The Witch Hunters

In 1692, nineteen people were hanged for the crime of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts, the first of whom was Bridget Bishop, a woman who had been married three or four times and previously accused of bewitching one of her husbands, leading to his death. She was hanged after the court determined that she was a witch because she was a promiscuous liar. There was also the claim that she had a third nipple that mysteriously disappeared upon examination.

Witch trials were not unique to the colonies or to the Puritans. Witch hunting became a thing in Europe during the 15th century and lasted into the 18th century. It corresponded with the great upheavals that occurred with the breakup of the Catholic Church and the wars that followed it. It was a terrifying time in Europe and people naturally looked for reasons as to why it was happening. Naturally, they assumed it was the result of supernatural forces unleashed by the religious convulsions.

We like to think we have moved past this sort of superstitious madness, but superstitious panic is part of the human condition. In the 20th century America experienced the satanic panic. This was when over ten thousand people were accused of participating in satanic rituals in which children were abused. The panic was set off by a Canadian psychiatrist not named Jordan Peterson and his patient who claimed to have recovered memories of satanic abuse.

Eventually this led to wild claims about the sexual abuse of children at daycare centers around America. There was the McMartin preschool case where the operators were charged with all sorts of heinous crimes. There was no physical evidence, and the charges were eventually dropped after thirteen years of court cases. There was the Fells Acres case in Massachusetts, not far from Salem, oddly enough, where the owners were jailed for the satanic abuse of children.

The point here is that superstition is still with us. You can see it in posts like this one from what amounts to a modern witch hunting operation. The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism could just as easily be called the Global Project Against Witchcraft and Sorcery and make more sense. The words “witchcraft” and “sorcery” have an agreed upon meaning while “hate” and “extremism” are reduced to nonsense words by the modern-day witch hunters.

Instead of Old Scratch tempting the morally weak into doing his bidding, the modern witch hunter tells us it is white kids using magical incantations to introduce evil spirits into the gaming community. You see, exposure to certain ideas can cause you to build a death camp, so Old Scratch has his minions use special magic words and phrases in the chat rooms of video games. Exposure to these words and phrases can cause the morally vulnerable to succumb to the charms of Old Scratch.

This may sound like an exaggeration, but it is right at the top of that post. They have a warning to readers that reads, “Warning: This analysis contains highly offensive and potentially triggering language and imagery.” They literally assert that words and images can have a physical effect on some people. The assumption is the effect must always be bad, which explains the warning. The only thing missing here is a reminder that the reader should make sure to wear her special amulet.

The entirety of the hate hunter industry rests on the assertion that certain opinions must lead to certain actions, not only by the person holding the taboo opinion, but by those who are exposed to the opinion. At no point will you see these people argue that the opinions are inaccurate, beyond some chanting of abracadabra phrases like “race science” which is supposed to protect the chanter from the opinion. They never explain how opinion must lead to action.

The closest you get is what amounts to the modern version of spectral evidence which they call “stochastic terrorism.” This is a novel concept that claims, “the use of mass media to provoke random acts of ideolog­i­cally motivated violence that are statistically predictable but individually unpre­dict­able.” In other words, get enough bad words into circulation and people will do bad things in response to the bad words, but there is no way to know who will do the bad things.

Since there is no way to know who will do the bad things in response to the bad words, the only remedy is to eliminate the bad words. Oddly, the witch hunters cannot know who will be triggered by the bad words, but they know exactly which words will do the triggering and who possesses those bad words. We are right back to examining women for third nipples by self-declared experts in a field that has no rational basis, only moral certainty about their own righteousness.

The graybeards will talk about something they call the great interregnum, a time when interested intellectuals and commentators could speak openly about subjects like race, intelligence, sex, demographics, and immigration. This was in the 1980’s and 1990’s when America was feeling confident. The ruling elite was talking about the end of history, by which they meant their final triumph of all mankind. The Cold War was over, and they would lead humanity to the promised land.

The great interregnum ended as Western elites began to sense they were not leading humanity into the golden age. The rest of the world was stubbornly refusing to go along with this end of history stuff and Western critics began to question the sanity of the end of history business. In other words, just as witch hunting in the late Middle Ages was a response to the collapse of the old moral order, the modern witch hunting is a response to the collapse of elite moral order.

The Reformation was the result of an institution that had evolved down a dead end because it evolved for a world that was beginning to recede. The social and economic relations that made the Church possible were giving way to new social and economic relations, so a new moral order rose up to challenge the old moral order. American liberalism is facing the same crisis. It evolved for a world that no longer exists and has unleashed the witch hunters to find the cause.

That is why efforts with grandiose names like the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism attract money from the elites. They promise to find those responsible for challenging the moral order and suppressing them. The gaggle of petty Torquemada’s that have been unleashed are a rearguard action by an elite that sees itself in crisis and is terrified by the prospect of an alternative moral order. The modern witch hunters are part of the death throes of a dying system.

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176 thoughts on “The Witch Hunters

  1. On the topic of the Satanic Panic, I had occasion this winter to re-read Lawrence Wright’s two-part New Yorker piece from 1993:

    Remembering Satan, I

    Remembering Satan, II

    When it was published, it intrigued me given my familiarity with the South Puget Sound area at the time, i.e., as a pass-through/stock-up point on the way to various Olympic Peninsula and Cascades backpacking sojourns, and a place with some far flung professional colleagues.

    Revisiting the pieces 30 years later was quite the experience. It is an acute clinical description of the administrative state and “law” “enforcement” collaborating to twist white people’s habits of self reflection and willingness to correct our behavior into a powerful mechanism of our defeat. And yes, Z–you are spot on about its machinations undergirding today’s diversipanics. I was hoping to have some time this winter to compare Wright’s “satanic panic” observations to another local event: the Trump Panic at Evergreen State (2016 into 2017) but other things intervened.

    • “The scourge of anti-Semitic hate”? I read that to mean the hate of anti-Semitism, and I must agree it’s a hindrance to our cause.

  2. The short film below is a great primer on the roots of our present day madness. There is NOTHING benign about the New Age. We’ve been spiritually disarmed – quite deliberately – and now the old gods are back. Working mostly through women, *shock*.

    I was jolted out of my 21st century disdain for talk of ‘the unseen realm’ by first acknowledging the existence of inhuman evil. Not difficult, since examples abound. All cultures have a tradition of spiritual warfare; ours has lost this, but the natural human religious impulse has to go somewhere. “I’m spiritual but not religious”. It’s going about as well as you’d expect.

    This is diverting:

  3. Witch hunt! From my aldercreature:

    Community Alert: Anti-Semitic Literature Canvassed in
    Lincoln Park

    Dear Neighbors,

    This morning, February 6, my office was made aware that several vehicles on the 2000 – 2200 blocks of Magnolia were littered with anti-Semitic cardboard flyers attached to windshields overnight. I have reported the hate incident to the Chicago Police Department, as well as the Chicago Commission on Human Relations for further investigation. Similar incidents in other neighborhoods have been reported in recent days.

    If any resident has exterior cameras that face the public way on Magnolia, please email my office at My office will work with you to send the information to the detective investigating the case. This incident will not be tolerated, and I will make every effort to track down the offender(s). I would like to thank the 18th District Chicago Police Department for their immediate attention to this matter.

    Please call 9-1-1 if you see anything that looks suspicious or if you are the victim of hateful vandalism. Remember, you can always call anonymously to report an incident.

