The Fakening

A universal rule of life is that anything that has value will be faked or stolen. This happens everywhere on earth. You can go to some place on the fringe of civilization to see ruins of an ancient people and you will find some guy selling fake souvenirs. That’s because the locals figured out that authentic crap from their past had value to those funny looking white tourists, so they started faking the authentic relics from their past. Hobbyists in the collectible business will tell you that fakes are their primary concern.

Most likely, the reason that Facebook beat MySpace was that it was easier for Facebook users to keep score of the number of friends they had and see how that stacked up to others. Humans are social animals and one way to determine status is by the size of one’s social network. High status people have lots of friends and acquaintances. People know who they are by reputation. Therefore, someone on Facebook with 500 friends must be a bigger deal than someone with 5 friends. South Park made sport of this.

Inevitably, people found a way to fake their numbers so it would look like their status was high. Everyone knows about click farms that artificially inflate likes on social media or inflate follower counts. It’s fairly obvious that Facebook has been faking their ad numbers for years. This is mostly to defraud advertisers. Fringe celebrities will use services to inflate their follower counts. I’ve always suspected, for example, that Bill Mitchell is more “social media strategy” than actual listeners. Everything about him looks fake.

This story does a great job walking us through just how easy it is to be Bill Mitchell. Here are the juicy bits:

Instagram influencer marketing is now a $1 billion dollar industry, and you don’t need a cute dog or a book-worthy lifestyle to get into the game. According to an investigation by marketing agency Mediakix, anyone can fake their way into signing profitable contracts with brands.

The agency created two fictitious Instagram accounts: 1) ‘a lifestyle and fashion-centric Instagram model’ and 2) ‘a travel and adventure photographer.’ For the first account, Mediakix hired a model and generated the entire channel content through a one-day photo shoot. Introducing Alexa Rae (calibeachgirl310). The second account was dedicated to Amanda Smith (wanderingggirl), and this time Mediakix went even further. The entire feed was composed of free stock photos of random places across the world and blonde girls, always posing facing away from the camera.

After setting up fake personalities and generating their content, the agency started purchasing followers. “We started with buying 1,000 followers per day because we were concerned that purchasing too many followers at the onset would result in Instagram flagging the account,” Mediakix stated. “However, we quickly found that we were able to buy up to 15,000 followers at a time without encountering any issues.” And how much does this army cost? Between $3-$8 per 1,000.

Essentially, if the followers don’t like or comment on posts, they’re kind of worthless. So the next step was to purchase fake engagement. “Once we had accumulated a few thousand followers for each account, we started buying likes and comments.” Mediakix paid about 12 cents per comment, and between $4-9 per 1,000 likes. For each photo, they purchased 500 to 2,500 likes and 10 to 50 comments. The entire experiment ended up costing Mediakix about $1,000 (around $700 for setting up calibeachgirl310 and around $300 for wanderingggirl). After calibeachgirl310 and wanderingggirl reached 10,000 followers (the threshold amount for signing up on most influencer marketing platforms), Mediakix started applying them for sponsorship deals. “We secured four paid brand deals total, two for each account. The fashion account secured one deal with a swimsuit company and one with a national food and beverage company.” “The travel account secured brand deals with an alcohol brand and the same national food and beverage company. For each campaign, the “influencers” were offered monetary compensation, free product, or both.”

The whole thing is worth a read. Not a lot of it is new to those with a suspicious mind, but when you put it all together in one article like that, it is revelatory. If they could so easily create a fake celebrity on social media, then the people who control social media certainly know this. More important, they know this and use it to their advantage. For example, when a TV person signs up for Twitter, maybe their follower count is artificially inflated by Team Twitter, so that the celeb talks about it to their audience.

Of course, we have the extreme examples of the ruling class de-platforming anyone who challenges the one true faith on Facebook and Twitter. I had the Facebook account associated with this blog deleted due to a mysterious terms of service violation. Carl Benjamin, Sargon of Akkad, had his Twitter feed deleted because he made barren spinsters sad on YouTube. There are hundreds of examples of the scolds slamming the door on dissent. That’s what we can easily see.

You can be sure that the vinegar drinking scolds at Facebook and Twitter are using their robot armies to promote the cat ladies and demote the hate thinkers. People have noticed for a long time that they are mysteriously dropped from follower lists of people placed on the Left’s proscribed list. To do the opposite and promote Lefty crackpots is so obvious that even the most hysterical social justice warrior would think of it. How much of it goes on is hard to know, but the sky is the limit, as was made clear in that piece.

