Voting Nations

The news brings word that Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the presidential race. I can’t say I had strong opinions about him one way or the other. He always struck me as one of the earnest strivers that infiltrated the GOP in the 90’s when the Boomers took over politics in America. These are men and women who planned their elections from the womb, tailoring their education and early employment with the sole focus on running for office.

The dominant feature of these modern politicians is the obsession with apple polishing. In school, they studied hard not so they could become educated. They studied hard so they could repeat to the instructor the answers that most pleased the instructor. Out of school, they became a toady for a local politician or maybe a judge. Having proven their skills at toadying, they moved up the party ranks getting prime appointments and then running for office on their own.

As politicians, they have carefully crafted positions that are designed to bore the voters into a trance. The idea is to curry favor with the locals, but not sound like a yahoo from the sticks. All of them dream of being president so that last part is critical. No thick accents. No local color. No nothing other than generic poll tested positions approved by the party and its donors.

That was the problem for Jindal in the primary field. He said all the same things the others said but did it sounding like the guy from accounting telling us how he saved money on envelopes. The worse part for Jindal is that Indians are a successful migrant group in America, so they don’t get any piety points. If Jindal were black or Hispanic, he probably would be in the thick of it trying to be the donor party candidate.

His other problem is regional. The GOP, like the Democrat Party, is run by people living in the Acela Corridor and financed by people in the great financial, cultural, and technological centers. Money men from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston own the two parties and exert a tremendous amount of influence over the management of the parties. The result is the leadership is Yankee and Midlands, with a few members from the other regions of the country.

Louisiana is one of those outlier regions that Woodard called New France, but most people think is Deep South. I’m not sure any state, outside of West Virginia, carries a worse reputation outside the South than Louisiana. The typical person in the Northeast, for example, thinks Louisiana is a place full or spindly legged rednecks speaking gibberish while wrestling alligators.

But, the Deep South, Tidewater, Appalachia, and the Far West have little say in the management of either party and that’s clear in these primaries. On the Democrat side, Clinton is a Midlander with Yankee predilections. Sanders is a Yankee Jew. Bill Clinton was probably the last national Democrat we will see those hails from outside Yankeedom or the Midlands.

The GOP field is similar. Trump is from New York and representative of what Woodard labeled New Holland. Carson is a Midlander. The Party Men may hail from areas outside the two dominant regions, but they reflect Yankee culture. Ted Cruz is perhaps the one exception. There’s an Appalachian dodginess to him that I can’t quite put my finger on with him. Regardless, the only member of the Deep South is Caitlyn Graham, and he is a joke.

For Democrats, it makes perfect sense for their party leaders to be from their strongholds. New England, the upper Midwest and the West Coast are where the Cult is strong, so it makes sense that they get their political talent from these areas. Modern Progressivism is the religion of Yankeedom now and to a lesser degree The Midlands. It makes sense that their leaders are the truest of true believers.

In the GOP things are different. They rely on votes from the Tidewater, South, Appalachia and the far west, yet they pick their leaders from Yankeedom and The Midlands. Boehner was from Ohio, but he represented a district with a strong Yankee culture. Look at the place names in his district. Hamilton, Fairfield, Middletown, Springfield, Eaton, Greenville, and Piqua are place names brought by the Yankee settlers from New England.

His replacement is a man from a state that votes just like Massachusetts. Paul Ryan would have been a moderate Democrat thirty years ago. If you look through the GOP leadership in both houses, you find very few people outside the two dominant regions. Mitch McConnell is the glaring exception, mostly because he is a glaring exception. Otherwise, the GOP is a Southern Party with Northern leaders.

Some of this is an accident of history. You rise up in a party by sticking around a long time. The American South just went fully to Republicans in the last generation. There’s a lot of young guys from these areas, while old farts from the dominant regions fill up the leadership jobs based on their seniority. Father Time will remedy this. But the time is rapidly approaching when the voters will not tolerate the foot dragging and deal cutting of the GOP leaders. Donald Trump says “Hello.”

Minnesota is a good place to use as an example. They have a deranged lunatic as governor. Mark Dayton has repeatedly said that people not in his cult should leave the state. Looking at the neighboring states in Yankeedom, one has to assume he is wildly out of step with the people. There’s also the fact that Trump is drawing huge crowds in these states, solely on the issue of immigration.