    Alderman Brian Hopkins
    2nd Ward

    It wasn’t me. Yet.

  4. Coincidentally, the FT has an article by the chief neocon, Gideon Rachman, arguing that Trump AND the Republican Party “betrayed Ukraine” so they must be purged as witches and heretics. I imagine this is the trial balloon for the Nationwide “trials” against Republicans AND Trump, as “witches” who “betrayed” Ukraine.

    As Trump noted, it won’t stop with him. There is no reason it will not be expanded to every White man as they ramp up conscription. The same issue had a denial non-denial of the UK’s proposal to draft (Straight White men only); by demanding a draft of civilian workers who would be doing two shifts for “owning nothing and having no privacy, eating the bugz, using the pronouns.” That seems to be the plan and various other important people are on the list, notably Elon Musk.

    That guy on YT, “Doomc0ck” whose schtick is that Hollywood is too evil for his super-villain persona, noted that a senior TV writer, White male, got invited to interview for a writing job on a new show. The Showrunner, fat, ugly shaved head lesbian, told him she just wanted to call him in to “humiliate him” and let him know that as a White male he’s blacklisted. I believe it, I’ve read similar things on Film Threat and if you wonder why TV/Movies are so awful, its because they are run by woke White women and lesbians.

    Indeed the rule by Witches is inevitable unless leaders suppress it violently: Xi, Putin, a few others, the Muslim world. Women always despise beta males and have had no selection pressure for not hating beta males. Thus they always want to replace their men (betas) in civilized peoples with Alpha low iq males they find sexier. The tragedy of the West is biological: its power rests on lots of cooperative high IQ beta males, which its women HATE HATE HATE.

    • Good for the neocons, who are the only people left that care about ‘kraine.

      My prediction?

      Any serious attempt to reintroduce mass conscription in the GAE will produce the most epic comedy goldmine of all-time.

  5. Back in the day, the “witches”, mostly women I imagine, didn’t stand a chance. Nowadays, us modern “witches” do. I suspect there’ll be a lot more witch hunters getting their necks stretched down the road than their supposed quarry…

  6. I had always envisioned the American left wing as the “hey man, whatever” tye of demographic. The kind of skateboard, hackeysack, patchouli person.

    But as I got out into the real world, I felt that what was more common was the “deboonker” or will stancil archetype.

    Why can’t the left be more of the former or why isn’t it?

    • Because they won. They seized the power. Once in that position, you can’t be “hey man whatever” anymore.

      • This. The American Left used passive/aggressive “counter-culture” signalling to nation-conquering effect, and now they are in charge. To what end or for what purpose, who knows? What is for sure is that well-guarded limousines have replaced the skateboards.

      • Exactly. It is not Marxism but it is totalitarianism, so no dissent can be permitted. It has an expiration date, of course.

  7. Btw, the Salem Witch Trials came to an end when the girls ran out of outsiders and low status people to accuse and starting accusing high-ranking members of society.

    You’ll notice that the same thing just happened at witch-central: American universities. As soon as those young people started pointing the finger at Jews, the witch trials were shut down immediately.

    But, don’t worry, the universities have learned their lesson. We’ll be back to hate whitey soon enough, but everyone will know that Jews are exempt.

  8. “The modern witch hunters are part of the death throes of a dying system.”

    I suspect that this has a lot to do with our situation.

    The old WASP order slowly died from the 1950s to the 1990s. The Jews with their Puritan sidekicks took over in the 1990s and have reigned supreme since then. The Jews used their control of the commanding heights to maintain control, but it’s important to note that they had a willing audience. Whites are simply gullible as can be.

    But the changing demographics and the rise of the internet are pushing us into a new era. The old order – with Jews/Puritan running the show over a mostly white country with a pliant culture – is eroding, but no one really knows what comes next.

    Unlike when the Jews took over from the WASPs, there’s no dominant group out there capable taking over from the Jews. But the Ashkenazi Jews are fading and the new “Americans” don’t buy their schtick anyway.

    As the Boomers go to that big disco in the sky, the most faithful group to the Jew/Puritan civnat BS will leave the scene, leaving very few who buy it. Whites will also be a minority, which doesn’t mean the end of the world, but it’s unlikely whites will continue being happy as the boogeyman when we’re also a despised minority.

    Regardless, it’s obvious that we’re a society in transition. The ruling elite are having a harder time keeping the various groups under control. They’re also noticing that they have few competent people to run the show. Finally, a new generation of elites is coming up that seems very uninterested in being a cog in the wheel of the existing power structure. They want their own base.

    It’s not surprising that the regime’s witches are getting nervous.

  9. Gotta be a hate-hunt for heretic deplorables, because liberalism is a religion. An updated version of a very old religion. The Unclean must be found and cast-out.

    Ironically for this essay, witchcraft is a very real phenomenon — the fastest-growing ‘religion’ in New Amerika. (See ‘liberalism’ supra.) So I guess that’s pretty real. Just because hysterias occur does not mean that ‘religious panic’ is not based on something real. Witches and allied occultists do great harm to all nations that harbor them.

    ‘At the center of the Salem witch trials were a core group of accusers, all girls and young women ranging in age from nine to 20, who screamed, writhed, barked . . . .’

    Had themselves a fine little Dionysian fit they did! An old-timey $MeToo and 19 people died as result of their attention-seeking, sexual-displaying, and malevolent accusations. Sounds pretty satanic to me, folks. Why would the devil even need to show?

    Nothing really changes in this place.

    Likewise ironic, the groups and individuals leading the Great Reset/New Order are modern-day luciferians. Their Gaian-orientation is simply their old practices with a fresh new face.

    You can claim they’re just superstition but meanwhile they are consolidating this world and forging your chains. The spiritual dimension underlaying the phenomenal world does exist, and by no means is superstition.

  10. The global extremism website gave me hope for the first time in a long time, but not for the reasons they want.

  11. Excellent poast, Z.

    We have a rather interesting case of witchcraft going on here in Alberta right now.

    What fascinates me is that this is actual witchcraft going on. If a white man drafted laws that protected the kids from the queers and pedos – the liberals would have torn him to shreds in minutes. But confronted by a moral woman…their heads are deploring like popcorn.

    I wonder… how much of the old liberal order will remain after the coming conflagrations?

  12. I am a survivor of the Salem witch trials. My relatives were living in the Province of Massachusetts Bay at the time, and I shudder to think how many of them were killed in the anti-witch hysteria. Just don’t get me started on King Philip’s War!

    • You can pretty much bet that the hotter the woman the more in danger she was of witchcraft accusations. The fat preacher’s wife and her friend with the lazy eye talking smack in their knitting club about Bethany sneaking off to the woods to show ankle to a man in church. Fat, ugly church ladies who have a deep seated hatred of the pretty girl who doesn’t properly cover her head. This is a universal phenomenon. The same thing happens in Riyadh mosques.

      • The same thing can happen where any group of women is congregated.

        Have you noticed? Given our culture’s newfound loathing of anything beautiful (although you can’t tell me even the most you-know-what-whipped liberal feminist man doesn’t have an eye for a well-turned ankle), pretty girls are less and less a part of the entertainment and media landscape. Models in the clothing catalogs I receive are plain as soap.

