The Internet Of Reality

Note: As everyone probably knows, VDare has been under assault by the regime for years and may finally be forced to close down. They have been de-banked so the only way to send them money at the moment is GiveSendGo. If you can spare a few bucks, they could sure use it.

In the early days of the internet, the public places were mostly populated by people who assumed wide open was the natural order. As opposed to the real world with its silos and private spaces, the internet would be wide open. Everyone could go into this new public square and say and hear what they liked. That is why the first public forums were wide open and comprehensive. The idea was that you had one big forum, and everyone could pile in and have their say.

It did not take long for that to fail. The early forums quickly splintered as factions that would develop and soon the forums were a riot of antagonistic posting. This was long before the smart people made it easy for the progressive kooks to get online, but even in a world of smart, tech savvy people, factionalism was an issue. Bulletin boards then UseNet and then message boards followed this pattern. They started centralized and open and soon balkanized into private platforms.

Once the internet was made accessible to the midwit progressive, this pattern became more toxic and nastier. Instead of college football forums unable to maintain civility amongst rival fans, it was the tone police and moral scolds creating dissention and demanding their rivals be censored. They worked to gain control of the platforms and then set about driving off their bogeymen. This led to alternative forums for the people who had been purged from the main platforms.

Another aspect of this new version of the old pattern is that the progressive kooks are unable to start their own forums, so they must infiltrate and co-opt existing platforms, which is why we have a censorious atmosphere online. It was not enough for the kooks to gain control of Twitter, for example, they also had to attack any alternative sites that sprang up in response. In other words, the kooks were threatening the normal balkanization dynamic that had existed since the start.

The point of all this is the last half century of the internet demonstrates the reality of large societies, whether they are digital or analog. Once a society gets to a certain size factionalism is inevitable. The message board experience is the best example, as these platforms created lots of tools to allow people to exist on the same platform but ignore the people from factions they did not like. It never worked. The only solution was peaceful separation in the form of separate private platforms.

This makes perfect sense when you learn about the Dunbar number. This is the number of stable relationships people are cognitively able to maintain at once. The generally agreed upon number is one-hundred-and-fifty. For many people, the number is much lower, so this means in any large group, the typical person will have a sense of belonging with a minority of the people. Consequently, they will be alienated from the rest and there is a short trip from alienation to hostility.

This explains the general sense of unhappiness in modern America. The mass media age has not brought people together as our politicians endless blather on about all the time, but rather increased the sense of alienation. The normal person is now bombarded with the presence of alien, perhaps hostile strangers. Every online experience comes with someone trying to scold you, lecture you, harass you or they are simply outside what you consider to be normal and acceptable.

Digital life is making analog life less tolerable. Of course, this is compounded by the fact that it is now impossible to avoid the scold. In the analog world you can easily spot the scold and avoid her. They have a look about them that is easy to recognize. If you knew nothing about Kate Starbird you would take one look at her and know she is someone who should be avoided. Online, there is no way to spot these spiteful mutants until they begin to immiserate you.

Here is where we see the horrors of the virtual world jumping into the analog world, as these people now do to our institutions what they did to the internet. For example, spiteful mutants have taken over the court system in New York. Just as we saw with social media, they are using their power to harass normal people. They have litigated VDare into closure simply because they can. This is not much different from what the scolds did to social media platforms with moderation.

New York is like Twitter before Musk. They have law-fared the NRA into bankruptcy, charged Trump with various invented crimes, levied a fine on Trump for denying he committed a crime that has never been demonstrated, litigated VDare out of existence despite never alleging any wrongdoing and sent a growing number of innocent white men to prison for the crime of being white men. Douglas Mackey is the most famous, but there are others like Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman.

It is clear that kooks in other states are looking to follow the lead of New York, much like we saw with the internet. One site would be subverted by kooks and before long the other sites followed their actions. The peak of this mania was when every internet platform banned Alex Jones on the same day. Even obscure sites like Roku banned him in the rush to anathematize the man. The dream was to bring back internal banishment through de-platforming.

There is another important lesson here, a scary one too. The internet has proven too big to control in this way. The scolds got the upper hand for a while, but the cost of endless policing exceeded the carrying capacity. People forget, but the reason Musk was able to buy Twitter is they were in serious financial trouble. He fired over two-thirds of the staff, the scolds, and harpies, because these people did nothing but immiserate the people who kept the site running.

This will apply even more to a continent sized country. New York can make itself hostile to normal people, but normal people can leave. After what New York has done to VDare, every reformer now knows they have to shop for safe jurisdictions to avoid this sort of problem. The same will be true for industries that know they are threatened by the kook squads. The gun makers are fleeing the Northeast because they know better than anyone that there is no reasoning with fanatics.

The point here is that we will see in the analog world what we have seen in the digital world for the last decades. A great disaggregation is unfolding in which normal people seek refuge from the areas now controlled by the fanatics. Further, the social media experience has shown that you cannot last long when you are overrun by fanatics, even when you are systematically robbing them. Even if peaceful separation is not possible, people will seek it anyway.

In the end, this is the reason to be optimistic. A society in which people like Fani Willis and Letitia James are doing anything more than pulling a cart is a society that will eventually destroy itself. For any human organization to survive it must be run for the interest of normal by the sober minded and talented. This is true for a social media platform, and it is true for a country. Nature cannot long tolerate the unfit and human nature will be compelled to do the same eventually.

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192 thoughts on “The Internet Of Reality

  1. @ChrisZ, you thought maybe you were misunderstood, and maybe that’s true. I was not thinking you meant reform of the miscreants. I thought you meant reform of the system.

    My position is that I want to know what kind of system reforms you intend to put in place. If it’s just going back to Muh Constitution, how do you intend to keep it from morphing back to what it is? Constitutional Amendments? How well has scribbles on paper worked so far?

    Furthermore, before I sign onto your program, I need to know specifically your vision of the future world you intend for my kids and grandkid(s) before I decide whether to support it. If I think it will suck too bad, I might want to sit back and let you and Le’royce take each other down a notch or two. That way I’ve kept my powder dry for when it comes to negotiating an order that shall seem most likely to effect my family’s Safety and Happiness.

    FFS, we are talking life and death, from the time you begin your program until well after its done. This is not the time for vague generalities and platitudes. If you can’t or won’t give specifics, you are no better than any of the filth in Congress.

    • Hi Steve. Thanks for your reply to my original comment and to what I wrote to commenter RealityRules.

      You keep talking about a “program” to enact. But I think it’s pretty obvious that my original post was about one matter only: namely the need to punish the forces and actors who currently use power to wreak havoc on the lives of decent people.

      A 50-word comment is no place to describe, or ask anyone to sign onto, some “plan for the future,” and I don’t know why you thought that.

      But in general, my position is that the Enlightenment project is exhausted; that it was flawed from the start, and the seeds of its demise were inherent. This includes, regrettably, the establishment of the American regime. There can be no “going back” to any past “idyllic” point on its timeline, because the same problems will only reappear. But there is also no going back to a pre-Enlightenment form of political association—for the same reason that Adam and Eve could not return to Eden after eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Like our First Parents, we are condemned to go forward into new, perhaps harsh, territory.

      As for the political/social/moral order that comes next: contemplating the possible prospects is why we’re all here, reading and commenting on the Zblog. Truthfully, no one knows the answer to that question, and I wouldn’t trust anyone who pretended to do so. What we *can* do—and what Zman does quite well—is point out the flawed ideas and wrong turns that brought us to our current repulsive situation, and assert that any future society must have realistic clarity about these matters, and refuse to adopt them.

      Broadly, I’d say the critical task before us now is *not* to speculate about the future regime, but to be soberly clear about the past and present; and to be ready to act on those realities when the time comes. Maybe this is the point on which we disagree, Steve. But I think when the time comes, we’ll find we’re on the same team. Thanks again.

      • >>>”Like our First Parents, we are…”

        It looks like you missed his comment last week in “Illiberal Multiracialism”. He stood against Ben Shapiro inserting his [alleged] ancestors into the family trees of other people. It’s also NOT too soon to think about what comes next, or at least what ought not to come next. Every parent, aunt, uncle, and grandparent needs to do so.

      • OK, to some extent. I don’t see much of a way to get there if we refuse to have anything to do with anyone not sufficiently race realist. Call them allies of convenience or whatever you like, but the few hundred/thousand/whatever are not enough to make a difference. Heck, there are probably fewer DR and DR-adjacent than daily border jumpers. I just think it’s important to be grounded in reality.

        Like it or not, it is also important to be able to explain a vision of the future. That’s where the commies and socialists run roughshod over us. They paint a rosy picture that draws an emotional response from decent, moral people. They have a vision of the future, and even an overall roadmap, but with the details obscured. If decent people understood those details, what that vision would require to be sacrificed, they would not be taken in.

  2. Most people won’t see this until tomorrow when they will be reading Z’s newest post. But someone posted something interesting in the comments section of occidental dissent last year.

    “for this [Merrick] Garland, I see above all a weakling, terrified and humiliated by women (it would be interesting to know his relationship with his mother: was she of the well-known j–ish abusive mother type? ), he looks like a frightened rabbit taking revenge for his humiliations on the go–m.”

    Regardless of someone’s ethnic background – is the biggest danger in society the frightened, paranoid weakling type who feels they are acting defensively?

    • No. Not when it is an entire tribe of frightened, paranoid weakling types who’s MO is to cry out that they are acting defensively when they strike you.

  3. They are shoving strangers from the other side of the world in your face, they are legally discriminating against you with John Snow, they are harassing you with harps and hags, they are destroying your children and your marriage, filling you with poisons, monitoring and registration everything you do, ordaining rules and regulations that favor Amazon and Starbucks over mom and pop stores, imprisoning you for imaginary crimes while letting murderers and rapists go. And many other things in the same vein.

    Is there any way to stop this short of collapse? Collapse would be hell. But what is this?

    • Moran ya Simba: “Is there any way to stop this short of collapse? Collapse would be hell. But what is this?”


      There is now statistically significant evidence that the most toxic of the MRNA v@xxine batches were shipped to Red States:

      Reports of COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events in Predominantly Republican vs Democratic States
      March 29, 2024

      • I think it is important to monitor the unfolding vaxx situation. The field is full of lies and deceit. Not every initial rumor pans out but some of the worse ones seem to. Different batches of different lethality to different places may or may not hold. One thing to look at is how increased working age mortality rose in different places. Is it up more in red states or alternatively it also rose despite lower vaxx rates?? I don’t know the answers yet

      • This is a bit of a bombshell. Having just browsed it, they report far more adverse effects associated with the vaxx in areas more likely to vote Republican. Of course they speculate that this may be due to conservatives being faster to report an adverse effect. Which is of course a stupid way to avoid the hypothesis you suggest and which is certainly a possibility. One that would incidentally prove nefarious motive for the vaxx. I believe the vaxx drama has only just begun

    • I doubt it.

