Official Madness

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If you were around in the 1980’s and old enough to pay attention to the news, you remember the debate about the news media. One side, the conservatives, complained about the media bias against them. The other side, the liberals, dismissed the claim as something like a conspiracy theory. For its part, the media spent time trying to prove they were not biased at all. They would point to the one conservative story in the back pages as proof they were giving both sides equal treatment.

The funny part about that debate is everyone was right. The conservatives were right in that self-described conservatives outnumbered self-described liberals two-to-one, but the media was almost entirely liberal. The liberals were right in that it was not some sort of conspiracy to silence conservatives. The media simply reflected the opinions of the people who were in the media and politics. The media was being generous to conservatives, given that everyone they knew was a liberal.

Fast forward to the present and the media is insane. Right now, they are claiming a Mexican immigrant, who shot up a Texas mall, is a white supremacist. Here is the Washington Post version of this whopper. Here is Rolling Stone. Here is the Daily Bleat hyperventilating over it. Of course, the volunteer army of regime toadies is uncritically posting this on social media. The thing missing from all of these stories is a picture of the shooter, Mauricio Garcia.

Of course, by the time they get around to showing a picture of the shooter, someone will have doctored the photo to make him look like a German. The previous Texas spree killer, also a migrant from Mexico, was whitewashed so he could look the part, but the real photo was soon on the internet. The media did the same trick with the Uvalde, Texas shooter last year, then they edited their own news articles when the fraud was detected, but by that point it was too late.

Texas seems to be having a problem with migrants going on killing sprees and not just the mass shooting variety. Over the weekend a migrant drove into a group of migrants, killing eight and wounding ten. This does not get the same attention as the Texas mall shooter, because we are supposed to think it is perfectly normal for illegal immigrants to drive cars into pedestrians. Sadly, it is becoming normal as the country is being invaded by tens of millions of migrants right now.

The regime media telling us that brown people are now the face of white supremacy is just the next click of the ratchet in terms of media perfidy. Over the last year they told us the Russians bombed their own pipelines and the Azov battalion, festooned with Nazi iconography, are freedom fighters. Before that they told us the unvaccinated people cause vaccinated people to get Covid. Before that, they said Russians used mind control to alter the 2016 election results.

In other words, there is a pattern here. The lies from the regime have become more common, but also more outlandish. The crossdresser who shot up a Christian school was characterized as the victim. Imagine what it must be like to sit in a room with an editor who is explaining how the narrative position on the school shooter will be that the little kids she murdered are to be ignored, while the shooter is the victim. Imagine that being the new normal in the media because it is.

Lost in the mounting vulgarity is the question at the center of that old debate from forty years ago regarding media bias. Back then, people in the media could not see their own bias because from their perspective, there was no bias. Everyone they knew agreed that the media was playing it fair. If anything, the media was being too generous to those horrible conservatives. We are seeing the same thing about the grotesque dishonesty in the regime media today.

The reason the crew of eight people responsible for that Washington Post story are willing to post nonsense about the brown guy being a white supremacist is everyone they know thinks this is obviously true. When the FBI guy told them on the sly that the shooter was their primary bogeyman, they had no reason to question it. Normal people would have laughed themselves silly, but not Post writers. For them, it was confirmation of everything they know to be true.

Forty years ago, media bias was simply the result of media culture. What had been a working-class profession came to be dominated by credentialed professionals from the same upper-middle-class backgrounds. Media bias reflected the class of people who working in the media. The paranoia and penchant for wild conspiracies involving fictional bogeymen we are seeing in the regime media today also reflects the culture of the people in media. They really believe this stuff.

In fact, it reflects the managerial elite as a whole. These crackpot tales about Mexican white supremacists are not intended to sway the public. They do not care about the public, so they do not care about public opinion. They do care about opinion in the increasingly isolated elite circles. You can be sure that all of the flunkies, seat warmers and coat holders in Washington read that Post story and believed it. They believe because their bosses believe and everyone they know believes it.

That is probably the hardest thing for normal people to accept. Forty years ago, conservatives were sure they could talk their liberal friends in the media out of their obvious bias. Forty years on, normal people still think the media must know what they are doing is madness. They have to know it is fake. The truth is, they think these nutty conspiracy theories and outlandish whoppers are real. Our ruling class is as nuts as they appear to be, maybe even worse.

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200 thoughts on “Official Madness

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  2. I was just a normie who wanted low taxes back in 2016. Because of my vote, I was called a white supremacist by the media… then i started to warm up to the idea. Maybe something similar will happen to the white hispanics.

  3. TV is just Plato’s cave wall. Nothing new under the sun. This is not madness, but deliberate destruction.

    • In the 20th century, we have much to be thankful for. Televison’s resolution quadruped (HDTV). We went from, in the famous words of Pink Floyd, “thirteen channels of shit on my TV to choose from” to hundreds, maybe thousands (if one counts streaming options). Quality? Remains elusive.

      The Cave anology is quite apt with certain changes: in most casess today’s viewers are prisoners of their own volition. It’s just too much trouble to listen to that lunatic talking about some upper world.

  4. Z, you must be playing naive here.

    Have you not heard of Edward Bernays? The media and advertising messaging is deliberate and *always* has been; there’s not innocent mistake or misunderstanding here. Not ever.

    • And based on his tattoo, the shooter was a cartel gangster..,.,Didn’t mention that, did they?!

    • At upper levels, sometimes for sure. Let me tell you though, as someone the lives deep in the hive and went to elite northeast schools, these “journalists” do believe these things. Even when the upper level people know what they’re doing, they execute that by simply hiring true believers and the knowing it will work itself out.

  5. We are seeing the problem with not voting. Election fraud aside, Trump could have been put back into office with a bigger turnout. A difference of 100k voters of the battleground states would have made the difference. No need to say what a piece of trash Trump is. He would have not let Title 42 expire, He would not have allowed 5 to 6 million over the last two years. You can not vote all you want but the demographic swamp replacing us couldn’t give less of a crap about all that. They are here. They are the new citizens. They will vote. They will vote for 2 things – to take your shit and to bring even more of their type in.

    • Trump had the biggest turnout of any R ever, and that cannot be chalked up merely to increasing population, which population barely did either from 2016 or from 2008 for that matter. Turnout was not his problem.

    • It’s increasingly apparent you cannot fox these people. It is completely lost on them that had Trump voters quadrupled, they would have simply printed more ballots to cover the difference. This undying belief in the system is exactly why the country has collapsed.

      This post is literally the epitome of retards who want to “voooot harder!”. It is unbearable.

    • “A difference of 100k voters of the battleground states would have made the difference”

      The only difference it would make is the in the number of fraudulent votes.

      There’s a reason they occur so late.

    • I think, frendo, what we are seeing is the problem with voting. Not the problem with. It voting. You get me?

  6. Re: Mauricio Garcia. Yesterday there were discussions on multiple sites about the tattoo on his left hand and gang affiliations. Today they’re gone and his left hand has been cropped out of all the photos I’ve seen. That’s just weird.

    • I believe it was confirmed that it was a Dallas city logo. With the photos I saw that seemed the case. The supposed gang tattoo design is very similar but his marking seemed more similar to the Dallas city logo.
      Anyway not an usual “reppin my city” tattoo for a gentleman like that to have.

      • Gang members often use city emblem tatoos these days in lieu of the more conspicuous gang emblems.

      • That’s probably true. So why the censorship? The guy’s dead. He’s never going to trial. The other thing that got memory-holed was the claim that the FBI were speaking to his family through an interpreter. Now that means nothing in and of itself. 40 million Mexican citizens (1/3 of their pop) live/work in the US. The US has been the world’s pressure valve since the mid 19th century. Currently Latin America gets to export their poverty and crime to El Norte, while their regimes are propped up by foreign aid and remittances. It’s a lose/lose proposition for the US, and it’s about to get worse.

  7. I’m going to have to disagree with Z on this. Not tryna flex on ya but I’ve been friends with boat loads of professionals journalists over the decades. That includes at the publications you link but from around the country.

    They’re like politicians: as quick as you breath, they’ll lie or change the story on you. They’re also astonishingly stupid and importantly, only read each other’s writing. They can’t understand data and only accept each other as sources.

    So if to prove a point you print up official stats from say the Fed’s website, they won’t even look it. It may as well be fake if it runs contrary to the narrative. This is the entirety of their worldview.

    Also, 1980s not 1980’s.

        • Wait – beer drinkers cannot write well?
          Luber is right, but he wrote it without tact. Luber’s post has several errors (no comma before “importantly” and “not” nor after “ya” or after “so”). Come on – be amiable.
          A beer drinker

          • Oh yeah, sniffing your own fcuking fartz and grammer czeching like this = path to our own Nurembeer rallies.

            Son, we are one our wqy!

            And, uh, how many years retired on my fucking dime, Mr. Schoolteacher??

          • I am in my 30s, genuis. Simply pointing out a nasty hypocrite. And I advocate for complete pessimism, not activism, Mr. Cuck.

  8. I do not think for one minute that Alejandro Mayorkas believes any of this. I do not believe for one minute that the first post-American triumvirate of Clinton-BushII-Obama believe this for a minute. They intend to stuff post-America full of immigrants from all over the world. They rule, and they know exactly what they are doing.

