The Next Big Scandal

A story that has largely been forgotten, is the investigation into what happened with the intelligence services at the end of the Obama administration, into the start of the Trump administration. Trump has stopped tweeting about it and he never gets asked about by the media. Some elements of the Left are trying to keep the Russian collusion hoax alive, in order to push impeachment, but no one mentions the FBI scandal. What should be an important story is largely ignored by the liberal media for obvious reasons.

Despite the radio silence, the investigation appears to be continuing. A new witness has turned up, delaying the Horowitz report on the FISA abuse. The Inspector General lacks subpoena power, so people outside the DOJ don’t have to speak with him. For some unknown reason, this person has now agreed to answer questions. Since this person was in the State Department at the time of the FISA abuse, the assumption is she knows something about the foreign assets the FBI was using to get warrants.

Out of the blue, the Washington Post put out a big story claiming Joseph Mifsud was a Russian intelligence asset. The absurdity of the claim is less important than the timing, as no one was talking about this issue. For some reason, people in the FBI thought they needed to plant this nonsense in the press. The assumption is that he is cooperating with the new prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Barr. While little is known about his investigation, he has impaneled a grand jury and is subpoenaing witnesses.

That’s been the missing piece of this political puzzle for a long time. When Jeff Sessions recused himself, it allowed Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller to build a firewall around the FBI spying case. The only person looking into it was the inspector general, and he lacks subpoena power. That was the whole point of the Mueller investigation. His job was to bottle all of this up and run out the clock. When Trump fired Sessions and brought in Barr, the game was up. Mueller was sidelined and Rosenstein resigned.

At this point, the broad contours of the case are known. Elements within the DOJ and FBI setup an espionage operation on the Trump campaign. They used stories they planted in the media and friendly foreign assets to fabricate a case they presented to the FISA court in order to get warrants on Trump people. This allowed them to spy on the Trump campaign and presumably share the intelligence with the Clinton campaign, through FusionGPS, the political dirty tricks shop.

What is unknown at this stage is who authorized the operation. James Comey was head of the FBI, but he appears to be a patsy, as he is too dumb and timid to have pulled off this caper. It is entirely possible that this scheme was hatched by senior level people in the DOJ and FBI through their social network. At some point, someone in the administration was made aware of it. The text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page make clear that the FBI was riddled with left-wing fanatics.

There’s also the question of just how wide ranging was this conspiracy. The list of names directly implicated is over two dozen. There are another two dozen that seem to have had some connection to the caper. The connection with the Clinton campaign has been largely ignored, but it is entirely possible that the missing e-mails from Clinton’s illegal server are involved. Then there are the foreign intelligence assets that have been implicated. There are at least three foreign governments named thus far.

The biggest unknown is what exactly is happening with the investigation. Barr brought in what amounts to a special prosecutor. He has a hand-picked staff and is working on just the FBI stuff and anything related to it. That means he is looking into the handling the Clinton e-mail case as well as the FBI spy ring. Barr is also known to have a deep dislike for the Clinton people, so it seem unlikely he is preparing to broom the whole thing or drag it out until Trump leaves office.

Lost in all of this is the fact that the people involved in these conspiracy seem to really bad at their jobs. If you are a senior person in the FBI, relying on signal intelligence to track suspected enemies of the state, you should know better than to use simple text messaging to coordinate your conspiracy. Even when they knew their shenanigans were going to be revealed and they needed a cover story, they continue to use text and e-mail on government phones to coordinate their conspiracy.

Of course, everything about this case is political. If Barr moves to indict some of the people involved, they may be willing to cut deals to avoid prison. Because no one knows the full story, no one can be sure who will be ratted out by these people. This is a case that could quickly go from being about rogue FBI agents to a story about the overall corruption in Washington. With the 2020 election coming up, this case could be the ultimate political weapon for Team Trump.

On the other hand, this could turn out to be the issue that rips the Democrat party to shreds over the next year. Joe Biden is the front runner, despite his recent problems, due to his association with Obama. How long before a rival asks him what did he know and when did he know it? Then you have Harris, who is connected to the Clinton political machine. This story could easily become a party scandal that unleashes all the old hatreds between the various tribes in the coalition.

The next year could be a lot of fun.

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The Jewish Dilemma

Like the fog, talk of nationalism is slowly starting to roll in on the intellectual and pseudo-intellectual conversations of the West. One reason for this is the rise of populist movements in Europe and America, responding to the importation of non-Western people into Western nations. Another reason for the rise in nationalism is the sense that the ruling classes of the West are no longer Western. To the typical occidental, the elites seem foreign and oriental in the language and dispositions.

The emerging debate about nationalism among the intellectual and pseudo-intellectual classes is therefore reactionary. Across the board, the debate is being picked up by people so unfamiliar with the topic, they struggle with the basics of the concept. This column by Dennis Prager in the American Zionist broadsheet The Daily Wire is a good example of the fumbling you see when these people take up the issue. He treats the word like it is on loan from a foreign race of men or possibly space aliens.

Nationalism presents a particularity difficult problem for the Jewish ruling elite, which is another thing you see in the Prager piece. The word “nationalism” is derived from the word “nation” and that comes to us from the Old French word nacion, which means birth, rank, descendants, relatives, country, homeland. The French, of course, inherited the meaning from the Latin word for “birth, origin, breed, kind, species, race of people, tribe.” The word nationalism means loyalty to a people, your people.

