Is Germany the Source of All Evil?

If you were tasked with coking up with the worst country in human history, it would be a challenge as the idea of countries is relatively new. That means the definition of country will have to be very general. It would include city-states and empires. It would probably have to include nations of people without clear boundaries. The Mongols left a big mark on the world and they did have an empire. The Roman empire had boundaries, but they changed considerably over time.

If you can accept that limitation, Germany is a good candidate for worst country in the history of man. Again, it requires conflating country with people. People often belong to more than one county.  Jews, for example, are everywhere. In some countries they run everything (Israeli, United States) and in others they have little influence. Germans are decedents of the Franks, as are most French and the people in the low countries, so by picking Germany, we are picking a subset of Germans.

Let’s keep it simple. If you were making a list of the world’s most horrible countries, Germany is a good choice. Think about what sent the civilized world into the Dark Ages. It was Germanic tribes sacking Rome. In 410 AD, Alaric I led the Visigoths into the Italian peninsula and sacked Rome. Granted, Rome was falling apart at the time and the capital of the empire had been moved from the city. Still, the Eternal City was extinguished by Germans and what followed was a thousand years of barbarism.

At the other end of the Medieval period we have the collapse of the one uplifting and unifying force in Europe. That was done by, you guessed it, Germans. The Protestant Reformation was driven by a crap-eating German lunatic. That led to the next great devastation of Europe. The Thirty Years War reduced much of Europe to rubble. Parts of central Europe were reduced to cannibalism. This was the end of Christianity as the organizing force in Europe.  Instead, nationalism became the religion of the elites and Christianity went into a long decline.

The growth of nationalism as the animating ideology of Europe led to wide-scale warfare on the Continent. Maybe it would have happened anyway, but nationalism gets the blame for the long period of warfare. Nationalism is blamed for the Great War that devastated Europe. It was started by, you guessed it, Germany! As Peter Hitchens notes in his great column on it in the Spectator, it permanently altered the landscape of civilization, leading to all that plagues us today.

To say that that the First World War was the greatest cataclysm in human history since the fall of the Roman Empire is to put it mildly. The war destroyed so many good things and killed so many good people that civilization has not recovered and probably never will. Long after it officially ended, it continued to cause millions of deaths and tragedies, most obviously during its encore performance of 1939-45. But it did not stop even then. Many of its worst consequences came during official periods of peace and are unknown or forgotten, or remain unconnected with it in the public mind.

The loss cannot be measured in cash because it was paid in the more elusive coin of faith, morals, trust, hope, and civility. The war is the reason why Europe is no longer a Christian continent, because too many churches supported it. Pointing to the poverty and scientific backwardness of the pre-1914 world is a false comparison. Who is to say that we could not have grown just as rich as we are now, and made just as many technological and medical advances, had we not slain the flower of Europe’s young men before they could win Nobel Prizes, or even beget and raise children?

The astonishing thing is that so many conservative, Christian, and patriotic people have yet to understand the damage this event did to their causes. It is at least partly because we can barely begin to imagine the world that we lost.

Stefan Zweig’s ambiguous description of a “Golden Age of Security” in his curious memoir of Austria-Hungarian twilight, The World of Yesterday, is one of the few attempts. But the civilization that Zweig portrays as stifling and repressed seemed to many who lived in it to be safe, calm, and free. His own mixed feelings, as he describes the woebegone departure of the Imperial Habsburgs from their domains, and the shocking sense of pain which beset him at the sight, are the truest thing in the book—a realization, far too late, of what has been lost forever and of what was now coming: unthinkable inflation, turning the modest life savings of the gentle into dust, along with the destruction of every known landmark and of all customs and manners, ending in the pit of tyranny, racial mass murder, and yet more war.

Of course, there’s no doubt why the war started.

Germany started the war because she wanted and hoped to gain enormous prizes through a swift victory, first over France and then over Russia. She encouraged Austria to be inflexible toward Serbia in the hope that this would happen, and the plan worked. It was not the first time that a country had carefully fostered a pretext for war, and it will certainly not be the last. Most readers in Britain and the U.S. will be able to think of recent examples.

There is a strong argument for saying that it was reasonable for Germany to want what she wanted, and that it was and is a great pity that no peaceful way could be found of reaching a sensible compromise over her legitimate demands.

There is an equally strong argument for wondering why the main critics of the Great War have been those of the anti-capitalist or socially liberal Left, while conservatives have tended to defend it, even to stand up for its dreadful generals and its unspeakable carnage, as some kind of necessity or patriotic duty.