      If things were bad as Mexico?

      Still no.

      White People here NEED to have it forced on them.

      Otherwise, they’ll never get off the couch.

  4. I remember a couple of the vintage internet people I know as being the slowest to understand what was going on when Anglin got cancelled and the purges started. I think they were in denial.

    Otherwise smart guys kept saying “Impossible” and “But they can’t do that!” even after it had become clear that “they” could and would.

    • If “business” is economic behavior, at the very least that means it’s subject to economic laws, incentives, competition. Internet business—business at the speed of computation + instant global communication—was to be *even more economic*, hyper-responsive and -efficient, undistortable by politics, etc.

      Years before the unpersonings began—Anglin being a great escalation in that, the first guy corporations colluded to *brag about* censoring—there was a day when Google’s autocomplete function stopped working. One day, I think it was in 2008, typing “black people” in the search field offered you a list of black people’s characteristics that those who came before you had wondered about. The next day it didn’t; the results were “curated.” The accumulated wisdom of past searches had been burned away like a tiny Library of Alexandria.

      And on that day, libertarianism was refuted. (I say all of economics was, but I’m an extremist.) Old internet guys were libertarians, and the ones who are incapable of learning still are.

      Nothing on the current_year Trust & Safety internet—not even OnlyFans—is an economic phenomenon. Subscribing to some girl’s butt for five bucks is, but nothing that *makes it happen* is. Old internet guy, Randoid libertarian or Marxoid libertarian, has no way to describe the present or anticipate the future.

      • I think you nailed it.

        The guys I am talking about were older GenXers who were not self-proclaimed libertarians but tended left — one might have even have called himself a Marxist — but I can see now that they were all really in the libertarian headspace and absolute when it came to things like free speech and what they would have called personal or bodily autonomy. I think this might have been a generational thing.

        If I understand you correctly, I wonder if OG Marxism might have been also refuted for the 6 millionth time on that day, at least insofar as it described profit and rent-seeking as the only drivers of corporate behavior.

      • You aren’t committing the fallacy of thinking that “economic” means “money”, are you? Economics is just the study of how people allocate scarce resources. Money is one such, sure, but by far the most limited is time. You only have 24 hours to spend each day. Will you spend them at work earning money? Spend them at the bar with your friends spending money in exchange for experiences and memories? Sitting at home reading a book? The last has absolutely nothing to do with money.

        Similarly, wiping out the “accumulated wisdom of past searches” appears to be of more value to you than it was to Google. And, yet, so far as I know, they spent scads of money preserving that until they decided it was no longer worth it, while you spent not one thin dime to preserve it?

        Despite all the sound and fury, you obviously didn’t really care enough about it to even offer to help pay for it? You just expected to be able to keep freeloading?

    • The problem is that Western systems of governance rely on a population where 99% of the members always operate in good faith and follow the rules.

      Commies, who always operate in bad faith, have realize that feature of Western systems is a highly exploitable weakness that helps them achieve their ends.

  5. Disagree, the crazies can remain crazier a lot longer than you can stay alive. Case in point, Disney. Big Shareholders don’t care about money, merely DEI. Or China, until Xi was brought in to deal with the issue.

    China’s issue was that the CCP had inevitably become ridden with mini-family dynasties. “I am the son of … ” was the cry of princelings arrested for things like running over pedestrians in Ferraris. Of particular concern as Bo Xilai, who threatened another Cultural Revolution out of Shanghai. That was the cue for the traditional solution to families colonizing big bureaucracies … the big man in the person of Xi Xinping.

    The Crazies are merely accelerating the crazy to keep threats: able straight White men, out of competition in the bureaucracy. After all, who has more power? Elon Musk or someone in the CIA bureaucracy? Musk won’t last long, any more than other Big Men like Trump or Thiel or other threats to the collective and intertwined dynasties.

    Consider say Bud Light Marketing exec Alyssa Heinerscheid. [AFAIK she still works there]. She’s rich — went to one of the Ivies, lives in a $10 million NYC mansion, and connected. Its how she got to Bud Light in the first place. It was not on merit. We are so used to seeing Big Men dominating Big Men organizations that the distributed nature of anarcho-tyranny being a feature not a bug of lots of interrelated families dominating the inter-related government, ngo, business, academia, media, and other meshed bureaucracies that we have a hard time comprehending the distributed dynastic part of the threat.

    • All good. But Bo Xilai and wifey ran Chongqing, not Shanghai.

      In the late Oughts before Xi Jinping was a thing, I knew a Hong Kong Chinese asshole with ill-gotten starter wealth who was contemplating a strategic marriage to grow the money tree. He almost married into a family which ran a fiefdom in the PRC Customs Administration but decided instead to marry into the extended family of someone fairly high up in the Shanghai Party mafia because that looked like the best bet for going stratospheric.

      The unexpected rise of Xi who clipped the wings of all these factions put an end to his dreams of world domination. He’s still wealthy but has to keep his head down and his ass up these days.

    • AB InBev logo
      AB InBevAB InBev
      9 yrs9 yrs
      Vice President, Bud Light
      Vice President, Bud Light
      Aug 2022 – Nov 2023 · 1 yr 4 mosAug 2022 – Nov 2023 · 1 yr 4 mos
      New York, United StatesNew York, United States
      First woman selected to lead the largest beer brand in the world. I ran Bud Light, a multi-billion dollar business with a 9 figure media budget and a team of 75 people. I conceived of and executed the strategy to redefine our brand positioning, hone creative decisions around media, content, PR, partnerships and build system belief through sales incentives, go-to-market strategy and regional sell-in. When I took over the brand, Bud Light was voted the #1 presentation at SAMCOM, a four thousand person annual sales conference, for the first time in 7 years. Under my leadership, we flipped the slope on the brand’s trajectory – Bud Light had the best share trends in Q1 ’23 of the past 5 years.

  6. Ummm, Roku isn’t exactly obscure. I think Roku has something like 80 million active accounts and 100 hours of streaming per week.

    Great place if you’re too cheap for a cable or Netflix subscription. Also, Pluto and Tubi are my favorites.

    I’m a late adopter, but this is the best thing since sliced bread.

  7. Along the lines of internet Forums, there used to be all kinds of unique forums managed by all kinds of affinity groups; automotive, outdoors, bee keeping, sewing, model trains, etc. Just about anything people were into, they could find a Forum of like minded people and share their own interests.

    A good example is the automotive Forum. I’ve been involved with a few here in Germany and each has its own distinct personality, their own rules, and members can say pretty much whatever they want. The Forum might have been run by one person on their personal server, or they had something set up with their local internet provider. But they all had their own look and feel and distinct personality.

    However, over the years many of these Forums have since disappeared completely when the owner died or just lost interest. But I have been seeing a growing trend where they are being absorbed by large corporate companies. They buy up these little one-man forums, convert them into their own format, impose their own rules and start loading them up with a ton of advertising. The Forum is still free, but then they charge a premium so members don’t have to watch ads. Much like Amazon, Disney and Youtube are now doing.

    Several US-based BMW and Mercedes forums I used to follow were assimilated by a corporation called VerticalScope out of Canada, which has made a business model of assimilating hundreds of automotive and other affinity group websites.

    Before they took over, in addition to posting pictures of engines, and auto parts, some people would post racy-pictures of girls posing on cars. And since most car forums are male dominated, no one really cared.

    Now however, the corporate algorithms are able to identify anything that could be “objectionable”. In fact they are so aggressive, some pictures of car parts have been identified with warnings that ” You must be be 18+” to view them and then you have to click on the image to view it. We’ve all had a good laugh when we clicked on a pictures that had a 18+ warning only to discover it was just a sparkplug or a strut.

    Corporations like VerticalScope have done to these affinity forums exactly what Walmart does to local, small town hardware, furniture and stationary stores.

    • There was a video put out years ago that (among its other points) noted that a game like World of Tanks, which is lacking in a lot of ways, only has to be “good enough” in order to make sure enough oxygen is stolen to prevent any challengers from springing up.

      (The thing I always keep in mind though is that Yahoo had a death grip on informal online groups, until Facebook stole it all. Even for the farce that Gab is becoming, it’s group feature is something that no one but Facebook has).

    • Karl Horst – perhaps because ‘strut’ sounds too close to ‘slut’.

      • SinSL – Not the words, the images.

        Their system scans uploaded images and somehow determines whether or not images are inappropriate.

        Evidently their AI can’t quite tell the difference between a picture of a penis and a picture of a sparkplug.

  8. Here’s a suggestion for reading today, so that harmony and constructive teamwork can appear years from now. Thirty-five verses. The text is also a segue to insights about a powerful enemy’s goals, ways, and means.

    The word heart refers to the blood pump in the chest, never the CNS. After we learned that the cardiac theory of consciousness is all wrong, people clung anyway to misleading figures of speech using the word heart. We hear them all the time, esp. when someone is making an emotional appeal. People who talk like that think that it’s broadminded not to be literal in this case, but they’re just reciting ancient error like parrots.

  9. Z’s discussion just goes to show how brilliant and perceptive James Madison was when he designed the federal system. You overcome the problem of factionalism by encouraging multiple factions, and you diffuse power across multiple, geographically limited layers of jurisdiction so that no faction can seize the reins of total power:

    “…The influence of factious leaders may kindle a flame within their particular states, but will be unable to spread a general conflagration through the other states: A religious sect, may degenerate into a political faction in a part of the confederacy; but the variety of sects dispersed over the entire face of it, must secure the national councils against any danger from that source: A rage for paper money, for an abolition of debts, for an equal division of property, or for any other improper or wicked project, will be less apt to pervade the whole body of the union, than a particular member of it…”

    Unfortunately Mr. Lincoln destroyed Madison’s project by 1865, and what we have today is a centralized federal Leviathan that makes George III’s tyranny look quaint by comparison.

    Every single one of the Founders, both Federalist and anti-Federalist alike, would be utterly horrified if they could see what the U.S. government has become, and would have taken up arms over far lesser infringements that those that are committed routinely today.