    Their voters and policy supporters, are the audience of the propaganda. The people in that audience are imbeciles and/or true believers. The rulers on the other hand, want those hordes of tens of millions pouring in.

  9. When it comes to our politics, Sundance reminds us:

    “both the DNC and RNC are private corporations with no affiliation to government.

    two distinct private corporations, … that feed from the same (public-private) corporate trough” 

  10. One question for you, Dissidents: why should you care? Most of you turned them off over 5 years ago – and they have the ratings, lay-offs and closures to show for it.

    We can learn from the Chinese. They laugh at Americans getting spun up by the mass media because the difference between their mainstream media and ours is that theirs are honest about being state-run mouthpieces. Ours still try to put on airs of objectivity and professionalism…. but their content is now so bad, even the lefties are bailing out on them. They don’t want to listen to stupid outlandish lies either.

    I no longer care what they say or do… I get my info from the blogs, Blab, and the better news aggragators. Why would I bother with the blatherings of ethnic derelicts and elderly greasy boomers? In this day and age I don’t have to put up with it. They’ll mostly be dead or unemployed soon, and that fills my cold hard heart with sunshine.

    • Good question, Glen. I suspect the interest is there because the propaganda is intended to marginalize and eventually eliminate us. But, yes, the propaganda organs are less and less relevant.

    • One is forced to care because their decisions directly (and extremely negatively) impact your life, so burying your head in the sand is not a solution. That being said, ignoring their propaganda except to identify the directions they plan to target their enemies/the masses is I think the right approach.

      • When they ask why their property taxes went up 10% in one year and discover their community must now hire dozens of translators and ELL teachers as well as provide food shelter and medical care for the “recently arrived,” with no end in sight they may begin to care.

        • When they begin to care… rest assured that people will start getting shot in the face. I think it our Esteemed Blog Host once did a lecture where he pointed out historical snippets where the leadership got so bad – Americans started throwing bombs at them.
          We are closing in on similar times again. These guys won’t stop – they can’t, obviously. The dementia and lunacy goes right to the top and until those guys are made an example of… things will continue to degrade.

        • RoBG: Wish I was wrong, but no – they won’t care even then. There are many communities across the US already like that, but the people just swallow it and ask for more.

    • Like it or not, regime media still matters. I refer you to J6 and the war in Ukraine. Not to mention a certain mask wearing crusade not long ago. I avoid them because my life is better without them, and because I don’t volunteer to be lied to, but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter.

      • Hmmmmmm. Yes, it matters in that regard… but they are only reaching the true believer demographic. Anyone with a pulse at this point knows they are lying. The only people I see taking them seriously at this point are the geriatrics and the zealots.

        The mass media could dry up and blow away… and those people will still be driven to lunacy by their favourite pozzed sites like the ones Z listed above.

        The internet so far has only been used effectively by one side in this culture war. What happens if WE start using it when things go kinetic? Hell… the Boogaloonians and the Preppers are already stocked up and underground with the chair firmly against the wall. The Feebs can’t touch them and all they can do is round up goofs like the Proud Boys.

        Interesting times are ahead.

  11. It is not a matter of whether they necessarily believe the propaganda they generate and promote. What matters is that they support the goal and endpoint, which is White cultural and physical genocide. Lies and defamations, which also are pushed by government agents as you indicated, are merely tools to achieve the objective, the end of a race and culture and civilization.

    Truth is irrelevant here.

    While it does not matter, I tend to think many or even most do not believe the propaganda per se but share the same objective. Society is moving past the propagandists at least around the edges, though, so expect the speed and volume of the lies to increase as the Regime and its messengers feel things slipping away from them–whether they actually are or not. A wounded beast, whether physically or mentally, is the most dangerous.

    • Yes, this is completely right. Z has a blind spot about that and tends to interpret everything as a swarm behavior or true belief. They are true believers about the goals, not about the means. And the end always justifies the means.

      They think diversity is the ultimate good but not that Mauricio Garcia is white. They are positive they are on the side of angels, on the right side of history and, of course, on the side of their own interest (that comfy job that demands allegiance to the cause).

      Lying and doing all kind of unethical stuff is justified if it helps to progress towards that diverse paradise on Earth and gives them a fat check. Lying about Mauricio Garcia being white is completely justified. Wouldn’t you want that racists use this story to stop immigration, would you?

  12. I don’t really know what to say. Elite madness all around. Full court press for open borders across the whole West.

    Canada is letting in over 1 million “legal” “immigrants” per year.

    The US is now looking to achieve the same thing, but instead of doing it legally they will simply arrange for tens of millions of illegals to flood in from the south.

    Germany and Australia have new plans in place to increase immigration even further. “Legally”.

    Hard to escape bad elites. Landmasses that are currently known as ‘Canada’, ‘America’, ‘Germany’, etc. clearly no longer exist in any meaningful sense. Trump was right – if you have no borders you have no country.

    What do they want? What comes next? Hard to say although there are a variety of theories, which range from hostile intent to ignorance to insanity.

    • The effect if not the outright goal is genocide whether or not they can articulate it or even can understand it.

    • What has happened with ICE, Border Patrol etc. is really remarkable. When ordered by their superiors to violate the law and enable and expedite the flow of illegal aliens into the country, you never heard a peep of protest out of them. They became willing accomplices, immediately. And you know how hard it is to fire a federal employee. It’s not as if they had that to fear.

      • Jeffrey Zoar: Majority of ICE and Border Patrol employees are non-White, non-heritage Americans themselves. They don’t care.

        • Back in 2011, I bought land within 90 miles of the border in Southern Arizona, and, in less than one month, I was set-upon by the US CBP. I am a law-abiding, tax-paying American citizen.

          Ponder this: during the course of my average daily errands, I was serially stopped, followed – sometimes tail-gated – for miles, and one “officer” pulled his gun on me. For no expressed reason, or legal justification.

          Back in 2016 I read that a fellow was gunned down by local agents on the Bisbee/Sierra Vista strip of highway. Some blurb about him resisting arrest followed, but, after what I’d seen on the ground in my new digs, I immediately doubted the story.

          I had a suspicious break-in – suspicious because the perps were so darned conspicuous about it – on my new lot soon after I bought. They struck in broad daylight, while I was only a hundred feet from my home – so close that my dog pointed them out to me while they walked lazily to cross over my cattle-fence onto the neighbor’s land.

          I would have let it go if all they’d taken was some groceries. But they stole my phone, with my customers’ numbers and personal information. So I contacted local police to file a report and to allow them to track my phone, in the event that they might want to, I don’t know, actually investigate the perps.

          This led nowhere. And, in the ensuing months, the CBP only picked up the tempo of its vehicular harassment of me – which culminated in being pulled over and having a gun pointed at me (this was the first time in my life of international travel that I’ve been threatened like that!). That, and not incidentally, Obama won reelection soon after, and the Buffet Foundation bought a brand new Aerospatiale helicopter for the county’s use (doesn’t Bell make ‘copters anymore?).

          So, imagine my distress, when I discovered nearly 10 years later in 2020, that our border is a f_cking mess, the CBP doesn’t prosecute basic immigration law, and instead has been turned to litigate domestic squabbles between citizens in-country, as one of many Federal proxies, instead.

          And then ask me again why I think our country is scrod.

      • Don’t know if it applies given I have no actual idea about those agencies, but given they are law enforcement you are looking most likely for two words why they did absolute dick about it: “Muh” & “Pension”

  13. None of this is new; official media organs have always been owned and completely controlled by the ruling class. Here’s John Swinton, the editor of the (at the time) hugely influential New York Sun, commenting on this in 1883:

    “There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same — his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an “Independent Press”! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

    • Also David Rockefeller states in his memoirs, “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

  14. If 9/11 had occurred in 2022 rather than 2001, the pilots of the four airliners would have been portrayed by the propaganda wing as white supremacists, and the event would have been used to justify intensifying the crackdown on normal white people. We all know this to be true.

    • As the planes crashed into the buildings, the were pilots were heard to scream: Allahu Whitey…

  15. Nobody ever heard of Reagan Derangement Syndrome. Or Bush Derangement Syndrome with respect to the elder one. But the most recent two R presidents were each inspirations for this so called Derangement (perhaps Nixon was too, even though it was never so named).

    What this suggests is that the more modern “leftist” (for lack of a more succinct descriptor) is unable to accept it when his “side” is out of power, and becomes deranged. Which includes upwards of 90% of the regime media.

    So he must deceive to prevent the loss of power, and the derangement. Moreover, the 21st century “journalist” is motivated primarily by activism. He is a “change maker,” steeped in the holy mission of progressivism, which he is there in the media to advance. If some lies must be told to advance Change, that’s not even worth a second thought.

    • What you say about the activism of journalists goes equally for professors, CEOs, film directors, and high-ranking politicians. In all of these cases, the actual job has been subjugated to the goal of ideological conquest. These people are Stokley Carmichaels and Abbie Hoffmans masquerading as scholars, businessmen, and artists, etc.

