The Weirdo Problem

The other day, the YouTube pioneer RamZPaul posted something on Twitter that generated a lot of responses and not all of them positive. The tweet was a link to a story about the arrest of someone calling himself Augustus Sol Invictus. Paul added a bit of commentary, “The former Alt Right was a movement that welcomed freaks and weirdos. The “no punch right” philosophy resulted in this.” As of this posting, the tweet had 133 replies and over one thousand likes.

Not all of the responses were positive, of course. Members of the subculture, in which people calling themselves Augustus Sol Invictus are welcome, were unhappy with Paul’s take on the matter. The general theme of the negative reactions is that Paul is ”punching right” and that this guy claiming to be a 2000 year old Roman Emperor needs to be defended. In other words, drinking goat’s blood and claiming to be a Roman emperor are not unforgivable acts in that subculture.

It probably does not need to be said, but Paul is correct. A person who has legally changed his name to that of a Roman emperor and is regularly issuing royal decrees on Twitter, needs mental help, not a political career. He’s also running for president, when he is not drinking goat’s blood in pagan rituals. The normal response to such things is to assume the person is mentally ill. Even if he is not a danger to himself or others, he should not be included in anything serious.

Paul is also correct to point out that the alt-right collapsed under the weight of these sorts of weirdos. There were so many oddballs and crazies flying the alt-right flag at one point, their enemies were spoiled for choice. The far-left media could just keep plucking these characters out and putting their profile out there on-line. In fairness, most of the people attracted to the alt-right were perfectly normal, but that’s not what the public saw when the alt-right was showcased in the mass media.

This is a problem that all outsider politics faces. The weirdo problem was not unique to the alt-right. Anyone who has attended a Libertarian Party event knows that movement has had a weirdo problem for generations. The environmental movement has had a similar problem. Most people are happy to support conservation efforts, for example, but when they see some nut dressed as an elf, demanding everyone give up their cars, they assume he and the movement are crazy.

There are two reasons outsider politics is plagued with weirdos. One is they are always going to be the most open to newcomers. They are trying to boost their numbers, so they are never going to be too picky about people coming into their thing. Even if the new people have odd ideas, the assumption is they will learn the new politics and eventually fit in. You see this with the White Nationalists, who spend a lot of time indoctrinating one another in the ways of the subculture.

The other reason for the weirdo problem is there are a lot of weirdos in a big society like America, so supply can easily overwhelm a new movement. These weirdos are always looking for a home, so as soon as something gets going, they are attracted to it like moths to a flame. Since new political movements are disorganized and chaotic at first, they have no way to ward off the weirdos. The alt-right was swamped by people whose reality was formed by fantasy literature and video games.

That is the lesson of the alt-right, one that the successor operations like Casey’s American Identity Movement have learned. Rather than try and attract the biggest crowd possible in the shortest time possible, the goal is to focus on high quality people, who can grow local chapters organically. It’s not as fun as trolling people on Twitter, but it limits the number of weirdos entering the movement. It is much harder to be August Sol Invictus in real life than on-line.

Of course, the main issue with outsider politics is that they usually form up around a complaint or a list of complaints. If the Roman emperor and the accountant have the same complaints they can end up in the same camp. At that point the accountant rethinks his position and moves along. In other words, a negative identity opens the doors for anyone who has those grievances. Often, it rewards the extremists at the expense of the sober minded.

That is the key to any successful movement in the age of democracy. The default is always going to be the shared reality of the society. The people who control the public space, can therefore always be the default position. In order to combat that the outsiders have to have a positive identity that can be both defended, but also advocated to normal people. The trick for outsiders is to remain in the realm of the acceptable while challenging the prevailing orthodoxy.

That can only be achieved by having rules and standards. This gets back to what Paul pointed out in his tweet. “A man that drinks blood and thinks he is literally a Roman Emperor is probably not my first choice for leadership material.” When the standard means presenting a respectable face to a skeptical public, lunatics drinking goat’s blood are never embraced as part of that public face. Instead they are kept in the background so they cannot cause trouble.

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The Future Of Futurism

About ten years ago, you could find any number of sites that focused on the future in one fashion or another. Futurism was a cottage industry. Ray Kurzweil and others, who made futurism a specialty, would get interviewed by big shot publications. Kurzweil was even hired by Google to be their professional futurist. The field was full of predictions about how we were on the cusp of the singularity or that we were about discover the fountain of youth. We would live forever in the robot future.

All of that petered out in the last few years. The futurist bloggers closed down and either moved to Twitter or disappeared entirely. The sites that pushed whiz-bang technology stuff have fallen out of favor. We seem to have run out of road on the technology side of things, as all of the low hanging fruit from the microprocessor revolution has been picked and turned into mobile devices. There has not been a killer app or killer device in a long time now. The future is not so promising.

