The Ghost of Robespierre

Maximilian Robespierre is mostly remembered as the man responsible for the Great Terror. Progressives, of course, remember him fondly for this. Killing enemies of the revolution is the thing they fantasize about the most. It is why they are always trying to instigate violence. Normal people think of him as an example of what happens when fanatics gain power. He’s the example of the guy who started out with good intentions, but he eventually grew mad with power and ended up worse than what he opposed.

He was a much more complicated person than is remembered, though. For example, he opposed the death penalty, but then championed the execution of the king. He opposed the indiscriminate use of terror, but ended up claiming it was the necessary tool of democracy. He defended rivals branded as traitors, but then turned on close friends and saw them off to the guillotine. As a result, he remains one of the more famous and most controversial figures in the French Revolution.

The thing that was his eventual undoing was the fact that he could never work out the limit of civic virtue. At what point was a man deemed sufficiently virtuous? Where is the line between traitor and patriot? It was a problem for all of the revolutionaries and a problem that has haunted the Left ever since. Radicalism always starts as a rejection of something. It never ends at a clearly defined point. There’s no limiting principle. No matter how much you oppose something, there is someone else who opposes it more.

That was the problem the revolutionaries faced when they toppled the king. The old order was orderly, even if it was unjust. It set limits on behavior. The new order, such as it was, had no limits as it was entirely based on the rejection of royalty and the royalists. Revolutionary virtue was one’s opposition to the old system and one could ever be too opposed to the old order. At least, that was the thinking until the members of the National Convention figured out where it was heading.

That’s the inherent problem with radicalism. It lacks a limiting principle. Christianity, for example, solved this problem early on by turning the problem around. The concept of sin makes virtue the passive position. Heresy is the active state, while grace is the passive state. As long as you did not actively commit sins against the faith, you were sufficiently virtuous. Even though you were born with original sin, baptism into the faith cleansed you of that sin. From there, it was up to you to maintain it.

Political radicalism has never found anything similar and thus has been condemned to repeat the life of Robespierre. There is not point at which one clearly passes from the state of sin to the state of virtue. Instead, virtue is the running from sin, which is always running after you like a monster in a horror movie. It’s why the Left today obsesses with leaning forward and looking ahead to the future. Virtue is an active state, the act of running from the past, like a frightened animal trying to outrun the slowest of the herd.

We’re seeing this with anti-racism. The recent Martin Luther King holiday provided an opportunity for the members of the One True Faith to display their piety. When the holiday was created a generation ago, it was sufficient to say some nice things about the man and leave it at that. Most people simply ignored it entirely. Today, you have to come close to demanding the death of all white men or you risk being called a racist by the Cult. The day is filled with one anti-racist after another signalling their virtue.

This column appeared Monday in USA Today.

I’ll let Ta-Nehisi Coates boil it down for you. White society was not achieved through “wine tastings and ice cream socials, but rather through the pillaging of life, liberty, labor and land.” In short, through three centuries of kidnapping, torture, murder and rape. Broken teeth, broken bones and broken spirits. Families ripped apart. Children taken from their parents. Men humiliated in front of their wives. Women brutalized within earshot of their husbands. Lash after bloody lash on bare backs. Then, sleep on a bare wooden floor. No doctor, no dentist, no nothing. Just non-stop misery with a few hymns on Sunday.

The whole column boils down to a blood libel. If you are white, you are born with a sin that can never be cleansed. You are forever outside the light of salvation. That means there is no limit to your misery, which is why honkies, like the idiot who wrote that piece, write columns where they condemn themselves and others for being white. There can be no limit to how much one hates their ancestors, and therefore themselves, as there is no outrunning the mortal sin of whiteness.

Anti-racists are the modern version of the Flagellants. During the black plague, the allegedly virtuous would go around whipping themselves as a form of mortification of the flesh. Put another way, just being alive made them, and everyone else, sinners. The willingness to destroy their own flesh was supposed to show their rejection of sin. Initially these people were viewed by the authorities as harmless lunatics, but then the Church eventually did the wise thing and condemned the movement.

This is where anti-racism is right now. You cannot be anti-racist enough. There is no limit so anyone can come along and be more anti-racist than the current most anti-racist guy. If one is not constantly racing to be even more pure, they risk being accused of heresy, which in the modern age means being a racist. It is why Trump is called a racist. It’s not just a political taunt. The lunatics of the anti-racism movement see anyone not racing toward virtue as an enemy of their cause.

This is the natural end of all radicalism. It is why it appeals to the hive minded. The anti-racists would merrily round up white people and kill them, not for any crimes they committed, but as a form of human sacrifice. That is what the regular executions in Paris became during the Terror. They were purification ceremonies, not punishments for the guilty, but purity was always just one more head in the basket away. It’s the inevitable end of all mass movements when there is no limiting principle.

Robespierre eventually went to his demise in what we call today the Thermidorian Reaction. The sensible people of the revolution figured out that putting lunatics in charge was going to get everyone killed so they did what had to be done, which was kill the lunatics. It is a lesson that has had to be relearned time and again since the French Revolution and one that will have to be learned now with the anti-racists. There’s no reasoning with them so the only solution is to eliminate them.

It raises a larger question though. How does a modern society keep these radical lunatics from coming back with some new cause? Christianity used to be a handy brake on this sort of thing. The overthrow of Christianity as the transcendent moral authority has opened the nuthouse doors to these sorts of movements. If you look at the history of the West since the Enlightenment, it has been one blood thirsty movement after another trying to replace Christianity as the moral authority of last resort.

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  2. Incredible insight and truth — “The overthrow of Christianity as the transcendent moral authority has opened the nuthouse doors to these sorts of movements. If you look at the history of the West since the Enlightenment, it has been one blood thirsty movement after another trying to replace Christianity as the moral authority of last resort.”

  3. Makes no difference the cause they espouse, lunacy is lunacy. Death to the lunatics watever their cause may be.

  4. An astute observation “Radicalism always starts as a rejection of something. It never ends at a clearly defined point. There’s no limiting principle.” That is truth. And there is no limit on the things that can be rejected. Everything has come under attack as the American Way has been put under siege and declared “obsolete” Constitution, Religion, Civil Rights, God, and going to the bathroom. Leave it to the Administrative State, ala Ayn Rand to want to “control” all aspects of the glorious utopia that can be delivered if only all the Deplorables would just shut up and sit still.

    But to Zman’s point that “There is not point at which one clearly passes from the state of sin to the state of virtue. Instead, virtue is the running from sin,” I would disagree. I do not see The Left so much running “from” sin as embracing it and wanting to see how far they can take their depravity. How much can they destroy of what others created. A different version of the Islamic Horde who do not create anything (ok, maybe they did a millennia ago), but on kill and destroy today. These people do not go to some unpopulated or under-developed region of the world and start their utopia from scratch but want to undo the creation of a society that has surpassed everything before it. Sure there are problems with this America but why wouldn’t there be, it is all man made. But it is better than anything else devised by man.

    What we are witnessing now, with the “protests” of the recent election, are emblematic of the mental illness that pervades our society. There no longer is a sense of shame, of decorum, of respect for customs, processes or fellow citizens. I tell you I was sick at the twice elected Barry Soetoro by idiots but I did not protest, block traffic, or do damage to private property. I had to suck it up and accept the stupidity that was on display by so many of my fellow citizens. I was so disgusted, I voted with my feet and left. I have been a expat for more than nine years now. God willing I will be able to return to the mainland if some semblance of order and propriety is restored now that the Adults are in charge again.