    • Assuming best intentions for Mr. Madison, his system was dealt a mortal wound in the Judicial Act of 1789, factionalism had taken over the system no later than 1796, and the fat lady started singing with the 1803 Marbury v. Madison decision.

      That Madison did not appear to even try to fix the extant centralized factionalism in his presidency suggests to me that maybe his words were just that — words.

      • The Jeffersonian Republic didn’t survive Jefferson. His purchase of retard inhabited swampland from the French turned the Feds into the largest land-holder and utterly destroyed the Idea of the Federal Government being a creature of the States.

        • Truth, though only a negligible fraction of it was swamp. You are correct, though, that this did not count as a port, arsenal, fort, and all the other types of property explicitly named that they could own.

          On the other hand, the territories were not allowed a vote until they became states, and, as a modern map shows, none of the Louisiana Purchase was not claimed by one state or another. Carving out exceptions for parks, forests, grasslands, monuments, and other federal properties would have to wait nearly 3/4 of a century to become “law of the land”.

        • He acted to prevent another European power, particularly the British Empire from swooping in and taking it and both restricting any expansion to the west, and bottling up the transmontane interior of the US from free useage of riverine commerce through New Orleans. Land transport of any scale was not an option, but the Mississippi changed everything for commerce out of the interior; but it wouldn’t if the mouth of the river was under control of the British. This move made the prospects for any new western states being carved out of existing territory of the developing US at the time of the Purchase brighter, and foreclosed the worry of a hostile foreign power to the west impinging on the current border. This had to have been his logic, as he really had little idea what the new land encomposed, hence Lewis and Clark to find out.

          Of a piece with the Barbary War, to secure high seas navigation and the safety of American citizens against piracy.

          Also his founding of West Point. No standing armies, yes. But a core of men proficient in military engineering and current international military practice against the time it might be necessary.

    • Indeed. One important provision of the Constitution that the framers overlooked was a provision for a state to secede. Imagine (for example) if Arkansas and Texas threatened to secede if New York didn’t stop boycotting Montana as “punishment” for not adhering to the latest ideological fad NY pushes. Much agony (perhaps even the Civil War) might have been avoided. As it stands, NY (or in our current day, blue states as a bloc) are able to bring major mayhem to bear on the entire nation (and therefore failure is the only way forward). So be it.

      • It was assumed by everyone that the Constitution was a voluntary union, and that any State could secede…although 3 States, including New York, specifically reserved the right to secede…The New England Compact during the war of 1812 considered joint secession, and was not contradicted on that point…

      • To extend on @pyrhhus, the founders, even Hamilton, argued that the powers listed were the only powers the federal government had. Hamilton’s Federalist #84 makes that point explicitly. Not many were like Jefferson, and saw the danger in the very first clause of Article I Section 8, that it would be construed to grant plenary power.

        Point being, the federal government was not granted the power to force states to remain in the union, so, in the opinion of the founders, it did not have that power.

        • Which is why Lincoln had to falsely characterize secession as “insurrection” and “rebellion,” thereby invoking the federal power to suppress the same in Art. 1, Sec. 8.

      • Half a century ago (the 1970s), Mom told me that “Everything happens first in New York or California.” That seems a fair characterization. Of course, what she meant were major social trends. By the time we teens in the East Coast had shoulder length hair, were smoking pot and riding skateboards, that was passé in Cali and they’d moved on to the next hot thing. Cocaine and mountain biking, perhaps.

        Beyond fads and social trends, the same analysis applied to messages that Hollywood and the rest of the California entertainment industry put into its product, as well as New York’s financial prowess. In the fifty years since, clearly these two States have gained outsize influence with legal trends as well. To be sure there are lots of other vanguard spots: basically the entire West Coast, Chicago, Denver, and many lesser spots.

        Given the crazy that has emanated from these Progressive Paradises, and what continues to, I’m wondering if Mom’s wisdom won’t at some point run into a brick wall. To state the obvious, our nation’s demographics have shifted a lot in that time. That’ll continue into the foreseeable future, with further social and political ferment (nay, putrefaction.) A hard break into no-shit authoritarianism (of the Left, I’d assume*), major civil disorder, economic chaos, your guess is as good as mine.

        *Not that long ago, my stock pessimist quip was “An English-speaking version of the Third Reich” so I guess I erred on which “wing.” When it comes to totalitarian states it doesn’t really matter if you call it National Socialism or Soviet Communism. Those two regimes operated in remarkably similar ways. Indeed, our Western “democracies” suspended quite a few civil rights, at least during wartime. (Don’t get me wrong however; I’d much have preferred being interned in an American camp than one of Japan, Germany or the Soviet Union.)

        • Fascism and Communism are the same side of the spectrum, on the Left. Not one of the economic planks of the Nazi platform could be considered remotely “centrist”. Certainly not the parts about confiscating the goods from the warehouses of the industrialists for the good of the people, or the proceeds of war profiteering, or the death penalty for people who ran pay-day loan shops.

    • Power like mass (gravity) and money, is sticky, that is it has a tendency to aggregate.

  10. Societies have a funny way of evolving in unexpected directions. They’re like a slinky toy moving down a flight of stairs, being pushed by invisible hands left or right to curl their way down to an unknown landing-place.

    The worst thing that can happen to a society is internal destabilization. This is when men cease to agree on common principles, and lose the will to fight for the inherited order. Like so:

    • Downvoted because you seem to be using this forum for spamming and dropping links to your site/blog.

      I get a lot of value from links posted to this forum, but when a user comes here and starts posting links to the same forum every day it comes across as self-promotion of another site. I don’t appreciate that, even if that link has a comment with some merit it to it.

      • I believe we’ve been through that recently, but our previous spam troll has vanish (thankfully). I too consider it poor form to promote one’s own competitor blog via someone else’s. There are folks here who post that run their own blog. You can find such simply by clicking on their name. That is fine, especially since their postings here are on topic and useful to the conversation at hand. They simply don’t directly promote themselves.

    • The best way to spruik your blog here is to make thoughtful comments related to the post. Do so regularly and a few people will click on your bio to see what else you have to say.

  11. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Internet Of Reality

  12. The dour counterpoint to your hope at the end is the Federal Government and managerialism’s corporate essence. The regionalism that defined “States” in “United States” has largely withered away into a generally homogenous miasma of Waffle Houses and Motel 6’s – see Travels with Charley. The tentacles of corporate America and the government’s Othello-like hands will strangle whatever refuge forms in defiance of the lawless lawfare on display.

  13. Yes, factionalism seems to be an inherent part of human nature. Christian factionalism (combined with ethnic/linguistic identity) is what led the Pilgrims here (followed by the usual thieves and adventurers). One sees it with the cliques that form in early childhood – just watch the youngest children on a playground or in a playgroup. The sorting starts simultaneously with the ability to socialize, at about age three. And for those in need of a religious rationale, God never inveighs against the existence of separate tribes and nations, and scatters humanity when it attempts a global project.

    It is not merely today’s demand for the fallacy of equality that is so egregious, but its even more insistent demand that one actively participate in every mode the mutants can conceive of. In meat space, online, in long-ago comments, in photos, in art and literature, YOU WILL JOIN. You WILL march. You WILL wear the badge. Silence is violence. Not even one’s thoughts are to remain a private refuge. The concept of a hidden, minute space inside oneself – where one could retreat to when under psychic attack by evil – that I’ve read of in so many fantasy books now resonates with me.

    I’ve been re-reading “The Mandibles.” First read it on my kindle when it was published in 2016. Now I have a hard copy – and I suddenly look at the book jacket and realize that “Lionel Shriver” is a masculine-looking female (supposedly married to a man) formerly named Margaret. Now I have that dissonance in my head as I re-read the intriguing and often prescient account of the GAE’s precipitous decline. Toilet paper shortages? Predicted in 2016. An epidemic of squatting? Massive inflation? Creation of an alternative reserve currency? It’s all there.

    I know, from my insufficiently complete reading, that human history is replete with people unable to comprehend that looming disaster is – indeed- coming for them. Immiseration, impoverishment, conquest, slavery – no one ever believes it will happen to him. The conceit that we are the first political dissidents to face political, financial, and social penalties is irksome – consider not just the usual examples of Romans in the late empire or 1930s Germany or Russia. So forgive me when I dismiss claims that suddenly, somehow, large numbers of people will suddenly rediscover their latent spines and the storied White militant will again arise. I can cite equal historical examples where individual people and entire societies just acquiesced – or where those who fought back were slaughtered.

    I’m not saying that sometime, somewhere, that the human spirit of White European Man will not again bestride the planet. But right here, right now, it seems unlikely to be soon. I take no joy in this; I abhor it with all that I am – but I will not comfort myself with hopium. Call it what you will – the lights going out, the dark is rising – but it has happened before, and it will happen again.

    • Nice post today. I love that you captured that even the intangible vapors of the mind, thoughts, have no refuge from the tyranny.

      This version of Procrustes is going to put every single thought on his bed. Except in his bed there is not cutting or stretching, just a total vanquishing if it does not fit.

      I think your final point is an important one as well. This phase of the project is not about some uprising – at least not some epic mass uprising. This is about building a set of geographically distributed hub and spoke redoubts. Each locale will hunker down. It won’t be individuals looking to be left alone. It will be groups of folk who agree on the highest priority of preservation and cultivation and regeneration. This is a multiple generation project. It only succeeds if we transmit who we are, who we were and inspire and inculcate in the next generation a vision of what we want to become again or anew.

      Each redoubt will need the same things and need to be connected by common strands and threads. It won’t necessarily be religion as there are too many diverse religious leanings. What it can and will be is our documented history, culture, technical knowledge bound up in an extremely rigorous curriculum and project. It is easy to adopt and use and is supported across the geographically distributed redoubts. That support includes IRL meetings and activities across the geographic folk-wheel.

      Without this, there is no future. At the same time, the redoubts must be defended. That means that they must be uniform in alignment at each locale without subversives and interlopers. Enough of them come together to create a martial force that siphons off talent from the regime which instead is in service to the defense of the redoubts.

      This will take time but it can and it will happen. It starts with the education and transmission and the redoubts with a high concentration of aligned folk. Be of service. Offer tangible things of value to aligned folk and not despair. Uprising are foolhardy. Disengagement with The Regime in order to engage with forging a new regime at home and on our block is what the wise are doing.

      • Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know that I have as well-fleshed out a vision of the future as you seem to, but I generally concur. I’m not saying some sort of uprising or conflict could not occur or succeed, just that it seems unlikely at present. I like your idea of individual but loosely-linked nodes – with the caveat that building, staffing, and sustaining them will be a monumental task. As you note, any such new beginnings must be defended – for attacks will come both from without and within. The White mutant is a recurring biological and social hazard, and people will have to be ruthless in repeatedly beheading that hydra.