What is not so obvious is that other side of it, the fakery. The ease with which mass media is used to promote fake ideas, fake events and fake people. That’s not so obvious as no one complains about their follower count being inflated. No one is going to look too closely at Bill Mitchell’s twitter followers, because he is a harmless old man keeping himself busy in his retirement. The cumulative effect, however, of so much fakery in the mass media is not without its consequences. The fake new phenomenon is just one obvious example.

What happens when people start to think that Twitter and Facebook are mostly robots interacting with one another? Social trust has a value. Take it away and it can only be replaced by coercion. Otherwise, society begins to dis-aggregate. We know that diversity increases intra-ethnic trust and decreases inter-ethnic trust. In a diverse society, people trust their kin and distrust those not like them. Take that diverse society and immerse it in fake news and fake social media and the result will be a Balkanized, low-trust society.

Of course, one could argue that the strong arm tactics we’re seeing is the the inevitable result of diversity. The reason Google has to fire their smart men is their mere presence calls into the question the diversity project. The reason for the heavy handed social media policing is that diversity requires it. Fake news and fake social media are just modern incarnations of the old propaganda films from the previous era, just updated to make people think distrusting foreigners and rooting for your own team is weird and unnatural.

Regardless of cause and effect, this will not end well.

The Long Struggle

At this point, everyone who is anyone has chimed in with a misinformed hot take on the riot in Charlottesville. I’ve done my share on Gab about it, but I thought a full post was a better way to make myself clear on the subject. A feature of outsider politics is that every event requires a response. It becomes a way for everyone to position themselves in relation to everyone else. For instance RamZPaul is out reminding everyone that he does not like Richard Spencer, using Charlottesville as a jumping off point.

Having had some time to think about my own range of responses over the last 48 hours or so, I think the most important take away is that a whole lot of people who never heard of the alt-right, now know there is another team on the field. We forget that most people don’t know Antifa from Auntie May. Over the last 48 hours I’ve had a lot of normal people ask me to explain what’s going on with these groups they are seeing on TV. Despite the media barrage, I’ve had a few normies say, “At least they are fighting the Left.”

That said, you can be sure that many of the CivNats and Buckley Cons were rushing to their nearest liberal and begging them for forgiveness. Poor old Gavin McInnes wore himself out telling his friends on the Left that his PoofBerry group disavowed everyone they were told to disavow.  Obviously I enjoy mocking Captain Buttplug more than I should, but he has a big audience. He and the other accommodationist types have a lot of influence and they are using this to fund raise and hurt our thing.

You learn more from failure than success, but success does offer good lessons. The Friday night torch light march into the park was a smashing success. It was clever and original. It also showed a high level of discipline. That was the sort of thing that you do when you know the system is willing to use any means necessary to stop you. You get creative and use their weight against them. The cops and politicians did not see it coming so they could not get their goons out of the flophouses to smash it up.

In retrospect, the alt-right should have simply cancelled the Saturday event, leaving the cops to figure out how to blame the inevitable Antifa rioting on the alt-right. That would have left them guessing about the sort of people they are facing. The important thing about the Left is they believe their own bullshit. That’s why they put so much effort into forcing their enemies to play the role designed for them. Outfoxing them and not playing that role is the best psychological weapon that can be deployed against the people in charge.

That’s not what happened and it is a good lesson for our side. The cops lied about their intentions and the politicians lied too. Cops are mostly guys who like pushing people around and they are not giving up that privilege for anything. They would mace a nursery school if their bosses ordered it. In all future dealings with the cops, the underlying assumption must be that the cops are lying. Security needs to be designed with the assumption that the cops are working with the other side. Charlottesville is the proof of it.

There’s another lesson. The whole point of the event was to unite all the factions of the Right, including the idiotic Nazi larpers and KKK clowns. I get it. They were there for you from the beginning. Not punching right is a big deal in this thing. They are super red pilled on the JQ. I get it, but the alt-right needs to understand that these micro groups do vastly more damage to the cause than any benefit gained from unity. The truth of life is you can’t save everyone. Some people get left behind and the Nazi larpers have to be sidelined.

I can hear the objections from some readers, but here’s the question. Do you want to win or do you want to be ideologically pure? If it is the former, it means getting the Chad and Stacy types to come to our side. The middle-aged guy with a mortgage and kids is not rallying to a knucklehead waving a Nazi flag. Pleasing the handful of yesterday men costs tens of thousands of recruits. You can’t win that way. If the alt-right makes ideological purity into a suicide pact, it will be their only accomplishment.

There is always someone who will say “the media will call us Nazis anyway, so why worry about it?” This is loser talk. If the media screams “Nazi” and they only have images of clean-cut, well dressed guys being polite and smart, the people will believe you. If on the other hand the media screams “Nazi” and you’re out waving Nazi flags, the public will believe the media. That’s how it works. Blaming the media for your failure to grasp this reality is just a way to excuse your lack of discipline and self-regard.

