August Grab Bag

There are times when even the most cynical among us gets a little black pilled by what’s happening in the world. This week has been one of those times. The left-wing war on white people has gone from an indirect attack on whites, often using euphemisms, to an all-out, open call to get whitey. We now have a congressman demanding white people be registered in a government database. You can be sure someone will arrive at the idea of having us microchipped like we do with our dogs and cats.

We are in the middle of a White Fright. The same kooks, who were flooding the internet with claims of Russian election interference, are now sowing panic over a grand white conspiracy to do no one knows what. They are now competing with one another for who can conjure the most bizarre conspiracy theory. The similarities between now and the mood of France in the summer of 1789 are obvious. The Great Fear was a panic that gripped the peasantry, while the White Fright is gripping our rulers.

The depressing part of it is seeing the so-called conservatives grovel to these kooks and lunatics. Of course, Trump revealing to us once again that he has always been nothing more than a vainglorious bullshitter, who got lucky in 2016, only makes the mood much darker than it would be otherwise. If you are a white person, these are the worst of times, but life is struggle. Fair or foul, we are destined to live interesting lives and the government will be made aware of us. The Chinese scholars will get that.

The thing to keep in mind with all of this is the kooks are not working from a clever plot hatched by super-geniuses. The anti-whites are in a full panic because their handlers and leaders are in a full panic. They truly fear that they waited too long to slam the cage door shut and now it may be too late. The great vibrant future they imagined is not right around the corner. It is never going to happen. That’s what terrifies them. That’s why they are unleashing the rage heads and crackpots.

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The Reality of Life

In his July Diary over at VDare, John Derbyshire recounted an exchange he had with Mark Steyn about biological reality. Like most men his age, Steyn is incapable of thinking clearly about race and ethnicity. Instead he tries to jam reality into the blank slate fantasy, where culture makes the man. Steyn asked, “Why is Haiti Haiti and Barbados Barbados? Why is India India and Pakistan Pakistan? Skin color and biological determinism don’t get you very far on that.”

This is a popular form of arm flapping by right-wing Progressives. Whenever they are confronted with biological reality, they reel off a series of exceptions they think extremely clever. Somehow, they think their ignorance is some sort of magic spell that will make the bad men go away. If biology cannot explain everything to them to their satisfaction, then they will hang onto their magical thinking. It is a good example of how you cannot overcome superstition with facts and reason.

Now, as to the challenge, Derb correctly points out that biology is one ingredient that results in the societies we see. The biology of Barabbas is a lot closer to the biology of Haiti than it is to Iceland. Yet, Barbados seems to be closer to Iceland on the civilization scale than it is to Haiti. Of course, Barbados is not Iceland, not even close. Botswana is much nicer than Somalia, but that does not make Botswana a paradise. Maybe Steyn should first explain why Barbados is not Iceland.

It turns out though, that Steyn’s “gotcha” response is actually a very good example of the role biology plays in social organization. Haiti was a French colony and its current population is descended from the slave population used by the French. Barbados, in contrast, was a British colony. About ten percent of its population is white and its black population is descended from both slaves and free men. Further, Barbados never sank into anarchy, so its population has been stable for generations.

How big a difference does that white population make in Barbados? If we assume the whites are fairly typical of the sorts of people willing to colonize the New World, they are probably a bit smarter than the average European. That means they will make up the bulk of the island’s smart fraction. Haiti, in contrast, will have no smart fraction, as even the talented ten percent fled a long time ago. Barbados may not have the smart fraction of Iceland, but it has one, while Haiti does not have one.

Of course, Barbados will have a talented ten percent, as well. While the bulk of the black population is descended from slaves, a lot of blacks came to the island as freemen during the age of sail. Just as with North America, the British were a much softer touch on their colonies than the French and Spanish. That history has resulted in a much better black population than in Haiti. It’s talented ten percent, plus the white population, is capable of maintaining a civil society.

That may strike some as a small difference to hang an argument, but in biology, small difference can have very large downstream consequences. As Derb pointed out, Albania has an average IQ in the low 80’s while Ghana is in the 60’s. That does not seem like a big difference, but it means Albania has about 4% of the population that qualifies as a smart fraction, while Ghana has none. That 4% has a huge impact on the outcome of Albania. Small differences mean a lot in biology.

That does not explain all of the differences between the two places. As Derb points out in his piece, history and geography play a role. Chance plays a role as well. Haiti has not been helped by its geography. That massive earthquake would have been tough for any of the island populations to endure. It’s also regularly raked by tropical storms and hurricanes. Outside interference from America has not always been in the best interest of the Haitian people. Haiti is a very unlucky place.

