Tsar Alexander’s Revenge

On the surface, Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, which has put the Chinese on a war footing, does not make much sense. Pelosi is an old woman who barely knows where she is most of the time. It is an open secret that she will be retiring at the end of the year, assuming her party does not hold the House. If Washington wanted to communicate something to the Taiwanese leadership outside of official channels, they could do it any number of low profile ways.

The White House has tried to sell this trip as the doings of Pelosi and not connected with administration policy. They told their official organs that the military tried to dissuade her from the trip. On the eve of her landing, word has gone forth that there are contacts between the PLA and the US military to avoid an accident. Presumably, this means the American side is sure that the Chinese will not shoot down her plane or launch a preemptive attack against American assets.

If there is no reason for Pelosi to be visiting Taiwan and the administration was opposed to the trip, then why is she going? The most likely reason is that this is part of a global disruption campaign aimed at Russia and her allies. China has sided with the Russians over Ukraine and the sanctions regime imposed by the West. This trip is payback for not going along with Washington. The message being sent is that there is a cost to taking the side of Russia in this war.

Looked at as part of a pattern, this makes the most sense. Washington has been stirring up trouble in Syria. They have recently instigated conflict between Serbia and the breakaway area called Kosovo. It is suspected that Washington is trying to provoke another war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno- Karabakh region that separates the two countries. This provocation of China is just another part of a global destabilization campaign aimed at Russia.

In this context, Ukraine is not a cause of the war waged against Russia by the Global American Empire, but an extension of it. The effort to build a Ukrainian army that could regain lost territory and perhaps threaten Russia proper was part of a long term plan to break up Russia. The recent effort to color revolution the president of Belarus has been forgotten, but it too was part of this larger mission. The current world crisis is part of a plan to break up Russia and reorder Eurasia.

It sounds a bit farfetched but look back to the start of the war. There was a flurry of stories all based around the idea of breaking up Russia. Here is Bloomberg claiming that the only way to end Russian imperialism is disaggregation. Here is something in a British publication on the same theme. The National Interest really likes the idea of breaking up Russia. The Atlantic had its take on the idea. The rather implausible idea of breaking up Russia is an immensely popular idea in certain circles.

This ongoing hybrid was against Russia now taking center stage does explain why so many senior people were taking bribes from Ukraine. People forget the Trump impeachment show, but all of the witnesses against him had weird names, spoke little English and had connections to high ranking Washington players. It was a puzzle at the time, but looked at in the current context, it makes sense. Trump was impeached because he risked the Ukraine gambit.

This also explains the weird stance toward China. It has been clear for a long time that China poses a serious long term threat to America. Donald Trump ran on this topic and as president tried to get tough with China. On the other hand, official Washington fought him at every turn. Most just assumed that bribery was the issue. High ranking people like Joe Biden had been proudly taking bribes from China. Nancy Pelosi has also been on the take. Now both are trying to provoke China.

This schizophrenic relationship with China makes more sense when seen as a secondary issue for the foreign policy community. They opposed Trump for political and cultural reasons, but they specifically opposed his China policy because it threatened their Russia policy. They do not want a cold war with China as that shifts the focus from their war on Russia. This incident is just an effort to pressure China of Russia, not a long term strategy to confront China.

It may also be time to rethink the crusades against Islam. The general consensus was that was part of a scheme to turn Israel into the regional hegemon. That may have been viewed as a convenient narrative. It is well known that conservative white people have a fetish for Israel. The real prize, however, was Russia. The wars in the Muslim world were about targeting Russian clients. Syria, Iran and Iraq have all had strong relations with Russia going back generations.

This all may sound farfetched but consider that American foreign policy has been controlled by the neoconservatives since the Cold War. It has been a revolving door between neocon think tanks and the State Department. Administrations change, but policy does not change very much. This has come into focus under Biden, who is too infirmed to challenge the system. His administration is crawling with the same people who promoted the wars of the Bush years.

The current crisis may simply be part of a long term strategy by the semi-permanent foreign policy establishment to get revenge on Russia. The Cold War ended thirty years ago, but the desire to get revenge for the assassination of Tsar Alexander II transcends the current age for these people. Neoconservatism, whatever it was, is now a death cult organized around the destruction of Russia. As a result, the Global American Empire exists only as a weapon in that war.

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159 thoughts on “Tsar Alexander’s Revenge

  1. At this point it’s very convenient for the CCP to have an excuse for some sabre rattling and regular 2 minutes hate. Pelosi is doing Xi a solid. All those rubes complaining about the banks and property developers stealing their money will have to forget it now.

  2. Calm down everyone accusing Russians of anti-semitism. Russian people in their majority are not anti-semitic. Some may pay a lip service to antisemitism but this is the extend of it.
    The real antisemitism of Russiam empire and the Soviet Union was always practiced by Ukrainians and Moldovans, the lowest IQ people among whom Jews had a misfortune to live on that part of the globe.
    In 1950s, 60s and 70s the Ukrainian and Moldovan Jewish youths traveled to Russian, especially Siberian, cities to be accepted to colleges, as colleges in Ukraine always rejected them.
    By the way, Alexander II was the second best tsar for the Empire Jews and Putin is the best one yet.
    G-d in his sense of humor moment appointed the genetic Jew Zelensky to preside over the Ukraine’s destruction.

    • Zelensky is proof the universe has a sense of humor. A Jewish comic supporting Nazi-sympathizing Bandera members in a war against Mother Russia at the behest of the neocons. My goodness.

    • Explain how anyone is being anti semitic when you say that the people In question are from the Ukraine?

      Wouldn’t they instead be “anti Ukrainian Jews”? Or am I missing something?

      I guess the argument is if you go back far enough on their family tree that they originally hailed from Semitic lands and peoples?

      Signed, Mr Confused

    • Who here complains that there’s an excess of anti-semitism?

      What we need more of is counter-semitism.

  3. well looks like Xi really is Pooh bear. he huffed and puffed but ibn the event, he did nothing. par for the course for the paper dragon…

    • Pelosi does not strike me as a profile in courage. We are being played. Her life was never anymore in peril than when Hillary had to run from sniper fire in Bosnia. This, an act in a play. Much ado about Nothing? Taming of a Shrew?

      “Life is a tragedy for those who feel, a comedy for those who think”.

      • all we can go by are the very public statements/threats made by china. this can only be considered a huge loss of face for them. if anything, it looked like pelosi and biden set Xi up, and then double crossed him.

  4. Z Man explains Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan as, “The most likely reason is that this is part of a global disruption campaign aimed at Russia and her allies.”

    Why would Pelosi feel such hostility towards Russia? Neither she nor her husband is a “neocon,” so she doesn’t have that inborn ethnical hostility towards Russia.

    Maybe she’s just being ordered or paid to go, but I guess that for her to risk that trip requires that she have some powerful Russian animus within herself. If so, what is the source of that animus?