      • The problem is the University. Once they captured the University, they capture the culture: they made activists out of journalists, teachers, judges, media professionals, corporate managers, etc. They get them young, when they are idealistic and prone to peer pressure and convince them that their goal in life is to advance progressivism. Then you end up with generation of mindless progressive zombies. A tide that can’t be resisted.

  16. While I generally agree that the regime mostly doesn’t care about public opinion, there are still plenty of useful idiots among the rabble who buy the lies hook, line, and sinker. I’d estimate that 20 to 30% of the public believe the BS and that has value for the regime. For one thing, a small fraction of those can be counted on to turn up at protests to heckle normal people and to act as the shock troops for the regime.

  17. I was around in the 1980s closely following the news. The big difference between then and today is that the “liberals” were actually “liberal” in the classical sense — i.e., they believed in rooting out government corruption, they believed in the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, and the Eighth Amendment.

    Differences between liberals and conservatives were about policy, not ideology. Consequently you could actually debate them. Liberals would cite Jefferson and Madison as the basis for their views. Even MLK cited Jefferson — a slaveowner — in “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Liberals respected the heritage of the Confederacy even if they believed that it was the wrong side. Liberals claimed to be, and often were, on the side of working-class whites. Liberals were opposed to illegal immigration because they knew it would undermine the wages and job security of unionized blue-collar workers. Even Clinton spoke out against illegal immigration quite forcefully in the 1990s. A blue-collar liberal like Mike Royko, who saw plenty of government corruption close up and personal in Chicago, would have been aghast at what is going on today. The closest analogues we have today are guys like Chris Hedges and Jimmy Dore and they are hardly “mainstream journalists.”

    A guy like Sam Donaldson was a biased liberal, but he would have freaked out at the idea of censoring journalists, or the FBI and CIA spying on political candidates. Donaldson might have been Reagan’s nemesis, but he would have considered it unthinkable for the Manhattan DA to arrest Reagan on 34 bogus felony counts, or to have his Reagan’s NSA adviser, his lawyer, and his political adviser all arrested. Ditto for David Brinkley and John Chancellor and all those guys.

    Liberals of the 1980s thought homosexuality should be tolerated and not punished, but even they thought it was abnormal and would have been aghast at Drag Queen Story Hour. Liberals of the 1980s thought blacks wanted equality so they could be just like whites and live in picket-fence suburbs. They would have been horrified at the urban gangsta culture that celebrates violence and deviance and black dysfunction. Even Tipper Gore spoke out against gangsta rap.

    Today’s “liberals” are not liberal at all, they are Cultural Bolsheviks who want to take white, traditional, Christian, small-town America down into the basement and shoot the entire family including the children and the dog just like they did to Tsar Nicholas.

    • That’s just what they could get away with then. They were always traitorous shit-heads; they just seemed a little more respectable then.

      • No, I don’t think so. “Liberals” back then — like Mondale, Carter, Dukakis, etc. and even before that going back to Adlai Stevenson — were basically New Dealers. Reagan, a former Democrat, was basically a New Dealer himself. These people were not wild-eyed radicals but firmly part of the Establishment. Liberals of the 1970s and 1980s were anti-Communist, they knew damn well that there was no free speech or due process in Communist countries. They would get pissed off when the U.S. would support right-wing juntas that suppressed journalists and threw political prisoners in prison. Liberals of the 1970s and 1980s would actually defend the right of “Nazis” to speak, like in Skokie, Ill., even if they thought it was abhorrent.

        Today’s Left are the heirs to the radical Sixties Counterculture, heirs to the Black Panthers, the Weathermen, the SDS, and so on. They think they are actually justified in flouting the process and the rules of the system because they think the system is completely illegitimate. (Which is interesting, because they are the ones controlling it). The believe that identity politics of race, class, and gender (and sexual orientation) completely supersede the courts, the legislatures, the Constitution, and the entire history of the U.S. Like the Maoists, they believe that the facts and the process are entirely dependent upon one’s political identity.

        Remember that the Weathermen were willing to bomb government facilities, and the Black Panthers were willing to kill cops and judges. Today’s elites project this same willingness onto so-called “neo-Nazi white supremacists” that are almost entirely a figment of their imagination.

      • Agreed. I respect Xman very much, but I think he gives the Lefties to much credit here.

        • Well, I was there. I KNEW 1980s “liberals.” I could never figure out whether my favorite undergrad professor (straight out of the 1950s, he was old in the 1980s) was an Adlai Stevenson Democrat or an Earl Warren Republican. Probably the latter, as his scholarship was on Herbert Hoover, but frankly it didn’t make much difference either way.

          Recall that some of the biggest liberals of the 1960s-1970s were Republicans — Warren, Blackmun, George Romney, Ford, Nelson Rockefeller. I am not giving them any “credit” by saying that they were establishment figures who were not in favor of giving a four-year-olds rainbow-colored dildoes while dressed in drag or arresting former presidents.

          Recall that George McGovern, the “liberal” Democratic candidate in 1972, was a genuine war hero/bomber pilot from — gasp! — SOUTH DAKOTA.

          Say what you will about him but he wasn’t pushing for illegal immigration, reparations for Negroes, gay marriage, or ripping down statures of General Lee, and he considered himself a patriotic American veteran.

          • “he wasn’t pushing for illegal immigration, reparations for Negroes, gay marriage, or ripping down statures of General Lee, and he considered himself a patriotic American veteran.”

            The time for these causes had not come yet. If he lived in our time, he would support these topics. The liberal say as he is told by his masters.

          • imnobody is correct. Transport all those Leftists from the 80s you grudgingly admire to the present and they would be completely onboard with every item of lunacy. MLK himself, would have conducted St. George immolations and he would most assuredly be stumping for so-called reparations.

  18. I’m not sure I buy this. If they really had drunk their own Kool Aid, they wouldn’t feel a need to use deceptive language.

    So when a journalist writes “died with Corona”, it’s not because he can’t speak English; he’s perfectly aware that he’s gaslighting his readers, that he’s colporting fake news and banking on the talmudic “with” to provide plausible deniability when he’s put before the Truth- and Reconciliation Tribunal.

    Same with the white supremacist Mexicans: if they really believed in their own yarn, they wouldn’t bother to whiteface the photos of the shooter.

    • I think there has to be a spectrum based on intelligence. The really dumb ones believe all of it. The really smart ones are either dedicated Marxists or repeating the lies for their own gain.

    • But Trump! is a big motivator for them to deceive. If they don’t lie, then we might get the Trump again. And nothing terrifies them more than that. I’m not 100% sure why he has this effect on them, what is so fearsome about him, but he does and to them, he is. Of course they were dishonest and crazy before Trump, but not as. He really sent them over the moon.

      • It’s not Trump that terrifies them, they’re terrified by the rapturous tidal wave of white voters who (mistakenly) thought Trump was about white identity politics. As Trump said: “They’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in their way.”

        They thought they had the new millennium locked in, that they had buckbroken the last white Americans but suddenly people are out there in the millions openly doing engaging in subversive activities like singing the national anthem, waving the flag, laughing and being joyful.

        • Trump’s “they’re not sending their best” statement from the 2016 campaign regarding immigration really freaked out the left and their universal egalitarian beliefs.

        • It’s still Trump that scares them as he’s their rallying point. So the question is, why? Because he’s a “bull in a China shop”.

          I believe Trump is the first President that was *not* a politician prior to office. Yes, there were attempts to gain the office by political neophytes before, but Trump made it in. No one really knew what Trump was going to do in office or how to control him. Heck, I remember conservative pundits stating categorically Trump was a NY Liberal and would never follow up on his promises—say on abortion or immigration.

          Their (establishment) fear was—with some basis—that Trump does not, will not, play by the “rules”. I believe we (and they) began to see that in the first few months after election and then in his early Presidency.

          For example, Chris Christy was in charge of Presidential appointment recommendations. When CC was selecting from the “old boy, insider school” candidate list he was challenged and Trump replaced him. Bad sign for the “uniparty”.

          Then Trump began to beg off the daily security agency briefings—declaring them boring and repetitive and not necessary. Bad sign for the intelligence agencies who wished unimpeded sway in what the President thought about international/world affairs.

          Next Comey met with Trump to pull off the old J Edgar Hoover blackmail ploy with Trump by showing him the Russian Dossier. Trump told him it was bullshit, but probably didn’t signal the appropriate fear/compliance signals to Comey. Another bad sign.

          We can go on, but the point is made. Trump wasn’t playing ball, or signaling his willingness to go along to get along, with the establishment and that meant he had to go. Whether Trump was “successful” in his initiatives is beside the point. The point was that his initiatives were his and the people’s—not the establishment.

          Trump’s supporters get this, where perhaps few in this group do. To his base, success or failure of Trump means less than their belief that he’s the first politician in a long time to actually fight on their side rather than drop them after election.

          BTW, this is also an important root of his opposition on the Left. They have always been willing to “work with” a Rep President who seems always to be willing to retain the Left’s prior political gains and accede to more such gains in return for a few crumbs—like tax breaks for crony capitalists and such.

          • I don’t know what the Chris Christy-story is about but his cabinet was stuffed with neocons and you-know-who. My impression is that he wasn’t a bad president but he didn’t do much for white people either.