Finally, the main lesson here is that the people in charge are not going to leave the field without a fight. They will fight to the last man. The last few weeks, there has been a whiff of triumphalism on the alt-right, leading up to this event. Listening to Mike Enoch last week, I got the sense he thought this was going to be a great turning point. Richard Spencer was posting his version of the The Port Huron Statement. Charlottesville was a good reminder that we are just at that early days of the great culture war of the 21st century.

I’m fond of saying that it is a long war and everyday will not be sunshine and lollipops. This is the long twilight struggle of our people, so learning how to take a punch, even the self-inflicted ones, is important. The people organizing and trying to build organizations are not professional organizers. They are learning on the fly, so that means making mistakes. Success counts on the leaders learning from mistakes and the rank and file holding them to the highest standard. The leaders need to get better and we need to get better.

Tomorrow, the struggle continues.

The Coming Violence of the Left

In my AmRen wrap-up about AntiFa, I noted that it was the women on the Left with the blood lust. The mentally disturbed woman I highlighted is a good example. She goes on social media with hysteric rants about imaginary violence, in an effort to get her fellow wackos to do something crazy. Her claims about gun fire and riots at American Renaissance were entirely false, but clearly she was hoping her tweets would get her coreligionists into a violent mood. Her life is dedicated to bringing about bloodshed.

Further to that, this was floating around on social media yesterday in the run-up to the big rally in Charlottesville. Every claim in it is false. Mike Enoch has been lecturing people for weeks about the need to avoid violence and not bring weapons The organizers have developed a good relationship with the local police department so that the cops will protect the attendees from the Antifa. The cops spent most of Friday clearing weapons from the park that Antifa has been hiding there in advance of the rally.

Vox Day has this post up on the same topic. He links to a mentally disturbed woman making claims about the rally, which are patently false. She claims to be a “behavior scientist” which is a clue that she is most likely just a cat lady. A look at her twitter feed reveals that she spends her days harassing people on twitter, in an effort to draw attention to herself. Steve Sailer often jokes that modern feminism is just a project for homely women to get the attention of males. Caroline Zero is proof of that.

Again, the trend you see with this cargo cult is that it is women out front, trying to push for violence and bloodshed. This is similar to what happened in the radical groups of the 60’s and 70’s. Many of the most violent members of the Black Panthers were women. The Weather Underground was led by a women, Bernardine Dohrn. The radicalism of the 1960’s was initially led by males, but in time women took over and it became more violent and less coherent. Once again, the arrival of SJW’s signals the end phase.

There’s something else going on today. Antifa is largely a cargo cult. They dress up like radicals and perform public events like the radicals of 50 years ago, all in the hope that the past will become the present. Unlike the past, there’s no reactionary counter to the modern Progressive. No one is putting fire hoses on Lefty or having the cops break up Antifa’s protests. The people in charge are funding groups like Antifa. The government of Charlottesville is backing nutjobs like Caroline Zero.

As Eric Hoffer pointed out, mass movements need an enemy and the Left has always had the struggle as an essential element of their identity. It’s why they have invented things like institutional racism and white privilege. Lacking anything resembling actual racism in modern America, and faced with a tsunami of anti-white sermonizing, they have been forced to invent a boogeyman. Like shamans of the past, the modern Left warns about evil spirits, but now they are called unconscious bias and extremism.

Similarly, and you see it in that Medium post linked by Vox, the Left is now trying to justify their move to violence. It is evident in the Antifa rants and that post claiming the alt-right is arming up for the rally. The Left wants to start murdering people, but they cannot find a justification, so they are starting to invent reasons. Caroline Zero is adding a veneer of 1970’s pop psychology to her calls for violence, but she is simply trying to invent a suitable stand-in for Bull Connor and the truncheon wielding riot police.

The incoherent and random violence of the 70’s was mostly due to dis-confirmation. The counter-culture did not usher in the age of peace, love and understanding. Instead it decayed into drug use and degeneracy. Something similar is happening here. The election of Obama convinced many on the Left that the end times were upon us. The righteous would be carried to the promised land, and most important, the bad whites would be chased from the land, either sent into exile or reduced to the status of untouchables.

That obviously did not happen, which is why the Left is so unhinged. More important though, their attempt at a kill shot by putting Obama in the White House has ignited a genuine counter revolution. For fifty years the Left has faced nothing more than token resistance from “their friends on the Right” but now they are seeing a true opposition forming up. The Buckley Right embraced Progressive morality, with slightly different ends, while the alt-right rejects Progressive morality in its entirety.This is the result.