    • Very insightful comment, LetsPlay. Hope you’re with us again soon — we need people like you. (But totally understand why you left.) Things are looking up…

      • Thanks Heartlander. My wife and I will be trying to but the cost of legally doing so is a real burden. Maybe our new SecState can make it easier on Expats to return.

  5. i have it! allow people to sell their citizenship on the open market. the miscreants will take the money and bolt.

  6. Essays like this are the reason this website is now the first one I check every day.
    You actually give me new insights, new ways of looking at things.

  7. One of your best columns. I hope it gets picked up by every conservative site and eventually recognized in main stream media, else the fools may will kill us all.

  8. “The anti-racists would merrily round up white people and kill them”

    That won’t last long.

    The brakes don’t have to be some kind of political philosophy, or a religion. A piece of hardware, like a battle rifle in a lot of hands, will do the job just fine. Personally I don’t think it will really even start. There is a hell of a lot of difference between wailing and gnashing of teeth, and going into battle. Fear is the limiting principle.

  9. Great, great essay.
    The social madness won’t end this side of a Great Reset to natural law.
    This will probably take a religious form, but it will really be natural law reasserting itself.
    Gays, women and transvestites/mad people forced by our “leaders” into (peacetime) infantry combat units shows how far we have traveled down Lunacy Lane. I recommend my short story Alas Brave New Babylon for my own window toward the reset, just one possibility among many.

    • Well now, there’s a name you don’t see everyday. Nice to hear the congrats to Zman on his 2016 accomplishments there Matt. And feel free to drop by anytime to hawk your books.

  10. White society was not achieved through “wine tastings and ice cream socials….

    I don’t get it.

    Knowing all that, and hating white people generations removed from the perpertrators of these crimes as they do, why don’t any of these people demand we return them to the nurturing bosom of the utopia that their ancestors’ leaders sold them out of?

  11. Great article. One of those disturbing things many of us have noticed about leftists without putting a finger on the exact cause and extent of the problem.

  12. White society was not achieved through “wine tastings and ice cream socials, but rather through the pillaging of life, liberty, labor and land.” In short, through three centuries of kidnapping, torture, murder and rape. Broken teeth, broken bones and broken spirits. Families ripped apart. Children taken from their parents. Men humiliated in front of their wives. Women brutalized within earshot of their husbands. Lash after bloody lash on bare backs. Then, sleep on a bare wooden floor. No doctor, no dentist, no nothing. Just non-stop misery with a few hymns on Sunday.

    And they think things will be different if they rouse to wrath the folks who did this to them before?

    Not too smart if they really believe their own propaganda.

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  14. “This isn’t Vietnam, Smoky. This is bowling. There are rules”

    As pointed below, everyone can’t be given a free one way helicopter ride so there has to be some combination of a “world of pain” with a broader societal rejection of the methods of the “anti-racists”. I’ve found simply laughing at them to be effective. They expect you to get mad and mimic their behavior in return. Ridicule works. Most lack any sense of humor to so their “software” goes into loop.

    • laughing at them while beating their asses works even better. woody allen covered this in Annie Hall

    • Ther is always the Breitbart “So?” when they start throwing verbal crap at you. Worked like a dream with my relatives. Between that and my openly calling the Trump victory many months ahead, they steer clear now.

    • This is why I adored Andrew Breitbart. He was a happy warrior who totally messed with their heads!
      This video is very dated, since Breitbart of course had a big falling out with Glenn Beck, but it’s a must-watch because of the way Andrew just DESTROYED these herd-mind lefties. He freaked ’em out so much, they got on their bus and left, to get away from him!

  15. Well, the anit-racists are certainly alive and well today.

    Here’s some info on these terrorists’ plans to disrupt the Trump inauguration: has been on this like white on rice (pun intended) ever since the Chicago attacks that shut down Trump’s rally.

    These fuckers mean bidness. They are paying some of these dirtbags $2500 to show up, get trained and cause mayhem. I hope some heads will roll and perhaps bring some RICO and interstate crime charges as well.

  16. I would posit we are dealing more with the likes of the Hébertists in today’s moonbat left, rather than mainstream Jacobins or ‘Thermidorians’.

  17. This Coates character doesn’t have an answer to how the “…the pillaging of life, liberty, labor and land” came to an end…I imagine.

    He doesn’t mention the color of the Admirals and sailors that shut off the West Coast slave trade by destroying the forts and harbors of the slave ships. Or the overwhelming color of the army that marched south. Or even the race of which Abraham Lincoln was a member.

    The White race has definitely been a mixed blessing for his group, but I don’t believe we were the people that first attached the chains to his ancestors necks, or drove them from the interior to the coast. Ask Barack about that sometime. Whites are clearly the only race that thought freeing his ancestors was a good idea, though maybe NOT our best idea.

    Silly Negro.

    • Coates is an interesting character. His back story is largely fictional. He tailored it to titillate the sort of white liberals who write him checks. How much of this was on purpose and how much was instinct is hard to know. He went to a special high school where being black would have got him special praise and lots of help. When he went to Howard, where being black got him nothing, he dropped out.

      Obama followed a similar path. He was special in prep school, but then found he was not all that special at Occidental College so he got himself into the Ivy League, where he would be put on a pedestal. How much of this was calculated and how much of it was instinct is impossible to know, but I’ve always suspected it is instinct with Obama. Trading on his skin came naturally so he gravitated to where it worked best.

      The thing with Coates is he avoids writing or saying too much that can be challenged on factual grounds. His big “think piece” on reparations made no specific proposals that could be examined. It was just a demand that white people feel bad, which makes a lot of sense since he makes his money from white people who feel bad. That article made his bosses feel good about feeling bad so they loved it and loved him for it.

      Is he so clever as to do this on purpose? It is possible, but his writing suggests a very mediocre mind. His columns read like soemthing you see from high school kids. Maybe that’s part of the act, but we’re getting into the area of super-genius arch-criminal. Maybe he is, but my hunch is he is just a dumb guy who is really good at one thing – making rich white people feel bad for him.

      • Don’t know if you’ve ever read this quote but Booker T. Washington wrote about such people a century ago, “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

        • Dagnab that’s funny!
          The other name I like is that smart euro-ariste lady whose last name is ‘ten Boom’.

          • That other “smart euro-artiste lady” was Corrie Ten Boom. No so funny.

            “Cornelia “Corrie” ten Boom was a Dutch watchmaker and Christian who, along with her father and other family members, helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. She was imprisoned for her actions.” Wikipedia

      • Like our president and his agency heads- just clever enough to get to the bling.
        After that, he’s not interested.

        I imagine Z sees that all day long where he lives. I certainly do.

      • “Obama followed a similar path.” Not really. Barry really was a Manchurian Candidate and was groomed and brought along by Communist’s and Muslim’s.

        All you have to do is look at everything Barack did and said during his eight years in office to know the truth. He definitely was not American at heart, nor Christian. And by God, he couldn’t even throw a baseball! A loser by many definitions.

    • A Detroit official whose position I do not now remember, perhaps comptroller or something of that nature, a black lady who was not obviously of the inferior mayoral type, made a frank comment a few years ago which impressed me. She said that most blacks in Detroit, however marginal their lives, preferred living in those conditions among themselves to the stress of living a better economic life in a competition in which they would none the less compare poorly to others.