        Your comment brought to mind the slow re-emergence of ‘civilization’ in ancient Britain as chronicled by the youth fiction books of Rosemary Sutcliffe. Her books explore the unlikely congruence of people and places – the nodes, if you will – where knowledge or lineage was preserved – after the Romans left. The tale of survival of both heritage and people – despite death and destruction and decades – can be a source of inspiration.

        • Those nodes are villages, towns, small cities, organized rural areas. They are staffed by virtue of the people who live there.

          As I wrote that, one analogous organization that came to mind was King Alfred’s invention of shire fyrds. Of course, in this conflict, the defense is going to be keeping the flag brigades out. It is tough without freedom of association and with the government paying to construct housing and subsidize settling people somewhere. We’ll see how long they can do that for and how remote those locations can be.

          In any case, yes, we have ample examples of such hub and spoke models in European history when under seige. Hungary had a similar system when fighting off the Monguls. The hard part for us is not the military invasion but just mass gollum overrun.

          Still, it is a vast country and we can pull it off because we are smart and willful enough to do it as the system slowly goes Tilt.

        • Rosemary Sutcliffe is good stuff for kids and teens (I enjoyed her books back in the day, too).

          But Capital R Reality would have been closer to the writings of Alfred Duggan: The Little Emperors and The Conscience of the King.

          Not novels you’d want young developing minds anywhere near, but essential reading for Men.

    • As I seem to recall, Shriver has been attacked by packs of shrieking banshees during all her publicity press junkets – initially over something ridiculous – like writing about things she never experienced first-hand. (Image that as a fiction writer?!) She had another novel about the family of a school shooter that drove the left big heap mad. For an American “democrat” planted mostly in London, she’s seems to be making the best of getting repeatedly reality-punched. I last heard her expressing reasonable doubt about climate change on some BBC-type panel and was surprised she didn’t lose her column over it.

      • AnotherAnon: Yeah, my husband was reading her online info to me after I showed him the dust jacket picture. While she often (and accurately) presents both sides of an issue in “The Mandibles,” she ultimately seems to come down on the side of common sense. I wouldn’t call her a conservative nor a complete race realist, but she seems to attempt to be an accurate chronicler of what she sees.

  14. Unfortunately, Letitia and Fani and myriad other lesser known and smaller scale actors are instruments of centralized regime power, expressing itself through distributed jurisdictional action. Their immunity from consequence is the evidence. For the regime has “six ways from Sunday” of retaliating against any state or local official who acts in contravention of regime objectives. Which is why you don’t see red state AGs persecuting the political opposition in similar fashion. Letitia wouldn’t last 5 minutes against a regime that was opposed to her the way this regime is opposed to us. Fix the problem at the top and these apparatchiks dry up and blow away like tumbleweeds. Don’t fix the problem at the top and they multiply and intensify. Not so different from message board agitators, who are easily enough dealt with by a webmaster who cares enough.

  15. Peaceful separation isn’t possible because you’re dealing with parasites. They used to be called energy vampires, or something like that, iirc. You’re their food, and they won’t starve themselves. The law says so, and the law was written for their benefit.

    Otoh, a couple of friends of mine went to one of those Proud Boys/Antifa happenings a number of years ago to check it out. Eventually, they made their way to the Antifa side, and one said to an Antifa guy something like, “Look at your people, they’re weaklings. You do realize if shtf you’ll get rolled, right?” The Antifa guy agreed!

    These aren’t Mongols. Again, they’re parasites. They do what they’re allowed to do, and nothing more. It’s the sorry state of normal people and ‘normal’ elites that allows this.

    Focus on fixing yourself, and the problem becomes simple. No civil wars needed, just a quick establishment of dominance, like bullying nerds to remind them of their place. Reset the pecking order. Maybe not even collapse, but I think people are so soft it might be the necessary kick in the ass. Even nonviolent confrontation seems to be asking too much— everyone must compromise but weaklings and rejects. Oh well.

    • I’d say the elites are the primary parasites, these bioleninism people are really just opportunistic scavengers that latch on to a society that’s already been drained and weakened by the big leeches.

      • I’ve believed that in the past, but these days I think it’s symbiotic. For instance, a regular guy sells his labor to a company. It’s a lot easier than going solo, but it makes management and ownership bigger. Same with government: you obey the law in exchange for management and protection. Same with every institution, I imagine.

        There’s a negotiation. If the little guy becomes slavish, the big guy becomes parasitic, even tyrannical. Each must mind the quality of the other, for his own sake. Weird.

    • Paintersforms – not to defend Antifa, but again please be wary of underestimating the enemy. Yes, plenty of weaklings or little rich kids – but they have been organizing, coordinating, and training. And they have both financial backers and complete legal cover by a parasitic government, Even when in economic or political distress, that government prohibits similar organizing by White dissidents and quashes any individual it feels it can make an example of.

      • If shtf, it’s law of the jungle. Clever, effete, civilized people are suddenly at a serious disadvantage. Don’t want to get too uncivilized, either. Live closer to nature, but not completely in it.

        I mean, some kind of collapse seems inevitable, so we’ll get where we need to be, hopefully not too far past it, but that depends on how much people are willing to tolerate in the meantime.

    • You misunderstand the entire point of antifa. They are individually weak, true. But they are not there to fight unless they can find a lone woman or elderly person.

      Their purpose is flypaper. They are there to provoke you into hitting them, or provoke you into driving through their street protest and injuring some of them. You get caught doing it on camera, and then the State swings into action and tosses you in prison. Antifa are there to smoke out dissidents so they can be rounded up and imprisoned by the State. If some of them get hurt or killed doing this, that’s a price their masters are willing to pay.

  16. ” The gun makers are fleeing the Northeast because they know better than anyone that there is no reasoning with fanatics.”

    America sure is completely unable to fight any major wars due to the lack of manufacturing capability, and the reality of Remington getting the hell out of New York is positive from my viewpoint.

    I have no doubt we’ll be fighting the Democrats and their institutions someday, or we will end up dead. The fact that they will soon have no small arms manufacturing in their states means they will not be able to hold up their end in any Civil War that is looming on the horizon.

    I’m already ahead of most people on this fact: Every Democrat and their uniparty apparatchiks will have to be run out of this country. Everyone of them.

    • What would be bad about a crippled, toothless MICJIMATT complex? Isn’t this a necessary goal of the civil war about which you’re fantisizing? And who is this “we” to wage war against Democrats? How could anyone doubt that millions of Republicans would stand with Democrats? You seem a little confused about who owns your body.

      (J is for judicial. The lawyers established the courts, and without the courts neither the lawyers nor other partners of the complex could rule.)

      • When the dollar loses its reserve status, and no one can get, much less afford, the parts to keep their life running, or the power has been out 12 weeks because they don’t have the equipment to restore it, lots of shit will go down. And when people start dying because there’s no basic medicines, then the realization only sets in deeper.

        And somewhere in that melee, someone will decide that dead trouble makers can’t be trouble makers anymore, then lots of shit can happen.

        No one is going to get out of this unscathed, and the people running the show will be the targets. Same old shit, different country, in a different part of time.

    • When this all shakes out and we have our own sovereign territory, banishing Leftists tout court will be just as important as denying citizenship to Finkels and nuggras.

      • All that has to be done is to forbid the Garfinkles from banking, law, government, and corporation boardrooms. They’ll simply get up and leave to other places ripe for the picking and raping.

    • Coalclinker: Further than that. Look at how France’s asylum policies helped birth so many international troublemakers. If you simply expel the opposition, they will find a home and a voice elsewhere. They need to be eliminated, not merely banished.

      • Wish I could disagree, as some of those who have to go include siblings and nieces and nephews, but much as it pains me, you are right.

      • 3g, you give voice to my darkest premonitions, to what I hope is not the case…

        Certainly, the idea that you suggest is what many Israelis intend for the Palis.

        There seem to be cases where two peoples literally cannot coexist. What then?

        I worry that there are peoples with whom traditional whites cannot share a planet with.

        I tremble at the implications… But if it must be done, then do it.

        • Line: I must admit that re-reading “The Mandibles,” with the US president a “Lat” and people pressing “2” for English, has me a bit depressed. But so much that the author predicted has come to pass – and so exactly – that reading of the total economic destruction of the middle class and the imposition of total government economic and social control has made me rather depressed. I’ve never been a raging optimist, but I have a particularly dreary view of the future today. Please forgive me.

      • The Democrats will sooner or later cross that line when everyone figures out they want their opposition quite very dead. Be it loss and destruction from a major war, a total economic collapse, sooner or later the United States will undergo its own Soviet Union Level Extinction Event, and that’s when the mad dog in them will come out.

        And the Cloud People will fight for their survival, no doubt. They are right now. The level of violence they decide to inflict on their opposition will determine the level of blowback they will get. When you start hearing Democrats pontificating on the street that their MAGATS must be severely dealt with, that is how you will know the Time of Troubles is nearly upon us. You better have plenty of ammunition and pistols you can carry incognito.

    • I think you’ve overlooked a time-honored option that doesn’t require their leaving the country, Pardner. 🤠 One that isn’t feasible in the present time, but would likely become a go-to solution if TSHTF.

      • LOL, I live in Eastern Kentucky, the place where the concept of F.A.F.O. was perfected to a high degree.

  17. In response to the article and to ChrisZ.

    In this physical separation there will have to be lines drawn. Go to the capital of South Dakota and see the Sodomite-Catamite-Nation flag all over downtown and little Mogadishu and various other heretofore unknown African shtetls. It is conquered, colonized. You cannot let that in or your separation will be temporary and for naught.

    There will have to be redoubts. It will be very difficult to create and maintain them. The Regime is doing a full court press. On every screen, on every aisle the stranger, the one who is not you is pushed in your face. “This is no longer yours! This is ours and they are the face of we who live behind the curtain and rule. Suck it!” You see this with Congress making laws to elevate, “Hip-Hop.” You see it with Beyonce and an entire media apparatus up to the VP claiming that blacks are reclaiming country music – another thing that they built and then was stolen from them that has sprung from a vivid imagination but is mantra’d and sanctioned into the new reality.