If the word nationalism means what it actually means, then it presents an obvious dilemma for diaspora Jews in the Occident. If Jewishness is what the religion says, then Jews are their own race of people. Jewish nationalism would therefore be to the Jewish people and the state of Israel. One cannot be equally loyal to two nations or two of anything, for that matter. Inevitably, you will have to pick between the two, thus establishing one as the primary loyalty and the other secondary.

This is the age old issue with Jews in the diaspora. For the longest time, they were accused of dual loyalty, but in reality they were accused of having no loyalty. Like so much about this topic, the facts have been corrupted to obscure the truth. In reality, the accusation was that the primary loyalty of Jews was to their people and the apparent loyalty to their host population was out of convenience and necessity. The core of Western antisemitism in the West is the claim that Jews are not us.

Jewish intellectuals have always understood this, so after the Second World War, they pounced on the opportunity to anathematize the concept of nationalism. The claim was that nationalism was the cause of the great industrial wars that reduced the West to rubble and gave rise to fascism. Therefore, to avoid a repeat of those horrors, nationalism must be stamped out. In fairness, this was not solely a Jewish project, as there were plenty of gentile communists who embraced the idea.

Still, the primary beneficiaries of anti-nationalism were Jews. In America, this allowed Jews to enter the ruling class and by extension the global ruling elite. The global power of the American Empire, now including the international financial network, gave diaspora Jews unprecedented power. Jews are now wildly over-represented in all of the positions of power and influence. While this is a popular talking point for anti-Semites, it has also been a point of pride for Jews themselves.

We see why Zionist like Denis Prager are terrified by the sudden reappearance nationalism in the West. If the people of the Occident regain their love of self, then Jews are on the horns of a dilemma. They can either assume their traditional role as guests in their host counties or they can join their neighbors in these host countries and place loyalty to their neighbors over loyalty to their ancient tribe. Judaism becomes just a remnant of who they used to be, in the same way Catholicism is for the Irish.

The third option, one you see in the Prager piece and in the Ben Shapiro book is to muddy the waters on the whole issue. For example, Prager defines good nationalism as that which is good for him, while bad nationalism is when it is bad for him. Ben Shapiro, on the other hand, tries to redefine 2,000 years of Western history to make Jews the loyal partners of Christendom. The absurd concept of Judeo-Christianity is just an effort to rewrite the past to insert his ancestors into your family tree.

Then there is the problem of Israel, which is an ethno-state, despite the humorous efforts to prove otherwise. Jews see the physical land as theirs because according to the central tenant of their faith, God gave it to them. Their loyalty to the land of Israel is an expression of their loyalty to the people of Israel, wherever they may reside. In this regard, Judaism is the most pure expression of nationalism, as it literally transcends time and physical boundaries. Israel is the symbol of that blood loyalty.

You really cannot square that reality with objections to the French demanding their country be for the French people, as defined by the French people. If what it means to be a Jew is defined by Jews, which is literally true, then what is the moral or factual objections to Germans defining what it means to be German? There is none, of course, which is why Israel has always been a problem for diaspora Jews. You can’t be a Zionist, while preaching multiculturalism and open borders.

The usual suspects assume this contradiction will inevitably lead to the age old conflict, but that is not necessarily true. Much of the history of antisemitism is apocryphal, used by Jews to gaslight themselves into remaining loyal to the tribe. In fact, Jewish identity in America is largely a negative one now as a result. To be authentically Jewish is to believe that your gentile neighbors will one day pull their khaki outfits from the back of the closet and get the trains running on time again.

The alternative is for diaspora Jews in America to come to terms with the fact they have a different history from the rest of the Tribe. They represent a fork in God’s project, creating a new tribe of Israel. This new tribe places its primary loyalty with the host country, because it cannot exist otherwise. Since Israel, as it is currently constructed, cannot exist without a powerful America as its powerful ally, American Jews serve Israel and the Jewish people as loyal allies of their fellow Americans.

It is possible that Zionist Jews hold such a conception of themselves. Whether they keep this to themselves because they distrust their gentile neighbors or they don’t trust themselves, not speaking to it is a problem only they can solve. If even Zionist Jews remain locked into an old identity, then the only way forward is to slough off that old identity and accept present reality. Regardless, the dilemma of resurgent nationalism in the West is a Jewish dilemma, not an occidental one.

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Post-National Patriotism

Like most Americans, I am putting down my burdens to enjoy the long Independence Day weekend. The holiday falling on a Thursday, means most everyone is using vacation time for Friday, so it is essentially a four day weekend. All of my clients are on skeleton crews if they are open at all. Technically the Federal government is open on Friday, but good luck doing business with them, The Imperial Capital will be full of tourists and terrorists from Antifa, so it is a no-go zone this weekend.

In theory, this is supposed to be the day where all of us take a moment to remember how lucky we are to be Americans. There will be fireworks shows all over the country, along with patriotic displays, parades and so on. The sportsball teams performing this weekend will be kitted out in special patriotic gear and the parks will have longer than usual patriotic displays. Of course, that means lots of lectures on civic nationalism from the usual suspects. Like everything we do, it will be overdone and commercial.