            I must admit that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a pretty convincing spectacle, but I think the libs are projecting their hate for his Deplorable voters onto Trump himself, cargo cult-style.

            Trump is not an impressive or dangerous person – he can be a pretty good troll at times but he posts a lot of cringe too. Imagine what Tucker Carlson could do with the presidential twitter account.

    • I disagree. Imagine you are in a heated argument with your wife. Wouldn’t you lie to justify your position in a truly heated argument? Further, though in the moment you may recognize your lying, doesn’t the commitment to the argument supersede your conscience, and even your consciousness of your deception?
      I am not saying this is literally you – just the virulence of their commitment and their perception of their deception.

      • But I’d still know I were lying, so I would need to use casuistry to get my way, and it would be apparent to an attentive bystander that I didn’t actually believe what I said.

        • That’s my point (the last few words). For the briefest of moments, yes, there is probably awareness. But then it is showed right down and out of mind.

          • It’s in their mind long enough for them to type in “died with corona” – again and again and again.

            That’s not a mistake, that’s deliberate, systematic deception. They want plausible deniability: “Oh, no your honor! I told no lie! I never claimed six million people died of corona, I always said that they died while being infected.”

      • Nope, the mass formation psychosis is a real thing; they actually do believe the horse shit, and that is what makes it impossible to adduce evidence and argumentation to talk them down off of the curtains.

        The very fact of our articulation and advocacy of a different worldview sends them into a spittle-spewing frenzy. Their sense of self, such as it is, is challenged by this, and it imperils their certitude concerning their Weltanshauung. They define these things in a dialectical, inherently situational manner, always in opposition to, always subject to change, and never really in any kind of settled way for anything; verities of tradition or religion being voiced as the counterpoise to the flux of the ever changing “latest thing” to which they subscribe enrage them.

        • The great unwashed DO believe the horse $#@! (or are complicit).

          Trump is literally Hitler. Fauci saved us all with the “lockdowns”, masks, jabs, boosters. Saint Floyd was murdered by bloodthirsty white police. Printing money makes everyone rich. Carbon dioxide will kill us all. Diversity is a strength.
          Electric cars/ windmills/ solar panels / recycling make economic sense. White people are the problem…

        • Yes, the useful idiots believe it but the professors and the journalists?

          Again: if they believed it, why would they feel the need to lie? If they thought that shooter was really a white supremacist, they’d go on about Spain and Cortez and Pizarro and the Inquisition and genocide in the Spanish Main. Instead they whiteface the shooter and try to make people think he’s American.)

          Devon Tracey just had a week of free videos, including his monthly mass shootings roundup. 90% of the perpetrators are black – you think the journalists don’t know that?

          • While I actually agree with you, whether or not the propagandists believe their lunacy or not is irrelevant. They share the same goal, which is White cultural and physical genocide and anything that advances that goal is supported.

          • While I actually agree with you,

            Ditto-ish, except I don’t think the crazies are the ones calling the shots. My initial objection was to Z-man’s last paragraph:

            Forty years on, normal people still think the media must know what they are doing is madness. They have to know it is fake. The truth is, they think these nutty conspiracy theories and outlandish whoppers are real. Our ruling class is as nuts as they appear to be, maybe even worse.

            I think that’s dangerously wrong. These people are not crazy, they’re evil and they are very good at what they do.

          • Ditto-ish here as well. They are quite dangerous and it is unwise to dismiss that, but their efficacy has slipped lately because many lack impulse control. I will concede that it simply may be that they have accelerated their pace of late so more mistakes will be made more quickly.

            Still, they have always exhibited impulsiveness to the point of recklessness. It has been a brake albeit a small one. The lies are increasingly undisciplined, to cite one example.

          • The particular useful idiots to whom they address their falsehoods have little to no historical knowledge, so it would be as if these professors and journalists suddenly had lapsed into speaking Chinese; they would be tuned out. It is ever so much better for these sorts to yammer about some “current thing” devoid of information othar than to tell their audience who to hate. That works with these pinheads who have been sedulously cultivated to only heed the clarion call of the “current thing”.

            So, yeah, in a way they are lieing, but that is what the left always does, because it works.

          • Consider the possibility that both Zman’s last paragraph and you detractors may be correct: I fail to see why a person or a group cannot be both batshit crazy and highly intelligent. (I’ve known a few.) Of course the former quality minimizes the probability of rational behavior.

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  20. “Forty years on, normal people still think the media must know what they are doing is madness. They have to know it is fake.”

    The problem is explained by the old Freudian concept of “projection”, only this time it’s Conservative projection onto Leftists of Conservative understanding/interpretation of reality. Joe Normie persistently assumes the Leftist he is “debating” views and interprets observable reality, more or less as he does. Therefore there is a basis for argument leading to persuasion and finally conversion. Nothing is further from the truth.

    Joe Normie needs to spend some time observing patients in a psychiatric facility to better understand the Left. Arguing with a Leftist is like trying to explain *color* to a blind man.

  21. The common denominator is all of this chaotic violence is that random innocents pay the price of current policies that turn a blind eye at open borders and play catch & release with common criminals while persecuting patriotic citizens that still try to preserve sanity (see the Marine that restrained a psycho on a train as an example).

    The status quo in the US is that lots on innocents must die from random violence, but Dan Bongino will come to your house and personally beat you up if you so much as mildly grouse about his “non-violence at any cost” mantra. And what is the end result of this surrender campaign? Infinite dead innocents and the beat goes on.

    Now imagine a world in which the root of the problem felt the brunt of this violence personally? The same way that antibodies neutralize pathogens in the body. No dead innocents, just remedy. Do you think that that might just possibly be a better outcome for all?

    Post collapse, a lot of pent up anger is going to be focused on the root of the problem, and a belated “sorry bro” is not going to cut it.

    • I think the contributing cause is the polarization of society into two classes, “victim” and “oppressor”. Of course, one is morally obliged to resist his oppressor. This allows/inclines those of low intellect, violent proclivity, and mental imbalance to strike out at typical citizens going about their lawful business. That the victims had little or nothing to do with the aggressor’s perceived victimhood means nothing to such a disordered mind. They are part of the oppressors. Part of the “system” that oppresses. Therefore fair game.

      • I’ve gotten to where I basically just don’t like to go out and interact with people in my neighborhood anymore. The basic reason is that there’s what you might call a “plurality of abnormality” here. When you add the large number of hobos, the foreign weirdos gibbering in their native languages, the gays, the petty criminals, the potheads and addicts, the purple hairs, and the outright insane, there’s a majority of people here that a normal, intelligent heterosexual isn’t going to want anything to do with.

        It’s not that these people like each other either of course. Most of them probably feel that I’m a particularly “oppressive” part of the system because of my ethnic status but they’ll happily victimize each other too. This is the way the rulers want it. This is what “our democracy” is supposed to look like. The perfect war of all against all. The Republic of Hobbes. They want every place to be a brutal parody of that stupid statue-poem: Give me your stupid, your violent, your degenerate lowlifes yearning to bust a cap…

      • Being against ‘oppression’ is the moral imperative that allows the devout progressive to ignore reality and any counter arguments. They will not hear any opposition to the current thing including from old liberals, past or present, such as RFK, Jr. Old liberals must constantly update their progressive credentials or be cast out of the group.

  22. It’s a secular cult, like Heaven’s Gate. The termination point of their craziness would be to openly advocate for a nuclear war to “save democracy.” If we see them all walking around in the same pair of Nikes we’ll know it’s close. Since most of them are irreligious we can’t expect any type of base morality from them. They’re different at the core.

    • ‘It’s a secular cult, like Heaven’s Gate.’

      An eschatological secular cult, yes. Not a novel cult however, but the oldest cult on the planet, with new hairstyle and bling.

      They have no ‘base morality’ because God is not in them. Doesn’t wanna be or never was, I’m sure I don’t know. But I do know He ain’t there. Has to do with their acceptance and embrace of lies, is my guess.

      Something must fill the void inside, and that something is the Woke-Fem Politburo, Identity Politics, etc. Explains why in my personal experience the daily lives of these persons often are consumed by politics and ideology.

      It’s Affinity Groups, it’s rallies, it’s Solidarity Night, it’s protests and demonstrations, on and on. Truly, for them, the personal and political are one. That means fanaticism.

    • Have they not done this (advocate nuclear war to save ‘democracy’)? Our ‘leaders’ are currently fighting and killing Russians in Ukraine (and refusing negotiations) to make the world safe for their ‘rules based international order.’ Notice that this is the opposite position they took in declining to oppose the Soviet Union.

  23. getting back to what i was talking about yesterday. Is it possible that a lot of the twentieth century was a mirage? The showbiz days of Gordon MacRae, Gene Kelly, Dick Haymes etc – what if it was run by the same weirdos that run things now and we just didn’t know it then?

    It reminds me a little bit of the astronaut meme where it’s like “always has been”. Or the scene in Breaking Bad where Hank says “it was you. All along it was you.”

    • I hate to say it but I’ve come to believe a lot of history from the 1900s forward is probably fabricated. To what extent I don’t know and I don’t go around talking about it too much (or else people look at you like you’re out of your gourd).