    My best guess is that, coming from San Fran, she deeply wants to normalize homosexuality and transvestitism, which Putin opposes.

    Any other possible explanations for her hostility towards Russia?

    • Hubris and arrogance, with a big ass heaping helping of personal spite and hatred. Master P, or the Chinese, will not bow to her or roll over like the Vichy Right do domestically, like good little lapdogs, and that infuriates her. I really think it is no more complex than that.

      • Agreed. Why dig deeper? She’s a psychopath facing a psychopath’s worst nightmare: loss of office and power. She wanted one last chance to kiss ass.

    • Her “legacy”.
      She will go down in history as the most powerful Speaker of the House ever .

      ” The Senile Drunken Bitch who destroyed the World”

      One has to admire the ability to field the unmitigated gall required by any Democratic Party Operative to proclaims Democracy!

  5. This makes sense, Despite what tech cheerleaders are telling you the West is running out of cheap resources . Germany for example has had issue with fuel for nearly a century.

    Russia has a lot of resources , more than anywhere outside of Africa but under Putin isn’t content being a gas station masquerading as a country.

    We’ll do anything to get those resources cheap , spend any number of non elite lives but no one is more bloody minded than a Russian. They’ll burn the world before they allow conquest.

    This leaves various sorts of soft warfare, proxy wars and skulduggery which we are seeing now.

    We are I suppose quite lucky it is Putin. A fair number of Russians are ready willing and able to push the button and deploy the canned sunshine. Worse the US much of the “deterrent” may not work. No one can win a nuclear war but we could lose one.

  6. FWIW, “China’s final warning” is a Russian proverb meaning a warning that has no real consequences.

    Nice Wikipedia article about it and it’s origins.

    Cheap theatrics for the warmongering crowd.

    • But the WH was forced to issue a statement yesterday that the US does not support Taiwan independence or any change in the status between these two parts of China…

      • Who cares? Talk is cheap, but what are people actually doing? If lying to the Chinese gives the federal government what it wants, well, it’s just words and words are way cheaper than war.

  7. Demented post-menopausal Pelosi might have some influence in her party in that she appoints committee members and heads and encourages legislative initiatives. Biden doesn’t even do that, being the figurehead for the state and justice department nomenclatura, who make the decisions. It’s little different from the moribund late Soviet regime and the similar current CCP ruling bureaucracy.

    Westerners seem to assume the foreign opposition is under the control of individual tyrants. It’s similar to the sporting media describing a baseball game as being played by the Yankees and Aaron Judge against the Mike Trout Angels. Forty eight other unmentioned guys have a possible say in the outcome.

    The major difference between the US and its Asian rivals is that failed American political figures are allowed to live on in wealthy luxury while Asiatic leaders can look forward to the possibility of internal exile or an early grave.

  8. I expect the Chinese are aware of our weaknesses as well. How could they not be?

    Both Russia and China are watching while we self-destruct. Both of them are strongly resisting the woke idiocy that worships gays and Blacks and “trans people”.

    As economist Michael Hudson points out, the actions of the Biden administration have ended up bringing Russia and China together, and beginning the process of achieving independence from Dollar Diplomacy:


    • They are resisting the BLM and Rainbow Brigade well. However, they are both full in on Covid.

      In the US, and I think Europe, if you’re in on BLM and rainbows then you’re generally a covidian. So, while I appreciate Russia and China for having balls when it comes to their own people and not tolerating deviants, I question their motives with Covid.

      They aren’t us and I can’t be completely sympathetic to them.

    • I am sure there are a lot of calculations furiously sliding up and down the abacusses. One of them, no doubt, is whether to interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying itself. China could do nothing and still win.

  9. Democrats trafficking with our Chinese and Russian “adversaries” is nothing new.

    IIRC, didn’t President Bill Clinton OK the transfer of state-of-the-art computer technology to China? And didn’t SecDef Hillary Clinton facilitate the sales of US uranium mines to a Russian company? Followed by substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation….

    • clinton ok’d the transfer of very critical rocket technology; the kind you need to build ICBMs.

      • The Clintons also transferred important navigation technologies to the Chinese that helped them target those ICBMs as well as enable the creation of their Beidou satellite navigation system.

        On the domestic front of those times, Wal-Mart was wiping out Main Street and sending the profits from shopping carts full of savings straight back to China.

        The Clinton regime really does appear to be the tipping point where the US’ creation of the Chinese monster really got ramped up.

        • “… Clinton regime … tipping point …”

          Clinton carried the ball into the endzone, but GHW Bush led the drive down to the five yard line. Moreover, the rot had to be festering out of sight for many years for such filthy creatures as Bush and Clinton to reach supreme executive power in the first place. Neither acted in a vacuum but were both back by solid institutions staffed with reliably treasonous underlings.

          Clinton may have been the first turd to be noticed slipping over the side of the overflowing toilet bowl of diversity called America, but it was Bush the Elder who clogged it up. Clinton just flushed it a few more times to raise the water level.

  10. Okay so she’s in Taiwan or she’s already been there and left who knows and so far nothing’s happened. But I’m realizing how much Russia has remade the world because prior to the SMO in the Ukraine no one, none of us, believed Russia would do it. I think we all believed that these kind of actions weren’t possible anymore. So right now I’m feeling very disappointed that nothing happened in China but also I know that the world can be remade again.

    • Assuming it isn’t kabuki as some suggest, I don’t see why China would have to respond militarily. That is attacking us at one of our few remaining (although deteriorating) strengths. Our weaknesses are the dollar and inability to withstand the slightest inconvenience. There are any number of ways China can attack the dollar and make us uncomfortable without firinig a single .22 cal. bullet or even a water gun. China has the U.S. by the financial short hairs.

      • Well if z-man is right and this is to spank the Chinese for taking Russia’s side I don’t see how it makes them want to stop

        • I assume Z is implying that Peloony’s visit is the proverbial shot across the bow, although I doubt the Chinks are exactly quaking in their boots because of it.

          • Do you think Pee-lousy’s handlers left her full Depends in Taiwan? Of took them back on ‘zee plain, boz!’

            Asking for a friend. Concerned they have the technology to clone the woman, but in a Super Size, then plant her under Tokyo Bay, to rise and take on Godzilla.

            Like I said, a friend.

      • I think the Chinese have the same problem we have: They just can’t process how abjectly stupid our “leaders” actually are.

        If I were a betting man, I’d put some money on the recent spate of “coronavirus” “lockdowns” in China being exactly the kind of message you suggest: Do what we want, or we will make life extremely uncomfortable for you — you people can’t exist without Amazon Prime, and Amazon Prime doesn’t exist without our stuff.

        The problem is, the idiots over here are too dumb and ideology-addled to grasp it. Being intelligent folks themselves, the Chinese are assuming that our seeming stupidity must be some kind of novel 4D chess strategy, because c’mon man, nobody’s *that* stupid….