    They are shipping the world to your town. Can you make it a redoubt? Is it one now? If so, how long will it last? Here is the worst part about it. It is the humiliation. The Other knows he is sanctioned to replace you, lives above you in the law, and is put in front of you in every line. He knows it and he looks at you and you know he know it. Are there enough of us who will say this is unacceptable? Can you walk above that and surround yourself with adequate numbers all holding the proper posture?

    What I am getting at is redoubts will have to be built and maintaining it will require force of will. It will require saying – That flag does not go up here. We only buy and sell to whom we please. This is the dominant religion here and this is the only kind(s) of temple(s) we permit to be built. This is not about going somewhere to be left alone. This is about going somewhere and doing what it takes to make and keep it yours.

    There are many of our folk who have zero will. The shitlib is in the end a coward who is totally deracinated. I see this every day in my work where there is only one POC. Probably as a result of the white woman with a white husband and child who runs the DIE initiative that was not forced on anyone but voluntarily undertaken. At off-sites a bunch of deracinated whites sit in the hotel hallway and rap from memory an entire rap. They post pictures of their kids who look 6 who choreographed some dance to a gangster rap with sunglasses, gangster arm crosses, neck rolls, pursed lips and glares and think it is the greatest thing that little Sally is hard. They post to the new songs channel, How come ya’ll not talking about Beyonce (her new album that is “reclaiming” country music)

    You have to tell them they aren’t allowed in either. That can be done, but at what cost. A large number of our people are broken and the ones who are broken in this way are the strivers and climbers. They don’t even need to be told to do this. They just do it because they are desperate to show their credentials.

    It may be, that denying the white shitlib access to your redoubt is the first battle that has to be fought. It has to be fought intelligently. For example, you may not really be Christian, but maybe you become Christian and attend church regularly to create the numbers needed to bend these cowards under a more dominant culture.

    We are under seige. Running will do no good. The system is bent on our destruction and humiliation. It isn’t hopeless. However, we are going to have to take a stand and we are going to have to do it on a local level, and we will have to do so repeatedly as they will send their spiteful mutants everywhere.

    We need to be the first movers. There are movements afoot but they are taking place in stealth. Be a first mover and pull a sizeable group of people with the skill sets and wealth needed to build a redoubt. Then be prepared to claim it by not allowing them to claim it. That new flag was created for a reason.

    Fly a fourteen star flag in your redoubt and never let another one be placed above. It is going to be a lot easier said than done. Remember, you are not fleeing to be left alone to live as an individual, you are claiming territory with your folk in communication and collaboration spoke and hub with a larger folk. You are going somewhere to make it yours along with your folk. Otherwise, you are just going from Usenet, to Twitter to … to total banishment, except in the real world.

    • Your comment reminded me of this very long (but very readable) post:
      TDLR: you’re still thinking too big. After “The Event”, the locus of control where you live will probably not be much beyond the distance that you can walk in a day.

      (The digital equivalent of this would be everyone running their own Fedi servers for their own small-ish group).

    • Solid rant! But the only way you are getting what you propose is via flying metal!
      That’s it! And you won’t have a choice because your enemy controls the LEO’s and the military and they will be using them to enforce their will on you / us. You’re are going to fight, literally, or they will own your ass… Period!

    • Hi Reality. I think we’ve corresponded before here, and I think we’re in general agreement on matters. It’s been gratifying to get a lot of replies to my earlier comment. But I’ve been baffled by a few of them, as if there was some misreading or miscommunication.

      Your thoughtful comment (with which I largely agree) makes me wonder whether I was careless in my suggested “motto” of “First reprisal, then reform.” I thought my meaning was succinct and clear: first you punish the mutants, extract them entirely from the societal equation. Only then can you begin the work of repair and restoration of a wholesome moral order.

      However, I see now that some replies may have taken my meaning to be something like this: first punish the mutants, *but then try to reform them*. I concede this is a possible reading, but it’s one which I did not intend. For the record, I do not think any effort should be wasted on such a reformation of the forces that have plagued normal decent folk.

      May I ask how you read the “motto”? Because I agree that hard lines of distinction and separation will have to be made—and that doing so will require assertions of will that are not in evidence today, but will be absolutely necessary for a sane order is to emerge. I agree too with the idea that every redoubt of European-Christian identity is being subjected to a siege whose aim is desecration and demoralization.

      Thanks for you comment.

  18. “ People forget, but the reason Musk was able to buy Twitter is they were in serious financial trouble.”

    If one were conspiracy-minded (which I’m not), one could potentially read this as the Deep State petitioning one of its assets to bail out another one. Utilizing the deep-pocked Musk to rescue Twitter, removing some of its harder Woke edges but leaving the previous superstructure more or less intact, would have been a decent play from their perspective.

    Musk has made a fortune being a government grifter. The Green Energy agenda is a collective psychosis by which people believe they can violate the laws of thermodynamics with politically correct thinking. In real-world terms, it is antilife and anti-prosperity, and it is the matrix for some of the largest and most cynical power grabs and wealth transfers in history, Elon Musk, through the instrumentality of his electric car company, has done more to advance that agenda than a whole conference of Leftist academics put together.

    Unlike some people involved in alternative commentary, I do not hail Musk as a genius or an ally. It is an act of heresy against physics and an act of treason against society to believe there is anything salutary about green energy or to participate in that scam.

    • I don’t trust Musk either, but the fact is, I see a load of anti-Deep State stuff on X that wouldn’t have been allowed 2 years ago.

      • One is reminded of the saying attributed to Mao, or perhaps just a humorous cynical reworking to tell how real-world Communism works: “Let a thousand flowers bloom…and get their names.”

        The Deep State can and does collect detailed dossiers on anyone they choose. Heck, in many cases they (apparently) don’t even need any search warrant type authority — a lot of stuff you’d think would be private data is sold to any willing buyer, e.g. your search history, your mobile’s location data, and probably much more besides.

    • Musk was acting as an agent of the Department of Defense in purchasing Twitter. Twitter was founded as a global propaganda and electronic surveillance network. Prior to the purchase, Twitter was effectively controlled by the State Department (Elon Musk is on record admitting this) which is, in turn, controlled by the neocons and affiliated three-letter intelligence agencies. Twitter was the vehicle through which the State Department established the narrative(s) necessary to support their color revolutions around the globe, suppressed any dialogue opposed to their narrative, and spied on their opposition.

      The Ukraine fiasco changed everything. There are still a few sane heads in the DoD, and they recognized that having Twitter under the control of the State Department could very well lead to World War III. The DoD could not just buy Twitter–they needed an agent, and Musk was their man. It’s a replay of the Global Marine Development deep sea mining project that Howard Hughes fronted for the DoD/CIA. There’s a reason that Musk was so cavalier about paying too much for Twitter–he’s playing with House Money.

      Say what you will about Elon Musk, he is probably the single person who did the most to prevent the neocons in the State Department from starting WWIII. That makes him a hero in my book.

      • Musk is not controlled opposition. You freaking ppl. Everyone with an ounce of political / financial power or who has access to the megaphone is NOT controlled opposition.

        Get a grip!

        • Please identify in that comment precisely where I wrote that Musk was controlled opposition? You can’t, because I didn’t. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

          The US government has numerous competing power centers. The DoD is one. The State Department is a separate one.

          Get a clue!

          • “Musk was acting as an agent of the Department of Defense in purchasing Twitter.”

            Read it and weep!

    • Not a particular fan of Elon Musk, but yet must consider him an exceptional individual in the whole.

      Your understanding of Musk is, it appears, quite limited. Musk made his initial fortune in Silicon Valley with the invention of “PayPal”, albeit not known as PayPal when he and partners sold out. His share to the amount of $400M. Nothing was subsidized by the government.

      Musk then *did* jump early on wrt electric cars and Green Energy initiatives. And yes, received and paid back government loans—not the norm from the Obama years. Government subsidies helped sell the industry and as those dried up, so has the industry slowed. However, Musk risked his own fortune in the process, that is not grifting. Note that other major companies such as GM also jumped into the EV market (see” Volt) but failed where Musk and Tesla succeeded. Why, these companies had the same government backing via subsidies.

      Twitter has been done to death in this forum, so in needs no rehash from me.

      Musk has a vision of world communications from anywhere to anywhere. To that extent, he has developed Space X. No entrepreneur to my knowledge ever attempted to replace NASA. Musk now contracts with NASA to send NASA satellites into space. That not the efforts of a grifter, but rather a visionary willing to risk everything for his ideas. That Tesla gave him the financial ability not to the contrary.

      Musk now wants to go and colonize Mars. I criticize his enthusiasm from a technical viewpoint, but as they say, “a man’s reach, must exceed his grasp…”. Note, NASA wants to go back to the moon, Musk wants to go to mars. There is a difference and that deserves respect.

      As I’ve mentioned, I have a son who’s an engineer, the aspect of an electric vehicle such as an electric or hybrid car is enthusiastically promoted by him, but he does not believe in global warming or CO2 emissions reduction. How can this be? Simple, the electric vehicle is a quantum reduction in complexity, cost, and maintenance over an ICE vehicle.

      That’s his job, to look at such things and see where improvement lies. Sometimes, tinkering around the edges of an old technology is not the answer. In the case of ICE, the breakthrough lies in back to basics and discarding such a technology. Toyota has currently the best path to the inevitable future, the hybrid car. All Toyota models will have hybrid versions after this year.

      The shortcomings of course being battery technology, which Musk is feverishly working upon and spending billions on new plants and the technology. Will the national electrical grid handle such demand, probably not—but is that the fault of Musk, or the corrupt political class we allow to rule over us? Should Steve Jobs and Apple be pilloried for unleashing the iPhone 10+ years ago on a naive public and causing an epidemic of stupid people and social media zombies?

      Disclaimer: Last week I bought a Ford Mustang Mach-e (EV, not hybrid). Ford is dumping them whereas as little as 18 months ago, you could not purchase one without a year’s wait. It’s a toy, a distraction from old age boredom, and of course I would never give up my two ICE vehicles, but it’s a wonderful distraction for an old computer person to drive this “computer on wheels”. From time to time I expect I’ll comment on my experience with this “toy”.

      Damn, I’m feeling smug already…;-)

      • The bright side of this whole EV thing is that the powers that be are pushing it too soon. Had they waited for battery technology to develop, they likely could have had complete control over everyone. Seriously, if Musk could send out a command to allow EVs to go an additional 100 miles, why couldn’t a command be sent out to allow it to go 0 miles?

        The GPS is capable of logging everywhere you go, how you drive, what your media player has on it, and how often each plays, even what is said in “your” car.