One reason for this sudden lack of interest in the future could be that we are living in a simulation, specifically a quantum simulation. The beings running this simulation decided we needed to focus on other things. Alternatively, this simulation inevitably results in a lack of interest in the future. Having overcome the Malthusian limit and reached the post-scarcity world, the future is not all that interesting. The recent obsession with the future was just an echo effect.

Alternatively, the corresponding simulation to our simulation is now focused on the future, so we are focused on the past. Maybe in this quantum simulation, another version of us exists in another universe. If you spin around clockwise in this universe, your other self spins counter clockwise in the corresponding one. Perhaps when our alternative universe gets romantic about the past, we will see a new burst on interest in the future here in this version of the quantum simulation.

The main argument against this being a simulation is that a race of beings that sophisticated would not have created a simulation this stupid. They would put us in a much more interesting experiment or throw the whole thing in the trash. On the other hand, this simulation could be a child’s experiment. This world in which we exist is sitting on a child’s dresser like an ant farm. The last few decades were the result of the cat getting into the experiment and breaking some things.

The people who claim to know about public sentiment used to claim that movies and television shows about the future were a reflection of the public’s anxiety or lack of it about the present. If dystopian shows were popular, it meant the public was worried about current events. If the shows were more positive, then it meant people were feeling good about things. Presumable the lack of movies about the future would say something as well, but no one mentions it.

That is something that gets little attention about the multicultural paradise our rulers have planned for us. The business model of Hollywood is built on the assumption of a white middle-class. Devouring that white middle-class in order to create a multicultural paradise leaves Hollywood without an audience. South America has never been a great market for mass media. China and India are capable of producing their own computer-generated crap. The future of Hollywood looks grim.

That may be why the focus on the future has faded of late. Twenty years ago, the Matrix could promise a mulatto future, because it seemed so implausible. The tan future imagined by Hollywood seemed as implausible as space ships. Now, people are increasingly aware of the realities of demographics. Imagining a universe that is full of mystery meat people is just going to press the wrong buttons. Maybe that’s why Hollywood interest in the future has waned over the last few years.

That also raises another issue. Very few people, even in dissident politics, like talking about the multicultural future that awaits us. All of the commentary is either directly or indirectly about how to prevent it. Since there is no stopping the transformation of America into a majority-minority society, the most fertile ground of futurism is about a world where hostile tribes, rubbing shoulders with one another, are monitored by high tech corporations. That’s the future that awaits us.

Maybe that’s the reason futurism is no longer popular. Dystopian futures were intended to be warnings about the present. Whiz-bang futures are about current trends, or imagined ones, advancing to their natural end. Since no warning about multicultural future will make a difference, there’s no point in it. Because that future will be awful, there’s no point in thinking about it now. For people who sense they have no future, there is no market for futurism.

On the other hand, that means there is a market for dissident writers to create fiction that is positive about the fight ahead. The trouble is the people who make movies don’t want white people to be positive, so they instead make movies about gay comic book heroes and mulatto girls running the world. Still, it is an untapped market that some clever dissident could mine. Maybe the next turn of dissident politics is dissident samizdat fiction about the tribal wars to come.

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Year In Review

This is the time of year when lazy writers do retrospectives, usually in the form of lists or worse, tweet collections. Streaming has reached a point where people are doing these on YouTube or DLive. Then you have the predictions for the coming year, which hardly anyone ever mentions as part of their yearend review posts. This makes sense, as most predictions are terrible. No one can see the future, so predictions are always about the present trends and the prognosticator’s hopes for the future.

There is some value in looking back at past predictions. It’s a lot like reading old articles about the glorious future of 2020, which is now upon us. Predictions tend to reflect the binary model of the future that is inflicted upon us by our rulers. The future is either going to be much worse than anyone today wants to believe or much better than anyone ever promised. In reality, the next year will be pretty much the same as the last year, with maybe some new characters in the media.

Looking at your own past predictions is a bit humbling, which is probably why no one does it as a part of their yearend posting. Here is my post from last year with my crystal ball forecast for the upcoming year. When I do these posts, I’m not trying to be too serious, as this is not the time of year to be serious. The point is to have some fun with the format and make some points along the way. Still, if you make a post full of predictions, you must be made to answer for them!

So, how’d I do?

My first prediction about how Congress and the Senate will behave in the new year was pretty much dead right. The Democrat House did spend the year chasing Trump around with subpoenas and the Senate did nothing. I did not see the impeachment fiasco coming, but no one thought the Democrats were that dumb. I was wrong about the Mueller probe. That’s probably the surprise of the year. Trump gets a lot of grief, but you have to give him credit for getting rid of Mueller.