Still, there is a reason no African nation has created a modern society or been able to maintain one that was handed to them. Somalia has all of the things modern libertarians celebrate, but it is a violent hell hole. Liberia adopted the US constitution, but Liberia is nothing like America. Detroit has a much better history than Salt Lake City, but it has much worse biology. Perhaps Steyn thinks Detroit’s problems are due to weather, but most likely he knows the real reason. He just hates it.

That really is the issue with the science deniers. It’s not so much that they don’t accept biological reality or even that they lack the numeracy to grasp it. They just hate facing the reality of the human condition. It should be noted that the science deniers tend to live as far from human diversity as possible. Steyn, for example, lives in a whites-only part of northern New Hampshire. Celebrating diversity from a great distance is the hallmark of the science deniers and egalitarians.

Putting aside the revealed preferences of the deniers, they cling to their superstitions because to do otherwise means accepting some harsh truths. One of which is that the only way to maintain Western civilization is to maintain the European people. That means playing very rough with the rest of the world’s people. It turns out that we have not advanced beyond our nature. Life for us is the same struggle for survival it has always been. The winner has to play for keeps.

As a practical matter, that means the Europeans will have to deport their non-European populations. Not all of them, but most. Telling a few million Muslims they have to go back is not something our betters care to face. Similarly, it means sinking enough migrant boats in the Mediterranean to discourage the practice. Europe’s leaders lack the stomach to defend their people, so instead they have embraced magical realism as a coping strategy. It’s an effort to gracefully lose the struggle for life.

Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. Biological reality is no exception. The history of man has been a struggle between people. History, geography and some good fortune made Europeans the dominant people on the globe, because they were willing and able to out-compete their rivals. That’s reality. If Europeans are unwilling to compete, then they will be overrun by their rivals. That too is reality, a realty that will not go away even if the deniers stop believing it.

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Why They Hate Us

It is conventional wisdom on certain parts of the Right that the anti-white animus we see on the Left is nothing but a practical solution to a political problem. For years, Steve Sailer has been pitching the idea that the Left has to keep its non-white auxiliaries focused on the evil white man. Otherwise they will notice they don’t like one another all that much and begin squabbling. The implication is the Left is not really anti-white. They just work that double-game for practical political consideration.

Another way to frame it is the Cold Civil War that John Derbyshire described twenty years ago. This imagines the political battle field as the good whites, the old Yankee coalition, versus the bad whites, the old Confederate coalition. The good whites use anti-bad-white language to recruit non-white auxiliaries. At the same time, the bad whites rely on subtle calls to racial solidarity to bring in whites from outside the Old South, including disaffected whites in good white areas.

The implication of this view is that the anti-white rhetoric is just a pose. The good whites are not really anti-white, as they themselves are white. As Joe Sobran observed decades ago, “In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.” This observed preference for their own kind not only undermined their moral claims, it motivated them to keep a firm hand on those non-white auxiliaries, which would make their coalition unwieldy and ineffective over time.

This way of imagining the Left is comforting, as it suggests they will come to their senses at some point and pull back from their suicidal leap into multiculturalism. It also means it is possible to appeal to their humanity and decency. This has been the path so-called conservatives have chosen since they lost the Civil Rights debate. Instead of confronting the Left, they have functioned as the conscience of the Left, but also as a loyal assistant, shielding the Left from a real opposition willing to fight.

What is becoming clear today is the rhetoric from the Left is not just a clever way to organize their coalition. It is not just esoteric language in the cold civil war. The Left really does hate white people. This is plain when you watch their candidates react to news events. They sound like ambitious pols in the African National Congress, trying to establish themselves as the cutting edge. Their favorite chant these days is to claim America is haunted by white supremacist going back to the founding.

This anti-white hysteria has its roots in the revising of American history after the Second World War. The America ruling elite stood not just as the rulers of America but the rulers of the free world. America was a global empire with a global elite. That required a new narrative and mythology to explain and justify this new reality. That new narrative was the second founding theory, which argued the Civil War was the second founding, finishing what was started in the original founding of the country.

As is usually the case, we can understand this by examining the obsequiousness of the co-called conservatives. This post on the ironically named American Conservative is a good example. Note the repetition of the idea of America’s original sin, which of course is slavery. The implication is that the original founding was flawed, as it maintain slavery, at that sin is with us to this day. Just as man’s struggle with original sin is what animates life on earth, the sin of slavery is what animates American history.

In this framing, the promise of America was the Declaration, but the result was the constitution adopted in Philadelphia. The starting point of “all men are created equal” gave way to the three-fifths compromise and the maintenance of slavery. You see, that is the original sin. The promise of the founding was subverted by those wicked slave holders in the South. This not only justifies a blood libel against those bad whites, it justifies endless self-loathing for the good whites, who went along with it.