The opposite should be the case. Those on the Left should defend it and rejoice over it. It was the fulfillment of their dreams. No single event has done more to advance the power of the state and of state socialism. Britain barely had a state before 1914. By 1918 it was one of the most tightly governed and bureaucratized patches of soil in the world. The Russian revolution would never have happened had there been no war in 1914. The great Christian and conservative empires of the world would probably all still exist. War also brought about the sexual, social, and cultural revolutions that are still convulsing what used to be Christendom.

The whole article is worth reading. He goes on to point out that it was Germany that financed Lenin and the Bolsheviks. The Germans, of course, gave us Marxism as well as Fascism. Those two account for 100 million deaths worldwide. They also gave us Critical Theory, otherwise known as Cultural Marxism. Who knows what the body count will be from that in the end. The EU is a German invention and is now run by Germans, which is allowing Europe to be overrun by barbarians.

The damage done by Germans is not limited to Europe. The United States, of course, has been greatly influenced by Germans. The largest ethnic group in the country are Germans and they turned the former British colonies from a classical liberal country into a social democracy. Well, many of the culprits spoke German. They all were greatly influenced by the Frankfurt School and fanatical anti-fascism, which has turned into anti-white bigotry.

In the worst country contest, I think my vote goes to the Germans.

My Advice: Tattoos

Here’s a tip for young people. If you are planning a life of crime, avoid getting face tattoos. It makes it easy for the cops to find you.

Richard Magnan sports many of them. The one on his forehead announcing “F— the World” may just emerge as the prosecution’s exhibit A in his upcoming trial. Perhaps the defense will enter the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox insignias on his face as evidence of a dangerous split-personality disorder.

A judge ordered the illustrated man held on $3 million bail on involuntary manslaughter charges on Wednesday. Chicago cops arrested Magnan on Monday for killing a friend over the holiday weekend. The rooter of the White Sox in the American and the Cardinals in the National–Is it a crime to hedge your bets and back a team in both leagues?–allegedly shot a fellow member of the 2-6 gang in the stomach in a Walgreens parking lot at the intersection of West 63rd Street and South Austin Avenue. The convicted felon, who now maintains it was a mistake (the shooting, not the righteous ink), fled the scene. There’s no word yet on how any potential witnesses described Magnan to the police.

Eyewitness accounts are often tough to support at trial. People make mistakes and forget things. Even public defenders can get an ID tossed in many cases. When the perp has a “Fuck the World” tattoo on his forehead, it’s hard to claim he was misidentified. It’s one thing to have the attitude, it is another to make it an easily recognizable image of your identity to the world. of course, criminals are not the smartest people in the world.

Our Progressive Future

Imagine it is the year 2050 and mobs of lunatics are pulling down the Washington Monument on the grounds that Washington was a racist slave holder. Earlier they had stormed the National Archive and burned the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. These were deemed to be unwelcome reminders of the nations patriarchal past and violation of the new America. All around the country mobs are destroying symbols of the evil past.

It sounds crazy, but erasing the past is a popular past time with the lunatics. The Soviets would airbrush people in and out of the the past whenever it suited them. The Nazis tried hard to recreate things like Christmas to fit the official Aryan narrative. The 18th century has been rewritten to read like a first draft of Roots. Currently, our lunatics are creating a mythological past where homosexuals were enslaved on lavender plantation in the South, thus making them vicitms.

America is becoming a different type of Iran. Their lunatics believe in flying carpets, invisible imams and sorcery. Our lunatics believe biology is a social construct, everyone can be above average and humanity can be saved through mass extinction. The point of comparison between various types of lunatics is their belief in utter nonsense and their willingness to kill for it. That’s why the Left is obsessed with a rapprochement with Iran. They see themselves in the eggplants.

The scenario above sounds crazy at the moment, but look at what lunatics will do if given the chance. These sites they are destroying are harmless to normal people. They are important historical sites that help define the people who live there. That’s what makes them so dangerous to the lunatic. Anything that contradicts the narrative, the prevailing orthodoxy, must be destroyed. If that sounds familiar, it should. Look at the list of people destroyed by PC fanatics in the last few years.

It was not so long ago when Arabs were proud of their cultural history. Western archaeologists and researchers were invited to these countries to dig around and find stuff, even Christian stuff. That was one generation ago, give or take. Most people reading this were alive when that was common. Here’s a picture of Afghan women at university in the 1970’s:

In the 70’s, a whole lot of Muslims looked at the lunatics and thought they would burn themselves out eventually. The more sophisticated Muslims understood the threat, but were sure they could deal with it. Others were convinced the people would never let the lunatics gain dominion over them. Everyone had a reason to think it would all work out in the end, even the lunatics. The difference is the lunatics had a plan and everyone else had wishful thinking.