There used to be a time when I enjoyed the flag waving. There was something magical to be at a public event, like a ball game, seeing everyone singing the national anthem or seeing men get a little choked up at a remembrance for fallen heroes. Patriotism is one of those things that makes you feel small and humble, but also part of something that is massive and timeless. It is an appeal to the oldest of instincts, perhaps that which makes us human. That is the willingness to sacrifice for the tribe.

That is the key to it, sacrifice. To be patriotic is to willingly, even if in truth it is involuntary, give over yourself to the whole, for the benefit of the whole. The heroes, in the patriotic sense, are those who sacrificed in times of great crisis. Of course, the ultimate heroes are those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The most revered place in the psyche of a people is where they bury their heroes. It’s not just where they honor the memory of their heroes, built where they go to remember who they are as a people.

This sacrificial element is biological of course. The biologist J. B. S. Haldane reportedly said, “I would gladly give up my life for two brothers or eight cousins.”  What he meant is the willingness to sacrifice for others is driven by genetic proximity. A man is willing to sacrifice everything for his immediate family. He is increasingly less willing to sacrifice for his extended family. As the genetic distance increases, his willingness to sacrifice declines to a point at which he is unwilling to sacrifice at all.

This is something the ancient Greeks observed about men at war. When fighting with their backs to their own lands and their own people, men would fight heroically. When on foreign soil, out of range of their families, they were much more cautious. Haldane, in The Inequality of Man, notes that fanaticism is one of man’s great inventions, as it overcomes this biological reality. Those men fighting on foreign lands, will see their comrades as brothers, through the shared fanatical devotion to a cause.

This, of course, is why our modern rulers are relentlessly whipping us, or at least their dedicated followers, into a frenzy over cultural fads. In the West, people are strangers to one another, often in their communities. The natural bonds from biological proximity, the shared ancestors and cultural heritage, are no longer possible when your neighbors are men from faraway lands, speaking exotic languages. The normal mortar that binds a people has been eroded by multiculturalism, replaced with endless shrieking.

The Left has always been at war with man’s nature. This is the legacy of Rousseau, perhaps history’s greatest monster. From the radicalism of the Jacobins to the multiculturalists of today, the Left has always been particularly hostile to man’s natural affinity for those with whom he shares a common ancestor. Patriotism, especially in modern America, is a reminder that the ties that bind one man to another are not the words of an ideologue, but the mating decisions of their ancestors.

Of course, the Right has stepped into to make the job easier for the Left, by turning patriotism into a cheesy celebration of the ruling class. Whether it is support for pointless wars of choice or the obsequious worship of post-national corporations, patriotism from so-called conservatives is now ridiculous flag waving. They take care to decorate their celebrations with all of the trappings of multiculturalism. The lack of authenticity makes the whole thing a grotesque mockery of the past.

For dissidents, patriotism is increasingly impossible. On the one hand, there is the absurd version that celebrates multiculturalism and the end of the nation state. On the hand there is the synthetic version that papers over reality with nostalgia. Patriotism is no longer the roar of people in their prime, but instead it is the sad songs from old men, who keep alive memories of an age that has passed. In a post-national world, there can be no room for nationalism. There can be no post-national patriotism.

That does not mean it should be forgotten or ignored. For the dissident, the patriotic displays are a good reminder of what they have taken from us, but also a reminder of why we are dissidents. There may be no more nation states, but that bond of biological proximity is eternal. It is a fundamental part of our nature. The fight is not to restore the world to where it was, but to restore the world to its natural mooring. Identity politics is about building communities based in biology, not the rantings of fanatics.

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The Reality Of AI

Every day, we are told the artificial intelligence is not a science fiction fantasy, but a reality of modern life. Crimes are solved using AI and the military is supposedly using it to fight the forever wars. Microsoft regularly runs ads explaining that thanks to AI, the modern world will run just fine without white people. IBM goes further, claiming their artificial intelligence robots are already running large swaths of the world. The robot revolution is here and humans are being replaced with machines.

The target audience for these ads is a question, as the people watching television are not the people deciding whether to use IBM or Microsoft for the artificial intelligence requirements. It’s an example of how the custodial state has evolved. These ads are not about moving product or even improving the image of the firms. It is about conditioning people to the idea that they are wards of the state. Not only will they have no role in how their world is managed, they should not even bother thinking about it.

Of course, there is the matter of the AI itself. Everyone reading this post has had the experience of seeing ads on every web page, for things they bought six months ago from an on-line retailer. Maybe you just did a search and clicked on one of the ad links on Google. The result is every page that contains ads will display the product to you until you make the same mistake with a different product. Billions have been invested in smart advertising on-line yet the robots remain vexed by your search habits.

Then we have the companies supposedly at the forefront of artificial intelligence, like Microsoft and IBM. Anyone who has done business with Microsoft will tell you it is every bit as nonsensical as the government. Their “partner portals” appear to have been designed by people who hate Microsoft and their vendors. Then you have IBM, which is no longer an American company. It is now reliant on slave labor from the Orient. Most of its workforce is now un-American. It’s mostly a sweatshop now.

That brings us to the people these tech giants rely upon to write their code and engineer their products. Talk to people familiar with the code base of Facebook, Twitter and the big software-as-a-service providers and you learn it is a house of cards. Most of the code was thrown together in a rush using cheap labor from the Orient. As a result, the maintenance costs continue to rise, necessitating more outsourcing to places with even cheaper labor costs. We’re not far from having African coding shops.