        • I guess the Chinese are unaware of the old American proverb: No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

        • I don’t think the Russians have this problem anymore. We used to have genteel ways of communicating with each so complete ignorance of where the other side’s red lines doesn’t cause an unnecessary and unwanted war. You want to get your point across in the least combative (most diplomatic) way possible with people that you are willing to be fight (because they are enemies or competitors) but who you don’t WANT to fight (if you can avoid it). However, this requires the other side not to be idiots.

          ‘Our’ people are simply to stupid (pattern recognition deficient) to be communicated with in anything other than the most crass and blunt manner. Russian Federation diplomacy has imo tried to take as its institutional culture starting point the best traditions of the old Russian Empire rather than the crude ignorant Bolshevik apparatchiks. I think they are angry at having to debase themselves by being rudely threatening in an attempt to communicate red lines with the monumentally (type 2) stupid servants of the GAE. Blinken and Truss and the rest are such trash it is genuinely funny in dark humor kind of way. Collapse is the cure.

          type 1: excess of mutational loading on neural system genomics
          type 2: excess of emotion (arrogance, hatred, fear, etc) that inhibits pattern recognition

      • “Herro Mr. United States! Re are having very tough financshir time. Re need to correct on arr the sovereign US debt re have been holding. You don’t have 1 trillion dorrars? So sorry!”

  11. I don’t see any evidence that the Biden/Pelosi crew are capable of anything above “level one” thinking on the China/Russia stuff. The visit is simple payback for the Chinese helping the Russians.

    Amusingly, the Silicon Valley types pushed hard for outsourcing/offshoring of chip fab and test capability in the 90s and 00s and China’s accession to the WTO. When I first went to SV for business in the late 80s, there were many fabs and test/assembly factories in Silicon Valley!! Now we have to provoke China just to demonstrate the need and logic of having some chip capacity here in the USA, so as to pass the stupid “Chips Act” to insulate ourselves from the inevitable domination of Taiwan by China.

    What a clown show…meanwhile the recent Shumer/Manchin bill raised Federal energy lease royalties (taxes) from 15 to 19% after oil prices skyrocketed. That will encourage drilling, right?

    These people make Trump look like George Washington in comparison.

    • These advanced factories and other infrastructure can’t be made in a couple of weeks. We’re talking years to get manufacturing back in the States, if we’re capable of it at all anymore. If China cuts us off economically from Asia, they could likely break us within a year.

      Their only concern now is whether they will get broken along with us, or face massive military retaliation from us. Still, it’s clear we likely won’t end up on top.

      If China was run by a Great Man of History on par with Putin, it would have already happened, for better or worse.

      • Agreed that it will take years, just as the offshoring process took years. But for sure we’re capable of it. The chip fab equipment (eg Applied Materials, KLA-Tencor) is all US or Dutch-made (ASM Lithography).

        We just lack the will to act in the national, as opposed to the Oligarchy’s, interest.

        • Pelosi’s visit makes zero logical diplomatic sense.

          She’s a superannuated nullity. An apocryphal yesterday’s woman without an ounce of go-forward diplomatic clout.

          Not trying to overthink this, but this doddery old trout’s visiting fireperson junket comes across as very similar to The Grand World Tour taken by Henry Ford II on the eve his shuffling off into retirement.

        • What national interest? What nation? The US has no real business existing as a country at this point and its only held together because of inertia.

      • China can’t get its own people to have kids. No amount of covering up the fact that more than a few young people consider themselves the last generation or 3 child policy will work.

        There is no one who can manage it at this point because despite China being authoritarian, its as divided among factions as we are and what you’d have to do, increase income, decrease housing cost and eliminate the 9-9-6 system will never happen

        Not even a great man can do this

    • “These people make Trump look like George Washington in comparison.”

      The country would have been better off if Washington had accepted the Monarchy he was offered.

  12. the desire to get revenge for the assassination of Tsar Alexander II transcends the current age for these people.

    I thought ((these people)) were the ones who assassinated him?

    • “The Cold War ended thirty years ago, but the desire to get revenge for the assassination of Trotsky transcends the current age for these people.”

      There, corrected it for you.

    • You’re thinking of Nicholas II (the last Tsar.) Alexander II was killed in a bombing in the late 1800s. Fun fact: He was the guy who sold Alaska to the US!

    • Narodnaia Volia (The People’s Will) was the terrorist organization responsible for the assassination. The NV was a radical Leftist group, the sort the Finkels usually support. However, there’s not much evidence that they were significantly overrepresented in the NV’s membership rolls.

  13. “The Cold War ended thirty years ago, but the desire to get revenge for the assassination of Tsar Alexander II transcends the current age for these people.”

    What? No. The people running the west are the relatives of the people who murdered the Tsar.

    • “The Cold War ended thirty years ago, but the desire to get revenge for the assassination of Trotsky transcends the current age for these people.”

      Better ?

      • Yeah, it wasn’t just one thing; Trotsky or anything else alone. It is an ancient ethnic hatred for “how Russia threated its Jews” for centuries.

        The subject came up before the Great War when King Edward VII met with Czar Nicholas aboard the yacht of one of them (the Russians’ yacht I think). Nicholas actually told Edward that he didn’t want to be bothered about “the way Russia treats [her] Jews.”

        It’s “Fiddler on the Roof” stuff: ancient ethnic hatreds. Doesn’t matter how much time has passed. The Russians must be punished for their trespasses against the Chosen People.

        The presence in Russia-Siberia of abundant natural resources helps a bit, too.

        Who are “the Russian [sic] oligarchs,” after all? Who constituted the “Russian Mafia”?

  14. The Russians are thinking the same thing we are. In their minds, only the long term break up of the US. will finally end the Cold War. They know that the U.S. has no culture, there is nothing that holds it together but an overlapping set of corporate interests resting on disintegrating pieces of green paper. It’s the Russians who have spotted the Achilles heel of the U.S. and are therefore the biggest threat. Carefully constructed narratives are all the U.S. has left.

    It’s the Russians that are proposing a commodity basket system to replace the dollar. This would be the foreign policy equivalent of pulling the transmission out of a car. The Russian economy easily, but not without some pain, shook off 20% interest rates needed to stabilize its currency. Try that with the U.S. economy.

    • Ironic, wouldn’t it be, if the U.S.’s efforts to break up Russia result in the breakup of the U.S.

      • It would be far better than ironic, it would be nemesis to those who are our enemies. This is an opportunity.

        But, depending how we worked it, it could be great for whites of our cultural persuasion. Not child’s play, but nothing worth having comes without straining every muscle and nerve. If, presented the opportunity, we fail, then the opprobrium falls to us.

    • The breakup of nations via “color revolutions” is a US specialty.

      What one county can do, another country can do. China’s taking notes: TikTok is insidious on many level (attention span, woke culture, narrative pushing, etc).

      The US is foolish if they don’t think another country(s) are going to run the same gambit here.

