Casual Corruption

In the fullness of time, the Clintons would be viewed as an inflection point in the history of the nation. These vulgarians lowered the standards for just about everything in American civic life. So much so that we are no longer outraged by even the most egregious acts. Obama is violating the law on an hourly basis and no one seems to care. What we ran Nixon out of office for forty years ago is now considered admirable.

This is a good example of how rot takes hold of a people.

Chelsea Clinton earned an annual salary of $600,000 at NBC News before switching to a month-to-month contract earlier this year, sources with knowledge of the agreement told POLITICO.

Clinton, who joined NBC News as a “special correspondent” in November 2011, was up for renewal or non-renewal this year. Instead, the sources said, the network decided to keep her on the payroll on a month-to-month basis so that the two parties could sever ties if Clinton’s mother, Hillary, runs for president.

Chelsea Clinton has no skills, other than a famous name. She is homely and quite stupid, even by the standards of the media. That leaves her name as the reason for the job and that makes this nothing more than bribery. NBC gets access to Clinton as long as they pay her daughter 600 large every year. The Clinton crime family is a stench that Washington will never free itself from.

Staggering Incompetence

Most people thought the range of outcomes for an Obama presidency was Jimmy Carter on the one end and Bill Clinton on the other. Bush was Bill Clinton without the vulgarity, but with a disastrous foreign policy. Given Obama’s priggishness, the smart money said he would be some combination of Bush and Clinton. The timid foreign policy of Clinton, the domestic policy of Bush and his own vanity driven moral preening would result in something bad but not disastrous.

By 2010 it was pretty clear the guy was a boob, in way over his head. Worse still, he was surrounded by unqualified flunkies and coat holders. The wave election in the mid-term should have been enough to avoid disaster and maybe lay the groundwork for a one term presidency. Then voters remembered how bad they felt about slavery and  voted him back in for another term. Now we have to hope good fortune keeps him from doing something disastrous, but the odds are not good.

Of the many stunning revelations to emerge out of the wreckage of Mosul on Wednesday — 500,000 fleeing residents, thousands of freed prisoners, unconfirmed reports of “mass beheadings” — the one that may have the most lasting impact as Iraq descends into a possible civil war is that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria just got extremely rich.

As insurgents rolled past Iraq’s second largest city, an oil hub at the vital intersection of Syria, Iraq and Turkey, and into Tikrit, several gunmen stopped at Mosul’s central bank. An incredible amount of cash was reportedly on hand, and the group made off with 500 billion Iraqi dinars — $425 million.

The provincial governor of Nineveh, Atheel al-Nujaifi, confirmed that the ISIS Islamists had lifted additional millions from numerous banks across Mosul, as well as a “large quantity of gold bullion,” according to the International Business Times, which called it the “World’s Richest Terror Force.”

OK, so maybe no one saw this coming? No such luck. It appears they knew about it and did nothing.

As the threat from Sunni militants in western Iraq escalated last month, Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki secretly asked the Obama administration to consider carrying out airstrikes against extremist staging areas, according to Iraqi and American officials.

But Iraq’s appeals for a military response have so far been rebuffed by the White House, which has been reluctant to open a new chapter in a conflict that President Obama has insisted was over when the United States withdrew the last of its forces from Iraq in 2011.

The swift capture of Mosul by militants aligned with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has underscored how the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have converged into one widening regional insurgency with fighters coursing back and forth through the porous border between the two countries. But it has also called attention to the limits the White House has imposed on the use of American power in an increasingly violent and volatile region.

A spokeswoman for the National Security Council, Bernadette Meehan, declined to comment on Mr. Maliki’s requests. “We are not going to get into details of our diplomatic discussions,” she said in a statement. “The current focus of our discussions with the government of Iraq and our policy considerations is to build the capacity of the Iraqis to successfully confront” the Islamic extremists.

The war on terror was a terrible idea and a big lie. The people behind it did not care a wit about the security of America or the West. It was all about obliterating the enemies of Israel and the Saudis. That said, isolationism is not a good idea either. Sometimes a little force goes a long way. In this case, bombing the crap out of their camps would cost little and do a lot. How can you not know that?

The trouble with incompetency is the bill for it keeps turning up long into the future, long after the incompetent person is gone. We’re still paying for Clinton era corruption. The Bush years will haunt us for generations. The Obama administration seems to be the zenith of post-Cold War incompetence and Baby Boomer politics, so maybe this is the end of that run. Still, the cost of this clodhopper and his cast of toadies will be with us for a very long time.