        Their vision was the ability to completely lock down anyone, individually or as a group, with a few keystrokes, or even an AI listening for keywords. They could have had it, but were too impatient. I hope.

        • Yep, you don’t need to buy an EV to see this happening. The technology in the EV is *not* restricted to EV’s. It is in *every* new car—ICE or EV or Hybrid! In the last funding act, there is a clause in it for even more draconian control. All models after a couple years must include “impaired” drive monitoring and vehicle disabling (as noted above). Of course, the technology to be used only by LEO’s in the line of duty…..

          My new Ford EV has a “backward” looking camera facing the driver. My every trip is being filmed/monitored by my own damn car! Of course, a strip of black electric tape takes care of this. But soon it will not.

          • True. At the moment, there are still a lot of cars that can use a modified ECU from an older car, so long as you have a scan tool that lets you write the VIN of your vehicle into the ECU so it matches. Up through 2014 or so, the VIN didn’t even have to match. At least I’ve successfully done that in a 2014.

            But, yeah, “kill switches” will soon be a thing in all vehicles, at least until your friends in the computer world figure out a way to strip that command out of what is probably an encrypted string.

      • Fail on the EV brother.,,
        They are not “viable.”

        Mercede’s Audi, Toyota, Mopar and your beloved Ford and a few others have publicly announced they are backing off on the EV pipe dream because… NOBODY WANTS EM!
        Except… Well you know… 😉

        Go check out Eric Peter’s the car guys blog who is all over this, Wrote for Wall st Journal, American Spectator and Wapo.
        He’s a pro car expert / writer. As well as Zero Hedge. “Don’t take my word for it,”

        Hope you park on the street and not in the garage so your house doesn’t burn down with the hot Stang!

        • The EV cars don’t sell for three reasons: charging, range, and cost.

          Cost is not really that bad compared to how damn bad all car costs are across the board. They all are too expensive at 7% borrowing rates. The first to adopt were the rich f**ks. They now have their EV’s and the market saturated for them.

          Charging is a big one and is correlated with range. If you are a home owner, you are probably good with installation of a type 2 charger. I installed one myself for about $500 in materials. Overnight recharges the batteries easily. Hell, even plugging it into the wall socket can get you a 50+ mile charge overnight.

          My travel to and back from university was 36 miles. So even at that I could support an EV from a wall outlet and easily a week’s commute on a single charge.

          That leaves long road trips or in town charging. That’s a mess right now due to supply issues. However, the Fed’s tossed another $500M in the last budget toward them( IIRC). Musk is spending billions as well and his charging stations are the de facto standard, which means the bastard is worth even more billions simply because the owns most all the charging stations.

          Ford—even with their own nation-wide charging stations—accepts that and provides you a free *Tesler* charging station adaptor. More and more stations will come about. Early adopters need to expect that.

          Of course that does not help with lengthy charge time as compared to gas and from what I’ve heard high amp charging wears out the batteries quicker. I’m content to let others find that out the hard way. 😉 And by the way, private charging stations charge waaay more per kw hour and as such driving an EV is *not* cheaper than gas if you don’t charge at home rates. Even the dealership I bought from explained that up front.

          Right now, *every* EV has a navigation program that directs you to all known charging stations at the press of an icon. It’s what you encounter when you get there that’s problematic. YMMV. I have little intention to take long EV road trips however, but will attempt some highway driving and remote charger testing to get a feel for the process of charging outside of the home.

      • “Should Steve Jobs and Apple be pilloried for unleashing the iPhone 10+ years ago on a naive public and causing an epidemic of stupid people and social media zombies?”

        Pilloried? How about keelhauled?
        The first gen iPhone was dropped in 2007, if I recall, which, – rounding up – means…?

        • Means nothing to the point made. The point was that such psychological susceptibility was not known nor thought about at the time and could not be anticipated—especially when much of the enabling social media software was yet to be developed and adapted for devices like the IPhone.

        • Not pertinent to the long term adoption of such a vehicle technology. Remember when the first cars came about. There was not one that replaced the functionality of a good horse and buggy. You had basically no paved roads and the auto’s could not travel on most after a rain. Gasoline was bought in cans from a supply store or even a drug store. The reliability of the auto was extremely poor and even starting it was dangerous. The electronic starter invention was a life saver.

          Yet here we are today. And so, 10-20 years after today, we will most like be telling stories of the bad old days of EV’s and laughing. That assumes we will even be allowed to drive anything.

          • I do like satire, keep it up
            The bad old days for electrics were 120 years ago when they lost to the IC Engine. What we have know are the Worse days of the EV.
            The EV scam’s falling apart.
            Fisker slashes EV prices amid bankruptcy fears, Tesla faces bearish sentiment in Q1.
            Fisker lowered the MSRP for the 2023 Ocean Extreme trim from $61,499 to $37,499, the company said Wednesday. The 2023 Ultra trim will be priced at $34,999, down from $52,999, and the 2023 Sport will be priced at $24,999, down from $38,999, according to the automaker.

            I guess 40% qualifies as a slash.


          • Whiskey, none of this is relevant. It’s a bubble and has burst, however that will not continue indefinitely.

      • Really, I don’t think it’s all or nothing. We have a problem here in the group with polarization wrt people. Life is not so clear cut. It’s more nuanced. Musk is such a person. For example, from a Christian perspective, I believe he’s been married what, 6 times? He’s got 6 or 7 children by these wives. That’s not my concept of morality, nor what I’d want to be the norm in a White ethnostate, but then again I was not commenting on this aspect of Musk, nor did it seem any others here.

  19. Along the same lines, I wrote in 2019:

    “The real internet wasn’t available to everyone. Even if you had an account, the skills barrier made it almost like an IQ test. That limited the size of the user population. Even with total freedom of speech, there weren’t enough susceptible people to whip up a Twitter-style mob or harassment campaign.

    Make the internet harder to use, so that most people will flock to easier social media sites or reborn online services. Most e-commerce should be there.”

      • I still remember the day or at least the week AOL started offering a GUI to the newsgroups. Around the same time they started getting overwhelmed with spam advertisements. The spammers would start scouring the newsgroups for email addresses and them spamming the hell out of our email.

        • I lived that motto for a long time. But eventually I got tired of it, particularly either typing out long file names or doing the whole ~ thing.

          I wish I could remember the name of it, but there was a bootable dos disk image with a TCP/IP stack and a browser. The downside was it was a walled garden. You couldn’t run other dos apps, only what was in the image. All you really got was the browser. No telnet client, no FTP client etc.

      • Not sure I agree. Graphic user interfaces (IMO) have little to do with meritocracy. I was in the business before such things came about. Command line typing, verses touching an icon, or using a few clicks of a mouse on an icon is not the difference between mediocrity and meritocracy. It’s the functionality that lies behind the icon activation that is the problem. Indeed, we used to save bundles of code and call them up when needed with a short command line. Now we can create little icons and click on them.

        The primary aspect of such inventions was efficiency and ease of computer use, and in that they were revolutionary and effective—albeit I understand that there are a couple of generations now using such without the slightest understanding of the complexity and power they wield or what they replaced—but what is your solution, that folks first learn to program all the utilities they use? Do we then get into a pissing match with those who use high level programming languages verses programming directly in machine code?

        • I suspect that our man Daesin was being mildly facetious: his quip was meant as a “modest proposal,” if you will.

        • All I can write in response is:

          …and my car still goes 37 furlongs to the hogshead.

    • A lot of the old-school guys are going to Urbit. It has just enough of a tech overhead that it keeps out the retards. It is also theoretically uncancelable.

    • An IQ requirement of at least 115 to access the Internet. 80% of people currently using it would vanish.

  20. At least online there are a limited number of ways they can hurt you. In real life, they can send you to prison, bankrupt you or worse.

    Things will continue to get worse until somebody stops them. They have no internal ability to control themselves. There is no line that it is unthinkable to cross.

    • All true, and the wildest part is they will fold and curl up into a fetal position the moment the violence is reciprocated. A feminized society becomes a subservient one the nanosecond Daddy uses the pimp hand.

    • Already speculated upon: there are competing power centers, factions, within the [Deep State] government. Of course most of the time these are off-the-record, existing in the background. Even in the best of times, there exists an uneasy truce. Everybody is happy – or at least temporarily satisfied – as long as they get their cut of the appropriations pie and their fiefdom is not threatened. Major problem: “best of times” never lasts forever; crises come and go. Sometimes a bad one comes and stays. Perhaps even blowback from an ill-considered action from one of their own. When the chips are down, the uneasy alliance will tend towards a gangland war. Again, that could mean anything from a bloodless coup, pressure applied and people retiring to be with their families, or it might degenerate into something much worse.

  21. It’s an awful thing that is happening to VDare. Double-plus awful that so-called free speech enjoyers (like the ACLU or the GOP) are doing nothing.

    Which brings me to an uncomfortable conclusion. VDare has only raised $5K and change out of an asked-for $100K. Will they get their money or will people flee that sinking ship?

    I’ve been checking in on VDare for years, and they are always raising money. They apparently need all kinds of moneys for publications and castles and lawyers and it just seems so…old-fashioned to me, and a waste of money and resources that would go to more effective things than paying New York state lawyers. We are in a guerilla battle now, so a large and prominent money-sucking entity like VDare is nothing but a sitting duck; a proverbial Abrams tank being swarmed by countless drones.

    I may agree with them on a great many things, but their righteous-and-persecuted shtick is old. Conservative groups love this kind of shtick. Some people call it grifting (though maybe that is unfair to VDare, but not by much, sorry) and I wish VDare all the best, but they need to scale down and become like AmRen or
    AFPAC or something similar.

    And excuse this stupid question but do they have to do battle with NY State? Can’t they just fold up shop, leave, and re-brand somewhere else? If VDare wins, then what? They’re going to stagger on like Mark Steyn? What’s the ROI here?

    • I made the mistake of donating once to them. They put me on a daily mailing list. No amount of pleading will make them stop emailing me or getting off their stupid list. My interacting with a website is not an invitation to spam me nonstop for YEARS.

      • Tars-

        I ordered from one of the big prepper sites and they did the same thing with regard to spam.

        All you can really do is filter/redirect those mails to a Junk folder.

        • I’ve never given them an email address. I hate getting spam in the regular mail as well, but it costs a decent amount of money to do it.

          If they sent a quarterly reminder email and let me opt out of the email, I would be OK with it. It’s the fact that I tried to help them and then they repaid me by treating me like a sucker.

          The same thing happened with Wikipedia. I donated to them a long time ago before it was taken over by SJWs. Same damned thing, though at least they gave up a long time ago.