For people like Caroline Zero and Lacy MacAuley, this is reason enough to start murdering people. To them, this parade is violence because it is the nullification of their movement, which is the nullification of them. Their entire identity is now defined by their largely imaginary struggle against the mysterious forces of institutional racism, white privilege and invisible Hitlers. To them, that parade is the manifestation of evil, so they will resort to any means necessary to stop it.

The Z-Blog Power Hour: The Good Podcast

This week, I was a bit rushed as I’m posting this on Friday morning now, so I lost a day, but also have some things brewing this weekend, which meant getting my normal weekend work done ahead of schedule. But, it is good practice as doing this sort of thing is always going to be a compromise. This is not my full time job, so it means doing this when time permits, even when I have limited time.

This week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the full show and a couple of segments. I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones.I’ll also note that I am doing fewer YouTube segments as it is a pain to upload to their crappy interface. I may drop YouTube entirely, but I’ll keep doing it for now. I will be streaming to GabTV at some point, so maybe I’ll swap out YouTube for Gab when I get that going

This Week’s Show

  • 00:00: Opening Comments
  • 02:00: Some Doom And Gloom (Link)
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  • 23:00: Oh The Humanities (Link)
  • 28:30: Stupid People (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 33:00: The Stupid Party (Link) (Link)
  • 39:00: Self-Policing (Link)
  • 44:30: Bad Science (Link) (Link)
  • 50:00: McGregor – Mayweather (Link)
  • 55:00: Feminists (Link) (Link)
  • 60:00: Closing

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Private War

When I began my work life, the outsourcing trend was picking up steam in the United States. I no longer recall who it was, but some guy allegedly came up with the idea of using the phone book to break up his company. If he could find a company that did a task currently done in-house, he outsourced that task to a vendor. That was probably apocryphal, but it was a useful story. Why do something in-house when there was a local specialist, who could do it better and probably cheaper than you?

To a point, it made a lot of sense. Why would a baker own a fleet of trucks when he can lease them from a company that is expert at maintaining delivery trucks? The baker can focus on his specialty and the truck repair people can more efficiently maintain the bread trucks. Even in cases where there is no direct savings, outsourcing allows for a greater focus on core competencies. Whether or not this is true is debatable, but it is something you heard a lot in the 90’s as companies unbundled themselves.

This was also the driving force behind Al Gore’s project to “reinvent government” by moving tasks from the Federal workforce to private contractors. There was a book published in 1993 that was the text book for government reformers. All over the country, private firms now exist to serve one customer – the government. There are firms around the Imperial Capital that exist solely for the purpose of fulfilling a specific contract. Once the contract expires, the firm will be dissolved or “reinvented” for a new contract.

Of course, there is another aspect to government outsourcing that is different from private outsourcing. In the private sector, the baker can be good at maintaining his bread trucks, if he chooses to put the energy into it. Government is rarely good at anything, so off-loading work to the private sector promises to get around the bureaucracy, especially when it comes to things like work rules. In theory, the government contractor is free to do what is necessary to get the job done, while government is tied down with endless red tape.

This sounds good, but it has curdled into something sinister during the communications revolution. Big tech companies now police speech on-line, doing what government cannot legally do itself. Human resource departments evolved to enforce workplace conduct rules that the state cannot easily enforce. The government can’t tell the males to be nice to the girls at the office, but they can threaten to sue the company for maintaining a hostile workplace, so the company does the state’s bidding.

Now we are about to see this concept taken to the next logical step, as the Trump administration prepares to outsource the war in Afghanistan. The plan is to have contractors like Blackwater, take over the logistics of fighting the Taliban. They would provide an air force and thousands of “contractors”, who would develop and lead militias made up local tribesman. The “contractors” are former soldiers. We used to call these guys mercenaries, but that term has fallen out of fashion for obvious reasons.

The article frames this as a cost saving move, but the most likely reason to consider doing this is the contractors can do things we no longer allow our military to do. Blackwater can also recruit a militia from whatever local forces they like, which probably means the most ruthless killers available. Put another way, there’s a realization that the US military has become an inefficient and clumsy giant of a bureaucracy, just like the rest of the federal government. Blackwater will be more efficient at executing this never ending war.

This is not without precedent. Governments have relied on private armies and private security forces since the dawn of time. The American West was often policed by hired guns, simply because they were available and willing to take the work. The Pinkertons were a security force used by the government and rich men. Lincoln used them for his personal security. The railroad used them to infiltrate the Molly Maguires and they were used in the famous Homestead Strike. Guns for hire are not new to America.