      • What convinced me Herman Cain was nothing but a huckster and a fraud was the day after the Ferguson riots on his radio show proclaimed ”What they (the rioters) need is job training!” as has been noted above, ”job training” is of dubious worth at best.
        Plus, the fact is the majority of Africans IN America are not ”unemployed” they’re unemployable – by anyone with any sense whatsoever. In fact, due to criminal history, they often CAN’T be hired either because of liability issues or laws barring the hiring of those with a felony record (or certain felonies such as sex or drug offenses).
        Remember how Judges would give an offender the choice ”Army or prison”? That can’t be done anymore because the Armed Forces would, immediately and without question, reject the potential recruit.

        • The army also has an IQ requirement of 92. They don’t call it an IQ test, but that is what it is.

    • Abraham Lincoln did not send Whites marching South for the benefit of Blacks. He sent them marching South to get back the money the North had lost when the South became independent. 75% of all import revenue was earned by Southern products being shipped to Europe, yet 40% of the revenue ended up in New York and Washington D.C. coffers.

      It was prying the Washington DC/New York hands off of the Southern produced money that caused the war, and nothing else.

      • Reasons for war are always multi-faceted, and slavery wasn’t the only reason. But it was one of the reasons the North marched into the Civil War, as these Union soldier letters reveal:

        “What a fearful retribution will be vistited upon these traitors…with an enslaved race to produce the necessaries of life, to jump at their bidding…” ~William Tell Barnitz, March 27, 1863

        “…the Slaveholding rebbels…” ~Spotswood Rice, September 3, 1864

        • One of my g-g grandfathers took the trouble to write a short book of memoirs of his experiences in the war. His writing tended towards a matter of fact style. But one of the few sections where raw emotion came through was in the descriptions of the freed slaves that joined their column during the swing out of Atlanta towards Savanah. Mind you, he had been held a prisoner in Libby until exchange, early in the war, seen half his regiment become casualties, in an hour. holding the Union center against Hoods counterattack at Peachtree Creek, but the plight of these folks seemed to effect him in a very particular way.

    • Did you read his bio on Wikipedia? He is a “dindu nuffin.” He is Ta Nishi Paul Coats, d.d.n. I have created a new designation in the vein of MD, PhD, MBA, etc. called the “d.d.n.” for “dindu nuffin.” The most recent example being the 30 year, get that, Thirty Years in Congress, John “Civil Rights Icon” Lewis. In all that time he has sponsored some 14 bills, ten of which were to name bridges, building and streets. And those were only a fraction of the ones submitted and voted down. Wow! What an accomplishment for thirty years of service to the Black Causus, much less the American people living in his Georgia district. PE Trump was right to call him out on his lack of accomplishments and wasting time on grandstanding when there are real problems that go unsolved.

      But back to Coates. he is just another chosen “black” who has somewhat of a gift with the written word if only from a black racist persuasion. He is popular in some circles but has nothing of real significance to put him standing with other Black authors of real fame. Granted he is still young, but the amount of PR surrounding this “d.d.n.” is astounding. It is all smoke and mirrors, and racism.

      • Dindus are your brothers if you believe that “Jews First!” (Romans 1:16) cult. The cultists followed their dear leader’s “all nations” (Matt. 28:19) Globalist agenda, and blacks were recruited into the cult’s ranks early (Acts 8) and were elevated to positions of teachers and prophets like Simon the Dindu (Acts 13:1).

        • So study the Semitic tactics:
          Human shields (even their own.)
          Minority allies.
          Storytelling: flipping the story. Justification.
          Victimization. Aggressors as victims.
          Moral stories to keep peace within the in-group, preserving troops’ energies to attack the larger out-group.
          Slave trade. Modern versions: income tax, communism.

          • P.S. I count Jews and Arabs as the same demographic, with the same phenotypic strategies. For example, “Palestinians” as victims- camoflauge.

            The chauvinist faction of Jews, the globalist bad seeds, can be called the Jacobeans, or Judahites, referring to their founding story of a stolen birthright. It may have begun as a warning to the other clans of their proclivities.

            The main success of camoflague is lumping all together. Most Peoples really don’t care for their bad seeds, even though they will defend them. That’s the problem.

        • Yes, as God’s children they are my brothers. However, that don’t mean they can’t be stupid. Just like you T. You are one of God’s children and hence my brother, but I have to acknowledge that you be STUPID. Your schtick of calling everyone a “Traitor” has worn thin. Kinda like libs calling all non-believers “raycissst.”

          • Negroes are your brothers? Because you worship a Jew and cravenly want a reward from a Jew? Well, as a Jew-lover and Coal-burner in spirit, you are a race-traitor. If you do not like being called a race-traitor, then stop being a traitor. Me? Jews and Negroes aren’t my “brothers.”

            Oh, by the way, I don’t beg from Jews. You do beg like a BITCH for CRUMBS from your Jewish MASTER. (Matthew 15:21-28)

            So you’re not just a traitor, you’re a cowardly bitch too. Or are you gonna call Jebus a liar?

  18. Once upon a time, I was quite patient with those who talked or wrote about the plight of the negro; no more. Nonsense like that column gets an immediate disagreement and if it keeps up, open contempt. The thing is, I don’t have to use that approach, because I’ve systematically eliminated all such people from my life, relatives included. Try it, you’ll like it!

    • The cult of saving all the black children in Africa is one reason I quit going to church. Nearly every church has a missions bulletin board pinned with pictures and pleas to obey a Jewish guru and save black children. “Red and yellow, Black and white, They are precious, In his sight.”

      Myself, I’d rather risk going to Hell—the Nordic underworld ruled by Loki’s half-dead daughter—than to accept an eternal reward in a foreign middle-eastern capital city floating in the clouds. And frankly, people looking forward to an eternal reward in a foreign middle-eastern city are no more loyal to the soil on which they live than those praying on rugs facing Mecca.

      • One great feature about saving 100 African children today is that you will be giving yourself the opportunity to save 200 tomorrow.

        • Sad but true! Rather than being a Good Samaritan busybody, I much prefer the ancient Greek proverb attributed to Aesop and popularized by Benjamin Franklin:

          “God helps those who help themselves.”

          Which implies a doctrine of “benign neglect.”

          “The time may have come when the issue of race could benefit from a period of ‘benign neglect’.” -Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, memo to President Richard Nixon, January 1970

          He might have been the last Democrat with a lick of common sense.

          • Moynihan and Nixon had a wonderful partnership that developed some outstanding ideas. Their collaboration on how to solve the welfare problem was genius. Unfortunately a bizarre coalition of the far right and the far left teamed up to shut their plan down in congress.

          • If a black man can’t stand on his own, let him fall.
            Fredrick Douglas said that many years ago. I wonder what he would say today.

        • there are three times as many people in ethiopia now, than when the concert was held. the agricultural output is lower now there, too. so guess what the end state of all that “help” is?

      • Don’t worry Steel, you won’t go to hell by failing to sacrifice your time and treasure helping strange people of different races hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. Jesus specifically commanded us to love our NEIGHBOR, not some stranger on another continent. We know that’s true because if that’s what Jesus meant, He would have specifically said so. I’m pretty sure God knows how to choose his words.

        • And who is your neighbor? Jesus specifically shot down your narrow definition of a neighbor, and stated that you had to help anybody in need, in the parable of the Good Samaritan. It’s in the Bible, no matter how much you try to deny it or tamp it down to mean zilch.

          Don’t worry, .I’m not worried about going to Hell; even if all the horrors you’ve concocted are true, a Nordic underworld is preferable to being a damn traitor that wishes to abscond to a foreign capital city (Rev. 21:2) for a reward from a middle-eastern king.(John 1:49)

          So I’ve got to ask you, why can’t you consider your own native soil as holy land?