The person to blame for turning an ancient rivalry between English cultures into an endless brother-war is the historian Harry Jaffa. His retelling of the Civil War is considered the starting point for the idea of the second founding. He is largely responsible for turning Lincoln into the American Moses. Eric Foner is another historian who promotes the notion that the Civil War was a second founding, or a completion of the first founding. Foner has a book conveniently titled The Second Founding due out this fall.

Now, this second founding that completed the first founding, re-centering the nation on the Declaration, rather than the Constitution, was not the end. After Reconstruction, blacks were not fully incorporated into society. Women did not have full legal rights. Jews, of course, were still excluded from the elite. Whites were still allowed to control their own lands. The story from the second founding to now is the process of rectifying those things and achieving the ideal of the Declaration.

In other words, we have slowly and steadily moved from a place where ending slavery in a bloody civil war fixed the defects of the first founding, to a place where making the rhetorical flourishes of the Declaration the religion of the land. The founding cannot be complete until all men are equal, which means as long as whites are seen as doing better than non-whites, the task remains unfinished. The conclusion of our rulers is that the second founding can only be completed when there are no more white people.

That’s how we got to this place where anti-white proselytizing is becoming something of a religion for the ruling class. It’s why bigots like Max Boot and Cathy Young are compelled to lecture white people on their failings. You’ll note these types never write columns about how Jews need to relax or consider their privilege. One does not have to be an anti-Semite to wonder why two Russian-born Jews feel the need to lecture American white people about their alleged moral failings.

Contra the anti-Semites, this is not part of some global plot. People like Max Boot and Cathy Young are not terribly bright, but they are ambitious. They stake out these positions because it helps them gain entry to the elite of their field. Boot, despite being wrong about everything for decades, has a perch at the Washington Post. Sarah Jeung landed a prized spot on the New York Times editorial board, based solely on her emotional rants against white people on Twitter. Today, hating white people is the key to success.

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Technological Despotism

In the 1990’s, it was popular for conservatives to excuse their impotence by throwing around the line, “In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve”, which they attributed to Tocqueville. So-called conservatives like Newt Gingrich were supposed to be idea men, brimming with technocratic solutions to every problem, while Clinton was a windy degenerate from a bygone era. The fact that the voters sided with Clinton over conservatives reflected poorly on the people.

The quote, of course, was not from Tocqueville. It was actually Joseph de Maistre, who coined that phrase. It was oddly symbolic of the state of conservatism. They had turned their back on everything that defined Western conservatism by that point, so forgetting seminal figures in the intellectual tradition of the Right was appropriate. In retrospect, the fact that the so-called conservatives did not understand the word “people” in the context of the quote was the most poignant error.

Putting that aside, the quote itself is a nice shorthand for the actual truth that lies behind those words. The people get the ruling elite they can produce and that ruling elite will then create a government that reflects its nature. The condition of the people is reflected in the morality of its ruling class. At the same time, the ruling class is responsible for the people. Its duty is to advance their interests. In this way, the pivot point of a people is its ruling class. It is what they make of it.

The founding generation of America were men of civic virtue. The saw the willingness to put the interests of the community ahead of private interests, as the threshold item for a leader. As a result, they rejected the monarchical system of government they inherited from England and created a republic. The constitutional system they created was based on the assumption that, in general, the sort of men who would rise to prominence were men who prized civic virtue. The Constitution reflected this.

That turned out to be the fatal flaw of the constitutional order created in Philadelphia two centuries ago. While the system of checks and balances worked to prevent the ambitious and unscrupulous from gaining politician power, it was not built for the ruling elite that would evolve in the 19th century. When the North conquered the country, America became a nascent empire. It still reflected the founding order, but its elite was now changing to reflect the changing nature of America.

The ruling elite the evolved after the Civil War and into the Industrial Revolution did not place civic virtue at the top of its moral order. Instead, it was the desire for and the love of honor that motivated the ruling classes. They quickly reorganized the government to reflect this reality. Rank and status were now the coin of the realm. Whether it was dominating some area of the economy or conquering foreign lands, the path to attaining rank and status was though government and politcs.

You can see this in the type of men who occupied high office. Before the Civil War, the leadership of the country were men who either got rich before entering government, or they were born rich. This was the result of a natural ruling class that reflected the human capital of the people. After the war, there emerged men who made their names in government. Their path to high status was not as natural leaders of their community, but as shrewd operators in the political system.

The obvious example is Abraham Lincoln, who is treated as the Moses of the second founding by the previous ruling class. This was not a man who prized civic virtue or was a natural community leader. Instead, he craved status and power. He attained those through the skillful maneuvering through politics and then through the brutal use of force to create a political order that reflected this new ruling class. For those who wonder when America will have its Sulla, look no further than Lincoln.

