maybe that makes me a tard… but I don’t get it. How these people with triple digit IQs can do this is beyond me.

          • Wow.

            I’ve never heard of this before… it deserves more attention from the Dissident perspective…

          • each person has an essential character that can be tempered by circumstances and experience, but is immune to large changes. also, people are experts in deception and hiding their true nature; they can “seem” a certain way without actually being that way.

          • Some people are simply herd beasts, irrespective of their intelligence (pattern recognition capability). They have been programmed to stampede. This does not make them bad people, merely programmable people.

            I recall (I think from Ibrahim’s “Sword and Scimitar”) that after Hungary was conquered by the Muslims, Hungarian Christian soldiers were sent to fight other Christians by their new overlords. There are Ukrainian soldiers this minute dying while serving the evil Soros regime which is hellbent on making their ethnicity extinct.

            The take-home lesson is that it is best to be the one doing the programming of your own people. Letting hostile foreigners take control of the manufacture of cultural identity and perception management products was the greatest mistake of past generations.

          • Bicameral mind!
            The older social brain and the informative brain.

            Two processors, hind and fore.

            I see it as two functions of language- social position,
            and then information.

            Sound signals of display and community come first for any mammal. As “The Naked Ape” says, verbal is our form of grooming.

            Someday I must read more than an old quip on Jayne’s “Bicameral Mind”.

          • Bicameral mind is a pretty shaky theory. More of a “just so story” than an actual theory.

          • Do you have a better one for the hallucinated delusions 80% of the population appear to suffer from?

            They get their commanding voice from the media that provides reality. Reality isn’t even close.

            If you can think of a better hypothesis I am all ears. Because they sure aren’t what I would consider to be conscious.

          • @ Trumpton
            Interesting that you bring that up – Julian Jayne’s Bicameral Mind was discussed at length on a very old ‘High Level Insider’ thread on /pol/. The HLI said to study the book to better understand human nature,

      • Most people believe what the authorities and experts tell them to believe. And in most times and places, that habit makes a certain amount of sense. But, as with life in the USSR, it makes absolutely no sense anymore. When you’re habituated to something that used to work reasonably well, however, you’re habituated.

    • A conservative family member has already forgotten that the Biden family was corrupt up to their necks in Ukraine.

    • Ah, good old mindless jingoism. Now I remember why I didn’t like conservatives back in the 2000s.

    • Most people have always been sheep. They conform to what they’re told. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, that’s why we have civilization, most people generally follow the rules. It’s only a problem when the rule makers, ie. elites go off the deep end.

      Now, it’s an advantageous trait to not be a rule follower. People have done stupid things before like the Xhosa cattle slaughter and Jonestown. The important part is to be prepared so that you don’t end up dying with them.

      • I had not realized until a couple of days ago that the majority of the dead at the Jonestown mass suicide were black. Maybe that’s old news to everyone else, but I think I have been a 44-year victim of the reluctance of the MSM to mention race when it reflects poorly on blacks.

  12. Oil and potash stocks are making me a fortune lately. Yee haw. Loaded up on oil at the bottom during the first pandemic drop, and again a couple weeks before the invasion. Too bad I missed out on corn/wheat. Think WEAT still has room to run?

    We truly live in a clown world. Unaffordable everything. Banks stealing people’s accounts for having the wrong opinion. At some point the electrical grid will go out and our electronic life savings will be lost. In a way it’s kind of freeing, not giving a sh*t.

    • B125: I’ve seen various comments about people having trouble getting cash from their ATM or having branches closing unexpectedly (primarily Bank of America). Today my friend said she called 5 branches of PNC bank where her business account is and only one had a teller available – there was one guy at another branch but he wouldn’t accept a deposit and claimed everyone else had been fired/let go.

      • A few weeks ago, before everyone forgot everything to go barking down the road after some Russian tanks and an old Ukrainian guy in a wheezing Lada, “Canada’s Boyfriend” and other high level Canuck-cucks were talking some crazy talk about seizing the bank accounts of anyone “involved” in the Freedom Trucker movement (remember them?). I never saw anyone in the MSM media asking the obvious question about whether this might lead to a run on Canadian and even American banks.

        I’ve had to accept the realization that most people in North America have pretty severe mental retardation problems but surely even those not involved in the FT protests in any way must have been smart enough to have *some* doubts about the Central Committee of the Canadian Communist Party’s ability to figure out who was “involved” and who wasn’t, right? Some non-zero fraction of those people would pull their money out of the banks wouldn’t they? Given that fractional reserve banking is still a thing, what effect might this have on the solvency of said banks? Is this stuff a new banking crisis and the media just won’t talk about it?

        Who knows. It doesn’t matter though. There’s a blurry video of something burning in the distance somewhere in Ukraine that I have to watch.

  13. Dear Zman, dear commentators, it may be pertinent to return to the Straussians. There is this most recent article by French non-aligned journalist Thierry Meyssan that paints quite the stark portrait of them:

    Russia declares war on the Straussians
    some excerpts:
    “[…]President Putin’s speech was not directed against Ukraine, or even against the United States, but explicitly against “those who aspire to world domination”, i.e. against the “Straussians” in the US power structure. It was a real declaration of war against them.
    What is President Putin talking about? Who is he fighting against? And what are the reasons that have made the Atlanticist press blind and mute?

    A brief history of the Straussians

    Let us stop for a moment to consider this group, the Straussians, about whom Westerners know little. They are individuals, all Jewish, but by no means representative of either American Jews or of Jewish communities worldwide. They were formed by the German philosopher Leo Strauss, who took refuge in the United States during the rise of Nazism and became a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago. According to many accounts, he had formed a small group of faithful students to whom he gave oral instruction. There is no written record of this. He explained to them that the only way for the Jews not to fall victim to a new genocide was to form their own dictatorship. He called them “hoplites” (the soldiers of Sparta) and sent them to disrupt the courts of his rivals. Finally, he taught them discretion and praised the “noble lie”. Although he died in 1973, his student fraternity continued.