It’s Always About Race With These Guys

If you pay attention, you cannot help but notice the blatantly racist attitudes of the black sports reporter. Some are worse than others, but all of them wear they’re resentments on their sleeve. Michael Wilbon is a notorious bigot. He must have been told to tone it down after the Rush Limbaugh imbroglio, but he is still pretty racist. Kevin Blackistone is a click short of being Louis Farrakhan. J. A. Adande is far from the worst, but his slip shows from time to time.

If I could get a meeting of my own with LeBron James, I’d ask him how he could even consider compromising his values and stepping down from the moral high ground he ascended to during the playoffs by weighing an offer from Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

LeBron produced the sharpest and most noteworthy criticism of Clippers owner Donald Sterling after TMZ made Sterling’s racially offensive diatribes public, saying “it’s unacceptable in our league.” No one has accused Gilbert of holding the same misguided racial perceptions as Sterling. With Gilbert, it’s about the personal attacks on LeBron’s character, and his diametrically opposed views on the business of the NBA.

For black sports reporters, the black icons are untouchable. Until his Thanksgiving meltdown, criticizing Tiger Woods was forbidden by black reporters. Saying Bird was better than Jordon was racist. Saying anything bad about LeeBong is treated like a cross burning. Conversely, saying bad things about Donald Sterling is required, because he is a racist. Similarly, the owner of the Cavaliers is the great Satan because he said bad things about Leebong.

Gilbert, for those who never bothered to read his unhinged response to The Decision in 2010 before the Cavaliers recently purged it from their website, called LeBron’s departure to the Miami Heat a “cowardly betrayal” and said LeBron was a bad example for the children of Cleveland. This wasn’t just a critique of the televised announcement; it was a tantrum about the very premise of free agency, as if anything other than a career-long commitment to the team that drafted a player constituted treason.

The little noted fact of the Leebong move to Miami was how blacks viewed it as an escape from bondage. Leebong moving from one team to another was the seminal moment in the game, when the black players finally took control of their league from the Jewish owners. That last part is another seldom discussed aspect of this story. Blacks harbor a deep resentment of Jews. That’s because Jews tend to be landlords and business owners in black communities.

A year later, Gilbert was among the group of owners holding to the hard line when the NBA locked out its players, willing to sacrifice games to institute a new collective bargaining agreement that limited player earnings and hampered the formation of superteams.

A return to the Cavaliers by James would be a tacit endorsement of all he rejected. It wouldn’t represent just a swallowing of his own pride — it would be a surrender in the battle for self-determination for NBA players.

We see it again. Gilbert is leading a conspiracy to keep the black man down.

There’s an undercurrent to this summer’s free-agency period that makes it more than just a reshuffling of rosters. The proceedings are a referendum on the labor conflict fought in 2011 and perhaps the grist for a new battle in the next round of negotiations.

I’ve interpreted reports that LeBron will take nothing less than a maximum contract as his way of rejecting the premise that it’s incumbent on players to make the financial sacrifices to win, as if the owners don’t also have the option of paying the luxury tax to assemble a championship team. To play for Gilbert would be to reward a man who wanted it this way. It would also mean leaving Heat owner Micky Arison, who made it clear on Twitter that he didn’t approve of the way collective bargaining negotiations were headed in 2011. (Arison also showed he had no love for Sterling, responding to a tweet criticizing Sterling in his mentions with an “lol.”)

Adande is a reasonably level headed reporter compared to most. Still, his column is dripping with racial hatred of the Jewish owners, merely because they will not let the black players do what they want without repercussions. Owners in all sports try to drive down the cost of labor. That’s what they do. In basketball, the black man’s game, that’s treated as the ultimate sign of disrespect. Of course, they pretend the owners are white, rather than Jewish, so the Jews in the media are fine with it.

That’s the great paradox of modern times. Whites in America would happily go along with a race blind society. In fact, most whites still think the goals is a color blind society, you know, like Martin Luther King wanted. In reality, non-whites will never stop hectoring whites about race. Here you have two groups, Jews and blacks, who owe everything to white people in America, but they can’t let the race issue go. It is what defines them, so it must always be about race, particularly the white race.