As far as the race for the Democrat nomination, I will take a bow on predicting that Warren would be a bust. She is still in the top-tier of the candidates, but she is fading and probably headed to a bad end. The current polling has her finishing second or third in Iowa and second or third in New Hampshire. That’s pretty much the Howard Dean phenomenon. He never recovered from that and she will not recover from losing the early races. Being a total fraud has consequences.

I think the jury is still out on the censorship. There’s no question that is has slowed over the last year, but that could simply be due to a lack of targets. The alt-right was mostly an open door for the old 1.0 types and other fringe weirdos. Once that door closed, they went back to their respective warrens. As a result, there is not a lot of low hanging fruit for the censors. Still, I think the trend will continue, as the platforms find the cost of censorship rise and the benefits decline.

On the economic front, I got it all wrong on the stock market. The markets continued to be strong, despite the beginning of the great retirement. The fact is, the markets are no longer connected to reality. Instead, they are driven by Fed policy, which was another miss last year. I did get China right. I’ve been saying for years that China is more paper tiger than most realize. China remains a low trust society, outside the local community, so that means lots of mischief in the national economy.

As for Europe, I nailed the Brexit process. I was a little muddled on the way the end game would play out, so I can’t crow too much. My expectation was that the globalists would offer up the Tories as a sacrifice to globalism. I did not think it would work, but I was not all that clear, so I get dinged a few points. I was a bit early on the role of the Eastern bloc of countries. I still think that is in the offing, but Brexit may have to unfold before that can get momentum.

On the sportsball front, I was ahead of my skis on that one. Ratings keep declining for the NBA, but the NFL rebounded a bit. Of course, the ratings are mostly fake, so no one can be sure. My hunch, just based on personal experience, is that more and more white people are abandoning conventional entertainment. The obnoxious propaganda packed into everything is impossible to ignore. Even so, we don’t have hard data to back this, so the cord cutting prediction goes into the loss column.

Finally, I swung and missed on the Facebook prediction. Frankly, I remain puzzled about this one. It is so obviously true that ads on that platform are a waste of money, but they keep suckering in advertisers. Further, the data they steal from users and sell to marketing companies and the FBI is mostly garbage. Facebook is a company that exists in spite of reality. This is why looking back at predictions is good. It reveals gaps in your understanding and it reveals bias.

Over all, it was a mixed bag. In the gambling business, the rule of thumb is you have to win 57% of the time in order to make money. That covers the juice owed to bookmaker I’ve lost track of where I was on this, but I’m glad I did not bet the “Escape Lagos Fund” on these predictions. Even so, it is always fun for me to look back at these posts. They are a good reminder that no one can see around corners, so it is wise to be skeptical of one’s confidence.

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Supporting The Cause

Since we are rapidly running out of road in 2019, it seems like a good time to address some common questions that come up from time to time. Something that has gone unnoticed over the last year is the number of people moving into dissident politics is growing, despite the efforts of the ruling class. When big shot pundits feel comfortable using terms like “cloud people” in public, it suggests the people on the other side of the great divide are at least looking over at what’s happening here.

A question that comes up with some frequency is what people can do to support the cause of dissident politics. It makes sense. Once you have come to terms with the fact we are in the demographic age, you want to support your team. There’s also the fact that people attracted to this type of politics are the type used to solving problems and fixing things that are broken. Sitting around bitching about things being broken is not what comes natural to those drawn to this side of the great divide.

The first rule of organizing is to develop as many on-ramps as possible for people to come into your thing. The reason outsider politics remains fringe is it tends to have just one entry point and that door is guarded by weirdos. The libertarian movement never got out of the valley of weirdos, because it deliberately disconnected itself from the mainstream, despite so much help from Conservative Inc. The key is offering many paths to entry and not being ideological about those paths.

For example, 2020 is an election year. There are few good candidates running, but there are some worth supporting. No, they are not “our guys” and no, winning elections will not result in the changes we seek. The way forward for us is not going to be through the ballot box, but elections can open doors to our side. Despite all the screw-ups and mistakes, Trump has opened a lot of doors for us. Lots of people had their eyes opened about demographics through the issue of immigration.

If politics is your thing, consider supporting these candidates:

Again, there is no voting our way out of the problems of democracy, but engaging in the process can open doors to our side. A guy like King winning is social proof to a lot of people who quietly agree with us, but maybe don’t know it. This was the sole value of Trump winning in 2016 and will be the only value of his winning again in 2020. It validates the opinions of people who are heading this way. When you learn that your taboo thoughts are not uncommon, it liberates the soul.

There is another angle to this. If you are in these areas where populist candidates are running, even if it is a guy running for dog catcher, volunteer for the campaign. What you will find is that there are other bad thinkers doing the same thing. These campaigns have become an underground meetup for people in dissident politics to recruit people into local groups. If you are in a local group, find a candidate close to our side and get your guys to volunteer. It’s a great recruiting tool.