    The Straussians began forming a political group half a century ago, in 1972. They were all members of Democratic Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s staff, including Elliott Abrams, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. They worked closely with a group of Trotskyite journalists, also Jewish, who had met at the City College of New York and edited the magazine Commentary. Both groups were closely linked to the CIA, but also, thanks to Perle’s father-in-law Albert Wohlstetter (the US military strategist), to the Rand Corporation (the think tank of the military-industrial complex). Many of these young people intermarried until they formed a compact group of about 100 people.

    Together they drafted and passed the “Jackson-Vanik Amendment” in the midst of the Watergate crisis (1974), which forced the Soviet Union to allow the emigration of its Jewish population to Israel under pain of economic sanctions. This was their founding act.

    In 1976, Paul Wolfowitz was one of the architects of the “Team B” charged by President Gerald Ford with assessing the Soviet threat. He issued a delirious report accusing the Soviet Union of preparing to take over “global hegemony”. The Cold War changed its nature: it was no longer a question of isolating (containment) the USSR, it had to be stopped in order to save the “free world”.

    The Straussians and the New York intellectuals, all of whom were on the left, put themselves at the service of the right-wing president Ronald Reagan. It is important to understand that these groups are neither truly left nor right wing. Some members have switched five times from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party and back again. What is important to them is to infiltrate power, whatever the ideology. Elliott Abrams became an assistant to the Secretary of State. He led an operation in Guatemala where he put a dictator in power and experimented with Israeli Mossad officers on how to create reserves for the Mayan Indians in order to eventually do the same thing in Israel with the Palestinian Arabs […]. For their part, the New York intellectuals, now called “Neoconservatives”, created the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the U.S. Institute of Peace, a mechanism that organized many colored revolutions, starting with China with the attempted coup d’état of Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang and the subsequent repression in Tiananmen Square.

    At the end of George H. Bush’s (the father’s) term of office, Paul Wolfowitz, then number 3 in the Defense Department, drew up a document based on a strong idea: after the decomposition of the USSR, the United States had to prevent the emergence of new rivals, starting with the European Union. He concluded by advocating the possibility of taking unilateral action, i.e. to put an end to the concerted action of the United Nations. Wolfowitz was undoubtedly the designer of “Desert Storm”, the operation to destroy Iraq that allowed the United States to change the rules of the game and organize a unilateral world. It was during this time that Straussians valued the concepts of “regime change” and “democracy promotion.”
    And goes on and on up to the links of Anthony Blinken with this sect.

    From this report, it emerges that this Strauss guy was not just someone “who talks in riddles” like Hegel does and therefore draws a lot of studies and interpretations because of the ambiguity of his work, as the Zman led us to think in a podcast of his a few months ago. Strauss was a full blast conspirator and agitator for whom no tactic of smear and harassment was too low.

    • Lord, that ties up SO many loose ends. I’ve never heard NED or Strauss discussed so plainly, not even by leftist radicals. Now I know why. Many thanks.

      • Ah. Thierry Meyssan and voltairenet. During the Bush years, his page got so overloaded by hostile malware I stopped trying to access it.

        The same thing happened whenever one looked up other taboo subjects, such as “Venice Flying Monkeys”, the absurdly inept “pilot’s training” sham in Jeb’s Florida of the so-called 911 hijackers.

  14. The ghost of Ngo Dinh Diem cries out from beyond the grave.

    The writer Lind Dinh writes from You Crain – on Substack. I have no idea why his columns are not appearing at Un Z any longer.

    • I read Lin Dinh very rarely, but the last time I even glanced at his column/comments there were some indicating he and Unz had some major disagreement and he is no longer published there. Some claimed Dinh wanted to be able to edit/censor his comments and Unz refused.

      • “some indicating he and Unz had some major disagreement and he is no longer published there. Some claimed Dinh wanted to be able to edit/censor his comments and Unz refused.”

        I will agree that this sounds like a “fragile” thing to insist upon, but I always read Dinh’s articles. And the fact remains; there was something about his columns that drew out the most demonic and spittle-flecked nut-jobs one can imagine. People would call him out for the slightest inconsistency or unsupportable opinion, and some were always getting on to him for his “hypocrisy”. I could never figure out what was going on.

        I miss reading him. The crazy commentariat at Unz also seem to have run off Fred Reed. He committed the unforgivable sin of marrying a Mexican woman, in Mexico. People used to light him up for that. Sheesh

        • I like Fred, but he’s mostly a sh!t-kicker. He had plenty of insightful things to say, but in the final analysis, he’s a critic, not a visionary, and his main criticism was, “America bad.” True enough, I suppose, but you can only grind that axe for so long before it’s ground completely away.

    • I assume it’s because he’s a dreadful writer with nothing interesting to say, but I concede that I could think of plenty of reasons why not even Unz would be interested in publishing him.

  15. My impression of the MSM coverage of the war is an attempt to pull an ‘Gulf War I’ (1990-91) to win over the populace. Unfortunately for them, CNN is not even a new source anymore, Russia is not Iraq, and Putin is not Hussein. They are having a very hard time maintaining the narrative.

  16. The geriatrics in the capitals know that the people consume information the way a rat consumes poison thinking it’s nourishment. Already about 50% of the country now supports war in less than a week when it was originally about 28%. This is across the board with independents the lowest at about 44%. The media is still so powerful that both normie, scratching his balls as he watches Fox News is united with coastal Sh t lib watching Mess-NBC after yoga. This is why the majority of the human race deserves their extermination in an unquenchable nuclear fire. Nothing left but ashes. Not even Dorito dust.