A Generation of Sociopaths

Humans are wired to distrust outsiders. In the very early days of man, about 50,000 years ago, humans lived in very small bands of territorial hunter-gathers. The reason for this is the species was hyper-violent and hyper-aggressive. In a world where every ape that looks like you could and would crush your skull with a rock at any minute, identifying friend and foe was vital. The easy solution was to stick together in relatively small kin groups. Trust your family and no one else.

The mechanisms for identifying friends evolved over time along with our complex relationships with one another. The mechanism for identifying foes was much simpler. If you are not a friend, it is assumed you are a foe. Evolution does not pick the best solution. It picks the simplest ones that work.

People who study these things tell us that altruism was one of the first modern human character traits to evolve. Trusting strangers is a big deal in human evolution. You cannot have much of a society without the capacity for trusting unrelated people. Males in particular have to have a way to trust unrelated males. Otherwise, you have to guard your women all the time. Figuring out how unrelated males can coexist was a big deal in human evolution. It made settlement possible. A bunch of dudes who are unrelated, but agree not to bang each other’s women, working in concert is a force multiplier.

Without getting too deep in the weeds on evolution stuff, the point is that civilization is about trust. That encompasses a lot more than just being able to leave your house without worrying about your old lady getting it on with the mailman. It is about willingly taking on obligations, even when the payoff is not obvious. It is about agreeing to settle disputes within a set of rules, administered by the rest of society. It is about preserving today for those who have yet to be born.

Anyway, what got me going on this is this post from Jim Geraghty. Most of it is nonsense, but there’s something of value lurking in it. That would be my great comment.

Well, the next generation is more transactional. This is something business and the military are struggling with as they hire, train and develop millenials. This generation puts lifestyle and personal goals ahead of all else. They are not interested in work that is uninteresting or routine. They need constant positive feedback either from superiors or through participation in a team.

The result is this generation has little emotional investment in work. They will walk away from a job if they don’t feel it is satisfying, even if that means leaving co-workers and friends in a difficult position. Anyone watching millenials take over a family business has seen them cut ties with long term employees and vendors on a whim.

How this will play out in society is seldom discussed. The military is spending a lot of time and money trying to get ahead of it. Retention of young officers is an enormous concern right now. Politically, we may be a facing a generation of sociopaths incapable of seeing past the immediate value of policy. These are not the sort of folks likely to carry a heavy burden to finance their parents retirement.

I’m not the first person to pick up on this. In fact, the military has been spending a lot of time and energy trying to figure how to adjust to the new generation. This paper from the Navy on the challenges they face in retaining young officers is very interesting. If you scroll down to page seven you get this:

Numerous studies have been conducted that evaluate the differences between significant workplace demographics, most notably between Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1980), and Millennials (1981-1995). One of the most concise is a recently concluded study jointly conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, University of Southern California, and London Business School. This 2011-2012 joint study collected data from more than 40,000 respondents, including a set of 13,150 PricewaterhouseCoopers employees (9,120 Millennials and 4,030 non-Millennials) at the same point in their career. Some notable differences between Millennials and their Non-Millennial counterparts include:

    • Millennial employees are unconvinced that excessive work demands are worth the sacrifices to their personal life.
    • Millennials say that creating a strong cohesive, team-oriented culture at work and providing opportunities for interesting work—including assignments around the world—are important to their workplace happiness, even more so than their non- Millennial counterparts.
    • While the same basic drivers of retention exist for both Millennials and non-Millennials, their relative importance varies, with Millennials placing a greater emphasis on being supported and appreciated

Addressing retention, the report notes “Generational differences do exist among Millennials and non-Millennials, and should be taken into account by organizations that include employees from both groups. For example, Millennials are more likely to leave if their needs for support, appreciation and flexibility are not met, while non-Millennials are more likely to leave if they feel they are not being paid competitively, or due to a perceived lack of development opportunities.” This has alarming implications for senior leadership, since the traditional top-down approach and differences in generational perspectives are likely to hinder cross-generational communication.

Another concern is the Millennial’s perspective on employment, which takes a more “transactional approach” than that exhibited by Baby Boomer or Generation X officers. In general, this younger generation is not emotionally invested or tied down by 4-8 years of naval service. Instead, Millennials are more willing to vote with their feet if they feel their needs aren’t being met, forcing the service to adapt or subsequently fall victim to a lack of talent as disenfranchised service members leave – reducing the talent pool that will produce our future senior leaders.

Anyone who has seen a Millennial take over a family business has probably seen the behavior described in the Navy paper. Long time employees are jettisoned and vendor relationships are broken. It is not a money grab. it’s just a weird need to personalize everything, even to the point of self harm. The Millennial will cut loose the old trusted option and replace it with something novel, because it makes them feel special or empowered. Their emotions count for everything.