    • I am in a phase of relearning 20th century history. Based on the dishonesty of the media and official record for current and recent events, one can only assume the same for our taught perception of history.
      To that end, currently reading Pat’s “The Unnecessary War”.
      My feeling is the deceit is much more ubiquitous than I even care to guess.
      Going down the Jolly West/CIA rabbit hole as well.

      • were the people in charge then as psychopathic as the Fink/Yellen cabal or were they more harder to connect the dots on?

      • Read Stephen Kinzer’s ‘Poisoner-in-Chief,’ about Sidney Gottlieb, head of the MK Ultra program. Truly monstrous what they did, including to children, in academic institutions and black sites in the US, Canada, Japan, Europe. And we only know what they overlooked destroying, per order of Richard Helms.

  24. Not only is the entire narrative a lie, but everything is framed in such away as to appeal solely to emotion and ignore or blur the facts. The Allen ‘victims’ thus far include an Indian who popped over 2 years ago to work for another Indian and a Korean couple and their son. If they or the shooter had stayed in their own countries where they belong, none of this would have happened. Either way, not my people, not my problem.

    • With respect, that’s pretty damn harsh. Many of us here have issues with the immigration system, which has effectively eliminated the border, but these people did not deserve to be murdered in cold blood. Even if you have no compassion for them, comments like that are best kept to yourself, as they do nothing good for our side.

      • Guest: The truth tends to be ‘harsh.’ Nowhere did I suggest they ‘deserved’ to be murdered – but I did correctly note that had they not decided it was their right to live in what used to be a White nation, they would have remained safe among their own people.

        If this truth upsets you so, I suggest you are perhaps not suited for the coming conflict.

        • I continue to wonder: are these “immigrants” of the same stock as the plucky bunch that arrived here back in the 18th, 19th and early 20th Century? You know, the ones who left their homes with no guaranties of anything but a chance to work and better their lives free of governmental oppression. Or are they more in the mold of our current bunch of whining, self-entitled losers, who, despite generations spent in this country have failed to take advantage of its freedoms, or having taken those freedoms for granted, now want nothing more than to eliminate them in favor of an all-encompassing paternalistic government? Either way, I fervently wish they would simply stay put and work to make their natal lands better.

          • I used to have a lot of contact with first and second gen South/Central American groups (up until three years ago). Here’s my breakdown:
            First generation (parents and kids): Work hard, respectful, decent.
            They still use the system (e.g. off the books income and foodstamps). Go to a grocery store and see how the booze is paid with cash, the food paid with EBT.
            Second generation: Awful.

          • Hey Steve,
            Every Venezuelan immigrant that crosses into the US puts a chill up the Democrats’ spines.

            Assassins have been instrumental in turning regimes many times in human history. Only .0001 % of our Venezuelan ‘guests’ need to be Sicarios. And it is the Democrat Left that took the most money from – and made the most promises to – the Chavez regime in the ‘oughts.

            So they have the most to fear. What the Clinton gang didn’t get is, it’s not smart to take foreign money from infamous ‘players,’ on the sly, for hollow promises.

            Silly Rabbit, Trix is For Kids!

        • Actually, your comment most definitely did imply that they deserved their fate for coming here. There’s no other reasonable reading of that comment. These people are not ‘vicitms’, they are, in fact, victims. And one was a child. Show a little compassion in public, even if you have none in private.

          The vast majority of any upcoming conflict will be won or lost in the court of public opinion. And if you are too blind or stupid to see that comments like yours simply provide proof to Normie that the morons in the media who claim white supremacy is responsible for this slaughter are correct, then it is you who are ill suited for a conflict. Anything that gets framed as “not my people” is an instant loser in the court of public opinion.

          I have been around basicallly since this blog started and have commented over the last few years at how far the comments section has fallen. Your comment was exemplary of the type of trash that has resulted in this blog now being labeled a “far-right white supremacist hate speech” blog. Be an adult. Think a little before you speak or write.

          Every word you write should be written to persuade a normie reading this blog to take another step toward our side. If you just want to vent crap like that then go vent at Stormfront or some other cul-de-sac on the web.

          • Guest: You have obviously chosen to ‘infer’ and ‘assume.’ I meant precisely what I said, and I said what I meant. I am not the least interested in ‘persuading’ Joe Normal. If Zman finds my comments objectionable, he is well within his rights and abilities to censor them – it is his blog, not yours or mine.

            I wonder, if you find so many who comment here to be ‘trash,’ that you deign to grace us with your presence.

            I also find it notable that you consider any White who states that non-Whites are a distinct and different people to be ‘venting crap.’

            Who are your people, Guest? Only those as ‘high-minded’ as yourself? Best of luck, Sugar.

          • And how, pray tell, does one convince normie if one cannot speak plain truths? What you appear to advocate is the sort of mincing cant that clarifies nothing and therefore has no power whatsoever to persuade. In other words, your approach enables a status quo that is fatal to Western civilization. You might be better suited chewing the fat with the boys over at the Heritage Foundation.

          • Frankly, the court of public opinion needs to be slapped upside its collective head. It’s one of the reasons this dump of a (former) country is circling the toilet bowl. The court has sanctioned or at the very least stood by while all sorts of degeneracy has been foisted on society and the culture. The “can’t we all just get along” mantra is dead as the proverbial door nail.

          • Ostei,

            “Mincing cant”. Ah, an apt characterization, regrettably.

            Guest, in just a few short years, things have gotten really, really bad for us Crackers. And some of us here have no compunctions about getting pretty direct about what, and how, we speak about the rapidly dwindling prospects for us, and for those whom we care about. We are getting serious eliminationist rhetoric being directed at us. Do you even comprehend what this forbodes? Under these conditions, we’re done with mincing.

      • I’m beginning to take the attitude to these mass shootings that I do to Egyptian ferry sinkings or Pakistani train derailments; tragedies to be sure, but inherent in the nature of the country in which they take place.

  25. I’ve heard that the idea of ‘white’ people was born as a result of slavery in colonial Virginia, roughly meaning ‘free’, whereas ‘black’ roughly meant slave. Maybe I misunderstood that, because I wonder about the status of indentured Europeans and African freedmen, but it seems common-sensical that the terms would carry those connotative meanings.

    Which then makes me wonder if ‘whiteness’ is just an updated term, meaning someone who isn’t under control. Gotta end that whiteness, right?

      • Which would make perfect sense in terms of the discourse.

        Personally, I like the idea of getting back to ethnicity. Probably an appreciation of diversity and uniqueness. Even still, there are ideas of Dutch, English, Italian, Polack, etc., in my neck of the woods, although the young seem to be losing it.

        • Our enemies see us as White and attack us as White. We have to defend ourselves under the same terms, as White.

          • Right. I talk about white people because that’s where we’re at. Yankeedom ended, and the whole country became multiracial. However, I’m very confident that if Whitopia came to pass, we would quickly be talking about ethnicity instead of race.

            In fact, I’m certain of it because I practically grew up there, and that’s how it was. Not that there was enmity, but it was something you were aware of.

            Iow, white people are only white in the presence of other races, and in America that carries the historical context of colonialism and slavery. We’re regressing in terms of national identity imo, but again, that’s where we’re at.

          • This is where the mid east proverb is useful: me against my brother, my brother and me against my cousin, etc. We are well beyond the parsing of intra-White ethnicities if we want to survive.

    • No. Whiteness is a term coined by Noel Saul Ignatiev as a mild cover for his promotion of the genocide of white people. White people are by definition all people descended from indigenous European peoples who are not Jewish.

      Saul used this term to claim that there is no such thing as white people. Then he, as the psychopathic, genocidal cult leader that he is, would speak about killing white people. Whiteness was a term he invented that allowed him to refute critics that he was advocating for the genocide of our people by saying, ‘no, no, no, no. I am not talking about white people, I am talking about the concept of whiteness you see. There is no such thing as white people. It is a concept.’

      He was employed by Harvard who countenanced his cultivation of vitriolic, genocidal anti-white rhetoric and spreading those ideas to the sinecure, pseudo-elite ruling class apparatchiks. Now they manifest themselves in the anti-white apartheid policies and open and brazen anti-white genocidal language you see expressed all around you.

      A few anti-white quotes by Saul Ignatiev:

      “If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!”

      “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists… Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed – not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

      “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race. Until that task is accomplished, even partial reform will prove elusive, because white influence permeates every issue in U.S. society, whether domestic or foreign.”

      “Whiteness is not a culture . . . Whiteness has nothing to do with culture and everything to do with social position . . . . Without the privileges attached to it, the white race would not exist, and the white skin would have no more social significance than big feet”

      —- —- —- —-

      Harvard sanctioned this maniac.

      • This is a problem with tenure as well. It used to protect freedom of thought and opinion, now it covers such “hate speech” and thought.

        • I’m unsure how you can have one without the other, unfortunately. The more interesting question is how his thinking came to dominate the intellectual class in the first place.

          • That’s the conundrum to be sure. However, often when one studies the history of such folk and their academic production, one finds they are substandard/unproductive intellectuals and Hide” behind tenure.

      • “Whiteness is a term coined by Noel Saul Ignatiev as a mild cover for his promotion of the genocide of white people.”