      • Right. If you believe the “polls” are anything but unicorn farts and leprechaun burps, well friend, I’ve got a great investment opportunity for you in some oceanfront property in South Dakota, and Nigerian Prince Harambe just needs your checking account info to get your millions rolling in…

    • JR Wirth – right on. Even if most people ultimately do not care, they have adopted the morality of the system; i.e., Ukraine is the holy land and it is being invaded by barbarian hordes under Putin. Maybe 5 percent of Americans knew anything about Ukraine (besides it is a country) two months ago. Now, 90 percent know. And what they have learned is the morality of the struggle.
      It does not matter whether they support the war or not, well over half now believe Ukraine is good and Russia bad. That’s why that statistic you quote is vastly underrepresenting the real issue you broach. The endless poison being fed is modern, NWO morality, and I would say 85% of Americans now believe it. It was a smashing success.
      As to the source of my statistics, well, I have a job that puts me in regular contact with hundreds of people a day in a deeply Republican area. Since I deal with the same people every day but am a bit of an outsider on this stuff, I can sense when the group morality shifts. I can only speculate that if the morality infiltrated Republican areas so deeply and overwhelmingly, it could only have further saturated Blueville.

    • I’m a high school teacher. My 64 year old female colleague (English teacher) came in on Monday morning and with a wild-eyed look told me every single talking point that the Faux News people had been yammering about. “That Putin; just look in his eyes! He’s gone crazy! I just hope there’s something we can do about this!” She is a smart woman and a fine English teacher, but is also a dyed-in-the-wool Boomer who is literally incapable of thinking outside of her cohort. The “system” of boomer-hood has been very very good to her and her husband.

      I don’t try to red-pill or black-pill my co-workers. It just isn’t worth the effort. I kind of nodded and said a few pleasantries like, “Yeah, that Putin could be trouble”, which is non-committal but still true. I didn’t dare to add, “Yes, I most certainly hope that he IS trouble, and rains down the fire upon Babylon, District of Columbia!”

      At this point the nice people and the woke people can all be written off.

    • “Taking out the City of London would be bonus, too.
      Of course, dozens of innocent lives might be lost.”

    • One of the things that keeps me focused and sane is reminding myself that the real glue that holds the American Empire together is the fact that its core population has been on the receiving end of what is probably the longest running and most intense propaganda campaign in history. The purpose of that campaign was and is to unite an otherwise contentious nation of antagonistic ethnic groups and regions. By holding the “nation” of the US together, the engineers of the empire have held the empire itself together. It matters less what the European masses think for instance because the heart of the machine runs on a US democratic consensus manufactured at great expense where there really should not be much agreement on anything.

      They failed with Covid because it turned out that there actually are still enough regional differences in the way people view risk vs. freedom to create or rather recreate a divide a lot like the one that led to the first Civil War with the South and Mountain West retaining a more “masculine” mentality as opposed to the feminized coasts.

      The consensus forged by decades of propaganda, though, is multidimensional. There is always some way to rotate the American people so that you find an axis where they all line up. The shitlib in NYC, for instance, isn’t really a pacifist, she just wants to kill people to make the world safe for pride parades, CRT in schools, and weed. Putin’s anti-hedonism and pro-religion stances prime her to hate him and his nation to begin with. The Fox news ball scratcher? He still thinks the US is the country it was in 1965 (1945?) He “knows” you can’t trust Rooskies because he’s seen the movies and watches Fox. He “remembers” when Lt. Swayze and his brave platoon of teens battled the Russians to a standstill in WWIII when it was fought in Colorado in 1983. He also remembers Desert Storm and knows that no country is too powerful that sailing a carrier group next to it and bombing for a few days won’t make them do anything we say. This is why he will cheer as the USS Ronald Reagan sails right up the Moscow river and into Putin’s dacha unopposed!

      Americans of all stars and stripes, you see, are united by *some* kind of crazy messianic mythology. You just need to find it and exploit it. Ultimately, at the end of the day (and the end of the world) Major Kong will be riding a yoga ball down from that B-52. Don’t worry though, thanks to Fox Ball Scratcher there in his assault recliner, there will still be a hydrogen bomb inside it.

    • Not to be Pollyana, but 50 percent represents something of a victory. At the outset of the Iraq War, 72 percent total and north of 90 percent of Republicans and conservatives; only 25 percent were opposed. I checked Gallup.
      Granted, the war took place in the semi-aftermath of 9/11, but there was absolutely no proof Saddam had done anything. Furthermore and significantly, there was no social media to manipulate the masses. Think about that.
      Most people are stupid, easily manipulated, and deserve to be vaporized in a nuclear flash, but far less so than in the past.
      That nearly half of the populace doesn’t support a war with Russia or involvement in one accounts for the hysterics we are witnessing. My money is barring a disastrous misstep, in a week or two people will swarm The Big New Thing.
      I agree with Eloi about the acceptance of the morality of their position, but, again, the opposition is double this time and much if not most comes from the people expected to sacrifice their livelihoods and children.

      • EDIT: 72 percent total and north of 90 percent of Republicans and conservatives supported the war;

  17. A revolution in public consciousness is the “worst-case” scenario? I personally am hard pressed to imagine a better outcome.

    PS–I had no idea Ukraine was so important to the supply of Ruffles and Tostitos. Deprive Americans of those staples, and the BLM convulsions will look like a mostly Mozart festival.

    • I’m with you, Ostei.
      “When the axioms of a system begin to crumble, people quickly begin to doubt the system that rests on those axioms. Confidence in the socio-political order was already falling as a result of demographics and mismanagement.”