Panera Bread is Evil

Everyone in business has had the customer from Hell. Often, the employees get stuck dealing with them, while the owners or managers see only the revenue. There are time when a customer is so demanding, so expensive, that the only choice is to cut them loose and let them haunt someone else. It turns out that Panera Bread is one of those customers.  So much so their ad agency gave up the account saying “no amount of money is worth it.”

Panera Bread Co.’s lead ad agency, Cramer-Krasselt, has resigned its account after two years with Panera, saying it was “much too much even in this crazy business.”

An internal memo issued this morning by Chicago-based Cramer-Krasselt Chairman and CEO Peter Krivkovich and obtained by Advertising Age portrays a relationship between the agency and Panera that was fraught with tension.

The memo cites as reasons for ending the relationship the “constant last-minute shifts in direction, the behind-the-scenes politics, the enormous level of subjectivity that disregards proof of performance.”

Cramer-Krasselt said that “in the end, no amount of money makes it worthwhile.” However, the memo added that the agency still believes that Panera Bread is a “wonderful brand” that delivers on its food sourcing and quality promises.

“Many of us will continue to eat there. Because it’s that good,” the memo said. “But enough is enough.”

My goodness. I did not think it was possible to offend the sensibilities of ad men.

I’ve run into companies like this. They make it so hard to do business with them you eventually walk away from the account. I’ve never actually fired a customer, but I have systematically ignored them so they will go away on their own. Another trick is to raise rates so high they go looking for some other source. If they stay around you at least have the margin to make the account profitable. Sometimes, you just have to fire the customer, as there is no way to make it work.

Why You Can’t Trust Libertarians

In fairness to libertarians, they get most things around with regards to their critique of socialism and central planning. That’s not bad for an ideology, but, that’s the problem with libertarianism. It’s an ideology. Libertarians are ideologues and you can never rely on an ideologue. If the choice is between a child holding a puppy and their precious ideology, the boy and his puppy go to the death chamber.

The ideologue trades his self and therefore his sense of humanity for membership in the ideology. They will sacrifice everything for it, including themselves. They will even throw away their political careers for it. Enter Rand Paul who has picked now to throw in with the open borders fanatics.

Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday waded deeper into an issue that has proved perilous to some of his GOP colleagues, throwing his political weight behind an establishment lobby effort to get Congress to reform the country’s immigration system this year.

Mr. Paul, a libertarian-leaning Republican from Kentucky and possible 2016 presidential hopeful, participated in a telephone conference call to conservative and business leaders in favor of immigration reform in an effort brokered by anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, The Washington Times has learned.

Politically, there is no sane reason for any pol to touch the land mine that is immigration, unless they are against it. Jumping to the aide of the execrable Grover Norquist and his campaign to flood the nation with peasants is suicidal. Yet, there’s Rand Paul, ideologically consistent right into the grave.

The business group, the Partnership for a New American Economy, immediately blasted an email Wednesday evening to supporters crowing that Mr. Paul had formally joined its pro-reform effort.

The timing of the call only heightened the potential stakes for Mr. Paul just one day after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was shockingly ousted from office in the Virginia Republican primary in favor of a little-known college professor.

Tea party activists who whipped up a get-out-the-vote effort for Mr. Cantor’s opponent said they were motivated by the incumbent’s advocacy for immigration reform, actions on Obamacare and vote to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.

Mr. Cantor was the second high-profile Republican to suffer political damage by stepping forward on the immigration issue. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, another potential presidential contender, lost the support of his tea party base when he advocated a plan for immigration that some argued created a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Mr. Paul, a longtime favorite of the tea party movement, has made it clear that he believes Congress needs the courage to enact immigration reform. But his latest effort pushed him further into the middle of a strident battle between establishment Republicans like Mr. Norquist who see immigration reform as essential to economic growth, and tea party activists who fear the current efforts in Congress will only lead to de facto amnesty for illegal immigrants.

In fairness to Paul, he is in the blob now which means he has lost touch with the English language. Outside the bubble everyone understands that “immigration reform” means amnesty and open borders. We’re not idiots. The same is true of the “path to citizenship” slogan. The phrase “temporary guest worker” means giant loophole for business to hire Hindus to take your job.