      • We had a trial run in 2020. Its why Biden is in office.

        That was the establishment but the next time doesn’t need to be.

        Hell China is wreaking havoc with fentaynl right now and it levers our lust for cheap labor and cheap goods to allow imports of deadly drugs

  15. Somewhat of a side note, though related:
    geopolitical strategist and consultant Peter Zeihan, in his recent book ‘The End of the World Is Just Beginning’, argues that the demographic collapse (birthrate lower than replacement) which has already begun in many developing countries— including China— will spell the end of globalization as we’ve known it for the past 40 years.

    He sees the rise of global trade after WWII— enabled by the American navy’s safeguarding of trade routes, and the demographic patterns of population growth in developing countries— as an historical anomoly, destined to collapse: as demographic changes, (which have already begun) and the decline of America’s ability to police the world, combine to make the globalization which peaked from 1980-2015 impossible to sustain.

    This is certainly a different future than I’ve been imagining. If Zeihan is correct, China’s ambition to become a world power will be stymied by their demographic situation, in which there won’t be enough skilled workers to keep the factories running.

    It’s all above my pay grade; but it’s an interesting line of conjecture.

    Here he is being interviewed by Sam Harris:


    • Bill-

      I think another aspect of China that limits its international potential is its language and to a lesser extent its history.

      I feel those two factors ensure it will never have the immense cultural reach that the US developed, particularly after the rise of Hollywood and the popular music industry in the US.

      • I agree regarding cultural reach. As you point out, Hollywood has already “colonized” most of the world.

        How the world will react to the increasing mandatory wokeness of Hollywood remains to be seen. Will they buy into it? I don’t know.

        On the other side of the equation, China’s leaders have a tremendous advantage in their ability to get things done: they give the order, it happens. Contrast with present-day America, where building a bridge takes 10 years of obtaining permits and conducting environmental studies and fighting lawsuits before construction can even begin.

        The Chinese also seem to have escaped the woke mania that’s captured ruling-class and corporate America. They’re encouraging traditional masculinity and femininity, while our military advertisements feature a proud lesbian.

        From my perspective, they’re getting that part right, while the course we’ve embarked on seems destined to destroy us. Those Hollywood values may sell a lot of movies, but they don’t furnish a blueprint for a sane and prosperous society.

        • have they escaped the woke mania? their women don’t want to get married, as they are earning their own money now. their young males are just as game addicted as ours, etc, etc. i agree they haven’t got the trans and gay mania, and that is something in their favor. but china is struggling much harder to run in place, than we are…

          • As I understand it, the Chinese advertisements for military recruits stress macho (in the good sense) male values. They portray Chinese soldiers as manly warriors, and unashamedly appeal to those virtues when seeking recruits; like we used to do before we came awoke and “realized” how toxic masculinity is.

            Are Chinese women not wanting to marry? I wasn’t aware of that. I know there’s a severe imbalance in the male/female ratio that’s going to prevent many males from finding a wife, and give females an unprecedented degree of choice.

            The Chinese are building a high-speed rail system more sophisticated than anything that exists in America. They’re modernizing their shios and planes and missiles at an unprecedented rate.

            Because they’re an authoritarian dictatorship, they can instantly make decisions regarding infrastructure and policy that would take us months or years.

            How do you see them “struggling much harder to run in place than we are”?

          • “Are Chinese women not wanting to marry? I wasn’t aware of that.” –The term is “leftover women” and is old news, here’s an article from 2013:
            And even if they do get married good luck to their husbands in getting them to squeeze out more than a baby or two.

      • Also – and this is big – Americans are more fun than Chinese. We have “musical” and “creative” and “funny” and “sex crazed” minorities that export our culture. It’s attractive the way a car crash is attractive. Nobody would pay for Chinese culture except the Chinese.

        • Good point. The only non-Chinese who like, or pretend to like, Chinese culture are Dissident Right types who desperately want to believe the Chinese are “based” and pretend to swoon over paintings of Chinese women in wheat fields and other “trad” icons.

          • Anglin seems to be a big fan fwiw.

            Is it a thing with the young set? There was a fetish for supposedly submissive asian women, etc.

            Never got it, personally.

        • Plus every country now has Chinese immigrants running small businesses. Therefore, everyone in the world should be familiar with Chinese superiority at being abrasive. Remember this is a country that had to take Orwellian measures just to stop people from shitting in public garbage cans (still ahead of the Pajeets at least).

      • The Chines don’t care about that. They don’t care about what the non-Han monkey-men think or do. They only want to dominate international trade. They already think they are the Middle Kingdom — i.e., the center of the Earth, as we would say. Westerner’s travel land and sea to set up colonies and invade; the Chinese sit back and collect money.

    • Tend to agree. In a somewhat similar way, many authors argue that the USA basically inherited England’s world empire, somewhere between 1918 and 1945 (choose your date as you like). This is especially so in economic case (world reserve currency).

      As for demographic change, yes, in spades. Look at Whites as a share of world population over a period of many decades. We are shrinking fast. That factor alone portends unhappy futures.

      We can argue about the precise causes and effects, but to a large degree it has been Western money and technology, whether greedy capitalists, or charitable aid whether private or disguised foreign aid, that “benefited” (?) selected parts of the third world. This led to population booms that were (and remain) unsustainable absent a constant input of Western money and resources (food, etc.)

      A good analogy is the “miracle” of irrigation and petrochemical fertilizer and pesticides that “made the desert bloom.” That works very well for places like America’s Southwest, but it’s ultimately unsustainable. Or at the least, requires constant input in water and chemicals to sustain it. If that is curtailed for any reason, massive suffering results. Same analysis for the Third World, alas. 🙁

    • China will be the next century’s financial powerhouse. And the century after that. Whether a world military power or not depends on the very things you have pointed out: Their decades-long pursuit of their one-child policy has had unwished-for consequences.

      • “China will be the next century’s financial powerhouse.”
        –How do you figure? Even with the west stealing all the assets of their enemies they still have a better reputation than the Chinese.

        • The “next century” (and the century after that) = Wimpy offering to pay you for the burger next Tuesday: it will not happen.

          As Mysteerious wrote, the Chinese one child policy has doomed any long term future.

    • China is the only country on the planet that can force its women to have 3 kids each and fix the demographic problem in one generation. They are already starting.

    • “rise of global trade after WWII— as an historical anomaly”.

      He doesn’t know much history ; he might want to read up on pre WW1 international trade.

      • There are cargo shipwrecks in the Indian Ocean periphery older than the oldest written human language. Inter-(national) trade is nothing new, only attempts to control it (and rentseek from it) with planetary conventions.

    • I think Zeihan is right. Fertility in many parts of China is down 40% and its not vaccine related but policy related. Its a slave state/dystopia no one wants to live in.