        “Which then makes me wonder if ‘whiteness’ is just an updated term, meaning someone who isn’t under control. Gotta end that whiteness, right?”

        Where is the substantive difference in those statements, other than the difference between slavery and destruction?

        • Because the someone is just anyone who isn’t under control. There are plenty of non-whites who are not under control.

          This is not a general purpose target of those who are not under control. It is a specific target of those who are white – whether they are under control or not. i.o.w. it isn’t about control, it is about race. That is the difference.

          • “There are plenty of non-whites who are not under control.”

            “The previous Texas spree killer, also a migrant from Mexico, was whitewashed so he could look the part”

            If it was just about white people, they wouldn’t be whitewashing Mexicans. I understand taking being the bogeyman personally. It is jarring being on the receiving end. But I’m certain it’s the same old majority/minority BS with a couple of the characters switched.

          • It’s the same old racial and ethnic strife that happens whenever there’s not a dominant majority. In this case brought on by the decline of the white majority. If that wasn’t happening, this wouldn’t be happening. But this is America, so we have dance and play games instead of calling it what it is.

          • I mean, it’s another head game. The South had the Klan because there were lots of blacks down there. Neo-nazi gangs in prisons because whites are a minority there. Also, Kevin MacDonald’s thesis, of course.

            It’s the psychology of how minorities survive in hostile environments. Is that yet the reality, or are we being maneuvered into it; being convinced to accept losing, minority status as a way of achieving losing, minority status? It strikes me as losing the fight before you step in the ring.

    • As a guy who reads a lot of old literature, I have a couple observations:
      1) Classic lit never used white to refer to ethnicity. They would use dark or black for two reasons: to indicate swarthiness or to indicate evilness.
      2) There would be no need to use a word “white.” People generally existed with like-skinned people, so there would be no need to define themselves in contrast to another group.
      3) Epithets (roughly corresponding to nationality or religion) were much more common, e.g. Moor, Frank, Venetian, Papist, etc.
      4) The proliferation of the term “white” seems to correspond with the use of the term “African American.” I think we can venture why someone like Ignatiev (“Early Life”) would encourage this growth.

      • “The proliferation of the term “white” seems to correspond with the use of the term “African American.” I think we can venture why someone like Ignatiev (“Early Life”) would encourage this growth.”

        Exactly right. Make white the new black and end whiteness.

  26. “Our ruling class is as nuts as they appear to be, maybe even worse.”

    Nuts? Nah. We’re witnessing the intentional — gloatingly intentional — imposition of widespread evil in the name of empowerment, enrichment, and social-solidarity with The Hive.

    To believe, like most folks of the Right, that the consistent and willful lying of the Hive is a feature of ‘madness’ lets the enemies of God and country off the hook. Gives them another excuse narrative.

    Those doing evil become victims yet again, this time of ‘mental illness’, and so require therapy, understanding, pharmacologic intervention, and our tolerance and sympathy. They’re suffering from an illness, you see.

    You cannot cure evil. You cannot change the mind of evil. You exterminate evil, or evil exterminates you.

    ‘What had been a working-class profession came to be dominated by credentialed professionals from the same upper-middle-class backgrounds.’

    Yes. Forty years back I worked daily with the media, at a high level of state government. Most of the media Old Guard, including wire stringers, were men of WC or LMC backgrounds, whose bias was towards objective truth based on facts gathered and collated.

    During the late Seventies and the Eighties this cadre was incrementally replaced by young women of MC and UMC backgrounds. Their bias was not towards facts and truth, but towards massaging the narrative such that the resultant story confirmed their ideo-political biases.

    What changed was not some vague cultural zeitgeist, but simply the sex of the ‘reporters’. Men and women do not have the same relationship towards truth. For women, truth is something to be manipulated so as to increase the wealth, power, and status of themselves and their sisterhood.

    This is chosen self-interest seeking personal and collective advancement — and very happy to do so at the expense of their named ‘enemy’. Nothing to do with mental illness. Just plain old evil taking over.

  27. Charles Murray made a post about how Ayn Rand’s villains seemed cartoonish when she first published but now they are 100% real. Reminded me that it’s time to read Atlas Shrugged. The corruption is beyond fiction, it’s so deep it’s unfathomable to normie. On some level even normie knows.

    • Rand’s villains are her most believable characters. Her heroes are preposterous and cartoonish.

      • Most all hero’s are cartoonish—especially in today’s society and “nuance” understanding. However, today we are in the grip of the “anti-hero” mentality which did not exist in Rand’s time.

        I would argue we are not better off with an anti-hero culture.

    • Atlas Shrugged is a good read for talented but alienated teenagers. At least it was for me.

      Otoh, it justified dropping out. Looking at things today, I certainly must not have been the only one, but the thing is, there’s no Galt’s Gulch where you’ll be left alone. With the wisdom of hindsight, I would’ve made a different choice— one more, let’s say, culturally appropriate for me.

      But the good news is, having dropped out, you can always jump back in, with the advantage of having less to lose.

      Who is John Galt? More like Who is John Smith? Enjoying finding that out.

      • In the time, Rand’s novel was quite popular. As we saw in WWII with “Kilroy was here!” graffiti, so I saw in many places—particularly restrooms—“Who is John Galt”. Never knew the origin ‘til I read he book in HS.

      • Agreed, that Rand’s good guys are rather idealized.
        Nor are there the science fiction level hardware that Rand envisioned. It’d be nice to have the ability to generate unlimited power pollution-free, and perhaps refractor rays for privacy to hide your secret retreat. Being able to take over worldwide communciations would be a plus for announcements. But on the downside, having a weapon that would pulverize every structure within hundreds of square miles, not so much.

        Alas, many of Rand’s envisioned political and economic disasters — whether a government seizure of private assets, or the eventual confusion and systemic breakdown of a complex society — are not only well within the realm of possibility, but they alll have historical precedents.

    • Ayn Rand? Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum!
      Rosenbaum was a completely ridiculous person who pushed the worst possible views. She was anti-White, anti-Christian and a sexual degenerate as well. She turned vice into virtue.

        • Well, there’s another designation for Alisa that probably explains more.

      • So what? Ayn Rand was a Soviet refugee and this shaped her thinking wrt to capitalism. She was one of the greatest proponents of the system and worshiped capitalists. She had her place in the great Cold War struggle which included ideologies as well as economic systems.

        She also published any number of other novels. One very moving one was “Anthem” which had quite a theme wrt group think and the backwardness of socialism. If you hate Rand, then you must really despise Orwell as he was a former socialist as well. However we quote him here regularly.

        • Orwel wasn’t anti-White, wasn’t anti-Christian (Rosenbaum was unbelievably anti-Christian) and was a Western man.

          She was anti-communism. BFD. She opposed an ideology of her brethren, none of which would have been a problem had they not been present in our societies.(a game of good Rosenbaum/bad Rosenbaum) She was also pro-war, especially for Israel’s enemies.

          • You simply can’t get past your antisemitism. And that weakens any criticism of Rand. Rant as you will, I simply can’t agree simply because you’ve pointed out a Jew in the woodpile.

            Rand was non-religious to be sure as are any number of commenters here. Again, so what? We were talking about her most famous novel, “Atlas Shrugged” and her over the top portrait of heroic *capitalists* and despicable pol’s.

            Your contribution—”…But she’s a Jew…”. Not really on topic, is it.

          • @compsci

            I’m not, or least I don’t consider myself to be an antisemite. I’m well grounded in this area.

            My criticism of Rosembaum is not because I hate her for being Jewish. It’s because she was an evil woman who was viciously anti-Christian and anti-White.

            Pointing out that she’s not White is important. When someone who is not of your ethnic group has taken on a fake name to hide that fact while trashing your group, it is important that people understand what they are doing.

            She was not just an atheist preaching atheism. She was virulently anti-Christian. While she claimed to be opposed to all religions, somehow the followers of the Talmud escaped most of her criticism. I get it, she doesn’t want to criticize her own group. That’s why it is up to us to point it out.

            My contribution is not “she’s a Jew,” but pointing out she’s anti-white. I did point out she was a degenerate, anti-White and anti-Christian. It’s not like I said “her name is Rosenbaum, nuff said”

          • Point to Tars: Ayn was one of the “economic libertarians”, wasn’t she, one of the gatekeepers channeling Anglo-saxon cultural morals into safe, bland, equalitarian lanes.

  28. It’s getting harder in this day and age to get worked up over these mass killings. Yeah, I feel for the victims and their families, but they’ve become so ubiquitous, it’s depressing. Obviously the government doesn’t care, other than to pin it on Whites as best they can and to further their efforts to undermine and ultimately abolish the 2A. And if hundreds or thousands need to die in the process, well you have to break a few eggs for that omelette, right? Literal daily jogger shootings by the dozen are routinely ignored, but if Whitey is somehow involved or the next best thing, the White supremacist beaner, well that’ll be front page news. What the hell is going to take to bring insane clowns down?

    • usNthem: “What the hell is it going to take to bring the insane clowns down?”

      We all know the answer to that question, and we all also know that speaking or writing the answer will:

      A) Secure a writ from a federal judge for our IP addresses, and

      B) Scare the W0rdPr3$$ cμcks into yanking Z’s W0rdPr3$$ license [similar to what they did to Heartiste].