Still, this is a bit different and looks like another facet of the modern Servile State. Just as the state has outsourced its coercive functions to private companies, it is now outsourcing its violence to a private company. If Trump goes in for this, you can be sure that a hundred other firms will spring up with plans to do paramilitary work around the world on behalf of the US government. That’s the thing with outsourcing. Supply has a funny way of creating demand where none existed. Private war will now get its own SIC code.

Eisenhower famously warned about the military-industrial complex and he has been proven right. The Cold War was used to justify endless spending on the war machine. Then it was terrorism. Now we have an empire to police, in addition to the millions of hostile foreigners our government imports into our lands. There’s always some reason to keep shoveling trillions into the war machine. Now the war machine will have libertardian economists singing its praises as an efficient new innovation.

This is not a new problem. The Romans had this problem with their own armies, as well as the Praetorian Guards. America is not in danger of the military seizing control of the state or making demands on the civilian rulers. That’s because the gazillionaire global corporations got there first. Those same corporations are now taking over the policing and war making roles of the state. In the custodial state, the throne and alter will be divided once again, with the state serving as the altar and global oligopolies as the throne.

Extra Crispr

Every few months we get a blazing headline about a breakthrough in genetics that will allegedly lead to super babies. This one from a few months ago is a good example of the genre. It makes for a catchy headline. Of course, the story is never as claimed, as we are not close to creating a race of mutant super babies. Instead, science is creeping up on the ability to do some very narrow gene editing to eliminate well known genetic defects. In fact, a lab has just successfully edited a viable embryo for the first time.

This is a huge step in science, but we are nowhere near close to creating the master race or even making small changes in real humans. The most recent research on human intelligence, for example, identifies 50 genes that correlate to IQ. That’s a lot of combination to sort, assuming that is the whole set of genes related to IQ. There’s also the possibility that other traits are indirectly related to those genes. Even something as simple as hair color can get wildly complex, so we will not be decanting babies anytime soon.

While we are nowhere near close to making super babies, this is one step down the road toward altering the foundations of human existence. The ability to inexpensively alter DNA, even in very simple ways, will lead to better food and better medicine. Imagine a treatment that alters a pathogen such that it attacks cancer cells in the human body. It sounds outlandish, but that is essentially what your immune system does with disease. Of course, the ability to “correct” genetic defects will have an enormous impact on human health.

It’s easy to fall into the science fiction fantasy stuff when thinking about these topics, but small things can have a huge impact on human behavior. Improvements in sanitation, food production and basic medicine greatly altered the human condition. Just look at the impact of life expectancy. If lifespans were still as they were a century ago, things like pension costs and health care would not be topics in politics. It is because we can live, and live vigorously, into our 70’s that these issues are now major topics.

That’s why this gene editing technology is such a big deal. Up until very recent, the consensus in science was that we were generations away from having the ability to edit human DNA. All of a sudden, the future is now and the rush is on to be the first to alter an actual human embryo and bring it to term. It also means that science will suddenly shift from the purely theoretical to the practical. The first guy to figure out how to fix defects in something as frivolous as purebred dogs will become very rich and very famous.

There’s another aspect to this that is probably more important than the potential impact on human biology. What this technology is doing is bringing to center stage a truth about humanity that our betters have been trying to suppress for generations. That is, what we are is what we inherit from our parents. What they are is what they inherited from their parents. Each of us is the result of thousands of generations of breeding. Our physical and cognitive traits are the result of that long ad hoc experiment.

At a basic level, people know this. Anyone who is familiar with human children knows that they look and act like their parents from an early age. But, people don’t think to hard about this stuff and our rulers work to keep us from thinking about how this scales up. If a white man is the result of thousands of generations of white people, that means the African is the result of his ancestors evolving in Africa. It’s not a long walk from there to accepting that race is real. That’s why this thinking is a mortal sin on our age.

This becomes increasingly difficult when it becomes more common for a doctor to use ideas and techniques from genetics to better serve his patients. The old gag about race is that race is a social construct until you need a bone marrow transplant. Not a lot of people have that talk with their doctor, but imagine a world where everyone has a genetic realism talk with their dog breeder. When you know Rover had a known defect in his breed fixed by a vet at the canine gene clinic, talking about biological reality gets a lot easier.

As people come to accept the reality of gene editing, even if it is just to make better dog breeds, it is much more difficult to maintain the mythologies of the blank slate.  Once people come to accept that things like IQ and personality traits are determined by our genes, the blank slate is finished. Even if people don’t accept genetic determinism, they will accept testing for IQ and personality traits to fill engineering positions. In other words, strides in genetics will restore a more sober understanding of the human condition.