I’m trying to make a few points at the same time with this post so forgive the length. On the one hand, we see a sharp divide between Yankeedom and the rest of the country culturally. The Midlands is currently aligned with Yankeedom. The leaders of both parties are from these dominant regions. Demographics and the calendar say the GOP is about to break loose from the ruling coalition.

Parallel to that process is the one issue that seems to unify the nation and that’s immigration. The loopy logic of the Left does not do well outside the faculty lounge. The average person in Yankeedom is paranoid of outsiders and hostile to strangers. In the South, familiarity with diversity makes people wary of adding more of it. The one thing everyone agrees on is we don’t want any more immigrants.

Putting the two together you have one party that maybe can continue to dominate Yankeedom but is struggling with core issues that contradict the cultural instincts of the people. Open borders and multiculturalism sell very well in New England as long as they are not applied locally. Otherwise, the locals will look elsewhere for their political leaders. Again, Trump is running the table in New England, for example.

On the other side of the street, the GOP is soon to become a very southern and southwestern party. Mark Steyn famously said that the future belongs to those who show up and right now it is the people from these nations showing up to vote GOP. They will get leaders that reflect their values and desires. Cultural Marxism is not going to be on the table, but maybe a divorce will be in order.

What Comes Next

Steve Sailer has an excellent column on how Europe can manage its Muslim lunatic problem. The other day, I made the point that the will of the people cannot be ignored forever. If the politicians can’t be made to do the people’s bidding, they will get new politicians. If the parties are too corrupt to produce the right politicians, then we get new parties. Ultimately, if the political system proves useless in dealing with threats, then the people get a new political system.

The French Revolution is the most common example of the people getting a new system. Through trial and error, they eventually got to the Second Republic. In America, the Constitution may still be the theoretical framework of the nation’s political system, but our government is nothing like it was 100 years ago or at the founding. As times change the political system changes, sometimes peacefully and sometimes violently.

The changes Sailer discusses are changes in the political system. Implementing a system of collective guilt where the clan of a criminal pays for the crimes as opposed to the current method of punishing just the criminal, requires a radical change in the political system. Sailer is no doubt being facetious with this, but it is not far-fetched. There has to be a way to keep the peace and if the current arrangements cannot keep the peace, we will get new arrangements.

John Derbyshire the other day mocked up his chart of probable outcomes with regards to the immigration issue. It sounds reasonable if one assumes the political systems remain static and you reject other possible outcomes, like revolts, anarchy, pestilence, war, etc. The countries of Europe, for example, have not faced an invasion like this since Batu Khan stood at the Mohi River.

The political systems and cultural structures in place did not evolve to face invasion, at least not invasion from over the horizon. Europe is what it is today due to the internal forces of Europe. For instance, the authorities no longer wear uniforms and solute one another in public. Instead, they wear pants suits and grin like chimps, so no one thinks they are Hitler.

What John gets right is the math, which stands to reason. The math makes clear that the ruling elite’s desire to replace their native populations with foreign imports is doomed to failure. A critical mass of Muslims will simply force changes on the political system that either trigger revolts or sends the West spiraling into anarchy.

Take a look at the responses from Western governments to the latest Muslim attacks. Civic life is being sharply curtailed, and restrictions are being placed on citizens. All over Europe, large public events are being cancelled because they fear a Muslim may detonate and kill a bunch of spectators. The Germans government is telling people to avoid walking in large groups so as not be a target.

Today, the French president is out there welcoming 30,000 new suicide bombers into France. There’s simply no way they can keep importing Muslims and remain France. They know this, at some level, which is why they put in jail anyone who points it out. Holland says, “France will remain a country of freedom” unless you’re opposed to the Muslim invasion. Then it is not a free country.

Because the people in charge have defined themselves in such a way that open borders is the only option, they must implement these sorts of polices in order to prevent mayhem. The Muslims will adapt and find new ways to blow themselves up in public. That means new restrictions. This cycle can only go on for so long before even the most docile honky throws down his pacifier and picks up a rock.

It’s tempting to assume that whites are too timid and lost to fight back. Some are, for sure, but action in the streets has a funny way of bringing out the revolutionary in even old men. A big part of what plagues the West is there’s no place for men in modern societies. Rioting Muslim hoards in the streets suddenly will spike the demand for white males willing to crack skulls. The supply will soon follow.