      When many of your young people call themselves “The last generation” you have serious issues , throw in some Tang Ping (Lying Flat) and some Bai Lan (Let it Rot) and you have no foundation for greatness.

      In order to bootstrap the industrial revolution they worked the population so hard, screwed up the demographic mix and messed up the economy to a degree that you can’t afford kids.

      The birth rate in say Human province is 30-50% lower than the UK which is at an all time low , itself down 20%

  16. Speaking of Tsar Alexander, the touring Broadway production of “Anastasia” features an African in the lead role. Anastasia was a real girl. She was 17 when she was murdered by (((Bolsheviks))).

    Casting an African is not just silly. It’s offensive. By now it’s a cliche, but this begs the question: Can we now cast an African in the role of Anne Frank? And if the answer is no, why not?

    Apparently, some tragic historical figures are more equal than others.

      • “Management were Jews, dude.”
        – Obviously.

        “You don’t have to do the meme crap with this.”
        – Why not? Memes work. Tell a normie that Jews control everything, and they’ll sidle away. Ask a simple question, and it gets them thinking.

        Anastasia and Anne Frank died at similar ages as part of larger world events. Why is one fair game for creative casting while the other is not? It’s a valid question and is met with howling and shrieking by the usual suspects if you dare ask it.

        It’s like the “It’s okay to be white” thing. Making them explain why you’re a bad person for making a perfectly reasonable statement (or asking a perfectly reasonable question) is half the fun.

    • Or better yet, let’s cast a white person to play Harriet Tubman. Or MLK. Or Malcom X.

      • Stop that shit already!

        The recasting of Whites with blacks, interracial couples in every commercial, and the loathing of whitey by the world, simply reinforces the fact that races other than whites, know they are inferior, and it galls them.

        They simply can’t accept that they will never be white; with all of the advantages and characteristics inherent in being white, or being part of the white culture.

        Let that sink in. They’ll try to kill us, and maybe they will succeed. But they will NEVER wake up in the morning, and know that just by getting out of bed, they’ve won.

        I’d be pissed off as well.

        • Maybe whites should start having babies. Places like Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain have virtually given up on having kids. No kids, no future!

    • Yes: we cast Africans in any laudable role. While Whites are relegated to the role of dastardly villains.

      Hey, it’s the “racial reckoning”: we’re making all things right. We now know that Sacred Africans are good, while Whites— many of whom are (gasp!) descendants of slaveowners— are bad.

      After all, what does race matter? Aren’t all races equal in every respect? Isn’t the only reason that there was no Black Democritus or Da Vinci or Beethoven or Newton or Einstein or Musk, due to the existence of racism…. White privilege…. slavery….. colonialism…. ?

      So the only right thing to do is to remake the world, rewrite the history, so that the luminaries of our history ARE Black.

      That way, we Whites can continue to hate ourselves and everything we represent, and renounce our ancestors, yet still continue to celebrate the achievements which made us great….

      • “Hey, it’s the “racial reckoning”: we’re making all things right.”

        But the obvious fact that the way to right a wrong is by doing another wrong is valuable and useful info.

        Don’tcha think?

        • Exactly: solving past discrimination against Blacks by discriminating against Whites and Asians.

    • “By now it’s a cliche, but this begs the question: Can we now cast an African in the role of Anne Frank? And if the answer is no, why not?”

      Because (((they))) run Broadway and Hollywood and always have, that’s why.

      The BBC is doing this very thing with Anne Boleyn. Cast a black chick as Anne Boleyn.

    • This came up on my browser home page at work this morning:


      Our job is to focus on excellence and to build boats for our progeny. We need to figure out first what it means to build boats for our progeny.

      First there was the fantasy of Wakanda. Now there is the fantasy of a re-written history. It is imperative that the first boat is being capable of and teaching our progeny the real history and behaving in ways they are proud to emulate.

      If the GAE is merely a tool of destroying Russia, which I don’t doubt, then why they would incite hatred of 62% of the population and seek to demoralize the core element of the US military is an odd tactic/strategy.

  17. First, China will get it’s pound of flesh over the Pelosi stunt. And that price will not be trivial. They don’t see this as just another sideshow in the neocon war with Russia.

    Second, it is part of a pattern, but not the one you speculate. Several concurrent operations are in play right now, and all will converge later this year. Let me list a few.

    RONA 2.0 will hit the US/Europe as winter weather drives people indoors, and it will be far more deadly this time around, especially for the heavily vaxxed and immuno-compromised.

    Europe will experience a severe winter with no heat, ridiculous fuel prices, depleted food supply, and political upheaval/civil unrest.

    Inflation worldwide will grow into double digits and economies around the world will begin to crash into severe recession.

    There is a real chance (50+%) that the Biden Administration will declare a climate emergence and institute martial law in the US, then suspend the November elections.

    The hardship tsunami will arrive next spring in full force and the Year of Living Dangerously USA edition will get into high gear.

    Get out of the big city now. Shed those extra pounds and get fit. Two months of food on hand, and plenty of ammo. Survive the initial maelstrom.

    Just sayin’.

    • This whole Pelosi thing looks more and more like kabuki theater to benefit the regimes on both sides.

      The Brandon side will probably let China take a couple rocks in the Taiwan Strait as compensation for Pelosi’s stunt.

      US equity markets will skyrocket and volatility will plummet in response.

      • I agree. It is fake. Pelosi is doing nothing without the approval of Joe and his handlers and Joe and his handlers are doing nothing without the approval of the Chinese.

    • No, that’s not going to happen. Doomsday preppers like you have been saying this for decades, possibly generations. Winter will be hard, cold, and expensive this year especially for Europe but your wet dream fantasy of martial law and bugging out to the woods to survive is farcical and comical.

    • Geez Louise, the pessimism on this guy!

      Enough people hate the government that I seriously doubt there will be martial law. I think people are spoiling for a fight actually, and the US govt’s main goal is to reduce civic engagement. Through fake democracy and drugs and a level of creature comforts. The last thing is key. Once the creature comforts go, there is your next Fort Sumter.

      If the US can’t control its own border and can’t win wars against shithole countries I have a hard time believing it can control its own people.

      • “I have a hard time believing it can control its own people.”

        Stay home, wear your mask, take the jab. Be safe.
        Trump bad, Russia, Russia, Russia.

        From my leafy suburban blue hive, control of the masses is a forgone conclusion.

        A psycho liberal mystery meat slaughtered a bunch of liberals in Highland Park at a parade on the 4th of July. Illinois law says that citizens may not legally conceal carry at a parade. Quick: change the law! …to ban scary looking firearms.

    • you and whiskey should get a tag team act going. you should be embarrassed (but aren’t) to post such pie in the sky nonsense; and to post the same thing every fukkin’ article zman puts up. there is no OT on Planet Tom’s Fat Ass…

      • Did 20 miles of mountainbiking singletrack up and over a pass at 10,500 feet during the weekend. What did you do?