        • A lot of that is a result of women casting directors and women modeling execs. They pick women who make them feel better about themselves. Earliest example I recall is Julia Roberts being declared a great beauty. This has snowballed on itself, as the standards of beauty have been somewhat redefined in the process.

      • That is a very interesting – and a very apt – observation on something into which I have put a LOT of thought.
        Nevertheless – and this is a bit off topic vis-a-vis your statement, JR – but what if the new witch hysteria that Z (again, aptly!) points out is a form of “projection?” What if “the mutants” are themselves (“readily succumbed to”, or “channels for”) witches (i.e., “evil”), and understand this propensity and what it implies (on some level), and are reflexively projecting onto the objects of their derision (um…that is…us?)?
        What if the most powerful incantation of the mutant/witch’s is the accusation of “hate” (which, as we are often reminded, “has no home here.”)
        Is that statement pithy, or is it – along with “Black Lives Matter!”, etc. etc. – in fact An Incantation?

        • Yes, projecting your own hatred and crimes, or “turnspeak”, is a technique to overwhelm the mind of the enemy. It’s just so outrageously false that it leaves a person with a shred of decency thunderstruck.

          Building on what you said about “incantations”: there is the “true name” spell. A true name is a name of a thing that expresses or is somehow to, its true nature. Invoking the true name gives power over the one named.

          The incantations of “hater/racist” is so powerful because it is a combination of turnspeak and true name. Turnspeak because it reveals the hate in the soul of the person hurling the word. And true name because there is truth in it because the witch/mutant hurling the word is deserving of righteous hate. So I guess you can throw in deliberate self-fulfilling prophecy. Very powerful magic!

          Further notice, how the “true names” slurs of some groups are criminalized. If you dare utter the uncouth, but descriptive terms like of nigger, faggot, beaner, retard, low IQ, slut, whore you better believe the full weight of society will crush you in some form. You are deemed worse than a black murderer, because atleast he’s not racist!

          What has to be understood about satan/loki first is this: he is a LIAR. A lie is murder in the abstract. The devil cannot chop down the one tree of truth, but he can plant an endless forest of illusions. Suffice to say, he’d love TV, movies, social media, etc.

          • I’ve begun to think that the holocaust narrative is projection or “turnspeak”.

            Israel’s words and deeds in Gaza further cement this.

          • I believe there is a verse in the Gospel of John that addresses this very topic!

            “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

      • But see: every psych study ever says that people have a bias in favor of attractive people; they are automatically assumed to be truthful, kind, and competent.
        It was probably just mutant-purging. Modern men know not to touch a thrice-married woman, how much more did our forefathers understand this? The witch hunting wasnt old hags henpecking young hotties (99% chance you’re forming that opinion from some young adult historical fiction cover art) so much as degenerate weirdo removal. And we should bring it back.

        • Yes. It’s true. People prefer attractive faces. I’m guessing all men do. I certainly do. But a subset of ugly women seethe with envy over that. Murderous envy. Men and women have different pecking orders.

          • Most men would be satisfied with a plain woman as long as she was feminine in manner and appearance. It’s the women you speak of, fatted and tatted, festooned with metallic decorations and cotton candy hair, miserable and aggressive, who don’t stand a chance. And it’s all by choice.

          • Beauty is a strange thing. I’ve known a few women who are technically ugly, but who also had a kind of beauty that still shone through because they were such good people. By contrast, I find most of the women whom our society labels as beautiful such as celebs are actually ugly people. Their inner greed and nastiness corrodes their features. Oh, and I’m sure it’s not coincidence that Left wing women are so butt-ugly.

      • In Riyadh, at least they know to keep the women in their own weird little world while the men can still get on with running things. In America female hysteria runs (and ruins) everything all the time.

  13. In my old age, I’ve come to believe that witchcraft and sorcery/satanism are far more real than so-called hate and extremism.

    I’m not an expert on the Salem witch trials, so I don’t know the extent to which the persecutors believed the witches they tried had literal magic powers. But I know what witchcraft women have as harpy feminists and/or sluts. It is NOT weak stuff.

    Here’s a quote from Alan Moore: “There is some confusion as to what magic actually is. I think this can be cleared up if you just look at the very earliest descriptions of magic. Magic in its earliest form is often referred to as ‘the art’. I believe this is completely literal. I believe that magic is art and that art, whether it be writing, music, sculpture, or any other form is literally magic. Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images, to achieve changes in consciousness. The very language about magic seems to be talking as much about writing or art as it is about supernatural events.”

    This is correct. If you want a society you deem as moral or that suits you, you BETTER NOT let your enemies have free speech. Before you know it, pornography is a noble freedom and you are a hater/extremist for opposing anything that you know is pure evil.

    • I hadn’t read your post, but please read mine (just above yours – rasqball).
      I believe, chum, that you and I are “on the same…”

    • And when you couple this with pharmakos, i.e. pharmaceuticals, being derived from “spells,” you begin to see that the alchemical processing of society with a satanic purpose continues.

        • I’m really starting to anger at the ever-increasing number of ads that are from Big Pharma, all promising you the world without any effort on your part. They’re a massive component of the evil that pervades our world.

          • There is no more accurate window upon AINO’s utter derangement than corporate advertising. Every pathology–and they are myriad–can be viewed in them. And the pathologies are, of course, celebrated.

            This is why the ad execs must be among the first to swing.

        • Oh yes…
          It’s going to be difficult to convince the rationalists/skeptics who are “on our side” about the nature of what it is that we’re up against, but oh yes…
          Oh yes: they ARE witches.

          • rasqball —

            Sadly, true.

            Yet as we see herein, at least some of those rationalists/skeptics still allow us to speak freely, including on their own pages. That is something that real enemies do not allow, which is why the MSM closed most comment sections attached to articles.

            It takes all kinds, suits me just fine, and we definitely need the rationalists ‘n skeptics too. All aboard.

    • We are taught that the Salem Witch Trials were stupid and absurd and done by superstitious idiots in over their head, but is that the case? Witches casting spells and the like are a thing – they’re all over social media. We have a society now where the government will prosecute someone who defaces a “Satanic Temple” statue that is placed, for some reason, in a government building. We have a society where the “Satanic Temple” will send a woman pills in order to kill her child and has a ritual with incantations that go with it. It’s hard to escape the fact that Baphomet is depicted as a hermaphrodite when transgenderism comes up. So on and so forth. It’s also worth noting that all the people involved in this stuff have a visceral, extreme, total hatred of Jesus Christ and the religion He founded. If there is not some evil magic guiding this, then what is it?

    • fakeemail —

      I also addressed your points in a comment above.

      Modern-day ‘magick’ largely is manipulation of symbols and images upon mass collectivities or populations to achieve a predetermined result. Pharmakeia is an integral part of this manipulation.

      Your post is very much correct. And the stronger that global mass-consciousness becomes via electronics and AI, the easier to manipulate populations. The Bible says that ‘sorcerers’ run the show on this planet and yup, that is still the case.

    • You are touching on something I’ve been pondering for a while; that the presence of leftists, that is to say people who win when society loses and respect no ultimate morality, makes fundamental freedoms dangerous. Because to the leftist mindset as defined above, these freedoms do not exist to allow for personal success or fulfillment. Rather they are rules to be exploited to destroy the lives of those more successful than themselves. I guess you could put it differently; individual freedom only works among a moral people. Otherwise it becomes a suicide pact.

      The essence of the leftist mindset is treason.