      We Whites have been under attack for decades. More of us are “doubting” everything, happily.
      The Yellow Brick Road, and it’s man behind the curtain, has led us off the cliff. I’ve got a chute, how about you?

      • Well, I don’t know how much of a chute I have, but I, like all of us here, do have foreknowledge of what’s going on, and to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  18. Nobody ever learns. The Ukes for some reasons haven’t absorbed the lessons of Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan. When the Globalism beast gets bored with this episode, it will move on to feast on the next carcass. Human suffering means nothing to the beast.

    However, we have to be open to the possibility that the Globalism beast is happy to see us all pay a lot more for gas. Gaia is rejoicing. “If you’re not in favor of windmills, solar panels and Teslas now, you’re a Russian stooge.” Meanwhile, some poor kid in the Congo is mining the cobalt for Pelosi’s new Tesla.

  19. As long we end up with a society of workers and producers, instead of one of thieves and consumers, I’ll deal with it. Funny, I bet such a shift would address demographic questions at the same time.

    Brace for pain. It shouldn’t be this way, but most people (myself too often included) don’t make a change until they have to.

    • More than even a crystal ball I wish for a magic button, one push & all the leftists, degenerates, grifters, “leaders” scum and villainy. All dissappear. Lol
      Wish in one hand shit in the other see which one fills faster.
      Lacking unicorn faith we are accelerating our push to get away from urban and nearby military facilities.

  20. I’ve long held that our future American dust-up will create food shortages in the Third world and a severe lack of food aid for Africa. The resulting migration crisis would knock Europe out of the war and insure their non-intervention.

    I didn’t think our enemies would do it themselves by sanctioning the Arabs wheat supply. Europeans better hang on.

    Liberation will be a long hard road. Our only saving grace is our enemy’s incompetence. .

      • This is true, but will the invaders be greeted so warmly if Europeans are facing food shortages themselves? And what about the high price of heating oil? Being cold and hungry leaves people less likely to throw out the welcome mat.

        Sure, the elites love dusky invaders at any time, but they’ve forgotten what it’s like to face a cold and hungry population, especially if that population has been dining on virtual crap sandwiches for a while now.

        • Yes. They will. I think the ability of the average European (or American) to sacrifice themself at the altar of diversity is evinced in events such as the Le Bataclan slaughter, and only serve to prove that they will take the last bit of food out of his/her/they/them’s mouth in order to feed a migrant. If a population can sit there and tolerate foreign invaders after their people are slaughtered and castrated in a temple that is the symbol of their society, they certainly are conditioned to deny the rumbling in their tummy. The most potent poison served to the average person is self-loathing and a denial of survival instinct. Truly, we have triumphed over instinct.

  21. What is hysterically funny is for all the screeching and wailing about nonexistent fascists is these morons forget that the economic collapse of 1929 is the triggering event that rocketed fascism to the fore in Europe, and not only in Italy and Germany. Prior to 1930, Mustache Guy was a minor, fringe weirdo leading a tiny movement. Three years later he was Chancellor.
    By creating an economic crisis through their own arrogance and stupidity, our Lords and Masters are recreating the conditions that made fascism a viable European movement a century ago. This time, even America is not immune to a political revolution, since they’ve recreated those interwar conditions here as they lurch from one disaster to another.

    They’ve sown seeds that might call forth the very movement that they fear the most. It will like Gozer the Gozerian, take a different form, which will disappoint the LARPers.

    • Too bad time moves in a forward direction. Absent any obstacles, we win. Which is why the people in charge crack down so hard on our side of the divide.

      We also lack the WW1 veterans.

    • Say, Rick… I don’t like your avatar. It’s un-American!!😂👍

      Matt Bracken made basically the same point. From the Russian perspective, we are slow imposing a modern day treaty of Versailles on them without having the slightest idea that we are doing so.

      Fools and history and all that…

  22. We’ve been too affluent for too long, and this is now manifest as rapidly declining robustness and an epidemic of obesity never before witnessed on the planet. And as long as the plates keep spinning, the lid will stay on the pressure cooker.

    But what happens when the standard of living crashes due to the economic problems cited in today’s post? A modern people addicted to the Comfort First Imperative will not be able to cope with this change in the same way that prior generations, reared in a largely stoic family history, were able to tighten their belt and roll up their sleeves. There will initially be panic, whining, wailing, and street protests where everyone is well-dressed and recording each other on their cells phones. And then comes real hunger and desperation when the cupboard is bare, the fuel tank is empty, and there is nowhere to run. It will be a rebirth of fitness selection in the form of a melee.

    For those wishing-upon-a-star, election 2022 or 2024 simply cannot fix the core problems that we face. At best, it will foster false hope and slow the veer into the ditch. And at worst, it delays the inevitable reckoning and takes the bottom down to a point where the number of bodies may be uncountable.

    So what to do? The disease cells must go or we die. It really is that simple and existential. When is the best time to do something? When the fog of chaos surrounds us like an invisibility cloak. LEOs do not issue parking tickets during a riot; their priorities are elsewhere. We are way overdue for a cleanse.

    • Remember who kept a level head during the COVID “pandemic” and who didn’t. Those will likely be the people who have “fitness selection” to survive.

      • Well, if it had turned out to have a 50% mortality rate- they might have been the most likely to survive. But yeah, I’ve agree generally with your point.

        • Yeah but it didn’t have a 50% mortality rate. If it did I would have been quarantining too.

          The sheep who freaked out about it were unable to discern media narrative from reality on the ground. Those who are able to tune out Globohomo (for whatever reason, I suspect it’s genetic) are the fit ones.