        • I think what people are getting at is all the doomsday stuff is old hat.

          Your push for people to get fit and have resources is well intended. The sky is falling stuff does not help that message and drowns it out. A million things would have to go wrong for all that to happen.

          Don’t forget, as odd as it sounds, the country is still somewhat functioning. We get to rolling brown outs, actual looting (not blm stuff), then your fantasies might be around the corner.

          It’s decades off pal, if ever.

          • The general headlines don’t always reflect the local reality. I’ve read all the stuff about fertilizer shortages leading to mass famine, but where I live every field is bursting at the seams and it’s been hard to sleep these last 3 weeks with all the tractors and combine harvesters going through town at all hours of the day and night.

        • i lifted a full grown bull over my head, 100 times. then i wrestled a silverback ape, while wearing a blindfold.

          my actual workout (part of it) involves bodyweight strength training. i do 5 sets of 5 reps for each of 5 exercises; total of 125 reps. i do this 4 times a week for 500 total reps each week. and i don’t need an old gasbag like you telling me how to prepare for anything.

      • I agree that normie is going to keep his fat ass planted on the couch eating Cheetos and drinking beer until reality kicks him in the nuts. Nature intends for that deadweight to become extinct, so no tears from me. And I understand that the young buck cowboys are going to join militias and go toe-to-toe with the jackboots in a macho battle royal when the time comes. And most of the rest will bury their head in the sand or stay on the sidelines waiting for a messiah or miracle. But none of the above, nor any of the endless erudite analysis is going to make a real difference. For that, you will smarter, not harder.

        • I prepped, but it looks to me like it’ll be a winnowing, not shtf. Too many people have already demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice even children to avoid pain.

          I’d guess there will be a collapse of sorts at the end of the winnowing, but it won’t be a big deal for those who will have managed to stay clear up to that point.

          I think it’s already happening, but few see it because it’s not Mad Max out there. Or I could be wrong. Hard to say. It could also be that I didn’t expect a grind, or that I underestimated society’s depravity.

          So I think it’s best to take Tim Leary’s advice, and steel oneself for the grind.

    • Starvation may take those pounds off you so get muscular and decently fit. Don’t worry about the fat.

    • What? You predict food shortage – a plausible predication in my opinion- and recommend peoply to drop those extra pounds?

      Surrving a cold winter with not enough fuel and food is a lot easier with extra pounds than without them.

  18. It’s hard to imagine that Biden himself has a coherent foreign policy plan; or Pelosi either, for that matter. She may be going to Taiwan simply to catch a bit more of the limelight before she fades away. Narcissism seems as good an explanation as any.

    One way of understanding/explaining neocon foreign policy, is that rule # 1 is: *We always need an enemy*. The Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned about only profits if there’s a war or three going on, cold or hot. It almost doesn’t matter who it is: Vietnam, Russia, radical Islam, Iran, or China; they all will all do. The important point is that we’re under existential threat from nefarious foreigners.

    After 9/11, the threat of radical Islam was used as an excuse to pass the so-called ‘Patriot Act’, which allowed authorities to abrogate our Constitutional rights in the name of “national security”. The secret FISA Court the FBI went to (with what turned out to be bogus information) to obtain permission to tap the phones of Trump campaign officials, was a creation of the Patriot Act.

    During the Covid debacle, “public health emergency” replaced “national security” as the magic words which, when invoked, justified unprecedented Gov’t intrusion into our lives. Waiting in the wings are the “Russian threat”, “the Chinese threat”, “the Iran threat”, and “the North Korean threat”, all of which can be invoked to deprive the American people of more tax dollars and more of our liberties. It doesn’t matter what the threat is, as long as there’s one to point to.

    And yeah: the more destabilized things get, the more opportunity/”reason” for the Gov’t to step in and save us. Whether it’s “the threat of Covid” or “the threat of a nuclear Iran” hardly matters. The point is to keep the dollars flowing, and continue growing Gov’t power.

    • Pelosi like the other bitter neocons are especially good at holding a grudge. Personally I think it’s no more complicated than one-upping Gingrich.

    • “The important point is that we’re under existential threat from nefarious foreigners.”

      Well, buddy, you can say THAT again! And they are living right now the street! Whole damn country’s slap eat up with ’em, God damn!

  19. Glad you commented on this stunt. My take is that the U.S. has become an economic satrap of the new Belt and Road, under Chinese hegemony, and, a few years hence, will be ripe for demographic colonization, America’s natural resources currently being preserved for pan-Asian exploitation.

    Tucker was fussing last nite about the Chinese threat to blow Nancy’s plane out of the sky, but my guess is that the deal, behind the scenes, is to permit Big Tech, via this prank, to assure its supply of microprocessors and other Taiwanese necessities as Taiwan prepares for a Hong Kong-like reabsorption into the “mother country.” That is, the CCP is cool with if not keen on Nancy’s trip.

    Speaking of Israel, Israel’s foreign policy since the 1970 war — that’s more than fifty years! — has been consistent: to make nice with Russia in the hope that Russia might try to soft pedal any ambitions the Iranian leadership may have to resurrect the ghosts of Darius and Xerxes and the glories of ancient Persia. Recall that the major gripe Bibi’s opposition has always had has been his inclination to piss off the ayatollahs.

    • One possible off-ramp I can see is that the CCP lets Pelosi land, but she makes public statements that disavow any support for Taiwanese independence and essentially recognize the South China Sea as a Chinese lake.

    • “Speaking of Israel, Israel’s foreign policy since the 1970 war — that’s more than fifty years! — has been consistent: to make nice with Russia…”


      Is this the JIDF agent who was assigned to replace Whiskey?

    • My only quibble with your comment is the characterization of “Belt and Road” as it’s a typical third-world infrastructure graft project; it’s like in the U.S. where we build a stadium in the ghetto in the hopes that it will magically transform it into a peaceful urban utopia. The Chinese will spend the rest of their days chasing down debtors in an effort to get them to pay for neglected infrastructure that is falling apart.

  20. This links to a theory that I have. Basically, the neocons – who run our foreign policy – and just the tribe in general are having a very hard time pivoting away from their and our traditional foreign policy focus of Europe and Russia toward Asia.

    They run into a couple of problems with Asia.

    First, they have no (or very little) history in the area. Fiddler on the Roof isn’t set in Jiangsu province. The neocons love nothing more than holding a grudge (no matter how small the sleight) and getting revenge. But even they can’t conjure up some Chinese pogrom or even, their great grandparents not getting into some Chinese country club.

    If anything, it’s the Chinese who hold a grudge against them. The Chinese are very aware of who profited from the opium trade. Sassoon is not an Anglo-Saxon or Norman name.

    Second, the Chinese have never let any westerners take any control over the commanding heights of their society. The Chinese will do business with anyone, but the Chinese keep tight control over their banking, media and academia.