History says this sort of large scale, transformative event washes away the old solutions for long ago problems. What comes next is something different. Again, Europe is politically and culturally alien to its past of just a century ago. Two great wars did that. An invasion by millions of Muslims will surely mean a different Europe, even if they beat back the tide.

That’s where John’s five scenarios falls down. Whatever comes next means the West stops being the West, politically and culturally. If it lets in the Muslim invaders, it becomes Muslim and follows the path of every other Muslim society into a dark age. Alternatively, it becomes a police state to keep the Muslims from killing everyone else. Or the West changes to beat back the tide and do what is now unthinkable.

Regardless, what comes next will something entirely different than what we are today.

Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth

On the list of things you will never hear someone say is “Be careful with those gold bars. They are valuable.” The reason for that, one reason at least, is that everyone knows gold is valuable. It does not have to be explained to people that gold is valuable. It’s obvious.

That’s true of most things. If a thing has universal value, everyone knows it. That’s why they are valuable. Enough people want the thing, so its value rises compared to things that are less desirable. The exceptions are those oddities or specialty items that few know much about, but there are exceptions to everything.

The same is true of people. Anyone who has sat through a “down-sizing” session knows how it works. You look at the employee list and come up with a rule for cutting jobs that keeps the valuable people. Maybe you shuffle the deck so that those valuable people are moved to some new position in order to keep them. If it takes a long explanation as to why someone should be spared, they are not going to be missed.

That always comes to mind when stories like this one get my attention. If black lives really mattered, no one would need to say it. It would just be another item on the list of things everyone knows. Instead, we have this organization financed by a foreign criminal (why is he still alive?) desperately trying to prove to the rest of us that black lives matter.

To make matters worse, these protests are so futile that the activists feel it necessary to assault people in at their school, place of work or on public streets. Back in the summer these idiots were showing up at breakfast joints in SWPLville desperately trying to get people, who should be sympathetic, to pay attention. Instead, they just called the cops and added security.

If your argument needs this nonsense to have a chance of convincing anyone, it’s pretty safe to assume your argument is without merit. In this case that means black lives really don’t matter very much. In my neighborhood that’s obviously true as blacks shoot one another over sneakers all the time. They abandon their children, beat their women, and spend all of their time bringing shame to the black race. In the ghetto, black lives are worthless.

That’s fundamentally the problem with the black lives matters stuff. Instead of helping black people in some way, it just reminds everyone else how screwed up things are with black people. Here we have a library where students give a damn about their lives and, presumably, have enough self-respect to take their schooling seriously. They are stopped from being productive by a bunch of black people trying hard to be a burden on the rest of the campus.

This turns out to be the one time where campus life resembles the real world.

I’m no fan of inter-generational guilt or collective responsibility. You are responsible for you. You cannot pass onto your children the guilt of your deeds so that means your ancestors could not have done that to you. Holding white people in America responsible for the deeds of white people located here 200 years ago is madness. White people owe black people nothing more than they owe themselves as citizens.

But that’s the thing. Like it or not, black, white, red, brown, and yellow are here and we all have to get along as best as possible. As citizens, we have a duty to one another to work in concert so that all of us have a chance to make the most of what nature has given us. If that means special accommodations like affirmative action, well maybe that’s what’s best. I can live with it as it is a small price to pay for peace, assuming that’s what results.

There’s the problem and it is clear in that Black Lives Matter protest. Here we have unqualified blacks on the campus of Dartmouth, displacing better qualified Jews and Asians who would relish a chance at an Ivy League education. Instead of being grateful for the opportunity, these blacks are bitching and moaning, making a nuisance of themselves. Worse yet, they are interfering with the work of others.

Sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless er, Black Lives Matter activist!

In the end, this Black Lives Matter movement is going to be a disaster. More than a few white people I know have had enough of this stuff. People who would never say anything racist are suddenly sounding like John Derbyshire after one too many chardonnays. My bet is most of America is damned sick and tired of Black America sounding like ungrateful children. If black people want to find out their value, keep pissing off the rest of the people with this nonsense.