This is the negation of the core belief of our ruling elite, but it is telling that our rulers seem to be going in the opposite direction. As science makes clear the realities of human biology, our rulers scream ever louder to the contrary. Instead of simply ignoring the new information, they are waging pogroms too root out anyone not fully committed to their biological denialism. Every week were treated to some new scandal where a heretic is brought forth and punished for acknowledging reality.

It’s common to compare our current age to the scientific revolution. Galileo is a compelling figure. That does work at some level, but what we are really experiencing is something like what happened in the Roman Empire, prior to Constantine. As the people began to embrace the new religion, the rulers tried to crack down on it. This only made the new religion more popular. The great insight of Constantine was to recognize the strategic advantage that was available to the first ruler who embraced the new religion.

That’s probably what awaits us. Science is moving along faster than the the current throne and altar cabal can follow. Some clever politician is going to embrace biological realism and ride it to victory over the prevailing orthodoxy. The first politician to say “Of course men and women are different” and not get run out of town will be the snowflake that sets off the avalanche. Regardless, breakthroughs like CRISPR are about to shake the foundation of our culture. The blank slate’s days are numbered.

The Anti-Man

Until a commenter kept mentioning him, I had never heard of Leonard Pitts. Given the context, I just assumed he was a writer for a black website like The Root or the Huffington Post. One of the things about the media age is someone can be wildly famous, yet unknown to most people. PewDiePie is a  great example. He has 50 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, yet few adults over 40 have heard of him. The number of people, who are unknown to me, but are wildly popular with blacks is probably quite long.

Since this commenter kept posting the man’s name, I decided to look him up and I learned that he lives outside Washington and has been a columnist for the Miami Herald for decades. That’s a weird thing, when you think about it. Why would the Miami Herald have a columnist, who lives in DC? The reason, of course, is that the demand for black columnists, to decorate the op-ed pages of big city newspapers, far outstrips supply. If you are a black guy who can play the part, the world is your oyster.

That may seem harsh, but a quick look at the columns written by Pitts finds what you always find with black writers. As Derb would put it, it is all blackety-black. He has done a lot of work on being a black father. He has written columns on being a black man. He has written lots of columns flinging his poo at Republicans over race. Pretty much every Progressive news operation has a slot for the black guy, who writes about his blackness and flings poo at Republicans for their lack of sensitivity to the blackness.

Pitts has written some books too. His first was Becoming Dad: Black Men and the Journey to Fatherhood. The topic is obvious. His first novel is Before I Forget, a “novel of three generations of black men bound by blood — and by histories of mutual love, fear, and frustration.” His next novel, Freeman, is about a former slave. His most recent novel is called Grant Park and it is, wait for it, a story of race and race relations. To paraphrase John Derbyshire, Leonard Pitts is a prisoner of his own skin.

He is also a good example of the negative group identity. Blackness in America is a laundry list of grievances against whites and a list of things that blacks reject about society. It has little to say about what it means to be black, independent of whites. Much like the contours of a black hole, we can only know black identity by knowing the surrounding white identity. Wherever white culture ends, that’s where black identity begins. In America, being black means not being white.

This negative identity has been particularly toxic to black Americans, because a negative identity binds the worst with the best. The greatest exponents of black culture are those who are the most degenerate. Hip-hop culture is a perfect example. It celebrates the worst instincts of black people. Any black who points this out is pilloried for acting white. The result is a never ending race to the cultural bottom, dragging the rest of the black population down with it. Even Obama was forced to respect the gutter culture of hip-hop.

This anti-identity is why blacks demand to live near whites. Whites will often note that despite all the complaints about how whites treat blacks, black people will literally cross an ocean to live near whites. In America, this means demands for subsidies so that blacks can move into white suburban neighborhoods and send their kids to white schools. In cities with voucher programs, blacks try everything to get their kids out of black schools and into white schools. On its face, it seems illogical, given the list of black grievances.

There’s more to this phenomenon, but one aspect is that black identity depends on proximity to whites. Sure, blacks want safer neighborhoods and better schools, but they also need to be near whites as being black in America is wholly defined by how whites treat blacks. The reason blacks are prisoners of their skin is because to do otherwise means losing what it means to be black. If all black people left America, whites would not change. If the roles were reversed, blacks would have to invent a new identity.

The negative identity is not just debilitating to groups. Thumbing through the writings of Leonard Pitts, the image of him is of a man in a perpetual state of outrage. He is a bundle of resentments. All of his interactions with the white world, even those of his imagination, are placed on his own scale of slights. His life is not the accumulation of experiences adding to his identity as a man, but a running list of complaints about the world around him. He is an anti-man, because if he did not exist, no one would feel the need to invent him.