Inside the bubble, clones like Paul wrestle with the nuances of these terms as if they have real distinctions. He could also be suffering from Washingtonitis, where the otherwise sensible politicians begins to think the people trust and value his opinion. That’s when they stop representing their constituents to Washington and begin representing Washington to their constituents.

Another reminder that libertarians can never be trusted.

MARs Counter Attacks

A long time ago a man named Samuel T. Francis was writing for various conservative publications about Middle American Radicals. The essay in which he laid out his ideas can be found here. Sam Francis was a great thinker, who has been flushed down the memory hole by the Conservative Inc.. Even the neo-reactionaries of the Dark Enlightenment seem to have forgotten about him, if they ever heard of him. It is a pity, he was truly a brilliant thinker on the Right.

If Sam were alive today he would be chuckling at the results of last night’s election in Virginia. Official Washington is busy interpreting the results in a self-serving way, but that’s to be expected. The ruling class hate you. Middle America has been their enemy for so long they no longer recall why. They simply know their guy was thrown out of office by the voters in favor of a guy who sounds like Pat Buchanan. There has to be a reason that does not indicate failure on their part.

Our rulers are just as afraid of reality as the rest of us. The managerial class has developed a number of coping strategies to explain away anything the suggests their position is anything other than legitimate. By the weekend, they will be out blaming this on racists, who oppose  immigration and Tea Party bogeymen. Some of the posts in this thread give a clue as to how the Left will respond. We also see some hints of how suicidal libertarians will react.

There’s no escaping the fact that immigration and its impact on the middle-class was the key issue. The middle-class in America, by that I mean outside the coastal hipster enclaves, has endured a long hard slog since the crash. It was not exactly good times in the Bush years. The assault on decency and basic civilization that we see from the Obama administration is looking like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The middle is now ready to throw off their technocratic managers, regardless of party.

What we see in this race is that an articulate and intelligent candidate picked up on the issues that have been out there for over a decade now. The Tea Party tapped into some of it, but it was crushed by the establishment crooks that attached to it. It was also plagued by the problem all insurgent movements face. It attracted fringe nuts and weirdos. Too many of them carried the Tea Party banner to prominence, thus making it easy for the Left to disparage the movement.

The issues remain. Middle class people don’t want to see the nation flooded with South American peasants. They don’t want their jobs sent to Pakistan because Mark Zuckerburg needs a new Ferrari. They don’t want to turn on their TV and see men dressed as girls openly talking about sodomy. What ever their reservations, they don’t want to see their old church bulldozed to make way for an abortion mill. Middle America is not ready to march off to the camps as the managerial class hopes.

Brat is a normal guy who tapped into these issues and beat a very well-financed establishment guy. Enterprising pols with similar skill should take note. Democrats may be cheering, but there’s an element in their own ranks that shares the same values as the voters who tossed out Cantor. It is why Hillary Clinton plans to run in 2016 as a populist. That’s the source of the “dead broke” comments the other day. She’s working on her shtick. They may be vulgarians, but the Clintons are not stupid.

Corporate Bullshit

A long ago, there was a movement called the “Plain English Campaign.” It is still around, as you can see by their website, but I don’t know if they have had any effect in the UK. Here is the colonies, things have gone horribly wrong, in terms of plan language. Corporate jargon is the most obvious. Clever guys have made corporate jargon generators like this one to mock the bizarre pseudo-language popping from B-schools and HR departments.

Yesterday, I got en e-mail for a job opening. I’m on so many distribution lists for corporate announcements I have a separate e-mail account for them. I usually just delete this crap, but this one is a classic. The abundance of bullshit is amazing. This is for a Senior Vice President:

Overall Accountabilities:

Your mandate as Senior Vice-President, Application Support will be aligned with the Chief Information Officer’s objectives of developing and integrating the IT strategy with IFDS. organizational-wide objectives, including exploring new business opportunities, defining a viable and effective technology road map and establishing priorities for fundamental organizational transformation to sustain competitive advantage.

What does “aligned with the Chief Information Officer’s objectives” mean? My guess is it means you will be told what to do by your boss, like every other employee. I like “viable and effective” as a goal. Having tried doomed and ineffective a few times, it all makes perfect sense. A big part of corporate jargon is restating the obvious in neologisms and inventive word salad. It’s passive aggressive pandering.