Not Welcome

The pearl clutchers are no doubt scandalized by Trumps suggestion we shut down the terrorist training centers mosques in the US in light of the obvious fact that Muslims make terrible citizens of a civilized country. No one wants them here, outside of the suicidal lunatics in the elite, who may be the only people who hate the West more than ISIS.

There are over 50 majority Muslim countries practicing every conceivable brand of Islam. There’s no need to have them in America so let’s take all necessary steps to keep them out. That’s about as reasonable as one can expect, given the circumstances. If you have rats in your house you want the rats removed and the access points they are using to be closed.

The counter argument is that only small number of Muslims will go bonkers and commit mass murder. Diversity is so important that we have to just accept a few 9/11-scale terror attacks a year in order to welcome Muslims into America. The absurdity of that is evident right here in this news story from Florida.

A Muslim family said Sunday that they might be victims of a hate crime after shots were fired into their Orlando house.Amir and Nehal Elmasri said when they returned home to their gated community from feeding the homeless Sunday morning, they noticed a bullet hole in their garage door. The family said that the bullet went through their garage and into their master bedroom.

It’s obvious these people are lying from this alone. Feeding the homeless? Really? Can you come up with a more ham-fisted lie? But, the low-IQ nitwits running CAIR just assume you will believe this nonsense because they see it work on TV. It’s why Muslims overseas will decorate a bomb site with children’s corpses from the local morgue. They know the gullible dopes in the western media will fall for it.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Florida said that it is investigating the case with their attorneys to determine whether the family was targeted.

“The American Muslim community has faced severe backlash™ since the Paris terror attacks,” said Rasha Mubarak with CAIR Florida. “There have been two death threats to local mosques in Central Florida alone.”

Nehal Elmasri said that she and her daughter wear traditional hijabs in public, adding that it’s obvious for anyone to be aware of their Muslim faith.

A century ago, Irish immigrants were ashamed of their co-ethnics bad behavior so they worked hard to self-police and prove they belonged. Jews made a deliberate effort to get out of crime, sports and other low-class activities in order to prove their value to America. Muslims can’t bring themselves to condemn their coreligionists and instead blame Americans. Why would we invite this?

I would prefer it if we didn’t have angry mobs chasing Muslims out of our communities. I don’t want to see people shooting up mosques or attacking Muslims on our streets. I just don’t want to see Muslims on our streets. I don’t want a mosque in my city. I don’t see any reason to be inviting these troubles onto our shores. Therefore, I want my government to take the necessary steps to let every Muslim know they are not welcome here.

Baltimore City has topped 300 murders this year. It is a smallish city so that’s a big number. The cops are standing aside, letting the crooks run wild because the politicians refuse to back the cops against the crooks. What in the hell do they think will happen when they import 10,000 Syrian Muslims? Why in the world would anyone call down more madness on their head?

CAIR looks at Western leaders and sees nothing but weakness and stupidity. That’s why they roll out these canned tales of backlash™ after every terrorist attack. They think we are stupid because our rulers appear to be stupid. If you are a Muslim and you see that America twice elected an effeminate man with an Arabic name as president, why would you fear America?

A truth of life is the will of the people wins out eventually, unless you are prepared to slaughter the people. If the people cannot get satisfaction from their political leaders, they will elect new ones. That’s why Trump and to a lesser degree Carson are doing so well in the GOP primary. It’s not so much what they say or who they are; it is what they are not.

If the people cannot find satisfaction within the current system, they will look outside the system. First it is party outsiders and then it is outsider parties. There’s no reconciling Islam with western society. If the politicians cannot accept it, then we will get new politicians. If the political system cannot accommodate this, then we get a new system, one that allows for the shuttering of mosques and the deportation of Muslims.

Islam is a fine religion that brings peace to millions of people around the world. It’s simply incompatible with western civilization. The people who practice Islam want things that are antithetical to western liberalism. Therefore, there can be no mixing of the two. The Mohammedan has to stay in one of the 50 countries that practice Islam and the western liberals must stay in the West. It is why we have separate countries.

How Much Longer?

One of my moonbat friends, let’s call him Goldfinger, is right now wringing his hands over what he is sure will be worse than any terrorist attack. That thing he fears is the response to the latest Muslim barbarism in the streets of a Western city. The bodies are not even cold, and our domestically produced lunatics are ranting about the bogeymen they imagine are lurking in the bushes waiting for them.