That assumes this can go on forever. The Boeing 737 Max airplane that is riddled with so many problems may be a glimpse of the future. According to the news, they outsourced the coding for the planes “intelligence” to programming sweatshops on the Indian subcontinent. India is a land that struggles to manage basic sanitation, yet they are relied upon to produce complex software for complex systems. Perhaps someone should have told IBM’s Watson about what goes on in the Ganges.

The reality of artificial intelligence is that it is not here and it is not coming. One reason is we really don’t understand human intelligence. We have some sense of it, as in person X is smarter than person Y. We have some tests that give us an insight into individual and group intelligence, but those tests are imperfect. In fact, the so-called Flynn Effect may be the result of the flaws in testing. We may be picking up increases in things that are not a great influence on general intelligence.

When it comes to the biology of intelligence, science has identified about 50 alleles that negatively or positively affect intelligence. Think of them like the old dip-switches from the early days of computing. Some will positively impact IQ if closed, while having no impact if open. Others will negatively impact IQ if closed. Steven Hsu is involved in a project that one days hopes to be able to help parents select embryos for the highest chance of maximum intelligence, based on these correlations.

The fact is though, we really don’t understand human intelligence or human decision making very well. Therefore, creating artificial versions of something we don’t understand is unlikely. What we are calling AI today is just the result of technological progress in more mundane areas like disk capacity and bandwidth. We have an over capacity for data storage and all the bandwidth we need to connect it. That allows for faster processing of the same old boring tasks we have been performing for years.

There’s something else that works against the robot revolution. The smart fraction of the human race is getting dumber, not smarter. This is increasingly obvious to those who follow politics and current events. You can just look around your daily life and see that the basics of society are grinding to a halt in the West. Ed Dutton’s book, At Our Wits’ End, goes into examples and explanations for why we are getting dumber. Smart people in the West have fewer children and over time the results are manifest.

Of course, those Western populations have been the smart fraction of humanity for about 500 years now. The Chinese are certainly smart and there are a lot of them, but they have other characteristic that make them a poor substitute. They had 1000 years to take up the role of being the world’s smart fraction. Instead they created an insular society and put their smart people at work on astrology, calligraphy and turning the body parts of exotic animals into aphrodisiacs. They will not be the new smart fraction.

Then we have the swelling populations of the dumb fraction. Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing a population boom, which promises to flood the West. When people from Congo, the most backward place on earth, are turning up on the American southern border, it is fair to assume the West will be overrun by Africans. How many 85-IQ Africans does it take to sink the West? Detroit and Baltimore suggest a population that exceeds 25% is about the point where everything turns negative.

The reality of AI is it is mostly an advertising campaign at this point. What it is selling is the legacy idea of the custodial state. It’s a bit of the distraction so you don’t notice what is happening in your communities, workplace and even your family. It’s a campaign for staying the course and building out the multicultural custodial state that will solve the problems of diversity. The suicidal polices of the ruling class will be solved by machines that do not exist and probably will never exist, because we are ruled by fools.

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Coalitions In Mass Democracy

Not so long ago, both political parties in the West had a strong hold on their members and controlled access to their ballots. If you wanted to be a Democrat, a Tory or a Christian Democrat, it required you to be a member of those parties. You had to be in good standing with party leaders. There was plenty of internal party politics, as that’s the point of party politics, but the parties themselves had firm borders. If you wanted to be in the party, it meant adhering to party rules and supporting the party.

Look around today and that’s no longer true. In the United States, both parties are devolving into loose affiliations of power centers. The Republicans have no control over the message, as members regularly contradict one another in public and they can barely perform the basics as a party. The Democrats are close to flying apart as the various tribes within the party put loyalty to the tribe ahead of the party. They may nominate for president someone who is technically not in the party.

In Europe, it is a bit different, as the parliamentary system allows for parties to break apart, forming new parties. Still, in Britain, Labor looks like a cult of personality around Jeremy Corbyn. The Tories are cracking into one camp of yesterday men clinging to ideas from the last century and a new camp around British independence. Then you have the party of Nigel Farage. No one really cares what his party is called or what sort of platform they are putting forth, as it exists as long as he exists.

Farage is a great example of what is happening all over the West. Politics in mass democracy inevitably devolves into coalitions around personalities, rather than factions based in group interests. The parties exist as vehicles for individuals, a legacy item from the era of factional politics. The system that is supposed to be the polar opposite of authoritarianism, ends up being a competition between little Napoleons, competing with one another in the mock warfare of politics.

One reason for this is that group interests are longer term, as they are generational, while individual interests are shorter term. Democracy rewards the here and now on an individual level, so an organizational model that is willing to sacrifice the now for later is always going to be at a disadvantage. It does not take long for someone within that organization to see the opportunity and promise to win now, thus elevating his status within the organization and eventually dominating it.

This was the case in Athens, where political parties never got going. Lacking a long republican period or a slow transition from monarchy, the Greeks went right to the full democracy phase. Granted, they did not allow women to vote, as the Greeks were smart, but they otherwise had a true democracy. Instead of parties, they had coalitions around an influential person. His followers would describe themselves as being with this person or that person, indicating the person leading a particular faction.