          • Wrong again, STP. The Good Samaritan parable outlines a specific case of strangers helping strangers when they find themselves alone together in a hostile environment (until quite recently, the roads were the most dangerous environment that an individual could find himself in outside a hot war zone). Again, if Jesus’ intent was to enjoin us to invite random and hostile foreigners into our homes and neighborhoods, He would have specifically said so. But He did not.

        • it’s not about replacement. the mexicans are already here and they are pushing blacks back into the south all over the country. you might not be aware of it but there is race war going on between those two groups; the blacks are being ethnically cleansed.

        • It’s a dam sight better.
          I live there- I can vouch for it.

          My Mexican neighbors are a bulwark of cleanliness, work, and family here in the black end of town. The Hmongs give them healthy competition.
          Three cheers for colonization.

      • I will keep repeating myself, even though I get tired of it. Quit blaming the fricking immigrants, legal or illegal. The traitors to America are mostly “White folk”, that is politicians who have sold you out for a buck. They are the ones in cahoots with big business, the Bar Association, the AMA, Big Pharma, you name it, to infest the country with “votes” for liberals/democrat politicians. Yes, there are RINO’s included in that but by and large it is the DemonCraps who benefit most.

        Focus people. Blacks, Mexicans are easy targets for lazy thinking. Why don’t you start blaming the ones holding the purse strings and creating these programs through the largess of the Federal Government? Why?

        • “Red and yellow,
          Black and white,
          They are precious,
          In his sight.”

          Traitors to America taught me that song in Sunday school.

          Traitors in America taught me I should consider a distant foreign capital city to be holy (Rev. 21:2) to get a reward from a foreign king (John 1:49).

          Traitors in America believe in a “Jews First!” (Romans 1:16) cult that promotes “all nations” (Matt. 28:19) globalism.

          Why don’t you start blaming them? Why?

          • Perhaps you could use that prodigious mind to analyze the singular success of Semitic meme strategies?

            The slave raiders, the Sea Peoples, are still with us. By Nature’s standards, they are remarkably effective. The rule of the One World is within their grasp.

          • Kevin MacDonald has done all the heavy lifting on the JQ with his Culture of Critique series.

        • there is plenty of blame to cover mexicans and traitors. also, who the fukk cares what you want here? say it once and move on.

  19. When Christianity is removed from public display and practicing is no longer common, and then when people still kill each other in mass movements… What then will the so enlightened atheists and virtuists blame for the violence? There will be none but themselves, and they will kill themselves.

    • It’s sad when Christians falsely purport that the only other religious choice is atheism; it seems they know nothing of American history. For example:

      “I have generally been denominated a Deist, the reality of which I never disputed, being conscious I am no Christian…” -Ethan Allen, The Only Oracle Of Man: A Compendious System Of Natural Religion, 1784

      And that natural religion of which Ethan Allen spoke is written into our Declaration of Independence by another Deist, who also equated Nature with God. Such religion has a long history in Western civilization, and was preserved via Lucretius’ “De rerum natura,” which long precedes your Jewish salvation cult.

      • “Nature’s God” –Declaration of Independence
      • “Deus, sive Natura” (God, or Nature) –Spinoza

      Anyway, as you know, Ethan Allen and Thomas Jefferson did not kill themselves, as your theory predicts. Better check your premises.

      • Jefferson was perhaps a kind of Deist, but he called himself a Unitarian, and quoted the Bible at length. Over fifty percent of Unitarians nowadays refer to themselves as not believing in God at all. Atheists. Some of us don’t seem to live long enough to see the fruition of our ideas in ourselves. It is for future generations to find out. You shall know them by their fruits.

        • Sorry, no “perhaps;” Patrick Henry’s widow referred to “the Grate Jefferson & all the Heroes of the Deistical party” in 1799. Furthermore, Jefferson would refer to you as an atheist—or rather a demonist, if you insist on believing in Old Scratch & Friends as a powerful beings who compete and/or cooperate with God.

          “I concur with you strictly in your opinion of the comparative merits of atheism and demonism, and really see nothing but the latter in the being worshipped by many who think themselves Christians.” -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Richard Price, January, 8, 1789

          Dualistic Zoroastrianism tried to split God into two competing entities (which Judeo-Christianity plagiarized,) but only God, the Monistic (i.e., “Unitarian” in Jefferson’s words) Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, exists.

          “I rejoice that in this blessed country of free inquiry and belief, which has surrendered its conscience to neither kings or priests, the genuine doctrine of only one God is reviving, and I trust that there is not a young man now living in the United States who will not die a Unitarian.” -Thomas Jefferson, (letter to Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse, June 26, 1822)

          So Jefferson believed in “the genuine doctrine of only one God,” and was not an atheist. Anyway, funny seeing a fellow styling himself as a teapartydoc lying about the Founders of our nation by some strained guilt-by-association. Did you pick that technique up from CNN?

          • Argumentum Simon Says. Do you imagine that using a dating convention “in the Year of our Lord” makes the founders devout believers in your sacred dogmas? It doesn’t, e.g.:

            “I almost shudder at the thought of alluding to the most fatal example of the abuses of grief which the history of mankind has preserved—the Cross. Consider what calamities that engine of grief has produced!” -John Adams (letter to Thomas Jefferson, September 3, 1816)

          • T, you seem to be a very erudite person and well read but in a distinctly parochial vein of your own. Kind of a kool-aid drinker of the “god denier” variety. You have all the relevant quotes at hand to fend off anyone who dares to challenge you and you condescend to them by merely doing the same thing back to them. Think you are very clever but you are not. You are simply being a prick for argumentation’s sake. You grow tiresome.

          • You seem to be a damned liar, LetsPlay. In no manner do I deny God. I worship the deistic/pantheistic “Nature’s God” in the Declaration of Independence and the God promoted by Ethan Allen in his text “Reason, the Only Oracle of Man: Or, A Compenduous System of Natural Religion.”

            I await your apology for lying about me, traitor. Yeah, you’re a damned traitor who considers a distant foreign capital city to be Holy (Rev. 3:21.) Me? I consider my own native soil to be holy land.

          • Apologize? To you? Hardly! You are simply a provocateur. Nothing more, nothing less. Go pound sand as you wait for an apology.

          • Largely agreed, but Christianity isn’t dualist like Zoroastrianism or Manicheism. Every time that idea comes up, or some Gnostic variant, organized Christianity gets very upset.

            Normative Christianities are quite clear that hell’s CEO is not coequal with god, nor like god an uncreated and eternal being.

            Of course, that wasn’t required for Jefferson to object to the way those concepts DID exist in Christianity, or for him to object to the idea of god coming to earth in the form of his own son, a notion IIRC Jefferson also objected to quite strongly.

            Of course, time marches on. Looking at nature from the perspective of the 21st century, it’s hard to imbue physics, chemistry and biology with any moral law or ethical content, and it’s getting almost as hard now to imagine a great maker as it was for Jefferson to imagine that maker had come to earth, incarnate. The Deist notions of the creator and natural law are as supernatural as any other religion.

          • You do make a good observation that many apologists try to deny the influence of Zoroastrian dualism by defining dualism very narrowly as God and Satan being equally powerful; however, Zoroastrian dualism has been heavily influential on Jewish and Christian belief systems, and the honest theologian acknowledges the influence. See Chapter 4: “The Devil, the Demons, and the End of the World” in Gregory Riley’s text “The River of God: A New History of Christian Origins.” (HarperCollins, 2001)

          • Atheist is a pejorative term, especially back in TJ’s day. Even today it remains a slur, with the exception of those who identify as such. So Doc can be polite himself.