Every phase of an elite runs its course and this one is no different. The ruling class that evolved after the Civil War through the Cold War was built for a different age. It was industrial and it was geared to a world of industrial competition. What kept it going long after its peak was the Cold War. The stand-off with communism not only locked the New Deal political order in place, it locked in place the status system of the ruling elite. That system, thirty years after the Cold War, is now giving way to something new.

The technological age, like the industrial age, is the accelerant for a long overdue transformation of the American ruling elite. This new class is no longer created and housed within the political class. It exists outside of it, within its own power centers inside and outside of government. The intelligence services, for example, are now an independent power center, beyond the reach of Congress. Silicon Valley and Wall Street are now more powerful than Washington.

This new ruling class has a unique motivation. The elite of the republic was defined by civic virtue. The elite of the empire was defined by status and rank. This new ruling elite will be defined by the fear it instills in the public. In the technological age, fear of the oligarchs will be the supreme public virtue. Fear will be ruthlessly and creatively inculcated by a ruling elite that is wholly disconnected from the people over whom it rules. This stage of America will be the age of technological despotism.

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Woke Justice

Usually, when people think of corruption, they imagine government officials taking bribes, selling access or self-dealing at the expense of the people. It is the politician doing favors for someone, who is secretly giving the politician money. It’s not that the act of taking cash for access, for example, is illegal. It is that this sort of self-dealing happens outside of public view. The constituents don’t know that their representative is taking bribes or cutting secret deals at their expense.

That’s why people take offense at this sort of corruption. It makes a mockery of the whole democratic process. The point of representative self-government is for the people to select representatives, who will speak for them. Those representatives then populate government with people, who have the duty to carry out government functions for the good of the people. If the representatives or bureaucrats are taking bribes and selling favors, it undermines the point of the democratic system.

This sort of corruption, regardless of scale, is petty corruption. The people doing it acknowledge the reason for the political order and they accept that their actions are in violation of that order. They know they are violating the trust placed in them by their fellow citizens. They are simply motivated by the same things that are always behind these sorts of personal failures. They either give in to temptation or they are of low character. Petty corruption is a part of the human condition.

There is another sort of corruption that is far worse. This is when the people in positions of authority no longer respect the spirit of the law. They see the law as nothing but an obstacle course, which they must navigate in order to get what they want. Whether it is the process or the limits, the law is just a puzzle they must defeat. This sort of corruption is a rejection of the spirit of the law and the process created to write and execute the laws. This is the corruption we see in the courts.

There can be no reading of court precedents that would lead this judge to rule that long guns are not protected by the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court has made that clear and legal scholars agree about the intent of the Second Amendment. This women does not care about the law or the spirit of the law. She is a political fanatic, who sees the law and the political system as obstacles. She stands in opposition to the political order, yet she is allowed to serve as a judge, rotting the system from the inside.

Throughout the system, we see judges make rulings that fly in the face of black letter law and prior precedents. It’s become such a common occurrence, it is just assumed that every consequential case will end up in the Supreme Court, as no one respects the rulings of lower courts. The Ninth Circuit, for example, has been a punchline for decades, because that court is stocked with fanatics and imbeciles, unable to perform their basic duties. All of its rulings are assumed to be flawed.

This situation with the federal courts has become particularly acute after Trump won the 2016 election. No matter what the administration does, a federal judge somewhere rules it is unconstitutional. The reasoning is often so bizarre, it suggests they are intentionally mocking the spirit of the law. These judges are trying to discredit the basis of the system that allows them to be judges. The court no longer respects the spirit of the laws or the political system that creates them

Most Americans, using the old definition of the term, still see the courts as the backstop for democracy. While the courts often make mistakes or give in to the fads of the day, the courts are still seen as the safety valve. It’s why legacy Americans still talk about rights and the rule of law. Despite what they see on their televisions every day, they still think the people on the bench respect the spirit of the constitutional system. That is no longer the case, as the courts are thoroughly and irredeemably corrupt.

Of course, the problem with the courts did not happen overnight. The new elite that coalesced in the middle of the last century lacked an historical attachment to the Anglo-Saxon form of jurisprudence. Instead, they either explicitly rejected that as bourgeois, and therefore illegitimate. Or, they came from a different legal tradition in which judges made and interpreted the law. Either way, the new elite that formed after the war was at odds with the spirit of the American legal and political system.

This corruption became clear in cases like Griswold v. Connecticut and more famously in Roe v. Wade. In both cases, the courts manufactured new law, based in nothing but the whims of the court, but also corrupted the very basis of the legal system. Ever since, the courts have been the most important branch of government. The political class now fights for the power to stock the courts with people, who promise to pervert the law in favor of their side at the expense of the other.

We have reached the point now where the judges no longer feel that have any need to respect the spirit of the laws and the system that created them. Every case that goes to the Supreme Court has four votes for or against it, regardless of the issue. The four Progressive fanatics are so predictable, it is just assumed they will rule in favor of their tribe’s wishes. The only question is which “conservative” judge will be selected to fink on his team and side with the orientalists on the bench.