We see this happening in America, where both parties are unable to do much of anything when in power. The old-timers like Joe Biden lament the lack of cooperation between the parties, but what he is describing is the dysfunction within the parties. It’s no longer possible for either party to push through policy on party lines. On the GOP side, there’s always a jerk like Rand Paul to bugger up the works. On the Democrat side, the hard Left is always ready to subvert their own leadership.

Dissidents get mad at Trump for not doing what he promised, but a lot of his problems stem from the fact he keeps playing old party politics. He remains convinced that he has to get the Republicans behind his initiatives, through the game of horse trading among the factions. The same problem exists in the Democrat House, where Pelosi struggles to get anything done with a caucus made up of people that hate one another. Both parties are led by old people playing a game no longer relevant to this age.

In Europe, this decay of factional interest into cults of personality has an opportunity to flourish because of the parliamentary system. No one even cares what Macron’s party is called or that it even exists. In Germany, the old folks desperately clinging to power are simply Merkelists. In Britain, things are becoming more explicit as we have the Farage party, the Corbyn party and soon the Boris party, assuming he can avoid beating his girlfriend long enough to win the leadership race.

How this plays out in America is hard to figure, as forming new political parties has been made so difficult by the two main parties. There’s also the fact that America is continent sized country with lots of diversity. In fact, America is already a majority-minority country, when you take into consideration the diversity that exists within the white population. Then there is the fact that the ruling class is cramped into the tiny city on the Potomac, which is walled off from the rest of the country economically and culturally.

Of course, this leads us to the Roman example, where the Republic was dominated by a handful of powerful men. This rivalry eventually led to one of those men conquering his rivals and the republic. The Europeans may be headed to a non-violent version of the Crisis of the Third Century, a form of war-lordism, while America is headed to some form of non-violent Caesarism. Historical analogies are never perfect, of course, but the comparison is useful for seeing down the road for what comes next in the West.

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Suicidal Stupidity

Since the early days of the alt-right, there has been a debate among dissidents about the utility of street protests. Prior to the Charlottesville debacle, most people, including the alt-lite types, were sure it was necessary for right-wing groups to “show the colors” on the street, even if it meant confrontation with the goon squads of the Left. Many, of course, were excited by the opportunity to mix it up with groups like Antifa. The truth is, a lot of guys were attracted to the alt-right because they wanted the action.

After the Charlottesville disaster, opinion swung the other way. Richard Spencer soldiered on with his college speaking gigs, but each one was more embarrassing than the next, as the Left turned them into a violent circus that was blamed on the alt-right and anyone within distance of them. The authorities and the media openly sided with Antifa, so these events became recruiting videos for them. It was black clad street fighters versus cartoon Nazis, with the black bloc always winning.

Despite the obvious futility of these types of things, there remains a faction that insists this sort of stuff is useful. A group calling itself Patriot Prayer holds street events in Portland Oregon, where they are pummeled by well-organized Antifa gangs, supported by the police and the mayor. This past weekend, they had a rally where a small number of them got the hell beat out of them by hundreds of Antifa. An old man was beaten with crowbars and an Asian homosexual was doused with some sort of chemical.

Of course, the internet was full of right-wingers, mostly the goofy civic nationalist types, demanding sympathy for what happened. It was the usual stuff, accusing the Left of being the real fascist enemies of freedom. It is just another form of the hand-wringing we would see from the Buckley crowd after they lost another fight with the Left. It is an effort to turn failure into noble suffering. As someone one Gab put it, it is just failure theater that makes the Left look good and the Right look like losers.

Frankly, there should be zero sympathy for the people getting beaten at these events, as they deserve the beating. If someone walks into a biker club and starts challenging the bikers on their home turf, no one would be shocked if the bikers beat the crap out of the idiot. In fact, most people would assume the guy had it coming. The same applies to these stupid street protests like the one in Portland. These people are begging to be assaulted on camera by Antifa, so they get what they deserve.

More important, they are functioning as the willing stooges of Antifa. Without some right-wing goofballs there would be no reason for the riot. If they did riot, they would be blamed for it and the media would be forced to report the truth, at least some of the truth, about the people involved. With the rental clowns from the Right, the whole show can go on according to the script. It becomes one long recruiting video for Antifa, which ends up looking like the place to go if you are young and angry.

This is an extension of a larger fight among dissidents, between the old white nationalist types and the younger, smarter activists and thinkers, who have entered the space over the last decade. The old school types like the street brawls for personal reasons, but they insist their old tactics are the only tactics. These are the people who insist on being public, self-doxing and adopting taboo iconography. These are the guys who say, “if you’re are going to be called a Nazi, you may as well be one.”

The last part, of course, is just surrendering to the Left. Once you allow the Left to define the terms, they control the language. Once they control the language, they control the public morality and you have lost. Oddly, this is the same basic mistake the Buckley types have been making for generations. The result is that the old white nationalists were never more than the organ grinder’s monkey for the Left. When lefty needed some cartoon Nazis, he would whistle and these guys would perform.

The idiocy of this stuff should be obvious, but it persists for a reason. Despite generations of failure, young men are attracted to these tactics because they offer some adventure and excitement. Even while getting humiliated by Antifa, there is a sense of fraternity that has a timeless appeal. Of course, it helps that the Left has evolved to encourage this behavior, as it furthers their interests. They have become adept at conjuring this sort of street theater and turning it into propaganda.