          • “Atheist” is a pejorative term because the more someone identifies as an Atheist, the more obnoxious and insufferable they are. Atheists, like Muslims, are tolerable only to the extent of their Indifference to their subscribed ideology. The comparison suffers of course because Muslims are allowed to choose between killing infidels or converting them. An atheist will only want to convert you, although given enough of their attention you may want to kill yourself.

          • Why is it a pejorative? I thought Atheists were proud of their individualism and label themselves proudly?

          • Is cocksucker not a pejorative, just because there are some faggots like Milo out there who are proud of their deviancy?

            Talking about that, do you realize St. Paul was a confirmed cocksucker? That’s right, he couldn’t keep his mouth off a young traveling companion’s genitals, as recorded in Acts 16:3. And yes, Paul, if he followed Jewish tradition, used his mouth just like all the rest of the Jewish babydick suckers.

            Wherefore by their fruitcakes ye shall know them.

          • Jefferson called himself a Unitarian and predicted that unitarianism would be the only religion in the USA in a the future. Being a fucking was told doesn’t change facts. Go cuck yourself, shithead.

          • I think you need to man up, attenuate your dependence on pejorative terms, re-establish a frame of tranquility, and stop blaming electronic gadgetry for your personal failings.

          • Projecting a cuck fetish, are you? That’s Biblical! The New Testament can’t get past the first chapter of the first book without glorifying Holy Cuckoldry.

            “His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant.” (((Matthew 1:18)))

            Merry Cuckmas! For an analysis of the historical context behind the Biblical Cuckoldry Fetish, see:

            “Who’s your daddy? The Cuckold Carpenter in Myth, Ritual and Philosophy”
            Sex Rites: The Origins of Christianity

          • A Provocateur — gotta be from Russia, right? You sound as desperate of a loser as CNN. (Try having better arguments next time.) Q.E.D.

    • The effects of historical Christianity, in particular its morality (or perhaps a travesty of its morality?) linger even after it recedes as a public force and factor. In fact, such subterranean after-Christianity may be particularly pernicious.

      Look at the Lefties, the Greenies etc. everywhere: While they reject overt Christianity, they practice and want to enforce a travesty of it, with their ostentatious hyper-morality (of which they studiously ignore the costs) and all that. At the same time, forgiveness and an end to guilt have completely been removed from this twisted heresy. The resulting carcass of a secular “religion” reduces everything to endloess “moral” demands but has stripped out the supernatural. So you have to atone, and atone again, and atone again more, with no end in sight.

    • Socialism murdered many, many times more people in one century, the 20th century (more than 100 million killed, by most counts), than all the inquisitions and “wars of religion” fought by Christians in the last 2,000 years. Statistically, Islam and atheistic socialism are the deadliest ideologies known to man.

      • Commonly said, I’d like to politely disagree.

        It was (((Soviet))) socialism, not “atheist”, that killed 100 million.
        I’d want “Holocaust” cover story too, for a crime of that magnitude.

        Nobody kills for ‘nothing’; tribal warfare is a thing of identity. A People.

        • I see by your triple parentheses who you’re blaming, but if you think those men were believing, practicing, religious Jews, you are seriously mistaken. They were atheists one and all.

          • The demographic, yes- “atheists”, also yes.
            Their worship was the ancient worship, of the Elohim- the God of the People, the People of the God: pure racial/tribal identity, the slave raiders who mean to rule.

  20. Same question as always, where to start. I’ve read many histories of the French Revolution but have not as yet touched the biographies of Robespierre sitting on my desk. One by JM Thompson, Twelve Who Ruled by RR Palmer, and others. One interesting book by Norman Hampson called Prelude to Terror is a study of the thought process of the revolutionaries leading up to that time and the sort of competition for hearts and minds that went on between the writings of Montesquieu and Rousseau, and the internal contradictions suffered by revolutionary apologists. The thing that really stands out is the fact that the supposed disciples of Rousseau, if subjected to even halfway reasonable interpretation of his writings, were inveterate hypocrites. The general will was never supposed to be subject to representation, and the men of the national assembly weren’t even sent to Paris by those that chose them for the actual purposes that they put themselves to doing. They usurped power and murdered a standing king, putting themselves in his place, and then abused the power they stole from him in ways that he would never in his most lurid nightmares never dreamt of . All of the moral comparisons Burke makes between Louis XVI and the revolutionaries is true, and he even wrote RotRiF before the terror.
    The two books I’ve found most helpful about the development of early Christian doctrine have been The Early Church by Henry Chadwick, and Early Christian Doctrines by JND Kelly. Chadwick is soft on Pelagius as his later writings confirm that he himself is a liberal, but the history is sound. The key as to why Christendom was at the heart of modernity is a paradox of sorts. After agreeing on the canonicity of the writings we call the New Testament, the leaders of the faithful were faced with people who wanted to take one part or one aspect of those writing and place their favorite part ahead of all the others. This is the basis of heresy. The Church Fathers had to then get together and decide if what this person was saying was consistent with the scripture as a whole, or if carried to its logical conclusion it would be the undoing of the consensus within the scriptures. Because the seat of the Roman Empire had moved to the east and was now under the thinking modes and language of the east, and the fact that the canonized writings themselves were in Greek, the philosophical language used for the evaluation and determination of judgement was that of the neoplatonists. Neoplatonic thinking continued to affect major thinkers in the west long after all of the theological controversies died down and the principles of plenitude and continuity found there became the metaphysics behind Galileo, Copernicus and eventually Darwin. The Metaphysics of Modern Science by EA Burtt, and AO Lovejoy’s The Great Chain of Being describe this.
    The funny thing is that the seeming intolerance found in those fighting heresy is more tolerant than the supposed tolerance espoused by the heretics themselves. Every. Single. Time.

  21. Anti-racism is a Christian concept, as Nietzsche observed:

    “Christianity, sprung from Jewish roots and comprehensible only as a growth on this soil, represents the counter-movement to any morality of breeding, of race, privilege: it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence. Christianity—the revaluation of all Aryan values, the victory of chandala values, the gospel preached to the poor and base, the general revolt of all the downtrodden, the wretched, the failures, the less favored, against ‘race:’ the undying chandala hatred is disguised as a religion of love.” (Friedrich Nietzsche – Twilight of the Idols, Chap. 6)

    You can’t be racist fulfilling the famous International Jew guru’s Great Commission to go into “all nations.” You can’t be racist when you convert Ethiopians. (Acts 8:26-40) You can’t be racist when you elevate blacks to positions of “prophets and teachers” over your family. (Acts 13:1) You are all one in Christ with hundreds of millions of Black Bruvuhs coming over the border with the rest of the Wetbacks.

      • People love to “help” (money, sign a petition, go to a rally) when the negative outcomes are not on their front doorsteps. Assuage the guilt without any bad things to deal with. The bad outcomes are for others to contend with. To the Cloud People, the rest of us are those “others”.