Employing this generation is a challenge to every business owner. I know of a few companies that quietly avoid hiring this generation. They will hire a college grad, but they avoid hiring the 25-35 year old. The reason is they are, as one guy I know put it, “lazy clock punchers that make more demands than they are worth. I’d rather hire a retired guy or a single mom. They may need time off, but they work hard and are grateful.” The guy I’m paraphrasing is not a geezer, but a guy in his forties.

A generation that has no loyalties and no concept of loyalty is going to be a problem in a welfare state with staggering debt obligations. Throw in the fact that these folks are only interested in that which elevates their self-esteem and you have a serious problem on the horizon. A generation willing to say “fuck it” and walk away from a good job, leaving friends and colleagues to struggle, is not going to be paying high taxes for granny. They would very likely support turning granny into dog chow if that’s more convenient.

That leads me back to where I started. This is a low-trust generation. They have to be. If you’re willing to cut loose a long time employee because you feel like it or send granny to the dog food plant because you can’t be bothered, no one is going to trust you.

A generation of perpetual toddlers unwilling to commit to anything that does not make them feel like special little snowflakes is hardly going to bite the bullet for societal obligations. I don’t think we’re looking at Late Bronze Age collapse, but American society is about to veer off into a low-trust direction. History says that brings consequences not good for civilizational progress.

Welcome to the Madhouse

The worst despotism is an arbitrary one. If you find yourself living under a set of rules with which you disagree, you can adapt. Jews living in countries that banned Jews from public office, for instance, adapted and carved out happy. Blacks in the American South did not like Jim Crow, but they could live with it. The fact that literacy rates, crime rates and illegitimacy rates were much better for blacks under Jim Crow speaks to the toughness of humans. As long as the rules are fixed and known, people can and will adapt to those rules, not matter how much they hate them.

Where things get ugly is when the rules are unknown and variable. Imagine driving on a highway where the speed limit is never posted and the cops get to set the limit according to their whim. Word would quickly get out and no one would drive that road for fear of being victims of the police.  It is this arbitrariness that makes for madhouse societies. Anyway, this comes to mind reading stories like this one.

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that young adult illegal immigrants whom President Obama has given tentative permission to be in the country — so-called “dreamers” — are also entitled to driver’s licenses and ordered Arizona to issue them.

The ruling comes while the government is debating policy about a new wave of illegal immigrant children who are surging across the border in Texas, overwhelming federal authorities’ ability to handle them.

We now live in a land where the President can wave his hand and the people’s laws are invalidated or altered in ways that are contrary to their intent. We live in a land where a Federal court can force a state to issue driver’s licenses to people who are not citizens and not even in the nation legally. In theory, it means the government would have to issue licenses to an invading army.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer blasted the court’s ruling, saying it could end up meaning her state would have to grant driver’s licenses to some of those in the latest wave of illegal immigrants if Mr. Obama finds ways to avoid deporting them too.

But immigrant-rights advocates hailed the decision, saying it is a major step in helping the Dreamers, who were brought to the U.S. as minors by their parents, move toward some sort of normal life in the U.S.

“This is a huge victory for the young immigrants who want nothing more than to make meaningful contributions to communities in their home state of Arizona,” said Alessandra Soler, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona.

A three-judge panel on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Dreamers — so-named because of pending federal legislation known as the Dream Act — are in the same situation as other illegal immigrants who have applied for legal status and to whom Arizona law grants driver’s licenses while they await a final ruling in their cases.

The judges said to treat the Dreamers differently violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.

Think about the madness baked into that last sentence. The US Constitution provides the structure of American political institutions. The people of France do not consider it binding on them. They have their own rules and structures. The people of Kenya have their rules. In other words, the US Constitution applies to Americans in America. These lunatic judges have just declared that all humans on earth are now covered by the US Constitution, thus making them Americans.

The 9th Circuit is a well known holding pen for liberal fruitcakes. Sadly, they are no longer outliers. They are the norm. The super structure of the nation is falling apart around us and we are left with the whimsical, arbitrary decisions of these petty despots dressed like goth druids. These people hate us and enjoy rubbing our noses in the fact we no longer are a nation of laws. The contempt for Americans in the words and deeds of these immigration fanatics is stunning.