That is, of course, the main thing we should be doing. Getting people of like mind together in real life is the foundation of any movement. The story of every successful mass movement is normal people getting together in real life for fellowship, support and community building. If you don’t know anyone local, sign up for AIM. They have local groups all over now. It’s not just young people either. They have men of all ages in their chapters. It is a good thing to support.

Another way to engage likeminded people in real life is to attend events where our people meet, like American Renaissance. They will be holding their annual convention in May this year. It has not been announced, but the tentative date is the last weekend of May. There will be other events coming up like the Northwest Forum, which is held in Washington State. There are a lot of plans for events in the works this year and they will be posted here and elsewhere as the details emerge.

Finally, if the best you can do is throw money at the cause, there is no shame in that as there is no shortage of donors in this thing. American Renaissance and VDare are two groups that do a lot for the dissident cause. Solo acts like Steve Sailer and Paul Ramsey are examples of individuals, who can always use a few bucks to help keep the lights on and food on the table. Paying NetFlix every month may ease the pain of your demise, but giving that money to dissidents may save your kind.

It’s not just about donating to our guys. You can also buy the books written by our guys, which is is a great way to support our media. Conservative Inc. is a great book by one of our great young writers. It’s a good book to give to your curious normie friend. If you are into fiction, pick up a copy of Faction by Karl Dahl. For something witty and funny, there is Galaxy Mindset. Greg Johnson has a lot of books for the dissident reader and he can always use our support.

Of course, the best thing you can do, the most important thing you can do, to support the cause is be a prince among men in your daily life. Men follow men. By setting a high standard in your personal life and being a respectable face to skeptical people about these issues, you become one of those many on-ramps to our thing. If you are the sort of person people admire, they will admire your politics. The reddest red pill is the realization that you are the message. Never forget it.

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No More Weirdos

A couple of weeks back, National Review was doing one of its ritual denunciations of the Four Bads. Those are the things our betters have declared to be the worst things possible for anyone to allow into their minds. They are racism, sexism, homophobism and, of course antisemitism. These are the mortal sins of the current age. Someone calling himself Zachery Evans posted this column about the alleged rise in antisemitism in Brooklyn. Supposedly it is on the rise over the last year.

Now, it has to be mentioned that the writer is not an American. He is an Israeli whose bio states he is a “veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces and a trained violist.” It’s hard not to suspect that this person is a Hasbara operative. His lack of a social media presence is a bit suspicious. That and these writers go heavy on the networking, hoping to climb the media ladder. This guy is probably on the payroll of a pro-Israel, white box content operation that places material in sites like NRO.

Putting that aside, the column comes with a picture of a young fellow in the typical outfit of the super-orthodox Jews. They dress a lot like the Amish, except for the long curls of hair and the tassels. There are variations on the costumes. Some wear enormous fur cylinders on their heads. Others wear different headgear. Presumably these things all have meaning inside the cult. These outfits are both a tradition and a way to separate themselves from everyone else.

The use of costumes as a form of self-ghettoization is not exclusive to the super-orthodox Jews. Black American cults have used the uniform as a form of separation from the main. The Black Panthers are the most obvious example. The Nation of Islam and their bow ties are another. The Black Hebrew Israelites, who have been in the news of late, dress in white robes and white head dresses. The point of these outfits is both recognition and separation. They are not us.

Now, the article itself is reasonable about the harassment of these super-orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. The media likes to say it is due to white nationalism or the rise of the KKK or something, but that’s insane nonsense. The real issue, one the writer alludes to in his piece, is the local blacks and now the imported Muslims. Blacks have never liked Jews in general and they really don’t like the ones in funny outfits. They see these people as just another gang, one they can easily push around.

Then there are the imported Muslims. Since 9/11, the United States has responded to the threat of Islamic terrorism by scouring the earth for Muslims of every sort to import into the country. The theory is that by importing tens of millions of Muslims from places the American military has bombed for decades, the miasma that is causing Muslims to commit terrorism will dissipate. It’s lunacy, but the result is places like New York City suddenly have a new class of weird foreigner.

Inevitably, these various weirdos, imported and domestic, will not only agitate against the main, but begin to attack one another. The old rule of diversity plus proximity equaling violence is what you see in that NR story. It is one non-white tribe of outsiders attacking a different tribe of outsiders. The only role white people play in this at all is in the madness of importing these people into the country. Otherwise, this problem is not a white people problem. It is a diversity problem.

A fundamental axiom of group dynamics is that you get rid of the people who cause disharmony in the group. The people who stir up trouble, don’t fit in or simply cannot behave themselves, are removed. This leaves the like-minded to get along with one another with the minimum of friction. In the current age, this has been turned on its head so the opposite is the goal. Our rulers import weirdos from all over the globe and put them in close proximity with us and one another.