That said, it is exactly why charging into a left-wing stronghold in order to be pummeled into submission is suicidal stupidity. On the one hand it plays right into the familiar narrative the Left has used for generations to control white people. This is their game and they play it well. On the other hand, it suggest that dissidents are no better than the Antifa street thugs. Fair or foul, people judge you by the company you keep and those pictures of street brawls are what normal white people see on television.

Activism of any sort is about encouraging your side and discouraging the other side. If your efforts encourage the other side, they are always bad for your side. Making the enemy stronger is never good. On the other hand, activism that makes your side stronger, outside the sight of the enemy is the best, as it leaves them unprepared. By definition, the sorts of street theater we saw in Portland should be avoided. In fact, it should be assumed they are staged by the Left to serve the ends of their activism.

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The Eternal Scold

A popular game with the old Buckley conservatives was to figure out how to blame the actions of the Left on socialism or a quest for power. Whenever the Left found some reason to attack some aspect of white culture, the National Review types would work their fingers raw trying to explain why it was either due to socialism or a quest for political power by those dastardly democrats. Sometimes, they would combine the two, so that the quest for power was to impose socialism on us.

Some elements of the dissident right have inherited this tendency to reduce all left-wing activity to simple, individual motivations. The Left does something similar, but they prefer supernatural and mystical explanations. In fact, that is probably a useful way of describing the political divide. One side relies on magic to explain the world, while the other side relies on some form of self-interest. In both cases, the preferred answer strips the humanity from the actors and reduces them to robots or pawns.

The truth is, human society has a lot of complexity, because we have a wide range of human types. For example, the scold is a feature of all white societies, regardless of political and economic makeup. These are people who take pleasure in lecturing the rest of us about our failings. Sometimes they often find a home on the Left these days, because the Left defines the civic religion of the West. In a prior age, they would have been defending order and tradition, as part of the religious community.

These people are not motivated by greed or a lust for power. Their scolding of the population may result in elevated status or a comfortable lifestyle, but that is not what motivates them to scold the rest of us. Al Gore made a lot of money off the climate change rackets, but that’s not why he does it. He was plenty rich before he got the green fever after the 2000 election. What gets him up in the morning is the need to be Gaia’s prophet, an Ezekiel warning the rest of us about the end times.

A recent example of this is the decision, by some scolds on the San Francisco board of supervisors, to ban e-cigarettes. According to the news accounts, they will ban the sale of these devises and ban the shipment of them into the city. Strangely, people will still be allowed to possess them and use them in public. Perhaps the scheme is to ban the public use of them next and then criminalize the possession of them. That’s the way they attacked the sale and use of tobacco forty years ago.

Now, the anti-smoking crusades were allegedly about public health. Smoking is not only unhealthful to the smoker, it has a societal cost. Lung cancer is a terrible way to die and an expensive one as well. Public health is often cast in emotional terms, trying to save lives, but as policy matter, it is about saving money. Either way, the cover story for the taxes on tobacco and limits on smoking was about public health. We wanted to end smoking and therefore improve the health of the people.

Of course, that was never true. It was convenient that smoking was bad for your health, but the real motivation was the need to boss people around. The scold has to have someone they can bully. The reason is just an excuse. That’s what you see with these crusades against electronic cigarettes. There is no data suggesting they are unhealthful like cigarettes. Nicotine is not the issue with tobacco use. It is the other chemicals and the particulate matter from burning tobacco. That’s not an issue with e-cigarettes.

The funny thing about this is these electronic cigarettes are probably the best tool for quitting conventional tobacco use. They allow the user to wean themselves from the psychological habit as they wean themselves from the chemical addiction. There is some evidence suggesting the addictive power of cigarettes is not the nicotine, but the drug cocktail used to prepare the tobacco, in combination with nicotine. Therefore, this delivery system is a better way to get off the drug than other methods.

None of that matters to the crusaders. It never mattered to them when they were howling about smoking at ballparks or out of doors. What motivates these people is the need to lecture the public about morality. The scold always assumes pleasure is an indication of sin. Those hipster goofballs vaping in the coffee shop, therefore, must be doing something wrong. That’s the bat signal for the local scolds to rally and demand the activist be stopped, else the community will be at risk.

That’s the other thing about scolds. They always justify their activity by claiming they are sacrificing for the good of the community. In this case, they are looking out for the children, as if toddlers are growing beards and taking up vaping. In reality, it is just the same old people, the eternal scold, getting a rush from making other people stop doing something they enjoy. It’s not about money and it is not about power. For these scolds and busybodies, the reward is in being the scold. It’s who they are.

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Letter To Z Man

Catching up on some correspondence this week. I think these types of shows are going to be a regular feature going forward. They are fun to do, as I get to talk about some topics I would probably not address otherwise. I’ve also gotten a good response, so people seem to like the format. The Ask Me Anything events Reddit does always get big numbers, so the concept must have broad appeal. I know I enjoy reading through those things whenever it is someone I follow or find interesting.

It’s also a good way for me to clean up the inbox. I read everything, but responding in a timely fashion has been a problem. I’m a busy guy these days. Then there is the P. O. Box, which gets a fair number of letters. I’ve learned something on that score. Reading an actual letter is much more enjoyable than reading e-mail. There is something to the tactile experience of opening the letter and reading from paper. It’s like the difference between reading an eBook and reading an actual book.