      • Talking of devout Christian elite, I don’t know anybody in the world other than Angela Merkel—the daughter of a Lutheran minister, member of the Evangelical Church of Berlin, and leader of the Christian Democrats—who is more Christlike. She resists not evil, she gives her cloke to those who took away her coat, she loves her enemies, she blesses those that curse her people. All done under the very Christian notion that “all souls are equal before God,” as these two scholars have observed:

        [1] “In Western societies, the Judeo-Christian image of humankind—whether you are a believer or not—has secured a minimal moral consensus in everyday life. It has been a major factor in social cohesion. Now that the neurosciences have irrevocably dissolved the Judeo-Christian image of a human being as containing an immortal spark of the divine, we are beginning to realize that they have not substituted anything that could hold society together and provide a common ground for shared moral intuitions and values.” p. 297 –Thomas Metzinger, The Ego Tunnel: The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self. (Basic Books, 2009)

        [2] “The liberal belief in the free and sacred nature of each individual is a direct legacy of the traditional Christian belief in the free and eternal souls. Without recourse to eternal souls and a Creator God, it becomes embarrassingly difficult for liberals to explain what is so special about individual Sapiens. […] The idea that all humans are equal is a revamped version of the monotheist conviction that all souls are equal before God.” p. 231 –Yuval Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. (Harper Collins, 2015)

        The myth of a magical “soul” that is universally worthy of being “saved” is driver of “Refugees Welcome.”

        • I’ve read a few things about Harari’s works that have troubled me but that passage shows more awareness than I expected.

          Would you recommend his books?

          • I’ve enjoyed his work so much I watched all 62 videos of his “A brief History of Humankind” series on youtube. I especially like his prognostication about the future of new human species and new religions. His grasp of history/anthropology is good, but I can quibble here and there. What has troubled you?

        • Salvation by a Creator is the myth.
          (Although the Supreme Daddy is a natural neural construct.)

          Souls are not, they are as natural a phenomenon as a kidney.
          Traditional religious questioning still has trouble isolating components.

          • The Christian notion of souls is set in direct opposition to atomic theory, as popularized by Epicurus. St. Paul mocked the idea that there are atomic elements, such as in Galatians 4:9, and again ridicules the theory of atoms in 1 Corinthians 15:52. (en atomō, en rhipē ophthalmou: in an instant, in twinkling of an eye (wink, wink!)) Dewitt explains why Atomic Theory is so “offensive and provocative” to St. Paul concept of the eternal soul below:

            It was the logic of the cross against the logic of the atom, an early phase of the long strife between science and religion.
            The whole theory of physics was reduced by Epicurus to Twelve Elementary Principles and a syllabus bearing this title was published for the use of his disciples. This list of Principles, it may be interposed, was the most lucid and orderly ever drawn up in ancient times, and with one exception would have been received with respect down to the date of an event so recent as the fission of the atom. By way of illustration the first seven are here listed with some adaptation to modern terminology:

            1. Matter is uncreatable.
            2. Matter is indestructible.
            3. The universe consists of atoms and space.
            4. All existing things are either atoms or compounds of atoms.
            5. The atoms are infinite in multitude.
            6. Space is infinite in extent.
            7. The atoms are always in action.

            As was bound to happen, this whole system became known to the enemies of Epicurus by that particular Principle which was most offensive and provocative of ridicule, the third. This was offensive because it implied that the soul of man itself was composed of atoms, just as the body itself, and therefore subject to dissolution, just as the body. It was especially open to ridicule because the atoms were such insignificant things upon which to base a whole system of knowledge. In Galatians 4:9 Paul sneered at them as “the weak and beggarly elements.”
            Under the name of elements the atoms are mentioned six times in the New Testament, three times simply as elements and three times as “elements of the universe,” an unmistakable recognition of the third Elementary Principle of Epicurus: “The universe consists of atoms and space.”

            Norman Dewitt, “St. Paul and Epicurus.” (University of Minnesota Press, 1954)

          • This is the first time you realized “atom” and atomic “elements” are mentioned in the Bible, right? But your petulant gainsaying has gained you a Terrible Twos award. Stop by the concierge desk to pick it up.

          • I think you be missing the forest through the trees T. You may be bringing up something I did not know, but it is not the significant part of message of the Bible, especially of the New Testament. You quibble about minutiae and ignore the larger message.

            The issue is about Free Will and each person/soul/creation having the opportunity to accept the Word of God. If you choose to ignore, reject that message, so be it. Your exercise of your free will. The Church, Religion, is made up of humans, people who at one point in their lives choose to put their faith in a Savior that is described in the Bible. People are not perfect. Being a Christian does not make you perfect. It makes you a Christ Follower. And Followers too wander from the path of truth and righteousness. Take care of your own path and don’t throw stones at everyone else for their beliefs.

          • A Christ follower’s path is to abscond a distant foreign middle-eastern capital city (Rev. 21:2) seeking a reward from a middle-eastern king. (John 1:49)

            Let’s not quibble about minutiae: you’re a traitor, as much as any Muzloid whose path and loyalty leads to Mecca.

            Why can you not consider your own native soil to be the Holy Land?

          • Who said anything about a “Holy Land?” I am talking about the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ. Geez, what a cheeseball.

          • Who said anything about a “Holy Land?” The Bible. Never read it? Or as a traitor, are you just trying to cover up the fact that you consider foreign soil as holy?

            e.g.: (I saw the HOLY City, the new Jerusalem… Rev. 21:2)

            Again, why can’t you consider your own native soil holy? Because you’re a traitor?

          • STP;
            Someone as ignorant of modern physics and cosmology as you demonstrate yourself to be ought not be lecturing anyone. Items 1-4 above are demonstrably false (ever heard of The Big Bang that’s not a stupid TV show or sub-atomic particles_?), 5 & 6 are unprovable & 7 is likely true, given that Absolute Zero is likely only theoretically possible and would be unobservable if it were true, and so the point is irrelevant.

            Apparently all you got is invincible ignorance, a bullying attitude and snark_!

          • Pierre Gassendi, the founder of the modern atomic theory, laid out his thought on Epicurean Atomism in his text “Syntagma Philosophiae Epicuriae” (Treatise on Epicurean Philosophy.)

            Lillian U. Pancheri, “Pierre Gassendi, a forgotten but important man in history of physics,” American Journal of Physics, 46, 5, (May 1978), 455-464.

            Next time you see the moon, look for the lunar crater Gassendi, and feel intellectually bullied again by us smart fellers. Maybe you’ll need a safe space.

        • “The myth of a magical “soul” that is universally worthy of being “saved” is driver of “Refugees Welcome.”

          This is precisely wrong. Saving souls does not have the slightest thing to do with changing material circumstances, which is the stated moral basis of the so-called “refugee crisis”. Merkel’s religion is materialism, which is pretty much what you’d expect from someone raised under Communism. Modern communism of course represents the purest political expression of the elevation of material world and the negation of anything spiritual. Since the 1950s the Catholic Church hierarchy has been infiltrated by various flavors of Modernism, the latest version being Liberation Theology, an implicitly Marxist sect of which Bergoglio has long been a member, which explains why that venerable institution has veered into a ditch since Vatican 2.