    • I don’t know enough of the details of the Salem Witch Trials, but I was intrigued by Ed Dutton’s suggestion that they were a rather crude method of eliminating proto-feminists.

      To the extent that Dutton’s idea is accurate then I look fondly upon the trials. While I regret that they justified their actions with accusations of witchcraft and they acted with gratuitous cruelty, I support their instincts.

      “Banish for life all feminists” seems eminently reasonable to me. Let’s start with my sister.

      • I think you have that backwards. The appeal to authority with hysterics, lies, and accusations, especially sexual ones sounds like crazed leftist women (and liberals in general.)

        They (crazed leftist women) mostly go after men nowadays. But back then they were relegated to only being able to go after women.

        I, as a woman, say thank you to all the men that have to take them on, as the saying goes, they’re not just after you, you’re just in the way. (And let’s face it, you guys are hilariously good at it.)

        It would be hell to be forced to socialize with them because you have to for customary reasons because you are a woman, and if you say something they don’t like you can be accused of being a witch, and if you refuse to participate, guess what? Witch. Either way you’re screwed. Better have a strong family and especially husband or father.

        No escaping to your woodland cabin out in the woods either, then you are definitely a witch. They were so mad
        they wrote folklore about you! lol

    • “Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
      As to be hated needs but to be seen;
      Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
      We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”
      ― Alexander Pope

  14. What’s really funny, in a grim way, is that, insofar as the whole “stochastic terrorism” concept has any validity, it is directed against white people, with the incessant “Hate Whitey” propaganda that spews from every orifice of the establishment, but somehow this doesn’t count. According to the Narrative, using genocidal rhetoric such as “eliminate whiteness!” doesn’t lead to things like the Wichita Horror, but calmly proposing that differences in intelligence between races might have a genetic component will lead to a new Holocaust. It would actually be humorous, if the stakes weren’t so high…

    • Just so. It’s a classic case of Leftist projection, which is, to a large degree, the Left’s rhetorical stock in trade.

  15. There does seem to be a very strong element of spite to this project of mass invasion and anti-white hatred and calls for our genocide. All of their wars on things you can’t wage war on failed. The War on Poverty and its other wars like the War on Racism via the War on Inequality are good examples. They are utter failures. They failed from the start because at the outset they blamed witches for the causes and also never had clear definitions of what they were even waging war on. They failed because you can’t wage war on reality without unleashing total destruction.

    The results they have expropriated vast sums, empire bankrupting sums, to achieve have not materialized. In fact, they seemed to have made things worse and created more problems than we can even keep track of. So, going back to the witches they identified at the outset, they must still be there and until they are gone altogether the problems can’t be solved and the victory declared. So, European man, you are being ganged up on and carried to the stake.

    Of course, there are other things that have more direct pronouncements with more directly stated goals that have us in the crosshairs.

    Stephen Steinleight, Barbara Spectre David Goldblum, Paul Krugman and many many others calling for the dispossession of European man of his homelands and his status in them, for the safety of their kind and the elimination of the troubles whitey presents.

    Noel Saul Ignatiev, Donald Moss and many many others calling for the genocide of European man to make Mommy proud and out of some psychopathic misanthropic urge.

    Jesse Jackson, Derek Bell, Hanna Nikole-Jones and countless others calling for the destruction of Western Civilization and the dispossession, subjugation and even eradication of European man. Hey Hey Ho Ho …

    Are the latter urging the former on or is this just a boiling stu of sickness boiling over?

    In some sense it doesn’t matter. European man is their witch and the emotional, status, financial and territorial incentives for our dispossession and eradication are very strong. We are going to have to coalesce as a group and show that we are willing to punch back. The march is underway and the stakes that await are primed and garnished with kindling.

    For us the new morality is the most ancient of moralities. We have a right to exist and we have a right to defend our sovereignty, to preserve our homelands and to be free of dispossession within them. Any encroachment on those rights is an act of aggression or even war. The call for our genocide is an act of evil and malevolence. It is definitely time for a new morality. Only we can assert that this return to morality. We must take a stand for ourselves before we are burned to death.

    • Hmm, something about the names of many who you mentioned…

      Yes in many ways this talk fo “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” feels like a last gasp of progressivism. It’s not the failed policies but the magic thoughts of people who roam about. Steve Sailer once wrote an op-ed about how this stuff is very similar to the way that African tribal people talk about evil spirits and warding off them. The tribal Africans even talk about how White people do not understand and cannot understand this spirit world that they do. In this way, progressivism is reverting to this primitive, tribal state.

      In another way, of course, it’s very 20th century, in that these sort of revolutions always fail and then they always seek to find someone to blame, and those people are in for a bad time. See the way the French Revolution kept turning on itself, or the kulaks, or the intellectuals in Cambodia.

      Maybe this is what makes wokism seem like such an awesome, powerful, and terrifying force in our society – it is combining these sort of primitive tribal beliefs that large populations of the society implicitly understand and identify with, with the sort of egghead intellectualism and idealism that found ways to kill tens of millions of civilians in the 20th century and impose a reign of terror over huge chunks of the world’s population.

    • I had a look at The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism website. It looks like global tribal warfare or global public/private vigilantism. It is calling for an international order to combat hate. But hatred is white men and women protesting the colonization and dispossession of their homelands.

      How did our leaders ever sign up for this and permit this genie to escape? It is utter madness that has taken over white people whose hands remain on the reins – for the time being.

    • No other racial group on the planet has so many race traitors within their ranks. The only reason White people are in trouble is that half our population is actively working towards the extermination of the entire group. Different races may not get along among themselves but they don’t have systematic programs to self genocide like White people do. Yes there are certain outside tribes manipulating things but a strong White leadership elite could have shut this crap down decades ago.

      • I agree. There is no doubt the people I mentioned and the groups they are a part of are pushing this. However, it is absolutely sickening that so many European peoples have turned on themselves and their own out of such pathetic weakness.

        When gaining or maintaining status makes you feel that you must renounce your own kind the status system isn’t just broken it is evil. However, it is as revolting and evil that one would denigrate themself and fear saying a simple, “No! I have done nothing wrong and there is nothing wrong with me. You back off and leave me, my people and my children alone.” It is all the more revolting that the people who do this are, “highly educated”, and affluent. Were their cowardice condemning them in isolation they would be fools. That it condemns us all they are as much the enemy as out-groups and the most contemptible of them all.

      • A good majority of them are women. Turns out, our ancestors knew what they were doing when they married them off in their teens and made sure their husbands had dominion over them.

    • Organize, tribe up. For the love of all that is beautiful and good, organize. They are serious. Are we?

  16. In my 43 years of practicing medicine I’ve seen two women with three breasts. One had an extra nipple only, the other had glandular tissue as well. It happens.

    • It happens to men as well. Makes for a good video post. Only thing like it I ever had experience with was my current Ridgeback hound. She has only 9 teats. 😉

    • Francisco Scaramanga had three nips. Among certain primitive tribes it is considered an indicator of great sexual prowess.

  17. There is a great underlying anxiety underpinning the new witch hunting. It is particularly noticeable in young people, especially young women. The American people are increasingly unhealthy, with skyrocketing rates of obesity, metabolic and psychiatric disorders and one of those disorders is anxiety. The powers that be can tap into that anxiety and channel it against their chosen demons (Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and white people in general).