Now we see that the lower courts are in full revolt. U.S. District Judge Josephine Staton, the one who ruled that long guns are not protected by the Second Amendment, no longer cares about the law. She is fully woke, by which is meant fully politicized. She has no respect for the law or the process that form and uphold the law. She and her fellows on the bench are in full spiritual revolt against the system that makes it possible for her to be a federal judge. She is the face of spiritual corruption.

Petty corruption, like a judge taking a bribe, is no threat to the system. A crooked judge can be exposed and his punishment can serve as a reinforcement of the spirit behind the system. Every system needs a rule breaker once in a while to test the resolve and be an example to everyone. The corruption we see today is a sign that the system has broken down completely. Our elites no longer have any respect for the spirit of the law or the intellectual traditions that are supposedly its foundation.

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Trust Nothing

The official story on the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election is that nothing happened and citizens should return to the economic duties. A few over-enthusiastic agents engaged in nothing more than office gossip. All is well. Like everything that comes from the rulers, this is all nonsense, but this is just how things are with a highly corrupt ruling class. The rulers don’t lie because they are hiding something. They lie because they take pleasure in humiliating the people.

There are plenty of theories about what went on, supported by leaked documents and clever people fitting puzzle pieces together. The website The Last Refuge has done a lot of work aggregating publicly available data. They are a bit conspiratorial and often fill in blanks with speculation, but they have a lot of good stuff. Doug Ross has put together an amazing list of news items related to the plot. Seeing all of the planted news stories in chronological format makes for interesting reading.

The sober minded analysis says that elements in the FBI and the DOJ took it upon themselves to help the Clinton campaign win the 2016 election. Some of them were motivated by greed. Some are obvious fanatics. Others are just mediocrities, who rose well above their abilities and were easy patsies. They planted stories in the press to then use to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. That information was then leaked to the media and to the Clinton campaign through cutouts.

The reckless nature of the operation has been explained as resulting from the belief by the participants that Clinton was a lock to win the election. Clinton would come in and reward these people with good jobs and the whole operation would be locked away in the vaults. When Trump won, the plotters were forced to go into damage control, which is why they cooked up the Russian collusion scheme. The special prosecutor would sequester the details of the plot from public view.

Additionally, the special prosecutor would build and trap to ensnare Trump and his people, which would then be used to impeach him or force him to resign. It’s clear that Senator Mark Warner and Senator Richard Burr were deeply involved in orchestrating this scheme. It’s why they went to war over Trump nominating a loyalist, John Ratcliffe, to the DNI position. Warner and Burr need one of their people in that job, so incriminating information is not declassified by Bill Barr.

That’s the unofficial version of the plot. It’s the sort of narrative that is fun to follow, but not a conspiracy theory that requires great leaps of faith. There’s not much in the way of assumed associations, which is the stock device of conspiracy theory. Person X is around Person Y, so it assumed they are connected. That connection is then used to connect a bunch of unrelated people and events. This narrative lacks that as there is plenty of documentation to tie all of these people together.

The trouble is, the supposed motivation to setting this whole thing off is based on a glaring contradiction. The conspirators supposedly did all of these things, because they just assumed Clinton would win in a landslide. Well, if they really thought that, why bother with the shenanigans? There’s also the fact that most of the people in this caper are incompetent office drones. On the FBI side, the participants are careerist nobodies, who rose up the ranks through rumpswabbery and time serving.

The Watergate break-in has been mythologized by the Left, but the caper itself is probably instructive when analyzing the FBI corruption. The people who actually broke into the Watergate thought they were pulling a campaign caper. The person who organized it, John Dean, appears to have been working a separate operation that he kept from the burglars. That’s the thesis of the book Silent Coup. Dean engineered the break in and cover up for reasons having nothing to do with politics.

Given the presence of oleaginous schemers like Rod Rosenstein in the middle of every aspect of this caper, the comparison to Dean is natural. When you factor in people like Clapper, Brennan and people in Congress, the natural question is what is their interest in this caper? It’s possible that these people are just natural schemers, the sorts that are always attracted to power. Royal courts have been hives of these people since the first human settlements. Maybe these people just like the action.

There being some unknown first mover in all of this would explain a few things. The clowns from the FBI should have been charged by now. The worst they could do is rat on some other flunkies in the political scene. Cutting a deal so they take the pinch like men would be easy. The same would be true of the FISA abuse stuff. There’s no obvious upside to concealing what everyone assumes to be true. This whole thing could have been wrapped up a long time ago, but it still lingers.