          • A Lutheran Christian Democrat as Communist? No surprise at all. As Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises observed, “primitive Christianity is Bolshevism.” (Socialism, p. 413)

            Mises further observes: “Jesus’s words are full of resentment against the rich, and the Apostles are no meeker in this respect. The Rich Man is condemned because he is rich, the Beggar praised because he is poor…. In God’s Kingdom the poor shall be rich, but the rich shall be made to suffer. Later revisers have tried to soften the words of Christ against the rich … but there is quite enough left to support those who incite the world to hatred of the rich, revenge, murder and arson…. This is a case in which the Redeemer’s words bore evil seed. More harm has been done, and more blood shed, on account of them than by the persecution oaf heretics and the burning of witches. They have always rendered the Church defenceless against all movements which aim at destroying human society. The church as an organization has certainly always stood on the side of those who tried to ward off communistic attack. But it … was continually disarmed by the words: ‘Blessed be ye poor; for yours is the Kingdom of God.’” (Socialism, p. 420)

            To supplement the passages Mises uses, I’ll add a few passages that confirms Mises’ opinion, under two headings, as follows:

            (1.) Bolshevists despise the successful:

            • “But woe unto you that are rich!” Luke 6:24
            • “Sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor.” Matthew 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 18:22
            • “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, Luke 18:25
            “…guard against all kinds of greed, life does not consist in abundance…fool…” (Parable of the Rich Fool) Luke 12:13-21
            • “There was a rich man…in torment…agony…remember that in your lifetime you received your good things…” (The Rich Man and Lazarus) Luke 16:19-31

            (2.) Bolshevists are collectivists:

            • “…each according to his ability.” Matthew 25:15
            • “…not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them.” Acts 4:32
            • “…and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” Acts 4:35
            • “…the daily distribution.” Acts 6:1
            • “…your liberal distribution…” 2 Corinthians 9:13

            I appreciate that you a Christian are against Communism, and that you have developed all sorts of creative interpretations to tamp down what the Bible says, but unfortunately, it still says what it says. The “Liberation Theology” is in there. And a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

            I’d further observe that the invasive cult of Christianity worked in Europe best when all but a few priests were prohibited from reading the Bolshevist Scriptures, and cultural “Tradition” was held in equal esteem as the Bible. I suppose that is why so many “Deus Vult” types LARP to an era of Christianity before the printing press.

          • The Devil himself can quote scripture to suit his purposes, and for all the enlightenment Mises brought to the field of economics, his interpretation of scripture leaves plenty to be desired. Jesus used the rich as his punching bag because their wealth is generally the fruit of their love of the material world. He would challenge the rich to sell their goods and give them to the poor because it would force them to sacrifice the material for the spiritual, something that most of them cannot bear to do– hence the observation about camels. The idea that Jesus was making a moral judgment against the rich simply for the sake of their wealth is absurd, because that would be covetous and thus in defiance of the Tenth Commandment. The idea that the Son of God would specifically enjoin covetousness is absurd to the point of heresy.

            Of course, not all rich people are slaves to the material world. Jesus recognized this when He said, “blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” In this way He includes those wealthy folks who are humble enough to realize that the need for the spiritual trumps the need for the material.

            As far as the collectivism of the early church is concerned, it makes sense in context. A small group of persecuted people facing the overwhelming secular authority of the Roman Empire would need to pool their resources and act collectively in order to survive. It’s a valuable lesson for any small group facing an existential threat. Three men trapped in a foxhole under enemy fire are going to pool their ammunition because it makes sense to have all guns firing as long as possible.

          • “Later revisers have tried to soften the words of Christ against the rich.” But it doesn’t work. The words are still there, and all your explaining doesn’t alter them.

            Ever wonder why the Jews are, as you say, “a small group of persecuted people facing the overwhelming secular authority?” The Greeks and the Romans were White.

            Why are you taking the side against your own race of people?

            What Race Were the Greeks and Romans?

          • Yes, they were White. And those perpetuating mass immigration of “mongrel” races into Europe and America are also White. Place the blame where it belongs T. It belongs not so much on those taking advantage of the freebies being offered but on those setting up the smorgasbord of free stuff that draws them to various countries. It is not a “Christian” brotherly love that is behind this activity. It is globalism efforts at dominion of the earthly realm which means to control you and me, and everyone not on their small list of friends.

          • It is globalism efforts—Jesus was a globalist International Jew, just like Barbara Spectre. Never read the Great Commission? “All nations.” Globalist agenda is (((Biblical.)))

          • The “collectivists” in the book of Acts were in a VOLUNTARY community — by their own individual choice. And they did NOT try to impose their sharing of common goods on anybody else. Monastic communities do that to this day. And you will notice that all monasteries have their own cottage industries by which they support themselves.

            Once again, there is a difference between what Christians may choose to do within their own communities, and what people FORCE on others through the power of the government. The two should not be confused. The fact that so many modern Christians sympathize with the political Left just shows that they are extremely misguided.

          • The Christo-Collective in Acts was decidedly NOT voluntary; it was as coercive as Stalin’s utopia, with church leaders waging terror on the dupes with “great fear” generated by the double murder of Ananias and Sapphira for their money. (Acts 5:11)

          • T, Read the 10 Commandments and try to understand how Jesus was judging “the rich.” Whether it was the rich of his time, the rich of the Industrial age (Robber Barron’s), or today’s rich, Apple’s shareholders who use slave labor in far away countries, albeit done by surrogates like FoxConn, to skirt labor laws and financial regulations (i.e. taxes), there are many “rich” who became so because of their treatment of their fellow man. This does not have anything to do with “fairness” or “equality” but everything to do with a predatory nature driven by greed that places value on wealth above all else. And in our case today, it has morphed into a state where “nations” and “nationalism” are threats to that wealth because the drive for quarterly profits means continued and more stringent abuses of people and rights all in the unending search for profits.

            You paint Jesus as a liberal lunatic. He was an example of truth, honesty and righteousness on display for all to see and the story told in the Bible for posterity. Turning over the tables of the money lenders in the Temple was his way of showing his disdain and anger at the business practices in the House of Worship and where the Sadducee’s and Pharisees who were supposed to uphold the law.

          • Jesus was a liberal lunatic,* and he painted himself like one, and so are you right now explaining Jesus’ Liberation Theology against “Robber Barrons.” Your words, brah. I thought I was reading CNN there for a second.

            No wonder Jesus’ family and friends thought Jesus was totally insane. (Mark 3:21) Or is this the one time we are to NOT believe those “eye-witness accounts” (!) in the “Gospels?”
            *Actually, more of a Cynic lunatic. See: Eddy, P.R. (1996) Jesus as Diogenes? Reflections on the Cynic Jesus Thesis. Journal of Biblical Literature.
            Vol. 115, No. 3, pp. 449-469

          • First, don’t call me “Brah” you dolt. You are simply a troll with a mission to pick at irrelevant points and claim “wisdom.” To your point of even Jesus’ family and friends thinking he was insane, is it any wonder that he was the Messiah and very few got his drift? The Jews thought Messiah meant establishing an earthly kingdom. All their Torah scholars and Rabbi’s kinda missed the mark on that point. As did the Romans who tried to kill him as a babe in the manger. You take little facts and make mountains out of them as if you are some kind of philosopher who understands all things, especially Christianity. Go find yourself for you are lost and are trying to drag others down with you.

          • So Whites like me are not your brothers. But you defend Jews like they’re your brothers.

            “Inside every Christian is a Jew.” -The Pope

            Yep, you’re a traitor. I do apologize for calling you a “brah.” I shouldn’t call traitors like you that. Thanks for calling me on it, traitor.

        • Steel T Post,
          I could not disagree with you more. I believe with every fiber of my being that human beings are created in the image and likeness of God.
          That belief does NOT lead me to abase myself for being white, nor to embrace America’s suicide through political correctness, mass immigration and Islamization.
          Things have gotten confused because people misinterpret Jesus’s words, which were directed AT INDIVIDUALS, to be prescriptions for government policies.

        • Bullshit. Globalization is the driver for this. Flood the labor pool and wipe out wage supports, force people into brutal competition for the few jobs available. Problem is, is that the replacement people –
          mainly Africans and Muslims are savages and have a extreme propensity to violence and tribalism which makes integration futile.

          I know you Christian bashers can’t help yourselves, but the corporations have been the primary drivers of open borders in the world. Christianity or should I say what’s left of it, is a spent faith. It’s all but dead in Western Europe replaced by post-modernism and socialism as the peoples new gods. Christianity has no hold among intellectuals, managerial class or monied types. These types all tend to sail under the flag of the Jolly Roger where everything goes and are the main promoters of open borders and globalization.