    • I would argue the chief psychiatriac disorder of our age is hysteria, which has become one of AINO’s defining characteristics. And hysteria has arguably ramped up as the feminine presence has bulked ever larger in society. When hysterical women increasingly set agendas, their hysteria comes to permeate the very air we breathe.

      • In a word (or two), Taylor Swift.

        The sway she holds over young women is appalling, but not really surprising. I never thought I would ever in my life say this, but . . . Go 49ers!.

        • I really know blissfully little about TS, SAGEB, but I do know she seems to be everywhere. Hard to account for her cultural dominance. Perhaps she actually has an iota of talent and makes something that resembles music. Just as having one eye in the land of the blind could make you the king, maybe the possession of even modest musical ability has given her a leg up on her competitors in the popularity/influence sweepstakes.

          • The only people who have ever lived on the planet who would consider her talented, Ostei, are 21st century young American females. They make the girls who screamed for the Beatles look like Hannah Arendt.

  18. Related to the child molestation panic, there is a strong case to be made that Jerry Sandusky is an innocent man.

    • He retired when I was a freshman. I remember reading an article about it and his charity in the Collegian and thinking “I bet this guy is a pedo.” Not panic, cynicism. It was clearly a wicked world even then.

    • Didn’t a graduate assistant see Sandusky in the locker room shower with a young boy and report it to Paterno who did nothing. It appears that Sandusky’s “charity” for wayward boys was trafficking children to Pennsylvania’s movers and sakes. There was a local sports writer at the time whose name I can’t remember who tweeted that the story was about to blow wide open. Suddenly, former FBI director Louis Freeh was brought into ” investigate”. He concluded that everything started and ended with Jerry Sandusky and the whole story died.

      • Read the article I linked above. That assistant coach McQueary’s testimony was so inconsistent that Sandusky was actually acquitted on that specific charge. but it was the story that was touted in the media, effectively rendering a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion long before the trial began.

  19. “The closest you get is what amounts to the modern version of spectral evidence which they call “stochastic terrorism.” This is a novel concept that claims, “the use of mass media to provoke random acts of ideolog­i­cally motivated violence that are statistically predictable but individually unpre­dict­able.””

    Seems reasonable to me. Of course, it never occurs to them that their constant anti-White propaganda can lead to these same predicted acts, just against White people. Darrell Brooks and Emmanuel “DeShawn” Aranda come to mind.

    • It occurs to them, alright. Brooks and Co. are the purpose and target audience for the anti-white racist propaganda and the celebrate the resultant murders.

    • When I read that definition of stochastic terrorism I immediately see the applicability to the Jewish media stirring up racial Animus by negoes against Whites. It’s funny how the Jews TELL US what they are doing / going to do. They give us the vocabulary to describe what they are doing to us. But WE CATEGORICALLY DENY IT because they claimed it was us using those new fangled words. So we deny the existence or the possibility of the existence of those things. Conservatards should really start listening to their intellectual betters, the Jews.

  20. Public morality is a vehicle driven by a regime. If the car is veering from one lane to another, it means that there must be a struggle inside the car, or something is happening to the driver. The current regime “liberal democracy” is in the driver seat and has been for many decades. Since as John Adams said, liberal democracy is suicidal, we’re going through the last few minutes of Thelma and Louise. On some sunny day, in the not too distant future, “our democracy” will floor it into a canyon. It will probably involve our most modern and terrifying weaponry and a white flash.

    • Kudos on a brilliant metaphor. I already have a few people in mind upon whom I’ll be projecting that.

    • JR Wirth: You know, I never saw that movie, and yet I’m well aware of that image and its use as metaphor. And yet, what we see as the epitome of female solipsism, our enemies see as a tragedy of women victimized by the patriarchy. Excellent propaganda and double-edged sword.

  21. Sometimes when Z talks of the Church he makes it sound as if it were a passing fad. It is responsible for cradling into maturity all of Western Civ and IS the moral order. We simply strayed away from it like a bunch of teenages in their first year in college.

    • The Church didn’t have answers for the Black Death and was weakened. Reason and Commerce were unleashed. Pretty quickly you got the Renaissance (paganism, Humanism) and Protestantism (literacy, Enlightenment). Also the Age of Discovery (commerce). Interesting that trade played a role in spreading the plague, but benefitted by it (Crusades, too, iirc). Imo these weren’t bad things, if they’d been restrained. Maybe the Church had gone a little overboard to provoke such a reaction. It can be corrupt and tyrannical, too.

      Anyway, religion went down for the count, and without its restraining influence, here we are. Idealistic, materialistic, faithless. Less human.

  22. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Witch Hunters

  23. magical incantations to introduce evil spirits…

    Powerful words are nothing new. Witness this exchange from the holiest of holies, Monty Python and troupe:

    ARTHUR: Who are you?
    HEAD KNIGHT: We are the Knights Who Say… Ni!
    ARTHUR: No! Not the Knights Who Say Ni!
    HEAD KNIGHT: The same!
    BEDEVERE: Who are they?
    HEAD KNIGHT: We are the keepers of the sacred words: Ni, Pen, and Ni-wom!
    RANDOM: Ni-wom!
    ARTHUR: Those who hear them seldom live to tell the tale!
    HEAD KNIGHT: The Knights Who Say Ni demand a sacrifice!

    I would also recommend to your attention the lyrics to W.A.P. for further erudition and emphasis (NSFWP*).

    *Not Suitable for White Pee-po

  24. The graybeards will talk about something they call the great interregnum, a time when interested intellectuals and commentators could speak openly about subjects like race, intelligence, sex, demographics, and immigration.

    Interesting you bring that up, Z.

    One of my new favourite hobbies, as I rock my youngest to sleep most nights, is to dig out old videos of people like Murray Rothbard, Joe Sobran and Sam Francis.

    With Sobran in particular, I’m astonished at the things that he spoke about, very openly, within the mainstream. He seems to have appeared on certain US TV networks – in one case, defending himself (very eloquently) against charges of antysematisssim. His views on homosexuality were also things that simply would not be permitted to be aired at all now.

    Indeed, thoughts like that tend to end up on fringe sites or old YouTube videos that people just dig up. It really did seem like a time when people were prepared to actually talk and pretend to be courteous to one another. You see that nowhere in public discourse now: most talking heads are crude and badly educated; there is no time for one speaker to make their case and be heard, it is just jeering.


    • People like to talk about Jared Taylor being on CNN, but if you want to see something truly mind-blowing, go on YouTube and look up, “Whoopi Goldberg Tom Metzger.”

      You won’t find a discourse that reasonable anywhere these days.

    • Rothbard, Sobran, and Francis. The (ignored) Holy Trinity in the 1990s. Had people only listened to them and Pat Buchanan instead of the Bushes . . .

    • Sam Francis and Joe Sobran were actually syndicated columnists who appeared in mainstream newspapers in the 90s. Sobran was in my local newspaper I believe into the early 2000s, maybe as late as mid-2000s. Francis won an important writer’s award, which I forget the name, two years in a row, something no other writer has ever achieved. They weren’t exactly relegated to the outer fringe back then. But that would change….

  25. My favorite part of the McMartin debacle: One of the defense lawyers presented a rogue’s gallery of photos and asked one of the kids to point out the assailants he remembered being at the ritual. The kid, without hesitation, pointed at a picture of Chuck Norris. Walker Texas Ranger apparently gets around.