The same can be said for the impeachment stuff. The House Democrats are intent on holding impeachment hearings. Politically, they think it is a good idea, despite all the evidence to the contrary. That suggests they know something the rest of us don’t know or they think they do. One reason for the Mueller probe was to build an impeachment trap for Trump that Congress could spring on him. That seems to have failed, but what if there is something else going on here?

Supposedly, the IG will be releasing his reports over the next few months, so we should learn a bit more, even if it just a white wash. Often, what the official story excludes is what matters. Bill Barr has been promising to release documents to clear up the FBI sedition, so maybe that will fill in some blanks. Even so, this is a story that lacks a sensible origin point and believable narrative. There’s something missing. We’ll probably never know the full story, but the current version is surely false.

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The Diverse War Machine

In his book, At Our Wits’ End, Ed Dutton uses the space program as an example of how general intelligence has declined. It’s not a bulletproof example, but more of a way to think about how declining intelligence impacts a society. Fifty years ago, America had the collective ability to organize a massive project like the moon shot. Today, the country lacks the organizational ability to do a moon shot. That organizational ability is a function of the general intelligence of society.

Again, it is not the perfect example, but it is a good way to start thinking about how declining IQ manifests. Fifty years ago when the nation celebrated the moon landing, everyone, including the scientists involved, assumed it was the first step in exploring the solar system. The nation that conquered the world, was now going to conquer the solar system. Instead, fifty years on, America is a nation being invaded by primitive barbarians and struggling to keep the cities from collapsing.

Another way to think about the impact of both declining intelligence and the barbarian invasions is to think of the social structures of society as tools. Things like political systems and government institutions are the tools evolved by society to address its challenges. Those tools reflect the intelligence and cognitive complexity of the people who created them. It’s why things like liberal democracy are not easily exported to other countries that lack the craftsman to use these tools

Liberia, for example, can adopt the American constitution for themselves, but remain a backward African nation. The people who created the American constitution were smart and mostly of northern European heritage. The average IQ of the colonists was probably in the high 90’s. The average IQ of Liberia is in the 60’s. Expecting the Liberians to implement the tools of American political order is like expecting a child to operate a five-axis CNC machine. It can never happen.

In America, where the smart fraction gets smaller and the average IQ declines, the process will be different. These tools exist. They were created and made functional by our ancestors. As we run short of people capable of operating these tools, they will either be abandoned on stripped down, so they can be operated by a population no longer able to run a complex society. The Democratic presidential field is a good example of what happens when human capital is in decline.

One area to watch is the war machine that was created to be run mostly by smart white guys with a sense of adventure. Automation and technology has replaced a lot of human brainpower in the military. The sophisticated computer systems on ships, planes and weapons makes it possible for mediocre people to operate them. No one needs to calibrate machine guns on fighter planes or learn trigonometry in order to serve in an artillery unit. Computers do the heavy thinking today.

Even so, the war machine needs the organizational intelligence to make the whole thing function. It also needs a significant number of young men willing to risk their life to achieve military objectives. Navy Seals are often portrayed as unsophisticated risk takers, but they are the smart fraction of the military. The point of the spear is a combination of intelligence, risk taking and creativity that reflects the general intelligence of the military and the society that produces it.

This story about the problems in the elite services is a sign of things to come. It’s not just that the number of men available to serve in these units is in decline. It is the decline in organizational intelligence that is needed to maintain these units. These units require a leadership stack above them with the skill and ability to keep these types of soldiers on edge, but under control. In the multicultural America, the vibrant and diverse military will not have the human capital to fill these roles.

The military is not about to collapse, but like the space program, it is less capable, because of declining human capital. The phenomenon of Navy ships smashing into things is another example of what happens when the skill of the craftsman falls below that required of his tools. As the leadership becomes more vibrant and diverse, the ability of the war machine to function as it was designed will decline. Eventually, the decline in organizational competence will result in a catastrophe.

The response to this will also be what we see with the space program. The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was probably the last big foreign adventure for the Empire. The reason the usual suspects have not been able to start a war with Iran is the growing awareness that the military is not capable of waging it. America can launch a bunch of missiles and conduct air strikes, but an actual war with Iran would most likely be the Varian Disaster of the American Empire.

As we see all over America, the decline in general intelligence will result in a decline in military capability. The services will become increasingly vibrant. The leadership will reflect the new Americans that are pouring over the borders. The combination of the barbarian invasions and the decline in native intelligence will slowly reduce the military to an expensive tool no one can operate fully. It will become nothing more than a very expensive jobs program that no one dares put in the field.

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Letters To Z Man

Since this week is a show about answering questions, here are a few items I did not have time to address in the show. A few people have asked about Ann Coulter linking to a post the other day. They wanted to know how much traffic it generated. The answer is not very much. Twitter is not much a traffic generator, even with big accounts like Coulter, as people on that platform don’t follow links. It’s why I have not bothered to get back on the platform. It’s just another silo on the internet.