    The Japanese are the same way. Despite being a part of the West since WWII, look at who runs their banks, media companies and universities. The Japanese will not let foreigners of any stripe get into their system.

    The tribe is a very talented bunch, but they need to work from the inside of a society. (Insert parasite comment here.) If you don’t let them in (insert devil comment here), they don’t have much ability to harm you. (This is why the Chinese are so focused on getting out from under the thumb of the dollar system.)

    So, even though China is the big and growing threat and Russia is no threat, the neocons continue to focus on Russia. Sure, they give lip service to China, but where do they focus their attention: Russia.

    The reasons are simple. First, the neocons personally care about Russia. They don’t really care about China. Second, they can’t run their usual playbook in China, so they’re not sure what to do with it.

    • Hmmmmmmm.

      There’s a viral going round of Nancy gabbling and babbling incoherently and the only explanation is that she’s drunk, or senile. Biden does the same thing.

      The stuff you guys are talking about would be fine and make sense…were it not for all the old geezers running around that are also involved. Then there’s the clowns. Then the incompetent. For these schemes to work and run the way you guys say they are…? I cannot see these morons pulling it off. Then you have to remember the chinks and Russians and Ukes have their own games in play, with their own morons, clowns and buffoons.

      Not saying you’re wrong… but I get the sense that we are trying to impose some kind of artificial order on a chit storm, and trying see coherent patterns in huge random flocks of dirty, squawking and chitting sea gulls…

      • LOL


        My go to name for the yellow folk is “nine iron”.

        Thank you Glen for the chuckle.

      • I don’t think that the neocons are playing 4D chess. I’m just saying that they don’t care that much personally about China, nor have they figured out how to exploit it for their people’s benefit.

    • I thought the tribe was embedded in China, although not on the scale as in the west. Didn’t Mou have a cadre of Jewish advisors?

      • He had (((Soviet))) advisors, yes. But the xenophobia of the Chinese – which was much higher then – blocked the USSR from doing any real infiltration. East Asians have a way of adopting western things and then running away and doing their own thing with it.

      • There’s always the wild rumors about Jewish control in China. “Mao was Jewish” and things like that.

        Again, look at Japan. It is influenced by Western culture and their elites are often educated here, but the Japanese maintain control over their society. They do not let others gain any real power. China is the same way.

        People often ascribe almost magical powers to the tribe. It’s just not true. Again, they’re a talented bunch, but they need the right conditions to thrive.

        Ignoring them and keeping them out of your system completely disarms them. They thrive on interaction. It’s why we need to build parallel communities. The Japanese and Chinese show the way.

        • The problem with blaming the Jews for the kinds of problems the West has , particularly the collapsing birthrate and antiwhite defeneracy, is that many of these same problems are also happening in places with no real Jewish presence to speak of. Like Japan. Or all these mystical Ninjews that are supposedly running around China. To the extent the JQ has any real meaning its basically just an excuse for whites to blame everyone else but themselves for their problems. I’ve been in dissident circles for a long long time and in no time at all have I ever seen the Jew enthusiasts ever accomplish anything nor do much useful.

          • It’s a balancing act. Jews have definitely caused a lot of problems in the West and, generally, have enormous control over our government, culture and banking.

            Heck, just look at Biden’s cabinet or the top political donors.

            To deny the role that Jews played and continue to play in where we are today is stupid.

            But some people in the DR get obsessed by the tribe, even to the point of anointing them with nearly magical powers. That’s just as bad as the people who claim that Jews have little power.

            The tribe are a talented – is slightly insane – people who naturally work together to promote their tribe. They don’t need to meet in a secret lair to map out their plans. They just need to have very similar ideas about what helps their people. They also have a similar outlook on culture, which is natural since culture follows biology.

            We don’t need to obsess over the Jews, just as we don’t need to deny their role. They do what they think is best for their people.

            If we did the same, we’d be fine. But we can’t stick our heads in the sand about the fact that Jews will try and stop us.

            The irony of Jews has always been that as talented as they are in many ways, we don’t need them, but they definitely need us. It’s why they won’t let go without a fight.

    • There’s actually a pretty interesting book written by a Westerner from the UK who learned to speak perfect Japanese and wound up working in a Japanese corporation. Best he could do was low-level management.

      However, there are a couple high-level exceptions where Westerners made it to the top in Japan, most notably the CEOs of Nissan and Sony. I suppose it could be argued those corporations have been more globalist than Japanese for quite some time.

        • Yes, that is the book.

          Blue Eyed Salaryman: From world traveller to lifer at Mitsubishi:


          I remember the Olympus scandal because of the impact on their camera business. I think their medical imaging division was strong enough to carry them through that episode.

      • Yeah, the Japs may let some foreigner be the CEO of a big company, but he can always be replaced.

        The Japs are not going to let their domestic financing be controlled by a foreigner. Same is true with the media and academia.

        Banking/lending, media, education and political donations/organizations. Those are the commanding heights. The Japanese and Chinese will not allow foreigners to control those.

        We let another people take control of all of those things and look at us. The Asians learned that lesson.

    • “But even they can’t conjure up some Chinese pogrom or even, their great grandparents not getting into some Chinese country club.”

      This book, published around 1975, explains (very briefly) that China is the only country in the world ever to have assimilated the Jaws.

      And judging by how they are handling those ___gers, I don’t expect the Tribe to give the Han much trouble.

      Hard to get these days. Alibris doesn’t have it at all. Amazon has it, but for the price you’d expect of such a work:


    • Last year the PRC began running Israel’s largest port (Haifa)
      on a 25 year lease after the US explicitly asked Israel not to allow it (the 6th Fleet was docked there.) Ledes like “Israel and China have ramped up efforts to increase economic and military cooperation, causing serious concerns in Washington” are common. https://tinyurl.com/2w6cn9js https://tinyurl.com/ybbkc32a Follow the money.

  21. The people in Washington D.C. have an exceedingly overinflated view of their general power. After the U.S.S.R collapsed, American NGOs were able to operate at will destabilizing any country they wanted, and the ones they couldn’t get into were handles by American military might. They had complete moral and political hegemony over the world.

    Now nations are waking up to the NGO color revolution scam, American moral hegemony is in stark decline, and our military is still very powerful but is started to get matched by nations who get far more bang for their buck.

    As for the Taiwan thing, for now, it’s probably simply Pelosi wanting some attention before she goes off into the sunset, and China posturing and making threats to try and save face. The problem with poking foreign adversary too many times, is the escalations in order to keep face can quickly get out of control. Now China is provoked, and America is desperate for a show of military prowess after the Afghanistan rout, especially now with the Ukrainian proxy war collapsing.

    • Yep. I’m not sure how many people realize that America’s days as The World’s Policeman are effectively over.

      It worked for the decades following WWII, as we were the only survivjng economic and military power. Things have changed at this point, though: we can no longer afford to keep doing it. Nor is today’s world as welcoming to our presence.