If one were to sum up the demands of the populists in every country of the West, it would be “no more weirdos.” If every mainstream political party of the West, even just one major party in each country, embraced this simple dictum, most of the populist unrest would subside. The native populations are simply tired of having to make excuses and accommodations for the foreign weirdos. People are simply exhausted from having to tolerate these people and their weirdness.

Think about it. Imagine if these fur cylinder guys were packed up and sent back to Eastern Europe of Israel. On a different plane were the various brands of Islam imported over the last decades. That alone would make the tri-state area more livable for actual Americans. No more disputes with the orthodox Jews trying to take over local neighborhoods. No more Muslims trying to blow themselves up in public. Two big problems would go away for the people of the region.

It’s not that these people are hated. Most Americans have no idea why the orthodox walk around with giant fur cylinders on their heads. They don’t understand anything about Islam. They don’t want to know. They should not have to know. These are foreign to a Western nation in general and very foreign to America in particular. There is no reason to have these foreign people here. They are weird and they will never fit in with the rest of us. It is immoral to demand we accommodate them.

That is what makes the simplicity of the “no more weirdos” idea so beautiful. It does not tax anyone, by requiring anything from them. They are free to be themselves, in all their weirdness, just not here around us. If the fur cylinder guys want to parade around Tel Aviv, best of luck to them. If Mohamed wants to pray in public, let him do that in a Muslim land. If Mr. Abdillahi wants to do whatever it is, he does in Somali, as long as he does it in Somalia and not Maine, no one needs to care.

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The Value Of Dumb Ideas

Dumb ideas are a feature of democracy. The main reason for this is the majority of people trusted with a vote are average or below average. Democracy works on the assumption that people work in series. Connect enough of them, no matter their intellectual capacity, and you get enough brain power. In reality, people work in parallel, so the more you connect, the faster dumb ideas flow through society. Democracy is the form of government with the lowest resistance to dumb ideas.

Another aspect of this is that dumb ideas never die. At the risk of mixing science and superstition, dumb ideas are like demons from Hell. They are never killed. They can be exorcised and sent back to the pit, but they always find a way out. Like a demon, they inhabit a new body and employ new tricks, so the dumb idea often looks like an entirely new dumb idea. That’s what you see with the universal basic income. It is an old dumb idea that has come back in a new disguise.

Dumb ideas are not without their utility. Until they are revealed to be dumb, people debate them and that debate says something about the people. The homosexual marriage debate, which feels like a lifetime ago, revealed that the left side of the political class was going insane, while the right side had quit on its stool. In the fullness of time, the surrender on homosexual marriage will be seen as the point where conservatism entered the death spiral. That’s the power of dumb ideas.

In the case of the UBI, Andrew Yang becoming a household name based on his promotion of the idea underscores the bankruptcy of the Left. The reason Yang got so much attention is he is the only guy talking about policy. His idea may be silly, but at least it is an idea. People can hear the proposal and think about what it would mean to them if it was enacted. The rest of the candidates emote about intersectional grievances and social justice. They may as well be speaking in tongues.

Of course, the intellectual bankruptcy of the Left is not a new idea. In the 1990’s it became clear that the American Left had run out of practical road and was veering into the side roads of the bizarre. Conservatives used to crow about how they had many more plans for having the government do stuff. The thing is, the American Right was always just the straight man for the Left. It was never intended to be the star. Their job was to respond to the hijinks of their Progressive partners.

Another side benefit of the UBI is that it resonated with young people on the Right, who tweeted Yang onto the big stage. They were attracted to that promised allowance of a thousand bucks a month. It was mostly a joke, but it revealed a truth about the people moving from conventional politics. That is, there is a slow re-discovery of the fact that the point of government is to serve the people. Public policy is not about pleasing the economy, but about improving the life of the people.

The UBI debate has also leaked into adult conversation. The paleoconservatives are coming around to the idea that the economy is a false god. That wing of conservatism never went down the libertarian dead end, but they did get lost in the wilderness of foreign policy fanaticism. For a long time, they have focused solely on the endless wars and to a lesser extent the slobbering obedience to Israel. This post in the American Conservative suggests that is changing.

Again, the UBI is a dumb idea. Giving everyone an allowance of some figure simply makes that allowance the new zero. Whatever initial benefit people experience will soon be gobbled up by retail inflation as the new money hits the streets. You don’t fix massive inequality by dropping cash into the ghetto. What matters here is that people are starting to think again about government playing an active role in defending society, rather than acting as the great paladin of the economy.

Probably the most important observation that comes from the UBI discussion is that it has no impact on elite opinion. The Democrat candidates on stage look at Andrew Yang and fail to connect his presence with his ideas. Instead, they continue to pose in bizarre ways about intersectional politics and grandiose reform schemes. You would think that at least one of them would notice that a simple idea took an unknown Jackie Chan body double and elevated him to the big stage.

