Sports Radio IQ

I once worked a company run by neo-Nazis, who did a lot of testing of their workforce. OK, they were not real Nazis, neo or otherwise, just fans of the extreme materialistic ideology we normally associate with Nazis. The real Nazis borrowed eugenics and managerial socialism from American Progressives of the early 20th century. The Efficiency Movement was a totalitarian fad that sought to squeeze out waste in all aspects of society. If that meant slaughtering people or neutering them, well, so be it.   Listen to Obama talk about ObumblesCare and you can hear the same themes. Kathleen Sebelius is obviously a big fan of Margaret Sanger with her lust for baby killing and exterminating the unfit.

Anyway, that long wind up is to get to the fact the company in question had a thing for IQ and psychological testing. They tested all new hires for math, vocabulary and IQ with the Wonderlic Test. Once someone was considered management material, they administered a battery of personality tests and more advanced IQ tests. I had to go through all of these in my youth so I’ve learned my way around them. The IQ tests are what they are, but the personality tests are crap if you know how they work. You can really fuck with the tester if you are so inclined, which I did, of course. Immediate supervisors were supplied a copy of the results and that file followed you around as long as you were employed.

One of the things I eventually learned (after breaking into the bosses office and reading the secret management manual) is they did not want high IQ people in most low and middle management jobs. If someone tested high average or better they would be flagged. If their personality suggested they could function independently then they would be guided to an analysts job or maybe a creative position. If not, then they would transfer them to some hellish backwater. The reasoning was that people with a high IQ would ask too many questions about policy or try to improvise to solve problems and that was never to be tolerated.  That and they would not hire blacks and women, but that’s a story for another day.

What does this have to do with Tebow?

I thought of the IQ ceiling while listening to sports radio this AM. They were discussing Tebow and it was the usual blather. They wanted Boston Blockhead to call in and say bad things about Tebow. That’s not hard as Boston has an unusually high percentage of stupid sports fans. It’s strange. They are crazy passionate about their teams, but they don’t know much about the sports. I’ve seen crowds at Fenway boo a sac fly or moving a runner along with a bunt. Spend time at a Pats tailgate and you begin to wonder if a local school for the retarded did not dump their students out into the parking lot for a party. Philly has the same problem.

Boston Blockhead calling in is nothing new, but the hosts are just as dumb. Once in a while a savvy guy will turn up on sports radio, but they never seem to last. Phil Wood in DC is a brilliant baseball guy. He never stays in a job very long, other than Nationals work. John Kincade is a guy out of Atlanta who knows his stuff and his limitations. In Boston, the only guy even close to having an IQ above room temperature is Dale Arnold and he can’t draw flies on the radio. That suggests to me that being too bright is bad for being a sports radio guy. If you are an opinionated moron, you can get and hold a large audience on sports radio.

Anyway, the fact that these simpletons are spending another day talking about a guy who will never see the field this year is proof enough, I suppose. Tebow gets the locals worked up because he is a devout Christian from crackerville. That’s it. The team thinks he could one day be a backup and is willing to invest a little to find out if they are right. That’s the business of the NFL. As soon as they determine he will not work for them, he is gone. There is no room for emotion in their business.

The Great Game: Syria Edition

The mental midgets of American foreign policy are convinced the war in Syria is about freedom and democracy, despite the fact the rebels are probably worse than Assad. Those rebels would not exist without Saudi and GCC money and arms. On the other hand, Assad would be sleeping with Muhamar Qaddafi if not for Iranian money and arms. There are reports that Iran has sent revolutionary Guard units to bolster Assad’s army. Put another way, without Iran and Saudi Arabia, this civil war never happens. Therefore, it is not about the specific actors and everything about the money men backing the actors. As the saying goes, the men with the gold make the rules. In this case, it is Iran and Saudi Arabia, Shia and Sunni.

This piece from the Financial Times goes into the other level of the game. The Euros, Russians and Chinese are not involved because they have an ideological interest. They are not there to promote freedom and democracy. The question no one asks and the FT piece skips past is why are these players so deeply concerned about a sewer in a land of sewers? The reason is natural gas. The Russians, through Gazprom, control about a third of the natural gas supply to Europe. They control most of it to eastern Europe. They want to control a larger share, particularly to Germany. History, you see, is the nightmare from which the Russians never awake.

What does that have to do with Syria?

Iran shares an enormous natural gas field with the GCC countries. They would like to sell it to Europe. Building facilities to liquify it and ship it over sea to Europe is not practical. That puts them in competition with everyone else and the Iranians are not going to out compete the world technologically. Instead, running a pipeline north to the Russian subject states and to the Black Sea is a cheaper and faster option. Running through Iraq to Syrian ports on the Mediterranean would be even better. Russia would then have a customer for their arms, regain Iraq as a client and dominate the natural gas market into Europe.

Following the money makes it easy to see the Russian interests. On the other side, the Saudis have a similar set of interests. The Saudis understand better than anyone that oil is going to be replaced by gas as the primary energy source in the world. Within a decade refineries will be on-line that produce gasoline from natural gas at prices cheaper than crude. The massive gas fields popping up all over means the peak oil crowd will need to find a new hobby. The only reason the House of Saud exists is oil. Take that away and they go away. Therefore they, along with the GCC countries, are looking to build their own natural gas pipeline to Europe.