    Steve Sailer is worse than useless these days—infuriating in his refusal to put down the charts and put up his dukes—but he was right about the “racial miasma” business. White privilege is real not “even though you can’t see it” but because you can’t see it. Its very non-falsifiability is what proves how pernicious it is. It’s so invisible, in fact, that white people can’t even use it if they tried. For instance, if I get pulled over by a white cop after speeding, he still writes the ticket, even after I flash the white supremacist “Okay” symbol to him.

    Likewise with the animating spirit of the Western world, the Patriarchy, designed to oppress women.

    A strong patriarchy would clearly do things like stone “Only Fans” models to death and tar and feather pornographers. Our patriarchy is subtler, however. So subtle one might be tempted to think they don’t exist, especially when the public space is filled with so many shrill harpies and cackling yentas who never get so much as told to shut up. That E Jean Carroll interview on YouTube with Rachel Maddow has to be seen to be believed; it’s so incredible that even her lawyer winces. Not the one with male pattern baldness who looks like the love child of Jon Lovitz and Eleanor Kagan, but the modestly attractive one.

    • A strong patriarchy would clearly do things like stone “Only Fans” models to death and tar and feather pornographers

      Ever disappointed in every state attorney general (outside of Nevada) since if a brick-and-mortar establishment was doing what Only Fans was doing they’d bring the full weight of their law enforcement engine down upon it, but since it’s “online” it’s magically given a pass.

      • That’s not the reason.

        The owner of OnlyFans is a “Ukrainian oligarch” who “denies” being the single largest individual funder of AIPAC.

        He’s an alchemist.

    • joey junger —

      Obviously there is no patriarchy. It’s a useful lie for the Woke-Fem Politburo. Evil, selfish acts must be rationalized as being both necessary and good. They institute their totalitarian, globalist fem-religion while simultaneously writhing and screaming about some fake, onrushing Handmaid’s Tale of Oppression.

      There is no patriarchy, however, there is a gynocentric matriarchy, though it’s not a matriarchy in anthropological terms. But women still rule, whatever ya calls it.

    • Speaking of Only Fans, I saw online last week an article about some whore with 3 kids who was mad because her kids Christian (I think) school had told her to keep her SUV away from the school because she had a huge sticker with her screen name on it. There was no picute of her, not that it mattered, but what kind of a mother and I assume wife does that?

  26. As a preface, the United States was full of batshit crazy people from its founding and only has gotten worse. It exports its derangement throughout the world. There is nothing new here. It also has been a vibrant, creative place with loads of parasitic conmen. The Hate Industry seems to be grifters who take advantage of the insane. Again, that is nothing new. That these lunatics remain most prominent in their old base in the Northeast also is unsurprising.

    Where it gets tricky is in disentangling self-interest from superstition. This also happened in New England, wherein an accusation of witchcraft could give someone the upper hand in a financial or personal relationship.

    Take DEI, please, for the modern version. The recent witch hunt at Harvard was delicious. Super Jew bloodsucker Bill Ackman long supported ritual hate hunts and financed the hounding of the White Devil only to have his low IQ negress Torquemada decide his own wicked Tribe was jammed full of witches. After burning millions of dollars at the stake to End White Privilege, Ackman had to take the colored inquisitor out. In doing so he revealed himself as a witch.

    The confluence of self-interest and superstition also can be found in the hunting of the J6’ers. These elderly peasants were perceived as a threat and had to be liquidated. It also cured them of offering their children and grandchildren as sacrifices to the GAE. Witch-hunting won out at the expense of ready cannon fodder, the latter of which are now ready to laugh their asses off if another 9/11 roasts their piggy tormentors alive in their crumbling, violent sties.

    The endgame isn’t pretty but neither are the circumstances that led there.

    You ar

  27. Witches were drug dealers (think witches brew) and they thrived in the age of exploration, when new drugs from Africa and later the Americas and India were introduced to Europe. They faded in the 18th century because they started calling themselves chemists or pharmacists or druggists, etc, making false appeals to reason and science. The old stories of people seeing demons while on dope were more true.

    Predictably, secular “witch hunters” would also be dealing drugs on the side, just like the modern CIA. Actual inquisitors of the medieval period, with vows of poverty and chastity, would have simply only hunted witches, and thus they had to be done away with. The protestard “reformers” who wanted to seize hospitals as much as monasteries and schools were all in on it, the dope dealing aspect.

    Interestingly, the old pagan religions of Europe didn’t seem to be into drugs, except for the viking berserkers who were hated by everyone else.

  28. As I recall, some of the great Puritan leaders in America such as John Winthrop and one or two of the Mathers were skeptical about witchcraft, or had reservations or regrets about the witch trials and executions. Compared with them, I see very little or no such thoughtfulness, reflection, and humanity among our current Rulers and their minions. As others have pointed out, with Woke, unlike with Christianity, there is no forgiveness and no real redemption.

    I agree that we’re going through some kind of destructive mass hysteria like we see with so many examples previously in history. I experienced the 1980’s and 90’s much differently, though, than as a “great interregnum.” In academia during those decades, the New Left was very actively revving up and making its presence known, and getting tenure. Postmodernism and Political Correctness were steadily rising and gaining dominance, with little pushback. It has been an unbroken climb from the purveyors of The Authoritarian Personality and Denazification to today’s Woke.

    • At some point in the 1980s the postmodern conquest of academia was complete, and with it all the old social customs such as fair play, tolerance of dissent, and ideological pluralism were vanquished. In their place stood a Leftist hegemony that brooked no heterodoxy and deployed its pomo incantations in the service of exorcising the Blue-eyed Ice Demons from the intellectual sanctum.

      The postmoderns succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. So much so, indeed, that their deranged views are now internalized just as thoroughly at Coca-Cola as Cornell, Columbia Pictures as Columbia University, and the Denver Post as Dartmouth.

      • Yes, well said, Ostei. I watched this in horror, and spoke out against it with a few others, but in general not many cared, or worried, or were willing to help.

      • When I arrived at my Good School in the early ’90s, postmodernism had already been displaced by phenomena we’d now call wokeness, then typically derided as “PC.”

        Pomo descended from and depended on a huge amount of Western philosophy and literature, so it was regarded as harshly exclusionary of all but the oldest whitest males. The only class I had where Foucault was assigned became a struggle session because the back cover of his book called him a “genius,” a Euro-patriarchal concept. We never opened that book. If we had, we’d have found none of current_year’s ideas there, and much to contradict them. Reading Derrida was how *not* to get laid. (I personally proved this.)

        The present madness isn’t philosophy and doesn’t descend from it. The sociology it repeats is pre-postmodern (Adorno et al., none of whom influenced any of the French villains) and only nominally Marxist. To the degree it comes from academia, it’s from the *workplace* academia. It’s a management fad inflated to a doomsday cult, campus discipline inflicted on the world.

        Multiculturalism, i.e. anti-whiteness, as an organizational principle, a “surveiller et punir” strategy, was taught at West Point before Georgetown—before any notable poststructuralist text was available in English.

        • Nonsense. Critical theory, or “Western Marxism,” was merely a subsidiary branch of classical Marxism, and with the exception of Marcuse, flamed out no later than 1965. Adorno, Horkheimer and Habermas went so far as to call the student radicals of the 60s–today’s rulers–“Leftwing fascists,” and they were correct. Needless to say, that didn’t sit well with the young Savonarolas, they quickly parted company with the critical theorists, and instead embraced poststructuralism. And it was poststrucuralist relativism, not any form of Marxism, that was the intellectual fulcrum that decentered white civilzation and replaced it with “marginalized” cultures. This was the birth of multiculti.