      And while our elite military units may still be world-class, the quality of our rank-and-file military seems destined to rapidly decline. The competence, marksmanship, adaptiveness under pressure, and resiliency of the American GI in WWII that historian Stephen Ambrose noted in his book ‘Citizen Soldier’ will likely not apply to a military staffed by “trans people” and angry women of color.

  22. I am having a lot of trouble believing that Pelosi and Biden crime families would do anything counter the wishes of the Red Chinese. They are so far in the Chinese pockets, and in the case of the Bidens at least, they have so much dirt on them that it is unimaginable.
    Maybe I cooking up my own conspiracy here, but I just don’t believe it. This trip and the recent tech bill may be used as the excuse to move chip manufacturing out of Taiwan before it’s trashed in an invasion.

    • Yeah. I sorta feel the same. But the US has been crossing Russian red lines expecting nothing to happen maybe this is the same? But if they are planning “pearl harbor moment” which a lot of people are speculating about, I think they will be sorely disappointed. Can’t unify the Balkans.

    • Maybe Pelosi’s trip is to smuggle key chipmaking technology, information, and personnel out of Taiwan.

      This is assuming the US-China relationship is schizophrenic, and the US regime isn’t totally in the bag for China.

    • The old days of politicians getting bought and staying bought, Cosa Nostra style, doesn’t operate at the level of hubris and real, formal power that the office of President and Speaker of the House carry, especially in the minds of lifetime political remoras like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Yes, they gladly took CCP money, from shady bagmen and low level flunkies, but they are the President and the Speaker, and they don’t take orders from slanty eyed Chinamen! They have Power with a capitol P, and while they had to play the game when they are grubbing for money, they think they call the shots now, because they control the government of the most powerful military in the world. Joe can order up airstikes anywhere he wants, and Tough Guy Joe doesn’t back down from Corn Pop or Xi, and he doesn’t care that they paid him off, because H’e President of the United States, the closest thing to King of the World, and Nancy is his right hand. So, no, there is no way in Hell that they will meekly do what their financial backers want, because they are drunk on the power of their office, the office they have schemed, lied, backstabbed and clawed for their entire lives, and at the end of a long long life, they will use it to the utmost, consequences be damned.

      • Sorry PR. I basically repeated your post below. We are thinking along parallel lines, perhaps.

    • Those mutts have money coming in from everywhere, Maxda. And it comes in volumes that can get them in real trouble very, very quickly. Everyone has to pay to play.

      The big problem for the world right now is that American power brokers can be bought… but they don’t stay bought. Deceit and betrayal are ways of life in Washington… and that in turn sets the stage for vendetta, blood feuds and war.

      Nancy Pelosi is a senile, geriatric gin slut. There is nothing she can do in Taiwan that will affect the Chinese one way or another. There is absolutely no reason for America to provoke the Chinese. Could it be that we are so conditioned by the mendacity of Washington that we see patterns, conspiracy and motives where there are none?

      Think about it. If money and power were at work here, there’d be no war in the ‘Kraine. The power players would sit down with Vlad, hammer out a deal and life would go on. We cannot possibly go to war with China; they cannot afford a war with us. Yet here we are.

      Could these things be the toll paid for having your foreign policies handled by geriatrics, sexual degenerates and incompetent vibrants?

      • “Could it be that we are so conditioned by the mendacity of Washington that we see patterns, conspiracy and motives where there are none?”

        “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” (Prov. 28″1)

    • The Chinese are not the only entities that are proficient in bribing/extorting U.S. politicians. Have you studied who has been funding the neocons?

      • I’ve said for years the river of foreign money in DC is the US’ #1 problem.

        I’m not happy my contention seems accurate.

  23. Washington DC – at least the capital hill area is a beautiful place with great architecture. Unfortunately it’s been fatally infested with lunatics hell bent on getting their way in the world no matter the human or planetary cost. It’s high time that several square miles of real estate be dealt with once and for all. The American flag – once a symbol of freedom and pride – means nothing until those who are currently dragging humanity to the edge of the abyss are gone. Z, I hope your departure plans are well advanced and soon to be coming to fruition.

  24. “Syria, Iran and Iraq have all had strong relations with Russia going back generations.”

    Syria and Iraq as the Ba’athist parties in both countries were trained and equipped by the Soviets. Iran, no. After the 1953 coup that got rid of the elected president, Mossadeq,and re-installed the US puppet, Reza Pahlavi as shah, Iran was a US “ally” for the next 26 years. In recent years Russia and Iran have developed a modus vivendi because of the hostility of the USA to both.

    “This has come into focus under Biden, who is too infirm to challenge the system.”

    His obvious senility and carrot-like vegetative status is beside the point. Even when he was in his prime and a “stupid gasbag” (as you so appropriately described him last year), he never challenged the status quo. He has always been a pliant instrument to those who really call the shots in the USA. I suppose the difference between a vegetable and a competent president is that the latter can mediate and choose among the different power centers in the USA so as to present a unified voice to the rest of the world. This is obviously not the case with this carrot of a president.

    • The guy who led the American portion of the CIA/MI6 operation to overthrow Mossadeq was none other than Kermit Roosevelt, Jr., grandson of Teddy. I honestly thought for the longest time he was the offspring of the warmongering cripple of the same namesake. The US government didn’t formally recognize its own involvement in that coup until 2013, which again, I’ll be honest that one surprised me again excuse that was one of the worst kept secrets on espionage history.

      • Never met a Kermit in real life.

        It’s one of those names only Americans are blessed with.

    • Algeria is a Soviet/Russian client state to keep an eye on.

      All their major military aircraft, vehicles, and sir defenses are Russian.

      They are a major gas supplier to Spain, Italy, and Morocco.

      They are deeply unhappy that Morocco is cozying up to Israel and has won major concessions on the Western Sahara, which has major mineral and fishery resources.

      The Algerians are unhappy with the GAE for taking Morocco’s side in these disputes, as well as for encouraging the Saudis to cozy up to Israel.

      Both Blinken and Lavrov have recently visited Algiers to try and keep them onside.

      Interesting times.

  25. Post-Communist Russia is not a threat in any way to any vital, or even significant, US interest. If there is any motive behind behind the current “Hate Russia” campaign besides ethnic revenge and paranoia, I can’t see it…

    • ” Post-Communist Russia WAS not a threat in any way to any vital, or even significant, US interest ” …….. Now the US and Europe are waaay past that point, are considered ‘ non agreement capable ‘ and are seen by the Russian government and people as that crackhead waving the pistol around during the blockparty.

    • Only rational reason I can think of is post-soviet Russia/Ukraine were major (and in many cases the only) sources for human trafficking of white children/women. Putin largely put a stop to that in Russia, but the practice continued in Ukraine. There is a reason Russia banned the adoption of Russian children by American “parents”.

    • Current Russia wants cultural autonomy and a fair price for its resources. GAE wants political control and cheap resources.

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