The number one source of traffic here is the search engine. I can see the URL that brings people to me and it is either a topic I cover or something with the phrase “Z Blog” in it. That I take to be word of mouth. Someone mentions to a friend that they read the site and that friend then googles the term. After that, it is sites like Maggie’s Farm, WRSA and the Woodpile. The Feral Irishman is another example of the type of site that moves a lot of people along to other sites.

A few people have asked about why their comments end up in moderation. This is something I’ve been meaning to explain for a while. The spam filter does a great job of blocking the obvious stuff. Questionable items end up in moderation. What makes a comment questionable? Epithets, vulgar language and too many links. If you avoid using crude language and don’t load up the comment with a million links, then it goes right through, so avoid bad language.

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The Debates

Watching the Democrats debate the last two nights, the unmistakable impression is that the people turning America into a land of strangers has not thought about how such a land can operate as a democracy. The debate field has just about one from every category among the ascendant. The only thing they are missing is a 65-IQ East African and a Muslim wearing a dynamite vest. Otherwise, the field looks like the brochure for multiculturalism the party likes to wave around.

The trouble is, the impression one gets while watching the parade of strange faces and bizarre identities is that these people are not capable of doing much of anything. The only thing they have going for them is their intersectional claim to have been oppressed by Joe Biden at some point. They spend all of their time talking about how they feel about various things and how they have been made to suffer by the man, but otherwise they have nothing to say about anything relevant to the job.

That’s been the theme so far. In round one, the angry black women, who used to sleep with Willie Brown, led the charge against Joe Biden. Creepy Uncle Joe was a racist because 80 years ago when he started running for office, he held normal opinions about stuff like most everyone at the time. Everyone else then spent their time explaining how they have never had normal thoughts about anything. It was a two-episode explanation on why none of those people are like you.

Round two was much the same, except this time a Jewish mystic showed up selling incense and dream catchers, while warning of dark forces. Marianne Williamson stole the show on night one, by sounding like that woman at the office, who likes to talk about your aura and her friend the psychic. According the on-line polls, she was the clear winner and she was the most searched name during the show. Looking at black twitter, it was clear she was their favorite, as well.

The second night was billed as Angry Black Women versus Creepy Uncle Joe, round two, but it was mostly just everyone feeling sorry for themselves. The women who slept with Willy Brown reminded everyone of those videos of black women going nuts in a fast food joint. The rest took turns trying to explain why Biden’s racism made them feel bad for some reason. The lone exception was Gabbard, who probably won the night by sounding like an adult, rather than a toddler.

Normally, at least back when the word “normal” did not get you fired from your job, watching the other side debate made a normal person a little angry. The other side would characterize your side and your issues in ways that seemed unfair. In the glorious future, watching “the other side” is like watching the movie Jackass. You’re made uncomfortable because you laugh at things that no adult should find funny. Last night was two hours of Ow My Balls! in real time.

The one exception has been Gabbard, but she is the poster child for why so many of us have thrown in the towel on America. She is a childless women of mysterious origins, running on the basis of her military service. Like the gay guy from Indiana, she likes reminding us that she is a veteran. Unlike the gay guy, she regularly claims to be a combat veteran. She has other positions, but the starting point of her career is that she was a soldier that served in Afghanistan.

At the risk of sounding impolite, no decent man wants to live in a society that sends its mothers and daughters into combat. If you want to understand why so many of us harbor dark thoughts about the people who rule over us, it’s right there. Tulsi Gabbard should be home raising her children, not running for president. No women should be serving in the military, outside of administrative and medical areas. There should never be a discussion about putting girls in combat – ever.

Of course, the point of these ridiculous shows they are calling political debates is to normalize the crap-fest heading our way. The future is not going to be a boot stamping a human face. The future is going to be a parade of formerly marginal people mewing about their troubles, while a mysterious brown women tells war stories. What we saw the last two nights is a society running on the capital built up over generations, by people no longer allowed to be in charge of their society.

The response from the civic nationalist types is that this freak show will backfire on the Democrats, giving Trump an easy victory. That not only misses the point, it assume a normal society should have someone like Trump in the presidency. Just as the normalcy of the Happa Warrior underscores the lunacy of the Democrat field, the relative normalcy of Trump underscores the degeneracy of the modern age. If Trump is the best we can do, then Kim Jong-un can’t nuke this place fast enough.

That brings us back to where we started. The billionaires and plutocrats behind this circus have to wonder what they have done. They may be without scruples, but they are not stupid. They have to see that no society can function with fruitcakes like Gay Spartacus in positions of authority. Maybe that’s why real authority is slowly being shifted from the political class to the emerging power centers like Silicon Valley. The over-class sees what we see and is acting accordingly.