 As a critical member of the IT Senior Leadership team, you will play a

key role in aligning IT programs to corporate goals and strategies. You will be accountable for oversight and quality of all facets necessary to the successful delivery and sustaining activities required to provision and support integrated, sustainable, and secure software applications in addition to development or enhancement of IFDS systems and products on a global level.

More aligning! You will be aligned!!

You will have meaningful impact, leading transformational change and leveraging talent through creation of a global, innovative, high-performing team, focused on delivering quality solutions that facilitates business success. Your technical aptitude, business acumen and experience at the senior management level, will empower you to articulate this technical vision and influence business leaders to

ensure exceptional client centric solutions and future growth.

A guy shooting up the place will make a meaningful impact too. It’s weird how modern managerial types think these emotive words are always good. Transformational could mean burning the place to the ground. Focused? Hitler was focused! Pol Pot was hyper-focused. How’d that work out?

 Competencies: Behavioral & Functional:

Strategic & Systems Thinking: Understand the connections across functions/enterprise and look at issues from multiple perspectives. Anticipate and look at downstream and cross-functional implications, articulating how technology can transform the business

I dare anyone to explain what the hell that means.

Results Focus & Team Leadership: Drive organizational initiatives beyond delivering the IT project component. Set and adjust priorities effectively; remove barriers and act with an appropriate sense of urgency. Infuse the team with a sense of purpose and create clear accountabilities and metrics. Energize team to excel, continuously improve and develop hi-potentials.

Another magic word is “beyond.” You know, like when Stalin went beyond collective farming and starved millions of Ukrainians. I suppose “energizing the team” has something to do with cattle prods and the lash.

Business Acumen and Intellectually Curiosity: Use financial and technical data to accurately diagnose business strengths and opportunities. Pick up cues from around the organization to be able to raise awareness, simplify and solve complex business and technical issues.

Look, I’ve hired a lot of people in my life and I never wanted any of them to be intellectually curious. That type goes through your briefcase when you’re in the restroom. They tend to waste time doing things other than their job.

Leading Change: Champion change in self and others, build a compelling vision and act with urgency to drive change across the enterprise.

Another magic word. Change is not always good. For instance, if the new guy “champions” the idea of working in the nude, that’s not a change anyone would welcome. The hilarious thing about these ads is they are all lies. This firm wants a female to run customer service. That’s what all the emotive bullshit is signaling. The fact that the word “diverse” is not used says they are not hiring a black guy this time.


The stoners over at Reason have themselves worked up into a lather over this story from Georgia.

Members of a northeast Georgia SWAT team are “devastated” after a drug raid in which a flash-bang grenade landed in a 1-year-old’s playpen, seriously injuring the child, the Habersham County sheriff said Friday.

The police officers involved have been called baby killers and received threats following the incident, Sheriff Joey Terrell said.

“All I can say is pray for the baby, his family and for us,” he told CNN.

The SWAT team, made up of six or seven officers from the sheriff’s department and the Cornelia Police Department, entered the Cornelia residence Wednesday before 3 a.m.

A confidential informant hours earlier had purchased methamphetamine at the house, the sheriff says. The informant told police that there were men standing guard outside the home, and it was unclear whether they were armed, according to CNN affiliate WGCL.

Because the suspected drug dealer, Wanis Thonetheva, had a previous weapons charge, officers were issued a “no-knock warrant” for the residence, Terrell said.

Wanis Thonetheva is being held without bond.

When the SWAT team hit the home’s front door with a battering ram, it resisted as if something was up against it, the sheriff said, so one of the officers threw the flash-bang grenade inside the residence.

Once inside the house, the SWAT team realized it was a portable playpen blocking the door, and the flash-bang grenade had landed inside where the 19-month-old was sleeping, the sheriff said.

A medic on the scene rushed the baby outside to administer first aid, and a nearby ambulance was summoned. Authorities wanted to transport the baby via Life Flight to Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital, 75 miles southwest of Cornelia, but weather conditions wouldn’t allow it. The baby was driven to the hospital.

Just in case you were wondering what someone named Wanis Thonetheva looks like, cause you’re one of those lookists or noticers, here is his mugshot.