Goldfinger got his nickname because the day after 9/11 he posted a gassy essay about how an irrational fear of Muslim terrorism would lead Americans to suddenly become Islamophobic. The text, which is no longer available so you will have to take my word for it, read like a manifesto from a super villain in a 60’s spy thriller. The only thing missing was a demand for one million dollars. Hence the Goldfinger moniker.

It’s tempting to think that these people are a) sociopaths incapable of empathy, b) so obsessed with their cause everything is warped into supporting it, c) crazy or d) some combination of all three. Read this demented nonsense from Salon and it is hard not to pick the last two options.

In the comments to yesterday’s post, Nedd Ludd points out that the NYTimes is flooded with comments from readers trying to shift the focus from the events in Paris to whatever hobbyhorse they think is more important. At this point, it is hard to think it is anything other than a biological response. An integral part of the Progressive response to the world is to shift the focus away from them and onto something else.

It’s baffling to normal people, for example, when they see liberals stutter and spit at the ideal of calling these things terrorism or Islamic terrorism. How is it possible they cannot see what is manifestly obvious? The answer is they do see it and a lot more, which is why they impulsively try to change the subject, even if they look foolish doing it.

You see, the Progressive religion that has evolved over the last half dozen generations shares much with Islam, including the thirst for blood. Look at the heroes of the American Left. The Weathermen were planting bombs blowing up innocent people. The Black Panthers were a racist murder squad. The SDA existed to start riots on campus so they could burn down buildings and assault their enemies.

Barak Obama was sponsored in politics by two former Weathermen, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Obama has repeatedly said he is the man he is today because of these two people. The only material difference between the Weathermen and the guys who executed yesterday’s attack is that the later was better at it than the sniveling punks from the 70’s.

When Muslim nutters go bonkers and murder a bunch of people, guys like Obama wish they had been able to do it. They grew up hearing the stories from their elders and always wished they had been given the chance to blow up a recruiting center or shoot a security guard in a bank robbery.

What they know that you don’t know is they envy these Muslim terrorists, and they don’t want that revealed so they quickly shift the focus from this topic to something else, like the mythological backlash. That way no one will notice that they are both giddy at the sight of it and envious that they are not part of it.

Of course, the natural response of Progressives under all circumstances is the say, “Let’s talk about what’s wrong with you.” No matter the topic, that’s what they are thinking. If you ask about the weather, they will shift the conversation from that to why you insist on driving an SUV and voting Republican.

In these cases, however, the events strike too close to home so that’s why we see the panicked attempts to shift the focus to hate speech and white privilege.  Even when it is dismissed, the conversation moves from the dangerous – the similarities between Progressivism and Islam – to the general craziness of back bench lunatics writing for Salon.

That Salon piece is what you see on Islamic websites. Right now, there are stories in Arabic claiming this Paris attack is an attempt by the Mossad to get Europe more involved in the Near East in support of Israel against the faithful. It’s completely insane, but it beats talking about reality. You don’t join a cult because you enjoy reality.

If you are a Frenchman, even one wedded to the three pillars of the New Religion, and you are standing on a street corner watching the aftermath of a suicide bomber, you have two choices. You either volunteer to wear the next vest or you volunteer to shoot the guy in the vest.

If you are that same Frenchman sitting in your flat watching this on TV maybe you don’t think those are your choices. Maybe you think there’s some third choice. The reality is that there is no third choice. There’s just the distance between now and when you are forced to choose.

The questions in front of us today, in the general sense, are how much longer we can tolerate being ruled by a deranged religious cult and how much longer we will tolerate it. The mass exodus from Muslim lands is due to the collapse of Islam as a coherent organizing force. The same thing is happening in the West, except that the West has a vast store of wealth on which to live, even though the raison d’être is no longer obvious to anyone.


Upon disembarkation, the leader of the Muslims, Tariq bin Zayid, ordered the Islamic fleet burned, explaining that “We have not come here to return. Either we conquer and establish ourselves here, or we perish.”

“Near the river Owar [Loire], the two great hosts of the two languages and the two creeds [Islam and Christianity] were set in array against each other. The hearts of Abd al-Rahman, his captains and his men were filled with wrath and pride, and they were the first to begin to fight. The Muslim horsemen dashed fierce and frequent forward against the battalions of the Franks, who resisted manfully, and many fell dead on either side, until the going down of the sun.”