          • I followed mortality rate closely. I’m good about cutting to the chase because I’m a little simple. It took some time for it to become apparent. China, who doesn’t traditionally put a high price on life, shutting down cities, sorta threw me. Nonetheless, I was the only one not wearing a mask in april of the year zero at my institution where it was required. They are still wearing them and are supposed to be scientists. I despise them almost as much as they despise me. Of course I’m intemperate and call the ladies veiled, and the men superstitious. To their fleshy faces. I’m an asshole admittedly.

    • “A modern people addicted to the Comfort First Imperative will not be able to cope with this change … .”

      You ought to hear Daniel Estulin on this topic.

    • If you’re not on telegram. Get on there. Find white Alexandria library. It had 100s of dissident audiobooks. “Fry the brain” concerns guerrilla sniping tactics. It’s brutally fascinating. Also check out Appalachian hill tribe if you in the region.

        • **

          Careful. It contains dangerous content:)
          * For the hill people

      • I spent my summers as a kid (back in the 50s/60s) at my grandmothers house in Mountain City, Tennessee. In Appalachia, all reality is up-close and personal. Best education I ever got.

    • The young adults today who come from multi-generational wealth are unbelievably soft. I doubt the Gilded Age was even half this bad, and that included a smaller subset of the population. This extends over an entire managerial class doing jobs that are mostly pointless.

      Jared Taylor posted a column about CPAC where he asked 45 random attendees in the hall three questions:
      Is diversity good for America?
      In 20 years, whites are projected to be a minority in America. Will that be a good thing?
      Are the members of all racial groups inherently and on average, equal in intelligence?
      He reports only three of the 45 got a perfect score. He did add that two people said yes to diversity being good, but no to the other questions. These people would repeat “diversity is our strength” until their death. It is insane.

  23. Anyone have thoughts on the whole propaganda push looking back to about 2016 to create the perception that Trump and Putin are aligned really has more to do with Putin than Trump? Putin has a firm grip on Russia and he is the last holdout to the WEF Davos Uniparty Globohomo cabal. Now that they’ve eliminated Trump, they are furiously churning out the propaganda to “eliminate the last holdout of white Christian nationalist male patriarchy!” And if it takes nuclear war, well, so be it. That serves the ends of the depopulationists of the WEF. And isn’t it absolutely fascinating how many on the right have chimed in to parrot the same talking points of the people the absolutely despised before February 22?

    • WEF has people everywhere.

      Tulsi, Ivanka, and Eyepatch Crenshaw are all members.

    • “Putin has a firm grip on Russia and he is the last holdout to the WEF Davos Uniparty Globohomo cabal.”

      There’s also China, Brazil, Belarus/Byelorussia, Poland, and Hungary. North Korea is in a class by itself, but N Korea is not part of Globohomo. There’s a slew of Muslim countries, too.

        • islam isn’t as united as u might think:

          sunnis are globo-homo agents

          shia hate the globo-homo

          then there’s turks who change sides based on their interests

          & afghans who are too backwards to be on anyone’s side, for some weird reason elites are very fond of them, it must be cause they’re particularly disruptive & rapey.

    • I was actually thinking yesterday about the implications of how China is a much more obvious and powerful hostile power blatantly opposed to just about everything the regime claims it stands for yet the propaganda organs are never turned against it. Quite the opposite generally, with the Covid disaster being the exhibit #1 but many more come to mind since at least the Clinton years. We see repeated revelations of evidence of senior officials of the regime with monetary ties to Chinese ‘businesses’ all of which are controlled by PLA generals etc. We see our own government adopting Chinese methods of authoritarian control as well, usually through allowing / encouraging powerful corporations to implement the measures but increasingly direct. It is true the Pacific fleet appears to be engaged in antagonizing China from time to time but that seems to be the extent of any push back. Any public criticisms the regime has for Russia apply doubly to China but it won’t even apply soft pressures like boycotting the olympics etc. Trump made some noises about focusing on the threat and he got a pretty unified push back internally and Covid from China and when it was introduced the regime propaganda organs were mobilized to turn attention away from its source.

      • Remember all that cash we showered on China in exchange for cheap clothing, electronics, and shopping carts full of savings?

        What do you suppose they are spending it on?

      • Another example would be Saudi Arabia. Not a frickin’ peep about open barbarity amidst gleaming skyscrapers.

        I mean, cutting off an old lady’s head with a sword, on the corner where cars are waiting for the streetlight to change?

        What’s next? “Our partner in democracy”?

        • Saudi plows tons of the money we send them for oil into mosques and Islamic movements across Europe and the US.

          Qatar does the same with a lot of the money we send them for natural gas.

    • …if you like imagining 4d chess games imagine a US government thoroughly compromised over many years by Chinese operatives animated by a long-game strategy to undermine the hegemony of the US. Put yourself in the shoes of a Chinese strategist with 2 chief competitors, one of which is your neighbor to the north whose territory is rich in resources you need, the other is fraught through with internal fault-lines like racial animus, feckless, short-sighted and corruptible leadership, influential alien power centers with a native hostility to the majority population and infamous for their grasping acquisitiveness and disloyalty to host countries. Remember that you are the product of a 3000 year old society that has in living memory been willing to and in fact did kill 10s of millions of your own population in pursuit of policy experiments.

  24. As phenomenal as it’s been to remain disconnected from the mainstream fake and gay insanity, it’s been remarkable to connect with others locally. There is much to learn about organizing at the local level as communities.
    A group of friends have connected with local farmers. We are now purchasing meat, eggs and milk directly from them. Not only is it great not to have to walk around Walmart, been incredibly rewarding to get to know others in our community.
    As is often repeated: get out of the cities.

    • If those local farmers aren’t dependent on trucked in corn, soy, fertilizer and poisons that’s best of all. Grass fed beef FTW!

  25. The insane adoption of “every time there is a crisis we have an opportunity to do radical things” by our leaders has made every single thing a g-d crisis.