In a madhouse society, the rulers are perpetually at war with the ruled. That’s where we are today. Elected officials furiously work to discredit the offices they hold in the eyes of the people. The keepers of the law undermine the people’s faith in the law. The law abiding today are criminals tomorrow. There are no fixed points and there are no rules. Nothing is on the level and there’s no grift that is too small. Welcome to the madhouse.


This is a story that should get more interest. The Miami Herald is a far Left outlet, so they are not the sort to engage in right-wing conspiracy. Of course, organized corruption in the FBI is not really a Left or Right thing inside official politics. Both sides go out of their way to praise the FBI as the paragons of virtue, despite the fact their entire history is one of corruption and incompetence. Bungling the 9/11 stuff, but being praised for it is par for the course. Anyway, this seems like a big deal.

It was Halloween night, 2001. The horrors of 9/11 were still fresh on the the minds of Americans.

At a time when everyone was on edge, the sight of a man disposing documents in a dumpster behind a Bradenton storage facility aroused suspicion. Summoned to the scene, Manatee County sheriff’s deputies confronted the man, who had a Tunisian passport.

According to FBI records, authorities searched the dumpster and found “a self-printed manual on terrorism and Jihad, a map of the inside of an unnamed airport, a rudimentary last will and testament, a weight-to-fuel ratio calculation for a Cessna 172 aircraft, flight training information from the Flight Training Center in Venice [Fla.] and printed maps of Publix shopping centers in Tampa Bay.”

The Flight Training Center is where 9/11 hijack pilot Ziad Jarrah, who was at the controls of United Airlines Flight 93 when it crashed in Shanksville, Pa., took flying lessons.

This intriguing tale and at least one other are contained in a batch of partially redacted documents released this past week as part of ongoing Freedom of Information Act litigation by the online news site The suit, filed in 2012, seeks the FBI’s files from a once-secret investigation into a family of Sarasota Saudis who left the country abruptly about two weeks before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, leaving behind clothing, jewelry and cars.

The main figures in the family were Abdulaziz al-Hijji, his wife, Anoud, and her father, Esam Ghazzawi, an advisor to a Saudi prince.

The report of the Bradenton incident is in some way linked to the al-Hijjis’ saga, although precisely how is unclear. The link might be spelled out in one of the many redacted passages. Nor is it clear in the unredacted portions who the man was or whether he was detained. An FBI letter accompanying the documents says the redactions have to do with national security and other exclusions.

The documents — the fourth batch released in response to the Broward Bulldog lawsuit — were located via court-ordered text searches using the names of the al-Hijjis and Ghazzawi. U.S. District Judge William J. Zloch in Fort Lauderdale is currently reviewing more than 80,000 pages of 9/11 records.

“This release suggests that the FBI has covered up information that is vitally important to public safety,” said Miami attorney Thomas Julin, who represents “It’s startling that after initially denying they had any documents they continue to find new documents as the weeks and months roll by. Each new batch suggests there are many, many more documents.”

“There needs to be a full-scale explanation of what’s going on here,” Julin said.

The thing about lies and cover-ups is there is usually something lurking behind the lies and cover-ups that is worse than the lies and cover-ups. What’s strange about this stuff is we seem to know the general outlines of that thing in the shadows. Official Washington turned a blind eye to a lot of stuff, including Saudi funding of terrorism. Immediately after 9/11, there was a scramble to cover that reality up. Lying about this stuff now seems to make little sense.

A second FBI document released last week, dated Feb. 2, 2012, is similarly tantalizing — and similarly murky.

On that day, according to the document, FBI offices in Tampa and Charlotte, N.C., received information from Washington stamped “secret” stating that a “person of interest” in the FBI’s massive 9/11 investigation had returned to the United States.

The person, whose name is redacted, was reported to be “traveling to Texas and LA for business/tourism.” The person apparently told authorities upon entering the country that he could be reached in Charlotte. He provided a telephone number “associated with furniture manufacturers in North Carolina,” the report states.

Details about that were blanked out. But the report also states, “Tampa is notified that a person of interest to Tampa regarding the PENTTBOMB investigation has a valid visa for re-entry into the U.S.” PENTTBOMB is the FBI’s code name for its 9/11 investigation.

Whether this person was ever detained, interviewed or allowed to go about his/her business is unclear in the unredacted passages.

In all, the FBI released 11 pages. They contain statements reiterating that the al-Hijjis had departed the United States in haste shortly before 9/11 and that “further investigation” had “revealed many connections” between them and persons associated with “attacks on 9/11/2001.”

Those statements flatly contradict the FBI’s public statements that agents found no connection between the al-Hijjis and the 9/11 plot.