What this reveals, maybe underscores is the right way to put it, is that the political class, particular the inner party political class, is beyond reform. It is just a collection of carny folk hired to perform by the oligarchs. Those oligarchs look at America society in the same way raiders look at a coastal village. They are focused on looting as much as they can as fast as they can. If there is going to be reform, it will come after the current ruling class is wiped out and replaced by natives.

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Fear, Force & Convenience

Every society is held together by a number of forces. Trust, tradition, blood, fear, force and convenience work in combination to keep a society whole. Until recent, trust was the strong force in Scandinavian societies. Tradition and blood played a large role, but those have been diluted with diversity. North Korea, in contrast, relies on the threat of state violence to keep society together. Tradition and blood still play a role, but it is mostly fear of being sent to a camp that keeps society together.

In America, trust was always the force that kept local community together, while tradition kept regional identity together. America was always a big country with lots of room, so self-segregation smoothed over the rough spots. With the elimination of free association and the importation of millions of foreigners, social trust is rapidly breaking down and being replaced with state force. For now, trouble makers are sent to diversity training, rather than a labor camp, but the idea is the same.

The thing is, America still remains a big place with lots of room, so the North Korean model is not going to hold it together. Even the Scandinavian model of soft authoritarianism, run by mentally disturbed women, is unlikely to hold the country together in a crisis. In fact, that model is probably the least plausible in a crisis, as the women in this sort of system are crisis actors, not crisis managers. Politics gives them the attention that normal life does not afford them.

That’s something to keep in mind when thinking about what comes next. The soft, feminine authoritarianism we see in the West is a free rider. It is possible because of the inertia from the old high trust societies that came before it. If Finland faced a real crisis, one that threatened its existed, the first thing that happens is their pixie of prime minister is replaced with a serious person. The same would be true in Canada, where their gender fluid prime minister is mostly a luxury item.

Putting that aside, the question for Americans is where would trust be placed in a crisis, enough trust to wield the force necessary to mobilize the country. For a long time, Gallup has been polling people about confidence in various institutions. For example, in 1973, 65% of the America public said they had a great deal or quite a lot of trust in religious institutions. Today it is 36%. The change in the no trust column has gone from single digits to 25%, more than the great deal of trust column.

A similar decline in trust has occurred with the political institutions. The Supreme Court still enjoys the trust of 38% of the public. Those court trusters are probably the Baby Boom generation, as they have always had the highest trust in the courts. Even today, they will argue that the courts will protect the constitution. This is why they support Trump, despite his problems. He’s going to nominate good judges, so the argument goes, and those judges will follow the constitution.

Congress, on the other hand, is down to 11%. That seems amazingly high, but maybe that number reflects the public work force. Even crazier, 45% of the public trusted Congress in 1973. That right there is a great metric when trying to understand the relationship between diversity and social trust. The flood gates of diversity opened in the 1960’s. As the hordes poured into your cities and towns, social trust began to collapse, showing up in the people’s house of government.

Another area where the cancer of diversity reveals itself is in the schools. Trust in the public schools is at 29% from 59% in 1973. A half century ago, Americans could send their kids off to the local school, knowing their classmates would be neighbors and the teacher would be someone they knew. Today, the grammar school classes look like the bar scene from Star Wars and the teachers are dangerous weirdos. The kids pass through metal detectors and they wear Kevlar book bags.

Trust in newspapers has not changed much. That’s probably not a very good metric when trying to figure out what’s happening. The only people consuming newspapers these days are old white people. Within a decade, most cities in America will no longer have a newspaper. The big media sites are megaphones for the managerial state, so comparing them to newspapers is not accurate. Still, the numbers suggest that white people have always been skeptical of the news media.

The two institutions that jump out are the military and police. Today, 53% of Americans say they trust the police a great deal or quite a lot. Even more impressive, 73% of the people trust the military. The only other “institution” with this degree of trust is small business, and that’s not really an institution. Instead, that’s residual trust in community that has carried over in spite of diversity. People still have a high opinion of the local business man who contributes to his community.

That brings us back to those forces that hold society together. In modern America, diversity is destroying trust in the civic institutions. The long culture war has destroyed trust in religion. The two most trusted institutions are the two given the right to use deadly force in defense of society. Like the executioner, the warrior, is permitted to spill blood, thus elevating him to the highest rank of every society. In a crisis, it is always the executioner and the soldier, who rise to the top.

There is a difference between the warrior and the executioner. The latter is the last line of defense, something tolerated, not celebrated. The former is a forward deployed defender, celebrated for his spilling of blood. No society throws a parade for its famous executioner. The soldier, on the other hand, is a hero to his people for spilling the blood of the enemy, real or imagined. Unlike any other citizen, if there is doubt about his actions, he gets the benefit of the doubt.