Wanis Thonetheva is being held without bond.
Here’s his Facebook page where you can see him flashing gang signs.
The stoners at Reason are in a lather because the story involves drugs and that’s pretty much the sole cause of libertarianism.
Terrell has insisted his officers and those of the local police department did nothing wrong and blamed the target of the warrant (not found at the house that was invaded) on the attack on the toddler. A chief assistant district attorney for the county, J. Edward Staples, says the target of the warrant could in fact be charged for the injuries the sheriff’s deputies caused the toddler. In an obvious attempt to immunize himself and his office from liability, the sheriff has claimed the situation was unavoidable even as he attempted to offer reassurances that his SWAT team would be more diligent in the future. He told CNN that his officers “obviously would have done things different” (IF they knew there was a child in the home), like go in through a side door or not use a flash bang. Until using violence to crack down on non-violent “crimes” becomes politically untenable for “public servants,” it won’t matter how much ass-covering law enforcement does after the fact, these kinds of incidents will continue to happen.
Of course, the elephant in the room is the fact we have a story about Laotian drug dealers in Georgia. Was there ever a time that the people of Georgia were longing for Laotian drug dealer to move into their neighborhoods? I doubt it. Wanis may be a fine man and perfectly innocent, but he has no business in America. He should be back in his own lands where he will fit in with his people.
Then we have the paramilitary units we comically call law enforcement. We refuse to enforce the basics of the law like keeping foreign invaders out of the country. Instead, they blast down doors and play army man at the expense of the citizenry. Whatever the circumstance that brought a bunch of boat people to Georgia, it does not justify having armed gangs terrorizing the people with authority of the state.
It is the epitome of anarcho-tyranny.

Teacher Delusions

I don’t have a strong interest in education policy. I tend to agree with John Derbyshire’s analysis of American public education. The very short version is the schools are run by an unassailable cartel and no reform is possible. Critiques from the conventional Right all miss this point, which is why they go nowhere. Reform efforts from the Left are largely based in Rousseauist nonsense and therefore doomed from the start. That leaves it a pretty dry subject as far as I’m concerned.

That’s why I could not restrain myself from commenting on this post by Nick Steves at Handle’s Haus. Steves is a sharp guy with some interesting things to say. There’s too much Moldbuggery for my taste, but that’s a topic for another day. It’s a well reasoned technocratic reform plan that has no chance of adoption. I tried to point that out, but Steves is a prickly guy and there’s little point in engaging him. I bring it up only to point out that education policy seems to make people crazy. I don’t get it, but I don’t understand the fascination with a lot of things.

The people it makes most crazy seems to be teachers. It is the one thing about education I find fascinating. Teachers are some of the most deluded people you will find in modern America. Years back I had a conversation with a gal who was fresh out of college and in her first teaching job. She was complaining about the pay, the hours and the fact that she was taking work home. It was one of those times when you feel old, listening to a young person complain about reality.

I tried to explain to her that lots of people take work home and they also work during the summer too. I also pointed out that most college grads were not making $55,000 per year for eight months work. She tried to argue back on these points, but there’s not much that can be said. Most jobs in America are tougher than being a teacher and pay a lot less, but I got no where with her. Of course, this was not the first of the last time I had this conversation with a government worker.

I thought of that when reading this post at Sailer’s new shop. The post was actually a post from Education Realist, someone I assumed was somewhat realistic about education. Again, we see the delusions about the realities of teaching. It is a really good gig compared to most jobs. The pay is good, the benefits are outstanding, the hours are excellent and you get summers off. Yet, teachers think they have it tough. Even when this is pointed out that still carry on like Job.

I pointed out that the retention rate for teachers is pretty high compared to all private sector fields. If you look at this table from the DoE, teachers just about die in their jobs. The average age is 40 and the average tenure is 14 years. That number is only going up based on demographics. Over 40% of teachers have been on the job for more than 15 years. Generous pension plans means they are not walking away for late life career changes. Reveal;ed preference says teachers have it quite good.

What I find very weird about teachers is they seem to think they lack respect. You never hear this from people in the dreaded private sector. Lawyers take more abuse than almost any profession. You never hear them bitch about it. Car sales has to be at the bottom of legitimate work and they joke about that fact. Public sector employees always worry about status and no group frets over it more than teachers. Any criticism is treated like an assault upon their person.

All of this nuttiness is most likely due to an absolute avoidance of several truths about human biology. One is that not all people are equal in IQ. The goal of making everyone above average is madness. Then you have issues of race that were not a lot to talk about in public. Sex differences are another thing we are not supposed to notice. When you exclude large chunks of reality from your view of the world, you are bound to end up in a very weird place.