      • Z’s site isn’t hosted at WordPress. He just uses the blog software which is open source so there’s no license they can pull. Heartiste’s site was hosted by WP and so it was trivial for them to shut him down.

    • Q. – What the hell is going to take to bring insane clowns down?
      A. – It appears it may take an insane clown at the other end of the political spectrum.

    • The only thing that will take the Insane Clowns down several pegs is their own madness. Their irrationality, manifested in their policies and general behavior, may cause society to collapse, which will afford opportunities for the sane to enact vengeance on the pit fiends. But until that day, nothing will happen. Norm Griller will continue with his briskets, bourbon and negrovision as everything goes up in smoke and ash around him.

    • “It’s getting harder in this day and age to get worked up over these mass killings.”

      Part of it may be simple fatigue, like mixed race commercials. OTOH, in a country of half a billion, all counted, many can grasp that what is ‘reported’ has a blatant agenda.

      Just like our first homosexual president would often mutter, along the lines that ‘no one could disagree with common sense gun control’… persons that have yet to experience a lobotomy (real or virtual) know such muttering had one purpose: strip them of their right to self defense via their 2nd Amendment rights.

      Thus the same non-lobotomized know that the ‘story’ is in what is NOT being reported, instead of the latest ‘mass shooting’. After all, the folks that do not need to spend time at the tanning parlor have been killing, and dying in the droves in their 3rd World countries forever.

      No ‘reporting’ on black Vs. white crime? Hmm, seems that if you want to find a child molester, overwhelmingly you simply need to drop by your local public school. Remember when our first homosexual president said, ‘if you want to find a role model, look for a teacher’ or something along those lines?

    • Terror is “part and parcel of living in a big city.” That how it’s always been! (So I’ve been told).

  29. Funny how the perpetrator went from being “LatinX” to a Yakub creation when the smoke cleared.

  30. 2 takes:
    As to the migrants, the Cartels are another form of NGOs, and the cartel terror spree is about to be unleashed.
    Summer of Love ll in time for the election.


    As to the media, newspapers were a blue-collar industry; not the words, but the medium of printing (and broadcasting) itself.

    Newspapers were factory assembly lines. A bunch of shaggy guys showed up at midnight or swing shift to get those presses rolling; I remember seeing them all chatting, yelling, and joshing over loud machinery as they lined up to get those sheets stacked into the bales our mothers delivered. I still have a spindle of string from the shed where paper route drivers folded and tied their newspapers before we started using rubber bands.

    The drivers frequented the bosses’ offices, even knew the owners by name, even of large operations such as the Bee in California. The delivery truck distributors servicing the bulldogs (newspaper stands), and those madmen, the printers and hot press operators!

    In broadcasting, it was also all about the equipment in the booth. George Noory, America’s best interviewer, was joking with another old industry hand, “Hey, remember the ol’ DEC-3 where we had to slot in an 8-track? Those were the days.” In TV, production was about the cuts, the background, what content was overlaid didn’t really matter to the craftsmen.

    The production guys in TV and radio, in press and paper, were all regular blue-collar joes and janes like the car factories of Detroit. Both of those industries are pretty much gone now, along with the family hubs they formed.

    • How could they possibly not notice that as the press consolidated around being ever more progressive, the readership began falling?

      Perhaps I’m totally out of touch, but I believe if there were good newspapers, people would read them. There is not a single American paper or mainstream website that isn’t progressive. Even the “conservative” rags are as progressive as CNN on social issues.

      • Tars Tarkas: “There is not a single American paper or mainstream website…”

        That right there is the problem.

        We have no Amurrikkkun press [newspaper, ta1mudvision, scr0tial media, etc].

        We have a foreign media [which hates us and wants us dead].

      • You didn’t need blue collars slamming molten lead into rotating high-speed presses or driving through thick fog at 4 get the word out.

        Or focused on the paper color of the background set and the film lighting and if the sticky camera gearing were lubricated.

        As the tech moved to personal computers and internet, you could hire liberal white chicks from upper-middle class colleges to sub as interns, for free. Your unmarried niece could get a “job”; she wouldn’t make any money or have kids, but her foot would be on the ladder.

        As the tech changed, the incentives and demographics of the workforce changed. The internal culture of media changed; as Whiskey notes, 95% of marketing is women, liberal, college-channeled women at that.

        Media is e-marketing now, not hot lead presses or frame rates.

        • Sorry, addendum; I’m saying there is no “floor” of reality on narrative creation now.

          If it were blue-collars in the physical production, something outrageous means the inserts would be trashed, the broadcast electronics would futz; union joes had their own ways of striking back at a narrative. Wooden shoes in the gears, so to speak.

  31. The regime is moving rapidly to only allowing uniformity of opinion. Even the shows of the past that allowed debate, such as CNN’s Crossfire or the McLaughlin Group, with the exception of Pat Buchanan, and maybe a couple of others, it was generally liberals vs. Neocons.

    As far as I know, those kinds of debate shows have disappeared now. I realize Bill Maher has various guests, but they’re generally not the type to veer off the narrative. Even the upcoming Democrat challengers to Biden won’t be allowed to debate. The vise of free speech suppression is tightening.

  32. I don’t necessarily disagree that many of the lies are a product of the warped culture from which they originate. However, they have become so egregious that I’m becoming increasingly convinced that many originate from an organized cabal of intelligence and organized crime operatives. In particular the operations in Ukraine cannot be blamed upon biases in outlook. We were directly lied directly into our faces.

    • As is usually the case, there are multiple factors. The Kagan cult may be blind to their madness, but they know they are lying about the war. And yes there are profiteers happy to endorse the crazy lies and conspiracy theories for money. None of this happens without a media and political culture that believes this stuff. The FBI man who gave the Post this whopper knows they are willing to believe it.

      • I’m curious what happens as the Boomers and GenXers retire from the media. Sure, they’re extremely Left, but my suspicion (indeed, I know because I knew some DC media people long ago some of whom are likely higher up these days) is that some of them aren’t quite true believers.

        They viewed the narrative as a way to get the country to a better place, but they understood that the narrative was a tool, not reality. They knew blacks were dangerous. They figured that if they could get the country to believe the narrative that there’d be less racism and blacks would do better. Same for women.

        They were stupid to think this, but that’s not the point. Deep down, they knew the narrative wasn’t true but hoped that it would make the country a better place if everyone just believed it.

        But the next generation (I suspect because I don’t know any of them) actually believes the narrative is reality, so they get much more confused and angry that the narrative isn’t working on the ground. The older crowd understood that the narrative would never actually happen in the real world, but the younger generation doesn’t get this.

        When the Boomers and GenXers retire, there will be nothing to stop the next generation of true believers, not in the media and not in politics. We haven’t seen anything yet.

        • Yes. The new judiciary they have cultivated and continue to make even worse, is going to be when the regime is no longer molding opinion, but where they will be jailing you for thought crime, hate speech and for simply being white.

          Most have no idea what the new judiciary is going to do. Visit Columbia or the Ivy Leage law department web sites. It is a rude awakening we are going to be getting very soon.

      • Z: “The FBI man who gave the Post this whopper knows they are willing to believe it”

        Muh gut instinct is that the causality flows in the opposite direction: The Post gave the whopper to the FBI [which ran with it].

        The government is downstream from the media.

        The media is upstream from the government.

  33. So I think the meta Narrative here is more important than the micro narrative. The micro narrative is about who, what, where, when etc. The daily march of disaster in AINO is mind-numbing, so nobody can really absorb the micro narrative. I mean, I’m having trouble keeping track of all the mass murders.

    The meta Narrative – why? and who benefits? – is way more interesting. Obviously this “country” is having a nervous breakdown. Why? It’s pretty clear that drugs, Rx and illegal, are involved in nearly all these disasters. But when the Rx industry is the biggest advertiser on TV, you’re not going to hear anything.

    And who benefits? The Regime. It wants you to believe that things are spiraling out of control and that only the firm hand of the benevolent Regime can keep things under control. This is just a terror campaign basically. It won’t abate until you cede more power to the Regime.

    • Captain Willard: “Why? It’s pretty clear that drugs, Rx and illegal, are involved in nearly all these disasters.”

      I would focus muh attention on the GENETICS.

      With the recent mass killings, we are witnessing:

      The true biological nature of the Meso-American aboriginal,

      The true biological nature of the West African kneegr0w,

      The true biological nature of the Unitardian/Quaker lunatic***,

      The true biological nature of the j00.

      They’re all b100dthirsty s@tanic mμrderers.


      ***1 in 4 Canadians Agree With Euthanizing the Poor – Among those 18-34, 40% support death for the poor.

      • I share the direction of your thinking and I agree that all these groups have scored a high body count, but:

        The first two groups are savages, where the second is much worse than the first.

        The last group is acting on a strategy for a smaller group to dominate a much larger group.

        The third group seems to be true believers of utopian narratives, like those in a UFO cult whose members can withstand any amount of disconfirming evidence.

        • LineInTheSand: “The first two groups are savages, where the second is much worse than the first.”