    Everything isn’t an emergency; most of the worst decisions are made under pressure because of FUD and are just terrible for policy making.

    (The Germans shutting down their nuclear plants after Fukishma was an excellent foreign example…it’s led to a worse “emergency” …. Europe energy instability)

  26. Zman, you have no idea how relieved I am to come back here and see your two postings on Ukraine. I thought the entire world had gone totally bonkers. So much of even the right side of the blogosphere is “standing with Ukraine” and parroting the Globohomo propaganda. I am relieved to discover you have not given in.

      • I cant remember the website but there was this picture of the Ukrainian crest next to the Khazar crest. Identical. Coincidence?

        • Yes! The Ukrainian Crest, identical to the Khazar Tamga.

          Monarchs got to monarchy by being the best /worst gangsters, attracting the best killers to their banner – after their families are deposed, gangsters they remain.

    • I hope you’re not surprised. Never for a moment did I imagine Z would sport a blue and yellow fist as his avatar.

  27. I was pondering last night, in a mostly joking manner, when my globohomo company would have the CEO send an email about Ukraine. I just got it.

    Keep in mind my company has zero dependence on foreign trade, sp there i sliterally no real business reason to send it. I just knew that after two years of covidianism, supporting joggers, and maintaining the 2020 election was the most honest ever, they couldn’t possibly resist this one.

    • “Comrade, you must show your vaccine passport and pledge loyalty to the Mighty Ukraine! Now click your heels and salute!”

      • Well, we must prove that we are not of the hated Moskals by jumping up in the air. Pogoing for Parubyi back in 2014, or nowadays for the latest incarnation of the revanchist Ukrainian fascists.

    • The corporates are conditioning us to accept the idea of mandatory active support as a requirement for participating in their society.

      Eventually this will show up in the social credit system, which will delete tokens from your account if you don’t actively praise the regime daily.

    • You know the film They Live!

      Where all among us live these aliens that look like us, but we can’t see what they really look like and act through constant nudging in the media, in real life and in print to keep us farmed.

      I really need a pair of those sunglasses right now.

  28. ” Far-right candidate Eric Zemmour could end up sounding like a moderate.”

    Let’s hope so. Taboos need to be broken.

    • I’d be happy if I was starting to see some group identity among a certain people.

      Still way too many, “Ah don’ see culluh!” types around.

      • Wild Geese: Stopped to pick up a couple of bottles of Stoli this morning. Cashier was a tatted White woman. When I mentioned I was glad to find they hadn’t poured out their Russian vodka she shook her head, agreed we started all the trouble, but then felt the need to add “We all bleed red.” I said no, we don’t, but left it at that.

  29. This is becoming a dangerous game. The cancel culture is spreading to geo-political levels with private companies self-sanctioning against Russia. Some shipping companies are refusing to do business with Russian companies and some insurers are refusing to insure the shipments anyway.

    Commodity prices are spiking all over the place. Stagflation on the way.

    The big difference, however, between now and the 1970s is debt. The world is awash in debt – both public and private. A slowing economy makes servicing the debt harder. That alone is a major problem. But if you add inflation and rising interest rates (assuming income/gdp/tax receipts don’t keep up) and you have an existential problem.

    Governments, many corporations and many consumers can’t handle higher interest rates, especially in an economic downturn because they won’t be able to service or rollover their debt. This is no joke. Our leaders are pushing us toward a debt crisis of monumental scale.

    • This is an insightful point. For far too long the financial powers that be have been whistling past the graveyard with regards to the world economy (and this is a global problem) ability to service this astronomical level of debt. Despite the machinations of the past twenty years, there is no way that economies can grow through this debt burden and it will have to be addressed either chaotically or forcefully. Either of which outcome will be extremely painful for the world at large. Another good analyst of this debt situation is Laney (or maybe it’s Lacey) Hunt.

    • Think abut how much debt rolls over every day. That system is based on the assumption that interest rates will not change much over the long run. Think about the madness of that assumption.

      • Yep. People (and our leaders) have no clue how reliant our economy is on short-term debt and the ability to roll it over day after day.

        It’s a very fragile system. The fed will backstop it, but there’s nothing behind the fed. We’ll have pulled up our reserves. Better hope it works.

        Either way, it’s trouble. If the economy starts to take, the fed can backstop but rates are already zero. That means fiscal stimulus, which means more inflation.

        Not sure why any leader would put their country in that level of danger.

        • Aren’t the issues in the ovenight repo market that appeared in autumn 2019 indicative of a broken short-term debt market?

          How much worse are those issues now?

          • The Repo market spike back then was the catalyst for me. Not a single media outlet covered it at the time.

          • The fed now has operations to keep repo rates within a band. Basically, the fed has a permanent presence in the repo market. The fed will provide unlimited amount of liquidity or buying.

            But here’s the thing, the world needs price signals. The fed is killing price signals with it’s interventions. That can cause all kinds of problems.

        • > Not sure why any leader would put their country in that level of danger.

          You appear blessed to have never known any narcissistic psychopaths in your personal life.

    • Standard jars of pasta sauce at my local store are now 3.69 at the lowest end, 4.50 is the median and some jars are over $5!

      I swear that this stuff was like a $2.50 purchase at most, $1.99 on sale, etc. Price of pasta has gone up too.

      When pasta and meat sauce are priced as a luxury meal, you know we’re screwed lol. This was always what I made in college because it was so cheap.