          What remains of Christianity is mostly found among the lower white classes who have little in terms of power and influence.

          • “All Nations” Globalism is indeed the driver. Never read Jesus’ “Great Commission?” Never read how Christians started recruiting blacks right from the start (Acts 8:26-40) and elevating them to be “prophets and teachers? (Acts 13:1)

            And yes, Christianity still has a stranglehold on the Leftist Cathedral.

            “The liberal belief in the free and sacred nature of each individual is a direct legacy of the traditional Christian belief in the free and eternal souls. Without recourse to eternal souls and a Creator God, it becomes embarrassingly difficult for liberals to explain what is so special about individual Sapiens. […] The idea that all humans are equal is a revamped version of the monotheist conviction that all souls are equal before God.” p. 231 –Yuval Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. (Harper Collins, 2015)

          • Man, you sure like to talk out your ass! Liberals do NOT believe in individuality or free and eternal souls. They hate Christianity as it espouses free will and dedication to a higher power rather than fealty to the collective. The liberal treats all like interchangeable parts in the Borg hive. Indistinct. Worthless. Expendable. Where the hell have you been for the past decades?

          • Excellent description of the “greed is good” class. Everything in life needs balance and that includes having a portfolio of interests and concerns but as a certain class of people have demonstrated to all, they have only one goal. Power. And that comes through money. And the goal of Power is Control.

            The only point I would disagree with is the strength of Christianity residing mostly in the lower
            white classes. I think what we saw with the election of PE Trump, was based largely on the under lying tenets of Christianity. Those things that most people find repulsive and disagreeable over the past decades can be traced to the foundation of the Ten Commandments. That is the bedrock of social order and progress. Without that, we have what Obama and the Left tried to create … chaos. Time to re-institute some controls and feedback loops into the system so people can act civilized again. We have been degenerating to the lowest common denominator which is what has been described here as the violent prone, uneducated migrants who seek only to destroy and have no desire to integrate/blend and help build and improve things.

          • Trump won because he was the first Republican in a long while not to play to the religious right — remember when he held up the faggot flag? Note how many of the religious right were “Never Trumpers.” So stop trying to re-write history.

  22. When you go back to the Congress of Vienna, which marked the end of the Age of Napoleon and the restoration of the old order, you find that the congregants there decided they would collectively put down, and deal harshly with any more uprisings that could lead to another French Revolution and reign of terror etc. The subsequent repression of civil rights was unrelenting. The pendulum, as it often seems to, swung far in the opposite direction. Reforms in the ancien regime were needed, but the French Revolution and Napoleon so traumatized the old order they were in no mood for any change no matter how gradual. Right across the channel in England they had a model that since 1688 had been on a course of gradual reforms of the old order and as a result experienced only small uprising here and there which were usually pacified with limited reforms. The european leaders never picked up on Edmund Burke’s quote on leadership: “A disposition to preserve and an ability to improve taken together would be my standard of a statesman.”

  23. As Pinochet found out, the only way to fight these murderous wackos is to give them free helicopter rides….They cannot be educated or civilized.

    • That only “works” for a while. Normal, decent people will not tolerate murder as a solution.

      What’s needed is a new paradigm that rules utopianism out of bounds. If the majority of people see the utopians as a dangerous threat to order, in the same way we look at members of a cult of personality, then you have a self-sustaining system to keep the lunatics under control. Think about it. If a popular politician was discovered to be a member of the Scientology cult, they would be forced out of office.

      • expulsion complements your prescription. the first space colonies will most likely be for these social rejects. this is the policy of Britain, re: Australia, and it worked well. Edwardian England was probably the absolute safest society in history.

      • The problem is that the utopians presently control most institutions. Sure, Trump won, and the republicans control both houses of congress, but it doesn’t seem to matter. As an example, recall Sessions debasing himself to the leftists in his confirmation hearing. He spent almost the entire hearing engaging in a futile effort to convince these people he was on ‘their side’ and he still got torn up by the liberal media over it. So long as those who are supposed to be in opposition to the utopians feel the need to beg for acceptance, there will be no substantive changes in this regard.

        • Every single one of the cabinet hearings have been exercises in placating the radicals. Even if the don’t really mean it, when will they get off their knees?

        • “Sure, Trump won, and the republicans control both houses of congress, but it doesn’t seem to matter.”

          That’s the problem, you all’s weird misconception that the ‘R’ branch of the establishment is somehow much better than the ‘D’ branch of the exact same establishment. Except for the USA, the rest of the world sees that Trump won the election running against the ENTIRE establishment; neither the ‘R’ or ‘D’ branches wanted him.

          Hacked emails from the RNC would all have been ‘How can we rid ourselves of this troublesome idiot’. The recent fake-news Trump dossier released by Buzzfeed was commissioned by republicans.

      • In agree. Traditional Americans hold a lot of political power right now, but they are not about to murder the Cult lunatics. This would be the case even if they were to obtain complete power. I hope realism takes hold among the vast majority of us, but I’m pessimistic. The best we can hope for might be an Augustus and a long Pax Americana followed by a long decline. I would take this any day as opposed to Ta-Nehisi Coates and his ilk running things.

        • If you look at the previous Progressive Awakenings, they seem to be having less and less of an impact on society. The New Deal left polices that are still with us. The JFK/LBJ years left some things, but they are eroding quickly. The Obama years have left exactly one item and that will shortly be gone.

          What’s left to reform is not amenable to the blank slate thinking of the Left.

          • In agree, they ran out of ideas a long time ago. This is evidenced by Hilary’s idiotic and condescending campaign.

          • That was Bernie’s issue. He acted like a brilliant diagnostician who could figure out any affliction. But his curative for everything was “apply leeches”. You can only recycle Marx so many times.

          • Let us know when all of the following creations of progressivism are gone:

            (1) The Federal Reserve;

            (2) The income tax;

            (3) The IRS;

            (4) The DEA;

            (5) The FBI;

            (6) The CIA;

            (7) Homeland Security;

            (8) The NSA;

            (9) The gift and estate tax regime;

            (10) The WOD;

            (11) Civil asset forfeiture;

            (12) Public education;

            (13) State licensing of occupations;

            (14) The FDA;

            (15) The pledge of allegiance;

            (16) The FTC;

            (17) Affirmative action;

            (18) The FCC;

            (19) any restrictions on the right of association, including the right to exclude for reasons you many find offensive; and

            (20) the adoration and celebration of Saint Abe, FDR, and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

      • Think about it. If a popular politician was discovered to be a member of the Scientology cult, they would be forced out of office.

        I’m not convinced. The battle between muh diversity and the knowledge that Scientology is a raving mad cult sure would be fun to watch, though.

        • Maybe not if you consider how many of our esteemed Hollywood elites are members of the cult. But look how Mittens was treated, a lot due to his Mormon background. There do appear to be some kind of “limits” on weird in the public’s mind at least.

      • Problem with that is that utopianism is firmly embedded in our culture (particularly in influential New England). That’s where things like government schooling, alcohol and drug prohibition, policing (I think), and other such schemes got their start.

      • In “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, one world sent all of their useless, stupid people into space on an ark.

        Eventually it crashed on a planet that we now call “Earth” and those morons became our ancestors.

      • Don’t anthropomorphize Commies. What Pinochet did was pest control, not murder.

        When the rats take over, you don’t agonize over it–you call an exterminator.

  24. first shut down the sources of indoctrination

    second re-educate a generation

    third expel the hard core

    fourth snappy uniforms

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