Stupid People ► Fake News

The plague of fake news is largely assumed to be due to the ruling class trying to convince people to stop noticing things. There is a lot of that, for sure. When the New York Times instructs its writers to use “guest worker” to describe illegal aliens employed in the cash economy, it is a deliberate attempt to deceive. The mythical Backlash™ that is always lurking after a Muslim goes boom is deliberate agit-prop. At the same time, most of the people in the media are true believers so their bias goes unnoticed.

Another aspect of the Fake News phenomenon is the general stupidity of the people in the media. Theirs is the worst sort of stupidity in that it is tightly wrapped with an overweening sense of righteousness and superiority. The typical newsroom is a collection of credentialed mediocrities that are convinced they are the smartest people in the room. It is a reckless stupidity that makes them easy to fool, thus all the hoaxes, but also prevents them from asking sensible questions. This article is a good example.

Clearly, this “study” was shopped to the media via press release. They provide copy that can be cut and pasted into a news item and they provide a graphic, which is like catnip to the modern media. Mx. Chang was given the task of writing up a story about it and someone got the job and slapping on a click bait title. If Mx. Chang bothered to read the underlying study, she clearly did not understand what she was reading. Of course, the people at the Missouri School of Journalism have no idea how to do a study.

The most obvious flaw is that they used a questionnaire, which they distributed to news sites and had them get readers to fill them out. Unsurprisingly, the readers of NPR like and trust NPR. Even less shocking, no one who reads Drudge bothered to fill out the survey as Drudge did not participate. The billion people who go to his site, therefore, were left out of the survey. Even though the methodology used to arrive at their analysis is probably good enough, the data collection is crap on stilts. Therefore, the whole thing is crap.

People who work with data understand that data collection is critical to any analysis, so that’s often where you see the most effort.  If you want to know how people intend to vote, for example, you better have a sample size that is large enough so that you can model the electorate. A survey of the most loyal readers of news sites can tell you something about those readers, but it tells you nothing about public attitudes regarding the news or the fake news phenomenon. It is a fake study for the purpose of fake news.

That’s why the public is increasingly cynical about the mass media. When they see a story about how The Economist, of all things, is the most trusted news site in America, they know they are being fed fake news. Mx. Chang, on the other hand, hasn’t the slightest idea what any of this means. She is just paid $25 to do a cut and paste job and get it up on the site. She is probably a very nice person, but nothing in her resume qualifies her to write about any of the topics assigned to her by Market Watch.

This is something you see all over the news media. The people assigned to cover the news, rarely have any experience in the field. In fact, they rarely have any experience or education outside of media. Their alleged expertise consists of years reporting on topics they don’t understand. It is impossible for someone like Mx. Chang to ask sensible questions when she does not know the first thing about the topic. The result is she has to take everything at face value, repeating whatever is said to her.

This shortage of intellectual capital is probably the main driver of the fake news problem and the decline in trust in the news. It’s not just the stupid people saying stupid things. It is the lack of smart people at the top. That Missouri study is a good example. They lack the wattage to figure out what is going on in their own ranks. Throw in the fact that most news organizations are overrun with Progressive nutters and you end up with a mentally disturbed lesbian anchoring your prime-time news channel.

Tucker Carlson has characterized the Washington media as a collection of stupid rich kids. That’s a good way to think of it. The upper middle class family has one kid, who is not so bright, so they send her off to journalism school and a career in the media. That’s been the case for a couple generations, but there’s a limit to that formula and we may be reaching it. One byproduct of the fake news era is the collapse of social status of the media. To be a TV talking head is to be on the same level as a carny barker.

Regardless, anything dominated by stupid people is going to fail eventually. The mass media is experiencing the corollary to the Smart Fraction. It’s not that the mean IQ is falling to a certain point where the enterprise fails. It’s that stupid people tend to chase away smart people. You see this in a social setting where the smart and sophisticated move away from the boorish and loud. How many smart people want to be on the same set with a talking airhead like Don Lemon or Jake Tapper? The news is becoming this.

Waves of Destruction

When I was a young man, I was taught to think about growth businesses or growth industries in terms of the military. The guys who start the business, or pioneer a new industry, are analogous to the elite units sent in to establish a beachhead or breech the perimeter. These guys are goal oriented and never bogged down with a lot of rules. In fact, they tend to hate the rules as they see rules as artificial obstacles to their task. In business, the pioneers often start out trying to subvert the rules.

A new industry, like a new conquest, may start out as a series of attacks along the frontier, but eventually it must establish itself as a self-sustaining camp with the perimiter of the established order. The computer business went from experimental ideas in the lab to simple products that could be used in fields like finance or banking. Read this book and you’ll see how the first nerds established their beachhead on Wall Street. The risk takers sought out the rick takers for their risky new ideas.