I also suspect the medium changes how the person doing the writing experiences the exchange as well. Dashing off a quick e-mail and hitting send is almost a mindless exercise most of the time. Typing up a letter, or especially writing one by hand, takes thought and care. It’s slower and more deliberative. It reminds me of when I’ve written formal letters in my business life. I write it out by hand, then type it up and have someone read it. Only when it is right does it get sent.

Reading through a stack of letters, I can’t help but think we would be better off going back to that mode of communication in our personal lives. Today, the physical mail is for impersonal stuff like letters from the government. Our dealings with our corporate overlords are another reason for physical mail. With our friends and family, we rely on texts or social media posting. It seems like we have this backward. The corporate overlord should be hitting us up on-line and our family should get the letters.

If you care about your community and want to support those working hard on your behalf, consider supporting my work by donating the price of a beer or a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Five bucks a month is not a lot to ask. Unlike those mega-corporations, I will not use your money to destroy your family and community. Or, you can send money to me at: Z Media LLC P.O. Box 432 Cockeysville, MD 21030-0432. I now have a PayPal setup for those who prefer that method to donate. Thank you for your support!

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The Gaslights Are Lit

The Democrats kicked off their year long process to select a party nominee for the 2020 presidential election and it felt like 2016 all over again. Instead of watching the debate, which would have been a horrible way to spend an evening, I scanned Twitter for reactions to get a feel for how enthusiasts were reacting in real time. This was something I did in the 2016 during the Republican debates. It turned out to be a much better gauge for how people were reacting than what was coming from the media.

Three things were fairly obvious, based on Twitter. One is the Democrat media was instructed to sell the hell out of Warren, which they tried hard to do, but Warren gave them little to work with after she read her prepared lines. What they are going to learn is what people in Massachusetts know about her. Like all pols, she can read from a script and seem quite good. On her own, she reveals herself to be quite dull. Her serious egghead presentation is just an act. She is a pseudo-intellectual poseur.

Another thing that was made obvious to enthusiasts is that Beto O’Rourke is just a slacker who has been getting by on his looks. The media likes him because he has the RFK routine down cold. He knows how to charm left-wing Baby Boomers. The trouble is, once you get past the horse teeth and hairstyle, you’re left with a guy who probably spends his free time reading comic books. He is in politics because it requires the least amount of effort for the best possible lifestyle. Otherwise, he is a bum.

The third thing that was obvious reading left-wing twitter is they could not stop noticing Tulsi Gabbard. The Democrat media was programmed to ignore her, so they will ignore her, but the lower ranking members, who don’t get to see the memos from the party, were noticing their hell out of Gabbard. She was the only candidate who said anything of substance picked up by the enthusiasts. The rest were judged on style. Gabbard was noticed because she made valid points about foreign policy.

Just as with the Republican Party, much of the Democratic base is largely ignored by the party. From this side of the political spectrum, it is hard to pick up on this problem, as white liberals do seem to obsess over trannies and foreigners. The truth is, the eventual winner of this primary will have to appeal to white middle and upper middle class voters. It’s why Creepy Joe Biden is the leader, despite being dead. His working-class Joe routine appeals to a very large segment of the Democratic base.

Forgotten in all the celebration of degeneracy is the large isolationism vote inside that white voting bloc. It is a peculiar form of isolationism, as it tarts itself up as sophisticated and realistic, but in reality it is people who would prefer it if America disengaged from the rest of the world and focused only on domestic issues. Gabbard, with her well thought out anti-war positions, is probably tapping into that vote. She may be the only candidate in the field that is explicitly anti-war and dovish.

She’s also skeptical of Israel, which is another factor that never gets discussed, but has always been under the surface on the Left. There was a time, not so long ago, when anti-Zionism was a popular stance on the Left. The party leaders may have been co-opted by the Israeli lobby, as has happened with the GOP, but that skepticism of Israel and support for the local Arabs remains in the rank and file. Gabbard makes no bones about being open minded with regards to our unconditional support for Israel.

Now, after these debates, it is a tradition for Matt Drudge to run a poll on his site. These polls are not scientific, of course, as if there is such a thing. The main flaw in these polls is you can vote a million times if you are that bored. They could filter out repeats based on IP address, but even so, there is no way to know if the people voting are Americans eligible to vote. Still, they say something about the enthusiasm for the candidates or lack of enthusiasm in the case of some. Gabbard won the poll going away.

Like 2016, where Trump would win these polls hands down, the party media is reporting an entirely different response. The Nation apparently wrote their reaction pieces in advance. Similarly, the Daily Kos followed party instructions and celebrated the sleepy night for Warren as a great triumph. The New York Times and the Washington Post are all aboard the Fake Indian Express as well. Everyone got the memo and they are busy trying to gaslight the Progressive voters into thinking Warren is the one.

Most likely, the media will just ignore Gabbard for now. They will no doubt have been told to celebrate Creepy Uncle Joe as the winner of the second debate. In case he sexually assaults one of the women on stage, they probably have been told to have some material on Harris ready. They have some sidebar pieces ready to tell the faithful that the homosexual is a rising star in the party. The point is to make sure Sanders gets no positive press from the debate. This time, he gets taken out early.