Yet they dovetail with the account of a counterintelligence source who has said investigators in 2001 found evidence — phone records and photographs of license plates snapped at the entrance to the al-Hijjis’ Sarasota-area neighborhood — that showed Mohamed Atta, other hijackers and former Broward resident and current al-Qaeda fugitive Adnan Shukrijumah had visited the al-Hijji home.

None of that information, or even the fact that an investigation in Sarasota took place, was disclosed by the FBI to Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the attacks or to the 9/11 Commission, according to former Florida Sen. Bob Graham. Graham co-chaired the joint inquiry.

Maybe this is all there is to it. The FBI lies to Congress a lot.  It is one of the things everyone knows and no one really says much about. It goes back to Hoover. Read enough about Watergate and you realize that the FBI and to a lesser extent the CIA operate outside the control of the elected government. They are part of the permanent state. The FBI covered this stuff up because they did not want to both own up to being asleep at the switch and then lying about it.

Read more here:
Read more here:

Casual Corruption

One of the interesting things about 18th century America is the way government sold favors to private interests. Ben Franklin got government printing contracts through bribery. It was not considered bribery at the time, but it would be today. Buttering up local officials to grease the skids was just the way things were done. In a land with a tiny amount of government and a tiny number of laws, you’re getting a tiny amount of public corruption. Corruption, like government, does not scale up well.

Today we have vast and complex state apparatus. So vast and complex no one knows the limits. In fact, you break the law every day. It is this vast and complex web of laws that provides cover for the colonizing pod people to rob us blind. The old expression about the devil being in the details means that the more details, the more opportunity for the devil to do his work. Big government is, if nothing else, a vast thicket of details and minutiae. This post at ZeroHedge is a good example.

It was back in April 2013, when the WSJ reported of a peculiar surge in various health insurance stocks that came moments after a report from Height Securities, a Washington-based investment-research firm that ferrets out policy news and analysis for investors, correctly predicted the Obama administration would reverse course on big spending cuts that would have hit health insurers. The note was released about 15 minutes before markets closed on Monday, April 1, leading to the following surge in the biggest Obamacare beneficiaries.

Needless to say, it is quite clear that non-public info was leaked by US legislators to a “expert network” consulting company, which in turn further propagated the information to its own clients, making them profits of up to 8.6% in milliseconds. As the WSJ summarized at the time, “The resulting stock surge is one of the most dramatic examples in recent years of how tips and insights from Washington’s burgeoning political-intelligence business can drive trading on Wall Street, potentially leading to big profits for those in the know.”

It took the SEC 14 months to finally figure out there may have been something illegal with this setup and as the WSJ followed up three weeks ago, “prosecutors are gathering evidence for a grand-jury probe into whether congressional staff helped tip Wall Street traders to a change in health-care policy, an indication the long-running investigation has entered a more serious phase.”

Trading on inside information has become so common in Washington, no one bothers to hide it. It was not always this way. In the olden thymes, officials relied on foreign junkets to cash in on their position. A Congressman would decorate their homes with goods “gifted to him” by foreign potentates. His big fancy house was probably paid for by donors or a special deal made possible by his donors. It was all legal and mostly small potatoes. Compensation in lieu of salary.

Today, public criminals like Harry Reid become millionaires making shady land deals with organized crime. John Kerry went to DC penniless. He is now worth north of $100 million. A lot of it came from marrying two rich widows, but that was levered into a fortune using inside information. With the parasitic financial system, politicians can now grab millions for themselves trading their knowledge of new rules, new investigations and new taxes.

As we see with this story, they think it is their right and privilege. Where have we heard that before?

What is unknown – and perhaps unknowable – is how much of the legislative tsunami is strictly for privateering purposes. Those million word bills are not only packed full of favors; they are packed full of gimmicks the pols can use to grow their portfolios. Since no one reads these things in their entirety, no one knows where to look for the deals tied to specific pols. In fact, the laws are now written by law firms lobbyists working on behalf of wealthy interests like corporations.

The outrageous part of this is not the corruption. Men are not angels. Washington controls trillions of dollars and that will attract the worst sort, determined to skim some for themselves. The outrage is the lack of outrage. In the 18th century you could shrug at Franklin buying off a local official for a printing contract. It was small money and the printing needed to be done. Today’s pols are like highway bandits, robbing for the sake of robbing. Yet, no one seems to care.

Hold the AIDS

This was on American Digest. This is when you see that the people running this country are not of this country. Homosexuals make up about 2% of the population. If BK monopolizes the gay demographic, it is a rounding error on their financials. It’s a rounding error on the store level financial. Pretending that homosexuals are a super-valuable market segment was never meant to be taken seriously. It was always agit-prop intended to justify normalization.