    • 1660please: Excellent point. While when/how the rot began is a longstanding debate amongst dissidents, I well remember the changes in the ’70s and ’80s. I was very fortunate to have almost exclusively taken classes with older, traditional, and wise professors, but there was no dearth of the purveyors of woke and anti-White lies even back then.

      Being normal and wanting to be left alone is a dangerous weakness – we are called to eternal battle, because evil never sleeps.

      Proverbs 4:16 “For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.

      • 3G4me: Yes, it’s an interesting question. The snakes in the grass were around for a long time: the Frankfurt School, Gramsci, Trotskyists, materialists, radicals, and decadents in the late-19th century, back to the French Revolution, and then back to the serpent in the garden.

        Some ruling classes knew how to get rid of them for the benefit of all. Now they’ve become at least a large part of our ruling class. Then, along with those demons, they gradually became more powerful. I guess it’s something in some element of human nature–maybe the Spiteful Mutants, etc.–whom we always need to be alert against. I think the (((certain tribe))) is definitely a big element, but they don’t explain it all.

  29. CAHN ( the canadian anti-hate network) started up by the usual suspects. They were at least partially responsible for the emergency measures that were used to shut down the truckers protest in the nation’s capital and arrest a few handfuls of people. Seems they tend to scurry away when the light is shined back on them. they are witch hunters, activists…you know, stupid people.

  30. But they are not wrong. Look, everyone here is a radical who would like to see the entire order overthrown by any means necessary. If the means necessary were an orgy of fire and blood, ending with the ruling class impaled along I-95, well… would anyone here be against it? Serious question.

    Most here started as normie-con grillers who just wanted to get back to the real Constitutional principles that made this country great, you know? And we didn’t all become implacable enemies of the regime and all it stands for only because Z-man reasoned us in to it. It happened through all the socialization levers the rulers are terrified of: memes, naughty social media posts that shift the Overton Window in each soul, all of it.

    There are kids out there who hear a mean joke in a gaming lobby about cookies and ovens, and this leads them down a path of independent study… leading them to a genuinely radical political opinion. And you stop all that by… stopping it. Policing the lobbies and memes and social media and all the rest. You raise the cost of small deviations from approved thinking – that’s how it works.

    But they ain’t wrong, frens.

    • I remember when the left went nuts at such milquetoast figures as Ron Paul. Thought it was nuts at first until here we are, ten years later, and a large part of the old Ron Paul contingent is now hard-right.

      • Because once you start to notice the cracks in America, it’s hard to un-notice that they are getting worse all the time…

      • Charter member of the Ron Paul contingent here. He was never milquetoast, just more mild-mannered later in life. In fact, in this clip from the Morton Downey show, a young Ron Paul was ready to whip someone’s ass. See 6:56 – 8:00.

        God bless Dr. Paul. Without him paving the way, exposing the Republican Establishment in the naughts, there would have been no nationalist movement. Ironic, that – a libertarian priming the pump for nationalism and tariffs, but here we are.

  31. I see an interesting trend in the present day that accords with the Salem Witch Trials. One thing that brought the witch hysteria to an end was when some of the accused brought legal suits for slander against their accusers. Thus it was good old-fashioned litigiousness that helped end the witch trials. I see something similar happening with our own Trans Mania. Once enough doctors, therapists and hospitals have been sued into penury, we will see a sudden about face on mutilating children. Who would ever believe that trial lawyers could be a force for good?

    • The ruling class shut down the witch trials when the public began accusing some of them of being witches.

      • That is what I’ve always read. They (basically children) ran out of weird, old women, and began to accuse skeptical elites in order to secure more “power” (attention?). This quickly backfired and the Governor shut the whole thing down.

      • Alas, accusing members of the Power Structure of anti-white racism seems to have no such effect. Their power is well nigh absolute, and they are incapable of self reflection.

    • And speaking of children, the satanic abuse of children does continue, as Epstein Island demonstrated conclusively….

      • For context, the Maunder Minimum, which ended about 1700, saw temperatures in Europe plunge 7*, causing the Thames and Seine to freeze solid. It was the harshest period in the Little Ice Age…Starvation was common…So a lot of stress on society and people looking for an explanation…A few decades later, Europe wondered why they had gone so crazy…

  32. We now live in a time in the West where murdering unborn children for their parts, and the mutilation of our children in the name of ‘gender identify’ is supposed to be normal. So normal in fact, Western governments support and promote these practices and persecutes anyone who stands up against them.

    And you honestly think this isn’t influenced by Satanic and/or demonic forces?

    2 Timothy 3:1-5 – But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

    Spoken 2,000 years ago, you can find an example of every one of these behaviors without looking an farther than the daily news.

    It doesn’t take a Biblical scholar to recognize the fundamental moral decline of the West is changing at a frightening rate.

    We are being deceived by very dark and sinister powers which are leading us towards a future that is not better and brighter, but a future filled with more intolerance, more hatred and more control.

      • My impression is that demons have been flocking in and gleefully dancing around the West since they were so much welcomed here in the 1960’s. They were always around, of course, but as in The Exorcist, not recognizing evil for what it is has especially dire consequences.

          • I miss Paul Harvey. Mom, dad and the grandparents regularly tuned him in, and he made an impression on me. Am looking forward to watching that video after work. 🙂

          • An enduring memory of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was hearing “The Rest of the Story” on our kitchen radio during dinner time. It’s hard to believe that kindly Mr. Harvey espoused ideas that would be described as “far right” by today’s chattering class.

      • I won’t deny it. However, one could make the same argument for the so-called “civil rights” movement.

    • And you honestly think this isn’t influenced by Satanic and/or demonic forces?


      It is Evil. And it is Satan at the helm. Nothing new there, just so few choose to notice it.

      • Yep. It’s the same old story since the Garden of Eden. Every perversion which is hailed as “stunning and brave” is as old as the Serpent.

    • 2 Timothy was a wealth of foresight. Chapter 4, verses 3-4:

      3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

      Then again, the author may have been acutely aware of a long history of humans acting this way.

  33. Z touched on am aspect of the Great Reset/paradise on earth insanity that fascinates me. Most of the rest of the world, outside of Western white countries, is simply not going along with it. Part of the difference is other tribes simply don’t have the zeal for destroying their economy and culture as do uni educated white women.

    Only whites (mainly the women folk) put being considered good above the welfare of their family and their own welfare. It isn’t as though other tribes don’t care about being good but they tend to ask some really basic questions like what is in it for me and my family. In Thailand for example, they are tolerant of ladyboys but that doesn’t mean that use their schools to convince boys they are girls and get them to cut off their penis. Just because they are tolerant off it doesn’t mean they want to encourage it especially when it comes to their own kids.

    So you look at countries like China, India and Russia. They will be behaving like normal countries while white nations, led by their women folk, intentionally destroy their economies, dramatically cut back on the food supply, mutilate their children and sit in their unheated and non conditioned homes eating bugs. Well at least that will be the plan.

    This has to frustrated our betters. Can they tolerate the rest of the world not going along? Will resistance increase because white men will see that most people on the planet aren’t doing this nonsense? Or will white people’s need to be seen as good outweigh it all.

    Time will tell.