          You used to be able to back out of spam lists in the old analog mail days. Most companies you did business with did not treat your name and address like a stock to be sold. If you filled out your warranty card, you didn’t suddenly get bombarded with endless offers from companies you never heard of. They didn’t sell your name and address and your decision to buy their lawnmower to the highest bidder. It started with the damned magazines.

          When I was a kid one of my friends thought it was funny to subscribe to playboy magazine on my behalf using my name and address thinking I would get in trouble. But their handwriting must not have been great because Playboy misinterpreted my last name by one letter. My parent’s mailbox was bombarded with offers from hundreds of different companies in that particular misspelling of my last name. I was about 12 when that happened and I was in my early 20s the last time I got one of these in that name. That’s probably only because I don’t have the same address as I did when I was 12.

          Now the goddamned DMV does it. Absolutely nothing is private. Even the people I’m in hock to for 30 years think their business relationship with me is an asset to sell. The auto companies think everything about you is their property. These people should all be arrested, tried and upon conviction, SHOT.

      • Yep. And it’s not just VDare. Lots of charities do the same, that’s pretty much why I’ve given up on them. It’s not simply that they are naive either. Hell, I’ve had charities dare to call me on the phone to talk about “our past relationship” and their new needs for whatever current drive they are leading. This when I’ve never given them my phone number nor allowed such contact. I ask them how they got my number. They have a “service” that provides such info to attach to their donor list.

        • I’ve learned to use my attorney as a cut-out. He knows exactly the right words to say to make them never call again. Under any circumstances.

      • As to the selling of personal info and pestering you forever, the main reason is we have no law wrt who owns *your* data. I understand the EU has passed such law/rules?

        In any event, a simple law that you, yourself, own your data and its derivatives, and further you must agree to its use would go a long way to enhance privacy, albeit you’d have to pay for a lot more of your Internet goodies.

    • The law doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but, for certain kinds of corporate entities, to end doing business in New York—by closing, becoming another entity, or reincorporating elsewhere—without the state’s permission is in fact illegal/impossible.

      Vdare wouldn’t have weighed that when considering where to incorporate, because such law was only applied to *criminal* businesses, as an extortionary assist in their prosecutions.

      Hold your laughter.

      The excuse I’ve heard from Brimelow for their decision to be a New York business, despite doing no business there, is that New York is where the lawyers are.

      I think what they wanted was some stolen prestige, the occasional “New York think tank” in the press to offset the association of anti-immigration with rural losers.

      They’re conservatives, so they’re blind to the only rule: We can’t have anything.

    • VDARE jumped the shark when on Good Friday it decided it was Christ on the cross, declaring, “It is finished” a la our Savior and draping its deer mascot with a crown of thorns. I’m supposed to donate to THAT?

      My advice to Brimelow: Unload that money-pit of a “castle” and spend the proceeds to protect the anonymity of your writers via the name-redaction for the subpoena compliance that you say you can’t afford. Brimelow may think he is hanging on a cross like Jesus, but the people who are actually being crucified are the fools who agreed to write anonymously for VDARE on the promise that their anonymity would forever be protected. Now, Brimelow is effectively reneging on that promise by claiming that he doesn’t have the $150,000 to pay for the redactions. Those writers must be saying, “Thanks, Peter!,” as they wonder how fast they’ll lose their day jobs in the SPLC witch-hunt once their names become public.

      I had a chance to become one of them back in 2016, when Brimelow invited me to write for VDARE pseudonymously. I turned him down because I never write under pseudonyms: I attach my real name to everything I write, and I stand by it. I also didn’t want to get involved by association with all the Joo stuff that is a staple of “dissident Right” output at VDARE and elsewhere. Now, eight years later, I’m glad I made that call. I’d be trembling in my boots right now over my non-VDARE writing career crashing to an ignominious halt.

    • I’ve donated to VDARE many times and am happy to do it. I have great admiration for the Brimelows. They have done as much as anyone to fight against mass immigration, and have been as effective as any organization. If I am wrong about that, please tell me who or what has done better.

      As far as donating your money, support individuals who are giving voice to opinions you favor: Z-man, Sailer, Derb, Am-Ren.

      • I would argue that VDare has done nothing of value, other than enrage and/or depress its readership, if you’d call that value. All VDare can do is help your uncle at Thanksgiving to own a lib at the dinner table, Sailer-style.

        VDare chose to play the game and they’re being hammered for it. They wanted to be an august publication and get donors and form a kind of far-right think-tank, like it was 1994 or something and presumed we had a free exchange of ideas and a rigorous debate among serious men in New York and elsewhere. We all know it’s not 1994 any more.

    • He may have been registered in NY, but I sent him a small donation around fifteen years ago for something like $25.00.
      I got a return email from him personally and in it he mentioned a few things about his home in CT. So again, I’m not sure why James is able to do this to him. As for why Brimelow is running things the way he is, his age might have something to do with it. I’ll use myself as an example. My current vehicle has a whole slew of electro-gadgets that I neither need, nor want, but if I wanted the more powerful engine, I had to get that trim level (what I wouldn’t give to have my ‘79 Caprice back!) i don’t hook my phone up to the vehicle and my kids cannot understand why. My oldest does when he’s using the vehicle and it’s a royal pain in the ass to disconnect it when he isn’t in the car. To him it comes naturally and he breezes through the set up, to me, I see no reason for it and so I don’t utilize it. Perhaps Brimelow looks at his fundraising the same way.
      As for fracturing, you are absolutely correct. When my oldest graduated last year, the valedictorian of his class – an obnoxious pajeeta – spent the first five minutes of her speech graciously admitting that she could have never done in her “home country” what she accomplished here. Despite the fact that she was born here, I still don’t understand why she referred to it as thus, who knows. She spent the remainder of her speech spitting all over our country and demanding that “the white patriarchy be smashed” and all that bullshit. Around ten percent of the crowd cheered her and the rest of us stewed. Where I live there is a village within our town, most of the people who reside in the village are lefties and most of the people who reside in the town are blue-collar, working class and quite a few own their own businesses and politically lean right. The population as a whole is around four hundred and change, so it is considered a semi-rural area. A few years ago a few people wanted to erase the political dichotomy of village and town and make it one entity, with the village running the show of course. Despite some attempted dirty tricks, the measure was defeated, but it illustrates what Z is speaking about here.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing myself. Modern dissident organisations shouldn’t even have a PO box, let alone a street address. You should be contactable by protonmail and make a bit of beer money through ebook sales. You should expect to be shitcanned by each platform in turn and have your mirror site ready to go for when that happens.
      An IRL castle is asking for trouble.

  22. A bit off topic but why does NY have jurisdiction over VDare in WV?

    Did they used to be in NY?

    • Yes, VDare was once incorporated or somehow otherwise legally organized in NY, and in that legal sense NY won’t let them leave

      • Thanks. Then that is a serious problem for any state, even red states, with a blue city. Look at Willis in GA.

      • Louis Rossman has some YouTube videos posted that cover how awful NY state is to deal with for small businessmen in excruciating detail.

  23. We can watch the decline from the sidelines, or we can act. The latter is our evolutionary inheritance; we were built to move, not be passive witnesses to our own destruction. As always, “what to do” is the seminal question. What gets the most bang for the buck? Yes, the Karens are proliferating at an alarming rate and there is no end to the harm they can do. No societal checks and balances exist anymore. We are all riding on a freight train headed toward the washed out bridge, and whining, bitching, debating, and shrieking won’t defeat gravity in the gorge up ahead.

    Mike Tyson famously said about the internet “social media made people way to comfortable disrespecting other people and not getting punched in the face for it.” We need to find a way to restore tangible feedback. Some of the most valuable lessons in life are learned this way.

    Everyone should have skin in the game. No exceptions.

    • I think history has shown us that there is really only one way to deal with these types of people, especially when their numbers have grown so big that they have no fear of those they are working to destroy. There is a tipping point that has to be reached for definitive action to begin, and we clearly are not there yet.

      Right now, we are still at the “It surely can’t happen to me…” phase. There are two possible historical outcomes from this phase. Either the rise of someone like Mustache Man and his party, or, the rise of Stalin and his “solutions”. There doesn’t seem to be any other possibility.

      • Or, unfortunately the more likely, nothing happens at all and people just accept it.

        • That’s how we end up with a Stalin-type situation. The people accept the way things are in the hope that the “powers” will leave them alone. We all know how that turned out.

    • “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split…”

      Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan, was surprisingly deep and wrote lots of other works. An example that takes a half hour to listen to

    • The Chinese concept (and implementation) of a “social credit score” comes to mind. Of course, the question then becomes who sets the rules for what raises or lowers your score and how it may be used in social interactions.

      But the concept, and technology are here and available.

    • To rework a frequent TomA metaphor: The problem is how to create viable antibodies without unwanted side effects, like 24-inch long amyloid clots in major arteries.

      • Yeah, gummy worms are a bitch.

        That’s why we’re so fortunate that we can pretend magic all of this away by endlessly screeching “conspiracy theories” and “medical misinformation” over and over again, and otherwise REEEEE away at 120 decibels, and without ever a pause.

        Then there are no 24-inch long amyloid clots in major arteries any more. That’ll show them!!!

    • At the risk of Ph3d P0asting, that would ackshually be the very best possible outcome…

  24. This is a solid column and worthy response to what’s being done to Brimelow and other heroes.

    I don’t know if sober, talented, normal people will ever be in a position of power again. But if it happens, the first priority must be to mete out punishment on the mutants who have foisted their irrational misery onto the social order. There can be no succumbing to the white-shoe platitudes of “nobless oblige,” or “moving on.” The motto must be: “First reprisal, then reform.”

    The corrupt mutants are the ones who unleashed the coercive power of the state on normal people, and they must feel its force—and be seen to feel it—so they will never raise their asymmetrical heads again.

    • The only way to make the retribution worthwhile is to make it twice as harsh as the offenses brought on by the mutants. No mercy whatsoever should be given no matter how loud or shrieking the cries may be.

      It is the only way…

      • Agreed. Why in the world would anyone show mercy to someone is completely fanatical in their desire and actions to kill you, rape your children and destroy your world? They will only bide their time until they can try again.

    • ChrisZ: “But if it happens, the first priority must be to mete out punishment on the mutants who have foisted their irrational misery onto the social order.”

      I would urge you to take a few steps backwards, and axe yourself, “Why do the mutants exist in the first place, what is their purpose in existing, and how do their bl00dlines profit by existing?”