What we are seeing is something that does not get noticed on our side. That is, the Left is almost as angry about their politicians as normal people. Our side gets mad because the Republicans keep chasing the votes of people who hate them. Something similar happens on the Left. The old fashioned pro-working class types have no representation in the party. The foreign policy doves have no one addressing their issues. Those aging white ethnics, who supported Sanders last time, have no voice either.

If 2016 was the year Conservative Inc. finally cracked, 2020 could be the year Progressive Inc. has its crisis. Like the Republicans, the Democrats are a party that really only represents the foreign money that bankrolls its operations. They no longer speak for actual voters. Someone like Gabbard, who stands out from the crowd by nature, can tap into the resentment within the ranks, by simply mentioning the many taboos issues ignored by the rest of the field. She could be the Happa Trump.

For now, as we saw in 2016, the media will do what it can to gaslight the voters, by selling the cold turd sandwich that is Biden and Warren, while carefully ignoring anyone that the party fears. If the result of these preliminary rounds is rising support for Gabbard, we will see if the Progressive Industrial Complex really did learn from the 2016 debacle. The gaslights will be on full for the rest of the summer, as they use all the tools to get the result the oligarchs want from this election.

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The High Cost Of Low Trust

Legend has it, that when the Persians were conquering Asia Minor, the great king Cyrus was warned that the Greeks were dangerous adversaries. He supposedly laughed this off as the Greeks, in his mind, were a people who lied to one another. A people who could not tell truth from fiction could not possibly stand up to the Persians. What he was referring to was the Greek market place, where commerce was conducted between buyers and sellers haggling over price. This was an alien concept to the Persians.

Like most anecdotes handed down to us, especially those from the long ago past, this is probably apocryphal. Herodotus, the main source of information about the Persians, was as much a story teller as a historian. Even so, we know the Persians considered lying and owing a debt to be the worst sins. Lying could get a person executed, if the person being told the lie was of high status. It was not that lying to a person of high status was particularly wrong. It was that the high status person had the power to punish the liar.

Naturally, the Persians would have looked at the Greek culture as deeply immoral, as it was based on dishonesty. After all, persuasion is a form of lying and democracy is about persuading people, not arriving at the truth. The marketplace is where buyers and sellers seek advantage over one another. The seller exaggerates the quality of his goods and the buyer tries to play sellers off one another to get a bargain. Not only is there no advantage to truth telling, there can be great rewards for skillful dishonesty.

Whether or not Cyrus said what is claimed is unimportant. It is an important insight into a fundamental flaw of both democracy and the marketplace. Public debate is not a search for truth, but a search for a way to convince a majority of the public. Similarly, the market is not a search for the true value of a good or service. It is the search for the bigger share of a financial transaction. Inevitably such systems reward the people who are good at gaining the trust of their fellow citizens in order to deceive them.

This truth about the marketplace, be it the political market or the market for goods and services, is not an argument against it. Any form of human organization is going to involve trade-offs. Further, men are not angels, so all social systems will be susceptible to corruption. Knowing this about democracy, for example, is why the Founders tried to construct a system that would restrain democracy. Similarly, the economic reforms a century ago were intended to put limits on the marketplace.

In the present age, this institutional dishonesty is most obvious in politics, where the parties are now completely dominated by sociopaths. A system that is supposedly built on respect for the public will is now run by people who hold the people in contempt. They take pleasure in lying to their most important voters. It’s not just the Right, the Left does the same thing, only with more skill. Elizabeth Warren will run as an opponent of big business, but in office she will be entirely beholden to global corporate interests.

What compounds this problem in democracy is the people are conditioned to think it is normal and healthy to be ruled by sociopaths. Politics becomes the inverse of what people expect in their daily lives. Among your friends and acquaintances, you expect a high degree of trust and honestly. In politics, you have been trained to demand the most extreme forms of lying. If a politician makes the mistake of uttering the truth, he is hooted off the stage. Democracy makes the people an enemy of themselves.

Something similar happens in the marketplace. It used to be that the cost and profit of an item was reflected in the price. When costs went up, the price went up. If the seller was a bit greedy, the price would reflect it. Today, when costs go up, the seller quietly shrinks the product. The greed of the seller results in larger packages that disguise the shrinking product inside. It used to be a pint was a pound the world around, but now it is closer to thirteen ounces, but it depends up the seller and time of day.

As with democracy, the real crime with these deceptive practices in the marketplace is it normalizes dishonestly. Whenever the topic of “shrinkflation” comes up, people have been trained to laugh at the person questioning it. “That’s just clever marketing” we are told, as if it is naive and childlike to question systemic fraud. The result is the virtues of the marketplace get turned on their head. Instead of competition producing the best product, competition produces the most accomplished liars.

None of this is an argument against self-government or commerce. It’s that free markets and self-government are not ends in themselves, but a means to an end. The point of human organization is the spiritual and material prosperity of the people. The form of government and the economic arrangements are about the welfare of the people, not some theoretical ideal. If defending democracy means defending rule by sociopath, maybe democracy, at least the extreme form, is not a great idea.

Similarly, if free markets result in the people being terrorized by global technology giants, maybe a little less economic freedom, in order to reign in these companies, is a good trade-off. After all, the point of economic order is not to achieve private tyranny in defense of a theory. The point of economic order is to benefit the people, collectively and individually. If it requires government regulation to have prices on goods and services that indicate the real value of the items, that’s not a terrible trade-off.

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