Their pipeline could head in two different routes. One would lead from Qatar through Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq to Turkey. The other would go through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and on to Turkey. I don’t think you have to be that clever to see why the Saudis and GCC are invested in Syria. If their ideological buddies win then it makes building their pipeline a better option than the Iranian pipeline. Inevitably, money and resources would swing in their favor. It also has the benefit of cutting the legs out from under Iran and their push for nuclear weapons.

The one player I have not mentioned is the United States. That’s because the American foreign policy elite is crippled by a combination of sectarian hatred and self-inflicted stupidity. On one side is the forever war crowd led by Bush holdovers and John McCain. Their heads are full of fantasies about spreading democracy, which is lunacy on stilts. John McCain has been wrong about everything in the last three decades, but he just waves his POW-MIA flag and everyone runs for cover. The major players in Syria see him as a senile old fool who serves no purpose. On the other side we have Obama and his collection of naive amateurs. The only thing they know how to do is pronounce foreign words in a foreign accent. Otherwise, they are completely ignorant of the world beyond our shores.


Ireland Sucks

I’ve known a lot of Irish people over the years. American has loads of people who come from that blighted little island. Half of the people on the planet claiming Irish ancestry live in the United States. Living in Boston for a long time, I met and got to know plenty of Irish fresh off the boat. The last spasm of IRA terrorism brought a lot of Irish to America, often hiding out from the cops. They were generally good drinking partners and decent people. I’ve never been to Ireland and probably will never go there. The reason is, Ireland sucks!

What other conclusion can you draw? One freckle-faced mick every six minutes is hopping on a steamer for parts unknown. That 240 a day and close to 90,000 a year. Of course, the pace could very well quicken over time. There is a cascading effect when people vote with their feet. The first to go are the brave sort, willing to take a risk. If they do well, the next cohort, a group larger, but slightly more risk adverse, takes the plunge. As they settle elsewhere, their friends and relatives decide to take the chance and on and on it goes. At a certain point you get a rush for the exits. Time will tell if that happens, but the outlandishly high unemployment rates amongst the young says they will see a youth drain at the minimum.

The NORKS Are Not All Bad

According to this report:

Hyon Song-wol, a singer, rumoured to be a former lover of the North Korean leader, is said to have been arrested on Aug 17 with 11 others for violating laws against pornography.

The reports in South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper indicate that Hyon, a singer with the Unhasu Orchestra, was among those arrested on August 17 for violating domestic laws on pornography.

All 12 were machine-gunned three days later, with other members of North Korea’s most famous pop groups and their immediate families forced to watch. The onlookers were then sent to prison camps, victims of the regime’s assumption of guilt by association, the reports stated.

What man would not want to have the ex machined gunned? For that matter, isn’t it about time we started machine gunning execrable little twerps like Justin Bierber and Miley Cyrus? Lady Gaga should have been thrown in a well a long time ago. It is one thing to be derivative. It is a crime against humanity to be derivative and dull.

Then we have this:

Hyon’s band was responsible for a string of patriotic hits in North Korea, including “Footsteps of Soldiers,” “I Love Pyongyang,” “She is a Discharged Soldier” and “We are Troops of the Party.” Her popularity reportedly peaked in 2005 with the song “Excellent Horse-Like Lady.”

The 12 who were executed were singers, musicians or dancers with the Hyon’s band,, the Unhasu Orchestra or the Wanghaesan Light Music Band and were accused of making videos of themselves performing sex acts and then selling the recordings.

Isn’t always the way with these pop groups. They hit it big with “Excellent Horse-Like Lady” and then slide into irrelevance, culminating is a short career in low grade porn. I bet Dana Plato would have preferred a machine gunning over her demise. Lyndsay Lohan would probably opt for the firing squad right now.

The Racists At The UK Independent

This is linked to Drudge. It is one of the slide shows popular for fill space on sites. This one lists the sites top-10 cities in the world. What’s striking about the list is that it is almost exclusively ultra-white cities. The exceptions are Vancouver (Asian) , Toronto (Asian) and  Calgary(Asian). The rest are nearly all European, with a trivial NAM population. Helsinki just about glows in the dark. The other feature of the list is the dominance of cities down under. Australia and New Zealand have tiny NAM populations, trivial in demographic terms. The people who cooked up this list seem to think that’s a critical metric for a city.

One of the more hilarious bits is how each city is described in Wikipedia. Even though most are whiter than a Klan rally, they list “diversity” at the top of their list of attributes. Yep, they have every type of white person the world offers. Throw a few Chinese guys in and that’s the sort of diversity the diversity crowd likes to see. I have a friend who is a moonbat living in Arlington Mass. That’s a typical whites-only town in Mass. Very liberal and very white. The guy told me with a straight face they moved there because of the diversity. He seems to think the three Indian PhD candidates in the rented house makes the town into 1930’s Casablanca. Even pointing it out to him, he refuses to accept it.