“The men of the north stood as motionless as a wall, they were like a belt of ice frozen together, and not to be dissolved, as they slew the Arab with the sword. The Austrasians [Franks], vast of limb, and iron of hand, hewed on bravely in the thick of the fight; it was they who found and cut down the Saracen’s king [Rahman].”

People That Need To Go

When I’m ruler of these lands, there will be a lot of changes. I’m not talking about the structure of government or the status of cultural institutions. There’s a long list of items that fall into those buckets, but that’s a topic for another day. The changes I have in mind are the people changes. By that I mean there will be a whole bunch of people on the proscribed list when I’m king.

For instance, I don’t watch a lot of golf, but when I do there is always some d-bag yelling “Get in the hole!” at every tee box. Caddy Shack, the movie that started the gag, came out in 1980. My guess is it stopped being funny by the end of that summer. Yet, there are jerk-offs throughout the English speaking world still doing that at golf tournaments. Under my benevolent leadership, the authorities will round up these guys so they can be sent off to the mines.

The thing about pruning the human shrubbery is that you have to use quality of life as a proxy for social and intellectual aptitude. People who go out of their way to make a nuisance of themselves are going to have kids that go out of their way to be pests. The apple does not fall far from the tree so if we want to weed the garden of humanity, you have to focus on the pests, as well as mix your metaphors. The “Get in the hole” guy is a pest.

Similarly, and this is one that is very common around the Imperial Capital, is someone I call the “rolling roadblock.” Drive around Maryland, Pennsylvania or Virginia and you inevitably run into someone doing ten miles below the speed limit on the interstate. I’ve driven all over, and I see this person everywhere, but no more so than in the Mid-Atlantic. Further, this person is almost always a Maryland driver, and they tend to camp out in the left hand lane.

Under my rule, the police will be instructed to pull these people over, have their cars towed away to be crushed and the driver will be sent to the mines. Maybe they will be made to walk to the mines, just to add an artistic twist to the punishment. These are selfish, stupid people who put the rest of us at risk. I’m not sure they deserve to be sent to mines, but I’m going for “benevolent” dictator here, so I’ll let them live out their lives in the lithium mines.

Next on the list is someone I call “inappropriate dress” guy. The other day I’m in the coffee shop getting my coffee and muffin. It is late fall here, so the morning temps are in the 40’s meaning jackets and sweaters, along with long pants for men. It’s not winter so you can get away without a jacket if you’re an office man in shirtsleeves. That’s the way all of the normal people were dressed in the coffee shop, except one guy.

“Inappropriate dress” guy has to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt in late fall. Maybe in a snowstorm he is in shorts and a sweatshirt. It’s not that he trying to prove he is tough or that he can handle the cold. In the summer this guy will be wearing a knit cap or maybe wool socks and boots. I have to assume this is a psychological defect of some sort so as a nod to the eugenicists, I will have these guys rounded up and sent to the Antarctic. I will provide them with the inappropriate clothing for their trip.

Finally, at least as far as this post, is the guy every traveler despises. Since the invention of blue tooth, there have been guys wandering around airports talking to themselves and doing so loud enough so everyone else has to hear one half of their conversation. Last month I was in the DFW airport and on either side of me was a guy talking on his mobile using one of those idiotic blue tooth earpieces.

The thing that makes this guy super irritating is they are always boring morons. They never have anything interesting to say. If a Hollywood star or TV personality wants to share the details of their life with the rest of us, well that could be fun. If some guy wants to talk about how he is catting around on his old lady that might be interesting. Instead, it is always Larry from the Wichita office talking to Thad from corporate about how they are going to kill it at their demo. When I’m ruler of these lands citizens will be allowed to strangle these guys on the spot.

If you are one of the above described people, you now have one more reason to hope I’m never ruler of these lands.


Abortion Treatment Center?

I’ve always been mildly opposed to abortion as birth control mostly because it is barbaric. It strikes me as something people will look back on in the same way we look back on bleeding or the use of incantations. Reaching up inside a woman and ripping out her baby is a nasty business, even under the most extreme threat to the life of the mother. Doing it for the heck of it is barbarism.