    • That was always an issue the Soviets faced for even as much propaganda as they bathed their people in, they could still “peak over the wall” and see it for the bullsh!t it was. That’s why an attempted smackdown has to be done on the likes of El Salvador as they show a glaring lie from the regime for what it is.

      • El Salvador is a great example. To a lesser extent so is Hungary. Walls don’t work? Well they do for Hungary. Prioritizing the welfare of your people and culture is evil? Hungarians are doing fine with it. So, not surprisingly Orban is portrayed as a mini Hitler

      • Bitcoin Beach is looking better everyday.

        It is almost as if Bukele takes his country’s name seriously and is trying to make it a reality.

      • “ …people in, they could still “peak over the wall” and see it for the bullsh!t it was.”

        Interesting. Today’s Internet is that wall being peeked over. And of course, it is now under attack via censorship. I’m actually surprised it took so long. When the internet was basically an academic thing, I remarked that it would not last before the Fed’s began to create “rules” for use. I was more than ten years or so early.

    • I have the misfortune to work with Leftists. When they start spouting all the Woke crap, I ask them what the acronym “R.o.W” means. I introduce them to the “Rest of the World”. In other words, what these lefties think is some universally accepted Woke agenda is completely hated, despised and ignored by 90% of the planet. They don’t want our wars, our vulture capitalism, and they don’t want our stinking, perverted culture. And they are on the up, while we, the crazy 10%, are heading into the abyss.

  34. A friend of mine who works in a Vibrant and Diverse! public high school in Western VA shared a hilarious story.
    A fight broke out between two of those Vibrant and Diverse! students in a classroom. The leftist female teacher raced out of the room, passing two doors to seek the assistance of the closest male teacher in the hallway. He ran over and was able to separate the brawling future microbiologists. All the women teachers berated her for not rushing to the classroom next door. “Ms. Jones does cross fit, her room is adjacent. She would have been able to help. Why didn’t she ask her” everyone wondered. The teacher who sought assistance from the male teacher had to twist herself into a pretzel, which wasn’t easy as she is quite chubby. She was forced to apologize, explain, and bow down to the Girl Power! witches.

    • They are witches, really.

      The lies that women have been told – and swallowed – are legion; and, as this case demonstrates lead to problems with reality. The leftist female teacher is rather lucky she didn’t attempt to go ‘full She-Hulk’ and get the smackdown of her life. Perhaps the propaganda is not too strong in that one, after all.

      And I doubt that CrossFit would have helped Ms. Jones that much against two savages, even if they were only men of slight build and average strength.

    • They genuinely believe chicks are as strong as men. Even more shocking, the actually believe cross-fit improves fitness. Why do five pull ups when I can simply sacrifice the concept of good form and do twenty-five?

      • Some dyke basketball player will be competing against Stephon Curry in a 3-point shooting contest at the NBA All Star Game. (Not that I’m going to watch, of course.) The catch? She’ll be shooting from the WNBA distance rather than the NBA distance. And if she “wins” it will be harrumphed as proof that wimmins be eekwul to mins. In fact, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Curry has been instructed, in no undertain terms, to lose.

        Hasten onward, o fiery meteor!

    • I recently had to help a student plan one of those essays that schools get you to write before you can enrol. He showed me the school’s website – it’s in L.A. It is a perfect accompaniment to what you just wrote. Watch it and weep – hopefully with tears of laughter.

  35. Invoking Torquemada here is misleading: he fought the enemy, and fought them like he wanted to win. It is no coincidence that the end of his career coinicided with the beginning of Spain’s Golden Age.

    What we are seeing now is simply an attempt to project blame away from where it belongs (the jews and their lies) and onto innocent white people.

    • There is a difference between John and Peter. Peter was always on the “right side of history”. He was there from day one as a skeptic of the scamdemic.

      John on the other hand is at best a “reformed sinner”. His early videos promoted the scamdemic, and the ensuing panic—which caused the lockdowns, with the vigor of a Southern Evangelist. John was always a snide bastard who put down contrary views to the scamdemic by calling his analysis “evidence based” reasoning. Inferring of course that others were ignorant alarmists.

      Of course, his evidence was always the nonsense passed down by the corrupt medical authorities and government. His analysis used the bogus mortality models by proven con men like Neil Ferguson—a fellow Brit—whose epidemiological models have never been correct and caused much damage over the years. (Ferguson for example was instrumental in having all British cattle killed to prevent mad cow disease, while the US never used this “prevention” technique.)

      Finally, John is *not* a medical doctor, i.e., MD. He is some sort of senior, retired “nurse”, “doctor” is some sort of honorary title used in Britain for such people. None the less, the academic standing difference between Peter McCullough & John Campbell could not be greater. One talks the talk, the other walks the walk.

      • Everything you’ve said is correct, but Campbell is the rare Covidian who had his road to Damascus moment. We don’t have to excuse his previous mistakes, but we shouldn’t turn him away at this time.

        • Yes, there must be room for redemption. Forgive, but do not forget! Peter McCullough Is the real deal as shown by time. John may now be on the right path and indeed provide “good” data and leadership to the cause. I simply lay out the past history so that folk can appropriately judge the man in his entirety.

  36. > This may sound like an exaggeration, but it is right at the top of that post. They have a warning to readers that reads, “Warning: This analysis contains highly offensive and potentially triggering language and imagery.”

    Take it as you will, but there have been studies that have shown such warning actually increase a vulnerable person’s trauma, as it’s essentially social reinforcement hat you SHOULD be triggered by this. This is probably by design, as hysterical ninnies rending their garments are good shock troops for the regime.

    Regarding mental sanity, the millennial bros in the early XBox Live days would throw bantz about how they will murder someone’s family while laughing and sipping a Red Bull, and somehow they ended up more emotionally mature than the Gen Z cohort where the internet became filled with bubble wrap.

    • I conjured the same image, RD. Fleming had such a mischievously perverse imagination. But the movie uses that personal detail to better effect than the novel.

      • I agree. It’s to far far far better effect than the novel where’s it’s just some throwaway claim that men with three nipples are great lovers or something similarly silly and it has absolutely nothing to do with the plotl.

        For what it’s worth and I don’t know if you’ve heard this, but there’s been speculation over the years that Fleming actually didn’t really write “The Man With the Golden Gun”. The speculation is that when he died he only had an outline or a really rough draft and the publisher had to hire a ghost writer to finish it. I’ve heard a lot of arguments pro and con about this so I don’t know the truth, but the book is so lacking the “Fleming sweep” that even if a ghostwriter wasn’t involved it must have been very much a first draft. It’s always saddened me that Bond didn’t just retire and spend the rest of his life raising his kids with Kissy Suzuki. He deserved a happy ending – not “The Man With the Golden Gun”.

        • Great comment RD. And signs of a kindred spirit. Thanks.

          I am indeed aware of the “authorship problem” of Golden Gun. What I’ve read is that Kingsley Amis either edited or finished the novel, from an unpolished draft by Fleming (written in ill health). Even in its final form, the book feels unfinished (as you note; no Fleming sweep). But it’s like the undeveloped seed of a Fleming novel, with some passages that truly read like his old, great style.

          A couple of years ago, Antony Horowitz wrote a sequel of sorts, that ties up some threads in Golden Gun, and gives Bond a different final outing. It’s more like le Carre than Fleming, I thought. But it was absorbing while I read it.

          Thanks again.

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