Now, throw in the lunatic population, which makes up a consistent 20% of the population. Lunatics like waving the rainbow flag because they think it offends Christians. Note that Evangelical Christians are 26% of the population. Lunatics are not all enthusiastic for gays. Male lunatics, for the most part, keep their head down and avoid saying anything. The reason is men, even lunatic men, find homosexuality mildly repulsive. Even extreme fanaticism cannot overcome biology.

The point being is that a  few minutes considering the numbers shows that Burger King  is not gaining anything from this. They will most likely piss off a portion of the customer base with this nonsense. Throw in the fact that homosexuals don’t eat fast food and Burger King is known as the McDonalds for black America and you have a recipe for marketing disaster. Blacks and downscale whites loath this rainbow stuff.

The people running Burger King, on the other hand, live in their ruling class echo chamber. In that weird world of pod people, everyone loves homosexuals and thinks their cause is on par with the Civil Rights Movement. You can be sure that the marketing geniuses that came up with this “don’t know anyone who opposes gay marriage.” The reason for that is they are an alien class of people wholly unfamiliar with the people over whom they rule.

As I’m fond of saying, American has been colonized by aliens.

Ramblings on the Unhinged

Bored yesterday I was trolling around looking for something interesting. I saw this posted on NRO by Jonah Goldberg. He was taking the lunatic writer to task for her foaming at the mouth rantings. It is a favorite of both Left and Right to pick out a ranting from the other side and then rant about its alleged shortcomings. Lunatics pretend that deviations from orthodox liberalism are violations of the laws of physics. That allows them to be excessively smug, in addition to condescending.

The sheer volume of really terrible and inaccurate responses to the Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. has been kind of astonishing. Every few hours, a new piece of conservative flotsam washes up and demands to be taken seriously. They all go something like, “This is a victory for religious freedom. You can’t make your boss foot the bill for your choices. Contraception is ‘recreational,’ not medical. Cave man mad grumble sexual intercourse grumble procreation grumble.” It seems that nothing gets the right riled up quite like a victory for corporate personhood and the tantalizing prospect of punishing and humiliating women.

Katie McDonough is listed as “Salon’s politics writer, focusing on gender, sexuality and reproductive justice.According to her resume, Katie is a 30-something woman from an upper middle-class family. Rather than finding a husband, she has been living off her parents while pretending to be a writer in NYC. She also appears to have developed an unhealthy obsession with her lady parts.

I have nothing to say about her column. It is full of the abracadabra words hive minded lunatics like Ms. McDonough find appealing. Hers is a life full of signaling. Like all herd animals, she is obsessed with the borders between her group and those outside her group, the folks we call normal people. Scanning her writing, I see repetitive chanting, defining the line between her gang and an array of bogeymen she imagines are threatening to seal up her barren uterus.

Anyway, reading along for a bit, I noticed down at the bottom right a little block suggesting other stories on the site I may like. There was this one, written by another womyn, about how she has closed the doors and windows of her life to avoid anything that contradicts the tenets of her politics. Looking into her bio, I discovered she is just another type of spoiled crazy person rich countries have elected to indulge. Her ailments may be real, but her melodramatics are pure theater.

Then I see this story pop up. It is now featured on Drudge, who enjoys showcasing the hard thumping crazies of the Left when it is a slow news cycle. The writer is one of those old pseudo-radicals that grows increasingly deranged as they hit their dotage. He sat out the fun stuff in college like storming Dean Wormer’s office or banging the radical hippy girls. He tried to make up for it by carrying the radical flag from the comfort of his university office, but now is just a nuisance.

Having missed the last revolution, he is forever predicting the next one is around the corner. I recall reading similar rants to this one in the 1980’s, during the Reagan years. Here we were in the midst of a great economic boom and a period of cultural peace and these aging hippies were talking about the brewing revolt. Given the current times, it is just as funny to hear a lefty talk about the coming revolt, given that the Left is full control of the nation. The lack of self-awareness with these people is stunning.

Anyway, I realized I was reading Salon and recalled how it was one of the first webzines. Slate was another, backed by Bill Gates. Salon was emblematic of the late 90’s in that it was a business with no revenues, but a sky high stock price. They were convinced that hits would translate into dollars, which never happened. In the 90’s, it was typical of the Left during the Clinton era. They published boutique liberalism aimed at the sort of people who wrote max checks to the local Democrat.