          ACKSHUALLY, the very worst gμn violence in the entire world is Meso-American, from El-Salvador/Honduras down into Colombia/Venezuela & Brazil:

          It’s far worse than Africa.

          Apparently those extra five or six IQ points which the Meso-Americans possess [over & above the African IQ] allow the Meso-Americans to aim the weapons and fire them vastly moar successfully.

          Whereas muh guess would be that the overwhelming majority of all bullets fired by Africans eventually fall back down to earth without ever having hit anything other than the soil whereupon they landed.


          LineInTheSand: “The last group is acting on a strategy for a smaller group to dominate a much larger group.”

          The Ghost of Charles Darwin replies,”It doesn’t matter WHY they want you dead; it only matters THAT they want you dead.”

          • 90 IQ seems to be the sweet spot for organized violence. It’s what they like for the police and military, and lots of the mestizo shooting is organized gangs trying to secure their drug trade. The IQ of 90 is too low to have any comprehension of ethics or capacity for individual thoughts, but also high enough to follow orders like a good dog and actually practice at the shooting range.

          • Ploppy: “The IQ of 90 is too low to have any comprehension of ethics or capacity for individual thoughts…”

            That sentence fragment is more than enough to get you banned [for life] from about, gosh, maybe 95% to 99% of all USA/Anglosphere websites in 2023.

            I wonder how long sites such as Z’s will be allowed to continue poasting Dissident-Speak of that magnitude?


            While we’re on the topic, the One-Two punch of “Griggs versus Duke Power” [ruling: thou shalt not discriminate against low IQ kneegr0ids] together with “Jordan versus New London” [ruling: thou mayest/must discriminate against high IQ White men] formed the bookends for one of the moast successful Lawfare campaigns which the Frankfurt School ever undertook.




  34. Apparently there is nobody in charge at the major news outlets that approves or disapproves of the produced content. The woke mobs are simply running wild without any oversight

    • Yes, I suspect that there are some Boomers and GenXers in the media who understand that the narrative isn’t reality, but I think that more and more, they are unable to stop the most blatant lying because true-believer diversity commissars are watching them and making sure that they don’t contradict the narrative.

  35. You have to remember that there’s a selection process.

    First, you select for people who want to be in the media in the first place. That eliminates any conservative leaning person in the first place. It also attracts people who love words over reality.

    Second, the big media outlets select by college and background, so wealthy kids who went to top schools and thus have been marinated in the narrative their entire lives and have never had to live around diversity.

    Third, only the true believers move up the ranks. The higher you go, the crazier they get on average.

    Finally, these people all live in very narrative-believing areas, whether that be posh neighborhoods in DC, NYC or LA. Nothing they see in daily life causes them to question the narrative. It’s actually quite remarkable that Tucker broke away at all and, even more shockingly, managed to stay in the game as long as he did.

    For people in the media, the narrative has never been challenged in any real way for their entire lives. There’s no reason for them to doubt it.

  36. The Christian school mass murderer looked to be dressed up as a Trump supporter. This Texas mall shooter was supposedly wearing a right wing patch.


  37. “Over the weekend a migrant drove into a group of migrants, killing eight and wounding ten.”

    One of the victims said they were sitting on the curb near a bus stop when a gray colored Range Rover slammed into the group.

    Nice to see migrants are moving up from Chevrolets and Fords. America Del Norte, land of opportunity, eh?

    “Forty years ago, media bias was simply the result of media culture. What had been a working-class profession came to be dominated by credentialed professionals from the same upper-middle-class backgrounds.”

    Journalism was better when reporters chain smoked and drank themselves to death. Prove me wrong.

    Thing is though, Journalism has always had an element of bunkum (Hearst and Pulitzer in the lead up to the Spanish American War, Ben Hecht and The Front Page, Orson Welles and Citizen Kane “You provide the prose poems, I’ll provide the war”, reporters covering for FDR, etc.). At least in the past if you picked up The Bugtown Democrat or The Bugtown Republican Gazette you had a pretty good idea where their views fell.

    Now as you say reporters are, Goodness Forbid, JOURNALISTS. Stamped out of Journalism Schools like widgets out of a machine.

    And Journalists cannot simply report. No sir, Journalists Must Change The World! ™

    All thinking the same way, all acting the same way, all seeing the world the exact same way.

    I go back to Upton Sinclair’s line that “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    These people don’t want to see the truth. They Are Right, and We Are Wrong.

    • Where did he get that Range Rover I wonder, if he’s supposedly a poor immigrant himself. They aren’t cheap. And it looked like the news blurred out his chest tattoos.

    • Illiterate illegal aliens driving Range Rovers while I am driving a 27 year old Nissan Pathfinder with a cracked windshield and struggling to make ends meet. USA! USA!

  38. Did the average Soviet citizen read and believe Pravda, or was it treated as a joke like Post/Times/CBS/ NBC/ABC/NBC is today?

    Notice I didn’t include MSNBC because I refuse to believe even the wokest of woke believes them. I don’t care if it’s not reality, what’s left of my faith in humanity could take the blow.

    • The standard joke on the street went something like this:

      “Back then there was a standard joke about Izvestia, whose title literally means “news,” and Pravda, then the Communist party newspaper, whose title literally means “truth.” The joke went like this: “In ‘News’ there is no truth, and in ‘Truth’ there is no news.””

    • I can give anecdotal evidence for China. Their Pravda is called the Renmin Ribao or “People’s Daily News”. It was sold everywhere, along with other regime organs. I saw people buying it. Being a free-speech-having American, I would sometimes ask my friends, “Do you believe this crap?”. The answer was almost always no, and they were well-aware that the media lied to them and/or supported the CCP. But the CCP was all-powerful, so of course the media was biased! What about you, American, do you really think your media is telling the truth? 哈哈 ! Naïve white person!

  39. “Our ruling class is as nuts as they appear to be, maybe even worse.”

    And how do you break this reality to your liberal neighbor who feeds on ruling class gruel daily? My strategy is to bait them on Ukraine and tell them to ignore my opinion, keep on watching their usual sources, then keep an eye on unfolding events this summer while comparing those events to what they have been told in the past. Russian armies on the move will be a bucket of cold water in the faces of these gullible fools.

    • Good idea. And we can keep the exchange friendly while “their faces are sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought.”

    • > And how do you break this reality to your liberal neighbor who feeds on ruling class gruel daily?

      Option 1: Change the ruling class gruel and he will follow.
      Option 2: Share with him a non-political hobby that shifts his something real. Media is just entertainment, so change the entertainment.

    • “keep on watching their usual sources, then keep an eye on unfolding events this summer while comparing those events to what they have been told in the past.”

      There is one issue with your approach. You seem to be assuming they’ll remember from day to day what they were told yesterday. The ultimate accomplishment of the 24-hour news channels, as well as social media, is the strip away any and all awareness of what was said or done in the past, including the previous day.

      • That works for mundane issues like daily crime reports, monetary discussions and various social justice crap they push. But it will be hard to walk back their lies about the biggest war since WWII. Cognitive dissonance will overwhelm them…especially with a little help from our side.

    • There was a Euro-normie I was conversing with over the Internets and he forgave a lot of GAE behavior with the idea that they were “funny” insane, not “scary” insane. I noted that GAE paid to develop the WuFlu and then unleashed a cure worse than the disease when it leaked out and that’s “scary” insane” not “funny” insane. No comeback to that one.

      • Not scary insane, eh? I suggest he take that up with the citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Vietnam.

    • Liberal neighbors aren’t for talking. Liberal neighbors are for field dressing to add much needed protein to your supply of rice and beans once the bombs drop.

      • Not so sure about that. I’ve been told their meat is both mushy and gamey in extremis.

  40. One side, the conservatives, complained about the media bias against them. The other side, the liberals, dismissed the claim as something like a conspiracy theory. For its part, the media spent time trying to prove they were not biased at all.
    The liberals were right in that it was not some sort of conspiracy to silence conservatives. The media simply reflected the opinions of the people who were in the media and politics.

    The great lie in that explanation was the presumption that journalists just do whatever they want with absolutely no input or direction from the managers of the media outlets. Editorial control was supposedly nonexistent. Except when any conservative made any attempt to buy a media outlet – then they all would freak the f—k out at about fascism.

    • The media leaned left before it became a credentialed profession. In a free market, the media would have counter programmed each other. CBS and the New York Times would have been conservative to exploit that market share, at the expense of a liberal NBC and Washington Post. That obviously didn’t happen, which implies editorial coordination if not compulsion.

      Gee, I wonder what the common denominator was?

  41. A few years ago the left shifted from being willing to debate as long as the terms of the debate skewed in their favor, to the modern approach where debate is not permissable, and all work should be focused in simply silencing their enemies.

    Then they will unironically post the Popper meme that states intolerance can not be tolerated, unaware he meant by the intolerant those who were not willing to have open debate.

    The Fox News shakeup is going to be interesting as they become more and more grossly left-wing with just slightly more jingoism. Once the right realizes none of their opinions, no matter how innocuous, are allowed, you’re going to see a lot of quiet exits and subtle sabotage from people the empire is reliant to keep things going. There’s nothing in the character of the average late soviet man that can’t be replicated here.


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