      Double Hint: Note that Wikipedia is now very subtly DOWNGRADING the phenomenon, from a full-blown Personality Disorder, to merely a “behavior” [and its spelling is not even fully capitalized anymoar]…

      PS: Just down below here, “Nicholas Name” has poasted similar thoughts.

      • The Passive Aggressives are so brutally nihilistic that they have removed the concept of “Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder” from the DSM, and swept it right under the fabric of society.

        Ergo you can’t even say that they’re there.

        And if you try to say that they’re there, then the local constabulatory SWAT team will knock down your front door, drag you out of your house, and lock you up in the psych ward, for 18 months of Thorazine.

        Sadly, I’m not kidding here:

        “The DSM-5 no longer uses this phrase or label, and it is not one of the ten listed specific personality disorders…”

        This is the re-writing of history in real time, right before your very eyes.

        The Passive Aggressives passively aggress’ed their very own psychiatric disorder straight into oblivion.

        It no longer exists anymore, except, of course, as the omnipotent ubiquitous tormentrix of us poor stupid slobs in Klownworld Hellscape.

    • “I don’t know if sober, talented, normal people will ever be in a position of power again….”
      Well I would argue that it is inevitable. Kooks cannot run social platforms as our host stated. In fact… when they take over, they eventually ruin the space for everyone including themselves and the space dies. Gays are champing at the bit to brag about how many churches they’ve taken over; they go quiet as church mice when it comes to how many of those churches have since closed their doors. The NYT and other lame stream media outlets are in full decline.

      New York is turning into a chit hole, as are the other big blue cities. Even the kooks themselves are being forced to admit it. By their nature, kooks will not stop. They have to BE stopped.

      It may be too little too late, but I think we are soon going to see these idiots swept from positions of authority… and a lot will depend on the kooks themselves. The situation will be such that they either go quietly and peacefully, or they go the hard way. Either way… things cannot continue like this.

      • “The situation will be such that they either go quietly and peacefully, or they go the hard way.”

        I think the best possible outcome will be for a significant number to go the hard way (please let that happen!) to set a strong example. That may be enough to convince the rest of them to go quietly. Honestly though, if/when the “hard way” begins, some of us might not be too keen to let very many of them go quietly. They have done far too much personal damage to far too many people to just let them go quietly.

    • We need to stop funding them. Most of these leftist people are benefiting from government money.

      This is the problem with American politics. We get hell under the progressives. They expand their opportunities at every opportunity. Then the cucks get into power and we get peace, but no reversals. Every new progressive intervention is maintained regardless of which party is in power at the time. We need a team that when they win will severely punish their enemies and reward their friends.

    • @ChrisZ, The motto must be: “First reprisal, then reform.”

      How is that different than, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”?

      Sorry, I’m not signing any blank checks. Particularly not with the blood of my kids and imminent grandkid, and whatever else the future holds.

      I don’t want to be defined in terms of what I oppose, but rather what I support. Tell me exactly what you plan to replace the extant order with, or I’m inclined to let you and him fight.

      • This is a reasonable point. We are all unified on how much we hate what we call the left. We don’t have real solutions though.

  25. “progressive kooks are unable to start their own forums, so they must infiltrate and co-opt existing platforms…”

    Excellent point. This is why I characterize progressives as aggressive parasites. It is also why my skin crawls whenever I hear them say “we have to…”, because “we” is a parasite referring to themselves and the host.

    • I love this; much more intelligent that my middle school come back.

      “We have to…”
      “We? Waddya mean we? Ya got a turn in your pocket?”

  26. It’s an old rule of combat that you “never let a dead man kill you.” Meaning if your enemy is on a sinking ship, inside a burning building with no exit, or in a thicket of woods on fire, you might be better served by falling back rather than trading shots with him. It’s for this reason that ignoring America makes more sense than confronting us. That a goodly number of American people finally hate their rulers as much as their rulers hate them also means there’s not much reason for a Russian or Chinese psyop via Tiktok or Facebook or whatever the hobbyhorse of the politicians might be. I don’t need Svengali with a spiral pendant to tell me to vote for the person the people in charge hate the most.
    As for Israel, I’m not sure they’re “thumbing their nose” at America. Obama had some “Arabist” tendencies, but those were quashed when (according to adviser Ben Rhodes) Rahm Emmanuel finally snapped, “The Palestinians aren’t going to pay for your Presidential Library!” Bill Kristol definitely flipped out over the Chuck Hagel nomination because he was too much of an “Arabist.” Biden, being the shell in which the Obama xenomorph resides, has probably accepted this. The recent Radio Music Hall fundraiser (after which lox and bagels were eaten) is proof of the Corpse President’s quiescence to this reality. Biden will read the words on the teleprompter condemning Bibi in order to get the double-digit IQ’ers out at the polls, but that’s it. Blacks, who see Jews as an especially obnoxious subspecies of whites, want to see Israel crushed so they like to see this. Thus the Obama estivating in Biden’s belly will make the mouth of the old white husk move to make those sounds.
    As for Iran, it shows that our dumb move in Iraq is the gift that just keeps giving. An Iraq under solid Ba’athist control would have been happy to harass and weaken them without cease, with or without American aid or encouragement. Imagine the fervor of the Azov battalion flush against a sixteen-hundred kilometer border, only intent on killing Iranians rather than Russians.
    “Only three things should not exist: Persians, Jews, and Sandfleas.” -Saddam Hussein
    I miss that guy and Kadafi; they made the region more interesting and fun than it already is.

  27. “A society in which people like Fani Willis and Letitia James are doing anything more than pulling a cart is a society that will eventually destroy itself.”


    Double ouch.

    • Prosecutorial immunity and no practical mechanism to remove (and and disbar..then imprision) lawyers and judges is a huge problem.

      The Trump half billion dollar fine is an obvious example, but watching Peter Brimelow go down feels far, far more personal.

      • Trump and his supporters fetishize the police, so the persecution is a beautiful irony. Brimelow’s experience, too, is worthy of an Aesopian fable. In the latter case, there’s a lesson about what can happen to clumsy, rigid traditionalists who revere and preach loyalty to bad ideas, bad traditions, and bad systems. He made hisself an obvious target and even picked an ironic name for his operation. Anyone with eyes to see ten years ago could know what end was was most likely.

  28. “The generally agreed upon number is one-hundred-and-fifty.”

    Is the country going to split into 2-3 million warring tribes of size ~150 after the revolution? Even increasing the tribe size by 10-fold, we expect 200K small and hostile groups. Is that the long-term future?

    • I suspect there is a maximum number of aliens one can interact with before feeling like a put-upon minority. In a world where your tribe is a minority, but you rarely interact with those outside your tribe, you will not feel threatened. In a world where you seem to find yourself among strangers on a regular basis will lead to feeling threatened and a desire to return to your tribe, even if your tribe is a majority.

      There was a guy who applied this concept to white flight in the 1960’s. He looked at black crime and then evaluated how often a white person would experience it with a small black population. He then did the same math as the black population grew and found that the number of experiences would grow much faster. At about 20%, white would experience black crime daily, directly or indirectly. This is what triggered white flight.

      • How do you expect the tribe boundaries to be formed? Physical characteristics (race, color) are not going to work, because many lunatics look no different from those grounded in reality. In the past, you could trust the educated people to be more rational, but more educated equals more irrational now. In the last few years, I have seen others I thought sane to complete lose their senses after the vaccine, or Russia war or even Israel-Gaza.

        • When the time comes, we will need to differentiate those who are just the sheep who went along with the crowd, and those who happily led the crowd. As for the sheep, they will always be sheep, with the few exceptions who have the ability to learn as they age. For the leaders of the flock, there are trees and ropes, some assembly required.

        • It is a puzzlement. For example, while I could go the rest of my life perfectly happy if I never see a black person ever again, the small, small number of blacks living with us out in the sticks care far more about defending “the sticks” than a huge slice of the White bugmen out here. I suppose that’s because they know more than anyone what’s at stake.

          I just try to remember the Vlad Putin theory of diplomacy: we have more than enough enemies as it is, so don’t go making more enemies where there are none.

      • Hmmmmmm. You’re not wrong. But…that assumes a compliant, docile white population that in my opinion is beginning to evaporate. When Whitey has finally had enough of black claptrap and misbehaviour the teeth and claws come out. If or when that happens… a handful of whites can effectively control a multitude of black. We saw this in South Africa and pretty much all of the white imperialist colonies

        I believe the Dissidents are flat out wrong about this. Black problems plague us because we tolerate it and even enable or encourage it in cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc. The welfare/multiculti state separates people of colour from the consequences of their actions. If that relationship were restored we would probably see a reversal in black criminality trends.

          • Not what the most vocal believe, then? Or am reading too much into what’s being said about group identities and genetics upstream from culture etc.

        • Apologies. When the subject comes up it seems that the dissidents I listen to say that genetics are real and think that nothing can trump them. Behaviour modification works wonders and proper techniques (like our ancestors used) would be enormously helpful. Just as black genetics are different, so is their justice. Black justice must be fast, simple, fair…and flat out brutal to have an effect. Current practices simply make them more feral and cunning – hence the need to be brutally strict with them. You can show a white man mercy and he will usually see it for what it is. Blacks see mercy as weakness (correctly, as it is under neoliberalism) and as something to be exploited.

          • OK. I see what you’re saying. Even still, I don’t think most DRs would dispute what you’re saying. And, of course, it’s not an either/or situation. Yes, genetics is prime. Definitely a DR tenet. But I think most of us would agree that sure, swift and harsh law worked against the negro would produce much better results than treating them like whites–or East Asians, for the matter of it. Problem is, at some point whites would lose the will to treat negroes like the negroes they are, and we would be back on the via dolorosa. The only sure solution is forming a homeland where blacks, by charter and law, are not allowed to live.

      • It was good for business. Cheap factory labor, and burbs to sell. If black criminality accelerated it, well, let’s boom!

    • That’s the beauty of a representative republic, though I think instead of winner-take-all elections, it has to be more like extending a limited power of attorney to your representative(s). (There’s no reason you can’t choose different people as your agent for different matters.)

      Even if limited to just Dunbar number, 150 representatives each representing 150 people would be around 14,000 such groups. Still unwieldy, I agree, but as an representative became more well-known, at least a couple orders of magnitude more than 150 people could select him as their agent. That is still less than the Constitution’s limit of 30,000 per representative.

      And now you are well within something workable, particularly if your group is amenable to forming confederations or alliances with other groups.

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