Every society tolerates a certain amount of barbarism, but it’s never something to be encouraged. In another age, torturing animals was a form of public entertainment. Steve Pinker describes 19th century cat burning in one his books. Recruiting the slow-witted to bash one another to bloody pulp is a form of entertainment we call “boxing.” The point is barbarism is always a part of human society.

Just because we tolerate something does not mean we endorse it. Boxing is tolerated, but we don’t see it on free TV much as it is not something we want our kids to do so we subtly discourage it. Animal cruelty is banned because we don’t have to tolerate it. The difference here being that men fight by nature, while torturing animals is not part of our nature. Abortion is somewhere on the barbarism scale between tolerable and intolerable.

There’s also a matter of logic. Go into any pharmacy or grocery store and you will find racks of contraceptives. The cost of the most effective options is trivial. Even the poorest person can afford a box of rubbers. Therefore, demanding abortion as a form of contraceptive simply fails the logic test. It is, outside of rare cases, entirely unnecessary. Closing that door would make men and women more prudent about the legion of other choices on the shelf.

That said, I’ve also thought it best worked out locally. Abortion mills are businesses and subject to local laws. If towns in Mississippi don’t want them, then they can ban them. If Massachusetts wants to put them in grammar schools, that’s their business. Fundamentally, the thing that has always turned me off about abortion is that proponents are just using it to meddle in the lives of others. That and the creepy lying.

While nearly 100 percent of the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood involves its abortion practices, the group says that abortions account for only 3 percent of the services it provides. What do abortion treatment and recovery rooms look like? And what other services does Planned Parenthood provide? On a day when a new Planned Parenthood facility in Queens, N.Y., was closed to the public, Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric went behind the scenes to learn more.

The building is complete with a metal detector, bulletproof windows and round-the-clock security. In addition to medical consultants and clinicians, the facility offers social services and has a financial planner on site. Clinic director Latasha McGriff told Couric that since the facility opened on Sept. 1, clinic staffers have seen more than 1,200 men and women, representing 63 countries.

Abortion treatment? I guess we are supposed to think of it as just having some ointment rubbed on your arm to cure a disease. After all, who can really tell the difference between athletes foot and a child?

But that’s what you get from people who think more of plants and animals than human beings. Instead of being honest about the practice, they lie, which is not surprising. It’s how they lie that is creepy and demented. They think an abortion is no different than having a mole removed.

That’s where I always come back to on the abortion issue. The women holding up a picture of a fetus outside a clinic is motivated by a respect for human life. It may be over the top or even unhinged, but at least they have the moral clarity to understand the difference between an abortion and a manicure. Only a sociopath sees abortion amorally.

It’s not just the lack of morality. There’s a very weird celebration of abortion on display here. These people are proud of what they do and go out of their way to portray it as the truest form of feminism a woman can achieve. I’ve heard feminist say that you can’t be a woman without ever having had an abortion. It’s become a death cult for these people.

I guess that’s why I count myself as mildly opposed to abortion. I respect the religious arguments against it. I respect the moral and logical arguments against it. Those are to be hashed out locally where these issues are best handled. But what I can never get past is the unhinged enthusiasm of abortion fanatics. No matter where you come down on the morality of it, enthusiasm is simply beyond the pale.

It’s that enthusiasm that prevents me from being indifferent to the issue. People who think abortion is a rite of passage for women are one small step from celebrating infanticide and euthanasia. As soon as the line is crossed, where’s the next line and why would these people respect it? If snuffing out life in the womb as a matter of convenience is OK, then why not infanticide?

I know that’s the slippery slope argument, but some slopes are slippery. A core question any man of the Right must ask, with regards to public policy, is what are the consequences of being wrong? Banning abortion leaves open room for exceptions. Sanctifying abortion leaves open room for grizzly things like eugenics and infanticide. If you’re going to err, err on the side that does the least harm.

The Bust Out

My grandfather had an expression he used so often I cannot disentangle it from him in my memory. The expression was “a dog that will bring a bone will take a bone.” The meaning is that someone who will loyally steal for you will just as quickly steal from you. Stealing is stealing and the sort of person who steals is not someone you should ever trust. I never understood why people would use dogs to steal bones, but that was long ago in a land far far away.

Anyway, it is one of those things that often pops into my head when thinking about the great pressing matters of our age. The temptation, at least for me anyway, is to confuse what I would like to see happen with what I think will happen. Being a man of the Right, it really means I confuse what I fear will happen with what I think will happen. Having that old pithy expression rattling around in my head reminds me that I have my biases like everyone else.