      • B125: I watch a lot of youtube videos about food prices/shortages in bemusement, as people complain about not being able to find their favorite flavor of Hamburger Helper, or frozen pizza, or gluten-free this or Little Debbie’s whatever cakes. But costs of what I consider basics – meat, produce, dairy, and grains – have risen significantly and availability varies as well. A name-brand can of corn is ‘on sale’ today at a local store for $1.50. The name-brand large cardboard tube of oatmeal is $4-$5 depending on the store. And anything derived from petroleum (plastic garbage/storage bags, petroleum jelly, storage tubs) is expensive by itself, as well as adding to the packaging cost for various other foods.

        Zman’s excellent essay also noted the effect on chip shortages. My husband brought this up a few days ago after reading about Ukraine providing 70% of the neon gas required for chips. Of course, most of us here are retrogrades who astonishingly don’t feel the need for a ‘smart’ refrigerator or in-house state surveillance, but the lack of new gewgaws for Joe Normal puts increased pressure on the supply of older, less technologically crippled things like vehicles.

        I put off buying booze because we don’t drink much these days, but I truly wonder if I’m going to find any Stolichnaya today and at what price. Shopping is increasingly a scavenger hunt, and I expect it to only get worse.

        • Oh, and I just saw that the cargo ship carrying luxury vehicles that’s been burning in the ocean for many days finally sank. An omen . . .?

          • Felicity Ace Sinks in Atlantic Ocean
            The ship’s manager, MOL Ship Management confirmed that the vessel sank around 9 a.m. local time on Tuesday approximately 220 nautical miles off the Azores Islands.
            +/- $400 mil in Davey Jones locker

        • Get Titos instead that’s what my wife insists . I prefer more pedestrian lower shelf brands myself 5x in the plastic bottles. The cash saved is better spent on beans bullets and bandages.
          After couple drinks I don’t care. It’s a virtue being a cheap date lol.

      • Yes, inflation erases debt – if you can control interest rates. Financial repression relies on running inflation hot and keeping interest rates below inflation.

        If the interest rates rise to match inflation or, heaven forbid, go past inflation, you’re ability to service the debt or rollover the debt disappear.

        Will the bond market accept 2% on a 10-year if they know inflation will be 10% for the next couple of years. No. The fed would have to step in and buy the treasuries.

        But what about corporate bonds. What if they spike to 12% or 13%. Even with higher earnings due to rising prices, can corporations handle those rates? No way. What if we’re in a recession and earnings are flat.

        The idea of using inflation to reduce debt only works if 1) the inflation is high but not too high and 2) you keep real interest rates negative. That’s a very hard thing to do in the best of times, much less during a commodity supply shock.

  30. Why am I having a hard time believing that inflation is in the single digits? Everything in the supermarket is going up by 25-30%. Gas has doubled in the last year. The price of automobiles is through the roof. Not long ago we’d worry about young adults getting into the housing market without an existing home to flip up. Now, the same thing is happening with cars. If you don’t have a trade in, you’re taking out a massive loan to buy your first car (unless you’re smart enough to go with a beater – but most youngins can’t forego the status of a new car).

    It’s hitting everything, too. The price of oil has made plastic storage totes cost a ridiculous amount. For the past several years, a 3# bag of Scott’s Sun and Shade grass seed was around $12. The big box stores just got their spring shipment in and it’s now $20! We’re not at Weimar/Zimbabwe levels, but we’re definitely at the point where purchasing decisions are being made. What will that portend for a consumer-based economy?

    • Hard to believe gas was under $2, I’d never heard of “shrinkflation”, 30 year mortgages were under 3%, and I cringe every time I have to go to the grocery store.

      In just one year!

    • > If you don’t have a trade in, you’re taking out a massive loan to buy your first car (unless you’re smart enough to go with a beater

      Even the “beaters” have nearly doubled in price. Youngins are faced with the choice between taking out a ridiculously-sized loan just to get unreliable transportation, or taking out an even more ridiculously-sized loan to get something that might at least run for most of the years covered by the loan.

      • A couple of days ago a ’67 VW Beetle sold for more than $21K. “. . .the seller notes that the car pulls to the right under braking.” My dad had one back in the day but in coastal NE they just rust out.

  31. The saddest, and most frightening, thing I have ever seen in the United States was that trio of morons on the SOTU podium last night. The world’s only “superpower” is thoroughly fake, gay, and insane. God help us all.

    • You don’t think Bush, Cheney and Denny Hastert was scarier?

      Dumb, insane, and perverted.

      • You don’t think “dumb, insane and perverted” applied to Biden, Harris and Pelosi? Both Harris and Biden can check all three boxes.

      • Indeed.

        But I’ll never forge the total loss of decorum and basic civility demonstrated by that old hag in the Speaker chair who spent the whole time ripping up her advance copy of the speech so she could dramatically tear it up at the end.

        A giant “FU” to half the country.

        These are not sane people. They are not professional elites.

      • Those three were evil for sure, but rational. Last night’s horror show were just plain evil.

      • Well, let’s consider the following:
        Bush, Cheney, and Hastert were considered “serious men” by all, even if they were hated by some. They used their power effectively (if wrongly). They were presiding over the apex of American power. Cheney (and the GOP bosses at the time, including McCain) actually scared people. It took a long time before they were discredited. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and the molesting of four boys.

        Biden, Harris, and Pelosi aren’t taken seriously by anyone who isn’t addicted to the MSM. They are good at throwing tantrums but not much else. Cheney’s stink-eye could kill hundreds at an Iraqi wedding, but Harris can’t intimidate anyone. Biden is a carcass. And Pelosi is on drugs. They are a truly ridiculous trio, but I wouldn’t say scary.

      • Hastert was a homo pederast, but I’d bet money Pelosi has cannibalized a child.

  32. “There is nothing worse than nuclear war.”

    Maybe so, but shutting down the electrical grid is more likely and could be just as deadly.