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Biological Feudalism

The nature of all human society is that there is an elite that sits atop the society, providing both order and structure to the whole. Because the apple does not fall far from the tree, elites tend to be inherited. The sons and daughters of the ruling class make up the next generation’s ruling class. In Guatemala, for example, a small number of families have controlled the country since the 16th century. Despite what the science deniers will tell you, biology is a real thing and it matters.

In the West, this biological reality has been tempered by an understanding that men of merit can be found in the lower ranks. Cultural pathways evolved for these men to earn their way into the elite. Originally this meant warfare. A great warrior and leader of men could earn his way into the elite. Some of the great aristocratic names of England, for example, were founded by the sword in The Hundred Years War. Later, intellectual and economic prowess became pathways to high status.

Now, in the Middle Ages, as Europe settled into a patchwork of ethnic groups, those pathways were shutoff for people outside the dominant ethnicity. Most obviously, Jews were blocked from holding high offices or ruling over Christians. In the late Roman Empire and into the early Middle Ages, these prohibitions did not exist, so there were very powerful Jews in what is now Italy, Spain and France. They often played a major role in the succession of kings and the naming of bishops.

What came to be the norm in Eurasia is that the ruling elite was biologically of the people over whom it ruled. In the case of conquered people, their elites operated like vassals, reporting to the elite that ruled over them. This is the naturally occurring nationalism that Yoram Hazony promotes for his people. Jews rule over Jewish lands and Jewish people for the good of the Jewish people. Those minority populations that happen to be in the way must sublimate themselves to the interests of Israel.

This is not the model everywhere. In most of the Middle East, a small minority will rule over the rest. The Alawites rule over the much larger tribes in Syria. In Iraq under Saddam Hussein, his tribe, al-Begat, ruled over the rest. His tribe was also of the much smaller Sunni sect. In fact, the history of the Middle East, going back to the classic period, is the story of small groups gaining control over large areas of diverse people, who outnumber their new rulers by significant margins.

South America is another model where the naturally occurring nationalism of Eurasia does not prevail. Throughout South America, the ruling class is very European in appearance and custom. They sit atop a large mixed race population that is often tribal, regional and multilingual. Look at the political elite of these countries and they are very white. In contrast, look at their populations and they resemble what the American Left imagines for Ohio one day. It’s biological feudalism.

This organizational system is why America is being overrun with migrants. In order for biological feudalism to work, the people at the top have to be able to feed and control the population. It’s why revolution has been a feature of South American politics since they broke free from Europe. One faction within the elite takes advantage of the other, by rallying some portion of the swarthy masses that are unhappy. Revolution is really just a family spat over control of the country.

It’s why everyone agrees Venezuela is a problem. There, the coalition of the swarthy actually took over country. You’ll note that in a group photo of South American leaders, Maduro is easy to spot. Granted, there’s a lot of oil and gas to be sucked out of the country by North America firms, but the reason the rest of South America has never embraced the Venezuelan leaders is they represent a threat to the biological feudalism that is the norm in South America.

In order to make biological feudalism work, the people at the top have to be homogeneous and they have to be ruthless. Settling political disputes within a narrow elite works when that narrow elite is what amounts to an extended family. This was what European feudalism relied upon to maintain order. If parts of the elite have loyalties that transcend that of the ruling elite, then fracture is inevitable. People will ruthlessly defend their own from outsiders. It is human nature.

That’s why this model is unlikely to work in America. The ruling elite is too diverse to operate like an extended family. Even in the Imperial Capital, where everyone knows everyone, outside loyalties loom large. At Yoram Hazony’s conference, many of the attendees see America as a resource center for their tribe’s war in the Levant. These are not people who will sacrifice for the good of America or the American elite. Their relationships in Washington are purely transactional.

That’s what you see happening with the Democrat Party. They want to be a coalition that is white presenting at the top, with maybe some token color, and the new coalition of the ascendant at the bottom. The trouble is, they seem to lack the willpower and ruthlessness to do it. They just purged leadership staff because they are too white. The tribes of the coalition don’t know their place and the only way they can know their place is if the ruling elite puts them in their place.

Most likely, the sort of system we will see in the post-national, majority-minority America is one ruled by narrow power centers. Silicon Valley will control the public space, but work with Wall Street, which controls the economy. The intelligence services, with their monopoly of force, will be another power center. These power centers will be controlled by a small number of clans. The farce of modern democracy will simply become a ritual that is managed by these power centers to their own advantage.

Whether or not this is possible is debatable. The dirty secret of South America is their organizational model was just an evolution of the colonial model, supported by North America and Europe. Pull away the support of the home culture and the natives most likely would have eaten their elites a long time ago. The South American system transplanted to North America, without external support, may just quickly devolve into chaos, warlordism and then old fashioned authoritarianism.

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