The worst bias to have, of course, is the bias of hope, particularly when it comes to politics. As soon as you start thinking your side might win, the pol on your side will turn around and stab your side in the back. The reason conservatives hate evolution so much is they have seen too many of their guys evolve into liberals as soon as they hit Washington.

One of the things I find baffling about so many Republican voters is that they can’t seem to learn this lesson. They pour their heart into the party only to have the party crap all over them. Here’s a story coming out of DC that is a perfect example.

The first immigration bill introduced under Rep. Paul Ryan’s speakership Wednesday would bypass the annual 66,000 cap on H-2B work visas by allowing foreigners admitted in any of the three previous years to remain and not be subject to the cap.

Critics say it will lead to more competition for what are often middle-class American jobs and will eventually lead to more illegal immigrants as the foreign workers overstay their visas.

The H-2B is considered a “seasonal” work permit for lower-skilled workers such as cooks, construction workers, hospitality, theme park employment, maintenance, forestry, seafood processing, cruise ship employees and truck driving among many other jobs.

It differs from the H-1B, which is for skilled guest-workers and also is the subject of pending legislation sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who wants to triple the number issued to foreign workers each year.

The cap exemption on the H-2B expired in 2007. At the time, it doubled the number but it could as much as quadruple, legislative sources told WND. This is the same way the total number of existing H-1B visa workers got so much higher than the annual inflow.

The H-2B visa program, though referred to as a “seasonal” guest worker program it is not an agricultural guest worker program.

The promise from Paul Ryan and his supporters in the party was that all immigration bills would be tabled until the new president was in office. Obama was too feckless and devious to trust and the issue was too divisive for Republicans. The main opposition to Ryan was over the fact he is an open borders fanatic that dreams of turning your town into Tijuana or Lagos. But, here we are anyway.

Politicians lying is nothing new, but this is a rather egregious example. Still, outlandish lying is what we have come to expect from Republicans. The outrage, of course, is how these dirt bags behind the bill are crapping all over their fellow citizens. Bringing in legions of foreigners to take the jobs of Americans is horrible in itself. Teaming up with business to screw the guys and gals at the bottom of the income scale is loathsome.

It’s tempting, of course, to think that these pols are just, wink, wink, helping local business get around labor laws that would otherwise force them to hire locals who, well, you know. We all know what I mean. Those Mexicans work so hard and they never complain, never call out sick and never steal. You don’t want to see the price of your Big Mac go to forty bucks, do you?

Except, the next guys they sell out will be you because the dog that will bring a bone will carry a bone. If they will sell out the white trash and blacks down at the bottom, they will have no qualms about selling you out the next time. In fact, they look forward to it. It is what they do. It is their nature. They will keep auctioning off bits and pieces of this country until there is nothing left.

It’s what used to be called a “bust out.” In the olden thymes, the mafia would get its hooks into a local business man who maybe had a gambling problem, a thing for boys or something else he would just as soon not disclose. The mafia would use this to get their tentacles into his business with the vague promise that there was some price he could pay to satisfy them.

Instead, they would run up his lines of credit, skim off all the cash and sell whatever they could out the back door, pocketing the results. Eventually, the business could borrow no more and it would be squeezed dry. At that point they would burn the place down, collect the insurance if any existed and the owner would turn up wearing cement sneakers.

That’s a big part of what’s driving the immigration issue. For sure, many are romantics with heads full of nonsense. Others imagine a Utopian world without borders. The guys doing the work to make it happen, however, are just gangsters in suits selling off every part of the country they can grasp.

Steve Chabot, Bob Goodlatte, Andy Harris, and Charles W. Boustany are not ideologues. They’re crooks, stealing anything and everything. A lot of people voted for them thinking, “they may be crooks, but they’re our crooks.” Nope. They are just thieves who steal because that’s what thieves do.

Fundamentally what ails America is that we have a ruling class that despises the people and nation over whom it rules. That’s why they have hung a sign on the door that reads, “Fire Sale: Everything Must Go!” Just as there’s no bargaining with the mafia, you don’t beat these people by getting more of “your guys” in the Estates-General.

Meantime, the bust out continues.