It is tempting to assume from this that the next step to the diverse multicultural paradise is a world run by cops and soldiers. Most likely, it will be the custodial state that incorporates both institutions. Instead of the military seizing control of the government, it will be corporations seizing control of the military and police. That’s what you see with tech companies helping local police install surveillance equipment in the homes of suburbanites and cameras on the streets of the ghetto.

Over the next year, Americans will be forced to stand in line at their local motor vehicle department to get a “real ID.” This will be required to enter a government building or travel on an airplane. Soon, it will be required for banking, travel from one zone to another, and all government and corporate services. To have a social media account, will require you provide your real ID. To have phone service or e-mail will require you to show your papers to an officer of the corporate state.

The role of cops and soldiers will be the same as in the prior arrangements. Instead of these institutions defending the civil institutions, they will be deployed to defend the new custodial state. They will get awards for capturing twitter trolls, instead of capturing bank robbers. Social trust will be replaced with fear of ostracism, the force of the corporate state and the convenience of weekend drone delivery. These are the forces that will hold together the post-national custodial state.

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Right-Wing Cosmopolitanism

The British election offers a good opportunity to see the detachment of official conservatism from the people they pretend to represent. Most of the conservative chattering class was quietly hopeful of a Labour Party victory. They would be justified in opposing what they sneeringly refer to as populism. Boris Johnson is a boorish loudmouth, who has an uncanny appeal with working class people, despite being a man of privilege. He’s the sort of guy conservatives think should not exist.

What baffles conservatives about Boris and Trump is that neither man goes in for the dorm room libertarianism that has come to define conservatism. They proudly talk about spending money on things like infrastructure projects and government services. They think the government should make the lives of the citizens better. The economy, as far as they are concerned, is about serving the people, a concept so alien to modern conservatives they confuse it with socialism.

Of course, what baffles conservatives most about these types of politicians is they don’t seem to care very much for the cosmopolitan types, who decorate the salons of modern conservatism. Johnson won on the strength of his appeal the sort of native Britain, who no longer goes to London, because London is full of foreigners now. Similarly, Trump won on his appeal to whites in flyover country, who worry that their country is being turned into Brazil. Conservatives are baffled by this.

So much so, they just assume it is an illusion. Andrew Stuttaford, writing in National Review recognizes the facts of Johnson’s victory, but then says, “If the Conservatives are to repeat last night’s success in the next general election (currently scheduled for 2024) they will want to claw back some of those London voters.” In other words, despite the results, he remains convinced that the path to victory is chasing the non-white cosmopolitan vote in the cosmopolitan areas.

This is the same psychosis we have seen in America with conservatives. They demand the GOP bankrupt itself chasing a few black votes, at the expense of the vast number of white votes it can easily gain. It is a form of Stockholm syndrome. Conservatives have been captured by the Left for so long, they have now completely internalized the morality of the Left, to the point where it is natural for them. They just assume one sacred black vote is worth more than every single white vote.

Of course, people in cults cannot process disconfirmation, so they look for ways to explain the contrary results within the context of their beliefs. Quickly after the results were known, the so-called conservatives blamed the results on the antisemitism of Jeremy Corbyn. Also in National Review, Michael Brendan Dougherty claims “Under Corbyn’s watch, Labour became a party in which anti-Semitism started to have free rein.” Yeah, that’s what caused millions to vote Tory.

Not to be outdone, the neocons are blaming magic miasmas that brought with them a foul odor of socialism. The Trotskyites at Bill Kristol’s new Persia-based outlet are blaming it on their old enemies in the party. Charlie Sykes writes, “And make no mistake about it, Corbyn’s Labour party platform was a progressive, democratic-socialist fever dream.” You see, according to these guys, Brexit and nationalism are wildly unpopular, but the scary socialisms is even more unpopular.

Another point here is that the so-called conservatives were completely taken in by the last-minute campaign by the mass media to claim the election was tight. One reason is they really wanted to believe it. Another reason, a more important one, is that they always trust the Left. They instinctively trust the left-wing media, despite having been lied to so often. It’s not an institutional trust or a desire for it, but a natural comfort for the sorts of people who control the left-wing media.

That is because conservatism in the English-speaking countries has become nothing more than right-wing cosmopolitanism. These are people who live in cities as strangers to everyone around them. Community is not based on history or tradition, but in a shared ideology. Ben Shapiro made this clear when he said “And by the way, I don’t give a good damn about the so-called “browning of America.” Color doesn’t matter. Ideology does.” This is the essence of cosmopolitanism.

It’s also not conservative. The reason conservatism exists is people naturally attach to their kin, their land and their traditions. This is the bulwark against radicalism, which seeks to replace normal human relations with ideological ones. Most people, as the saying goes, are conservative about what they know best. That means in the English -speaking world, most people are naturally conservative. It is this vast majority of whites that is now alien to the cosmopolitan conservatives.