MSNBC’s Decline

Kathy Shaidle has this up on her blog. I’m not a Rush Limbaugh listener so I’ll take his word for the decision to stop using MSNBC clips. I don’t know what sort of ratings Limbaugh is pulling these days, but I doubt his audience has much of an overlap with the nutters who watch racists like Chris Mathews glorify the Klu Klux Klan every night. I’ve tried to watch some of their offerings just for laughs, but it is so over the top absurd I switch off after a few minutes. If I were trying to mock moonnbat culture I’d create skits like Hardball and characters like the mentally disturbed lesbian.  I suspect a fair bit of their audience is made up of people looking for clips to post on right-wing sites.

Anyway, the ratings collapse is something. The public appears to be growing weary of the lunatics. This happened at the end of the last round of crazy in the late 1970’s. Even hod carriers in the press corp were openly mocking Jimmy Carter by the end of his term. Anecdotal evidence suggests ObamaCare and the stagnant economy are wearing down public support for the crazies. The health insurance madness is probably the biggest factor. Everyone seems to be talking about how they are getting screwed now.  Throwing people off their insurance and jacking up the rates even higher than in the past is a good way to piss off even diehard Obama voters.

These liberal spasms seems to have a defined end. By the end of the 1970’s, the public had put up with riots, war and stagflation at the hands of ridiculous posers and filthy teenagers. The staggering incompetence of Jimmy Carter was the finishing touch on that liberal spasm. Maybe the looming disaster of ObamaCare is souring the public, maybe it is just fatigue with a stagnant economy. It is probably a combination of things, but this spasm is running out of steam and it is showing up in the rating of the Moonbat News Service.

Hod Carriers For Obumbles

The hilarity of Bush’s fiercest critics now dusting off his arguments to justify another pointless war in the Middle East just never stops. The NYTimes site fell over the other day, most likely due to its own incompetence, but they are blaming Syria. No kidding. They are blaming a country without toilets

In an interview, Mr. Frons said the attack was carried out by a group known as “the Syrian Electronic Army, or someone trying very hard to be them.” The group attacked the company’s domain name registrar, Melbourne IT. The Web site first went down after 3 p.m.; once service was restored, the hackers quickly disrupted the site again. Shortly after 6 p.m., Mr. Frons said that “we believe that we are on the road to fixing the problem.”

The Syrian Electronic Army is a group of hackers who support President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Matt Johansen, head of the Threat Research Center at White Hat Security, posted on Twitter that he was directed to a Syrian Web domain when he tried to view The Times’s Web site.

I’m so tired of hearing about sites being hacked. The reason they get hacked is incompetence. A properly designed and managed site like a news site should never get hacked. In most cases, they site is not even hacked. The hosting service is what goes down and that’s seldom a real hack. Usually it is either a stupid IT dork leaving a door open or an old fashioned hardware failure. Hackers who know their stuff are not wasting their time with a collection of tools like the American media.

Anyway, it is hilarious that the Left is now embracing its inner chicken hawk.

Gasp! Women and Men May Be Different!

As I get older I’m surprised by how much is forgotten.  One’s memory is supposed to fade as you age, but society’s memory is not supposed to fade. Yet, it seems like we are getting dumber. The crush of information that comes at us probably has something to do with it. Our brains simply can’t hold everything that comes at us. Still, it seems like someone would remember that everyone knew Bobby Riggs threw the match against the lesbian tennis player when it happened. I was just a tyke at the time and I recall the adults laughing at the thing. I’ve gone my whole life assuming the whole thing was a setup. The mafia angle is probably new.

The funny thing to me is the strange persistence of the feminist lunacy about the differences between the sexes. Biology is not a social construct, yet the idea persists. We have a mountain of evidence now from the military and it is clear that women can’t do the same things physically as men. It turns out that 10,000 years of observation was indeed correct. That’s why there is one set of standards for women and another for men. It is also why we will never see women in combat units. They simply cannot do what is required. Yet, saying it in polite company gets you sent out of the room if you’re lucky. Most likely you get an earful from some screeching harpy.

The magical thinking does not stop at physical skills. Since 1901, women have made up four percent of the Nobel laureates in Medicine, two percent in Chemistry, and only one percent in Physics. The number of men with an IQ of 145 is seven times that of women. At the highest levels,  the ratio is 30:1. On average, men are clearly better at mathematics and dominate the higher IQ groups. Men are also over represented in the low end of IQ, which makes sense evolutionarily. Human society needed a smart fraction, but also a strong violent fraction. Someone needs to be in charge, but someone has to be willing to carry out the orders. Women, in contrast, have to be good at bearing and raising children, which requires neither high math skills nor great physical courage.

Despite the mountain of evidence and 10,000 years of observation, put “women not good at math” and you get back pages and pages of links to stories claiming the facts are to be ignored. Hilariously, the counter to decades of test score will be a paper in Psychology Today. That’s like asking the local palm reader to prove gravity is just a state of mind. But, there is too much invested in feminism to let facts get in the way so here we are, revisiting a story from forty years ago.