    • Arguably even more deadly:

      Just imagine America’s big cities once electricity is no longer flowing:
      Toilets aren’t flushing
      Grocery stores are out of food, with no restocks on the way
      Police radios no longer work, and cops are staying home to take care of their own

      The joggers will be pouring out of the cities, invading the White suburbs

      Suddenly, safety comes down to how far you live from a vibrant inner city….

      • Water….it’s all about water in the city. The orcs will be drinking from the gutters. “Class, can anyone spell dysentery?”

        • The population in the city of Rome went from about a half a million to 80,000 in short order when barbarians broke the aqueduct.

    • The grid can be shutdown from the skies too, why bother trying to hack it when Putin can avoid poisoning this very expensive piece of property called North America for decades by simply doing high-altitude airbursts of his nukes. EMPs blanketing the nation and you have returned to the Stone Age for months/years depending on the severity.

      What percentage of people do you know that could survive with no modern conveniences? For me, I can count them on one hand out of the many people I know. Then he just has to wait out the feral apes rampaging across the nation. China and Russian can partition us roughly equally and send in soldiers as the ‘clean up squad’ to deal with stragglers.

      It would be a strategy I would highly consider if I was in his position as waiting a decade or so for the landmass to “cool off” seems counterproductive when they are in desperate need of arable land, temperate zones, etc.

  33. Discontent among the masses will grow but the ability of our rulers to direct that discontent is probably pretty high. The majority being willing to go along with the Covid hysteria over the flu, the majority being willing to get experimental and risky jabs, and the quick shift in opinion among the majority from “who cares about the Ukraine” to “Putin Bad. I stand with the Ukraine” shows that the majority of people don’t want to think through the details and can be lead easily with the right propaganda.

    The trick is how well will they deal with those of us who aren’t believers and what will we do in response. (Yeah, I know that most on the right have a fantasy that they are going to be part of an armed insurrection. However we live in reality not fantasy.)

    • The peak of support for a new distraction comes early. About half the public is buying the Ukraine hype, but it is lower among the typically pro-defense crowd. Biden’s support remains at historic lows. I think Covid is a bad comparison, because people struggle with the science. Until Covid, science was the one institution that retained high trust from the public. A generation of zombie apocalypse movies did not help either.

      • A virus is also scarier to most people. It is the invisible enemy. Even for myself, who never got vaxxed, tested, or followed any distancing rules – I couldn’t help but feeling anxious about the virus sometimes. “What if” is always there when it comes to illness. “What if I am the unlucky %”.

        Evil for them to manipulate us like that which is one reason (among many) that I hate them.

      • plus, the virus is something that could strike anywhere and everywhere. Ukraine doesn’t have to be our problem unless we make it so, and those who do make it so deserve no forgiveness.

  34. to illustrate how deranged and incompetent the ruling claque are, they have started a civil war internally, with half plus of their own population. and, they have now started a war with russia that is going to alienate the eu from the US. at the same time they are handing over control of their own country to the ccp. there is no way the current crop of goobers remains in charge, and might not even remain alive much longer.

  35. The worst case scenario is when the feckless assholes who run things finally destroy the currency. If you want to see what happens when formerly wealthy men come face to face with poverty, stick around. It’s going to be a doozey.

    • In the 1930s the number of Americans who could complete basic tasks to make their lives a little more comfortable was much, much higher than it is now. So many people now have zero skills that don’t involve staring at a screen. That would be one of the ugliest parts of all this. Watching all these people stand around waiting for someone to come fix everything for them.

      • the vast majority of people have no idea where their outside water shutoff is, nor how to shut it off. Sooo, when power goes off and toilets start backing shite up into their houses, I guess we stand with Ukraine huh.

    • Why would a destroyed currency have any effect of (truly) rich people? They are not hoarding cash.

          • An interesting thought exercise, Hun. I’m assuming (yes, I know) that the current wealthy are a mile wide and an inch deep in their hard assets.
            Not to mention they are not likely to have a community around them when things get really hard. Hard to guard it all.

  36. Ah, yes. The dreaded law of unintended consequences, where even the smallest action can create waves not expected. Now, after two+ years of screwing societies and economies with the covid over-reaction lunacy, why not pile on more economic disruption – what could possibly go wrong? It really is just amazing what this (former) country “leadership” of geezers is willing to do to other countries, just to F them up in the name of humanity and democracy. If it’s not bombing the piss out of some third world hell hole, it’s economically strangling a near super power. It’s hard to believe Russia wasn’t expecting something like this, so it’ll be very interesting to see how it all plays out. I just can’t wait to see how high gas prices are headed. Uncertainty reigns supreme – interesting times as they say…

  37. The elites may not actually be wrong about the evil insurrectionists. Don’t know if it’s 50%, but we’re trying.

    • When the elites can no longer afford protection, things will get evil in a hurry.

    • I’m getting all my news filtered through various personalities I like, so I don’t know what the normie is doing about the current newsblast about happening-thing…But if the normie is raising his fist against Putin, and pouring out bottles of Russian Standard, then now is a bad time to be an “insurrectionist”, as he could easily be said to be “in the pocket of the Russians” by the MSM. I think that Freedom Convoy will fizzle out now…

        • I was driving and listening to the two half wits that replaced Rush. It’s painful to listen to their “I hate Russia/love the midget of Ukraine”. I turned to another radio and the motor mouth host, Mark Kay or something, was speaking to a caller who said we need to destroy the mobile crematoriums that the Ruskies are hauling around. It’s distressing every day to see again how stupid much of America is. This could be March of 2003 when the dumbazzes got worked up into supporting our invasion of a foreign country.

          • Exactly right and one of the many reasons I don’t listen to the radio anymore. The last thing I want to hear is some dipshit dj pontificating on serious subjects – just play the music, asshole. And now that Rush is in that big studio in the sky, no more talk radio for me, either.

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