This is why the first project of an authentic alternative is to claw back the mantle of conservatism from the cosmopolitans. Let them drift back to their kind in the party, to wrangle over false consciousness and the finer points of ideology. The authentic alternative to this is not a slightly different ideology, but the rejection of ideology as the foundation of politics. In order for there to be a genuine alternative politics, the cosmopolitan conservatives must first be driven from the temple.

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Right-Wing Feminism

Feminism is a term that is exclusively associated with left-wing activism and generally associated with the more radical elements of the culture war. Modern feminists are the emotionally disturbed old maids in the human resource department, stalking about, looking for unapproved words and thoughts. These are the people purging social media of anything funny or interesting. While true, it disguises the fact that feminism is as much a part of the conventional Right as it is the Left.

At its core, feminism is the product of egalitarianism. If all men are created equal, in the moral sense, then surely all women are equal. Further, if all men are equal and all women are equal, in a moral sense, then men and women must also be equal and should therefore be treated as equals. It is this sense of moral equality that drove first wave feminism to demand equal contract, marriage, parenting, and property rights for women. Morally equal people should be legally equal.

From there, of course, feminism was transformed into a weapon to undermine the mores of white society. Second wave feminism focused on destroying family life through the promotion of divorce and sexual degeneracy. Third wave feminism focused on destroying the very notion of womanhood with the promotion of bizarre sexual fetishes and homosexuality. Fourth wave feminism focuses on the promotion of emotionally unstable women making a nuisance of themselves on-line.

The lurch into what amounts to the promotion of female psychosis obscures the fact that feminism in a stock part of conventional conservatism. It’s not at the point of pushing weird sexual practices and physical mutilation, but so-called conservatism fully embraces the egalitarianism of first wave feminism and the moral license of second wave feminism. You see that in social media characters targeting conservative women, like this one that has 165,000 followers on twitter.

Note that her act is a blend of pinup girl bimbo, outrageous gun advocacy and, of course, lots of red, white and blue. That’s the core of conservative feminism. It is a blend of mostly male habits like shooting guns and riding motorcycles, frosted with the vulgar sex appeal of Hollywood and over-the-top patriotism. Go through that twitter feed and it is basically just 1990’s Conservative Inc. packaged for what the people behind it assume is the target audience, people they generally detest.

That’s the important part of it. The people behind these accounts are often nothing like the marketing. The Reagan Battalion, for example, were left-wing Orthodox Jews, buddies of Ben Shapiro, by the way. One guy was Benny Polatseck, public relations consultant, and the other was Yossi Gestetner, a marketing guy. They were also tied to the NeverTrump operation. The point being is that Mindy Robinson probably looks more like Harvey Weinstein than the pictures on that twitter account.

Even so, what is sold to conservative women is really just feminism with lots of conventional conservative decorations. The “strong conservative women” is independent, patriotic, shoots guns and so on. The idealized conservative women is now 1970’s Clint Eastwood with a vagina and some tasteful nudes on her social media profile. Conservative women are supposed to display all of the aggressive male attributes one used to associate with action heroes.

More important, it is every bit as socially destructive as the left-wing variant of feminism, because it denies the very essence of the sexes. Men and women are complementary not just biologically, but socially. What makes settled society possible is a division of labor that goes beyond the physical. What distinguishes West from East is that in the West, this division of labor maximizes the utility of both sexes. Women are not just baby makers, but the glue that holds together local community.

The promotion of women and men as equal in all things has had the devastating effect of destroying the traditional role of women. With it has gone the social capital that made western societies so resilient. Promoting right-wing women with guns is every bit as damaging as portraying them as a butch lesbians playing the traditional male roles in television and film. It is a discrediting of the tradition in favor of the novel, which is useless and unwanted.

You’ll note that fertility rates on the Left in America collapsed before they did on the right side of the political spectrum. Into the 1980’s, conservatives were getting married and having families. This was often mocked by the Left as being backward. As right-wing feminism began to take hold, the same drop in fertility has happened in the more conservative parts of society. The fact is, even assuming Mindy Robinson looks anything like her pictures, no man would want to put up with that.

The promotion of right-wing feminism has not just perverted the females. It has warped the minds of males now too. That cartoon version of a woman you see pushed by the so-called conservatives is not a complement to a normal male. That’s the sort of girl you drink with at the pub. If you’re in a dry spell, well, maybe you take her for a spin, but you will not be taking her home to mom. The adventuress has crowded out the market for the sorts of female roles that make society possible.

An authentic alternative to the prevailing orthodoxy will have to redefine the female role in society as something useful and appealing. The response to Mindy Robinson posing with a gun should be demand she pose with a sandwich or ironing a shirt. A bimbo on a Harley must first be treated as grotesque, before there can be room for an authentic alternative to right-wing feminism. Of course, women have to be the lead in such efforts, as wherever women go, men must follow.

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