Beachhead is the right way to think of it. The special forces find a place for a landing and the shock troops are called in to attack that point and establish a foothold. The D-Day landings in Normandy were not about sacking the beach. It was to secure an entry point for the American and British forces that would follow. Whether it is an industry or a business, that first wave into the new thing are risk takers. They are not the sort of guys who fret over the rules too much, and they are always guys. Guys like risk.

In war fighting, that toehold allows the waves of regulars to flow in and begin to take ground. The English speaking nations landed 150,000 men on the beaches of Normandy, but millions soon followed them through the breach into Europe. That’s the way it works for a growth industry. The first firms establish themselves and then a wave of imitators and opportunists follow them to expand the industry. In a business, the viability of the firm and its growth means hiring anyone, who shows up and can do a job.

Eventually, the land is conquered and the industry or business is established. That’s when the middle-managers, administrators and police arrive to make rules and enforce them. A good rule in war is you know the advance has stalled when the general staff arrives. In business, the filling out of the HR department means the growth phase has come to an end. Now it is all about securing what has been won and securing against future attacks from competitors or the conquered enemy. It’s why Microsoft is no longer hip.

In this maturity period, the rough guys and shock troops that established the beachhead and poured into thing during the growth phase, are pushed out. They no longer fit as the goal in this phase is the formalization of rules. That means creative thinking and risk taking are not only out of place, they are considered dangerous. It’s why the founders tend to get bought out or move onto emeritus type positions.The guys who came in as a young risk takers either move onto new ventures or mature into risk adverse managers.

In the modern age of predatory global economics, this final phase is also a death rattle of a company. Building and maintaining something no longer has value. In fact, it is viewed as foolish. Instead, the goal is to not only eat the fruit of the tree, but chop it up and burn it at the final party. Therefore, the mature phase of a company or industry is a spasmodic, social justice warrior phase, in which a firm sets about committing suicide. The smart money is gone. The risk takers are gone. What’s left is to set the whole thing ablaze.

You see that with Fox News, which now has another sex scandal. This time it is claimed that some old guy is sending dick pics to the women on staff. Given that one of the “victims” is the well known SJW and sociopath, Michelle Fields, it’s most likely a hoax. Even so, only a firm committed to its own death would hire a nutjob like Fields. She is a cancer, a carbuncle on the face of humanity. A company with a future would instinctively avoid her, as an unnecessary distraction.

Fox News had a good thing going and if they wanted to keep building, they would have quietly bought off some of these broads and cracked down on the fraternization. They also would have culled the problem women from the ranks. Instead, they have donned the sack cloth poured ashes on their head. In the context of Fox, this has meant running off their riskier talent and replacing it with safe, boring and morally correct nothings. When they find a reason to run off Tucker Carlson, the network will spiral into the abyss.

Something similar is going on at Google now, with the revelation of this hilariously tame memo about diversity. It is somewhat charming how the writer thinks he still works at the dynamic company of yesteryear. It is hilarious how he thinks the vinegar drinking lunatics in charge of chasing off the whites will listen to reason. As Vox Day would put it, and is now documenting, Google is fully converged. Their staff meetings are a scene from the day room in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. They even have a big Indian!

All of this is entertaining, unless, you are the one being attacked by the blue haired, tackle -faced rage loonies. You can be sure that the author of that Google memo will be broken on the wheel by the the company Torquemada. Just as the DNC named that bike rack after the intern they had assassinated, the Google heretic will have his head on a pike outside the main entrance to Google. Everyday at lunch, employees will be forced to shriek his name in an orgy of hatred. Maybe they will name Room 101 after him.

While it is entertaining, these orgies of destruction are killing Western civilization. The culture of the West is not a single thing, but a series of waves from Greece to the present. As each wave crashed, the next wave built upon what was accomplished by the previous wave. The current waves breaking on the rocks of reality are leaving nothing but rubble, as Progressive culture furiously erases our past. To call it a suicide cult is to give it too much credit. It is cultural nihilism that will usher in a new dark age.

The Z-Blog Power Hour: The Bad Podcast

This week, the podcast stinks. For some reason it was just not coming to me and I struggled getting it done. Hence the title. That’s the thing you have to learn in all endeavors is that sometimes, good enough is good enough. On the other hand, you will always be your harshest critic, which means you can easily make things hard on yourself by trying to hard. Figuring out when to put down the tools and call it a day is part of the process.

This week, Spreaker has the full show. YouTube has the full show and some new graphics to distinguish the bits from the full show. I am now on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can now listen to me on their Hitler phones.You’ll also a note I have renamed this thing, which is explained in the podcast.

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