Americans have an odd soft spot for outlaw biker gangs. Lots of movies and TV shows get made where the bikers are the good guys. Not always, of course. often the bikers are the really really bad guy. The outlaw biker is a truly American thing. The Hell Angels are badass dudes who do a lot of bad things, but you gotta admire them for their fierce non-conformity. This story from Canada is pretty cool.

Provincial police are searching for three inmates with previous ties to the Hells Angels who escaped from a Quebec City detention centre using a helicopter.

A Sûreté du Québec spokesperson confirmed to CBC News that the prison break occurred at 7:45 p.m. ET from Orsainville Detention Centre and the inmates fled westbound in a green helicopter.

“We are talking closely with the detention centre to figure out exactly how the escape transpired,” said Ann Mathieu. “The priority number one is to find the helicopter.”

Police are now searching for Yves Denis, 35, Denis Lefebvre, 53, and 49-year-old Serge Pomerleau.

In 2010, Lefebvre was arrested by provincial police after a drug operation bust known as Project Crayfish that led to dozens of arrests. He was reported to have had ties to the Hells Angels.

Quebec has a long a bloody history with motorcycle clubs. The Biker Wars in the 1990’s resulted in hundreds of murders, dozens of bombings and general mayhem on the streets of cities like Montreal. Eventually the Canadians had enough and pretty much arrested every Hell’s Angel in the province. They even arrested people not really a part of the biker wars just to end the violence.

During the bust police seized multiple weapons, 41 vehicles, a plane, a helicopter and $905,000, CBC Radio-Canada reported.

The three who escaped were being held at the detention centre waiting to stand trial, but it was not immediately clear what charges they were facing.

Police are warning anyone who sees the men not approach them and to call police immediately.

Last year, there was a daring escape at St-Jerome prison in Quebec involving a helicopter where a pilot was forced at gunpoint to pluck two inmates from the facility on a Sunday afternoon.

The thing about the big clubs like the Angels, Banditos and Mongols is they are sophisticated operations with a lot of intellectual fire power at the top. They’re not just guys with beards swinging chains in bar rooms. There’s plenty of that, but the further you go up the hierarchy, the greater the sophistication. The reason the Feds have had little luck infiltrating these clubs is they are very smart about how they organize themselves and interact with the wider world.

The daring and sophistication to use a chopper to get guys out of prison is what you see from former military guys. Of course, a big source of recruits for these gangs has been the military since World War 2. A whole bunch of guys with military training are mustering out as we wind down the War on Terror. That means the gangs will get a shot in the arm from new recruits. Throw in the general unhealthiness of normal society for young white males  and the gangs will see a boom in membership.

Beta Male Rage

This story on Drudge says the under-30 set are flocking to a movie about a beta male, rather than the sci-fiction action flick. This is nothing new. Cruise has seen his fortunes decline over the last decade, but he is not alone. The traditional male lead has been fading for years. Movie tough guys are long gone. Instead we get cartoon characters like Batman or Spider-man. Then you have the cartoonish guys like Hugh Jackman and The Rock. Otherwise, male leads are wimps now.

Trends and fads are what they are. People live in their time and young people lack the perspective to stand outside themselves and see their time in context. They think things are the way they are because they have always been the way they are. The past is stories told by old people about a country that no longer exists. That’s the benefit of youth, but also the curse of it. That means the trendy beta males of today are only just becoming aware of the fact they look a lot like the pussies and wimps of yesteryear.

Of course, there’s something else going on beyond silly fads. Starting in the 80’s, there has been a  campaign against the traditional white male. Boys in school were loaded up with mind altering drugs so they would be more like little girls. Male characters on TV were portrayed as stupid, foolish, emotional and helpless. On the other hand, female action heroes (hilariously) were pushed on the culture in movies. The results are what we see today, a rising gynocracy.

Americans no longer like male leads that are men of action. They prefer the soft, sexually ambiguous beta males. Look at the number of female action heroes. It is why every male under the age of 30 is trying to look like a young George Michael. The movies reflect the tastes of the customers. – See more at:
Americans no longer like male leads that are men of action. They prefer the soft, sexually ambiguous beta males. Look at the number of female action heroes. It is why every male under the age of 30 is trying to look like a young George Michael. The movies reflect the tastes of the customers. – See more at:
Americans no longer like male leads that are men of action. They prefer the soft, sexually ambiguous beta males. Look at the number of female action heroes. It is why every male under the age of 30 is trying to look like a young George Michael. The movies reflect the tastes of the customers. – See more at: